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CLAUSE OF RESULT (Mnh trang ng chi kt qua)

Forests are being destroyed As a result ! Therefore ! Consequently a "ot o# ani$a"s are "osing
their ho$es
%& di&n ta kt qua c'a $(t s) *ic+ *, i c/ng c0c t1 n2i chi kt qua nh-3
so 4 so ! such (that) 4 as a result 4 therefore 4 consequently ! as a consequence+ etc
so 5 6as tired+ so 5 6ent to bed ear"y
such a/an + a!ect"#e + s"n$ular counta%le noun
7he is such a n"ce $"rl (that) e*erybody "ikes her
such + a!ect"#e + &lural / uncounta%le noun
8hey are such fr"enly &eo&le (that) they $ake you #ee" 6e"co$e
5t 6as such hot 'eather (that) 6e 6ent s6i$$ing
such a lot of + &lural / uncounta%le noun
8hey ga*e $e such a lot of &resents (that) 5 cou"dn 9t carry the$ ho$e
so + a!ect"#e ! a#er%
7he is so cle#er (that) e*eryone ad$ires her
:e runs so fast (that) no one can co$;ete 6ith hi$
so (uch / l"ttle + uncounta%le noun ! so (any / fe' + &lural noun
8here 6as so (uch s(o)e in the roo$ (that) 5 cou"dn<t breathe
8here 6ere so (any &eo&le on the bus (that) 6e cou"dn<t $o*e
:e has so fe' fr"ens (that) he #ee"s "one"y at ti$es
7he earns so l"ttle (oney (that) she can 9t "i*e on her sa"ary *ery easi"y
as a result / therefore / consequently
=ertain s;ecies o# ani$a"s are being ki""ed #or their #ur+ and as a result ! therefore !
consequently they are beco$ing e>tinct
=ertain s;ecies o# ani$a"s are being ki""ed #or their #ur As a result ! Therefore !
Consequently+ they are beco$ing e>tinct
? Fi"" in so + such or such a
? @3 Ahy didn<t you co$e to 6ork "ast 6eekB
C3 5 had such a bad co"d that 5 stayed in bed a"" 6eek
D @3 @re you going to Eohn<s ;arty tonightB
C3 Fo+ 5 ha*e GGGGGGGG $uch 6ork to do that 5 can<t go so
H @3 5 rea""y "ike that ne6 sho; in to6n
C3 7o do 5+ but it se""s GGGGGGGG e>;ensi*e c"othes that 5 ne*er buy anything such
I @3 5 don<t 6ant to go out tonight
C3 Jh+ but it<s GGGGGGGG "o*e"y e*ening that it 6ou"d be a sha$e to stay at ho$e such a
K @3 5 didn<t enLoy that #i"$ "ast night
C3 Feither did 5 5t 6as GGGGGGGG boring that 5 a"$ost #e"" as"ee; so
D =o$;"ete each sentence 6ith t6o to #i*e 6ords+ inc"uding the 6ord in bo"d
? 5t 6as raining hea*i"y Ae stayed in
so 5t 6as raining so hea*i"y that 6e stayed
D Ae had a great ti$e because the ;eo;"e at the hote" 6ere *ery #riend"y
such 8hey 6ere ;eo;"e GGGGGGGGGGG at the hote" that 6e had a great ti$e such friendly
H Eackie s;ent a "ot o# $oney "ast 6eek+ so she can<t ;ay the rent no6
(uch Eackie s;ent GGGGGGGGGGG"ast 6eek that she can<t ;ay the rent no6 so much money
I Mate doesn<t ;ay $uch attention to the 6ay she dresses 7he "ooks untidy
so Mate ;ays to the GGGGGGGGGGG 6ay she dresses that she "ooks untidy so little attention
K 8here 6as a "ot o# noise "ast night and 5 cou"dn<t s"ee;
such 8here 6as GGGGGGGGGGG "ast night that 5 cou"dn<t s"ee; such a lot of noise
N 8he ;arty 6asn<t a success because Eack in*ited #e6 ;eo;"e
so Eack in*ited GGGGGGGGGGG to the ;arty that it 6asn<t a success so few people (that)
O 8he cake 6as de"icious Ae ate it a""
such 5t 6as GGGGGGGGGGG that 6e ate it a"" such a delicious cake
P 8he instructions 6ere con#using 5 cou"dn<t understand the$
such 8hey 6ere GGGGGGGGGGG 5 cou"dn<t understand the$ such confusing instructions (that)
Q 8he 6eather 6as bad Ae didn<t enLoy our ho"iday
such 5t 6as GGGGGGGGGGG 6e didn<t enLoy our ho"iday such bad weather