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Budha-Aditya Yoga

(Sun-Mercury conjunction)
Arjun K. Garga, Palwal
Whereas Sun emits energy, Mercury instills this energy to neurons for the
development of brain cells. If Sun is freedom of self, sense of ego and
generous traits, Mercury is consciousness, sanctity of existence, sober and
wit, wise and wisdom. The conjunction of both Sun and Mercury constitutes
a famous, proverbial, philanthropic, prowess and praiseworthy association
what is called udha!"ditya #oga, an asset of the horoscope under which a
native is born. It is synonymous to hadra #oga, $one of %ancha!
Mahapurusha yogas& that has been energised.
The legitimacy of this yoga is when it gets extra strength from the sign of
own, exaltation or friends such as "ries, 'emini, (ancer, )eo, *irgo, and
Saggitarius. Then, it uplifts the life of the native with certainity. If the yoga
germinates in sign of debilitation such as )ibra or %isces or it is ruined by
the association or aspect of male+cs such as Mars, Saturn, ,ahu or -etu, its
natural strength is pitiful. It is a general rule of astrology that the Sun is
exalted in "ries and debilitated in )ibra. Similarly, Mercury is exalted in
*irgo and debilitated in %isces. Therefore, this is apprehensible how Sun!
Mercury in )ibra, (apricorn and %isces will enmoure the native what they do
in "ries, 'emini, )eo, and *irgo.
-alyan *erma in Saravali, aidyanath in .ata/a %arijat and %rithuyasas in
0orasar give detailed description of this conjunction. "ll the learned ancient
astrologers consider it as a pious, sensible, humorous, instinctive and
benevolent yoga in almost all houses of horoscope. "lthough the houses 1th,
2th and 34th are the places of atrocities, yet if the conjunction Sun!Mercury
is disposed in the sign of own or exaltation, the enigma of male+c places is
reduced. 5or an illustration, see Saravali, (hapter 63
If this yoga appears in the ascendant, the native is erudite, tal/ative, stout
body, bold, intelligent and long lived.
The best example of this dictum is the chart of "brahm )incoln where Sun!
Mercury occupies ascendant and is free from all the male+cs. 0e was a son
of poor and illiterate father who could not serve any help to his son. 7ven
then, "brahm was inspired by inherent energy of harmonious disposition of
strong ascendant, Sun!Mercury conjunction and aspect of divine .upiter on
ascendant lord Saturn. "s a result his mind was e8uipped with active,
sensible, endurent and humourous brain cells. 0e studied in the light of
lamp posts on road. 0is dream was to reshape his country with hun/ey!dory
and bonhomie. 9ne day he sworn in as the president of most powerful
country "merica.
If it is in :th, $2th or 3;th& house, the native is fond of poems$literature&,
famous, wealthy and has /ing li/e 8ualities. 0is body may be heavy with
unsymmetrical nose.
The yoga in other houses ma/e the native virtuous. However, it is not
believed good in 7th house because such a native is sexually weak
and may get jail sentence for his unsocial mis-deeds (the native may
be a thief, smugler, fraudy, murderer or agonised dictator).
The good and bad aspects of this yoga disposited in <th house and mala+ed
by the proximity of Mars and aspect of Saturn, appear in the life of "dolf
0itler who started his carear as a house!painter. Mars!Saturn relation is
pernicious and cause sudden calamity. 0itler was appointed (hancellor of
'ermany on 6;th .an. 3=66. 7arlier, he was a soldier of exorbitant valour
and, therefore, was awarded the Iron (ross for bravery and distinguished
military service. In 3=46 he was arrested and con+ned to jail because he
participated in the abortive >ationalist coup. "fter having consolidated
power he embar/ed upon schemes to unite all the people of his country to
revive 'ermany great, that lost her honour due to obnoxious shac/les
imposed on her by the Treaty of *ersailles. "lthough he exceedingly loved
his country, yet he could not get name and fame because of his agonised
dictatorship and exodus of #ahudis.
The disposition of the Sun!Mercury in 3;th house bestows the native name,
fame and prosperity all over the word and he enjoys the life li/e a /ing
provided the conjunction does not appear in debilitated sign.
It is observed that natives bestowed with udha!"ditya yoga are bold,
sincere, e?icient, elo8uent and erudite. They have an inharent source of
energy which engross them to achieve the goals of their life. They have
ama@ing endurance and hence never disheartened or degraded on failure.
They augur what they want in their life.
Siri Mao handarnai/e, the +rst %rime Minister of Sri )an/a benedicted of
this sacred yoga in the =th house of her horoscope and in Ath house of the
horoscope of enito Mussolini . Smt handarnai/e is a name of repute but
the name Mussolini is of hate, whyB In the chart of Smt handarnai/e the
yoga is free from any aCiction and gets strengthened being arisen in "ries,
the sign of exaltation of the Sun. She had ceremonied highest position three
times in 3=1;!1A, 3=<; and 3==:!4;;;.She has been /nown for her sobriety,
sociability, and auspicious and gracious wor/ to initiate the non!alliance
countries to assemble on a common platform to put and solve their
problems. She never dismayed in her social, political and family life even
after when her husband was assassinated in 3=A=.
In Indian political realm we observe the vivid array of Sun!Mercury on our
president Dr "bdul -alam $Sun!Mercury!-etu in *irgo in 3;th house&, prime
minister %* >arsimha ,ao $Sun!Mercury!Mars in 'emini in 3;th house& and
Dr. Man Mohan Singh $Sun!Mercury in *irgo in 3;th house&, election
commissioner Shri T > Shesan $Sun!Mercury in Scorpio in 34th house& and
+lm actor "mitabh achchan $Sun!Mercury!Mars!*enus in *irgo in 2th
house&. The yoga benedicted them compassion, compatibility, benevolence,
philanthropy and unscrupulous venerable mental structure. They are
proverbial in their high education, performing duties and achievements to
occupy high position because they left no stone unturned in their respective
If Sun!Mercury conjunction is a?ected by aspect or association of either
.upiter or *enus, the person gets spiritual evolution and gets augural traits.
Such persons do not have any fear and do not evade from tremors of life
because they have stable mind which engross to target of life. Mercury
reEects the +fth %rinciple in us ! Manas $eu&. When mercury radiates positive
rays of thin/ing and wisdom, the passion of *enus is sublimated completely
and the brain is activated to focus the radiations to target. This is the highest
position of menFs mind $eu& when it gets rid of materialism and divert to get
absolute calm and salvation.
If a person has wea/ mind, ie, wea/ Mercury, he should improve by ta/ing
meditation and some "yurvedic medicines such as rahmi and