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Proposed List of Questions, Legal Counseling 3S, DRAFT

Rea Pagkalinawan

What's your advice or please give tips for
lawyers to be as regards handling controversial
cases and clients

What is the most common legal ethics conflict
that you come across with in legal field you're

You wish you were taught ______ back in legal
ethics or legal counseling class because you
learned it the hard way in actual law practice

Jastine Faye Salazar

1. How would you explain the generally
accepted notion that practice of law is a
profession and not a business?

2. What extent should a lawyer identify with the
client's rules, and follow his express wishes?

3. What are your recommendations in order to
improve legal education for competent practice?

Stephanie Kate Arevalo
1. How do you keep yourself updated with
the new changes in the society inspite the heavy
2. How do you balance the need to
respond to the interest of your client and your
own values?
3. What are the advantages and
disadvantages that one would have in the
different fields of law? How were you able to
attain the position that you are currently in?
4. What are the factors or standards that
you consider before accepting a case
5. What is the most difficult situation or
case that you have encountered in the
profession? How did you overcome it?
6. What lesson/s have you learned in the
practice of law that you never learned while you
were still a law student?

Glory Perez

1. Was there an instance in your practice of
law where you were struggling whether to
accept a client or not due to his or her confession
of guilt?
2. What is the hardest point of being a
lawyer? how did you deal with it?
3. What are the things you keep in mind to
be able to give your client the best service you
can provide?

Kelly Lao

1. When you were a law student, did you
see yourself to be exactly where you are right
now with regards to your wokr?
2. What advice would you give present law
students in relation to school and passing the bar

3. After passing the bar, where did you
practice? Where do you think is the best place
for individuals who just passed the bar to
practice law?
4. What are the skills needed to be good in
litigation? How does a lawyer acquire or
improve on these skills?

5. Since your practice of the profession,
what was the easiest and hardest case that you
have handled? Why would you consider them as

6. How do you balance your work life,
family life and social life? How much time do
you get to spend with your family? Friends?

7. After a couple of years, do you still see
yourself doing something (still law related, of
course) else? Would you consider a job in the

8. If you were given a chance to change
things in the legal system (procedure, laws, etc.),
what would you change?

9. What do you think is the most fulfilling
thing in being a lawyer?

10. Would you want you son/s or daughter/s
to enter thr legal profession as well? If you can
Proposed List of Questions, Legal Counseling 3S, DRAFT
get a rewind in life, would you still choose this
profession? Why or why not?

Jake Jularbal

1. Was there anything you wished you
would have done differently in law school that
you did not realize until you started to practice?
2. How do you find what kind of law you
want to practice?
3. What do you like most about your job?
4. Most of law school focuses on the law
and law theory. However, a lawyers practical
duties seem absent in law school. Are young
lawyers supposed to learn these skills on the
5. How do you work hard and find time to
spend with your family?
6. How do you find yourself the ability to
cope with someone who you knew did the crime,
but you are fighting for him/her to the letter of
the law to try and find a legal technicality so that
person does not have to suffer the consequences
of their actions?

Isha Soriano
1. If you had a completely free choice,
which law would you like to change and why?

2. If you could go back and change
something related to your education or your life
as a student what would you change or what
would you do differently?

3. As a lawyer, What do you think are the
most important characteristics and abilities for
any persons success?

4. How do you find what kind of law you
want to practice?

Den Anacay

1. In about 20 years from now, do you see
yourself doing the exact same thing or will you
be entering in a different but still somehow
related field with law e.g. politics/teaching?
2. How were you able to balance everyday
life, family life and social life alongside your
career? What sacrifices do you think have
helped you to be in a successful state right now?
Kay Padilla
1. What are the things that you have
learned in the practice of law that you have not
learned during your study of law (or the other
way around)? During your first years in practice,
was there an instance that made you feel
intimidated with senior practitioners? How did
you cope up with that and with your new

2. How would you handle the case of your
client knowing that he/she is guilty of the
charges against him/her? What was the toughest
case you have handled?

3. If you didnt become a lawyer, in which
field do you see yourself?

Chanine Cruz

1. How do you think does your job differ
from (1) Solo practitioner, (2) lawyer in a Law
firm, (3) Corporate lawyer, (4) Government

2. Whose job is the most fulfilling? How
about the most important in the society?

3. Are you happy with the field of law you
are practicing right now? If not, what field do
you want to be in, in the future?

Maria Victoria Z. Matillano

1. In relation to legal ethics among all the
canons which is the most difficult to strictly
abide to?
2. How did you overcome all the
challenges that one will encounter, in order to do
your work without transgressing the boundaries
of legal ethics?

3. How did you choose your field in legal
profession sir/ma'am was it something you knew
you wanted from the very beginning?
Proposed List of Questions, Legal Counseling 3S, DRAFT

4. What made you decide to pursue this
kind of practice? What skills are strengthened
further in your practice? (Ask them to elaborate
on their expertise)

5. Do you have any teaching experience or
are you currently a professor right now? What
are the advantages of teaching how do you
manage your work and work your schedule to do
everything on time?

Billie Cabal

1. Can you please share with us the most
memorable case you've handled and the impact
it made in your life? What's one lesson about the
legal profession that neither law school nor law
books could ever teach you?
2. What are the advantages or
disadvantages of working in a corporation/ with
a law firm/ for the government/ as a solo
3. What were the preparations you made as
law students that helped you become the
successful lawyers that you are today?
4. Aside from having a good grasp of the
law, what skills and values must a lawyer
develop to succeed in his/her profession?

Mikhaella Puno

1. How does you and how much time do
you spend on research of the latest "case law" or
whatever else changes in the legal system? How
do you stay on top of these forever changes?

2. Do you find the job pressures are too
great to have the ability to balance a healthy
lifestyle between pleasure and work?

3. Do you really get to choose the case you
want to handle? How would you reconcile being
assigned a case you were morally opposed to?

4. How long have you practiced law? What
type of cases do you generally handle? What
percentage of your practice is devoted to (the
practice area in question)?