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Flat Number 913 sector 37, Noida, UP!"13"3

P#o$e% "9&913'9()( Email% sa$dee*+os#i,ieee-or. , s+1"19&',.mail-com

Academic Qualifications:
Ph.D. (Wireless Communications) pursuing from Shiv Nadar niversit!" Dadri, UP, from Aug 2012
#.$. Communication $ngineering from %irla &nstitute of 'echnolog! ( Science (%&'S)" Pilani in
Dec. 2008, with ).*+,-. CGPA
%.'ech (/ons.) $lectronics ( Communication $ngineering from U.P Technical Univerit!" in "une
200# with 00.12
A&SSC$ (-+
) from Cam$ridge %chool &oida, C'%( in 2002 with 13.42
A&SS$ (-.
) from Arm! Pu$lic %chool &oida, C'%( in 2000 with 0)2
Professional $5perience:
Assistant Professor" %hiv &adar Univerit!, Dadri 6ul! +.-- 7 'ill date
(lectronic and Communication (ngineering de)artment at %chool of (ngineering, %hiv &adar Univerit!
Coure taught
B.E. Courses:
*ntroduction to (lectrical (ngineering and +a$orator!
%ignal and %!tem
Digital (lectronic and +a$orator!.
M.E. Courses:
,oundation of %ignal Proceing
-ther .e)oni$ilitie
Deigned the coure and et u) the la$orator! for the coure
*ntroduction to (lectrical (ngineering
%ignal and %!tem
Digital (lectronic
Analog (lectronic
Communication !tem
(lectro mechanic
Deign of Coure / Curriculum and .egulation for '.(. )rogram in %chool of (ngineering
Time ta$le deigning from Aug 2011 till date for %chool of (ngineering.
(0amination Coordinator for %chool of (ngineering for "ul! 2011 to "une 2012.
.eult coordination and declaration for firt emeter 1"ul!2 Dec, 20113 of %chool of (ngineering.
,ounding mem$er of %P*C4ACA5 cha)ter in %hiv &adar Univerit!.
4em$er of firt +i$rar! Committee of Univerit! from Aug 2011 to "ul! 2012.
-rgani6er and facult! coordinator of firt *nter Univerit! fet 'ree6e 2012 at %&U
7andled admiion and couneling for '.(. and PG )rogram.
Undergraduate advior for (lectronic and Communication (ngineering from 2011 till date.
Coordinator of %&U 2 Carnegie 4ellon Univerit! 1C4U3 8oint )rogram.
+a$orator! deigning for (lectrical engineering de)artment.
Deigned and launched 4.(. Communication (ngineering )rogram.
8ecturer" "a!)ee *ntitute of *nformation Technolog!, &oida 6ul! +..) 7 6une +.--
(lectronic and Communication (ngineering de)artment at "a!)ee *ntitute of *nformation and
Technolog! Univerit!
Taught variou coure at undergraduate and graduate level
B.Tech Courses: Digital (lectronic, 4o$ile Communication, Telecommunication &etwor;, %atellite
Communication, (lectrical 4achine and 4eauring *ntrument, (lectromagnetic (ngineering
+a$orator!, Digital (lectronic +a$orator!, Telecommunication +a$orator!.
M.Tech Courses: Advanced <irele / 4o$ile Communication and Advanced
Telecommunication &etwor;.
Guided one 4.Tech thei on ="oint Call admiion control on 7eterogeneou Cellular &etwor;>
Guided variou minor )ro8ect and eight '.Tech thee.
Deigned new (lective Coure on %atellite Communication for '.Tech final !ear 1"an 2 "une
De)artmental coordinator for UGC and &AAC related activitie.
U)graded (lectromagnetic (ngineering and Telecommunication &etwor; +a$orator! with
introduction to AD% 1Advanced Deign %!tem3 and &%2 $aed e0)eriment.
Senior 9esearch Associate" (valueerve, Gurgaon :e; +..)< 6une +..)
(lectronic and Com)uter vertical at *ntellectual Pro)ert! 1*P3 grou) at (valueerve Private +imited,
wor; involved Patent drafting and *nvalidation earche.
&nterim &ntern, ?ualcomm, 7!dera$ad 6ul! +..1< Dec +..1
?ualcomm CD4A technologie automation de)artment at ?ualcomm *ndia Private +imited, automated
CD4A handoff related tet cae uing P(.+ language and ?ualcomm )ro)rietar! tool.
8ecturer, **+4, Greater &oida Aug +..4<Dec +..4
+ecturer in (lectronic / Communication De)artment at **+4 Academ! of 7igher +earning, Greater

Programming ( Soft=are S>ills:
?perating s!stems: <indow @8A2000ABPAC, D-%, +inu0.
Soft=are: 4AT+A', Code Com)oer %tudio 1CC%3, -)t%im, Advanced Deign %!tem 1AD%3, C,
P(.+, B4+, &%2 1&etwor; %imulator3, *(DD, 7,%%, <irele *nite, <*P+2D.
%anon, EritiF 6oshi" Sandeep, GPreem)tive mo$ile aited and guard channel $aed
handoff Hueuing cheme,G India Conference (INDICON), 2011 Annua IEEE, )).12I, 1#2
18 Dec. 2011. doi: 10.110@A*&DC-&.2011.#1D@I2C
Sandeep 6oshi, %.+. 4a;ara, =-verview of Jideo Coding and Com)reion TechniHue
for 4odern TJ>, &ational Conference on .ecent Advance in Communication, Control
and Com)uting Technolog!, 1.ACCCT3 2012, )). 2K122KK, 2@2D0 4arch, 2012
Sandeep 6oshi" %.+. 4a;ara" =(volution and ,uture Generation of TJ>, *nternational
"ournal of 4odern (ducation and Com)uter %cience 1*"4(C%3, vol. I, no. I, )). K02K#,
4a! 2012. doi: 10.K81KAi8mec.2012.0I.0C
Professional #em;erships:
Member IEEE
Life Member ISTE
Associate Member Lifetime IETE
Professional Activities:
-rgani6ed %tudent certificate training )rogram, a 2 da! wor;ho), on #SP 3*. 14i0ed ignal
4icrocontroller3 launch )ad in colla$oration with Te0a *ntrument 1T*3 on D
and I
&ov, 2012
at %&U.
.eviewer of *((( %!m)oium on *ndutrial (lectronic and A))lication 1&S&$A3 2012, held in
'andung, *ndoneia on 2D L 2# %e)tem$er 2012
"oint Author of *nvited Tal; delivered $! Prof %.+. 4a;ara on @Pervasive Computing and
Communications 7 A %irds $!e Aie=B in National Conference on Pervaive Com)uting and
Communication 2012 at %%&', Eol;ata, on 4arch D, 2012
"oint Author of *nvited Tal; delivered $! Prof %.+. 4a;ara on @Developments in
'elecommunicationsB in National Conference on Advancement in Communication,
Com)uting and %ignal Proceing 1Commune CACC% 20113 at Cautam %uddha niversit!,
Greater &oida, on A)ril 1#, 2011
"oint author of *nvited Tal; delivered $! Prof %.+. 4a;ara on @9ole of $lectronic Devices and
Circuits in #odern Communication S!stemsB in National Seminar on Advances in
$lectronic Devices and S!stems at 'a$u 'anarai Da *ntitute of Technolog!, Gha6ia$ad, on
,e$1@, 2011
Delivered Cuest 8ectures at A'(% *ntitute of Technolog!, Gha6ia$ad in (C( and ((
de)artment to '.Tech third and final !ear tudent in Augut to &ov 2010 on Digital %ignal
Proceing, *ntegrated Circuit and 4icrowave (ngineering.
Performance anal!i of ?CD#A code uing ?ptSim Platform at '*T%, Pilani.
Preented Poter Pa)er on @'elephone operated remote control using $m;edded 'echnolog!B
at &ational conference on =&nnovations in &ndian Science" $ngineering and 'echnolog!>
organi6ed $! %wadehi %cience 4ovement of *ndia, National Ph!sical 8a; (NP8), *A.* Pua,
&ew Delhi,200#.
Wor>shops,Conferences,Courses Attended:
&$$$ %%C% Delhi Cha)ter Distinguished 8ecture ColloDuia at %T 4icroelectronic Greater
&oida on 2D
and 2I
"ul!, 2012.
4athwor; %eminar on @#odeling" Simulation and Anal!sis of S!stems using #A'8A% and
Simulin>B at Chennai on I
"ul!, 2012.
@+.-- Aerospace and Defence S!mposiumB organi6ed $! Agilent 'echnologies and &$$$
*ndia Council at Delhi on 1
"ul!, 2011
%hort Coure on @?:D# %ased 3C Cellular Standards: 8'$ and Wi#AEB organi6ed $!
'%&+2**TE Telecom Center of (0cellence at &&' Fanpur during @
to 11
4a!, 2011.
-ne da! <or;ho) on @Wavelets and its Applications in Signal ProcessingB held on 20
2011 at 6&&'" Noida.
Third @Science Conclave: A Congregation of No;el 8aureatesB organi6ed $! &&&'" Allaha;ad
from 8
to 1I
Dec, 2010.
-ne da! *ntenive <or;ho) on @#icro=ave 'u;esB held at 6&&'" Noida on 2C
%hort Term Coure on =Ne5t Ceneration Net=or>s (NCN)> organi6ed $! ,*TT, &&' Delhi on @
and 10
"an, 2010.
%hort Term Coure on =9ecent Advances in 9: and #icro=ave Communication> conducted
$! (/(C De)tt at &&' Fharagpur from C
to 20
Dec, 200@.
&ational %eminar on =Photonic Pol!mers: #aterials" Devices and ApplicationsB at %&'S
Pilani, on D
A)ril 2008.
&ational conference on =&nnovations in &ndian Science" $ngineering and 'echnolog!>
organi6ed $! %wadehi %cience 4ovement of *ndia, National Ph!sical 8a; (NP8), *A.* Pua,
&ew Delhi on 2#
&ov. 200#
Personal Details:
Date of $irth : "une 10
, 1@8K
%e0 : 4ale
,atherM &ame : Guru Dutt "ohi
4arital %tatu : %ingle
&ationalit! : *ndian
+anguage Enown : (nglih, 7indi, and %an;rit
Prof. %.+. 4a;ara
(mail: ma;ara.han;
Dr. T.E %a0ena, %cientit 1,3 &ational Ph!ical +a$orator! 1&P+3, &ew Delhi, *ndia
(mail: tuh!a;
Prof. ..C. "ain, 7-D, (lectronic and Communication De)artment, "**T Univerit!, &oida,
* here$! declare that the a$ove2mentioned information i correct u) to m! ;nowledge and * $ear the
re)oni$ilit! for the correctne of the a$ove2mentioned )articular.
Sandeep 6oshi