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We ream u virl a aii o uruiisrs ro uncovei
vlen ve`ll ger oui lanus on rle reclnology
rlar`s Leing arenreu nov. 003 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
What's lnslde
Issue 2S8
We inriouuce a oveiul uriliry rlar can
Lack u Lorl uisk images anu inuiviuual
nles anu olueis.
3D iinring las
arriacreu a rliiving
loLLyisr communiry,
Lur ir las iacrical
alicarions as vell.
We riy rle as
rlar can lel you
iorecr sensirive
inoimarion acioss
all youi uevices.
p24 pII8 p42
We ieveal vly a ooi unueisranuing o iivacy
anu secuiiry is iuining rle caie.uara iojecr, anu
vly gerring ir iiglr coulu save lives.
Piices lave allen uiamarically since LL launcleu
rle nisr 4Gseivice in 2012. We invesrigare vlo
oeis rle Lesr 4G coveiage, seeus anu ueals.
CoueLieaking comurei Colossus is 0 rlis yeai
ve look ar rle lanumaik mouels rlar olloveu.
Vllh 802.11oc, lhe new generollon ol
roulers ls reody lo loke your wlreless lo
lhe nexl level. Ve lesl 13 ol lhe lolesl,
loslesl roulers oround lo hnd oul whlch
ls besl.
What's lnslde
Toughpad FZ-M 98
Panasonic Toughpad
4K UT-M85 99
Yoyotech Warbird
Nightblade 02
Acer Iconia A-8S0 0S
Dell Chromebook 04
Intel Galileo 94
Sony Xperia Z2 96
Motorola Moto E 97
Ubuntu 4.04 LTS 05
Adobe Voice 06
Numerous 06
IFTTT Mobile 06
Omce Lens 07
Sunrise Calendar 07
Sony Vegas Pro S 08
Netgear R7000
Nighthawk AC900 26
Asus RT-AC68U 28
AVMFritz!8ox 7490 29
D-Link DIR-868L S0
Linksys WRT900AC S
8T Home Hub 5 S2
Netgear D6200 S2
TalkTalk Super Router SS
Asus RT-AC56U S6
Linksys EA6900 S6
TP-Link Archer D7 S7
Trendnet TEW-88DRU S7
Netgear ReadyDATA 56 0
HP Omcejet Enterprise
Color X555dn 2
Panda Cloud Omce
Protection Advanced 6.8 S
Kyocera Ecosys
M6526cidn 4
Purple WiFi 4
D-Link SmartPro
DGS-50-28P 5
Xerox Travel
Scanner 50 6
Logitech ConferenceCam
CCS000e 6
Prolog 7
Iechnolog 9
Feedbock J0
5ollwore 5lore 47
ldeolog 6J
Compelilion 9J
How we lesl J09
A-Lisl J38
5ubscriplions J44
Conlocl us & nexl monlh J45
Epilog J46
B1 is using srare aiu ro unu irs
sueiasr LioauLanu nervoik
ar rle exense o smallei,
iivare iojecrs ve invesrigare
lov rlis las laeneu. Plus,
ve meer rle voman our ro Lear
clickrivism, ueLare rle iiglr ro
Le oigorren, anu rake a look
ar Google`s uiiveiless cais.
What's lnslde
Issue 2S8 - August 204
IHkEE l55UE5 FOk J
Subscrlbe lo lodoy, ond you
con benehl lrom our lhree lssues lor
21 oller vlsll hllp:JJsubscribe. now.
8U5lNE55 FEAIUkE 62
Wirl a rliiu o small
Lusinesses alling vicrim
ro online ciime, Davey
Winuei exlain rle iisks anu
lov Lesr ro iorecr youisel
anu youi comany.
& MAC 68
Ir`s Leen a vexing ren
yeais oi Niciosor,
Lur ]on HoneyLall is loeul
rlar rle comany is nnally
gerring a clue.
Mobile & Wireless 7J
Online 8usiness 76
5ecurily & 5ociol Nelworking 79
Ollice Applicolions 82
Web Apps & Design 85
Nelworks 88
Donl lorgel lo downlood lhe lolesl
podcosl. lheres o new show ovolloble every
lhursdoy lrom
en Yeuube
Soo our Ho| Hordworo ol |ho Wook
vidoos o| www.yeuIube.cemJpcpre
Intel has one thing right: humans
are social animals, and technology
has a key part to play in expressing that
TIM DANTON reveals the
five-letter word that can solve
this world's technology ills: Intel
TIM DANTON is editor-in-chief of .
Now that you ask, his best Scrabble word
is Picogram, for 76 points.

r voulu Le nice ro Lelieve rlar, as

rle reiiiLly seiious euiroi-in-clie o
rlis magazine, I vas rieareu virl uue
ueeience Ly my minions. 1lar rley
uiun`r laugl vlen I came inro voik
veaiing a rie. 1lar rley uiu laugl vlen I
rieareu rlem ro a mosr excellenr un. Anu rlar
rley suoireu me in my Larrle ro oveicome
my one anu only auuicrion: SciaLLle.
Isn`r rlar vlar you uo all uay in youi
once rley cluckle. Play SciaLLle
Bur rle joke`s on rlem, as ir ruins our rlar
I`ve Leen ar rle curring euge o reclnology all
rlis rime: no less a comany rlan Inrel is nov
lacing SciaLLle ar rle oieionr o irs camaign
ro rake ovei oui living iooms.
Inrel`s vision, vlicl ir ser our iecenrly ar
Comurex, is o a nev eia o all-in-ones,
sriercling iom suL-I400 Arom-oveieu
maclines ro ro-enu monsreis, ueckeu our
virl Leauriul 4K scieens (anu rle laresr 4GHz
Coie i iocessois, naruially). Inrel imagines a
1950s-sryle nucleai amily ciovueu aiounu a
uislay rlar olus uovn ro loiizonral, laying
viirual Loaiu games rogerlei, iarlei rlan
nuuling virl rleii inuiviuual uevices.
ov, I`m nor one ro uncruie an iuyllic
image, Lur my exeiiences o gioving u, anu
as a aienr, suggesr ir`s ierry iaie oi eveiyone
ro come rogerlei en amille. Lven vlen ir
laens, ir rakes only one eison ro srair losing
Leoie rle uelicare aLiic o amily laimony
uniavels, as rle mosr immaruie memLei o
rle amily sroims o in a lu. Usually me.
Yes, oveiall, reclnology renus ro uiive us
aair moie rlan ir Liings us rogerlei. Bur Inrel
las one rling iiglr: lumans aie social animals,
anu reclnology las a key air ro lay in
exiessing rlar. 1ake rle mucl-iaiseu anu
mucl-ueiiueu examle o lexiLle voiking. I
I lave ro uo some ioei lanning, oi comlere
a rlouglrul rask sucl as viiring rlis column,
I ieei ro uo so avay iom uisriacrions, anu
rlar usually means our o rle once. I make a
conscious uecision ro ignoie inreiiurions
sucl as email anu 1virrei, svircling o
inreiner access enriiely i I can, anu ocus
on vlar I neeu ro uo.
Doing rlar all rle rime, lovevei, voulu
uiive me insane. I love voiking virl eole
ro geneiare iueas, ro solve ioLlems, ro slaie
exeirise anu skills. Nosr o all, I enjoy rle
exeiience o inreiacring virl eole I iesecr
anu vlose comany I enjoy.
So, vleie uoes reclnology nr in Hov can
ir lel iarlei rlan linuei Ar vlicl oinrs
sloulu reclnology sli inro rle Lackgiounu
anu ar vlicl sloulu ir rake a sraiiing iole
Ny ansvei isn`r one rlar Inrel vill like. In
my minu, reclnology sloulu alvays Le in rle
Lackgiounu. 1ake inreiner access. Oui leau
earuie looks ar rle srare o 4G ( ), anu
rle riurl is rlar cloosing youi suliei is srill
iauglr virl unceirainry. I look oivaiu ro rle
rime vlen ve uon`r neeu ro ask, Hov asr vill
my connecrion Le in rle same vay rlar mosr
o us uon`r neeu ro ask aLour rle ameiage o
rle elecriical suly ro oui louse.
Likevise, ir sloulun`r marrei vlar OSes my
lone, raLler oi laro aie iunning, oi vlicl
ones my colleagues` uevices aie iunning. I ve
neeu ro voik rogerlei on a iojecr, ve vanr
insranraneous access ro rle key inoimarion
virlour laving ro voiiy aLour lov ve`ie
accessing ir. Anu vlen ir`s rime ro uo some
leavy liring some uara analysis, eilas, oi
an in-uerl ieoir all rlar sloulu concein us
is rlar ve ick rle iiglr rool oi rle iiglr joL.
Inrel las some oim leie. I you iememLei
rle eaily 2000s, you ioLaLly iememLei rle
loiioi o arremring ro ger viieless laros ro
communicare virl viieless nervoiks. Ir vas
only vlen Inrel ur irs veiglr Lelinu rle
Cenriino Lianu nor only a iocessoi, Lur also
a viieless cliser rlar lau Leen resreu ro ensuie
ir voikeu virl as many ioureis as ossiLle
rlar connecring ro a viieless nervoik Lecame
as easy as making suie youi iauio vas on.
O couise, Inrel uoesn`r simly uo rlings
oi rle uLlic goou. Wirl Cenriino, ir vas
usling irs ovn iouucrs vlile simulraneously
luiring rle oosirion. I rle comany veie
nov ro senu lunuieus o millions o uollais
on a similai iojecr ro make orlei ryes o recl
voik rogerlei seamlessly, ir voulun`r Le a
lilanrlioic unueiraking, Lur iarlei one
ocuseu squaiely on slaieloluei ionr.
All rle same, I imloie you, Inrel, ro riy.
Nucl as I aiove o SciaLLle Leing usleu
inro as many lomes as ossiLle, rlis sloulun`r
Le youi iioiiry: ve neeu a comany rlar
sriercles acioss Ale, Niciosor anu Google
ro make lassle-iee comuring a iealiry.
The Victorians had helpful books of
model letters to suit all occasions, but
no such resource exists for email
The unspoken rules of email
yearn for a simpler time
editor. Why not email him at the address
below? Who knows what might happen.

you vanreu ro communicare virl a

iienu oi colleague in Vicroiian Lnglanu,
youi Lesr orions veie ro viire rlem
a lerrei oi ralk ro rlem in eison. Borl
aioacles veie rime-consuming in
one vay oi anorlei, anu Lorl veie goveineu
leavily Ly rle social convenrions rlar lau
evolveu ro uereimine vlar vas acceraLle
ro say ro vlom, anu lov. Bur you knev
vleie you sroou.
1ouay, email comLines rle convenience
anu uiscierion o a lerrei virl rle immeuiacy
anu inrimacy o a ace-ro-ace conveisarion.
1lar`s giear, Lur ir rliovs u nev social
quesrions, rle ansveis ro vlicl arei moie
rlan a uecaue o mainsrieam uiscouise
iemain uncleai. Lven rle signincance o rle
meuium irsel is u oi giaLs. I someone
lones you oi slovs u on youi uooisre,
you can assume rley vanr ro ralk ro you
rleie anu rlen. I someone viires you a lerrei,
ir`s a sae Ler you`ll lave ar leasr a ev uays
ro iocess rle message. Bur vlar uoes ir mean
vlen rley cloose ro senu you an email
Insrincrively, I`u say email las a vli o
casualness anu uisosaLiliry. Back ar univeisiry,
I lau a iienu vlo consiueieu ir orional ro
ieau lei messages ar all on rle giounus rlar
email vas, Ly uennirion, unimoiranr. 1o Le
aii, sle uiun`r seem ro miss our on anyrling
o giear consequence.
You coulun`r ger avay virl rlar rouay.
ov rlar eveiyone las a comurei on rleii
uesk anu a smairlone in rleii ocker, email
las Lecome simly a couireous alreinarive ro
inreiiuring someone virl a lone call oi a
eisonal visir. I`ve ieceiveu lenry o emails
iom eole asking me ro call rlem iiglr avay
ro uiscuss some uigenr marrei, anu I`ve senr
lenry as vell oren ro colleagues sirring
meie eer avay iom me in rle once.
1lar isn`r rle enu o rle uarness. Once
eole srair asking oi an immeuiare iesonse,
a iessuie emeiges ro cleck nev emails as soon
as rley aiiive. Ir isn`r alvays convenienr oi
aioiiare ro ieacl oi youi lone vlen rle
email aleir goes o, Lur i a message comes in
vlile I`m in rle sueimaiker oi clanging riains,
I riy ro ieau ir iiglr avay in case ir`s uigenr.
1lis, in ruin, necessirares uirlei social
accommouarion, Lecause rle message uoesn`r
usually iequiie an insranr iesonse, iarlei, ir`s
asking me ro uo somerling nexr 1uesuay oi ro
ralk ro eison A aLour quesrion B. 1lese may
Le ieasonaLle rlings ro ask, Lur since I`m in rle
viong conrexr ro iocess rle iequesr, rleie`s
a goou clance I`ll lave oigorren aLour
rle vlole rling Ly rle rime I ger lome.
Conveisely, eilas I`ll miss rle email
alrogerlei. Sysrems sucl as Ourlook`s
conuirional oimarring orions oi Gmail`s
Piioiiry InLox can lel lag u messages rlar
miglr vaiianr secial arrenrion, Lur uigenr
communicarions uon`r alvays come iom
execreu quaireis, anu rley ceirainly aien`r
alvays immeuiarely iecognisaLle. 1le one
rlar aiiives our o rle Llue anu ruins youi
areinoon usiue uovn ryically las a
suLjecr line sucl as Ivu: Re: Neering.
Ir`s a acr o lie, rleieoie, rlar imoiranr
messages aie misseu enriiely. As sucl, i rle
senuei uoesn`r ieceive a iaiu iesonse, ir`s
aaienrly acceraLle oi rlem ro senu a
ollov-u email only louis larei jusr ro cleck
rle lasr one ieacleu you a gesruie rlar
voulu seem iovocarive in any orlei meuium.
Ar rlis oinr, you uon`r vanr ro ler rle ooi
eison rlink rley acrually lave rle viong
auuiess oi you oi rlar rleii messages aie Leing
losr. So, vlerlei oi nor ir`s convenienr, rle
onus is on you ro iesonu iomrly. Ir`s leie
rlar you iun inro rle Liggesr unceirainry o
all: vlar exacrly is rle ioei oim oi email
communicarion 1le Vicroiians lau lelul
Looks o mouel lerreis rlar coulu Le coieu
anu auareu ro suir all occasions, Lur, as ai
as I`m avaie, no sucl iesouice exisrs oi email.
Insreau, ve`ie ler ro onuei oi ouiselves: uoes
rlis one-senrence iely seem lelully uiiecr oi
Liusque anu uismissive Does rlis quesrion
sounu aggiessive Does rlis suggesrion come
acioss as Lossy I`ve riieu ro uevelo a concise
Lur vaim sryle, Lur I`ve no iuea vlerlei my
ieciienrs rake my emails in rlar siiir.
Wlar I`m ceirain o is rlar rlese unsoken
execrarions anu accommouarions make rle
simle sysrem o email socially iauglr. 1le
iules anu manneis rlar iegulareu 19rl-cenruiy
communicarion may seem Luiuensome ro us,
Lur I susecr a Vicroiian rime riavellei voulu
iecoil in loiioi ar rle imiovisarions anu
inriicacies involveu in mainraining a iouucrive
anu laimonious inLox. -AUGU8T 2014
I wish to lodge a
complaint about
Am I alone in my iusriarion ar
rle oiceu use o veL oims oi communicarion
virl comanies I assume ir allovs rle
comanies uiiecr inur inro rleii CRN
sysrems,vlicl is unuouLreuly a goou rling
oi rle comany, Lur oi rle usei rleie`s
one majoi issue no easy vay ro iecoiu
rle clain o communicarion.
I you senu an email rlar elicirs a iely, rlen
you lave a conrinuous clain o communicarion.
Wirl a veL oim, rleie`s usually no vay oi rle
usei ro iecoiu oi iove vlar rley lave senr.
Lven voise, rle comany vill rlen oren iely
Ly email virlour quoring rle rexr rlar las
Leen suLmirreu anu insisr on youi iely
Leing enreieu inro anorlei veL oim.
I I veie Leing cynical I miglr rlink rlis
vas a ueliLeiare loy ro make ir uinculr oi
comlainanrs ro aigue eecrively. I rlink ir`s
moie likely an exrension o rle lack o eisonal
caie Ly comanies vlo nov iely on cenrialiseu
uara so rlar anyone can iely, iarlei rlan
allocaring an enquiiy/comlainr ro one
inuiviuual oi small ream ro iesolve.
1le oLvious orion is ro ieveir ro ioei
email communicarion on a one-ro-one Lasis
unril a siruarion is iesolveu. Iailing rlis, use a
veL-oim sysrem rlar allovs ieeiencing Ly rle
cusromei (Amazon is goou in rlis iegaiu). As a
lasr iesoir, ar leasr lave rle couiresy ro email
rle cusromei a coy o vlar rley suLmirreu
in rle veL oim. ADAMMARSHALL
Avoid the Ubuntu trap
I`m no ULunru nevLie: my laresr
laro iuns ULunru 12.04 L1S anu
srill uoes a goou joL o cluining our
music ro my li-n sysrem, suinng rle
veL anu iunning rle Hyuiogen uium macline.
So, vlen I ieau youi airicle on ugiauing iom
Winuovs XP ro rle laresr ULunru (see issue
23S, jS+), I rlouglr rle rime lau come oi
my XP/SP3 PC ro make rle svircl.
Wirl 14.04 1iusry 1ali L1S jusr our |see
105 oi oui ull ieviev], I uovnloaueu ir. 1le
Live USB seemeu ro voik nne, so I insralleu ir
uual Loor ro riy ir on rle PC. Wirlin a
coule o minures I iegierreu my uecision. 1le
gialics veie Luggy anu rle sysrem unusaLle.
I manageu ro ger rle sorvaie uuarei ro iun
anu ir Lioke rle GRUB Loor managei. I nov
lau no ULunru anu no XP!
1leie aie vell-uocumenreu sriaregies oi
ieaiiing GRUB. You can insrall Loor-ieaii
iom rle Live USB Ly rying commanus inro
rle reiminal vinuov (I Lecame quire amiliai
virl rlis), Lur ir uoesn`r voik virl 1iusry.
1leie`s also a manual merlou moie
commanus inro rle reiminal vinuov Lur
rlis uoesn`r voik virl rlis veision eirlei.
In uesaii, I ieinseireu rle Live USB anu
ieeareu rle Insrall ULunru sequence. Anu
Liearleu a sigl o ielie. ULunru vasn`r
voiking Lur GRUB vas, anu I coulu access
my XP again. So I ueciueu ro go Lack ro rle
Leginning anu uninsrall ULunru. Simle
o. 1leie is an uninsrallei oi ULunru, Lur
nor oi 1iusry. Iinally, I gave u anu inseireu
my Winuovs XP/SP3 seru CD. Wlen rle
Welcome ro Seru scieen aeaieu, I
close R ro srair rle Recoveiy Console. Ar
rle commanu iomr I ryeu IIXNBR.
Anu, jusr like rlar, ULunru vas exungeu.
Heie is my auvice i you aie lanning
on moving iom XP ro ULunru 14.04. Iiisr,
vair: rleie aie enalries oi Leing an eaily
auorei, seconu, nnu rle OS seru uisc oi youi
macline, rliiu, riy rle Live USB rloiouglly
Leoie you cloose ro insrall ir, anu lasr, i you
can, clone youi laiu uiive so you can easily
iesroie ir, anu Lack u imoiranr uara ro
iemovaLle meuia. JOHNERRNGTON
Right to be forgotten
I rloiouglly enjoy youi oucasrs,
Lur I rlouglr rle uiscussion on rle
Google iuling vas Loggeu uovn in
rle secincs o rle case |see 1S oi moie on
rlis iuling]. 1le geneial imlicarions aie vlar I
nnu o moie inreiesr. Wlar i someone lau a
aeuolile convicrion, oi vas a reiioiisr Wlar
i rley`u von a golu meual ar rle Olymics anu
uiun`r vanr eole ro knov (Ir rakes all soirs.)
In rle ueLare, you roucleu on rle uisrincrion
Lerveen rle oiiginal souice anu rle inuex
(Google), anu rlar voulu Le inreiesring ro
exloie. I vlar is Leing ue-inuexeu is a
nevsaei ieoir on a ieossession, rlar`s one
rling, Lur i ir`s a link ro oncial goveinmenr
iecoius, isn`r ir in rle uLlic inreiesr ro ensuie
rlese aie alvays easy ro nnu NCXGASSMAN
Torch your life
Iuirlei ro youi airicle in rle laresr
issue aLour locarion soonng (see
issue 23, jS2), you sloulu nore
rlar rle 1oicl Biovsei las Hola Luilr in. Ir also
lers you ser counriies oi eacl veLsire you visir,
I ser ir ro rle USA oi IaceLook, vlicl means I
can varcl viueos osreu Ly my US-Laseu iienus
rlar voulu orleivise Le Llockeu. PAUL RLEY PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 0I2
FoIIowthe musngs oI the teamat
Wlen Winuovs S.1 Uuare emeigeu, Baiiy Collins accuseu Niciosor
o Leing rle Nanclesrei Unireu o rle reclnology inuusriy anu Leing
ciileu virl unceirainry vlen ir sres our onro rle ircl. He lamLasreu
rle uuare oi irs Lackeualling vays. We`ie sruck in a no-man`s-lanu,
le viore, as Niciosor looks ro rle asr insreau o rle uruie.

r isn`r oren I`m moveu ro iesonu ro an airicle in C rc.

Hovevei, ir`s nor rle voik o a C rc viirei rlar las my
uigirs lexing, Lur a lerrei on youi IeeuLack age (see issue
23, j10). I ieei ro Di Kevin Waire`s missive on rle use
o aveiage srarisrics, anu I eel I lave ro iesonu, rvauule.
1leie aie rliee aveiages: moue, mean (aiirlmeric mean in rlis
case) anu meuian. Lacl is useu ro uislay aveiages in a meaningul
vay, ueenuing on rle uara Leing garleieu. Noue ieeis ro rle iesulr
rlar aeais mosr oren in a giou, mean is calculareu Ly rle sumo
iesulrs uiviueu Ly counr, anu meuian is rle exacr cenrie o rle iesulrs.
1aking Di Waire`s examle o rle aveiage numLei o aims Leing less
rlan rvo: in a lyorlerical giou o 1,000 eole, rleie may Le 950
virl rvo aims, 40 virl one anu ren virl none. In reims o rle
aveiage numLei o aims on a luman, rle moue is rvo, rle mean
is 1.94, anu rle meuian is iesulr numLei 500, vlicl is rvo.
Bur vlicl is rle mosr useul srarisric Nosr eole voulu agiee
rlar rle moue, inuicaring rlar rle aveiage numLei o aims on
a luman is rvo, is rle mosr useul. Alrlougl rle meuian gave rle
same ansvei, ir isn`r airiculaily meaningul anu rle acr rlar rle
mean numLei o aims in oui imaginaiy giou o 1,000 is 1.94
is also meaningless. Alying rlis ro LioauLanu seeus, oi
a lyorlerical u ro 20NLirs/sec Lanuviurl oeiing ovei
a oularion o 100,000 insrallarions, rle moual seeu may Le
5NLirs/sec, rle mean 15NLirs/sec anu rle meuian 10NLirs/sec.
Wlicl is rle mosr useul oi ieiesenrarive srarisric, anu vlicl
is rle one rle ISP vill uLlisl as Leing aveiage CHRS DEVNE
"I'mnot sure which is dumber, the article or the comments. All it takes
to deIault back to the Start screen is going to the taskbar, right-clicking,
going to Properties and opening the navigation tab. II I ever change my
mind, it's simply a mouse-click away. Jhank you, MicrosoIt, Ior
giving me control oI my PC environment." NCGARYMCP
"Oh, Ior crying out loud, you people will hnd any reason to criticise
MicrosoIt. People complained when Windows booted to the Start
screen, now you complain when it deIaults to booting to the desktop.
You do know that all it takes is one checkbox to get it to boot
to the Start screen again, don't you." STEVEO
"I hate these changes. I have an HP Spectre 13 x2 hybrid, which I want
to act as a tablet most oI the time, and as a laptop when I write. I use
the Modern UI all day. Now my PC keeps |umping back to the stinkin'
desktop. MicrosoIt ruined an awesome OS by appeasing a
bunch oI idiots who resist change." JOE CAMPBELL
"Jhe Start screen was a mess Ior desktop users ~ I hated the way certain
applications dumped you into the 'Metro' interIace. II Windows S had
been like Windows S.2 (assuming the Start button reappears in that
version), no-one would have complained. More choice, more
conhgurable... How is that a bad thing." RUSSELL
"My muscle memory has changed so much that when I'm using my
Windows 7 desktop I've abandoned clicking the Start button and |ust
use keyboard shortcuts to launch apps ~ which is actually quicker than
clicking and scrolling. Stick to your guns, MicrosoIt. You've
created a better way to use computers." JAMES MASTERTON
"I couldn't agree more. I wasn't a massive Ian oI the 'Metro' side
when I hrst got it. But aIter the S.1 update I actually miss it, and
that surprised me. Windows S.1 pre-update was about the right
mix Ior me. It wasn't perIect, admittedly, but this seems like
a backwards step. It's a shame." NI32453
Ths month's staz lettez wns
a Cozsaz Fozce Sezes LS
I20GBSSDwozth 75
In lasr monrl`s CyLeilink PloroDiiecroi 4 ruroiial (see
issue 23, jS6), ve acciuenrally uLlisleu a scieenslor
iom a uieienr alicarion as sre oui o rle valkrliougl.
Please accer oui aologies oi any conusion.
D1itt1 tc
4||^w| cs|sss !^
J^ w|! !|j J^ s!
Cive ycur business the ede withFasthcsts rane cf
Prcfessicnal Series 0edicatedServers.
With99.99%uptime uaranteed, SS0technclcy fcr faster
perfcrmance, substantial stcrae drives andwithFPEEset up,
there's aserver tcsuit all budets andbusiness needs.
F0|| remcteKVMccntrc|
NEWcPane| andWHM
Ca|| O8O8\686???
c| v||L

Pe| mcnLh ex \hT

I2 mcnLh m|n|mumLe|mccnL|acL

Public money has been spent supplying bre broadband to areas that
would have got it from private providers anyway, nds Barry Collins
The Ibre Ionds wasted
by coonty cooncIs
ounry councils sranu
accuseu o vasring
uLlic money Ly
aying B1 ro insrall
nLie LioauLanu in aieas rlar
voulu lave Leen seiveu Ly
iivarely unueu nLie ioviueis.
Almosr eveiy counry council in
rle counriy is lanuing raxayeis`
money ro B1 ro uelivei sueiasr
LioauLanu ovei rle nexr coule o
yeais, as air o rle goveinmenr`s
BioauLanu Deliveiy UK (BDUK)
scleme, vlicl las Leen leavily
ciiriciseu Ly NPs oi ailing ro
uelivei suncienr comeririon. B1
vas rle sole qualiying Liuuei oi
many o rle council conriacrs.
Hovevei, las leaineu
rlar even in aieas vleie rleie
aie nLie comanies villing ro
comere virl B1 using rleii ovn
unus, rle councils anu B1 aie
eecrively using srare aiu ro
gazum sucl iojecrs.
Srare aiu sloulun`r Le
useu ro ielace iivare-secroi
invesrmenr, saiu Nalcolm
CoiLerr, CLO o rle Inueenuenr
ervoiks Cooeiarive
Associarion, vlicl suoirs
iegional LioauLanu iojecrs.
Ir Leggais Lelie rlar you`ve
gor B1 ruining u virl srare
unuing in oiuei ro Luilu in an
aiea vleie you`ve gor rle local
communiry voiking veiy laiu
ro iun irs ovn seivices.
5hottng the B4RNdoor
One o rle aieas ro vlicl CoiLerr
is ieeiiing is in Lancasliie,
vleie rle BioauLanu oi rle
Ruial oirl (B4R) iojecr
vas esraLlisleu in Naicl 2011.
Wirl many iesiuenrs eaiing
rley lau no loe o evei
gerring sueiasr LioauLanu, rley
ueciueu ro Luilu a communiry-
ovneu nervoik rlemselves. 1le
iojecr ser our ro uelivei 1GLir/sec
enu-ro-enu nLie connecrions
ueliveiing mucl giearei seeu rlan
rle ryical B1 nLie connecrion,
vlicl noimally uses coei
caLling ovei rle nnal sriercl
anu cuiienrly ros our ar
6NLirs/sec oi I30 ei monrl.
B4R consiueieu alying
oi some o rle uLlic money
Leing lanueu our as air o rle
BDUK iocess, Lur rle communiry
oiganisarion uiun`r meer rle
minimum ruinovei iequiiemenrs
ro qualiy oi rle gianrs. B4R
vas lockeu our o Liuuing, CLO
Baiiy Ioiue rolu . Ir vas
cleai ro us rlen rlar only B1 coulu
ossiLly vin rle conriacr anu ve
saiu so uLlicly.
B4R ioceeueu virl irs ovn
iivare invesrmenr, slaiing irs
Llueiinrs anu iollour lans virl
Lancasliie Counry Council ar
eveiy sre o rle vay, accoiuing
ro Ioiue. Bur vlen B1 von rle
conriacr ro suly rle counry`s
sueiasr LioauLanu, B4R vas
uismayeu ro uiscovei rlar B1
lanneu ro covei many o rle
aieas rlar B4R lau alieauy
eaimaikeu oi irs ovn nLie
nervoik. 1o auu insulr ro injuiy,
Follow @PCPro on Twi||or
ond bo |ho hrs| |o go| oll |ho lo|os| nows
NEW5 -AUGU8T 2014
The councils and BT are
ehectively using state aid
to gazump private projects
B1 inrenueu ro make iaie use o
nLie-ro-rle-iemises (I11P)
connecrions in rle village o
Dollinlolme, one o rle aieas
in vlicl B4R lau alieauy
sraireu ro Luilu.
We aie uiious rlar B1 is
Leing given ovei S0 srare-aiu
uensiry suoir ro oveiLuilu
B4R`s nervoik, vlile B4R is
laving ro iaise 100 o rle casl
neeueu iom rle communiry oi
irs Luilu, saiu Ioiue. We`ie okay
virl laving ro 100 unu oui
Luilu, Lur ve uiav rle line ar
B1 gerring uLlic suLsiuies
ro comere virl us.
B1 uenies rlar ir`s iolling
our I11P in Dollinlolme
uiely ro enu o comeririon
iom B4R. 1leie lave
alvays Leen lans ro use I11P
in airs o Lancasliie, incluuing
Dollinlolme, Lecause ir`s rle
mosr aioiiare solurion given
rle geogialies involveu, saiu
a B1 sokeseison.
In a sraremenr senr ro ,
Lancasliie Counry Council saiu:
We lave aioiiare srare aiu
cleaiance in lace, vlicl las
Leen aioveu Ly rle arional
Comerency Cenrie, ueliveieu
rliougl BDUK. We agieeu virl
BDUK rlar rle counry council
voulu moniroi rle iollour lans
o B4R anu vleie aioiiare,
virluiav iom aieas vleie
B4R lau cieuiLle lans (oi
examle, lans rlar sarisy rle
iequiiemenrs o Luioean anu
UK guiuance in ielarion ro
reclnical anu nnancial viaLiliry)
oi commeicial iollour. B4R
las ro uare iuenrineu 261
ioeiries ro vlicl rley lave
ioviueu sueiasr LioauLanu
anu rle counry council vill nor
ioviue sueiasr LioauLanu
ro rlese ioeiries.
WItng n WItshre
Wlile Ioiue insisrs B4R vill
kee lugging avay in Lancasliie,
iivare nLie ioviuei Gigacleai
las ulleu our o Wilrsliie
arei B1 announceu lans ro
oveiLuilu irs nervoik.
Wilrsliie Council signeu irs
conriacr virl B1 in ]anuaiy 2013.
Hovevei, uuiing rlar yeai
Gigacleai also lelu uiscussions
virl rle council aLour irs lans ro
Luilu an I11P nervoik in six
Wilrsliie rovns. Ar rle srair o
2014, B1 announceu rlar ir vas
using rle uLlic money ioviueu
Ly Wilrsliie Council ro ioll our irs
ovn sueiasr LioauLanu in rle
majoiiry o rlose six rovns.
Gigacleai conceues rlar irs
lans veien`r on rle raLle vlen
Wilrsliie signeu irs conriacr virl
B1, Lur is angiy rlar rle council
aileu ro use a clause in irs conriacr
rlar allovs ir ro alrei rle iollour
lans i a nev comeriroi enreis
rle maiker.
1ley can, i rley visl ro, use
rle clange conriol iocess in rleii
BDUK conriacr |virl B1] ro say
'vell, acrually ve uon`r neeu
ro invesr srare aiu in rlis aiea
any moie Lecause rleie is nov
a commeicial solurion availaLle`,
saiu Narrlev Haie, clie
execurive o Gigacleai.
Ir`s only rlis yeai |olloving
ciiricism iom NPs on rle PuLlic
Accounrs Commirree] rlar BDUK
acrually issueu guiuance saying
rlar rley sloulu use rlar clange
conriol iocess i a commeicial
oeiaroi las ueloyeu, oi
announceu rley`ie going ro
ueloy, in rlose aieas.
1leie`s nor enougl money
ro go aiounu anyvay, auueu
Haie. Wly voulun`r you
vanr ro senu ir in rle aieas
rlar uon`r lave a clance
o a commeicial oeiaroi
Gigacleai suLsequenrly ulleu
our o Wilrsliie, anu is nov
senuing irs money in counries
rlar aie keen ro suoir rle
uevelomenr o iniasriucruie
comeririon, saiu Haie. 1le
iesiuenrs o Wilrsliie vill nov
likely ieceive B1`s slovei, less
uruie-iooeu nLie-ro-rle-caLiner
insreau o uie nLie connecrions.
Wilrsliie Council uiun`r iesonu
ro oui iequesrs oi commenr.
1leie is, ar leasr, some
loe rlar councils vill Le oiceu
ro senu rleii money moie
caieully vlen rle nexr iounu
o goveinmenr unuing is
lanueu our. 1le PuLlic
Accounrs Commirree, vlicl
lauleu civil seivanrs iom rle
Deairmenr oi Culruie, Neuia
& Soir ovei rle coals oi ailing
ro uelivei suncienr comeririon
rlis rime aiounu, is keen ro
ensuie rlar rle same misrakes
von`r Le ieeareu.
1le ueairmenr sloulu
voik virl local aurloiiries
ro iuenriy ooiruniries ro
iomore comeririon anu
value oi money, incluuing
consiueiing alreinarive
solurions, joinr voiking anu
aii cairal conriiLurions iom
sulieis, rle commirree`s
laresr ieoir srareu.
Ioi rle I565 million or
o uLlic money rlar`s alieauy
Leen allocareu, lovevei, ir`s
roo lirrle, roo lare.
8I is receiving slole lunding lo supply superlosl broodbond, even in oreos where compelilion exisls

Google las ievealeu irs vision oi
uiiveiless cais anu rle velicles
lave neirlei sreeiing vleels noi
Liake euals.
Google lau ieviously
ierionrreu ieauy-maue cais virl
irs sel-uiiving reclnology anu is
nov ueveloing irs ovn velicles,
virl 100 iororyes lirring ioaus
in Calioinia rlis summei.
1lese mouels vill srill lave
sreeiing vleels anu euals, since
rlese aie iequiieu Ly local lavs
as aie ieaiviev miiiois, even
rlougl rle cai uses cameias ro
see all angles. Hovevei, rle laresr
iororyes oei only a srair
Lurron anu a anic Lurron ro
sro rle cai in case somerling
goes viong.
1le cais can Le summoneu
via a smairlone a, making
rlem iueal as raxis oi slaieu
iiues anu meaning you uon`r
neeu ro aik rle cai youisel.
1le cais cuiienrly use
emLeuueu maing uara ro nnu
rleii vay aiounu rle aiea neai
rle comany`s once. Hovevei,
moving rle cais Leyonu Nounrain
Viev, Calioinia vill iequiie rle
nim ro invesr moie in maing,
oi ro enlance rle reclnology
ro ler rle velicles navigare
moie inueenuenrly.
Niciosor oncially enueu
suoir oi Winuovs XP in
Aiil, ueclaiing rlar rle ageing
OS voulu no longei ieceive
secuiiry uuares. 1le comany
lelu ro rlar osirion oi only
rliee veeks, issuing a secuiiry
arcl oi an Inreiner Lxloiei
lav 23 uays arei vlar vas
suoseu ro Le rle lasr uuare.
Hovevei, XP vas ler our
o rle mosr iecenr iounu o
monrlly uuares, uuLLeu Parcl
1uesuay. Niciosor las saiu rle
our-o-Lanu uuare vas a one-o
anu ieleaseu only Lecause rle
lav emeigeu so quickly arei
XP`s enu o lie.
ov ir`s Leen uiscoveieu rlar
rleie aie vays ro kee ieceiving
XP uuares. A simle Regisriy
rveak is enougl ro convince
Winuovs Uuare rlar rle OS
is an emLeuueu veision o XP,
vlicl is srill ieceiving uuares.
Hovevei, secuiiry exeirs lave
vaineu againsr using rle lack,
noring rlar XP LmLeuueu von`r
necessaiily ieceive rle same
uuares as sranuaiu XP anu so
von`r ioviue sranuaiu veisions o
XP virl uuares ir neeus, leaving
useis incomlerely iorecreu.
In auuirion, Niciosor coulu
uisaLle rle Regisriy riick ar any
What we sad: 1lis is a
Lig ueal, saiu euiroi-in-clie
1im Danron. Cais aie lugely
liLeiaring, Lur rley`ie olluring,
uangeious anu exensive.
Sel-uiiving cais vill use less uel,
Lecause rley`ie iogiammeu ro
nnu rle Lesr ioure in rle leasr
rime, anu acciuenrs vill lummer
ro neai-zeio. Wlar`s moie, rley`ll
give ieeuom ro rle rlousanus o
eole vlo`u love ro uiive even
uovn ro rle local sueimaiker
Lur can`r oi vlarevei ieason.
Giear voik, Google.
What you sad:
Oioauiunnei vasn`r imiesseu,
viiring on rle veLsire rlar
rle cais aie reclnology oi rle
sake o ir anu oinring our rlar
rle exisring sarnav uoesn`r alvays
ick rle iiglr ioure, so luman
inreiacrion iemains necessaiy.
|Ir`s a] nice sci-n iuea oi a
casl-iicl oiganisarion, Lur I can`r
ieally see ir carcling on orlei rlan
in veiy limireu ciicumsrances.
Orleis velcomeu rle cais.
Ir`s iogiess oi rlose o us
vlo can`r uiive uue ro inleiireu
vision ioLlems, saiu Aliesco.
Auromaric cais can`r ger slosleu
oi suei iom ioau iage, eirlei.
rime, so ugiauing ro a nevei
veision o Winuovs is srill
sriongly iecommenueu.
What we sad: Ir`s amazing
lov renaciously some eole vanr
ro cling ro XP, saiu ueury euiroi
Daiien Gialam-Smirl. I can
unueisranu vly Lusinesses in
airiculai lave sruck virl rle
sralvair OS oi as long as
ossiLle, Lur vlen youi online
secuiiry sriaregy involves lacking
Winuovs Uuare ro riick ir inro
senuing you arcles you aien`r
suoseu ro ger, eilas rlar`s a
sign rle airy`s ovei. In rle asr
ren yeais, you`ve ioLaLly ielaceu
youi enriie PC rliee rimes ovei.
Ugiaue rle OS alieauy.
What you sad: Reaueis
riieu rle Regisriy rveak anu
ieoireu rlar ir voiks Lur
some vaineu againsr ueenuing
on ir ro sray secuie. As Big_D
oinreu our, emLeuueu veisions
aie a suLser o Winuovs XP anu
|uon`r] incluue all rle earuies
o XP. 1lis means rlar nor all
vulneiaLle comonenrs vill Le
arcleu... vlicl coulu leau ro a
alse sense o secuiiry.

GoogIe removes steerng
wheeIs IromdrverIess cars
Wndows XP reIoses to de
as opdates contnoe to Iand I 2 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 0I6
eBay vas ciiriciseu oi raking rliee
veeks ro aleir useis ro a lack rlar
iesulreu in rle rler o 145 million
cusromei iecoius. 1le comany
sraireu emailing useis rliee veeks
arei ir noriceu rle arrack, anu vas
srill senuing aleirs moie rlan a
veek larei.
1le lack uiun`r ur cieuir
caiu uerails ar iisk, Lur ir gave
arrackeis access ro ull names,
email auuiesses, mailing auuiesses,
enciyreu assvoius anu moie.
1le inciuenr laeneu in IeLiuaiy
anu Naicl, giving lackeis monrls
ro make use o rle inoimarion.
1le Inoimarion
Commissionei`s Once (ICO) anu
LU iegularois aie invesrigaring rle
Lieacl, Lur rle ICO las aumirreu
rlar nning eBay von`r make
mucl uieience. 1le varcluog
can issues nnes o u ro I500,000
oi Lieacles o rle Dara Piorecrion
Acr, Lur rlar`s lirrle moie rlan a
sla on rle viisr oi a nim rle size
o eBay. Insreau, commissionei
Cliisrolei Gialam saiu
consumeis sloulu iessuie nims
Ly nor uoing Lusiness virl rlem.
What we sad: Hacking
arracks lave Leen so common
larely rlar ve uon`r lave rime ro
covei rlem all, saiu nevs anu
earuies euiroi icole KoLie.
Since eBay venr uLlic, Soriy,
Once sloes anu even Avasr`s
suoir oium lave aumirreu
arracks. 1lese nims vaineu rleii
useis moie quickly rlan eBay uiu,
even rlougl rle uamage vas moie
limireu. Bur, virl sucl a roorlless
varcluog, rleie`s lirrle usling
comanies ro clean u sloy
secuiiry, so sucl Lieacles aie likely
ro kee ocuiiing.
What you sad: Iines oi
uara Lieacles neeu ro clange,
ieaueis agieeu. Iines ar nxeu
amounrs aie oinrless. 1ley
ciile small Lusinesses, Lur
rley`ie oren ocker clange oi
mulrinarionals, saiu Samo42.
Iines sloulu Le a eicenrage o
ionr rlar voulu ger rle
arrenrion o rle CLOs iesonsiLle
oi oui uara. Big_Hal suggesreu
comanies sloulu ay a ser
amounr oi eacl inuiviuual
aecreu, anu Le nneu moie oi
sensirive uara, sucl as cieuir caiu
uerails. Nairinualei agieeu: 1le
iegularois sloulu ur a iice on
eacl iece o uara, ossiLly Ly
ieseaicling vlar rley sell oi
on unueivoilu sires, le saiu.
eBay hack: ICOadmts Ines
won't stop bg data breaches 3

Fer Ihe |cIesI news, vsI eur websIe PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 0I8
NEW5 Talklng polnt
News and features editor Nicole Kobie: Wlar a mess:
rlis is one o rlose cases vleie rle inreiner Lecomes mucl
moie comlicareu rlan osring car loros. 1le iiglr ro Le
oigorren rieaus a nne line Lerveen ieeuom o inoimarion anu iivacy.
In some cases, ir`s cleai cur: i I ask IaceLook ro uelere eveiyrling ir
lolus aLour me, ir sloulu uo so. Bur asking Google ro iemove links ro
a nevsaei irem rlar ieeiieu ro rle ieossession o Naiio Cosreja
Gonzlez`s lome one rlar`s eiecrly accuiare, Lur uareu is a sre
uirlei. 1le sroiy is srill availaLle, ir`s jusr laiuei ro nnu. Google
alieauy uoes somerling similai oi sires rlar iniinge coyiiglr,
sloulu ir uo rle same oi ages rlar ve ueciue Lieacl oui iivacy
Editor-in-chief Tim Danton: I you uiu somerling sruiu
vlen you`ie 16 anu rlar`s vlar eveiyone uiscoveis vlen rley
seaicl oi youi name, rlen ir`s emLaiiassing anu orenrially
caieei-aecring. 1leie sloulu Le clecks anu Lalances, o couise, ro ensuie
rlar eole aien`r iemoving ieeiences ro inoimarion rlar`s srill ielevanr
anu ve neeu ro ur iocesses in lace ro sro rle rime-vasreis Lur
rle emlasis sloulu Le on rle unuamenral luman iiglr ro iivacy.
Deputy editor Darien Graham-5mith: I uon`r envy rle
juuges vlo lau ro veigl rlis u yer rlis case is mucl
simlei rlan rle ones rlar vill ineviraLly ollov ir. 1le
inoimarion rlar Gonzlez vanreu exungeu iom Google uareu Lack
ro 199S, anu ir`s laiu ro aigue rlar ir vas giearly in anyone`s inreiesr
ro lave ir iemain iominenrly availaLle. ov rlar rle iincile o a
iiglr ro Le oigorren las Leen esraLlisleu, I susecr ve`ie going ro
see moie conrenrious cases. Hov long ago musr somerling lave
laeneu, anu lov iiielevanr musr ir since lave Lecome, Leoie ir
Lecomes legally oigerraLle Google anu rle couirs can`r ossiLly
ioeily consiuei rle inuiviuual meiirs o eveiy single iequesr oi iemoval.
Nicole: Google las an auromareu rakeuovn sysrem oi
coyiiglr iniingemenr, Lur ir uoesn`r voik all rlar vell,
iequenrly raking uovn iesulrs rlar sloulun`r Le roucleu.
I rle iooseu rakeuovn iocess sounus convolureu, imagine vlar
rle aeals sysrem voulu Le like. Google neeus ro auuiess rlis issue
ioacrively: one iuea rlar las Leen suggesreu is ro auu a signal ro irs
seaicl algoiirlm ro usl oluei iesulrs uirlei uovn rle iankings.
The European Court of Justice has ruled
that EU citizens can demand that search
results about themselves be removed
if they areinadequate, irrelevant or...
excessive". This follows a complaint from
Mario Costeja Gonzlez, who was upset
that his name returned results for the
1998 auction of his repossessed home
5tah writer Jane McCallion: 1lar`s a ieasonaLle ansvei
ro rle siruarion, Lur oi nov Google musr uelere rle lisring.
1le iuling asks Google ro acr as a legal aiLirei ro ueciue on a
iece o inoimarion`s auequacy anu ielevance, anu ro uelere links iom irs
seaicl lisrings accoiuingly. 1lar isn`r voikaLle oi uesiiaLle.
Nicole: 1le alreinarive is ro ler Google osr vlarevei ir can.
1leie las ro Le a line uiavn, ieviously, rlis las come uovn
ro vlar is oi isn`r legal. Google alieauy rakes uovn links ro
illegal conrenr, anu rlis isn`r a sre mucl uirlei iom rlar in rle LU,
rle iiglr ro Le oigorren is a legal iincile. Wlar`s inriiguing aLour rlis
iuling is ir connims rlar Google las ro ollov LU lavs. Ir`s a slame
rlar, in rlis case, rle lav is a veiy Llunr insriumenr.
Tim: 1le lav is anu alvays vill Le a Llunr insriumenr, anu
ir moves ar a glacial ace, Lur ve neeu ir ro uiav rlese lines.
We seem ro oiger lov young rle Woilu Wiue WeL is: ro all
Lack ro reiiiLle clicles, ve`ie inueeu in rle Wilu Wesr. Ir rook cenruiies
oi vlar ve`u iecognise as lav anu oiuei ro Le esraLlisleu in rle US,
anu ro rlink ve`ll lave all rle lines uemaicareu so eaily in rle veL`s
lisroiy is orimisric, ro say rle leasr.
Nicole: We uon`r lave rime ro nuule aLour virl rlese issues,
rlougl. I inoimarion is sriieu iom rle veL, vill ve Le
aLle ro ger ir Lack i ve clange oui collecrive minus oi vill
ve nevei knov vlar`s missing, like rle memoiy loles in Geoige Oivell`s
Nineteen iglty-cur
Darien: 1le iuling only iemoves conrenr iom seaicl iesulrs,
nor iom rle sires losring ir. 1lar`s a nice analogy virl Leing
oigorren, youi eisonal inoimarion is virluiavn iom
immeuiare arrenrion, Lur nor eiaseu. RememLei rlar rle nevly animeu
iiglr ro iemove onesel iom a seaicl inuex is exlicirly riumeu Ly rle
ieonueianr inreiesr o rle geneial uLlic so villains von`r necessaiily
Le aLle ro lusl u uncomoiraLle riurls. Ulrimarely, ve`ie ralking aLour
a rension Lerveen iivacy anu ieeuom o inoimarion, anu I uouLr ir
vill evei Le ossiLle ro nnu a Lalance rlar leases eveiyLouy. All ve can
ask is oi oui ieiesenrarives ro conionr rle quesrion in an inoimeu
anu iincileu vay, anu rlar`s vlar rle Luioean couirs lave uone.
Should we have the
"zght to be Iozgotten"7
Rcqu|rcd. broadband lntcrnct conncct|on, routcr and act|.c powcr soc|cts w|th|n onc propcrt,.
eller lhah ahy Wi-i repealer
Lh|oy Wi-i ih ahy roon*
esl receplioh Ior snarlphohes
ahd lablels
dLAN' 500 Wii Slarler Kil
- Unpac|, p|uq |n, qe ared
- nprove \|| recep|on and ranqe
- nq|neered |n Cernan,
- ,ear nanu'acurer varran,
fl8ll l 8 f00M`
N0f0 ll0fM8ll0.
10l.. 44 I0l18 84J44
lM8ll. 88l08@0090l0.00.0k
NEW5 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 020
usrGiving vas ounueu 14 yeais ago
Ly Zaiine Klaias anu Anne-Naiie
HuLy ro ioviue a simle vay oi
eole involveu in sonsoieu evenrs ro
collecr money oi rleii closen claiiries online.
Since rlen, rle comany says moie rlan
I1 Lillion las Leen uonareu rliougl irs laroim,
virl moie rlan 9,000 UK iegisreieu claiiries
laving signeu u ro rle seivice anu 1.9 million
unuiaising ages laving Leen ser u Ly useis.
]usrGiving las nov launcleu As4Goou,
an API laroim rlar allovs claiiries ro uevelo
rleii ovn unuiaising as rlar lug inro rle
]usrGiving iniasriucruie, anu GiveGial, a
rool oi uiscoveiing moie aLour inuiviuual
unuiaiseis anu uonois rlar can Le useu
ro iomore claiiries anu evenrs ro rle iiglr
eole. Social meuia nervoiks lave seen rle
iise o so-calleu clickrivism, vleieLy
avaieness-iaising camaigns rake rle lace
o mareiial suoir, ve soke ro HuLy ro
nnu our lov sucl reclnologies can lel
claiiries anu causes garlei moie rlan
IaceLook Likes anu 1virrei ierveers.
Why did you develop Apps4Good?
Are people moving away fromgiving
on the web or is it opening up another
channel for fundraising?
A lor o eole lave Leen saying rlar
evenr unuiaising las Leen lareauing,
Lur ve`ie nor exeiiencing rlar ar all.
Hovevei, ir`s also cleai rlar rle conveigence
o rle suei-iaiu move ro moLile, anu rle
incieasingly social naruie o vlar ve uo, is
ioounuly clanging rle ielarionsli Lerveen
The AP that's tzyng to
ovezcome clcktvsm
Anne-Mare Hoby, co-Ioonder oI charty Iondrasng pIatIorm
JostGvng, reveaIs howto rase money n the age oI socaI meda
eole anu rle vay rley give, anu rle vay
rley rlink aLour giving.
1lis inuicareu ro us rleie vas a nev
ooiruniry oening u. Ioi examle, rle
Guilry Pleugeis a lers eole iaise money
oi claiiry ar louse airies Ly gerring guesrs
ro uonare money in auvance in oiuei ro lave
rleii guilry leasuies auueu ro rle evening`s
Soriy laylisr. Ir`s nor jusr aLour juming
our o lanes ir`s aLour lov a lirrle Lir o
geneiosiry can come our o eveiyuay lie
anu, as a clannel, moLile is iueal oi rlar.
You alieauy lave quanrineu-sel as rlar
vanr ro riack lov many miles you`ve valkeu,
youi leairLear anu so on. We`ie enaLling rle
caaciry ar scale oi eole ro collecr money
as a iesulr o rlar virl minimum iicrion.
Can this social approach help
beat clicktivism?
Yes, ve aLsolurely see rlis as a vay o
urring rlar goou inrenrion inro acrion,
anu I rlink ir`s a ieally imoiranr issue. 1leie`s
a cliluien`s claiiry in rle US rlar`s lau ro iun
a camaign saying You miglr like us on
IaceLook, Lur rlar ain`r enougl anu rlar`s
riue. Ir las ro Le aLour iaising money. We exisr
ro giov giving anu ro iaise avesome amounrs
o money ir`s oui Lusiness
mouel anu oui ievenues
ueenu uiiecrly on rlar.
1lar`s also vly claiiries
ieally riusr us, Lecause rley
knov oui inreiesrs aie
rorally aligneu virl rleiis.
We lave ro uo a goou joL o
making ir un ro engage anu
ro airiciare anu ro Le air
o somerling Liggei, Lur
ve`ie rleie nor jusr ro make
eole eel goou ve`ie
rleie ro make eole eel
goou anu ger rlem ro
uonare money.
What about charity fatigue - aren't
people fed up of being pressured to
give money?
I rlink claiiries aie, in rle main,
conscious o rle neeu ro lave a
susrainaLle iogiamme. Hovevei, vlile
I`m nor uenying rlar rleie aie eole vlo
exeiience rlar arigue, oui uara slovs rlar,
in rle aggiegare, you can`r see ir in lay.
Wlar I rlink is unuouLreuly goou is rlar
rle uirlei ve move avay iom rle one-size-
nrs-all iuea o claiiry rle mail rlar`s senr
our ro lunuieus o
rlousanus o eole
rlar only 1 iesonu
ro rle Lerrei rle
iesonse vill Le.
We`ve seen in
orlei inuusriies rlar i
you`ie aLle ro give a
cusromiseu seivice rlar`s ielevanr anu rimely,
cusromeis iesonu Lerrei. I rlink air o rle
ieason claiiries useu vlar lookeu ro orlei
secrois like ouruareu merlous o maikering
oi a long rime is rlar rle claiiry secroi isn`r
iicl, so rley uo sru rlar`s riieu anu resreu.
We`ie rleii R&D ueairmenr. Peole
can resr anu leain iom us. We slaie a lor o
aggiegare uara nor inuiviuual uara virl
oui claiiries, anu ve can ainr a iicl icruie
o vlicl aieas rley miglr vanr ro invesr in
moie anu vlicl aieas rley sloulu sro
invesring in Lecause ve lave rlar secroi
viev. Anu anyrling rlar lels claiiries Le
moie raigereu anu ielevanr anu eisonaliseu
is a goou rling.
Howdoes GiveGraph t in to this
concept of personalisation?
GiveGial gives us an incieuiLly
oveiul unueisranuing o vlom
ve can ask oi moie, vlicl enaLles
eisonalisarion. We lave eaily iesulrs o a
resr cuiienrly unueivay rlar slovs rlar vlen
ve`ie aLle ro inrelligenrly raiger a eison oi a
leuge Laseu on rleii caaciry ro iaise anu,
Ly exrension, rle caaciry o rleii iienus ro
uonare ve aie aLle ro nuuge ir in rle iiglr
vay. 1le iicl ay moie rlan rle ooi, so ve`ie
aLle ro iaise signincanrly liglei amounrs.
GveGraphgves os a
powerIoI onderstandng oI
whomwe canask Ior more
Online music may have helped kill o
HMV, but we still have options with
music because DRMhas all but died
Amazon's stubbornness over
DRM has lost it one ebook
customer - NICOLE KOBIE

ieau a lor. A iienu o mine once

osreu on IaceLook rlar lis goal oi
rle yeai vas ro ieau a Look a veek,
I vonueieu vly le`u ueciueu ro cur
uovn lis lireiaiy inrake.
I sraireu Luying moie Looks rlan evei
arei acquiiing my nisr Kinule: ieviously,
I`u Loiioveu iom iienus oi rle liLiaiy, nov
I vas slelling our oi convenience. Lveiyone
vas vinning, excer my Lank Lalance: I senr
moie ar Amazon, I Loosreu uLlisleis` coeis
Ly Luying iarlei rlan Loiioving, anu I gaineu
anyrime access ro eveiy Look I coulu vanr.
1lese aie gloiious rimes ro Le a ieauei,
Lur ro enjoy sucl ease o access ro rle voilu`s
Looks I`ve lau ro oice mysel ro ignoie a ev
niggling conceins, noraLly Amazon`s use o
uigiral iiglrs managemenr (DRN). Ir`s
iiiiraring nor ro Le aLle ro Luy secinc Looks
oi my Kinule, vlen rley`ie availaLle on
orlei laroims (oi even Amazon in rle US),
virlour laving ro lack nle oimars oi nuule
virl locarion serrings.
ov rlings aie gerring voise. Ioi yeais,
Amazon las Leen in a Lir o a sla-nglr virl
uLlislei Haclerre, going Lack as ai as 200S,
vlen Amazon ulleu Haclerre UK Looks
iom irs veLsire uue ro a uisure ovei vlar
eicenrage o ionrs eacl sloulu eain.
Liglr yeais on, rle comanies aie srill
aiguing aLour vlo`s gerring a Liggei slice o
rle ie, anu nov Amazon las sroeu lisring
Haclerre`s Looks vlicl incluue rirles Ly rle
likes o ]ames Parreison anu ]K Rovling oi
ie-oiuei. 1lis is a ioLlem oi Haclerre,
since ie-oiueis lel srack a lor o sales on rle
nisr uay anu usl nev Looks u rle Lesrsellei
iankings, vlicl in ruin gers rlem moie
arrenrion, leling ro Loosr sales anu so on.
Amazon is also srocking evei iinr coies
o Haclerre Looks, meaning cusromei oiueis
may rake veeks. Asronislingly, Amazon
las even rolu consumeis rlar i rley can`r
ger a Haclerre Look via irs ovn sire rley
sloulu slo elsevleie.
1lis simly isn`r a ioLlem virl iinr
Looks rleie`s srill a Wareisrones uovn rle
srieer, oi rle rime Leing Lur ir`s a luge issue
oi eLooks. 1lanks ro rle aoiemenrioneu
DRN, my Kinule only suoirs Looks Louglr
on Amazon. I I lau a KoLo oi anorlei eLook
ieauei rlar suoirs oen oimars, I coulu
slo anyvleie.
I lave no iuea vlar`s a aii vay ro uiviue
eLook ievenue rleie`s ioLaLly no sucl rling.
Bur vlar`s cleai is rlar Amazon is villing ro
unisl consumeis ro ur iessuie on Haclerre.
Naking ir laiuei oi useis ro Luy rle laresr ]K
Rovling/RoLeir GalLiairl Look von`r ueliglr
rle aurloi oi lei uLlislei, Lur rley`ll srill
make money lanu ovei nsr iom rle uerecrive
novel. Neanvlile, ir iiiirares rle leck our o
me rle eison vlo acrually vanrs ro ieau
rle Look.
Ale vas slaeu on rle viisr lasr yeai
oi riying ro uisroir rle eLook maiker. Wlile
irs arremr ro conriol iices vas inueensiLle,
Ale vas ieacring ro Amazon. Ar rle rime,
one uLlisling louse`s CLO saiu accoiuing
ro couir uocumenrs rlar rle goal |vas] less
ro comere virl Amazon as ro oice ir ro
accer a iice level, anorlei saiu ve neeu a
viaLle alreinarive ro Amazon oi rlis nonsense
vill conrinue anu ger mucl voise. 1le US
iegularois anu rle LU varcluogs rlar
aLuicareu iesonsiLiliry o rle case ro rleii
Ameiican counreiairs rieareu rle
symrom, nor rle cause.
I knov many eole vlo see sucl
comlainrs as a ieason ro ieei aei Looks
ovei an eLook, Lur ir`s rle rexr rlar`s imoiranr,
nor rle meuium (soiiy, Naislall NcLulan)
anu, as someone vlo moves lome virl some
iequency, I`u iarlei caiiy an eLook ieauei rlan
a uozen Loxes o Looks u anu uovn seveial
liglrs o sraiis. Wlerlei oi nor ve vanr rlem
ro, Looks aie sliring ro uigiral, jusr as nlms
anu music uiu.
Anu as virl rlose inuusriies, rleie lave
Leen ain oinrs in rle slir iom aei ro
eLooks. Online music may lave leleu kill
o HNV, Lur ve srill lave orions virl
music I lisren ro one-o riacks oi iee on
You1uLe anu Vevo, ay ro srieam iom
Soriy anu uovnloau alLums iom uigiral,
Amazon anu elsevleie Lecause DRN in rlis
inuusriy las all Lur uieu. Books also neeu an
oen oimar anu a vaiiery o Luying orions.
One uLlislei, even one as Lig as Haclerre,
can`r oice Amazon`s lanu. Regularois neeu
ro sre in.
Amazon las ro clange, oi I von`r Le rle
only one looking elsevleie.
News and features editor NICOLE KOBIE
would go to the local library, but she still
owes it a lot of late fees.
EmalI: -AUGU8T 2014
lind out more at.
Faccbcck: KUCLkA0ccumcnlSculcnsuK Twllcr: [KUCLkA0uK Ca: 08/57 10310/

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0cvccpcdarcundrca busncss nccds andchacngcs, KUCLkA's cxlcnsvc pcrlfcc cf
cnlhc shcf cr cuslcmbul apps mcan lhal lhcrc's a hyPASsculcn fcr ycur crgansalcn.
Thc cplcns fcr ycur busncss arc cndcss.
PO55|B|l|1|L5 -AUGU8T 2014
All four of the UK's mobile networks are now
well into their 4G rollouts, and prices have
fallen dramatically since EE rst launched
4G in 212. Is now the time to upgrade your
smartphone? Can you replace your home
broadband with a mobile connection?
Barry Collins investigates who ohers the
best 4G coverage, speeds and deals

ouirl-geneiarion moLile
reclnology is ieeiieu ro Ly rle
umLiella reim 4G. All o rle UK`s
moLile nervoiks iun on rle same
4G sranuaiu: Long-1eim Lvolurion (L1L),
vlicl oeis a signincanr seeu inciease
ovei rle 3G reclnologies ve`ve Leen
using oi rle asr uecaue oi so. Ir las a
rleoierical maximum uovnloau seeu
o aiounu 300NLirs/sec anu uloaus
ar u ro 5NLirs/sec, alrlougl acrual
nervoik seeus aie consiueiaLly
slovei rlan rlose leauline nguies.
LL`s uouLle seeu 4G, vlicl is
availaLle in aiounu 20 ciries ar rle rime
o viiring, oeis maximum uovnloau
seeus o 60NLirs/sec anu maximum
uloaus o 11NLirs/sec, alrlougl LL -AUGU8T 2014
aumirs rlar rle aveiage uovnloau seeu
vill Le aiounu 20NLirs/sec. 1lar`s srill
asrei rlan vlar mosr eole ger on a nxeu-
line ADSL connecrion, anu only aLour
12NLirs/sec slovei rlan rle aveiage B1
nLie-ro-rle-caLiner connecrion.
Ar rlose seeus, 4G Lecomes a viaLle
alreinarive ro nxeu-line connecrions. Bur rleie
aie signincanr uiavLacks ro ielying on moLile
LioauLanu ar lome, nor leasr rle cosr o rle
connecrion anu rle amounr o uara you`ie
alloveu ro uovnloau eveiy monrl. We`ll
covei rlis is in moie uerail Lelov.
4G also aves rle vay oi enlanceu
moLile seivices. On-uemanu viueo, vlicl
can srill Le a srurreiing, lov-iesolurion aaii
on 3G nervoiks, is nov a neai-insranraneous
exeiience on lanusers rlar oren Loasr
a iesolurion as ligl as youi living-ioom
relevision. Lnriie alLums o music can Le
uovnloaueu ro a lanuser virlin seconus.
NoLile voiking is a mucl moie iacrical
ioosirion, roo, virl nervoiks caaLle o
uovnloauing anu, ciucially, uloauing laige
nles in a marrei o seconus, anu uealing virl
ligl-Lanuviurl seivices sucl as iemore
ueskro access anu viueoconeiencing. A laro
rerleieu ro a 4G connecrion nov ueliveis a
neai-iuenrical exeiience ro connecring ro
a nxeu-line nervoik ovei Wi-Ii.
1lis is a suiiisingly uinculr quesrion ro
ansvei. Regularoi Ocom is resring rle seeu
o moLile-LioauLanu nervoiks in rle same
vay rlar ir ioviues inueenuenr seeu resrs
o nxeu-line LioauLanu ioviueis, Lur irs
iesulrs aien`r uue unril rle aurumn.
ervoik-analysis nim RoorNeriics
uLlisleu rle iesulrs o a narionviue moLile
seeu resr eailiei rlis yeai, in vlicl LL vas
unequivocally ueclaieu ro lave rle Lesr moLile
nervoik oi seeu anu ieliaLiliry, Lur rle
valiuiry o rle resrs las Leen calleu inro
quesrion Ly rle nervoiks rlar uiun`r aie
so vell. RoorNeriics saiu irs seeu resrs
veie collareu iom S40,000 samles raken
using o-rle-slel Anuioiu lanusers
uuiing rle seconu lal o 2013. Hovevei,
Vouaone anu O2 uiun`r lave rleii 4G
nervoiks live unril lare Augusr 2013, anu
1liee`s vasn`r oeiarional unril rle enu o
rle yeai. RoorNeriics` iesulrs make no
uisrincrion Lerveen rle ryes o nervoik
resreu, so ir`s imossiLle ro uiav any
conclusions aLour rle ielarive eioimance
o rle 4G nervoiks iom irs iesulrs.
Vouaone also quesrioneu RoorNeriics`
resring merlouology, claiming irs resrs veie
caiiieu our in an inconsisrenr mannei. 1lese
accusarions veie uenieu Ly RoorNeriics, vlicl
insisreu rlar ir measuieu rle nervoik as ir
eioimeu rle same vay a consumei voulu
exeiience ir. Vouaone suggesreu rlar rlose
looking oi moie ioLusr ieseaicl sloulu Le
aioacling moie esraLlisleu ieseaicleis, sucl
as Ookla, vlicl is comlerely inueenuenr anu
uses lunuieus o rlousanus o ieal, unLiaseu
You mlghl lhlnk lhol 4G would be
odvonlogeous when ll comes lo
smorlphone bollery llle: losler
connecllons meon less llme honglng
oround lor downloods, ond so
less llme spenl worklng your
smorlphones processor ond screen.
ln reollly, lhe benehl ls
mlnlmol. Veb poges moy lood
more qulckly, bul only by o
second or lwo. And lhe blggesl
bollery droln when downloodlng
ond wolchlng vldeo ls lhe use ol
lhe screen ond processor lo ploy
bock lhe loologe: ll wlll sllll loke
hve mlnules lo wolch lhe hlghllghls
ol Chelseo vs Arsenol, no moller
how qulckly lls downlooded.
lndeed, lhere ls evldence lhol
4G con hove o delrlmenlol ellecl
on bollery llle, lor exomple, ll
youre on lhe oulsklrls ol o 4G
oreo, lhe phone wlll be conslonlly
sconnlng lor o 4G nelwork lo
connecl lo. Veve seen bollery llle
deplele ol up lo lwlce lhe normol
role on on HlC Cne hondsel ln
oreos wllh o weok 4G slgnol. lhere
ore opps ovolloble on Google Ploy
lhol ollow LlE,4G lo be swllched
oll on Androld devlces, ollhough
we conl vouch lor lhelr elhcocy.
40 becomes a vIable alternatIve
to 6ed-lIne connectIons, but
there are sIgnI6cant drawbacks -AUGU8T 2014

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Whatever your budget, we have a fast, res|||ent so|ut|on to su|t your bus|ness needs.
Innovat|ve F|ex|b|e Re||ab|e Support|ve
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Fibre Ethernet
Leased Lines
10Mb to 1Gb
Auto failover (optionalj
From 300 per month
Free connection*

Copper Ethernet
GEA/EFM Leased Lines
2Mb to 35Mb
Auto failover (optionalj
From 125 per month
Free connection*

2Mb voice and up
to 76Mb data
Auto failover
From 99 per month
Fibre Broadband
Up to 76Mb
Auto failover (optionalj
From 21 per month
Free connection and
router on most services*
* Terms and Conditions apply. All prices quoted are monthly rentals.
All products suitable for converged voice and data.
cusromeis acioss rle counriy oi rleii iesulrs.
Alas, Ookla aileu ro iesonu ro oui iequesrs
oi uara on rle eioimance o rle UK`s 4G
moLile nervoiks.
Ookla uLlisles rle er Inuex Lxloiei
sire (, vlicl
uislays rle iesulrs o irs seeu resrs in uieienr
geogialical locarions. Irs iesulrs oi Lonuon in
Aiil 2014 slov rlar LL las rle asresr aveiage
seeu o any moLile nervoik, ar 13.2NLirs/sec.
O2 aclieves .2NLirs/sec anu 1liee lirs
6.3NLirs/sec, Vouaone, cuiiously, isn`r lisreu
in rle ianking o 3 nxeu-line anu moLile ISPs.
Again, rlese iesulrs neeu ro Le rieareu virl
caurion. As virl RoorNeriics, Ookla makes no
uisrincrion Lerveen 3G anu 4G nervoiks, anu
as LL is a 4G-oiienrareu nervoik, irs enriie
cusromei Lase vill lave 4G-comariLle
lanusers. 1le majoiiry o cusromeis on rle
orlei nervoiks vill almosr ceirainly srill Le
iunning 3G equimenr.
Claimeu nervoik seeus sloulu also Le
raken virl a incl o salr, Lur leie LL again
las rle uei lanu. 1le comany claims irs
uouLle seeu 4G nervoik live in aiounu 20
o rle 200 rovns anu ciries rlar irs 4G nervoik
coveis ioviues a maximum uovnloau seeu
o 60NLirs/sec anu an aveiage o 20NLirs/sec.
Vouaone is coy on rle seeu o irs nervoik,
claiming rlar ir`s ryically six rimes asrei rlan
Vouaone 3G, Laseu on a ie-launcl nervoik,
Lur nevei using leauline nguies in any o irs
mareiial. O2 is equally mouesr, claiming rlar
4G is nve rimes asrei rlan irs 3G, Lur keeing
mum on aveiage oi maximum seeus. 1liee
is also riglr-lieu, Lur soke o an aveiage
uovnloau seeu o aiounu 12NLirs/sec ar
rle rime o irs 4G launcl.
Ir seems rle nervoiks aie, ar lasr, Leing
caurious vlen ir comes ro riumering leauline
seeus, arei many aileu ro live u ro rle vilu
seeu claims maue aLour rleii 3G nervoiks.
We`ve iecoiueu 4G uovnloau seeus o u ro
40NLirs/sec on rliee uieienr nervoiks in
cenrial Lonuon anu Sussex, virl uloaus o
Lerveen 10NLirs/sec anu 15NLirs/sec. 1le
nervoiks aeai ro Le unueilaying rleii
lanus ar iesenr, alrlougl seeus may sliue
as 4G lanusers Lecome moie viuely useu
anu congesrion incieases.
Analysrs Lelieve rlar rle amounr o
secrium LL las Leen aLle ro allocare ro 4G
(moie o vlicl Lelov) las also given ir a
eioimance euge ovei irs iivals. 1le caaciry
LL las, vlar ir`s uone virl rle uouLle seeu,
anu rle aLiliry ro ieallocare moie o rle
1,S00NHz Lanu rovaius 4G seivices, las given
ir an auvanrage, saiu CCS Insiglr`s nervoik
oeiaroi secialisr Kesrei Nann. LL is
ceirainly leauing in reims o seeu.
1leie`s an elemenr o lov long`s a iece o
sriing ro rlis quesrion, Lecause 4G coveiage
vaiies ueenuing on locarion (see Hcu tc clecl
ycur ccierage, belcu). Hovevei, rleie aie
ciucial uieiences in rle coveiage anu 4G
secrium useu Ly rle nervoiks rlar coulu
svay youi uecision i you`ie in rle oirunare
osirion o laving a cloice o nervoiks
seiving youi lome oi once.
Wlen Ocom lelu irs 4G aucrion lasr yeai,
ir solu o secrium in rvo uieienr iequency
Lanus, S00NHz anu 2.6GHz. S00NHz is rle
olu reiiesriial relevision Lanu rlar vas ieeu u
arei rle uigiral svirclovei, anu is rleoierically
Lerrei oi caiiying uara ovei long uisrances
in iuial aieas, 2.6GHz is Lerrei ar ueliveiing
asrei seeus ovei sloirei uisrances, making
ir Lerrei suireu oi use in uiLan aieas. 1leie`s
a rliiu Lanu o secrium useu ro uelivei 4G
uara, 1.SGHz, vlicl oeis a miuule giounu
Lerveen seeu anu iange.
Seaiarely, Ocom las also agieeu ro ler
rle moLile nervoiks emloy rle Lanus rley
cuiienrly use oi 2G/3G seivices rle 900NHz,
1.SGHz anu 2.1GHz Lanus oi 4G, alrlougl
mosr aie unlikely ro make rlar riansirion oi a
ev yeais yer. So rleie aie signincanr uieiences
in rle secrium eacl o rle UK`s nervoiks aie
using anu rle coveiage rley`ie oeiing.
LL lau a yeai`s leau srair virl irs 4G nervoik,
Lecause Ocom gave ir secial eimission ro
ieuse some o irs exisring 1.SGHz secrium oi
4G seivices. Ar rle 4G aucrion, LL also von
secrium in rle S00NHz anu 2.6GHz Lanus,
making ir rle only nervoik ro oei 4G acioss
all rliee Lanus, rleoierically making irs nervoik
All ol lhe nelworks hove poslcode checkers lhol should
ollow you lo see when or whelher 4G wlll reoch your
preclse locollon. Mosl nelworks slole lndoor ond
ouldoor coveroge levels. Mole lhol Vlrgln Moblle boses
lls moblle servlces on EEs nelwork, ond Bls moblle
servlces ore lronslllonlng lrom Vodolone lo EE. lesco
Moblle ond glllgoll ore bosed on C2s nelwork.
lt seems the networks are, at last,
beIng cautIous when It comes
to trumpetIng headlIne speeds -AUGU8T 2014


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ca|| 0800 319 6500
Spec|a||sts |n bus|ness-c|ass Internet
connect|v|ty, SIP and Vo|ce over IP.
Spec|a||sts |n bus|ness-c|ass Internet
connect|v|ty, SIP and Vo|ce over IP.
All prices quoted are monthly rentals. All products suitable for
converged voice and data.
SIP Commun|cator" |s |dea| for:
New business start ups
Multiple locations
20 people or fewer at each location
Seamless working between locations
Business features - voicemail, call
forwarding, hold, transfer and more
Free calls between sites
Extremely cost effective to set up
Minimum contract of just 3 months
provides maximum fexibility
Spitre SIP Communicator

Hosted PBX
C|oud based business c|ass te|ephony
Why t|e up your budget? Rent cutt|ng edge te|ephony from 6 a month |nstead.
Innovat|ve F|ex|b|e Re||ab|e Support|ve
Te|ecommun|cat|on Serv|ces to Bus|ness s|nce 1988
www.sp|tf| -AUGU8T 2014
vell suireu ro iuial anu innei-ciry aieas, anu
eveiyrling in Lerveen.
Since ir vas sraireu a yeai aleau o irs iivals,
in OcroLei 2012, LL also oeis rle viuesr
4G coveiage o any nervoik ar rle rime o
uLlicarion. By Aiil 2014, LL lau svircleu
on 4G in 200 rovns anu ciries, coveiing 2
o rle UK`s oularion, accoiuing ro rle
nervoik`s nguies. By rle enu o rlis yeai, ir
aims ro lave ieacleu 9S o rle oularion.
O2 las rle veakesr lanu o rle UK`s 4G
nervoiks. Ir von secrium only in rle S00NHz
Lanu ar rle 4G aucrion, leaving exeirs ro
quesrion vlerlei ir vill Le aLle ro comere on
seeu in uiLan aieas. 2.6GHz is consiueieu
ro Le imoiranr oi caaciry in ligl-uensiry
aieas, saiu Nann. 1leie`s no uouLr O2
came our voisr iom rle 4G aucrion.
Hovevei, rlar S00NHz Lanu uoes mean
rlar O2 is aLle ro ieacl our ro aieas nor yer
coveieu Ly rle orlei nervoiks. As o Aiil
2014, O2 claimeu ro lave ieacleu 191 rovns
anu ciries virl irs 4G nervoik, giving a rliiu
o rle oularion inuooi coveiage. 1lar`s
almosr as many rovns as LL claims ro ieacl,
Lur a mucl lovei eicenrage o rle oularion,
suggesring rlar O2 is raigering smallei rovns
anu ciries, loing ro Lenenr iom nisr-movei
auvanrage in rlose aieas.
Peilas rellingly, O2 is also conrinuing ro
imiove irs 3G coveiage. 1le comany claims
rlar ovei 200 aieas acioss rle UK vill ger
rleii nisr rasre o 3G uara coveiage iom
O2 rlis yeai.
Builuing a giear nervoik isn`r jusr aLour
Liinging asrei seeus ro eole rlar alieauy
lave coveiage, saiu Deiek NcNanus, COO
o 1eleonica O2 UK in a sraremenr. Ir`s
viral rlar ve also Liing seamless coveiage
ro eole vlo lave nevei lau ir Leoie.
O2`s clunk o secrium vas rle only
one ro come virl a coveiage oLligarion
arracleu. Ir musr oei inuooi coveiage ro
9S o rle UK oularion Ly rle enu o
201, virl ar leasr 95 coveiage in all
oui o rle narions rlar make u rle UK.
Given rlar LL, Vouaone anu 1liee lave
That focus on B00MHz means that
DZ can reach out to areas not
yet covered by the other networks
hree's One P|cn s Ihe en|y Icr|| we knew IhcI prevdes Iru|y
un|mIed dcIc wIh IeIherng. |I's new e||ered cs c 5|Men|y dec|,
cnd we suspecI I w|| seen be phcsed euI, se meve quck|y Ie sgn c
12menIh dec| | yeu're sereus cbeuI usng 4G cs yeur prmcry heme
cennecIen. EE's besI dcIc dec|s ceme en c 5|Men|y bcss, Iee, buI
Ihey Iep euI cI 20G8 per menIh. he cempcny c|se e||ers c 50G8
ccp en c 75 per menIh, Iweyecr dec| (wIh hcndseI|, buI I weu|d
ccIuc||y be mere cesIe||ecIve Ie buy Ihree sepcrcIe 20G8 5|Ms
cnd reIcIe. Nene e| Ihe eIher neIwerks e||er cenIrccIs IhcI permI
IeIherng wIh mere Ihcn G8 e| dcIc.
NetworkItarIR Contract length Monthly cost^ Data cap TetherIng lnclusIve
hree, One P|cn
12 menIhs 20 Un|mIed Yes 2,000 mns,
5,000 IexIs
EE, Pcy MenIh|y
P|cn 5|Men|y
12 menIhs 24 20G8 Yes Un|mIed
'Pricos corroc| o| |imo ol poblishing bo| sob|oc| |o chongo
|| yeu're smp|y |eekng |er c 4G p|cn IhcI e||ers eneugh dcIc Ie sur| Ihe
web, dewn|ecd cpps, sIrecm musc cnd perhcps wcIch Ihe edd vdee
wh|e yeu're euI cnd cbeuI, Ihere cre p|enIy e| |ewcesI epIens. We're
seIIng Ihe dcIc bcr cI 2G8, whch we Ihnk s Ihe bcre mnmum yeu need
Ie neI be censIcnI|y |reIIng cbeuI exceedng yeur dcIc ccp, buI checper
p|cns cre cvc|cb|e |er Ihese whe |ee| Ihey ceu|d geI by en |ess.
all leugeu ro lir rlar 9S nguie eirlei rlis
yeai oi nexr, rlar laiuly seems rle mosr
amLirious o raigers ser Ly Ocom.
Vouaone senr moie rlan any orlei nervoik
ar rle 4G aucrion, slasling our moie rlan
IS00 million on clunks o secrium in rle
S00NHz anu 2.6GHz Lanus. Ir launcleu irs
4G nervoik ar rle enu o Augusr lasr yeai,
rle same uay as O2.
Vouaone claimeu ro lave ieacleu 36
o rle UK oularion Ly IeLiuaiy, anu says
ir aims ro oei inuooi coveiage ro 9S o
rle oularion Ly 2015. Ir vas one o rle
comanies rlar loLLieu Ocom ro allov
nervoiks ro use irs exisring 2G/3G secrium
oi 4G, anu ro inciease rle ovei oi 3G
reclnology in rle 900NHz Lanu, suggesring
ir lans ro make use o moie rlan rle S00NHz
anu 2.6GHz Lanus ir von ar aucrion.
1liee vas rle lasr our o rle rias virl irs 4G
nervoik in DecemLei 2013, anu seemeu almosr
nonclalanr aLour irs launcl, rle comany lau
rle ooiruniry ro launcl aleau o Vouaone
anu O2, laving acquiieu some o rle LL
1.SGHz secrium rlar lau secial eimission
ro oeiare 4G seivices. 1liee Lackeu rlar u
virl a slice o S00NHz secrium acquiieu in
rle 4G aucrion, Lur vas conrenr ro iely on rle
sriengrl o irs 3G nervoik unril jusr Leoie
Cliisrmas, vlen ir announceu rlar exisring
3G cusromeis voulu Le auromarically
ugiaueu ro 4G, vleie availaLle.
1liee says ir lans ro lave 4G in 50 UK
ciries (rleie aie 69 in roral) anu 200 rovns Ly
rle enu o rle yeai, anu ro lave 9S o rle
oularion coveieu Ly 2015, vlicl marcles
Vouaone`s raiger.
A ieliaLle 4G connecrion is ceirainly asr
enougl ro ielace a nxeu-line connecrion, virl
seeus asrei rlan mosr ADSL connecrions, anu
iivalling enriy-level nLie/caLle lines. Dara cas
aie rle Liggesr Laiiiei ro rle auorion o 4G
as rle iimaiy inreiner connecrion oi lomes
oi Lusinesses. Ar rle rime o viiring, rle
maximum uara ca availaLle on any O2
consumei oi Lusiness raii is only SGB ei
monrl, jusr enougl ro varcl aiounu rliee
louis o HD viueo on rle BBC iPlayei.
Vouaone ros our ar 9GB, anu alrlougl
Lorl nervoiks oei uara Lolr-ons, rlese aie
ioliLirively exensive i youi uara usage
voulu iun inro rle rens o gigaLyres.
Similaily, LL las a 4G raii rlar oeis
50GB o uara ei monrl, vlicl coulu Le
enougl oi a amily rlar isn`r lammeiing
viueo-on-uemanu seivices. Hovevei, rlar vill
cosr you I5 ei monrl, ai in excess o vlar
a comaiaLle nxeu-line ackage voulu cosr.
1le Lesr loe oi suLsriruring lome
LioauLanu is 1liee, vlicl oeis unlimireu
uara virl rerleiing on irs One Plan. Unril
iecenrly, rle One Plan vas availaLle on
ay-monrlly lanuser conriacrs, Lur ir`s nov
a SIN-only ueal rlar conriaiy ro iecenr
ieoirs srill oeis unlimireu rerleiing.
Cusromeis raking our nev monrlly lanuser
conriacrs aie limireu ro 2GB o rerleieu uara
a monrl, oi ieasons ve can`r arlom.
Analysrs say rle riglrness o rle uara cas
vill ievenr 4G iom ielacing nxeu-line
connecrions oi rle majoiiry o eole.
Ir`s aLsolurely an orion oi |4G] nervoiks
ro nll in rle gas |in rle nLie nervoik], saiu
CCS Insiglr`s Nann. Ioi 4G/L1L ro Lecome
uLiquirous, giving giearei amounrs o inclusive
uara is key ro rlar.
'nly ovoiloblo |o Virgin Modio broodbond/TV/phono cos|omors
NetworkItarIR Contract length Monthly cost Data cap TetherIng lnclusIve mInsI
esce Meb|e,
12 menIhs 15 2G8 Ne 1,500 mns,
5,000 IexIs
hree, pcycsyeu
ge, A|| |n One 15
Add On
One menIh 15 Un|mIed Ne 300 mns,
3,000 IexIs
Vrgn Meb|e,
V|P cr||'
One menIh 15 Un|mIed Ne Un|mIed

Ioi rlose vlo ueciue rley can coe
virl rle uara cas anu live virlour rleii
lanuline, rleie`s a iange o ioureis availaLle rlar
vill accer 4G uongles, so rlar you can slaie
rle connecrion aiounu rle lome oi once.
1lese ioureis sucl as rle Diay1ek Vigoi 2S60
oi Billion BiPAC 6300X aie iimaiily
inrenueu ro oei 3G/4G uara as a allLack
orion i rle lanuline ails, Lur can Le useu
as a uie moLile LioauLanu solurion.
1lis, again, isn`r a sriaiglroivaiu quesrion
ro ansvei, Lur ve can oei some geneial
linrs on nnuing rle Lesr ueals. We`ll assume
rlar, as a ieauei, you caie moie aLour
uara rlan iee calls you ioLaLly only use
a ev o rlose a monrl anyvay anu voulu
like as mucl moLile uara as ossiLle, virl
rle orion o rerleiing youi laro/raLler
ro youi smairlone.
On rlar Lasis, aly exrieme caurion eveiy
rime you see rle liase unlimireu vlen
ieeiiing ro rle amounr o uara rlar comes
virl a airiculai raii, Lecause in rle majoiiry
Geeg|e's Nexus 5 s eur currenI A|sI smcrIphene (see A-List, p140|,
cnd Ihere cre p|enIy e| geed dec|s IhcI w|| gve yeu Ihe hcndseI |er
|II|e er ne up|renI cesI, wIh c decenI cmeunI e| dcIc. A|IerncIve|y,
yeu ceu|d buy Ihe hcndseI drecI|y |rem Geeg|e |rem 2, cnd pcr
I wIh ene e| Ihe 5|Men|y Icr||s |sIed n Ihe "8esI |er regu|cr
smcrIpheneJIcb|eI use" bex en p31.
'lnclodos sobscrip|ion |o Spo|ily Promiom or Sky Spor|s Mobilo
o cases, ir`s anyrling Lur. Lven on raiis virl
a secineu uara ca, rerleiing is oren Laiieu,
anu many clea unlimireu uara conriacrs
lave a line Luiieu in rleii reims anu conuirions
rlar secincally ioliLirs ir. I you uelve inro
inreiner oiums, you`ll uouLrless nnu all
mannei o suggesrions oi using ioxies oi
clanging usei ionles ro liue rle acr
you`ie rerleiing iom youi lanuser, Lur
ve`ve leaiu mixeu ieoirs o rle encacy
o rlese voikaiounus.
Also, uon`r oiger aLour rle viirual
nervoiks. 1le UK las only oui iimaiy
nervoiks LL, Vouaone, O2 anu 1liee
Lur viirual ioviueis sucl as Viigin NoLile
anu B1 (Lorl iunning on LL), giga anu
1esco NoLile (O2) somerimes ioviue Lerrei
ueals rlan rle morleisli. Ioi examle,
ro ger SGB o uara (rle maximum ca on
MobIle networks sometImes
have better deals vIa theIr
websItes than they do In store
NetworkItarIR Contract
Data cap TetherIng lnclusIve
hree, Pcy MenIh|y
24 menIhs 20 28 2G8 Ne 00 mns,
un|mIed IexIs
EE, Pcy MenIh|y
(vc www.meb|e|
24 menIhs Free 30 2G8 Yes Un|mIed
Vedc|ene, Pcy
MenIh|y' (vc Ccrphene
24 menIhs Free 30 3G8 Yes Un|mIed
O2, Pcy MenIh|y
(vc Ccrphene
24 menIhs Free 38 8G8 Yes Un|mIed
rle nervoik) on a SIN-only ueal virl O2,
you`ie looking ar I30 ei monrl, 1esco
NoLile oeis an SGB ueal oi I2S ei
monrl. (Piices veie coiiecr ar rle rime
o uLlisling, Lur clange iequenrly.)
NoLile nervoiks somerimes oei Lerrei
ueals via rleii veLsires oi rliiu-airy
veLsires rlan rley uo in sroie, ro rle
oinr vleie slo oi relesales sra vill
oinr-Llank ieuse ro marcl a iice rlar`s
on rle scieen in ionr o you iom rle same
comany. Anu ir`s alvays voirl laving
a lirrle clar virl rle cusromei-ierenrion
ueairmenr i you`ve ieacleu rle enu o
youi cuiienr conriacr anu seen a Lerrei ueal
elsevleie. Ir`s amazing lov mucl viiggle
ioom rle nervoiks can nnu in rleii raiis
vlen you ask oi a PAC coue (rle coue
you neeu ro riansei ro anorlei nervoik). -AUGU8T 2014

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Vood olso lounded consulloncy
hrm Dello Vlsdom, whlch looks
ol lhe lmpocl ol lechnology on
people, ond colounded Symblon.
GLEN HlEM5IkA lhe lounder
ol, Hlemslro odvlses
buslnesses ond governmenls on lulure
lrends ln economlcs, lechnology,
lronsporlollon ond more. Hes olso
on oulhor ond lechnlcol odvlsor
on lelevlslon shows.
Cne doy Google wlll be oble lo slull llsell lnlo our
brolns wllh relollve eose, bul unlll lhen, our eyes
wlll hove lo do. Googles conlocl lenses leolure
embedded clrculls, comeros ond sensors, bulklng oul
our lrugol sensory polole wllh lhe oblllly lo see heol
or zoom ln on lhlngs. For bllnd people, lhe conlocl
lenses could lronslole vlsuol dolo lnlo uselul oudlo
cues. lllmolely, lhese conlocl lenses could lulhl lhe
lockluslre promlse ol ougmenled reollly, wllh llny
screens conslonlly dlsploylng lnlormollon on lhe
lhlngs were looklng ol.
GLENHlEM5IkA lhls wlll be commerclol ln some
boslc lorm by 202. Bul lhe lmpocl on soclely wlll be
moderole os olher lorms ol ougmenled reollly wlll hove
been oround lor o decode, lncludlng Google Gloss.
Reodlng olher peoples blomelrlcs wlll be lhe spooklesl
porl, ond ls oddressed ln lhe hlm . lhe
blggesl hurdle wlll be lnlegrollon wllh lhe eye lnduslry,
slnce lhere ore posslble regulolory lssues."
verslons wlll dellver smoll
omounls ol luncllonollly,
bul olher leolures such os
bulllln comeros ore llkely
lo loke longer. Also, llke
smorlphones ond smorl
glosses, ll wlll loke llme
lor smorl conlocls lo
cross lhe chosm" lnlo
molnslreom occeplonce,
bul lhe benehls lhey
provlde wlll prove
declslve. ln 20 yeors
llme, mosl people
wlll be weorlng
smorl conlocls, or
somelhlng slmllor,
mosl ol lhe llme."
lmoglne o world where clouds ol llny robols con creole bulldlngs, or swlm ln your bloodslreom, hxlng
you belore you even know youre slck. ln lrulh, lodglng o polenl coverlng nonorobollcs ls llke nomlng
o plonel you hovenl lound or conl reoch, ond exlsls ln o dlmenslon you conl see. Ve conl power
onylhlng lhls smoll, whlch doesnl moller becouse we conl bulld nonorobols onywoy ond, even ll we
could, we hovenl yel solved lhe orllhclollnlelllgence problems necessory lo moke lhem work logelher.
More lmporlonlly, how do we ovold hovlng lo wosh bllllons ol dollors worlh ol lechnology oul ol our
holr when we occldenlolly slroll lhrough o cloud ol lhem
GLEN HlEM5IkA lo creole lhese robols ln lhe numbers requlred lmplles sellrepllcollng mochlnes
ond we hovenl done lhol ol ony slgnlhconl scole. lhe olher reolly blg lssue ls creollng on energy
pockoge lhol smoll lhol losls more lhon o lew mlnules. Cnce lheyve been creoled, lhe lmpocl wlll
be huge. lhe plonel wlll become more sellowore, ond lhe lhreol ol mochlnes loklng over could be
seen os reol. Commerclol by 200."
IS2013021408 A1)
lhe lock ol Nylng cors ls somelhlng lhe lulure ls
lorced lo opologlse lor every doy. Hope orrlves ln
lhe lorm ol Zee.Aero, whlch hos polenled o smoll |el
vehlcle wllh elghl rolors lor llll ond lwo rolors lo
propel ll lorwords. Zee.Aero reckons lls personol
olrcroll" would be sole, qulel, eosy lo conlrol,
elhclenl ond compocl", hlllng ln o normol corporklng
spoce. Some models would even hove room lor
possengers ond shopplng, wllh oll ol lhem powered
by eleclrlc bollerles ond o sulle ol sophlsllcoled
sollwore. lhe polenls oulhor ls llon Kroo, on
oeronoullcs prolessor ond MASA sclenllsl, whlch
ls exoclly lhe CV he should hove.
GLEN HlEM5IkA l lhlnk lhe hrsl soles wlll come ln
2020, ollhough lheyll be lo o lew weollhy people os
o hobby, wllh soclelol lmpocl llmlled by lhe locl lhol
lhese ore personol Nylng vehlcles, nol reolly cors lo
be drlven down lhe slreel. Vldespreod odopllon wlll
be hompered by lhree lssues: gelllng regulolory
opprovol lo use lhe skles, o process lhol con loke
yeors ond vorles by counlry, reochlng o decenl prlce
polnl, ond conlrolllng nolse levels so lhol nelghbours
wlll occepl lokeolls ond londlngs nexl door."
DAVlD WOOD lheres llllle evldence Zee.Aero
hos done ony serlous work ln lhls. lhe cose lor Nylng
cors mlghl moke sense ln some mllllory lnslonces, bul
lm unconvlnced oboul lhe merlls lor generol publlc
use. lhls lechnology ls llkely lo be overloken by o
comblnollon ol oulonomous vehlcles by Google
or lhe nlverslly ol Cxlord ond vocuumlube
lronsporlollon syslems."
IS20140088881 A1) -AUGU8T 2014
{PATEXT XB: IS211919 A)
Pneumollc lubes hove been oround lor decodes, wllh
olhces uslng lhem lo send messoges ond porcels
belween Noors ond bulldlngs. Vocuum lrolns operole
on lhe some prlnclple, excepl well be shoollng
people lhrough lhem ol speeds ol up lo 4,000 mlles
per hour [,43Zkph|. Reseorchers ol lhe Mollonol
Key Loborolory ol lrocllon Power ol Soulhwesl
)loolong nlverslly clolm lheyre worklng on o
prololype voclroln" copoble ol lrovelllng ol 3Z0mph
[Pkph|, whlch wlll be lerrylng people wllhln lhe
decode. nlorlunolely, lhe moglc ol lomorrow ls
hompered by lhe physlcs ol lodoy: how do you
solely slow down on ob|ecl lrom 4,000mph Vhen
o cor croshes ol 100mph ll smeors llsell ocross o
good proporllon ol lhe rood. Vhol hoppens ll o
voclroln does lhol Desllnollon: splol!
GLEN HlEM5IkA Ve need lo see
lullscole prololypes lo know how reol
lhls wlll be, especlolly ln lerms ol cosl
versus olher lorms ol lnlerclly lrovel.
Soclelol lmpocl could be huge ll ll
proves coslcompellllve, becouse lhe
lechnology promlses lo speed up
lrovel llmes whlle culllng energy ond
envlronmenl lmpocls. Severol slorlups
ore lrylng lo gel lhls ldeo golng,
ollhough lhelr chollenge wlll be lo sloy
ollve long enough lo loke lhe concepl lo
commerclol rolloul, especlolly ln llghl
ol lhe long leod llme lor permllllng
ond bulldlng. ll oll goes well, ll could
be commerclol by 203."
DAVlD WOOD Elon Musk ls looklng
hord ol lhls ldeo ln hls Hyperloop
pro|ecl, so we oughl lo loke ll serlously.
Even so, lls o pro|ecl more llkely lo
loke 20 yeors lhon, soy, hve."
lhls ls one ol lhose onlhelence" lechnologles, where one slde ls o golden lond ol lood,
woler, peoce ond plenly, ond lhe olher slde ls. well, lesco ol closlng llme. Chens
polenl envlslons o nelwork ol solelllles copoble ol ollerlng lhe weolher ol our
commond, brlnglng roln lo lhe Alrlcon plolns, or bollllng up lhe clouds when
Noods lhreolen. Sclence conl exploln ony ol lhls becouse Chens cleorly
never heord ol ll, bul lhol lsnl slopplng consplrocy lheorlsls lrom suggesllng
lhol counlrles wlll soon be bollerlng lhelr enemles wllh hurrlcones.
GLEN HlEM5IkA Vell only see lhls klnd ol lechnology ll cllmole
chonge creoles enough urgency lhol lls seen os vllol lo survlvol. ll lhol
doesnl occur, l doubl very much lhol ll could overcome envlronmenlol
ob|ecllons. Ve could see somelhlng by 200."
DAVlD WOOD lhls ls on enormously lmporlonl loplc. ll hls lnlo lhe brooder
colegory ol geoenglneerlng. ln lls wlder lorm, lls sel lo be dlscussed ollen,
becouse ol lls polenllol lo oddress cllmolechonge lssues."
IS20130130221 A1)
ll lhe recenl MERS oulbreok ln Soudl Aroblo hos
loughl us onylhlng, lls lhol we should oll lope our
doors ond wlndows shul, ond never go onywhere
ever ogoln. Boelng dlsogrees. ll hos polenled o
lechnology lor monllorlng common oreos ln olrporls,
wllh o roll ol sensors lrocklng sneezlng, vomlllng,
shokes, sweols ond even hlgh body lemperolures.
Sollwore would lhen molch oll lhls lo o dolobose
ol condlllons, olerllng lhe pondemlc pollce lo lhe
lmmlnenl zomble opocolypse. lhe polenl even
suggesls lmplonllng blomelrlc sensors lnlo boordlng
posses, ollowlng lhe syslem lo keep on even closer
eye on your heollh.
GLEN HlEM5IkA l hrsl heord lhls proposed
oround 2000, bul nol much progress hos been
mode so lor, so ollow onolher len yeors ol leosl ld
soy 202. Soclelol lmpocl wlll be slgnlhconl, slnce
ll wlll nol only decreose lhe chonces ol o pondemlc,
bul ll could olso leod lowords more prevenllve
medlclne, ollowlng lor o heollhler populollon
ond cheoper heollhcore. lhe dllhcully wlll
be bulldlng lhe senslllve, nonconlocl sensors
requlred, coupled wllh prlvocy lssues." -AUGU8T 2014
IS20030133114 A1)
Elnsleln colled quonlum enlonglemenl spooky
ocllon ol dlslonce", presumobly whlle holdlng o
lorch lo hls loce ond scorlng lhe ponls oll Mlels
Bohr, Molhon Rosen ond Erwln Schrdlnger.
Cuonlum enlonglemenl relers lo lhe phenomenon
ol lwo enlongled porllcles oppeorlng lo lnNuence
one onolher lnslonloneously, no moller lhe
dlslonce belween lhem. ln lhe cose ol quonlum
enlonglemenl, lhol lnNuence ls usuolly on opposlle:
one porllcle splns lell, so lhe enlongled porllcle
splns rlghl.
Gols polenl opllmlsllcolly envlslons uslng lhls
phenomenon os lhe slrlng belween lwo cons, gllllng
us wllh o communlcollon devlce copoble ol
lroverslng vosl dlslonces.
GLEN HlEM5IkA Mony lundomenlol
dlscoverles would hove lo be ochleved belore
we con use ond nol |usl observe quonlum
enlonglemenl. And lhey orenl lrlvlol. l wouldnl
pul o commerclol developmenl dole on lhls
belore 20Z. ll lhey could be overcome, soclelol
lmpocl would be huge helplng lo lurn us lnlo
o spocelorlng clvlllsollon bul wllh oll lhe boslc
sclence yel lo be underslood, lnveslmenl would
be unpredlcloble."
DAVlD WOOD lhls ls, by lor, lhe mosl
unreollsllc ldeo ln lhls group. Cuonlum
enlonglemenl ls o losclnollng sub|ecl, bul ll hos
been known by lhe physlcs communlly slnce lhe
1P30s lhol enlonglemenl, desplle lls opporenl
nonlocol ospecls, conl be used lo communlcole o
messoge losler lhon lhe speed ol llghl. Mone ol lhe
more recenl experlmenls hove done onylhlng ln lhe
sllghlesl lo chollenge lhol prlnclple. Sodly, lhls locl
doesnl prevenl huge numbers ol wrllers gelllng
overly exclled oboul lhls posslblllly.
Cn lhe olher hond, quonlum enlonglemenl
con be used lor purposes such os delermlnlng
whelher o lhlrd porly hos lnlerlered wllh o messoge
lnlended lo hove been dlslrlbuled securely. Bul
lhols somelhlng qulle dlllerenl."
lhe endless morch ol llerollve
smorlphones ls one ol lhe mosl
borlng pogeonls ln lhe lechnology
lnduslry, wllh componles lrolllng oul
echoes ol eoch olhers devlces every
yeor. Molorolos polenl descrlbes o
Nexlble, rolloble screen lhol could ocl
os o phone or eleclronlc poper, wllh
sensors oulomollcolly ollerlng lhe slze
ond poslllon ol lexl, lmoges ond vldeo
dependlng on where youre looklng. lls
lhe klck ln lhe screen smorlphones need.
GLEN HlEM5IkA lhls hos been on lhe
drowlng boords lor yeors, bul l donl know ol
o serlous commerclol ellorl yel. l suspecl lls
dllhcull lo produce o screen such os lhls wllh
sulhclenl relresh roles ond clorlly compored
wllh ollernollves. l hope lor ll, lhough, os ll hos
o hlgh cool loclor. lhe quesllon ls whelher lhey
could bulld ll os cheoply os currenl screens. ll
could be commerclol by 2030."
DAVlD WOOD Vere olreody seelng smorlphones
wllh [sllghlly| curved screens, lrom componles such os Somsung
ond LG. Mew deslgns ore belng lnvesllgoled lnvolvlng dlllerenl
molerlol lrom belore. l belleve lhol, wllhln len yeors, Nexlble
screens wlll be much more commonploce."
lhere wos olwoys golng lo be o momenl when lhe S governmenl become
o doslordly porody ol llsell. lhol momenl occurred on 13 December 1PP,
when lhe Deporlmenl ol Delense [DoD| polenled o lechnlque ollowlng ll lo
lheorellcolly broodcosl messoges dlreclly lnlo our brolns. lhe sclence ls
lovely, uslng lhe mlcrowove oudllory ellecl hrsl dlscovered durlng Vorld
Vor ll when soldlers worklng neor rodlo equlpmenl heord oudlble cllcks
lhol olhers couldnl. Reseorch lound lhol slgnols ol cerloln lrequencles
oglloled our oudllory opporolus, wllh o S sludy ln 1PZ3 clolmlng lo hove
sllenlly communlcoled slngledlgll numbers. lhe DoD hos slnce used lhe
lechnology lo lry lo dlscombobulole enemy soldlers ond score plgeons oll
senslllve equlpmenl, bul would llke lo hnd o woy lo send enllre messoges.
GLEN HlEM5IkA l couldnl begln lo predlcl when lhls could become
commerclol, ollhough ll sounds very dooble. lhe ldeo ol conversollons
hoppenlng subvocolly would be losclnollng whlch ls why lls o slople
ol much sclence hcllon. ll wlll be dllhcull lo monoge becouse well hove
lo lnvesllgole whlch nerves need sllmulollng lo couse o lhoughl lo pop
lnlo somebodys heod. And we donl know ll lhese ore slondord,
or unlque lo eoch person."
DAVlD WOOD lhls ls somelhlng llkely lo be lurlher lnlo lhe lulure,
perhops 230 yeors llme. For on excellenl serles ol novels looklng
lnlo lhe lmpllcollons ol lhls klnd ol lechnology olbell lmplemenled
dlllerenlly see ond by Romez Moom."
IS2013028921 A1)
o s
g. lls
on lhe
nl know ol
specl lls
s lhls wllh
gh, os ll hos
whelher lhey
screens. ll
Nicole Kobie reveals why a poor understanding
of privacy and security is ruining the
project, and why getting it right could save lives
leie is no Liggei, moie valuaLle
uaraser rlan rle HS lealrlcaie
iecoius. Ir`s an imoiranr iesouice
nor only Lecause ir`s luge 60
yeais o uara on rle inrimare uerails o an enriie
narion Lur also Lecause o rle vay ir aecrs us
anu rlose ve caie aLour. Useu coiiecrly, rlis
uara vill save lives, uone ooily, anu ir`s no
exaggeiarion ro say rlar eole coulu uie. 1lis
may sounu like lyeiLole, Lur rle HS caie.
uara ueLacle is rle ulrimare case sruuy o rle
ovei o Lig uara, anu lov ro mess ir u.
Iiisr, ler`s Le aLsolurely cleai vlar HS
caie.uara is. Ir isn`r an elecrionic iecoius
sysrem (rlar`s rle Summaiy Caie Recoiu,
anu a uieienr kerrle o srinking nsl), anu
ir`s nor aLour making youi uara availaLle
ro meuical ioessionals (nuises
anu uocrois alieauy
lave ir).
Ir`s also only in Lnglanu: Scorlanu las irs
ovn, less conrioveisial sysrem SPIRL, vlile
oirlein Iielanu anu Wales laven`r oreu
ro Lunule u rleii uara rlis vay yer.
Insreau, caie.uara is aLour raking rle uara
youi GP lolus on you anu uloauing ir ro
a cenrial ieosiroiy so ir can Le asseu on
ro rliiu airies. 1lis can incluue meuical
ieseaicleis, Lur also laimaceurical
nims, insuieis anu uara aggiegarois.
Sucl slaiing isn`r necessaiily a ioLlem,
Lur rleie aie Lig quesrions aLour rle uerails
incluuing rle anonymisarion o rle uara, rle
simlisric, Linaiy consenr sysrem, anu rle
lack o conriol ovei vleie rle uara enus u.
I rlis sounus alaiming, leie`s rle voisr
air: none o rlis is nev. 1le goveinmenr
alieauy sells losiral uara, ir`s simly looking
ro auu youi GP iecoius ro rle mix.
1le caie.uara sysrem is Leing iolleu our
Ly HS Lnglanu`s Healrl & Social Caie
Inoimarion Cenrie (HSCIC), vlicl
alieauy sells anu slaies Hosiral Lisoue
Srarisrics (HLS) uara ro rliiu airies.
Nany o rlose aie acauemic
insrirurions, sucl as
univeisiries, Lur -AUGU8T 2014
rle lisr o ieciienrs also incluues consulranrs,
insuieis anu iivare meuical comanies.
1ley`ve alvays lau rlis inoimarion,
anu rley`ve ceirainly Leen giving ir ro rlese
oiganisarions oi quire some yeais, exlains
Di eil Blaria, a GP in Hamsliie vlo iuns
a veLsire aLour caie.uara. 1ley vanr ro giaL
all o rle GP uara, vlicl is ren oi 20 rimes as
ueraileu as losiral iecoius, anu link rle rvo
rogerlei. 1lis voulu rlen Lecome lugely
aealing anu arriacrive, anu valuaLle in
eveiy sense o rle voiu.
Nucl o rle concein ovei caie.uara cenries
on lov casually a uaraser as valuaLle as HLS
las Leen lanueu our. In some cases, ir`s Leen
solu virl a commeicial-ieuse licence, alloving
rle ieciienr ro ass rle uara on ro anyone else.
1lis means rlar a consulrancy oi uara
aggiegaroi can sell ir on ro irs clienrs, iegaiuless
o vlo rley aie, anu rle goveinmenr anu lealrl
civil seivanrs vill lave no iuea vleie oui uara
las enueu u. Kingsley Nanning, claiiman o
HSCIC, aumirreu as mucl ar a Healrl Selecr
Commirree meering in Aiil.
1lis oens u a uruie vleie vlar you rell
youi uocroi coulu enu u anyvleie: imagine
siring rliougl youi menral-lealrl iecoius ar a
joL inreiviev, oi exlaining youi meuicarions ro
youi moirgage Liokei.
1lis is vly iivacy is ar rle coie o
meuicine, aigues Plil Boorl, co-oiuinaroi o
camaigning giou meuConnuenrial. caie.
uara rliearens rle riusr iequiieu in rle HS,
anu in youi uocroi, says Boorl. I you can`r
go ro youi uocroi anu knov rlar vlar you
rell rlem is going ro Le ker in connuence,
rlen some eole aie going ro virllolu
inoimarion oi nor go see ro rleii uocroi,
anu rlar vill ur eole`s lives ar iisk.
1le goveinmenr aigues rlar mosr o rle uara
ir lanus ovei is anonymous. Ciirics uisagiee.
1le caie.uara sysrem caregoiises inoimarion in
oui vays: aggiegare uara, vlicl is uara rlar
isn`r ar arienr level anu is rleieoie
anonymous, sucl as eicenrages o rle
oularion aecreu Ly a secinc uisease,
anonymiseu uara, vlicl las iuenriying uerails
iemoveu, cleaily iuenrinaLle uara, vlicl
incluues eisonal uerails, anu seuuonymiseu
uara rlar`s Leen sriieu o oLviously
iuenrinaLle uara, Lur vlicl coulu srill ieveal
a eison`s iuenriry.
Ross Anueison, ioessoi o secuiiry
engineeiing ar rle Univeisiry o CamLiiuge
anu an exeir on meuical uara, uoesn`r mince
voius vlen uesciiLing caie.uara ar an
Oen Dara Insrirure coneience as
a slov-morion riain vieck.
Anueison gives an
Vhlle core.dolo ls o new pro|ecl cenlrlng on GP dolo, hospllol records hove been sold oll lor
yeors. HSClC hos reveoled delolls ol 4P dolo releoses lo 10 orgonlsollons ln lhe posl yeor,
ond lhols unllkely lo be lhe enllre llsl. Cl lhose, 104 were heollh ond soclolcore orgonlsollons
such os MHS lrusls or unlversllles, whlle were ln lhe prlvole seclor. Cl lhe lolol, 34Z ol
lhe releoses held pseudonymlsed" dolo ond Z conlolned ldenllhoble dolo.
lhe componles lnclude Bupo, Ernsl & Young, AslroZeneco ond PrlcewolerhouseCoopers,
bul Boolh ls mosl concerned wllh commerclolreuse llcences, whlch lel componles lhol hove
lhe dolo poss ll on lo olhers. He noles lhol Horvey Volsh, o consulloncy lhol servlces dozens
ol phormoceullcol componles, hos boosled ol holdlng o bllllon pollenl records.
lo gel such records, orgonlsollons ore chorged occordlng lo o sel lorlll, whlch lhe
governmenl soys ls on o coslrecovery bosls rolher lhon lo moke o prohl. Prlces ronge lrom
2300 lor o bespoke exlrocl" wllh personol conhdenllol dolo lo os much os 210,43 lor
processlng cosls. Furlher delolls con be lound here: www.pcpre.ce.ukJ|nksJ238nhs.
examle rlar vill clill rle leair o anyone
savvy aLour inoimarion secuiiry: PA
Consulring vas one o rle nims rlar Louglr
losiral uara, vlicl ir uloaueu ro Google`s
clouu. Since Google uoesn`r lave a uara cenrie
in rle UK, ir venr oveiseas. Alrlougl rlar
sounus as i ir sloulu Lieak uara iegularions,
rle Deairmenr o Healrl saiu ir vasn`r
sensirive uara Lecause ir lau Leen
seuuonymiseu, names anu osrcoues
lau Leen iemoveu.
Lxcer rlar
rley laun`r. -AUGU8T 2014
Cne ol lhe complolnls oboul core.dolo ls how llllle nollce lhe governmenl hos glven pollenls
you wouldnl be olone ll lhls slory, or olher medlo coveroge, wos lhe hrsl youd heord ol ll.
lo lnlorm pollenls, GPs were losl yeor senl o slnglepoge posler lo lock onlo lhe woll ln
lhelr surgerles, wllh o lew leoNels lo leove on lhe loble ln lhe wolllng room. Al lhe polnl, ll
become very, very cleor lhol lhls wos o dellberole ollempl lo do lhlngs below lhe rodor,"
medConhdenllols Phll Boolh soys.
He ond olher crlllcs suggesled on lndlvlduol leller should be senl lo eoch ond every pollenl,
delolllng lhe plons ond lncludlng on oploul lorm, or ol lhe very leosl lnslrucllons how lo do ll.
lnsleod, MHS Englond senl oul o generollsed leoNel. ll wos essenllolly |unk moll, ll hod no
nomed reclplenl ond dldnl even menllon lhe words core.dolo".
lhol slmply lsnl enough, Dr Bhollo soys. Hls own webslle [www.coredolo.lnlo| explolns
whol core.dolo ls ond how ll works ln 23,00 words lhe brlel" verslon, creoled ol lhe
requesl ol slunned pollenls, ls ,P00. Even shorlened, lhols more lnlormollon lhon lhe overoge
punler moy be wllllng lo slll lhrough, bul ll hlghllghls lhe gull belween whol o slngle
lnlormollonsovvy GP ls ollerlng pollenls ond whol MHS Englond hos done.
HLS ID numLeis veie incluueu, vlicl aie
oimeu iom youi name, osrcoue anu uare
o Liirl anu veie sroieu in lain rexr.
o-one rlouglr anyone coulu nguie our lov
ro exriacr ir, Anueison saiu ar rle coneience.
Ir`s vell knovn rlar Wlirelall uoesn`r knov
lov ro viire comurei iogiams, oi ro liie
anyone vlo knovs lov ro viire comurei
iogiams, Lur rlis is iiuiculous. Ir`s Leyonu
rle Lounus o Lasic common sense.
Lven so-calleu anonymiseu uara is a
iisk. Wlile ir`s somerimes ossiLle ro use
anonymiry ro iorecr iivacy vlen analysing
inciuenr uara, ir`s unuamenrally imossiLle ro
anonymise a vlole-o-lie meuical iecoiu rlar
links u rle uieienr inciuenrs o lealrlcaie
in a arienr`s lie, le rells .
1leie`s jusr roo mucl rleie. I you
can ask rle uaraLase ro slov you eveiyone
vlo vas rieareu oi ariial nLiillarion in
Hammeismirl losiral on 19 OcroLei 2003,
rlen you can nnu 1ony Blaii, anu i rlar
inciuenr is linkeu u ro eveiyrling else, rlen
you lave lis vlole iecoiu.
Ir gers voise. Since anonymiseu
anu seuuonymiseu uara is maikeu as
non-sensirive, ir uoesn`r all unuei rle Dara
Piorecrion Acr. 1lar`s vly PA can uloau ir
ro Google`s clouu oveiseas, oi examle, oi
orleis can lave a commeicial-ieuse licence.
Youi uara aLour lov, vly anu vlen you
venr ro losiral is loose on rle oen maiker.
ALove all, ve neeu lonesry, le
aigues. We gor inro rlis jam Lecause o
uislonesry. Because o eole, oi rleii
ovn Luieauciaric oi commeicial ieasons,
claiming rlar anonymiseu uara vas iivare
vlen ir vasn`r. We lave ro sro lerring
minisreis ger avay virl claiming rlar
seuuonymisarion iorecrs iivacy.
Rarlei rlan lanuing ovei luge svarles
o oui uara, meuConnuenrial rlinks ir musr
Le lockeu uovn. 1le meuical iecoius o a
narion aie irs ciovn jevels, says Boorl.
Ir`s quire ossiLly, in inoimarion reims, rle
single mosr valuaLle uaraser on rle laner. So
ve neeu ro Le a lell o a lor moie caieul rlan
lanuing ir our on DVDs.
He suggesrs an aioacl similai ro rlar o
rle Once oi arional Srarisrics, alloving
access only arei aioval iom an erlics
commirree, anu nor lanuing our enriie uarasers.
Insreau, useis may queiy rle uara ovei a secuie
connecrion, anu only rake avay iav uara once
ir`s Leen cleckeu oi anonymiry.
Anueison aioves. I rley`ie going ro
lave a oularion-scale uaraLase oi meuical
ieseaicl, ir las ro Le rieareu rle same vay rlar
Google, Niciosor anu Yaloo riear rleii luge
sroies o eisonal inoimarion ir sloulu
Le ker lockeu uovn in a uara cenrie, anu
aurloiiseu ieseaicleis sloulu go rleie ro voik
virl ir, le rells . 1le iuea rlar you
can jusr give coies ro rlousanus o ianuom
ieseaicleis is ciazy. Lvenrually one o rlem vill
leave lis laro on a riain anu rle narion`s
meuical iecoius vill enu u on WikiLeaks. -AUGU8T 2014
I you aien`r keen on insuieis seeing youi
uara, youi only iecouise is ro or our anu
oiiginally you coulun`r even uo rlar. Piessuie
iom gious as uisaiare as meuConnuenrial
anu rle Biirisl Neuical Associarion leleu
ro clange rlis olicy, alrlougl rle cuiienr
or-our sysrem srill isn`r Lackeu u Ly
legislarion. In rleoiy, rle goveinmenr coulu
ievoke youi iiglr ro uio our ar any rime.
Wlar`s neeueu, many aigue, is Lerrei
rlinking aLour consenr. Riglr nov, says
Di Blaria, ir ieally comes uovn ro yes oi
no. 1leie`s no miuule giounu. You can`r,
oi examle, ioviue youi uara only oi
meuical ieseaicl, oi limir commeicial nims
ro accessing only anonymous inoimarion.
1lar Linaiy consenr coulu luir meuical
ieseaicl: i eole or our, acauemics anu
orleis riying ro imiove lealrlcaie von`r ger
rle uara rley neeu, nores aJ Science aurloi
anu meuical ieseaiclei Di Ben Goluacie.
Ir`s ainul oi me ro viire ciirically aLour a
iojecr sucl as caie.uara, Lecause I love meuical
uara, anu I knov rle goou ir can uo, le viore
in a column in Tle CuarJian (
uk/links/23Snhs1) in IeLiuaiy.
We lave a goluen ooiruniry in rle UK,
virl 60 million eole caieu oi in one gloiious
HS. Or-ours voulu uesrioy rle uara, anu rle
gioving calls oi an or-in sysrem voulu Le
voise: or-in killeu eole Ly loluing Lack
oigan uonarion. Anu moie rlan rlar, ir voulu
exaceiLare social inequaliry aiounu uara,
Lecause rle ooiesr arienrs, rlose mosr likely
ro Le unvell, aie also rle leasr engageu virl
seivices, rle leasr likely ro or in. 1ley voulu
Lecome invisiLle.
Boorl aumirs rlar no arienr vanrs
ro sir uovn anu sir rliougl a million
uecisions on rleii uara, Lur rle calls oi Lioauei
uisrincrions Leyonu rle Lasic Linaiy yes oi
no, sucl as Lerveen acauemic ieseaicl
anu commeicial enreiiises. He`u like ro
see as mucl eneigy anu iesouice ur
inro Luiluing consenr meclanisms as rleie
is inro Luiluing sysrems ro suck u anu
sell oui uara. I ve uiu rlar, Boorl says,
eole voulu Le aLle ro consenr ro
vaiious ryes o uara virlour ir ruining
inro some soir o IaceLook iivacy
serrings niglrmaie.
1le caie.uara iollour is cuiienrly
auseu, again, anu ir isn`r cleai vlen ir
vill Le iesraireu. We uo nor suLsciiLe ro
airincial ueaulines leie ve vill ioll ir our
narionally only vlen ve aie suie rle
iocess is iiglr, saiu 1im Kelsey, leau o
arienrs anu inoimarion ar HS Lnglanu
(vlicl is iolling our rle iojecr), in a Llog
osr in Nay.
Hovevei, voik conrinues. Desire
rle ause, riials vill Le lelu in rle
aurumn ar Lerveen 50 ro 100 GPs`
onces, anu rle goveinmenr las
misseu ooiruniries
ro auu iorecrions inro lav, assing rle Caie
Acr virlour auuing sraruroiy oveisiglr ro rle
sysrem. 1lis small Lur imoiranr clange vas
iejecreu Ly rle House o Loius, as vas an
amenumenr ioosing ro limir seconuaiy use
o arienr uara ro rle iovision o caie anu
lealrl ieseaicl.
1lar`s a slame. Asiue iom soiring our
secuiiry anu consenr, i rle Loius anu HS
Lnglanu genuinely vanr ro nx caie.uara rlen
rley musr imiove rle riansaiency o rle
sysrem, meuConnuenrial`s Boorl says. 1leie
musr Le inueenuenr oveisiglr anu ull
uLlicarion o vlicl nims lave Leen given
vlar uara. Peole lave ro unueisranu vly
ve iesecr eole`s uara, le saiu. 1len ir
Lecomes easy... you ruin rlings inro an
algoiirlm, anu rley Lieak. Nake ir rle
iesonsiLiliry o a eison anu ve lave
rle clance o an erlical ourcome.
Wlerlei caie.uara can Le saveu iemains
in uouLr. I`m in rle oorlills o caurious
orimism I voulun`r even say I`m cauriously
orimisric ar rlis oinr, Boorl says. 1le
ieason oi any orimism ar all ov,
meuConnuenrial las a sear ar rle uiscussion
raLle, anu le says rleie aie eaily signs rlar
some o rle Louies involveu aie lisrening.
Di Blaria is less orimisric. I uon`r
rlink anyrling`s going ro clange, le
says. 1ley`ll lave a ause oi ieviev,
Lur I rlink rle inrenrion`s alvays Leen
ro ler rlings cool a Lir, loe ir uisaeais
inro rle Lackgiounu anu rlen ielauncl ir.
orling vill lave clangeu.
Bur caie.uara simly can`r conrinue
as ir is, says Di Goluacie in lis column:
1leie aie eole in my ioession
vlo rlink rley can ignoie
rlis ioLlem. Some
aie muimuiing rlar
rlis mess is like
NNR, a uLlic
misunueisranuing ro Le
coiiecreu virl Lerrei PR.
1ley aie viong: ir`s like nucleai
ovei. Neuical uara, iaieneu
anu conuenseu, iesenrs luge ovei
ro uo goou, Lur ir also iesenrs luge
iisks. Wlen leakeu, ir cannor Le unleakeu,
vlen losr, uLlic riusr vill rake uecaues
ro iegain.
He nnisles: caie.uara neeus ro voik:
in meuicine, uara saves lives.
ll youve declded you wonl lo opl oul
ond remember, you con olwoys opl bock
ln ll lhe governmenl sorls oul lhe syslem
loler oll you need lo ls wrlle o leller lo
your GP. Dr Bhollo ond MedConhdenllol
hove lorms you con use ll you preler
Your leller needs lo cleorly slole lhol
you wlsh lo opl oul ol core.dolo. You
should olso speclhcolly requesl lhol bolh
lhe PMu0 ond PMu4 codes ore odded lo
your records, lhese keep your dolo lrom
belng uplooded ond shored respecllvely.
lnclude your lull nome ond dole ol blrlh
ond lhose ol your chlldren, loo. lhls
doesnl ollecl lhe Summory Core Record,
whlch ollows your GP lo shore dolo wllh
A&E servlces.
Vlll opllng oul hove ony ellecl on
core.dolo ln lhe lulure ll moy: on
lcelondlc medlcol doloshorlng scheme
lell oporl oller one ln len locols opled
oul, ond Boolh suggesls reseorchers soy
os lew os ol people pulllng lhelr dolo
could couse serlous lssues.
Hlstorlcal PCs -AUGU8T 2014
Hlstorlcal PCs -AUGU8T 2014
Hlstorlcal PCs
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Created more than 70
years ago, Colossus
was a giant step
towards computing
as we know it today.
Davey Winder reveals
the landmark models
that followed
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FEATURE Hlstorlcal PCs PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 044
Allhough Chorles Bobboge
hod envlsoged o progrommoble
compuler 100 yeors eorller, ll
wos ln 1P44 lhol lhe hrsl lully
progrommoble ond eleclronlc
dlgllol compuler wos reollsed
ln lhe shope ol lhe oplly
nomed Colossus.
slng vocuum lubes lo
perlorm Booleon operollons,
ond requlrlng lhe physlcol
monlpulollon ol lelephone
|ock plugs, cords ond swllches
lo chonge wlrlng ln order
lo progrom ll lor new losks,
Colossus wos deslgned by
lommy Flowers ond lnNuenced
by Alon lurlngs cryploonolysls
proboblllly lheorles.
ln oll, lhere were len Colossus
compulers bulll, eoch occupylng
o lorge room ond conslsllng ol
elghl rocks more lhon 2.3m ln
helghl, orronged ln lwo boys
lhol were .m ln lenglh. A lully
luncllonol repllco wos compleled
ln 200Z ond con now be seen
ol lhe Mollonol Museum ol
Compullng ol Blelchley Pork.
lhlnk vldeogomlng consoles ond
lhe nomes lhol sprlng lo mlnd
lnclude Alorl, Mlnlendo, Sego,
Sony ond Mlcrosoll. However,
none ol lhese were responslble
lor klckslorllng lhe home vldeo
gomlng revolullon, lhol mlleslone
belongs lo lhe Mognovox
Cdyssey. Developed by Rolph
Boer who loler deslgned lhe
Slmon gome ond releosed ln
1PZ2 [predollng Alorl consoles
by o lew yeors|, lhe Cdyssey
sold over 300,000 unlls belore
ll wos dlsconllnued ln 1PZ.
Deslgned lor use wllh o
lV, lhe gomes look lhe lorm
ol corlrldges ond requlred o
plosllc overloy lo be loped lo
lhe screen. lennls, loolboll,
hockey ond roulelle were oll
ployed by monlpulollng llghl
uslng rudlmenlory conlrollers.
A shoollng gollery gome
lnlroduced lhe worlds hrsl
gun conlroller ln lhe lorm ol o
lullslzed, pumpocllon sholgun,
whlch delecled llghl os o lorgel.
ll moy sound boslc when
compored wllh lodoys consoles,
bul Alorl wos lound gullly ol
polenl lnlrlngemenl when ll
releosed lls Pong gome becouse
ll so closely resembled lhe
Cdyssey lennls gome. Vllhoul
lhe Cdyssey, we wouldnl see lhe
llkes ol lhe Coll ol Duly or Grond
lhell Aulo lronchlses lodoy.
Mosl compuler hlslorlons ogree
lhol lhe /erox Allo wos lhe hrsl lo
comblne o desklop grophlcol user
lnlerloce [Gl| ond Douglos
Engelborls mouse lnpul devlce ln
o meonlnglul woy. Developed ol
/erox PARC, lhe Allo wos never
commerclolly releosed, ollhough
lhousonds were bulll lor use
wllhln /erox locllllles ond by
unlversllles. ll lncluded o
monochrome bllmopped VD,
ond come wllh o lhreebullon
mouse, o vlsuol l ond 2.MB
ol removoble dolo sloroge.
lhe Allo pushed lhe Gl lnpul
concepl lnlo lhe oulpul loo, belng
lhe hrsl lo enoble lrue wyslwyg
prlnllng, ond wos deslgned lo
work wllh lhe loser prlnlers /erox
wos developlng ol lhe llme. lhe
Allo chonged lhe woy users
lnlerocled wllh lhe compuler ond
lnNuenced lhe deslgn ol personol
compullng hordwore, such os lhe
Apple Moclnlosh, lhol lollowed.
lhe Allolr 8800 mokes ll onlo
our llsl on lwo counls: ll wos
one ol lhe hrsl ollordoble home
compuler klls lo hll lhe morkel,
ond ll lnsplred lulure compullng
englneers ond deslgners who
wenl on lo chonge lhe loce
ol compullng os we know ll.
Cosllng less lhon $400
[220| ol lhe llme, lhe Allolr
wos ollered os o kll bosed on
on elghlbll lnlel 8080 CP
ond o 2byle memory. lhe
dlsploy wos nolhlng more lhon
lronlponel LEDs, ond lhere wos
no keyboord ellher, lnpul wos
vlo o collecllon ol loggle
swllches. However, lhe open
100llne compuler bus wenl
on lo become lhe de loclo
slondord S100 bus, ond lhe hrsl
progrommlng longuoge wrlllen
lor lhe devlce, Allolr BASlC, wos
creoled by none olher lhon Poul
Allen ond Blll Goles, who shorlly
wenl on lo lorm Mlcrosoll.
his year marks the 70th birthday oI Colossus, one oI the most important machines
in the history oI IJ. As well as being the world's hrst "electronic" computer,
it also played a pivotal role in helping to end World War II by
deciphering coded German military messages. Colossus has achieved
something oI a cult status among computer nerds and historians alike, but could
you name the world's hrst laptop, tablet or games console. Or even the world's
hrst web server or the hrst computer with a mouse-driven graphical user interIace.
Davey Winder, 's contributing editor and collector oI vintage computers,
uncovers the 13 most important pieces oI computing hardware in history.
Hlstorlcal PCs -AUGU8T 2014
lhe hrsl Apple compuler wos
deslgned ond hondbulll by
compony colounder Sleve
Voznlok, wllh Sleve )obs
creollng o buslness lhrough
whlch lo sell lhem. Mow known
os lhe Apple l, only 200 unlls
were mode, ond sold ol o
cosl ol $Z [oround 23P8|
eoch bul lhey were lhe slorl
ol lhe Apple revolullon.
Apple enlhuslosls remoln
odomonl lhe Apple l wosnl sold
ln kll lorm slmllor lo olher hobby
compulers ol lhe llme, however,
lhe lully ossembled clrcull boord
sllll hod lo be connecled lo o
power supply ond dlsploy, ond
loke resldence ln o cose ol some
descrlpllon ln order lo work.
However, unllke lhe Allolr 8800,
ll connecled lo o lelevlslon ond
dldnl rely on loggle swllches
ond LEDs. lhe relollve success ol
lhe Apple l led lo lhe Apple ll,
whlch wenl on lo sell more lhon
hve mllllon unlls.
lhe Commodore Personol
Eleclronlc lronsoclor [PEl| wos
lhe hrsl lully lnlegroled,
plugondploy home compuler.
ln lhe 1PZ0s, Commodores
buslness wos colculolors, bul
when lhe prlce ol lhe lexos
lnslrumenls chlps ol lhe heorl ol
lhose colculolors rose resulllng
ln lhe chlp cosllng more lhon lhe
enllre colculolor lhe compony
wenl looklng lor o new chlpsel.
ll lound one belng used lo
power o compuler kll colled
lhe KlM1. Commodore heod
)ock lromlel, hovlng lurned
down lhe opporlunlly lo buy lhe
loo expenslve" Apple ll
prololype, sel oboul bulldlng
o cheoper ollernollve, ond lhe
resulllng PEl come wllh o 02
processor conlrolllng o bulllln
screen, keyboord ond cosselle
lope lnpuls. More lmporlonlly,
lhe slngleboord compuler wos
housed ln o melol cose wllh o
bulllln doloselle" lor dolo lope
sloroge, exponslon porls lor
more memory, lope drlves,
porollel porl ond o modem.
lnlllolly, lhe smoll keyboord
gove owoy lhe componys rools,
ollen belng llkened lo uslng
o colculolor. Loler models
sow lhls lnlllol deslgn
reploced wllh o lullslzed
keyboord, moklng lhe
Commodore PEl
look less llke o
cosh reglsler ond
more llke o PC.
Allhough lhe
eorller Allolr 8800 hod been sold
os on ollordoble" kll ln 1PZ,
you hod lo woll unlll 1P80 lo gel
reol volue lor money ln lhe lorm
ol lhe Slnclolr Z/80, whlch
broughl hobby compullng lo lhe
Ks mosses lor 280. ll wosnl lor
lhe lolnlheorled, lhough: bulll
lo lhol prlce polnl by Sclence
ol Combrldge loler Slnclolr
Reseorch lhe Z/80 kll requlred
nol only ossembly bul solderlng,
loo. A reodymode verslon wos
ovolloble lor less lhon 2100. Bolh
proved populor, leolurlng o
3.2MHz Z80 CP, 1KB ol
RAM, 4KB ol RCM, ond lhe
Slnclolr BASlC progrommlng
longuoge ond edllor olongslde
lhe operollng syslem.
lhe dlsllncllve whlle cose
wllh lhe blue membrone
keyboord mode lhe Z/80
slond oul, whlch ls more lhon
con be sold lor lls relloblllly.
However, plugged lnlo o lV
ond wllh dolo slored on on
ordlnory porloble cosselle
recorder, lhe Z/80 ochleved
soles ol roughly 0,000 unlls.
Mo roundup ol lhe hlslory ol
compullng would be complele
wllhoul menllon ol lBM, ond
lhe lBM PC ln 1P81 slorled lhe
personol compuler revolullon
os we know ll. lhol revolullon
gol oll lhe ground ond runnlng
prelly qulckly, wllh on lBM PC
reporledly belng sold every
mlnule ol lhe worklng doy
wllhln lhe hrsl yeor ol lls lounch.
Model 10 enlered o
mlcrocompuler morkel olreody
domlnoled by lhe llkes ol
Commodore PEl ond lhe
Apple ll. lhe molnlrome
buslness glonl, ln lhe lop len
ol lhe Forlune 00 componles
ol lhe llme, monoged lo
brldge lhe gop belween
hobbylsl ond buslness user,
wllh o slngle, smoll ond
reosonobly prlced compuler.
lhe lnlroducllon ol lhe
lBM PC /l lwo yeors loler
cemenled lhe compony os lhe
drlver ol lhe PC revolullon. ll
wos lhe hrsl compuler lo be
supplled wllh on lnlernol hord
drlve [olbell only 10MB| ond sel
lhe slondord lor oll lhol lollowed.
Hlstorlcal PCs -AUGU8T 2014
Vlsuolly, ll moy nol hl lhe loplop
mould wllh whlch were lomlllor,
bul lhe Csborne 1 deserves
o ploce ln our llsl os lhe
grondlolher ol lhe moblle
compuler. Relerred lo os
o porloble mlcrocompuler
ol lhe llme ol lls releose, lhe
Csborne 1 wos known os
o luggoble" by lhose who
hod lo move ll oround.
Velghlng ln ol 10.Zkg ond
lhe slze ol o sewlng mochlne,
lhls wos no ullroporloble. Mor
wos ll cheop, ol oround 21,000.
ll wos, however, o lully leolured
compuler wllh o sulle ol buslness
oppllcollons. Runnlng lhe CP,M
operollng syslem, lhe Csborne 1
come wllh sollwore odverllsed
os belng ol lhe some volue os lhe
hordwore llsell. nlorlunolely,
lhe dlsploy wosnl so lmpresslve
ol only ln, ond lhe slngleslded
Noppy dlsk drlves mode
dolo sloroge o problem.
ll wosnl losl, ll wosnl
expondoble ond ll
wosnl lhe mosl procllcol
compuler, bul ll sold 10,000
unlls o monlh, ond proved
lhere wos on oppellle lor
porloble compullng.
Molhemollclon ond englneer Chorles Bobboge ls perhops besl known lor lhe Dlllerence
Englne, o worklng copy ol whlch wos bulll by lhe Sclence Museum ln London lo
celebrole hls 200lh blrlhdoy bul lls lhe Anolyllcol Englne lhol leolures ln our llsl.
lhe Dlllerence Englne, ollen relerred lo os lhe worlds hrsl compuler, wos |usl
o colculolor. However, ll led lo Bobboge drowlng up plons lor lhe Anolyllcol Englne
o mochlne wllh expondoble memory, o cenlrol processlng unll [colled o mlll|,
punchcord progrommlng [copylng lechnlques used by lhe )ocquord loom| ond o
rudlmenlory prlnler. Allhough o complele ond worklng Anolyllcol Englne hos never
been bulll modern bullders would llkely be hompered by lls slze, ond lhe locl lhol lls
mode ol bross ond powered by sleom lndlvlduol porls, such os lhe mlll, hove been.
lheres no doubl lhol ll deserves o ploce ln our llsl os lhe hrsl compuler" copoble ol
belng progrommed lo corry oul dlllerenl losks, ond lncorporollng luncllons we know
os condlllonol bronchlng, llerollon, porollel processlng ond mlcroprogrommlng.
Mol oll enlrles ln lhls llsl ore
here becouse lhey represenl
o blg slep ln lhe evolullon ol
compullng hordwore. Some,
such os lhe Me/l Cube, ore
here becouse lhe woy ln whlch
people used lhem ocluolly
enobled lhol evolullon.
ln lhe cose ol lhe Me/l
Cube, whlch wos developed
by lhe compony Sleve )obs
creoled ln 1P8 oller he
reslgned os Apple CEC,
lls oll oboul one user ln
porllculor. lhe Me/l Cube,
llke lhe Me/l Compuler
belore ll, wosnl lhe greolesl
commerclol success. A hlgh
end workslollon, runnlng
o proprlelory Me/lSlEP
operollng syslem ond cosllng
upwords ol 2,000, ll sold lor
only o lhreeyeor perlod
belween 1PP0 ond 1PP3.
However, one lon ol lhe
Me/l wos Slr llm BernersLee,
who used o Cube os lhe hrsl
web server lo hosl lhe
Nedgllng Vorld Vlde
Veb, ond creoled lhe
hrsl web browser cllenl
uslng lls ob|eclorlenled
developmenl lools.
Converllble loplops lhol hove
o loldlng lorm loclor lo enoble
use os o loplop or loblel ore
surely o very recenl lnnovollon.
However, we hove lo lrovel
some woy bock lo see where
ll oll begon, lhe Compoq
Concerlo wos lnlroduced ln
1PP3, ond wos unllke onylhlng
wed seen belore.
ll shlpped wllh Mlcrosoll
Vlndows lor Pen Compullng
[ellecllvely Vlndows 3.1
wllh odded slylus lnpul
luncllonollly|, ond ollowed
hondwrlllng recognlllon dlrecl
lo lhe screen vlo o slylus. Bul
lhols nol oll: lhe keyboord wos
delochoble, ond lherelore you
could use lhe louchscreen ln
loblel mode wllh lhe slylus.
lhls wos posslble slnce lhe
molherboord, hord drlve,
Noppy ond exponslon slols
were oll housed behlnd lhe
screen, lhe keyboord wos
ln ellecl |usl o cose.
nlorlunolely, ol 2kg ll
wosnl porllculorly ormlrlendly,
ond Pen Vlndows wosnl
o runowoy success ellher.
Bul ll wos on eorly vlslon ol
lodoys mode ol compullng.
lhe blggeslselllng compuler
model ol oll llme, lhe C4
sold more lhon 22 mllllon unlls
durlng lls lllellme, eornlng over
$1 bllllon ln soles, occordlng lo
Gulnness Vorld Records. lhls
8bll homecompullng mochlne
sold lor 23PP, moklng ll
cheoper lhon lhe lBM, ond ll
wos expondoble, leolurlng porls
lnlegroled lnlo lhe molherboord
lor lnlerloclng wllh perlpherols
ond on exlernol RCM corlrldge
porl lor bus exponslon. Ch, ond
lels nol lorgel lhe 4KB ol RAM
lrom whlch ll look lls nome.
Gomes developers qulckly
look lo lhe C4 slnce
Commodore mode delolled
documenlollon ovolloble, unllke
lls compelllors. As o resull, lhe
C4 qulckly become one ol lhe
mosl populor gomes compulers
ol lls llme.
ird ese cIIers
ard rcre a
I7 JULY 20I4
EasIy back op (and restore)
ndvdoaI bIes and IoIders.
RRP: 44.95
Ouz pzce: 19.95
Xara FroLo 8 Grapric
Desigrer 201S
Keep yoor PC probIem-Iree
wth ths mantenance tooI.
RRP: 69.99
Ouz pzce: 29.99
Laplirk FCnover
FroIessioral v8
Mgrate nstaIIed appIcatons
to a new Wndows 8 PC.
RRP: 49.95
Ouz pzce: 12.99
Freniun v2
liIeLine licerce)
Add a powerIoI second Iayer
oI secorty to yoor PC.
RRP: 19.99
Ouz pzce: 14.99
55X 047 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
Darien Graham-5mith introduces a powerful utility that can back up
both disk images and individual les and folders
Paragon Backop S
Recovery 14 Compact
leie aie rvo siues ro Lacku. 1le
nisr is iorecring youi eisonal uara
youi voik uocumenrs, loros anu
so oirl, vlicl may Le iiielaceaLle.
1lis uoesn`r mean simly ielying on a clouu
sroiage anu synclionisarion sysrem sucl as
DioLox oi OneDiive. Ir`s riue rlar since
youi uara is conrinually coieu onro seveial
comureis, as vell as ro iemore seiveis, you
enjoy a uegiee o uara ieuunuancy sloulu one
sysrem ail. Bur clouu seivices only make coies
o nles in rleii uesignareu olueis, norling else
on youi laiu uisk is iorecreu, anu Ly ueaulr
rlar incluues irems sirring on youi ueskro.
Clouu seivices aie also o limireu lel i
you neeu ro ieriieve a nle rlar vas oveiviirren
oi uelereu a long rime ago. Borl DioLox anu
OneDiive oei only a 30-uay iecoveiy vinuov,
anu ir can easily rake longei rlan rlar ro
uiscovei rlar a ciirical nle las Leen losr.
1leie`s no suLsrirure oi a ioei Lacku lan.
1le orlei siue o Lacku is mainraining a
coy o youi oeiaring sysrem anu alicarions.
Youi Winuovs insrallarion may Le ielaceaLle,
Lur i ir veie ro Lecome coiiureu, rle iocess
o ieinsralling rle OS anu all youi alicarions
voulu Le a luge inconvenience assuming you
can even nnu all rle necessaiy insrallarion uiscs
anu iouucr keys. I you`ve lanneu aleau anu
maue a sysrem Lacku, you can simly lir rle
iesroie Lurron anu go anu make a cu o rea.
1le same alies i youi laiu uisk ails nr a
ielacemenr, iesroie youi Lackeu-u sysrem
onro ir anu you`ie Lack in Lusiness.
Paiagon Backu & Recoveiy 14 Comacr
incluueu virl rle sorvaie euirion o rlis
issue o lanules Lorl ryes o Lacku.
You can easily Liovse irs aiclives ro nnu anu
exriacr secinc nles, oi, i neeu Le, eioim a
comlere sysrem iesroiarion. Lven i somerling
makes youi comurei comlerely unLooraLle,
you can Loor ro a secial Lacku casule
airirion ro caiiy our rle iecoveiy iocess.
5mpIe backop
Wlen you oen Backu & Recoveiy 14
Comacr oi rle nisr rime, you`ll see rle
Lxiess Noue inreiace, sryleu arei
Winuovs S. Iiom leie you can launcl a
vaiiery o vizaius rlar valk you rliougl rle
iocess o Lacking u anu iesroiing uara, as
vell as serring u a Lacku casule.
I you meiely vanr ro cieare a one-o
Lacku oi uisasrei iecoveiy, oi ser u a iegulai
Lacku rask, look no uirlei. Click rle Backu
rile anu you`ll Le iomreu ro selecr vlerlei
you vanr ro Lack u uisks oi airirions (Lorl
NBR anu GP1 uisks aie suoireu), oi
vlerlei you`ie inreiesreu in email, eisonal
uocumenrs oi secinc nles anu olueis.
I you`ie Lacking u nles, you`ll Le given
rle orion ro save youi aiclive ro any local
uiive oi iemovaLle uevice, click rle Look in:
uiouovn ar rle ro o rle vinuov anu you`ll
also see rle orion ro viire ro orlei airirions
o rle uisk, oi ro any nervoik locarion rlar`s
accessiLle ro Winuovs. An inreiesring earuie
o Backu & Recoveiy 14 is irs aLiliry ro access
oieign airirions sucl as rle exr4 nle sysrem
useu Ly Linux. I you lave a non-Winuovs
airirion on youi sysrem, rlis miglr Le a clevei
lace ro kee youi Lackus, since ir means
rleie`s no ossiLiliry o Winuovs alicarions
inreieiing virl rlem. You can also sroie youi
Ihe moin inlerloce ollers severol dillerenl
lypes ol bockup -AUGU8T 2014
Lackus in rle Lacku casule i you lave one,
as ve`ll uiscuss Lelov.
Backu & Recoveiy 14 kees riack o rle
aiclives you cieare, so you uon`r neeu ro voiiy
roo mucl aLour rle long sriing o numLeis ir
suggesrs as a nlename (you may norice rlar rle
nisr six uigirs aie rle uare). One rling rlar can
Le lelul, rlougl, is ro enrei any nores inro rle
Commenr nelu rlar aeais in rle vinuov rlar
aeais vlen you click exr.
I you cloose Scleuule Lacku, rle nexr
vinuov vill invire you ro seciy a rime ar
vlicl rle Lacku sloulu iun i ir`s a long
iocess, you miglr ieei ro iun ir oveiniglr.
You can also ser rle rask ro iecui uaily, veekly
oi monrlly, oi auromarically on sysrem srairu,
oi vlen you log on. Lacl rime rle iocess iuns,
a nev Lacku is maue, so Le vaineu rlar rlis
aioacl can consume a lor o sroiage sace
ovei rime.
Iinally, you`ll ger a clance ro ieviev youi
Lacku orions, click exr a nnal rime ro srair
rle Lacku oi ser rle scleuule.
Restorng yoor data
1le Resroie vizaiu voiks similaily. Ir srairs
Ly iesenring a lisr o rle aiclives you`ve
cieareu, along virl rle ciearion uare, Lacku
rye anu commenrs rlis makes ir easy ro nnu
rle joL you`ie looking oi. You can nlrei rlese
using rle uiouovn ar rle ro, i you vanr ro
imoir an aiclive rlar rle iogiam uoesn`r
knov aLour, click rle Plus icon nexr ro rle
Slov All uiouovn anu Liovse ro irs locarion.
Once you`ve selecreu rle aiclive ro iecovei,
click exr anu you`ll Le raken ro a lieiaiclical
viev iom vlicl you selecr rle olueis oi nles
ro iesroie. I ir`s a uisk Lacku, you`ll also lave
rle orion o iesroiing rle vlole uisk.
Iinally, consiuei vlerlei you vanr ro
iesroie nles ro rleii oiiginal locarion oi ro a
uieienr oluei. 1le oimei orion lers you
convenienrly iecieare an olu oluei lieiaicly,
vlile rle larrei can Le useu ro avoiu conlicrs
Lerveen exisring nles anu rle oluei veisions
you`ie iesroiing. I you cloose ro iesroie nles
ro rleii oiiginal locarion, you can seciy vlar
laens i rleie`s a conlicr: exisring nles can
Le oveiviirren oi skieu. Wlen you`ie lay
virl youi orions, click exr anu connim rlar
you vanr rle sorvaie ro aly rle clanges.
Workng wth a backop capsoIe
As ve menrioneu aLove, making a ull-sysrem
Lacku can save you an enoimous amounr o
rime anu inconvenience sloulu you suei a
majoi maluncrion. Hovevei, you may lir rle
ioLlem o nor Leing aLle ro ger inro Winuovs
ro access youi Lackus. Backu & Recoveiy 14
Comacr can cieare a nev LooraLle airirion
on youi laiu uisk rle Lacku casule
iom vlicl Lackus can Le iesroieu. (1le
online uocumenrarion also ieeis ro a CD-Laseu
iecoveiy enviionmenr, Lur rlis isn`r incluueu in
rle Comacr euirion.)
Wlen you click on rle Nanage Backu
Casule rile, you`ll see a vaining: Ly ueaulr rle
Ihe bockup copsule con help you reslore
your syslem il Windows won'l slorl
A syslem bockup con be o greol help ln cose
ol dlsosler, bul overwrlllng your exlsllng
syslem ls o drosllc meosure. ln some coses
you moy wonl merely lo qulckly occess o
progrom lhols slnce been unlnslolled, or
check o conhgurollon selllng lhols been
chonged, rolher lhon enllrely reverllng
your syslem lo o prevlous slole.
lhe good news ls, lls posslble lo converl
lhe bockup hles creoled by Porogon Bockup
& Recovery 14 Compocl lnlo vlrluol dlsk hles
lhol con be booled ln VMwore, HyperV or
lhe lree VlrluolBox hypervlsor. nlorlunolely,
lhls copoblllly lsnl bulll lnlo lhe progrom:
lo do ll, youll need o seporole lool colled
Porogon Vlrluollzollon Monoger 14,
whlch cosls 240 lrom lhe componys
webslle [www.pcrcgense|Iwcre.cem|.
lhonklully, Porogon ollers o lree 30doy
lrlol ol lhe sollwore, whlch should glve you
more lhon enough llme lo gel oul ol o hx. ll
you hnd yoursell repeoledly leonlng on lhe
vlrluollsollon opllon, however, lhen ll moy
be llme lo gel oul lhe wollel.
Booting a backup image in a VM
Downlood Porogon
Turn |o pZ4 -AUGU8T 2014
Lacku casule is cieareu as rle lasr iimaiy
airirion on a uisk, oi as rle lasr logical uiive
virlin an exrenueu airirion. Auvanceu useis
may lave secinc ieasons ro vanr anorlei
aiiangemenr: i rlis is you, rick Auvanceu
Noue ro gain exria orions. Orleivise, simly
click exr ro accer rle ueaulr Lelavioui.
I you lave mulrile uisks in youi sysrem,
ir`s a goou iuea ro ur ir on rle uisk rlar isn`r
youi sysrem uiive rlar vay, i youi iimaiy
laiu uisk ails, you can ielace ir virl a iesl
one anu use rle Lacku casule ro iesroie youi
Lackeu-u sysrem onro ir. I you lave only one
uiive, rle only orion vill Le ro ur rle casule
ar rle enu o ir, in rlis case, click exr.
1le ueaulr is nor ro make rle Lacku
casule LooraLle, Lecause rlis involves
ieviiring rle masrei Loor iecoiu (NBR) o rle
uisk, vlicl coulu cause ioLlems i youi uisk
is ser u in an unusual vay in a mulri-Loor
connguiarion, oi examle. Hovevei, a iegulai
Winuovs insrallarion sloulu Le nne, rlis laresr
veision o Backu & Recoveiy suoirs all
euirions o Winuovs u ro S.1, incluuing rlose
iunning on ULII sysrems. We iecommenu rlar
you rick Allov ro srair iecoveiy sysrem iom
Lacku casule, since rlis Loor caaLiliry is a
majoi air o rle casule`s useulness.
1le nnal sre o rle vizaiu lers you ser
rle uesiieu size o rle casule, rle maximum
availaLle vill ueenu on rle orlei airirions on
youi uisk. On a rvo-uisk sysrem, you miglr
vanr ro consiuei making ir laige anu using ir
as a uesrinarion oi Lacku nles, since rle
casule isn`r uiiecrly accessiLle iom virlin
Winuovs, rlis iorecrs againsr anyone
acciuenrally oveiviiring oi uelering youi
Lackus. Ioi a one-uisk sysrem, rlis isn`r
sucl a goou iuea, i youi uisk sueis a
meclanical ailuie, youi Lackus vill Le
losr along virl youi sysrem.
Once youi casule las Leen cieareu, you
can Loor inro ir Ly iessing I1 vlen iomreu
as youi comurei Loors u. You`ll rlen see a
Boor Nanagei scieen virl seveial Loor
orions, scioll uovn ro oimal Noue
(illusriareu virl a Linux enguin) anu iess
Lnrei ro launcl rle iecoveiy enviionmenr.
Iiom rle inreiace rlar aeais, you can
iesroie Lackus iom local uiives, connecr
ro rle nervoik anu coiiecr any ioLlems
rlar miglr Le ievenring Winuovs iom
srairing successully.
The man nterIace
Ioi giearei conriol ovei Lacku, click rle
oiange rile ro svircl ro rle ull-scale
launclei. 1lis oens a iiLLon-sryle inreiace
sloving a ma o youi availaLle laiu uisks in
rle main viev (click Disk anu airirions lisr
ar rle Lorrom oi a uieienr viev).
Along rle ro o rle scieen, rle nisr rvo
orions Smair Backu anu Resroie oen rle
vizaius uesciiLeu aLove. Unuei rle Auvanceu
Lacku giou, lovevei, you`ll see auuirional
orions. I you click ro cieare a uieienrial
Lacku, rle sorvaie comaies rle cuiienr srare
o youi laiu uisk ro a ieviously cieareu
aiclive, anu Lacks u only rle uieiences.
Alicarions anu OS nles uon`r geneially
clange, so you can make iegulai Lackus o
youi OS in rlis vay virlour vasring uisk sace
sroiing mulrile coies o unclanging nles.
aruially, ro iesroie a uieienrial Lacku,
you neeu ro lave Lorl rle uieienrial Lacku
nles anu rle oiiginal aiclive availaLle.
Inciemenral Lacku voiks in a similai vay,
Lur Lacks u only clanges rlar lave occuiieu
since rle lasr inciemenral Lacku. 1o iesroie a
uisk image iom an inciemenral aiclive, you
rleieoie neeu all inreimeuiare aiclives as vell
as rle oiiginal Lacku. 1lis may sounu like a
vasreul aioacl, Lur since rlese aiclives
sroie only clangeu nles, ir`s moie encienr
rlan sroiing mulrile uieienrial Lackus.
You can also cieare inciemenral nle Lackus.
Click rle Cieare Iile Comlemenr rool ro cieare
a nle-Laseu aiclive inciemenral ro a uisk
Lacku, oi selecr Cieare Inciemenral Iile
Aiclive ro cieare a nev nle Lacku rlar`s
ieauy oi uruie inciemenral uuares.
Once you`ve ser u youi Lacku oi iesroie
oeiarion, ir von`r Legin immeuiarely, click rle
Aly Lurron Lenearl rle iiLLon ro kick o rle
Lacku iiglr avay, oi selecr Save 1o Scleuulei
ro ser ir u as a iecuiienr rask, vlicl you can
insecr oi euir in rle Scleuule raL. By serring
u mulrile scleuules, you can, oi examle,
connguie Backu & Recoveiy ro make eiiouic
sysrem Lackus, along virl inreiim uieienrial
Lackus, virlour any uirlei involvemenr.
By ueaulr, Paiagon Backu & Recoveiy
14 Comacr uses Paiagon`s ovn PBI aiclive
oimar. 1leie`s norling viong virl rlis: ir
suoirs Lorl secroi anu nle Lackus, in Lorl
sranualone anu inciemenral oims, virl narive
suoir oi enciyrion. Unuei rle ev Backu
Ioimar raL, lovevei, you`ll also nnu rle orion
ro Lack u ro, anu iesroie iom, a VD conrainei
rlar is, a viirual uisk image. 1lis nevei
oimar suoirs only uisk Lackus, nor
inuiviuual nles, Lur Paiagon uesciiLes ir as
a moie auvanceu oimar, anu ir Liings rle
auvanrage o asrei inciemenral Lackus.
Ihe sollwore keeps lrock ol your orchives
so you con eosily locole lhe bockup le you're
looking lor
You con bock up enlire disks or selecled porlilions, os well os individuol les ond lolders
3D printing has attracted a thriving hobbyist community, but
Dave 5tevenson nds that it also has practical applications
practcaI 3D
prntng projects

le orenrial o uomesric 3D iinring

is laiu ro ignoie. Losr a lens ca
eeu a liu oi a jai Wirl a 3D
iinrei you can cieare a ielica
virl rle click o a mouse. Anu, as anyone
vlo`s riieu 3D iinring vill rell you, laving
a ioLor vlii avay on youi uesk ciearing
anyrling iom a guirai lecrium ro a lying
uione (see Ahbiticus hinJs, jSS) is as
uruiisric as you can ger.
Hovevei, 3D iinreis aien`r clea, anu
rle rleimolasric nlamenr useu ro cieare
youi irems uoesn`r come oi iee eirlei, iinring
youi ovn liu oi lens ca can voik our moie
exensive rlan Luying mass-iouuceu
equivalenrs iom a ligl-srieer slo. O couise,
rleie`s also no guaianree rlar youi iinreu
mouel vill voik as vell as rle genuine airicle.
1leie`s no neeu ro give u on rle iomise
o 3D iinring, lovevei. We`ve iounueu u ren
iacrical iojecrs anu iareu eacl one in reims o
mareiials consumeu anu rime senr, ro see lov
close 3D iinring is ro Lecoming an eveiyuay
uomesric reclnology.
What yoo'II need
Ioi oui exeiimenrs, ve useu an U Plus 3D
iinrei (I1,436 inc VA1) anu a 00g sool
o 1.5mm-uiamerei aciyloniriile Lurauiene
Havng a robot whrr away
onyoor desk s aboot as
Iotorstc as yoo can get -AUGU8T 2014
sryiene (ABS) lasric. 1lis quanriry o ABS
vill ser you Lack aiounu I40, Lur rle aveiage
small iinr joL consumes only aiounu 15-20g
o ABS, incluuing a Leu anu suoiring
mareiial, so 00g sloulu Le enougl oi uozens
o iojecrs.
You`ll also neeu a ev rools rlar miglr nor
Le incluueu virl youi 3D iinrei. A sciaei
virl a slai euge (o rle rye useu ro iemove
vallaei, oi insrance) is useul oi seaiaring
iinreu irems iom rle laroim rley`ve Leen
iinreu on. Nosr 3D iinring iojecrs also auu
lenry o suoir mareiial ro rle main uesign ro
sro ir collasing miu-iinr. 1lis neeus ro Le
iemoveu once rle iinr is uone: oi laigei
iojecrs you may Le aLle ro sna ir o Ly lanu,
Lur airs scalel is useul oi curring avay lasric
virlour uamaging uelicare sriucruies.
The projects
Oui iojecrs veie uiavn iom 1lingiveise
(, a luge, oen-souice
ieosiroiy o 3D iinring iojecrs. We selecreu
rlem accoiuing ro a ev ciireiia. Iiisr, eacl one
lau ro Le riuly useul: 1lingiveise is ull o
uecoiarive uesigns, Lur ve uiun`r vanr ro
1 Guitar pick
Moleriol used: 1.g
Cosl ol moleriol: 11p
Prinling lime: Zmins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: 11p [1.2 lor
12 ploc|roms, www.cmczen.ce.ukJ
Money soved: 1p
I you lose youi guirai ick in rle miuule o a
eioimance, you miglr nor lave a 3D iinrei
ro lanu Lur virl a lirrle oivaiu lanning you
can ar leasr Le suie o alvays laving a saie.
1lis guirai ick (Leaiing rle logo o US iockeis
1liiry Seconus ro Nais, no less) iinreu in nexr
ro no rime. 1lis 1mm-rlick uesign elr like ir
miglr nor suivive an enrlusiasric rliasling
againsr rlick Lass guirai sriings, Lur ioveu
moie rlan caaLle o sriumming rle rlinnei
sriings o an elecriic guirai.
2 5hirt button
Moleriol used: 0.8g
Cosl ol moleriol: 5p
Prinling lime: 4mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: p [48p lor
oigh| bo||ons, www.cmczen.ce.ukJ
Money soved: 1p
Ir`s easy ro imagine a lasr-minure scenaiio
involving a oeu sliir Lurron anu no saies,
so rle aLiliry ro iouuce Lurrons ro oiuei
is eminenrly iacrical. Oui iinreu Lurron elr
exenu ABS on somerling meiely oinamenral.
1le iojecrs also lau ro Le aioiiare oi 3D
iinring, rlar is, rley neeueu ro Le rle kinu o
rling ir miglr Le moie convenienr ro iouuce
ar lome rlan ro oiuei online. Iinally, ve
evaluareu rle economic viaLiliry o eacl iojecr,
assessing lov mucl eacl comonenr cosr ro
make veisus irs mass-iouuceu equivalenr.
ChaIIenges and probIems
3D iinring is ull o consumei orenrial, Lur
even oi a simle iojecr you can`r jusr lir
iinr anu ieruin ro collecr youi nnisleu irem.
In rle iocess o iinring oui mouels, ve
encounreieu numeious ioLlems. Ioi a srair,
rle rlin srianu o ABS rlar goes inro rle iinrei
isn`r veiy sriong, anu rle moroiiseu leau unir
occasionally manageu ro sna rle nlamenr as ir
soliu, anu rle lallmaik squiggles o 3D iinring
enueu u looking leasingly uecoiarive. Wirl
no suoiring mareiial ro cur avay, rle Lurron
vas eiecrly iounu anu, imiessively given irs
small, 16mm uiamerei, rle oui loles in rle
miuule o rle Lurron uiun`r neeu rooling virl a
in eirlei. 1le U Plus sorvaie makes ir easy
ro scale oLjecrs, giving you rle aLiliry ro iinr
laigei Lurrons oi oveicoars anu so on, Lur
Lecause eveiy uimension o rle Lurron is scaleu
in iooirion, rle iesulrs can enu u veiy rlick.
3 Egg cup
Moleriol used: 8.g
Cosl ol moleriol: 51p
Prinling lime: 58mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: 2Zp [1.0Z lor
loor ogg cops, www.cmczen.ce.ukJ
Money soved: 24p moro oxponsivo
1lis aeionaurics-insiieu egg cu las a roucl
o uesign class ro ir anu, uesire irs lov ionle,
ir ioveu exacrly rle iiglr size oi rle eggs
luiking in rle canreen. 1le 2Smm-ligl
sriucruie rook almosr an loui ro iinr, Lur rle
riieu ro vinu moie iom rle sool. I ve laun`r
Leen aiounu ro eeu in moie nlamenr, rle U
Plus voulu lave conrinueu going rliougl rle
morions o iinring vlile iouucing norling.
A moie seiious anu consisrenr ioLlem vas
liring. Beoie eacl
iojecr, rle iinrei
iinrs a Leu o mareiial
as a ounuarion.
Unoirunarely, as rlis
Leu o mareiial cools
on rle laroim, irs
euges somerimes Legin
ro cuil uvaius Leoie rle iojecr is nnisleu.
1le Lesr-case scenaiio is a squiy iesulr, virl
cuiveu euges rlar sloulu Le sriaiglr anu so on.
In rle voisr insrances, rle iaiseu secrion o rle
airially iinreu iojecr is cauglr Ly rle iinr
leau anu uislougeu iom rle iinring Lase.
Because rle laroim is leareu iom rle
miuule, ve ounu laigei iojecrs sueieu
airiculaily Lauly: oui mosr successul iojecrs
veie small-scale. 1o minimise rle eecr, ir`s
iecommenueu ro ie-vaim rle laroim
rle iinrei uiivei ioviues a 15-minure
ie-learing uncrion anu ro clean rle
laroim rloiouglly Lerveen joLs.
rimes vlen you uigenrly neeu an exria egg
cu aie likely ro Le ev anu ai Lerveen.
1leie aie also quesrions ovei vlerlei ir`s a
goou iuea ro Liing exriuueu ABS lasric inro
conracr virl oou: rle suLsrance irsel isn`r
roxic, Lur rlinly srackeu layeis o nlamenr
aie veiy laiu ro clean ioeily, anu as sucl
aie likely ro laiLoui geims. Alrlougl rle
uesign is a goou uemonsriarion o 3D iinring
orenrial, ve`u Le remreu ro lay sae anu
oiuei oui egg cus online.
4 5D card case
Moleriol used: 4.g |o|ol
Cosl ol moleriol: 2Zp
Prinling lime: 2mins |o|ol
Moss-morkel equivolenl: Z5p [4.4 lor
six cosos, www.cmczen.ce.ukJ
Money soved: 40p
1lis clevei lingeu SD caiu case acrually
consisrs o rvo iuenrical iinrs rlar nearly
cli rogerlei, virl a clameieu clas ar rle
ro secuiing rle case closeu aiounu a memoiy
caiu. An oval cur-our allovs you ro see rle caiu
The ability to
produce buttons
to order is eminently
Even Ior a smpIe project, yoo
can't jost ht 'prnt' and retorn
to coIIect yoor bnshed tem
insiue, anu ve ounu rle linge irsel moveu
smoorlly anu ieely virlour eeling like ir vas
going ro veai our virlin a ev uays. Alrlougl
iorecrive SD caiu cases aie availaLle online,
Luying one inuiviuually is nexr ro imossiLle,
anu rle economics o sliing jusr one lasric
case voulu Le ioliLirive. As a Lonus, rle
iojecr is comaiarively quick ro iinr rlanks
ro irs 4mm maximum rlickness.
5 Geared tie clip
Moleriol used: g |o|ol [|io clip, 3.2g,
2 x goor 1, 1.8g, 2 x goor 2, 1gJ
Cosl ol moleriol: 3p
Prinling lime: |o|ol, 0mins [|io clip, 22 mins,
2 x goor 1, 24mins, 2 x goor 2, 14minsJ
Moss-morkel equivolenl: Mo oqoivolon|
Money soved: M/A
Being aLle ro ruin our 3D iojecrs iom youi
lome is a uennire ralking oinr, anu rlis rie
cli, virl irs mesling geai assemLly, is a
goou vay o Liinging rle conveisarion
iounu ro youi nev loLLy. Ir iinrs in nve
airs, lovevei, so iouucing ir ieiesenrs a
aiily Lig rime invesrmenr. 1le small reerl
o rle cogs also ioveu veiy iagile, so ve
ounu ir riicky ro cur avay rle suoiring
mareiial. Arei seveial arremrs, even oui
Lesr iesulr lau a uennire lomemaue qualiry
ro ir. 1le cli irsel vas a uieienr sroiy:
inreinal giis alloveu ir ro giaL a rie secuiely,
anu rle rvo iongs ioveu iemaikaLly
laiu-veaiing, iequiiing lenry o oice ro
sleai rlem aair. Berrei yer, ve coulun`r
nnu a similai iouucr online, making rlis
a unique use o 3D iinring.
6 25 tile spacers
Moleriol used: 1g
Cosl ol moleriol: 50p por spocor
Prinling lime: 2hrs 15mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: 0.p por
spocor [4.2 lor 500 3mm spocors,
Money soved: Aroond 4p moro oxponsivo
por spocor
1ile saceis miglr nor Le on eveiyone`s
sloing lisr, Lur `s iesiuenr DIY-eis
veie enrluseu Ly rle iuea, oi rlose occasions
vlen you neeu ro ielace a ev inuiviuual
riles. 1lis iojecr iouuceu 25 saceis on
a ielarively laige laroim a lirrle liring
rovaius rle euge o rle iojecr ienueieu
one unusaLle, Lur rle orlei 24 came our as
eiecrly seiviceaLle 3mm rile saceis,
comlere virl a veirical ouirl leg ro allov
rlem ro Le iemoveu once rle aulesive lau
Legun ro ser. Unoirunarely, virl moie rlan
60 layeis anu 19g o mareiial, rlis iojecr cosr
a slaue moie rlan I1 anu rook vell ovei rvo
louis ro iinr. Ioi less rlan I5, you coulu Luy
moie rlan 20 rimes rle numLei o saceis,
meaning you`u lave ro live a veiy long vay
iom youi neaiesr DIY sroie ro make rlis
iojecr voirlvlile.
7 Bottle opener
Moleriol used: 5.g
Cosl ol moleriol: 33p
Prinling lime: 31mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: Aroond 4p,
Money soved: 31p
We veie skerical aLour rlis iojecr: ABS is
a ielarively sor mareiial, so rle iuea o ir
suiviving ieeareu conracr virl rle jaggeu, laiu
euges o a sreel Lorrle ca seemeu uuLious. 1o
oui suiiise, rlis 5.6g Lorrle oenei maue a
uss-iee joL o oening as many Lorrles as ve
iequiieu, irs slai clavs iemaining eiosion-iee
even arei a niglr o use ar a social garleiing.
Ir uiun`r eel like ir voulu lasr oievei, Lur ar
a mareiial cosr o only 2S anu a lal-loui
Luilu rime, ir vill uo in a incl.
8 iPhone 5
tripod mount
Moleriol used: 1Z.3g
Cosl ol moleriol: 1.03
Prinling lime: 1hr 52mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: 4,
Money soved: 2.Z
1lis is a giear iuea: a uiose-uesigneu
mounr rlar arracles an iPlone 5 secuiely ro
a sranuaiu lorogialic riiou. Imiessively,
rle rlieaueu 1/4in lole ar rle Lorrom o rle
mounr voikeu eiecrly virl oui riiou.
We lau moie uinculry virl rle rlieaueu
rlumLvleels, vlicl aie suoseu ro
sciev rliougl rle loles on rle siue o rle
mounr ro clam a lone secuiely in lace.
One o rlese vleels Lioke vlile ve caieully
riieu ro iemove irs suoiring mareiial,
anu neirlei o rlem nrreu secuiely enougl
inro rle mounr`s loles ro ioviue a secuie
gii on rle lone. Resring rle lone in rle
loluei voikeu vell enougl, Lur rleie`s an
oLvious qualiry ga Lerveen rlis mouel anu
irs mass-iouuceu equivalenr.
9 Bungee cord
Moleriol used: 4.8g
Cosl ol moleriol: 2p
Prinling lime: 32mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: 2.38 [.50
lor loor bongoo hooks, www.cmczen.ce.ukJ
Money soved: 2.0
1lis connecroi lers you cieare a loo
o Lungee coiu virlour laving ro knor
elasricareu coiu rogerlei anu loe oi rle
Lesr. 1le inreinal giis on rle Laiiel aie
imiessively ueraileu, anu, iesl our o rle
iinrei, rle connecroi elr veiy sruiuy ve
coulun`r make ir lex Ly incling ir, vlicl
is moie rlan can Le saiu oi mosr orlei
eoirs. Sucl accessoiies aie small anu easily
Being able to turn
out 3D projects
fromyour home
is a talking point"
3D pro|ecls orenl llmlled lo lhe slmple household llems weve lrled oul here. loke lhe
drone creoled by lhe nlverslly ol Shelhelds Advonced Monuloclurlng Reseorch Cenlre
ln Morch: ll welghs less lhon 2kg ond comprlses nlne porls, deslgned lo be qulckly
prlnled ond ossembled ol very shorl nollce. lls lnlended lor use os o dlsposoble drone
corrylng o comero ond GPS module lor onewoy use ln seorchondrescue mlsslons. lhe
drone hos olreody been Nlghllesled os o gllder, bul lhe hnlshed verslon wlll lncorporole
on eleclrlc molor.
For o more losly oppllcollon ol 3D prlnllng, look lo lhe Consumer Eleclronlcs Show ln
Los Vegos ln )onuory, whlch sow 3D Syslems demonslrole lhe Chel)el ond lhe Chel)el Pro
o polr ol 3D prlnlers lhol prlnl uslng sugor lnsleod ol plosllc, produclng edlbles such os
coke loppers ond personollsed sweels.
A more lulurlsllc cullnory oppllcollon ol lhe lechnology ls belng developed by Mlssourl
bosed Modern Meodow, on orgonlsollon lhol olms lo produce 3Dprlnled cullured meol
so os lo reduce lhe huge envlronmenlol lmpocl ol lrodlllonol globol meol producllon. Al
presenl, o quorlerpound beel burger lokes more lhon 0 gollons ol woler lo produce,
somelhlng Modern Meodow clolms ll wlll be oble lo reduce by P.
Ambitious minds -AUGU8T 2014
losr, so rlis is a useul rling ro Le aLle
ro cieare iom lome. ABS isn`r rle sriongesr
mareiial in rle voilu, lovevei, so ve`u
Le caurious aLour vleie ir vas useu: secuiing
somerling liglrveiglr insiue a sleu voulu Le
nne, Lur ve`u Le vaiy o using rlis cli ro rie
somerling ro rle oursiue o a moving cai.
1 Monopoly
Moleriol used: 3.4g
Cosl ol moleriol: 20p
Prinling lime: 25mins
Moss-morkel equivolenl: Mo|
ovoiloblo onlino
Money soved: M/A
A Lianu nev Nonooly ser comes virl 32
small ieu louses, a numLei rlar ineviraLly
uiminisles ovei rime as ioeiry is acciuenrally
sver unuei rle soa, scoeu Ly inquisirive
ers, oi luileu acioss rle ioom in a nr o
Boxing Day ique. Piinring oui eiecrly
acceraLle suLsrirures rook only 25 minures
anu cosr 20, anu ve noreu rlar 1lingiveise
also oeis 3D mouels o Nonooly lorels as
vell. Houses uon`r seem ro Le solu inuiviuually
online, anu ir`s mucl cleaei rlan Luying
a vlole nev ser.
Ihe crowdlunded Zim 3D prinler will be ollered lor sole loler lhis yeor ol oround 355
The Iuture oI 3D prntng
Small-scale consumei irems aie no longei rle
ieseive o ounu slos anu nicle selleis on
rle uirlei ieacles o Amazon. I you neeu a
small uevice ar sloir norice, anu ir`s a rling virl
only one oi rvo airs anu limireu meclanics
sucl as a linge, rleie`s a goou clance you`ll Le
aLle ro nnu a iee iojecr nle oi ir on
1lingiveise anu rlar you`ll Le loluing ir in
youi lanus virlin an loui oi rvo ar a
negligiLle cosr in mareiials.
3D iinring is a gioving inuusriy. In
]anuaiy, AuoLe iolleu our an ugiaue ro
Ploroslo CC auuing 3D iinring earuies:
Ploroslo can nov oen nles in a iange o
oimars incluuing rle oulai DAL (Collaua),
IL3D, KNZ (oulaiiseu Ly Google Lairl),
S1L (viuely suoireu Ly 3D iinrei sorvaie
incluuing oui ovn U Plus) anu OB] nles.
Ploroslo can auromarically iorare mouels ro
make suie rley uon`r collase uuiing iinring,
rlicken valls ro imiove sriucruial inregiiry,
anu auu irs ovn suoiring mareiial, meaning
all rle usei neeus ro uo is cieare a uesign.
Consumei 3D iinring is also gerring cleaei:
Nalin`s Velleman KS200 iinrei can Le lau
oi I599, vlile US comany Zeeio iecenrly
ian a $300,000 Kicksrairei camaign oi irs
viieless Zim 3D iinrei, ro Le oeieu oi sale
ar $599 (aiounu I355) larei rlis yeai.
A January upgrade
to Photoshop
CC added 3D
printing features"
INDEPTH Lncryptlon
Dave 5tevenson tries out the apps that can help you protect sensitive
information across all your devices
Encrypt yoor phone,
tabIet and PC

len ir comes ro uara secuiiry,

ve`ie all living in rle asr. A
uecaue oi rvo ago, secuiing
youi uara vas ielarively simle.
Wirlour a eisisrenr inreiner connecrion, rle
iisk vas essenrially limireu ro someone srealing
youi ueskro PC iom youi lome, oi incling a
loy uisk iom youi Lag.
We knov rlings lave clangeu, so vly
laven`r ve clangeu oui secuiiry laLirs
Consiuei rlis: youi uara is almosr ceirainly
sieau acioss a laro, a smairlone anu a
raLler, eacl o rlem liglly oiraLle anu easy ro
sreal. 1le naruie o rle uara ve sroie on
comureis las clangeu as vell. Documenrs anu
sieausleers miglr lolu sensirive inoimarion,
Lur rle conrenrs o youi inLox, loro euiroi anu
veL Liovsei aie mucl moie eisonal, anu
coulu iove nnancially uisasrious i rley ell inro
ciiminal lanus. 1lose vlo use rleii eisonal
uevices oi Lusiness may lave even moie ro eai.
1le ansvei is enciyrion. Ir`s availaLle
acioss all laroims, ir can Le invisiLle in use
anu ciucially mouein sysrems aie eecrively
unLieakaLle ro someone nor in ossession o rle
aioiiare assvoiu.
Types oI encrypton
Lnciyrion aiguaLly venr mainsrieam in
1991 virl Pierry Goou Piivacy (PGP). Plil
Zimmeimann`s iee enciyrion sorvaie oeieu
12S-Lir enciyrion ro anyone vlo uovnloaueu
ir a miliraiy-giaue uegiee o secuiiry rlar ar rle
rime qualineu as a munirion unuei US lav,
causing Zimmeimann ro come unuei ciiminal
invesrigarion. PGP anu irs ueiivarives aie srill
useu rouay: rle iee veision vas uisconrinueu
arei Symanrec acquiieu rle comany in 2010,
Lur rle souice coue iemains oen ro all.
1le mouein sranuaiu oi enciyrion is
Auvanceu Lnciyrion Sranuaiu (ALS), vlicl in
2003 vas aioveu Ly rle US arional Secuiiry
Agency oi rle enciyrion o ro-secier uara.
1ouay, ALS is useu in Ale`s iOS uevices, in
Winuovs` BirLockei sorvaie anu in Anuioiu`s
narive ull-nle-sysrem enciyrion.
Orlei ryes o enciyrion in use incluue RSA
anu SHA, in iacrice, ir uoesn`r noimally marrei
vlicl you use. A Liggei issue is rle size o
rle key rlar is, rle secier coue numLei
rlar`s useu ro sciamLle youi uara. Key lengrl
is measuieu in Lirs, so a one-Lir key coulu Le
eirlei 0 oi 1, anu coulu Le ciackeu Ly
simly riying Lorl ossiLiliries. An eiglr-Lir
key las 256 ossiLle comLinarions, so voulu
rake mucl longei ro ueear Ly sucl a Liure
oice arrack.
Wirl rle amounrs o comuring ovei
availaLle rouay, even 40-Lir secuiiry, virl irs
iouglly riillion uieienr comLinarions, is
consiueieu ielarively insecuie: virl ueuicareu
laiuvaie, sucl a key coulu Le guesseu in
less rlan a uay. 1le 12S-Lir keys rlar aie
commonly useu rouay iesenr moie rlan a
riillion rimes as many ossiLle comLinarions.
A mouein comurei, given a uocumenr
enciyreu virl 12S-Lir enciyrion anu a
Lillion-yeai leau srair, voulu ioLaLly srill
Le voiking rovaius a solurion rouay.
In orlei voius, i you enciyr a uocumenr
virl rle 12S-Lir enciyrion availaLle on mosr
uevices, a uara rlie las no iealisric clance o
Lieaking in Ly Liure oice. Be vaineu, rlougl:
i youi enciyrion is iorecreu virl a ooi
assvoiu, an inriuuei coulu unlock youi uara
rliougl guessvoik, making rle sriengrl o rle
enciyrion sysrem irsel iiielevanr.
Encryptng yoor PC
wth BtLocker
1leie aie seveial orions vlen ir comes ro
enciyring youi PC, Lur since Winuovs
Visra BirLockei las ioviueu our-o-rle-Lox
enciyrion oi Winuovs Ulrimare anu
Lnreiiise useis anu oi useis o Winuovs S
Pio (alrlougl nor Winuovs Pioessional).
BirLockei is Laseu on 12S-Lir ALS enciyrion,
oi oi ulrimare eace o minu you can or
oi 256-Lir enciyrion insreau. BirLockei
ioviues vlole-uisk enciyrion, so insreau
o simly iorecring youi Ny Sensirive
Documenrs oluei, you`ll Le enciyring youi
enriie srairu uisk.
BirLockei is ar irs mosr convenienr vlen
useu on a comurei virl a 1iusreu Plaroim
Nouule (1PN), vlicl sroies rle ueciyrion
key. In rlis scenaiio, you`ll Le iomreu ro
ioviue a PI oi assvoiu (srairu key) eacl
rime youi comurei srairs u. 1lis key connims
youi iuenriry ro rle 1PN, vlicl rlen unlocks
rle uisk. 1le auvanrage o uoing ir rlis vay
is rlar i youi uisk is srolen anu insralleu in
anorlei PC, ir vill Le comlerely imossiLle
ro unlock, even ro someone vlo knovs youi
srairu key, as rle acrual ueciyrion key
iemains liuuen avay insiue youi 1PN.
BirLockei can also Le useu virlour a PI oi
asscoue, ro iorecr you againsr rlieves oi
malvaie rameiing virl youi PC, Lur ir`s no
lel i youi enriie comurei is srolen.
As an alreinarive ro a 1PN mouule, you can
sroie rle BirLockei ueciyrion key on a USB
lasl uiive, as long as youi PC can access USB
uevices uuiing Loor. AiguaLly rlis is moie
secuie rlan using a Luilr-in 1PN, as i youi
laro is srolen, ir von`r Le LooraLle virlour
rle USB uevice. (Inueeu, even i youi laro Lag
is srolen virl youi USB key insiue, ir von`r Le
oLvious lov rle rvo voik rogerlei.)
I you lose youi USB key, lovevei, you`ll
neeu ro use BirLockei`s iecoveiy earuie, rlis
involves eirlei keeing a saie USB uevice, oi
manually enreiing a 4S-claiacrei iecoveiy coue.
Niciosor also allovs you ro save iecoveiy keys
ro irs OneDiive seivice. You`ll nnu BirLockei in
rle conriol anel unuei Sysrem Anu Secuiiry,
cloose BirLockei anu click on 1uin on
BirLockei ro Legin rle iocess o enciyring
youi laiu uisk.
BtLocker To Go
BirLockei uoesn`r jusr oei enciyrion o youi
main laiu uisk: BirLockei 1o Go can also
enciyr rle conrenrs o USB sroiage. Ir`s ounu
in rle same veisions o Winuovs anu S as
BirLockei, anu uoesn`r iequiie eirlei a 1PN
mouule oi a seconu USB uevice ro sroie rle key.
1o access an enciyreu uevice, you simly lug
ir inro a Winuovs oi S PC (any veision can
unlock rle enciyrion) anu enrei rle assvoiu.
You can ruin on BirLockei 1o Go iom rle
same lace as you acrivare rle sranuaiu veision
o BirLockei: i rleie`s a USB uevice arracleu
ro youi PC you can simly cloose 1uin on
BirLockei. You`ll rlen Le iomreu ro selecr
a assvoiu, anu rle iocess o enciyrion vill
Legin. 1le laigei rle uiive, rle longei rlis
iocess rakes: in oui resrs, a 4GB uiive rook rle
Lerrei air o 20 minures. 1uining on BirLockei
1o Go also iomrs you ro eirlei iinr oi save a
BirLockei Recoveiy Key, vlicl you can use in
rle evenr you lose rle oiiginal assvoiu.
BirLockei isn`r rle only enciyrion Lakeu
inro Winuovs. 1le Lnciyring Iile Sysrem
(LIS) las oeieu ei-nle oi ei-oluei
enciyrion since Winuovs 2000, alrlougl
again ir isn`r iesenr in all veisions o Winuovs:
only rle Business, Lnreiiise anu Ulrimare
euirions o Winuovs Visra anu suoir
ir, anu only rle Pio anu Lnreiiise vaiieries
o Winuovs S.
I you lave LIS rlen you can enciyr any nle
oi oluei on an 1IS uiive Ly going ro rle
Auvanceu secrion o irs ioeiries uialog Lox
anu clicking Lnciyr conrenrs ro secuie uara.
1lis enciyrs nles using a key rlar`s linkeu ro
youi Winuovs usei accounr, so rleie`s no
assvoiu as sucl, youi uara is alvays ully
accessiLle vlile you`ie loggeu on, Lur enciyreu
nles can`r Le accesseu Ly orlei useis, anu vill Le
unieauaLle i rle uisk is moveu inro anorlei PC
oi accesseu iom oursiue o Winuovs.
As vell as voiking only on ceirain euirions
o Winuovs, Lorl BirLockei anu LIS lack
mulrilaroim suoir, so rley`ie nor oi
eveiyone. One iee orion oi Winuovs, OS X
anu Linux (as vell as RISC OS anu VNS) is
GnuPG (). Besiues enciyring
nles, ir can inregiare virl Niciosor Ourlook
anu orlei email clienrs, alloving you ro
enciyr anu sign emails virl a single click.
Ir`s also ossiLle ro Luy laiuvaie virl
Luilr-in enciyrion. A ioor rliougl Amazon`s
slelves ieveals a iange o ALS-equieu USB
uiives. Ioi a slaue unuei I10, you can Luy a
4GB USB uiive virl 256-Lir enciyrion Luilr in,
oeiing on-rle-ly iorecrion virlour neeuing
exria sorvaie. Senu a lirrle moie anu you can
move u ro rle uscale USB 3, 4GB Kingsron
Dara1iavelei, vlicl oi I15 (I19 inc VA1)
oeis 256-Lir ALS enciyrion, vareiioonng
ro a claimeu 4r uerl, anu auromaric uara
sel-uesriucrion arei ren aileu access arremrs.
Protect your Phone
Ale`s iPlone is leavily maikereu as a
consumei uevice, Lur ir`s also maue oimiuaLle
inioaus inro Lusinesses. 1lar`s airly rlanks ro
a oveiul secuiiry iamevoik rlar makes
rouay`s iOS uevices among rle mosr secuie
lanulelus availaLle. Lveiy iOS uevice uses
256-Lir ALS laiuvaie enciyrion Ly ueaulr,
Once you prolecl on iO5 device wilh o
posscode, dolo ond operolions become lighlly
locked down
8ilLocker encryplion is powerlul ond eosy lo use - bul is sodly only included in lop-end
edilions ol Windows, such os Windows 7 Ullimole ond Windows 8 Pro -AUGU8T 2014
INDEPTH Lncryptlon
anu eacl uevice Ale makes incluues a
ei-uevice key.
1lis uoesn`r mean eveiyrling on youi iPlone
is auromarically secuieu againsr inriuueis. By
ueaulr, as long as a uevice can Le oveieu
u, ceirain nles anu inoimarion, incluuing
lorogials, messages anu conracrs, can Le
ieriieveu virlour any neeu ro aurlenricare.
Once you arracl a asscoue ro an iOS
uevice, rlings ger moie seiious. 1le asscoue is
rangleu virl youi uevice`s Luilr-in key ro
enaLle vlar Ale calls uara iorecrion,
vlicl enciyrs youi email anu sroieu
assvoius, ievenring access no marrei lov a
uevice is accesseu. I rleie`s a veak oinr, ir`s rle
qualiry o rle asscoue you cloose: rle ueaulr
oui-uigir asscoue miglr Le convenienr, Lur a
six-uigir coue, virl rle orion ro auromarically
vie rle uevice arei ren viong guesses, viirually
guaianrees a Liure-oice arrack von`r succeeu.
I you vanr ro enciyr orlei uara on an
iPlone oi iPau, you`ll neeu ro look ar rliiu-airy
as. Ioirunarely, as aie aLle ro uiav on
iOS`s enciyrion laiuvaie, so rleie aie lenry
aLour. Ploro Sae Pio, oi examle, is iee anu
uses 256-Lir ALS enciyrion ro iorecr loros.
In rle evenr rlar youi iPlone oi iPau uoes
all inro rle viong lanus, Lecause eveiyrling
on an iOS uevice is enciyreu, irs uara can Le
secuiely eiaseu Ly simly viing rle enciyrion
key anu geneiaring a nev one. Arei rlis is uone
ir may in rleoiy Le ossiLle ro iecovei olu nles
iom rle iPlone`s lasl memoiy Lur virlour
rle enciyrion key ir vill Le imossiLle ro
uecoue rlem. 1le iocess rakes seconus,
iarlei rlan rle louis ir miglr rake ro
secuiely oveiviire eveiy nle in ruin, so i
youi uevice is srolen
you can secuiely vie ir
almosr insranrly.
Protect your
Androd devce
1le our-o-rle-Lox
enciyrion availaLle on
Anuioiu uevices voiks
similaily ro rle vlole-uisk
aioacl o Winuovs`
BirLockei, so once you
acrivare ir, eveiyrling on
rle uevice is sciamLleu.
1o acrivare ir, leau ro
Serrings, rlen Secuiiry, rlen cloose Lnciyr
uevice. 1le iocess o enciyrion is a long one
allov an loui, anu longei i you ovn a uevice
virl a lor o onLoaiu sroiage. Once ir`s uone,
you`ll Le iomreu ro enrei a PI oi assvoiu
eveiy rime you ruin on youi uevice. You can
also cloose ro enciyr youi exreinal sroiage, i
youi uevice is equieu virl a micioSD
exansion slor.
Anuioiu`s Luilr-in enciyrion sysrem isn`r
virlour comiomises. or only uoes rle inirial
seru rake a long rime, ir`s lanuleu in sorvaie
so you may see an imacr on eioimance
as iocessoi cycles aie uiveireu ro rle joL o
ueciyring eveiy single nle anu a rlar loaus in
iom memoiy. Ir`s a one-vay srieer, roo: i you
ueciue you no longei vanr ro use enciyrion, rle
only rling you can uo is eioim a acroiy ieser.
As virl iOS, rleie aie lenry o rliiu-airy
alreinarives availaLle on Google Play. Ioi
clouu-sroiage useis, Boxciyroi (see j62) vill
allov you ro access anu secuie nles sroieu on
DioLox anu Google Diive, vlile rle iee a
Secier Sace Lnciyroi (see ualltlrcugl, j62)
oeis nor only nle enciyrion Lur a losr o
secuiiry rools. You can enciyr inuiviuual ieces
o rexr, oi sciamLle enriie nles oi olueis using
inuusriy-sranuaiu, 256-Lir ALS enciyrion.
You coulu also riy rle excellenr LDS Lire,
vlicl is also iee. 1lis allovs you ro cieare
lhe encrypllon slondords dlscussed here ore,
lo oll lnlenls ond purposes, unbreokoble. Bul
ll you plon lo use encrypllon, you should be
owore lhol lhe oulhorllles con legolly requlre
you lo decrypl your hles ond moke lhelr
conlenls ovolloble lo o pollce lnvesllgollon.
lhls doesnl meon o pollcemon con occosl
you ln lhe slreel ond demond lo see your
prolecled hles. Slreellevel slopondseorch
powers exlend only lo slolen ond prohlblled
orllcles, ond lls perleclly legol lo corry
oround your own encrypled dolo. Allhough
on olhcer mlghl loke on lnleresl ln lhe conlenl
ol your encrypled phone or loplop, he or she
conl under lhese clrcumslonces compel you
lo unlock ll or decrypl lls conlenls.
Encryption and the law
ll youre belng lnvesllgoled lor somelhlng
speclhc, however, lhen lhe pollce hove
wlderonglng powers lo order you lo unlock
your dolo. lhey con do lhls ll lhey belleve lls
ln lhe lnleresl ol nollonol securlly, wlll prevenl
or delecl o crlme, or ls ln lhe lnleresl ol lhe
economlc wellbelng ol lhe nlled Klngdom".
Cnce youve been glven olhclol nollce
[normolly ln wrlllng| lhol you musl decrypl
your dolo, you could loce up lo lwo yeors
ln prlson ll you loll lo comply: ln 2010,
1Pyeorold Cllver Droge wos senlenced
lo 1 weeks ln o young ollenders lnslllullon
lor lolllng lo decrypl dolo, oller belng
queslloned ln relollon lo lhe possesslon
ol lndecenl lmoges ol chlldren.
ll's possible lo buy U58 osh drives wilh buill-in hordwore encryplion
Open-source sollwore
lor Windows ond O5 X
con encrypl emoil os well
os individuol les -AUGU8T 2014 059 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
INDEPTH Lncryptlon
Use 55E to encrypt les on your Android device
Io gel slorled, lop 5ellings in lhe bollom lell. Here, you con opl
lo lock 55E il you slop using il lempororily, ond choose your
encryplion olgorilhm. You gel o ronge ol oplions; 256-bil AE5 is
more lhon slrong enough lo deleol hocking ellorls. Ihe 5ellings
menu olso conloins lhe oplion lo securely erose les once on
encrypled version hos been creoled.
Files encrypled by 55E oren'l limiled lo use on olher Android
devices. Al you'll nd Windows
ond O5 X versions ol 55E. Once lhe opplicolion is inslolled on your
desklop, you con drog ond drop 55E-prolecled les onlo ils window
lo decrypl lhem - ollhough you'll need lo know which encryplion
olgorilhm wos used.
Ihe moin screen ol 55E, o lree Android opp, is o simple doshboord:
you con opl lo odd posswords lo o coche ol soved posscodes,
encrypl slrings ol lexl ond individuol les or lolders, or visil lhe
Olher Ulils seclion. Ihe loller ollers hondy lools such os o possword
generolor ond lhe oplion lo securely wipe your device's clipboord -
uselul oller copying sensilive lexl lor encryplion.
Ihe le encryplor is simplicily ilsell: simply novigole lhrough your
lolders unlil you nd lhe le you wonl lo prolecl (ony le lype
works}, ond lop Encrypl File. You'll be prompled lo enler o possword
(lhis is where lhe possword generolor con help}, oller which your le
is encrypled. You con olso lop ond hold o direclory lo ollow 55E lo
encrypl o lolder ond everylhing in il.
enciyreu conrainei nles on youi Anuioiu uevice
ro sroie sensirive inoimarion, oi I4, rle
Piemium euirion auus rle aLiliry ro access
nles iom uiiecrly virlin rlem.
Encrypton and the cIoud
In a mulri-uevice voilu, clouu sroiage anu
seivices sucl as DioLox anu Google Diive aie
moie useul rlan evei. I you lan ro use sucl
rools in a coioiare enviionmenr, lovevei,
quesrions o secuiiry loom laige. Borl DioLox
anu Google Diive sroie youi uara on rleii
seiveis in enciyreu oim, Lur rley also manage
rle keys rlemselves. 1lis means rle iocess o
enciyring anu ueciyring nles is convenienrly
riansaienr oi rle usei, Lur ir also means rlar
Lorl DioLox anu Google coulu in rleoiy
uelivei youi uara ro a rliiu airy in ueciyreu
oim, i legally iequiieu ro uo so (oi somelov
riickeu inro ir). I you vanr ro comLine rle
convenience o clouu sroiage virl rle Lenenrs
o unLieakaLle enciyrion, you`ll neeu ro
enciyr youi uara youisel Leoie uloauing ir.
Boxciyroi ( is a rool
oi Winuovs anu OS X rlar can eioim local,
256-Lir ALS enciyrion on youi nles Leoie
rley`ie synceu virl youi clouu seivice. Insrall
Boxciyroi anu an enciyreu viirual uiive is
cieareu on youi PC. Iolueis virlin DioLox,
Google Diive oi OneDiive sroiage can rlen Le
auueu ro rlis viirual uiive, anu nles saveu vill Le
enciyreu locally, Leoie Leing commirreu ro a
clouu losr`s sroiage. Lven in rle ace o a seaicl
vaiianr oi couir oiuei, ir vill Le imossiLle oi
rle conrenrs ro Le exoseu virlour youi say-so.
Ir`s also ossiLle ro use clouu sroiage ro losr
an enciyreu conrainei nle, sucl as one cieareu
Ly LDS Lire. 1o ser rlis u, cieare a nev viirual
uiive in rle iegulai vay anu lace rle conrainei
nle insiue a clouu-synceu oluei.
1lis aioacl uoes negare some o rle
Lenenrs o clouu sroiage, rlougl. Youi nles
von`r uloau immeuiarely ro rle clouu you`ll
lave ro unmounr youi viirual uisk Leoie ir can
Le synclioniseu. Anu you`ll neeu a comariLle
enciyrion clienr insralleu on eveiy uevice you
vanr ro use ro access youi secuie nles. 1lar`s
nor as ioLlemaric as ir may sounu, rlougl:
Boxciyroi oeis a Cliome Liovsei lugin rlar
allovs you ro connecr ro a clouu-sroiage seivice
oi nle Liovsing, as vell as narive Anuioiu anu
iOS as. Suoir oi Winuovs Plone anu
Winuovs R1 uevices is coming soon. -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Contents
Advanced Windows 8 Mac 68
Ir`s Leen a uisaoinring ren yeais oi Niciosor,
Lur ]on HoneyLall is loeul rlar rle comany is
nnally gerring a clue.
Mobile 8 Wireless 71
Paul Ockenuen lels a usei looking oi voiluviue
communicarion, anu snags limsel a nev ligl-
iesolurion laro.
Online Business 76
Kevin Pairnei ieveals vlar laens vlen Amazon urs
irs veiglr Lelinu a sel-uLlisleu rirle, anu exlains rle
imoirance o goou iouucr slors.
5ecurity85ocial Networking 79
Davey Winuei examines rle laresr uougy as, anu
exlains vly IaceLook`s usei-inreiace imiovemenrs
aie anyrling Lur.
Office Applications 82
Simon ]ones examines rle comlexiries o Winuovs S`s
usei inreiace, anu vlar coulu Le a ieruin ro a moie
usei-iienuly exeiience.
Web Apps 8 Design 85
Naik evron exlains rle Lesr vays ro ger rle ieal usei
exeiience iom moLile-uevice simularois vlen resring
a iojecrs.
Networks 88
Arei a rii ro San Iiancisco, Sreve Cassiuy rlinks
ir`s rime ve sraireu aying arrenrion ro Reu Har, rle
oen-souice seivei uisrio.
Our expert line-up
1 ways to make
your business
more secure 62
Wirl a rliiu o small Lusinesses
alling vicrim ro online ciime,
Davey Winuei exlains rle iisks
anu lov Lesr ro iorecr youisel.
Do you neeu lel virl a Lusiness I1 ioLlem `s Real Woilu
Comuring exeirs vill visir youi comany ro uelivei iee auvice on
youi nim`s I1 seru. Senu uerails ro anu
ve coulu ay you a visir!
Programming is the ultimate construction
game, where your opponent is the
complexity of reality itself
Proud programmer
DICK POUNTAIN unveils the dark
side of the push for kids to code
DICK POUNTAIN edits 's Real
World Computing section and is proud
to say he prefers Ruby to Lego (and no,
he hasn't seen the movie).

iealise I`m ouu, Lur I iogiam oi un.

In acr, I ai ieei iogiamming ro
laying games. Given my orlei inreiesrs,
eole aie oren suiiiseu rlar I uon`r
enjoy cless, Lur rle riurl is rlar rle soir
o ioLlems ir cieares uoesn`r inreiesr me:
I simly can`r Le Lorleieu ro luir my Liain
rlinking aleau seven moves vlen all rlar`s
ar srake is Learing rle orlei guy.
I enjoyeu laying virl Neccano as a kiu,
anu uiu inueeu make rlar riavelling ganriy
ciane. I can even imagine rle soir o sarisacrion
rlar miglr aiise iom Luiluing Clairies
Carleuial our o Lego, alrlougl laving
cliluien ienueieu me loLic aLour rle sounu
o silling Lego Liicks (anu rle ain o sreing
on one in Laie eer). Bur iogiamming is rle
ulrimare consriucrion game, vleie youi
oonenr is neirlei eison noi comurei,
Lur rle comlexiry o iealiry irsel.
OLjecr-oiienreu iogiamming is esecially
ievaiuing rlar vay. You can simulare anyrling
you can imagine, uesciiLe irs ioeiries anu irs
Lelavioui, rlen Ly rying a single line o
coue cieare a rlousanu (oi a million) coies
o ir anu ser rlem all voiking. 1len you can
call rlar enriie sysrem an oLjecr anu cieare a
lunuieu coies o ir. Ir`s all sru you can`r
uo in rle leavy, ineirial, exensive voilu o
marrei: making lasric Lirs anu ieces Ly 3D
iinring may Le iacrical, even useul (see jS2),
Lur ir lacks rlis Creatcr cf VcrlJs Luzz.
Since I`m so Lesorreu Ly iogiamming as a
ieciearion, you`ll imagine I musr Le veiy excireu
Ly oui goveinmenr`s Yeai o Coue iniriarive,
vlicl aims ro reacl all oui cliluien lov ro
viire iogiams oi aLour couing as rle
cuiienr iiiiraring locurion voulu lave ir.
Well, I`m nor. I`m avaie rlar my rasre oi
iogiamming as a loLLy is ierry unusual
anu ai iom univeisal eilas even eccenriic
anu rle iuea rlar eveiy clilu in rle counriy
is going ro uevelo sucl a rasre is luuicious.
Couing vill mosr likely iove as unleasanr as
marls ro a lor o kius, anu ur rlem o oi lie.
Bur vlar aLour couing as a joL skill, as viral
lie equimenr oi gaining emloymenr in oui
nev uigiral eia Well, rleie`s ceirainly a neeu
oi a lor o iogiammeis, anu rle joL ays vell
aLove aveiage. Hovevei, you can say mucl rle
same aLour lumLeis, elecriicians anu moroi
meclanics, anu no-one is suggesring rlar all
cliluien sloulu Le rauglr rlose skills.
Inueeu, rle goveinmenr`s aim is ro riain
sclool reacleis ro reacl couing, Lur ir makes
no moie sense oi a clilu ro leain iogiamming
rlan ir uoes ro reacl rlem ro viie u a iing
main oi insrall a cisrein. Someone vlo ueciues
ro uisue iogiamming as a ioession neeus
soliu ruirion in marls anu eilas lysics, lus
rle Lasic iinciles o iogiamming, sucl as
ireiarion anu conuirionaliry, vlicl ouglr ro Le
air o rle marls cuiiiculum anyvay. Acrual
iogiamming in ieal languages is oi reiriaiy
euucarion, nor oi nve-yeai-olus as rle Yeai
o Coue seeks.
1le vlole aaii ieeks o rle kinu o
gimmicky olicy a Luncl o airs anu lumaniries
giauuares, clueless aLour reclnology, miglr
rlink u arei gerring an iPau oi Cliisrmas
anu Leing Lovleu ovei Ly rle vonueiul nev
voilu o uigiral communicarions. 1leii kius
ioLaLly alieauy knov moie aLour couing
rlan rley uo via sel-ruirion.
Hovevei, rleie aie rlose vlo uerecr a
moie sinisrei ououi in rle aii. Ioi examle,
Anuiev Oilovski, cuimuugeon-in-clie ar
1le Regisrei (anu oimei C rc jouinalisr),
las oinreu ro a nervoik o riaining comanies
anu consulranrs vlo sranu ro make Lig Lucks
our o rle Yeai o Coue, in mucl rle same vay
nims uiu uuiing rle Y2K anic: rley incluue
venruie cairal comany Inuex Venruies,
vlicl las Yeai o Coue`s claiiman Rolan
Silva as irs enrieieneui in iesiuence, anu
US riaining comany Couecauemy.
Oiganisarions alieauy ieacling cliluien
vlo aie acrually inreiesreu in iogiamming,
sucl as rle RasLeiiy Pi Iounuarion, aeai
ro Le siuelineu Ly rle lye meiclanrs rle
ounuarion`s euucarional uevelomenr uiiecroi
Clive Beale las claimeu rlar rle voiu 'couing`
las Leen lijackeu anu aLuseu Ly oliricians
anu meuia vlo uon`r unueisranu sru.
Peisonally, I`u love ro Lelieve all cliluien
coulu Le rauglr ro gain as mucl leasuie iom
iogiamming as I uo, Lur ir`s unlikely. As virl
singing, uiaving oi laying oorLall, some can
uo ir anu like ir, orleis can`r anu von`r, anu
rle norion rlar eveiyone las ro Le aLle uo ir
oi rle sake o rle narional economy las an
unleasanrly Naoisr unueirone Lackyaiu
coue ounuiies insreau o sreelvoiks. -AUGU8T 2014
With a third of small businesses falling victim to online crime,
Davey Winder explains the risks and how best to protect yourself
10ways to make yoor
bosness more secore

le srarisrics oi cyLeiciime, online

iauu anu uara rler make oi
uisruiLing ieauing. 1le Ieueiarion
o Small Businesses (ISB) ieckons rle
cosr ro eacl Lusiness is I4,000 ei yeai, virl
aiounu a rliiu o ISB memLeis alling vicrim
ro online ciimes sucl as malvaie inecrions,
lacking arracks oi ull-on uara Lieacles.
Ioi rle small- ro meuium-sizeu-Lusiness
(SNB) ovnei esecially, rle imacr o sucl
arracks go Leyonu rle immeuiare nnancial loss
anu uisiurion ro rle uaily voiking scleuule
rleie`s rle loss o ieurarion anu cusromei
riusr ro acroi in, roo. Desire rlis, ir`s SNBs
rlar lave rle mosr uinculry nnuing aoiuaLle
anu uoaLle secuiiry measuies. 1lis can leau ro
suLsranuaiu iorecrion oi voise srill no
secuiiry ar all.
1o lel solve rle ioLlem, leie aie
ren simle vays ro make youi Lusiness
moie secuie.
1. Knowyour data
2. Manage your passwords the easy way
Mol oll dolo ls equol. lhe slorllng polnl lor
ony buslness musl be underslondlng whol
dolo ls buslnesscrlllcol or senslllve. You musl
ldenllly how lls used ond where lls slored.
lhe mosl boslc ol oudlls con be occompllshed
|usl by conslderlng whol mlghl hoppen ll o
breoch were lo occur ond dolo, such os
hnonclol dolo, or employee or cuslomer
records, wos compromlsed.
Cnce you underslond lhe llkely ellecl on
your buslness ond lhere con be mulllple
whol ll" scenorlos, dependlng on lhe nolure
ol lhe lncldenl youll hove o blueprlnl lor
your buslnesslmpocl levels.
Hlghrlsk dolo needs lo be opproprlolely
secured, ond you con devole more ol your
resources lo ensurlng ll ls. )usl nole lhol
your |ob doesnl slop lhere you conl
lgnore dolo lhol youve closslhed os
less rlsky, rolher, you musl prlorlllse
your securlly ellorls occordlngly.
Posswords ore ol lhe core ol every securlly pollcy,
yel ensurlng lhol lheyre secure ond enlorced lsnl
eosy. Consumers hove servlces such os LoslPoss lo
help generole ond monoge lhelr posswords, bul
should o buslness use possword monogers
LoslPoss ond olher such servlces hove enlerprlse
verslons ovolloble ol o low cosl per user. lhese oller
oll lhe boslc secureposswordgenerollon opllons
youd expecl, wllh o vorlely ol buslnessorlenloled
exlros: lor exomple, you con sel componywlde
mlnlmum possword slondords lo meel your pollcy
requlremenls, or opply cuslomlsed pollcles lo reslrlcl
occess lo speclhc devlces, groups or locollons.
lhen lheres Acllve Dlreclory [AD|,Llghlwelghl
Dlreclory Access Prolocol [LDAP| lnlegrollon. lhls
con lmporl exlsllng AD prohles, oulomole reporllng
lools lo hlghllghl weoknesses ln lhe possword
securlly choln, ond ollers reolllme synclng ocross
devlces lo help wllh lhe rlse ol lhe Brlng Your Cwn
Devlce [BYCD| cullure. ll con be prolecled by o
mosler possword, whlch con be resel or revoked
by lhe odmlnlslrolor.
dolo ls buslnesscrlllcol or senslllve. You musl
ldenllly how lls used ond where lls slored.
breoch were
hnonclol do
records, wo
Cnce yo
your buslnes
whol ll" sc
ol lhe lnclde
your buslnes
secured, on
y -AUGU8T 2014
4. To encrypt or not to encrypt?
3. Education
Everyone ln your buslness musl underslond
compony securlly pollcy ond know why lls
lmporlonl. Educollon doesnl need lo be
expenslve: ll con be lnlegroled eoslly lnlo
lhe slolllnducllon process, ond you could
conslder slxmonlhly relreshers lo brlng
exlsllng employees up lo speed wllh ony
chonges lncludlng lhreols ol whlch lhey
should be owore.
Cnly on hour ls needed every now
ond lhen lo sll wllh on employee lo exploln
how securlly opplles lo lhelr porllculor role
ond lo onswer ony quesllons. Remember,
educollon ond communlcollon ore |usl os
lmporlonl os lools ogolnsl cybercrlme os
lhe compuler lechnology you use lo
delend your dolo.
However, ln order lo be ellecllve, ll hos
lo be lmplemenled lrom lhe bollom up ond
lhe lop down lhol ls, everyone lrom lhe
CEC lo lhe summer lemp needs lo be on
boord ll o securlly pollcy ls lo work. lhol
doesnl meon lhe some lrolnlng should be
glven lo oll, lhe besl lrolnlng ls lollored lo
lhe speclhc role ol lhe employee ond lhe
lhreols lhey moy encounler.
5. Be prepared
An lnlegrol porl ol ony smoll
buslness ll securlly slrolegy ls o
lormol documenl lhol goes lnlo
proper deloll ond ls lhen kepl
updoled, rolher lhon slulled ln o
drower ond lorgollen oboul. ll moy
sound ledlous, bul you musl plon nol
only how lo prolecl your dolo ond
resources, bul olso whol lo do ln
lhe evenl lhol lhlngs go wrong.
Allhough mony smoller
buslnesses ossume such on ll
securlly pollcy ls somelhlng lhol only
lorge enlerprlses requlre, lheyre
wrong every buslness, lncludlng
lhe smollesl SMB, con benehl lrom
lmplemenllng o securlly pollcy.
lhe lrlck ls lo underslond lhol lls
more lhon |usl o lormol documenl
lo be hled owoy golherlng dusl, ll
should be seen os o dynomlc devlce
lo help you underslond whol dolo
securlly meons lo lhe buslness. You
con lhen bulld o slruclured response
lo sull your needs. lhlnk ol ll os
o commllmenl lo prolecl oll lhe
dolo you creole ond use, ond
on obsolulely lnlegrol porl ol
your buslness processes.
lhe besl ll securlly pollcy wlll
deloll nol only how lo prolecl your
dolo bul olso how lo reocl when
lhlngs go owry. Selllng oul on
lncldenlresponse slrolegy when
you hove o colm heod ls lor beller
lhon lrylng lo pul lhlngs rlghl ln lhe
heol ol lhe momenl.
For more on creollng on ll
securlly pollcy, vlsll www.pcpre.ce.
Cl oll lhe llps presenled here, encrypllon
ls probobly lhe mosl conlroverslol. Bul lls
olso lhe mosl voluoble ln lerms ol dolo
prolecllon. lls conlroverslol becouse
encrypllon hos olwoys been seen os
belng lhe reolm ol lhe nerd ond lhus
beyond lhe ken ol ordlnory buslness
owners, plus lheres lhe smoll moller
ol convenlence lo conslder.
Bolh orgumenls ore becomlng weoker
os encrypllon lechnologles become eosler
lo deploy ond work wllh. ll o loplop,
sloroge devlce ls losl or slolen ond lhe
dolo on ll ls encrypled, lhen lls lor less
llkely lo pose o securlly rlsk lo your
buslness. However, every buslness needs
lo welgh up lhe prolecllon,convenlence
rollo belore |umplng ln.
lhe some goes lor dolo ln lronsll. Desplle
lhe recenl Heorlbleed hocklng score, lls lor
soler lo moke sure oll onllne lronsocllons
ore corrled oul uslng Secure Sockels Loyer
[SSL| lhon over on lnsecure connecllon. lhe
beslprocllce odvlce ls lo lnvesllgole whol
encrypllon opllons ore ovolloble lo sull your
dolo, devlces ond buslness usoge.
Bul lhe bollom llne ls lhol, lrom SSL ond
encrypled SB conlolners ol one end ol
lhe scole lo onlheNy encrypllon ol lhe
olher, encrypled dolo ls more secure
lhon dolo lhol lsnl. Do you wonl lo rlsk
lhe consequences ol lgnorlng lhol -AUGU8T 2014
6. Update, patch, update, patch...
ll you wonl your buslness lo be secure,
you need lo sloy up lo dole. Speclhcolly,
you musl updole oll lhe sollwore you
use doylodoy ln your buslness: lhe
operollng syslems ol oll lhe devlces,
lrom smorlphones lo servers, plus lhe
sollwore lhol runs on lhe securlly
syslems lhol prolecl lhem oll.
lls o nobrolner lhol keeplng your
onllvlrus sollwore up lo dole wlll ensure ll
ollers lhe besl posslble prolecllon, yel lor
mony smoll buslnesses lhls ls low on lhe
lodo llsl. Securlly sollwore, generolly,
oulomollcolly checks lor ond lnslolls
updoles. Vhlle lhe some mlghl be sold ol
operollng syslem updoles, ouloupdoles ore
usuolly swllched oll due lo lhe resource
droln ond dlsrupllon lhey con couse.
Lorger componles hove polchlng
pollcles ond oulomoled polchmonogemenl
syslems, bul lhese ore beyond lhe hnonclol
ond lmplemenlollonol reoch ol mosl SMBs.
selul ollernollves lnclude deploylng
sconners lo run regulor syslem checks lor
unpolched or vulneroble sollwore, ond
lhen schedullng lhose updoles durlng
your buslnesss ollpeok llmes. Dolng
nolhlng lsnl on opllon, especlolly ll o
7. Disarmthe BYOD bomb
Locklng down your dolo on lhe move hos olwoys been
lmporlonl, especlolly slnce loplops were lnlroduced.
However, never hos ll been such o securlly lmperollve
os ll ls now, courlesy ol lhe Brlng Your Cwn Devlce
[BYCD| exploslon.
lhe BYCD bomb ls lor more llkely lo delonole
wllhln smoller buslnesses, where lhe cosl sovlngs ol
ollowlng sloll lo use lhelr own smorlphones, loblels
ond loplops seem lo lor oulwelgh ony securlly rlsk.
lhe lrulh ol lhe moller ls lhol moblle dolo needs lo
be secured wllh lhe some rlgour os lhol on your own
nelwork. lhe mlxlure ol personol ond buslness dolo
on moblle devlces, logelher wllh o lock ol corporole
securlly conlrols oulslde ol lhe workploce [when
connecled lo lhe home nelwork, lor exomple| ls
o reclpe lor dlsosler.
Slopplng BYCD lsnl on opllon lor lhe mo|orlly
ol componles, bul lhls doesnl meon you conl reduce
lhe securlly rlsk. Securlly solullons mlghl lnclude
dlvldlng o devlce lnlo secure work ond ploy porls, or
lmplemenllng pollcybosed conlrols lhol requlre users
lo hove lockeddown devlces. Encrypled work dolo
ond remolewlpe locllllles help, loo.
Allhough moblle devlcemonogemenl solullons ore
beyond lhe budgel ol mosl SMBs, o comblnollon ol
educollng users ol lhe rlsks, ondevlce securlly sollwore
ond properly lmplemenled nelwork conlrols con oller
reosonoble ollround prolecllon ol o relollvely low cosl.
polch hos olreody been mode ovolloble. lhlnk
oboul ll: ll lhe polch ls oul, lhen wouldbe
ollockers wlll be owore ol lhe problem ond
wlll be hndlng woys lo exploll ll. Polchlng ls
relollvely lowcosl, especlolly ol lhe smoller
end ol lhe buslness scole, bul lnvesllng your
llme ln ll wlll brlng lnvoluoble rewords when
ll comes lo securlly. -AUGU8T 2014
9. Time to get physical
Good dolo securlly lsnl oll oboul blls ond
byles lls olso oboul lhe blls ond bobs,
lrom lhe lronldesk PC lo lhe phone ln your
pockel. You need lo secure your hordwore
ond secure occess lo your premlses. Every
SMBs securlly pollcy should embroce
lhe physlcol, or ll could be counllng lhe
cosl when someone wolks ln ond sleols o
loplop ond by so dolng polenllolly sleols
occess lo lhe nelwork ond dolo, loo.
Slmple lhlngs con reduce lhe rlsk ol dolo
loss such os keeplng doors ond wlndows
locked whenever lhe olhce ls closed, hlllng
olorms, uslng Kenslnglon locks on desklops
ond loplops, ond requlrlng users lo hove
lockscreens ocllvoled whenever lheyre
owoy lrom lhelr desks, plus belng corelul
oboul who you lel lnlo your premlses.
Shred documenls lo prevenl poper
lrolls lhol could be uselul lo cybercrlmlnols,
ond keep your poper hles ln locked
coblnels. Flnolly, seeklng odvlce lrom
o locol crlmeprevenllon olhcer ls never
o bod ldeo, ellher.
8. Use the cloud
1. Act today
Vhlle lhe ldeo ol encrypllng everylhlng moy
be conlroverslol, lhe ldeo ol embroclng lhe
cloud lor prolesslonol work purposes ls seen
by some os poslllvely scondolous. However,
lhe cloud con be o genulnely secure cholce
lor mosl smoll buslnesses.
ln porllculor, ll mokes sense ll your
compony doesnl hove lhe llme or knowledge
lo be on lop ol oll lhe securlly lssues, ond
lhe updoles ond lmplemenlollons ll needs,
becouse o good cloud servlce provlder
[CSP| does hove llme.
Donl be scored ol lhe cloud lor dolo
sloroge or oppllcollonservlng usoge, slnce
o repuloble CSP wlll be more proocllve lhon
you ol molnlolnlng sollwore polches ond
lmplemenllng securlly ln order lo survlve,
CSPs hove lo loke securlly serlously. Vhols
more, lhey con do so ol less cosl lo your
bollom llne lhon you con.
lhe onyllme,onywhere nolure ol cloud
occess even provldes o good dlsoslerrecovery
roule lor smoller buslnesses. Cl course, lhe
cloud lsnl 100 secure, ond you need lo lhlnk
oboul where your dolo ls locoled ond who hos
occess lo ll. Here, lhough, encrypllon ls your
lrlend [see llp 4|, os ore slngle slgnon lools
lor cloud usoge, whlch enlerprlse possword
monogers [see llp 2| con ollen provlde.
lhe mosl lmporlonl plece ol securlly odvlce lor
ony buslness ls lo loke responslblllly lor your dolo,
ond lo do ll now.
Even when you hove o securlly pollcy wrlllen
up ond lmplemenled, lhe sloll educoled, lhe dolo
encrypled ond lhe devlces under conlrol, you
conl ollord lo resl on your lourels ond ossume
youre now secure. ll securlly ls o dynomlc,
everchonglng londscope, ond securlng your
dolo ls your responslblllly.
lhe bod guys wonl be sllllng bock lheyll be
keeplng on lop ol lhe lolesl vulnerobllllles ond
weoknesses, so lls up lo you lo keep up wllh lhem. -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Advanced Wlndows 8 Mac
It's been a disappointing ten years for Microsoft, but Jon Honeyball
is hopeful that the company is nally getting a clue
Moornng a Iost decade

iil vas a iarlei Lirry monrl, in

vlicl a lor o imoiranr rlings
laeneu. Some o rlis vas allour
iom rle Niciosor Builu Develoei
Coneience, vlicl I vasn`r aLle ro arrenu,
laving iioi engagemenrs in ]aan. 1lar meanr
I misseu rle annual arional Associarion o
Bioaucasreis evenr, roo, vlicl vas equally
annoying. As you`u execr, rleie vas a lor
o noise iom Builu some exciring rlings
veie ueliveiaLle immeuiarely, anu many moie
inreiesring rlings aie ro ollov in rle uruie.
One irem o luge imoirance ro Winuovs
ueveloeis is rle conveigence o uevelomenr
rools oi rle vaiious laroims. 1lis sre is
long oveiuue, anu las Leen a consiueiaLle
rloin in rle siue o Winuovs Plone ueveloeis.
1le Winuovs Plone maiker is srill sriuggling,
uesire a ev inreiesring iueas Leing Liouglr
ro rle raLle. I`m srill ai iom convinceu rlis
conveigence o rools vill Le iauical enougl
ro viesrle avay any signincanr maiker slaie
iom Anuioiu anu iOS, Lur ir`s cleai since rle
acquisirion o okia rlar rlis sroiy isn`r ovei
jusr yer. Heling ueveloeis ro geneiare coue is
alvays a goou iuea, anu ir musr Le iememLeieu
rlar Niciosor las a long-sranuing anu veiy
sriong uevelomenr-rools sroiy. Inueeu,
uevelomenr rools aie one o rle maiker aieas
in vlicl Niciosor las ueliveieu sriongly
(along virl seivei anu clouu sysrems).
Nany eole rlink I oui roo mucl scoin
on Niciosor, anu eilas I uo, my viarl is
ieally ieseiveu oi rle Winuovs ueskro anu
rle Once gious, rlougl, Lorl o vlom lave
ioveu rlemselves ro Le lazy, aioclial anu our
o roucl in iecenr yeais. 1le orlei majoi reams
lave conrinueu ro uelivei sriong iouucrs anu
reclnologies, anu aie leu Ly ralenreu sorvaie
engineeis sucl as Scorr Gurliie, oi vlom I
lave norling Lur aumiiarion.
Wirl rle nnal ueairuie o Big Bau Ballmei,
ir`s cleai mucl is ser ro clange ar Reumonu.
1le oirlcoming aurumn uuare ro Winuovs
S.1, vlicl vill oei us a iesroieu Srair menu,
is a signincanr sre in rlar uiiecrion. 1leie aie
linrs rlis uuare vill Liing an inreiesring nev
rvisr on rle Srair menu, incoioiaring rle Srair
scieen, along virl rle aLiliry ro ur Winuovs
Sroie as (ieviously knovn as Nerio-sryle
as) inro rleii ovn vinuovs. 1lese all
inuicare rlar someone is nnally lisrening ro rle
uisgiunrleu useis. Ir voulu Le roo easy ro claim
rlis is all rle iesulr o Ballmei`s ueairuie anu
a nev guaiu moving in: vlile rlar may conrain
an elemenr o riurl, ir`s cleai rlar mucl o rlis
eoir musr lave Leen going on vell Leoie
Compuler journolisl
ond consullonl
speciolising in bolh
clienlJserver ond
olce oulomolion
Emoil jhoneyboll
l'd go so lor os lo soy lhol Windows 8.J
Updole is os good os Windows 7 -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Advanced Wlndows 8 Mac
Ballmei cleaieu lis uesk. Niciosor las nevei
moveu quire quickly enougl ro lave uone so
mucl in a monrl oi rvo.
Ny ovn eisonal rleoiy is as ollovs (anu
Leoie I go any uirlei, I lave no conciere
eviuence oi rlis, anu coulu Le enriiely viong):
I Lelieve rlar Ballmei knev rlar Winuovs S
vas in riouLle long Leoie ir slieu. I`m suie
le vas ieceiving negarive eeuLack iom majoi
OLNs, anu leck, le vas gerring enougl o
ir iom rle cusromeis, vlicl is vly le lung
Sinosky our ro uiy so quickly. Ir vas rlis
iemoval rlar alloveu lim ro sray on a lirrle
longei: keeing Sinosky voulu lave leu ro
rle ineviraLle iemoval o rlem Lorl ierry
quickly. Wirl all o rle ioLlems suiiounuing
Suiace sales, anu rle luge nnancial viire-uovn
rlar olloveu, ir vas cleai rlar rle Loaiu lau
seen enougl anu ir vas rime oi Ballmei ro go.
I sinceiely loe rlis nev guaiu vill Liing a
mucl-neeueu claiiry ro Niciosor, vlicl las
sueieu a uecaue o uisasreis. Ler`s srair virl
XP. 1lis miglr lave Leen, anu in many vays
srill is, rle uailing o rle Lusiness communiry,
lovevei, in irs Home veision, rle uecision ro
allov all useis ro lave auminisriarive iivileges
oi eveiy acrion vas urrei olly, anu usleieu in a
niglrmaie uecaue o malvaie inesrarions rlar
vas enriiely avoiuaLle. 1len came Longloin,
anu rle non-ueliveiy o all irs iomises o
auvanceu nle-sysrem uncrionaliry. Anu rlen
rleie vas Visra. Winuovs is a goou enougl
laroim, Lur ir`s unuamenrally a uiamaric ser
o Lug-nxes oi all rle ioLlems o Visra, anu
ir enriiely ignoieu rle alieauy emeiging
rouclscieen maikerlace.
Winuovs S vas loiiiLle on ueskros, anu
rle clanges Liouglr in virl S.1 aie genuine
imiovemenrs. I`u even go so ai as ro say rlar
I consiuei S.1 Uuare 1 ro Le aLour as goou as
Winuovs 64-Lir on a ueskro comurei nov.
1le iomiseu clanges ouglr ro cemenr S.1
Uuare 2 as rle nev Lesr-in-class Winuovs
laroim. Hovevei, rlis can`r uisguise rle acr
rlar rlis riuly vas a losr uecaue oi Niciosor`s
OS uivision, anu ir`s laiu nor ro Le equally
cynical aLour rle Once ream.
Omce Ior Pad
I guess I sloulu Le ueliglreu rlar Once las
nnally aiiiveu on rle iPau, anu in many vays I
am. Ir`s goou ro see rle Once ream nnally ull
irs nngei our anu uelivei somerling rlar sloulu
lave Leen leie yeais ago. 1le arremr
ro coeice cusromeis inro Luying Winuovs
in oiuei ro use Once las cleaily aileu,
anu rlis nev aiiival along virl an
aaienrly oirlcoming Once oi Anuioiu
slovs rlar nnally someone, somevleie las
oLraineu a clue.
1le iouucr irsel is inreiesring anu
voirlvlile. Ir`s iee i you vanr only ro ieau
Once uocumenrs, vlicl is a comiomise I can
accer. You neeu an Once 365 suLsciirion i
you neeu ieau/viire aLiliries, anu again I can
live virl rlar. 1le iPau rools aie ai iom ully
earuieu, lovevei.
I`ve iaiseu rle quesrion Leoie aLour jusr
vlar Lxcel is. I can accer rlar Once veL rools
vill lave limireu caaLiliries, anu aie uiely a
convenience earuie in case you neeu ro quickly
nie u an Lxcel voiksleer oi Woiu uocumenr.
Ioi some rlis may Le enougl, alrlougl rleii
neeus voulu lave ro Le Lasic. I`m also lay
ro accer rlar only voiksrarion-giaue
comureis can manage rle ull ackage o
caaLiliries, on Lorl Winuovs anu Nac.
1le Winuovs veision o Once iecenrly
ugiaueu ro rle 2014 veision, vleieas Once
oi Nac is sueiing irs cusromaiy uelay anu is
srill sruck in 2011. Bur evenrually aclieving
earuie aiiry musr Le rle goal oi rle uruie
rle angei I levelleu lasr monrl ar rle seveie
limirarions o Oneore oi Nac lau Lerrei
nor Le an omen rlar rle Once oi Nac ream
is unaLle ro uelivei a ligl-qualiry iouucr in
rle oirlcoming Once ielease.
Wlar vill Lecome o rle soon-execreu
Winuovs Sroie euirion o Once, rle ully
roucl-enaLleu veision aimeu ar Winuovs S.1
useis Will ir lave all earuies oi only some
I only some, vlicl ones Only rime vill rell,
Lur ir`s imoiranr ro lave rle conveisarion nov
aLour vlar youi neeus aie anu vlar vill sarisy
rlem. Claiming ir`s jusr Once vill cur no ice
i key uncrions aie missing, anu alrlougl I can
accer sucl comiomises in rle iee Once WeL
As, I von`r accer rlem as air o a roolser
I ay oi via my Once 365 Lnreiiise L3
accounrs. 1lis rakes me Lack ro Once oi iPau.
1le nisr rling I vanreu ro uo vas move
my uara onro rle uevice. I use DioLox, a
seivice rlar voiks veiy vell (alrlougl I`ll
coness I lave a lirrle uisquier ovei rle iecenr
aoinrmenr o Conuoleezza Rice). Hovevei,
on Once oi iPau, I lave ro use OneDiive,
Niciosor`s iecenrly ienameu SkyDiive rley
give me no cloice. I`ve iealiseu eveiyone`s u
ro rlis game: Niciosor`s usling OneDiive,
Google`s usling Google Diive, Ale`s
usling iClouu. 1le Larrle isn`r only oi rle
a anu irs caaLiliries, Lur rle sroiage roo.
1o move Once uocumenrs on anu o my
iPau, I`u lave ro ser u OneDiive on anorlei
comurei anu use rlar ro cioss-sync sru iom
my DioLox sroiage olueis. I uaien`r even riy
ro ser u OneDiive anu DioLox Lorl looking
inro rle same oluei, since I can imagine all
soirs o nie anu Liimsrone iesulring iom sucl
a ouriageous arremr. Anu so I`m annoyeu.
Alicarions sloulu Le exacrly rlar I
sloulu cloose an alicarion Laseu uon rle
caaLiliries I iequiie. I sloulun`r lave ro cloose
lBeocons ore smoll
devlces lhol you con
pul ln uselul ploces
wllhln o shop, lor
exomple where lhey
con communlcole
wllh your smorlphone
by uslng lhe new
Blueloolh 4 Low Energy
[LE| speclhcollon. lhe
ldeo belng how lhey
work ls lhol whenever
you come wllhln
ronge ol one ll lrlggers
on evenl on your
smorlphone, whelher
lhol be o popup
messoge, vlslllng o web
RL, or somelhlng else
enllrely lls up lo
you. lhese cleorly look llke lnleresllng devlces, so l ploced on order lor lhe developers kll lrom
Konlokl.lo [hIIp:JJkenIckI.e|.
lhere ore lhree lBeocons ln lhe kll, plus oll lhe developmenl code ond ulllllles, ond ll dldnl
loke long lor me lo sel ll up so lhol my corelully ploced lBeocons ln lhe lob would moke my
lPhone go plng" os l opprooched lhem. Al lhe momenl, lls sllll locked ln developer mode,
bul lhe webslle soys lhol publlc worklng wlll be enobled soon. lm lnlrlgued by lhls devlce
Blueloolh 4 LE ls o promlslng lechnology, ond lhls oblllly lo sllck somelhlng llny onlo lhe
underslde ol o shell, or behlnd o cupboord, ond hove ll lrlgger some uselul ocllon opens up
olmosl llmllless posslbllllles. Vhelher ll wlll loke oll ln lhe brooder commerclol envlronmenl lsnl
yel cerloln, bul we need lechnologles such os lhese lo explore lhose posslbllllles, ond lm hovlng
lun wllh lhem olreody.
l'm very inlrigued by lhe i8eocon developmenl kil, which
includes lhree ol lhe 8lueloolh LE devices -AUGU8T 2014
Advanced Wlndows 8 Mac
Laseu on a comLinarion o caaLiliries anu rlen
Le lockeu inro vliclevei clouu sroiage seivice
ir oices uon me. 1lis vill Le a Lig ueal, anu
one coulu aigue rlar vlar rle Lig Loys ieally
vanr is oi smallei layeis sucl as DioLox
anu Box ro Le squeezeu our o rle maiker.
Ny un uiun`r enu rleie. 1iying ro Le a goou
cla, I oLeuienrly uovnloaueu OneDiive oi
Nac anu insralleu ir, rlen riieu ro log in using
rle same Once 365 L3 accounr inoimarion I
lau given ro Once oi iPau. oe, rlar uiun`r
voik. 1uins our rlar OneDiive oi Nac von`r
voik virl L3 accounrs, Lecause rley emloy
rle sliny SlaiePoinr Seivei Lack-enu
reclnologies. I neeueu ro use OneDiive oi
Business oi Nac, Lur unoirunarely, like Pool
Beai, rle moie I lookeu rle moie ir vasn`r rleie,
unril nnally I uiscoveieu rlar ir lasn`r yer Leen
ieleaseu. Ir miglr come virl rle nev Once
oi Nac veision uue larei rlis yeai, Lur iiglr
nov you`ie our o luck. I ueciueu ro ask
Niciosor suoir aLour rlis on 1virrei,
anu rle conveisarion vas so Lizaiie I eel
oLligeu ro quore ir leie in ull:
JonHoneyboll: Ah I hissing schetling:
Vlere is OneDriie fcr usiness fcr Mac:
MicrosollHelps: Hellc! Vlat teclnical
issues are ycu laiing uitl OneDriie: Tell us in
greater Jetail ulat ycu are exjeriencing: ^C
JonHoneyboll: Vlere is OneDriie fcr
usiness fcr Mac:
MicrosollHelps: Hi ]cn! OneDriie fcr
usiness currently isnt aiailable fcr Mac.
Cc lere lttj:// fcr any
ujJates. ^SV
JonHoneyboll: Sc lcu Jc I lcg in tc hy
3 O36S acccunt using OneDriie: It Jcesnt
ucrl, rejecting tle acccunt infc.
MicrosollHelps: Clecl cut tlis linl
lttj:// fcr issues lcgging
intc O36S. Try tle stejs anJ let us lncu if
tlis leljs ycu. ^SV
JonHoneyboll: Utterly useless. I can sign
in ne tlrcugl jcrtal anJ iia Outlccl 2011.
ut nct OneDriie.
MicrosollHelps: Hi ]cn! Here are sche
scluticns tc assist. See lere: lttj://
N12+uCsl. Keej us jcsteJ, ueJ lile
tc ccntinue leljing. ^NI
JonHoneyboll: Sigl. Hcu Jc I JcunlcaJ
OneDriie fcr usiness fcr Mac VHN IT
MicrosollHelps: jcnlcneyball Hi again!
Tle ajj Jces exist. See lere: lttj://t.
cc/1zqIhzA_c. reiicusly ycu requesteJ
OneDriie usiness fcr Mac. ^NI
JonHoneyboll: I giie in.
MicrosollHelps: lease tale a hchent tc
tell us lcu uere Jcing lttj://t.
cc/+9jN+IiUX. ^NI
I coness rle nnal lease rake a momenr
osring rieu me ovei rle euge. In ueeesr
CamLiiugesliie, rle sounu coulu Le leaiu o
rle lius oening on orleivise-aLanuoneu ICBN
iocker silos, aimeu sriaiglr ar Reumonu. Nine
is rle lasr voice you vill evei leai.
ThunderboIt 3
1lunueiLolr conrinues ro imiess. Ny
1lunueiLolr nLie caLles jusr voik, anu
lave yer ro give me a single momenr o
voiiy. I see rlar Inrel is srairing ro ralk aLour
rle oirlcoming 1lunueiLolr 3 secincarion,
vlicl us rle seeu
ro 40GLirs/sec (iom
1lunueiLolr 2`s 20 anu
1lunueiLolr 1`s 10). Noie
imoiranrly, ir vill suoir
HDNI 2, anu u ro 100W
o ovei uovn a caLle
(oLviously non-nLie). 1le
cliser is couenameu Aline
Riuge, anu 40GLirs/sec is asr
enougl oi aiounu 5GB/sec:
suncienr Lanuviurl ro
senu mulrile 4K viueo
srieams iom one conriollei,
oi examle. Inrel`s
uocumenrarion srares ir vill
Le Laseu on PCI Lxiess
Geneiarion 3, vlicl is a
goou move rlar sloulu
allov you ro losr viueo
caius anu GPU iocessing ar
rle enu o rle Lus in a Lerrei
vay rlan ar iesenr. Ioi
rlose uoing rle mosr exrieme viueo ciuncling
oi GPU-Laseu calcularions, rlis vill Le a Lig
ueal. 1imescale Haiu ro say, Lur I voulun`r
execr ro see anyrling oi a yeai oi so. Ir sloulu
Le Lackvaius-comariLle, so all cuiienr uevices
sloulu srill voik.
In rle meanrime, I`ve Leen laving un virl
my 1lunueiLolr 2 imlemenrarion on rle Nac
Pio. You lave ro Le caieul aLour lov you
connecr rlings: i you vanr ro mix anu marcl
1lunueiLolr 1 anu 2 uevices on rle same Lus,
all rle 1lunueiLolr 2 uevices come nisr,
olloveu Ly 1lunueiLolr 1 uevices. 1link
aLour ir as a clain, so rlis means connecring as
Comurei > 12 > 12 > 11. I you lay ir our as
Comurei > 12 > 11 > 12, rlen rlar lasr 12
uevice vill iun only ar 11 seeu. In eecr, 11
uevices acr like a Laiiiei rlar iesriicrs rle seeu
o all uovnsrieam uevices ro rleii ovn seeu.
1o voik on 4K 1Vs iunning on HDNI 2 ar
60Hz, you neeu seiious connecrion ovei anu
inreiaces rlar aie leauing-euge. Hovevei, rle
HDNI connecroi on rle Nac Pio is HDNI
1.4, anu so is limireu ro 30Hz ar 4K iesolurion.
Hence my inreiesr in rle nev Aja Io 4K
inreiace (,
vlicl is a 1lunueiLolr 2 uevice. 1lis is a viueo
in/our inreiace Lox oi rle Nac Pio rlar gives
you all rle vay ro 4K ar 60Hz on HDNI 2. In
auuirion, you also ger ull SDI (seiial uigiral
inreiace). Wirl rle laresr nimvaie, you can
jusr lug ir in anu ovei ir u, rlen iun rle
conriol anel uriliry anu cloose vlicl
inreiaces you vanr ro use anu ar vlicl
iesolurions anu seeus. I cloose ro ser u
rle HDNI ourur ro Le UHD60, vlicl
means 3,S40 x 2,160 ar 60Hz. Ir auromarically
aeaieu as a layLack uesrinarion in Iinal
Cur Pio X, so I jusr luggeu in a 1V anu ir
voikeu. I you`ie looking oi a ro-qualiry
viueo inreiace rlar can go all rle vay ro
rle mosr Lleeuing euge o inreiace seeus,
rlen rlis is uennirely voirl a look.
Ajo lo 4K is o lop-quolily video inlerloce lhol con go oll lhe woy lo lhe bleeding edge ol inlerloce speeds.
And il couldn'l hove been eosier lo sel il up os o ploybock deslinolion in Finol Cul Pro X -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Moblle 8 Wlreless
Paul Ockenden helps a user looking for worldwide communication,
and snags himself a new high-resolution laptop
Trackng goes gIobaI

leie`s mucl ueLare aLour iivacy

rlese uays. Wlile some aie voiiieu
aLour uara iorecrion anu loarle oui
inriusive Big Biorlei srare, orleis
ioclaim rlar rlose virl norling ro liue
lave norling ro eai. As usual, rle iealiry
lies somevleie Lerveen rlese rvo exrieme
oinions, Lur even so, concein aLour iivacy
is genuine. Locarion riacking is a airiculai
concein. I vas somevlar suiiiseu, rlen, ro
ieceive a rveer iom a ieauei asking oi lel
ro enaLle orlei eole ro riack lim.
1le ieauei, ]ack, is a sruuenr vlo`s going
riavelling oi a yeai. Wlile le`s avay, le vanrs
lis amily anu iienus ro knov vleie le is, anu
eilas even conracr lim, elecrionically. Ny
nisr suggesrion vas ro iely on rle riacking
aciliries rlar aie Luilr inro mosr mouein
smairlone ecosysrems (see Vlere laie ycu
been:, j2), Lur ]ack ielieu rlar oi mucl o
lis iounu-rle-voilu rii le`ll Le in locarions
vleie ieceiving moLile iecerion vill Le
ioLlemaric sucl as ciossing rle Arlanric in
a small sailing Loar, riekking rliougl jungles,
uiiving acioss ueseirs anu so on.
1le lack o 4G, 3G, oi inueeu any G,
ovei mucl o ]ack`s irineiaiy iuleu our
moLile-lone-Laseu riacking, so ve neeueu
ro look ar orlei solurions. I say solurions,
Lur rleie`s ieally only one orion namely,
sarellire-Laseu riacking anu communicarion.
Naicl`s sau evenrs conceining liglr
NH30 ovei rle sourlein Inuian Ocean,
anu rle suLsequenr uara analysis, sloveu lov
sarellires aie aLle ro riack uevices Laseu solely
on rle iounu-rii rime o rleii uara srieam,
esecially i you knov rle aioximare
arl rle uevice vill Le raking. Hovevei,
Lerrei srill is ro comLine sarellire uara
virl GPS osirioning.
1le iece o kir I`u rleieoie suggesr oi
]ack is somerling I`ve Leen resring oi a ev
monrls nov rle Sor Gen3. Ir`s a small
moLile riacking uevice (aLour rle same size as
a comurei mouse),
eiecr oi someone
uoing a iounu-rle-
voilu rii. Sor
is a suLsiuiaiy o
GloLalsrai, anu uses rle
comany`s ovn sarellire
nervoik. Ir`s a simlex
uevice rlar is, ir can communicare only one
vay, vlicl in rlis case means ir can senu Lur
nor ieceive. Ir las coveiage in mosr o rle
voilu`s inlaLireu laces, rle excerions Leing
rle sourleinmosr counriies o Aiica anu rle
exrieme sourlein ri o Sourl Ameiica. Nosr
imoiranrly oi ]ack`s sailing rii,
rleie`s coveiage acioss rle vlole o rle
Arlanric. You can ser u rle Gen3 eirlei ro
riack you conrinuously (iom a iange o once
an loui uovn ro eveiy rvo-anu-a-lal minures)
oi oi rimes vlen you uon`r vanr ro Le
riackeu so closely you can or ro ur a in
onro rle ma only vlen you iess a Lurron
on rle uevice.
1le eigonomics o rle uevice aie goou ir
las seveial Lurrons, all cleaily laLelleu virl
symLols anu, ciucially oi a uevice rlar miglr
suei iougl riearmenr, rley all neeu ro Le
lelu uovn oi a seconu oi rvo Leoie rley`ll
acrivare. A coule o rle Lurrons lave exria
iorecrion ro ensuie rlar you can`r iess rlem
Ly acciuenr, vlicl I`ll come ro in a minure.
1le rliee main Lurrons incluue rle
one I`ve alieauy menrioneu rle Cleck In
Lurron, vlicl uios a in onro rle riacking
ma, senus emails anu SNS messages ro a
ie-ieaieu lisr o conracrs ro slov rlem
vleie you aie, anu lers rlem knov eveiyrling
is okay via a ie-iogiammeu message. A
seconu Lurron svircles conrinuous riacking
on anu o, anu rle rliiu, Cusrom Nessage,
is an alreinarive cleck-in rlar emloys a
uieienr message anu lisr o conracrs. ]ack
can use rle iimaiy Cleck In Lurron ro ler
lis amily anu iienus knov vleie le is, anu
rle Cusrom Nessage Lurron once a uay ro
lis secial someone (mayLe lis mum), relling
rlem lov mucl le loves rlem.
Benearl a la sir rvo auuirional Lurrons,
rle nisr o vlicl is rle Hel/Sor Assisr Lurron
Owner ol one ol lhe
UK's oldesl web
ogencies, Poul works
on oword-winning
siles lor mony blue-
chip clienls. Iwiller:
Ihe 5pol Gen3 is o brillionl godgel lor onyone going oul inlo lhe wilds. You con lel people
know where you ore, ond summon help il you gel inlo lrouble
The 5pot Gen3 s a smaII
mobIe trackng devce, perIect
Ior a roond-the-worId trp
Moblle 8 Wlreless -AUGU8T 2014
rlar vill senu our an emeigency message
ro youi conracrs lisr relling rlem you neeu
assisrance. 1lar`s inrenueu oi non-lie-
rliearening inciuenrs sucl as losing youi
assoir oi gerring a lar ryie. Ir`s ler u
ro youi conracrs ro aiiange rle lel.
1le orlei is rle S.O.S., vlicl is
inrenueu oi lie-rliearening siruarions:
vlen acrivareu ir senus a uisriess message
conraining youi osirional co-oiuinares ro
rle GLOS Inreinarional Lmeigency Resonse
Cooiuinarion Cenrei (
GLOS rlen summons lel iom rle ielevanr
emeigency seivices, Laseu on youi osirion anu
eisonal uerails. 1le lisr o emeigency seivices
inoimeu may incluue olice, liglvay ariol,
coasr guaiu, youi narional emLassy oi
consulare, orlei emeigency-iesonse
cenries anu seaicl-anu-iescue reams.
Ir`s oLviously imoiranr ro ensuie rle
S.O.S. Lurron is iesseu only in excerional
ciicumsrances. I you`ie laying virl rlis
gauger ar lome, uo nor resr rle S.O.S. uncrion,
since you`ie likely ro nnu a olice cai scieaming
uovn youi ioau oi a lelicorei lanuing on
youi lavn. I you uo vanr ro resr one o rle
emeigency uncrions, make ir rle Hel Lurron
(anu ie-vain youi iienus) iarlei rlan rle
S.O.S. uncrion, vlicl vill summon
GLOS. I you aLuse rle sysrem
you`ie likely ro ace enalries (sucl as
a lery nne, oi even imiisonmenr,
ueenuing on vlicl air o rle
voilu you`ie in) oi rle misuse
o emeigency seivices.
calls, anu irs call qualiry is among rle Lesr I`ve
exeiienceu on any o rle sarellire nervoiks.
Like all sarellire lones ir iequiies a luge
anrenna, Lur rlis collases uovn anu sroies
nearly inro rle Lack o rle lone vlen nor in
use. One ri: vlile you`ie vairing oi rle lone
ro iegisrei on rle nervoik, leave rle lone ar
rle 90-uegiee osirion (noimally emloyeu only
vlen using ir as a mouem), since vlen ir`s in
eirlei o rle rvo lone-call osirions ir von`r
sranu u on irs Lase.
You sloulun`r execr a sarellire lone
ro voik as vell as a moLile lone rleie`ll Le
rimes vlen rle signal vill aue, esecially vlen
you uon`r lave a ull viev o rle sky. Wirl rle
anrenna in rle sroveu osirion, rleie`s also a
ossiLiliry rlar an incoming call von`r cause rle
lone ro iing you sloulu rleieoie eirlei
iesriicr youi usage ro ourgoing calls only, oi
else aiiange a airiculai rime eveiy uay vlen
eole can call you, rlen leave rle anrenna
exrenueu ar rlose rimes. Hoeully Ly raking
a Sor Gen3 anu GSP-100 virl lim, ]ack
vill Le aLle ro enjoy lis iounu-rle-voilu
auvenruie, sae in rle knovleuge rlar le`ll
nevei Le comlerely o rle giiu, rlar lis
iienus anu amily ar lome vill Le aLle ro
ollov lis riavels, anu rlar le`ll Le aLle ro
summon lel i rle neeu aiises.
NewIaptop tme
I love my NacBook Pio virl Rerina uislay
anu voulu go so ai as ro say ir`s rle nicesr
(anu ceirainly asresr) laro I`ve evei ovneu.
Nosr o rle sorvaie I use on a uaily Lasis
iom a veL Liovsei ro seveial o AuoLe`s
excellenr Ciearive Clouu alicarions, anu
even Niciosor Once las a narive OS X
veision. I riurl veie rolu, rle laresr Nac
veision o Once 2011 is a Lir o a uog
esecially Ourlook, vlicl is simly avul
Lur I srill eiseveie virl ir.
Ioi mosr o my orlei Winuovs-only
alicarions, I use Paiallels Deskro. I`ve
iun rliougl rle vlole gamur o viirualisarion
rools anu PC emularois, Lur alvays seem ro
enu u ieveiring Lack ro Paiallels ir`s sraLle,
asr anu inregiares nicely virl OS X.
Winuovs alicarions nie u in
a vinuov alongsiue youi
orlei Nac alicarions,
oeiing seamless
cur-anu-asre, rask
svircling anu so on.
Ir`s a veiy iouucrive
enviionmenr aair
iom one rling,
rlar is.
I aLsolurely loarle
eole roucling my
comurei scieen anu
rle nngeiiinrs rley
invaiiaLly leave Lelinu,
Lur rleie`s no gerring avay
iom rle acr rlar Winuovs
So rlar`s ]ack`s riacking anu emeigency
assisrance soireu, Lur since rle Sor Gen3
is a simlex uevice, le can`r use ir oi rvo-vay
communicarion. So vlar aie lis orions i
le vanrs ro lone lome oi seak ro lis
iienus 1le only one rlar vill voik gloLally
is a sarellire lone, vlicl I`ve coveieu leie
ieviously vlen I riieu our Inmaisar`s oeiings.
Hovevei, ir makes sense oi ]ack ro look inro
rle orions oeieu Ly rle comany ioviuing
rle riacking seivices, so rlar rle sarellire
ooriinrs vill marcl.
Ar rle veiy iinges o GloLalsrai`s coveiage
ma, only simlex uevices sucl as rle Gen3 vill
voik you neeu ro Le uirlei in iange Leoie
you can oeiare uulex uevices sucl as lones
anu uara reiminals (rlar is, uevices rlar can
communicare Lorl vays). GloLalsrai ueloys
a leer o lov-Lairl-oiLir sarellires, vlicl you
miglr execr ro covei
rle vlole gloLe Lur,
unlike some iival
sysrems, rleie`s
no communicarion
Lerveen rlese
sarellires. Lacl
simly acrs as a
ieearei Lerveen
usei anu a local Lase
srarion, so in rlose
airs o rle voilu virl
no Lase srarion, rleie`s no
coveiage. Hovevei, rleie`s
ull uulex coveiage in all rle
voilu`s majoi oularion cenries,
so rlis vill Le less o a ioLlem.
Like mosr sarellire relelony
ioviueis, GloLalsrai oeis ay-as-you-
go anu monrlly aiirime conriacrs. ore
rlar ay-as-you-go excluues ceirain
counriies, sucl as Nexico anu Russia,
oi rlar ieason, I`u auvise ]ack ro or oi a
monrlly conriacr rley srair aiounu I10 ei
monrl, Lur oi a slaue less rlan I30 ei monrl
you can ger 100 minures, vlicl is ioLaLly
enougl. 1lese minures incluue uara as vell
as voice calls, Lur rle uara iare is limireu ro
olu-sclool uial-u mouem seeu, so le`s
von`r Le uloauing any viueo (oi loros).
Ioi rlar le`ll neeu ro vair unril le
ieacles somevleie virl Wi-Ii.
GloLalsrai oeis rvo
lanusers, rle oluei
SA1-550 anu rle nevei
GSP-100, I`u uennirely
iecommenu rle larrei:
ir`s ai smallei
anu liglrei rlan
sarellire lones sucl
as rle SA1, Lur nor
ar rle exense o irs
excellenr Luilu qualiry.
1le exrenr o rle LLO
nervoik means rleie`s
minimal eclo anu uelay on voice
have you been7
|| yeu hcve cn Andred phene,
er mcke exIensve use e| Geeg|e
servces, |eek cI www.pcpre.ce.ukJ
|nksJ238mw2. Yeu'|| be cmczed hew
much Geeg|e knews cbeuI where yeu've
been. On cn Phene, ge Ie 5eIIngs | Prvccy |
|eccIen 5ervces | 5ysIem 5ervces |
FrequenI |eccIens |er sm|cr deIc|s. |I's
grecI | yeu're deng yeur expenses cnd
ccn'I remember where yeu were en c
cerIcn dcy, buI dcngereus | yeu're
deng Ihngs yeu'd rcIher
eIhers ddn'I knew.
Ir`s oLviously imoiranr ro ensuie rle
S.O.S. Lurron is iesseu only in excerional
ciicumsrances. I you`ie laying virl rlis
gauger ar lome, uo nor resr rle S.O.S. uncrion,
since you`ie likely ro nnu a olice cai scieaming
uovn youi ioau oi a lelicorei lanuing on
youi lavn. I you uo vanr ro resr one o rle
emeigency uncrions, make ir rle Hel Lurron
(anu ie-vain youi iienus) iarlei rlan rle
S.O.S. uncrion, vlicl vill summon
GLOS. I you aLuse rle sysrem
you`ie likely ro ace enalries (sucl as
a lery nne, oi even imiisonmenr,
ueenuing on vlicl air o rle
voilu you`ie in) oi rle misuse
o emeigency seivices.
airs o
no Lase
coveiage. H
ull uulex c
voilu`s majoi
so rlis vill Le les
Like mosr sarell
ioviueis, GloLalsrai
go anu monrlly aiirim
rlar ay-as-you-go exclu
counriies, sucl as Nexico
oi rlar ieason, I`u auvise ]ac
monrlly conriacr rley srair
monrl, Lur oi a slaue less rl
you can ger 100 minures, vl
enougl. 1lese minures incluu
as voice calls, Lur rle uara ia
olu-sclool uial-u mouem s
von`r Le uloauing any viueo
Ioi rlar le`ll neeu ro vair un
ieacles somevleie virl Wi-
GloLalsrai oeis rvo
lanusers, rle oluei
SA1-550 anu rle nevei
GSP-100, I`u uennirely
iecommenu rle larrei:
ir`s ai smallei
anu liglrei rlan
sarellire lones sucl
as rle SA1, Lur nor
ar rle exense o irs
excellenr Luilu qualiry.
1le exrenr o rle LLO
nervoik means rleie`s
minimal eclo anu uelay on v
Lke aII sateIIte phones t
reqores a pretty hoge antenna,
bot ths coIIapses down
When ils
huge onlenno
is lucked owoy,
lhe G5P-J700
is quile o neol unil -AUGU8T 2014
Moblle 8 Wlreless
(airiculaily virl rle S.1 ielease) is srairing
ro Lecome a moie roucl-Laseu enviionmenr.
Suie, you can srill use rle mouse oi ierry vell
eveiyrling, Lur ir`s oLvious rlar alicarion
uesigneis aie (in some cases) srairing ro rlink o
rle scieen okeis nisr anu rle mouse rviuuleis
seconu. 1lis is rle one aiea vleie iunning
Winuovs unuei Paiallels on my NacBook
Pio simly uoesn`r cur rle musraiu, since no
rouclscieen laiuvaie is availaLle. Wlen I`m
iunning Winuovs S.1 in an emularoi, I uo
nnu mysel raing rle scieen occasionally.
1le nev inreiace seems ro uiav you in ro
irs roucl-Laseu vay o voiking, even oi a
uielaiu mouse-anu-keyLoaiu rye like me.
Anyvay, I venr on a lunr oi a NacBook-
Pio-like Winuovs laro. As alvays, I sraireu
iom a loau o ievievs anu oui A-Lisr,
rlen giauually naiioveu rlings uovn. PC
sueisroies aie giear laces ro riy our laiuvaie.
Lven i rley uon`r lave rle exacr mouel you
vanr, you`ll ioLaLly nnu somerling iom rle
same manuacruiei anu virl a similai mouel
numLei. Iiom rlis you can Le aiily suie rlar
earuies sucl as rle keyLoaiu anu rouclau
vill Le common acioss rle iange, even
rlougl rle likes o rle iocessoi, RAN
anu laiu uiive connguiarion vaiies. 1leie
veie a coule o maclines on my sloirlisr
rlar I coulun`r nnu in rle slos even arei
a long vanuei u Lonuon`s 1orrenlam
Couir Roau so I`m almosr emLaiiasseu
ro aumir rlar I layeu rle iess caiu anu
manageu ro ger vaiious PR agencies ro senu
me some samles ro lay virl.
In rle enu I ounu an oLvious vinnei,
rle Lenovo IueaPau
Yoga 2 Pio (veL ID:
3S5510). 1lis ieally
is a anrasric lirrle
macline. Ir uoesn`r
quire lave rle Luilu
qualiry o my
NacBook: ir`s sliglrly
moie lasricky in laces, irs linge isn`r quire
so soliu, alrlougl rleie`s a goou ieason oi
rlar. As vell as Leing an UlriaLook, rle
Yoga`s 360-uegiee linge allovs you ro olu rle
keyLoaiu Lack Lelinu rle scieen anu use ir as
a raLler (aumirreuly, quire a clunky one). Lven
in noimal ueskro/laro moue, Winuovs
S.1 uoes lave you raing rle scieen iom
rime ro rime, Lur ir`s vlen you use ir in raLler
moue rlar rle vlole roucl inreiace anu
airiculaily rle Lir rlar useu ro Le calleu
Nerio srairs ro make moie sense. 1le scieen
on rle Yoga 2 Pio las an incieuiLle 3,200
1,S00 ixel iesolurion, vlicl accoiuing ro
my calcularoi is 25ui ai moie uors
rlan anyone ieally neeus.
1leie`s a sliglr ioLlem, lovevei:
Winuovs lasn`r ieally cauglr u virl rlese
ligl-DPI scieens in rle vay rlar OS X las.
1le macline irsel is nne, anu Winuovs is
mosrly nne roo, so long as you rell ir ro scale
irs onrs Ly 200 (alrlougl even rlar can
look a Lir small). o, rle ieal ioLlem lies
in rle acr rlar many Winuovs alicarions
simly Lecome unusaLle on a ligl-DPI
scieen. You can scale eveiyrling on OS X,
nor only rle OS. Ir`s a Lir like serring a laro
ro a lovei-rlan-narive iesolurion, Lur virl
one imoiranr uieience: oi alicarions
rlar aie Rerina-avaie, vlicl is mosr o
rlem rlese uays, rle rexr anu gialics vill
use rle nne narive iesolurion iarlei rlan
rle clunkiei scaleu-u veision.
Winuovs aioacles rlings uieienrly
Ly iunning eveiyrling ar narive iesolurion
anu eimirring you ro scale u onrs, Lurrons
anu so on, Lur only in alicarions rlar aie
ligl-DPI avaie. On rle Nac, non-Rerina
alicarions simly look sliglrly Lluiiy, Lur
rle equivalenr alicarions on a ligl-DPI
Winuovs macline aie eecrively unusaLle.
I vas going ro incluue a ev examle
scieenslors virl rlis column, Lur I iealiseu
you ioLaLly voulun`r ger rle ull eecr in
iinr. Insreau, leau ovei ro a Llog osr rlar
I ounu ar,
vlose aurloi las osreu scieenslors iom
vaiious Winuovs alicarions iunning
on a ligl-DPI scieen.
Ny main use oi rle Yoga is ro iun
Visual Sruuio, anu rlis voiks nne. In
acr, mosr o Niciosor`s ovn alicarions
coe virl rle scieen ieally vell, alrlougl I
occasionally srumLle acioss minoi ioLlems,
oi examle, Woiu voiks jusr
nne, Lur irs equarion euiroi
is ierry mucl unusaLle.
On vaiious oiums you`ll nnu
eole suggesring rlar you uio
rle iesolurion uovn ro 1,600
900 (vlicl is srill liglei rlan
many 13in laros), Lur I`m loarl
ro uo rlar. In no vay am I slaring
Lenovo since rle IueaPau Yoga 2
Pio is a lovely Lir o kir. I am
laying some small Llame ar
Niciosor`s uooi oi rle clunky
vay Winuovs lanules ligl-DPI
scieens, Lur mosrly I`m Llaming
lazy alicarion viireis vlo
laven`r Leen olloving
Niciosor`s guiuelines.
Ihe Lenovo ldeoPod Yogo 2 Pro con be
lolded bock ond used os o loblel, or even
used in "lenl" mode os shown here
People ollen seem surprised when l show lhem how
Google lrocks lhe ploces lhey've been
The screen on the Yoga 2
Pro has an ncredbIe 3,200 x
1,800 resoIoton
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RWC -AUGU8T 2014
Kevin Partner reveals what happens when Amazon puts its weight behind
a self-published title, and explains the importance of good product shots
Amazon power IIt

le orlei uay, Amazon ioviueu veiy

ionraLle ioo rlar rle olu rioe
rle money`s in rle lisr is as valiu
nov as vlen nisr coineu moie rlan
a uecaue ago. I`ve exeiienceu irs riurl mysel
rliougl rvo o my Lusinesses one an online
inoimarion sire, rle orlei a sellei o lysical
goous vlose laige, qualineu email uaraLases
lave Leen a laige air o rleii success. Bur
Amazon`s maikering muscle, mucl o ir
email-Laseu, ler me eeling veiy insignincanr,
alLeir a lirrle iiclei.
Regulai ieaueis may iememLei rlar I viore
a Look as air o an exeiimenr ro see vlerlei
sel-uLlisling non-ncrion coulu Le a viaLle
online Lusiness anu, i so, ro voik our a
ieiouuciLle oimula oi success. 1le Look vas
launcleu in OcroLei 2012 in eLook anu iinreu
oimars, rle larrei Leing iinreu via Lulu anu
solu iom oui ovn online ierail slo anu on
Amazon. Wlen I Legan rle exeiimenr, I
anriciareu rlar Amazon`s Kinule laroim
voulu Le rle mosr ionraLle, anu I vas iiglr.
So I iemoveu rle Look iom KoLo, Baines &
oLle anu Ale`s Look sroies, vleie sales
uiun`r jusriy rle eoir o managing rlem.
Ovei rle asr 1S monrls, rle Look las solu
vell in Lorl oimars, geneiaring a nve-nguie
ruinovei nor Lau consiueiing ir rook only
oui veeks ro viire anu oimar.
Wirluiaving iom rlose orlei laroims
also eimirreu me ro join Amazon`s KDP Selecr
iogiamme, so rlar my Look can Le Loiioveu
Ly Piime memLeis, anu maue ir eligiLle oi
rle sel-manageu Kinule Counruovn Deals,
vleie you ser sloir-reim uiscounrs. As
ieoireu Leoie, rlis kinu o iomorion las
voikeu vell oi me, anu Lorl rimes I`ve iun ir
I maue moie ionr on rle sales, uesire rle
lovei covei iice. 1len, lovevei, rvo rlings
laeneu in Aiil rlar senr my sales inro
rle sriarosleie.
1le nisr vas rlar
a Kinule ielarionsli
managei gor in roucl
ro ask i I`u like my
Look earuieu in rle
Siing Sale secrion,
vlicl oeiareu ovei
rle rvo-veek sclool loliuay. 1o qualiy, I
agieeu ro sell rle Look oi 99 rle noimal
iice is aiounu I3.50 ieasoning rlar rle cur in
ionr ei sale vas a clea iice ro quanriy rle
eecr o urring Amazon`s maikering muscle
Lelinu me. As soon as rle ueal eiiou Legan,
I sav a ouiolu inciease in sales, vlicl
incieaseu ro a acroi o ren Ly rle srair o rle
seconu veek. By selling moie, rle Look iose
rliougl rle iankings anu lence Lecame moie
visiLle acioss rle Kinule Sroie. 1lis inciease
svameu rle ieuuceu ionraLiliry ei Look
anu ler me looking ar a 250 inciease
in ievenue (anu a liglly successul ourcome
ro rle exeiimenr).
Ar aiounu rle same rime, Amazon launcleu
a mucl-imioveu sales uaslLoaiu oi Kinule
Online businessmon,
coder ond wriler.
kuns MokingYour
ond publishing rm
Emoil kevxedprice
8eing leolured in Amozon's Doily Deols
emoil led lo o huge spike in soles (see obove}
Hoving Amozon's morkeling leom behind you con hove o dromolic impocl on soles
Ths sngIe emaI generated
enoogh book saIes to pay my
mortgage Ior a month -AUGU8T 2014
uLlisleis, anu vlen I loggeu in on
15 Aiil, I rlouglr rle sike in rle
sales gial vas a glircl. By close o
lay, I`u solu 200 rimes moie Looks
rlan on an aveiage uay, virl rle
iesulr rlar ir iockereu inro rle ro 50
aiu-oi Kinule Looks (our o aiounu
rvo million), occuieu a iominenr
osirion in rle Noveis & Slakeis
clair anu eakeu ar ouirl osirion in
rle non-ncrion clair. Ir rook me ovei
an loui ro voik our rlar rle cause
o rlis sike vas my Look Leing
incluueu in Amazon`s Daily
Deals email rlar ir senus ro ar a
conseivarive guess many rlousanus
o suLsciiLeis. 1lis single email
geneiareu enougl Look sales ro ay
my moirgage oi rle monrl, anu
Ly rle enu o rle Siing Deals
iomorion I`u solu vell ovei 1,000
coies in Aiil alone, virl lal
o rlose in a single uay. Back in
IeLiuaiy, rle Kinule ielarionsli
managei lau emaileu ro ask i I`u like
my rirle ro Le eligiLle oi Daily Deals
anu I`u agieeu, Lur arei a ev veeks
o silence I rlouglr my Look laun`r
Leen selecreu. I rlen leaiu norling
moie unril I iealiseu ir lau ruineu u
in rle ueals email senr ro me eaily on
rle moining o rle 15 Aiil.
Wlar`s ro leain iom all rlis Arei
all, i I can`r ieiouuce rlis cou rlen
I`m ler virl a ianuom Lonus rlar`s no
moie useul rlan a vinning sciarcl caiu.
Amazon is amously riglr-lieu aLour
lov irs sysrem voiks, Lur my voiking rleoiy
is rlar signing u oi irs Counruovn Deals
iomorion (somerling any KDP Selecr
uLlislei can uo) maue ir moie likely Amazon
voulu consiuei incluuing my Look in rle ai
moie luciarive seasonal anu uaily ueals. 1le
euirois also aeai ro Le looking oi ar leasr
a lanuul o goou ievievs, anu vill almosr
ceirainly vanr ro see rle Look consisrenrly
ianking in rle ro 10,000, rvo acrois rlar
make a goou iesonse moie likely vlen
rley mass-maiker ir.
Ioi my nexr Look launcl, I`ll Le making
acrive use o Counruovn Deals iom rle
Leginning. 1lis vill acceleiare rle oren
uinculr iocess o oLraining ievievs, vlicl in
ruin Loosrs sales. By iunning rlese ueals eveiy
ev monrls, I sloulu Le aLle ro moie quickly
aclieve a consisrenrly ligl sales iank anu,
loeully, arriacr rle arrenrion o rle Kinule
ream. In a sense, rlis is a secialiseu oim o
maikering aimeu uiiecrly ar Amazon, lovevei,
ir srill iequiies making rle Lesr use o Kinule
ro iouuce a successul Look rlar ieaueis
Luy anu like in laige enougl numLeis rlar
a ielarionsli managei uoes come calling.
1len rley can siinkle rle magic uusr anu
make ir a ieally luge success rle comany
vill nevei iomore a lemon.
Gettng aroond the Imtatons
On rle ace o ir, eLooks voik Lesr oi
uLlicarions rlar aie rexr-leavy anu lave ev
gialics, Lecause rley neeu ro look goou on
L Ink ieaueis. I`m nor suie vlar eicenrage
o eLooks aie acrually ieau on moLile uevices
using sorvaie sucl as Kinule`s ieauing a,
Lur oi nov ar leasr rle sranuaiu nle oimars
aie ierry iesriicrive. Lven i ir Lecomes ossiLle
oi sel-uLlisleis ro cieare anu uisriiLure
mulrimeuia Looks via rle Kinule Diiecr
PuLlisling scleme, I`u Le ielucranr
ro aLanuon rle
(iesumaLly) laige
clunk o my maiker
rlar uoes use
eLook ieaueis.
As a consumei, I`ve
serrleu inro Luying
almosr all my ncrion
anu mosr Lusiness Looks in Kinule oimar anu
ieauing rlem on a Kinule Paeivlire, so I vas
lay ro viire anu launcl my rirle in rlar
oimar. Hovevei, as a iule, I Luy reclnical
romes in aeiLack oimar (alrlougl larely I`ve
also Leen using rle Kinule a on my Winuovs
S.1 ueskro) anu leavily illusriareu Looks as
laiuLacks. Imagine my suiiise, rlen, vlen I
vas invireu ro Luy a Kinule Look rlar uioirs
ro reacl me rle nne air o lorogialy. Ir`s
laiu ro imagine a suLjecr less suireu ro rle
eLook oimar, anu yer irs aurloi las manageu
ro ull ir o Leauriully. 1le Look
in quesrion is calleu Hcu tc Create
Stunning Digital lctcgrajly, Ly
1ony oirliu (
links/23Sob). I iecenrly ielaceu my
ageing Sony Alla A200 cameia virl
a saikling nev SL1-A5S, anu lave
Leen riying ro masrei rle air o
iouucr slors oi my online slo,
as vell as ueveloing my leisuie
lorogialy skills (inciuenrally,
rle Cetting StarteJ in Digital
lctcgrajly NagBook www. is a
goou all-iounu guiue). I`u Leen
imiesseu Ly rle iee viueos
oirliu anu lis vie osreu on
rleii You1uLe clannel, anu vas
ascinareu ro see lov rley`u iise ro
rle clallenge o iesenring a liglly
visual Look in Kinule oimar.
1le ansvei is ingenious: ar vaiious
oinrs in rle Look, usually jusr arei
laving a concer exlaineu, rle ieauei
is invireu ro click a link i rley`ie
vieving on a moLile uevice, oi rye
rle sloir-coue auuiess inro rleii
comurei, raking rlem ro a iivare
age rlar conrains a viueo illusriaring
rle oinr. 1lese viueos aie oren moie rlan
ren minures long, so rlis isn`r meiely Lonus
oorage, Lur is essenrial ro unueisranuing.
1lar`s all veiy vell oi mulrimeuia uevices
sucl as smairlones, raLlers anu laros,
Lur vlar aLour a viueo-less eLook ieauei
Sre oivaiu rle mucl-maligneu QR coue.
LmLeuueu as an image on rle age, rle
ieauei can scan rle coue virl rleii
smairlone oi raLler, anu viev rle viueo on
rlar uevice insreau. Ir`s so simle anu eleganr,
I`m aslameu rle iuea nevei occuiieu ro me.
Ir voiks Leauriully, leling ro Lieak our o
rle iesriicrions o rle eLook oimar anu make
rle rexr only a air o rle oveiall exeiience.
1lis reclnique makes lis lorogialy Look,
in many vays, sueiioi ro a moie riauirional,
glossy-aei incainarion nor only uo you ger
insranr access ro rle viueos, Lur oirliu also
iomises lierime uuares o rle eLook veision.
Anu vly is le so keen ro ger ieaueis ro Luy oi
rle Kinule Because, as an aurloi, le ieceives
0 ioyalries anu so uesire rle lovei covei
iice makes moie oveiall ionr. Genius.
8y building shorllinks ond
Ok codes inlo his book, Iony
Norlhrup hos creoled o mullimedio
phologrophy course lhol works
on ebook reoders
The reader can scan the OR
code wth ther smartphone or
tabIet and vewthe vdeo -AUGU8T 2014
Takng great prodoct photos
One o rle majoi rienus ovei rle asr ev
yeais las Leen rle iolieiarion o ligl-qualiry
iouucr imageiy. As a iesulr, ir`s Lecoming
incieasingly unvise ro iely on uougy
loros slor on youi manreliece using a
smairlone, oi examle, Amazon insisrs
rlar irs inueenuenr selleis suly iouucr
slors virl vlire Lackgiounus rlar make rlem
aeai ro sir virlin rle age. I you`ie ieselling
ierail iouucrs you can ioLaLly souice rle
oncial ack slors. Lven rlen, ir miglr make
sense ro sloor youi ovn, since ir vill make
youi sire sranu our. I sucl loros uon`r exisr,
oi i you`ie selling youi ovn iouucrs, you`ll
neeu ro rake ioessional-looking snas rlar
aien`r lumLleu Ly rle orlei images youi
orenrial cusromeis vill see eveiy uay.
I`ve sriuggleu virl rlis ovei rle yeais, Lur
nnally serrleu on a reclnique anu equimenr
rlar voiks vell oi me. Ioi mosr uioses,
sucl slors neeu ro Le raken againsr a ligl-
key Lackgiounu usually a Lleacleu-our
vlire so liglring Lecomes a ciirical marrei.
I`ve ounu rlar a vlire Peisex Lox virl
Luilr-in liglring uoes rle riick nicely. 1o
see vlar I mean, seaicl oi NK50 loro
sruuio on Google Images oi eBay. Ar
aiounu I100, rlis isn`r clea Lur ir`s
voirl ir (rleie aie smallei veisions, Lur
unless you`ie selling small irems sucl as
jevelleiy I`u iecommenu gerring rle laige
one). 1le LulLs aie insiue rle Lox so
rle liglr Lounces aiounu anu gives an
even illuminarion virl minimal slauov.
I use rle aoiemenrioneu Sony A5S DSLR
virl a asr 50mm iime lens, Lur you can
aclieve goou-enougl iesulrs using a uecenr
comacr cameia. In rlar case, you`ll vanr ro
sire rle cameia on a riiou, a ev eer Lack
iom rle Lox, zoom in anu sloor rliougl rle
oening in rle ionr, vlicl vill rliov rle vlire
Lackgiounu our o ocus anu make ir unioim.
1le loros miglr come our uim, since
rle cameia`s mereiing can Le ooleu Ly rle
Liiglr vlire Lackgiounu. 1o nx rlis, eirlei
ruin u rle exosuie comensarion, oi ser
youi mereiing moue ro cenrie veiglreu
anu make suie ir`s oinreu ar rle oLjecr
you vanr ro lorogial. I you uon`r
vanr ro slasl our on a comacr (I`u
acrually iecommenu Luying a DSLR, even
a seconulanu one) anu you lave an Anuioiu
smairlone iunning KirKar, you coulu riy
rle laresr veision o rle oncial cameia a,
vlicl Loasrs a Lackgiounu Llui eecr
rlar voiks suiiisingly vell, even on rle
noroiiously oiuinaiy exus 4 cameia.
Once you lave youi loro, you may nnu
you neeu ro eliminare some unevenness in rle
Lackgiounu slaue anu conveir ir ro a sranuaiu
vlire. I you`ie using a DSLR, sloor in iav
oimar anu use AuoLe Liglrioom oi rle iee
Rav1leiaee ( ro
aujusr rle exosuie anu orlei serrings ro soir
rlis our. You coulu also riy rle iarlei Liillianr
Cliing Nagic veLsire (https://clippingmagic.
com), vlicl uoes an excellenr joL o curring
our rle image. By
ueaulr ir ielaces rle
Lackgiounu virl
riansaienr ixels Lur,
oi iouucr slors,
you`ll ioLaLly vanr
rle orion ro ainr
rlem vlire.
Weie I srairing iom sciarcl on a limireu
Luuger, I`u senu ir on rle liglr Lox, anu Leg
oi Loiiov a cameia anu riiou, oi even use a
smairlone rle liglring is ai moie imoiranr
rlan any orlei asecr o rle seru. 1lar saiu,
my auvice is ro nor skim on iouucr
lorogialy rake goou-qualiry loros,
anu lors o rlem. 1lis vill lel rle
cusromei make rleii uecision
iememLei rley uon`r lave
rle luxuiy o lanuling youi
goous Leoie Luying, so
rle Lesr you can uo is
ielicare rle exeiience
o vinuov sloing
virl lors o iouucr
slors. 1le moie visual
inoimarion you can
give rlem, rle giearei
rle clance rley`ll all
in love virl youi
iouucr anu riusr you
enougl ro oiuei.

5Icyng |ecused en whcI yeur
cusIemers w|| c|wcys censder
mperIcnI - wheIher IhcI's chece,
de|very, cusIemer supperI er prce - w||
mcke I |ess |ke|y yeu'|| beceme dsIrccIed
by Ihe |cIesI shny Iechne|egy er mcrkeIng
|cd. 8usnesses succeed by cencenIrcIng ever
Ihe |eng Ierm en whcI rec||y mcIIers Ie Iher
cusIemers cnd ressIng Ihe IempIcIen
Ie ge e|| cI c IcngenI. |n Ihe werds
e| Ihe Mcyer e| Munchkn|cnd:
"Fe||ew Ihe ye||ew
brck recd..."
Happy brthday
Ir`s ren yeais since veL uesign
ournr 3signals launcleu rle
nisr veision o collaLoiarion
rool Basecam. Cieareu as a
siue iojecr, our o a neeu ro
Lerrei manage 3signals`
inreiacrions virl clienrs, ir vas
oiiginally ueloyeu on a single
veL seivei anu migiareu ro
a moie ioLusr mulriseivei
laroim only once uemanu oi
sucl a iouucr vas ioven. I
vas an eaily usei o Basecam,
anu ir lau rle maik o a rool
cieareu Ly eole inrimarely
amiliai virl rle ioLlem ir
vas solving my comany
useu ir exrensively oi managing
ligl-Luuger iojecrs.
Basecam las Leen so
successul rlar 3signals
iecenrly clangeu irs name ro
marcl, Lur vlar inreiesrs me
aLour rle nim is rlar irs iinciles o iouucr
uevelomenr ly in rle ace o mosr ieceiveu
visuom. Ir unus iojecrs inreinally anu ierains
iivare conriol o irs comany vlen many
voulu lave solu our long ago. ALove all, ir
iacrises rvo unusual anu valuaLle iinciles.
Iiisr, ir oLsesses aLour simliying irs sorvaie
anu iocesses, in conriasr ro mosr sorvaie
ueveloeis vlo senu rleii rime auuing
earuies ro rleii iouucrs anu so making rlem
moie comlex ro use. Seconu, ir ocuses closely
on rle ev asecrs o irs Lusiness rlar von`r
clange in rle sloir reim. ]e Bezos, ounuei o
Amazon, is a minoiiry invesroi, anu le auviseu
3signals ro nnu rle rlings rlar von`r clange
in youi Lusiness anu invesr leavily in rlose
rlings le suggesreu rlar cusromeis o
Amazon von`r Le saying I visl Amazon
sliing vas slovei in ren yeais` rime, so le
invesrs in making sliing moie encienr.
1lis is a Liillianr eisecrive ro rake on youi
Lusiness. Wlicl asecrs vill iemain imoiranr
ovei rle longei reim Ir coulu Le rle iange o
iouucrs, oi rlar you lave vlar youi cusromeis
vanr vlen rley vanr ir. 1le oimei voulu
suggesr simly exanuing youi
invenroiy, vlile rle larrei iequiies
a ueeei unueisranuing o
youi cusromeis` neeus I
knov vlicl I`u execr
ro Le moie ionraLle.
Ioi any comany
selling lysical goous,
sliing vill alvays Le
ciirical. Amazon sers
execrarions so ligl
rley can Le laiu
ro marcl, so ir`s a
sriuggle ro nnu rle Lesr
comLinarion o seeu,
ieliaLiliry anu aoiuaLiliry.
From humble beginnings in 2004, 8osecomp hos molured
inlo o superb colloborolive projecl-monogemenl lool
To heIp the costomer make
a decson, take good-qoaIty
photos, and Iots oI them -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Securlty 8 Soclal
Davey Winder examines the latest dodgy apps, and explains why
Facebook's user-interface improvements are anything but
Is that a secorty threat
n yoor pocket?

egulai ieaueis may knov rlar,

oi rle longesr rime, I vas an
Ale guy oi moLile comuring
laiuvaie, using Lorl iPlone
anu iPau ierry mucl iom uay one. 1lis
clangeu vlen Google ieleaseu rle L1L
veision o rle exus anu I uumeu my
iPau oi Anuioiu. I menrion rlis leie nor ro
usui colleague Paul Ockenuen`s reiiiroiy,
Lur Lecause social meuia novauays means
moLile meuia. ]um on any riain uuiing rle
uaily commure anu mosr assengeis vill Le
glueu ro rleii smairlone/raLler, uuaring
rleii IaceLook oi 1virrei accounr. Hovevei,
in rle minuser o rle aveiage usei, secuiiry is
somerling rlar uoesn`r aly ro lones.
Ir`s laiuly suiiising rlar rle smairlone
anu raLler secrois aie incieasingly iaising ieu
vaining lags among I1 secuiiry ioessionals.
Duiing rle veek oi so I vas ieseaicling rlis
monrl`s column, seveial secuiiry-ielareu sroiies
conceining Anuioiu giaLLeu my arrenrion. 1le
nisr vas lov an a calleu Viius Slielu lau
sroimeu Google Play`s aiu-oi secuiiry
caregoiy (virl moie rlan 10,000 uovnloaus)
only ro Le ievealeu as a comlere ake. Ir vas
uiscoveieu rlar rlis anriviius a, vlicl
claimeu ro scan Lorl as anu nles, acrually
jusr clangeu irs slielu icon iom a ieu X ro
a gieen rick, ir uiu norling else, so Google
iemoveu ir iom rle sroie. 1leie`s norling
ro suggesr rle a uiu anyrling malicious
along virl rlis coloui clange, anu vlerlei
you Lelieve irs ueveloeis` claim rlar ir vas
a misraken ielease o uummy coue, oi rlar
ir vas a con lain anu simle, is u ro
you. Wlar ir uoes suggesr, lovevei, is rlar
verring o rle oncial
Anuioiu a sroie
coulu Le riglrei.
1lis isn`r an excuse
ro claim rlar Ale`s
A Sroie voulu nevei
lave sueieu sucl a
lumiliarion, virl irs
valleu-gaiuen iarlei rlan oen-aims aioacl
uoes anyone srill iecall rlar iPlone I Am
Ricl a rlar cosr $999.99 anu simly
uislayeu a gloving ieu gem 1lar uiu no laim
eirlei, Lur vas jusr as uougy as Viius Slielu i
you ask me. 1le only uieience is rlar Viius
Slielu solu rlousanus o coies anu lir rle ro
rliee in rle aiu-oi secuiiry as clair,
gaining ir riusr anu ensuiing conrinueu
uovnloaus. Hau ir Leen liuing a srealrly
malicious ayloau ir voulu lave Leen a
veiy Lig sroiy inueeu, esecially since ve`ie
ralking aLour rle oncial Play sroie iarlei
rlan any o rle unoncial ones, vleie
malicious as aie asr Lecoming rle noim.
Accoiuing ro ieseaicl iom secuiiry ournr
OPSWA1, almosr one in rliee as ounu in
rlose ourlers aie malicious. 1le comany
uovnloaueu 12,000 as iom a vaiiery o
unoncial a sires, 32 o vlicl ioveu ro
Le susicious in one vay oi anorlei. Looking
closei ar rle iesulrs, rle one-in-rliee nguie
is irsel a Lir susicious, since OPSWA1`s
uennirion o malicious incluueu auvaie,
anu many as veie only laggeu u Ly
one o rle anri-malvaie liLiaiies useu in
rle ieseaicl. I you ievise rle iesulrs Ly
iemoving auvaie anu incluuing only rlose
as maikeu Ly rvo oi moie anri-malvaie
liLiaiies, rle nguie uios ro 10. 1lar saiu,
journolisl ond smoll-
business consullonl
speciolising in
privocy ond securily
issues. Emoil
com; lollow him
on Iwiller
Accordngto OP5WAT, aImost
one nthree apps Ioondn
onomcaI stes are maIcoos
Securlty 8 Soclal -AUGU8T 2014
even one in ren as Leing malicious isn`r
somerling I`u vanr ro Liag aLour. Woulu I
uovnloau an Anuioiu a iom anyvleie
Lur Google Play o, I voulun`r. I iun a
non-iooreu 2013 exus anu a non-jailLioken
iPlone 5s, since Anuioiu anu srock iOS
lave ioven ro Le saei, anu I use only
rle oncial a sroies oi rle same ieason.
MaIcous updates
1lis uoesn`r make my exus rorally sae,
you unueisranu anorlei sroiy Lioke as I
vas viiring rlis. Reseaicleis ievealeu lov
ielarively easy ir vas oi a sae a ro moil
inro a malvaie layei once insralleu, rlanks
ro some lax clecking uuiing rle a-uuare
iocess. Wlenevei an a is insralleu, Anuioiu
clecks ro see vlerlei ir uislays any malvaie-
like Lelavioui Leoie giving ir rle all-cleai.
Once ir gains rlar all-cleai, lovevei, rle a
is iee ro giaL an uuare rlar clanges ir inro a
malicious Leasr. 1le Veiiy As uncrion is
Leing amenueu Ly Google ro make Anuioiu
uevices conrinuously cleck oi any murarion
in as rlar coulu allov oi sucl a malicious
uuare ro occui. Hovevei, i you vanr ro auu
an exria layei o iorecrion in rle meanrime,
a nice lirrle a calleu Secuie Uuare Scannei
vill cleck youi insralleu as Leoie giving
rlem rle gieen liglr ro uuare.
1alking o uuares, rle riming o arcles
anu ugiaues is anorlei secuiiry-oiienrareu
ieason vly I use a srock Anuioiu uevice.
Anyone vlo iuns a non-srock (Lur uniooreu)
Anuioiu uevice vill knov only roo vell lov
slov rle OS uuare iocess can Lecome. I
uon`r enjoy Leing rorally ueenuenr on rle
caiiiei, nervoik oi manuacruiei vlen
ir comes ro arcling my OS,
Lur ar leasr virl srock Anuioiu
you knov you`ll ieceive all rle
laresr uuares in a rimely aslion.
So, vly sloulu you voiiy,
iom a secuiiry iarlei rlan an
aesrleric oi usaLiliry eisecrive
Goou quesrion, anu rle ansvei
can Le summeu u Ly HeairLleeu.
I`m von`r uevore any column
incles ro HeairLleeu rlis monrl
you can ieau my vievs anu auvice
Hovevei, HeairLleeu las
liglliglreu rle ioLlem virl
slov uuares as ai as Anuioiu is
conceineu, Lecause ir`s ler millions
o useis o Anuioiu 4.1.1 (]elly
Bean) ar iisk iom rlis OenSSL
vulneiaLiliry. 1o ur rlis in moie
eisecrive, I`ve seen ieoirs rlar
suggesr as many as one rliiu o all
acrive Anuioiu uevices aie iunning
veision 4.1.x, vlicl is Ly ai rle
mosr useu o Anuioiu OS veisions.
1lis vas ieleaseu in
2012, so ir`s alieauy
ciying our ro Le uuareu, Lur rle
acr rlar HeairLleeu aecrs useis
o rle eailiesr ]elly Bean veision
(rleie aie no oncial numLeis oi
lov many, Lur 50 million is Leing
Lanuieu aLour Ly rlose in rle knov)
suggesrs ro me rlar rle rime las
come ro uuare all Anuioiu
uevices yer only aiounu 5 o
Anuioiu uevices aie iunning rle
laresr veision o rle OS, KirKar 4.4.
O couise, Google vill
oinr our rlar ir`s uisriiLureu
rle inoimarion on arcling
Anuioiu 4.1.1 ro all irs uevice
airneis, Lur rlar uoesn`r mean
rley`ve iolleu our rlose arcles yer,
oi aie even in rle iocess o uoing
so. I KirKar las only Leen iolleu
our ar rle iare o 1 ei monrl
rliougl rlis airnei nervoik, rlis
uoesn`r Loue vell oi a quick oi
comlere solurion ro rle Anuioiu
HeairLleeu ioLlem. Cuiienrly,
mirigaring HeairLleeu looks like
Leing uovn ro useis, anu alieauy
as sucl as rle HeairBleeu
Derecroi iom 1iusrlook lave
sraireu ro aeai.
More Facebook pan
IaceLook`s ueveloeis lave
imioveu irs usei inreiace (UI)
yer again anu, as is sauly all roo
common, ir`s a case o one sre
oivaiu anu rvo sres Lack. I`m
laving riouLle iememLeiing vlar
rle sre oivaiu vas, so I`ll ski
sriaiglr ro rle rvo Lackvaiu ones,
vlicl involve auro-laying viueos anu
nevseeu algoiirlms.
1le auromaric laying o viueo conrenr in
youi nevseeu srieam vas laiuly unexecreu,
as IaceLook las Leen resring rlis anu ralking
aLour nev vays oi maikereeis ro rell rleii
sroiies oi monrls. Bur nov rle viueo LomL
las Leen uioeu anu is in rle iocess o Leing
iolleu our ro eveiyone, like ir oi nor. Ioi me,
ir`s a veiy uennire nor.
1le only saving giace o vlar sraireu our
as an easiei vay ro varcl viueos slaieu Ly
iienus is rlar ar leasr rleie`s no sounu enaLleu
Ly ueaulr, Lur rle easiei rling is a nonsense
anyvay. IaceLook claims ve von`r lave ro
click oi ra lay, anu viueos vill jusr come ro
lie in oui nevseeu, as i ir vas a luge cloie
oi anyone ro lave ro click on rle lay icon.
ov, o couise, anyone vlo acrually uoes
vanr ro varcl a viueo vill lave ro click
on rle sounu icon anyvay ro roggle o
muring, so rleie`s aLsolurely zeio inciease
inconvenience. Wlar las clangeu is rlar
rlose o us vlo uon`r vanr ro varcl rlese 5ecure Updole 5conner brings peoce ol mind ogoinsl
good opps lurning molicious oller on updole
ll's worlh doing o Heorlbleed checkup on Android -AUGU8T 2014
Securlty 8 Soclal
viueos vill lave rlem oiceu on us, anu Loy
can rley Le uisriacring.
IaceLook riieu ro ralk u rle earuie Ly
claiming rlar uuiing resring ir sorreu a 10
inciease in eole varcling, slaiing, liking
anu commenring on viueos. Lim, yes, i you
oice viueo layLack inro a nevseeu, rlen
moie eole vill varcl rlan i you uiun`r.
Noie voiiying is rle Lesroving o rlis same
auro-iun aLiliry on auveirisemenrs. DesciiLing
rlis as a iiclei sroiyrelling oimar ools
no-one i I vanr ro varcl a maikering viueo,
rlen I`ll make rlar uecision, anu I`ll lare ir i a
veLsire srairs ro lay clis auromarically.
So lov can you oil rlis nev, unvanreu UI
Lelavioui Well, rleie`s goou nevs anu Lau
nevs, ueenuing on lov you access IaceLook.
1le goou nevs is oi ueskro IaceLook useis,
vlo can simly go ro rle serrings menu anu
scioll uovn ro a nev Viueo irem ar rle Lorrom
o rle lisr, iom vleie rleie`s only one orion:
ro roggle auro-lay on oi o. ice anu simle.
Unoirunarely, rlis roggle uncrion also inoims
you o rle Lau nevs, vlicl is rlar rlis serring
alies only ro youi ueskro usage. Ir rlen
oinrs you ro youi smairlone`s IaceLook
a oi auro-lay orions oi moLile useis.
Wlar ir uoesn`r rell you is rlar moLile useis
can`r roggle ir o. 1lar`s iiglr, IaceLook
las ueciueu rlar i you access ir via
a smairlone oi raLler a,
rlen you`ie laving
auromaric layLack
iegaiuless o vlerlei
you vanr ir oi nor.
1le only orion
you`ie given in
rle moLile as
is ro roggle vlerlei
auro-layLack occuis
only vlen connecreu
Ly Wi-Ii oi nor. I
you only evei access
IaceLook via 3G oi 4G rlen
you`ie o rle look ar leasr
rlar`s somerling. 1le iesr o us
aie sruck virl ir.
So rlar`s my nisr IaceLook niggle o
rle monrl. 1le seconu is rle vay IaceLook
uereimines vlar I see oi, moie iecisely,
rle oiuei in vlicl I see ir. As alvays vlen
IaceLook mucks aLour virl irs UI, my
exisring ieeience ro see nevesr osrs nisr
gers riamleu on anu ieveirs a uieienr oiuei,
rlis oiuei Leing vlarevei IaceLook rlinks aie
rle mosr imoiranr osrs ro me (usually
meaning olu sru rlar I no longei lave any
ieal inreiesr in). Ir`s easy enougl ro svircl
Lack iom 1o Sroiies ro Nosr Recenr
Ly clicking rle uovn-aiiov nexr ro rle
nevseeu irem in rle lisring ar rle ler-lanu
siue o rle scieen Lur rlar`s nor rle oinr.
1le oinr, i you`ll excuse my slouring, is
KOW BLS1! or rlar me (noi anyone
else) slouring vill clange rle acr rlar ir
rlinks ir uoes.
Iolloving rlis UI uuare, IaceLook
quierly announceu a
clange ro rle vay
ir uereimines vlar
you anu I vanr ro
see. Acrually, rlis
coulu Le rle one sre
oivaiu I coulun`r
iememLei, Lecause
rle algoiirlmic rveak iomises less usling o
Lianu messages anu celeLiiry uiivel, vlicl las
ro Le a goou rling. Oi uoes ir Well, oi a
srair, I`m suie I can`r Le alone in nor liking
loaus o Lianus anu celeLs, anu rleieoie
uon`r lave rleii maikering srieam in my eeu
anyvay. I`m also suie rlar I`m nor rle only
one rlar visles IaceLook voulu jusr leave
my nevseeu oiuei alone anu nor kee
clanging vlar ir rlinks I vanr ro see.
I you rlink ir`s Lau iom an
enu usei`s eisecrive an enu
usei vlo iegaius social
meuia as oi socialising
iarlei rlan a Lusiness
ooiruniry rlen
saie a rlouglr
oi rlose small
Lusinesses anu
orlei oiganisarions
rlar use ir as a
iomorional anu
communicarions rool.
Ioi some Lusiness useis
o IaceLook, rlis nev
uuare, comlere virl
rlese algoiirlm rveaks,
looks like ieally Lau nevs inueeu.
1le rveaks rlar lave Leen maue ro rle
nevseeu algoiirlm ieuuce rle iioiiry rlar
vas given ro usling uuares iom ages
as ooseu ro inuiviuual useis, so oncial
iesence ages anu rle uuares rley osr
vill nov aeai lovei in youi nevseeu`s
ecking oiuei anu in some cases may vell
uisaeai alrogerlei. 1lis again sriikes
me as Leing uar anu uangeious. IaceLook
vill Le sloving evei osrs iom Likeu
ages, anu ueciuing vlicl osrs sloulu
Le seen. 1lis means rlar, even rlougl
as a usei I`ve srareu I Like a age anu
rleieoie miglr Le inreiesreu in vlar ir las
ro say, I von`r see mucl ar all unless I visir
rle age in quesrion. Coulu rlis ossiLly
Le an arremr ro oice oiganisarions
esecially rlose ar rle smallei enu o
rle Lusiness secrium rovaius aying
age-ieacl auveirising claiges
Oiganic ieacl ceirainly looks likely
ro rumLle, anu rle only eole vlo vill
ieally Lenenr iom ocusing rle algoiirlm
on ligl-qualiry conrenr, as IaceLook calls
ir, vill suiely Le rlose laige comanies anu
celeLs rlar ir rolu us ir vas iemoving iom oui
nevseeus. Higlei qualiry is uereimineu, in no
small air, Ly rle numLei o eole Liking anu
olloving a age, anu since small Lusinesses
anu nicle oiganisarions uon`r lave rle luxuiy
o laige auveirising Luugers ro uiive eole ro
rleii ages, rley iely on oiganic ieacl ro ger
rleii message acioss. I vlar`s iomoreu
inro my nevseeu as ligl qualiry Ly
IaceLook ieally means aiu-oi conrenr,
rlen I`m aiaiu ir`s moie uelusional rlan I
rlouglr. 1lis ay-ro-connecr iuea is oLviously
arriacrive ro IaceLook as ir`s ueseiare ro
monerise rle Lusiness, Lur ir iarlei goes
againsr vlar a social nervoik sloulu Le.
1le clue is in rle name, arei all.
Wlar ieally gers my goar is rle vay
rlar IaceLook seems ro Le riying ro via
u rlis suLrle clange in rle guise o Leing oi
irs useis` Lenenr, in rlar ve`ll Le seeing moie
osrs iom oui iienus anu evei osrs Ly
Lusinesses. 1le riouLle is rlar IaceLook also
las ro acknovleuge rlar, vlile rle oiganic
ieacl oi Lusiness useis vill uio, rlar von`r
Le rle case vlen ir comes ro aiu-oi ieacl.
1le usual aigumenr rlar IaceLook is iee
ro rle usei, so you can`r comlain vill
unuouLreuly Le luileu my vay, Lur I
von`r accer rlem. IaceLook Luilr irs luge
Lusiness on rle Lack o irs iee mouel, so
uon`r srair virl rle Woulu you ay ro use
ir aigumenr, as rley aie moor. Accoiuing ro
, IaceLook ounuei Naik ZuckeiLeig
is voirl aiounu $2S Lillion (aiounu I16.6
Lillion), so uon`r rell me rle comany isn`r
uoing okay virl irs iee access.
Cuiienrly, IaceLook useis simly lave
novleie else ro go i rley vanr ro mainrain
rleii social conracrs, Lur i IaceLook enus u
Lecoming a sam conuuir oi laige coioiare
commeicials Le rley comulsoiy viueo
clis oi sonsoieu nevseeu uuares rlen
alreinarives vill Le ounu.

5ymcnIec's "2014 |nIerneI

5ecurIy hrecI keperI, Ve|ume 1"
Ickes c sIcIsIcc| |eek cI 2013. |I w||
be nIeresIng Ie cempcre sIcIsIcs wIh
pesIHecrIb|eed 2014 n Ihe nexI reperI, buI
|eI's see hew bcd Ihngs c|recdy cre: c 2%
ncrecse n dcIc brecches |rem 2012; c 500%
rse n rcnsemwcre cIIccks, |eckng dewn
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RWC fflce Appllcatlons -AUGU8T 2014
Has McrosoIt InaIIy
domped Hdden UI?
5imon Jones examines the complexities of Windows 8's user interface,
and what could be a return to a more user-friendly experience

vo yeais ago, vlen Winuovs S

vas oiiginally unveileu, I viore
in rlis column rlar rle Hiuuen
UI mouel o Winuovs S anu
Nerio-sryle as (vlicl ve`ie nov
suoseu ro call Winuovs Sroie as) vas
ai iom inruirive, anu voulu cause ioLlems
oi useis Liouglr u on rle sranuaiu Winuovs
usei inreiace exeiience (see issue 213, j88).
Back rlen, I viore: One o rle 'inreiesring`
acrs aLour rle nev Nerio-sryle UI in Winuovs
S is lov mucl o ir is liuuen iom rle usei
unril ir`s neeueu. 1lis is one o rle coie
uesign iinciles o Nerio-sryle as, rlar
rle alicarion`s conrenr slall Le king, anu
so all irs UI cliome vlicl means Lurrons,
rexrLoxes anu orlei viugers rlar make rle
a voik aien`r visiLle mosr o rle rime.
You may ra oi click on anyrling you see,
Lur rlis vill ieiesenr only a iacrion o vlar
you can acrually uo virl rlar airiculai a.
1o uiscovei mosr commanus, you`ll lave ro
leain lov ro svie, lick oi make orlei
nev gesruies ro uncovei rle claims, raLs
anu rle a Lai rlar liue rlem avay.
1lis is a aiily iauical ueairuie oi
mosr useis Liouglr u on Winuovs, virl irs
mulriruue o menus, raLs, Lurrons anu orlei
visual cues. Ir`s even uirlei iom rle iinciles
o Niciosor`s ievious Iluenr UI orleivise
knovn as rle iiLLon vlicl sriove ro ensuie
rlar eveiy ossiLle commanu anu acrion lau
a visiLle cue rlar maue ir uiscoveiaLle, anu so
ensuieu rle usei coulu ger rle mosr our o rle
alicarion. Niciosor`s uecision ro liue mosr
o rle UI commanus in Winuovs S Nerio-sryle
as, vlile simulraneously inriouucing rle
iiLLon ro orlei Winuovs S alicarions
sucl as Winuovs Lxloiei, eels sriangely
conriauicroiy anu is uinculr ro exlain.
Suie enougl, virl rle uirlei evolurion
o Winuovs S rliougl Winuovs S.1 anu nov
Winuovs S.1 Uuare, ve`ie seeing moie o rle
Hiuuen UI Leing maue
visiLle so rlar eole
can nnu ir. Iiisr o all,
rle Winuovs Sroie
gaineu a Seaicl Lurron,
rlen a seaicl Lox ro
rye youi queiy inro.
ov rle Srair scieen
irsel las gaineu a Seaicl Lurron ro seaicl oi
insralleu alicarions, anu a Povei Lurron
ro slur uovn oi iesrair youi PC no moie
sciaLLling aiounu ro nnu rle claims. 1lis
vas alvays easy enougl ro uo on a raLler (i
you can iememLei rle gesruie) Lur ai laiuei
on a ueskro PC virl mulrile monirois: you
lave ro lir a coinei o rle scieen virlour
oveislooring onro rle orlei uislay. Srair l
Povei l Sluruovn is sloirei anu ai easiei
ro nnu rlan Claims l Serrings l Povei l
Sluruovn vas. Closing a Sroie a is
easiei, roo, Lecause Ninimise anu Close
Lurrons aeai on a rirle Lai vlenevei you
move rle mouse ro rle ro o rle uislay.
You no longei lave ro iely on iememLeiing
ro use rle Hiuuen UI riick o uiagging rle
ro o rle a uovnvaius anu o rle
Lorrom o rle uislay. O couise, rle keyLoaiu
sloircurs lave alvays voikeu, sucl as Alr+I4
ro close a vinuov, Lur rley consrirure yer
anorlei Hiuuen UI rlar you`ie execreu ro
leain virlour evei Leing rauglr ir. Iully
leugeu Winuovs alicarions oren ieminu
you o rleii keyLoaiu sloircurs in rleii menus
oi roolris, Lur Sroie as veiy iaiely uo.
ov ve`ie seeing reaseis oi rle nexr uuare
ro Winuovs vlicl miglr ossiLly Le calleu
Winuovs S.1 Uuare 2, oi else Winuovs S.2
vlicl ieinsrares a ioei Srair menu, nor jusr
a Lurron in rle coinei rlar uums you Lack
ro rle Srair scieen. 1le scieenslors anu viueo
o rle nev Srair menu slov a sranuaiu lisr
o inneu anu iequenrly useu alicarions on
rle ler, virl a seaicl Lox ar rle Lorrom anu
a miniaruie Live 1iles uislay o insralleu as
on rle iiglr. Ir isn`r quire rle ully earuieu

An independenl
lI consullonl
speciolising in
Olce Aulomolion,
Visuol 8osic ond
5OL 5erver. He lives
up o mounloin in
Woles. Emoil simon.
We're seeng more oI the
Hdden UI beng made vsbIe
so that peopIe can bnd t
Ihe originol Windows 8 5lorl screen in oll ils glory -AUGU8T 2014
fflce Appllcatlons
Srair menu rlar vas in Winuovs ,
Lur ir`s ai closei ro vlar eole
say rley vanr. 1easeis ar rle Builu
2014 coneience also sloveu a
Sroie a iunning in a vinuov on
rle ueskro, jusr like any noimal
alicarion. 1lis makes Winuovs
Sroie as ai moie usaLle on
sranuaiu ueskro PCs anu rleieoie
sloulu inciease rle maiker oi rlem,
vlicl in ruin ouglr ro arriacr moie
eole ro viire alicarions oi rle
Winuovs Sroie, anu rlen eveiyLouy
vins. Ar leasr, rlar`s rle lan
laving Sroie as aeai in
vinuovs on rle ueskro may
nor acrually Le ueliveieu unril rle
nexr-Lur-one uuare (Niciosor
is Leing a lirrle vague aLour rlar).
1le cuiienr Once 2013
alicarions aie jusr aLour usaLle
on a Winuovs raLler: rle iiLLon
las a secial roucl moue, vlicl
incieases rle sace aiounu
irs Lurrons, Lur rlis jusr makes rle
iiLLon Liggei anu Lulkiei, raking
u even moie valuaLle scieen ieal
esrare. Wirl rle onscieen keyLoaiu alieauy
raking u lal o rle scieen vlen in lanuscae
moue, eveiy ixel rlar can Le useu oi conrenr
counrs, anu Lerveen rle keyLoaiu anu rle
iiLLon rleie isn`r mucl sace. I lave ro
minimise rle iiLLon anu ruin o rle onscieen
keyLoaiu ai roo oren in oiuei ro see moie
o rle uocumenr I`m voiking on, I`u like ro
Le aLle ro sliink rle keyLoaiu rle vay you
coulu in Winuovs .
In oiriair moue, rle keyLoaiu isn`r
so inriusive, Lur rle iiLLon is squasleu
loiizonrally, vlicl makes ir ai laiuei ro
voik virl. Because eacl raL conrains many
gious o Lurrons, ir oren laens rlar mosr
i nor all o rlese gious vill Le collaseu
uovn ro a single Lurron rlar you lave ro ra ro
see rle conriols in rle giou. 1lis auus a nev
level o comlexiry rlar I coulu uo virlour. 1le
iiLLon vas uesigneu oi laige ueskro uislays,
anu some comiomise is ineviraLle vlen
moving ro smallei raLler scieens.
1leie aie only rvo Sroie Once as ar rle
momenr, Lync anu Oneore. Lync is a ooi,
conusing aaii quire
unlike irs ueskro
counreiair. Ir`s
seiiously uinculr ro
ger ro giis virl. 1le
Hiuuen UI anu lack o
uocumenrarion leave
you jaLLing aiounu,
riying ro nnu our lov ro uo rle mosr
Lasic rlings. I`m suie ir maue sense ro irs
ueveloeis, Lur rley ioLaLly lau ieams o
uesign uocumenrs ro slov rlem lov ir vas
suoseu ro voik a luxuiy ve useis uon`r
lave. Ir`s equally useless on a ueskro PC,
Lecause ir vasres so mucl o rle scieen virl
irs luge Lurrons suiiounueu Ly acies o vlire
sace. Ir vill jusr aLour uo i you ieally can`r
use rle Lync ueskro clienr, as, oi examle,
vlen you`ie using Winuovs R1 on an
ARN-Laseu raLler, Lur i youi raLler can iun
ull Winuovs alicarions, rlen srick virl
rle Lync ueskro clienr. Oneore`s Winuovs
Sroie a is mucl Lerrei. Ir`s closei ro rle ull
ueskro alicarion, Lur virl rle auuirion o
an innovarive iauial menu rlar Liings all rle
common conriols virlin easy ieacl, virlour
raking u anyvleie neai so mucl scieen
sace as rle iiLLon. Ir`s srill limireu in some
unuamenral vays, lovevei, sucl as nor
laving rle aLiliry ro iinr oi lanule auuio
nores. I srill ieei ro use rle ull ueskro
veision even on a raLler, so rlar I uon`r
lave ro ieleain lov ro uo rlings.
1le nev Once oi iPau slovs o all o
irs UI ro rle useis, iesenreu via a cur-uovn
iiLLon inreiace jusr raLs virl one iov o
Lurrons, suiraLle oi rle iesriicreu scieen ieal
esrare o rle lanulelu uevice anu rle ieuuceu
uncrionaliry o rle alicarions. 1lis uesign
is inuicarive o rle slae o a oirlcoming
roucl-nisr veision o Once oi Winuovs,
a small uemo o vlicl vas also seen ar Builu.
Only roucl-nisr PoveiPoinr las Leen slovn so
ai, anu Niciosor las Leen caieul ro say eacl
rime rlar rlis is an eaily exeiience, meaning
Windows 8.J Updole now includes onscreen bullons lor Power ond 5eorch (lop righl} ond on indicolion
ol where lo nd recenlly inslolled opplicolions (bollom lell}
Ihe "Modern" version ol Lync is very conlusing ond hord lo use - il gels lerrible reviews.
You're beller oll slicking wilh lhe desklop version, il possible
Lync wastes so moch oI the
screen wth ts hoge bottons
sorroonded by whte space
fflce Appllcatlons -AUGU8T 2014
rlar ir may look a lirrle uieienr Ly rle rime
ir comes ro maiker. As you can see iom rle
scieenslor Lelov, ir las a similaily cur-uovn
iiLLon, virl only one iov o roucl-iienuly
Lurrons. 1le raLs aie mosrly rle same as in
rle ull ueskro alicarions, Lur rleie aie
evei earuies on eacl one.
One sze doesn't bt aII
Anorlei announcemenr iom rle Builu
coneience rlis yeai vas rle concer o
univeisal as, vlicl enaLles Niciosor
anu orlei ueveloeis ro cieare alicarions
rlar can iun acioss Winuovs Plone,
Winuovs R1 anu Winuovs ueskro
(evenrually, univeisal as vill
Le aLle ro iun on XLox as vell).
One vay ro aclieve rlis is Ly
Luiluing nev Nouein UIs on
ro o an exisring alicarion. I
youi alicarions aie alieauy
viirren virl goou seaiarion
Lerveen rleii UI coue anu rleii
Lusiness logic anu uara layeis,
rlen you`ll Le aLle ro viire a
nev Nouein UI on ro anu
ieuse all rle common coue in a
ielarively seamless vay. I youi
coue is moie monolirlic oi
saglerri-like, as many olu
alicarions aie, rlen you`ll
lave ro uo a consiueiaLle
amounr o ie-acroiing anu
lence moie resring o rle
ieviseu oiiginal UI as vell
as rle nev UI.
Niciosor is alieauy using
rle univeisal a earuies in irs
oirlcoming Nouein veision
o Once, vleieLy rle same
A rsl look ol lhe "Modern" version ol PowerPoinl shows o simplied ribbon wilh only one row ol bullons -
o simplied Ul, bul wilh oll lhe commonds visible
coue is useu on Winuovs R1 raLlers anu
Winuovs Plones. 1le rools oi ciearing
univeisal as vill Lecome availaLle ro
orlei ueveloeis rlougl Visual Sruuio.
1le iuea o laving one alicarion virl
mulrile ionr-enus isn`r nev, anu inueeu,
Niciosor las Leen enaLling ir in a small
vay oi a coule o yeais nov rliougl
Visual Sruuio`s LiglrSvircl. 1lis is a liLiaiy
rlar lers you Luilu alicarions virl eirlei a
Silveiliglr ionr-enu oi a iicl-clienr exeiience,
oi an H1NL ionr-enu oi a liglrveiglr,
moLile-uevice exeiience. One solurion
vill lave a iojecr oi eacl ionr-enu, virl
common Lack-enu coue slaieu Lerveen all
o rlem. Because rle miuule-riei Lusiness
logic anu rle Lack-enu uaraLase o youi
alicarion aie common ro Lorl ionr-enus,
you`ll enu u ieusing an avul lor o rle coue
i you Luilu Lorl ionr-enus. 1le uaraLase
mouel urs all rle Lusiness logic anu valiuarion
inro one iojecr in rle Visual Sruuio solurion,
virl eacl ionr-enu going inro a seaiare
iojecr, anu univeisal as vill voik rle
same vay.
1lis means you can Luilu rle iiglr UI oi
rle uevice you`ie raigering, ro nr irs scieen size
anu inur caaLiliries. A lone anu an XLox
may lave seecl inur, Lur a 4in lone scieen
neeus a comlerely uieienr uislay iom a
40in smair 1V. 1aLlers anu lones may lave
gesruie inur, Lur rlar vill Le quire uieienr
iom rle vlole-Louy gesruies you use in rle
Kinecr inreiace on an XLox. A ueskro PC`s
naruial inreiace is rle keyLoaiu anu mouse,
vlile raLlers anu lones oren lave onscieen
keyLoaius rlar rake u a lor o rle uislay
sace anu aie less rlan orimal ro use. 1le
XLox`s onscieen keyLoaiu is slov anu clunky
ro use via rle game conriollei, so useis aien`r
going ro vanr ro rye lors o rexr on an XLox.
You`ll lave ro make ir easiei ro cloose inur
uara iom lisrs rlar you miglr lave ryeu
aiesl on a riauirional PC.
Lacl o rlese sriengrls anu veaknesses
las ro Le raken inro accounr vlen uesigning
rle UIs oi eacl uieienr laroim. Lxecring a
single, veL-Laseu, alicarion ro auromarically
auar ro uieienr scieen sizes vas nevei a
comlere ansvei ro rle uieienr oim acrois
anu caaLiliries o rlese uevices, ir aileu ro use
rle ull orenrial o rle moie caaLle uevices,
anu auromaric uislay scaling can`r ger ir iiglr
eveiy rime. Niciosor seems nnally ro lave
voken u ro rlese acrs anu ro lave sraireu
ioviuing rle rools ueveloeis neeu ro ioeily
cusromise a UI ro eacl rye o uevice.
Ihe "Modern" version ol OneNole is similor lo lhe desklop version, bul leolures
on innovolive rodiol menu -AUGU8T 2014
RWC Web Apps 8 Deslgn
Mark Newton explains the best ways to get the real user experience
from mobile-device simulators when testing app projects
Testng yoor app
on reaI hardware

len viiring moLile as in

H1NL5 ir`s usual ro use a PC
iunning a uevelomenr rool
sucl as Inrel`s XDK vlicl
incluues Rile, a moLile-uevice emularoi
rlar lers you visualise youi iesulrs. Hovevei,
rleie`s no suLsrirure oi resring on rle acrual
raiger uevice ro nnu vlar nnal useis vill
ieally exeiience (lov easy youi a is ro
conriol Ly roucl, oi examle). 1o make rlis
exeiience leasanr you musr minimise rle
amounr o rexr useis lave ro rye since
rlis is slovei anu moie eiioi-ione rlan
virl a riauirional keyLoaiu anu sace
youi a`s Lurrons ai enougl aair ro
avoiu selecring viong ones Ly misrake.
o amounr o resring on an emularoi can
exose sucl issues, oi examle, on my cuiienr
a I`ve moveu rle Cleai All Dara Lurron onro
a uieienr scieen arei misrakenly iessing ir
vlile lanuling rle lone
(I`ve also auueu an Aie
You Suie iomr).
Acrual-uevice resring
also exoses laiuvaie
incomariLiliries: emularois,
useul as rley aie, can`r uo
mucl moie rlan visualise
vaiious uislay oimars,
anu von`r ieveal lack o
suoir oi uieienr
earuies. 1o o my visllisr
is oi someone ro cieare an
emularoi rlar can ieveal
rle unsuoireu H1NL5
earuies o rle uevice rlar
ir`s riying ro emulare.
I lave ounu a vay
ro aclieve rlis, vlicl is
reuious Lur lers you emulare
mosr uevice-ueenuenr
H1NL5 imlemenrarion
limirarions. NoLile uevices
emloy a Liovsei engine
ro ienuei H1NL5, anu rlis
engine is eirlei rle same
as, oi veiy similai ro, irs
ueskro Lierlien. Hence
rle riick is ro cloose a
veL-Laseu emularoi sucl
as www.mobilephone anu rlen iun
ir virlin uieienr Liovseis, eacl closen ro
ielecr irs coiiesonuing moLile uevice, oi
examle, Saaii oi iOS, Cliome oi Anuioiu
anu Inreiner Lxloiei oi Winuovs Plone. 1lis
vill liglliglr mosr glircles, alrlougl I also nnu
a quick eek ar veiy lelul.
1lis veLsire slovs vlar`s suoireu in vaiious
Liovsei veisions in giear uerail (ciucial oi a
yer-ro-Le-nnaliseu language sucl as H1NL5).
1le mosr seiious uencirs aie rle lack o any
local uaraLase suoir in Winuovs Plone, anu
rle annoying scaiciry o suoir oi uaralisr
oLjecrs unuei iOS, vlicl makes ciearing
aurocomlere-sryle rexr oLjecrs riicky, ir can
Le aclieveu, Lur only Ly using narive riicks
rlar oieir rle viire once, iun anyvleie
aLiliry. Aurocomlere rexr nelus aie a giear
vay ro minimise rle amounr o rying rlar
a moLile a usei las ro uo (you`ie ioLaLly
amiliai virl rle vay rley voik, Lur you may
nor lave knovn vlar rley`ie calleu). You
rye rle nisr ev lerreis anu a uiouovn lisr
aeais virl marcling voius iom a ieuenneu
lisr. Hovevei, unlike a noimal uiouovn,
vleie you can cloose only iom rlis lisr, a
uaralisr oLjecr lers you eirlei selecr iom rlis
lisr oi conrinue rying an enriiely nev voiu.
(You coulu, o couise, aclieve rle same virl
rle goou olu comLo Lox unuei VB3+. I
somerimes vonuei lov mucl ieal iogiess
las Leen maue in sorvaie-uevelomenr rools.)
jQueiy UI lers you voik aiounu rlis
ga in iOS, anu can Le maue ro voik virl
uevelomenr rools like XDK. Wlen viiring
Monoging direclor ol
Eleclronic CAIologue5
(ECols Lld}, which
speciolises in
solulions. Emoil
emulolors will loke
you only so lor in
your lesling
Ihe websile "Con l use..." con sove o lol
ol griel il your HIML5 isn'l working
RWC Web Apps 8 Deslgn -AUGU8T 2014
oi moLile uevices virl limireu sroiage,
ir`s sensiLle ro minimise rle numLei anu
size o iamevoiks you use, vlicl vill
sloiren rle inirial loau rime o youi a.
Wirl jQueiy UI, you oren von`r neeu all o
rle conriols ir oeis. I suggesr you srair Ly
using rle ull veision, rlen once you`ie lay
youi coue voiks coiiecrly, go Lack ro rle
jQueiy UI sire (https://|
anu cieare a cusromiseu veision o rle
iamevoik iunrime nle oi jusr youi
a (occasionally one conriol vill neeu a
suoir coue iom anorlei, anu srairing
couing virl rle ull veision makes ir easy
ro see vlerlei anyrling Lieaks arei you
cieare youi cusrom jQueiy UI nle).
Once jQueiy UI las Leen auueu ro youi
iojecr, you can use irs ovn aurocomlere
conriol in lace o rle H1NL5 uaralisr, anu
since rlis conriol voiks on all laroims,
rlis gers aiounu rle lack o suoir oi rle
H1NL5 veision in iOS anu Saaii.
Gettng reaI
Since moLile-uevice emularois uon`r slov u
rlis kinu o limirarion o rle ieal laiuvaie
rley`ie suoseu ro ieiesenr, you lave no
alreinarive Lur ro resr anu ueLug on rle ieal
laiuvaie. 1lis vas riicky in rle eaily uays,
Lur nov all rle majoi moLile laroims lave
meclanisms in lace rlar allov you ro insrall
as onro selecreu uevices virlour nisr laving
ro suLmir rlem oi aioval anu uisriiLurion
via rle ielevanr sroie.
1le easiesr OS oi rlis oi las alvays Leen
Anuioiu, Lecause all
you neeu ro uo is senu
someone an email virl
youi coue arracleu (oi
a link ro ir). As long as
rleii lone`s ueaulr
secuiiry serring las
Leen clangeu ro allov
insrallarion o as iom laces orlei rlan
Google Play, rlen ir vill insrall anu iun. Vaiious
uevelomenr rools, incluuing rle excellenr Inrel
XDK, vill even allov you ro connecr youi PC
ro rle lone via a USB caLle, rlen single-sre
anu ueLug as you use rle a on rle lone
veiy useul oi uncoveiing some o rle moie
oLscuie ieasons vly youi coue is misLelaving.
Wirl Winuovs Plone ir`s a lirrle riickiei.
Iiisr you neeu ro iegisrei as a ueveloei, vlicl
cosrs aLour I14 ei yeai oi inuiviuuals, rlen
log in ro youi Winuovs Plone Develoei luL
anu ollov rle iocess oi suLmirring youi a.
Duiing resring, you can suLmir youi a as a
Lera iouucr, rlis means ir von'r aeai in rle
Winuovs Sroie, Lur uuiing rle suLmission
iocess you can nominare u ro 100 resr useis
Ly auuing rleii Winuovs Live IDs. Senuing
rlese eole an email link vill enaLle rlem
ro see rle a as ir voulu aeai in rle sroie,
virl youi uesciirion anu scieenslors, anu rley
can rlen uovnloau anu insrall ir iom rleie.
1alking o scieenslors, one o rle
moie reuious rasks in all rlis mulrilaroim
uevelomenr is rle ciearion o icons anu
slaslscieens ro rle coiiecr uimensions.
1le voisr laroim is iOS, virl no evei
rlan 12 images iequiieu Leoie you can
suLmir, some o vlicl uiei in uimension
Ly only oui ixels.
SuLmirring an iOS a is eilas rle mosr
comlicareu iocess, alrlougl rleie aie some
veiy goou valkrliougls on rle Ale veLsire,
anu so long as you rake ir sreauy anu uon`r ger
conuseu Ly some o rleii reiminology, rlen ir
all voiks vell. As virl Winuovs, you`ll neeu a
ueveloei accounr, anu rlis cosrs I60 ei yeai
oi iOS. Wlile you`ie ar rle resring srage you
can Lyass many o rle aioval srages o a
ull suLmission ro rle i1unes Sroie Ly Luiluing
anu suLmirring youi a as an Au Hoc as
ooseu ro Piouucrion a. Builuing as an
Au Hoc means you can insrall ir only on iOS
uevices, oi vlicl you musr lave ieviously
iegisreieu rle unique uevice iuenrinei virl
youi ueveloei accounr, anu rlen useu rlis
ro cieare a nev iovisioning ionle. 1lis is a
small nle rlar`s Luilr Ly rle Ale Develoei
oiral arei you`ve given ir all rle inoimarion
ir neeus, anu ir`s useu Ly rle sysrem ro
esraLlisl rle ielarionsli Lerveen rle A
ID, rle uisriiLurion ceirincare anu rle usl
ceirincare. (See vlar I meanr aLour conusing
reiminologies) ov you can riial youi a on
Anuioiu, Winuovs anu iOS uevices, anu ueal
virl any issues rlar miglr aiise Leoie you
ielease ir inro sroies oi uLlic uisriiLurion.
Remote deboggng
1le airiculai a rlar I`m voiking on
ralks ro a iemore veL seivice oi some o
irs uncrionaliry. DeLugging in rlis scenaiio
is Lau enougl vlen rle clienr a anu
veL seivice aie Lorl iunning on youi local
uevelomenr Lox, Lur rlings Lecome ieally un
once you ioll our rle veL seivice onro a live
seivei anu rlings srair Lieaking. WeL seivices
Ly rleii veiy naruie lave no visiLle ionr-enu
rlar miglr uislay lelul eiioi messages, so
you`ie voiking Llinu mucl o rle rime. 1lis
is vleie rle iemore ueLugging caaLiliries o
Niciosor`s Visual Sruuio ieally come inro rleii
ovn. Wirl rlese enaLleu, you can single-sre
You moy remember lhol l wrole ln my losl
column oboul lnopp purchoses [:ee i::0e
23, p8|. lhls ls lhe mechonlsm where
developers con oller users powerups"
ond olher enhoncemenls, lyplcolly ln
gomes, ln exchonge lor o poymenl. lhe
model hos come ln lor crlllclsm os chlldren
hove run up lorge bllls on lhelr porenls
credll cords, whlch hove been reglslered
ol lhe slore. Mormolly lhe chlld would
need lo know lhe slore possword belore
onylhlng could be boughl, bul Apple
ond Google slores leove o perlod durlng
whlch lhe possword ls nol requesled
ogoln, o bll llke o sesslon llmeoul. lhls hos
occoslonolly meonl lhol once lhe porenl
hos enlered lhelr possword lor on lnlllol
purchose, lhe chlld hos been oble lo buy
more llems wllhoul knowlng lhe possword,
or lhelr porenls belng owore unlll lhe
credll cord slolemenl orrlves.
Apple hos hod lo dlsh oul o helly sum
ln relunds lo users ond modlly lls slore,
whlle Google ls belng loken lo courl ln lhe
S over lhls moller [www.pcpre.ce.ukJ
|nksJ238wcd1|, where no doubl lhe
oulcome wlll be slmllor.
In-app purchasing
5elecl lhe porls you need ond build your
own bespoke jOuery Ul lromework
By traIIng yoor app on the
reaI hardware, yoo can deaI
wth any ssoes beIore reIease -AUGU8T 2014
Web Apps 8 Deslgn
rliougl youi alicarion. Ir iuns on rle iemore
seivei jusr as i ir veie iunning locally veiy
useul anu clevei sru. 1o use ir, insrall rle
Remore Auromarion Connecrion Nanagei on
rle seivei anu iun ir, anu you`ll also neeu a
ioei veision o Visual Sruuio, as rle iee
Lxiess veision can`r eioim rlis airiculai
riick. In Visual Sruuio, oen youi iojecr, selecr
Arracl 1o Piocess, rlen Liovse ro rle seivei
on youi nervoik vleie you can viev all rle
iocesses iunning on ir. Selecr rle coiiecr one,
vlicl in rlis case is calleu v3svc. 1lar`s all
rleie is ro ir. OLviously you may lave issues
virl nievalls oi viirual iivare nervoiks, Lur
I`ll leave rlar oi you ro soir our ir voikeu
nne on oui nervoik.
Wirl iemore ueLugging enaLleu, I vas
aLle ro iuenriy one Lug rlar vas sroing
rle iemore seivei iom Lelaving as rle local
veision lau, so rle nexr sre vas ro resr my
moLile a on a moLile uevice iarlei rlan
an emularoi anu see vlerlei ir voulu ralk
ro rle iemore seivei. Suiiise, suiiise ir
uiun`r ir jusr sar rleie ieoiring ro me rlar
rle connecrion lau aileu. Remore ueLugging
coulun`r lel me nov, as rle iequesr iom rle
moLile uevice uiun`r seem ro riavel rlar ai,
anu rle emulareu veision srill voikeu nne.
So virl lirrle ro go on, I iesoireu ro looking
ar rle veL seivei`s logs. 1lese uon`r rell you
mucl, Lur ar leasr I coulu see rlar calls ro
rle veL seivice veie gerring rliougl.
Wlar vas inreiesring vas rlar vlile calls
iom rle resrs via rle emularoi veie aeaiing
in rle logs as rle execreu POS1 calls, calls
iom rle moLile lone veie coming in as
OP1IOS calls. Wlar rlose mean is rlar rle
moLile is iequesring inoimarion iom rle
seivei aLour rle rye o H11P merlous ir
suoirs, Leoie senuing any uara. 1le seivei
neeus ro iely rlar ir suoirs POS1 iequesrs.
In rlis case, ir vasn`r iesonuing virl anyrling
anu rle riansacrion enueu iiglr rleie. Wlar
vas iequiieu vas some coue in rle GLOBAL.ASAX.
CS nle o rle veL seivice so rlar rle seivei
voulu ieruin rle coiiecr iesonse. 1le
coue coulu look somerling like:
prolecled void Appiicolion
BeginRequesl(obgecl sender EvenlArgs
if (|llpConlexl.Currenl.Requesl.
|llpMelhod == "0PTT0WS"}
Melhods" "CET P0ST"}
|eoders" "Conlenl-Type Accepl"}
1lis vill ieruin rle rvo merlous o POS1
anu GL1 vlen askeu Ly a clienr a oi
Liovsei. 1lis vas ielecreu in rle veL seivei`s
logs. Wirl rlis coue auueu ro rle seivei I vas
ievaiueu Ly eveiyrling voiking live, jusr as ir
uiu vlen iun locally on rle uevelomenr Lox.
1le nexr sre vas ro Luilu anu uisriiLure
rle a ro a selecr Luncl o eole oi resring
anu eeuLack. I ieei inirial resring ro Le Ly
a small numLei o resreis, so rlar I`m nor
inunuareu virl ieoirs o oLvious aulrs,
ensuiing rlar iolling our nev Luilus uoesn`r
Lecome roo oneious a rask. So ai rle resring is
going vell, anu ve may Le going live Ly rle
rime o my nexr column.
VsuaI 5tudo
2013 Update 2
As I vas viiring rlis
airicle, Niciosor
announceu Winuovs
S.1 anu Plone S.1 ar
rle Builu Develoei
Coneience 2014. 1leie`s
also Leen a majoi uuare ro
Visual Sruuio 2013 (www.,
calleu Uuare 2. Ir`s also availaLle on
rle iee Visual Sruuio Lxiess. 1le main
imiovemenr rlar comes virl rlis uuare
is ro make rle Luiluing o Winuovs S.1 anu
Winuovs Plone S.1 as easiei Ly suoiring
H1NL/]avaSciir as vell as C#/XANL.
1le Luzzliase rlar`s Leing useu aiounu
rlis uuare is univeisal Winuovs as,
rle goal Leing rlar you`ll Le aLle ro Luilu
ueskro anu lone as virlin rle same
iojecr, anu lave rle same coue iun acioss
uieienr Winuovs uevices.
1le iuea is rlar youi Visual Sruuio
iojecrs can nov slaie laige amounrs o
common coue Lerveen uevices vlile keeing
seaiare leaus oi eacl rye o uevice.
1lese leaus conrain rlar small amounr o
exria coue rlar voulu Le uevice-ueenuenr,
vlicl makes mainraining rle coue anu ciearing
enlancemenrs rlar mucl easiei. 1lis lexiLiliry
o alicarion uesign also means rlar you can
cloose iom a viuei iange o languages ro
viire in, iom rle ulrimare ovei anu conriol
rlar C++ gives ar rle exense o longei
uevelomenr rimes rliougl oui olu iienus
C# anu Visual Basic virl rleii lexiLiliry anu
ease o uevelomenr, iiglr u ro rle iaiu
uevelomenr Lur limireu caaLiliries o
H1NL5 anu ]avaSciir. You can cloose,
anu you can even mix anu marcl languages
virlin one alicarion.
1lis lan also incluues making
Winuovs Sroie iouucrs moie
visiLle ro useis o Winuovs
Plone S.1 anu Winuovs
S.1, so youi sorvaie coulu
ieacl moie cusromeis.
In-a uiclases (see
In-ajj jurclasing, j86)
aie nov ossiLle acioss all
uevices, so rleie`s moie
scoe oi you as a ueveloei
ro monerise youi iouucr.
Orlei imiovemenrs rlar
cauglr my eye aie a nev ]SO
Luiroi ro lel virl laige uarasers. OLviously
rleie`s imioveu suoir oi Azuie, incluuing
iemore ueLugging o Azuie veLsires, vlicl vill
Le lanuy. Hovevei, vlile Uuare 2 vill iun
anu uuare Visual Sruuio 2013 on Winuovs ,
i you vanr ro uevelo Winuovs Plone S anu
Winuovs R1 as virl Visual Sruuio, you`ll
srill neeu youi uevelomenr Lox ro Le iunning
Winuovs S, as virl rle ievious Plone SDK.
Iull suoir oi 1yeSciir is
also oeieu Ly ueaulr in Visual
Sruuio Uuare 2, rlis Leing a
Niciosor/oen-souice iniriarive ro
cieare a ]avaSciir-Laseu language
rlar`s sriongly ryeu anu so Lerrei
suireu ro laige-scale alicarions.
]avaSciir is srill consiueieu Ly
many ro Le a roy language,
uesire ir iunning on mosr veLsires
anu rle acr rlar inreiacrive social
nervoiks voulu nevei lave Lecome
ossiLle virlour ir. 1le 1yeSciir
movemenr is an arremr ro auuiess
rlis misaielension. Irs synrax is
similai ro ]avaSciir, excer rlar you
lave ro uenne eacl vaiiaLle`s rye
vlen you ueclaie ir, anu once a
1yeSciir iogiam comlies virl
rlis rye-clecking, ir vill comile
ro oiuinaiy ]avaSciir, vlicl vill,
o couise, iun on any laroim.
5Ireng Iypng mecns IhcI
mcny e| Ihe s|eppy cedng
prccIces permIIed n 1cvc5crpI
weu|d breck cI Ihe cemp|e sIcge
under ype5crpI. Fer excmp|e, | yeu
cccdenIc||y Iry Ie sIere c number
nIe c sIrng vcrcb|e, 1cvc5crpI w||
c||ew I, buI ype5crpI w|| Ihrew
cn errer. 5e I's Ime Ie sIep yeur
s|eppy cedng, sI up sIrcghI
cnd cede preper|y.
Visuol 5ludio 20J3 Updole 2 supporls universol opps
lhol con shore code ocross dillerenl devices
RWC -AUGU8T 2014
After a trip to 5an Francisco, 5teve Cassidy thinks it's time we started
paying attention to the open-source server distro
Red Hat 5ommt 2014

y invirarion saiu ir vas Reu

Har Summir 2014, anu rlar I
sloulu come ro San Iiancisco
oi rliee uays o soliu Linux
Liain-slaiing, ro mix anu mingle virl rle
leauing-euge minus in rle voilu o enreiiise
Linux sorvaie engineeiing. Lven in my ovn
esrimarion, I`m nor rle voilu`s Lesr-inoimeu
Linux eison, so I vas ielucranr ro go, Lur on
ielecrion I iealiseu rleie veie a ev oveiul
ieasons ro ierlink my inirial iejecrion. Arei
you`ve ieau my iarionale, as iesenreu in rlis
column, rlen riy urring youisel in my sloes,
esecially i you`ie a 20-yeai+ Winuovs olu
lag like me. Woulu you lave gone
1le nisr acroi in avoui is rlar Reu Har
las Lecome a Lir o a commeicial lenomenon,
as rlis mag ieoireu jusr Leoie Lasrei. Ir`s nov
a Lillion-uollai comany, vlicl isn`r rle kinu
o image you ioLaLly lave o Linux eole
anu o rle vay rleii loosely couleu alliance
acrually oeiares. Quire a lor o Linux suiace
ioaganua las a ringe o anri-mareiialism, as
in yeal, so rle orlei guys lave all rle money,
Lur ve`ie smairei (rlis ueliveieu virl a ceirain
uegiee o jealousy mixeu in virl rle conremr).
Bur Reu Har irsel uoesn`r uo rlar sru. Wlile ir
may Le riue rlar rleie`s a common ourlook anu
a uLlic riansaiency o uiscussion rliouglour
rle enriie Linux univeise, you lave ro caieully
uisringuisl Lerveen rle loose cannons o rle
Llogosleie anu rle giovn-us.
Seconu lus acroi: rleie`s somerling aLour
Lig slovs in San Iiancisco anu usrair I1
Lusinesses. 1le lasr jaunr o rlis kinu rlar I
rook vas ro VNvoilu in aiounu 2006, anu
rle similaiiries aie aiily sriiking. Back rlen,
Lorl ]on HoneyLall anu I ueciueu rlar ve ieally
neeueu ro ger unuei rle skin o a reclnology
rlar Winuovs lau so ai lanuleu only in
a uesulroiy mannei, namely viirualisarion.
VNvaie vas rle maiker leauei, anu ve Lorl
iecogniseu rlar urring rogerlei a Lig slov
vas a sign o inrenr. 1ley veie saying ve`ie
leie ro sray, anu rlar orlei iominenr
Lusinesses vanreu ro Le associareu virl rlem.
Iasr-oivaiu Ly eiglr yeais anu rlese same
signs aie visiLle oi Reu Har, alrlougl eilas
nor in quire rle same cleai-cur single secroi.
]usr like rle orlei majoi seivei Linux
uisrios, Reu Har oeis a Lioau laroim oi
geneial-uiose enreiiise comuring, comlere
virl a lisr o Lirs anu auu-ons rlar sounu
iemaikaLly similai acioss rle enriie maiker.
A majoi morive oi Reu Har ro vanr ro
make conracr virl eole like me is rlar
ir`s Leginning ro uislay a ceirain uisrincr
comeririve auvanrage vlen ir comes ro rle
iarlei secialiseu voilu o VN conraineis.
I`m nor going ro uive roo ueely inro vlar
uisringuisles a conrainei iom orlei ryes
o VN leie: ler`s jusr say rlar conraineis on
a losr seivei all lave ro iun rle same OS anu
ieceive rle same
uuares. In acr,
look moie like
an olu-aslioneu
mulri-usei login
rlan rley uo a
VNvaie-sryle collecrion o uiveise Llack
Loxes in a vaielouse.
Ioi Reu Har`s riauirional auuience vlo
aie usually iunning classic veL seiveis virl
Aacle, NySQL anu PHP as rleii sranuaiu
roolkir rle aLiliry ro rie rogerlei a ool o
seiveis all uoing rle same joL anu manage
all o rleii annoying uuares anu ieearaLle
iocesses rogerlei is a Lasic auvanrage, so
long as all o youi clienrs neeu moie oi less rle
same rlings iom rleii veL seivei sorvaie
laroim. Anu rleie aie a lor o rlese eole,
enougl ro ur rlousanus o Lums on sears in
rle Noscone Cenrei eailiei rlis yeai. 1leie
veie even enougl, I larei uiscoveieu, ro sonsoi
quire an imiessive aiaue o seconuaiy
meerings in rle neaiLy lorel, virl lirrle,
voLLly signs on sricks using reims sucl as
goveinmenr, inreiesr giou anu oium.
(I`u nevei lave seen rlese lau rle iess cenrie
nor Leen siruareu in a venue vleie rle loois
all look rle same: I almosr sar uovn in one o
5leve mixes nelwork
lechnologies wilh
humon resources
consulloncy work.
keod his blog ol
Emoil cossidyscix.
Red Hat has become a bt oI a
commercaI phenomenon: t's
nowa bIIon-doIIar company -AUGU8T 2014
rlese meerings Ly srumLling our o rle lir
virl rle leiu anu sraggeiing along virl rlem,
unril I iealiseu rlar eveiyone aiounu me vas
veaiing a suir anu rie, vlicl mosr uennirely
isn`r riauirional Linux an arriie.)
A giear ueal o Reu Har`s value anu sriaregic
uiiecrion comes iom rlis rye o auuience,
vlo like rle iuea o nor aying oi sorvaie,
Lur neeu a long-reim iesence anu iesouice
ro uiav uon: vlar rley vanr ro uo virl
rlar sorvaie is irsel long-reim, sraLle anu
all aLour ueenuaLiliry. Sucl long-reim
airiciarion von`r magically aeai our
o rle misr o anri-cairalisr senrimenr,
giou co-oeiarion anu rle vonueis o
rle inreiner: ir rakes money anu a lor o
conveisarions ro unueisranu vlar rlese
iioiiries mean, anu vlerlei youi ansveis
aie aosire anu voikaLle. 1lis iesulrs in
a ielarionsli rlar srairs ro iesemLle rle
riauirional kinu iesenreu Ly IBN anu
moie iecenrly Ly Niciosor.
In acr, IBN vas rleie in San Iiancisco,
virl a socking giear mainiame auoineu
virl lirrle aei slis, caiiying uu, six-coie,
mainiame CPU clis. 1leie`s a consiueiaLle
uegiee o common uiose Lerveen sucl a
mainiame laiuvaie laroim anu a conrainei-
Laseu oularion o laigely iuenrical VNs all
iunning as veL seiveis. IBN vas sloving irs
usual sense oi rle naruie o rle auuience, Ly
urring a cleeiy uen-morlei rye on irs sranu
ro velcome asseisLy inro raking a look ar rle
Llack monolirl anu ar one o rle golu-eecr
coins sriuck Ly IBN ro commemoiare 50
yeais o mainiame comuring.
Hardware heaven
As alvays, rle slov looi ar an evenr sucl as
rlis is in many vays easiei ro inreiier rlan
rle laigely iirualisric keynore seecles anu
iouucr announcemenrs (i you`ie inreiesreu,
Reu Har`s nev conrainei-secinc OS lavoui is
calleu Aromic. Ir also ieleaseu some sru ielareu
ro a iaieneu uriliry anu miuulevaie laroim
calleu ]Boss). Hovevei, ar rlis Reu Har
Summir, rle ioosirion vas veiy uieienr
iom vlar I`ve Lecome useu ro ar VNvoilu
oi Niciosor 1eclLu. Reu Harreis occuy a
comlerely uieienr ecological nicle iom rleii
Niciosor counreiairs: ar Reu Har ir`s quire
likely rlar any ianuomly closen uelegare vill
lave lau a lanu in some air o rle oen-
souice iocess rlar ueliveieu rle cuiienrly
iunning veision o rleii OS, so rleie`s
comaiarively lirrle rle oiganiseis can rell
rlem aLour rle sorvaie siue o rle equarion.
1lar`s nne, esecially since rleie`s Leen a Lir o
a uevelomenr liarus in rle sorvaie ir`s all
Leen larei veisions o rlings, mosrly, oi moie
VNs oi youi Luck.
All rle ieally exciring voik las Leen
going on in laiuvaie, vlerlei rlar Le
soliu-srare sroiage, iauical ueairuies in seivei
aiclirecruie, oi lyeiseeu nervoik inreiaces.
Peilas I`m Leriaying my ovn Lias rovaius
laiuvaie leie, Lur ir seemeu ro me rlar vlile
valking iom IBN`s sranu virl irs six-coie
5.5GHz PoveiPC clis, asr ARN`s sranu
virl Inreiner-o-1lings comureis rle size
o a moLile-lone Larreiy, anu onvaiu asr
HP`s Noonslor seivei uemo rlar rleie
veie lenry o veiy lay laiuvaie eole
ro visir. Anu none laiei, as I uiscoveieu,
rlan rle clas iom SeaNicio.
Go anu rake a look ar
sm15000 oi one viev o SeaNicio`s examle
mouulai seivei: rle
snaslor on rle olloving
age is my arremr ro
slov rle vay irs uesign
allovs uieienr CPU
seeus anu secincarions
ro Le mixeu virlin a
single classis, virl rle
secier sauce Leing rle Loaiu inreiace clisers.
1lese oisake any arremr ro voik like a classic
PC morleiLoaiu, anu insreau riear rle seivei
Lacklane as one gianr viirual svircl. 1le
secincarion age menrions rle Arom CPU
as one o rle orions oi Luiluing u an
enoimous macline, Lur even rlougl my
lay uemo secialisr lau a Loaiu rleie oi
me ro lorogial, ir vas cleai even iom lis
exiession rlar rle enriie laroim ieally
rakes o anu lies only virl rle vaiious AND
Oreion Loaius loaueu. Lors o rlem. 1le
uensiry o comure ovei you can ack inro
nev oim acrois sucl as rlese is srairling,
clanging rle vay a uesignei rlinks aLour lov
ro iun a uara cenrie. or leasr o rle uinculries
is gerring enougl sroiage close enougl ro all
rlose CPUs, Lorl lysically anu in reims o
vlar iorocols ro use ro sli all rlose Lyres
aiounu anu iesenr rlem ro rle iocessois. One
lau ro valk only a ev yaius iom SeaNicio
ro aiiive ar rle sranu o SoliuIiie, a comany
rlar`s sracking u lasl sroiage ar iices ir
rlinks comaie uiiecrly virl sinning uisks.
1leie`s a luiking ioLlem virl lasl sroiage,
anu ir`s nor rle one rlar arriacrs rle mosr reclie
arrenrion on rle veL, lovevei, vleie eveiyone
seems ro lave eirlei a ueau SSD sroiy oi a
long-lelu, eiecrly oimeu oinion aLour rle
lov-level Lir-sluling rlar rakes lace virlin
rle acrual lasl clis. 1le ioLlem ro vlicl
I`m ieeiiing is iarlei rlar rle iare o clange in
rle sroiage Lusiness is acceleiaring, even Ly rle
sranuaius o rle osr-iecession I1 secroi. 1le
guys iom SoliuIiie lau a lor ro say aLour lov
rley kee u rle eioimance in sizeaLle
mulrieraLyre insrallarions. 1ley ralkeu aLour
lov rle ovei consumrion anu use o
lovei-level seivices sucl as ueuulicarion
virlin rle sroiage laroim irsel can Liing
cosrs iiglr uovn ro comere virl sinning-uisk
iouucrs in like-oi-like comaiisons. Bur you
can`r sriicrly call an olu nLie-clannel uisk aiiay
a like-oi-like comaiison in rle nisr lace!
The densty oI compote
power yoo can pack nto new
IormIactors s startIng
Even Linux gurus use Mocs when il comes lo presenling lo on oudience lhis big -AUGU8T 2014
So mucl o vlar makes rlese iouucrs
inreiesring isn`r rleii leauline comonenrs,
Lur lies in rleii Lieaking avay iom riauirional
laiuvaie aiclirecruial consriainrs in rlose
unsung, small-iinr airs o rle sysrem.
SoliuIiie uses a seaiare sroiage OS
Lecause irs sroiage Loxes lave rleii ovn
CPUs Luilr in. SeaNicio las cusrom clis
ueuicareu ro rianc movemenr acioss irs
cusrom seivei Lus, vlicl makes rle uieience
Lerveen rle eioimance you`u execr iom
scaling u a iegulai lome PC anu vlar is
acrually ueliveieu Ly rlese cusrom reclnologies.
Inciuenrally, I uon`r mean ro sneei ar
ueuicareu lome PC enrlusiasrs leie (even i
I`ve losr counr o rle numLei o rimes I`ve lau
ro ieminu eole rlar a 11B USB uiive isn`r
a Lacku). 1le oinr I`m making is rlar ir`s
uniealisric ro kee calling any o rlese Loxes
PCs any longei, even rlougl you coulu
ni ovei ro rle Ieuoia sranu ar rle Reu Har
Summir, giaL a live-uemo USB key anu rlen
Loor eirlei youi ovn laro oi a quairei-ron
nev Llaue seivei iom rle same key. Peilas
rle ieally exciring Lir aLour rle coue laroim
leie, anu rle voik o rle auuience iarlei
rlan rle comany, is rlar rley`ve seen rle
value in keeing rle sorvaie laroim
ierry consranr, enaLling rle laiuvaie
ro iusl o in a million uieienr anu
enoimously ligl-eioimance uiiecrions.
CoIIaborators vtaI
to the Red Hat cause
I rlink I maue a Lir o a ool o mysel vlile
sirring virl Paul Coimiei o Reu Har. He`s
iesiuenr o iouucrs anu reclnologies, anu
iesenrei o rle Lesr o rle keynore auuiesses
rlis yeai, ro my minu. Ny aux as conceineu
rle vay rlar Reu Har coexisrs virl irs sorvaie
airneis. 1le ieal sranuour leie vas Dockei
(, a rool oi managing anu
ueliveiing rle conrainei VNs rlar Reu Har
enaLleu in irs mosr iecenr ievision. 1le
iequency o menrions oi Dockei in Reu
Har`s iesenrarions maue me execr a sranu
rle size o, vell, a uock, Lur acrually in
common virl mosr o rle sorvaie cievs
iesenr on rle slov looi ir vas a mouesr
srall rlar mosrly exisreu ro uisense vaiious
1-sliirs, USB keys anu iee ens.
Anyvay, i you`ie inrenuing ro
iun a vlole lor o VNs rlar aie
similai ro eacl orlei (Ly rle
sranuaius o rle long-sranuing
viirualisarion communiry),
rlen ir`s likely rlar Dockei
vill ioviue rle aealing
cleiiy on ro o an
orleivise Reu Har
insrallarion in youi Lig
VN cenrie. I maue a ool
o mysel Ly rlinking roo
commeicially anu asking
Paul Coimiei: So, vlen aie
you going ro Luy Dockei Ir`s
acrually moie uinculr ro auar ro
rle Lusiness lilosoly o rlese Linux
sorvaie ioviueis rlan ir is ro auar
ro rleii acrual sorvaie: rle ga coulu
laiuly Le any viuei oi sriangei Lerveen
oui commeicial Luy/sell/liie/nie voilu o
Niciosor anu irs iienus, anu rle iaieneu,
goveinmenr-iienuly, acauemically Laseu
anu ai moie riansaienr voilu o Reu Har.
In rlis voilu, allegiances rake rle lace o
rakeoveis, anu agieemenrs renu ro Le as oen
as rle souice coue o rle iojecrs rlar rley
enaLle. Wly voulu Reu Har Luy Dockei,
vlen Dockei`s enriie manria is aLour
oiraLiliry Lerveen suoireu laroims
1le moie oiraLle a Dockei ackage (a
VN ro you anu me, Lur a VN rlar`s
exceeuingly similai ro all rle orlei VNs
aiounu ir), rle moie rle useis vill like ir
anu rle laroims rlar suoir ir.
Lven rlougl ve veie mosrly ralking
ro imiove in my unueisranuing o rle
iule-Lieaking air o conrainei VNs (Paul
vas veiy arienr virl me on rlar scoie), I
lau ro kee sroing mysel iom rlinking
u sly, Nacliavellian morives oi rlese
comanies ro Le co-oeiaring virl one
anorlei, vlicl voulu aeai nor ro Le
alicaLle ro rlis Lusiness ar all. O couise
rlar seems veiy aealing, anu rle uriliraiian
logic o rle rvo- oi rliee-yeai oivaiu-looking
sorvaie ioauma is almosr imossiLle virlour
a consiueiaLle level o agieemenr. I lave
ro iememLei, lovevei, rlar vlile rlis is a
Lillion-uollai comany, ir`s living in a iegion
o rle comuring anu nervoiking voilu rlar
uoesn`r lave rle vaiiery o iessuies, noi rle
longeviry o sysrems anu seivices, rlar las
Leen rle ievaiu oi Winuovs oi Leing so
incieuiLly Lioauly alicaLle.
Contaners come oI age
Ir may vell come ro Le rle case rlar a vasr anu
evei-incieasing numLei o simle veL seiveis
vill iun moie encienrly anu moie ionraLly in
conraineis rlan rley uiu eirlei as suei-ienneu,
secial-uiose laiuvaie, oi as olu-sclool,
Llack-Lox VNs. I a iegulai VN is a Llack Lox
rlar can`r rell vlerlei ir`s Leen viirualiseu oi
vlar irs neiglLouis aie u ro, rlen a conrainei
VN is moie like a Larreiy len. 1le viirue o
rlis mass o Larreiy lens lies iecisely in
rleii similaiiry: a riny coue clange
maue ar Reu Har HQ can Le senr
our rleie ro lunuieus o
millions o Reu Har
Lnreiiise seiveis via
rle cenrialiseu
uuare seivice.
I lave no uouLr
ar all rlar i you can
exiess vlar you vanr
ro uo as a veL age virl
a NySQL uaraLase Lelinu
ir, rlen you`ie veiy likely ro
srair rlinking aLour rlis laroim
in rle nexr ev yeais esecially Dockei.
I uon`r Lelieve, lovevei, rlar rlis encomasses
rle enriiery o rle comuring voilu, oi rlar
rlose ar rle leauing euge o rlis kinu o iesouice
vill auromarically Le aLle ro solve eveiy
ioLlem. Arei all, ir vas imossiLle ro uo
anyrling ar rle slov virlour uovnloauing
rle manuaroiy (Anuioiu- oi iPlone-only)
slov a, vlicl ciasleu on my raLler
rliee rimes, sraireu eveiy uay virl anorlei
mulrimegaLyre uovnloau, anu rlen
sloveu me iemaikaLly lirrle rlar coulun`r
lave Leen iesenreu as an oen-sranuaiu,
easily oiraLle, mulrilaroim PDI.

|rencc||y, c|Ier | geI bcck
|rem 5cn Frcncsce | wcs chcIIng
Ie c very hecvy |nux server user
cbeuI ked HcI. "| pre|er 5U5E," he
scd mmedcIe|y, "buI Ihey hcve
perseckeI |censng, cnd IhcI ru|es
Ihem euI |er me." kcIher c
|eng wcy |rem Ihe "|ree
se|Iwcre" mevemenI IhcI
wcs sI|| vsb|e cI Ihe ked
HcI 5ummI.
Ihe voriely ol CPU boords ovoiloble lor lhe 5eoMicro server chossis is phenomenol 09I PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
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chance to win one of the following great prizes
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We`ve long Leen ans o UlriaLooks ar , anu rle IueaPau
Yoga 2 Pio is one o rle Lesr. Winnei o a Recommenueu
avaiu, rlis macline is lexiLle rle liu Lenus Lackvaius so rlar
you can use rle Yoga as a raLler, in renr moue oi as a noimal
laro anu comes ciammeu virl ro-qualiry laiuvaie. 1link
256GB SSD, goigeous 13.3in scieen virl a vloing 3,200
1,S00 iesolurion, anu SGB o RAN, lus, naruially, one o Inrel`s
Hasvell CPUs, rle Coie i-4500U. Weigling 1.39kg, anu virl
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iemium, ir isn`r mucking aLour. 1lese
leaulones veie uesigneu in collaLoiarion virl
1le Sciir, anu rle iesulr, accoiuing ro Sony, is
ciis ligls rliougl ro Louy-slaking Lass. 1leie`s
a Luilr-in lirlium-ion Larreiy rlar lasrs u ro 1 louis
iom one claige, anu an inregiareu mic means you can
even rake calls. Bur vlar ieally marreis is rle music, anu
a closeu-Lack, ovei-eai uesign means rle iesr o rle voilu
vill go quier vlile you lisren.
We have one pair to give away, worth 199
1leie`s only one voiu ve neeu ro
uesciiLe rle Galaxy Cameia 2 un!
Ir`s rle eiecr gauger ro sarisy rle
geek in us a mini Anuioiu raLler slaeu onro rle Lack
o a cameia. Ir`s niy, rlanks ro a 1.4GHz CPU, vlicl
ceirainly lels vlen ir comes ro iocessing loros anu
alying eecrs. Wlar`s moie, ve knov iom eisonal
exeiience (see rlar
rle Galaxy Cameia 2 can rake srunning viueo anu images,
leleu Ly a 21 orical zoom.
We have one to give away, worth 399
Ja :am,|||a aa1 :aam||||a |||: :a|., aa w||| aa|ama||:a|| a a||1 |a|a a 1|aw |a| aa a| ||: ,||t:. 1a :a||:,aa1a: w||| a a||1 |a|a aa1 || w|aa|: w||| a aa|||1 a ,a:| a| ma|| w||||a Z 1a: a| || :|a:|a 1a|. l| ,||t 1|aw |: aa| a,a |a m,|a: a| Jaa|:
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To enter, slmpIy vlslt
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Cameza 2
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Bluetooth Headphones
PLUSI 1 lucky participants will win their choice of MagBook from
399 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 092
DeII Chromebook 11 104
5imple ond robusl - is lhis lhe besl Chromebook oround?
MotoroIa Moto E 97
Like lhe Molo G, only cheoper. We rood lesl lhe 90 Molo E.
TrlpIe your Wl-Fl speed 118
Ihe ero ol 802.JJoc wireless is here - ond il's losl. ln lhis monlh's Lobs, we lesl J3 roulers lo nd oul which is besl.
Panasonlc Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 99
Ponosonic lokes loblels inlo lhe slrolosphere wilh lhis 20in 4K beosl.
InteI GaIlIeo 94
lnlel lokes on lhe kospberry Pi wilh lhe Arduino-bosed Golileo.
The more frequent and irritating software
updates become, the more people will
become blase about them
Relentless updates could
cause more harm than good,
JONATHANBRAY is 's reviews editor.
He'll probably still be camping in his living
room by the time you read this.

s I viire rlis column, a ciev

o Romanian Luilueis is serring
aLour rle ieai o my louse virl
gay aLanuon. 1ley`ie uigging
Lig loles, reaiing uovn valls
anu geneially causing claos. Noie rlan a
cenruiy arei ir vas Luilr, rle louse is nnally
gerring irs nisr majoi uuare: Vicroiian 1eiiace
1.0 is sloirly ro Lecome Vicroiian 1eiiace 2.0.
Arei a ev veeks (nngeis ciosseu) o
caming in rle living ioom anu uoing rle
vasling u in rle Larl, all rle uusr anu
uisiurion sloulu Le ovei anu ve`ll ger Lack
ro lie virlour iuLLle, Luilueis anu Liick uusr.
Wirl any luck, ve`ll nevei lave ro uo rlis
again, one Lig clange sloulu nx all oui
ioeiry-ielareu voes.
I visl I coulu say rle same aLour rle
iouucrs ievieveu in rlese ages anu rle
sorvaie rlar iuns on rlem, rle iegulaiiry
o uuares ro vlicl las Lecome incieasingly
ainul. Once uon a rime, uuares miglr lave
Leen a veekly oi a monrlly occuiience. ov,
nor a uay goes Ly virlour rle vaiious uevices
in my lie nagging me ro uuare rlis a oi
rlar iece o sorvaie.
1le iequency o oeiaring sysrem
anu nimvaie uuares is Lecoming norling
sloir o iiuiculous. Wlile viiring rle Luuger
smairlone LaLs (see issue 236, j120), I ounu
rlar eveiy lanuser neeueu ar leasr one sysrem
uuare Leoie I coulu ger on virl rle Lusiness
o resring anu ievieving rlem. Duiing resring
oi rlis monrl`s viieless iourei LaLs (see
j118), mosr neeueu a nimvaie uuare nisr.
1le voisr culiirs o all aie laros, raLlers
anu lyLiius iunning Niciosor Winuovs. I`ve
senr ai roo mucl o my lie oiloinly sraiing
ar rle sinning uors o uoom as yer anorlei
riancle o uuares rakes an age ro insrall. Ir`s
esecially Lau vlen niing u a nev laro oi
rle nisr rime, you can usually counr on rleie
Leing lunuieus o arcles ro uovnloau anu
insrall, a iocess rlar ineviraLly iequiies
seveial iesrairs.
1le voisr rling aLour rlis is rlar you
lave ro kee an eye on rlings oi Winuovs
vill saunrei o oi a rea Lieak as soon as youi
arrenrion vanueis. Don`r even ger me sraireu
on AuoLe`s Ilasl anu Reauei alicarions,
vlicl seem ro iequiie an uuare eveiy uay.
ov, I`m ully avaie rlar laving ro ur
u virl a ev sorvaie uuares is novleie
neai as uisiurive as laving rle Lack o a
100-yeai-olu louse knockeu uovn, Lur ar
leasr once rle Luiluing voik is uone, ir`s
uone. I`m ierry ceirain my Luiluei isn`r going
ro rexr me in rle miuule o rle niglr ro rell me
rleie`s a svanky nev rye o Liick oi ie I
neeu, vlicl simly musr Le auueu ro rle Luilu
ro ievenr rle louse iom alling inro a Lig lole
in rle giounu. I le uiu, I`u ioLaLly consiuei
loning rle olice, oi ar rle veiy leasr ur a
olire call in ro rle Guilu o Nasrei Ciarsmen.
Peilas I`m Leing cuimuugeonly, mayLe
ir`s unieasonaLle ro ciiricise comanies once
ioviueu virl a meclanism virl vlicl ro
uelivei insranraneous imiovemenrs ar any
rime o rle uay oi nnessing rleii iouucrs.
Arei all, many o rlese uuares auu valuaLle
earuies, auuiess eioimance issues anu nx
small Lugs. Bur rle enuless srieam o nagging
uuares moie oren rlan nor osers sucl
auvanrages. All rlings consiueieu, I eel
eiecrly jusrineu in my canrankeiousness.
1leie`s a moie seiious siue ro all rlis
iiuiculousness, roo, anu rlar`s secuiiry. 1le
moie iequenr anu iiiiraring sorvaie uuares
Lecome, rle moie eole vill Lecome Llase
aLour rlem. 1le moie iiare rley ger, rle less
likely rley aie ro say, Yu, ler`s uo rlar iiglr
nov anu rle moie likely rley aie ro ur ir
o oi, voise, ruin auromaric uuares o
enriiely anu miss our on one rlar nxes a
seiious vulneiaLiliry.
1lis isn`r a Laseless eai: in 200S, rle
Connckei voim lir millions o PCs voiluviue,
anu rle majoiiry o rlese inecrions came long
arei Niciosor lau issueu a arcl. A lor o ain
anu inconvenience coulu lave Leen ievenreu
simly Ly useis keeing rleii PCs u ro uare.
You lave Leen vaineu.
So, Ly all means, manuacruieis,
nx youi leaky iouucrs vlen rleie aie
Lig Lugs oi seiious lavs ro soir our. I`ve
aLsolurely no ioLlem virl rlar. Bur lease,
lease, lease iein youiselves in vlen ir
comes ro auuing nev earuies oi rveaks,
save rlem u anu issue rlem in a joL lor
insreau o uiiLLling rlem our in a roiruous
riickle. NayLe rlen I`ll srair looking oivaiu
ro rle nexr seiies o uuares once moie,
insreau o uieauing rle uaily uiuuge. -AUGU8T 2014

lanuul o yeais ago,

ev eole lau leaiu
o single-Loaiu comureis
oi uevelomenr Loaius. 1lose
vlo lau veie involveu in iouucr
uevelomenr, anu lau ro oiuei
rlem ar giear exense iom
secialisr uisriiLurois.
1len came rle Aiuuino, an
oen-laiuvaie micioconriollei
rlar cosr less rlan I30 anu
inriouuceu a geneiarion o
enrlusiasrs ro rle joys o mouein
elecrionic uevelomenr. 1lis
vas olloveu Ly rle RasLeiiy
Pi, anu oveiniglr uevelomenr
Loaius veie Lig nevs. 1le
lov-cosr Pi is nov a common
siglr in classiooms voiluviue,
anu can Le ounu on rle
slelves o ligl-srieer ieraileis,
somerling rlar voulu lave Leen
unimaginaLle a ev yeais ago.
Ioi Inrel, rlis is a cleai rliear
ro irs neai-monooly o rle
mainsrieam comuring maiker.
Rarlei rlan rle xS6 insriucrion
ser Inrel las senr uecaues
iomoring, rle Pi uses a iival
aiclirecruie ueveloeu Ly
CamLiiuge-Laseu ARN. I
romoiiov`s iogiammeis giov
u leaining ARN, ir coulu sell
uisasrei oi rle xS6-exclusive Inrel.
Ir`s rlis veiy issue rlar rle
Galileo is uesigneu ro auuiess.
Builr ro aeal ro rle makei anu
lackei communiries, rle Galileo
is a airneisli Lerveen Inrel
anu micioconriollei secialisr
Aiuuino, anu rle nisr ouring
oi rle comany`s lov-ovei
Quaik iocessoi.
Arduno compatbIty
Launcleu in 2005 as a lov-cosr
uevelomenr Loaiu oi college use,
Aiuuino is rle uailing o rle makei
communiry. Irs uevices can Le
ounu oveiing ciearions ianging
iommorion-riacking ruiiers ro
secier-knock uooi sensois. Nillions
o Aiuuinos lave Leen solu, anu
rleie`s a laige maiker o auu-on
Loaius, knovn as Slielus, ro
exrenu rle Loaiu`s caaLiliries.
Pk|C| 12 (50 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.ek.|as|g|t.tem
+JJht |a|e| car| lIJJJ 'eC ZSK 99K K/
IJ/IJJ |||erae| m|a| |C| |tjre:: :|e| m|tre-U'K Z
|e:| aai t||ea| jer|: I+ t i|||a| |/ j|a: |at|ci|a
t |W t aaa|ece |ajc| j|a: et|e |rejet| ||act
Ir KIK warraa| IJl t l+ t ZJmm (W9hJ
In a bid to capture a share of the hobbyist computing sector from the Raspberry Pi, Intel makes its
hrst stab at a mass-market development board, based on its clever Ouark processor
Intel Galileo
anu can Le ounu on rle
slelves o ligl-srieer ieraileis,
somerling rlar voulu lave Leen
unimaginaLle a ev yeais ago.
Ioi Inrel, rlis is a cleai rliear
ro irs neai-monooly o rle
mainsrieam comuring maiker.
Rarlei rlan rle xS6 insriucrion
Galileo is uesigneu ro auuiess.
Builr ro aeal ro rle makei anu
lackei communiries, rle Galileo
is a airneisli Lerveen Inrel
anu micioconriollei secialisr
Aiuuino, anu rle nisr ouring
oi rle comany`s lov-ovei
Quaik iocessoi.
o Aiuuinos lave Leen solu, anu
rleie`s a laige maiker o auu-on
Loaius, knovn as Slielus, ro
exrenu rle Loaiu`s caaLiliries.
K K/
re-U'K Z
t| ||act
Ihe Golileo is lhe rsl lnlel
developmenl boord, designed
lo rivol lhe kospberry Pi 095 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Ioi Inrel, rlis las ioviueu
an ooiruniry oi a airneisli.
1lus, rle Galileo uoesn`r enrei
rle maiker as a comlerely gieen
iouucr virl no suoir nervoik,
Lur iarlei one rlar Loasrs ull
ceirincarion iom Aiuuino. Iiom
a ser o geneial-uiose inur-
ourur (GPIO) ins rlar mimic
rle esoreiic layour o rle Aiuuino
(ensuiing comariLiliry virl
Slielus) ro rle use o a mouineu
veision o rle Aiuuino inregiareu
uevelomenr enviionmenr (IDL),
rle Galileo is uesigneu ro Le
amiliai ro rlose alieauy veiseu
in Aiuuino uevelomenr.
1le secier ro Aiuuino`s success
is Wiiing, a iogiamming liLiaiy
uesigneu ro make ir as simle as
ossiLle ro uevelo sorvaie ro
uiive youi ovn elecrionics iojecrs.
1le ins o an Aiuuino Loaiu
anu, rleieoie, rlose o rle Galileo
can Le useu as analogue inurs,
sensing uieienr volrages iom
comonenrs sucl as moisruie
anu gas sensois, as orenriomereis
connecreu ro knoLs, oi as uigiral
oururs ro ruin comonenrs sucl
as Luzzeis, LLDs anu morois on
anu o. Some suoir ulse-viurl
mouularion, vlicl svircles rle
signal on anu o lunuieus o rimes
ei seconu ro conriol seivos oi
alrei rle Liiglrness o an LLD.
All o rlis is accessiLle Ly
viiring Skercles, rle name given
ro Aiuuino iogiams, anu a Skercl
oi rle Galileo is no uieienr. A
secial veision o rle Aiuuino IDL
sorvaie musr Le useu, Lur ir`s
visually iuenrical ro rle oiiginal,
ro vlicl Galileo suoir vill
likely Le auueu in rle uruie.
The Ouark 5oC
I rle Galileo vas simly anorlei
Aiuuino clone, ir voulu Le
exriemely oveiiiceu. Wlile
ir`s riue rlar you can iun almosr
any Aiuuino Skercl virlour
mouincarion, Inrel`s secier sauce
comes in rle oim o rle Galileo`s
Quaik iocessoi.
Quaik is Inrel`s nisr ARN-like
ulria-lov-ovei sysrem on a cli
(SoC). Using rle classic 32-Lir xS6
Penrium aiclirecruie, sliinking
rle manuacruiing iocess anu
Loosring rle clock seeu, Inrel
Wiring ollows users lo develop sollwore lor eleclronics projecls
Vhlle lnlel ls worklng lo loke
lls hlghperlormonce processor
knowhow ond shrlnk ll down
lor lhe lowpower embedded
morkel, slorllng wllh lhe Cuork
processor lhol powers lhe
Gollleo, lls ARMorchlleclure
rlvols ore beglnnlng lo do
lhe opposlle.
Mvldlo, whlch deslgns
ond bullds lhe legro ronge
ol ARM syslemonochlp
[SoC| processors, hos recenlly
lounched lhe )elson lK1.
Deslgned os o hlghend
slngleboord compuler, lhe
)elson odopls lhe opposlle
opprooch lo lnlels Gollleo:
loke o chlp orlglnolly bulll
lor low power ond boosl
lls perlormonce os much
os posslble.
lhe )elson lK1 boosls
o legro K1 SoC wllh 1P2
Keplercloss grophlcs processlng
cores, lour ARM CorlexA1
generolpurpose processlng
cores ond o hllh lowpower
CorlexAP componlon core"
olongslde 2GB ol RAM. lhe
boord lncludes 1GB ol Nosh
sloroge, HDMl vldeo oulpul,
ond exponslon opllons, lncludlng
on exlenslve ond wellequlpped
GPlC heoder lor eleclronlcs
pro|ecls, SB, SAlA ond
mlnlPCl Express.
Vllh lhese speclhcollons
ln mlnd, lls no surprlse lhol
lhe )elson ls comporollvely
expenslve: currenl K prlclng
lor lhe boord slorls ol 21PP
lrom hlghslreel eleclronlcs
reloller Moplln, o lor cry lrom
lhe sub230 Rospberry Pl lhol
no doubl lnsplred lhe compony.
las cieareu a cli rlar uiavs
as lirrle ovei as ossiLle vlile
srill Leing caaLle o iunning
sranuaiu xS6 coue.
1le Quaik isn`r exacrly a
oveilouse. Irs single coie iuns
ar a meie 400NHz: a comiession
resr o a 10NB nle comlereu
in 25.9 seconus, comaieu virl
S.3 seconus on a RasLeiiy Pi.
Irs eioimance vlen iunning
rime-ciirical Skercles is also
ooi anyrling rlar ielies on
iaiu clanges ro rle GPIO ins
is unlikely ro iun as execreu.
Unlike rle Pi, lovevei, rle
Galileo isn`r uesigneu as a
geneial-uiose comurei, ir
lacks viueo ourur, anu anyvleie
ro connecr a keyLoaiu oi mouse.
Insreau, Inrel is raigering
rle micioconriollei maiker.
1le Quaik may nor Le rle
asresr iocessoi aiounu, Lur
ir`s caaLle o iunning ai
moie comlex coue rlan a uie
micioconriollei, incluuing irs
Lunuleu oeiaring sysrem, Yocro
Piojecr Linux. 1lis allovs rle
Galileo ro iun losr sorvaie,
sucl as a veL seivei oi uaraLase,
rlar voulu oiuinaiily iequiie
a seaiare PC, seiveu via rle
onLoaiu Lrleiner oir oi via
an orional mini-PCI Lxiess
viieless auarei.
Ir also lels exlain Inrel`s
iicing oi rle Loaiu: an Aiuuino
Uno micioconriollei cosrs aiounu
I22, anu an oncial Lrleiner
slielu ro ioviue nervoik
connecriviry anorlei I35. Ar
only I50, rle Galileo oeis moie
lexiLiliry rlan rlar comLinarion
anu cosrs less.
Wlile rle Galileo is unuouLreuly
a clevei uesign, ir alls sloir o
irs iivals in key aieas, alrlougl
ir oeis moie lexiLiliry rlan a
riauirional Aiuuino. 1le
eioimance o rle Quaik
iocessoi is mucl lovei rlan
rlar o ARN-Laseu iivals, Lur
ir iuns lorrei in excess o 60C
anu rle Loaiu can`r Le useu as
a geneial-uiose PC.
Ioi rlose vlo uon`r minu
rlese limirarions, lovevei, ir
oeis consiueiaLle orenrial. I
norling else, rle Galileo ioviues
a glimse ar Inrel`s lans ro
arrack rle lov-ovei maiker
virl irs Quaik iocessoi.
Nvidia Jetson TK1 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 096
mairlones aie sreauily
svelling ro ocker-sriercling
iooirions, anu Sony`s
laresr lagsli, rle Xeiia Z2, is no
excerion. 1le Z2 ully emLiaces
rle Liggei-is-Lerrei manria, euging
iacrionally aleau o iemium
iivals sucl as rle Samsung Galaxy
S5 (veL ID: 3SS234) anu rle H1C
One (NS) (veL ID: 3S69) virl
a massive 5.2in scieen anu
20.-megaixel cameia.
Sony lasn`r sriayeu ai iom
rle uesign o rle Z2`s ieuecessoi,
rle Xeiia Z1. Glass laring
slimmeis acioss rle ionr anu
Lack o rle lanuser, anu rle
larreneu meral euges uaiken
inro cuiveu sriis o giey anu
Llack as rley aic aiounu rle
lone`s ciicumeience.
Benearl rlar ierry exreiioi,
rle Z2`s 163g Louy iemains jusr
as rougl anu iesilienr as evei.
Coining`s Goiilla Glass is noraLle
Ly irs aLsence insreau, Sony
las maue uo virl a geneiic
sciarcl-iesisranr glass on rle
ionr anu Lack Lur rle lone`s
aluminium skeleron means rle Z2
srill eels soliu anu vell Luilr.
Ir`s also vareiioo. Look
aiounu rle euges, anu you`ll see
o-our las on eirlei lank
sealing in rle micioSD, SIN
caiu anu USB connecrions.
1le lanuser`s IP5S iaring
means rlar rle Z2 can suivive a
svim in 1.5m o (iesl, nor salr)
varei oi u ro 30 minures.
In acr, rleie`s veiy lirrle
missing iom rle Z2`s earuie lisr.
1leie aie no oinrless iieiies
sucl as leair-iare monirois
(ve`ie looking ar you, Samsung),
Lur Sony las rickeu all rle
imoiranr Loxes virl suoir
oi u ro 150NLirs/sec Car 4 4G
connecrions, uual-Lanu S02.11ac,
Blueroorl 4 anu IC. Anu vlile
ir`s uisaoinring rlar Sony lasn`r
manageu ro accommouare a
iemovaLle Larreiy, rle massive
3,200mAl unir sealeu insiue
Loues vell oi Larreiy lie.
U ionr, Sony las
squeezeu in an excellenr
5.2in uislay. Irs Iull HD
iesolurion makes oi ciis,
in-slai images, anu rle IPS
anel`s even-lanueu coloui
ieiouucrion lels ro seive
u lively yer naruial-looking
images. I rleie`s a veakness
ro rle Sony`s eioimance, ir`s
rlar rle IPS anel`s Llack level
is a roucl ligl: Llacks aeai
noriceaLly giey nexr ro rle
inky norlingness seiveu u
Ly rle ANOLLD scieen o
rle Samsung Galaxy S5.
1eclnically, rle Z2`s
uislay isn`r quire as Liiglr
oi ligl-conriasr as rle Lesr
lanusers, Lur ir`s nor ai o.
We measuieu a maximum
Liiglrness o 411cu/m
anu a
conriasr iario o 1,245:1. ]usr
like rle Galaxy S5, rle Z2`s
Lackliglr only ieally sriuggles
in sriong, uiiecr sunliglr.
1le Z2 is oveieu Ly
a 2.3GHz Qualcomm
Snauiagon S01 CPU,
Lackeu u Ly an Auieno
330 GPU anu 16GB o
onLoaiu sroiage. Unusually,
Sony las arremreu ro give
mulrirasking eioimance
a Loosr Ly aiiing rle CPU
virl 3GB o RAN.
In eveiyuay use, ir`s a
comLinarion rlar lies rliougl
Anuioiu KirKar 4.4.2, Lur ir
comes as lirrle suiiise ro nnu
rlar Lenclmaik eioimance
is Lioauly veiy similai ro
orlei lanusers equieu virl
rle Qualcomm Snauiagon
S01 CPU. We iecoiueu scoies
o 93 anu 2,693 iesecrively
in GeekLencl 3`s single- anu
mulri-coie Lenclmaiks, jusr
a mire Lelinu rle H1C One
(NS) anu Samsung Galaxy
S5. In rle GIXBencl 1-Rex
HD gaming Lenclmaik, rle
Sony rook rle leau virl a
smoorl 29.3s.
1lanks ro rle luge Larreiy
sealeu Lelinu rle glass ieai
anel, rle Xeiia Z2 las
imiessive ieseives o sramina.
1le roral esrimareu iunrime o
3lis 9mins in rle GIXBencl
Larreiy resr vas some 4
minures longei rlan rle H1C
One (NS)`s rime. Only rle
Samsung Galaxy S5 uoes
Lerrei in rlis resr, lasring 4lis
24mins, Lur since ir uoes rlis
Ly airincially limiring rle
maximum iame iare, ir`s nor
a aii comaiison. In oui orlei
resrs, rle Z2 sloveu a clean
aii o leels ro rle comeririon,
virl auuio layLack ovei 3G
uelering rle Larreiy ar a iare
o only 1.S9 ei loui, anu
20 viueo layLack consuming
jusr 5.6 ei loui.
Sony las ieraineu rle same
Lxmoi RS 20.-megaixel
sensoi as ounu in rle Z1,
Lur given rle ionr cameia a
Loosr iom 2 megaixels ro
2.2 megaixels. Orical image
sraLilisarion nov makes rle
giaue, anu 60s 10S0 viueo
iecoiuing is sulemenreu Ly
30s 4K anu sueiasr 120s
20 moues.
1le Z2 uoes a goou joL o
raking slors in mosr siruarions.
Colouis aie iealisric virlour
veeiing rovaius unueisaruiarion,
Pk|C| 166B, 116 (535 |at
kI), Item Itee ea c 33Jmt|,
21mt| teattctt
S0PP|||k www.|ca6tet.te.ek
cai-tere Z.Jht ca|temm 'aajiraea &JI C|U
ca|temm /ireae JJJ |U JK K/ IK
:|erae S.Z|a I,J&J t I,7ZJ i|:j|a + (Ca| +J
K|ce|ee|| + N|C ica|-|aai &JZ.IIat W|-||
m|tre'9 ZJ.l|/Z.J| rear/lrea| tamera:
+K |iee J,ZJJm/| |a||er Ir KIK warraa|
/aire|i +.+.Z I+l t &.Z t lJmm (W9hJ IJ
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Sony proves that big is beautiful and serves up
a long-lasting alternative to Samsung and HTC
5ony Xperia Z2
anu rleie`s lenry o uerail. Viueo
is a sriong oinr, roo. 1le consranr
ieocusing can iove uisriacring,
Lur 4K viueo is reeming virl
uerail, even in lov liglr.
Srill loros aien`r quire rle
marcl o rle Lesr lones our
rleie, lovevei. Lov-liglr slors
aie a lirrle sor anu lacking in nne
uerail comaieu ro okia`s Lumia
1020 (veL ID: 3S42S9) oi rle
Samsung Galaxy S5.
Ulrimarely, rlougl, rle Xeiia
Z2 uoes jusr enougl ro uisringuisl
irsel. Giear eioimance anu
Larreiy lie aie sealeu insiue a
Leauriully ciareu lanuser, vlicl
only rle H1C One (NS) can
marcl in reims o sryle. 1aken as a
vlole, rle Z2 simly las ro Le on
youi sloirlisr. SASHAMULLER

Ihe sleek, gloss-ploled design morries power, slomino ond slyle

Pk|C| I5 (90 |at kI),
Item 13Jmt|, 21mt| teattctt
S0PP|||k www.|eaes1e.te.ek
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
9ca|-tere I.Zht ca|temm 'aajiraea ZJJ C|U
ca|temm /ireae JJZ |U IK K/ +K
:|erae +.J|a S+J t 7J i|:j|a J K|ce|ee||
+ :|a|e-|aai &JZ.IIa W|-|| m|tre'9 S| rear
tamera I,7&Jm/| |a||er /aire|i +.+.Z Ir
KIK warraa| + t IZ.J t IZSmm I+Z
Despile ils low price, lhe Molo E hos o very oppeoling screen
Makes plenty of compromises, but performs where it
counts, the Moto E is another winner from Motorola
Motorola Moto E
nusually oi a nev
smairlone, ve`ie
nor ralking aLour Liggei
scieens, asrei iocessois oi moie
megaixels virl Noroiola`s laresr
in-u, rle Noro L. Insreau,
rle leauline is rle iice, vlicl
ar I90 unlockeu makes rlis one
o rle cleaesr smairlones
ve`ve evei ievieveu.
Ar sucl a lov cosr, rle
Noro L ineviraLly makes some
comiomises. Irs 4.3in uislay las
a iesolurion o only 540 x 960,
anu you uon`r ger a ro-enu CPU.
Yer ir eioims aumiiaLly in
mosr o rle ciirical aieas. Image
qualiry, vlicl vas a majoi
sriengrl o irs Liggei Liorlei,
rle Noro G (veL ID: 3S541),
iemains sriong, virl icruies anu
gialics aeaiing Lorl uncly
anu Liiglr. Wlile rle uual-coie
1.2GHz Qualcomm Snauiagon
200 iocessoi, 1GB o RAN anu
Auieno 302 GPU laiuly ieiesenr
rle quickesr comLinarion, rle
lone eels mosrly snay
anu iesonsive.
Barreiy lie is jusr as
imiessive, anu Noroiola`s
claim rlar rle lone vill
lasr a ull uay o use ruins
our ro Le vell ounueu.
1liouglour oui inrensive
resring, rle Noro L lasreu
rle ull couise o eveiy
uay, oren virl lenry o
caaciry iemaining. In oui
3G srieaming-auuio resr
vlicl ioviues an iuea
o rle lone`s enciency
virl viieless uara rle
Larreiy uiaineu ar a iare
o 3.S ei loui. In rle
viueo-layLack resr, virl
rle uislay caliLiareu ro
, rle Larreiy
uiaineu ar a iare o 11.6
ei loui, anu in rle
GIXBencl gaming Larreiy
resr ir aclieveu an esrimareu
iunrime o 5lis 3Smins. In eacl o
rlese cases, rle Noro L eioimeu
Lerrei rlan rle Noro G, vlicl
vas ierry goou alieauy. 1le only
uovnsiue on rlis ionr is rlar rle
Larreiy isn`r ielaceaLle, so rleie`s
no easy vay o Loosring caaciry
oi ielacing ir vlen ir Lecomes
riieu in a yeai oi so.
I Larreiy lie is encouiaging,
rle ieally goou nevs is rlar rle
Noro L ierains rle soliuiry o
uesign anu ioLusrness o rle
Noro G. In rle lanu, ir eels
jusr like a sliglrly smallei veision
o rlar lone, virl rle same
Lurron layour anu genrly cuiveu
ieai anel.
As virl rle Noro G, you can
sna o rle ieai anel anu ielace
ir virl one o a uieienr coloui,
anu rle Noro L is a roucl smallei
rlan irs sraLlemare, roo. 1le only
noraLle uieience is rle nr anu
nnisl. 1le Noro L las a marre,
iuLLeiy ieai, vlicl eels leasanr
unuei rle nngei. Sliglrly less
leasanr vas rlar on oui
ieviev unir ar leasr rle Lack
anel uiun`r nr snugly, moving
aiounu a lirrle vlenevei ve
ickeu u rle uevice.
Srill, you can`r
aulr rle Noro L oi
lexiLiliry oi rouglness.
Benearl rlar ill-nrring
anel is a micioSD slor,
alloving you ro exanu
rle limireu 4GB o
inreinal sroiage Ly
u ro 32GB. 1le
scieen is roeu virl
Goiilla Glass 3 oi
sciarcl- anu scu-
iesisrance, anu rle
vlole lone, Lorl
insiue anu our, las a
varei-iesisranr Slasl
Guaiu coaring.
Alrlougl rle larrei
earuie von`r allov
you ro uunk rle lone
in varei, as you can
virl rle Sony Xeiia
Z2 (veL ID: 3SS1)
anu rle Samsung
Galaxy S5 (veL ID:
3SS234), ir sloulu
ievenr rle lone iom uying i
you`ie cauglr in a uovnoui.
1leie isn`r all rlar mucl ro say
aLour rle Noro L`s sorvaie, Lur
mosr o ir is osirive. 1le lone
iuns Anuioiu KirKar 4.4.2, anu
in keeing virl rle comany`s
iecenr aioacl rleie`s no
ioiieraiy skin in rle vay.
1lis is somerling ve visl
moie manuacruieis o Luuger
smairlones voulu ollov.
Noroiola uoes give you a
selecrion o ieloaueu as,
lovevei, incluuing rle nev
Noroiola Aleir a, vlicl
lers you kee a small ciicle o
amily anu iienus aLieasr o
youi locarion, via auromareu
rexr messages.
Alrlougl rleie`s mucl rlar`s
goou aLour rle Noro L, ir uoes
lave a ev noraLle veaknesses.
1le uual-coie 1.2GHz Qualcomm
Snauiagon 200 CPU is a lov-enu
air, anu vlen you give rle lone
somerling uemanuing ro uo, ir
uoes clug a lirrle. Panning anu
zooming aiounu in Google Nas
isn`r rle smoorlesr exeiience, anu
a iame iare o 10.s in rle
GIXBencl 1-Rex HD Lenclmaik
inuicares ir`s likely ro lave riouLle
virl inrensive 3D games.
1le Noroiola Noro L`s
5-megaixel cameia is ooi. Ir`s
nxeu-ocus, so ir`s loeless ar
caruiing ciis, close-u suLjecrs,
anu vlen ve uiu manage ro rake
a slai icruie, vlire Lalance anu
mereiing oren venr Lauly viong.
Viueo iesolurion is limireu ro S54
x 4S0, so oorage lacks uerail, anu
rle lone uoes a reiiiLle joL ar
aujusring exosuie on rle ly.
Alrlougl in-call qualiry is nne
via rle eaiiece anu miciolone,
ve`ie also less rlan imiesseu virl
rle Noro L`s seakei. Ar meuium
volume anu louuei, ir`s alicreu Ly
an annoying, iusrling uisroirion.
Ir`s rleie all rle rime, vlerlei
you`ie laying music oi ralking
ro someone on seakeilone.
1leie aie limirarions, rlen,
anu lenry o rlem, Lur ve rlink
many eole vill Le villing ro ur
u virl rlem ar rlis iice. Oui
nnal ieseivarion is rlar, virl rle
SGB 3G Noroiola Noro G
availaLle oi as lirrle as I100
on ay-as-you-go, rle iice
uieienrial isn`r acrually rlar
Ihe 5plosh Guord delivers
proleclion lrom lhe elemenls PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 098
len Panasonic unveileu
rle 1ouglau IZ-N1
ar rlis yeai`s CLS,
ve came avay imiesseu. A
sraLlemare ro lasr yeai`s 10in
IZ-G1, rle 1ouglau IZ-N1
ueliveis rle same Luily, iuggeuiseu
uesign in a uiminurive in raLler.
Ar 1S.Smm rlick anu veigling
540g, rle IZ-N1 is lery Ly
comacr-raLler sranuaius. Ir voulu
Le cluilisl ro lolu irs ler againsr
ir, rlougl, since ir`s uiose-Luilr
ro louiisl in enviionmenrs rlar
voulu sell uoom oi mosr
uevices. 1le laiueneu exreiioi
is casr iom meral anu laiueneu
lasrics, anu a srii o Llack
iuLLei enciicles rle euges, laiing
our ro iorecr rle coineis iom
acciuenral uios. 1le iuLLei
euges oei uecenr gii, anu rleii
iounueu ionle makes rle IZ-N1
comoiraLle ro lolu in rle lanu.
Ir las rle cieuenrials ro marcl
irs rougl-nur lysique. ]usr like
irs Liggei Liorlei, Panasonic las
resreu rle IZ-N1 ro NIL-S1D-
S10G sranuaius, vlicl means
ir`s aLle ro suivive uios o u ro
5r, as vell as exosuie ro slock,
viLiarion, lumiuiry anu exriemes
o remeiaruie. Ir also Loasrs
an IP65 iaring oi varei- anu
uusr-iesisrance rlanks ro irs sealeu
uesign: irs single USB 3 oir,
3.5mm leaulone jack anu 19V
PSU inur aie saely liuuen avay
Lelinu rlick iuLLei las, anu rle
micioSD anu SIN slors aie sealeu
Lelinu rle Larreiy ar rle ieai.
1le 1,200 x S00 rouclscieen
is uesigneu ro rake ouruooi use in
irs sriiue. 1le marre IPS anel is lir
Ly an LLD Lackliglr rlar ros our
ar a gleaming 492cu/m, anu as a
iesulr rle uislay iemains legiLle
on even rle sunniesr o uays. Image
qualiry isn`r exemlaiy, Lur vlile
colouis aie lacking in viLiancy, rle
anel`s conriasr iario o 05:1 is
viue enougl ro uieuge u lors o
uerail in slauovs anu liglliglrs.
1le rouclscieen is moie
lexiLle rlan mosr. Ir suoirs
ren-oinr roucl inur as sranuaiu,
virl Panasonic`s DaslLoaiu a
giving access ro roucl, srylus anu
gloveu-roucl moues, lus a
varei moue. Oui ieviev unir
vas sulieu virl rle orional
caacirive srylus, vlicl
voikeu vell in oui
resrs, ioviuing enougl
accuiacy oi sciiLLling
nores anu viiring
onscieen. 1le srylus
is also lanuy oi
navigaring rle OS
virl gloves on, anu
ioviues inoinr
conriol even in nuuly
ueskro alicarions.
Panasonic las squeezeu a
liglly caaLle iosrei o laiuvaie
inro rle IZ-N1`s comacr classis.
Unueinearl all rlar meral anu
iuLLei is a assively cooleu
1.6GHz Inrel Coie i5-4302Y
CPU, SGB o RAN anu a
12SGB mSA1A Samsung SSD.
In oui Real Woilu Benclmaiks,
rle lov-volrage CPU acquirreu
irsel aiily vell, ueliveiing a
seiviceaLle Oveiall scoie o 0.4.
1le 12SGB SSDuoes irs Lir ro kee
Winuovs S eeling snay, anu
leleu rle 1ouglau colu-Loor in
a vliskei less rlan eiglr seconus.
Ir isn`r rle asresr mSA1A SSD
ve`ve encounreieu, Lur ir`s quick
enougl oi mosr uioses: in
rle AS SSD Lenclmaik, rle SSD
aclieveu a sequenrial ieau scoie
o 490NB/sec anu sequenrial
viire scoie o 13SNB/sec.
Barreiy lie is comeririve.
Wirl rle scieen uimmeu ro
5cu/m, rle IZ-N1`s 22Wl,
3,220mAl Larreiy lasreu oi 9lis
14mins in oui usual liglr-use
Larreiy resr. Panasonic also oeis a
long-lie ,100mAl Larreiy orion,
as vell as an orional Liiuge
Larreiy rlar lasrs oi aiounu 30
seconus long enougl ro sva
Larreiy acks virlour oveiing
uovn Winuovs.
Anu asiue iom eioimance,
rle IZ-N1 is ackeu virl
earuies. Lven rle Laie-Lones
mouel comes virl uual-Lanu
S02.11ac Wi-Ii anu Blueroorl 4,
anu I1 ueairmenrs vill aieciare
auuirions sucl as rle 1PN 1.2
secuiiry anu Inrel vPio suoir.
1le ionr-acing 0.9-megaixel
cameia aiis u virl a seiviceaLle
S-megaixel sensoi ar rle ieai,
anu rle ieai cameia is also
equieu virl an LLD lasl.
1leie`s a viue vaiiery o
orional exrias, auuing anyrling
iom inregiareu GPS, 4G moLile
LioauLanu anu ass-rliougl
connecrions oi an exreinal
ligl-gain Wi-Ii anrenna, ro a
selecrion o lug-in mouules rlar
ioviue Laicoue, magneric sriie
anu RIID ieaueis. Ir`s as lexiLle
as Winuovs S raLlers ger.
As evei, rle Panasonic
1ouglau IZ-N1`s ralenrs come
ar a consiueiaLle iice Lur, like
irs ieuecessoi, ir easily lives u
ro irs name. Ir`s suiemely vell
uesigneu, anu oi rlose vlo
neeu a raLler rlar can virlsranu
rle kinu o aLuse rlar voulu iuin
any orlei uevice, rle IZ-N1
sroms all ovei rle oosirion.
Pk|C| 1,339 (1,60I |at kI),
ctt te6e: |IN1CCkkYB|
S0PP|||k www.e|t|mc
K|Y SP|CS |a|e| Cere |S-+JJZ &K '9K/ IZ&K
m'/I/ 'am:ca ''9 l|a I,Z&J t &JJ |ect|:treea
:|a|e-|aai &JZ.IIat W|-|| K|ce|ee|| + U'K J
I t J.Smm aci|e jat| S| rear/J.J| lrea|
tamera: W|aiew: &.I Jr KIK warraa| ZJZ t
I&.& t IJJmm (W9hJ S+J
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
A slrip ol block rubber prolecls lhe edges lrom occidenlol drops
An unyielding chassis and a long list of features make
this the ultimate rough-and-tumble Windows 8 tablet
Toughpad FZ-M1
o^CHz |||o| Co|o .2c00|, ^CE DD|o =

k|k| w0k|0 B|hChNkkKS
0.1I 0|kk||
0.5 N|0|k

BkII|kY: h|kY 0S| 1||: !m|a:

BkII|kY: ||6hI 0S| 7||: I+m|a: 099 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
o^CHz |||o| Co|o .2c00|, ^CE DD|o =

k|k| w0k|0 B|hChNkkKS
0.55 0|kk||
0.61 N|0|k
len ir comes ro our
rleie reclnology, nor
mucl comes close ro
Panasonic`s nev 1ouglau 4K
U1-NB5. 1aigering aiclirecrs,
uesigneis, lorogialeis anu
Lusinesses in neeu o a svanky
iesenrarion rool, ir`s an enoimous
20in raLler virl a 4K uislay rlar
uislays in-slai images ar A3
size, vlile also oeiing some
uegiee o oiraLiliry.
In riurl, rle 1ouglau is less
o a raLler rlan ir is an all-in-one
PC. Alrlougl rleie`s a Larreiy
insiue, ir`s small (3,1S0mAl) anu
uoesn`r uelivei mucl iunrime, in
oui liglr-use resr rle 1ouglau
lasreu a meie 1li 35mins. 1le
uevice irsel is also roo unvieluy
ro Le lereu iom irs lome.
Irs sleei size makes rle uocking
srarion an essenrial accessoiy, so
ve veie suiiiseu ro nnu ir`s a
I239 inc VA1 orional exria.
1le srai o rle slov is rle
1ouglau`s ixel-ackeu 3,S40 x
2,560 IPS anel, anu rlar`s cleaily
vleie rle majoiiry o youi money
is going. Wirl a conriasr iario o
S60:1, images aie uynamic anu
conriasr is sueiL. On gieyscale
aues, rle scieen is caaLle o
uieuging u rle nnesr level o
uerail in liglliglrs anu slauovs.
Ir`s Liiglr, roo, virl rle LLD
Lackliglr roing 301cu/m.
1le scieen`s ieal sriengrl (asiue
iom irs eye-oing iesolurion)
is irs coloui accuiacy. 1esreu
virl oui X-Rire i1Dislay 2
coloiimerei, rle 1ouglau
aclieveu an aveiage Delra L o
1.4 anu a maximum o 3.5, anu
iouuceu iicl, saruiareu colouis
anu naruial-looking skin rones.
Panasonic sulieu a seiies o
sloir viueos ro slovcase rle
raLler`s 4K caaLiliries, anu
virlour excerion rley lookeu
aLsolurely sumruous. 1le only
cavear, as evei, is rlar rle ligl
ixel uensiry means Lurrons
anu menus on legacy
as may Le unusaLly small.
Nosrly, rlougl, rle
1ouglau is a uieam ro oeiare.
1lis is rlanks nor only ro rle
iesonsiveness o irs rouclscieen,
Lur also ro irs uisciere viuia
GeIoice G1 45N gialics cli,
rle CPU`s inregiareu Inrel HD
gialics voulu lave sriuggleu ro
coe virl sucl a ligl iesolurion.
We veie eiecrly lay sviing
anu iouuing avay virl oui
nngeis, Lur oi rlose uemanuing
moie accuiacy, rleie`s an acrive,
iessuie-sensirive srylus rle
Panasonic 1oucl Pen availaLle
as an orional eiileial. Ir
connecrs ro rle 1ouglau via
Blueroorl anu voiks exriemely
vell, Lur ar I210 ir`s anorlei
iicey auuirion.
Rav eioimance isn`r so
goou. Oui ieviev mouel came
virl a geneiarion-olu Ivy Biiuge
Coie i5 CPU onLoaiu, suoireu
Ly 4GB o RAN, anu rlis
ueliveieu only miuuling scoies in
oui Real Woilu Benclmaiks, virl
an Oveiall scoie o 0.55. 1lar`s
rle soir o eioimance ve execr
iom suL-I500 Luuger laros.
1leie is a Coie i veision rle
U1-NA6 rlar also comes virl
viuia Quauio K1000N gialics,
Lur ir`s even moie exensive, anu
is srill only Ivy Biiuge. 1le saving
giace is rle raLler`s 256GB
Samsung SSD, vlicl aclieveu
uecenr Lenclmaik nguies. Using
AS SSD, ve measuieu sequenrial
ieau anu viire iares o 50SNB/sec
anu 252NB/sec. 1le raLler Loors
iom colu in nine seconus.
1le 1ouglau uoes live u
ro irs name vlen ir comes ro
Luilu qualiry: uesire Leing
ielarively slim ar 13.3mm, irs
magnesium alloy iame anu
nLieglass case eel soliu, anu
exliLireu no lex oi cieakiness
vlen ve riieu ro rvisr anu Lenu
rle uevice. Ir isn`r vareiioo, Lur
Panasonic claims ir vill iesisr a all
iom u ro 30in.
Llsevleie, rle 1ouglau
Loasrs uual-Lanu S02.11n Wi-Ii
anu Blueroorl, Lur rleie isn`r an
aLunuance o oirs on rlar slim
classis: rleie`s only a single USB 3
socker, a 3.5mm auuio jack anu a
ull-sizeu SD caiu ieauei. Wirl a
scieen as goou as rlis, ve`u lave
likeu ro lave seen some viueo-
inur oirs, anu rleii aLsence is
a ieal misseu ooiruniry. 1leie`s
also a S0 veLcam, Lur rle
qualiry is ooi.
Ir`s rougl ro uelivei a uennirive
veiuicr on rle Panasonic
1ouglau 4K U1-NB5. On one
lanu, ir Loasrs a riuly imiessive
uislay, anu ulnls irs uiose as
a ligl-enu, Lusiness-ocuseu
iesenrarion uevice virl alomL.
Hovevei, oi rle money ve`u
lave execreu moie, anu rle
uniemaikaLle eioimance anu
lack o viueo-inur oirs ler us
eeling a lirrle colu. 1leie`s
norling on rle maiker like ir,
anu rle uislay is ro-norcl,
Lur oi mosr uioses ir can`r
Le consiueieu anyrling moie
rlan an exriavaganr novelry.
Pk|C| 3,63I (1,361 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.tcmtet|
I.7ht |a|e| Cere |S-J+JlU |re +K K/
ZSK ''9 N|i|a e|erte I l+S raj||t:
ZJ|a J,&+J t Z,SJ ||' i|:j|a ica|-|aai &JZ.IIa
W|-|| K|ce|ee|| + '9lC tari :|e| U'K J lZJj
lrea| tamera W|aiew: &.I |re Jr KIK warraa|
+l t IJ.J t JJ+mm (W9hJ Z.JS|
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Ihe Ioughpod isn'l wolerprool, bul il will shrug oll o loll lrom 30in
A beautiful screen and novel design aren't enough
to justify that enormous price
Panasonic Toughpad
Ihe Ioughp
BkII|kY: h|kY 0S| 17m|a:
BkII|kY: ||6hI 0S| I|| 1'm|a:
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
o^CHz |||o| Co|o .2c00|, ^CE DD|o =

k|k| w0k|0 B|hChNkkKS
1.12 0|kk||
1.19 N|0|k
30 B|hChNkkKS
Yoyotech Warbird
Nightblade 1
A powerful, attractive and compact PC, its only
weakness is its lack of accessibility
Pk|C| I92 (950 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.yeyetet|.te.ek
oyorecl is knovn
iimaiily oi irs iicey,
ligl-eioimance ueskro
PCs: rle comany`s imiessive
WaiLiiu RS (veL ID: 3S544) las
voin rle A-Lisr ciovn in
rle ligl-enu PC caregoiy oi a
vlile nov. So, vlen rle WaiLiiu
iglrLlaue 1 aiiiveu ar oui onces
iomising seiious gaming
caaLiliry ar a signincanrly lovei
iice, oui cuiiosiry vas iqueu.
Comacr ar only 14mm
viue anu 261mm rall, ir las an
arriacrive, colesive uesign rlar`s
akin ro a PS3 oi an XLox 360
iarlei rlan a Winuovs PC. 1le
siue anels aie maue o unyieluing
Llack meral anu rle ionr anel is
anouiseu, maclineu aluminium,
virl Yoyorecl`s uisrincrive logo
gleaming oirl. 1le enriie sysrem
is sliglrly rilreu, virl a Liacker
iaising ir a coule o cenrimeries
ar rle ionr.
1leie`s no uouLr rlar rle
iglrLlaue is an arriacrive-looking
PC, Lur vlar you gain in looks
you lose in lexiLiliry. Gerring in
is easy enougl: rle ler-lanu anel
is lelu on Ly svircles, iarlei rlan
rlumLscievs, vlicl makes
liing ir o a uouule. Insiue,
lovevei, ir`s incieuiLly ciameu,
vlicl is rle ineviraLle uovnsiue
ro sucl a comacr case. In oiuei ro
ger ro rle morleiLoaiu, one musr
nisr ger asr an enoimous an,
vlicl is scieveu inro rle classis.
Once rlis is uone, rleie srill
isn`r mucl ioom oi manoeuvie.
A rvo-Lay uiive cage ar rle ro
anu anorlei ar rle ionr lus a
veiiraLle jungle o caLles makes
rle micioA1X morleiLoaiu
uinculr ro ieacl. Wlile ve`ie
imiesseu virl rle inclusion o
an mSA1A auarei alloving
oi rle ossiLiliry o auuing rvo
exria SSDs ro rle 12SGB 1osliLa
SSD Loor uisk rle iglrLlaue
seems ro Le aimeu moie ar rlose
looking oi immeuiare giarincarion
rlan rinkeieis.
1lankully, rle coie laiuvaie
is geneious enougl rlar rlis PC
vill iemain comeririve oi a
vlile yer. 1le 3.4GHz Inrel
Coie i5-460K is oveiclockeu ro
4.3GHz anu, in comLinarion virl
a single SGB srick o 1,600NHz
DDR3 RAN, aclieveu an Oveiall
scoie o 1.12 in oui Real Woilu
Benclmaiks. 1lis is slovei rlan
rle i-equieu WaiLiiu RS,
vlicl scoieu 1.29, Lur srill
liglly iesecraLle. 1le 12SGB
SSD is quick, roo, gaining anrasric
sequenrial ieau anu viire scoies
o 510NB/sec anu 44NB/sec
iesecrively in AS SSD.
As execreu, rle iglrLlaue`s
AND Raueon R9 20X gialics
caiu ioveu eiecrly caaLle o
leavy-uury gaming. In oui Ciysis
resr, ir ueliveieu an aveiage o
66s ar Veiy Higl qualiry serrings
ar 1,920 x 1,0S0, again, rlis is
Lelinu rle WaiLiiu RS`s scoie o
SSs, Lur ir`s imiessive Ly any
orlei measuie.
We veie also leaseu rlar,
uesire rle leavy-uury laiuvaie
insiue rle classis, ovei ourur
vasn`r oveivlelming. 1le
iglrLlaue uiev 12W vlile
iule anu 300W virl Lorl Piime95
anu IuiNaik usling rle CPU
anu gialics caiu ro rle max. 1le
NSI Diagon liquiu-cooling sysrem
ker rle CPU anu GPU ar a sae
0C anu 9C uuiing rlese resrs
an imiessive ear oi sucl a
comacr macline.
Iinally, alrlougl rleie isn`r
mucl ioom oi manoeuvie insiue,
you uo ger a geneious selecrion o
exreinal oirs. 1leie aie rvo USB
3 oirs anu rvo USB 2 oirs, lus
3.5mm auuio anu miciolone
jacks ar rle ionr. Ar rle ieai
on rle morleiLoaiu Lacklane
aie a oui uirlei USB 3 oirs,
rvo USB 2 oirs, one eSA1A
anu GigaLir Lrleiner. A aii o
anrennae Leriay rle iesence o
Wi-Ii in rle oim o a mini-PCI
Inrel Wiieless-AC 260 auarei
mounreu on rle morleiLoaiu.
Oveiall, ve`ie imiesseu
virl rle Yoyorecl WaiLiiu
iglrLlaue 1: ir comeres on
almosr even reims virl rle
WaiLiiu RS uesire Leing I250
cleaei (once you rake inro
accounr rle cosr o rle RS`s
moniroi anu eiileials). Ir
uoesn`r lave rle lexiLiliry o
a laigei sysrem, Lur rle anrasric
Lenclmaik scoies anu geneious
laiuvaie moie rlan make u
oi ir. Ir`s a veiy imiessive PC.
|a|e| Cere |S-+lJK eert|et|ei |e +.Jht &K
K/ IZ&K Ie:|||a ''9 |we-:|e| m'/I/ aiaj|er
ZIK 'eaa|e Karratcia h99 /9 Kaieea K7
ZlJl '| l&lI m|tre/Il me||er|eari |a|e|
W|re|e::-/C lZJ '| 9raea ||c|i C|U tee|er
W|aiew: &.I +-||| Jr KIK warraa| Il+ t JlS
t ZImm (W9hJ
Ihe Nighlblode J: cheoper lhon lhe Worbird k5, bul similorly odepl

BkII|kY: |0|0 P|kYBkCK
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y |a|e| /|em lZSJ IK 99KJ K/ IK
eC :|erae l.7|a l& t I,JZ+ ||' i|:j|a
:|a|e-|aai &JZ.IIa W|-|| K|ce|ee|| J J.Smm
aci|e jat| m|tre'9 :|e| S| rear/Z| lrea|
tamera: /aire|i +.Z Ir KIK warraa| IJ t
.J t ZJJmm (W9hJ J&&
8uild quolily hos improved since lhe originol lconio AJ
Pk|C| 115 (138 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.cmctea.te.ek
Not as good as the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HDX 7in, but
Acer's budget 7.9in tablet performs well for the money
Acer Iconia A1-83
asr yeai`s Acei Iconia A1
.9in Anuioiu raLler aileu
ro imiess us: irs lov iice
vasn`r enougl ro excuse a giainy
scieen anu lacklusrie eioimance.
1lis rime aiounu, Acei las
nrreu rle Iconia A1-S30 virl
a liglei-iequency, uual-coie
Inrel Arom CPU anu ieuuceu
rle iice ro I13S.
1le Iconia`s IPS anel is a
Lig sre u iom irs ieuecessoi,
yieluing auequare, i uninsiiing,
image qualiry. Wirl a iesolurion
o 6S x 1,024, ir las a lov ixel
uensiry o 162i, Lur rlis isn`r
roo mucl o a ioLlem. You can
see sraii-sreing on rexr i you
look closely, Lur oi rle mosr
air ir`s Laiely noriceaLle.
Noie imoiranrly, qualiry
is nne. In oui resrs, rle anel`s
LLD Lackliglr roeu our ar a
iesecraLle 33cu/m, meaning
rlar using rle Iconia ouruoois isn`r
our o rle quesrion. Images sranu
our rlanks ro a conriasr iario o
S43:1, Lur as virl many Luuger
raLler uislays, lovei-enu gieys
lave a renuency ro Llenu inro
Llack, iesulring in a loss o slauov
uerail. 1le anel`s coloui nueliry
is goou oi rle mosr air, alrlougl
skin rones, ieus anu oianges look
sliglrly vasleu our.
Unusually oi an Anuioiu
raLler, rle Iconia A1 is uiiven
Ly an Inrel Arom in rlis case
a Hyei-1lieaueu, uual-coie
1.6GHz Z2560. Ir comlereu
rle SunSiuei ]avaSciir resr in
45ms, nor roo ai Lelinu rle
Ale iPau mini 2`s (veL
ID: 3S6602) rime o
41Sms. Irs GeekLencl 3
scoie vas somevlar
less imiessive,
lovevei, ueliveiing
single- anu mulri-coie
iesulrs o 460 anu
1,064 iesecrively.
Wlile rlis
uoesn`r aioacl
rle eioimance o oui
cuiienr avouiires, rle
exus (veL ID: 3S3950) anu
Amazon Kinule Iiie HDX in
(veL ID: 3S5504), ir`s Lerrei rlan
ve execreu. We lau ro oen a
laige numLei o as Leoie rle
Iconia exliLireu any noriceaLle
lag, navigaring aiounu Anuioiu
4.4 elr smoorl, anu zooming,
anning anu sciolling aiounu
veL ages vas luiu.
1le Iconia is suiiisingly
games-caaLle oi a Luuger
raLler, roo, anu manageu a
iesecraLle scoie o 14.4s in
rle GIXBencl 1-Rex HD resr ar
narive iesolurion. You von`r Le
laying ligl-enu games ar ro
uerail levels, Lur rle majoiiry o
rirles sloulu Le layaLle, i only
rlanks ro rle lov iesolurion.
1le Iconia`s Luilu anu uesign
is also sueiioi ro irs ieuecessoi.
1le vlire ieai anel las Leen
ielaceu virl a sruiuiei, less
lexiLle, marre-lasric anel virl
a merallic nnisl. 1le Lezels aie
nov vlire, giving rle raLler rle
rasreully colesive look o an
Ale iouucr. 1le classis auus
veiy lirrle exria Lulk, anu rle Lack
anel cuives ar rle euges jusr
enougl ro ievenr ir uigging inro
youi lesl vlen lelu in one lanu.
Wlile Luilu, iocessing anu
gialical eioimance aie moie
rlan auequare consiueiing rle
iice, ir`s cleai rlar Larreiy lie is
one o rle main aieas vleie cosrs
lave Leen cur. Wirl rle scieen ser
ro 120cu/m anu a lov-iesolurion
viueo ler looing conrinuously,
rle Iconia eiseveieu oi a meie
Slis 33mins, moie rlan rliee
louis sloir o rle exus .
1le Iconia isn`r exacrly
Liisrling virl exansion orions,
ossessing only a micio-USB oir
rlar uouLles as rle claiging
oinr, a 3.5mm auuio jack anu
a micioSD caiu slor. 1leie`s
no HDNI ourur, Lur rlis isn`r
unusual. 1le 5-megaixel ieai
cameia is uisaoinring, rlougl.
Ir rakes giainy lorogials rlar
aie loiiiLly lacking in uerail. 1le
2-megaixel ionr cameia is even
voise, Larling images in a muiky
gloom, anu rle seakeis on rle
ieai aie quier anu rinny.
Peilas mosr uisaoinring
is rlar rle Iconia is equieu virl
only Anuioiu 4.2, vlicl is nov
rvo yeais our o uare. Acei las
ieinsralleu a coule o
alicarions o irs ovn
ro sveeren rle ueal, Lur
rlese aien`r airiculaily
exciring: rley incluue an
inconsequenrial sciaLook
a calleu Lie Image anu
AceiClouu, Acei`s ovn
uara-Lacku anu nle-
synclionisarion seivice.
Like rle Iconia A1 Leoie
ir, rle Acei Iconia A1-S30`s
iice is liglly arriacrive. Hovevei,
unlike irs ieuecessoi, rle A1-S30
ueliveis assaLle eioimance anu
scieen qualiry, lus a moie soliu
Luilu. In rle oveiall scleme o
rlings, rle exus anu Kinule
Iiie HDX in aie Lerrei-qualiry
uevices, virl sueiioi uislays,
quickei eioimance anu longei
Larreiy lie, Lur ar only I13S, rlis
raLler las some Luuger aeal.
ell unveileu irs nisr
CliomeLook ar rle BL11
euucarional reclnology
slov Lack in ]anuaiy, iaising
consiueiaLle inreiesr virl a
iomiseu iice o I19 oi rle
2GB mouel. 1lar secincarion
nnally goes on sale on 26 ]une,
Lur aleau o ir comes a moie
exensive (I199) mouel
virl 4GB o RAN.
Asiue iom rle memoiy
iovision, rle rvo mouels aie
iuenrical. Ioi youi money you ger
an 11.6in scieen virl a iesolurion
o 1,366 x 6S, a Hasvell-class,
uual-coie 1.4GHz Inrel Celeion
2955U CPU, anu 16GB o lasl
sroiage. Connecriviry is imiessive
oi a laro rlis clea, anu
comiises a aii o USB 3 sockers,
a ull-sizeu HDNI ourur so you
can look ir u ro a moniroi oi
HD1V, a 3.5mm leauser jack anu
an SD caiu slor. Dual-Lanu
S02.11n Wi-Ii anu Blueroorl 4
rake caie o nervoiking, rle only
majoi miss is rle lack o a viieu
Lrleiner oir.
1lis secincarion enaLles
rle Dell CliomeLook 11 ro
iun Cliome OS seamlessly. 1le
macline vakes u insranrly iom
slee, anu Loors in seven seconus
iom a comlerely oveieu-uovn
srare. In use, ve nevei lau ro vair
oi raLs ro aeai anu uisaeai,
eioimance nevei laggeu even
virl a scieen ull o veLsires
anu srieaming HD viueo layeu
eiecrly smoorlly. Oui only
ieseivarion in rlis aiea conceins
rle sliglrly noisy an, vlicl
kicks in as soon as rle loau
on rle CPU iams u.
1le CliomeLook 11 also
excels in Lenclmaiks, comlering
rle SunSiuei ]avaSciir resr
in 323ms anu scoiing 2,6 in
rle uemanuing Peacekeeei
Liovsei resr. We`u execr rle
2GB mouel ro eioim similaily,
since rleie`s lirrle uieience
Lerveen rlese scoies anu
rlose o rle 2GB Acei Asiie
C20 (veL ID: 3S6023).
Barreiy lie vas also on a
ai virl rle C20. Wirl rle
scieen ser ro a Liiglrness o
, viieless ruineu
o, anu a lov-iesolurion
You1uLe viueo ser ro
loo inuennirely, rle
Dell lasreu 5lis 54mins
on a single claige.
Ir`s a roucl Lerrei
rlan rle Acei, Lur
rle ga is small ar 1S minures.
Wleie rle Dell CliomeLook
11 uisaoinrs is rle scieen.
Irs glossy nnisl is liglly ielecrive,
yer looks uull anu lar, veirical
vieving angles aien`r giear, anu
rleie`s a roucl o giain. Neasuiing
eioimance virl oui coloiimerei
ievealeu rle anel`s maximum
Liiglrness ro Le a uisaoinring
, anu rle conriasr only
360:1. Sucl nguies aien`r
uncommon on Luuger laros,
Lur rley`ie a long vay sloir
o rle scieens ve`ie seeing on
suL-I200 raLlers rlese uays.
Peilas moie signincanrly,
scieen qualiry also alls vell
sloir o rle HP CliomeLook 11
(veL ID: 3S4S1) a macline
ieviously virluiavn iom sale
remoiaiily uue ro ioLlems virl
aulry ovei sulies, Lur nov
Lack on Google Play ar I229.
Srill, rle Dell`s anel is similai
ro irs closesr iival, rle Acei Asiie
C20 vlicl is sliglrly Liiglrei,
Lur las voise conriasr anu rle
iesr o rle ackage is sueiioi ro
Acei`s oeiing. 1le SciaLLle-rile
keyLoaiu las a ciisei, moie
soliu eel anu rle Lioau rouclau
is iesonsive, alrlougl ve`ve
nevei likeu inregiareu Lurrons,
irs leavy, osirive click is jusr
aLour acceraLle.
As you`u loe iom a iouucr
uesigneu oi rle classioom, Luilu
qualiry is excellenr. 1le liu is sri,
irs glossy ionr iorecring rle LCD
Lenearl iom leavy-lanueu
iouuing. A iuLLeiiseu coaring
suiiounus rle keyLoaiu anu
comlerely coveis rle viisriesr,
vlicl makes oi a comoiraLle
roucl-rying laroim. Benearl
rle laro aie rvo long sriis
o iuLLei, vlicl uo a nne joL
o ievenring rle laro iom
sliing aiounu on a uesk oi youi
la. Desire rle soliu eel, rlis isn`r
a leavy macline, veigling a meie
1.3kg anu measuiing 23mm rlick.
Wirl irs sriong eioimance,
cieuiraLle eigonomics anu
lov iice, rle Dell CliomeLook
11 is a giear orion oi any
sruuenr looking oi a Luuger
voikloise esecially since, virl
rle inregiarion o rle Quickonce
Lera inro rle Cliome OS Iiles
a, oline euiring caaLiliries
aie nov mucl sriongei rlan
Leoie. Ar rlis cleaei enu o
rle CliomeLook maiker, ve
ieei ir ro rle Acei Asiie C20.
ov rlar rle HP CliomeLook
11 is Lack on sale, lovevei, ir`s
rlar mouel rlar iemains oui
avouiire CliomeLook.
Alrlougl ir can`r comere
virl rlis Dell on eioimance
oi Larreiy lie, irs uislay is vasrly
sueiioi, anu rlar makes a ieal
Pk|C| 26B, 119 (1I9 |at
kI), 16B, 166 (199 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.6e||.te.ek
I.+ht |a|e| Ce|erea Z7SSU +K 99KJ K/
K ha:| :|erae |a|e| h9 raj||t: II.|a I,J
t l& i|:j|a ica|-|aai &JZ.IIa W|-|| K|ce|ee||
C|reme ' Ir C&K warraa| Z7 t ZJI t
ZJmm (W9hJ I.J| (I.| w||| t|arerJ
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Ihe Chromebook JJ runs Chrome O5 seomlessly, ond bools up in seven seconds
Well made and quick in operation, the Chromebook
is let down only by a poor display
Dell Chromebook 11
BkII|kY ||||: |0|0 P|kYBkCK I05 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
anonical is usling laiu
ro exanu ULunru inro
nev consumei maikers.
In rle asr yeai, ve`ve seen sliny
iororyes o ULunru-Laseu
moLile lones anu raLlers, anu
rle comany lasn`r given u on
irs 2012 vision o gerring ULunru
onro 1Vs eirlei. Wlar`s moie,
seiious voik is unueivay on
conveiging all o rlese ioles inro a
single clameleonic OS, somerling
even Niciosor lasn`r arremreu.
Againsr rlar Lackuio, ULunru
14.04 L1S (couenameu 1iusry
1ali) seems cuiiously unamLirious.
Peilas rlar sloulun`r Le a
suiiise: Canonical`s Liannual
ielease scleuule ryically Liings
only small inciemenral clanges
ovei rle ievious ielease. Anu
since rlis is a long-reim suoir
(L1S) ielease, sulieu virl rle
iomise o nve yeais o suoir,
Canonical las an incenrive ro
avoiu raking a unr on any
exeiimenral nev reclnologies.
As a iesulr, 14.04 looks anu
eels all Lur iuenrical ro 13.10. I
you squinr ar rle scieen, you miglr
norice rlar rle emLossing eecr
aiounu rle euges o vinuovs las
gone, anu i you`ie using a veiy
ligl-DPI scieen (sucl as on a
NacBook Pio virl
Rerina uislay) you`ll
see rlar ioLlems
virl riny oi Llocky
inreiace elemenrs
lave nov Leen nxeu.
1leie`s also a nev
riay icon ar rle ro
iiglr o rle scieen
sloving youi
keyLoaiu language
useul in secinc
scenaiios, Lur
eminenrly svircl-
oaLle oi mosr.
Peilas rle mosr
velcome clange ro rle
ULunru ueskro is liuuen
avay in rle Sysrem Serrings.
Since ULunru 11.04, alicarion
menus lave aeaieu in rle Lai
along rle ro o rle scieen, in OS
X sryle. 1le eigonomics o rlis
aie veiy mucl u oi ueLare, anu
ve`ve alvays rlouglr ir iarlei
cusseu o Canonical nor ro ioviue
rle orion o incoioiaring menus
inro rleii iesecrive alicarion
vinuovs. In 14.04, sucl an
orion las quierly aeaieu, Lur
rle imlemenrarion rakes a lirrle
gerring useu ro: iarlei rlan eacl
vinuov laving irs ovn menu
Lai, menus aeai uiiecrly in
rle rirle Lai vlen rle mouse
is laceu ovei ir.
Anorlei quier clange is rle
iemoval o rle ULunru One
ionr-enu, since Canonical las
rliovn in rle rovel on irs
ovn-Lianu clouu sroiage anu
music-uovnloau seivice. 1lar
musr Le a Llov ro rle comany`s
iiue, Lur ve`ie loeul ir vill
insiie rle ueveloeis ro ocus
moie acrively on voiking virl
esraLlisleu clouu sroiage anu
meuia seivices. 1le inregiarion
o uigiral, Amazon, eBay anu
orlei sires inro ULunru`s Dasl
seaicl (a iocess rlar Legun
in ULunru 12.10) suggesrs rlar
Canonical las Leen moving in rle
iiglr uiiecrion, Lur ir vill lave ro
come u virl somerling slickei
rlan rlis ro vov consumeis.
Ioi nov, ir`s on rle enreiiise
siue o rlings rlar 14.04 is
sriongesr. 1le OS irsel may nor
lave evolveu mucl, Lur since
rle ievious L1S ielease rle
suoiring comonenrs lave
raken some Lig sres oivaiu.
1lar incluues Canonical`s Neral
as a Seivice (NAAS) seivei
iovisioning sysrem, vlicl
vas Laiely our o Lera in rle
lasr L1S ielease, anu rle laresr
veision o rle ]uju sorvaie-
ueloymenr sysrem.
1le Lesr nevs is rlar, oi rle
nisr rime, Canonical las leugeu
nve yeais` suoir nor only oi
rle ULunru 14.04 L1S Seivei
OS, Lur also oi rle OenSrack
clouu comuring iamevoik
Lunuleu virl ir. Iacroi in ugiaues
in rle 3.13 Linux keinel rlar
imiove suoir oi nervoiking,
viirualisarion anu secuiiry, anu ve
susecr many Lusinesses vill
alieauy Le ieaiing a svircl, even
rlougl L1S 12.02 srill las rliee
yeais o suoir on rle clock.
Ir`s easy ro eel a lirrle
uisaoinreu in 14.04, ir`s a
conseivarive ielease rlar eels ar
ouus virl rle uruie-ocuseu ralk
coming our o Canonical. In rle
enu, lovevei, rlar`s rle oinr.
ULunru rakes irs enreiiise iole
seiiously, anu rlis sraLle, suoireu
via-u o rle convenrional
ueskro anu seivei uisriiLurions
is jusr vlar many Lusinesses vill
lave Leen vairing oi. Smallei
oiganisarions anu inuiviuuals
seeking a svircl iomXP aie vell
coveieu, roo: ir`s noraLle rlar oi
rle nisr rime rle communiry
lavouis KuLunru, XuLunru,
LuuLunru, ULunru GONL
anu so oirl aie all iomiseu
long-reim suoir as vell.
Wirl a sraLle laroim rlus
esraLlisleu, Canonical nov las
some Liearling sace ro ocus on
moie amLirious voiks, sucl as rle
oirlcoming Nii uislay seivei
anu Uniry S ionr-enu rlar vill
unueiin rle nexr-geneiarion,
mulrilaroim, consumei euirion
o ULunru. In orlei voius,
ULunru 14.04 L1S may nor Le
exciring in irsel, Lur ir sers rle
scene oi Liggei rlings ro come.
Pk|C| |tee
S0PP|||k www.e|eate.tem
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Visuolly, Ubunlu J4.04 looks exlremely similor lo ils predecessors
A stable, up-to-date platform, but those
seeking new features will be disappointed
Ubuntu 14.4 LT5
A new oplion moves opplicolion menus inlo lhe lille bor ol lhe
opplicolion's window
irl no anaie ar all,
rlis monrl AuoLe
ieleaseu a cuiious lirrle
iPau a calleu Voice a simle
iesenrarional rool oi urring
rogerlei exlainei viueos.
1le sorvaie voiks in a similai
vay ro Niciosor PoveiPoinr:
youi viueo comiises a seiies o
ages, onro eacl o vlicl you
lace a gialic oi rexr, oi a
comLinarion o rle rvo. 1len you
lolu uovn rle iecoiu Lurron ro
lay uovn a voice-ovei oi eacl
age using rle iPau`s Luilr-in
miciolone. As voiklovs go,
ir uoesn`r ger mucl simlei.
1o make rlings even easiei,
seveial remlares aie incluueu ro
lel you virl rle oveiall sriucruie.
1lese ie-oulare youi viueo
A limited but easy-to-use presentation tool with
plenty of scope for development
Adobe Voice
use srock symLols
anu loros, you
can eioim an
aggiegareu seaicl
o Google, Ilicki
anu similai souices
iom rle iogiam.
Cleaily, Voice
is ocuseu on
gerring iesulrs
quickly anu easily,
anu leie ir`s a
giear success. 1le
riaue-o is rlar
cieariviry rakes a
Lack sear, ro rle
exrenr rlar ir`s
imossiLle ro iouuce a non-
geneiic viueo.
1lar saiu, ve`ie orimisric,
Lecause ir`s laiu ro imagine rlar
vlar ve lave leie ieiesenrs
AuoLe`s comlere vision. 1leie`s
scoe oi all soirs o ciearive
earuies ro Le lumLeu inro uruie
virl a seiies o ages carioneu
virl iomrs sucl as inriouuce
vlo`s oiganising rle evenr,
uesciiLe vlar you`ie inviring rle
auuience ro join anu so on.
Ir`s an aioacl rlar can
make rlings eel oimulaic. 1lar
sense is ieinoiceu vlen you
iealise rlar rleie aie only nve
age layours ro cloose iom,
lus riansirions anu animarions
aien`r cusromisaLle.
Hovevei, vlen ir comes ro
rle aeaiance o youi viueo,
rleie`s a geneious 32 rlemes ro
cloose iom, many o vlicl aie
iarlei Leauriul. Again, rlougl,
rley aien`r cusromisaLle, anu
you can`r mix anu marcl. 1le
same goes oi rle 3 Lakeu-in
musical rlemes.
1lankully, ir`s ossiLle ro
voik in some eisonal claiacrei
Ly inseiring youi ovn images.
1lese can come iom local sroiage
oi clouu souices. I you ieei ro
P|kI|0kN |Pc6
Pk|C| |tee
REVIEW5 Apps 8 Moblle
ieleases, anu rle vay rlis veision
aeaieu so quierly suggesrs
AuoLe eels rleie`s moie ro Le
ouein sociery is
oLsesseu virl srarisrics,
acrs anu nguies, anu
ir`s a lenomenon rlar umeious
is oiseu ro exloir. Ir`s a simle
concer: you cloose a selecrion
o numLeis anu umeious
uislays rlem, one ei rile, in a
rvo-column-viue lisr comlere
virl arriacrive, colouiul
Lackgiounus. 1le numLeis can
rake rle oim o a counruovn ro
an evenr (rle numLei o uays unril
Cliisrmas, oi insrance), oi rley
can slov lov ai you aie iom
a ieuenneu lace, rle remeiaruie
oursiue oi rle value o youi
avouiire srocks. Rorare rle scieen
o youi iPlone inro lanuscae anu
rle a uislays a gial o lov
rlar numLei las clangeu ovei
iecenr uays anu veeks. We love
P|kI|0kN |P|eae
Pk|C| |tee
rle iuea o umeious anu rle
simliciry o irs aioacl, Lur rle
Lesr Lir is rle acr ir`s exrensiLle.
Wirl an oen API oi ueveloeis,
anu rle aLiliry oi useis ro cieare
anu slaie rleii ovn uLlic
numLeis, ir las an oenness
rlar sloulu ensuie ir`s oievei
IFTTT Mobile
P|kI|0kN |0S ca6 ka6te|6
Pk|C| |tee

r`s Leen availaLle oi iOS

uevices oi some rime, Lur
II111 i rlis rlen rlar
is nov availaLle on Google Play.
Ir`s a anrasric a rlar can lel
you auromare all soirs o rasks.
Wanr ro ruin rle iingei o ar
a ser rime in rle evening anu
Lack on again in rle moining
II111`s iecies can uo rlar.
Wanr ro rexr youi vie vlenevei
you leave rle once, oi log eveiy
lone call you ieceive in a
sieausleer 1lis a can uo
rlar, roo. We`u like ro lave seen
a quickei iesonse rleie can
Le a lag Lerveen evenrs occuiing
anu acrions Leing riiggeieu
anu rle locarion-Laseu evenrs
uiun`r seem airiculaily ieliaLle.
Hovevei, rleie`s enougl
orenrial oi us ro eiseveie, ir`s
iee, arei all. JONATHANBRAY
Numerous creoles on
elegonl summory ol slolislics
Voice's design limilolions
moke videos look generic
lFIII con oulomole oll
monner ol losks lor you
5unrise is o neol ollernolive
lo lhe lrodilionol colendor view

le lirrle-knovn Once
Lens a is a gousenu
oi Lusiness riavelleis
anu rle oigerul eveiyvleie.
Ir lers you scan any uocumenr
anu saves ir auromarically ro
Oneore oi easy ieriieval.
Ir sounus simle enougl, Lur
rleie`s some clevei sru going
on: ir cios uocumenrs anu
sriaiglrens even uiamarically
skeveu ages auromarically,
saving rime anu eoir ar
caruie. Ir also iocesses eacl
age, Loosring conriasr vleie
necessaiy ro make uocumenrs
moie ieauaLle. Ciearing
mulriage scans is a uouule,
anu, since rle a saves
eveiyrling ro Oneore,
caruieu rexr is iecogniseu anu

you uon`r ger on virl rle

srock Anuioiu calenuai a,
Suniise may Le voirl a look.
1le oulai iOS a, vlicl las
iecenrly Leen oireu ro Google`s
moLile oeiaring sysrem, oeis
a iesl vay o looking ar youi
aoinrmenrs. Insreau o oicing
you ro make rle cloice Lerveen
veek, uay anu agenua vievs,
Suniise`s ueaulr uislay comLines
elemenrs o all rliee, sloving a
veirically sciolling agenua roeu
virl a riack uislaying rvo veeks`
voirl o uares. 1le alreinarive
viev is moie riauirional, sloving
rle nexr rliee uays ar a glance.
Ir`s a anrasric a rlar`s easy ro
use anu arriacrive, anu ir can even
ull in uara iom iClouu, as vell
as Google Calenuai, IaceLook,
Omce Lens
5unrise Calendar
P|kI|0kN w|a6ews P|eae
Pk|C| |tee
inuexeu so you can seaicl Ly
keyvoiu. All in all, ir`s a giear
a, anu an essenrial uovnloau
oi Winuovs Plone lanuser
Iouisquaie, LinkeuIn anu
Piouucreev. 1leie aie a coule
o cavears: rleie`s no raLler
veision ar rle momenr, noi
suoir oi Lxclange. Wlen ir
gers Lorl, ir vill Le oimiuaLly
P|kI|0kN |0S ca6
ka6te|6 smctt|eaes
Pk|C| |tee

Documenls ore oulomolicolly

cropped ond slroighlened
egas Pio is a voirly
comeriroi ro AuoLe
Piemieie Pio anu Ale
Iinal Cur Pio, Lur oi one ieason
oi anorlei ir uoesn`r seem ro Le
on many inuusriy ioessionals`
iauais. Sony loes ro clange
rlar virl rlis uuare, virl a
iange o nev earuies aimeu
squaiely ar ligl-enu useis.
One is a ioxy-nisr voiklov,
vleie lov-iesolurion coies o
viueo aie uloaueu ro rle clouu
immeuiarely arei caruie. Iiom
rleie rley can Le uovnloaueu
anu auueu ro rle Vegas rimeline,
anu ielaceu virl ligl-iesolurion
oorage vlen ir aiiives. Ir makes
eiecr sense oi laige iouucrion
reams voiking ro riglr ueaulines.
Hovevei, ir iequiies a Sony
CBK-WA100 oi CBK-WA101
viieless auarei, vlicl suoir
only XDCAN ioessional
cameias, anu rlar naiiovs
irs maiker.
A nev Louuness Nereis
anel measuies auuio levels Ly
sounu-eneigy levels iarlei rlan
vaveoim eaks, virl vaiious
caliLiareu uislays ro lel useis
ollov guiuelines ser our Ly rle
Union. Ir`s
ai iom
lovevei, anu likely
ro Le useul only ro
some useis.
1le nev
comanion iPau a,
Vegas Pio Connecr, is moie
inclusive. Ir communicares virl
rle ueskro sorvaie via a local
nervoik, anu seives as a viieless
iemore conriol anu commenring
sysrem. We airiculaily likeu irs
gesruie-Laseu conriols, vlicl
make navigaring rle rimeline
moie inruirive anu iecise. 1le
iPau a also allovs you ro
uio maikeis onro rle rimeline.
Ir`s an eleganr sysrem oi
reams ro collaLoiare on a iojecr,
alloving a non-reclnical usei
ro rake conriol o layLack anu
auu iame-accuiare commenrs.
Hovevei, rleie aie also gesruies
oi Unuo anu Reuo, vlicl oinrs
rovaius rle a Leing useu as an
auuirional conriol suiace Ly a
single usei a iole ve ounu ir
eioimeu exriemely vell.
1le a las one uirlei use:
iojecrs can Le ienueieu ar 20
anu rianseiieu ro rle iPau`s local
sroiage oi vieving in rle a.
Commenrs can Le auueu ro rlis
ieviev, anu rley`ll aeai Lack
on rle Vegas Pio rimeline vlen
rle rvo uevices nexr nnu eacl
orlei on rle nervoik.
Ir`s iueal oi clienrs ro rake
voiks in iogiess lome iom a
iouucrion aciliry: rianseis aie
simle ro auminisrei, anu rleie`s
lirrle iisk o auuirional coies Leing
maue, as rle viueos aie accessiLle
only iom virlin rle a.
Hovevei, commenrs coulu
Lecome unvieluy virl mulrile
conriiLurois, airiculaily i rle
sorvaie oeiaroi alieauy las
lis oi lei ovn maikei sysrem.
Back in rle Winuovs
enviionmenr, rleie`s a iar o
smallei imiovemenrs. Vaiious
euiring riicks rlar veie alieauy
ossiLle Ly loluing uovn rle
Cril, Slir anu Alr keys nov lave
ueuicareu Lurrons. One examle is
rle Sli rool, vlicl moves a cli`s
conrenrs virlour clanging irs srair
anu enu osirion on rle rimeline.
Vaiious orlei commanus rlar
ieviously veie availaLle only
via rle menus nov also lave
ueuicareu Lurrons.
Vegas Pio alieauy suoireu
4K meuia, nov a ioxy moue
auromarically kicks in vlenevei
4K is imoireu. 1lis voiks vell,
Lur ve`u ieei moie exlicir
conriol via a ueuicareu Lurron
somevleie neai rle moniroi.
Seven nev eecrs come
couiresy o IXlome. 1ley`ie
rle same ones rlar ruineu u in
rle consumei-oiienrareu Vegas
Novie Sruuio 13 Plarinum, anu
rleie`s an aii o anacle anu
claiisma ro rlem rlar Vegas`
ovn eecrs renu ro lack. A
uirlei ren eecrs come in
rle slae o evBlue Viueo
Lssenrials VI, incluuing an
excellenr clioma-key rool anu
vaiious orlei comosiring anu
coloui coiiecrions.
Vegas Pio is availaLle in
rliee euirions: Luir (I240 exc
VA1), Sranuaiu (I360) anu
Suire (I4S0). Luir lacks rle
evBlue lugin Lunule anu
uisc-aurloiing aciliries, vlile
Suire incluues all o rle aLove,
lus Sounu Ioige Pio 11 anu
IXlome HirIilm 2 Ulrimare.
All rliee aie ieasonaLly iiceu,
anu rle suire is excerional
value oi rlose vlo neeu
all o rle alicarions.
1le only seiious iival oi Vegas
Pio on Winuovs is Piemieie Pio,
vlicl is suLsciirion-only ar I16
exc VA1 ei yeai. Piemieie Pio
comes ro oi auvanceu earuies
sucl as nesreu sequences anu
animarion, Lur Vegas Pio is
quickei ro use on Lalance,
rleie`s no cleai vicroi.
Nosr useis vill neeu an image
euiroi roo, rlougl, so rle Ciearive
Clouu suire virl Ploroslo, Arei
Lecrs anu rle iesr srairs ro make
sense ar I469 exc VA1 ei yeai.
Hovevei, going uovn rle Sony
ioure eilas virl Ploroslo
Llemenrs oi image euiring
voiks our cleaei, esecially
since you can ugiaue alicarions
ar youi ovn uiscierion. Vegas
Pio, HirIilm Ulrimare, Sounu
Ioige anu Ploroslo Llemenrs
auu u ro an imiessive suire
rlar seives viueo iouuceis
exriemely vell. BENPTT
Pk|C| 360 (132 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.seay
|kS| 0| 0S|
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
New lools lor monipuloling lhe limeline ore o highlighl lor non-prolessionols
Interesting improvements for professionals,
plus just enough to keep amateurs happy
5ony Vegas
Pro 13
Ihe occomponying iPod opp ocls os o wireless remole conlrol,
commenling syslem ond oline ploybock device PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 I08

ui Lenclmaiks aie
uesigneu ro ielecr rle
vay eole acrually
use comureis rouay.
We use cuiienr alicarions,
as vell as a ser o geneial
iesonsiveness resrs, ro ger an
all-iounu icruie o a PC`s oi
laro`s eioimance.
Wirl lov-ovei nerLooks nov
so oulai, ir`s viral ro knov lov
iesonsive a sysrem is. 1o measuie
rlis, ve nisr rime lov long ir
rakes ro oen uocumenrs anu
svircl Lerveen a seiies o
common alicarions, incluuing
Woiu anu Lxcel, AcioLar Reauei
X anu Inreiner Lxloiei. We rlen
rime lov long rle sysrem rakes
ro oen, close anu move uozens
o Lxloiei vinuovs.
Oui Neuia resrs exose lov
vell a sysrem can iocess music,
loros anu viueo nles. We use
i1unes 10 ro encoue an alLum
inro AAC anu NP3 oimars,
rlen AuoLe Ploroslo CS5 ro
voik on a oluei o 12-megaixel
iav lorogials. We aujusr rle
colouis anu cuives, aly airisric
slaiening anu Lluiiing, anu
save rle iesulrs in ]PLG oimar.
Iinally, ve use Sony Vegas 10
ro ienuei a sloir 10S0 viueo,
virl a icruie-in-icruie eecr
anu a cioss-aue riansirion.
1o ieally resr a sysrem, ve
simulraneously iun rle i1unes anu
Ploroslo resrs, rlen launcl oui
Resonsiveness resrs ovei rle ro.
Howwe test
Cur bollery lesls ore olso
deslgned lo reNecl lhe reol
world, so we olm lo delermlne
lhe bollerys llle lor lnlenslve
losks ond everydoy browslng.
ln lhe llghluse lesl, we
opllmlse lhe syslem lor
power elhclency Vlndows
power prohle ls sel lo Power
Sover ond we sel lhe
screen brlghlness os close lo
os posslble uslng on
/Rlle l1Dlsploy 2 colorlmeler.
Ve dlsconnecl lhe molns
ond run o scrlpl scrolllng o
selecllon ol web poges unlll
lhe syslem shuls down,
glvlng you o reollsllc ldeo
ol surhng llme.
For lhe heovyuse lesl,
we engoge Vlndows Hlgh
Perlormonce power prohle, sel
lhe brlghlness lo moxlmum ond
run lhe loxlng Clnebench 3D
renderer lo push lhe processor
lood lo lhe llmll. lhls glves o
worslcose hgure lor bollery
llle lrom o slngle chorge.
o^CHz |||o| Co|o .2c00|, ^CE DD|o =
0 0.2 0. 0.Z 1 1.2 1.

k|k| w0k|0 B|hChNkkKS

0.6 0|kk||
0.63 N|0|k
Displays TableLs 8
Ve lesl oll monllors, loplops
ond loblel screens ln lhe some
woy. Ve use on /Rlle l1Dlsploy
2 colorlmeler lo gouge colour
occurocy [lechnlcolly known os
Dello E|, moxlmum brlghlness,
block level ond conlrosl rollo.
Ve olso dlsploy o selecllon ol
our own hlghresolullon lesl
lmoges ond Bluroy vldeos lo
gel o reolworld perspecllve.
loblels ond smorlphones ore
slmllor producls, so we lesl
lhem ln lorgely lhe some woy.
Ve run o selecllon ol browser
bosed speed lesls [lncludlng lhe
SunSplder )ovoScrlpl lesl|. Ve
olso lhoroughly lesl bollery llle
by slmulollng reol use: phone
colls, browslng, ploylng o
podcosl, ond leovlng lhe devlce
on slondby lor 24 hours.
Iinally, ve rime lov long ir rakes
rle mulrirlieaueu CineLencl 11.5
ienueiei ro iouuce a comlex
3D scene.
We comaie all rimings virl
rlose o oui ieeience laroim: a
3.4GHz Coie i-2600K virl 4GB
o DDR3 RAN anu a ,200im
laiu uisk. All ueskros aie resreu
ar 1,920 x 1,0S0, ve resr laros
ar rle uislay`s narive iesolurion.
Lacl scoie is given ielarive ro
rle ieeience laroim: a scoie o
1.5 voulu inuicare a PC rlar vas
50 asrei. We comLine rle rliee
scoies inro an oveiall aveiage,
Lur ve also slov rle Lieakuovn
o rle rliee resrs, so you can
easily see a sysrem`s sriengrls
anu veaknesses.
3D benchmarks
We resr 3D eioimance using
ie-iecoiueu sequences in Ciysis.
We use rle game`s Lov, Neuium
anu Higl qualiry serrings in rle
iesolurions o 1,366 x 6S,
1,600 x 900 anu 1,920 x 1,0S0
iesecrively. Ioi ieally asr sysrems
ve ielace rle Lov resr virl one
ar 1,920 x 1,0S0 anu Veiy Higl
qualiry. A sysrem`s 3D gials (
) vill Le colouieu ieu, amLei oi
gieen ro inuicare lov smoorl on
aveiage gamelay vill Le.
30 B|hChNkkKS

Ve lesl lnk|els, loser prlnlers
ond olllnones uslng lSC
documenls, our own mogozlne
PDFs ond corelully selecled,
hlghresolullon phologrophs.
Every lesl ls llmed lo lhe second
ond lhe oulpul quollly |udged.
Ve use every menu ond
lnlerloce, ond colculole runnlng
cosls uslng lhe quoled corlrldge
ylelds ond reloll prlces.
Hard disks
Ve llme how qulckly lnlernol
ond exlernol drlves con reod
ond wrlle hles wllhln Vlndows.
Ve do lhls hrsl uslng o slngle,
1.GB dolo hle, lhen wllh o
lolder conlolnlng 1,000,
100KB dolo hles, lo lox lhe
drlve conlroller ond hle syslem.
Ve glve lhe resulls ln MB,sec
ond olso compore cosls ln lerms
ol prlce per glgobyle.
BkII|kY: ||6hI 0S| !||: 1Zm|a: PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 II0
9e:||ej t|a::|: J.Jht |a|e| Cere |J-JZZJ
IK |CC 99KJ K/ t |e|-:waj Z.S/J.S|a
'/I/ ir|e |a: :cjjer|: K/|9J, I, S, , IJ, SJ,
J, |e|-:jare, !K9 Z t |a||| |||erae|
|a|eraa| ZJJW |'U I7Z t Z&& t ZS7mm (W9hJ
Sr KIK warraa|
ergeai`s ReauyDA1A 516
claims ro Le rle voilu`s
mosr auvanceu ueskro
sroiage uevice. Ir rakes many o
rle earuies o rle ReauyDA1A
5200 iack aliance (veL ID:
39219) anu rianslanrs rlem
inro a comacr ueskro case.
Ir uses rle same classis as rle
ReauyAS 516 (veL ID: 3S5654),
Lur memoiy las Leen Leeeu u
ro 16GB. 1le only lysical
uieiences aie rlar rle exansion
slor ar rle Lack can`r Le useu oi
10GLL ugiaues, anu rle USB
anu eSA1A oirs aie all uisaLleu.
1le ReauyDA1A 516`s long
lisr o ralenrs incluues AS anu IP
SA caaLiliries, comiession,
uara ueuulicarion anu rlin
iovisioning. Using coy-on-viire,
irs ZIS nle sysrem oeis asr,
unlimireu snaslors anu suoirs
SSD ieau anu viire cacling.
Block-level ielicarion anu
ailLack also make rle giaue,
anu can Le manageu locally oi via
ergeai`s Relicare clouu oiral.
Ioi resring, ve insralleu a
quairer o 21B SA1A uiives.
Insrallarion is svir. 1o cieare an
aiiay, simly cloose youi uiives
anu selecr an aiiay rye iom rle
lisr. 1o cieare AS slaies, ick a
volume, ruin on comiession
anu ueuulicarion i uesiieu, anu
enaLle SNB, IS, AIP anu I1P
iorocols. 1le same inreiace is
useu oi iSCSI raiger ciearion, Lur
ueuulicarion is uisaLleu oi rlinly
iovisioneu LUs Lecause sace
savings aien`r aclievaLle.
You can scleuule snaslors,
anu rle only limir on rleii numLei
is rle amounr o availaLle sroiage.
Ioi eacl AS slaie anu iSCSI
LU, you selecr rle conrinuous
iorecrion orion anu cloose
louily, uaily oi veekly inreivals.
Relicarion is a key earuie. Ir`s
ossiLle ro ueloy lov-cosr 516
Loxes ro iemore onces as slaieu
sroiage iesouices, anu ielicare
ro a cenrial ReauyDA1A 5200
oi 516. We ser u a seconu 516
aliance anu iegisreieu Lorl
virl oui Relicare clouu accounr.
Iiom rle oiral, ve coulu see Lorl
sysrems anu cieare scleuuleu anu
conrinuous ielicarion joLs.
Wleie Lorl souice anu raiger
uevices aie on rle same LA, you
can use rle local ielicarion joL
seru. You exclange ceirincares
Lerveen aliances via rleii veL
inreiaces anu iom rle iimaiy
aliance, ick a souice slaie
oi LU, cloose rle uesrinarion
volume anu or oi scleuuleu
oi conrinuous
ielicarion. Hovevei,
joLs cieareu locally
can`r Le manageu iom
rle Relicare clouu
1o resr uisasrei
iecoveiy, ve oveieu
o rle iimaiy
unir anu maue rle
seconuaiy unir`s
ielicareu slaie
availaLle ro useis
vleie rley cieareu
nev nles anu olueis.
Arei oveiing on rle
iimaiy unir, ve ian a
ieveise ielicarion joL
on rle seconuaiy unir,
vlicl svirly coieu
rle clangeu uara Lack
ro rle oiiginal slaie.
We rlen cieareu a nev ielicarion
joL on rle iimaiy unir using rle
Resume orion. A Lig auvanrage is
rlar i rle oiiginal slaie oi LU is
inracr, ir only neeus ro iesync rlem
Ly coying Lack rle uieiences.
We useu rle Binaiy 1esring
ueuulicarion resr suire ro
uereimine uara-ieuucrion iarios.
We reameu rlis virl CA`s
ARCseive Backu i16, vlicl vas
ser u ro use a maeu slaie as a
uisk-Laseu Lacku uevice. Using
a 4GB uaraser o 1,000 nles, ve
ian a sranuaiu Lacku sriaregy
consisring o uaily inciemenrals
anu veekly ull Lackus.
Arei rle nisr ull Lacku
lau iun, 2 o uara vas mouineu
in 40 o nles iioi ro eacl
suLsequenr Lacku. Ar rle enu
o a oui-veek simularion, ve sav
a lov ieuucrion iario o 3.04:1.
ergeai cleaily lasn`r uuareu irs
ueuulicarion algoiirlms rlis is
rle same iario ve sav a yeai ago
virl rle ReauyDA1A 5200.
1o resr ieal-voilu coy seeus,
ve useu a BioauLeiiy iack seivei
virl uual 2.6GHz L5-260
Xeons, 4SGB o DDR3 anu
Winuovs Seivei 2012 R2. 1le
aliance ueliveieu aveiage ieau
anu viire seeus o 113NB/sec
virl a 50GB resr nle coieu ro
anu iom a maeu slaie, anu oui
22.4GB oluei o 10,500 nles
coieu ro a slaie ar an aveiage o
0NB/sec. IP SA seeus veie
on rle money, roo, virl Iomerei
ieoiring a iav sequenrial ieau
rliouglur o 113.5NB/sec oi
a 500GB raiger.
You can auu SSDs as ieau oi
viire cacles ro a selecreu volume
ar any rime. Seeu imiovemenrs
aie mouesr, lovevei: as ve ounu
virl rle ReauyDA1A 5200,
auuing SSDs ro a SA1A uiive
aiiay incieases rliouglur
only ro neai-SAS seeus.
Ioi a comacr ueskro
aliance, rle ReauyDA1A 516
is jam-ackeu virl useul sroiage
earuies. 1le ueuulicarion engine
ueliveis only mouesr caaciry
savings, Lur virl suoir oi
unlimireu snaslors anu inrelligenr
ielicarion uncrions, rle ergeai
ReauyDA1A 516 is ieauy ro
ioviue soliu Lacku anu uisasrei
iecoveiy. DAVE MTCHELL
Pk|C| 0|sk|ess, 965 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Ihe keodyDAIA 5J6's bockup speeds ore on lhe money,
ollhough deduplicolion hosn'l improved
The 56 packs business-friendly storage features and
disaster-recovery capabilities into a desktop chassis
Netgear ReadyDATA 516 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 II2

JJij| /+ te|ecr |a|je| lJjjm te|ecr/meae (iral|
meieJ l7ht C|U I,Z&JK K/ J t U'K Z
|a||| |||erae| icj|et SJJ-:|ee| irawer
SJ-:|ee| |I mat mea||| ic| tt|e, lS,JJJ
jae: SJJ t J77 t +lJmm (W9hJ Ir ea-:||e
warraa| j||ea:. KS|Jl/ SJJ-:|ee| |ra, \I++,
!e|9|ret| ZlJJw &JZ.IIa, \Jl (a|| ett \/IJ
P`s Oncejer Lnreiiise
Coloi X555un oeis an
inreiesring alreinarive ro
a lasei iinrei. Businesses looking
oi asr iinreis lave riauirionally
lau no orlei cloice, Lur HP`s A4
inkjer aims ro clange rlar, virl
siirely 0m iinr seeus anu
lasei-Learing iunning cosrs.
Cosring only I449, rle
X555un is consiueiaLly moie
aoiuaLle rlan similaily secineu
lasei iinreis. Ir`s also maikeuly
moie comacr, virl a 533 x
399mm ooriinr anu 23kg classis
rlar nr comoiraLly on a uesk.
Povei consumrion is anorlei
majoi lus oinr: rle X555un is
ai moie eneigy-encienr rlan a
lasei. Using an in-line ovei
merei, rle liglesr uiav ve
iegisreieu uuiing iinring
vas a meie 62W.
Ir isn`r sloir on caaciry, eirlei.
1le X555un comes virl a single
500-sleer inur riay anu a
300-sleer ourur Lin ar rle ro.
1leie`s a li-our 50-age
mulriuiose riay ar rle siue,
anu caaciry can Le incieaseu
virl an orional 500-sleer
lovei riay rlar cosrs I144.
1le X555un aclieves
irs lasei-iivalling iinr seeus
using HP`s PageWiue reclnology.
Insreau o using a riauirional inkjer
caiiiage rlar moves acioss rle
age, ir las a ull-viurl iinr leau
virl moie rlan 42,000 nozzles.
Ink is sulieu Ly oui
clunky ink cairiiuges
locareu Lelinu a
o-uovn anel
ar rle ionr. 1le
iinrei slis virl
lal-emry srairei
cairiiuges, Lur
sranuaiu Llack anu
coloui cairiiuges
lasr oi 10,000 ages anu
6,600 ages iesecrively,
anu ioviue ulria-lov
iunning cosrs o only
0.S4 oi mono anu
4.2 oi coloui.
One orlei consumaLle is
an ink-collecrion unir. Cosring
I25, HP uoesn`r quore an
execreu age lie, Lur ve
susecr ir vill lasr some rime
Leoie exiiing: arei iinring
300 ages uuiing resring, irs
liesan counrei in rle veL
inreiace laun`r uioeu Ly
even one eicenrage oinr.
Ir`s easy ro ger sraireu. HP`s
insrallarion uriliry iegisreis rle
iinrei virl HP`s Connecreu
seivice anu, once enaLleu, ir
iinrs a unique coue rlar you
enrei Leoie assigning an email
auuiess ro rle iinrei. Remore
voikeis can rlen email uocumenrs
uiiecrly ro rle iinrei, access
conriols in rle HP Connecreu
inreiace allov you ro ueciue
vlerlei coloui oi mono ourur
is alloveu oi iemore useis.
HP`s ePiinr uiivei can also
Le iegisreieu virl HP Connecreu,
vlicl allovs iemore useis ro iinr
ro rle X555un narively iom any
alicarion. Google Clouu Piinr
anu Ale AiiPiinr aie suoireu,
roo, anu Lorl voikeu virlour
riouLle uuiing oui resring.
Ir`s uisaoinring rlar rle
X555un uoesn`r suoir viieless
sriaiglr our o rle Lox, lovevei.
HP`s ]erDiiecr 200v S02.11n
auarei cosrs I3 anu slors
inro rle USB 2 oir on rle
iinr seivei caiu.
We ounu iinr seeus ro Le
enriiely ueenuenr on rle uiivei
serring anu uocumenr rye. In
oui resrs, ve aclieveu rle claimeu
ro seeu o 0m, only oi
rexr uocumenrs iinreu using rle
300ui Geneial Once serring.
Wirl rlis selecreu, oui 0-age
Woiu uocumenr Llasreu inro rle
ourur riay in 5S seconus. On rle
same serring, oui 24-age D1P
uocumenr, virl irs laige coloui
loros anu gialics, sloveu rle
ace uovn ro 4Sm.
1le Pioessional uiivei serring
Loosrs iesolurion ro 600 x 600ui,
Lur rlis sav rle X555un iinr rle
Woiu uocumenr ar 40m anu
rle D1P uocumenr ar 30m.
1le rime ro nisr age vas nevei
moie rlan 12 seconus in any o
rle resrs, Lur ve noriceu rle
iinrei sloving uovn vlen
ir encounreieu coloui ages.
Piinr qualiry is
inconsisrenr. 1exr iinreu
ar 300ui lookeu giainy, Lur
selecring rle 1,200 x 600ui
Piesenrarion serring slaieneu
ir ro neai-lasei qualiry. Nono
loros veie also noriceaLly
slaiei ar rle liglei qualiry
serring, anu ve oLseiveu goou
levels o uerail in uaikei aieas.
Piinrs o oui resr clair sloveu
smoorl riansirions acioss comlex
coloui aues, anu coloui gials
anu ie clairs lookeu Lolu anu
uncly. Ploros veie uisaoinring,
lovevei: oui resr images emeigeu
looking muiky virl ooi conriasr.
You also neeu ro cloose youi
aei caieully. Piinrs o ull-age
coloui loros anu gialics on
rle Lunuleu HP Lveiyuay aei
came our virl cuileu euges.
or suiiisingly, iemium
aei iouuceu ai sueiioi
iesulrs, Lur rlis vill uiasrically
inciease iunning cosrs.
Alrlougl nor virlour
quiiks, rlis gianr-sizeu inkjer
riounces similaily iiceu laseis oi
seeu anu iunning cosrs. Coloui
qualiry uoes rake a uive, Lur as a
ligl-seeu voikloise oi once
use, rle HP Oncejer Lnreiiise
Coloi X555un is a caaLle,
keenly iiceu alreinarive ro
Pk|C| 160 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.t|atet|ca6.te.ek
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Colour quality is average, but HP's high-speed
inkjet beats laser rivals on all other counts
HP Officejet Enterprise
Color X555dn
HP's PogeWide inkjel heod ond
high-copocily corlridges deliver losl
speeds ond low cosls
Ihe X555dn is on
energy-elcienl ollernolive
lo o loser prinler II3 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
anua`s Clouu Once
Piorecrion aims ro
make ir easiei oi SNBs
ro iorecr ciirical iesouices Ly
moving managemenr inro rle
clouu. 1lis nev Auvanceu euirion
sulemenrs rle anri-malvaie,
nievall anu uevice conriols o rle
Lase veision virl URL nlreiing,
lus anriviius anu anri-sam oi
Lxclange seiveis.
In reims o value, rle Auvanceu
ackage is comeririve. You
ay a ser ee ei sear iegaiuless
o vlerlei ir`s a Winuovs
voiksrarion oi seivei, anu rleie
aie no exria cosrs oi Lxclange
iorecrion you only neeu ro
uiclase one licence oi rle
losr sysrem. In a velcome move,
Panua las also auueu suoir
oi OS X anu Linux sysrems.
Insrallarion is lassle-iee.
Ioi clienr insrallarion, rle clouu
oiral ioviues a link ro uovnloau
rle sorvaie agenr, rlis can Le
uovnloaueu uiiecrly oi rle link
asreu inro an email. 1le agenr
aiiives ieconnguieu oi youi
accounr, anu auromarically links
u virl rle oiral. Ir rlen joins
rle ueaulr giou, vleie ir ieceives
rle associareu secuiiry ionle.
Pionles uereimine vlen rle
agenr clecks rle oiral oi uuares
anu signaruies. Anriviius serrings
can incluue aiclives anu email,
Lur Leai in minu rlar rlis
ackage uoesn`r ioviue clienr
anri-sam rlis is availaLle only
oi Lxclange seiveis.
1le nievall can Le enaLleu oi
voiksrarions oi seiveis (oi Lorl)
anu cusrom iules cieareu ro nlrei
rianc oi selecreu as. You can
eirlei Llock iemovaLle, orical,
Blueroorl, image-caruie anu
mouem uevices comlerely,
oi allov ieau anu/oi viire access.
We resreu using clienrs virl
Winuovs , S anu S.1, Winuovs
Seivei 2012 R2 anu Seivei 200S
R2 virl Lxclange. Deloymenr
rook no rime ar all anu as soon
as rle agenr vas loaueu rle
sysrems oeu u in rle oiral
virl a ueaulr ionle assigneu.
Duiing oui resring, ve moveu
rle Lxclange Seivei ro a seaiare
giou, enaLleu mailLox anu
SN1P-level anriviius iorecrion
anu ser rle anri-sam nlrei ro
rag susecr messages. 1lar uone,
Clouu Once Piorecrion Auvanceu
voikeu riansaienrly in rle
Lackgiounu, silenrly uealing
virl inecreu emails anu sam.
Wlen ve inriouuceu a selecrion
o genuine malvaie ro oui resr
clienrs, all rliears veie Llockeu,
uisinecreu oi rle souice nles
uelereu. Nanual scans can Le
iniriareu Ly useis, Lur in mosr
cases malvaie is lanuleu virlour
rlem neeuing ro uo anyrling.
WeL nlreiing conriols aie
ioLusr, anu Panua ioviues a lisr
o almosr 60 URL caregoiies rlar
can Le nlreieu on a ei-olicy
Lasis. 1lese nlreis voikeu
eecrively in oui resrs, virl ev
sires sliing asr unnoriceu.
Device-level conriols also
voikeu eecrively. Sysrems virl
a Llock olicy ieceiveu a o-u
message vlen a iemovaLle sroiage
uevice vas inseireu. You can
orionally oei useis ieau-only
access ro exreinal uevices.
Seeu isn`r one o rle ackage`s
sriong oinrs, lovevei. Sysrem
scans aie slov, anu a ull sysrem
cleck o oui Lxclange losr anu irs
46GB o nles rook almosr an loui.
1lis resr sysrem lau a 2.4GHz
quau-coie Xeon CPU anu 16GB
o memoiy, anu rle sorvaie agenr
aveiageu 30 CPU urilisarion.
1leie aie orlei aieas rlar
coulu Le imioveu. 1le oiral`s
srarus scieen is uninoimarive,
virl rvo small gials sloving
uerecrion acriviry, anu a ie clair
ioviuing a Lieakuovn o URL
access uisriiLurion. 1le scleuuleu-
scan ane is a vasre o sace,
only ioviuing a link ro anorlei
age oi vieving scan acriviry.
Reoiring isn`r a arcl on rle
Recommenueu ackage,
Kaseisky Lnuoinr Secuiiry oi
Business Coie (veL ID: 3SS453).
Hovevei, you can viev lisrs o all
uerecrions anu veL Llocks, anu
cieare Lasic ieoirs rlar can Le
exoireu ro a iange o oimars
incluuing PDI.
Anorlei annoyance is rlar rle
agenr sorvaie uuares rle oiral
virl srarus anu malvaie ieoirs
only eveiy oui louis. 1lis is
inrenueu ro minimise veL rianc,
Lur ir`s nor mucl use i youi
sysrems aie unuei arrack.
1lis causes orlei ioLlems,
since sysrems vill iesonu ro rle
iequesr oi an immeuiare scan joL
only vlen rle agenr nexr olls rle
oiral. 1o ciicumvenr rlis uelay,
ve lau ro selecr rle Panua sysrem
riay icon anu manually iequesr
an uuare. Panua auviseu us rlar
rle nexr ielease vill oei clienr
uuares eveiy 15 minures.
Ir`s Ly no means eiecr, Lur
Panua Clouu Once Piorecrion
Auvanceu 6.S1 makes u oi
many o irs sloircomings virl irs
lov cosr. Irs clouu managemenr is
vell suireu ro clienrs sieau acioss
uieienr geogialical locarions,
anu vlile rleie`s scoe oi
imiovemenr, ir`s easy ro ueloy,
anu irs anri-malvaie anu URL
nlreiing eioimance is Lang on
rle money. DAVE MTCHELL
Pk|C| 25 sectsJyt, 199 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.ca6c
|kS| 0| 0S|
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Monogemenl is vio lhe cloud porlol, which isn'l very inlormolive
Easy-to-manage cloud security, including device
controls, URL hltering and Exchange protection
Panda CloudOfficeProtection Advanced 6.81
Pondo's UkL llering includes olmosl 60 colegories

yoceia`s Lcosys
N6526ciun is no
iun-o-rle-mill A4 lasei
NIP: rlis is a HyPAS iinrei.
Noie accuiarely, ir las Kyoceia`s
HyPAS (lyLiiu laroim oi
auvanceu solurions) enaLleu,
vlicl sulemenrs sranuaiu iinr,
coy, ax anu scan uncrions virl
a cloice selecrion o onLoaiu as.
ore rlar you`ll neeu an SD
caiu o ar leasr 4GB insralleu in
rle iinrei, anu you`ie limireu ro
nve HyPAS as, Lur rleie`s a
luge iange o iee anu aiu-oi
as ro cloose iom. We resreu

oi ligl-srieer Lianu names,

ir`s voirl rle exense o
ioviuing iee Wi-Ii: ir`s
a giear ooiruniry ro garlei
cusromei uara, anu ro iecisely
raiger auveirising anu iomorions.
Puile WiIi ioviues a lov-cosr
orion oi smallei slos anu
Lusinesses, alloving rlem ro
ioviue iee, secuie Wi-Ii in ieruin
oi valuaLle social uemogialics
anu usage analyrics.
Cusromeis accessing rle Puile
WiIi iourei aie ieuiiecreu ro a
clouu login oiral, vleie rley
cloose rle social nervoiking
accounr rley vanr ro log in virl,
IaceLook, 1virrei, LinkeuIn,
Insragiam anu Google aie all
Kyoceia`s iee Clouu Connecr
a, vlicl ioviues uiiecr access
ro Google Diive anu Lveinore.
1le PKG nle is insralleu on rle
iinrei iom a USB srick, anu
you rlen aly rle incluueu
secuiiry ceirincares using rle
HyPAS veL inreiace.
Selecring Google Diive iom
rle iinrei`s rouclscieen alloveu
us ro easily Liovse olueis anu
iinr nles, oi scan uiiecrly ro
secinc olueis in oui accounr.
We lau no ioLlems virl
Lveinore eirlei: ve coulu
Liovse anu iinr selecreu nores
oi uloau scans as nev nores.
Kyoceia`s SmairScan anu
Coloui Conriol as cosr I125
eacl, anu rleie aie many
rliiu-airy ueveloeis oeiing
suoireu. Once useis aie
aurlenricareu virl rleii
selecreu ioviuei, Puile
WiIi garleis anonymous
uerails iom rleii accounrs
sucl as age anu genuei.
Ir voiks virl any
LioauLanu connecrion,
using rle Puile WiIi
sorvaie insralleu on a
suoireu iourei. Cleck rle
veLsire ro see i youi
exisring iourei is suoireu, i nor,
a Puile WiIi iesellei vill Le aLle
ro ioviue a ieconnguieu unir
(ve veie sulieu virl a 1P-Link
1le sorvaie uisaLles rle
iourei`s managemenr inreiace,
virl all uirlei access via rle
Puile WiIi clouu oiral. 1le
iourei`s veL inreiace isn`r
iemoveu comlerely, rlougl,
Puile WiIi can ioviue iemore
all mannei o aiu-oi
as. Ir`s a giear vay ro auu
uncrionaliry ro youi uevice.
Oui only issue is virl rle
iinrei`s 4.3in coloui rouclscieen:
ir`s a lirrle roo small oi comoir,
so iecise nngeiiesses aie
iequiieu ro enrei accounr uerails
access ro rle iourei`s connguiarion
ages i ir`s iequiieu.
Youi nisr rask is ro ioviue rle
IDs oi youi Lusiness` social ages,
vlicl uereimine rle login orions
iesenreu in rle usei oiral. 1len,
you can cusromise rle slasl age
iesenreu ro rle usei Ly cloning a
ueaulr remlare anu rlen ciearing
youi ovn veision. You can auu
Lackgiounu images anu a
comany logo virl login
anu conriol youi
HyPAS as.
Ar rle N6526ciun`s
ounuarion is a 26m
iinr engine, reameu u virl
a 600i larLeu scannei anu
50-age ADI. 1le scannei is a
uulex mouel, Lur nor in rle riue
sense: rle ADI ieveises rle aei
arei scanning rle nisr siue, so
you`ll Le vairing a lirrle longei
oi iesulrs ro emeige.
1le Lcosys N6526ciun las a
250-sleer inur riay anu suoirs
rvo moie 500-sleer lovei riays.
Running cosrs aie on rle ligl
insriucrions, anu ueciue vlicl
social meuia icons aie availaLle
as aurlenricarion orions.
Once online, you can iesenr
useis virl a nev age, comlere
virl links ro orlei veLsires anu
any orlei inoimarion you visl ro
ioviue. 1le conrenr-managemenr
secrion also allovs you ro auu
mouules sucl as IaceLook anu
1virrei eeus, lus uiiecr links ro
youi Lusiness` social sires.
Pk|C| 812 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.t|atet
Pk|C| Ptem|em, 15Jmt|
ext kI
HyPA5 opps con
odd o greol deol ol
lunclionolily lo lhe
Ihe cloud porlol provides voluoble morkeling
lools, wilh cleor breokdowns ol cuslomer dolo
App support makes the M6526cidn a highly versatile
A4 colour MFP, but it comes at a premium
This tool allows small businesses to provide free
Wi-Fi to customers in return for marketing data
Kyocera Ecosys
Purple WiFi

9e:||ej/IU rat| t|a::|: Z+ t |a||| |||erae|
w||| |e|/|e|+ ea a|| jer|: Z t |a||| '||
cj||a|: Z t IJ|| '||+ cj||a|: I7JW
jewer |cie| 7Z|||:/:et |at|j|aae tajat||
||m||ei ||le||me warraa|
Ihe lronl ponel provides only
bosic slolus inlormolion; more con
be lound on lhe web porlol
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Pk|C| 388 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.mete
A PoE+ Gigabit switch oering a heap of features
and 0GbE uplinks at a tempting price
can a svircl liLeinarion moue,
anu you can even uim rle srarus
LLDs uuiing secinc eiious.
U ro 32 svircles can Le
laceu in a viirual srack anu
manageu via a single IP auuiess.
You can also use rle 10GLL oirs
as ligl-seeu links ro cieare a
lysical srack o u ro six svircles.
Along virl an exrensive iange
o L2 earuies, rle svircl also
oeis D-Link`s ioiieraiy Auro
Suiveillance anu voice VLAs.
1lese auromarically iuenriy
rlis rye o rianc, lace ir in
rle ielevanr VLA anu aly
QoS ro iioiirise ir.
1le svircl ioviues Lasic
L3 iouring earuies anu a ev
inreiesring secuiiry measuies.
D-Link`s Saeguaiu Lngine
monirois CPU usage anu
iorecrs againsr nervoik
arracks, vlile irs DHCP seivei
scieening ievenrs unaurloiiseu
IP auuiess assignmenrs.
D-Link`s DGS-1510-2SP
riums rle Lig names oi value,
virl comaiaLle HP anu
Cisco svircles cosring u ro
nve rimes moie. Irs ovei Luuger
is mouesr, Lur i you vanr a
lov-cosr GigaLir PoL+ svircl
virl ligl-seeu 10GLL seivei
ulinks, you sloulu rake a
closei look. DAVE MTCHELL
-Link`s nev SmairPio
svircles maiiy coious
earuies virl iock-Lorrom
iices. 1le DGS-1510-2SP on
ieviev soirs 24 GigaLir oirs,
lus aiis o GigaLir anu 10GLL
nLie ulinks, yer cosrs less rlan
I400. A iemaikaLle ear.
1le svircl is ully manageaLle,
vlile rle main 24 GigaLir oirs
all suoir PoL anu ligl-ovei
PoL+. 1le only comiomise ro
kee rle iice uovn is a mouesr
ovei Luuger o 193W.
1le ionr anel oeis minimal
srarus inoimarion, rleie aie link
anu acriviry LLDs oi eacl oir,
Lur only a single PoL srarus liglr,
vlicl ruins amLei i rleie`s a
ioLlem. You`ll nnu moie
inoimarion on rle svircl`s
veL inreiace, vlicl ioviues
a comlere oveiviev on eacl
oir`s ovei usage.
One o rliee iioiiries can
Le alieu ei oir ro ensuie
rlar ciirical PoL uevices kee
iunning vlen you`ie close ro
rle usei-uenneu gloLal ovei
rlieslolu. 1le inreiace slovs
ovei consumrion oi rle svircl
anu eacl oir, along virl rle
class o uevice arracleu, so you
can kee a close eye on rlis.
D-Link`s Gieen 3 earuie
ioviues moie ovei-saving
conriols: oirs rlar aien`r in use
can Le ruineu o, anu oir
sluruovns can Le scleuuleu, as
JJij| /+ icj|et te|ecr |a:er || JJjj| :taaaer
Zjjm te|ecr/meae lht |ewer|C jrete::er
IK K/ (mat ZKJ Z t U'K Z |a|||
|||erae| Z t K!II JJ.K|||:/:et lat/meiem
ZSJ-:|ee| irawer SJ-:|ee| |I SJ-:|ee| /9|
mat mea||| ic| tt|e, S,JJJ jae: SI+ t SSJ
t JJmm (W9hJ Zr ea-:||e warraa|
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
|kS| 0| 0S|
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
siue oi rlis maiker secroi:
rle oui ronei cairiiuges anu
engineei-insralleu mainrenance
kir usl cosrs oi mono anu
coloui ages ro 1.3 anu 6.5.
Piinr seeus aie nne: a 26-age
Woiu uocumenr vas quierly
ueliveieu in 59 seconus, vlile
a 24-age D1P uocumenr virl
laige loros anu gialics rook
55 seconus using rle PuLlicarions
uiivei serring. Dulexing rle larrei
ieruineu 14m, virl a rime ro
nisr age o 11 seconus.
Along virl in-slai rexr, rle
N6526ciun ueliveis ligl-qualiry
mono loros. Coloui qualiry
is goou enougl oi Lusiness
ieoirs, Lur coloui loros
aeai sliglrly alliu anu
lack rle viLiancy o Dell`s
C2660un (veL ID: 3SS0S).
ervoik scan orions aLounu:
you can senu caruies ro an email
auuiess, an I1P seivei, an SNB
slaie oi a USB srick in rle ionr
oir. Kyoceia`s 1WAI uiivei
also lers you iemorely access rle
scannei iom a PC.
1leie`s suoir oi AiiPiinr,
anu ve also useu Kyoceia`s NoLile
Piinr a on oui iPau ro iinr ro
anu scan iom rle N6526ciun.
We coulu senu uocumenrs uiiecrly
ro rle iinrei`s I1P seivei using
rle IileZilla a, anu auu u ro
rliee POP accounrs vleie emails
veie iinreu on ieceir.
1le Lcosys N6526ciun is
seeuy, anu ueliveis a nne iange
o once iinring earuies. 1le
HyPAS suoir elevares ir aLove
rle aveiage A4 NIP, Lur las a
uiamaric imacr on rle iice: rlis
iinrei is moie rlan I300 moie
exensive rlan rle non-HyPAS
On nisr conracr, useis aie
auviseu on vlar accounr uara
vill Le ieriieveu, anu aie given
rle orion ro uecline i rley visl.
Useis virlour a social iesence
can use Puile WiIi Ly nlling in a
oiral login oim. You can Loosr
youi comany`s social iesence Ly
asking nisr-rime useis logging in
via IaceLook ro Like youi age,
oi insrance, anu rlen ask rlem
ro osr a iomorional message.
1le ieal value ro small
Lusinesses anu one o rle ieasons
ir`s voirl aying oi rle Piemium
veision iarlei rlan oring oi rle
cur-uovn iee oeiing aie rle
maikering rools Puile WiIi
oeis. A uaslLoaiu ioviues ie
clairs sloving rle sieau o
login merlous, lus snaslors
o usei age ianges, ryes o
Liovseis anu OSes. Click on
rle Wi-Ii useis` Lai clairs anu
ir vill lisr all useis oi rlar age
iange, along virl rleii login
merlou anu email auuiess.
Useully, rle Piemium veision also
auus caregoiy-Laseu veL nlreis.
Social ieoirs aie cuiienrly
limireu ro IaceLook, earuies
oi 1virrei anu LinkeuIn aie
iomiseu in rle uruie. You
can viev IaceLook Likes anu
Unlikes, osrs anu age
imiessions. You can cleck
youi IaceLook inLox iom rle
oiral anu osr scleuuleu anu
on-uemanu srarus uuares ro
selecreu social nervoiks.
Puile WiIi also oeis
e-slors. 1lis maikering rool
lers you senu our iomorions anu
oeis ro selecreu useis oi gious
anu nlrei Ly login iequency,
age anu genuei. You can auu
a eisonal roucl virl a secial
Liirluay e-slor, anu enrice useis
virl secial ueals anu oeis.
Aair iom rle lack o
uecenr uocumenrarion, rleie`s
lirrle ro aulr Puile WiIi oi.
Ir`s a giear iuea rlar lers small
ieraileis oei iee viieless inreiner
seivices ro rleii cusromeis, in
ieruin oi valuaLle maikering
inoimarion. DAVE MTCHELL

D-Link 5martPro
DG5-151-28P PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 II6
eiox`s 1iavel Scannei
150 is aimeu ar Lusiness
riavelleis vlo neeu a
comacr scannei oi rle ioau.
1lis slim lasric Laron veigls a
meie 340g, comes virl a geneious
sorvaie Lunule anu cosrs only
I110. Since ir`s oveieu Ly USB,
rleie`s no Lulky ovei suly.
ogirecl`s ConeienceCam
CC3000e ueliveis
enreiiise-level earuies ar
a iice SNBs can aoiu. 1le kir
comiises a P1Z cameia virl a
Cail Zeiss lens, a seakeilone
Lase srarion, anu a oveieu cenrial
luL ro link rlem all rogerlei.
1le clunky Lase unir suoirs
Blueroorl anu IC, anu rleie`s a
lanuy iemore oi conriolling rle
cameia`s P1Z uncrions anu calls.
Desire rle lov iice, rleie`s a
geneious sorvaie Lunule. Along
virl uance PaeiPoir anu
OmniPage Pio, ve veie leaseu
ro see Visioneei`s One1oucl. You
can link rle scannei ro an acrion
vlenevei aei is eu inro rle slor,
making liglr voik o scans. You
can scan ro a iinrei, alicarion,
email, ax, I1P seivei oi
SlaiePoinr. Scanning ro rle clouu
is also ossiLle via rle Connecr
veL oim, vlicl ioviues links
ro Box, Lveinore, DioLox,
IilesAnyvleie anu Google Diive.
Recenr clanges ro Google
Diive eimissions ievenr you
iom scanning uiiecrly ro ir unless
you lave a aiu-oi accounr. 1o
ger iounu rlis, you can cieare a
One1oucl scan-ro-sroiage ionle
oi youi local Google Diive oluei
(use rle same merlou oi
Wlen nor in use, rle
iemore nrs nearly inro a
iecess in rle Lase srarion.
1le cameia anu Lase
srarion connecr ro rle luL
via rle sulieu 16r caLles, rle
luL is rlen connecreu ro rle losr
sysrem via a 10r USB caLle. Seru
is a Lieeze: all rle comonenrs aie
numLeieu anu rleie`s a Liacker
oi vall-mounring rle cameias.
1le CC3000e uses H.264
encouing ro minimise nervoik
Lanuviurl, anu Logirecl las
iesriicreu rle unir`s Blueroorl
iange so ir uoesn`r inreieie virl
coneiences in aujacenr iooms. Ir`s
also UVC comlianr, so ir suoirs
all majoi alicarions Niciosor
Lync 2010 anu 2013, Skye,
Cisco ]aLLei anu WeLLx.
Image qualiry is excellenr. Iull
HD viueo Lenenrs iom rle lens`
DioLox). 1leie`s cuiienrly a Lug
virl rle One1oucl Lveinore link,
so ir vill ail ro aurlenricare ro
youi accounr. Xeiox is voiking
virl Visioneei on a nx.
Oui resrs marcleu Xeiox`s
quoreu seeus: an A4 age rook
11 seconus ro scan ar 200i
in mono, vlile a 200i coloui
scan rook 1S seconus. 1lis
sloveu ro 2S seconus ar 300i
anu 55 seconus ar rle ro 600i.
1leie`s no uulex moue, so
uouLle-siueu scans aie a manual
aaii, anu rle eeuei slor las no
aei guiues: ir rakes iacrice
ro ger youi uocumenrs sriaiglr.
Paei lanuling vas orleivise
imeccaLle, virl ieceirs,
sraremenrs anu invoices lanuleu
virlour any ioLlems. Ir also
scanneu cieuir caius anu laminareu
ID caius. 1le Acuiry anri-skev
slai ocus, vlile goou conriasr
anu coloui Lalance give images
a naruial look. A 90-uegiee nelu
o viev, rogerlei virl viue an-
anu-rilr riavel, means rle cameia
can covei a laige giou o eole,
anu rle icruie srays slai u ro
rle maximum 10x orical zoom.
1le Lase srarion`s uual
miciolones voik vell, virl
iemore arrenuees ieoiring rley
coulu leai airicianrs cleaily,
alrlougl seaking iom 10r
avay causeu noriceaLle uisroirion.
1le inreinal seakei, meanvlile,
easily nlleu a laige meering ioom.
Using rle Blueroorl Lurron
on rle Lase srarion, ve lau no
earuie voikeu vell oi small
uocumenrs anu rill ieceirs, Lur lau
ioLlems sriaiglrening A4 ages.
We veie lay virl rle
scan qualiry. Oui resr uocumenrs
ieiouuceu cleaily ar 200i, virl
rle Acuiry image enlancemenr
making noriceaLle imiovemenrs.
We veie also imiesseu virl
coloui loros anu gialics,
vlicl veie slai anu cleai.
1le 1iavel Scannei 150 is
liglr enougl ro suir moLile
voikeis vell. Scan qualiry is
veiy goou anu rle iice aggiessive.
Once rlose clouu scanning Lugs
lave Leen nxeu, ir vill Le even
ioLlems aiiing rle CC3000e
virl lones. We coulu accer anu
enu calls using rle Lase srarion oi
iemore conriol, anu ounu rlar
call qualiry vas veiy cleai.
1le CC3000e oeis classy
viueoconeiencing earuies ar a
sensiLle iice. Ir`s easy ro ueloy,
simle ro use, anu ueliveis giear
eioimance. DAVE MTCHELL
Pk|C| 110 ext kI
S0PP|||k www.ttc6e
Pk|C| 55I ext kI
S0PP|||k www.|cm|6ctek.tem
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jer jae a| ISJjj| te|ecr :|a|e /+ :|ee| leei
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aeIect| aai /tc||, |re:|e K|tCari, Ncaate
|ajer|er|, ma||ae |re aai |9| Ceaer|er
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tea|re| Zr ||m||ei |ariware warraa|
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Ihe Irovel 5conner J50 is
highly porloble, weighing only 340g
Ihe CC3000e supporls oll mojor
videoconlerencing opplicolions
An aordable mobile scanner with a hne software
bundle, even if cloud integration isn't yet perfect
The CCS000e is perfect for SM8s: a professional
videoconferencing solution at an aordable price
Xerox Travel
5canner 15
Logitech ConferenceCam CC3e

z0!/ Xerox Corporotion. A|| rights reserved. Xerox

, Xerox ond Design

, Reody For Reo| 8usiness


ore trodemor|s of Xerox Corporotion in the nited Stotes ond/or other countries.
Conslderlng the overwhelmlng omount of documents you work wlth every doy, we know sconnlng con get ln the woy
of your work. 1hot's why the Xerox DocuMote

S^^S comes equlpped wlth oll the lndustry-leodlng tools you need to
moke sconnlng eosler ond foster. Wlth powerful feotures llke enterprlse copture softwore, cloud storoge monogement
ond hordwore lmoge processlng, we keep you movlng-no motter how mony documents stond ln your woy.
Sconning o seo of documents. Xerox mo|es it simp|e. PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 II8
With 82.11ac, the newgeneration of routers is ready
to take your wireless to the next level. We test 13 of the
latest, fastest routers around to nd out which is best
Wi h 82 11 h i f
Tzple youz
W-F speed
Netgear R7 Nighthawk AC19 126
Asus RT-AC68U 128
AVMFritz!Box 749 129
D-Link DIR-868L 13
Linksys WRT19AC 131
BT Home Hub 5 132
Netgear D62 132
TalkTalk 5uper Router 133
ZyXEL NBG653 133
Asus RT-AC56U 136
Linksys EA69 136
TP-Link Archer D7 136
Trendnet TEW-818DRU 137
Buyer's guide 12
Howwe test 121
Results 123
Feature table 124
The 82.11ac advantage 134
Viewfromthe Labs 137 -AUGU8T 2014

k PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 I20
Buyez's gude
le voilu o viieless is clanging oi
rle Lerrei. Arei yeais o Leing sruck
virl rle S02.11n sranuaiu, rle asrei
S02.11ac is Leginning ro rake lolu in rle
viieless iourei maiker anu, ciucially, among
manuacruieis o raLlers, laros anu
smairlones. Ir`s a reclnology rlar Liings a
uiamaric sre u in rle ro seeu o Wi-Ii
connecrions, anu since ir`s giauually aeaiing
in moie iouucrs, Luying an S02.11ac iourei
is no longei oi rle eaily auorei.
1lar`s vly rlis monrl`s LaLs ocuses solely
on ioureis suoiring rle nev reclnology.
We lave 13 ioureis on resr, ianging iom rle
ulria-clea ZyXLL BG6503 (ar I63) ro rle
iemium-iiceu Linksys WR11900AC (I250).
What's the advantage?
So vlar iecisely uoes S02.11ac Liing ro rle
airy 1le iincial Lenenrs can Le summeu
u in one voiu: seeu. A ro-o-rle-iange
S02.11ac iourei, o vlicl ve lave lenry o
ieiesenrarives in rlis giou, can connecr ar a
nominal iare o 1,300NLirs/sec oi 163NB/sec,
comaie rlar virl rle ro seeu o S02.11n
450NLirs/sec oi 56NB/sec anu you`ll lave
an iuea o rle eioimance auvanrage ro execr.
As usual, even in iueal ciicumsrances, you
von`r see nle-riansei iares o exacrly rlose
seeus uue ro nervoik iorocol, oveileaus anu
orlei Lorrlenecks, Lur in oui resring rlis monrl
ve`ve seen nle rianseis eak ar seeus o
almosr S0NB/sec ovei S02.11ac ar close iange.
1lar`s aioacling rle maximumseeu
o a viieu GigaLir Lrleiner connecrion, anu
moie rlan riile rle seeu o rle asresr S02.11n
iourei ve resreu in rle lasr viieless
ioureis LaLs. 1lar means ir`s nov ossiLle ro
quickly Lack u youi uara ovei youi lome
nervoik, oi riansei laige viueo nles Lack
anu oirl anu all virlour an Lrleiner caLle
in siglr.
1leie aie rvo key reclnologies virlin
rle S02.11 secincarion rlar enaLle rlis vasr
lea oivaiu. 1le nisr is an imiovemenr in
mouularion reclniques rlar enaLle iourei anu
auarei ro ack moie uara ei given vaveoim
in rle iauio iequency clannel. 1le seconu is
rle aLiliry ro join rvo 40NHz clannels in rle
5GHz iauio iequency Lanu ro cieare one
suei-ar S0NHz clannel, rlar`s rvice as
viue as S02.11n 5GHz clannels can Le.
(We exlain Lorl in moie uerail on 134.)
The numbers expIaned
One rling rlar lasn`r clangeu virl S02.11ac is
rle iolieiarion o conusing anu misleauing
numLeis rlar manuacruieis use ro sell rleii
ioureis. In rlis giou, mosr vill Le laLelleu
AC1200, AC150 oi AC1900.
In iealiry, rlis is a Lir o a slam: rle
numLeis uon`r ieei ro rle iourei`s maximum
iareu seeu, Lur iarlei ro rle sum o rle
maximum iareu seeus ovei S02.11n anu
S02.11ac. 1lus, an AC150 iourei, sucl as
rle D-Link DIR-S6SL, ueliveis a maximum
link iare o 1,300NLirs/sec ovei S02.11ac
anu 450NLirs/sec ovei S02.11n. An AC1200
iourei, sucl as rle Asus R1-AC56U, ueliveis
S6NLirs/sec ovei S02.11ac anu 300NLirs/sec
ovei S02.11n (yes, manuacruieis also iounu u
1,16NLirs/sec ro 1,200NLirs/sec). Iinally, an
AC1900 iourei ueliveis u ro 1,300NLirs/sec
ovei S02.11ac anu 600NLirs/sec on S02.11n.
I 2 3 4 5
I You con lell o lol
oboul o rouler jusl
by looking ol ils
porls. You con see
here, lor inslonce,
lhol lhis Nelgeor
hos conneclions
lor bolh AD5L ond
on Elhernel-bosed
coble (see 4 }
which meons you
con use lhe rouler
wilh bolh lypes ol
inlernel services
5 A simple power
swilch is o
surprisingly uselul
lool on o wireless
rouler. ln lhe
evenl lhol lhe
device's web
lronl-end becomes
unresponsive, ond
you hove lo lurn il
oll ond on ogoin,
il meons you
don'l hove lo
lumble oround
unplugging ond
plugging in cobles
2 Mosl roulers
come wilh o U58
porl lhese doys,
ollowing you lo
shore lhe conlenls
ol o lhumbdrive
ocross lhe
nelwork. Ihey're
denilely nol oll
mode equol,
however, wilh
vorying wildly
belween models
3 Moke sure when
buying o rouler
lhol lhe lour LAN
porls ol lhe reor
ore oll Gigobil
Elhernel. J0JJ00
Elhernel porls
con couse o
bollleneck wilh
devices connecled
by coble
82.11ac promises faster speeds, but that
shouldn't be your only consideration when
choosing a wireless router -AUGU8T 2014

RememLei, roo, rlar rlese
numLeis aie in ruin ielareu ro rle
numLei o sarial srieams anu rle
clannel viurl youi clienr uevices
aie caaLle o riansmirring anu
ieceiving. Ioi examle, ro lir
1,300NLirs/sec you neeu a 33
srieam uevice a 22 srieam
laro vill only evei Le aLle
ro connecr ar S6NLirs/sec.
Do you reaIIy need
Ir goes virlour saying rlar you
neeu an S02.11ac-enaLleu auarei oi uevice in
oiuei ro iea rle maximumLenenrs ioman
S02.11ac iourei, ieeiaLly one rlar suoirs
33 srieams. I you uon`r ovn one, rle Lenenrs
voulu aeai ro Le minimal. Hovevei, even i
you uon`r ovn sucl a uevice, S02.11ac ioureis
can imiove rle ieliaLiliry o youi S02.11n
nervoik i rle signal is cuiienrly veak, using
imlicir (oi univeisal) Leamoiming.
We`ll uelve uirlei inro rle secincs o
Leamoiming in oui reclnical Loxour on 134,
Lur oi nov all you neeu ro knov aLour
imlicir Leamoiming is rlar ir can voik virl
any clienr on any nervoik rye ro sriengrlen
rle given viieless signal. Anu a sriongei signal
means asrei, moie ieliaLle viieless nervoiking.
1ake nore, rlougl: nor eveiy S02.11ac
iourei oeis rlis earuie, anu even sranuaiu
Leamoiming vlicl iequiies comariLiliry on
rle clienr siue is orional virlin S02.11ac.
PhyscaI connectons
and antennas
Asiue iom iareu seeus, rle iincial uieience
Lerveen mouels, vlen ir comes ro rle laiuvaie
siue o rlings, conceins anrennas, oirs anu
inreiner connecriviry.
I ir comes uovn ro a cloice Lerveen a
iourei virl ueraclaLle exreinal anrennas
anu one virl inreinal anrennas, go oi rle
exreinal orion. Ir may nor look near, Lur
exreinal anrennas give rle orion o rveaking
rleii osirion ro clange rle sieau o youi
viieless nervoik. 1lis isn`r only a simle vay
o gerring youi Wi-Ii nervoik ro ieacl eveiy
coinei o youi lome, Lur ir also oens rle
ossiLiliry o svaing rlem oi liglei-gain
mouels i you nnu youi nervoik jusr uoesn`r
ieacl ai enougl.
Look our oi ioureis virl only USB 2
oirs, esecially i you like rle iuea o looking
u an exreinal laiu uisk ro ruin youi iourei
inro a Lasic AS uiive. 1lis monrl, ve`ve
ounu rleie`s a luge uieience Lerveen rle
eioimance o uieienr mouels, virl
rle asresr ieacling ro seeus o aiounu
60NB/sec anu rle slovesr lagging vell
Lelinu on SNB/sec.
Iinally, i you lave an ADSL oi nLie
connecrion, uon`r ger roo lung u on Luying a
iourei virl a Luilr-in mouem. Nosr S02.11ac
ioureis on rle maiker uon`r lave ADSL oi
VDSL mouems Luilr in, anu iesriicring youi
seaicl ro rlese mouels seveiely limirs youi
orions. In rlis LaLs, only oui o oui iouucrs
lave a Luilr-in mouem, anu rvo o rlose aie rle
ISP-sulieu mouels iom B1 anu 1alk1alk.
Insreau, ve`u iecommenu Luying a seaiare
mouem (availaLle oi less rlan I15). Wirl a
seaiare mouem, you`ll lave a mucl viuei
iange o ioureis ro cloose iom.
5oItware, Ieatures and apps
1le nnal oinr o uieience is rle qualiry o rle
usei inreiace anu rle earuies ir exoses. Ir may
Le 2014, Lur some iourei manuacruieis srill
emloy uaunring, rexr-leavy H1NL ages.
Linksys is vay our in ionr leie. Irs Smair
Wi-Ii UI is rle Lesr ve`ve come acioss, virl a
clean, mouein look rlar`s easy ro unueisranu
anu navigare. Ir`s also accomanieu Ly iee
moLile as oi iOS anu Anuioiu uevices,
vlicl allov you ro exrenu rle iourei`s
caaLiliries via in-a exrensions, moniroi
vlo`s connecreu ro youi viieless nervoik
anu clange rle Lasic serrings.
or eveiy iourei oeis rle same Lieaurl
o earuies. Alrlougl mosr ioureis rlese uays
lave USB oirs, alloving you ro slaie nles
on connecreu USB sricks anu laiu uiives,
nor eveiy iourei soirs a meuia seivei,
vlicl you`ll neeu i you vanr ro easily
srieam music anu movies ro youi smair
1V oi raLler, oi examle.
Iinally, oi anyone virl cliluien, ir`s vell
voirl nnuing our aLour rle rye o aienral

lis monrl, ve`ve clangeu oui

resrs anu resring equimenr ro
ully exloir rle nev reclnology,
so rle iesulrs von`r Le uiiecrly
comaiaLle ro ievious viieless iourei
resrs. You`ll nnu all rle iesulrs in oui
lear-maeu iesulrs raLle oveilea.
1o assess ro seeu ve use a ueskro
Winuovs PC equieu virl a 33
srieam Asus PCL-AC6S PCI Lxiess
caiu anu connecr ro rle iourei Leing
resreu iom 2.5m avay ovei a 5GHz
S02.11ac connecrion. We rlen coy 1GB
o 12SNB nles ro anu iom a slaieu
oluei on a laro connecreu ro rlar
iourei via Lrleiner, anu measuie rle
riansei iare in NB/sec.
exr, ve svircl ro rle 2.4GHz
S02.11n nervoik anu eioim rle same
resr iom 2.5m avay, rlen ve ieear
S02.11ac anu S02.11n resrs iom
a uisrance o 30m (virl a single
voou vall in rle vay) ro uereimine
maximum seeu ar long iange.
or eveiy uevice vill lave a 33
S02.11ac auarei on Loaiu, lovevei,
so ve`ve also caiiieu our seeu resring
using an iPau Aii, vlicl las a 22
srieam S02.11n auarei. In rlis case,
ve use an a, iPei, ro uereimine rle
maximum ossiLle seeu o rle viieless
link, anu ro caiiy our resrs ar uisrances
o 2.5m anu 30m as Leoie.
1o iounu o rle resrs, ve assess rle
maximum seeu o rle USB conriollei
Ly using a USB 3 rlumLuiive anu
measuiing rle ieau seeu in NB/sec
ovei a GigaLir Lrleiner connecrion.
conriols on oei. Nosr ioureis uelivei rle Laie
Lones leie, alloving you ro Llock URLs anu
keyvoius manually. Some vill also ler you ser
access iules oi secinc uevices Laseu on rle
uay o rle veek anu rime o uay.
1le Lerrei ioureis, lovevei, link u virl
a rliiu airy ro suly caregoiy-Laseu veLsire
nlreiing, vleie you can cloose ro Llock
oinogialic anu gamLling sires, Lur nor social
nervoiking, ergeai reams u virl OenDS
oi irs Live Paienral Conriols, oi examle.
Ihe Linksys 5morl Wi-Fi user inlerloce is lhe besl oround

5GHz (PC
2.4GHz (PC
5GHz (Pad
(Pad Az)
5GHz (PC
2.4GHz (PC
5GHz (Pad
(Pad Az)
zead speed
Netgear R7000
AC1900 R
68 J5.4 J7.2 9.9 45 J3.4 J0.8 5.6 60.8
Asus RT-AC68U
64.8 33.3 J8.2 J2.3 3J.9 J2.8 8.2 4.8 63.6
Asus RT-AC56U
7J.2 23.3 J7.6 8.8 36 9.2 6.4 2.9 60.7
7J.9 J9 J6.8 9.5 29.3 6.7 4.8 4.6 60.7
Lnksys EA6900
70.J J8.3 J7.6 J2.2 35.4 7.J 5.8 3.8 48.J
D-Lnk DIR-868L
79.7 20.4 J8.4 JJ.6 23.2 8.7 6.2 3.6 39.4
72.3 J9.6 J4.2 J2.J 27.4 J3.J 3.3 3.3 23
Archer D7
59.5 28.J J7.J JJ.J 27.6 J3.4 6.3 4 J5.4
48.3 J4.9 J5.9 9.3 2J.J 5.4 3.8 2.7 24.3
BTHome Hub 5
50.4 JJ.8 J7.3 JJ.6 22.7 9.9 4.6 3.9 4.9
Netgear D6200
29.2 J2.2 J6.7 J0.3 25.J 3 3.8 J.9 J4.J
5uper Router
45.7 JJ.7 J7.5 9.8 WNC' 7.3 WNC' 3.0 7.7
JJ.6 JJ.5 JJ.3 9.7 JJ.6 7.2 3.6 2.3 NJA
All speeds ore in M8Jsec
lis monrl`s resr iesulrs slov S02.11ac can oei anrasric levels
o eioimance. 1le only mouel rlar aileu ro uelivei ro seeus
o moie rlan 40NB/sec rlis monrl rle ZyXLL BG6503
vasn`r iesriicreu Ly irs viieless caaLiliries Lur irs slov 10/100 Lrleiner
svircl. RememLei, rlougl, rlar you`ll only aioacl sucl seeus virl a
33 srieam S02.11ac auarei insralleu in youi laro, PC oi raLler. Ioi
rlis ieason, ve also resreu virl rle S02.11n 22 srieam iPau Aii, anu ir`s
rle ieason Lelinu giving avaius ro rle Lesr all-iounueis rle ergeai
R000 iglrlavk AC1900 anu rle Asus R1-AC6SU anu nor jusr rle
asresr ovei S02.11ac ar close iange. I23 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014
R Recomended * VMC would nol connecl
Long range (30mwthone wood waII nthe way) CIose range (2.5m) PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 I24

FrtzIBo 7490
Home Hub 5


Features 8desgn

VaIue Ior money

Prce (nc VAT) 21P8 [2238| 2114 [213| 2144 [21Z3| 2108 [212P|, lree lo new
Bl lnhnlly cuslomers
2P [211| 212 [210|
5uppIer www.broodbond
www.broodbond www.broodbond
Dmensons (WDH
nc antennas)
243 x 1ZZ x mm 20 x 8 x 14Zmm 220 x 83 x 320mm 234 x P x 114mm P8 x 11Z x 21mm 2 x 20 x 10mm
Warranty yr RlB 3yr RlB 3yr RlB 1yr RlB 1yr RlB 1yr RlB
Tested brmware
Frllz!CS .4 4.Z.. 1.0Z
M,A 88 88 81 84 81
Core specHcatons
ADSL2+, VDSL ond Elhernel
VAM [vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Bl ADSL2+, Bl VDSL ond
Elhernel VAM
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
PPPoA, L2lP, brldged
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE
[MPPE supporled|, PPlP,
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE
[MPPE supporled|, PPlP,
M,A DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
PPlP, L2lP, brldged
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
PPlP, L2lP, DSLlle, brldged

Maxmumrated Ink
speed, 802.11ac
1,300Mblls,sec 8ZMblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec
Maxmumrated Ink
speed 802.11n
40Mblls,sec 300Mblls,sec 00MBlls,sec 40Mblls,sec 40Mblls,sec 00Mblls,sec
3x3 2x2 3x3 3x3 3x3 3x3
3x3 2x2 3x3 3x3 3x3 3x3
WANport speed Glgobll Elhernel [shored
wllh one ol lhe LAM porls|
Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel [shored
wllh one ol lhe LAM porls|
Glgobll Elhernel
LANports 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel
U5BIe5ATAports SB 3, SB 2 SB 3, SB 2 SB 3, SB 2 SB 2 SB 3 SB 3, SB 2

nlversol ond expllcll nlversol ond expllcll

nlversol ond expllcll Expllcll

On-router securty
and parental
5ecurty types VPA, VPA2 VPA, VPA2,
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
Web content
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nternet access

WP5 buttonIrouter
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IPv6 support

WreIess repeater

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Power swtch


Meda server

Torrent server

Guest network

AndrodIO5 app
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Automatc brmware

ManuaI onIne
brmware updates



. I25 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014

Netgear R7000
Super Router
Archer D7

21P2 [2230| 2100 [2120| 2142 [21Z0| Free lo new ond
reconlrocllng lolklolk
2114 [213Z| 2PP [211P| 22 [23|
www.broodbond www.broodbond
24 x 20 x 12mm 2 x 8 x 20mm 28 x 8 x 20mm 184 x x 14Zmm 230 x 48 x 180mm 14 x 48 x 180mm 1Z x 140 x 103mm
2yr RlB 1yr RlB 2yr RlB 1yr RlB 3yr RlB 3yr RlB 1yr RlB
1.1.Z.101ZZ v1.1.00.0P_1.00.0P v1.0.3.24_1.1.20 v1.04l 0.P.1 0. v002d.0 Bulld
14022 Rel.3Z18P V1.00[AA)M.1|C0
81 8 8 Z3 84 M,A M,A
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
ADSL2+ ond Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
ADSL2+, VDSL ond
Elhernel VAM
ADSL2+ ond Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
Elhernel VAM
[vlo exlernol modem|
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
PPlP, L2lP, brldged
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE DHCP, slollc lP,
PPPoE, brldged
MER,PoE [RFC rouled|, RFC
1483 brldged
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,
PPlP, L2lP
DHCP, slollc lP, PPPoE,

1,300Mblls,sec 8ZMblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 1,300Mblls,sec 433Mblls,sec
00Mblls,sec 300Mblls,sec 00Mblls,sec 40Mblls,sec 40Mblls,sec 00Mblls,sec 300Mblls,sec
3x3 2x2 3x3 3x3 3x3 3x3 2x2
3x3 2x2 3x3 3x3 3x3 3x3 2x2
Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel Glgobll Elhernel 10,100 Elhernel
4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 3 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x Glgobll Elhernel 4 x 10,100 Elhernel
SB 3, SB 2,eSAlA SB 2 SB 3, SB 2 SB 3 2 x SB 2 SB 3, SB 2

Expllcll Expllcll nlversol ond expllcll nlversol ond expllcll


VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
VPA Enlerprlse,
VPA2 Enlerprlse
[smorlphone opp| [CpenDMSbosed
Llve Porenlol Conlrols|
Llve Porenlol Conlrols|
[nelworklevel hller|

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, , , -AUGU8T 2014
Outlandish design, but rip-roaring performance leads to
a well-deserved A-List award for Netgear's agship router
Netgear R7 Nighthawk AC19
Pk|C| 112 (1I0 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
|t|etaet wkh
Desire irs ourlanuisl looks
anu name, rle iglrlavk las a
lumuium joL ro uo, vlicl is ro
ioviue viieless access ro youi
lome nervoik anu inreiner
connecrion. 1lis rask ir caiiies
o virl consiueiaLle alomL.
Core Ieatures
1leie`s no Luilr-in ADSL mouem,
jusr a GigaLir WA oir, so
ADSL useis may neeu ro acroi in
an exria I15 oi so oi an exreinal
mouem, Lur on eveiy orlei counr,
rle aggiessive-looking iglrlavk
is as asr as rley come. Ir suoirs

A-Lisr avaius veie

lanueu our on looks alone,
rle amusingly nameu ergeai
iglrlavk voulu lave rlings
sevn u Leoie ve`u even raken
ir our o rle Lox. Irs lar, angleu
siues, slaik-like nose anu rail
nn-slaeu anrennas make ir
look like somerling our o a
]ames Bonu nlm.
uual-Lanu concuiienr 2.4GHz anu
5GHz nervoiks, jusr like eveiy
orlei iourei in rlis LaLs, anu las
oui GigaLir oirs ar rle ieai, as
vell as a single GigaLir oir oi
rle inreiner connecrion.
Along rle ionr euge o rlis
iourei is a USB 3 oir oi slaieu
sroiage, anu rleie`s anorlei USB 2
oir on rle ieai sloulu you visl
ro lug in anorlei uiive oi slaie a
iinrei acioss youi local nervoik.
ergeai`s maikering uesciiLes
rle iglrlavk as a 33 NINO
srieam AC1900 iourei, rle asresr
availaLle. 1lis is eecrively a
rorring u o rle maximum link
seeus on Lorl S02.11ac anu
S02.11n nervoiks. You von`r see
Winuovs ieoir a 1,900NLirs/sec
connecrion: ovei S02.11ac, irs
maximum is 1,300NLirs/sec, anu
ovei S02.11n ir vill connecr ar u
ro 600NLirs/sec. As virl orlei
600NLirs/sec S02.11n ioureis,
you`ll only see rle ro seeu vlen
connecring virl a 1uiLoQAN-
enaLleu auarei ( ).
WreIess perIormance
Wlerlei you`ie connecring virl
a 1uiLoQAN-enaLleu auarei oi
nor, rlougl, rlis is one seiiously I27 PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014

||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
quick iourei. Ovei S02.11ac iom
oui 33 srieam PCI Lxiess caiu,
ir iegisreieu an aveiage o 6SNB/
sec, nor rle asresr in rlis giou,
Lur quick enougl ro make laige
Lacku joLs anu nle rianseis ovei
viieless a uisrincr ossiLiliry.
Wleie rlis iourei ieally slines,
lovevei, is in irs consisrency anu
seeu ar long iange. Noving ro a
uisrance o 30m iom rle iourei,
virl a voouen vall in rle vay, ve
sav S02.11ac seeu all Ly only
34 ro 45NB/sec. RemaikaLly,
rlar`s almosr as quick as rle B1
Home HuL 5`s seeu ar close
quaireis. Irs 33 srieam S02.11n
eioimance in rle 30m resr
roeu rle raLles virl a scoie
o 13.4NB/sec.
Wlen resring virl rle iPau
Aii, vlicl suoirs only S02.11n
connecrions anu las a 22 NINO
srieam anrenna seru, rle ergeai
ian our rle cleai vinnei ar long
iange, roo, scoiing 10.SNB/sec
ovei 5GHz anu 5.6NB/sec ovei
2.4GHz. Ir voulu aeai rlar
ergeai`s inclusion o univeisal
Leamoiming ( ) las aiu
ieal uiviuenus leie.
5oItware and
ease oI use
You miglr execr a iourei as
rloiouglly mouein as rlis ro
Loasr rle laresr in-a uiiven
inreiace uesign, alas, rlis is rle
one aiea vleie rle iglrlavk
alls sloir. Comaieu virl rle
Linksys Smair Wi-Ii, ergeai`s
Lasic H1NL UI is iuuimenraiy
anu oaque.
1lis is a slame, since rleie`s
lenry o ovei on ra i you lave
a uig aiounu. We airiculaily like
ergeai`s Live Paienral Conriols
sysrem, vlicl allovs you ro
quickly look rle iourei u ro
OenDS`s veL-conrenr nlreiing.
Once you`ve ser ir u, you can use
rle rool ro Llock veLsires Ly
caregoiy, anu aly uieienr levels
o nlreis on a scleuuleu Lasis.
Llsevleie, rleie`s DLA
meuia seivei suoir, lus
H11P anu I1P nle-slaiing iom
connecreu USB sroiage uevices.
Insrall rle ergeai Genie clienr
sorvaie on a PC oi laro,
anu rle iourei`s ReauySHARL
Vaulr earuie lers you ser u a
scleuuleu Lacku ro a USB
sroiage uevice. 1leie`s lenry
o seeu on ra ve measuieu
What s TurboOAM7
lurboCAM ls o proprlelory lechnology, lmplemenled ln Broodcom
chlpsels. ll ollow 802.11n cllenls ond roulers lo employ lhe some
odvonced 2CAM modulollon lechnlque [ee p134 lor more delolls|
used by 802.11oc lo bump lop speeds up lrom 40Mblls,sec lo
00Mblls,sec. lo connecl ol lhls lop speed, however, your rouler ond
odopler need lo supporl lurboCAM. For mosl loplops, lhe lop llnk
speed wlll remoln 40Mblls,sec lor lhose wllh 3x3 slreom odoplers,
ond 300Mblls,sec lor lhose wllh 2x2 odoplers.
USB seeus o 60.SNB/sec ovei a
viieu GigaLir connecrion. Ir`s also
ossiLle ro ruin any iinrei inro an
Ale AiiPiinr-enaLleu uevice Ly
simly lugging ir inro one o
rle USB oirs.
In all, uesire rle clunky veL
usei inreiace, rle ergeai
R000 iglrlavk AC1900 is a
riiuml. Ir may nor uelivei rle
asresr ro seeu ovei S02.11ac,
Lur irs class-leauing iange acioss
all nervoik ryes moie rlan
makes u oi rlis sliglr lack
o ro-enu giunr.
ComLineu virl a iar o
genuinely useul earuies, incluuing
conrenr-Laseu aienral conriols,
Anuioiu anu iOS a suoir,
anu iee Lacku sorvaie, ir`s a
riue vinnei anu oui nev A-Lisr
viieless iourei clamion.
Nelgeor's Live Porenlol Conlrols syslem will lel you quickly hook up
lo OpenDN5's web-conlenl llering
Along lhe lronl edge sils o U58 3 porl lor shored sloroge, while lhe bock hos o U58 2 porl lo ollow you
lo plug in onolher hord drive or shore o prinler -AUGU8T 2014
The second-best all-rounder on test, Asus' agship router does
all the basics well, and adds ease of use to its list of accomplishments
Asus RT-AC68U
Pk|C| 111 (1I3 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
|t|etaet wkh
roo. As ai as viieless is conceineu,
irs ro link seeus o 1,300NLirs/
sec ovei S02.11ac connecrions anu
600NLirs/sec ovei S02.11n aie as
goou as any on resr. Don`r oiger,
rlougl, rlar you von`r exeiience
rle 600NLirs/sec link seeu unless
you lave an auarei rlar suoirs
256-QAN (1uiLoQAN) ovei
2.4GHz, cuiienrly, ev suoir
rle sranuaiu.
eveirleless, rleie`s lenry else
leie ro ger excireu aLour. Ar rle
ieai o rle iourei aie oui GigaLir
LA oirs, accomanieu Ly a

e maue rle Asus

R1-AC6SU oui A-Lisr
iourei vlen ve nisr
ievieveu ir ar rle enu o 2013, Lur
uesire a six-monrl ga, ir iemains
sueiioi ro mosr o irs iivals vlen
ir comes ro all-iounu eioimance.
Irs viral srarisrics srill srack u vell,
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
single GigaLir WA socker.
You ger one USB 3 oir anu
one USB 2, a svircl ro roggle rle
LLDs on rle ionr on anu o, anu
rle rliee iemovaLle anrennas can
Le osirioneu ro lel you nne-rune
rle uiiecrion anu sieau o youi
nervoik`s coveiage.
Sorvaie-vise, rle R1-AC6SU
is exriemely simle. Irs veL
inreiace is sensiLly laiu our anu
easy ro ger ro giis virl, anu ir
makes auvanceu earuies (sucl as
iemore access ro iourei serrings,
anu enaLling meuia srieaming anu
clouu sroiage via rle iOS anu
Anuioiu as) emLaiiassingly
ain-iee ro ger iunning.
1leie`s lirrle ro comlain aLour
vlen ir comes ro eioimance.
Ovei S02.11ac, rle R1-AC6SU is
no longei king vlen ir comes ro
iavrliouglur. In oui resring virl
rle laresr nimvaie veision, riansei
seeus lir a ro seeu o 64.SNB/
sec, vlicl is asr, Lur riails rle Lesr
ve`ve seen. 1le R1-AC6SU`s ieal
sriengrl is irs consisrency acioss all
connecrion ryes. Ar long uisrance,
irs S02.11ac seeu moves u rle
raLle, anu gers mucl closei ro
clallenging oi ro lonouis. Only
rliee orlei ioureis aie quickei.
Ar close iange ro oui 33 srieam,
1uiLoQAN-enaLleu PCI Lxiess
caiu, 2.4GHz S02.11n seeus lir
a raLle-roing 33.3NB/sec.
Lven virlour a ull-seeu
auarei, lovevei, rlis excellenr
iourei gives a srunningly consisrenr
eioimance. 1aigering oui 22
srieam iPau Aii ar close iange,
rianseis ovei Lorl 2.4GHz anu
5GHz S02.11n connecrions
oursriieu eveiy orlei iourei
on resr. Ar long iange ovei
S02.11n, only rle ergeai
iglrlavk vas asrei.
Wlen ve luggeu in oui
USB 3 uiive anu resreu ir acioss
a GigaLir link, rle eioimance
vas seconu ro none, lirring a ro
seeu o 63.6NB/sec. I you`ie
looking oi youi iourei ro uouLle
as a AS, rlis seeu couleu
virl DLA, i1unes anu I1P
seiveis, a roiienr uovnloauei,
1ime Nacline suoir anu
clouu sync rools makes rle
R1-AC6SU a iime canuiuare.
1le Asus is a ciacking
viieless iourei, anu one rlar
ve iecommenu ro anyone
looking ro move inro rle voilu
o S02.11ac. Irs all-iounu seeu
is vlar imiesseu us mosr,
eioiming jusr as vell virl
slovei S02.11n uevices as
virl sueiasr S02.11ac unirs.
Ir misses our on rle LaLs
Winnei avaiu rlis monrl Ly a
laii`s Lieaurl, only Lecause rle
ergeai iglrlavk is sliglrly
quickei. I you Luy rle Asus
R1-AC6SU, lovevei, you
von`r Le uisaoinreu. -AUGU8T 2014

An astonishing breadth of features, including ADSL2+, VDSL and cable connection
compatibility, plus DECT, VOIP and answerphone facilities
AVM Fritz!Box 749
Pk|C| 198 (238 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.cmctea.te.ek
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
k0S|2+, 0S|2 ca6 |t|etaet wkh
connecrions, virlour neeu oi an
exreinal mouem, lus a aii o
USB 3 oirs. 1leie`s also a riio o
exrias: rvo oirs oi connecring
sranuaiu caLleu relelones, anu
a socker oi ISD lone lines.
Cleaily, rlis is no sranuaiu
iourei. In acr, ir`s inrenueu ro Le
a comlere lome communicarions
sysrem, comLining DLC1 coiuless
lone Lase-srarion aciliries virl
an inregiareu ansveiing macline,
as vell as VoIP suoir oi
making calls ovei rle inreiner.
Desire all rle earuies, rle
490 iemains easy ro use. 1le
ionr-enu may nor look mouein,
anu ir isn`r rle Lesr oiganiseu, Lur
ir`s ackeu virl useul rools. Oui
avouiires incluue rle Lanuviurl-
moniroiing anu iauio iequency
inreieience riacking rools, anu rle
AS ionr-enu rlar allovs you ro
Liovse, uloau anu uovnloau
nles ro connecreu sroiage. A
selecrion o Anuioiu anu iOS
as exrenus rle iourei`s
caaLiliries uirlei, alloving

ourei manuacruiei AVN

is a Lig name in irs narive
Geimany, vleie irs
sacesli-sryle Iiirz!Box ioureis
can Le ounu eveiyvleie.
Alrlougl less common in rle UK,
rleie aie seveial ieasons you miglr
consiuei one, in airiculai rle
lagsli Iiirz!Box 490.
1le nisr is rle sleei Lieaurl
o earuies on oei, vlicl even
in rle comany o rlis LaLs is
exriaoiuinaiy. 1le nisr sign o
rlis is rle numLei o oirs
aiounu rle euges. or only aie
rleie rle usual oui GigaLir LA
oirs (one o vlicl can Le
uesignareu a WA oir oi
exreinal mouem connecrion),
Lur also a losr o orleis.
1leie`s a oir oi uiiecr
ADSL2+ anu VDSL nLie
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
you ro manage rle unir iemorely,
srieam meuia, anu even ansvei
incoming lanu-line calls iom
youi moLile lone.
Ir`s a minu-Logglingly Lioau
selecrion o caaLiliries, anu rle
Iiirz!Box 490 is no sloucl on rle
viieless ionr, eirlei, Loasring rle
laresr in ro-line S02.11ac recl.
Insiue is a 33 srieam NINO
anrenna connguiarion virl a ro
link seeu o 1,300NLirs/sec ovei
S02.11ac anu 450NLir/sec ovei
S02.11n. Annoyingly, rle iourei
comes ser u virl Lorl 2.4GHz
anu 5GHz nervoiks on rle same
SSID, so you lave ro iename rlem
i you vanr ro use eacl one
uiscierely, ve veie also conuseu
Ly rle acr rlar rliee o rle oui
GigaLir LA oirs veie inirially
ser ro 100NLirs/sec seeu. (1ley
can Le ser ro GigaLir i you visl.)
Lven virl eveiyrling ser u
orimally, ve ounu eioimance
in resring ell a lirrle sloir. 1le
asresr seeu ve aclieveu ovei 33
srieam S02.11ac vas 4S.3NB/sec,
rlar`s eiecrly acceraLle, Lur
a long vay Lelinu rle asresr
ioureis leie. Peioimance ovei
uisrance, anu virl S02.11n in
geneial, vas veak. We sav
riansei iares all ro 21.1NB/sec
ovei S02.11ac, anu long-uisrance
seeu ovei 5GHz S02.11n ro oui
22 srieam iPau Aii vas a voeul
3.SNB/sec. 1o seeu ovei rle
USB 3 sockers laggeu jusr as ai
Lelinu, lirring a ro seeu o
24.3NB/sec, less rlan lal rle
seeu o irs iivals.
Ioi all irs veaknesses, rlougl,
rleie`s somerling unueniaLly
aealing aLour rle Iiirz!Box
490. Ir`s ciammeu virl earuies,
ir`s easy ro use anu AVN`s olicy
o ieleasing uuares moie iegulaily
rlan mosr manuacruieis sloulu
exrenu irs useul liesan Leyonu
rle aveiage as vell. -AUGU8T 2014
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Unconventional looks mask a low-cost, high-performance
router that really does the business
D-Link DIR-868L
Pk|C| 96 (115 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
|t|etaet wkh
ger rle ulse iacing eirlei. 1le
DIR-S6SL`s ro S02.11ac link
seeu is 1,300NLirs/sec, anu virl
S02.11n ir maxes our ar 450NLirs/
sec. 1lis laces ir one iung uovn
rle lauuei iomlagsli ioureis
sucl as rle Linksys WR11900AC
anu rle ergeai iglrlavk, Lur
consiueiing rle loviice, ir`s
srill a iesecraLle secincarion.
Llsevleie, you ger only a
single USB socker, alrlougl ir is
o rle asrei USB 3 rye. 1leie`s
no ADSL mouem, only a GigaLir
Lrleiner WAoir, Lur exreinal

nlike some o irs iivals,

rleie isn`r mucl in rle
vay o osrenrarious laii
virl D-Link`s laresr S02.11ac
iourei. Builr in rle same rall,
cylinuiical classis rle comany
las emloyeu oi some rime, rleie
isn`r mucl in rle secincarions ro
mouems can Le ickeu u oi less
rlan I15.
Log inro rle iourei`s veL
inreiace anu rle D-Link conrinues
ro unueivlelm. 1le clunky UI
las laiuly clangeu in yeais, anu
alrlougl ir las lenry o earuies,
irs ionr-enu is comlicareu ro
navigare anu vill Le uaunring ro
less-reclnical useis. We`ie also
uisaoinreu ro see rleie`s no oim
o conrenr-Laseu aienral conriol,
alrlougl you ger rle orion ro
Llock access ro secinc uevices ar
ieuenneu rimes. Ir`s ossiLle ro
Llock URLs, roo, oi iun a
vlirelisr so only URLs in rle
lisr aie accessiLle i you ieally
vanr ro lock uovn youi inreiner
connecrion. Bur serring u rlese
earuies isn`r sriaiglroivaiu.
1le D-Link`s olu-sclool
UI sirs ar ouus virl rle qualiry
o earuies on oei. Irs clouu
managemenr rools aie goou, anu
caaLle enougl ro iival Linksys`
Smair Wi-Ii earuies. You uon`r
ger a exrensiLiliry, Lur you can
moniroi youi nervoik iemorely
iomyoui PC anu clange coie
serrings Ly iegisreiing rle iourei
virl rle clouu-Laseu myulink
seivice. We like rle vay you
can moniroi lovmucl uara
inuiviuual connecreu uevices
aie consuming, anu Llock rlose
uevices i necessaiy.
1leie aie also iOS anu
Anuioiu as: myulink Lire lers
you caiiy our Lasic moniroiing anu
serrings clanges, anu Llock uevices
iemorely, alrlougl ir lacks rle live
uara-consumrion merei, SlaiePoir
NoLile enaLles iemore meuia
srieaming ioma connecreu USB
srick oi laiu uiive, anu QRS
makes seru easiei oi rlose
virlour access ro a laro oi PC.
Peioimance is key, lovevei,
anu ir`s leie rlar rle D-Link slines.
Ar close iange, ir ueliveieu rle
asresr seeus ve`ve seen so ai
ovei S02.11ac, oursriiing ioureis
moie rlan rvice irs iice. Ir lir
9.NB/sec ioma uisrance o
2.5m, anu seeus ovei S02.11n
veie also imiessive.
In oui long-iange resrs ar 30m,
ir aueu somevlar. Irs 5GHz
seeus rook rle Liggesr lir,
rliouglur uioing 1on
S02.11ac ro 23.2NB/sec anu 66
ro rle 22 srieamiPau Aii. Irs
seeus ovei 2.4GHz, lovevei,
veie moie consisrenr, alling Ly
jusr ovei 50ro oui 33 srieam
PCI Lxiess caiu, anu a similai
amounr ro rle 22 srieamiPau Aii.
Desire rlar, seeus in rlis resr
nevei uieu Lelov aveiage
comaieu virl rle iesr o rle
ioureis in rlis giou. 1liov in
aro USB seeu o 39.4NB/sec
anu you lave a goou-value
all-iounuei. Ar only I115, rle
D-Link DIR-S6SL is a sreal. -AUGU8T 2014

||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
Jaw-dropping speed and range see this beast of a router jostle with the
front-runners, but the price is steep
Linksys WRT19AC
Pk|C| 192 (230 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
|t|etaet wkh
link seeu o 1,300NLirs/sec anu
600NLirs/sec on S02.11n. 1le
iourei las oui GigaLir LA oirs
on rle ieai, accomanieu Ly a
single GigaLir WA oir oi
looking u ro youi LioauLanu
mouem. 1leie`s also a aii o USB
3 oirs, one o vlicl can uouLle
u as an eSA1A connecroi (an ouu
cloice), lus a ovei svircl Lur
rleie`s no viieless on/o roggle.
Log on ro rle WR11900AC`s
veL inreiace, anu moie riears aie
in sroie. 1le iourei soirs Linksys`
excellenr Smair Wi-Ii ionr-enu,
anu ir ueliveis rle mosr usei-
iienuly iourei exeiience on
rle maiker. 1le viuger-Laseu
aioacl makes serrings exriemely
easy ro unueisranu, anu ir`s a sni
ro ser u earuies sucl as aienral
conriols anu guesr nervoiks.
We airiculaily like rle
nervoik ma, vlicl gives you a
visual lovuovn on all arracleu
uevices anu lers you uiill uovn
ro viev Lanuviurl use Ly uevice.
1le QoS earuie is a Loon, anu

le sriiking Llue-anu-Llack
case o rle Linksys
WR11900AC is a
ueliLeiare lomage ro rle ameu
WR154G iourei rlar vas
oiiginally ieleaseu in rle 1990s.
Wiieless reclnology las come a
long vay since rlen, anu rlis, irs
siiirual successoi, is a Lieeu aair.
Lveiyrling aLour rlis caLle
iourei is ro o rle iange,
incluuing rle iice. Ir`s soliuly Luilr
anu eels moie rlan caaLle o
suiviving yeais languisling in
rle iourei cuLoaiu. Ir las oui
iemovaLle, osirionaLle anrennas
so you can nne-rune rle sieau o
youi viieless nervoik, anu irs
viieless cieuenrials aie imeccaLle.
Ioi I230 you ger a 33 NINO
srieam iourei virl a ro S02.11ac
making ir easy ro assign nervoik
iioiiry on rle Lasis o alicarion
oi uevice.
You can also use youi iOS oi
Anuioiu uevice ro manage rle
iourei anu auu earuies via in-a
exrensions. Sauly, rleie`s no
Luilr-in inregiarion virl conrenr-
Laseu veLsire nlreiing rools, sucl
as OenDS oi oiron, Lur you
can conriol access on a uevice
anu rime-slor Lasis, anu Llacklisr
inuiviuual URLs.
Wlen ir comes ro eioimance,
rle WR11900AC kees rle remo
ligl. U close, iom oui 33
srieam PCI Lxiess caiu, nle
coies aveiageu 1.9NB/sec ovei
S02.11ac anu 19NB/sec ovei
2.4GHz, vlile seeus ro oui iPau
Aii aveiageu 13.2NB/sec. Ir isn`r
rle asresr iourei in rlese resrs,
Lur ir`s nor ai o. Ar long
iange,lovevei, seeu rakes a lir.
S02.11ac iesulrs veie nne, lirring
an aveiage o 29.3NB/sec, Lur in
rle iesr o rle resrs, ovei S02.11n
2.4GHz anu 5GHz, ve veie
uisaoinreu ro see riansei iares
ull rle oveiall aveiage uovn
ro 11.6NB/sec.
1leie`s cleaily lenry o ovei
Lelinu rle USB conriollei,
lovevei: riansei iares o u ro
60.NB/sec mean rlar using rle
WR11900AC as a Lasic AS
uiive is a ossiLiliry.
1le WR11900AC`s Lig
ioLlem isn`r irs eioimance,
lovevei, ir`s rle iice. Ioi
I230, ve execr rle veiy Lesr in
eioimance ar close iange anu
long iange, anu rlis iourei uoesn`r
quire uelivei leie. 1leie aie lenry
o orlei 1,900NLirs/sec ioureis
oeiing 1,300NLirs/sec S02.11ac
seeus rlar uon`r cosr anyvleie
neai rlis amounr. Unless rle iice
comes rumLling uovn, ve
iecommenu you lum oi
one o rlose insreau. -AUGU8T 2014
The best ISP-supplied router we've seen, the Home Hub
5 provides a respectable all-round performance
BT Home Hub 5

n aei, rle ergeai

D6200 oeis an
imiessive aiiay o
earuies. Ir las uual-Lanu,
concuiienr nervoik suoir
ovei S02.11ac anu S02.11n,
an inregiareu ADSL2+ mouem,
suoir oi caLle connecrions
virl a seaiare GigaLir WA
oir, oui GigaLir LA oirs on
rle ieai anel, lus a USB 3 oir
oi slaiing sroiage anu iinreis.
I rle secincarion iaises loes,
resring rloiouglly uasles rlem. Ir
srairs virl a sluggisl, ouruareu
veL ionr-enu. Wleie Linksys,
AVN anu Asus lave Leen voiking
laiu ar ciaring usaLle, oveiul
on-iourei sorvaie, ergeai is
sruck in rle asr. You can ger
eveiyrling you neeu uone virl
ir, Lur ir`s slov, unarriacrive anu
neeulessly comlicareu. Ir`s jusr as
vell rleie`s Anuioiu anu iOS a
suoir ro lel virl managemenr
anu connguiarion.
Irs eioimance is equally
uisaoinring. Alrlougl rle
D6200`s 22 srieam NINO
connguiarion aeais ro oei a
ro link seeu o S6NLirs/sec
S02.11ac seeu anu 300NLirs/sec
S02.11n seeu, in iacrice rlis
isn`r rle case. 1o aclieve rle iares
in oui gials, ve lau ro ieuuce
rle seeu o rle 2.4GHz S02.11n
nervoik ro 145NLirs/sec, virl
rle 2.4GHz nervoik ser ro
300NLirs/sec, S02.11ac seeus
ar close iange neaily lalveu.
Lven virl rlese serrings in
lace, rle D6200 uisaoinreu.
1esring ar close iange on an
S02.11ac srieamconnecrion,
seeus lir only 29.2NB/sec, anu
rlis ell ro 12.2NB/sec on 2.4GHz
S02.11n. In rle long-iange resr irs
riansei iare ovei S02.11ac lelu
u vell, alling ro 25.1NB/sec,
Lur in orlei resrs ir vas sluggisl,
gaining only 3NB/sec ovei 2.4GHz
S02.11n vlen resreu virl oui 33
srieamPCI Lxiess caiu, anu
ioviuing reiiiLle long-iange seeus
ro oui iPau Aii. Plysical sroiage
aieu lirrle Lerrei, anu rle D6200`s
single USB 2 socker savslaieu
sroiage seeus max our ar an
unueivlelming 14.1NB/sec.
Desire irs comielensive lisr
o secincarions, rlen, rle D6200`s
eioimance anu iange aien`r
u ro sciarcl. We`u execr mucl
Lerrei ar rlis iice.
Although it looks good on paper, performance is weak
and the price isn't lowenough to compensate
Netgear D62
Pk|C| 100 (120 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
k0S|2+ ca6 |t|etaet wkh
Pk|C| 108 (129 |at kI), Itee
te aew BI |aha|ty testemets
S0PP|||k www.|t.tem
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
BI k0S|2+, BI 0S| ca6
|t|etaet wkh
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
comlereu rle resr, 1alk1alk`s
S02.11ac nervoik aileu ro connecr
ar rlis uisrance. In oui S02.11n
uisrance resring, rle B1 Home
HuL 5 aclieveu seeus 2Sasrei,
alrlougl comaieu virl iivals,
irs eioimance vas miuuling.
Couleu virl B1`s Smair
Wiieless caaLiliry, vlicl sees rle
iourei svircl clannels vlen ir
sors inreieience, rle Home HuL 5
is rle Lesr-eioiming ISP iourei
ve`ve seen. Hovevei, ir lacks
lexiLiliry, oi examle, ir`s icky
aLour rle oimar useu on slaieu
USB sricks luggeu inro rle ieai,
only iecognising IA116 airirions,
anu seeu isn`r giear since rle
conriollei is limireu ro USB 2 seeu.
1le simle usei inreiace makes
seru anu mainrenance easy, Lur
earuies aie limireu. Alrlougl B1
las irs ovn nervoik-level aienral-
conriols rool, rle iourei irsel can
only Llock ceirain uevices ar
secineu rimes. eirlei is rleie any
meuia-seivei aciliry noi any oim
o usei-connguiaLle QoS serrings.
1le B1 Home HuL 5 can`r
comere virl rle veiy Lesr
S02.11ac ioureis, Lur uesire irs
sloircomings, cusromeis o B1`s
ro-level LioauLanu seivice neeu
no longei eel sloirclangeu.

e`ve come ro execr

rle voisr vlen resring
ISP-sulieu ioureis,
Lur B1`s Home HuL 5 Lucks rle
rienu in a Lig vay Ly emLiacing
rle laresr in viieless recl. Unlike
1alk1alk`s Suei Rourei, vlicl
also ueliveis S02.11ac, B1`s iourei
can lolu irs leau ligl.
On aei rle rvo aie similai.
Lacl rours 1,300NLirs/sec
S02.11ac, virl a 33 NINO
srieaminreinal anrenna seru. Lacl
las oui GigaLir Lrleiner oirs,
couleu virl a DSL/VDSL oir oi
nLie anu ADSL2+ connecrion, lus
a WAoir oi rlose vlo neeu a
seaiare mouem. 1leie`s a USB
oir oi slaieu sroiage, WPS anu
ieLoor Lurrons on ro o rle uevice,
anu a ovei svircl ar rle ieai.
All-iounu eioimance is
imiessive oi an ISP-sulieu
iourei. U close, ve savsimilai
nle-riansei seeus ro rle 1alk1alk
Suei Rourei, virl S02.11ac
seeus ieacling an imiessive
50.4NB/sec, Lur rle Home HuL 5
is Lerrei ar long iange. In oui
30mresr, S02.11ac seeu ell
ro 22.NB/sec, Lur ir ar leasr -AUGU8T 2014
maximum link seeus o u ro
1,300NLirs/sec ovei S02.11ac anu
450NLirs/sec ovei S02.11n.
In resrs, lovevei, rle
Suei Rourei ur in a mixeu
eioimance. 1esring virl a
33 srieam PCI caiu, seeus lir
45.NB/sec ovei S02.11ac, rlar`s
seconu iom lasr, Lur srill quick.
1le ioLlems occui vlen you
connecr non-S02.11ac uevices,
vleie eioimance ovei S02.11n
vas uisaoinring.
Ar close iange, oui 33 srieam
PCI caiu gaineu 11.NB/sec, anu
rle Suei Rourei vas rle only
iourei on resr vlose 5GHz
nervoik vas so veak rlar oui resr
uevices coulun`r connecr iom 30m
avay. We veien`r imiesseu virl
rle seeu o rle USB 2 oir, eirlei:
oui resrs ievealeu a ro seeu o
only .NB/sec, a iesulr rlar
sees ir languisling ar rle Lorrom
o rle raLle.
Ir`s goou ro see ISPs nnally
Leginning ro uinisl rleii
cusromeis virl Lerrei-secineu
ioureis, Lur rle Suei Rourei`s
eioimance is Lelov ai.

le qualiry o ISP-sulieu
ioureis las Leen avul ovei
rle yeais, Lur rle rimes aie
clanging, virl nisr B1 anu nov
1alk1alk emLiacing rle laresr
S02.11ac reclnology.
Desire irs lain looks, rle
Suei Rourei is vell-enuoveu
elsevleie. Ar rle ieai rleie aie
oui GigaLir Lrleiner oirs,
lankeu Ly a DSL oir oi uiiecr
connecrion ro 1alk1alk`s ADSL
anu VDSL seivices virlour rle
neeu oi a seaiare mouem, lus
a GigaLir WAoir. 1le larrei
allovs rle iourei ro Le useu as
an access oinr ro a viieu
nervoik, oi in comLinarion
virl a seaiare mouemiom
a uieienr seivice ioviuei.
1le Suei Rourei`s viieless
orenrial looks oimiuaLle on
aei, virl a ull-Llovn 33
NINO anrenna connguiarion,
concuiienr uual-Lanu nervoiks
anu suoir oi Leamoiming ovei
S02.11ac. 1lis seru ueliveis
Reasonable speeds, but the Super Router's
lacklustre performance is anything but super-powered
5uper Router

le ZyXLL BG6503 is
as clea as S02.11ac
ioureis ger iiglr nov.
Ar a meie I63, rlis caLle iourei is
a iacrion o rle iice o anyrling
else ve`ve resreu rlis monrl.
Ir`s giear ro see rle laresr
viieless reclnology ar sucl a goou
iice, Lur ir comes ar a cosr: rle
BG6503 ioviues rle Laie
minimum o earuies. We like rle
acr rlar ir las exreinal, aujusraLle
anrennas, Lur rleie aie only rvo
o rlem, suoiring 22 sarial
srieams anu rlar laces a limir
on rle iourei`s ro eioimance.
In acr, in reims o maximum
link seeus, rle BG6503 is
rle slovesr S02.11ac iourei
on resr rlis monrl, iareu ar
300NLirs/sec oi 2.4GHz
S02.11n connecrions anu
433NLirs/sec oi 5GHz S02.11n
anu S02.11ac connecrions.
Plysical oirs aie limireu,
roo. 1lis iourei is rle only one
in rle giou virlour a USB oir,
so you can`r slaie a rlumLuiive
oi laiu uisk ovei rle nervoik,
anu ir`s also rle only unir virl
no GigaLir Lrleiner oirs.
1le larrei is rle key iesriicrion
leie, since ir laces a laiu limir
on rle seeus rle BG6503 can
lir. 1lus, in oui close-iange
viieless resring, riansei iares
nevei iose aLove 11.6NB/sec,
vlile rle orlei 22 srieam
ioureis in rlis LaLs ueliveieu
asrei seeus.
1lis limirarion is elr even in
oui long-iange resring ar 30m,
virl seeu ovei S02.11ac once
again roing our ar 11.6NB/
sec. In orlei resrs, seeu ar
iange vas less imiessive, virl
2.4GHz S02.11n seeus ro oui
PC aveiaging .2NB/sec, anu
iares uioing uirlei ro 3.6NB/
sec anu 2.3NB/sec ro rle iPau
Aii ovei 5GHz anu 2.4GHz
connecrions. Oveiall, rlis ZyXLL
is rle slovesr S02.11ac iourei
ve`ve resreu, rle only iourei
ro iesenr voise long-iange
eioimance is 1alk1alk`s
Suei Rourei ( ).
1le ZyXLL BG6503 is
remringly iiceu, Lur ir`s soiely
lacking vlen ir comes ro coie
laiuvaie caaLiliries, iankly,
ve`u iarlei Luy an S02.11n
iourei virl GigaLir rlan an
S02.11ac unir virlour.
Although it's unbelievably cheap for an router,
the 0/00 Ethernet ports hampers its potential
Pk|C| 52 (63 |at kI)
S0PP|||k www.|tec6|ca6
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h IYP|
|t|etaet wkh
Pk|C| |tee te aew ca6
teteattctt|ag Ic|kIc|k testemets
|hI|kh|I C0hh|CI|0h
IYP| k0S|2+, 0S| ca6
|t|etaet wkh
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y
||kI0k|S 8 0|S|6h
k|0| |0k N0h|Y -AUGU8T 2014

irl a aii vinu,

S02.11ac is suei
quick. You neeu only
glance ar rlis monrl`s iesulrs ro
see rlar mosr ioureis can ro
viieless-riansei seeus o 50NB/
sec ar close iange. 1lar`s ierry
imiessive: in oui lasr viieless
ioureis LaLs, rle liglesr seeu ve
sav vas an S02.11n connecrion
ar 26.6NB/sec. 1lis monrl`s
asresr laiuvaie ueliveieu
rliee rimes rle rliouglur.
Hov uoes S02.11ac aclieve
sucl seeus Piimaiily rliougl
rliee reclnical auvances, vlicl in
comLinarion uelivei eioimance
rlar`s Lorl asrei anu moie ieliaLle
rlan vlar vas ieviously ossiLle.
80MHz channeIs
PioLaLly rle Liggesr innovarion
in S02.11ac is rle aLiliry ro use
S0NHz-viue clannels in rle
5GHz secrium, as ooseu ro
rle 40NHz clannels o S02.11n.
1lis enaLles ai giearei uara
rliouglur. 1le secincarion also
suoirs 160NHz clannels, Lur
ve`ve yer ro resr any laiuvaie
virl suoir oi rlis.
1lese viuei clannels aie a
uouLle-eugeu svoiu. Lxrenuing
rle clannel viurl incieases rle
orenrial oi inreieience, jusr
as virl 40NHz clannels in
rle 2.4GHz secrium. Inueeu,
since many ioureis anu auareis
suoir only a slice o rle
availaLle 5GHz, mulrile S0NHz
S02.11ac nervoiks in close
ioximiry vill veiy likely inreieie
virl one anorlei.
Ioi nov, rlis isn`r a majoi
ioLlem since comaiarively ev
consumei uevices aie using rle
5GHz secrium. Hovevei,
as moie eole lo on rle
5GHz Lanuvagon, ve can
execr rle auvanrage o S0NHz
clannels ro Le eioueu.
Ir isn`r only viuei clannels
rlar uelivei moie Lanuviurl.
S02.11ac also acks moie
uara inro irs iauio signals Ly
emloying a moie auvanceu
oim o mouularion rlan ievious
sranuaius. S02.11n uses a sysrem
calleu 64-QAN (quauiaruie
amliruue mouularion), vlicl
exloirs lase-sliring reclniques
ro encoue six Lirs o Linaiy uara
inro one uisciere ulse o rle
vaveoim (one symLol).
S02.11ac rakes auvanrage
o a moie comlex encouing
merlou calleu 256-QAN ro iaise
rlis ro eiglr Lirs ei mouularion
symLol. Hovevei, 256-QAN vill
only Le emloyeu Ly a iourei in
exriemely goou RI conuirions.
As signal sriengrl uereiioiares anu
inreieience iom orlei RI souices
loveis rle signal-ro-noise iario, ir
Lecomes moie uinculr ro uecoue
sucl comlex mouularion, anu rle
iourei vill uio Lack ro 64-QAN
oi lovei.
Alrlougl 256-QAN is air
o rle S02.11ac secincarion,
some manuacruieis lave sraireu
using Bioaucom`s ioiieraiy
imlemenrarion o 256-QAN
(uuLLeu 1uiLoQAN) ro Loosr
S02.11n seeus in a similai vay.
1lis is vly rle maximum
connecrion seeu o sucl ioureis
is quoreu as 600NLirs/sec insreau
o 450NLirs/sec.
Beamoiming is a reclnology rlar
allovs rle iourei ro ocus rle
viieless signal on a single oinr,
imioving irs sriengrl anu
rleieLy leling ro riansmir uara
ar a liglei iare. Ir las lirrle eecr
ar close iange, vleie rle signal
is alieauy sriong, anu ir von`r
exrenu rle iange o youi iourei,
ar meuium iange, lovevei, ir
can imiove rle eioimance
o youi viieless nervoik.
Beamoiming isn`r reclnically
nev in S02.11ac, rle coie
reclnology vas incluueu in
rle S02.11n secincarion as
an orional exria, Lur rleie
vas no sranuaiu merlou oi
imlemenring ir, so mosr
manuacruieis sreeieu cleai.
In S02.11ac, Leamoiming srill
isn`r manuaroiy, Lur ir las Leen
sranuaiuiseu, so ir`s mucl moie
likely rlar iouucrs iom uieienr
manuacruieis vill voik rogerlei,
anu rle reclnology vill move inro
rle mainsrieam.
1eclnically seaking,
Leamoiming las norling ro uo
virl Leaming a signal in any
airiculai uiiecrion. Ir voiks
Ly aujusring rle rimings o rle
viieless signals emirreu Ly rle
iourei`s mulrile anrennas, so
rlar rle iauio vaves ieinoice
eacl orlei ar rle oinr o
iecerion. 1lis voiks ro imiove
rle oveiall sriengrl o rle signal.
1o conuse marreis uirlei,
rleie aie rvo ryes o
Leamoiming. In exjlicit
Leamoiming, rle ieceivei senus
uara Lack ro rle senuei iegaiuing
rle srare o rle viieless signal ir`s
ieceiving. 1lis enaLles rle
reclnology ro eioim ar eak
enciency, Lur ir iequiies Lorl rle
ieceiving uevice anu rle iourei ro
ully suoir rle reclnology.
Ihjlicit, oi univeisal,
Leamoiming aims ro sriengrlen
signal qualiry oi S02.11n clienrs
in Lorl rle 2.4GHz anu 5GHz
Lanus, anu laiuvaie suoir
isn`r neeueu ar rle uevice enu.
1le LaLs-vinning ergeai
iglrlavk anu rle iecommenueu
Asus R1-AC6SU suoir Lorl
ryes o Leamoiming, anu
ir`s no suiiise ro nnu rlem
ar rle ro o rle clair in oui
long-iange seeu resr.
The 82.11ac advantage
Ihe mosl bosic lorm ol modulolion is phose-shill keying (P5K},
which encodes o single bil per wovelorm
8eomlorming odjusls lhe limings ol lhe signols emilled lrom lhe
rouler's onlennos lo reinlorce lhe signol ol lhe poinl ol receplion
No beamforming 8eamforming

One modulation symbol

One modulation symbol
Available from:
3 times faster than wireless N speeds.
Archer series Pouters a perfect hub for
your home or small office network.
TP-LlNK's Tether App provides the easiest
way to access, manage and share your
router's resources with your iOS and
Android devices.
Archer C7
ACl750 wlreless Dual 8and Glgablt
Cable Pouter


Archer T4U
ACl200 wlreless Dual 8and
US8 Adapter


Archer D7
ACl750 wlreless Dual 8and Glgablt
ADSL2+ ModemPouter


Free Tether app

AC Accsessory

Cab/e Connect/on
AC Router
Phone-L/ne Connect/on
AC Router PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 I36
Best oI the zest: zevewzoundup
Ihe budgel version ol lhe
kI-AC68U, lhe AC56U delivers o
close-ronge speed ol 7J.2M8Jsec
Linksys' EA6900 perlormed
well over 802.JJn, plus il's eosy
lo use os well
Linksys EA69
Pk|C| 125 (150 |at kI)
We`ie Lig ans o Linksys Smair
Wi-Ii iourei sorvaie. Ir makes
serring u anu mainraining rle
nim`s ioureis (iemorely anu iom
rle local nervoik) a uouule
comaieu virl mosr orleis.
We like rle eioimance, roo.
1le LA6900 is one o rle Lesr ve
resreu rlis monrl, oeiing link
seeus o u ro 1,300NLirs/sec
ovei S02.11ac anu 600NLirs/sec
ovei S02.11n, oui GigaLir LA
oirs lus one GigaLir WA
oir oi looking u
ro an exreinal
anu a aii o
USB oirs oi
slaiing sroiage.
1le iesulrs in oui
eioimance resring lace ir nrl
oveiall rlis monrl, virl sueiL
close-iange seeus ovei S02.11ac
o 0.1NB/sec anu 35.4NB/sec
iom 30m avay. Ir ur in
consisrenr iesulrs ovei S02.11n in
oui 33 srieam anu 22 srieam
resrs, anu USB seeu vas goou, ar
a eak o 4S.1NB/sec, Lur some
vay Lelinu rle asresr.
1le LA6900 is an excellenr
iouucr, anu ieasonaLly iiceu,
Lur ir alls Lerveen rvo srools: ir`s
neirlei clea enougl noi quire
asr enougl all iounu ro aclieve
an avaiu.
Asus RT-AC56U
Pk|C| 111 (135 |at kI)
Asus` seconu enrianr in rlis
monrl`s LaLs is rle Luuger veision
o rle avaiu-vinning Asus
R1-AC6SU caLle iourei. Ir uoesn`r
lave rle exreinal anrennas
o rlar iourei, anu rle
maximum viieless seeus
aie lovei uue ro irs 22
NINO srieam anrenna
connguiarion. Ir ueliveis
u ro S6NLirs/sec ovei
S02.11ac anu u ro
433NLirs/sec ovei
S02.11n. Ir also las only
one USB 3 socker.
Hovevei, rlese aie
rle only aieas in vlicl
rle R1-AC56U is ounu
vanring. Peioimance in
oui viieless resrs vas
ro-norcl: ve ounu ir
ueliveieu 1.2NB/sec ovei
S02.11ac ar close iange anu
36NB/sec in oui long-iange resrs.
Ouuly, in rlese resrs ir`s a
lirrle quickei rlan irs liglei-sec
siLling, marcling ir oi USB
riansei seeus anu alling Lelinu
only vlen ir comes ro S02.11n
eioimance. Ir`s an excellenr
iourei, anu voirl consiueiing
alongsiue rle D-Link DIR-S6SL
i youi Luuger is iesriicreu. -AUGU8T 2014

iieless nervoiking las auvanceu slovly since irs

iise in rle lare 1990s. Arei S02.11g Loosreu
connecrion seeus ro 54NLirs/sec in 2003, ir rook
almosr a uirlei uecaue oi S02.11n ro ielace ir as rle ue acro
viieless sranuaiu.
Lven since rlen, uevice manuacruieis lave Leen iusriaringly
slov ro rake auvanrage o one o S02.11n`s majoi sriengrls,
namely irs orional use o rle 5GHz iauio iequency secrium.
1lese uays, rle 2.4GHz secrium is as congesreu as rle N6 aiounu
Biiminglam uuiing iusl loui, vlile rle 5GHz Lanu is ai less
riouLleu Ly inreieience. Wlile laro manuacruieis anu makeis
o clea raLlers conrinue ro use single-Lanu 2.4GHz auareis,
connecrion seeus caiiy on sueiing as a iesulr.
1lis yeai coulu vell ieiesenr a ruining oinr, rlanks ro
S02.11ac. Since rle nev reclnology is 5GHz-only, ir usles us
avay iom rlar saruiareu 2.4GHz secrium rovaius a iosiei
viieless uruie (alrlougl all o rlis monrl`s ioureis iemain
Lackvaius-comariLle virl S02.11n ovei Lorl 2.4GHz
anu 5GHz).
Peilas even moie signincanr is S02.11ac`s aLiliry ro riansmir
anu ieceive mucl moie uara ei NINO srieam rlan S02.11n.
1lis lugely iams u rle ro-seeu orenrial o uomesric viieless
insrallarions, anu vill loeully give manuacruieis o comacr
moLile uevices vleie imlemenring 22 oi 33 anrenna
connguiarions is riicky rle usl rley neeu ro Luilu rle reclnology
inro rleii iouucrs. Ilagsli smairlones anu raLlers sucl as rle
Samsung Galaxy S5 (veL ID: 3SS234), H1C One (NS) (veL ID:
3S69) anu Galaxy 1aLPRO S.4 (veL ID: 3S619) alieauy
suoir S02.11ac, anu ve`ve iecenrly seen a lealrly selecrion o
ac-enaLleu laros aiiiving in rle LaLs as vell.
I you uon`r cuiienrly ovn an S02.11ac-comariLle smairlone
oi laro, you may Le unueisranuaLly ielucranr ro ugiaue youi
iourei. Bur Leai in minu rlar S02.11ac ioureis (unlike ievious
geneiarions o viieless reclnology) can Liing Lenenrs nor only ro
rle laresr uevices, Lur also ro oluei laiuvaie. 1eclniques sucl
as imlicir Leamoiming can imiove rle ieliaLiliry o S02.11n
signals, oi examle, enlancing rle geneial ieliaLiliry anu seeu
o viieless nervoiks oi all ryes o uevices.
You sloulu also Le looking oivaius. Lven i you lave no
S02.11ac uevices ar lome iiglr nov, rle nexr one you Luy vill
moie rlan likely lave ir on Loaiu, anu in
rle case o a laro ir may Le availaLle as
a lov-cosr ugiaue. Invesring in an
S02.11ac iourei vill ensuie you ger rle
Lesr ossiLle viieless connecrion nov,
anu vill ieaie youi lome nervoik oi
uruie ugiaues as vell.
82.11ac routers benet not
only the latest devices, but
also older hardware"
lnconsislenl perlormonce spoils
whol could be o borgoin
Pk|C| 99 (119 |at kI)
1ienuner`s 1LW-S1SDRU is rle
cleaesr AC1900 iourei ve`ve
seen. Ioi only I119, ir oeis rle
ull 1,300NLirs/sec maximum
link seeus acioss S02.11ac anu
600NLirs/sec acioss S02.11n,
couiresy o an inreinal 33 NINO
srieam anrenna aiiay. Ir also Loasrs
oui GigaLir LA oirs, a WA
oir (Lur no ADSL noi VDSL
mouem) anu a aii o USB oirs.
As ai as S02.11ac seeus go,
rlis is a quick iourei. We sav ro
seeus o 2.3NB/sec ar close
iange seconu only ro rle D-Link
DIR-S6SL. Ar long iange anu in
S02.11n resring, lovevei, ir`s
less imiessive, alling Lelinu irs
iivals, virl a airiculaily ooi
eioimance ro rle 22 srieam
iPau Aii. Irs USB riansei seeu
vas also veak, ar 23NB/sec.
Coule all rlar ro a lack
o sorvaie earuies rleie`s no
meuia seivei oi suoiring moLile
as, lus an aumin inreiace rlar
is unnecessaiily comlex anu
rle 1ienuner goes iom ouriiglr
Laigain ro iomising also-ian.
Archer D7
Pk|C| 111 (13I |at kI)
1lis iourei Loasrs a lor o earuies
oi a uecenr iice. 1le viieless
secincarion is excellenr, virl a ro
link seeu o 1,300NLirs/sec ovei
S02.11ac anu 600NLirs/sec ovei
S02.11n, rlanks ro irs exreinal 3x3
srieam NINO anrennas. Ir las an
inregiareu mouem oi ADSL2+,
anu you can saciince one GigaLir
Lrleiner oir oi use as a WA
oir virl exreinal nLie anu
caLle mouems.
1le sorvaie UI
uesign is inrimiuaring,
Lur ir`s vell oiganiseu
anu oeis lenry o
conriol. Rav seeu isn`r rlis
iourei`s sriengrl. Irs ro seeu
ovei S02.11ac o 59.5NB/sec is
goou, Lur some vay sloir o rle
vinneis rlis monrl, anu irs USB
eioimance laggeu vell Lelinu
rle Lesr on resr, ueliveiing a eak
o only 15.4NB/sec. Hovevei,
ve veie imiesseu virl irs
consisrency anu long-iange seeus
ovei 2.4GHz anu 5GHz S02.11n.
1le Aiclei D isn`r ancy, Lur
ir`s a goou orion i you aLsolurely
musr lave a one-Lox ADSL iourei.
Consislenl perlormonce ocross
lhe boord, bul nol lhe quickesl
over 802.JJoc PCPRO-AUGU8T 2014 I38
1,219 (1,199)
w|B |0 385126 |SS0| 231
Apple MacBook Pro 13in
with Retina display
6tcm Iet gtcm, t|e NctBeek Pte 13|a |s ea|ectc||e. k hcswe|| CP0 sea6s |cttety ||Ie ca6 gtc||ts
etIetmcate sect|ag, t|e PC| |xtess SS0 |s t|etees|y Icst ca6 t|e ket|ac 6|s|cy |s c 6e||g|t.
K|Y SP|CS |a|e| Cere |S-+Z&&U, &K 99KJ| K/, SIZK ''9, |a|e| |r|: raj||t: SIJJ, IJ.J|a Z,SJ t
I,JJ I|I, ' l aer|t|:, Ir C&K warraa|, JI+ t ZI7 t I&mm, I.S| (I.&I|J
333 (100)
w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 23I
k ewetIe|, |aexeas|ve 6eskte te|ctemeat, t|e kses I552C| mcy aet eIIet t|e |est |cttety
||Ie ea t|e mctket, |et yee get mete |cag Iet yeet |etk w|ete |t teeats.
K|Y SP|CS I.&ht |a|e| Cere |S-JJlU, K K/, lSJK h99, N|i|a e|erte lIJ, IS.|a I,J t l& jaae|,
W|aiew: & +-|||, Ir KIK warraa|, J&J t ZSI t J+mm, Z.Zl| (Z.I|J
11I (500),|a|ew|s.tem w|B |0 388183
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2
k s|eek, vetsct||e |y|t|6 |cte w|t| t|e |est |PS stteea |a |ts t|te tcage, ca6 c|| ct c vety
tecseac||e, se|500 t|te.
326B, 1I9 (16, 5I9)
w|B |0 385225 |SS0| 232
Apple iPad Air
|cstet, ||g|tet ca6 tett|et - t|e |Pc6 k|t |mteves ea |ts te6etesset |a evety tesett, ca6
tecIhtms k|e's te set ea t|e k||st. I||s |s t|e |est Ie||s|te6 tc||et meaey tca |ey.
K|Y SP|CS 7.l|a I,SJ t Z,J+& ||' |C9, |' l, ica|-tere I.+ht /jj|e /l, IK K/, JZK :|erae,
ica|-|aai &JZ.IIa W|-||, K|ce|ee|| +, S| rear/I.Z| lrea| tamera, IlJ t l.S t Z+Jmm, +7
333 (100), www.twet|6.te.ek w|B |0 388162
5ony Xperia Z2 Tablet
I|eeg|tIe||y 6es|gae6 ca6 |ecst|ag |eaty eI |cttety ||Ie, t|e Seay Iet|c Ic||et I |s t|e mest
6es|tc||e Ie||s|te6 ka6te|6 tc||et we've seea.
96I (1,160)
w|B |0 388282 |SS0| 23I
P34G v2
k ||g|etIetmcate gcm|ag |cte t|ct ttcms ca |ate| hcswe|| CP0 ca6 hv|6|c's |ctest 8 Set|es 6P0
|ate c ettc||e 11|a t|css|s, |es |t wea't |teck t|e |cak.
K|Y SP|CS Z.+ht |a|e| Cere |l-+lJJh, &K K/, IZ&K m'/I/ ''9, N|i|a e|erte Il &J, I+|a I,7ZJ t
IJ&J |C9 i|:j|a, ica|-|aai &JZ.IIat W|-||, K|ce|ee|| +, J+J t ZJ7 t ZJmm, I.l| (Z.JS|J
833 (1,000), www.|eaeve.tem w|B |0 381961
Lenovo IdeaPad Y51p
I|e Y510 |eeks ||ke |t mecas |es|aess. B|ee6te6 |ctk||g|t|ag |||em|actes t|e key|ect6, ca6 t|ete's
ee6|es eI ewet ea tc Item t|e Cete |I CP0 ca6 hv|6|c 6P0. I|e 6|s|cy tee|6 |e |ettet, t|eeg|.
833 (1,000), www.twet|6.te.ek w|B |0 385510
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (13.3in)
I|e 6ee||eje|ate6 Yegc 6es|ga teatetts eIIett|ess|y Item |cte te tc||et ca6 cayw|ete
|a |etweea. I|e hcswe|| CP0, 2566B SS0 ca6 ||g|0P| stteea cte c stec| Iet 1,000.
166B, 199 (326B 16, 299)
w|B |0 383950 |SS0| 229
S||mmet, ||g|tet ca6 Icstet t|ca t|e tev|ees me6e|, w|t| c steaa|ag 1,200 x 1,920 stteea
ca6 c tectIct|ag tcmetc, |t |sa't t|e t|ecest I|a ka6te|6 tc||et, |et |t's t|e |est.
K|Y SP|CS l|a I,ZJJ t I,7ZJ ||' |C9, /aire|i +.J, cai-tere I.Sht ca|temm 'aajiraea '+ |re C|U, ZK
K/, I/JZK :|erae, ica|-|aai &JZ.IIa W|-||, S| rear/I.Z| lrea| tamera, II+ t &. t ZJJmm, Z7J
166B, 266 (319), 166B 16, 319 (119), www.c|e.temJek w|B |0 386602
Apple iPad mini with Retina display
I|caks te c g|et|ees ket|ac 6|s|cy ca6 c tet|et|ctge6 61||t tetesset, t|e |Pc6 m|a| |s c stet||ag
temctt tc||et. PetIetmcate |s aew ea|y c w||sket cwcy Item t|e |Pc6 k|t - |et se |s t|e t|te.
Nexus 7 (213)
982 (1,1I9)
w|B |0 383I85 |SS0| 232
Dell XP5 12
Stet6y |e||6, gtect |eeks ca6 c ttctk|ag c||teea6 6es|ga mcke t|e IPS 12 ca 0|ttc|eek te |est cItet.
I|e |e|| h0 teet|stteea |s exte||eat, etIetmcate |s teaett| ca6 |cttety ||Ie |s |est |a t|css.
K|Y SP|CS I.&ht |a|e| Cere |l-+SJJU, &K 99KJ K/, ZSK ''9, |a|e| h9 raj||t: ++JJ, IZ.S|a I,7ZJ t
I,J&J |ect|:treea, &JZ.IIat W|-||, K|ce|ee|| +, N|C, W|aiew: & +-|||, JIl t ZI+ t ZZmm, I.SZ| (I.&|J
1,199 (1,I99), www.6e||.te.ek w|B |0 38I655
Dell Precision M38
I|e Ptet|s|ea |etks t|e ttea6 eI 6tc| wetkstct|ea |ctes w|t| c s||m, ctttctt|ve 6es|ga, tem|emeate6
|y temet|t|ve |ct6wcte ca6 c |t|g|t, te|eetcttetcte stteea t|ct sweeteas t|e 6ec|. -AUGU8T 2014
Our Iand-pcked selecton oI 102 best buys, cIosen IromtIe
dozens oI products tested eacI montI n tIe PCPro labs

I86 (911)
w|B |0 3I6852 |SS0| hJk
Lenovo Think5tation E31
I||s smc||IetmIcttet wetkstct|ea |s t|ay, |et |t st||| |at|e6es ca |ate| Ieea tetesset ca6 aew ca
e6cte6 hv|6|c ec6te 6P0 Iet c tecseac||e t|te.
K|Y SP|CS J.Jht |a|e| leea |J-IZJJ Z, +K K/, IIK h99, N|i|a caire JJ raj||t:, 9\9-KW, W|aiew: l
|rele::|eaa|, Jr KIK warraa|
|tem 138 (523), www.metetemetets.tem w|B |0 3I8I69
Fujitsu Esprimo O51
|ej|tse's temctt PC |cse ea|t tckes e |cte|y cay scte ea c 6esk, 6e||vets |eaty eI ewet
ca6 |cs cm|e teaaett|v|ty.
358 (129)
w|B |0 386206 |SS0| 233
Dell Venue 11 Pro
w|t| c aectetIett |e|| h0 6|s|cy, c t|e|te eI ktem et Cete |3J|5 tetesset, ca6 c tcage eI
cttesset|es, t||s tc||et tca Ie|h| c|mest cay te|e. I|e te|ctec||e |cttety |s c |eea, tee.
K|Y SP|CS I.+ht |a|e| /|em lJllJ, ZK 99KJ K/, +K :|erae, |a|e| h9 raj||t:, IJ.&|a I,7ZJ t I,J&J
|ect|:treea, m|a|-h9|, m|tre'9lC, I t U'K J, Ir C&K warraa|, Z7& t Ill t IImm, lJ (I.+| w||| |e|eariJ
959 (1,151), www.|eaeve.temJek w|B |0 386503
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga
k t|css|t I||akPc6 w|t| ca |aaevct|ve aew 6es|ga: t|e |eaeve I||akPc6 Yegc secm|ess|y
me|6s c |es|aess |cte ca6 Ie||y Ieatt|eac|, sty|eseqe|e6 tc||et.
1,133 (1,360)
w|B |0 385I11 |SS0| 232
Warbird R5
k |eat|mctk|est|ag PC |a ca ctttctt|ve, temctt t|css|s t|ct eIIets c me6|tem eI egtc6c||||ty.
I|e t|te |s tecseac||e, teas|6et|ag |ew met| yee get |a t|e ctkcge.
K|Y SP|CS J.Sht |a|e| Cere |l-+llJK a| +.Jht, &K K/, IZ&K ''9, IIK h99, N|i|a e|erte
Il l&J raj||t:, ZJ|a I,7ZJ t I,J&J I|I, W|aiew: &.I +-|||, Ir KIK warraa|, ZS t J&+ t +I+mm (|a:e ca||J
1,199 (1,I99), www.t||||||cst.tem w|B |0 385555
Chillblast Fusion Photo OC V
I|e P|ete 0C stt|kes c |c|cate |etweea ewet ca6 ecte eI m|a6, cttaet|ag t|e |vy Bt|6ge |
CP0 ca6 SS0 w|t| c 2IB kk|01 cttcy. Btect|tck|ag see6 ct c set|ees|y ||g| t|te.
500 (600)
w|B |0 38I913 |SS0| 235
Fusion Ouasar
I|e C||||||cst |es|ea ecsct |s c seet| c||teea6 |cse ea|t, tem||a|ag stc|wctt tetess|ag ewet
w|t| gtect gcm|ag tcc||||ty ca6 set|ees egtc6e eteat|c|. k hveyect wcttcaty sec|s t|e 6ec|.
K|Y SP|CS J.+ht |a|e| Cere |S-+lJK a| +.+ht, &K K/, IIK ||r|i h99, 'ajj||re Kaieea Kl ZJl raj||t:,
S t U'K J, + t U'K Z, |a||| |||erae|, Sr KIK warraa|, W|aiew: &.I +-|||, I7Z t +S t +JJmm
500 (600), www.w|te62hte.te.ek w|B |0 38I96I
Wired2Fire Diablo Ultima
I|e 0|c||e 0|t|mc |s c Ietm|6c||e gcm|ag |cse ea|t Iet seas|||e meaey. Be||6 qec||ty ca6
egtc6c||||ty cte te eI t|e |ec, ca6 t|e kN0 kc6eea kI 260I tev|6es set|ees gcm|ag ewet.
1,15I (1,I19)
w|B |0 3850I5 |SS0| 231
Apple iMac 27in
kItet t|e te6es|ga ect||et |a 2013, k|e |cs egtc6e6 |ts g|cat |Nct w|t| |ate| hcswe|| CP0s,
hv|6|c 6e|ette I Set|es 6P0s ca6 PC| |xtess SS0 stetcge. |t's steaa|ag - ca6 vety exeas|ve.
K|Y SP|CS J.+ht |a|e| Cere |S, &K 99KJ K/, IIK |c:|ea 9r|e, N|i|a e|erte Il llS, Zl|a Z,SJ t I,++J
i|:j|a, ica|-|aai &JZ.IIat W|-||, K|ce|ee|| +, Ir C&K warraa|, at ' l, SJ t ZJJ t SImm
Apple iMac 21.5in
k|e's 2013 e6|t|ea eI t|e 21|a |Nct |s t|e |est smc||et c|||aeae ea t|e mctket, |ecst|ag
c eweteIht|eat hcswe|| tetesset ca6 c seet||y te|eetcttetcte stteea.
616B, I19, 1286B, I99, 2566B, 1,039
w|B |0 381859 |SS0| 231
5urface Pro 2
w|t| |cttety ||Ie t|ese te tea |eets, |es c seet| |e|| h0, 10.6|a teet|stteea ca6 c t|e|te eI
key|ect6 tevets, t|e SetIcte Pte 2 eIIett|ve|y sttc66|es t|e tc||etJ|cte 6|v|6e.
K|Y SP|CS |a|e| Cere |S-+ZJJU, +K 99KJ K/, IJ.|a I,7ZJ t I,J&J ||' i|:j|a, ica|-|aai &JZ.IIa
W|-||, K|ce|ee|| +, I t U'K J, m|tre'9lC, m|a|-9|:j|a|er|, Zl+ t IlJ t IJ.lmm, 7ZJ (I.I| w||| |e|eariJ
|tem 1,658 (1,991), www.|eaeve.te.ek w|B |0 383215
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix
By cttaet|ag c ewetIe|, seet||y |e||t 11.6|a tc||et w|t| ca exte||eat key|ect6 6etk, t|e I||akPc6
he||x settee6s w|ete et|et |y|t|6s |cve Ic||e6. 0a|y t|e eyewctet|ag t|te 6eats |ts cec|.
1,083 (1,299), www.c|e.temJek w|B |0 386221
136 (163)
w|B |0 3I5I60 |SS0| 211
3I1 (119)
w|B |0 3I8553 |SS0| 221
385 (162)
w|B |0 3IIII0 |SS0| 220
966 (1,159)
w|B |0 3I8103 |SS0| 220
166B, 26Jmt|, 21mt|s
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1,219 (1,199)
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|tee, 12Jmt|, 21mt|s
w|B |0 3851I1 |SS0| 236
Dell Ultra5harp
5ony Alpha
Nikon D6
Nexus 5
Eizo ColorEdge
Motorola Moto G
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K|Y SP|CS Zl|a Z,SJ t I,++J ||' :em|-|e:: I|I, 9|:j|a|er|, h9|,
9\|-9, 9-'UK, Z t U'K J, Z t U'K Z, +Z t J+& t SI+mm
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&JZ.IIat W|-||, &| lrea|/I.J| rear tamera:, 7 t &.7 t IJ&mm, IJ
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&JZ.IIa W|-||, S| lrea|/I.J| rear tamera:, t II.S t IJJmm, I+J
1I9 (215), www.cmctea.te.ek w|B |0 3I5823 666 (I99), www.wex|etegtc||t.tem w|B |0 38I211
309 (3I1), www.stca.te.ek w|B |0 380038 I15 (858), www.tettys.te.ek w|B |0 383911
|tee, 33Jmt|, 21mt|s, www.|xmca|c.te.ek w|B |0 388231
I05 (816), www.act|ve6|g|tc|.tem w|B |0 3II2I2
|tee, 13Jmt|, 21mt|s, www.|eaes1e.te.ek w|B |0 hJk
Dell Ultra5harp U2412M 5amsung NX3
Dell Ultra5harp U2913WM Canon EO5 7D
5amsung Galaxy 55
Eizo ColorEdge CX24
Motorola Moto E
het t|e t|ecest 21|a mea|tet, |et t|e |attecs|ag|y tcte 1,920 x
1,200 tese|et|ea |PS cae| |s seet|.
I|e hI30 eIIets 0S|k Iectetes w|t|eet t|e |e|k. ||ex|||e |eas
et|eas mcke t|e t|te ecs|et te swc||ew, tee.
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I1 (109), 36, 111 (169)
w|B |0 381I21 |SS0| 231
Amazon Kindle
kmctea's e|eek tec6et |s t|e |est |a |ts t|css. |t |ecsts t|e
|est ||g|t, t|e tt|sest | |ak stteea ca6 t|e s|m|est 0| eI
cay e|eek tec6et cteea6.
K|Y SP|CS |a lS& t I,JZ+ |ear| | |a| :treea, ZK :|erae, Ir KIK
warraa|, IIl t 7 t I7mm, ZJ
I6 (91), www.metetemetets.tem w|B |0 3II821
Kobo Glo
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w|t| ca et|tc| teet|stteea.
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seIIets Item c h66|y |atetIcte.
K|Y SP|CS Kec|re: |||eae/||ai (er ||ei Iect| w||| |' aii-eaJ, UK/
K| maj:, h9 Iralht, \Zl/r er \+/m||, :jeei tamera:, \Zl/r er \+/m||
11I (1I6), www.tettys.te.ek w|B |0 383008
TomTomGo 5
IemIem stt|kes |ctk w|t| c s||tk, tcc||e 6PS 6ev|te. w|t|
c ||Iet|me ttcIht se|stt|t|ea |ea6|e6 Iet Itee, |t's te vc|ee.
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A-LI5T -AUGU8T 2014
Creo|e your own reviews comporison shor|lis|

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Canon Pixma
Epson WorkForce
I|e P|xmc N66150 6cs|es eII ||g|qec||ty t|ats ca6 te|es,
|es ttystc|t|ect stcas. keaa|ag tests cte tecseac||e |y |akjet
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evetyt||ag |ct |ete t|at|ag, teaa|ag tests cte |ew, tee.
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K|Y SP|CS S-|a| ea|ae, l.Stm :treea, IJJ-:|ee| |ajc| |ra, icj|et,
&JZ.IIa W|-||, +SS t J7 t I+&mm
K|Y SP|CS +-|a| ea|ae, .Jtm :treea, Z t ZSJ-:|ee| |ajc| |ra:,
J-:|ee| /9|, icj|et, lat, |||erae|, &JZ.IIa W|-||, ++7 t +Zl t JJ&mm
K|Y SP|CS /+ meae |a:er, ZJjjm :jeei, U'K, &JZ.IIa w|re|e::,
ISJ-:|ee| |ajc| |ra, IJJ-:|ee| ec|jc| |ra, JJI t ZIS t Il&mm
62 (I1), www.t|atet|ca6.te.ek w|B |0 382528
91 (109), www.t|atet|ca6.te.ek w|B |0 382393
I1 (86), www.t|atet|ca6.te.ek w|B |0 382009
HP Photosmart 552
HP Omcejet 67 Premium
Oki B41d
hP's P|etesmctt 5520 teajetes e gee6qec||ty |etes ca6
gtect etIetmcate. keaa|ag tests cte te|ct|ve|y |ew, tee.
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qec||ty ca6 |ew teaa|ag tests, |t s|ee|6 |e ea yeet s|ett||st.
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teqec||ty meae t|ats ct ca |mtess|ve tcte.
3 PCs, 20 (21)Jyt
w|B |0 38I193 |SS0| 233
|tem 92 (110)
w|B |0 3I9510 |SS0| 220
63 (I5)
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1 PC, 3Jmt| (ea||m|te6)
w|B |0 3I3558 |SS0| 210
w|B |0 361519 |SS0| 198
w|B |0 382I86 |SS0| 213
|tem 15Jmt|, ea||m|te6 esets
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seet| aew |eg|as, ca6 temeats Ce|cse
cs ca ce6|ewtcag||ag |ecvywe|g|t.
|tee, www.cvcst.tem
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22 (26), www.||tetcteteca6|ctte.tem
w|B |0 3I1680
18Jmt|, www.cmctea.te.ek
w|B |0 3I2I86
26B, Itee, www.6te|ex.tem
w|B |0 3I3561
18Jmt|, www.c6e|e.te.ek
w|B |0 382I86
52 (63), www.cmctea.te.ek
w|B |0 385228
|tem 9Jmt|, www.xete.tem
w|B |0 36I120
1IJmt|, www.c6e|e.te.ek
w|B |0 382I86
283 (339), www.6v21I.tem
w|B |0 381511
Avast Free
Antivirus 214
5crivener for Windows
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Premiere
Elements 12
Adobe CC complete plan
Ableton Live 9
I|e |est Itee cat|v|tes, w|t| gtect
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k66s ce6|eteN|0| teavets|ea te ca
c|tec6y teea6e6 ca6 mctete te6ett.
Kaspersky Internet
5ecurity 214
Omce 213
Adobe Photoshop
Drupal 7
Adobe Premiere
Pro CC
Xara Designer Pro X9
5teinberg Cubase 7.5
0|sk|ess, 192 (230)
w|B |0 386I13 |SS0| 231
8I (101)
w|B |0 3I65I3 |SS0| 215
2566B, 133 (160)
w|B |0 380155 |SS0| 223
112 (1I0)
w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 238
5ynology Disk5tation
Asus P8Z77-V Pro
5amsung 84 Pro
I|e 0S211|cy |s c |ege|y vetsct||e hkS 6ev|te, w|t| exte||eat
me6|csttecm|ag tcc||||t|es ca6 seme eI t|e |est t|ee6 Iectetes
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Iectete c PC |e||6et aee6s, w|t| |eaty eI setkets ca6 etts,
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22am 6es|ga, t|e 810 Pte |s t|e Icstest SS0 we've evet teste6.
I|e kC1900 |s see6y evet 802.11ct ca6 |ecsts |mtess|ve
tcage ea c|| aetwetk tyes. |t c|se |at|e6es |ctke seItwcte ca6
c we|teateat h|tet, mck|ag Iet c ewetIe|, vetsct||e kC teetet.
K|Y SP|CS |a|e| /|em C|SJJS, Z t J.S|a ir|e |a:, 'ae|e
h|r|i K/|9, !K9, K/|9J, S, IJ, I t U'K J, Z t U'K Z, Zr KIK warraa|
K|Y SP|CS 'et|e| |/ IISS, |a|e| lll t||j:e|, J t |C|-| tI,
Z t |C|-| tI, Z t |C|, + t U'K J, + t 99KJ 9| :et|e|:, &JZ.IIa W|-||
K|Y SP|CS Z.S|a '/I/ |||:/:et ''9, 'am:ca 9l tea|re||er.
|ar| teie. l-l|9ZSKW
K|Y SP|CS Ceatcrrea| ica|-|aai &JZ.IIat, + t |a||| |||erae|,
U'K J, U'K Z, Z&S t & t ZJSmm
86 (103), www.stca.te.ek w|B |0 382510
2IB, 520 (621), www.e|eyet.tem w|B |0 hJk 60 (I2), www.cmctea.te.ek w|B |0 3I65I6
2566B, 85 (102), www.e|eyet.tem w|B |0 380818 96 (115), www.|tec6|ca6|eyet.te.ek w|B |0 hJk
AMD A1-68K
Netgear ReadyNA5 314 2TB M5I Z77A-G43
5anDisk Ultra Plus D-Link DIR-868L
kN0's k|t||ca6 e6cte |mteves ea |cst yect's It|a|ty t||s, ca6
t|e k106800K 6e||vets |ettet etIetmcate cttess t|e |ect6.
I|e kec6yhkS 311 |sa't t|ec, |et |t's see6y, te||c||e ca6
ecsy te ese. we'6 |ey t|e 6|sk|ess vets|ea, t|eeg|.
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|t tca't mctt| t|e tet|et SS0s Iet etIetmcate, |et t||s |e6get
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w|||e |t mcy aet teet t|e mest |mtess|ve set|htct|ea ea t|e
mctket, t|e 0|k868| 6e||vets 802.11ct ct c t|te t|ct's t|g|t.
Iy|tc||y, 120
0eea6s ea |tca6
w|B |0 38229I |SS0| 225
Iy|tc||y, 210
0eea6s ea |tca6
w|B |0 3861I9 |SS0| 233
2IB, 50 (60)
w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 226
Nvidia GeForce
GTX 65 Ti Boost
Nvidia GeForce
GTX 77
5eagate Barracuda
hv|6|c teajetes e c se||6 m|6tcage tct6. |I yee tca't sttett| te
t|e 6II 660 I|, t|e 6II 650 I| Beest 6e||vets 6eteat, |e|| h0
gcm|ag etIetmcate Iet seas|||e meaey.
hv|6|c tectkcges t|e 6II 680, |em|ag e t|e 6P0 tete ca6
memety see6s ca6 6e||vet|ag set|ees ewet Iet seas|||e meaey.
|t e6ges eet |ts t|vc|, t|e kN0 kc6eea k9 280I, |y c aese.
w|t| |ts tem||act|ea eI c I,200tm s|a6|e see6 ca6 c tct|e
eI 61NB, t||s 6t|ve 6e||vets c 6eteat c||teea6 etIetmcate ct
c tecseac||e t|te.
K|Y SP|CS l& :|ream jrete::er:, 7&Jht tere, ZK 99KS K/,
Z&am, I t -j|a teaaet|er, Z+Jmm |ea
K|Y SP|CS Z&am KIJ+ |U, ZK 99KS K/, Z t 9\|, h9|,
9|:j|a|er|, I t &-j|a teaaet|er, I t -j|a teaaet|er, Zltm |ea
K|Y SP|CS J.S|a '/I/ |||:/:et h99, l,ZJJrjm :j|ai|e :jeei, +K
tat|e, Zr KIK warraa|. |ar| teie. 'IZJJJ9JJI
Iy|tc||y, 30 w|B |0 hJk
Iy|tc||y, 100 w|B |0 386182
2IB, 18 (5I), www.stca.te.ek w|B |0 hJk
AMD Radeon HD 645
AMD Radeon R9 29X
Toshiba DT
I|e h0 6150 |s hae Iet |cy|ag h0 v|6ee ea ca e|6 PC w|t|eet
me6eta |ategtcte6 gtc||ts.
kN0's aew 6P0 ctt||tettete |s |mmease|y ewetIe|. |et
||g|tese|et|ea, 2,560 x 1,110 gcm|ag, t||s |s t|e tct6 te |cve.
k qe|tk etIetmet |a eet seqeeat|c| h|e |eat|mctks,
t||s 6t|ve |s c|se gee6 vc|ee.
136 (163)
w|B |0 3I1158 |SS0| 213
Intel Core i5-357K
hcswe|| |s |ete, |et w|t| ae s|ga|htcat etIetmcate c6vcatcge
evet |vy Bt|6ge c|eags|6e c ||g|et t|te, |t mckes sease te st|tk
w|t| t||s tev|eesgeaetct|ea Cete |5.
K|Y SP|CS J.+ht (J.&ht Icr|e Kee:|J, |/ IISS cai-tere C|U,
|a|e| h9 raj||t: +JJJ, K |J tat|e, llW I9|, ZZam
2IB, 69 (83)
w|B |0 380806 |SS0| 221
WD My Passport
I|e Ny Pcssett tem||aes |ege tcct|ty w|t| seet| vc|ee.
|t eIIets ae g|mm|tks, |et |t's t|e 6t|ve eI t|e|te w|ea |t temes
te scte ca6 t|te.
K|Y SP|CS ZIK h99, U'K J, Zr KIK warraa|, &Z t III t
5006B, II (92), www.cmctea.te.ek w|B |0 380806
Buhalo HDW-P5U3 Mini5tation Air
w|te|ess cttess mckes t||s c vetsct||e c|tetact|ve, c|t|eeg|
t|e t|te |s |aev|tc||y 6t|vea e |y t||s Iectete.
Netgear Nighthawk
R7 AC19
A-LI5T -AUGU8T 2014
6,199 ext kI
w|B |0 385618 |SS0| 230
Ne6e| 61610I, 309 ext kI
w|B |0 38I361 |SS0| 232
332 ext kI
w|B |0 386689 |SS0| 233
1,666 ext kI
w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 23I
1,358 ext kI
w|B |0 380599 |SS0| 223
219 ext kI
w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 23I
519 ext kI
w|B |0 386I9I |SS0| 233
0a||m|te6 6ctc et setvet,
Item 500Jmt| ext kI
w|B |0 380518 |SS0| 223


Boston Value
5eries 361 G8
HP ProLiant
Micro5erver Gen8
Check Point 6
ReadyNA5 716
Tandberg Data
Fujitsu 5can5nap
Cem||a|ag 10 |eg|tc| CP0 tetes w|t| ||g|qec||ty stetcge
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1006B, 200Jmt| ext kI, www.setetstete.tem w|B |0 380098
HP ProLiant DL32e Gen8 v2 Dell PowerEdge T2
Kaspersky Endpoint 5ecurity Core
HP 5torageWorks Ultrium3 5A5 HP LaserJet Pro 2 MFP M276n Fujitsu 5can5nap iX5
5ecurstore Cloud Backup
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500 seasets, 9II ext kI, www.cess|et.tem w|B |0 380152
Paessler PRTG Network Monitor 12.4
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w|B |0 hJk |SS0| 236
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6 -AUGU8T 2014
I plugged in an iPod in Seattle and it said it
was indexing the device. 8y the time I got
to San Francisco, it was still indexing
JON HONEYBALL revs up his
anger at the poor thinking
behind in-car technology

ai manuacruieis conuse me.

In some asecrs, rley Liing
riuly amazing reclnology ro
rle uLlic. In orleis, rley ail so
secraculaily ir`s emLaiiassing.
1o srair on a osirive nore, no-one vlo
las olloveu rle iogiess o auromorive
engineeiing ovei rle asr rliee uecaues can ail
ro aieciare rle imacr o rle micioiocessoi.
Back in rle 190s, ir vas an analogue voilu:
engineeis voikeu iom esrimares Laseu on
lisroiical uara anu voilu-class luncles.
Wirl rle move ro CPU-Laseu mouelling,
ir`s ossiLle ro nnu our lov a vlole velicle,
oi jusr one comonenr, vill voik Leoie you
even Luilu ir. 1le CPU las enaLleu incieuiLly
ueraileu mouelling, iom aeiouynamics anu
simulareu ciasl resring ro rle vay leareu
aii lovs rliougl rle caLin.
1len rleie`s rle reclnology virlin
rle cai irsel. Lngine-managemenr sysrems
lave Liouglr minu-Loggling imiovemenrs in
enciency uue ro rle ulria-iecise conriol o uel
injecrion, saik riming anu so oirl. ]usr rake a
look ar rle ovei oururs ei lirie: 30 yeais
ago, 100Ll ei lirie vas consiueieu almosr a
iace-engine ourur. 1ouay, mainsrieam engines
aie ueliveiing almosr rvice rlar.
o uerail, ir seems, is roo small oi rle
CPU ro rake conriol. Soon you`ll Le aLle ro iun
youi leaulams on ull Leam all rle rime, you
von`r neeu ro ui rle liglrs vlen you come u
Lelinu anorlei velicle. Hov can rlis Le Well,
vlen a cameia sees rle velicle in ionr, rle cai
rlen sreeis anu mouines rle Leam ro make
a uaik runnel in rle liglr arrein so rlar
rle cai in ionr is excluueu. 1lis laens in
ieal-rime, so rle runnel is alvays in rle iiglr
lace iiiesecrive o rle rvisrs anu ruins o
rle ioau. Wlen rleie is an oncoming cai, rle
cameia sysrem sees rlis roo, anu makes anorlei
runnel. Ir`s riuly incieuiLle reclnology, Liinging
rogerlei cameias, airincial inrelligence anu
sreeiaLle LLD leauliglrs, all Lounu rogerlei
Ly rle ovei o rle CPU.
Wlicl is vly ir`s quire exriaoiuinaiy rlar cai
manuacruieis uo sucl an aalling joL virlin
rle caLin. Arei a iecenr unoirunare cai ciasl
(virl no-one injuieu, rlankully) my 1-yeai-olu
Neiceues-Benz L-Class vas viirren o anu ve
neeueu a nev cai immeuiarely. A local Auui
uealei lau a rvo-yeai-olu A3 DSG uiesel rlar
rickeu all rle Loxes. Ir even lau Blueroorl oi a
lone connecrion anu an iPou mounring sysrem
in rle gloveLox. As a srairing oinr oi a cai ve
inrenueu ro kee oievei, ir seemeu a Lig lea
oivaius ovei rle olu Neiceues.
1le iealiry, lovevei, las ioveu somevlar
uieienr. Yes, ir las an iPou mounr, Lur rle
uevice aeais ro rle in-cai leau unir as a
six-uisc CD auroclangei. 1le nisr nve uiscs
aie rle nisr nve laylisrs on youi iPou. 1le
sixrl is eveiyrling else. Sciolling rliougl can
only Le uone one riack ar a rime, rleie`s no
seaicling anu ir`s oiueieu Ly allaLerical riack
numLei. 1le uislay goes ro riack 99 anu rlen
vias ro 01 again (alrlougl rlis is acrually
riack 101). Hanuling a 160GB iPou nlleu virl
music is Leyonu a niglrmaie ir`s imossiLle.
I coulu imiove rlings Ly nrring rle Auui
iPou meuia inreiace Lox, Lur rlar voulu
iequiie ulling our rle eiecrly usaLle iauio/
CD leau unir anu ielacing ir virl rle ull
sarnav sysrem. 1le iice rag oi rlis is vell
inro oui nguies, Lecause in-cai sarnav seems
ro Le one o rle lasr Lasrions o riue cusromei
ii-o in rle cai inuusriy.
1len rleie`s Blueroorl. In some vays, rlis
voiks incieuiLly vell: rle sounu qualiry is
excellenr anu I can scioll aiounu rle lone
Look virl ease via rle conriols on rle sreeiing
vleel. 1le voice-conriol sysrem, lovevei,
aeais only ro voik oi someone virl an
exriaoiuinaiily veiiu accenr, so I`ve given u.
Bur rlar`s nor rle voisr air: you can aii u
ro oui lones virl rle sysrem, Lur only one
can Le connecreu ar once. I rvo eole ger
inro rle cai, anu rleii lones aie aiieu, rlen
only one voiks. Anu ir`s ianuom as ro vlicl
one is giaLLeu nisr.
You`u rlink rle comurei manuacruieis
voulu lave an ansvei oi all o rlis. Well,
Niciosor riieu virl irs Sync sysrem, Lur I ienr
a lor o cais in rle USA anu eveiy rime I`ve useu
Sync ir las Leen a loiiiLle mess. Once I luggeu
in an iPou in Searrle, anu ir saiu ir vas inuexing
rle uevice. By rle rime I gor ro San Iiancisco,
ir vas srill inuexing.
Is rleie any suiiise rlar rle inuusriy
is looking ro Ale ro soir our all o rlis
Cleaily, cai manuacruieis uon`r lave a clue,
anu exisring comurei inuusriy solurions
leave eveiyrling ro Le uesiieu.
JONHONEYBALL is a contributing
editor. He thinks everything went downhill
when we moved away fromWeber carbs.