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A General Ut ilit y Tract or

The C-Max is t he ideal ut ilit y t ract or
f or loader and general f arm work.
The f orward/reverse synchro shut t le
provides quick and easy direct ional
change, whilst t he 55 st eering
angle enables t he nimblest of
movement s in conf ined spaces.
A Grassland Worker
An ideal t ract or f or grassland f arms,
t he C-Max is equipped will f ully
independent PTO syst em wit h a
good choice of PTO speeds. In
addit ion, a creep opt ion provides
t hose ext ra speeds f or specialist
operat ions.
Tillage? Not a Problem
Wit h generous capacit y and a high
pressure pump, t he C-Max models
make ideal t illage t ract ors f or small
f arms. Wit h opt ional assist or rams,
addit ional lif t ing power is available
t o f acilit at e t he use of a wide range
of t illage equipment .
Down t he Road
Wit h t ransmission opt ions of f ering
up t o 40kph and t rue f our-wheel
braking, t he C-Max can t ravel saf ely
and ef f ect ively in t ransport
operat ions.
The name says it all
An excellent herit age
The McCormick brand is a t rue classic
in t he manuf act ure of agricult ural
machinery and equipment . From t he
world s f irst ever pract ical reaper in
1831 t hrough t he long and
dist inguished line of t ract ors t hat
f ollowed, t he McCormick badge epit omised qualit y,
craf t smanship and innovat ive design. Now t he name
t hat pioneered a t ransf ormat ion in agricult ural
ef f iciency f or more t han a cent ury and a half is reborn.
A wealt h of experience
Manuf act uring is based at plant s which t hemselves
have a long and dist inguished t rack-record of t ract or
product ion. The award-winning workf orce is highly
skilled and experienced. Who bet t er t o breat he new
lif e int o t he McCormick legend.
A commit ment t o qualit y
The McCormick t ract ors of t he 21st cent ury remain
t rue t o t he values and principles t hat made
McCormick a world-beat er f or so many years.
That means no compromises in qualit y. It ensures
st rict compliance wit h some of t he most demanding
manuf act uring st andards in t he indust ry. And, not
least , it heralds a renewed mission t o achieve ever-
increasing product ivit y levels f or our cust omers.
Renowned reliabilit y
McCormick t ract or users f rom yest er-year st ill happily
relat e st ories of t heir unrivalled reliabilit y and appet it e
f or work. Whilst , t echnologically, t he new generat ion
of machines bear lit t le resemblance t o t heir
predecessors, t hey are every bit as dependable - and
more so. Every single working part is designed t o
last - even in t he most punishing environment s. Hour
af t er hour, day af t er day, out in t he f ield or in t he
yard, a McCormick t ract or won t let you down.
58, 68, 81, 91 and 98hp models.
The McCormick C-Max Range adds a new level of economic
f unct ionalit y t o t he McCormick line-up.
Ranging f rom 58 98hp, t hese 5 new models are neat ly
posit ioned bet ween t he CX and t he C Series, of f ering
enhanced f eat ures over and above t he C Series, yet economic
and simplist ic f eat ures in comparison t o t he CX.
Equipped wit h reliable 1103 and 1104 Series Perkins engines,
t o complement t he robust , rugged product design, t he
McCormick C-Max range provides out st anding perf ormance
wit h maximum durabilit y.
User f riendly f eat ures include a shut t le t ransmission, a
mechanically operat ed hit ch wit h a high lif t capacit y, and
100% locking f ront and rear dif f erent ial. Wit h an ISO-
mount ed plat f orm, adjust able sprung seat , easy t o read
analogue dashboard t he driver is well equipped t o complet e
all his t asks f or t he day.
C60 Max C75 Max C85 Max C95 Max C105 Max
Perkins Euro 2/Tier2 direct -inject ion engine 1103C-33 1104C-44 1104C-44 1104C-44T 1104C-44T
Max. power (ISO) hp/kW 58.5/43 68.2/50.2 81.6/60 91.9/67.6 98.6/72.5
Rat ed speed rpm 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Max. t orque Nm 222 273 292 380 364
Max. t orque speed rpm 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Bore/st roke mm 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127
Displacement (cm3) / no. of cylinders Turbo 3300/3 4400/4 4400/4 4400/4T 4400/4T
Fuel t ank capacit y lt r 102 102 102 102 102
Independent dry dual clut ch mm (inch) 275.8 (11) 275.8 (11) 275.8 (11) 304.8 (12) 304.8 (12)
Drive disc mat erial ceramet allic ceramet allic ceramet allic ceramet allic ceramet allic
Mechanically operat ed St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Rev. synchro shut t le: 12FWD + 12REV St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Rev. synchro shut t le + creeper: 24FWD + 12REV Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
Rev. synchro shut t le + overdrive: 24FWD + 12REV (40Km/h) Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
Mechanical engagement St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
2 speeds 540/750 rpm St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
2 speeds 540/1000 rpm Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
13/8 (34.9 mm) PTO shaf t wit h 6 splines St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Ground speed PTO St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Epicyclic f inal drives St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Mechanical 4WD engagement St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Max. st eering angle 55 55 55 55 55
100% Twin-Lock elect rohydraulic f ront /rear dif f -locks St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Oil-immersed rear brakes 8 discs 8 discs 10 discs 10 discs 10 discs
Oil-immersed f ront brakes, (4 discs) Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
Draf t , posit ion int ermix cont rol St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Mechanically operat ed St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
STD lif t capacit y Kg 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Lif t capacit y wit h 2 assist or Rams Kg 3700 Opt ional 3700 Opt ional 3700 Opt ional 3700 Opt ional 4350 Opt ional
Max. operat ing pressure bar 180 180 180 180 180
Hydraulic pump out put (Hit ch st eering) lt r/min 52.3+ 29.9 52.3+ 29.9 52.3+ 29.9 52.3+ 29.9 52.3+ 29.9
Cat 2 t hree-point linkage St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Auxiliary valves available (wit h joyst ick cont rol) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4)
Mechanical suspension seat St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Analog inst rument s St andard St andard St andard St andard St andard
Front t yres 12.4-24 12.4-24 11.2-24 13.6-24 380/70 R24
Rear t yres 16.9-30 16.9-30 16.9-34 16.9-34 480/70 R34
Lengt h (wit h ballast ) mm 4018 4136 4136 4136 4160
Wheelbase 2WD/4WD mm 2223/2198 2341/2316 2341/2316 2341/2316 2365/2340
Height t o st eering wheel mm 1740 1740 1790 1790 1790
Height over hoodsheet mm 1630 1630 1680 1680 1680
Ground clearance 4WD mm 380 380 430 430 430
Height t o t op of ROPS mm 2510 2510 2560 2560 2560
Min. widt h mm 1631 1631 1732 1732 1760
Min. t urning radius (wit hout brakes) 4WD mm 4000 4100 4100 4100 4100
Weight (wit hout ballast ) 4WD Kg 3130 3330 3330 3330 3360
Front t rack adjust ment 4WD mm 1497-1897 1497-1897 1456-1938 1456-1938 1456-1938
Rear t rack adjust ment mm 1192-1908 1192-1908 1292-2012 1292-2012 1292-2012
7 f ront weight s 36 kg each Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
2 rear weight s 60 kg each Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
Hydraulic t railer brakes Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
Assist or Rams Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional Opt ional
58 - 98hp
McCormick Tractors International Ltd. Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster DN2 4PG, England. Tel + 44 (0)1302 366631 Fax + 44 (0)1302 762636.
This lit erat ure has been published f or worldwide circulat ion. The st andard and opt ional
equipment and t he availabilit y of individual models may vary f rom one count ry t o t he next .
McCormick Tract ors Int ernat ional Lt d reserves t he right t o undert ake modif icat ions wit hout prior
not ice t o t he design and t echnical equipment at all t imes wit hout t his result ing in any obligat ion
what soever t o make such modif icat ions t o unit s already sold. Whilst every ef f ort is made t o
ensure t hat t he specif icat ions, descript ions and illust rat ions in t his brochure are correct at t he
t ime of going t o press, t hese are also subject t o change wit hout prior not ice. Illust rat ions may
show opt ional equipment or may not show all st andard equipment .
Your dealer is:
Gruppo Indust riale ARGO
60 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 105
Powered by Perkins
The McCormick C-Max range is powered by specially t ailored,
emission compliant Perkins 1103 and 1104 series engines.
Available as nat urally aspirat ed or t urbo-charged, t hese clean 3.3
and 4.4 lit re engines f eat ure a revised combust ion chamber and
cylinder head design t o ensure maximum power and economy are
Operat ing Environment
As all major cont rols are posit ioned eit her side of t he operat or s seat ,
access t o t he operat or plat f orm remains unrest rict ed. Sit uat ed on
f our silent bloc mount ed point s, vibrat ion and noise levels are kept
t o a minimum t o enhance operat or comf ort . A 2-post f oldable
ROPS f rame is f it t ed as st andard on all C-Max plat f orm models, and
in addit ion, an opt ional canopy is also available.
Safe and Efficient Braking
The wet , oil-cooled mult i-disc rear brakes are hydraulically operat ed
f or out st anding braking abilit y. Two Individual brake pedals can be
operat ed independent ly f or improved f ield t urning. Alt ernat ively, a
robust clip locks t he t wo pendant t ype pedals t oget her f or enhanced
braking during t ransport at ion. In addit ion, t he f ront axle opt ion
incorporat es wet disc brakes f or t rue f our wheel braking result ing in
ult imat e braking abilit y. An opt ional non braking f ront axle is also
available on t he C95Max and t he C105Max unit s
Convenient Engine Access
Engine access is easily achieved t hanks t o t he one-piece rear hinged
hood-sheet . Once opened, t he operat or or service engineer has a
clear and accessible view of t he serviceable component s, and wit h
addit ional access provided by easily removable side panels, complet e
unhindered access is achieved.
Four-Wheel Drive
A mechanically engaged, f our-wheel drive syst em provides addit ional
t ract ion as required. In addit ion, a 55 st eering angle ensures
excellent t urning capabilit ies.
User-friendly Hit ch Cont rol
McCormick C-Max models are equipped wit h a mechanically
operat ed robust hit ch t hat is simply and ef f ect ively operat ed by t wo
main cont rol levers. A Mode Select ion Lever enables t he operat or
t o chose bet ween Posit ion, Draf t , or Int ermix modes. A main cont rol
lever is used t o raise, lower and set t he posit ion of t he linkage when
operat ing in eit her t he Posit ion or Draf t mode.
In addit ion, an adjust able quadrant st op allows t he lever t o quickly
ret urn t o t he correct working set t ing.
The robust hit ch is also equipped wit h a draf t sensing syst em t hat
can be set t o compensat e f or t he f luct uat ing draf t f orces arising
f rom t he various t ype of implement equipment used. This syst em
ensures opt imum perf ormance and economy are achieved, what ever
t he applicat ion.
Remot e Valves
All McCormick C-Max models are f it t ed wit h a remot e valve as
st andard, and a second is available as an opt ion. Connect ions f or
t he couplings are a push-pull t ype and are available in various
conf igurat ions f or opt imum f lexibilit y.
In addit ion, an opt ional joyst ick cont rol is also available t o increase
t he number of remot e valves t o a maximum of f our. This ext ends
t he C-Max f lexibilit y even f urt her as t he joyst ick f acilit at es t he use of
addit ional at t achment s such as f ront end loaders.
Fuel Tank
All models are equipped wit h a 102 lit re f uel t anks specially
designed f or f ast er, splash-f ree f illing and more hours in t he f ield.
For f armers requiring except ional ground clearance, t hree of t he
C-Max models are also available as High Clear versions (HC).
HC versions are equipped wit h f our equal sized wheels, a high
clearance f ront axle and f ront axle bolst er and re-posit ioned rear
f inal drive housing. This combinat ion ensures t hat t he McCormick
C-Max HC models are ideally suit ed t o crop spraying or veget able
work as t he except ional ground clearance reduces t he amount of
pot ent ial crop damage. The HC opt ion is available on t he 85, 95
and 105 C-Max models.
Ergonomically locat ed cont rols and
unhindered access.
Excellent access f or servicing and rout ine
maint enance.
Simplicit y t hrough t he mechanical hit ch cont rol.
St at e-of -t he-art engine t echnology, wit h Perkins
1103 and 1104 Series engines.
The f ront and rear dif f erent ial locks are 100% locking and
can be simult aneously engaged at t he press of a swit ch
ideal f or ext ra t ract ion requirement s in dif f icult f ield
condit ions.
The t ot ally independent 540/750 or 540/1000 PTO
maximises C-Max product ivit y, and can be engaged or
disengaged by an ergonomically posit ioned lever. In
addit ion, ground speed PTO is st andard on all models,
and ef f ect ively mat ches your t ravel speed.
The synchro-shut t le provides ef f ect ive direct ional change,
and f or added convenience, a neut ral posit ion is
incorporat ed f or periodic pauses.
The McCormick C-Max has a choice of t hree
t ransmission opt ions, all of which are equipped wit h
a reliable synchro-shut t le f or precise and easy
engagement .
The base t ransmission has 12F + 12R speeds which
provides operat ors wit h a simple, reliable product .
For addit ional versat ilit y, t he creep opt ion reduces t he
st andard speeds by up t o 80%, providing 12
addit ional f orward speeds t hat go down t o 300
met res per hour. But if it s a f ast er speed you re
looking f or, t he Overdrive opt ion f acilit at es C-Max
speeds of 40kph ideal f or t ransport at ion purposes.