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Aftab H. Tabassam


Lecturer Faculty of Management Sciences,
The University of Poonch Raala!ot
A"a# $ammu % &ashmir
Objective: To deliver the best out of myself by utilizing my skills, expertise and
experience in any competitive and innovative environment, Thus
becoming an integral part of establishment.
Personal Traits
Excellent interpersonal abilities, potential to deliver the best in diverse
environment, able to take decisions with confdence and communicate
with clarity.
Strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to
coordinate the eorts of many to meet organizational goals.
!ositive attitude, e"cient work habits, loves to work in challenging
environment. Easy going and #exible. Self$motivator and highly
energetic and enthusiastic.
%nderstand strategic priorities of organization and manage many tasks
simultaneously, aiming always to deliver excellent results.
Job Experience
Te !niversit" o# Poonc $a%la&ot:
&urrently, '(m working as a lecturer in the faculty of management sciences
the %niversity of !oonch )awalakot *zad +ashmir. ' am teaching various
courses of ,-*, ,.&om, ,Sc Economics and --* classes.
,oreover, ' have supervised ./ Students during the last semester. *ll the
students have defended their $esearc Tesis excellently.
i' ( ) * En+ineerin+ co,pan" -b. /abi:
0orked as a fnance manager1&hief accountant in S 2 3 Engineering &o. %*E
*bu 4habi providing them fnancial guidelines while maintaining their 5inal
*ccounts, Trial -alance, -alance Sheet analysis, &ash #ows, budgeting, )eceivable
and payable management, ,ore over ' have worked while dealing letter of credit,
-anks , warrantees and import of machinery.
ii' -ssistant /irector 0inance Plannin+ ) /evelop,ent1-ssistant
/irector -2,inistrator1-ssistant /irector,ent:
3overn,ent (ector 4P(-156 2005
0orking with 5inance department, 6overnment of !akistan, 7eading fnance
department of the organization taking reporting of dierent departments and
assisting 4irector 5inance over fnancial matters like, -udget formulation, 'ncome
statement15inal *ccount, &ash #ows, -alance sheets, )econciliation of accounts.
*lso worked on !& . and !& 8 pro9ects fnanced by ,inistry of education and
3igher education commission. ,onitoring of *nnualized planning for operations
iii' Pa& 3.l# 7onstr.ction 7o' 0inancial 7ons.ltant6 2005

0orking as &onsultant for the !ak 6ulf &onstruction &o. ,anaging team of ten
people over two locations 'slamabad and !eshawar. ,ain courses were to assist
&5; of the &ompany in fnancial reporting, like preparing feasibility studies and
cost beneft analysis for their real estate pro9ects. To provide fnancial guide lines,
monitoring 5inancial Statements, fnal accounts, cash #ows, capital budgeting,
mergers 2 *c=uisition, payable ,anagement 2 working capital management. 4eal
with dierent banks over company accounts and facilities like credit fnancing and
pay roll accounts. 3ave in depth understanding of international trade, Economic
4evelopment, macroeconomic variables, Economic planning, &ost beneft
analysis, and 4ecision making. %sing the tools of &orporate 6overnance, 5inancial
,anagement and managerial principles how a frm(s proftability and long term
growth can be enhanced specially in the course of li=uidity crunch and distress.

v' (ar2ar 4.il2ers: -ssistant 0inance1-cco.nts6 2003-2005
0orked as *ssistant *ccountant. !repare income statement1 fnal accounts,
balance sheet, trial balance, book keeping, reconciliation and general ledgers. *lso
responsible for process costing inventory management, cash accounts, branch
accounts, >ariance *nalysis, manufacturing accounting, &ost accounting, Trading
*ccounting and managerial *ccounting.
vi'-lla,a 89bal Open !niversit" 8sla,aba2
' have been working1Teaching as a )esource !erson1>isiting lecturer at
*';%.' have taught successfully to ,Sc Economics, -usiness *dministration
and --* classes.
The ma9or sub9ects of teaching are?
vii' !niversit" o# -:a2 Ja,,. ) ;as,ir6 <.:a=araba2
' have worked faculty member17ecturer in -usiness *dministration
department in the university of *zad @ammu 2 +ashmir. ' have been teaching
,-* and --* classes there.
viii' <oi-.2-/in !niversit" 8sla,aba2
' have been lecturer and *ssistant 4irector in the department of
<ana+e,ent (ciences6 both at 'slamabad and )awalpindi for more than
fve years. ' have taught following sub9ects in the department of -usiness
*dministration : ,.-.*. ,.&om, -.-.*<.
5inancial *ccounting ,5inancial ,anagement, &ost *ccounting, *dvance *ccounting, 0orking
'nvestment and !ortfolio management.
x' Jinna 8sla,ia 7olle+e o# 7o,,erce
' have been teaching in @innah 'slamia &ollege of &ommerce for than A years
at degree &lasses.
xi' 7ivil 7olle+e o# 7o,,erce
' have been a lecturer in &ivil &ollege of &ommerce, )awalpindi for more
than 8 year in the department of -usiness 2 &ommerce.
xii' >icon 8nstit.te 8sla,aba2
'm also teaching in the department of -usiness *dministration.
The ma9or areas of teaching are?
Economic *nalysis, 5inacial *ccounting, !ublic 5inance, Statistics,
,athematics for -usiness.
<(1<'Pil A@nanceB
,uhammad *li @innah %niversity 'slamabad, !akistan.
<(c Econo,ics
!reston %niversity, 'slamabad
<4- 0inance
%niversity of *rid *griculture )awalpindi !akistan
4acelor o# 7o,,erce A4'7o,B
%niversity of !un9ab !akistan
5Sc : !re Engineering<
'deal 'nstitute )awalpindi !akistan
$esearc Cor&:
1'8,pact o# Political 8nstabilit" on Econo,ic 3ro%t o# Pa&istan:
Evi2ence #ro, Pa&istanA $esearc Tesis o# <'PilB
2'8,pact o# Cor&in+ 7apital <ana+e,ent on 0ir,Ds E=ective
3ow &ash, 'nventory, )eceivables and !ayable management lead the frm
towards proftability.
3'Te e=ect o#" an2 levera+e on 0ir,Ds per#or,ance:
3ow leverage eects on proftability over e=uity. The study of &apital *sset
pricing model, ,ean >ariance theory and portfolio ,anagement.
E'E,plo"ees T.rnover B
5actors aecting the employee(s turnover.
A. Te /eter,inants o# 7orr.ption
6' 8,pact o# Terroris, on 0/8
Te 8,pact o# Political instabilit" on 0/8 ) 0P8: -
7ross 7o.ntr" -nal"sis
,icrosoft ;"ce :,S 0ord, ,S !ower !oint, ,S excel<. Cuick -ook, !eachtree,
S!SS, T*77y
'nternet. 'nternet explorer, Detscape navigator, ,s ;ut 7ook Express
4ate of -irth ,ay E. .FG.
,arital Status single
Dationality !akistani
!assport no +4.H.AII
7anguages English, !ersian, %rdu, !un9abi,
Singing, 0riting, &omputers, and sports.
0ill be furnished on re=uest.

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