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Name : Malvina anak Bagok

ID : 201447503
Course : HM111B
Chapter 2
Essay Quiz
1. Describe what characteristics a block of text might have.
In the text blocks, adjust the leading for the most pleasing line spacing. Lines too
tightly will packed are difficult to read.

2. Describe what characteristics a typeface might have.
The characteristics a typeface might have is typeface have font styles, font sizes, cases
and serif versus Sans Serif.
3. Discuss the differences among multimedia, interactive multimedia, hypertext, and hypermedia.
Multimedia is a woven combination of digitally manipulated text, photographs, graphic art,
sound, animation, and video elements. When you allow an end user to control what and when the
elements are delivered, it is called interactive multimedia. When you provide a structure of linked
elements through which the user can be navigate, interactive multimedia become hypermedia.
Key Term Quiz
1. Type sizes are usually expressed in points
2. When a password must be entered in upper-or lowercase in order to match the original
password, it is said to be case sensitive.
3. Symbolic representations of object and processes common to the graphical user
interfaces of many computer operating system are called icons.
4. Special HTML characters, always prefixed by an ampersand (escape) and followed by a
semicolon, are called character entity.
5. What you see is what you get is spoken as WYSIWYG
6. Translating or designing multimedia (or any computer-based material into a language
other than the one in which it was originally written is called localization
7. The little decoration at the end of a letter stroke is a the serif
8. Designers call roomy blank areas white space
9. Anti-aliasing Blends the colors along the edges of the letters (called dithering) to create
a soft transition between the letter and its background.
10. Conceptual elements consisting of text, graphics, sounds, or related information in the
knowledge base are called multimedia.

Chapter 3 :
Essay Quiz
1. Discuss the difference between bitmap and vector graphic. Describe five different
graphic elements you might use in a project, for example, the background, buttons,
icons, or text. Would you use a vector tool or a bitmap tool for each element? Why?
Vector-drawn objects are described and drawn to the computer screen using a fraction
of memory space required to describe and store the same objects in bitmaps form.
There are five differences between vectors and bitmaps. First, vector use less memory
space but cannot be used for photorealistics images. It requires a plug in for web-
display. As for bitmaps, it is not easily scalable. Bitmaps also can convert to vector.
Lastyly, I will use bitmaps tool because its seem much more easier to use compare to
the vector tool.

Key Term Quiz
1. The working area of a computer display is sometimes called real estate.
2. The type of image used for photo-realistic images and for complex drawings
requiring fine detail is the bitmap.
3. The type of image used for lines, boxes, circle, polygons, and other graphic shapes
that can be mathematically expressed in angle, coordinates, and distances is the
vector-drawn objects
4. The picture elements that make up a bitmap are called pixels or pels
5. Morphing Allow you to smoothly blend two images so that one image seems to melt
into the next.
6. The process that computes the bounds of the shapes of colors within a bitmap
image and then derives the polygon object that describes that image is called
7. Graphics Is when the computer uses intricate algorithms to apply the effects you
have specified on the object you have created for a final 3-D image.
8. Covering Is the blocky, jagged look resulting from too little information is a
bitmapped image.
9. A collection of color value available for display is called a color palettes.
10. Dithering Is a process whereby the color value of each pixel is changed to the
closest matching color value is the target palette, sing a mathematical algorithm.