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Crystal Meditation: (Part 1)

This article is from the Hermes Reality Creator Series Books and or upcoming books.
copyright 1995 - 2014 by Tom DeLiso / Hermes Trismegistus
The furthermost place you must search for yourself is within.
Crystal meditation is a fast way of accelerating your inner and outer growth, increasing your power
level, and making some strong, helpful, nonphysical connections. Also, crystal meditation is a fne
way of tending to that inner person that longs and needs to understand the world and universe.
However, most importantly, crystal meditation will enable you to touch powers that can help you to
control the person you are. Believe it or not! The better you can control yourself, the more efective
you will be in the control of your reality.
Very few people know themselves, nor do they know how to control themselves. Most people are like
the branches on a tree. When the wind is low and the weather is nice, they endure fne. However,
when a storm or wind arises, these, seeming, rock-steady branches will blow this way and that way,
totally out of control. Well, your inner person is not unlike these tree branches. When your life runs
smoothly, you have no problem keeping stable; but when a crisis arises, you fy completely out of
control, reacting to everything and not knowing how to get through the crisis or control what is
happening. That loss of control is due to a lack of knowledge -- a lack of knowledge concerning your
reactions, your feelings, or your energy. Surprisingly enough, crystal meditation will unlock some of
these inner chambers, which can help you to understand, more fully, yourself and reduce your fears.
Not only that, with crystal meditation, when a crisis does come up, you will possess a great tool that
can help and guide you toward agreeable resolutions.
Now, simple meditation has been around for thousands of years. Many people throughout the
centuries achieved great inner peace, physical stamina, and spiritual awareness because of this
mental technique. However, the people who benefted most from meditation, were the ones who
went into the mountains to do their meditating. What these solitude-seeking individuals did not know
on a conscious level but did know on an unconscious level was that the mountains contained a
natural meditation enhancer: quartz.
Embedded within the nearby bedrock were thousands of quartz crystals. (The mineral quartz is a
natural stone and is quite common to mountainous areas.) The qualities of clear quartz helped these
meditators to tune their body, mind, and spirit into the frequencies of the universe. These great
spiritualists understood themselves and their world, more fully, because these frequencies were the
keys to unlocking various inner doorways and states of awareness that the average person was
unable to access.
Quartz crystals function like a key because they normally exist in a state of perfection; they vibrate at
the frequency of the universe -- the frequency of God! When a person is surrounded with quartz, the
mineral's piezoelectric efect will raise the vibrations of that person's energy, toward that of the
crystals themselves. In efect, the aura of the person surrounded by quartz rises toward the aura of
the universe, closer to perfection. (The aura is the electrical feld that surrounds the physical and
nonphysical bodies. The condition of the aura relates directly to the condition of the physical body.)
Consistent exposure to quartz, especially during meditation, will permanently raise a person's auric
vibrations to this higher, perfect frequency. When a person's aura vibrates at this higher rate, many,
not normally available, resources open up -- like the opening up of other states of consciousness and
the acquisition of large quantities of energy.
In addition, these quartz-enhanced meditations enable a complete balancing of a person's aura.
Nonphysical healers are better able to manipulate the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, when a
person is surrounded with quartz, because quartz -- besides existing in a state of perfection -- exists
in two dimensions, simultaneously. Nonphysical healers can adjust the crystals from their side of
reality and then let the crystals transpose these adjustments to the physical side of reality.
Furthermore, having one foot of a crystal sit in the physical world, while having the other foot sit in
the nonphysical world, makes it a great tool for sending information back and forth. This free-fow of
energy, from one dimension to another, makes it very easy to receive help and guidance from the
Guardians -- the entities who wait on the other side to assist those who ask and reach-out. This
multidimensional aspect of quartz is another reason why the great spiritualists sought to meditate in
the mountains and seemed to possess great insight and wisdom. Let's face it! They had their own
private telephone line to God!
Today, though, you do not need to go the mountain to reap the benefts of these enhanced
meditations; the mountain can come to you. Modern-day mining has made possible the opportunity
for everyone, if they desire, to install their own private telephone line to the divine -- without all the
hassle and traveling that was necessary in the past. A trip to your local rock-shop or holistic center
will have you equipped to open-up communication to the divine and embark on these quartz-
enhanced meditations almost instantly.
Now, the type of quartz crystal that you are looking for will come in the form of a clear, six-pointed
stone. These crystals vary in size, shape, clarity, color, and purity. However, for general meditation,
the clear variety works best. For beginners, we recommend crystals approximately 2 inches long by
3/4 to 1 inch wide. You will need four crystals to use the beginner pattern and several more for the
other patterns. (We will be covering the various crystal patterns, as well as the beginner pattern, in
part two of this series.)
It's important to look over the crystals before you buy them. Make sure that you hold each one in
your hand, to get a feel for the stone. If a particular crystal does not feel right or appeal to you, then
you should put it back. Crystals are very personal. Not every crystal will be right for you, nor are you
right for every crystal. The relationship, between you and your crystal, should be mutually benefting.
By just holding a crystal for a few moments will reveal whether you and that particular stone can get
along. Believe me! If you and that stone are not compatible with each other, you will know. A feeling
of uneasiness will be very evident. Do not take it personally, if a particular stone and you clash! It
merely means that that stone is for another person. Put the stone back and choose another.
Now that you are aware of crystals, their advantages, and their possibilities with meditation, let's
cover the basic mechanics behind meditation, before we get into meditating with quartz. In the
beginning, you may fnd the pure act of meditating cumbersome and distracting. That feeling is
present because you are unaccustomed to breaking up your physical day, in this manner. Normally,
the only break in continuity you experience is when you go to sleep. However, meditation is one of
the most simple tasks that you can embark on, and, in many ways, it is even simpler than sleep!
In the most basic form of meditation, you quiet your conscious mind and drift on a cushion of inner
peace. This cushion of inner peace comes from the absence of thought, within your head. If you
haven't realized already, you are thinking constantly -- from the moment you wake up, to the moment
you go to sleep! Now, you may believe that sleeping is enough to rest your mind, and that may be
true; however, your mind is not what you are resting here. What you are resting, when you meditate,
is your consciousness. Also, you may be under the assumption that your consciousness gets rest
while you sleep; except, that fact is even further from the truth! Your consciousness is more active
when your body sleeps then when your body is awake. You merely are not capable of remembering
all that your consciousness does while you sleep. So, the only way your consciousness is going to
get that rest is if you consciously give it that rest, as you do when you meditate.
Except, meditation does not only provide your consciousness with its needed break; meditation can
achieve that and much more. The more is physical and spiritual healing, guidance, understanding,
learning, energy, recharging, and even mental travel. You see! Placing your consciousness into an
inactive state, not only will enable your consciousness to rest, but will allow your consciousness to
receive direction from other dimensions. For example, common sense dictates that -- if you are
continually speaking -- you will be unable to listen. Your consciousness is unable to tune into these
other dimensions, because you constantly preoccupy yourself with thought and action. When you
meditate, you allow your consciousness's voice to keep quiet and the inner voices speaking to be
heard. If you are unaccustomed to quieting your mind, developing the basics of meditation, even
crystal meditation, will take time. In the beginning, your mind will fght you to remain active, because
it knows no other way. However, with persistence you will succeed!
One way to succeed with quieting your mind is to use an inner sailboat. When a thought enters your
head, you should gently push it away, as you would push away a toy sailboat on a quiet lake. Take
that intruding thought and put it into your mental sailboat, then send the sailboat away. The farther
the sailboat gets, the farther the thought will be from your mind. Eventually you will disperse all your
thoughts in this manner and be left with only one thing: quiet, inner peace. When you reach this
quiet, inner peace, you have begun meditating. In the beginning, you may only be able to hold on to
this inner peace for a minute or so. However, in time, you will become increasingly efcient and be
able to keep your mind quiet for longer periods of time.
Quieting your mind is the frst of two parts which normal meditation possesses. During this frst part
of meditation, your consciousness and your body will receive the rest and nourishment needed to
continue on in the day. This part of meditation is the part where the healers can come and heal you,
if you desire. This part of meditation is also the part where your auric frequency rises and gets
charged. Lastly, this part of meditation sets the proper mental attitude, so that the second part of
meditation can take place.
During the second part of meditation, your consciousness will no longer be silent; however, you will
not be doing the speaking. You, instead, will be doing the listening. It is here, during this second part
of meditating, that the help, guidance, instruction, and contact with your spiritual Guardian can come.
It is in this part of meditation where you learn how to deal with any present challenges that are within
your life. It is in this part of meditation that you can receive warnings concerning any dangers that
may befall you. It is in this part of meditation where you can travel, mentally, if you so desire.
Part 1 of Meditation Part 2 of Meditation
the quieting of your mind help and quidance
body rest instruction
consciousness rest contact with nonphysical guides
healings warnings (if any)
recharging mental travel to other places
raising your enregy meeting with other selves
preparation for part 2 travel forward or backward in time
return to normal consciousness
Determining when that frst part of meditation ends and when that second part begins is not so
difcult. During the frst part of your meditation, your mind will remain relatively empty and few
thoughts will enter into your awareness. However, when this part of your meditation completes, your
mind will again startup. Except, this time, these thoughts will not be the intruding thoughts that they
were in the beginning of your meditation. These thoughts, instead, will be coming from your spiritual
Now, your spiritual guidance, for the most part, will not speak to you, as another individual does.
Your guidance, rather, will place instructions into your mind. These instructions will seem to come
from you -- but will be lacking in any prior thought process to connect them with. In actuality, these
instructions have come from another dimension and from an awareness far exceeding your own.
When these thoughts arrive, your mind will play games with them. For example, your guidance may
want to help you to get over a past fear. Your guidance may implant a suggestion that you confront
that particular fear. Your mind may, in turn, construct a short visualization of you conquering that fear,
or, perhaps, the feeling of conquering that fear will sweep through you. In this example, your
guidance is telling you that it is time to meet this challenge; for you are quite capable of conquering
it, at this time. Naturally, practical experience is the best way for you to become familiar with the way
information will fow, from one dimension to another. Except, it is important to be aware of how this
touching of the powers is most likely to occur. Some people are under the impression that the earth
must shake when you touch your spiritual guidance. That assumption is not really true. In meditation,
the contacts you will most likely have will be in a non-obtrusive form. Remember! Your guidance
wants to reach you, not scare or shock you.
Once this second part of your meditation ends, your consciousness and awareness will shift back
into physical reality and the room. It will be as if you are coming out of a daydream or a light sleep.
The exact end of a meditation varies greatly from person to person and from meditation to
meditation. There are not any set rules! The length of a normal meditation will be as long or as short
as it takes to give you the rest and instruction you need. Sufce it to say that you will know when it is
over. There are defnite indicators, which will inform you that your meditation is complete. We'll get
into these indicators, when we cover the actual crystal-meditation process.
In the meantime, as a preliminary exercise to crystal meditation and meditation in general, try to
quiet your mind, using the inner sailboat method. Practice stilling your mind, by sending of those
little boats and watching what happens. You should not concern yourself with meditating, just yet; nor
do you need to concern yourself with learning how to meditate without crystals, before you actually
meditate with crystals. Right now, you are merely acquainting yourself with the stilling of your mind.
This practice with quieting your mind will prepare you for the next step and the next chapter.
In the next chapter, we're going to go through an actual quartz-enhanced meditation. A crystal
meditation is slightly diferent from a meditation that does not use crystals. Special care must be
taken into account, due to the addition of quartz and the added energy bombardment that meditating
with quartz possesses.
Crystal Meditation: (Part 2) The Power is in the Stones)
This article is from the Hermes Reality Creator Series Books and or upcoming books.
copyright 1995 - 2014 by Tom DeLiso / Hermes Trismegistus
Creativity requires leisure!
In the last chapter we learned about meditation and quartz crystals in general. In this chapter we're
going to go into the crystal-meditation process, itself, more extensively. Understanding the use of
quartz in meditation will save you much time and trouble in the long run, especially when you are a
newcomer to crystal meditation.
Surrounding yourself with crystals is not a task that should be undertaken lightly or frivolously. These
little guys are more than your average ordinary rock! These guys are power-storage devices. When
you surround yourself with them, you will be immersing yourself within a feld of energy that demands
no less respect than the electrical current coming into your home. When you use this energy properly
and safely, the energy becomes a great tool for your use and growth. Let's learn what goes on within
your crystal circle, so that you can get the most out of these little gems and use them in a safe
Above is a diagram of a very basic crystal pattern, the circle pattern. With this pattern there are four
crystals placed down within an imaginary circle. These crystals, when laid out in a pattern, will begin
to generate a kind-of electrical current between them. The energy stored within each crystal will
begin to interact and fow from one to the other. An invisible energy bubble quickly forms, which will
mirror the crystal pattern. This pattern is spherical, so the energy in this pattern will be round. (Note:
Other patterns, like triangles and hexagons will generate their own respective patterns. As you
become familiar with crystal meditation and the various patterns, you will fnd subtle diferences
when using one or another. Some of the patterns you will like, while others you will not.)
Now, this energy bubble, coming from the crystals, is not just two dimensional. This bubble extends
in all directions, vertically and horizontally -- even through the foor! So, what you kind-of have is a
sphere, or bubble, of energy surrounding the area where the crystals are. This bubble goes upward,
downward, left and right, forward and back.
When you sit within the center of the crystals, you will be sitting within this energy bubble. Your body
will bask in the contained and fowing energy, much like when you bask in the sun to get a tan. Your
body, possessing a lower energy-potential than the energy-potential of the crystals, will begin to
absorb this highly charged energy. Remember! Crystals exist in a state of perfection and vibrate at
the frequency of the universe. You do not! Your lower vibrational energy will yield to this higher
vibrational energy, and you will quickly begin to exist at a higher frequency. When you leave this
crystal circle, your body will retain this high-energy; and, as you go about your day, you will be able to
use this energy, as you see ft.
Now, meditation and sitting within a crystal pattern go hand in hand. In fact, we would recommend
that you only sit within a circle of crystals when you intend to meditate. You see! A pattern of quartz
crystals is more than just energy fowing around in a pattern. A quartz-crystal energy pattern is, also,
like looking into a mirror. The crystals will mirror back, to you, whatever you project into them. If you
carelessly sit in the center of a quartz-crystal pattern and let your mind wander, aimlessly, these
crystals will construct the reality you are presently projecting. In short order, your reality will change
to refect whatever it was you were thinking about. If that thinking involved a fear of yours, you could
quickly manifest that fear.
However, by going into a crystal pattern with the intention of meditating and bettering yourself, you
will empty your mind of all careless thoughts and be flled with only the most positive of thoughts.
Why? You may ask! Because, any thoughts you may have, while meditating, will come not from you,
but from your spiritual guidance. Your spiritual guidance knows exactly what you need when you
need it. Your guidance will program your thoughts and your crystals for the best and highest good.
When you emerge from a crystal meditation, your reality will be guided toward that best and highest
good and not in any haphazard direction. Now there are ways to program purposefully a quartz-
crystal meditation, to cause any specifc changes you may want, in your reality; and we're going to
cover that in a later chapter. For now, though, let's move on to an actual meditation using quartz
Prior meditation experience is not necessary for a quartz-enhanced meditation. The meditation
process will be the same. The addition of quartz in meditation will, actually, make it easier for frst-
time meditators to get the hang of meditating.
As you already know, meditating with crystals is powerful. So, for the beginner, we would
recommend that you start with the triangle pattern (shown below). This pattern is very gentle and will
facilitate your familiarity with quartz crystals. You will need four crystals for this pattern. Three of the
crystals will be for the construction of the triangle, and one crystal will act as a generator. The
generator crystal sits in your hands as you meditate and will direct the fow of energy into you, from
the surrounding crystals. In front of you will be, what we call, the head crystal. In back of you, on
either side, will be the support crystals. What you should have is three crystals, all with the points
facing toward the center, forming the shape of a triangle. You should be sitting in the center of this
triangle -- while you meditate -- and be facing your chosen head crystal.
To begin, you should place your generator crystal just under your head crystal but within your crystal
pattern. Next, you will need to energize the crystals surrounding you. You can accomplish this
energizing by imagining a stream of white-hot light, coming down from above your head, going down
your spine, and out your solar plexus. As this energy goes out of your solar plexus, it should enter
your generator crystal. Then the energy should leave your generator and enter into your head
crystal. When the energy enters the head crystal, see the energy separate and go in two directions.
One fow of energy goes in a clockwise direction and the other goes in a counterclockwise direction.
The energy should go through each crystal in your pattern and return through the head crystal. Now,
let go of that visualization, knowing that this energy is continuing to circulate about you.
At this point, pick up your generator crystal and hold it between your two hands. Begin to quiet your
mind by taking slow, easy breaths. Close your eyes and clear away any random thoughts. If you
become inundated with thoughts, as you will while you are trying to quiet your mind, you must put
each thought into a sailboat and send it of on that quiet, inner lake. Eventually, your mind will cease
generating thoughts. Now you should feel an inner peace coming over you. You may also feel the
energy from the crystals, as that energy circulates about you. You may perceive this energy as a
form of heat or pressure against you. As this energy circulates around the crystals and you, you
should begin to feel increasingly refreshed and recharged.
Allow this feeling of peacefulness and energy to continue for as long as you can. Soon, your mind
will begin to fll with images or thoughts, again. Except, these thoughts will have a diferent feel to
them from your regular thoughts. These thoughts are from your spiritual guidance. Don't be too
concerned with understanding what is happening, especially if you are a beginner meditator. You
should just experience the images and feelings. Afterwards, when the meditation is complete, you
can go back and review what you saw, heard, or felt, to decipher any conscious meanings. It is quite
normal, in this phase, to jump from topic to topic or vision to vision very rapidly. The images
themselves have a continuity of their own, which may or may not possess any apparent or
quantifable meaning. Your inner consciousness, although, will be aware of the meaning of these
images, sounds, and feelings, and will have you act accordingly at the appropriate time.
Now, the meditation will be ending when you feel yourself getting colder or your body temperature
dropping. This change in perceived temperature is normal to quartz crystal meditations. What is
happening is that the crystals surrounding you are shutting down. You have taken all the energy out
of the crystals that you can, for this particular session, and your angelic guidance is through.
Complete the crystal meditation by sending of any excess energy, which still exists within your circle,
to do some good purpose -- like helping a friend in need. Just state the purpose for this residual
energy and mentally send the energy of. Now, put away your crystals, until their next use.
You can crystal meditate as much or as little as you like. In the beginning, three times a week for ten
minuets at a sitting is fne. Later on, you may wish to increase the length as well as the frequency of
your meditations. Things like how-often and how-long are really a personal matter and up to the
individual. However, it is better to meditate more often and for shorter periods, than less often and for
longer periods.
In the very frst few crystal meditations you want to try to get a feel for the energy as it enters, as it
passes through, and as it surrounds your body. In addition, don't be too concerned if you feel this
process is all happening in your imagination. Part of the process begins in your imagination, and, as
time goes on, the energy efects become increasingly physical and less imaginative.
If you are a beginner to crystal meditation, then stay with the triangle pattern for at least two months.
After that, you may increase the size and number of crystals. In fact, as you grow accustomed to the
energy, it is better to increase the number of crystals used, rather than the size of the crystals. When
you feel you are ready to advance, try the pattern of fve crystals, in a star, or the pattern of six
crystals, in the shape of two triangles. (Note: The fve and six crystal patterns as well as the more
advanced patterns are on a separate page, at the end of this chapter. You can learn of other patterns
by looking in books that strictly cover the use of crystals.)
After six months to one year, you can move on to the more advanced patterns. That's if you've been
meditating with crystals for at least once a week and on a regular basis. Otherwise, you should wait
until your meditations become regular, before stepping into these high-power patterns; they can be
quite potent and disorient you, when your energy level is low, as it would be, if you were not
meditating with crystals regularly.
The idea is to raise your energy level slowly -- starting, frst, with the small, simple patterns. When
your body becomes accustomed to the energy of one pattern, you may move to a more complex
pattern. Each pattern builds your energy reserve increasingly larger in fne increments. Once you
reach the advanced patterns, and have been using them for a while, you can begin to increase the
size of your crystals. Increasing the size of your crystals will not raise the vibrational rate of the
energy, but it will raise the intensity of that energy, during those meditations.
That's it! You're ready to go. Enjoy and have fun. You are about to embark on a wondrous and
exciting adventure!
In the next chapter we will discuss the care and feeding of your crystals, so that they will stay potent,
healthy, and happy.
Crystal Meditation: (Part 3) The Care and Feeding of Crystals
This article is from the Hermes Reality Creator Series Books and or upcoming books.
copyright 1995 - 2014 by Tom DeLiso / Hermes Trismegistus
A meditation per day helps keep unhappiness away!
Now, let's talk about the care and feeding of your quartz crystals, so they will stay healthy and happy.
As you meditate with crystals, in each session, the crystals will absorb your negative energy.
Eventually, the crystals will become clogged with this energy and will be unable to do their job. So, to
keep your crystals clear and operating at peak performance, you will have to clear them, regularly, of
this built-up negativity.
There are as many ways to clear crystals as there are days in the week. We're only going to cover
the most efective methods here, and any one of these methods will function adequately for clearing
your crystals. However, an even better way to clear your crystals involves using all of these methods.
By rotating through these various clearing techniques, you will give your crystals a little edge and
improve their performance in meditation. As you will soon see, each of these clearing methods will
leave your crystals with a diferent feel and handling ability. Let's take these methods, one at a time.
The frst, and most reliable, method of clearing your crystals is with dry sea-salt. Take your crystals
and place them in a jar or glass (do not use plastic or metal). If your crystals are large you may need
to place them in separate glasses. Now, pour sea-salt into the glass until the dry salt surrounds the
crystals; leave them like this over night. The sea-salt will pull the negativity out of the quartz crystals.
In the morning, remove your crystals and discard the salt down the drain. Do not reuse the salt or
use it for any kind of consumption. The salt is toxic, due to the negativity and because of its contact
with quartz. The dry sea-salt method, for clearing crystals, is very efective in balancing and leaving
your crystals virtually free from all negativity. This method is, probably, the single-most, general-
purpose method for clearing quartz.
The next method is similar to the method above but involves placing your crystals in a pail and flling
that pail with saltwater. You should fll the crystal-flled pail with regular tap water and then dissolve
as much sea-salt into the water as you can. This method will require that you leave the crystals in the
saltwater solution, for a couple of days, to remove all the negativity from your crystals. (The salt
concentration is not as high as it is with the dry method, so the process takes longer.) As always, you
should discard the water when the process is complete. The advantage to this method is that it uses
the element water to assist in the clearing of the crystals. Clearing your crystals with a saltwater
solution may take additional time but will leave your crystals in better shape to handle emotional
energy. The salt-solution method is very good for when your emotions are running away with you,
and you need meditations containing extra emotional-calming.
Burying your crystals, in the ground, overnight, is another way you can keep your crystals clear. This
method is simple and straight forward. Dig a small hole, large enough to ft your crystals, place the
crystals in the hole, and refll the hole. In the morning, you should, carefully, unearth the stones and
wash them of with water. Your crystals are now ready. The ground method will enable your crystals
to absorb large amounts of negativity from you, more rapidly. This rapid absorption of negative
energy can be an advantage when you fnd yourself surrounded with an excess of negatively
focused people, ideas, or you are the type of person that is frequent to depression.
Another method for clearing your crystals involves the celestial bodies of the sun and the moon. On
a clear day and evening -- preferably back to back -- put your crystals on some kind of table where
they can bask in direct sunlight and moonlight. Leave them out all day and out all night. The
moonlight part requires that the moon be almost full or completely full to work efectively. The next
morning you can bring your crystals in. The celestial method will enable your crystals to deliver large
doses of energy into you, for quicker power-ups. If the demand on you is great -- many people relying
on you -- this method can give you the extra energy boost you need to avoid becoming drained. Also,
if you are an extremely creative person -- for example a person who writes or paints -- this crystal
clearing method will give you the creative-energy you need to maintain your focus throughout your
The fnal crystal clearing method involves calling forth angelic forces to clear your stones. Except, to
accomplish efectively this method you will need to establish a report with your Guardian Angel,
beforehand. We're going to cover establishing a connection with your angelic guidance in a separate
chapter, so we won't be going into that connection process here. However, we will present you, now,
with this clearing method.
To clear your crystals with angelic forces requires that you place your crystals in a small circle, with
your generator crystal in the center. You will also need a small quartz crystal, about 1 inch long by
1/4 inch wide. Tie a small string, about twelve inches long, to this crystal. You will be using this
crystal as a pendulum. This small pendulum-crystal should not be one of your meditation crystals.
Now, take your hands, palms facing down, and hold them over your meditation crystals. Ask that
your angelic guidance to come and clear your crystals. After a couple of minutes, you can remove
your hands and take the crystal pendulum. Hold the pendulum by the string and allow the pendulum-
crystal to rest just above your generator. In a minute or so, the crystal will begin to rotate in a circle.
This will be a sign that your angelic guidance is forcing energy into your crystals, to clear them.
When your guidance completes clearing your crystals, the pendulum will either stop moving in a
circle, or it will change its direction and move side to side. That change in movement is a sign from
your guidance that the clearing is complete. Remember to thank your guidance. The angelic method
will enhance your crystals' capabilities to connect with your higher-self and the divine forces. This
method will also allow the highest of possible energies to permeate into your stones -- raising your
auric vibrations to their highest possible frequency. Furthermore, the angelic method is great if you
desire to raise your awareness of the divine and the things unseen in physical reality.
Please note that clearing your crystals, using the angelic method, can take up to 20 minutes (10
minutes on an average) to complete, especially if your crystals contain much negativity; however the
benefts are well-worth the time and efort. Once you establish a connection with your guidance, we
urge you, strongly, to try this method of clearing your crystals. Now, while this method works well,
you will still have to use one of the other clearing methods to keep your crystals clear. Clearing your
crystals with angelic forces is very efective, but only as efective as your connection to the divine is.
So, to ensure the continued clarity of your crystals, you will have to alternate between this method
and one of the other more mundane methods.
So, you see! Each method has an advantage over the other. All the methods will remove negativity,
but each method leaves your crystals in a little better state to handle that particular energy. Rotating
through each clearing method will make sure that your crystals maintain the best of each method
and remain clear. What you can do is to set up a schedule! First, you should clear your crystals with
dry sea-salt. The next time they need clearing, put them in a pail of saltwater. The next time, bury the
crystals in the ground ... ect.
What we suggest, along with rotating through all the methods, is to use the angelic method every
time you clear your stones. For example, after you complete clearing your crystals, with either the
sea-salt, pail, ground, or celestial method, you should place your crystals in a circle and follow-up the
mundane clearing with an angelic clearing. This two-phase cleansing will ensure that your stones are
clear, charged, and programmed properly -- because, if the mundane method was incomplete, your
nonphysical guidance can complete it for you. Not only that, by following-up the mundane clearing,
with an angelic clearing, you will give your guidance the opportunity to reprogram your crystals, for
your best needs, at that time. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can change rapidly.
Giving your guidance this increased opportunity to fne-tune your crystals will allow you to handle
better your current challenges.
How often you clear your crystals will depend on how much you use them and how stressful your life
is. You should clear your crystals at least once a month and when it feels like the energy efects, of
your meditation, decrease. If you are a frequent meditator (every day or every other day), you will
need to clear them more often, perhaps every other week. However, there is another way to keep
your crystals clearer, for longer periods of time. That lengthening requires that you set your crystals
up in a relatively isolated space, in your home, leaving them in their current crystal pattern. If that
pattern is a double triangle, then you would set up your crystals in that pattern and leave them that
way. When you are ready to meditate, you should pick up your generator crystal, step into your
pattern, sit down, and begin meditating. When you complete your meditation, you should get up, step
out of your pattern, and place your generator crystal in the center.
When you leave your crystals in their respective pattern, the natural interaction between the stones
will slowly clear small amounts of negativity out of them. This slow-draining of negativity will lengthen
the amount of time that you can go without clearing your crystals. However, even leaving your
crystals in their respective pattern will require that you clear them regularly, at least once every other
month, to keep them in peak condition. The one requirement, for leaving your crystal pattern in
place, is that your crystal-pattern be left in a place where other people will not cross over or touch
them -- to do so would disrupt the energy contained within the pattern and, possibly, ofset the
energy in your next meditation.
In the next and fnal chapter on crystal meditation, we're going to cover the more advanced kinds of
crystal-enhanced meditations and the things you can do while meditating. Finally, we're going to
cover some of the ways you can interpret information, obtained in your meditations, so that you can
apply the information physically.
Mengikut dalam Kitab Doa Selamat Jiwa Dan Ringkasan Huraian Khasiat Batu-Batu Permata Dan
Lainnya Karangan Muhammad Abdullah. Madrasah Mahiliyah Genting Tumpat,Kelantan.
1 Batu Permata Yakub (sapphire)
Batu permata Yakub, atau dikenali dengan batu permata delima, sifat batu ini keras lagi berat,
sangat jernis warnanya, dan jika warna yang lain daripada warna hijau, sangat payah hangus
apabila dibakar dengan api, dan batu delima yang terlebih baik ialah warna yang merah yang
sejahtera daripada rengkahan dan sumbil.
Jika hendak memilih batu delima, pilihlah batu yang merah atau kuning atau hijau atau puteh,
adapun warna yang lain daripada empat ini, kurang ia pada kemulian dan pada pihak khasiatnya.
Dari segi Fizik, susunan atom yang tidak kukuh mempunyai frekuensi yang
rendah. Frekuensi yang rendah ini pula hanya disukai oleh golongan jin.
Pengamal perubatan tradisional misalnya, gemar menyimpan batu permata
berwarna oren, merah, hitam dan kuning untuk tujuan seperti memerangkap
tenaga asing. Berdasarkan kajian sains fzik, batu jenis ini mempunyai
struktur atom yang kukuh dengan frekuensi rendah, perlahan dan digemari
oleh unsur-unsur negetif. amun batu permata yang berwarna merah jambu,
ungu, putih, hijau dan biru didapati mempunyai struktur atom yang agak
kukuh dan memiliki frekuensi bunyi yang tinggi serta laju.
Sesiapa memakai cincin permata delima atau menanggongnya, nescaya Allah menghidarkan
daripada sebarang penyakit terutamanya penyakit taun, walaupun taun sedang merebak dimerata
tempat dengan izin Allah swt.
Tersebut dalam kitab Hadiqatul Azhar, faedah sesiapa bercincin dengan yakub merah (delima yang
merah) atau dikenakan pada tubuhnya, nescaya terhidar daripada penyakit gila, babi, taun.
Sesiapa menanggong yakub kuning atau bercincin dengannya, nescaya menegah daripada ikhtilam
(minpi yang buruk), bagitu juga delima puteh, Allah swt.meluaskan rezeki untuknya .
2 Batu Permata Zamrud (emerald)
Batu permata zamrud. ia mempunti khasiat yang tersendiri,diantaranya sesiapa memakainya,
nescaya tidak terjadi kepayahan dan kesukaran sekali kali dengan izin Allah swt. dan sesiapa
menilik (melihat) kepada zamrud bertambah cahaya mata (mata menjadi cerah) dan jika hampir
kepada makanan yang beracun nescaya berpeluh ia dan jika digantong pada rambut perempuan
yang tiada bersuami nescaya dapat bersuami dengan izin Allah swt. dan khasiatnya lagi untuk
menghilangkan penyakit sawan ,dukacita ,pemalas.
Ada juga satu jenis zamrud iaitu zamrud alzubabi namanya, sesiapa menanggongnya tiada
dihinggap oleh lalat atas orang yang menanggongnya dengan izinAllah swt.
3 Batu Permata Firuz (
sejenis batu hijau bercampur biru pada kebiasaannya, ia terdapat di negeri khurasan. sifat batu ini
,ia mengikut cuaca langit dan keroh warnanya jika langit itu gelap.
Khasiatnya apabila bercelak mata dengan debunya nescaya cerah mata dan jika diperbuat cincin
kurang hebat bagi orang yang memakainya.tetapi jika orang yang selalu memakai mempusakai kaya
dan banyak harta tidak menjadi papa. Dan lagi orang yang memakai permata frus tiada mati
tenggelam air dan tidak mati dengan kena petir dan tidak mati menakut dan diriwayat dari Jaafar as
Sodiq r.a. katanya tiada papa bagi orang yang sentiasa memakai cincin permata frus dengan izin
Allah swt.
4 Batu Permata Aqid Yaman
Ia itu batu termaklun, maka khasiatnya sesiapa yang memakai cincin ini, mudah hilang marah bila
dia berkelahi dan kurang ketawa, debunya di buat bersugi gigi , jadi bersih dan kuat gusi iaitu tidak
mudah berdarah gusi, ia juga sebagai penawar bagi orang yang berpenyakit gementar hati yang
membawa kepada gila.
khasiat lagi sabda Nabi saw sesiapa memakai cincin Aqid ini sentiasa ia dalam kebajikan dan berkat
dan kesukaan.
5 Batu Permata Al-Hijrul Mughnathis
Dalam bahasa arab iaitu batu Berani jenis yang baik warnanya hitam sebenarnya merah di dapati di
tepi laut negeri Hindia dan laut Turki, berpantang jangan bagi kena bawang puteh hilanglah
khasiatnya. Maka jadi batu biasa, untuk memulihnya maka basuhlah dengan air cuka. Jika sekiranya
di ditanggong oleh orang sakit nescaya sembuh dari sakitnya. Terutana sekali orang sakit sendi
tulang serta bertambah akal, bagitu juga jika ditanggong oleh perempuan yang hendak bersalin
nescaya mudah bersalin.semua itu dengan izin Allah swt.
6 Batu Ayam
Batu ini terdapat dalam perut ayam, ia berkhasiat bagi orang gila babi jika ditanggongnya. Bagitu
juga orang yang lemah syahwat akan jadi kuat dan lagi tidak mudah kena sihir.untuk kanak-kanak
yang terkejut juga inssallah jadi sihat.
7 Batu ular
Batu ini juga terdapat di kepala ular sekadar sebesar buah berangan yang kecil, bukan semua ular
terdapat batu, ia sebagai penawar dipatut ular dengan cara menanggongnya atau di letak pada tepat
kena patut tadi,ia juga dapat menahan darah keluar dan ubat sakit batu karam jika direndam batu itu
kedalam air dan minumnya.,ia juga penguatkan ingatan dan penawar sakit gila babi. inssallah.
8 Batu lazurat
Iaitu sejenis batu berwarna biru, berkhasiat untuk mencerahkan mata apabila mencelakkannya, jika
menanggongnya manusia akan melihat dirinya besar. Dan ia juga dapat menggugurkan daging yang
tumbuh pada badan seperti tahi lalat dan buat ara jika menanggongnya atau diasah dilumur pada
tempatnya. Dan menjadi ubat bagi orang sakit gila babi. bagitulah besarnya khasiatnya.
9 Batu Bahru
Sejenis batu laut sifatnya hitam lagi ringan dan kesat, ianya berkhasiat untuk orang belayar mudah-
mudahan selamat dari tenggelam. Bagitu juga jika diletak diatas periuk nasi tidak masak atau air
tidak menggelegak.
10 Batu Al Khataf (Batu Burung Lelayang)
Sejenis batu yang terdapat dalam sarang burung lelayang dikenali batu burung lelayang.batu ini ada
yang merah berkhasiat kuat hati tidak geligesah dan satu lagi batu puteh untuk baik pulih orang
yang gila babi wal allahu walam.
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Toko IslamiApril 6, 2014 at 2:10 AM
mantab infonya..
ijin promosi...
Batu Yakut Bertuliskan Lafadz ALLAH
Batu Pirus Biru / Turquoise Tembus Cahaya (LANGKA & ASLI PERSIA)
Batu mustika fosil KELAPA (ASLI kasiatnya telah saya rasakan)
Batu Safr / Sapphire Dengan Serat Sulaiman
Batu Zamrud / Emerald [Bening Berserat]Batu Akik MERAH DAGING [tembus]
Giok Aceh
Generator Crystal
from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer
Generator Crystals are crystals terminating in six faces (facets), all coming to a near-
perfect point at the top-center of the crystal. Generators are
sometimes also called Projector Crystals. A Generator Crystal can be found as small as
inch or be as large as a tall building. !hese are al"ays
po"erful stones, no matter "hat their si#e, and should be treated "ith care and much
Generators do exactly "hat their name implies$they generate and project energy.
!hese are first rate group meditation tools "hen seated in the center
of a meditation circle. Generators are also outstanding at re-energi#ing or recharging
other crystals and stones.
!hese crystals are often fa%orites of those in%ol%ed in alternati%e healing procedures,
generating and directing energy in extremely precise regular pulses
and patterns, especially "hen programmed for specific functions.
&ome Generators ha%e been 'no"n to generate enough energy to crac' and shatter
other crystals in their near %icinity, so be careful "here you place
them and ho" you use them. (ut )f you ha%e any doubts that all this crystal energy stuff
really "or's, experiment "ith your Generator. *ust be prepared
for "hat you experience$and remember that it is not nice to point.
+i'e all stones, each Generator is a distinct indi%idual "ith its o"n lifetime of experience
and uni,ue fre,uency transmissions. )t can be cloudy at the base
and clear at its point, or %ice %ersa- it can contain phantoms, rainbo"s, inclusions- and it
cam be perfectly clear. A
Generator can be any member of the .uart# Clan so long as all of its six sides
terminate in one regular /-sided point. Generator, ho"e%er, do not ha%e
to be 0perfect1 to function.
Generators also symboli#e the number /. &ix, among many other interpretations, is the
number of accomplishment, purpose, and gro"th. )t symboli#es
the completion of a process and often sho"s up in your life at the end of a period of
great change and acti%ity. )t is your experience "ith the number /,
"hich prepares you for the lessons of the number 2. &ix is also the number of the
Philosopher3s &tone, !he &hield of 4a%id, the &eal of &olomon "ith the
po"er to bind negati%e energies, and / can symboli#e sexuality since it represents the
hexagram "hich itself denotes the meeting of male and female. &ix
"as a perfect number to Pythagorus since it "as the midpoint bet"een the 5 of the
beginning of gro"th and the 67 of completion.
Generators are extraordinary meditation tools, helping you gather and focus your
concentration and energy, then amplify and send it any"here you li'e.
!hey are also good instructors "hile you are learning not to damage anything "hen
focusing and using energy and po"er responsibly. 8ear or carry a
Generator anytime you need to feel strong and in control. Generators are perfect mates
for 9ecei%er Crystals
&ymboli#es the union of :ire and
8ater "hich "hen harmoniously
combined creates the ;uman &oul.
9epresents the number / "ith all of
its symbolism.
<ne of the best Po"er &tones,
directly symboli#ing the po"er use
A &haman &tone.
<utstanding for generating,
concentrating, and projecting energy.
Good reminder "hen you are
serious about accomplishing anything
&uperb tool for focusing and
storing energy.
A good choice for leaders of any
;elps recharge all energy systems.
Generates strong feelings of self-
confidence and personal courage.
:irst rate meditation tool.
(rea's up and dissol%es feelings of
apathy and lethargy.
<utstanding channeling tool.
Good choice during any rebirthing procedures.
=atchless physical and psychic protection tool.
Great aid in dealing "ith a fear of heights or flying.
A good tool for digging for your core beliefs.
Connects you more directly to your ;igher and
)nner &elf.
<utstanding choice for business people.
(alances energy directly and ,uic'ly.
<ne of the best telepathic communication tools.
;elps generate and maintain your energy during
spiritual exercises.
>xcellent candidate for programming.
Lemurian Quartz
Considered one of the ?=aster Crystals?, +emurian .uart# Crystals teach oneness,
reminding us that "hile "e are all indi%iduals, "e are also connected to each other, and that
"e are all e,ual in &pirit. +emurian .uart# Crystals help us maintain our connection to
&pirit, aiding spiritual e%olution, and ha%e been used successfully in dream "or'. +emurian
.uart# crystals are a "onderful tool to use "hen clearing and acti%ating the Cha'ras. An
ama#ing healing crystal, +emurian .uart# "ill assist in remo%ing all types of energy
bloc'ages. @se a +emurian .uart# Crystal for healing and meditation "or'.
Also called 0+emurian &eed Crystals1 or ?+emurian &tar &eeds?, +emurian .uart# Crystals
"ere originally found in (ra#il. =etaphysical +egend states that there "as once an
ad%anced ancient ci%ili#ation called +emuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually
de%eloped and peaceful. As the end of their time on >arth "as coming to an end, the
+emurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing -
messages that "ould be re%ealed "hen the energy on >arth "as ready to recei%e them.
!he +emurians then planted (or 0seeded1) the +emurian Crystals, encoded "ith their ancient
'no"ledge and "isdom, to be found centuries later by us.
!he legend continues to state that +emurian &eed Crystals are planted in a grid pattern
o%er the surface of the >arth and beyond, to other stars and dimensions. 8hen you
connect to a +emurian Crystal and the energy it contains, you are also connecting to this
grid of associated energies from the >arth, the stars, and beyond.
+emurian Crystals ha%e a distinct appearance. +oo' carefully at a +emurian Crystal and
you "ill see hori#ontal striations or groo%es, li'e 0bar codes,1 on one or more sides.
Commonly, the sides of a +emurian Crystal "ill ha%e alternating striated and smooth faces.
+emurian .uart# Crystals are often found in the shape of a +aser "and, "here the faces at
the tip of a +emurian Crystal are small and gently taper in si#e from base to tip.
As opposed to .uart# that you program, +emurian .uart# Crystals are a type of .uart# that
you acti%ate. As you meditate, rub your finger along the 0bar codes1 on the side of a
+emurian .uart# Crystal to acti%ate and do"nload +emurian 'no"ledge and connect to the
+emurian energy grid.
NOTE: Aatural Pin' +emurians "ere disco%ered in one poc'et of the same mine in =inas
Gerais, (ra#il "here the +emurian &tar &eed crystals "ere originally found. !he pale pin'
coloring is due to a dusting of ;ematite during the gro"th process. !his coloring is "ithin
the layers of crystal gro"th.
!he ?Ae"? Pin' +emurians that are currently a%ailable also ha%e a pin' to orange pin'
coating of oxidi#ed ;ematite. ;o"e%er, these are more similar to !angerine .uart#. !he
;ematite on these can easily be remo%ed andBor may chip or fla'e off.
Chec' for the alternating pattern of hori#ontal striations and smooth sides. )f they are
present, you ha%e a +emurian &tar &eed. )f the sides are smooth all the "ay around, "hat
you ha%e is !angerine .uart#.
Primary Cha'raC All
Astrological sign(s)C All
DibrationC Aumber E F 2
=ineral ClassC &ilicates
:amilyC .uart#
Crystal &ystemC !rigonal
Chemical CompositionC (&i<5) &ilicon 4ioxide
;ardnessC 2
ColorC Clear, Colorless, 8hite, &mo'ey
+ocationC (ra#il
9arityC Aot uncommon
:un :actC A ?ne"? find of crystals in 9ussia, many times called +emurians, ha%e been aptly
named ?&acred &cribes? by *ane Ann 4o". !hese crystals impart information and "isdom
from the ancients.
1. Root Chakra- The color is Red. Crystals are Hematite, Black
Obsidian, Black tourmaline, Red Zincite, Garnet, and Smoky uart!.
Stability, "roundin", #hysical ener"y, $ill, and Security. %eals $ith
an"er, reactions,se&uality,#hysical acti'ity,desire,intensity o(
e&#erience, and immaturity. )lso, #assion, 'itality, and e&citement.
*. Sacral Chakra- The color is Oran"e. Crystals are oran"e Calcite,
+anadinite, Carnelian, Blue-Green Tur,uoise, and Blue-Green
-luoride. Creati'ity, healin", se&uality, re#roduction, desire,
emotion, and intuition. %eals $ith #roducti'ity, creati'ity, artistic,
ad'enture, ur"e to achie'e and succeed, e&#ressions, #lay(ulness,
sensuality,, structure, lo"ics, intellectual, and detailed-
/. Solar 0le&us Chakra- The color is 1ello$. Crystals are Citrine,
1ello$ 2as#er, and Golden Calcite. 3ntellect, ambition, #ersonal
#o$er, and #rotection. %eals $ith curiosity, mental clarity,
4e&ibility,com#etition, and ori"inality.
5. Heart Chakra- The color is Green. Crystals are Rose uart!,
Tourmaline, Green )'enturine, 6alachite, and 2ade. 7o'e,
Com#assion, 8ni'ersal consciousness, and 9motional Balance. %eals
$ith healin", teachin", sel(-lo'e, sel(-nurture, endurance, sel(-
esteem, #ride, socialism, materialism, or"ani!in", "oal-oriented.
:. Throat Chakra- The color Blue. Crystals are Sodalite, Blue Calcite,
;yanite, )n"elite, and Blue Tur,uoise. Center o( communication,
9&#ression, and di'ine "uidance. %eals $ith communication, lo'e,
#eace, lo'e, "race, unity, and de#th o( (eelin".
<. Third eye Chakra- The color is indi"o. Crystals are 7a#is 7a!uli,
)!urite, and Su"ilite. S#iritual a$areness, 7i"ht, 3ntuition, and
0sychic #o$er. %eals $ith a$areness o( thr Truth, uni'ersal nature,
clairo'oyance, unlimited kno$led"e, dee#ly s#iritual, unconditional
lo'e, sensiti'ity, #assion, and so(tness.
=. Cro$n Chakra- The color is >hite. The Crystals are )methyst,
>hite Calcite, and >hite To#a!. 9nli"htment, Cosmic consciousness,
9ner"y, and 0er(ection. 6eta#hysical a$areness, e&#ansi'e #rayers,
s#iritually moti'ated, s#iritual channelin", (or"i'eness, ?oy,
(reedom, "ood$ill, consciousness, and abundance.
Libra Birthstone
Ametrine Gemstone A,uamarine &tones A%enturine &tones
(loodstone (lue &apphire Chiastolite
>meralds &tones Green !ourmaline ;er'imer 4iamonds
Gun#ite Crystal +apis +a#uli &tones +epidolite
=oonstone =organite, Peridot Prehnite
&tichtite in &erpentine &unstones !ourmilated .uart#
Birthstone Meanings
Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine Crystals. !he
energy of the Citrine strongly %ibrates "ithin the solar plexus
cha'ra "hich is sometimes called the po"er cha'ra... as it aids
your "ill-po"er.
!he %ibration of Purple Amethyst "ill stimulate the higher cha'ras
and in particular the cro"n cha'ra.
!he blend of the energies of these t"o types of stone creates a
strong result. !he impact of this +ibra birthstone may help you to
ma'e better decisions as it "ill assist you to connect "ith your
higher self and aid you to align yourself "ith 4i%ine "ill.
Aquamarine Stones are excellent crystals "hen you are going
through times of emotional difficulty... including being able to
handle grief. !hey are strong crystals for communication "ith the
Goddess, as "ell as helping to impro%e your communication
generally, as they are %ery good throat cha'ra stones.
A,uamarine geamstones are attracti%e "hen made into je"elry... and beautiful +ibra birthstone
je"elry made from this stone may be "orn near the throat... "here their energy is most effecti%e to
help you.
Aenturine stones comes in a range of colors... including green,
yello", peach, blue or red color. !he green stones are the most
popular... and they are strong heart cha'ra stones.
!hey assist you to deal "ith stress and anxiety and may produce
a more optimistic and cheerful approach to life.!hese green
stones encourage elemental beings to be present near to your
home... and these creatures may help to bring an impro%ement in
your life.
!loo"stone is belie%ed to ha%e magical and mystical po"ers.
Physically "ithin the body they are thought to heal problems in the
area of thesacral cha'ra.
)t is said that they eliminate toxins in the blood and may aid those
you ha%e leu'emia. !hey "or' "ithin the base cha'ra, sacral
cha'ra and heart cha'ra... and they are strong grounding stones.
!lue Sapphire is the best 'no"n color of
&apphires. )t %ibrates strongly "ithin the throat cha'ra and the third eye cha'ra,
and is ,uite energi#ing to both areas.
!his stones %ibration may stimulate enhanced psychic gifts... particularly >&P,
psychic %isions and psychic communication. )t aids your mental abilities by
assisting you to de%elop enhanced mental discipline.
Place a piece under your pillo" to aid lucid dreaming. )t helps to pre%ent negati%e
thin'ing, so it may be beneficial to "ear it, to help you to stay positi%e.
#hiastolite is a uni,ue stone that naturally has a
cross "ithin the stone... and in olden times "as
'no"n as Cross &tone. Ancient people "ho sa" this
cross in these stones belie%ed it to be highly protecti%e.
!hey "ere right as "e also 'no" today that its %ibration is highly
protecti%e, and it is also a strong grounding stone. )t is 'no"n to change
negati%e energy into positi%e... and promote peace and harmony.
Emeral" Stones embody the energy of the green ray... a strong
%ibration that is all about you in the natural "orld. !his energy is a
lo%ing heart based energy and using >merald gemstones may
allo" you to embrace the highest lo%e of all... 4i%ine lo%e.
!his stone carries "ithin in it a strong le%el of the lo%ing higher
heart or higher heart cha'ra energy. !his is a lo%e that embraces
forgi%eness, compassion for others and selflessness. !he
%ibration of this +ibra birthstone helps you to see that if you "ant
to create a truly lo%ing relationship, it is necessary to care for the other partner as much, or more
than for yourself.
Green Tourmaline has a strong healing %ibration and carries a natural
%ibration to connect you "ith the energy of the earth and to =other
)t allo"s a connection "ith the elemental creatures of the earth... the
nature spirits "ho lo%e to li%e in the green areas close to your home.
8earing a lo%ely +ibra birthstone pendant made from this stone helps
you to 'eep this lo%ely energy close to both your heart cha'ra and a
higher heart cha'ra.
@sing it there encourages compassion and a strong lo%e %ibration to
flo" throughout your entire being. )t also combines "ell "ith its sister stonePin' !ourmaline... also a
stone that embodies a strong heart based %ibration.
$er%imer &iamon"s ha%e a strong high %ibration that you may
choose to use to boost your %ibration. !hey are highly useful
stones, because they not only ha%e a high %ibration... but they "ill
boost the %ibration of other stones that you may choose to use
them "ith.
!his is helpful if the other stone that you "ant to use is %ery
small... and this may be the case if you are using rare stones.
!his +ibra birthstone has a lo%ely high pure %ibration that "ill aid
healing of your body and "ill boost
your clairaudient and clair%oyant abilities.
'unzite has a strong heart based energy that encourages an
influx of lo%ing energy in your life. )t is a positi%e stone that
helps you to let go of any feelings of panic or fear that you
may feel.
!his assists you to be open to lo%ing energy coming into your
life, as "ell as helping you to lo%e yourself. !his is a "onderful
+ibra birthstone to gi%e as a gift, or be gi%en as a lo%e gift... as
anyone "ho embraces its energy may become truly lo%ing.
Lapis Lazuli has a strong %ibration that stimulates both the third eye
cha'ra and the throat cha'ras. !his blue stone creates heightened depth
and clarity in your thin'ing and communication.... and strengthens psychic
ability. )ts resonance through the throat cha'ra also aids you to spea' the
!he energy it brings is 'no"n to aid the birth of a range of psychic gifts...
including de%eloping intuition and clair%oyant abilities. 8earing +ibra
birthstone je"elry made from this blue stone is a po"erful "ay to use this
)t "ill be effecti%e "orn any"here on the body... but it is %ery helpful to your psychic
communication abilities "hen "orn at the ears. )t "ill ha%e a stronger effect "ithin the cha'ra "here
the stone is located, so you may choose to "ear it close to the cha'ra that you hope to stimulate.
Lilac Lepi"olite is a soothing calming stone that "ill aid you if
you are feeling depressed... as it contains lithium. !his is a
lo%ely stone to "ear as je"elry or to 'eep under your pillo" to
aid you to sleep better.
!his +ibra birthstone may also allo" you to become more
a"are of the 4i%ine presence. (ecause +ilac +epidolite aids
positi%ecoincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life, it "ill
ma'e you more in the flo" of life.
Moonstone carries "ithin it a strong fre,uency that flo"s out into
your auric field, to allo" you to experience deep heartfelt joy. !his
beautiful crystal aids "ith de%eloping intuition and helps you
"ith finding your spirit guide.
8ithin this stone is embodied the feminine %ibration... an energy
'no"n to aid "omen. !he profound feeling of fathomless fer%ent
desire to experience your personal destiny that this stone creates
is po"erful to mo%e your life in a ne" direction.
!his deep inner a"areness and recognition of your feminine energy, encourages you to allo" the
de%elopment of your intuition... and to use it to mo%e your life for"ard.
Morganite has a strong %ibration in the thymus cha'ra or higher heart. )t
is may be found selling as Pin' >merald... as li'e >merald it is a %ariety
of (eryl, and li'e >merald carries a strong lo%e %ibration.
(oth of these stones enhance your relationships... as they bring through
a strong lo%ing heart based energy.
!his +ibra birthstone helps "omen to feel harmony "ith male energy ...
and aid "omen "ho feel the only "ay to handle men is to dominate
them. )t allo"s men the grace of being different, and may allo" lo%e to flo" in your life.
Peri"ot Gemstones ha%e a lo%ely %ibration that "ill aid you to
bring an increase in "hate%er you desire to ha%e in your life.
!hey "ill help to manifest an increase in your personal
abundance, enhance lo%e and happiness, "ealth, and aid your
)f you are "or'ing on de%eloping your psychic abilities this
+ibra birthstone "ill increase your connection to the higher
!hey are strong stones to aid the de%elopment of clair%oyant ability ... also 'no"n as psychic
%isions, and are strong stones for psychic protection.
Prehnite is a good meditation stone as it assists you to learn to
hear guidance from the 4i%ine spirit and the angels. !his is a stone
that aids you "ithma'ing contact "ith angels... and particularly
connects "ith Archangel 9aphael... and it "ill also aid you "ith
finding your spirit guide.
)t has a lo%ely energy that "ill lin' the heart "ith the "ill... relie%ing
"orry and bringing through peace and joy. )ts energy "ill ground
you to the earth and to =other nature... as "ell as aiding you "ith
de%eloping intuition.
!his green crystal helps spiritual discipline, and "ill assist your mind
to become more peaceful and relaxed... releasing restlessness and
Stichtite in Serpentine is a stone that amalgamates
the energy of the green &erpentine stone "ith that of purple &tichtite. !his energetic
combination creates a totally ne" %ibration... e%en though this stone embodies the
energy of both of the other stones. )t is also called Atlantasite.
!his name is deri%ed from the particular %ibration of this stone... as it "ill help you to go
bac' into past li%es that you may ha%e experienced in the ancient ci%ili#ations of Atlantis
or +emuria.
!his +ibra birthstone %ibrates strongly "ithin the heart cha'ra... and fills your life "ith a
lo%ing heart based energy, "hich may impro%e your personal relationships.
Sunstones are excellent stones to project
delight, happiness and related feelings into
your being.
!hey are strong stones to aid manifestation... and ha%e
been 'no"n to be a help to boost manifestation of money.
)f spirit feels that it in your interest at the time, these
stones may bring you the things that you "ant.
!hey ha%e strong metaphysical properties that "ill bring
through the capability to aid the de%elopment of the
=er'abah "ithin your lightbody... and enable the a"a'ening of cosmic consciousness.
Tourmilate" Quartz embodies "ithin it the strong %ibration of (lac'
!ourmaline combined "ith the po"erful attributes of 8hite or Clear
.uart#, that "ill amplify the energy.
!his is an excellent +ibra birthstone to use to eliminate negati%ity from
the auric field ... and in addition it creates a Hbubble of lightH around your
body for protection.
!he presence of this po"erful light "ill help to heal you in many "ays... including the mental,
spiritual, emotional and physical le%els.
!he (lac' !ourmaline brings through the ability of this mineral to aid you to clear negati%ity from your
en%ironment. !his stone... also 'no"n as !ourmalinated .uart#, is also a strong grounding
stone and aids you to be protected psychically.
Your Libra Birthstone
!here are so many beautiful stones for the +ibra "oman if you "ish to "ear them as je"elry. )t is
lo%ely to 'no" that not only can you "ear lo%ely +ibra
birthstone je"elry... li'e this beautiful +apis
+a#uli nec'lace... but it loo's attracti%e and appeals to
your romantic nature... and it has strong healing aspects
+earn about the attributes of the crystals assigned to the
astrological sign of +ibra... by reading the meanings.
!a'e a loo' at the +ibra (irthstone list, then see if one of
them seems to appeal more than the others.
@se your intuition to guide you and help you to decide
"hich one you feel "ill be the best one for you to use.
<nce you loo' through the stones on the list... you may
find that one of them may appeal to you more than some
of the others.
!here are ,uite a fe" strong heart cha'ra stones that "ill appeal to your serene and romantic
nature... but be sure to read through all of the meanings so that you can use them to help you to
ma'e your decision. +ibrans are inclined to be influenced by others opinions... so simply allo" your
inner guidance to help you to 'no" "hat the best choice is for you.
!he information "ill pro%ide a range of different things including the healing ,ualities of each +ibra
(irthstone. )t it "onderful "hen you 'no" that just by "earing your personally chosen stone you may
also be able to heal a indi%idual issue.