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Combinations for a good and sound knowledge in the field of astrology

To achieve knowledge in astrology or any related subject, one should have a natural inclination towards such subjects. A relation
between the 1st and 8th houses or 10th and 8th houses indicates interest towards astrological related subjects. The lagna denotes the
native himself while 10th denotes the profession or means of livelihood, success in life and honor from the society. The 8th house
represents hidden energy, secrets, mysticism, astrology, occultism etc. The 8th house indicates initial path to spiri tuality too. The is a
relation between 1st & 8th house as described below:
1. Lagna lord posited in the 8th house,
2. 8th lord posited in the 1st house,
3. 1st and 8th lords in conjunction, or
4. 1st and 8th lords in mutual aspect to each other.
Editor: Please look at this article Rules of Combinations of planets, summarizing all the rules for required yogas.
Any of the above combinations indicates the person has an innate interest towards the mystic. Lagna being the representation of the
native and 8th being the signification of all occult and mystic subjects (including astrology) a relation between them consti tutes natural
interest in astrological and related subjects. But that doesnt mean that the person will have profession too in the same line.
Presence of any of the planetary situation in a horoscope indicates not only interest in astrological studies but the person having a
profession in the related line. A relation between 1st, 8th & 10th house and its lords is the best situation in a horoscope for making an
Apart from the relation between the 1st, 8th and 10th houses in a horoscope, there some signs and planets too play vital role in making
an astrologer. In many astrologers horoscope it has been found that the lagna or 10th house is falls in any of these signs Gemini,
Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces.
Gemini falls in the 3rd place in the natural horoscope indicates communications. Gemini is the most intellectual sign and
people with Gemini strong and influential in their horoscope are basically found possessing good knowledge in many fields.
They are good readers and judges and have the ability to investigate complex situations.
Scorpio is the 8th sign in natural zodiac those born with this sign rising are found to be good students of occult sciences. They
can probe into difficult and complex subjects to smoke out their secrets and mark their mastery over it.
Aquarians are among the most fast, deep and sharp thinkers of the world. They are unassuming by nature and noted for their
ability to be detached from this material world. Being the 11th sign in natural zodiac, they possess good intuition also.
Pisces being the 12th from the natural zodiac have a gift for their power of intuition, interest in religion, philosophy and related
studies. They are most devoted to the field of their interest all which makes them the most eligible to become a celestial
The karaka planet for astrology is Mercury who is karaka for Budhi or intelligence as well. A powerful Mercury positioned in an angle,
triangle, 2nd, 3rd or 11th house with residential strength and not afflicted is essential for making an astrologer. Mercury being conjoined
or in aspect with Sun (but not combust and situated ahead of Sun), Jupiter or Saturn is supposed to give good results. Saturns
influence over Mercury is deemed to be good as far as an astrologers horoscope is concerned. A combined influence of Saturn-Jupiter
is supposed to be excellent. The influence of Saturn over Mercury will make the native patient and steady in achieving knowledge in
any subject.
A yoga or aspect between Mercury and Jupiter is most desired situation in an astrologers horoscope since such situation will help the
native to develop interest and achieve a good amount of knowledge in Vedic subjects. Mercury shouldnt be in dwirdasa (2-12)
or shashtashtama (6-8) to Guru which cut downs the basic potential of the horoscope to become an astrologer even if there are other
strong combinations. An influence over Mercury by the planets Mars, Ketu or Rahu are destructive for Vedic learning. Influence of Moon
or Venus will make one more complex or materialistic by nature respectively.
The planet Guru also is vital in making an astrologer. Guru being the natural karaka for Gods grace, intuition, Vedic knowledge and
wisdom his position in an astrologers horoscope is very important. Like Mercury, Guru also should be posited in houses l ike angles,
trines, 2nd or 11th. He should have residential strength and influencing the houses Lagna, 2nd, 10th & 11th by the means of yoga,
aspect or lordship. Guru being in yoga or mutual aspect with Moon, Mercury or Saturn in good houses is very desirable.
Combinations for a strong and uncomplicated mind
Moon and Ketu are also significant planets in an astrologers horoscope. Moon being the karaka for mind and the mental disposition of
an astrologer is very important for doing objective analysis of charts; the Moon should be free from afflictions. Moon should be placed in
the brighter half of the lunar month or should have residential strength and positioned in a good house. Moon shouldnt be positioned in
dwirdasha (2-12) or shatashtama (6-8) from the Sun since such a position will cause an imbalanced nature. Moon conjoined with or
posited in Kendra from Guru forming Gajakesari yoga is the best situation for moon. A trine aspect from Guru also is fine. A good
harmony between Guru and Moon will help the native to have good wisdom, vision and insight Veda shastras. A combined influence of
Guru and Saturn over Moon is also deemed good, but influence of Saturn alone over Moon or by other planets than Guru is not good.
Ketu is moksha karaka and his positive approach in a horoscope will make one spiritually inclined. Ketu being posited in the houses 1,
3, 9, 11 and 12 is good, provided he is not conjoined or subject to aspect by any other planet except a trine aspect from Guru. Ketu
being posited alone is always good since when he is under influence of a planet by the means of yoga or aspect changes his natural
tendency. With the influence from Guru, Ketu will help a person to be detached from all illusions of this materialistic world.
Vaksidhi is an ability one gets by the grace of the lord. Speaking eloquently and with right words to express the mind is what Vaksidhi is
all about. Vaksidhi Is judged from the 2nd house. The power of the 10th house also should be taken into account while judging the
power of 2nd house. The lord of 2nd house posited there or in an angle or trine having residential strength is good for Vaksidhi . Mercury
is the karaka planet for Vaksidhi. Jupiter influencing it is the best thing to happen. Moon, Budha or Sukra any of these planets posited
alone in the 2nd house with the yoga or aspect of the lord of that rashi or Guru is good. The 2nd house should ideally fall i n the signs of
Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius or Gemini. The yoga or aspect of 10th lord over 2nd house or the yoga or mutual aspect between 2nd &
10th lords also promotes vaksidhi. Ketu. Mars, Saturn or Rahu adversely affecting the 2nd or the 2nd lord is not desirable.
In a horoscope 11th house is the house of intuition while planet Guru is the karaka for intuition and the planets Moon & Ketu are also is
suppose to play a sub part. Moon, Mercury or Ketu posited in the 11th with aspect of Guru is the best position. Guru himself posited
there also is fine.The 11th lord posited in the 11th or aspect the 11th are also activates ones power of intuition. The 11th house falling
in the signs of Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces are the best situation.