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LAW & ORDER Politics
VOL 8 NO.635
MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
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These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of
the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia
THURSDAY, JULY3, 2014 L$90.00/US$1 L$91.00/US$1
L$91.00/US$1 L$92.00/US$1
L$92.00/US$1 L$91.00/US$1
News Extra pg.5
Defense Lawyers Want Rioters To
Face Trial In Nimba
No Community has been spared, no area has been forgiven. In what many are describing as
perhaps one of the worst fooding in Liberias history, thousands of Liberians have been made
homeless, thousands others stranded in their homes and for many others, hope is rapidly
becoming a lost cause. The fooding dilemma of the past week has put contractors on notice and
the international partners funding those projects Liberians expect more and demand the best.
Rejected Unity Party
Senator Momo Finds
solace in APD
Page 2 |
Monday, July 14, 2014
HE RATE at which Liberians are dying from the
deadly Ebola outbreak and the poor manner in which
health authorities are responding to the epidemic
could mean a huge segment of the population in
Liberia would be dead before the world fnally takes notice or
the government fnally comes to its senses.
JUDGING FROM what happened at the Emergency Ward
at the John F. Kennedy Hospital last Friday when family
members of a suspected Ebola victim demanded the corpse;
authorities in Liberia are still out of touch and are continuing
to take Ebola for a joke.
ONE WOULD think that by now, the government of Liberia
which has declared Ebola a national emergency would be
treating it as such, by stationing police or even military
personnel at hospitals to prevent incidents like the one that
took place last week at the JFK.
FAMILIES MUST not be allowed to hold a hospital hostage
because they are ignorant about the threat a dead Ebola victim
could have a anyone coming in close proximity of the body.
GOVERNMENT MUST do more to educate and inform
people about this and have signs posted at various hospitals
informing relatives and friends to stay as far away from Ebola
bodies as possible.
IGNORANCE REMAINS a key contributor to the rising
deaths Liberia continues to experience. And this was clearly
evident when angry family members of a pregnant woman who
died as a result of the deadly Ebola virus protested Friday at
Liberias Referral John F. Kennedy medical Center demanding
the corpse of their family member.
NURSES CONTINUE to complain that they lack the necessary
protective gears to guard themselves against the deadly disease.
Nurses working in clinics and hospitals outside of Monrovia
have complained that health authorities are stingy with the
Personal Protective Equipment that is supposed to be worn
before a patient is attended to due to the highly contagious
nature of the disease.
IT SADDENS us that Nurses and medical practitioners would
be lacking tools to work with, that Liberia in the midst of all
this, really do not have a 24-hour Ebola response unit, that
patients who expired from the outbreak in the middle of the
night, are left to stay among other patients with serious risks to
health care workers.
IN THIS DAY and age, a response team should be stationed at
all major hospitals, especially the John F. Kennedy Hospital so
that suspected Ebola bodies can be disposed of properly.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, what has the Ministry of Health
and the government done with the huge consignment of
Ebola protective gears recently donated by the World Health
SOURCES HAVE hinted FrontPageAfrica that the John
F. Kennedy hospital is not responding properly to health
emergencies resulting from the Ebola Virus. The hospital is
said to put people in isolation at its cholera unit without the
proper care. The suspected Ebola patients including health
workers are allegedly abandoned at a facility, where there is no
electricity and sometimes, no food. Recently one of the nurses
in isolation from the disease is reported to have set ablaze
some clothing and run out of the Cholera Unit where other
patients are in isolation.
UGANDAN DOCTOR, Sam Mutooro who died of Ebola is
said to have been abandoned prior to his death. Accordingly
during his time of illness, his medication was usually placed
under the door to the room in which he was kept and he had to
collect the drugs and treat himself.
ONE JFK SOURCE confded in FPA that at least two suspected
Ebola patients were turned away to be isolated at the homes
because the isolation Center at the JFK was occupied. This is
a big joke to the fght against the deadly virus, the suspected
patients live in communities where there are other people and
even their family members at home could get contaminated
with the virus.
WE ARE EVEN receiving confrmed reports that some health
aides are attending to patients without protective gears, putting
themselves and their peers at risk.
A SENIOR HOSPITAL source told FrontPageAfrica that a
pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital from the New Kru
Town community located on the Bushrod Island, a suburb of
Monrovia, one of the communities highly hit by the outbreak
of the virus but was locked in isolation without being attended
to leading to her death.
THE SOURCE said the lady died at the JFK hospital and while
the Ebola Response team was preparing to take delivery of
the body, family members resisted, a situation that needed the
intervention of the Liberian National Police.
THE FAMILY members claimed that their relative did not die
as a consequence of the virus and therefore wanted the body
to give the dead a beftting burial. Following hours of tussle,
the police calmed the situation and test later confrmed that the
lady died of Ebola. A second person was also confrmed to die
as result of the virus at the same hospital.
NEW KRU TOWN is one of the communities where cases of
Ebola were reported and a nurse Esther Kesselly died while
attending to a patient, yet health authorities are only engaged
in plenty talk with no action. The Redemption Hospital located
New Kru Town nearly shut down after nurses protested unsafe
working environment following the death of their colleague but
at the hospital even securities are not given protective gloves
and are allowed to interact with patients before reaching health
workers. These securities are seen interacting with people who
are brought in critically ill, some even help to remove the sick
from vehicles conveying them.
EBOLA IS CAUSING havoc in Liberia as patients are suffering
stigma with fear from nurses that many of the patients taken
to hospitals and other medical facilities are suffering from the
virus. As a result many nurses, particularly those at the JFK
have threatened to abandon posts unless the government and
health authorities do more to protect them from being infected
with the deadly virus. But what are health authorities doing
to minimize the death in both health workers and ordinary
THE EPIDEMIC is spreading fast across Liberia with Lofa
and Montserrado counties having more cases than any other
part of the country; Bomi has now reported one case.
LIBERIAS TOYING with the outbreak is a major reason why
the death toll in Guinea is now shrinking and ours is rapidly
rising to the top. It is not that Liberia does not have the fnancial
capability to fght the disease, the country has received immense
help from its international partners including the WHO and the
United states Agency for International Development (USAID).
JUST RECENTLY THE President of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria H.E. Goodluck Jonathan announced the donation of
Five Hundred Thousand ((500,000.00) United States Dollars
to the Government of Liberia by his country to aid with the
fght against the deadly Virus. President Jonathan made the
donation on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at the 45th Ordinary
Session of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government in the
Ghanaian capital, Accra.
NIGERIAS DONATION to Liberia is in response to the launch
of the ECOWAS Special Fund for the Fight Against Ebola
announced by the Chairperson of ECOWAS and Ghanaian
President John Dramani Mahama. President Jonathan also
made a donation to Guinea, Sierra Leone, the West African
Health Organization (WHAO) and the ECOWAS Pool Fund
Against Ebola totaling 3.5 million United States Dollars. The
Liberian health ministry says it would need US$1.5 Million to
fght the disease but the question remains how well can they
manage what they are asking for when we have not seen any
rigorous campaign to eradicates the virus. It is completely
disheartening how the Liberian government is dealing with the
disease. In some areas, there have been reports that there are
no vehicles to help in the burial of people who die from the
disease, thereby the increase in the number of persons coming
in contact with the disease.
ONE OF THE MAJOR ways through which the virus is spread
from an infected person to another is through contact with dead
victims and all the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has
been doing is to warn citizens against making contacts with
people suspected or confrmed of dying from the disease but
what about family members who do not know their relative
have died as a result of the disease? What do you tell them,
how far is your message going?
ACCORDING TO THE LATEST World Health Organization
numbers, new cases of the Ebola virus are being reported in
Sierra Leone and Liberia, with 19 deaths over three days last
IN CONTRAST, there were two deaths and one new infection
recorded from 6-8 July in Guinea where WHO says, the
community transmission rate was low.
"THE EPIDEMIC trend in Liberia and Sierra Leone remains
precarious with high numbers of new cases and deaths being
reported," it said.
THE CASES IN SIERRA Leone are centred in Kailahun
and Kenema districts, and in Liberia's Lofa and Montserrado
counties, the WHO said.
IN TOTAL THERE have been 539 deaths in West Africa since
the outbreak began in neighboring Guinea in February. The
WHO statement said that Sierra Leone had accounted for 32
new cases and 15 deaths, while Liberia reported 11 new cases
and four deaths.
THE FIGURES, according to Medecin Sans Frontieres shows
a strong race against time to control the epidemic. In total there
have been 539 deaths in West Africa since the outbreak began
in neighboring Guinea in February.
EBOLA SPREADS through contact with an infected person's
bodily fuids and there is no vaccine or cure. It kills up to 90%
of those infected but if patients receive early treatment, they
have a better chance of survival.
THE RAPID PACE at which Ebola is killing Liberians speaks
of how the Government has proven incapable in managing
emergency situations.
TODAY THE WAR against corruption is a charade as
since 2006 there are not concrete actions taken in fghting
corruption which is just the same being done with the Ebola
virus. Liberians are dying with no frm action in helping the
situation, all we hear is talk while nurses are not encouraged
with additional incentives and safety equipment to enable
them look after patients.
AT THIS RATE, one can expect this already rapidly rising
epidemic to hit new proportions to the detriment of Liberia, its
people and hundreds of healthcare workers living at the mercy
of a killer disease running amok in Liberia and its neighbors.
Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 3
P. Samuel Goweh,, Contributing Writer
he peace loving people of Liberia
across the 15 political subdivisions
will for the first time (since the
inception of the 1986 constitution)
go to the poll in a special senatorial
election on October 14 this year to elect senators
of their choice. Grand Bassa County, the political
seat of Liberia is no exception. However, the
Bassa case goes beyond electing a senator. The
decision of the Bassa people at the 2014 poll will
to a larger extent determine their role in the 2017
presidential elections. This years decision will
establish whether the people of Bassa are willing
and ready to continue their support for Cllr. Charles
W. Brumskine in 2017 or introduce a new name and
face for the presidential race comes 2017.
Liberty Party (LP) candidate Mr. Jonathan L. Kaipay,
Mr. Siokin Civicus Barsi-Giah and others will face
Mr Milton Findley in the Bassas Senatorial race,
but my interest here is the clash between the LP
candidate and the incumbent. These two candidates
are of keen interest because the Pro Tempore for
his part is prepared to use the Pro Tempore office
including all available resources to ensure his re-
election. On the other hand, the LP is deeply rooted
in Grand Bassa County and has dominated the
Bassas polities for almost a decade. In addition,
the election of one of these candidates (Mr Milton
Findley and Jonathan L. Kaipay) has the propensity
to shift the Bassa politics in either a positive or
negative direction.
LP is a household name in Grand Bassa County.
This is exemplified by the party dominance in the
Bassa Legislative Caucus during the 52ndNational
Legislature and the May 7, 2013 by-election (after
the death of Hon. John Francis Whitfield) won by the
party. And Mr. Kaipay, the LP candidate has worked
tirelessly through the United Methodist Church and
has made meaningful and life touching contributions
in efforts to lift our people out of poverty amongst
others. He has tangible and traceable marks in the
5 electoral districts of Grand Bassa County. His
most recent works are the two bridges constructed
between Deso and Klehn town, District #3C Grand
Bassa County. These bridges have again linked the
region to the rest of Grand Bassa and put smiles on
the faces of local dwellers. Besides, he came third
to Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence and Daniel
Chea in the 2013 by-election. This means he could
be a formidable force to reckon within this election.
However, MrKaipay and his LP have a serious
battle.Mr Milton Findley, who has stayed at Senate
wind of the Capitol Building for more than 8 years
without writing a single line in terms of legislation,
has managed to create for himself a political empire.
He was smart in making sure that Madam Etweda
Cooper got appointed from his district (District
#1) as Superintendent of Grand Bassa. Not only
that,the incumbent again ensured that his son,
MrAdonie Z. Greaves got appointed as developing
He (Findley) has seized other key positions in the
county including: Ministry of Youth and Sport county
Coordinator, Ministry of Planning and Economics
Affairs County Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
amongst others. This means, the Senator is directly
and indirectly pulling the county resources in every
direction of his choice. Thus, with these available
resources at both national and county levels, along
with the appropriation of US$1,584,169 and US$
1,341,287 in the FY 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
budgets, even a 2 year old child can deduce that
cash violence will definitely be the order of the day.
In fact, the Pro Tempore has started dishing out
cash already to market women and cash-testy young
people in order to win their minds.
Not only that fourth man of the Republic wishes to
win the 2014 senatorial election, but also eyeing
the presidency comes 2017 and he strongly believes
that this is possible through the support of the Bassa
people. Hence, to win this years election would
suggest his endorsement by the Bassa people and
losing the same could mean a vote of no confidence.
Mr. Milton Findley also understands that to gain
the Basssolian support especially in a presidential
election he must do all he can to politically destroy
Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine whom the Bassa people
have reposed their confidence in over the years.
And this is why his (Findley) political praise team
is leaving no stone unturned in using all propaganda
machineries to ensure that Cllr. Brumskine be
painted as the devil and at the same time present Mr
Findley as the next messiah of the Bassa people.
For the Liberty, losing this years election will be
a sign that the party is gradually failing away in
Grand Bassa County which is considered as its
strong hole. Losing the election will also indicates
that the Bassa people adhere to the propaganda that
Cllr. Brumskine and the LP had failed the Bassa
people and can no longer be trusted. On the other
hand, winning the October 14, 2014 Senatorial
election will put the LP and its Standard bearer back
on course in the county.
The result of the midterm election in Grand Bassa
goes beyond this years senatorial race and reaches
as far as determining Bassas role in the 2017 general
and presidential elections. It is very important that
we approach this years poll with care and conscious
as our futures are involved.
The Editor
hy does "KYB's (Kenneth Y. Best) Recipe for
Redeeming Liberia" deprives Liberians of the
main ingredient (private property rights) to
Yes, private property right--the right of an owner to rent
(lease), sell or give away his or her private property to anyone
for FREE, gives us the power to prosper!
If you don't believe what I just said, go down Waterside and
see for yourself: You will see market women, lawmakers, and
Simeon Freeman's prostitute exercising their private property
rights to prosper!:
Look at Big Mammy selling mammy-put-the-pepper!
You see Rep. Forh accepting "cold water" from that Lebanese
merchant over there??
Wow, those Fulanis giving out FREE samples of roasted meat
to entice customers to buy!
Oh-uh, Look at Simeon Freeman's prostitute giving away her
"fsh" for free! (If Freeman becomes our next president, he will
appoint Cynthia Weah as his Minister of State for Presidential
But yet KYB says that "leading Liberian families and (the)
not so prominent ones were leasing their prime properties to
foreign business people ...for pittance"
So what, KYB? Don't these Liberian families have the right
to lease their private property for "pittance" or give it away for
FREE, if they chose to do so??? Of course they do.
Oh wait, I forgot. White people can't own land in Liberia!!!
But our Constitution (Article 22 a &b) states that "...only
Liberian citizens shall have the right to own real property in
the Republic and (their) private property RIGHTS shall not
extend beneath the land and waterways..." and the Constitution
trumps KYB's recipe!
So what part of Article 22b (private property rights) does KYB
not understand??
I fnd it appalling that KYB purports to know what's best for
private citizens who chose to lease their PRIVATE properties
(real estate) to foreigners!
It's nice to fatter ourselves to know what's good for others than
what others know are good for themselves!
But here's a good recipe for redeeming Liberia: MYOB (mind
your own business), KYB!
Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia
Page 4 |
Monday, July 14, 2014
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The Reader's Page
Kehleboe Gongloe Researcher at Opportunity Infnitum
If a leader does not understand history, the nation and its people
will always suffer. The crisis in Yekepa was not a spontaneous
uprising against ArcelaMittal. It developed over a course of
time and only reached its escalation point because GOL did not
demonstrate the capacity to prevent crisis. Use of riot police or
force by government has never stop people from pursuing their
legitimate demands through other means. The Nimba situation
is not the frst act of violence against concession in Liberia and
the entire world. I believe that something positive will come out
this violence provided GOL is willing to learn from the past. The
next time GOL is crafting any concession agreement, it will take
into account her experiences with the implementations of existing
concession agreements. Lest I forget, I do not support violence
but we need to be careful also about which violence is unjustifed.
I do not violence from government against poor harmless people
anywhere in the world. Would I condemn violence by the ANC
during the struggle against the atrocious apartheid system?
Certainly not.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should have said, "the direct and
associated damage done to Arcelor Mittal facilities in Nimba
County is more than an attack on a private company; rather they
are attacks on [her bad government] and that the suffering people
are getting fed up with her greed and disregard to their pains
It is the responsibility of the court to decide who pays for the
destruction of properties be it public or private and mot the
president. The Justice minister should had advised the president
before she made such embarrassing statement. Liberia is a country
and nobody personal toy.
One of the problems with our country is that people cannot read
with comprehension. Nowhere in the Sirleaf's remarks did she say
"Nimba will pay". That is a fabrication. Here is her exact comment:
"As is to be expected, the government of Liberia will dutifully
undertake a repair of the damaged roads and bridges, but the cost
will be sourced from funds directly allocated for the development
of Nimba County," In simple English, this means that it is not the
responsibility of the company to repair roads and bridges damaged
by Liberian citizens. Since these roads and bridges are in Nimba
County and they were damaged by Liberians, the Government has
to repair the roads and bridges. It is not the responsibility of the
company. The question then is where would the money come from
to repair the roads and bridges that where destroyed. T...he county
has development funds allocated to it, so those funds will be used
to repair the damaged road and bridges rather than leave the roads
and bridge in a state of disrepair. Did people expect the President
to say that we will increase taxes on the whole country to repair
the roads and bridge or that we will use money allocated to the
University or the JFK hospital to repair bridges damaged in Nimba?
Can someone tell me where the money is going to come from to
repair roads and bridges that were destroyed by Liberians. Arcelor
Mittal, or any company for that matter, is not in the business of
repairing infrastructure damaged by citizens in countries that they
operate. They will replace the equipment from their insurance
but they cannot repair public roads and bridges that they do not
own. This hogwash about 'collective punishment' of Nimba makes
no sense since Sirleaf said nothing of the sort. Reading with
comprehension is very important. The headline of this article is
misleading. Sourcing funds from the country development funds to
repair the roads and bridges destroyed in Nimba is not 'collective
be expected, the government of Liberia will dutifully undertake
a repair of the damaged roads and bridges, but the cost will be
sourced from funds directly allocated for the development of
Nimba County. --President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
The Editor,
ews emanating from the mother land Liberia is very
discouraging . With the leadership of the Harvard
trained economist ;Ellen Johnson Sir leaf , the
exchange rate between the United States dough and
the Liberian dough is $ 92.00 to $ 1.00 . Ebola is now the
centered of intellectual exchanges. Our people are dying in their
numbers, as a result of this terrifc virus . Flood has over taken
most parts of the capital of Liberia, Monrovia. Young people
are dying in their numbers from heart attacks and other related
illnesses. Delta airlines decision to stop their fights from going
to Liberia by way of New York. Protest in Nimba County,
resulting in damages of properties, over the amount of one
million United States dollars.
The Liberian legislature seeking their selfsh interest. Young
people in Liberia are walking with angered on their faces as a
result of Joblessness. Massive corruption in governmental circle
is the song of the day. All hope seems to vanished.
Where are we heading as a nation and people? Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf was elected to protect and defend the constitution of
Liberia. President Sirleaf appears not to be listening to the
cries of the ordinary people. Article 20 (a) of the Liberian
constitution clearly state No person shall be deprived of life,
liberty, security of the person, property, privilege or any other
right except as the outcome of a hearing judgment consistent
with the provisions laid down in this Constitution and in
accordance with due process of law. Justice shall be done without
sale, denial or delay; and in all cases not arising in courts not of
record, under courts-martial and upon impeachment, the parties
shall have the right to trial by jury.
The Ebola issue is becoming very scaring and discomforting,
Liberians are dying from the EBOLA virus. A violation of their
constitutional rights to live ,which is clearly stated in article 20
(a) No person shall be deprived of life. Liberians are been
deprived of life by evidences of the continue EBOLA deaths in
Lofa and Montserrado Counties.
We am calling on both the Executive and Legislative branches
of government to step out their fght against this killer Infection.
or else, we will have no alternative but to prevail on the Liberian
people to invoke their rights which is clearly stated in Article 17
of the Liberian constitution.
Article 17
All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner,
shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common
good, to instruct their representatives, to petition the Government
or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and to
associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political
parties, trade unions and other organizations.
We want to harass this government ,to see this warning as being
in the interest of the Liberian people and make appropriate
adjustment. So as to rescue our people from this deadly EBOLA
virus .
Additionally, We will like to use this medium to advice our
brothers and sisters in Nimba county to desist from any form
The Editor,
listened to President Sirleaf on Thursday July 10 addressing the
nation on the issue involving some aggrieved protesters in Nimba
county and Arcelor Mital.
She made a pronouncement that the peace loving people of Nimba county
will bear the full weight of what transpired between the protesters and
Arcelor Mital.
To pronounce the usage of portion of the Nimba people's share of the
national cake (County Development Funds) to pay for damages caused by
few Nimbians on properties of Arcelor Mital is a complete Presidental
Loose Talk and not applicable. President Sirleaf needs to know she
running a country and not her house. The actions of the protesters were
not sanctioned by Nimba county as such Nimba must not be the victim.
Any attempt of the President to use Nimba's share will be a violation of
the budget law. Let it be known to her that Even common law does not
support collective guilt . so should we hold her children responsible after
the leaves power for the criminal enterprise she has built?
If the President wants to please her criminal partners at Arcelor Mital let
her not use a little incident like this, her desperation for corrupt money
should not be a factor to punish the people Nimba that overwhelmingly
voted her to power. For me, it is not surprise for the president to speak
such loose talk evidence of her previous loose talks," That all her critics
need to see a psychiatrist, "That people who complain of unemployment
are noisy minority" etc; what is surprising to me now is her gross
ingratitude to the sons and daughters of Nimba who gave her preference
over other qualifed and competent Liberians and elected her.
Madam President I say to you, enough is enough, stop the fun, stop the
loose talks and do the Liberian people work effectively but if you are too
old and facing some mental disability then the most honorable thing to do
is to resign and stop embarrassing the Executive mansion. ..
on violence . Violent is not the way forward in the development
of Liberia. Intellectual dialogue is the way forward. We
intellectually condemn the recent wave of violence and the
hostage situation on the compound of Arcellor mittals in Nimba
Finally, we are calling on the government of Liberia to investigate
this matter without delay and bring the perpetrators to justice.
This will serve as a deterrent for future vicious elements in the
Liberian society.
Northern Virginia, USA
Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 5
No Community has been spared, no area has been forgiven. In what many are describing as perhaps one of the worst fooding
in Liberias history, thousands of Liberians have been made homeless, thousands others stranded in their homes and for many
others, hope is rapidly becoming a lost cause. The fooding dilemma of the past week has put contractors on notice and the
international partners funding those projects Liberians expect more and demand the best.
Monrovia -
ake a drive through
Claratown, Vai Town
or many parts of
Monrovia and its
environs or even the under-
construction Red Light to
Gbarnga highway being worked
on by the Chinese construction
frm, CICO, you will see the rage
the rainy season has inficted on
Liberians far and wide.
From downtown Monrovia to the
township of Paynesville; From
Somalia Drive to the hinterlands
of Liberia, homes and villages
have taken a hit of enormous
Bushrod Island for example was
a visibly no-go area for motorists
and pedestrians alike. It became
so bad that the road was ordered
shut by the government with
police manning huge makeshift
blockades in the busy shopping
district that houses the gateway
to the country, the Freeport of
Monrovia and also home to
the Liberia Petroleum Refning
Heavy duty vehicles such as fuel
tankers, cement and sand trucks
and other vehicles were seen
lined up in the traffc as people
rolled up their pants and market
women held on to their lappas
as they waded through the deep
water that is fast becoming a
river whenever it rains.
Many stores apparently built in
the path of the drainage are seen
surrounded by foodwaters as
workers offoad container trucks
and carry cartoons of goods into
these stores despite the water
stopping some at knee length
The recent rainfall which
lasted almost four days led to a
complete sabotage of movement
and many vehicles coming from
town could only stop as far as
Clara Town on Saturday and
drivers told to turn around and
go back to town.
The dilemma has renewed calls
for the Liberian government and
its international parties to place
more emphasis on the point that
loans or grants given to Liberia
for infrastructure development
must beneft the Liberian people.
Industry observers point to
the fact that institutions like
the World Bank, International
Monetary fund, European
Union, African Development
Bank, USAID, have been lax in
allowing foreign contractors to
construct sub-standard roads in
Liberia. Many Liberians believe
that some of the employees
at some of these International
Donor Agencies do not care
about the low quality of road
works done by foreign frms.
Last week, a team from the
World Bank team was in Liberia
and witnessed the bad condition
of the road just constructed by
CICO and some Liberians are
concerned what the World Bank
representatives are doing about
such a poor quality road or safety
condition on the Paynesville
Red Light to Gbarnga road or
In recent weeks, there have
been many motor accidents on
the road because CICO failed
to provide safety signs and
detour routes according to the
contract signed with the Liberian
government leading many to
wonder who is monitoring the
road at the Ministry of Public
Many Local and Foreign
companies are bidding for
road construction in Liberia
and some foreign donors and
Liberians are using companies
that are currently working as a
yardstick to select companies
because they are in the country.
Some Liberians believe this is
the wrong approach to award a
company future road contract
that is constructing poor quality
work because they have their
equipment or operating in
Liberia whether the company is
Foreign or local. If our foreign
partners are really serious to
assist Liberia in this post war
era, they should not support
any company whether foreign
or Liberian that has a bad track
During the recent fooding,
commuters commuting from
from the Duala end via the
Freeport area and those from the
Somalia Drive area were told
to turn around as soon as they
approached the Freeport or the
Total Gas station in the area.
They have blocked the entire
road, no way to go in town, said
an eyewitness. The police not
allowing people to cross because
the water too deep there; so
youll just turn around because
no road down there.
The jammed traffc resulting
from the storm was huge forcing
normal businesses to shut down
because goods and services
could not be moved from one
end of the city to the other.
Days after the rain, workers from
the Ministry of Public Works
were seen sucking up the water
from the road and pouring it into
the other end that had only one-
partly working drainage which
was clogged. Vehicles were seen
using one side of the road with
some heavy trucks and smaller
cars riding over the partition in
the road thus leaving traces of
broken concrete behind.
The Bushrod Island road is
becoming dilapidated with huge
craters developing in the road
as vehicles and water continue
to battle for ownership with
vehicles bearing the brunt of the
One taxi driver lamented that
he was forced to change tires
every week due to the bad road
condition. You know, this is
very bad. The government is just
sitting and waiting for this entire
road to cut off before they can be
serious to fx it, said Mohamed
Bah a taxi driver. We are losing
money here and we have to fx
tires every week now. The time
you take to make three trips this
time that one trip; so some of our
friends dont use this area. So
car business can be hard because
I cant burn all my gas and be
charging people cheap.
Serious Situation
Public Works Minister Antoinette
Weeks has acknowledged that
the situation on the Bushrod
Island is serious and the ministry
is making interventions in the
area but indicated that some of
the areas will require long-term
We had a very serious situation
across the bridge last weekend,
and as it continues to rain the
situation will get worse. This
is the start of the rain so as it
continues to rain, we will have
this problem. So we have three to
four months. So something that
the ministry is doing right now
is identifying those structures in
terms of the ones we can open up
and clean and some of them, we
really cannot because they have
buildings that have physically
been built on them; so those are
long term.
The Public Works Minister said
the Government is advising all
Liberians who continue to build
on drainage structure or swamp
land to desist noting that such is
creating more fooding problem.
Minister Weeks disclosed that
the ministry is sending an
assessment team to look at the
condition of the JFK fence for
the purpose of carrying out
renovation work.
On the cost of the work, the
minister said it is premature to
state a fgure until the assessment
team concludes its work and
from the fndings the ministry
will determine the cost for the
Judging from the past few weeks
however, some engineers say the
drainage dilemma has given the
government and international
partners food for thought and
put contractors on notice that
Liberians are paying more and
more attention to their work
and getting an easy pass may no
longer be the order of the day.
Page 6 |
Monday, July 14, 2014
Stephen D. Kollie,
LPRC Boss Commends Aminata Service Station
he Head of the
Liberia Petroleum
Refnery Company
(LPRC) has declared
the Aminata Service Station
as third among ten importers
of petroleum in Liberia while
commending the management
for maintaining a Liberian
brand on the petroleum market.
Speaking Friday at the
offcial opening of the newly
renovated and now state of the
art Aminata Service Station on
17 street, Sinkor Mr. T. Nelson
Williams noted that two years
ago, the Total brand was the
only brand in Liberia serving
gas but is proud of Aminata as
a Liberian own brand.
Said Mr. Williams: It gives me
great joy and pride to be here
to open another station that
will provide jobs for Liberians.
The stations are also moving
outside of Monrovia. We have
to decentralize the petroleum
Meanwhile Commerce
Minister Axel Addy stressed
the need for more investment
in the private sector in order to
see transformation in Liberia
I am proud of Siaka Toure
and his team. We have seen a
complete transformation. We
have been working with the gas
station owners to help educate
them to improve the quality of
service that we expect them to
perform. So when customers
come to the pump and pay for
one gallon, they get on one
gallon. So thats the confdence
you must have when you see
the brand Aminata, Minister
Addy noted.
Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 7
ust days after he denounced
his membership from the
ruling Unity Party (UP)
Gbarpolu County Senator
Theodore Momo has joined the
opposition Alliance for Peace
and Democracy (APD).
Senator Momo declaration of
membership for the APD has
subsequently qualify him to
contest on the Partys ticket for
re-election in Gbapolu County
as a result of an endorsement
he received from the partys
executive Committee members
at its convention held in
Monrovia over the weekend.
The ADP conducted its primary
Saturday and endorsed seven
candidates to contest in seven of
the 15 counties. Those endorsed
include; Mobutu Vlah Nyenpah
(Sinoe County), Joseph K. Jallah
(Lofa County), J.S.B. Theodore
Momo, Jr. (Gbarpolu County),
Cyrus S. Cooper, (Grand Gedeh
County) and Gbenimah Balu
Slopadoe (Grand Kru County).
Others are Jerry Vogar Geedeh
(River-Cess County) and Musa
S.B. Dorley (Montserrado
Momo was defeated in a
controversial primary by
Representative Gertrude Lamine
and in explaining his exit from
the ruling Unity Party, Senator
Momo pointed to a mantra the
opposition in Liberia has been
trumpeting for months, that the
age-old Tubman-style patronage
system was still visible in the
political landscape of post-war
Without naming, Momo
lamented: Patronage power still
continues to roam heavily over
peoples power and the power
of rules and laws around which
parties revolve.
At the end of the APD
convention, Momo in an
interview with FrontPageAfrica
said, his decision to join the APD
is motivated by a consultation
with the People of Gbarpolu
County, who in his words
mandated him to fnd a resting
place that he could use to run.
Momo said: After a careful
research, I fnd the APD to be
that resting place because we
share some commonality in
terms of the level of vision in
developing our country.
Responding to question about
thought by people that Gbarpolu
county is the Unity Party
Political stronghold, he admitted
but said, it became stronghold of
the UP because of him and others
strong UP partisans of the county
and not because of the party
structure and institutionalization.
He said UP became popular
in the county because it had
partisans of his characteristic
that kept the party alive and
promised to do the same for the
APD, his new ally.
He expressed optimism that with
the level of support he has and
with the APD, he is confdent
that he can win the UP candidate
in Gbarpolu County.
On whether the APD can rescue
him in Gbarpolu he said; I have
come to the APD to help rescue
it too. I do not come to this
party as a weakling, I come with
something concrete and viable,
I come with a huge constituent,
I come very strong and ready
to work I bring strength to the
The Alliance for Peace and
Democracy is one of the political
parties in Liberia at the level of
the Senate that has produced the
least number of lawmakers; in
2005 the Party produced three
senators (Joseph Nagbe, Mobutu
Vlah Nyenpan and Blamo
Nelson. Nelson did not return
in 2011 as he was defeated in
Grand Kru County.
Momos served as deputy
director General for
Administration at the Liberia
Broadcasting system (LBS)
the state owned radio station
before his election as senator of
Gbapolu County. His angst may
have been triggered by the fact
that his bid for a second term
was rejected at the partys recent
convention to elect candidates to
contest the upcoming Senatorial
mid-term elections.
Momos rejection was not
without controversy. Gertrude
Lamine, who few weeks ago
had declared her intention of
joining the opposition Liberty
Party, before withdrawing her
membership from the Liberty
Party and returning to the Unity
Party suddenly appeared on the
ballot at the UPs convention
as the preferred choice over
Momo. Delegates reportedly
complained that the process was
manipulated by President Ellen
Cllr. Joseph Jallah like Momo
is another Liberian lawyer who
works as a legal Counsel at the
Central Bank of Liberia and has
been active in Lofa politics since
his youthful days.
He is one of the leading
candidates in the senatorial race
in Lofa County after managing
4th place in the 2011 senatorial
According to him his record
of becoming the 4th candidate
in the past election among 10
has given him the courage to
again contest the pending race.
Jallah is among the 7 candidates
endorsed by the APD (Alliance
for Peace and Democracy) and
has promised to make an impact
in the pending race.
Progressives are not weak
We the progressives, we are
strong we dont give away easily,
we dont sell our birth rights,
said former internal Affairs
Minister Blamo Nelson when
he spoke at the party convention
over the weekend.
Blamo who got appointed as
Internal Affairs minister after he
lost a re-election bid in Grand
Kru County in an election
chaired by his wife, has stressed
the need for the decentralization
of Government activities.
There is no reason why a
teacher in Grand Kru should
be employed in Monrovia, why
cant you employ in Monrovia
at the heart of everything
this country has to do is to
decentralize the government,
he said.
He commended delegates at
the convention for organizing
themselves in a peaceful manner
something he said other political
opposition parties could learn
Unconfrmed report has it that
Nelson lost his job as internal
Affairs minister after he was
reported to president Sirleaf
that he was heard in a telephone
conversation saying the
progressives are in charge.
The Progressives headed by the
late Gabriel Baccus Matthews
are famous in the body politics
of Liberia for leading the way for
a multi-party system in Liberia.

Henry Karmo (0886522495)
iberias newly found Peoples Unifcation party has
attracted big names in preparation for the pending 2014
senatorial election with the former head of the Independent
National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), George Boley
and veteran lawyer, Cllr. Lavela Supuwood amongst the successful
candidates at the party primary to contest the ensuing election.
Lofa County Senator Sumo Kupee who was recently defeated at the
Unity Party primary in the county found solace in his new political
party, winning the party ticket to contest
Commonly known as the Native Peoples Party, the National
Primaries of the party ended with nine senatorial candidates emerging
Those who were elected on white ballots to run on the partys tickets in
the 2014 senatorial race are, Grand Gedehs George S. Boley, Lofas
Sumo G. Kupee, Gbarpolus Fatuma M. Zinnah, River Gees Charles
Bardyl and Margibis Jim W. Tornonlay. Others are Marylands
Isaac Blalu Roland, Montserrados J. Lavela Supuwood, Grand Cape
Mounts Victor V. Watson and Rivercess J. Jonathan Banney,
Announcing the primaries result last Saturday, PUP acting Chairman,
Senator Henry W. Yallah thanked the delegates for making what he
described as the right choices. He said those elected to run on the
PUP tickets are highly trained or well educated professionals who
had exercised high degree of honesty and patriotism in their places of
works over the years.
The Bong County lawmaker called on the downtrodden natives to be
mindful of highly corrupt individuals who are in the habit of using
their ill-gotten money to shoot their ways into state-power.
Senator Yallah said the PUP is the only option available to the people
to transform Liberia for the better; adding that make no mistake,
only the indigenous people can turn this country into a developed
country. He said the party will do whatever it takes to ensure victory
for the PUP candidates.
Following the primary, a PUP statement reiterated the partys mission
to make sure that down-trodden indigenous people democratically
ascend to state-power in Liberia.
According to the release, the PUP was born as a result of the indigenous
peoples desire to build a political institution that will prepare national
leaders; thus taking Liberia away from the scenario in which political
parties are built around lifetime presidential candidates.
PUP said it is seeking those indigenous people with the leadership
ability to lead Liberia but not those who are corrupt and morally
bankrupt and also not those who cannot intellectually discern the
countrys political reality from the appalling economic condition of
the people.
Gone are the days when the minority will manipulate the majority
to continue ruling at the detriment of the people. And in the words of
a US diplomat, David Park: There are more good people in Liberia
than bad people. It is now time for the good people to lead, the PUP
release concluded

eligious leaders
in Liberia have
adopted 4
counts action
plan on Ebola awareness
for the implementation at
their various churches. The
religious leaders amongst
several things agreed to
provide Ebola education at
their various churches and
Sunday schools, homes and
They also agreed to provide
hand washing buckets at their
various churches to prevent
the spread of the virus, and
work with the health Ministry
and partners in reporting
suspected Ebola cases within
their communities and
Catholic Archbishop Lewis
Ziegler has made a passionate
plead to the Public, especially
the Christian community to
see the Ebola outbreak as a
national emergency.
He said Christians should not
doubt the reality of the Ebola
outbreak in Liberia but should
instead work closely with
the Ministry of health and
social Welfare and partners
in containing the spread of
the Virus which has claimed
many lives and continues to
affect the health of Liberians.
Speaking during a one-day
Ebola sensitization workshop
Friday at the Health Ministry
head offce in Congo-Town
the catholic Bishop urged
the public to stop the state of
denial and limit contact with
bodies of people infected,
died or suspected of dying of
He also appealed to the public
against performing the usual
religious, traditional, and
other burial rites for those
suspected of dying of Ebola
because according to him
these practices expose the
public to the virus.
The workshop was part
of the Ministry of Health
efforts aimed at creating the
necessary awareness and
sensitization at interrupting
the transmission and spread
of the deadly Ebola virus in
the country.
Meanwhile, the Liberia
Council of Churches has
called for a national fast and
Prayer as part of efforts to
contain the virus.

Page 8 |
Monday, July 14, 2014

Selma Lomax,
Supporters of CU president trooped at a local Hataye shop to listen to a position statement from the Friends of Tokpa
The chairman of the Friends of Tokpa Alfredson Tarkerweah
he offcials and
entire members of
the Parent Liberian
Association in
France ( d'Entraide pour le
Liberia) have expressed their
delight over the appointment
Ambassador Dr. C. William
Allen as new Liberian
ambassador to France.
The group said it has no doubt
over the ability of Ambassador
Allen to effectively represent
his country abroad and to
justify the confdence repose in
him by President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf. We are also convened
that the new ambassador will
do everything possible to
rebuild Liberia image in France
which has been damaged by
the former ambassador and that
Ambassador Allen will bring
proud to the Liberian citizens
residing in France.
We want to use this press
release to publicly commend
Ambassador Allen for the
excellent manner in which
he presented his letters of
Credence to the President of
France, Mr. Francois Hollande
at a well decorated ceremony
held this week Tuesday the
Elysee Palace in Paris.
The Liberian group in France
said they were very proud
as Liberian when they saw
Ambassador Allen on the
French National Television
Station explaining to the French
President the good things that
are happenings in our beloved
country Liberia and all the
good things that France has
done for our country.
The Liberian Community in
France said it was also happy
olice authorities in Monrovia have welcomed the guilty
verdict handed down in a traffc violation case involving
Liberian Journalist Octivan Williams and the Liberia
National Police. The case was adjudicated on Friday July
12, 2014 at the Traffc Court, at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.
The police said the case won in a court of competent jurisdiction
sent a clear cut message to the public that no one is above the law
and admonished all living within the country to be law abiding.
The LNP said the issue raised by the Police against the journalist
was not on the basis of mere malice as some members of the
public especially the media community, but on the basis of law
are construing it.
A statement released in Monrovia over the weekend under the
signature of the Chief of Press at the Liberia National Police said
the police as a legal institution will not get involved with acts that
term to remind Liberians of the ugly past in Liberias history
where the police was used as an instrument of terror against
peaceful citizens.
The legal battle between the LNP and the journalist ensured when
the latter was arrested by police for violating traffc regulations
and lawful instructions from the police offcers who were directing
traffc along the Gurlay Street belt at which time he allegedly
assaulted the Deputy Director of Police Col. Abraham Kromah, a
case that is pending before court.
Mr. Williams who was investigated by the Crime Services Division
of the LNP was also charged with Assault Section. 14.21 and
Disorderly Conduct Section. 17.3, of the Penal Law of Liberia.
While in the traffc category he was charged with improper
parking Sec.10.80, failure to yield to police lawful instruction
Section.10.3, operating unregistered vehicle Section.3.1, and a
non-insured vehicle Section.4.4 and operating a vehicle without
a drivers license.
The Traffc Court at the Temple of Justice has meanwhile fned the
journalist seventy fve United States Dollars (75.00.00) to be paid
into government revenue within the next 24hours or risk being
arrested and place in a common jail.
At the same time the LNP has expressed shocked over the manner
in which the Press Union of Liberia is handling the ongoing legal
process, stressing that the union has taken a biased posture in
defense of a citizen that contravened the laws of Liberia.
The LNP said the recent description of the matter as being a classic
harassment on the part of the police against the journalist was
unfounded and admonish the PUL to be prudent in its utterances
whenever it involves union members and the public.
The police statement said while it has no intent to muscle media
members or any member of the public it will not allow any inch
of lawlessness/ hooliganism on the part of anyone regardless of
status in the society, and called on the Press Union of Liberia to
retract such statement unconditionally as it does not refect well
of a watch dog group who should be transparent and impartial in
dealing with issues.
40 bis rue Rivay, 92300 Levallois Perret, France
Defense Lawyers Want Rioters
To Face Trial In Nimba
when they to saw President
Hollande in a joyful mood
while Dr. Allen was presenting
his letters of credence. He has
projected a positive image of
our country.
The Liberian group is calling
on the rest of the Liberian
Community in France and
Switzerland as well as all
Liberians in the Diaspora
to remain positive engages
with the Liberian Embassy
France under the dynamics
and excellent leadership of
Ambassador William Allen.
The Liberian group said it has
no regret and are very happy
over the removal of the former
Ambassador who is appointed
to China, McKinley Thomas.
We have suffered for nine years
under Ambassador Thomas
wicket and bad leadership;
he treated us as if we were
animals and not Liberians. We
are happy that he is leaving us
with his tainted records and a
fake degree.
We want to ask question:
How can a big man like
Ambassador Thomas lied
to President Sirleaf that he
has degree in Environmental
Design Architecture went
such degree is just a fake one.
We are openly challenging
Ambassador Thomas to make
publish his fake degree he
claimed to receive from the
University of Oklahoma in the
United States of America.
We want to inform our people
in Liberia that through an
advanced ITC, we were able
to know that Ambassador
Thomas hold fake academic
credential. He has no feeling
for us in France that struggling
to improve our life in this
foreign land.
During his ten years in France
as ambassador, we the entire
Liberian community in France
has been ill-treated by him. He
has no regard for our condition,
whenever his fellow Liberian
was in trouble; he never comes
to our rescue to assist us from
the problem. He never used to
allow us to enter our embassy
freely. He used to always
refer to our embassy as his
He used to personalize the
embassy as his private and
personal farm. He always
used to tell us that he was not
appointed for Liberians in
France. We are very happy that
he is going to China and we
want to tell our brothers and
sisters in China that monkey
never leave back his black
Mr. George Carr Nyemah,
the acting President of the
Liberian community in France
while he was working at the
embassy as a driver during the
administration of Ambassador
Christopher Meneekon he
was wrongfully sacked
by Ambassador Thomas
immediately after he took over
the embassy in 2005. George
Carr Nyemah is a good man,
he always helping Liberians
in France whenever they are in
trouble with their documents.
Kennedy L. Yangian kennedylyangian@ 077296781
Gbarnga, Bong County -
upporters of senatorial
aspirant Dr. Henrique
Flomo Tokpa have
said that the party
should forget about winning
the county if the leadership
of the party carries aspirant
Ranney Banama Jackson as
its candidate in the senatorial
election of October 14.
The head of the group,
Alfredson Tarkerweah, said
this in an interview with our
correspondent on Thursday.
Another aggrieved partisan,
James Kiazolu, also said the
same thing in a statement made
available to our correspondent
in Gbarnga, the countys
The aggrieved Tokpa
supporters statements come in
the wake of a pronouncement
of a re-run of the partys
primary expected next week.
Following the June 27 Unity
Party primary in Gbarnga,
Jackson fled a complaint to the
national executive committee
in which he cried foul.
Tarkerweah ruled out the
possibility of his principal
defecting to another political
party. He also said that Tokpa
will hold discussions with
his supporters about his next

political plans.
Jackson is contesting the third
successive senatorial elections
in Bong having lost in 2005
and 2011. It is against such
history that Tarkerweah said:
The Unity Party cannot win
Bong County with Jackson and
I am sure they know it.
Some party members even
called Tokpa to fnd out if the
UP is serious about winning the
county. But we are appealing
to them to be calm.We are
calling on President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf to intervene.
Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 9
LACC Commissioners and staff in meeting with Dep. SRSG
Al-Varney Rogers 0886304498

he Executive
of the Liberia
Commission (LACC), Cllr.
James N. Verdier, Jr. has
appealed to UNMIL and
other missions in Liberia
to provide moral support to
the Commission as a way of
enhancing its work.
Cllr. Verdier said while the
LACC welcomes technical
and logistical support from
UNMIL and other missions in
Liberia, the Commission would
appreciate their moral support
which will help boost its work
and discourage perpetrators of
The LACC boss was speaking
on Thursday, July 10, 2014,
when the new Deputy Special
Representative of the Secretary
General of the United
Nations for Consolidation
of Democratic Governance,
Antonio Vigilante paid a
familiarization visit at the
During the visit, Cllr. Verdier
also briefed the Deputy
SRSG on the mandate of the
Commission in the areas of
investigation, prosecution
and education. He made it
clear that the Commission
was determined to investigate
and prosecute perpetrators
of corruption without fear or
Also speaking during the visit,
Mr. Vigilante praised the level
of work of the LACC and
admonished the Commission
to muster courage and be
steadfast in its work, noting
that people will take you
serious depending on your
he Liberia Institute of Public Administration [LIPA] in
collaboration with the Kenya School of government in
an effort to bridge unemployment gap trained over one
hundred government employees in effective public service
The training brought together Assistants Ministers, Directors, division
heads and supervisors from several government agencies.
The head of LIPA Oblayon Nyumah said training is part of his
institutions effort to build the required capacity needed to run an
effective public sector.
The LIPA boss said government employees have to be given
opportunity to training, adding with that government can be more
"The impact of this training will be felt in the offces and the larger
Nyumah said the training came out of a partnership between African
Institutions called the Africa Institute development.
"There is something called the Africa Institute development Network,
we partner with sister institutions to come in and provide their
expertise," Nyumah said.
Ninety-fve persons from various government ministries and agency
beneftted from the training according to Nyumah.
"One hundred and ninety-fve persons graduated today from various
Ministries, Agencies, commissions, some are from different level
some are HR Director and supervisors," Nyumah said.
This training is a training of trainers, our people have to go through
their [Kenyan] methodology, that will give us the leverage to do what
they are doing, Nyumah added.
Nyumah continues: "The areas they graduated in are training of
trainers that was targeted at LIPA trainers and the CSA, and the next
batch came outside of LIPA and also with LIPA, they were trained in
performance management system."
The LIPA boss said that his institution do not have statistical
information on the performance of LIPA trainees in government
adding that the waste in government is reducing as compared to years
"We are yet to get statistics on performance of these trainees, but we
are beginning to see the way procurement offcers are behaving and
the way the public is asking people for the value of money," Nyumah
Nyumah continues: If we have not trained people on managing
waste in the public sector, by now the rate at which corruption is
running could not be measured. Now we can measure it and recognize
e usually fnd Mr. Philip Wessehs opinion page, I
Rest My Case in his Inquirer Newspaper to be very
interesting, he being one of the respected journalists
of today. Recently, our attention has been drawn to
repeated commentaries by Mr. Wesseh on the Presidents May 28,
2014 address on the state of the Liberian economy. Among other
things, Mr. Wesseh continues to focus on unsubstantiated conclusion
that the depreciation of the Liberian dollar against the US dollar is
due to bad relationship between the Ministry of Finance and the
Central Bank of Liberia.According to Mr. Wesseh, Whether this
sour relationship which was observed in the Presidents address has
improved remains doubtful as there has been no improvement in the
monetary and fscal operations of the country. Mr. Wesseh would
be right to focus on the issue mentioned by the President; but we
believe that his concern suffers from the Fallacy of Presumption:
the fact that the President said something without any explanation
does not make it reasonable to accept in the context of the nature of
the Liberian economy. And to make an inference from a fallacy is
nothing more than an unsubstantiated conclusion. A fallacy produces
a fallacy, since kind begets kind. Mr. Wesseh has to present a clearly
reasoned position showing that there has been no improvement in the
monetary and fscal operations of the country, which he attributes to
what he calls sour relationship between the Ministry of Financeand
the Central Bank.
No one would argue that the depreciation of the exchange rate is
a serious problem for the economy. This point, from our research,
was recently made by the CBL in its 2014 Policy Statement. Most
informed observers agree that an import-dependent country such as
Liberia where almost everything we eat, wear, and use and where
there is over-reliance on primary commodity exports (i.e., rubber, iron
ore and timber), driven mainly by foreign-owned frms operating in
Liberia who take away most of the earnings from our exports, would
make the country highly vulnerable to external shocks such as changes
in the world market prices of food, oil and primary commodities.
These are the real issues to a large extent responsible for the pressure
on the Liberian dollar. And the point should also be made that what
is happening to the exchange rate in Liberia is something that other
economies that are bigger than Liberias are experiencing or have
experienced at one time or another. Now, we agree that this is no
consolation for the average Liberian who has seen a sharp fall in
purchasing power. But the matter deserves more than simplistic name
Regarding the relationship between the Ministry of Finance and the
Central Bank, we would like to refer to the response from Minister
Konneh when he was asked about his relationship with Governor
Jones by some members of the House of Representatives during
a recent public hearing at the National Legislature. The reply
of Minister Konneh was that there was and is a cordial working
relationship between he and the Governor.The Minister even made
reference to a recent meeting of the Economic Management Team
with the President presiding where issues of the economy were being
discussed regarding the current macroeconomic challenges. Our
inquiries show that the CBL has put forward a number of suggestions
for consideration to help contain pressure on the exchange rate, some
of which are included in the Banks Policy statement for 2014. Critical
thinking would suggest that Mr. Wesseh upon hearing from the
Minister of fnance should have asked: what was the President talking
about, since what was said by the Minister appears to be contradictory
to the Presidents assertion. If Mr. Wesseh believes the Presidents
statement, without any explanation, why would he disbelieve that
of the Ministers? His penchant for presumption should hold in both
cases, at least to be consistent, even if fallacious.
We, The Objective Intellectual Youths in Action, have been carefully
following trends of events in the Liberian economy, especially
through various publications,including those from the CBL,
Ministry of Finance, and the IMF. What comes out clearly in all of
these publications is the need to diversify the economy away from
extraction of resources for export to value addition through improved
domestic manufacturing and agricultural production.A fnancial-
inclusive, diversifed economy underpinned by the empowerment
of Liberian entrepreneurs is the way forward for sustainable job
creation and poverty reduction, the surest way to protecting the value
of the Liberian dollar. We believe that this is what the CBL has been
saying, according to its several publications.Other informed Liberian
economic punditsin the private sector have been saying similar things,
also calling for a change of the economic model, and not a repair of
the old growth model. Dr. Tipoteh, suggested that it was not suffcient
to repair the bus, referring to the analogy in the Presidents speech.
Looking through the various Policy Statements of the CBL, the
institution has been drawing the attention of the Government to
actions that should be taken collectively by relevant stakeholders to
address the constraints to inclusive growth and development, for the
past several years. If collective actions had been taken several years
ago, then by now the situation may have been a little better in terms
of job creation and greater Liberian-business role in the economy.
Blaming, especially without justifcation, is not an acceptable
substitute for leadership and commitment. Its high time for collective
and practical actions with all institutions of government working
together, to achieve the Vision 2030 dream of becoming a middle
income country with a better standard of living for all Liberians.
Simplistic blame-shifting will not allay the concerns of the public nor
turn public sentiments against certain individuals, some of whom are
the best performers. Neither the CBL nor the Ministry of Finance can
do it alone in lifting Liberians out of poverty, which is the major goal
of the Agenda for Transformation. But support for those who have the
vision, the capacity, the commitment and the will to transform Liberia
would at least be a step in the right direction.
Mr. Wesseh, from our reading of developments in the economy,
major factors driving the depreciation of the Liberian dollar include
the governments expansionary fscal stance, with over 25 percent
increase in government spending in Liberian dollars between 2012
and 2013; reduction in export earning as a result of low global
prices of commodity exports, especially rubber; fall in net infow
of remittances by 77.8 percent to US$31.1 million in 2013, down
from US$140.3 million in 2012; and lower amounts of US dollars
by CBL through its foreign exchange auction, falling from US$2.25
million to between US$0.5-0.75 million per week on average since
end-August, 2013. Words reaching the Objective Intellectual Youths
in Action show that the CBL was very concerned about the decision
of the Government to prioritize reserve accumulation, which was
written into the program with the IMF. Such prioritization of reserve
accumulation, according to some economists we consulted, now
restricts the CBLs level of intervention in the foreign exchange
market, even when the economy is now faced with continued pressure
on the Liberian dollar, with the weekly foreign exchange auction of
the CBL now down to no more than US$750,000. To those who seem
to wonder about the level of CBLs intervention, this shows that the
hands of the institution are tied. We should not expect the CBL to say
this, but this is the conclusion we draw from the information available,
judging from earlier levels of intervention by the CBL. To make up
for this, current fndings show that the CBL has tried to manage
Liberian-dollar liquidity by selling over L$1.3 billion in Central Bank
Notes just recently, and intends to increasingly expand such sales to
the general public. Also recent decision by the CBL requiring banks
to bring back to the Liberian economy a greater portion of funds held
abroad is in the right direction of helping to meet the fnancial needs
of the economy. To be objective, this is the extent to which the CBL
can go, given the limited instruments at its disposal. The CBL has also
advised the sterilization of some portion of the Treasury bills sales for
better liquidity management. From all indication, it is evident that the
CBLs concern about the restriction on its ability to intervene in the
economy to deal with major shocks and we do now have a major
shock was justifed. What prompted the decision of the Government
to restrict this fexibility is something that is yet to be understood; and
if we are to talk about cooperation, it seems that this is something that
goes beyond the Ministry of fnance and the CBL. The Government
should see itself as one team and get away from taking decisions
for other reasons, leaving the general economy to suffer. So, Mr.
Wesseh, the Objective Intellectual Youths in Action would close on
this note: be careful not to pursue a line of commentary based on
another fallacy,the Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness or Reifcation.
That is to say, Mr. Wesseh, in your writingsdont treat as a concrete
thing, something which is not concrete, but merely an idea. WE REST
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Monday, July 14, 2014
Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable organisation of Thomson
Reuters, is working with New Narratives, a non-governmental organisation
that has been driving improvements in Liberias media sector for 4 years,
to run a project that supports Liberian journalists and news organisations
to cover the countrys oil industry.
The project will run from 2014-16 and will feature training, mentoring
and capacity building for Liberian journalists and news organisations.
The project will focus on a range of oil sector issues including contracts,
the management of revenues, the implications for Liberias economy, and
the environmental impact of the industry. It will encourage journalism that
relates these issues to the lives of citizens through engaging storytelling.
The project in Liberia is part of a larger programme taking place across
Africa, which aims to support journalists and media organisations to cover
fnancial and extractives issues which are central to development.
Oil reporting scheme call for applications
Journalists working in Liberia are invited to apply to the oil reporting
scheme being run by Thomson Reuters Foundation and New Narratives.
The scheme will involve a series of training courses over approximately
two years, combined with ongoing mentoring and opportunities to produce
stories and investigations.
Journalists taking part in the scheme will learn how to produce accurate,
impartial and independent coverage of the oil sector in Liberia. The
ultimate aim will be for journalists to report to the internationally
recognised standards of Reuters.
The scheme is a major commitment but it will also be a rewarding one.
We are looking for journalists who:
- Report for a national media outlet in Liberia print, online, radio
or television journalists are eligible
- Have at least 2 years of professional experience as a journalist
- Have experience of, or can demonstrate a genuine interest in,
business and fnancial journalism
- Are motivated to cover the oil industry and how it relates to other
aspects of life in Liberia
Please note: journalists taking part in the programme must report the
oil industry in an independent manner and must not take payment from
any sources in the course of their reporting. The project will not tolerate
the acceptance of such payment. Participants will be required to sign an
agreement to this effect.
Funding will be available within the project to help journalists cover
stories on the oil industry.
Application process
To apply send a cover letter detailing any experience in business and
fnancial reporting and why you want to take part in this scheme, as well
as a CV and two writing samples to
Deadline: July 14th 2014
About the partner organisations
Thomson Reuters Foundation has been supporting excellence in journalism
worldwide since 1982. It draws on the global expertise of Reuters and its
network of nearly 200 bureaus to run pioneering journalism development
projects. More than 12,000 journalists from 170 countries have been
involved in its projects and training courses. Responding to world events,
it has created news platforms to provide accurate, objective news to
populations in countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Zimbabwe.
New Narratives provides resources, editorial and business support to
help leading African media houses deliver independent, honest news
that Africans use to drive change. Working in Liberia since 2010, New
Narratives reporters have repeatedly broken stories that have prompted
action on major societal issues such as teen prostitution, child labor and the
growing drug trade. Reporting has won major national and international
awards and appeared in media around the world.

CE Turkett Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce to
the general public that application forms for the upcoming
certifcation training as Restorative Aide for Physical,
Occupational and Speech Therapies are now available on
the organizations website (
This training is a part of Phase 2 of the organizations
Poject Liberia Initiative. The registration period runs
from June 25th, 2014 through July 25th, 2014. All interested
applicants are kindly asked to visit the website and follow
all instructions for applying. Additionally, hard copies of the
application are also available in Monrovia. Please contact
Ms. Maude Smith, Representing Agent at 0886574451 for
more information.
The Management of CE Turkett Consultants, LLC
Project Liberia
Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 11
s a result of Liberias civil unrest Barkue Tubman, the granddaughter of the late and
distinguished former President of Liberia, William V.S Tubman Sr, moved to the U.S. in 1980.
But even after several years of schooling in the land of dreams and building a very successful
career as a talent manager in a male dominated music industry in the U.S., Tubman love for
her mother country saw her move back in 2007 to fnd a country grappling to recover from decades of war.
Using her talent and valuable experience in the U.S. Tubman has worked with notable personalities in the
country, including the President Of Liberia & Nobel Peace Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to help rebuild
the country and cultivate an environment of responsible governance, entrepreneurial capitalism and use of
creative arts to build a sense of community.
Above all these achievements, in 2013 she founded the Peace Cafe, a Starbucks style quaint little caf in
the countrys capital Monrovia that seeks to foster young entrepreneurs & develop a sustainable Liberian
coffee export design. With the same Midas touch that she had with her other ventures in the U.S., the Peace
Cafe has grown immensely popular in a short amount of time, and could soon be franchised in other parts
of Liberia and Africa.
AFKInsider had a chat with this Liberian girl about her Peace Cafe venture and how it emulates the
changing business environment in Liberia.
AFKInsider: What made you start the peace cafe in Liberia?
Tubman: Most of my work and businesses are derived from my personal desires that I also see as a
solution to something or the other and that could also contribute to the greater good. It was about bringing
something new and exciting to Liberia that I was missing, (My daily urban caf / starbucks fx), in my
daily life and this would also expose the young people and others to other cultures that were happening
throughout the world. Not to mention like most developing nations the droves of Expats and international
agencies that are in Liberia who also craved that coffee/ caf culture.
Did I feel it would make me rich right away, not exactly But I saw peace caf as a creative means that
would not only specialize in top quality customer serve, which we know is a challenge in Africa, quality
mostly Liberian food products but also a way to showcase Liberian made products, not limited to food
stuff, but also Liberian made merchandise benefting non profts and eventually develop a structure where
the young employees can own shares. The long-term strategy after building the brand is to develop peace
caf brand products to sell locally and internationally that would have a social impact on communities.
Then the big bucks will come later.
AFKInsider: What were the initial costs and has the venture paid off?
Tubman: Initial cost was $40,000. And might I add Initial doing business in Africa, Liberia to be
specifc many challenges. Has it paid off??? Thats a double edge answer, Financially not yet, Branding
awareness and credibility defnitely.. However I would mostly say yes, we break even most months.
Weve built a brand, a Liberian brand that stands for quality and service and has value. Weve managed
to expose Liberian creative talents from the selling of goods and also our monthly-unplugged open mic
series featuring Liberian artist. Wed have created the demand for the peace caf food and specialty drink
products. The goal is to build a brand that can expand in to more locations so mastering the art of peace
caf operations and what makes us special was the focus for year one.
AFKInsider: What are some of the main challenges that the Peace Cafe as a business in Liberia faced?
Tubman: Our biggest challenge, electricity; the cost consumes over 65% of your operations expenses.
City power is way too expense but less expensive then a generator although, needless to say you have to
have both. Eventually I came to realize although I was in very close proximity to the foreign Embassies
and other international organizations we were still a bit out of the way. The other challenge was procuring
goods from the stores, they tend to switch up products and brands, they are non consistent so having to
make sure what was on the menu was consistent in products used was tough at times.. we prefer specifc
ingredients and having to look in several places before fnding that specifc brand, But we are a small
country and I have contacts so we made it work
AFKInsider: If you were to go back to Peace Cafes inception, is there anything youll have done
Tubman: A Different location that probably would be the only major thing I would have done differently.
There will always be lessons learned, and I intend to learn and educate my team continually as well as
look for ways to better not only peace caf but also all my businesses. Not only would I do this different
its happening we are moving to 17th street and Tubman blvd a great part of the city
AFKInisder: Are there plans to scale the peace cafe beyond Liberia? and what countries would be looking
to venture into?
Tubman: Thats the ultimate goal ideally I would like to go into Sierra Leone, South Africa, Ghana,
Kenya and the USA.
AFKInsider: In terms of employment what other sectors do you think Liberia needs to focus on to reduce
youth unemployment?
Tubman: First and foremost Tourism then the creative industries (marketing, graphic design, PR, event
Planning, entertainment). also Information Technology.
AFKInsider: What would be your advice to African youth who wish to venture into such a business?
Tubman: The caf in a country like Liberia is not a multi million dollar business but for me its phase one
of building the Peace caf brand that will eventually export Liberian made products Coffee, meringue,
honey and doing it as a poverty reduction & empowerment initiative where we fnancially empower the
local producers and also promote and sell Liberian products to the rest of the world. So my advice would
be having a plan, a strategy that leads to expansion and growth. My other advice would be to start small
and fnish big. Build a brand !! Entrepreneurs need to build brands not just a business

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Escaped Ebola patients, besieged hospitals, and deadly denial in West Africa

here's growing concern in West Africa about the spread of
the Ebola virus that has killed hundreds of people. Health
ministers have formed a regional response, but fear and a
lack of knowledge about Ebola threaten their efforts.
Liberian musicians are joining the campaign, taking to song to educate
people about the Ebola virus. Their tune is called "Ebola in Town,"
and warns people to beware of close contact with those who fall ill.
The song warns, "Don't touch your friend."
Since the outbreak was frst detected in Guinea in February, the U.N.'s
World Health Organization has reported more than 500 deaths there
as well as neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia.
Almost 850 cases have been recorded to date.
Ebola is highly contagious through contact with bodily fuids like
blood, vomit or saliva. And it's generally fatal. But there is a chance
for survival if infected people can get medical attention.
West African government health offcials have agreed to a coordinated
strategy, aware that a contagious disease will cross borders as people
travel for commerce or work. But their effort is hampered by fear and
ignorance about the disease.
For example, families sometimes hide relatives with Ebola rather than
take them for treatment. They fear the panic and ostracism that the
disease may provoke from others nearby.
That's why Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is warning her
country that anyone caught hiding suspected Ebola patients will be
"Here, we're talking about a deadly disease a disease that can kill
people. And we're obliged to also protect the lives of people," Sirleaf
said. "There's a law that says they must do that. And if they don't, then
there are penalties."
Sierra Leone's president delivered a similar warning. Ernest Bai
Koroma had been criticized for failing to speak out publicly about
the Ebola outbreak in his country. He promised that more would be
done to protect those trying to help curb the virus. Medical workers in
masks and protective suits often draw suspicion and fear from locals.
"We are increasing police presence around health facilities, to uphold
the law and prevent incidents of violence against health workers and
vandalization of health facilities," Koroma said.
There have been several incidents of health centers and workers being
attacked by the communities they're trying to help.
The disease was virtually unknown in this region of the continent
until recently, and regional governments are trying to raise people's
"We've asked them to stay away from taking people who are sick to
prayer rooms, to witch doctors in the bush, to their own arrangements
in homes," said Liberia's Sirleaf. Her country is urging families to
take the ill to health centers where they can be placed in quarantine
and tested to see whether they have Ebola or something else.
Health workers are also trying to change local practices for burying
the dead. Families are no longer allowed to wash the bodies in
traditional rituals.
Liberia's deputy health minister, Bernice Dahn, recently attended a
regional meeting in Ghana to seek a coordinated approach to these
"For the Liberian side, there is a lot of denial. Liberians do not
believe the disease exists. Culturally we are mobilizing our chiefs,
our committed leaders and the people listen to their chiefs," Dahn
said. "If we can align their leaders to our health promotion activities,
they can help be our foot soldiers."
n the doorway of an Ebola
isolation facility in Kenema,
Sierra Leone, stood a group
of 10 or so patients. I could
see them from a distanceId
been advised by the medics not
to get too close since I was not
wearing protective clothing. They
were mostly women, but I also
saw two children: a boy and a girl.
Ebola was eating him up. I was
later told that the boys name was
Kinnie, and that he was fve years
old. I shouted across to him, but
he was too emaciated and weak to
Inside the isolation wards were
dozens of people who had tested
positive for the rampaging
hemorrhagic fever, including
at least fve nurses. They had
apparently been infected by
patients who had not been
suspected of carrying the virus.
Until recently, health workers
didnt use protective gloves unless
they knew they were treating
a confrmed case of Ebola
even though the virus is hard
to diagnose, easily transmitted
through bodily fuids, and Sierra
Leone is in the middle of an
outbreak that has stricken more
than 300 and killed 92. One of
the nurses died a few days ago.
Her name was Sarah, and she got
married last December. She was a
few weeks pregnant.
Despite the danger facing these
medical workers, they are being
blamed for the disease by the
publica public so poorly
informed about Ebola that many
didnt know of its existence before
the outbreak began.
A few yards from the isolation
facility lay the main wards of the
Kenema Government Hospital.
Many patients there fed after
one of the nurses tested positive,
headed for who knows where. And
a couple of days after I visited,
a colleague of mine watched
relatives of Ebola patients pelt
the hospital itself with stones.
Confrmed Ebola cases are
quarantined, and the attackers
accused the nurses of sorcery and
demanded their sick relatives be
released to them if they were
dead, they said, they wanted the
bodies to bury themselves. Such is
the respect and reverence people
have for the dead that the way
Ebola victims are laid to rest is
hard for most to stomach. Medics
place them into a bag, and bury
them without ceremony in a mass
grave. The confrontation became
so violent that police used tear
gas to disperse the crowds, and
have remained in and around the
hospital since.
It is amazingshockingto see
the denial of so many people here.
Just 500 yards from the hospital,
a group of revelers stood outside
a video center (as cinemas are
known here), pulling on cigarettes
and even sharing the same butt.
Backslapping and hugging having
Umaru Fofana, Contributing Writer
just come from the unventilated
room. Sweating profusely in the
90-degree heat. There are other
such video centers throughout
Kenema, all over Sierra Leone.
Beneath the veneer of that
excitement and camaraderie lies
the acrid reality that Ebola is
tearing the country apart. The next
day, at the Holy Trinity Secondary
School, I saw scores of high school
kids playing soccer. Some had
removed their white uniforms to
avoid them getting dirty, and their
bodies glistened. The longer they
played, the more they sweated,
and the more dangerous the game
became for them. But they were
either oblivious to the dangers of a
virus that can kill nine in 10, often
by internal bleeding and organ
failure, or they did not care.
Kenema hosts the only Ebola-
testing laboratory in the country,
one of the best in the world, run
by the U.S.-based Metabiota and
Tulane University. And yet some
people here are even questioning
the existence of the disease. At a
roadside store selling candies and
sodas, I talked with a high school
student who gave his name only
as Konneh. Ebola is unreal, he
told me. He peeled a banana and
guffawed before biting into it. I
have not seen anyone who has
suffered from or died of it, he
said as he munched.
There are other conspiracy
theories fying fast and thick. My
mother fell ill last week, while
I was on a short trip abroad. She
was vomiting and needed to see a
medic, but some of my relatives
advised her against going to
hospital. They had heard rumors
of a desperate attempt to stem
the spread of Ebola: patients with
signs of the disease, which include
symptoms as broad as fever, were
being injected with poison by
health workers. It was only after
my return that I could persuade her
to seek treatment.
Three days after the hospital
was attackedand more than a
month after the outbreak began
President Ernest Bai Koroma
fnally ended his curious silence,
and addressed the nation. He
said that the national efforts
of patriotic citizens from all
regions, all political parties and
districts must not be derailed by
a misguided few. He added:
Anyone who knowingly harbors
an Ebola victim without notifying
health authorities is also guilty of
an offense and we will ensure that
the full penalty of the law is meted
out on them. But he fell short
of declaring the disease a public
health emergency, which would
have put the countrys resources
toward the fght, and he has yet to
visit any of the areas affected.
Koromas slow response recalls
the civil war of the 1990s. Like
Ebola, it started abroad, in Liberia,
and snaked across the border.
The army was ill-prepared; war
was strange to the soldiers; many
ordinary people took it lightlyI
dare say, scornfully. It was not
until fghting reached Freetown
that the government made a
serious effort to end it. By then,
tens of thousands were dead.
With the casualties in neighboring
countries, the death toll from the
current Ebola outbreak has already
topped 500, and fgures keep rising
every day. No one knows how
many more have died outside of
health facilities, or are mistakenly
being treated for another disease.
The World Health Organization
has described the situation in the
region as out of control.
People who actually acknowledge
the situation are uncertain about
what to do now. At my wifes
churchshes Catholicthe body
of Christ as epitomized by bread is
now dipped into wine by a glove-
wearing priest. Handshakes have
been minimized in mosques in
this Muslim-dominated country.
It is the hard tradition-breaking
sacrifces we have been forced to
make, a Friday worshiper told
me. At one restaurant I visited,
the owner had placed a bottle of
chlorinated water at the door;
everyone who entered was asked
to wash their hands with it. But the
chemical has become hard to fnd,
and the owner of the restaurant
told me that the price of chlorine
has tripled.
Meanwhile, suspected Ebola
patients are doing exactly what
public health workers would
like them not to do, which is to
move around and potentially
infect others. Almost 60 have
disappeared after testing positive,
offcials say. They may have died
somewhere after infecting others,
one doctor told me, looking
worried. One of the escapees was
a man named Mohamed Swarray,
who fed Kenema last month for
Freetown, the capital, where he
went into hiding. Police found
him a week or so later, after he
was spotted by someone who
knew him in Kenema, and who
had heard the announcements on
local radio calling for information
on his whereabouts. By then
Swarray had visited a hospital in
the capital, and may have infected
the nurse who treated him. (The
authorities are also on the lookout
for his mother with whom he is
believed to have escaped.)
I was standing outside the Kenema
hospital when a new-looking
ambulance raced into the hospital
compound, sirens blaring. The
driver wound down his window
and asked shakily in a local
language where the Ebola ward
was. I pointed it out, and the driver
meandered toward it, dodging
the potholes made muddy by the
countrys rainy season. I was
curious as to how an ambulance
in this part of the country could
not know where the Ebola ward
was, and suspected they must have
come from Freetown. Moments
later I saw Mohamed Swarray
being guided to the isolation ward
by a nurse in protective clothing.
He looked hopeless and forlorn, as
if he were being led to the gallows.
he Ebola death rate
in Guinea - where
specialised health
workers have been
working since February - has
The worst outbreak of Ebola
moved to Sierra Leones capital
of Freetown where an Egyptian
was found with the citys frst
confrmed case of the disease.
The unidentifed Egyptian
national had traveled from
Kenema, the largest city in
the nationsEastern Province,
and checked into a clinic east
of Freetown, Sidie Yahya
Tunis, director of Information,
Communication and Technology
at the Ministry of Health and
Sanitation, said by phone today.
The person was moved back to
the Ebola center in Kenema, he
The Ebola disease usually
spreads to other places when
suspected or confrmed cases in
one community move to another,
they abandon treatment centers
to stay with relatives or they
seek treatment outside the Ebola
centers, Tunis said.
There have been 99 Ebola
deaths in Sierra Leone out of
315 laboratory-confrmed cases,
the ministry said in an e-mailed
statement today. The ministry
said yesterday that 92 people
had died out of 305 cases. Cases
of the hemorrhagic fever have
killed more than 540 people in
Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia
in an outbreak that according to
the World Health Organization
may last another three to four
The toll is greater than the 280
people killed in 1976, when the
virus was frst identifed near the
Ebola River in what is now the
Democratic Republic of Congo.
The rapid spread of the virus is
largely due to people moving
across borders as well as cultural
practices that are contrary to
public health guidelines, such
as people touching the body of
a deceased relative before the

Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 13
Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale
Nurses Abandon JFK ER Ward
anic is brewing
among health workers
including doctors
and nurses in Liberia
as the Ebola virus continues
to spread and claim lives. At
the John F. Kennedy Medical
Center the countrys leading
referral hospital, health workers
abandoned duties in the
emergency ward after a patient
who was brought in very sick
Health authorities in Monrovia
speaking to FrontPageAfrica
confrmed the incident and
stated that everything is being
done to put the situation under
There was a death that
occurred there and it is true the
people were running away from
there; but our case management
team went there to put the
issue under control, Assistant
health minister for curative
services Tolbert Nyenswah
told FrontPageAfrica Friday
following the incident at the
The person was sick and taken
there and died there but it was
not a health worker. The patient
was showing signs of Ebola so
the health workers did not want
to go in contact with them, so
our team went in.
The JFK scare comes at a time
when nurses and patients have
abandoned the Redemption
Hospital in New Kru Town over
similar fears.
Since the outbreak of the
new round of the disease was
reported in early June, health
workers who have been in the
frontline fghting the disease by
giving care to sick people have
been at risk with ten deaths
reported in health practitioners
who have succumbed to the
deadly virus. Recently a
Ugandan Doctor died after
being infected with the virus.
Many health workers have
abandoned duties because they
are afraid of coming in contact
with people infected with the
disease but the ministry of
health argues that all is being
done to minimize the risk to
healthcare providers by training
people in over 500 health
facilities across the country.
We did all of the facilities and
provided them with gloves,
disposable gowns, chlorine and
other assorted materials and the
training still continued for other
facilities, said Nyenswah.
New cases
Despite the fght against the
virus, the cases continues to rise
with Bomi becoming one of the
new counties to report cases,
joining Montserrado, Lofa and
Margibi counties as counties
with persons infected by the
One case has been confrmed
from Bomi. As of today in
Liberia we have one hundred
and thirty seven cases with
confrmed cases of 54. Out of the
confrmed cases, one in Bomi,
39 in Lofa, one in Margibi and
23 in Montserrado, he said.
Continued Nyenswah: If
you combine cumulative,
confrmed, probable and
suspected cases, we have 137,
of that number, one in Bomi, 87
in Lofa 3 in Margibi and 66 in
Despite the rise in the death of
health workers and the growing
panic among nurses and doctors,
Assistant Minister Nyenswah
said there has been no reported
death among health workers in
the last few days but the number
of deaths in persons affected by
the disease continues to rise.
In about four to fve days we
have not reported any new case
in health workers, so the cases
in health workers still remain

Monrovia -
ngry family members
of a pregnant
woman who died
as a result of the
deadly Ebola virus protested
Friday at Liberias referral John
F. Kennedy Medical Center,
demanding the corpse of their
family member.
A senior hospital source told
FrontPageAfrica that the woman
was rushed to the hospital from
the New Kru Town community
located on the Bushrod Island, a
suburb of Monrovia, one of the
communities highly hit by the
outbreak of the virus.
The source said the lady died
at the JFK hospital and while
the Ebola Response team was
preparing to take delivery of
the body, family members
resisted a situation that needed
the intervention of the Liberian
National Police. Family members
claimed that their relative did not
die as a consequence of the virus
and therefore wanted the body to
give their dead a beftting burial.
Following hours of tussle, the
police calmed the situation and
test later confrmed that the lady
died of Ebola. Another second
victim was also confrmed dead
as a result of the virus at the
same hospital. New Kru Town,
is one of the communities where
cases of Ebola were reported
and a nurse Esther Kesselly died
while attending to a patient.
The Redemption Hospital
located the community nearly
shut down after nurses protested
unsafe working environment
following the death of their
colleague. After the death of the
Nurse another foreign medical
practitioner, Ugandan died as a
result of Ebola. The epidemic
is spreading fast across Liberia
with Lofa and Montserrado
counties having more cases than
any other part of the country.
One of the major ways through
which the virus is spread from
an infected person to another
is through contact with dead
victims and the Ministry of
Health and Social Welfare has
been warning citizens against
making contacts with people
suspected or confrmed of giving
the ghost as a result of the virus.
The Ministry of Health and
Social Welfare has identifed
locations to carry out the burial
of victims of the virus and has
also warned people to turn over
people who are suspected or
confrmed to have died from
the disease to the burial team to
avoid further spread of the virus.
In Liberia, a country where the
people are friendly and believe
in tradition, allowing a family
member to be buried in an
unknown location could prove
a problem, but Ebola is a deadly
virus and Liberians will have to
live with the aftermath of having
their dead relatives buried in
unknown locations.
Quite recently, Liberia rejected
a request from Dianah Mutooro,
the widow of a fallen Ugandan
doctor Sam Mutooro, who
pleaded with both the Ugandan
government and the government
of Liberia to have her husbands
body exhumed after 21 days
and fown back to Uganda for a
decent burial.
Rev. Jehoida Baluku Mutoro,
the deceaseds elder brother, was
quoted in the Ugandan Vision
newspaper as saying that the
family looks forward to bringing
back Mutoros body for burial in
Uganda. He said they have been
told the body will be Ebola-free
after 21 days.
We have got information that
after 21 days of the body being
in the soil, it becomes Ebola free.
If that is true, we shall not bother
to fy to Liberia but fy his body
back to his ancestral home if the
government helps us.
However, Mr. Tolbert Nyensuah
Assistant Minister of Health for
Preventive Services said it was
scientifcally impossible for the
Liberian government to send
the body back. The body was
buried with high level of respect
and ceremony was conducted
under care and supervision.
Scientifcally, we cannot do that.
Uganda dealt with Ebola before,
they know.
Dr. Mutooros widow was
reportedly told by the Ugandan
government that if she came
to Liberia for the funeral, she
would have to be quarantined
for 21 days. Thats why she
couldnt come. She was told
that she would be quarantined.
I havent read anywhere where
you can exhume body after 21
days and return body back, It
would be impossible, Nyensuah
told FPA last week.
Dr. Mutooro, 44, a senior surgeon
based in Liberia, died at the John
F. Kennedy Medical Centre
Monrovia, where he was being
treated. He had been working
in Liberia for three years as a
specialist at the Redemption
ten, with nine deaths in health
workers, he said.
The number of deaths has
hit 85 now, with confrmed 40
cases confrmed in the number
of deaths, he said.
He said the ministry is
following up on people who
might have come in direct
contact with people infected
with the virus by either caring
for them or touching them.
Contacts tracing is going
on. We have line-listed 364
contacts and we are currently
following up 305 of the 364,
he said.
It means, on a daily basis,
these people might have come
in contact with an infected
person; so we are doing the 21
days of follow-up. Out of the
364 contacts, 134 are in Lofa
County, 28 in Margibi and 202
in Montserrado County.
Not under control
Minister Nyenswah said Liberia
is still battling the deadly virus
and it is still fnding it diffcult
to contain it, but is optimistic
that Liberia will fnd a way to
overcome the disease.
It is not under control, because
if an outbreak is under control,
then you are not reporting new
cases; do the outbreak is still
active, he said.
We have not stabilized the
transmission of cases yet.
We are still reporting new
cases, in the context of public
health outbreak, if an outbreak
is not being controlled or
containedyet, thats how we
call it.
Hospital in New Krul town on
a contract with the Liberian
government and the World
Health Organization (WHO).
The Ugandan contracted the
virus as he tried to attend to a
patient who had been neglected
by other medical personnel.
Ebola is causing havoc in Liberia
as patients are suffering the
stigma with fear from nurses
that many of the patients taken
to hospitals and other medical
facilities are suffering from the
virus. As a result, many nurses,
particularly those at the JFK are
threatening to abandon posts
unless the government and
health authorities do more to
protect them from being infected
with the deadly virus.
The JFK fears come amid a
new report by the World Health
Organization Friday that the
numbers of new Ebola cases
have been rising in both Liberia
and Sierra Leone with 19 deaths
over three days this week.
The fgures, according to
Medecin Sans Frontieres shows
a strong race against time to
control the epidemic. In total
there have been 539 deaths in
West Africa since the outbreak
began in neighboring Guinea in
Ebola spreads through contact
with an infected person's bodily
fuids and there is no vaccine or
cure. It kills up to 90% of those
infected but if patients receive
early treatment, they have a
better chance of survival.
Page 14 |
Monday, July 14, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -
.S. Attorney
General Eric
Holder said he is
concerned fghters
from Europe and the United
States who are supporting
violent insurgents in the Syrian
civil war are joining forces
with Yemeni bomb makers.
"In some ways, it's more
frightening than anything I
think I've seen as attorney
general," Holder said on ABC's
"This Week," broadcast on
U.S. intelligence agencies
estimate around 7,000 of the
23,000 violent extremists
operating in Syria are foreign
fghters, mostly from Europe.
Holder, who last week met with
European justice ministers in
London, said the worry is
not only about the actions of
foreign fghters in Syria, but
when they return to their home
Paris (AFP) -
rance said Sunday its
military offensive that
freed northern Mali from
the grip of Islamists
would be replaced by an operation
spanning the wider, largely lawless
Sahel region to combat extremist
The so-called Serval offensive
kicked off in January last year when
French troops came to the help of
Malian soldiers to stop Al-Qaeda-
linked militants and Tuareg rebels
from descending south of its former
colony and advancing on the capital
Lagos (AFP) -
igerian President
Goodluck Jonathan
praised compatriot
Wole Soyinka, the
1986 Nobel literature prize laureate
who turns 80 on Sunday, for
using his talents to promote good
Jonathan applauded Soyinka's
"life-long dedication and
indefatigable commitment to using
his acclaimed genius and talents,
not only in the service of the arts,
but also for the promotion of
democracy, good governance and
respect for human rights in Nigeria,
Africa and beyond."
Dozens of literary and artistic
events have been staged across the
country in the runup to the birthday
of the globally renowned literary

ABUJA (Reuters) -
akistani rights
activist Malala
Yousafzai, who
survived being shot
in the head by the Taliban
for campaigning for girls'
education, pledged while on
a trip to Nigeria to help free a
group of schoolgirls abducted
by Islamist militants.
On Sunday, Malala met parents
of the more than 200 girls who
were kidnapped by the militant
group Boko Haram from a
school in the northeastern
village of Chibok in April.
Boko Haram, inspired by the
Taliban, say they are fghting
to establish an Islamic state
in religiously mixed Nigeria.
The group, whose name
means "Western education is
sinful", has killed thousands
and abducted hundreds since
launching an uprising in 2009.
Some of the parents broke
down in tears as Malala spoke
at a hotel in the capital Abuja
on Sunday.
"I can see those girls as my
sisters ... and I'm going to
speak up for them until they
are released," said Malala,
who was due to meet President
Goodluck Jonathan on
Monday, her 17th birthday.
"I'm going to participate
actively in the 'Bring back our
girls' campaign, to make sure
that they return safely and they
continue their education."
The girls' abduction drew
unprecedented international
attention to the war in Nigeria's
northeast and the growing
security risk that Boko Haram
poses to Nigeria, Africa's
leading energy producer.
A #BringBackOurGirls Twitter
campaign supported by
Michelle Obama and Angelina
Jolie heaped pressure on
authorities to act, and Jonathan
pledged to save the girls,
drawing promises of Western
pledges to help free girls
help to do so.
"I can feel ... the circumstances
under which you are suffering,"
Malala said. "It's quite diffcult
for a parent to know that their
daughter is in great danger. My
birthday wish this year is ...
bring back our girls now, and
Several weeks on, the hostages
have not been freed and media
interest has waned. Around 200
Nigerians gathered in the Unity
Fountain park in central Abuja
on Sunday to call on authorities
to explain what they are doing
to get the girls out.
"Nobody has told us anything
about where the girls could be,
what they are doing to try to
rescue them. In three months,
we've heard nothing," said
Haruna Fetima, one of the
parents at the gathering. "We
live in Chibok, and we haven't
seen any soldiers or police in
the area since the attack."
Boko Haram, now considered
the main security threat to
Nigeria, is growing bolder.
Police said on Saturday they
had uncovered a plot to bomb
the Abuja transport network
using suicide bombers and
devices concealed in luggage
at major bus stations.
Pakistani Taliban militants
shot Malala for her passionate
advocacy of women's right
to education. She survived
after being airlifted to Britain
for treatment, and has since
become a symbol of defance
against the militants operating
in the tribal areas along the
Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
She has won the European
Union's prestigious human
rights award and was
nominated for the Nobel Peace
Prize last year.
Some see Nigeria's local
#BringBackOurGirls campaign
as a rare, albeit small, piece
of civil activism in a nation
famous for its shoulder-
shrugging indifference in
the face of atrocities or bad
"The negative side of our
resilience ... is that things that
would compel other citizens
to demand accountability,
demand answers, wouldn't
move the Nigerian," said
Oby Ezekwesili, a chartered
accountant who has
spearheaded the campaign to
get the girls freed.
"That has been broken ...
People are saying 'We can't
leave 219 girls and just get on
with our lives'."
(Writing by Tim Cocks; Editing
by Kevin Liffey)
VIENNA (Reuters) -
.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry said
on Sunday major
differences persist
between Iran and six world
powers negotiating on Tehran's
nuclear program, with a week to
go before a deadline for a deal.
The United States, Britain,
France, Germany, Russia and
China want Iran to reduce its
nuclear fuel-making capacity
to deny it any means of quickly
producing atom bombs. In
exchange, international sanctions
that have crippled the large
OPEC member's oil-dependent
economy would gradually be
Iran says it is enriching uranium
for peaceful energy purposes
only and wants the sanctions
removed swiftly. But a history
of hiding sensitive nuclear work
from U.N. inspectors raised
international suspicions and the
risk of a new Middle East war if
diplomacy fails to yield a long-
term settlement.
"Obviously we have some very
signifcant gaps still, so we need
to see if we can make some
progress," Kerry said ahead of
meetings with foreign ministers
who few into the Austrian
capital at the weekend to breathe
new life into the talks.
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister
Abbas Araqchi delivered a
similar message. He was quoted
by Iran's Arabic language al-
Alam television as saying that
"disputes over all major and
important issues still remain. We
have not been able to narrow the
gaps on major issues and it is not
clear whether we can do it."
Kerry arrived in Vienna in the
early hours after clinching a
deal in Kabul with Afghanistan's
presidential candidates to end the
country's election crisis.
"It is vital to make certain that
Iran is not going to develop a
nuclear weapon and that their
program is peaceful and that's
what we're here to try and
achieve and I hope we can make
some progress," Kerry said in
German Foreign Minister Frank-
Walter Steinmeier told reporters
that Germany and the other
members of the six-power group
have tried to persuade Iran of the
urgency of a deal.
"This may be the last chance for
a long time to peacefully resolve
the dispute over Irans nuclear
program," he told reporters. "It's
now up to Iran to decide whether
it wants cooperation with the
international community or to
remain in isolation. ... The ball is
in Iran's court."
British Foreign Secretary
William Hague said it was
crucial for Tehran "to be more
realistic about what is necessary"
to reach a nuclear deal, adding
that no breakthroughs had been
achieved and there was "no
major change in the state of play
in these negotiations as of this
Kerry also met Iranian Foreign
Minister Mohammad Javad
Zarif, though no readout was
immediately available. On
Saturday, a senior U.S. offcial
said Iran was sticking to
"unworkable and inadequate"

Monday, July 14, 2014 Page 15

fter losing LeBron
James, the Miami
Heat have reached
agreement with
free-agent forward Luol Deng
on a two-year, $20 million
contract, league sources told
Yahoo Sports.
Deng will hold a player option
on the 2015-16 season, a source
Deng chose the Heat believing
their returning nucleus and
free-agent signings can keep
them contending in the Eastern
Conference. The absence of
state income tax made the
Heat's offer a sound fnancial
decision for him, too.
Heat president Pat Riley and
Deng's agent Ron Shade talked
on Saturday and completed the
deal on Sunday morning.
Braslia (AFP) -
razil's miserable World
Cup campaign ended
in a chorus of boos on
Saturday as the hosts
slumped to a 3-0 defeat against
the Netherlands in the third place
playoff match.
A penalty from Robin van Persie
and a Daley Blind strike saw the
Dutch take a 2-0 lead after only
17 minutes as Brazil endured more
woe after their humiliating 7-1
semi-fnal rout by Germany.
Once again Brazil's defence was
hopelessly exposed, with the frst
Dutch goal coming when van
Persie sent Arjen Robben racing in
behind them.
armelo Anthony is
staying with the New
York Knicks.
Anthony has decided
to remain in New York, choosing
the Knicks over a number of teams
which could have given him a
better chance for the championship
he craves.
The All-Star forward met with
Chicago, Houston, Dallas and
the Lakers, but has informed the
Knicks he will return, a person
with knowledge of the details told
The Associated Press on Saturday
on condition of anonymity because
no announcement was made.
The Knicks offered Anthony a
maximum contract worth nearly
$130 million over fve years, about
$35 million more than any of his
other suitors under NBA rules,
though it's unknown what the fnal
terms of his deal will be.

oals from Robin
van Persie, Daley
Blind and Georginio
Wijnaldum saw
Netherlands beat Brazil 3-0 to
fnish third in the 2014 World
Van Persie put Netherlands
ahead in the third minute from
the penalty spot after Arjen
Robben had been felled by
Thiago Silva.
Blind added the second on 16
minutes after David Luiz headed
Jonathan de Guzman's cross into
his path.
Wijnaldum put the seal on the
Dutch victory, slotting home
a cross from substitute Darryl
Janmaat in injury time.
Brazil were then booed off
the pitch in Brasilia as their
disappointing World Cup
campaign ended in another
humiliating defeat.
After a poor frst-half showing,
the hosts improved slightly
after the break, thanks mainly
to the efforts of Oscar, who was
booked for diving when he had a
strong penalty shout following a
challenge by Blind.
Louis van Gaal's men were
strong in defence all night,
though. The same could not

be said for the hosts, who were
jeered after watching their team
suffer back-to-back defeats on
home soil for the frst time since
Luiz, who performed poorly in
Brazil's 7-1 semi-fnal defeat
to Germany, gave another
masterclass in how not to defend.
Before kick-off the Brazil
supporters inside the stadium
heeded Silva's pre-match call for
them to get behind the team.
The presence of the injured
Neymar as a spectator on the
bench also raised the spirits of
the home fans as they took their
But all the good will disappeared
very quickly.
With 87 seconds on the clock Van
Persie played Robben in behind
the Brazil defence and Silva
pulled the winger back, sending
him tumbling to the foor.
The foul took place outside
the box, but referee Djamel
Haimoudi pointed to the spot.
Much to the shock of the
Netherlands team, the Algerian
offcial only produced a yellow
card even though the Brazil
captain was the last man.
Van Persie took the ball and beat
Julio Cesar. A stunned silence
descended upon the Estadio
Dismay turned to anger soon
after as Netherlands doubled
their lead thanks to some poor
defending by Luiz.
The defender headed backwards,
rather than over his own bar after
a cross by De Guzman.
The ball dropped straight to
Blind, who took one touch and
lashed the ball past Julio Cesar
to register his frst international
Oscar looked to be Brazil's only
hope of pulling a goal back.
The Chelsea midfelder tested
Jasper Cillessen, but then let
himself down by diving to win
a free-kick, which Jo wasted by
heading over.
When the half-time whistle
came, the home fans booed
Brazil boss Luiz Felipe Scolari
replaced Luis Gustavo with
Fernandinho for the second-
half to try to galvanise his side.
Within nine minutes of his
introduction he was booked for
ario Gotze's goal
in the second
half of extra-
time was enough
to separate the two teams and
give Joachim Low's men the
world crown
Mario Gotze's 113th-minute
volley fred Germany to World
Cup glory with a 1-0 win over
Argentina at the Maracana.
The tournament's outstanding
team failed to repeat the
fuency and brilliance of their
7-1 semi-fnal romp against
Brazil, but Joachim Low's team
found one more sumptuous
moment during the second half
of extra time.
Bayern Munich playmaker
Gotze, on as an 88th-minute
replacement for World Cup
record goalscorer Miroslav
Klose, chested down Andre
Schurrle's foated left-wing
cross at the near post to
superbly steer home from six
It was the frst time Argentina
had found themselves behind
in the competition and it came
as a bitter pill to swallow after
Alejandro Sabella's men had
created the better chances in
normal time.
Gonzalo Higuain passed up a
glorious opportunity midway
though the frst half and the
Argentina striker also had a
frst-half effort correctly ruled
out for offside.
Germany defender Benedikt
Howedes then headed against
the post on the stroke of the
interval and, after the break,
passions threatened to boil over
in what was an understandably
feisty encounter.
a late tackle on Van Persie, who
was left clutching his knee on the
Another substitute, Hernanes,
slid in on Robben, but he escaped
a booking.
Oscar remained the hosts' best
player. The midfelder found his
Chelsea team-mate Ramires with
a clever pass but he dragged his
shot wide under pressure from
Ron Vlaar.
The Aston Villa captain appeared
to handle Maicon's cross in
the box just after the hour, but
Haimoudi waved away appeals
for a penalty.
The Algerian referee was at the
centre of controversy again in
the 67th minute when he booked
Oscar for diving when he had
a strong penalty shout after a
challenge by Blind. Indeed the
clash of knees was so strong
between the two players that
Blind was carried off on a
Van Gaal then thought his
team should have had a penalty
when Robben went down in
the box under pressure from
Fernandinho, but nothing was
The boos started fve minutes
from time as Brazil could not get
the ball off the Dutch.
And when Wijnaldum turned
home Janmaat's cross in injury
time the jeers become louder.
There was no lap of honour for
the hosts as they trudged off
down the tunnel with the heads
bowed in shame.
Lionel Messi fred agonisingly
wide shortly after the restart,
while Germany goalkeeper
Manuel Neuer was lucky not
to be punished for clattering a
knee into Higuain's face as the
striker ran through on goal.
Neuer's opposite number,
Sergio Romero, denied
Schurrle inside the frst minute
of extra time, while fellow
substitute Rodrigo Palacio
fuffed his lines at the other end
before Gotze sealed Germany's
fourth World Cup triumph.
The newly crowned champions
were forced into an 11th-
hour change after infuential
midfelder Sami Khedira
suffered the heartbreak of
sustaining a calf strain during
the warm-up.
Christoph Kramer came in
for the Real Madrid man,
despite having only played 12
minutes during the tournament
and being absent from Low's
provisional 30-man squad
before replacing Andre Hahn.
Toni Kroos drilled an early
free-kick into the defensive
wall, prompting an Argentina
break on which Ezequiel
Lavezzi shot across the face of
Veteran Germany striker
Klose was then muscled
away from Philipp Lahm's
inviting 13th-minute cross
by Martin Demichelis as
Low's men settled into an
ominous rhythm, although
Ezequiel Garay's shuddering
shoulder charge into Kramer's
face that ultimately cut short
the 23-year-old's fairytale
appearance showed Argentina
were not ready to be dictated

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