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Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto: Album cover Deconstruction

Coldplay is an indie rock band from Britain. The album, Mylo Xyloto, was their 4

studio album which on its release topped charts in 34 countries. The band is signed with
Warner Music, Parlophone, Capitol and Atlantic.

Minimalist front, with
only the first letters
of the title. The
bands name isnt even
shown on the cover,
connoting to the
audience the band is
confident everyone can
identify the album is
The two letters are
coloured in with bright
colours and what appears
to be graffiti art.
This connotes to the
audience the songs
featured on the album
are exciting a
rebellious, going
against the modern world
of music
The shadowing on the
inside of the letters
also implies the album
is 3D, where the
listener has to enter
the album to enjoy it

The rear of the album
continues the artwork
inside the letters to show
continuity between the
cover and rear
The rear of the album
is completely different
to the front. The
songs are also listed
against the graffiti
background, this
connotes to the
listener that the songs
are new and exciting.
The symbols at the bottom are mysterious. The listener
is not told if they are for decoration or if they
relate to the songs on the album. This intrigues the
listener to buy the album and find out