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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula
Division of Pagadian City
San Jose Heights, Pagadian City
Banale, Pagadian City

Narrative Report

Supreme Student Government Election
of Officers for Academic Year
2012-2013 Activities

PCNCHS, Pagadian City National Comprehensive High School is one of the many prestigious
schools but it is the only Comprehensive High School in the Division of Pagadian City, Province of
Zamboanga Del Sur and Sibugay Division. It is situated at the green hills of Barangay Banale not so
far from the heart of the city. It aims to develop students into well-equipped leaders who can take their
place responsibly in service of the community.

Last January 30 to February 15, the activities for the SSG Election of Officers took place. A
number of 568 students participated in this event. There were 2 participating parties (CHICSER and
TEFE) and each had 19 officers aiming to be in the position they desired.

The screening for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates was held last January 29 at
Computer Laboratory Room. The screening involved interrogation of the selected students of IV-
Quezon and other SSG Officers to the candidates. Its mission is to test the determination and will of the
candidates in pursuing their goal of becoming the leaders of the students in PCNCHS.

After the screening, the filing of the Certificates of Candidacy (COC) took place on January 30
until February 1, 2013. The candidates filed their COC according to their respective party. After the last
day of filing of COCs of all the candidates, February 4-5, 2013, evaluation of COCs vis--vis
Qualifications and Disqualifications was conducted. On the 6
of February, the designated SSG
Adviser, Mr. Ronnil C. Quieta, called a meeting for all the candidates. In this meeting, the responsibility,
requirements, activities and consequences of being an SSG Officer were discussed.

February 8, a week later after the filing of COCs, the official list of candidates for SSG Election
of Officers A.Y. 2012-2013 was publicly announced to the students. The candidates in each party were
called. They were introduced to the students with brief information.

The campaign Period was then started on February 11 until February 12. The candidates were
given only limited time to have their campaign. Each party independently planned their campaign
strategies and went room-to-room to introduce their selves and persuade the students to support and
vote them.

A Campus-wide Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debate or Miting de Avance was held on
February 13 after the flag ceremony where each party showed their talents in singing and dancing and
re-introduced their selves. The first party was CHICSER followed by the TEFE party. Their presentation
made the students happy and awake.

After their performance and introducing their selves, the debates were followed. The following
were the list of non-exhaustive topics which is expected during the debates covered by the moderators:
Candidate goals and platforms; student/administration relations; SSG advocacy; Stand on Barkada
Kontra Droga Campaign; SSG financial accountability; student involvement; and student behaviour and
discipline (cleanliness and order). Our goal for this debate is not necessarily for a particular candidate
to win over the other, but rather to emphasize the differences between the candidates so that the
students can make an informed vote. The program ended after the hot Questions-and-Answer

Right after the Miting de Avance the synchronize election took place. The ballots which were
given to the students by the COMELEC Officials were answered through writing the names of their
chosen candidates. The ballots were placed according to their year level. And for a smooth flow
election, a line of two was made in order and COMELEC Officials assisted the students. The election
took about an hour to finish.

After class hour, the counting of votes started. The COMELEC officials together with some SSG
officers were the ones who count the votes of the students. After about 3 hours, the counting of votes
was done and the result was out. The result was then posted the next day.

President : Gerson Ryan M. Sumampong
Vice-President : Samera Jalali
Secretary : Apple Jan Marumas
Treasurer : Wenna Everena Salcepuedes
Auditor : Fainor Taug
P.I.O. : Haniyah Salih
Peace Officer : Jinar Tampal
Senator : Argene Cabasan
Representative : Jovelyn Takilid
Governor : Fairodz Tuan
V-Governor : Anna Rose Buco
Senator : Trisha Inventor
Representative : Carlo Orgada
Governor : Gladys Faith Kirsten Camanse
V-Governor : Nekki Mae Dela Cerna
Grade - 8
Senator : Abrar Palwa
Representative : Zehniyah Salih
Governor : Kathleen Duhaylungsod
V-Governor : Jaafar Omar

Then on February 14 before the King and Queen of Hearts 2013 program, which was also
sponsored by SSG Officers, the newly elected SSG officers were formally announced to the students.

Prepared by:

Designated SSG Adviser