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... through Bertha Dudde

The true church of Christ ....
Anyone ho !e"ongs to #y church a"so has to ha$e a "i$ing faith%
a faith hich ca&e a"i$e through "o$e and thus ena!"es the
or'ing of the s(irit in the hu&an !eing% hich again is on"y the
resu"t of "o$e.
The &e&!ers of #y church i"" on"y e$er consist of (eo("e ho
are so sincere"y united ith #e that they fee" #y (resence%
hose faith is conse)uent"y una$ering and cannot !e
sha'en .... hich stands fir& "i'e a roc' against e$ery ons"aught
fro& outside% on account of hich * said to +eter ,-(on you * i""
!ui"d #y church .....
For +eter.s faith as strong and una$ering% e$en though during
one hour he did not (ass the test of faith% since e$ents
(reci(itated and shoo' his confidence .... *t as% hoe$er% &ore
due to his inte""ect% hich sa no ay out fro& greatest danger%
hereas his sou" as (ushed !ac' and fe"t a!andoned .... /et
after this test of faith his "o$e for #e gre e$er dee(er and his
faith strengthened% and such faith * a"so e0(ect of those ho
ant to !e"ong to #y church. Then they i"" no "onger fa"" $icti&
to #y ad$ersary and their ene&y ....
A &e&!er of #y church i"" a"ays recognise the truth and
renounce a"" error% !ecause #y s(irit or's in hi& as an
indication that he is (art of the church founded !y #e .... And
here #y s(irit or's there can !e no "ac' of c"arity% no dou!t
and no confused conce(ts .... A &e&!er of #y church i"" !e
en"ightened and his thoughts i"" !e correct .....
This church needs no e0terna" characteristics% it needs no
organisations% !ecause there are (eo("e in a"" ecc"esiastica"
organisations ith a "i$ing faith ho there!y arouse the s(irit
ithin the&% and they a"" affi"iate the&se"$es to the ,Church of
Christ. hich% in truth% is a (ure"y s(iritua" connection of those
ho unite ith #e through "o$e% ho do e$erything conscious"y
and not as a &eaning"ess e0terna" acti$ity hich is (ure"y
&echanica""y i&("e&ented.
/ou are &eant to !e "i$ing Christians% a"ays conscious of the
fact that you shou"d fu"fi" the (ur(ose of your earth"y "ife% a"ays
eager"y stri$ing to reach your goa"% and a"ays su!&itting
yourse"$es to #e so that * #yse"f can assu&e your guidance% and
then you i"" tru"y reach your goa". For * A& not satisfied that
you on"y fu"fi" hu&an"y decreed co&&and&ents hich you ere
taught during your u(!ringing% hich are (oint"ess and do not
resu"t in (sycho"ogica" &aturity ....
As &e&!ers of the church founded !y #e #yse"f you i"" a"so
a"ays !e #y true successors% you i"" a"ays hu&!"y acce(t a""
suffering and hardshi( affecting you% !ecause you recognise
the& as a test of faith hich you shou"d (ass% and as a &eans of
he"( to increase the &aturity of your sou" .... For this is hat the
s(irit ithin te""s you% and you i"" a"so understand the reasons of
hat * a""o to ha((en to you.
/ou i"" "i$e a second "ife ne0t to your earth"y one% a "ife in unity
ith #e% your God and Father of eternity% and this "ife i""
guarantee your (erfection.
1ence e$ery (erson is a!"e to attain this (erfection% irres(ecti$e
of the schoo" of thought he !e"ongs to% (ro$iding he a"ays stays
in a "i$ing re"ationshi( ith #e and can there!y a"so !e guided
into truth .... hich% hoe$er% a"ays necessitates a "ife of "o$e
and a fir&% "i$ing faith .... As "ong as you hu&ans are "ac'ing
!oth you are 2ust dead for&s on this earth hich eterna""y cannot
co&e a"i$e% for your e0terna" actions i"" not resu"t in inner
changes hich% hoe$er% are the &eaning and (ur(ose of a
hu&an !eing.s earth"y "ife.
3oin the church hich * #yse"f founded on earth% a'e u( fro&
your s"ee( of death% !ring the s(irit in you to "ife !y doing se"f"ess
deeds of "o$e% and you i"" there!y a"so achie$e a faith so
una$ering that he"" i"" fai" to sha'e it .... And hen you
(ossess such faith you i"" !e tru"y c"ose to #e a"ready% then you
i"" fee" #y (resence% then you i"" a"so regain the a!i"ities that
ere yours !efore your a(ostasy fro& #e. /ou i"" !eco&e
(erfect again as you ere in the !eginning% and your "ife i"" !e a
ha((y one for a"" eternity ....
+u!"ished !y friends of ne re$e"ations of God 4*nfor&ation%
don"oad of a"" trans"ated re$e"ations% the&e5!oo'"ets at6