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Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu,

Guru Devo Maheshwara,
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma,
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.
"Dhyana Moolam Guru Murti,
Puja Moolam Gurur Paam,
Mantra Moolam Gurur Vakyam,
Moksha Moolam Guru !ri"a.
Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu,
Guru Deva is Maheswara #Shiva$,
Guru is Verily the Para%Brahman,
Salutations to that Guru.
The &oot o' Meitation is the (orm o' the Guru,
The &oot o' )orshi" is the (eet o' the Guru,
The &oot o' Mantra is the )or o' the Guru,
The &oot o' *i+eration is the Gra,e o' the Guru.
Dhyana Moolam Guru Murti, Puja Moolam Gurur Paam,
Mantra Moolam Gurur Vakyam, Moksha Moolam Guru !ri"a % he very 'orm o' Guru is
the root o' Meitation, Guru-s 'eet, the root o' worshi". Guru-s wors 'orms the root
o' Mantras an Gra,e o' Guru the root o' *i+eration, says Sa.e Vyasa
Distan,e has nothin. to o +etween a Master an a is,i"le. /t is the nearness o' the
heart that ,ounts. There must +e "er'e,t unity +etween the Guru an the 0hela.
Then only the is,i"le will +e immeiately +ene1te. SV2M/ S/V2N2ND2
/' you want to know the stature o' your .uru, you nee to .o +eyon your min.
& the Guru with ee" love. To kee" ,om"any with the Guru is not only to +e in
his "hysi,al "resen,e #as this is sometimes im"ossi+le$, +ut mainly means to kee"
him in our hearts an to +e one with him in "rin,i"le an to attune ourselves with
him6To kee" ,om"any, there'ore, with the Golike o+je,t is to asso,iate him with
S4&2DD2, the heart-s love intensi1e in the sense a+ove e7"laine, +y kee"in. his
a""earan,e an attri+utes in min, an +y re8e,tin. on the same an a9e,tionately
'ollowin. his instru,tions, lam+like. See 5ohn 1:;<.
=Behol the lam+ o' Go, whi,h taketh away the sins o' the worl.>
Swami Sri ?ukteswar, @The 4oly S,ien,e
3+eien,e to the .uru is the surest way when one is seekin. Go. Master ASwami Sri
?ukteswarB 1rst tol me what to o, an a'terwars he .ave the reasons. / 'oun him
unerrin. in his wisom. By listenin. to him, / save mysel' many in,arnations o'
roamin. an tryin. to 1n out truth +y mysel'. Guru is he who has e7"erien,e
Truth. 4e serves as a .uie in the ark 'orest o' li'e. /' you 'ollow him, he will lea
you out o' the arkness. /' you try to 1n the way alone, you may neelessly lose
yoursel' in the 'orest 'or many in,arnations. So 'ollow the .uru, an he will take you
throu.h sa'ely.
Paramahansa ?o.anana
Pokornost Guruu je naj"ouCaniji naDin ka je netko u "otraCi Ca Moj EDitelj
#Sri ?ukteswar Giri$ "rvo +i mi rekao Fto a uraim, a tek "oslije +i ao raClo.e.
Nje.ovu murost smatrao sam ne"o.reFivom. SluFajuGi .a, s"asio sam se mno.ih
inkarna,ija vrluanja i "okuFaja a sam "ronaHem istinu. Guru je onaj koji je iskusio
/stinu. 3n sluIi kao voiD u mraDnoj Fumi Iivota. 2ko .a "ratite, iCvest Ge vas iC
tame. 2ko "okuFate naGi "ut sami, moIa Gete se +es"otre+no iC.u+iti u Fumi
mno.o Iivota. Sto.a, "ratite Gurua i on Ge vas voiti si.urno.
/' you knew who walks +esie you on this "ath that you have ,hosen, 'ear woul +e
J 2 0ourse /n Mira,les
The "ower o' all the .reat saints have +een this surrener an a,,e"tan,e with no
ou+ts a+out themselves, their "ath, their .uru an their estination.
No true .uru who is ,onne,te to the sour,e nees anyone or any kin o' su""ort.
They are in the market "la,e out o' ,om"assion 'or human kin as well as other
+ein.s. They are walkin. reminers 'or you as to who you really are. They re"resent
the state whi,h is your estination. ?ou nee them to +e a roa si.n or a reminer to
rea,h their stature. Be reasona+le with yoursel'. By s,analiCin. a .uru, you are
estroyin. your own ,han,e 'or the hi.hest. This is +e,ause you are estroyin. the
.uru "rin,i"le #.uru tattwa$ whi,h you ,arry within yoursel'. ?ou are 'ree to +e with
any .uru an you are also 'ree to +e away 'rom them too. 4owever, let your
eta,hment 'rom the .uru arise +e,ause o' your a,,om"lishment in terms o' hi.her
state, not +e,ause you have i9eren,es in o"inions, whi,h is essentially a min
'a,tor. /' you want to know the stature o' your .uru, you nee to .o +eyon your
min. M342N5/
Surrener at 4is 'eet an never look +a,k. /t will work. 3r it will +e like "lantin. a
see an it out all the time to ,he,k whether it s"route. Mohanji
Gurus are just roasi.ns. Gurus are "er'e,tly un,onitional. They never +in a
seeker to themselves. They never inter'ere in your e7"erien,e or your journey. They
never ,riti,iCe, ju.e or ,ensor. They are o+je,tive an truth'ul. Gurus never is"lay
their "owers to attra,t an ,ontrol. Gurus never eman anythin. 'rom any seeker.
Gurus lea a li+erate e7isten,e an they lea the seeker to li+eration as well.
2s / .ot to know Mohanji +etter #in this li'e, that is$ / noti,e one thin. a+out him
that / .ot to amire a lot % even when he was in .reat "ain an istress, or in
.reatest 1nan,ial ,risis, he woul not ask anythin. 'or himsel' 'rom the Masters.
)hen / on,e aske him why he oesn@t seek their hel" in su,h situations, he
answere: =/ know that Masters are with me all the time an / surrener to their will
'ully. /' / am to .o throu.h some e7"erien,es 'or the "ur"ose o' karmi, ,leansin., so
+e it. 3therwise, what surrener are we talkin. a+outK> Bi+aji
/' / ,ommit mistakes they are mine, +ut i' there is anythin. .oo in my li'e it ,omes
'rom 4im.
3n the nature o' the .uru, Ma sai: "The .uru a,tually 'rom within. )hen
.enuine sear,h takes e9e,t, his .enuine mani'estation is +oun to o,,urL it ,annot
"ossi+ly +e otherwise. The 3ne, assumin. 'or 4imsel' the sha"e o' the .uru, o' his
own a,,or +rin.s a+out 4is mani'estation." 3n,e the relationshi" to the .uru was
esta+lishe, then surrener an o+eien,e are essential."0arry out without ar.uin.
whatever / say, +ut +e ,ertain that it is 'or your +est," Ma ire,te. 2N2ND2M2?/ M2
Give me not thirst i' you ,annot .ive me water.
Give me not i' you ,annot .ive me 'oo.
Give me not joy i' / ,annot share.
Give me not skills i' / ,annot "ut them to .oo use.
Give me not intelli.en,e i' / ,annot "er,eive +eyon it.
Give me not knowle.e i' / ,annot i.est it.
Give me not love i' / ,annot serve.
Give me not esire that oesn@t lea me to you.
Give me not a "ath that that oesn@t take me home.
Give me not a "rayer i' you on@t want to hear it. sri sri
")hatever may +e .uru % he may +e a lunati, or a ,ommon "erson. 3n,e you have
a,,e"te him, he is the lor o' lors." neem karoli +a+a
"/t is not ne,essary to meet your .uru on the "hysi,al "lane. The .uru isnot
e7ternal." neem karoli +a+a
"The Guru knows the Eltimate an relentlessly "ro"els the is,i"le towars /t."
/t is +y the Guru@s .ra,e that your min is en.a.e in sear,h 'or Truth an it is +y his
.ra,e that you will 1n it. /t works towars your ultimate .oo. 2n it is
'or all. N/S2&G2D2TT2
To 1n a livin. Guru is a rare o""ortunity an a .reat res"onsi+ility. 3ne shoul not
treat these matters li.htly. ?ou "eo"le are out to +uy yoursel' the heaven an you
ima.ine that the Guru will su""ly it 'or a "ri,e. ?ou seek to strike a +ar.ain +y
o9erin. little +ut askin. mu,h. ?ou ,heat no+oy e7,e"t yourselves. N/S2&G2D2Ta
3n,e you meet the sat.uru there is no nee 'or any Muali1,ation. The 'a,t that you
meet a sat.uru is in itsel', your hi.hest "unya #merit karma e9e,t$. % See more at:
*ook at me an / will look to you. Trust the Guru 'ully. That is the only sahana. Guru
is all the Gos. S4/&D/ S2/
Sti,k to your Guru with una+ate 'aith, what ever the merits o' other Gurus an
however little the merits o' your own.
/t is not the Guru that makes himsel' your Guru. /t is you who must him as
your Guru., ie, "la,e 'aith in 4im. Take a "osther an it as your Guru an see
i' your .oal or aim is rea,he or notR S4/&D/ S2/
The Guru is the meiator. 4e takes man to Go.
/' you are in earnest to +e .oo an "ure, Go will sen you the Sat Guru, the tea,her. Sarnestness is the one thin. ne,essary. &2M2!&/S4N2
The .uru%is,i"le relationshi" is the hi.hest e7"ression o' 'rienshi", 'or it is +ase
on un,onitional ivine love an wisom. /t is the lo'tiest an most sa,re o' all
relationshi"s. 0hrist an his is,i"les were all one in s"irit, as are my master ASwami
Sri ?ukteswarB an / an those who are in tune with me, +e,ause o' the ,ommon
+on o' Go-s ivine love....3ne who "artakes o' this relationshi" is on the way to
wisom an 'reeom. yo.anana
J Sven thou.h li+eration estroys the +ona.e o' material e7isten,e, 4anuman tol
&ama: =/ have no esire 'or li+eration, in whi,h / woul ' that ?ou are the
Master an / am ?our servant.@@