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2005, Mark J.

Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Breaking the Seduction Code - 2
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Frankly speaking this is our humble effort to all mankind (man kind only!!) who
wants to improve their game of seduction. First of all let me make it very clear
this e-book is different from all the other e-books/booklets/and other written
material in the approach, in the techniques and finally in the endeavor. No way is
this e-book written to play any foul play the with womens community. (Well,
maybe a little. We know were going to be blamed for something we say, though
theres no telling exactly what line will set off what women, so we might as well
own up to it right now.)

Let us say for the record: we love women. We do. We have come to the
conclusion our lives are better with them than without them and if youve come to
that same determination were going to tell you how to get more of what you
enjoy into your life.

Namely women.

Basically this is all about to improve your personality as whole and take it from us
after reading this e-book you are bound to get yourself on the top of the world, as
this is all about changing your attitude, using your energy into the right direction,
eliminating the unnecessary fear and feel more confident with women.

They say, It is your attitude, not your aptitude, which determines altitude in your
life. We shouldnt have to say this, but its true: Remember, after reading this e-
book, you and only you are responsible for your actions and your behaviors, and
any circumstances resulted out of the material. You are advised to follow the
material wisely. However, if you have any personal query or doubt please feel

Breaking the Seduction Code - 3
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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free to contact us personally, we would feel honored and happy to answer them
as best as we can do by putting Marks more than 20 years of experience in
training, hypnosis, and NLP to use.

To be crystal clear: the authors, contributors, distributors, and publishers of this
e-book disclaim any responsibility for how you chose to use this material. Do you
get that? Its on you. Dont go out do something tasteless, classless, and illegal,
and then claim the book made you do it. At the very least, youll get slapped, at
most youll find yourself in for a nice stay at Sunnyside Farm for the Emotionally
Challenged Citizen or youll share a cellblock with a
heavily tattooed guy named Sweetie. Its always your
responsibility to make sure that the actions you take
with women are legal and consensual.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 4
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Table of Contents
A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR ............................................................................8
THE VERY FIRST STEP...........................................................................................13
THE EARLY LESSONS ..................................................................................................15
CREATING AN OPEN SPACE...........................................................................23
WILL WANT YOU. ........................................................................................................25
THEM ARE BUSY. .........................................................................................................26
CONSUMING. ...............................................................................................................27
WOMEN. .....................................................................................................................27
OLD THINKING #10 DATING IS FAIR, AND YOU WILL GET YOUR TURN ............................29
THE TRUTH ABOUT SEDUCING WOMEN.......................................................31
ALL WOMEN WANT TO BE SEDUCED ............................................................................31
WOMEN YEARN FOR ROMANCE ...................................................................................32
WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM THIS?............................................................................34
THE GAME OF SEDUCTION.............................................................................35
THE LOOK OF SEDUCTION ...........................................................................................35

Breaking the Seduction Code - 5
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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THE FEEL OF SEDUCTION ............................................................................................37
THE WAY A WOMAN HEARS SEDUCTION.......................................................................38
THE SEDUCTION ROADMAP: INWARD TO OUTWARD.......................................................40
THE POWER OF SCENTS AND ENERGY........................................................46
HOW A WOMAN WORKS..............................................................................................48
RAS-RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM.........................................................................51
BELIEF SYSTEM AND PERCEPTION ..............................................................53
SMART VS. LUCKY.......................................................................................................54
SHE WANTS WHAT ONLY YOU CAN GIVE HER ..............................................................56
THE POWER OF BEING YOURSELF................................................................................58
AND HELL HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN! ................................................................................59
A TRUE STORY...........................................................................................................61
THE EXTERNAL POWER...............................................................................................62
THE EXTERNAL DRAWBACK .........................................................................................65
HOW TO TRAIN A FLEA................................................................................................67
TAKING DOWN THE WALLS............................................................................71
FEAR OF SEXUAL DISCLOSURE ....................................................................................71
DIRTY YOUNG MEN .....................................................................................................72
THE POWER OF ADJUSTMENT AND ACCEPTANCE ..........................................................75
THE POWER OF HAPPY................................................................................................76
GROUNDHOG DAY.......................................................................................................76
REWRITE YOUR MOVIE................................................................................................78
FEAR AND HESITATION...................................................................................79
STARS AND GODS .......................................................................................................79
WHEN REALITY SMASHES INTO YOUR ILLUSIONS ..........................................................82
LIVE EXAMPLE OF MY NEPHEW...................................................................................87
LETS SEE HOW IT WORKS ........................................................................................90
BURSTING THE BUBBLE ..............................................................................................92
HOW MASTER SEDUCERS DEAL WITH IT.....................................................................94

Breaking the Seduction Code - 6
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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GOLD PANNING TECHNIQUE.........................................................................................96
REAL STORY.............................................................................................................101
USING SAMENESS TO GET RID OF THE ELEPHANT.......................................................107
USING DIFFERENCES TO GET RID OF THE ELEPHANT ..................................................110
POSITIVE NATURE OF RESISTANCE...........................................................................114
DICHOTOMY OF WIN AND LOSE...................................................................116
THE NATURE OF SECOND GUESSING..........................................................................116
AN EMPOWERING EXAMPLE.......................................................................................119
GETTING WHAT YOU WANT FROM THE GET GO..........................................................122
THE GAME OF SEDUCTION ARE YOU ALL IN?.........................................................124
BECOME A LASER BEAM INSTEAD OF A LIGHT BULB.....................................................128
DEFINING THE PERFECT WOMAN................................................................................131
THE FANTASY OF A WOMANS MIND ..........................................................135
THE REALITY OF DON JUAN .......................................................................................135
YOUR CHARACTER IN HER FANTASY........................................................................136
LET THEM TRY ON YOUR ROLE!.................................................................................140
USE THE ENERGY OF CONTRAST ...............................................................................142
CHANGING YOUR CHARACTER AND WHY YOUD WANT TO...........................................145
WORDS OF LOVE GET YOU LAID! ...............................................................................147
AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST..................................................................149
SOAP OPERAS..........................................................................................................149
MEN SAY AND WOMEN IMPLY.....................................................................................153
MEN AND WOMEN-TWO DIFFERENT CREATURES .....................................................158
IMPORTANCE OF POETRY ..........................................................................................160
TIME FACTOR ...........................................................................................................163
INTERACTION OF SEDUCTION.....................................................................................164
ESSENCE OF THE MOVIE SWEPT AWAY ....................................................................166

Breaking the Seduction Code - 7
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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GET OUT THERE AND BE A MASTER SEDUCER!.......................................172

Breaking the Seduction Code - 8
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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I have been doing hypnosis for so long, I have a tendency to speak in process
language and form - a lot. Process language is language at a deep unconscious
level and is very hypnotic. This may sound a bit confusing at first, but dont let
that worry you. It isnt nearly as difficult as it sounds.

Im explaining this up front so that with time and practice, you will begin to see
that the techniques I teach you to become a master seducer, the techniques that
crack the code, are actually hypnotic techniques. This doesnt mean that you will
be waving a watch in front of women and saying, You are getting sleepy. But it
does mean that you will have some of the skills necessary to break down the
defenses of women and have them begging to be by your side.

The difference between content language and
process language is the difference between the
instructions for baking a cake and the ingredients in a
cake. The ingredients in a cake would be considered
content language. The instructions for baking the
cake would be process language. The unconscious mind the part that is
working without our control - is much more adept at process language - how
things work, how things go together, how things flow, and pattern recognition.

So when I talk to people in process language, many times people say to me,
"What you said was crystal clear, but I didnt understand a word you just said.
What they're telling me is that their unconscious mind picked up the information
just fine, but they're conscious mind has not yet grasped the information.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 9
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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While you're reading this book, keep that in mind and allow yourself some time to
absorb these new concepts and ideas. The key is getting BOTH your conscious
and unconscious minds to, first, understand, and, then, work together to make
you an expert at attracting women.

What I am attempting to do in this book is teach you more useful processes that
master seducers have learned and women accept both biologically and in their
minds. That is the kind of thing that hypnosis does to people. It overloads the
conscious mind and goes directly to the unconscious mind, which, believe it or
not, understands it perfectly.

An amazing thing happens when the unconscious understands the process. It
tests and uses it to see if it is useful. People will initially know that their
unconscious mind got the information and is applying it. But over a period of
time, things begin to happen. And the next thing I know is that they start to give
me stories about how they understand on a conscious level.

If I stop them, and ask them why they are telling me that story, most of the time
they say, "I have no Idea" and then just stand there with a blank look on their
face. That is deep trance. They understand enough to tell me but they don't have
any reference points to back it up.

They are out in the middle of know where. Some people call it a pattern
interrupt, because you interrupted the linear flow of thinking. Once a person is at
that place, they can be led to just about any place in their thinking (again

The cognitive dissonance (the difference between two seemingly opposed ideas)
is so great; that they are looking for any thought that makes sense, any thought

Breaking the Seduction Code - 10
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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to narrow the gap that makes them feel lost. The people become so confused at
this point that any idea that seems to make a little bit of sense will be one that
they will start to gravitate towards. When the person gets this experience, that is
the perfect time to direct them into the desired behavior.

So how do we apply this COMPLICATED psychology in an EASY way to pick up

When you keep a woman guessing and keep her unsure, off-balance, especially
in a fun way, you have just created a cognitive dissonance. Do you see how fun
and unsure can be opposing ideas?

When she feels this conflict, she will begin to look to you to see if you're going to
lead her into a secure and fun place. If you take this opportunity to first create
confusion and then lead her out of it to a safe and fun place, maybe even adding
excitement, she will let you do it more often.

Like Pavlov's dog, you will begin to condition her to know that you are a safe lead
to follow. She starts to attach her new and wonderful states of emotion with you.
And, since none of her defenses have come up, she is amazed and interested in
how you are doing it and she wants more. Its like a rollercoaster - safe but
exciting and unpredictable. She knows something is going on, but not what.

It is because you are using process, not content. It is deeper and works much

If you are dealing with content, you might think that buying a dinner or giving her
a gift or leading her to know you're rich or that you have a fast, expensive car will
be all that she needs to make her happy. It's like throwing all the ingredients of a

Breaking the Seduction Code - 11
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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cake into the bowl and expecting them to mix themselves and put themselves
into the oven until done. It's not going to happen.

Let me give you another analogy. Imagine a time before people understood radio
waves. But you not only had the information, you had the equipment to send and
receive radio signals. Kind of like a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court.
You would be considered a magician.

We'll just imagine that women have no idea about this level of communication.
And if they don't have any idea about what you're doing, then they have not
developed any defenses over the years to put up against what you're doing. So
process information slips right through.

It's like finding a backdoor in a computer program that lets you in without the
access code. By using this information in the Seduction Code you will be able to
get into both the front door and the backdoor simultaneously.

Another analogy: One of my teachers, who I believe is enlightened, has been
doing this to me for years. Many times I get that ah-ha experience and then all of
a sudden, I remember that he told me this awhile back, and I find my mind
processing automatically the useful tools that he gave me. It is like they were
hidden files waiting to be used. They just needed the right process to be used.

Imagine women having many hidden files. All you have to do is find the right
process so you can have access to all of them!

When I do therapy with people, I explain to them that it is like an engineer who is
trying to build an aqueduct, and trying to get the water to the city that needs it. He

Breaking the Seduction Code - 12
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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must first plan the routing system and then build the system before he releases
the water from the dam. Otherwise the water will flow wherever it flows.

What were doing is creating channeled viaducts to let the water flow where we
want it to flow after we open up the dam. We understand the dynamics of water
so we can build according to how water acts and flows.

What I am attempting to do is to build the systems at a deep level so when a guy
gets into a pinch with a lady, he has some already-installed overflow ducts ready.
I want to give him many options. These processes are not just for seducing; they
are for making better human beings, and may even open some higher doors for

If you understand behavior you can prepare for that behavior. If you know
someone is going to act a certain way almost every time, it gives you an
advantage to prepare yourself for what to say or do. So if we know that men and
women's biology are hardwired a certain way, we can begin to plan a journey for

Just consider yourself a tour guide for women. And if youre a tour guide, you
already know the territory. Your job is to make the journey fun and exciting for
them so they will want to come back over and over again.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 13
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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You are about to embark on an adventure and like a captain leading his men off
to unknown waters gives a speech, were going to start off with a poem. OK, it
doesnt sound like the same thing, but this poem is by Colin Fisher and he is a
friend of Marks as well as a master seducer with no problems with women and
sometimes you take your advice in whatever form you can get it.


It starts with a glance, a simple look.
So subtle it should never be mistook.
Mistake it for a nothing or a whim.
Welcoming opportunities theyll be thin.

Relax and send a message so sincere.
Communicate on a level where shell hear.
That level that we call the quantum field.
Can permeate a womans strongest shield.

Avoid sending messages of the smut.
Unless you fancy falling on your butt.
Court her and Charm her, without a single word.
Think only pleasant thoughts, if you want to be heard.

Once you have connected, to her to energy strands.
Then you can perform, shell be putty in your hands.
Like a book shell open, to your every affection.
Because now you have a link, youve made a deep connection.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 14
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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A connection that was made.
Before she even knew.
Shes feeling those wonderful feelings.
And its all because of you.

The depth that you have traveled to.
Can surprise the most beautiful women.
It cuts through the intellectual too.
Its almost like a state of Zen.

So make sure you appreciate,
What it is that youve got.
Be ready to quantumly change you.
Be willing to shift your lot.
Ready to acknowledge, this added extra pep.
The secret is in the doing, as always in

Copyright Colin Fisher November 2003

Theres also another friend youll be hearing from throughout the book. Teri is a
researcher, editor, and writer lending a hand with this project. She unabashedly
admits to thinking men are the greatest creatures God ever made. We dont
always agree philosophically, but at the end of the day, we both want the same
thing: for men to be men and women to love them. Weve asked her to make
comments from time to time, just to affirm, or contradict something weve said.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 15
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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The Early Lessons

Learning how to seduce women is a science, practicing seducing women is an
art, and like any art or science, you must start with a premise and work to prove it
or show it is right. The premise you want to build is effective communication,
which isnt learning how to communicate like a woman, but rather learning to
communicate to a woman; confidence (the best accessory you can wear
because it fits every woman), and the freedom to flirt which is a natural offshoot
of being able to confidently communicate.

We understand that you werent born with the command of language
Shakespeare was born with, or the looks of a Brad Pitt or charm of a Mel Gibson.
The good news is: they werent born with them either. They had to meld their
natural attributes with lessons they learned along the way to become what we
know them as. The even better news: you can develop your attributes, marry
them to the lessons in this book, and become a master seducer in your own right.
If your looks are more Brad Garrett, than Pitt, if your charm is more Mel Brooks,
than Gibson; it doesnt matter all four are married to good looking women,
which is proof that any man with the right skills can score women any man!

Your very first role models were found at home in your parents. You mimicked
their behaviors and depending on how they reacted, you kept some and the
others you dropped. If you have siblings, they also modeled behavior, and then
there are your friends, teachers, other adults, and even strangers. Some of those
behaviors you embraced, some you denied, until voila its a boy! Its you.

Its how we all learn: we see behaviors or are told to have certain behaviors and,
depending on the payoff (in pleasure or pain), we adopt them until they are
second nature. Think about it for a moment to let the realization sink in because

Breaking the Seduction Code - 16
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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thats going to be the key you are going to use to unlock the door that leads to
the land of more women. The door that key unlocks are the techniques you will

So, if you know we come by who we are by a series of trying on certain
behaviors and beliefs and keeping the ones we think fit, do you now see how that
same technique can be used to increase the number of beautiful women you can
seduce? Were going to give you the techniques used by master seducers (the
art), add some more of what we know, (the science), let you try it on for a while
(actually, as long as you like), ask you to put some effort into making it work
while we sit back safe in the knowledge weve helped increase your love life.

Were going to tell you this again because it bears repeating, but also because
thats one of the techniques to help you understand that your
reach has not exceeded your grasp: you can get more
beautiful women to talk to you, to date you, and to sleep with
you. Yes, you: the guy who doesnt think hes good looking
enough, rich enough, and doesnt drive the big name car.
You can have more women in your life and in your bed.

Milton Erickson, the greatest hypnotist ever, said, You can pretend anything and
master it. An updated version of the same sentiment is: If you dream it, you can
see it; if you see it, you can achieve it. If youve dreamt of becoming more
successful, were going to help you see how possible it is. Once you see it, you
are well on your way to making it happen, and part of it will be to jump right into
the persona of a man who knows he can have beautiful women.

Theres really no great secret to getting more women in your life. Simply give
them what they want. Thats it. Now for some, that will mean diamonds, furs, and

Breaking the Seduction Code - 17
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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spending money for shopping sprees that would turn Rodeo Drive into a strip
mall, but most women arent looking for that. Most women have basic needs that
go to the very core of their being. They often try and fight it by spouting feminists
terms, but deep down inside a woman wants a man to be a man. Give her that
and she will inscribe your name on her heart forever.

If youre familiar with Maslows needs hierarchy, then you know food, shelter, and
clothing are the primal needs of every human being including women. The next
need for both men and women is sex. Humans crave closeness and intimacy and
sex is one of the ways to achieve it. Were going to show you to convince her
youre the man to give it to her.

Does it sound incredible?

We understand. It sounded that way to us when we heard it, and it was even
more incredible when we discovered it worked and our own dating lives picked
up. Dont let disbelief stop you from going for it. And when you do go for, be
prepared for the discomfort youre going to feel and dont let that stop you, either.
Its going to feel new and different; it will be like wearing a new pair of shoes.
They feel a bit uncomfortable, but theyre not yet broken in and you may get a
little soreness before they mold themselves to your feet. These new disciplines
will take some time before they mold themselves into your personality.

You may think youre not being genuine or true to yourself. Well, I have news for
you. You didnt feel comfortable when you first learned how to walk, drive, and
explain to your parents why you missed curfew, but soon that awkwardness
disappeared and you forgot about the discomfort and went for what you knew.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 18
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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All were asking is that you try these new behaviors and ideas, wear them for a
few days, and then determine if you want to keep them or not. Theres a
wardrobe to be mixed and matched, and you could come up with a combination
thats news to all of us, and you could learn something you could teach us!

We going to repeat this again since repetition is key to learning: You cannot
determine if it will work before you work it. You cant tell if what were saying to
you is valid based upon your old thinking and your old fears. You have to step
out of the comfort zone and try them in order to determine how useful or relevant
it is for you. Dont dismiss it out of hand - thats your past talking and your past
hasnt done much for you lately. Create an open space in yourself thats willing to
unlearn all you thought you knew and replace it with a new challenge. Dont let
old disempowering beliefs ground you before you have a chance to take off.

Were making the assumption you know where to find
women, and can even approach them. We are also
assuming that it is too fearful for you to really go for it and
that in all likelihood, your technique may need some
reworking. Once you know where to find them and see
someone you think fits the description of the perfect
woman, you have to know how to approach a woman. You have to be able to
assess the situation to see how long you have to put your plan into action.

Generally speaking, you dont have many options:

1. You have days or weeks to seduce her
2. You have a few hours to seduce her
3. You have a few minutes to seduce her.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 19
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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A master seducer knows how to take advantage of a few minutes as well as a
few weeks. For some men, it takes more guts to ask a woman out after two
minutes than one youve been eyeing for two months. For other men, it may be
the other way around.

Having more than 20 years experience behind me, I can safely tell you to start
your seduction process very quickly, within the first few minutes of your first
encounter, or you are bound to find the process more difficult in the future. There
may be more than one reason why you should start your process immediately:

To keep you from freezing
To keep from reverting back to your old ways
To sharpen and hone your skills

But theres one primary reason for starting the seduction process right away and
making sure your intentions are clear from the very beginning:

Because she will decide very quickly whether youre a potential lover, a potential
friend, or a potential nothing to her at all.

And when we say quickly, we mean within the first few minutes like less than
five. Its like an employer looking over resumes - you have to have a hook right at
the very beginning or they will gloss over your resume in search of the one that
hits them right away.

Women are no different and you are interviewing to be her lover. It may be for
long term employment, it may be a temp gig, but shes got to see the potential in
you right away or she will decide for herself what category you belong in. And if

Breaking the Seduction Code - 20
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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she decides to place you in the friends category, its almost a lock youll be
sentenced there forever with little chance of parole.

You must enter into any interaction with a woman you are attracted to as a
master seducer. If you enter her mind and emotions as a friend in the beginning,
it is extremely difficult to cross back over to lover. So, start off on the right foot,
and save yourself some future disappointments. Start immediately as a master
seducer. Make it a part of who you are. Both woman and men respect a person
confident in their abilities. And you will find that men begin to treat you better
because of how you generate interest from women, and your confidence with

This is why it is important to get your game plan going right away. We do,
however, understand how frightening this can be, especially if you arent used to
talking to women or approaching them. Luckily for you, we are here to teach you!
We are here to give you the foundation you can stand on that makes speaking to
women easier and more productive all at the same time. And once you make
talking to women easier, it becomes easier for you to put your plan into action.

We know theres a glut of information out there. Weve seen the hardcopy books,
the ezines, and the ebooks that tell you how to land women and get laid. And we
know that some of those books are filled with just enough information and useful
techniques to get you to spend money, but not enough to really make it real.

We have filtered through all that information and the stuff that bears repeating is
here. AND you get all the stuff the other books dont tell you. We bring you
information and knowledge on how to apply the principles of NLP, hypnosis, and

Breaking the Seduction Code - 21
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Whats the difference? Like we stated at the very beginning we love women.
We love them from a place of knowledge. We understand their complexities and
nuances; we understand what makes them so annoyingly complex and
wonderful. That knowledge gives an edge to you over those who teach you that a
good pick up line and a nice suit is all you need.

While looking good and having a command of the language are essentials that
we will discuss, we will also tell you that understanding the object of your
potential affection and knowing the hows and the whys of the way they act will
help you gain confidence in how you act with them.

The techniques discussed in this book, and personally used over the past few
decades, will teach you how to find out what she wants and how to give it to her.
You will be able to take your modus operandi into any place where there are
women and wear it like that nice suit. You will have better potential to sweep any
woman off her feet, whether its a woman you want to sleep with or one who you
just want to make feel better about herself.

This isnt just a guide of lines and war strategies; this is a hands-on user guide
that looks at seduction as a process instead of an activity. Seduction is more like
growing a fruit tree; it keeps growing and producing over the years for you and
the women you choose to give the fruit to. Its going to give you skills to know
what to say, what to do, and how to gauge and predict her reactions.

We are confident this is a more complete and comprehensive
guide to dating and seduction than youve seen on the net or on
the shelves. It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or someone
whos had success, you will learn a powerful seduction system
that will change your dating and sex life forever.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 22
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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This book will teach you:

How to appeal to women on a subconscious level.
How to interpret womens behavior and use that knowledge to your
How to develop a better self image which is a self-fulfilling prophesy in the
dating arena.

After reading this book, and putting the techniques in action, you will be able to
approach a woman, make her smile, and gain and sustain her interest. You will
be such good company that she wont want you to leave her. Keep it up and
shell think it was her idea to want you because it will be. Not only that, shell
want to be intimate with you!

Isnt that scary? Isnt it wonderful? Isnt it about time to learn? Lets get
started and congratulations in advance!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 23
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Previously we stated you needed to be willing to create an open space in your
mind and that was best accomplished by dismissing some of the myths about
women and dating commonly held as the truth. Its gotten to be a habit among
men to believe certain things about women and how to get them to date us. We
pass this information on to each other, affirm our own fears, and hold them as the

The only way to change a habit is to take one behavior or belief and replace it
with another one we can use until we believe it as easily as we believed what we
thought was true before. We would like to help you get rid of some of the most
common beliefs regarding women and dating and give you the reasons why you
should replace that old thinking with new thoughts.

Old Thinking #1: You Have To Be Good Looking to Date Women

New Thinking: Do good looks give you an advantage? Certainly, but ask a frog
what he thinks is good looking and hell say slimy skin, bulging eyes, and a nicely
placed wart. Attractiveness and good-looking mean different things to different
people. And women are less visual than men. We tend to go for the looks and
eventually hope theres something beneath them. A woman will look but shes on
the lookout for that thing we only hope for. A good-looking jerk will find himself
out on the street in favor of the not-so-handsome guy who knows how to treat

You may not have seen some really handsome guys without women (though
weve seen plenty), but weve all seen guys we dont think are as good looking as

Breaking the Seduction Code - 24
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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we are, who are with beautiful women. Weve all seen men with a beautiful
woman and we cant even imagine what shes doing with him.

Weve come to the conclusion that attractiveness for women means something
different than it does for men, and thats good news for us. Its not your hair, or
how big yourfeet are; your best feature is confidence.

Old Thinking #2: You need lots of money in order to seduce

New Thinking: We shouldnt even have to talk about this. Youve seen hot
women with the mailman, the guy at the hardware store, and with people you
work with. They dont make a great deal of money. Are there women who want
men with lots of money and have that as a criterion for whom theyll date? Yes.
We call them gold diggers and we dont want them anyway.

But for the rest of us who make average bank, we can still get beautiful women
because thats not what most of them are after. Sure, they want us to pick up the
tab, but admit it; we want to pick it up most of the time because it makes us feel
like a man. That doesnt mean you have to go the expensive restaurants or get
courtside seats. It may mean you have to be creative, but creative will get you
points. We guarantee there are some minimum wage guys with maximum sex

Old Thinking #3: Good Looking Women Will Want Nothing to Do
With You

New Thinking: Does anyone know where this started? Women: hot, lukewarm,
or cool have the same physical needs as men. And when they need them

Breaking the Seduction Code - 25
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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fulfilled, they are going to look for the best person to fulfill them. Since they are
not as visual as men, they may appreciate a mans physical beauty, but he better
bring something else to the table if he wants to take a seat. This is where a guy
who isnt at the top of the handsome chain can make his move.
She will appreciate the confidence of a man willing to approach her and make it
clear he can deliver to her needs. Shes not likely to throw that guy in the
friendship category during those first few critical minutes. If she is a woman all
the guys in the room consider hot, you know there will be men there who will look
at her but dont touch because they buy into the myth that she wont go for them.
That leaves room for you and your approach.

Old Thinking #4: If You Are Nice, Sensitive, and Show Your
Emotions, Women Will Want You.

New Thinking: This is tricky because its more of a half myth. Women do want
someone nice they dont want someone wimpy. They do want someone
sensitive they dont want who is so sensitive theyre scary. They want someone
emotional, but no more emotional than they are. They want somebody kind, but
not somebody who reminds them first of a friend.

If the encounter becomes a relationship, and the relationship becomes a
commitment, you can add being a friend later on. At the beginning, you dont
want her to see you as a friend. You want her to see you as a potential lover.
This means your approach should be friendly but not friendship. That doesnt
mean you walk up to her and say: Id like to do you right now. It means your
approach and your demeanor should let her know youre not just making idle talk
and looking for someone to hang out with.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 26
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Old Thinking #5: Solve Her Problems and Shell Sleep With You

New Thinking: Try this and women will punish you in more ways than one; the
first being she wont sleep with you. The second is, she will stick you hard into
the friendship category and will actually call you for advice about the guy she is
sleeping with who does her wrong. Third, eventually, you will be direct and tell
her you want to be her lover and shell tell you that would akin to doing her

Women already have outlets for that kind of stuff; theyre called other women or
girlfriends. Let them be therapists for each other - at least at this juncture. Like
we said, you can add that part later. It will still be a tricky situation because
women dont like it when they tell you something and you tell them how to handle
it. At this point, thats not the drama and tension you want to create. Best leave
girlfriend behavior to girlfriends.

Old Thinking #6: There are a limited number of women available
and most of them are busy.

New thinking: O.k. there are a finite number of women on the planet and some
of them are married, some dont wish for relationships, some are gay, some
wont be compatible with you, and some just arent within a reasonable traveling
distance. That leaves roughly thousands for you to choose from. Women already
think theres a shortage of good men so if youre on your game even a little bit,
youve moved up ahead of a lot of men.

If youre running into the problem with women telling you they have no time, face
that what theyre saying is they wont make the time, and then figure out what it is

Breaking the Seduction Code - 27
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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about your approach that needs to be changed so they will feel like being more
accessible to you.

Old Thinking #7: Getting a hot woman to have sex with you is
too time consuming.

New Thinking: As opposed to the woman just sitting around with nothing to do?
Who are you kidding? Its work no matter which way you go but its work thats
worth it when you consider youre getting the sex you want.

This is a complaint made by guys who havent used their time wisely in learning
how to seduce women or maintain a womans attention and thus arent as
successful as theyd like to be. Its time to stop whining and using tired excuses
instead of reaching higher. After youve applied what youll learn here, you wont
even recognize that old complainer you used to be.

Old Thinking #8: If you wait long enough, the courage will come
to approach women.

New Thinking: And if you click your heels three times, the man behind the
curtain will help you find that courage. Courage is a verb. It needs action to make
itself work. You find it along the way when youre headed to doing something that
isnt the most comfortable thing for you to do.

While youre waiting for the courage to magically appear, theres someone out
there making the moves on your girl, and she wont know shes supposed to turn
him down, because you havent given her the option. Step up to the plate, dude.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 28
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Old Thinking #9: Women know what they want, and they will tell

New Thinking: No, they wont - at least not directly - at least not at first. Women
communicate differently than men and a lot of that has to do with wanting you to
learn how to read their minds and know instinctively what it is they need. Well,
unless youre a mind reader, and you arent or else you wouldnt need this book,
or unless youre really good at reading a woman, and you will be after reading
this book, you need a woman to be more forthright than shell probably be.

The truth is, women dont always know what they want because they have their
own unique fears and hang-ups, and then they have their individual ones and
both sets collide to keep a brother from taking a quick path to their bedrooms.

Guys, believe me - nobody wants someone who is oblivious to their (biological)
needs - especially a woman. They want someone very special, with the qualities
theyve spent a good deal of time fantasizing about, and who has the qualities
that can meet their deepest sexual needs.

Most women are not attracted to supplicants, begging for the easy keys to melt
their heart. Its your independent nature and courage that gets them going, not
your dependency on being told how to act. What women say they want and what
they actually respond to are often totally different. Women cant tell you what they
want in a man; they can only tell you what they think they want in a man. There is
a big difference. If you want to be successful in this game, then take initiative to
break the barrier.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 29
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Teri Tells:
I know, its amazing Ive stayed quiet this long, but this is the first thing I take true issue
with. What I say I want is exactly what I want. If it seems like shes changing her mind,
youve probably fulfilled some of what she wants and shes seeing if youve got the rest,
or shes discovered something you have that she didnt think you did. If all you want is
sex and only sex, dont get frustrated at us because were not one-dimensional. We
know what you want, but youre going to have to show us something saying youre
worth giving it to.
Old Thinking #10 Dating is fair, and you will get your turn

New Thinking: Youre kidding, right? You know nothing in life is fair, and most
especially dating. It is one of the most unfair systems there is just ask the
people on both sides. Men think women have the advantage and women think
men do. Theres probably some truth on both sides, but since were men, were
going with women have the advantage, and they arent going to give it to a guy
sitting back and waiting for it to come to them. Thats not even natural for a man.
Men are hunters, women are gatherers and nurturers. We must go after what we
want in business, in sports, and in dating. The guy sitting back twiddling his
thumbs will never have anything else to play with.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. He was
telling me about a friend of his that is 65 years old and has
only been laid 2 times in his whole life. Two times!!! Here is
the kicker. He has been married for 45 of those years. His
wife (if you can call her that) has only given it up, twice, in
45 years. Frank was a virgin before he got married. Again
he played by the rules.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 30
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Teri Tells:
Ive offered to fly out to wherever Frank is and let him go crazy with me. Hes a
bit older than me, but I figure hed be so grateful it would be worth my while.

But my buddy said Frank keeps trying with his wife, but she keeps calling him a
pervert and saying Not now. My buddy said Frank is a great guy and believes
he should follow the rules of the game he started with. Thats the kind of result I
hear ALL the time in my therapy business and at a lot of the trade shows I do
where men are the primary customers. Their situations may not be as severe as
Franks, but it sure feels the same to any man to get treated that way. I offered
free therapy to Frank. Lets see if I can get him some before the poor guy dies.
Dating is a game. Its a competition and an arena that can be navigated with
success by those willing to get into it and mix it up. One year from now you will
either be better, the same, or worse off than you are right now. If youre going to
be here anyway, why not be here with a woman who finds you attractive and
wants to sleep with you?

Breaking the Seduction Code - 31
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Heres the funny thing about the universe: it was built so men and women would
say yes to each other. Think about it a second. We all have base, animal
instincts and animals mate using their own rituals, but they mate. They may
preen and prance, and shake some feathers, but the bottom line is they end up
locked together. They say yes to what their natures call them to do.

Man is the only animal that places layers over our basic instincts and makes it a
frustrating game built with rights and wrongs, and moral codes. That doesnt
mean we should all shed our clothes and go after each other like banshees
though that might have some merit, but weve gotten ourselves wrapped into our
own rules so that the meaning of being a man or being a woman has moved far
away from what it meant when we were first created.

We want to teach you to get through those layers and back to the basics. That
starts with understanding that, deep down, a woman is searching for a way to
say yes to you. We understand youve run into a group of women who are adept
at saying no, but we believe we can change that around. We believe:

All Women Want to Be Seduced

It is a universal truth that all women want to be seduced. Seduction is a game of
push and pull, give and take. Generally women get a LOT of pull and take, but
not nearly enough of a well timed and well executed give and push. Seduction is
a mans game; women dont need it - perhaps because there are so many jerks
who crave them. With all the guys drooling over them, they are constantly
building defenses to ward off the onslaught of needy men. As a master seducer,

Breaking the Seduction Code - 32
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you give her a chance to experience the proper kind of seduction her body and
mind really desire.

You give her a chance to compete in a game she wants to lose. Not a game that
is given to her on a silver platter by a wimp. What fun is it to go out and play and
be given the trophy before you get to the playing field? There is no fun in that for
women. No, friend, this is a game women want to play. They want a man who
knows how to play it with her in a way that brings out the seductress in her. You
have heard it said many times by women, We want a CHALLENGE. They want
you to compete for their virtue. We will show you how throughout this book.

Women Yearn For Romance

Its part of the ritual that helps them get back to the basics. For all the outcry of
equal rights (and there should be) and women who can take care of themselves
(and they should), romance novels sell billions of dollars in revenue every year.
Whatever else they yearn for; they yearn for romance.

There are male animals who have to display for females in order to gain their
attention. Wild peacocks, for example, only show that magnificent display of
feathers when they want to mate. They use their gifts to try and convince a
peahen to mate with him.

There are gifts you can give a woman that will lead her to thinking
she could do worse than be with you:

Show up on time
Open the door
Be obvious but not leering when you check out her body

Breaking the Seduction Code - 33
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Teri Tells:
I want to make it clear. We arent telling married men to do this. What were
telling you single guys out there is that you can change your focus from yourself
to what youre after and youve moved a step ahead towards getting what you
When youre out, dont be obvious when you check out other women
Dont be rude to the wait staff
Make sure you shower before hand.

Do just those few things and you would have smoked half your competition.

A Married Man Might Stand A Better Chance at Seducing a

We all know of men who have their flings on the side and a wife at home. A
married man doesnt have to go through the same rituals as a single guy. He
already has a woman at home so he doesnt have anything to prove. That means
he can be out on the prowl and can take or leave women as they come along. If
hes a master communicator as well as a master seducer, he can use his married
state to either make a women feel sorry for him and thus ignite her need to
nurture and fix, or he can use it to make it a challenge and ignite her need to
compete. Either way, he can focus more on the objective of the game. A married
man looking for women who knows how to get them is lethal. Dont believe us?
We have two words for you: Bill Clinton.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 34
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What Can You Learn From This?

One of the key things youre going to learn is that you have a right to exist and a
right to exist with a healthy sex life. You have to exude that right when dealing
with the opposite sex.

Walk like a man with confidence, and thats what theyll see. Act
like a mans whos desperate or one who drools all over himself,
and theyll see that, too. If deep down inside you know youre a
man of humor, confidence, and attractiveness, allow those feelings to guide you
inch by inch until youre living who you are.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 35
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Men and women are wired differently. Thank God for that. But because of that,
we have to learn how to navigate the waters of the other side; just as women
have to learn how to steer through our stuff. It isnt always easy; it isnt always
clear, but the good news is that though men and women view it differently we
both have the same goal that ends in the bedroom.

The Look of Seduction

They say seduction is mostly visual for men. Women have no problem with this
concept. The "fairer sex" works hard to be visually pleasing. We all know stories
of women spending hours getting ready to go out. They are rising to the level that
they believe men will find very attractive. And dont let women fool you with that
sisterhood thing, women dress for other women; they dress to outshine the other
women and bring the male attention to them. Its the confident women that dont
let it show. What do we care? We get the benefit of both the women and the

Women literally support the economy, between clothing stores, hairdressers,
cosmetics, general beauty products, and getting their nails done every few
weeks. Most of them learn the subtle little tricks that enable them to present their
bodies in the best possible way. When in seduction mode, they know how to look
sexy, walk sexy, sit sexy, smile sexy, laugh sexy, and ultimately be sexy. Why?
Because they know were visual.

Whether you are male or female; regardless of your sexual
orientation; no matter what kind of body houses your mind, heart,

Breaking the Seduction Code - 36
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Teri Tells:
Please dont take that to mean that if you arent in the greatest shape you shouldnt be out
on the dating scene. Yes, we appreciate the effort, because we want you to appreciate
ours. But we also want to know that if we dont emulate what you see in the magazines,
that youll still find us attractive. Well give that same courtesy to you. Its amazing how
attractive a plain guy can be if he knows how to handle his business with a woman. Good
looks may be an initial attraction that gets you in the door, but your happy little ass and six-
pack will be hitting that same door if you dont deliver anything else.
and soulwhatever you do, determine to present yourself in the best possible
way. Men, do your best to look nice. There isn't a person alive who doesn't
appreciate a lover who works hard to be attractive and inviting. If it means losing
some weight, getting some new clothes, or even changing the brand of
deodorant you use, do it. In simpler words, the person you want to seduce will
need to "see" you as being desirable. Nothing less and nothing more!

Next point is that seduction is appealing. Yes? Yes, of course. Lets see how.
The dance between the sexes is a wonderful thing when it comes to the subject
of seduction. Making ourselves alluring and attractive to the one we desire is
both fun and exciting. If that were not so, then there would not be as much need
for glamorous lingerie shops, hairdressers, rows, and rows of cosmetic shelves in
department stores, stores that sell sexy clothing, and hundreds of fragrances
from name brand manufacturers. Women know how to be alluring.
Thats one of the reasons they can be so frightening. The trouble they go through
with the hair, and the makeup, and the clothes to make themselves look so good
is intimidating to men who dont have to bother with the ritual. Can that woman
who is so good looking be real? Yes, with the help of Max Factor and Estee
Lauder, but we dont think of that at the time. We just see a stack of gorgeous
woman and we freak.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 37
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The Feel of Seduction

Seduction is romantic, and romance is all about feel - both the inner and outer
feelings. The number one feeling a woman must have towards you is safety. If
shes looking for a short-term relationship, she needs to feel safe that you wont
turn into a stalker when the end of the term comes. If shes looking for a long-
term relationship, she needs to feel safe that you wont do anything to harm her
heart. If shes looking for sex, she needs to feel safe enough to allow her body to
do what it needs to do in order to gain satisfaction. Even if what she wants to do
is take you for everything you have and empty your bank account and your
personal wealth of confidence, she needs to feel safe enough to get away with it.

That safety can take many different forms and is probably more of a collage of
requirements than just one specific one. But there are things you can do that, like
a well placed bowling ball can knock a few of them down in one throw.

Getting someone to feel romantic towards you means doing those little things "in
between. Its really great that you can last for hours in the bed, but its those
hours when youre vertical that can make the horizontal hours more fulfilling for
her. Romance is the fine art of genuinely treating the object of your interest with
an attitude that arouses the desire in her creating a want to be with you.

What are some of the ways to arouse those feelings?

Breaking the Seduction Code - 38
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Teri Tells:
Guys heres a hint for seduction. Take her to an ice cream parlor and just lick
your ice cream cone. No chomping. No slurping. Just licking. Be sure to look her in
the eyes while doing so. Its a sure thing!
Calling when you say you will. Touching her in a way thats a secret between the
two of you. Kissing her gently instead of always snaking your tongue down her
One of my friends and a master seducer shared how he seduced his new girl the
first time while sharing a meal together. We won't be too descriptive here but to
say only that he did certain things with food items while he was eating them in a
way that she definitely got the point. He said that he had a wonderful time doing it
and they look back and laugh about it now. He ate his meal very slowly and
deliberately and then delayed eating the last little bite for about 10 minutes. Both
the waitress and the woman were waiting in anticipation for him to finish, and he
would just smile at them saying he was enjoying the anticipation of the last bite.
He was sending an underlying message to them about his ability to delay
gratification. He was showing them that he knew how to build up anticipation of
something good. He was showing them what he was going to do with them. And
he had lots of fun doing it.

Imagine what he did with dessert.

Its amazing when you watch this kind of power in person.

The Way a Woman Hears Seduction

Breaking the Seduction Code - 39
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Teri Tells:
A guy I was with called me a bitch while we were in bed. He never called me a
bitch outside of bed or anywhere else and I hadnt been in bitch mode with him.
We werent having hardcore sex, either. It broke the mood because I didnt
understand where it came from and took me from feeling safe to feeling
Theres a way a woman hears seduction. Its the difference between a bad pick
up line and telling her what she wants to hear. Ask a woman the best way to
approach her and she will tell you to just say hello and leave all the cheesy
pickup lines at home.
There are certain things she wants to hear and she doesnt want it to sound as if
its something you say to every woman you meet. She wants to know that youve
learned enough about her or want to learn enough about her to make her feel
different than the other women youve talked to or will talk to again. She wont
help but notice the way you look, but its what you say that will determine whether
or not youre dismissed right away or never.

Likewise, how you speak to a woman in bed, or when you want to get her there,
can make or break an evening. Theres naughty talk, theres dirty talk, and
theres gross talk. Theres a woman out there that likes each of those and you
better make a determination which woman youre with before you open your

Youre going to have to learn the specifics of each woman as you go along
because they each have their own spin on what it feels and looks like. But thats
one of the fun challenges about becoming a master seducer - unlocking all the
nuances of women. The road to her individual taste is mapped by the common

Breaking the Seduction Code - 40
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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themes all women have. Our job is teaching you how to travel on the main
highway that will take you to her private road. Were going to show you the
techniques you can use that all master seducers have used. Theyre common to
the men who know how to please women, and they can become common to you.
The Seduction Roadmap: Inward to Outward

We look at the whole process of seduction as a mental map. You can see where
you are, where you want to be, and the best route to take. Where you are now is
a place where women are not responding to you in the manner you would like.
Where you want to be is a place where you can be comfortable knowing your sex
life is going exactly as planned. How you get there is by using the tools we
provide to be able to focus on those things that will work for you as opposed to
those things that hold you back. You will move forward in strength instead of in
fear. You will learn how to make a woman feel special.

Knowing how to handle each woman on an individual level is
the difference between the standard approach to every
woman, and the specialized approach youll be able to

When you focus on your fears, your barriers, and your
anxieties, youre looking inward and staying there. You
surround yourself with all types of negative thinking, which translates into
negative actions and negative responses. When you recognize what youre
doing, and you make a conscious effort to change, and when you also begin to
focus on how you interact with women, the process moves from inward to
outward and the results are much more positive. Why? Because you take into
consideration theres someone else besides you. A woman will know if youre

Breaking the Seduction Code - 41
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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paying attention to her. Your chance of success with her depends on making it
clear shes the object of your attention, and not what she can do for you.

Heres a chart that explains the difference between inward and outward thinking:
Outward Inward
Paying attention to a woman's
Paying attention to your own thoughts
(self-talk) and feelings
Natural conversation flow based on her
Thinking of what to say next
Going with the flow Results-oriented (i.e. "! wantfhave to
get her number, email id or address")
Relaxed Nervous or trying to psyche-up
Leading the situation Reacting to the situation-very
Taking action takes precedence over
Thinking takes precedence over taking
action---please read this again!

Women like the seduction game. We know they tell you they dont like game
playing and thats a different thing. We as humans know the hunt and catch
game but what we dont like is when someone plays the game outside the norms.
Men are no different than women. Men dont appreciate women who tease, or
women who try to change who they are. Men dont like it when a woman acts too
forward. Women have their own code of behaviors they dont like in men during
the seduction game.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 42
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What youre going to learn is how to read a woman so you dont use the wrong
strategies when trying to woo her; thus increasing your chance of success with

1. The first step to gaining outward focus is realizing theres something going
on inside that needs tending.
2. The second step is listening to our self-talk as we approach women or any
other challenge.
3. The third is replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones that
better suit our purpose.

Heres a reality check so you know this stuff is true: If you have Caller I.D. on
your phone, you probably look at it before you pick up the phone. If its someone
you want to speak with, your mind says: Great, its Mark! If its someone you
dont want to speak with, your mind says: Damn, its Mark! You played an inner
tape, you listened to it, and your responded outwardly. Either you picked up the
phone anticipating a good conversation, or you ignored it avoiding a
conversation, or you picked up anticipating a bad conversation. Your inward
dialog controlled your outward response.

When you're talking to your best friend and you feel completely comfortable,
you're focused outward. You're paying attention to your friend's responses, going
with the flow, and relaxed. You don't think to yourself, "What do I say next?" and
you're not focused on your own feelings. You just act normal and natural, and are
simply not running all those negative self-talk dialogues.

As a master seducer, when you go out to meet women, or when you're already
holding a conversation with a woman, you also need to be outwardly focused.
You should be talking with women as if they were just like your best friend -

Breaking the Seduction Code - 43
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naturally and easily. If you're internally focused, however, "over-thinking, tense
and forced conversation, hesitation, and negative internal dialogue hold you
back. Honestly, these feelings or activities are your number one enemy.

Dont confuse talking like shes your best friend with acting like shes your best
friend. We want you to be as comfortable with your seduction technique as you
are hanging with your friends. But trust us when we tell you not to act like shes
your best friend. She already has one and chances are its a woman. You want to
act like someone who will be her lover. Move in the direction of trying to be her
friend first and you find yourself delegated to that special place called just
friends with no way to get off the island.

One of the best ways to practice inward to outward thinking is through public
speaking. Think about it. If you can capture an entire audience, you should be
able to do well one on one using the same principles: figuring out what the
audience needs, wants, and expects, and delivering it to them. In that same way,
you will figure out what the woman in front of you needs and be able to deliver it
to her.

Public speaking forces you to practice relaxation in front of other people, taking
action, leading a situation, and taking command of the situations and
circumstances around you. When you're speaking publicly, you can't be inside
your head at the same time. Of course, you may be nervous and really suck at it
at first - but that's the whole point. You've spent so much time practicing inward
focus that your outward focus skills are weak and you can't expect them to
improve overnight. But they will improve.

Gaining confidence from public speaking is probably one of the
most important attributes youll ever discover. It will speed up your

Breaking the Seduction Code - 44
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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seduction learning curve dramatically. If you are already a public speaker youll
find that it is fairly easy to transfer the confidence you get from speaking to

If the opportunities to speak publicly arent readily available or
readily created, there are some other things you can do to start
changing your game plan. Begin to look at guys that are great with the women.
You may not like every aspect of who they are, but Im sure you can find
something that you like about the way they seduce women. Find a quality you
admire and try it on. Maybe he smiles at every woman he sees, whether shes
available or not. Whatever he does, you do it, too. Fight the anxiety and the
discomfort. Those feelings will be replaced with the confident feelings you will
gain after practicing for a few days. So begin your outward search finding the
qualities that you like in the men that are already successful doing what you want
to do.

Of course, the VERY best way to practice inward to outward thinking is by
speaking with women and doing your level best to act normal around them. I
know what youre saying: Im nervous, thats whats normal for me! Well, yes
and no. Nervousness is an energy thats inward based. What you want to do is
push that energy outward and use it to connect with a woman. Thats why we say
you should emulate the tone, body movements, and speech you would use when
speaking to a family member or a good friend. It will help ease the nerves and
raise the confidence.

We understand its a scary notion. We understand how much easier
it would be to hide away. You always have the option to hide away.
If at any moment, any of this gets to be too much for you, feel free
to discontinue use and be alone for the rest of your life. Of course, a miraculous

Breaking the Seduction Code - 45
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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thing could happen and the universe could decide to bless you with a wonderful
sex life without you having to do anything to earn it. But do you think you have
that kind of connection with the universe?

We are blessed with great imagination and that imagination will allow us to create
buildings, high tech equipment, and excuses for not going after what we want.
Im shy. I dont have time. All the stuff we went through at the beginning of the
book. Stop it right now. Its time to grow up and be a man and have all the things
a man has a right to have - including the companionship of sexy women.

Jerks have sexy women around them. Im sure you know one. Guys who you
know dont deserve the women who fawn over them. Well, youre the only one
who doesnt know they shouldnt have them, and your opinion doesnt count.
Instead of thinking badly about them, start thinking better about yourself and take
the steps you need to take to get what you want.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 46
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Energy The giving and
receiving of conscious and
unconscious stimuli

All of our senses pick up some kind of waves -
some kind of frequency wave. With vision it is
light waves; with sound it is sound waves; smell,
taste, and touch also have a frequency wave
that is transmitted through your nervous system.
And since all waves are energy in movement. lets just call it ENERGY for the
sake of the point Im trying to make.

I dont claim that this analogy is true and you can probably find a lot of fault with
it. However, if you will follow me through this and see it through my eyes, youll
get a perspective that I believe will be very useful to you. This is my promise to
you - you will not feel disappointed after going through these subsequent

Begin to consider this while watching the interaction between yourself and
others, or just watching other people, and youll begin to see the dynamics that I
am talking about and how important they are to you becoming a master seducer.
So lets take this journey together and see what happens.

The other day I was watching this television program on cable and it was about
these private investigators who were looking for a missing person. The person
had been missing for several days. They decided to bring in a bloodhound dog to
see if they could still track his smell. I could not believe they were going to bring
in this dog after several days. I found it very hard to believe that there would be
any smell or any evidence left. Just think about it - how long does a smell last for

Breaking the Seduction Code - 47
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So anyways, they bring in this dog, and sure enough, this dog picks up this guys
scent from several days ago. Not only did the dog pick up the scent from where
he walked, he started to sniff the weeds at about thigh level. When the
interviewer asked him why the dog smelled there at such a high level and not on
the ground, the owner of the dog said that the dog can also smell if someone has
been in a car. And it can follow where the car goes with him in it if it is not going
too fast. So this dog did not only smell the tracks of this kid, he was able to track
this kid, in a car.

The dog eventually led them to the end of this dirt road into the water, where the
dog lost the scent. The kid was eventually found in the water downstream.

I also think about sharks and how they can sense the smell of blood from miles
away as soon as it is released in the water. How the heck does the scent travel
through water, at that speed? It makes me wonder if there are other qualities to
scent (smell) that we havent yet figured out. Just because we, as humans, can
only smell things at certain distances, it doesnt mean that something a lot bigger
is going on.

If we look at light, we can see, between the red in the blue of the spectrum. We
cannot see the ultraviolet rays and we cannot see the infrared rays. We can feel
the effect of them if we stay in the sun too long. With the ultraviolet rays we can
feel the sunburn and with the infrared rays we can feel the warmth of the sun
while basking in it, but we cannot see them.

The same thing is true for sound. We know that if we blow a dog whistle we
cannot hear it, but the dog still comes running because the dog hears it. And we
know the United States Navy uses ultra low frequency to track subs in the
oceans, and we cannot hear that either.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 48
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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My point is that theres a lot more going on in our world that our five senses
cannot register consciously. But what if we are picking up things on an
unconscious and/or a super conscious level?

Heres another way to put it: have you met someone with whom you felt an
instant connection? You saw them, or shook their hand, and for whatever reason,
you could feel your body reacting to them in a positive and charged way? If
someone were to ask you what it was, you wouldnt be able to tell them, at least
not at the moment, but its there all the same.

That feeling, that sense of having that automatic connection thats energy!

The master seducer has learned how to discharge energy from himself to a
woman that will make her feel as if shes known him and liked him her whole life.
She wont be able to put her finger on it, but she wont be able to deny it either.

Great, you say. If you cant really explain it, how can I channel it? By realizing its
there and by knowing how a woman operates, you can figure out how to tap into

How A Woman Works

I believe it is our thoughts that create states and emotions that then send out our
unique signal.

Although men and women both rely on the visual first, the man puts most of the
weight of his initial decision on the looks of woman. And he can stay and be
happy with that element alone.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 49
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Teri Tells:
I want to clarify something here. Women may start initially with looks but the
definition of good looks varies widely among women. We dont all like jocks and
we dont all like jerks. We dont all find the same kind of men sexy! And Mark is
absolutely correct when he says that we dont stick on the looks for long. Youd
better be bringing something else to the table or you may as well just stay home!
The woman, on the other hand, uses the visual and then transfers her awareness
to her feelings. She may initially be attracted to you because of your looks, but,
ultimately, she will determine if she will go home with you by how she feels.

The seducer knows this and uses this information to his advantage.

You remember the story about the dog that could find the boys scent after a few
days? We know animals have an acute sense of smell, so much so, that we say
an animal can smell fear. Now we know its not an actual scent, but it is an
actual sense

And its nothing compared to that of a woman. A woman will be able to smell fear
and a lack of confidence the moment you begin to approach her. And like the
gazelle that can sense the lion, shell put herself out of your reach.

The weak-minded man puts out a smell or energy of submission. Submission is
an automatic turn off to most women. And most women, if not all, lose respect
with submissive men. Since we, as men, desire respect from a women, we are
really sabotaging ourselves in the process.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 50
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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They might find your nervousness an endearing quality of your sincerity. But you
can bet if you dont get over it enough to make the move or initiate contact, she
will quickly dispense of the notion that youre charming. Shes going to wonder
why youre scared and what that means for her if she has to deal with you. She
will begin to think of reasons to say no to you, and she will use the first one she
finds to exit your field of play.

Think about it. If you were a woman, and you can get any man you
wanted, what kind of feelings would you want to be feeling? Would fear be your
first choice, or would power? Would it be submission or would it be confidence?

My research says fear in dealing with women comes in two forms: the fear of
embarrassment, and the twin fears of success and failure. The master seducer
doesnt register embarrassment because he believes he has a right to pursue the
kind of life he wants. He doesnt have a fear of success because he believes in
his abilities. He doesnt fear failure because he believes that if he doesnt
connect with a woman it isnt because he didnt have what it took. Other
circumstances resulted in her not getting the connection. He moves on because
he didnt hear no, he heard next.

If you havent reached the level of a master seducer, your fear of success may
be due to lack of a clear plan should she say yes. You are so focused on that first
step, and her possible rejection, that you have no idea what to do should she
deem you worthy of her time. Tsk. Tsk.

A master seducer always knows what to do. He plans to use the energy he
knows a woman possesses to lead her to believe she wants to spend time with

Breaking the Seduction Code - 51
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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RAS The mechanism
in our brain that allows us
to create reasons for doing
unexplainable things
him, all the while knowing the impetus for her decision is his skill to make her
want to feel that way.

RAS-Reticular Activating System

If I place a woman under a trance using hypnosis and instruct her to remove her
shoes and socks and then bring her out of the trance and
ask her why shes barefoot, she will begin to create
reasons why she is. She may say her foot hurt or itched,
or her shoe was tight. Now, any of those could be true,
but she has no idea that the real reason she did it was
because she was instructed to and she will work to
create a reason to explain the unexplainable.

The first need for every human is safety, and
when something happens to us that we
cannot explain, that makes us vulnerable.
Our first instinct says we need to find a safe
place, whether it be physical or mental. She
didnt, or couldnt, say she took off her sock
because she was hypnotized, so she created
reasons that supported her beliefs and made her feel safe instead of vulnerable.

So, imagine being a master seducer who can place a woman in such a state that
she feels vulnerable around you, but it doesnt induce fear. In fact, she likes the
feeling so much she will begin to think of reasons why its o.k. to be around you.

Now, because all human beings have this energy flow back and forth, and
because all humans have the RAS mechanism, its possible that any human

Breaking the Seduction Code - 52
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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being can use it when dealing with any other human being. Thats good news for
those of you who dont think youre particularly good looking, or dont possess the
big car, or the high paying job. If you master the craft of stirring those feelings
inside of a woman, she will reason for herself that those things dont even matter.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 53
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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The other day I was at a trade show and I was talking to this gentleman and I
figured he was about 45 years old.

Let me say, we all carry a belief system inside of us. There are things we
instantly believe and its not anything we can shut off. We can change those
systems, and do on a regular basis, sometimes daily, but we always believe
what we believe and I believed this guy was 45 years old.

So, my belief systems treated him as someone that was older than me. And I
saw him that way. At one point in the conversation I said something about our
age. He then asked me how old I thought he was. I figured I would answer him
as being a little younger than I really thought he was, so I said 40 to 43. He said,
Thanks; I am only 32 years old.

Oops. I apologized and admitted my embarrassment.

And then an amazing thing happened. The next time I really looked at him, the
45-year-old man I thought he was, began to fade away, and I could begin to see
the features of the 32-year-old man he really was.

Everyone has had that happen in one form or another. You may have met one of
your friends girlfriends and not thought she was particularly attractive. Of course,
you didnt say anything to your friend. But over time, after hanging around with
her and seeing some of the things your friend sees in her, your view changed
and you decided she wasnt so bad after all. Your belief system changed
because it received change-worthy information and made the adjustment.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 54
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The same thing can happen to a woman in the presence of a master seducer.
When he first approaches, she may not think hes the type of guy she would be
interested in, but she lets him approach for her own reasons. He does, and he
applies his craft and skill, and soon her mind is seeing him in a way that makes
her feel good, comfortable, and safe.

Now you know why you need a plan.

Smart vs. Lucky

The man, who has not yet attained master status, thinks of getting a woman like
a Bingo game - someone draws out numbers and if he gets lucky, hell find them
on his card. Or he thinks that just because he shows up, thats enough. Hell find
someone somehow. He doesnt know the details. He just thinks it will happen.
These two men, though on opposite sides of the confidence spectrum, dont get
it. They both leave things up to chance with putting in the effort that will make the
endeavor so much easier on them. When things dont work out, they waste time
in accessing their RAS, rationalizing why their method didnt work. The master
seducer does the same thing, but his rationalization keeps him moving forward
while the non-masters use theirs to stand still or go backward.

Were going to give you techniques that will help you with your plan and will allow
you to change your belief systems from one lined with fear to one lined with faith:
the assurance you will have a much improved sex life. And then a magical thing
will happen. You will begin to catch on to the process, and the positive
experiences are the reinforcement you need to continue.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 55
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It is like a perpetual motion machine. It requires some effort to get momentum
going initially, and then the energy you begin to get back from the results also
includes the energy to keep going.

If you learn the skills, and hone them until they become a part of you, your magic
will happen and you will notice the pool of women available to you has suddenly
increased. Where before you couldnt find women anywhere, you will find them
everywhere you go, and not only that, you find that they are making their interest
in you known in ways they had not done so before.

My, youre a lucky guy. My, youre a smart guy.

I admit to watching master seducers work their charm and being envious of them.
That doesnt happen any more because I took on their traits and characteristics
and the time to be envious was replaced by time spent with women who wanted

Interestingly enough, after youve begun to master the techniques and you begin
to bring more women into your life, women no longer remain the obsessive focus.
You can breathe again without worrying where your next date is coming from.
Because you know you have skills to seduce a woman, almost at will, you can
relax and turn attention to other areas of your life. You may discover you can play
a mean guitar lick, or you can be a weekend warrior on the city basketball court.

Remember when you were younger, like back in high school? The quarterback
got the head cheerleader. Didnt make any difference if the quarterback was
great looking (though it seemed he always was), the thing that made him seem
great looking was his status, and our belief that his status held merit and worth. It
didnt seem like he had to work real hard to get the best girl.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 56
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Teri Tells:
Women find this kind of confidence exhilarating! Dont get me wrong we
want to feel like we are the main focus of your life, but not the ONLY focus of
your life! If you are confident enough to have other interests, you will be more
sought after.
He probably didnt. His belief system was such that he knew he was what women
wanted and he was willing to deliver himself up to them just as accurately as he
delivered the ball down the field. Women, or girls, were secondary to his first love
that piece of pig. And those girls loved him for it.

She Wants What Only You Can Give Her

Women are still looking for quarterbacks. They are looking for men who have a
passion in their lives and are not afraid of expressing it and living it. A man
involved in his own life with passion and vigor speaks to a woman on a
dimension that she may not even realize, but cannot help but react to.

If it is true, and I think it is, that the universe is designed for men and women to
say yes to each other; and if it is also true, and I believe that it is, that we are
meant to procreate and people the earth so we can survive, it seems to me that
there are base, core requirements that men and women have on the deepest
levels of our beings. No matter how much technology and womens magazines
try to get in the way of it, a woman feels that a man who has a strong passion for
his life and goes after what he wants is someone she can feel safe with and
someone who will provide for her and her offspring. She wants to be with the
highest-ranking male in her sphere.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 57
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Thats a master seducer. Thats the guy who knows how to awaken those
feelings in a woman prompting her to want to be with him and making it seem like
it was her idea all along.

She can only get that feeling from a man. She cannot recreate that feeling for
herself because its the genetic code inside of her thats meant to be matched by
someone outside of her with the equal but opposite genetic code.

As a man, you have that same thing. Theres something inside of you, part of
your genetic makeup, thats meant to be matched by someone else; youre
unable to create it for yourself.

Think about a woman who has those soft, amazing, feminine qualities, and what
it feels like to be around them. Think about her soft skin, her soft voice, and all
the seductive features of a very feminine woman.

Now, how many times have you been able to feel that for yourself without
a woman?

As a master seducer, your training, skills, and techniques will enable you to
experience women and let them experience you on the most basic level. You will
have the ability to sense how they react to you, and you will have ability and the
opportunity to react to them. And its because you understand how to reach

I hope you get that, embrace it, and internalize it because when you do, you will
begin to smoke most of the men out there and thereby increase your success
rate just by being smarter than they are.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 58
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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The Power of Being Yourself

We talked earlier about the fear of failure. Thats one thats easy to understand:
none of us wants to admit defeat. Even as we realize we dont always get what
we want when we want it we still want it nonetheless and would rather not have
to deal with the inevitable circumstance of not being able to obtain it.

Thats the base fear men have when they consider approaching a woman they
want: they may not be able to obtain her. Perhaps it wouldnt be so bad if it was a
private thing. But the interaction of men and women are often held in public
meeting places. He can hear his friends razzing him in his minds ear: Man, she
didnt even give up the digits! She stopped you cold!

Men dont like losing under the best of circumstances, but when we have our ego
and public personas on the line, its enough to create fear. The higher the stakes,
the more fearful we can become.

Unless youre a master seducer.

Then, the higher the stakes, the more you have to get excited about. He already
embraces the idea of who he is and the power he has within him and he knows
there is no better road to success than the one that lets him be himself. He can
have fun because he understands the magnetic pull of his passion for life, his
willingness to explore possibilities, and the energy that radiates from him to the
women he wants to meet.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 59
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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And Hell Have Fun, Fun, Fun!

He understands that on one level, its all a game. And its a game where there
isnt much to lose but much to gain. How much fun is that! Its a lot of fun. What
better game can there be than one that has minimal investment, but awesome
returns? And if that return happens to be a night, week, or lifetime of great sex
with a woman, dont you think you want to incorporate some fun into your life?

I should think you would!

You can have fun alone, but some fun is better shared, and if youre interested in
having a woman share some fun with you, the first thing you have to do is make
sure you both have a common idea of what that entails. After all, if what you
consider fun is something she considers a silly waste of time, why spend any
time with her? There are other women available who will be interested in things
you want to do and vice versa find them.

Some women go for the men with power. You know, like the women who prefer
the company of the biker or trucker, construction worker or a guy who likes to
pick fights in bars. They stand by their men because within them is the genetic
code that likes that kind of tough guy mentality, even if the guys a jerk. But the
women that are the happiest are with men who can be tough, but also have a
playful, fun side.

Now, it isnt wrong that there are some women who prefer the company of those
so-called tough guys: a woman needs what she needs, and just like a woman
who wants a man to have a more tender side, (which certainly the tough guy can
have) when a woman has those feelings triggered within her she has a reaction
that is as old and basic as the beginning of the world: she submits.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 60
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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If there are any women reading this book, they may be gearing up to protest, but
those who are in touch with their feelings know this to be true. And theres
nothing submissive in the giving in. its not as if they lose their power. On the
contrary, their power increases as they submit to the true feelings they have that
are unencumbered by what society says she should feel, do, or believe.

Its the reason why submissiveness in a man is a turn-off to most women. A
submissive man is taking over the role she wants to have. She doesnt want to
be the one who decides everything or does everything. She also may not want to
wear pearls and vacuum the floor like June Cleaver or Donna Reed, but she
wants to know that her man is a man.

Her submission is in the form of her willingness to do what it takes to keep him
happy. Women are better nurturers. Because they are the ones with the ability to
have children, they have a natural and strong sense of caring. Fathers are
important in society, but nothing has ever beat a mothers love and the love of a
good woman is something all men want to some degree and its because of that
innate sense of how well a good woman will take care of your needs, both in bed
and out.

When a woman is willing to submit to making you happy, its a repayment for the
woman youve awakened in her. It doesnt matter if shes the queen of the
corporate world from nine to five; from five to nine, shes the woman youve
opened her up to being.

I find that intoxicating. I understand the power I have to release that power in her.
And I understand the power she has to make me feel grateful shes giving it to
me. To me, we are answering the call of the universe, of nature, and of God.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 61
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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A True Story

I met three women from Great Britain at a seminar I was attending and made the
mistake of sharing with them my ideas on energy and how it could be used in
seduction. They didnt buy it and insisted I prove it.

One day during the seminar, I sat in the back of the room with the three of them
all sitting in front of me. I took them one by one, and channeled my energy
towards them. Every single time, they would sense it, turn and look at me, and I
would wink at them so they would know I was working my magic. I sent different
messages to them, and they were able to tell me exactly what I was thinking for
each message I was sending. It was a great deal of fun.

It was also a case of turnabout being fair play because they did the same thing to
me, including one of them, whom I wasnt interested in, using it to seduce me.
Three girls, at one time, under any circumstance, is a fantasy for almost every
man, and a certain distraction for me that day.

The exercise taught me several things. First, women
are far more sensitive and intuitive to a mans energy
than I previously thought. Perhaps it shouldnt have
been so surprising that they can pick up on a seductive
message since they can read fear and nervousness so
easily. The second thing is they dont let you know
when they can read it when youre sending them those messages. They will
definitely pick up on your nervous cues and let you know that they know they
arent, however, as quick to let you know that they have read your seduction

Breaking the Seduction Code - 62
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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WARNING: I told those three women the secret to the power of
seduction and they used it against me. I am advising you never give this secret to
the women in your life, because they will find a way to use it to their advantage
and they have enough power as it is. Samson should have never mentioned his
hair to Delilah he would have been a happier man.

The External Power

You arent going to have a real discussion on seduction and the power men
possess unless you have discussion on the external power: appearance and
dress. Personally, I dont embrace the theories, but theres no denying that it
works for some men.

For whatever reason, women like shopping. There are some who dont, of
course, but we know a great many of them do, and they like to do it together.
They get as excited about that as men do gathering around the engine of a car
and figuring out how it works. Women love it and its not just about buying. They
can be gone for hours and walk back in the house with no bags and still claim
theyve been shopping because they looked in all the stores.


If you can learn to tap into their love of shopping or looking, then you discovered
another avenue to getting them in your bed. If she likes looking, and if she likes
buying, then presenting yourself as something good to look at and as something
she can take home, may be a pathway to her seduction.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 63
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Teri Tells:
Like Mark, I dont agree with a lot of the exterior quality theories that are out
there. However, I do have to admit that nice clothes may catch my eye. I want to
see more than fine clothes, however, if I plan to take you home. Remember, we
are window shoppers and can come home feeling like weve been shopping
without buying a thing. Only those things worth our money come home with us!
If women get that excited about looking at clothing, then if you are wearing some
decent threads, its bound to trigger a feeling in them that adds to their desire for
you. It sure cant hurt. It is about aligning all these qualities in yourself and giving
yourself the highest odds of achieving the stimulation of her attraction.

Most of the master seducers I know love to buy clothing for themselves that
improves their appearance. Its a simple concept voiced by Billy Crystal when he
played his Fernando character: Darling, when you look good, you feel good!
When you feel better about how youre dressed, it becomes another tool that can
be used to attract the attention of those you wish to bring into your life.

Some women will make the correlation that a man who knows how to dress
himself with style will also be able to pick out clothing or jewelry that will look
good on her. I know one master seducer who picks out his womens clothing, and
they love it. He actually does a better job picking out what they are wearing than
they do themselves. Not only that, but he loves to take them shopping. He uses
shopping with women to give the implied message and direct message that he is
a man of taste. And just like the old ZZ Top song says, every woman loves a
sharp dressed man.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 64
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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When I go out with my friend and I see the reactions he gets from women who
know the quality of clothing is wearing, it is incredible. And he uses the feelings
from how excited women get about what hes wearing, and adds that to his
confidence about how well he is able to make them feel.

Now, this guy spends real money on his clothes; not something we
can all afford to do. If your budget doesnt allow you to go to a
designer, there are some very nice affordable stores that can make
you look good for very little money. In the meantime, until you can afford a
completely designer closet, have at least one or two items you can work with.

Men have the expectation that a woman who takes care of her appearance is
more worthy of our attention, and they are the women who scare us the most
when we see them in public. It follows that a woman appreciates it when she
sees a man who takes care of himself and dresses well. Its an indication of how
well he would take care of her and his ability to give her beautiful children should
they mate. Its answering another buried call of nature.

I know one master seducer from Florida who goes to Las Vegas once a year and
spends about 13 to $15,000 every time he goes. He buys things that not only
look good on him, but he makes sure that they are unique to him. He buys things,
he told me, that women wont see on any other man. The clothing is unique to
him. He says there might be a few other men out there wearing it, but the
chances of her seeing it on other man are very slim. He does the same thing with
the shoes, watches, rings, sunglasses etc. etc.

I went out with him one night after he had gotten back with some new clothing
that he was really excited about. It was amazing to see how the women

Breaking the Seduction Code - 65
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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responded to what he was wearing. They were transfixed. Some of them were
like a deer in the headlights of a car at night.

The External Drawback

Were all visual; we all react to what we see. Its our most immediate sense. Men
tend to stay with visual, while women enjoy visual and will give some points for it,
but women want him to bring something else to the table. And there is a
downside to an external way of life that feeds the internal desires.

Do you know men who always have to have the newest or latest whatever? It
could be a house, car, electronic gadget, or even companion. They are always
on a quest for better or more. Forget the Joneses, theyre trying to keep up with
themselves. They get used to what theyre having and the fix of it being
something new dries up and they have to renew the feeling by getting new stuff.

These men confuse these things as the source of their power. People admire
how they dress, or the furniture in the dining room, and even the pedigree of the
dog, and they think if they didnt have any of these things, they wouldnt possess
any power.

Because they believe they have to have these things in order to define who they
are, these things are stronger than their ability to cope. Because of that, they
submit to these things and seek pleasure and comfort in their possession.

These are men who dont get it. They rely on the external to make them feel
better, all the while having to feed the increasing anxiety and emptiness after
they come down from the high. Anxiety and emptiness can cause fear. Fear,
because of the energy it produces, cannot be contained unless theres an

Breaking the Seduction Code - 66
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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answering internal confidence to take its place. If there isnt, fear reigns. It comes
out to a point where a woman can sense it, and the mans forward progression
comes to a screeching halt.

Fear isnt attractive; indeed its detracting. It causes us to go into fight or flight
mode and certainly if you want to seduce a woman, you want her neither to fight
you nor flee from you.

Your internal power must be greater than the external because the external is so
subject to perception. You need to have the strength of character and the
presence of mind to recognize these feelings and processes, so you can exact a
change when necessary.

A master seducer owns his reality. He stands steadily in who he is, even if who
he is changes. That is true because the chances are excellent that any changes
made are made on his say-so and no one elses. He makes the decision about
how to change, why to change, and for whom.

When a rich man, who does not have this internal power, loses what he has on
the external, he no longer has an identity. Thats why you hear about so many
men going nuts and killing themselves. The same is true for other people when
they lose their identity, which to them is their job, or their money, or their
possessions, or their status.

The master seducer knows differently and acts differently.

And this power doesnt stay just in the area of seduction but in more serious
aspects of life and survival. Victor Frankel, the author of A Mans Search for
Meaning, was a prisoner in the concentration camps.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 67
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All around him, people were taken away to be killed and he said they had come
to a place in their mind that it was their fate and there was nothing be done about
it. But Frankel felt differently. He decided he would hold onto what was his
internally and not give it over to his captors. He did not accept his destruction as
his destiny and therefore did not wait on it. He lived to write his book. You should
read it.

How To Train A Flea

Its not hard to determine factors that cause us, as men, to be afraid of women
and go into submissive mode. Remember, women are the nurturers. Our first
intimate contact is with a woman, and that woman, after a nurse, is our mother.
She takes us in her arms at birth and from that moment on, her influence runs
steadily in our lives.

Have you heard the story about how to train a flea? I heard different people tell
the story, and the common denominator is how to train a flea to jump a certain
height. They say if you put a flea in a Mason jar without the lid on it, the flea can
easily jump out. But if you put a flea in a Mason jar and then put the lid on it, the
flea will bounce off the lid.

Then a funny thing happens after awhile. When you look in the Mason jar, you
can see the flea jumping to a height just below the lid of the jar. When you take
the lid off the jar, you dont ever have to put it back on because the flea has now
been trained and will never try to jump again to the level it was created to jump.
The flea now believes and has been conditioned to a new level, BELOW, its

Breaking the Seduction Code - 68
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Teri Tells:
I wanted to jump in here and let you know that men know how to train fleas,
too! Women dont like it any more than men when they are defined within
certain boundaries and not allowed to grow or be themselves!!
I think there are women who do this. There are women who work to define men
within certain boundaries. It makes no difference if you have more abilities, or
gifts, she wants to maintain you at a certain level and will work to do so. It starts
at an early age and if theres not a strong man around to counter that
conditioning, then I believe men will be inclined to accept this conditioning as

I believe over the last 30 or 40 years, all the single mothers raising young men,
have not been able to give the men what they need to complete their manhood.
You add on top of that the feminist movements, male bashing on television and
media, and the feminist judges, both male and female, and you will see that they
have also contributed to this mess.

Theres another way women condition men. It goes in the opposite direction but
has the same effect. There is a theory that mothers raise their daughters and
love their sons. So when a boy becomes a man, he has an unrealistic idea that
he is entitled to care from and by a woman simply because he exists. Because
his mother and possibly, grandmother and sisters, have nurtured and taken care
of him from birth without effort on his part, he believes all women will and should
do the same. He never learns the maleness of pursuit and gaining a womans
respect, trust, and love. Hes also the guy that never learns how to fully take care
of himself. He may not fear women, but he makes women fearful of him because

Breaking the Seduction Code - 69
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women dont look to sleep with children unless they, too, are just a child. Women
want men, and men are not Mamas boys.

Dont mistake that for being a man who cares about his mother. Most women
love a man who takes good care of his mama. In fact, she knows how to spot a
guy like that from twenty paces. If youre a guy who knows how to take care of
the first lady in your life when that lady is your mother, she figures you know how
to take care of the first lady in your life when its her.

And as a man, you should take care of your woman. This isnt a
book about putting women in their place; its a book that allows you
to let a woman place herself where she wants, with you. You
should also take care of yourself. You should know how to rely upon yourself.
How to be alone as opposed to being lonely. You should know how to work a
washing machine and a toaster.

Thats why this book is being written; to show you that where I was, is where you
are, and where I am, is where you can be. My experience from watching master
seducers; my years doing therapy and training, continues to shape my life and I
am able to leave breadcrumbs for you to follow.

I could spend all day, or the rest of my life, trying to figure out the whys and
reasons for the way we got to where we are but Im but not going to. Or I could
spend an enormous amount of time, like I have in the past, blaming the women
that contributed to me being that way. I could take the attitude that what they did
controls my behavior, but that doesnt put me in charge of my choices. I have
forgiven them and moved on.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 70
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And the control goes to my past. My past memories and thoughts will maintain
control over my present behavior.

Frankel believed it was the power of his will that contributed to his survival of the
concentration camp. It would require a powerful spirit to overcome the atrocity
that surrounded him. But he maintained control over his fears, anxieties, and the
realities that people around him were being executed every day.

It seems silly to compare what he went through with the subject of his book, but
remember we told you there was more than one way to apply what you would
learn. The point is being able to control your own power after youve claimed it.

Dont act like a victim. If you think the power to choose and to change is not
within you, its isnt because someone took it away. They may have tried, but you
allowed it to happen. And all you have to do is decide to take it back. The power
is, as it always has been, yours.

Now that you know this: its time to choose. You can choose to go back to sleep
again, and blame it all on your external circumstances, or you can choose to put
a different, positive meaning on your choices.

So, whats it gonna be? Choose now, to be a master seducer!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 71
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As stated before, master seducers have learned to overcome the problems most
of us are still stuck on. Were going to talk about the walls we have that master
seducers have managed to pull down.

Fear of Sexual Disclosure

We live in a society that is afraid of sexual disclosure which is ironic
considering were also in a society that places a great deal of emphasis on sex
and uses it to sell everything from cars to window cleaners.

On the one hand, we make it quite clear that sexiness is desirable, but express it
too much or too independently from the norm, and youre labeled a deviant.

We like it when women we dont know dress in provocative ways, but we dont
like it when the women we date dress provocatively precisely because thats one
of the reasons we were attracted. We have sexual thoughts about women, but
we dont often want to admit it; and we especially dont want to let them in on it,
though they accuse us of having them anyway.

And we sometimes feel guilty about those
thoughts. I used to be so afraid women
would find out what was going on inside my
head because it was sexual. I thought they
would call me a pervert and mentally stone
me for thoughts that entered my head
before I even knew they were there.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 72
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Teri Tells:
Just an FYI women dont know how to think or talk about this subject either!
They have many of the same feelings and thoughts as men and have just as
much confusion about it!

We do a remarkable job in this country making sex confusing. The women in my
family, the Catholic Church, and teachers at school were telling me in one form
or another that sex was bad. But that was countered with televisions, movies,
and MTV who all said sex waswellsexy. But the home training won out, so
there I was with all the sexual feelings that made me a man and a human being,
and I would get near a woman and the fear would ooze out of my pores like
sweat on an August day.

Dirty Young Men

I actually used to think, that if I was able to keep those thoughts suppressed, and
be a nice boy, or a nice man, that women would be attracted to me. I actually
believed that I would be rewarded with sex by not thinking about it. Because sex
was the most taboo subject there could be and because adults treated it with
such disgust and reverence, I was totally confused about how I was supposed to
think about it.

And then I discovered I was neither unique nor alone. There were other men who
were having the same conflict. Some had resolved it and some were still dealing
with the remnants of how they were raised.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 73
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I bet youre thinking a master seducer revels in those thoughts and lets them run
free and unchained in his mind.

No. He doesnt.

Ive modeled and talked with many master seducers and those thoughts do enter
his mind - he is human after all - but they arent unfettered. They are
acknowledged and then put away. Thats right. He makes the decision not to let
those sexual thoughts rule his head, body, or behavior. He doesnt fight them. He
doesnt struggle with the right or wrong of them. They are what they are. He
knows they are there, and he decides to push them aside to concentrate on
getting to know the woman hes with.

He has the confidence to do this because he knows they dont have to go very
far. After all, if hes successful in seducing the woman, those thoughts are going
to come in handy in creative and pleasurable ways. He just understands the
need of putting first things first.

When the seducers would sense that the woman was feeling an attraction
towards them, they would increase their feeling of sexuality inside their body, a
little bit, and at the same time start to play hard to get with the woman.

Now think about that. When have you seen that kind of thing
happen before? That is exactly what women do when they start to
feel sexual attraction. When the feelings in their body increase, the
playing hard to get pattern emerges. Now, if the man is playing that part, which
a woman normally plays, the woman, who loves to role play, gets to play the role
of a man and become aggressive. Read this again until you get it.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 74
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The master seducer is creating an environment, a context, for the woman to be
the aggressor, like a man, with her sexual feelings. She doesnt have to back
down. He gives her plenty of room to play. It is a new and exciting roller coaster
ride for the woman and she takes the bait. Women absolutely love to be
aggressive with their attraction toward the master seducer knowing that at the
peak of the experience she can submit to the master seducer when he is ready.
If you think that is far out, then go read some romance novels. You will find this to
be a common theme in those books and in womens fantasies. I will talk more
about this later.

Are you willing to do the practice required to have an endless supply of
romance and women attracted to you for the rest of your life?

Only you can make that decision. Its your choice. I can give you the tools, but I
cant make you do it, and I dont want to make you do it either. I want it to be your
choice. If you decide to think about, youve made a choice. If you decide it would
be nice and youll work on it right after youve (fill in the blank), youve made a
choice. No matter what you do, or dont do, youve made a choice.

Its like in baseball when the batter hits the ball to an infielder and he should
charge the ball, but he doesnt. He decides to sit back. Its those times, when he
should charge that he doesnt that the ball plays him. It could take funny hop, it
could suddenly die in the dirt. Either way, he cant make the play. He gets
charged with an error and the opposition is on a base where he would not be,
had the player made his move.

The same thing applies to you. Charge the ball or not, theres still a play to be
made and it will be made by you or by someone else. If not you, youll look over

Breaking the Seduction Code - 75
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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at that woman you find interesting and see her at first base with someone whos
not you. Your error. But your choice.

The Power of Adjustment and Acceptance

The master seducer also knows how to live his own life and dating is a part of
it, but he understands its not the be all end all. Dont misunderstand what were
saying. He wants women. He wants to sleep with them, and he wants to be with
them but there are terms and limits he imposes on himself that those who are
no so fortunate in the romance department fail to do.

For one thing, non-seducers try to impress women by being who and what they
are not. Weve said this before: one of the quickest ways to turn off a woman is to
pretend to be someone else, instead of pretending in a way that makes you more
of who you really are. A real jerk has a better chance of getting a sexy woman to
sleep with him than the nice guy trying to be a jerk because he heard women are
attracted to bad boys.

The master seducer accepts who he is and he can make
adjustments to meet the needs of women while staying
true to himself. That means if he is a man without a lot of
money, he doesnt spend the rent money taking a woman
out to dinner instead he accepts his financial limitations
and adjusts by finding a less expensive, but romantic, way
to make a nice evening for his lady.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 76
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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The Power of Happy

Because the master seducer knows how to accept who he is, he is free to pursue
happiness right along with pursuing women, and because he holds no
preoccupation with the fairer sex, they are free to like him for who he is.

That doesnt mean if hes in a low paying job that he will stay there
for the rest of his life. It doesnt mean if the car hes driving is more
than two years old, hes destined to drive it until its a clunker. The
master seducer doesnt settle. He understands change is around the corner
because he creates change. He knows things can change at any minute, and he
knows he can handle it. He is in love with life and he makes it work for him.

I suspect you would like to see a good example right about now. Well, one of the
best examples of how a man makes the changes that allows him to embrace his
life can be found in the movie Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is about a news reporter, Bill Murray, who is bored with his job,
who is bored with his life, and has to go on an assignment to a little town outside
of Pittsburgh called Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. February 2 is Ground Hog
Day. People get together for the festivities and news people from all over the
country are there to observe and watch to see if the Groundhog sees his

Bill Murrays character, Phil, is there to report on it. He is not very thrilled about
the job and cannot wait to get out of there. But there is a big snowstorm coming,
and he gets stuck there for the night.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 77
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A funny thing happens when he wakes up the next day; it is Groundhog Day all
over again, but no one else can remember. He has to live the day all over again.
So he lives the day out and when he wakes up the next day, it is Groundhog Day
again. Well it continues to be Groundhog Day many times, and he begins to
remember the events of the day and its happenings perfectly.

So he starts to use the information he learns to try to pick up and seduce the
woman on his news team, Rita, played by Andie MacDowell. He tries to impress
her with his psychic abilities. He finds out little bits and pieces about her - what
she likes, what she doesnt like, and then repeats it back to her; using her own
knowledge against her, trying to seduce her.

He gets pretty close many times, but she senses somethings not right, and she
doesnt give in.

After a while, he stops trying, and gets depressed, tries to kill himself, or just
stays in bed realizing that no matter what, its always Groundhog Day. Hes stuck

Finally, he changes his attitude from pity to acceptance. He decides, little by little,
to make the best of it. He takes advantage of all the opportunities before him to
see a silver lining and make the days better for him.

He begins to take joy in waking up everyday and finding new and improved ways
to help other people and to make himself a better person. When he takes up that
mentality, that he can add value to peoples lives, he begins to feel better.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 78
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When he starts to develop new skills, like playing the piano, and learning how to
be nice to people, and he sees the response that he gets, he starts to become
happy. He starts to look at life as an opportunity to give of himself. And the
byproduct is that his confidence, humor, and goodwill all are taking an active
part. He starts to exemplify the traits of a master seducer.

He is alive and full of life, and he is giving life. It extends from his very being and
people want to be around his outgoing energy - including Rita. He is having so
much fun living life that she begins to be attracted to him. In the end, he gets the
girl, but more importantly he gets himself.

Even if you saw this movie yesterday, watch it again knowing what
you know now.

Rewrite Your Movie

Thats the lesson I want you to take away from the movie and from this book.
Yes, the techniques youll learn here can help you get women, but they can also
help you get so much more.

And everything you gain in your life, each mountain you climb, and challenge you
conquer, is enhanced by your ability to share it with a woman who wants nothing
more than to be with you. Its worth the effort to rewrite the script of your life to
reflect whatever type of movie you enjoy: adventure, western, hi-tech. No matter
how you imagine yourself when youre dreaming about the ultimate you, you can
make it happen.


Breaking the Seduction Code - 79
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We know fear is the biggest block to your success with women. That fear causes
you to hesitate, and he who hesitates is lost. I want to spend some time talking
about fear and hesitation so we can help alleviate it as an option for you.

Stars and Gods

Did you ever notice that when women talk about movie
stars or celebrities, they give the celebrities qualities
that they really dont have? They kind of automatically
attach Godlike qualities to them. Its kind of like the
celebrities dont have all the qualities they would need
to be worshipped, so women add those qualities to

Men are not exempt from this. As a matter of fact when
it comes to sports stars, and to lesser extent movie
stars, we do the same thing. We make heroes out of people who toss a ball
through a hoop.

When it comes to beautiful women, men can really go overboard. Sometimes we
assign qualities to beautiful women that are simply far, far from reality. As a
matter of fact, the beautiful woman may be the complete opposite (a demon in
the flesh). Nonetheless, we shroud them with this illusion so that we have
something to worship. We put the star quality on beautiful women.

And what is the problem with this? In our minds, we dont believe it is possible for
us to attain the star (our imposed illusion) or this Goddess. We set the bar way,

Breaking the Seduction Code - 80
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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way, too high, for ourselves. But we sure think it will be a lot of fun (and a huge
boost to our self-esteem) if we can make it happen.

It seems odd that we would purposely set the bar too high for our attainment;
however, we do it for self-esteem purposes. We believe at a deep unconscious
level, that if this Goddess the woman we have given Goddess status to falls
for us by being in love or simply desiring us then we must be OK. In fact, we
must be better than OK. In fact, we must have a God status of our own why
else would a Goddess choose us?

It comes down again, to needing something external to be happy or complete.
We begin to think we NEED her Goddess qualities to be a whole man a real
man. In the meantime, we forget that we are the ones that gave her that status in
the first place!! We are the mystery man who gave her those qualities we think
we need. There is no doubt that we are the culprits of our own mess.

This behavior has been going on for centuries. It is the behavior that Kings and
Queens, presidents and people in power, have played on for thousands of years.

Advertisers also know about this part of your mind and your external needs and
play on them continuously. They set you up for this impossible standard (being
good enough to catch a Goddess), like losing 30 lbs. in 30 days. Just thinking
about losing 30 lbs. in 30 days can create a feeling of excitement, and also fits
into the lazy part of the mind that wants an extreme payoff for very little effort. So
we fall for it. We all do it. No one is exempt. Our nature is to want the biggest
payoff for the smallest effort.

But in the context of seduction, the gap between who you think you are, and who
you think she is, based on the star quality and Goddess quality that you have just

Breaking the Seduction Code - 81
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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given her, is too big of a gap to fill. It is too big of a jump for the brain to make. It
is like saying you are going to run a 4 minute mile next week even though you
are currently an over weight couch potato.

And it is not just about seduction. We do it with work, with our children, and with
life in general. And a part of our brain knows it. And knowing that we are creating
external things to buoy us up actually lowers our self-esteem.

Think about a little kid that says he is going to run a 4-minute mile next week and
break a world record. Well, we want to believe he can do it, but a part of us
knows he cannot do it because he doesnt have the attributes to do it yet.

Well, our brains have a part that knows we cannot do what we set out to do
because we do not have the attributes yet. And without the attributes, there is a
gap that cannot be filled. And without filling that gap, you do not take action.
Somewhere in your head, your brain is saying to itself, something like, here
goes Johnny again setting himself up with Grand delusions.

Instead of looking through a clear pane glass in a window, we put all kinds of
designs and colors and different things onto the clear glass. This way, we think
we can add to the picture, but are actually subtracting from reality.

What happens after a period of time is that we put more emphasis and weight, on
what we have painted and / or ADDED onto the pane of glass, and we begin to
believe our own corruption of the glass? We begin to believe it came that way

We forget we did it and respond as if it was put on from the outside. We act on
that image that we have created instead of the one that really exists. Were not

Breaking the Seduction Code - 82
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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seeing her for who she really is, and if we did see her for who she really is, we
might, and probably would, treat her in an entirely different way.

What we are doing is judging in advance of the facts. How can we do
that to ourselves???
When Reality Smashes Into Your Illusions

Just imagine that you see this beautiful car and you decide that you want it. You
only have seen it from the outside, and you have never driven it or even started
up the engine.

In your imagination, you decided what a great engine it has in it, and how
comfortable it is going to be to sit in and drive. You imagine what the interior
looks like and how beautiful it looks, etc. etc. You have created an illusion of
what you think the car really is.

Now imagine that you buy the car based only on the fact that you saw the car in
the picture. At this point you have invested all kinds of money, youve invested
time, and you invested emotional energy. When you go to pick up the car, you
find out that the car is only an empty shell. That the only thing left of the car is the
outer body of the car. The reality of the car and the illusion of the car are two
different things. And the thoughts and behaviors you have under those two
circumstances are entirely different.

If you have a belief that says you have to be happy no matter what happens, the
part of you mind that creates illusions creates a beautiful car out of an empty
shell, but only in your mind. Why? When illusion and reality meet, it creates an
emotional discordance that needs to be fixed. If you must be in a happy state

Breaking the Seduction Code - 83
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Emotional Discordance:
The state or an instance of
disagreement between illusion
and reality
and are not, the part of you that creates
illusions gets really busy putting together
another illusion so that you can be happy. The
truth of the matter is that this illusion making
is really just setting you up for more discordant
emotions when reality once again meets

I used to sell cars and this is something used-car sales people take advantage of
all the time. That is the main reason that they implemented the lemon law
where you can take a bad car back to dealer for a new one in a designated
period of time if it has too many problems. They knew most people were too lazy
to take the time to find out about the mechanics, and real qualities of that specific
vehicle before they bought it.

It is the exact same way that men deal with women as though they were buying
a car. Most men look at beautiful women and think to themselves that the
external quality alone is good enough - without knowing any of her real attributes.
That kind of mentality has cost me tens of thousands of dollars, much
heartbreak, much anger etc. etc. And the thing about women there are no
lemon laws to protect you!

My problem used to be that I would give women complete trust based on their
beauty alone. I would build an illusion for them, without any help from them, and
that put me at a huge disadvantage. I granted them Goddess status and with
Goddess status came the following beliefs:

A Goddess never lies
A Goddess never steals

Breaking the Seduction Code - 84
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Teri Tells:
Goddess status isnt all its cracked up to be for the women either. We feel like we
have way too much expected of us based on our looks or the Goddess status you
men have given us.
A Goddess never cheats
Etc, etc, etc

Boy was I in for a big wake up call!!! A Goddess created by me in my own little
fantasy world can do all of those things because she is not really a Goddess at
all. I realize that any lying or cheating or stealing that fell my way due to
illusionary Goddesses was my own damn fault. Instead of granting a woman
Goddess status, I should have checked into who she really was, what her belief
systems were, and what her values were. If I had spent more time on that part of
the equation, I would have saved myself a lot of headaches. Hopefully you are
going to benefit from my and others learning curves on seduction, and you can
save much trouble for yourself.

Just imagine if someone believed that you could do some quantum mathematics
and you never took a math class. Most people would feel pressure from knowing
that they cannot do it. Others might take advantage of you thinking that way.

That is one of the reasons that women dont like dating or being romantically
involved with nice guys. Inside of themselves they know they are not worthy of
the pedestal you are putting them on. They know sooner or later you will begin to
see who they really are and they dont want to go through that disappointment.
Women realize that when the Goddess illusion meets the woman reality, the man

Breaking the Seduction Code - 85
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who created the illusion in the first place is likely to be very hurt, very angry or
both. Either way they dont want to deal with it so they avoid it from the

Remember guys, women have been through this behavior
from men many, many times and even talk about this aspect
of guys with other women all the time. They know whats down
the line when dealing with the nice guy mentality. This is
when the women pull out the lets just be friends routine or
any other routine to get away from you romantically. It is big
red flag territory for them.

Now there are many women out there that might be called gold-diggers and
willingly take advantage of this glitch in a mans thinking. They know that if they
play this part Goddess - very well that they can bleed you out of about
everything you have money, cars, diamonds, and even your self-esteem.

If you dont create the illusion, the gold-digger will have nothing to use against
you. When you are asking women questions about who they really are, the ones
that are planning to dig for gold will soon figure out that you are onto their
game, and they will usually get out of the picture, or better yet, YOU will get them
out of YOUR picture.

Most women will appreciate it if you dont create the Goddess
illusion. They will like it even more if you really try to get to know
them by asking questions. That happens so rarely, that just the
questioning process alone will keep the door open for you. They will be intrigued
and interested by your interest in them.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 86
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Challenge: A test
of one's abilities or
resources in a
demanding but
stimulating undertaking
Its a different kind of ATTENTION for them. Its new. And women like new
things. It also shows them that you have CONTROL about what you want in your
life, and that you were willing to be selective about the process. That turns
women on!

Besides showing attention in a way that is different from the other guys, you also
stir up a desire in them to show you some of their other qualities the ones that
go far beyond looks. You bring them into a COMPETITIVE frame of mind and
women love to compete in that arena - the arena of

You also bring up in them the idea of the challenge.
All of their lives they have believed in a challenge
as something that is exciting. If you think about it, it
causes them to bring out the best qualities in themselves. When they rest on
their laurels of beauty only, they dont have to do anything. There is no
challenge in that; they are just sitting around being beautiful.

Sitting around looking good does not challenge them to bring out any finer
qualities that they may have. And if they have spent any amount of time
developing or practicing other qualities, other than their looks, and they grew up
believing that they would need them to sway the man of their dreams, and you
dont give them a chance to use it, you are not challenge.

They have been waiting since they were a little girl to be challenged by a man,
and they want to test their skills. The more women are challenged the better they
become at being multidimensional. It is the same for men in the arena of sports.
We need competition to get better at what we do.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 87
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If I am around somebody that brings out my finer qualities, I want to be around
them more. It is the same thing for women when they are around you. You want
to create an arena that challenges them to bring out their best qualities so that
they want to be near you.

And if you recognize those qualities, especially while she is in the process of
doing them, you score many bonus points. You also create another desire in
them to practice more and more, on you. This can be a very good thing!

In a sense you are waking her up, from her sleep, and giving her a reason to feel
ALIVE again.

Live Example of My Nephew

My 21-year-old nephew has learned this lesson very well. He is a great-looking
kid, with an athletic figure. So he gets many beautiful women naturally. He has
shown me some of the pictures of the women he has dated at college. It looked
like a portfolio from a modeling agency.

He said to me that they were all a pain in his ass. And that he dumped every one
of them.

He said the funny thing is, the more women he dumps, the more they (and other
women) get interested in him because they think they can do better than the last
girl (competition again!). His filtering process has served him well because now
he finally has a steady girl, who is not only beautiful, and a sweetheart, she has
the whole package.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 88
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When I started to model him, I asked him about what he did to have so many
beautiful women chasing him.

I said it was probably his looks first, and he disagreed with me. He said many of
his friends were good-looking guys but had a lot of problems picking up girls. So I
asked him what he thought it was.

He said, Believe it or not I think it is the fact that I dont take any crap from
them. He said he picked up more women by telling them how much of a phony
he thought they were.

I asked him how exactly he told them that.

Kevin is naturally cocky.

He said he smiles at them, and listens to them, and lets them get deeper with
their B.SThen instead of answering or responding in a way that most nice guys
would, he says to them, with a smile and a chuckle and cocky attitude, how full of
crap he thinks they are and hes not going for their B.S. He tells them he can see
right through them and that they are putting on an act and he knows it. He then
tells them, why dont you just be yourself and stop acting like a stuck up bitch or
a phony.

I asked him if he did really do that. He said, All the time. He said, I really cant
stand it when they act like that. So why would I want to waste any time dealing
with it. If she keeps going on with the B.S. then I just walk away.

Kevin says a funny thing happens most of the time when he does it. He said
most of girls begin to talk to him like hes a psychic or psychologist and ask him,

Breaking the Seduction Code - 89
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what does he really see in them. And how did he see that in them. He said he
thinks that most women know theyre full of B.S., and are dying for a man to tell
them that he can see her illusion.

Kevin says he thinks that most women hate being that
way, (phony and fake), that they really cant stand being
that way, but because of society and the media and men,
they think they have to be that way. He said he notices
that the more men kiss a womans ass, the more likely she
is to leave in the end, so why would he engage in behavior
that goes against what hes trying to do.

He said, believe it or not, women want to know how much of their mask people
really see. He says he gives them a little bit of information and then makes them
beg for more. He said it makes them want me more. He is increasing their
response potential and building the desire mechanism in them.

So as I thought about that a little bit, I realized he was bursting the bubble
(illusion) that they didnt want anyway. And if the women who still had a vested
interest in the illusion still wanted to play the game, he dropped them like a hot
potato. He would not play.

But, if they wanted to be real and acknowledged the game, he was then willing to
play a different game with them. It was his game now. And he wanted to know if
they wanted to play.

He said he really didnt treat them much differently than he would treat a guy. He
said that if the woman was going to be around me for a while, I might as well

Breaking the Seduction Code - 90
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have one that I can be friends with and joke around with, without getting too

He said many of the girls that he had dumped; he dumped because they kept
trying to play the other game. And he was not going to play; he was not going to
take their bait.

He also said that most of his friends were having the exact opposite happening to
them. He said the women were dumping most of his good-looking friends. He
said most of them were being led around on a leash, like a dog. He said he
thought that the women got bored playing the same old game that they play with
every other man.

Kevin makes them pull their own weight. He lets them know right away that he is
not going to carry them like most other men will. Kevin also makes fun of the men
that do kiss womens asses. He separates himself from the other men, in her
mind, immediately. He creates a contrast between himself and other men that
stand out.

Kevin is way further ahead in this game than I was at 21. Of course, I didnt have
the sheer volume of women knocking at my door like he does to be able to learn
all these lessons so quickly.

Let's See How It Works

One of the great things about being able to model seducers is that seducers go
through so many women that they have to develop the skills very quickly. They
get to know the qualities and games of women. If they didnt change their
behavior, they would have gotten stuck, like most other men do.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 91
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Teri Tells:
I dont know about you but I am sure like being around people who let me be more
of myself.

But they change their behavior. They were not afraid, and they learned the
lessons that can now be passed on to you.

So what Kevin really did was to burst that star quality right at the beginning. Not
only did he burst it in his mind, but in womens as well.

He put the women in unfamiliar territory. They never had to play any other game
before. And it put him in total control of himself and the new game. It was his
game or no game at all.

Deep down inside, women really do want to be themselves. It takes a lot of
energy to put on a mask and play a part all the time. So the new game Kevin
creates gives women a chance to be who they are around him.

What if on the inside the beautiful woman really feels ugly or worthless? They
may feel this way because of the big gap between who they are perceived to be
and who they feel they are. If you widen the gap too much on them, they feel ugly
inside because they know they cannot fill your illusionary thoughts about them. If
we put the weight of this illusion on their backs, and expect them to fill it, and
they know how badly they may feel about themselves inside, it is an unrealistic
burden on them.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 92
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We want to get closer to recognizing how they see themselves, and
how their friends see them. And even the range of comfort for them.

Bursting the Bubble

Just imagine if you are wearing a professional baseball suit and based on that
reason alone, you got drafted to the major leagues and everybody treated you
like you were really a pro ball player, but you really knew you couldnt even play

How would that make you feel? How would being treated like you
deserved the recognition, while on the inside you knew differently, make you

Well, you might go around for a while bragging about it and playing the part. But
when it came time to play ball, I think you would find a way to get sick pretty fast,
or find a way out of this situation, as soon as possible.

That is an analogy that parallels what women feel when we put the star and
Goddess qualities on to them.

But then imagine if somebody came to you and said, Hey, look, I know that you
are wearing a major-league baseball uniform, and I also know theres no way that
youre a major-league baseball player. And I am ok with who you are as long as
you dont keep trying to convince me that you really are a professional baseball
player. It may not make you feel good at first because youve been found out,

Breaking the Seduction Code - 93
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but Im sure that there would be a release and a relief of knowing that you
wouldnt have to play that part, at least in front of that person.

What you are effectively doing is taking the burden of the illusion off of them.
Some women will get pissed off when you reveal that you know, But most
women will be relieved. Either way, chances are whatever response you get,
they will want to get to know more about you, and why you think that way.

But lets not believe that you are stopping the Goddess illusion
just for women. You are also doing it for yourself! Do you really
want to keep up the maintenance of the woman that wants to
keep playing that role? That is what is meant by a high-
maintenance woman. She requires a lot of attention to keep her
illusion going. And you better be doing a good job, or she may
find someone else who will do the job for you.

Another interesting thing happens in the process that is good for you. When you
tell it like it is and let them know you can see right through them, they begin to
put that star quality or God quality onto you. Because you saw through them,
you must have some pretty amazing qualities yourself. So you start to become
the star. Any man who can expose them must be pretty God-like if they were a

WARNING: Now what I am about to tell you is pretty powerful. So use it
with caution.

Theres another part to this equation.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 94
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Once you burst that bubble, they are in very unfamiliar territory. At that point you
can say they are in a kind of trance (hypnosis). And the place in their mind that
they are closest to at this point is where they were mentally and emotionally
before they began to build their bubble.

What Im saying is that sitting right below the surface is the little girl they were
before they built the bubble. When we pull out the roots of something, we are
exposing the ground that the Illusion was built on. She can be very vulnerable.

If you begin to talk to them and reveal to them that you know about
this, that you know about this little girl, and talk to the little girl in
her, and let their little girl inside them know that it is safe for them to
come out, then they are in a state of mind like clay is to a potter.

Be very careful at this point because you could do her some real damage, and
cause her to build even higher walls, and bigger defenses, and you will not get to
experience that wonderful part of herself.

If you can begin to coax that little girl out of her, you will have much more fun,
and a lot less trouble.

Think about what attitude you want to deal with. Do you want to deal
with the high maintenance bitch or the little girl in her that likes fun and adventure
and is much more trusting?

How Master Seducers Deal with It

Breaking the Seduction Code - 95
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Can you begin to see how your self-esteem and your self-image goes way up
when you know that you have the ability to give to women something that most
other men do not understand? Just knowing that you have exclusive and secret
information about women can boost your confidence.

And if you notice, most of the qualities of the master seducer are about giving - in
one way or another.

When you give, it requires action, doing, and taking charge. It is an
outwards motion. It is output, like electricity. Its not about waiting
for things to happen. Its about making things happen. The universe
blesses those that make things happen by giving.

And you will also notice in the story of my nephew, Kevin, that he wasnt afraid
and didnt care if they left him or if they didnt like it. To him, it wasnt a big loss
because he looked at it as something that they were losing or missing. He knew
he had something powerful to give them. Himself!

Most men are so afraid that this one woman may be his only shot. They dont
look at this one woman as just one out of 3 BILLION. Therefore, they are so
fearful that they become wimps.

Have you ever considered what you didnt lose by letting her go?
What you gained by letting her go?
What you won by letting her go?
What you gained in your self-esteem by letting her go?

Breaking the Seduction Code - 96
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Consider those angles to become a master seducer. Most master seducers find
reasons that boost their self-esteem when they let a woman go. Their self-talk
may go something like this:

Wow, I am glad I got out of that one before it got any worse.
I sure am proud of myself for dealing with her the way I did.
I really feel badly for her. She didnt get to experience the incredible
feelings she would have gotten from being around me.

Any thing that puts it as her loss and his gain! The master seducers of the world
and the successful people of the world make every situation into one that
benefits them and moves them closer to their goals.

Gold Panning Technique

Now I want to talk about a technique that has worked incredibly well for me and
others. This one technique will shift your perspective immensely. Remember the
guy I thought was 45 who turned out to be 32? Remember the shift of attitude I
had once I realized his true age? This technique will give you a shift of equal

In order for this technique to be most effective for you, weve got to build a bit of
a foundation. So, lets get started.

One of my hobbies is gold panning. I love it. I love it out there in nature and I love
the possibility of finding a big nugget of gold.

One of the first things we do when gold panning is to find the most likely place
where gold might have settled. Once we determine that, we begin to dig the dirt

Breaking the Seduction Code - 97
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and put it into a 5-gallon bucket. Then we bring the dirt over to the water and take
a shovelful and put it into something called a classifier.

A classifier is made of screen that separates different sizes of rocks, stones,
pebbles, sand etc. etc. There are all kinds of sizes of screens called mesh. Some
mesh can be as tiny as the holes in pantyhose. Some mesh may look like the
window screens in your home. Some mesh can be as big as a chicken wire

The first mesh I use is about one half of an inch by one half of an inch and it
filters out most of the big rocks and stones.

The second mesh I use is about the size of a screen that you would have in your
window at home. It filters out most of the pebbles and tiny rocks and leaves me
with sand.

There are about 10 different levels of mesh between the half-inch and the
smallest mesh.

Sometimes when we want to dry out the black sand, we may even use a coffee
filter to keep the gold in but let the water out.

I think you get my point.

Now if I took one of the bigger rocks and tried to push it through one of the
smaller screens, I would get severe resistance because the rock was way too big
to go through that little hole in the screen. The only way I could get that rock
through that screen would be too break it into smaller pieces - pieces that are
small enough to fit through the screen size I am using.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 98
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Our minds work in a similar fashion. When we have a thought that is too big, like
the big rock, we cannot get it through certain parts of our mind because certain
parts of our mind can only allow a smaller chunk to go through.

You probably have heard the saying, How do you eat an elephant? and the
answer is, One bite at a time. Theres no way we are able to consume the
elephant in just one bite.

In this same way there is no way youre going to be able to become a master
seducer all at one time. You must take little pieces and work on them to break
them down to make it understandable to you. And not only understandable, but in
a way that is compatible with your belief systems.

When you try to put too big of a piece of information through a smaller hole, it
creates stress, fear, and anger. In that format, it is not very manageable. What
we need to do is break it down into smaller pieces. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistc
Programming), we call it chunking down. When we chunk down, we lighten the
load of every piece of information.

If you had a big boulder you were trying to carry across a
bridge, wouldnt it be much easier to smash it down into
pieces that you could carry? Yes, of course it would! Just
like eating an elephant is easier one bite at a time!

The brain looks at some of your concepts about women
like a big boulder. When you give a beautiful woman

Breaking the Seduction Code - 99
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Goddess quality, you are creating a huge boulder. Your brain says, No way!
And it comes up with all kinds of emotions and blocks to keep you from doing

However if you break it down into smaller chunks, it creates less resistance and
youll find a way to get it done.

It is the same way with seduction; most men put it all into one big container and
expect to carry it all at once. Get it all done, NOW.

If you are carrying the whole seduction process in one container and any piece of
the seduction fails to work, then the whole thing fails. Men who do not chunk
down the seduction process in this way believe that if one part doesnt make it
through the filter then nothing can make it. They then feel that they may as well
give up and will find all kinds of reasons why it didnt work for them.

If you do this, you are putting all your apples in one cart. Youve told your brain
that unless the whole seduction works perfectly, you have failed. That is too
much of an expectation to put on anybody! Think about it - most professional
baseball players fail to hit the baseball 7 out of 10 times and they are still
considered successes.

The key here is to break the boulder down into pieces that will go through your
filter. When we change the size of the chunk, it has a different name and a
different meaning to it. You would not call a pebble a boulder. You would not call
a stone a boulder. They are classified by size. Each different size has a different
quality and meaning to us. When we change the size of thoughts, we also
automatically change the meaning in our minds.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 100
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Each of us has different meanings for different sizes of information and what is
just the right size for one person may still be too big for another. Thats ok. What
you will find is that if you continue to break it down into smaller pieces, you will
reach a magical point where there is no resistance. And because there is no
resistance, it will flow through those filters in your mind that will let you proceed in
the seduction process. It will be a point that will not only change in your visual
field (like seeing a 32 year old after believing his was 45), you will also feel a
huge difference in your body. Your body will feel lighter because the weight of the
TOO BIG concept has been taken off of you.

Lets look at this in terms of something other than seduction so that you can see
that it really works and HAS probably already worked for you in other arenas.
Have you ever been assigned a job that you thought was impossible? Something
your boss wanted you to do, but perhaps a job you had never really done before?
It scared the hell out of you!

However, you soon discovered that even though you had never done that
particular job before, you had done most of the pieces involved in the job. You
knew how to do those pieces, so you realized how easy the job was after all. It
wasnt a change of the job required. It was just a change in your mind. The same
thing is true about the seduction process.

What we are going to do is systematically begin to break down
the boulder that you call seduction or dating until there is no, or
very little, resistance. A little resistance can be a good thing. But
you have to decide what level of resistance is comfortable for you to begin to
take action, now.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 101
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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I will tell you about my friend Paul and youll see how I had him break the pieces
down. And then you will see the amazing results!!

Real Story

Paul had been in a relationship for eight years and was in his late 40s. He was a
nice guy, but his girlfriend got tired of him, and let him know that she was tired of
him - all the time. So they finally broke up and Paul was on his own. He had been
out of the game for so long that he didnt know what to do anymore. He was
afraid and didnt want to even think about getting rejected by another woman so

I dont blame Paul for not wanting to be rejected! But, I wanted to help him, so we
did some reframing of his thinking. Then I gave him some assignments to do as I
began to coach him.

Paul didnt know where to begin in the seduction process. He had put everything
that he thought about dating and seduction into one big pile. And when he looked
at that pile (boulder), it petrified him.

So my first assignment with Paul was to get him to go out and to do just one
thing. That one thing was to smile at every woman he saw - beautiful or ugly.
Paul said, Oh that is easy. I already do that now.

So I said, OK lets go to the next step. What I want you to do now is to begin to
say hello to all women that you consider good-looking or beautiful. He had a little
bit of resistance, but said he thought he should be able do this with no problem.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 102
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When I talked to Paul the next week he was all upset, and said that he couldnt
do this, and that he was not cut out for seduction. So I asked him what

He said he started to say hi to all the good-looking women that he met, and the
next thing he knew he was in a conversation with them, and after while he didnt
know what to say, and was afraid to get their number.

I said, Hold on a minute. Stop! What was your assignment? Was it to talk to
women? Was it to get their number? He said no but that he felt obligated to do it
and thought thats what he should do, and that he failed in doing that.

I told him to stop again and told him that I thought he had succeeded
marvelously. He didnt get it.

I told him that the chunk size of the assignment for that week was to smile and
say hi. Thats all. And thats what he did. Whatever he did beyond hello had
NOTHING to do with his success or failure of the assignment.

The chunk size that we were determining to complete his assignment had been

Once he got what I was saying, he lightened up quite a bit, and said, Oh, I get it

So each week we added a little chunk that was manageable for him. He was now
building on his successes. He was getting the Boulder from one side of the river
to the other by breaking it into smaller, more manageable SIZE chunks. He was

Breaking the Seduction Code - 103
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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achieving that one piece at a time. He was taking one bite of the elephant at a

And then he began to see that as completed each assignment, it went into the
plus column on his accounting system. He was building confidence one piece at
a time, instead of a boulder at a time, which was impossible for him to achieve.

This process became very funny because he kept
saying he was having problems. Now his problems
were that the WOMEN wanted to keep doing more
than his assignment called for. It is interesting and
funny that his problems were now reversed!

There was a time that I didnt hear from Paul for a
few months. Then he called me one day, complaining
that he didnt think the seduction stuff was worth
doing. I asked him why.

He said that now he had too many women that were calling him. He was dating,
but his new problem was that he could not tell the women no! He felt bad turning
them down. PLUS, he was afraid that all the women would find out about each
other! He was getting tired and confused trying to juggle all of the women.

I said first you call me complaining that youre not getting laid, and now youre
calling me because you have too many women. Whats the problem? Do you
know how many men wish they were in your position right now, and had your

Breaking the Seduction Code - 104
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So the big Boulder for Paul was the initial steps. Once he was able to get past
that hurdle, he had no problem talking to women. In fact, he was such a good
talker and good seducer he had more than he could handle.

What happened with Paul is not uncommon. Most of the men Ive coached in this
area have very similar results.

Another point on Paul: He kept getting results from his behavior but his beliefs
had not caught up to his results in the seduction arena. Remember, sometimes it
takes your beliefs a while to catch up to your reality!

Our beliefs sometimes need multiple experiences over time to finally let go of the

Getting Rid of the Elephant in Your Living Room Technique

Now what I just told you works for most of your fears around women. What I am
about to tell you and explain to you about this next technique, if used properly,
will take care of any fear of beautiful women that you may have.

WARNING: Play with this carefully because if you turn it on too much, it
can actually have the effect of turning you off to the beautiful woman you are
looking at!

This particular technique is not an on and off process. It is not like a light switch.
It is more like a volume dial on a radio. You can increase and decrease it. There
are degrees of up and down. You will have to dial in your own comfort level.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 105
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What this does is give you the ability to turn down the resistance, or the fear, to a
level inside you that lets you talk to women without the fear. You can then
decide, as a master seducer, how you want to be around her without the fear in
the way.

Just think about fear as if somebody took the roof off your house and dropped an
elephant into your living room. You would have to learn to live around that
elephant. You would have to design your life around the elephant in the room.
You would have to change all the furniture in the room.

Fear is like that elephant. You have changed so many things about how you act
around women based on your internal fear. This technique that youre about to
learn is like taking the elephant out of the room.

Think about how much easier its got to be in your living room without the
elephant. Think about how much more pleasant it will be to be around beautiful
women without the fear.

Let me build a little bit of a foundation for this technique as well.

There is something called Meta programs in NLP. Meta-programs are a way to
determine HOW you classify certain types of information. With the last technique
we determined the parameters of classification by size. How BIG or how SMALL
was the chunk.

There is another very useful way to classify information that is extremely
important in seduction. The meta-program that we are talking about is called
sameness / difference.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 106
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Let me explain. Imagine that we have three different coins - a penny, a quarter
and a nickel - and I asked you what the relationship between these three items

One group of people might say theyre all money or theyre all coins or they are
all metals or they are all circles.

Another group of people might see the same three coins and determine that
there is no relationship, as one is a penny, the other is a quarter, and the other is
a nickel. Or that they are all different sizes, or that they are all worth different
amounts, or that they are different colors.

The third group of people might say two are Silver and one is Copper, or they are
all coins but different denominations.

The first group sorts by SAMENESS - they are looking for the qualities in the
three items that make them the SAME. Theyre looking for similarities.

The second group is sorting information by how the three items are DIFFERENT
from one another. They see the DIFFERENCES.

The third group uses a combination of both. Most people fall into this third group.

The third group of people first saw the difference of the objects
and then sees the sameness. This makes them able to go
from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some people first
see how things are the same and then how they differ. So they
may say, Well theyre all coins but these two are Silver and
that one is, Copper.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 107
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When it comes to men looking at women, nature has plugged in a software
program in our mind that has us look at the opposite sex for DIFFERENCES.
That means that we sort for information for beautiful women by DIFFERENCE.
The more beautiful she is the more DIFFERENCE there is -breasts, vagina,
curves, soft voice etc.

And, within these DIFFERENCES lies your BIG boulders. If you can learn how to
shift this difference you will, in effect, break that Boulder down into smaller
pieces. Let me give you an example.

Using Sameness to Get Rid of the Elephant

Just think about what men call a Butch Lesbian (manly looking). I dont know
about you, but when I look at Butch lesbians that have their hair cut like men,
dress like men, talk like men, walk like men, and act like men, my attraction
switch turns RIGHT off.

It is because she is exhibiting the qualities of manhood. She is trying to look and
be like a man. This is SAMENESS, and sameness in physical features turns
most all men off. There are about 10% of the males that the sameness works for.
And I am not getting into that here.

Now if I look at what they call a Lipstick Lesbian, which means a beautiful
lesbian, it does not have the same affect on me.

Now I want you to create a scale in your mind with Butch Lesbian on one end
and Lipstick Lesbian on the other. As you go up and down the scale, you will see
how your attraction goes from completely turned off to completely turned on. In

Breaking the Seduction Code - 108
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between the ends of the spectrum, there is a mixture of a little or a lot of both
going on. And if you play with that mixture, you will find your own personal magic
point of the comfort you want when personally dealing with beautiful women.

Now lets put a rating on your scale with Butch Lesbian as a one and the Lipstick
Lesbian as a 10. After looking at the scale, you determine that your comfort level
is about a 6. At the 6 level, you are still turned on and still comfortable with the
woman you see. The fear is not taking over at a 6.

The next step is to be able to have you feel like you are talking to a level 6 when,
in fact, you are talking to a beautiful level 10! We want your emotions and your
state of mind to come from a level 6 while youre interacting and seducing a
level-10 beauty.

And just how do you do that? You have to look for the manly qualities, no matter
how small, to turn the volume switch down enough to talk to her with the comfort
of a seducer. You dont have to do it forever, just until you get the swing of being
comfortable in front of 10s.

Now remember I said to be CAREFUL with this, because if you screw the scale
up and look at a level 10 from the point of view of a level 1, you could really hurt
her feelings and not be attracted to beautiful women anymore. Read that again.

Unless of course you begin to focus heavily again on the differences

Also when you practice going up and down on the scale you will find another
magical thing happening that I will let you discover on your own. Its an awesome
thing and you will never know what I am talking about, unless you try.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 109
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Now heres what you do, its very simple.

The next time you look at a beautiful woman, begin to ask yourself these

What features on her face are the same that I have on my face? Nose,
nose hairs, eyes, ears, earwax, dirty fingernails etc. Just play with your
own ideas that turn it down a notch.
What features on her face look the same as a mans face?
If she were a man, who would she remind me of? With this one, you want
to compare the two faces in your minds eye, while looking for similarities
in their features and look.
What other features on her body are similar to a mans body? She has
hands, she has knees, she has feet, etc. etc.

Normally, just by focusing on the similarities in the face is enough to change it. It
really lessens the fear inside of you. I think about some of the Butch Lesbians
that I know that have kick ass bodies, but they are so manly in their looks, and
the way they talk, I just cant seem to get past that and feel any attraction
towards them.

And when I take that principal and apply it towards beautiful women, the same
thing begins to happen. The effect of her beauty is no longer as powerful over
me. And I am now more in control of what I think and how I act around beautiful

I think if you play with this technique and the elements that make it work for you
personally, you will get huge benefit from it.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 110
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Using Differences to Get Rid of the Elephant

Now we want to work on the other end of the spectrum. We want to work on the
differences of beautiful women. These differences focus beyond her looks and
move right into her personality traits!

We, as men, have a tendency to group beautiful women together and apply the
same attributes across the board to all beauty. We make generalizations. These
generalizations make it easier to distinguish information. It is another survival
mechanism that can work for us, and can also work against us.

For instance, if I see an incredible blonde, it triggers a certain feeling. If I see a
brunette that turns me on, it is pretty much the same feeling. It is a turned on,
horny feeling and can be triggered by what I call HOT.

So if I say that She is hot to myself or a friend, it
creates a feeling to go with it. Stimulus and
response again! Most of the time it is just the visual
that is needed to trigger that feeling. And the feeling
is similar with all women I look at as Hot.

We may have minor distinctions between what we like, and how turned on we
get, but pretty much, when we get turned on, its like a light switch. This is where
we get into trouble with beautiful women. This is what we were talking about
earlier when we talked about the Star or the Goddess quality.

Another method to get rid of the fear of beautiful women, besides looking for their
similarities to us, is to look for their differences not between them and us (those
are apparent and get us into the horny trouble we are in), but their individual

Breaking the Seduction Code - 111
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differences. This way, we wont lump all beautiful women together! So what we
are going to do now is classify women, not by their beauty, but by their
differences in personality, values, and beliefs.

What this process does is that it gives you a kind of a buffer zone, a safe zone,
from your own feelings that can get you carried away. It creates an area inside of
you to begin to find out things about her.

Now when you look at her start to ask yourself these questions:

Would I trust this girl with my bank account?
Would I trust this girl in my apartment alone for a week, or a month?
Would I introduce her to someone that I look up to, or care about?
Would I introduce her to my parents, grandparents, family, or friends?
If you go to church, would you take her to church, and introduce her to
your pastor or priests, or the congregation? Or maybe even the nuns?
Would you trust her to take care of your pets? (If you have any)

And if none of those work, try this one.

Imagine the person you most love in the world has been magically turned
into a newborn baby. You have the responsibility of that baby, knowing
who that baby really is. Would you leave that baby in this womans hands
for any period of time?

If used properly, you begin to see how foolish you really are to give any woman
those Star or Goddess qualities based on beauty alone.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 112
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When you use either the sameness technique or the difference technique, or
both, you are creating a gap for yourself. The kind of gap that takes you out of
the stimulus/response loop that you have been caught up in for so many years.
When you are in the stimulus response loop, you really are no better than any

Because when you are in stimulus / response loop, you dont have any choice.

The presupposition of stimulus response is that when the stimulus is activated,
the response is automatic.

When you have enough of this stimulus / response mechanisms working inside
you, you become more of a machine than a human. You lose your ability to
choose because it is chosen for you by your unconscious mind, before you can
even think about it.

These techniques I just gave you open up a gap between the stimulus and the
response. You become an active participant in determining what you will put in
between stimulus and response. Please read again!

These techniques dont just work with women; they also work with all
relationships, anywhere. They are excellent to use in business, in sales, and they
work wonderfully for setting and attaining your goals.

I will give you a little warning. Unless you begin to take action and use these
techniques, your mind will have a tendency to make you forget what you just
read, because the techniques can have such a profound impact on your old

Breaking the Seduction Code - 113
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If you want to use these techniques, I suggest you start

If you dont start immediately you began another kind of conditioning process.
That conditioning process serves to close off your ability to make changes. The
more times you promise yourself that you are going to change or do something
differently, and you dont do it, the more your brain begins to put it into the B.S.

What that means it is that your brain says on unconscious level, Yeah, yeah-
hes just dreaming again and not planning on doing anything, so well let him
dream for a while, and then make them forget it. Then the brain will file the ideas
and techniques into the RECYCLE bin of your mind.

If you continue to promise yourself change and then do not do it right away, the
concrete begins to dry harder and makes changes more difficult. It is better for
you to say that you are not going to do this right now than to say you are and not
do it!

In my experience of dealing with change, you must keep the idea, of the action of
change, prominent in your mind and body for approximately 21 to 28 days. If you
attained the 21 to 28 days, each time that you commit to the 21 to 28 days, it will
become easier.

You will still need to 21 to 28 days to change, but it just wont be nearly as bad or
as hard as the first time. It is called momentum, and you must learn to build on it
because once its going, you can throw anything into that process and make it
work for yourself.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 114
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But remember the process works in reverse, too. The more times you commit to
the 21 to 28 days, and dont do it, the harder it gets each time in the future. Just
ask some old people!

Positive Nature of Resistance

Now, let me say a few words about the positive nature of resistance. Earlier, I
talked with you about breaking the elephant up into smaller chunks and that
would help you avoid the resistance. However, not all resistance is bad. It is
designed by Nature to protect us from things we really need to fear. For instance,
if you see a tiger, you do not want to get rid of the resistance that makes you run!
Sometimes it is good to have real fear in place.

I dont know about you, but I am happy with the level of fear that I have when I
see a tiger. I WANT that fear, and I want it to kick in right away. I dont want to
have to think about it too much. I just want it to get my ass out of there.

What you have been doing with woman is classifying them in the same category
as you would a tiger or a crocodile. Its not that you shouldnt have any fear or
any resistance, it is just that you have misclassified the information. You put two
things together into one place, and they shouldnt be put together.

It is like mixing your whites and colors when doing laundry, you should do them
separately so the colors dont affect the whites. Otherwise you end up with pink
jockey shorts!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 115
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Of course, I am talking to men, and they may not see that mixing of laundry as
being a problem (myself included!), but do you get my point?

That part of your brain that uses fear is working perfectly in the way it should. It is
your classification system that is all messed up!

The way you classified women was decided along time ago, when you were a
child. And believe it or not, it is still working the same way it did as a child. And
from a little boys perspective, some of the women in your life may have been on
the same level of fear as a tiger. I certainly know it was true with the nuns!!!

Back then you didnt know the difference.
Now you do. And it is time to reclassify
women or you will get the same results as
you have been getting in the past. I once
heard Tony Robbins say, Insanity is
defined as doing the same thing over and
over and expecting different results. As
Shiv Khera, motivation coach and author
of "You Can Win" puts it, "Winners don't
do different things. They do things differently.

So anytime in the future that you feel a fear that you know is out of place, you
can thank the fear mechanism for working. And at the same time begin to
reclassify the information, by chunking down and/or using the sameness or
difference techniques. I am sure it will work as it worked for me and other master

Breaking the Seduction Code - 116
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In this section I want to explore the dichotomy of win and lose and how it

The Nature of Second Guessing

I remember one time breaking up with a girl who lived a bit of a distance from
me. On the way home in the car, I had plenty of time to think. This is not always a
good thing!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, this girl was definitely a 9.5, but she was very high
maintenance and had a few other psychological issues. But she was hot. She
had an ass just like Nicole Kidmans in Eyes Wide Shut. If you saw the movie,
youll know what I mean! If you didnt, youll just have to take my word for it - she
was damn sexy and hot.

On the way home, I started to hear that voice in the
back of my head that doubted what I had just done. I
think the voice might have been coming from a
different head than the one that was sitting on my
shoulders. But, I could feel a real longing in my heart

But I knew from past experience with this type of woman that I needed to get out
of this relationship as soon as possible. It didnt make it any easier.

In my mind I kept hearing the voice the back of my head say things like:

Breaking the Seduction Code - 117
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> Maybe I made the wrong decision
> Maybe I should go back there
> Maybe shell try to kill herself
> Maybe she already has
> Maybe shell be devastated
> Etc. etc.

I realized that all those thoughts were because I thought I was going to lose
something. They were coming from a sense that I had done the wrong thing or
made a mistake.

I was second-guessing myself and I was mainly second guessing myself
because of her beauty. If she had been ugly, I would not have had that much of a

So, here is what I did:

> I began to focus on the parts of her that I thought were ugly.
> I began to build myself up with confidence.
> I started to think about what I had won for myself in the process.
> I started to think about how I would not have to put up with her B.S. and
> I would not have to listen to all her problems without her ever asking me
about my life.

The battle in my mind was now on.

Then I thought about what a master seducer would be doing at this point. I
realized that the master seducer would already be thinking about his next

Breaking the Seduction Code - 118
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conquest. He would be thinking about how to improve on his judgments the next

I wondered what the master seducer would think about the woman he just left.
And then a thought came to my mind about setting boundaries for what I will and
will not accept in my life. I began to think about what she would have to do for me
to let her back in my life.

Do you see the change in thinking?

Before that point, I had been thinking about how to get back into her life. My
thinking was towards opening the relationship back up by me going to her. I was
willing to let her be in control!

When I started thinking about what she would have to do to get back into my life,
I began to be in control of who gets into my life. I got to decide the behavior and
attitudes of the people that I accepted and wanna be around in my reality. I got to
be in charge of my own life.

Asking myself what SHE would have to do to be allowed back into my life really
empowered me. It was an amazing shift for me both mentally and emotionally.
There was something really powerful about me being control of what that
physically beautiful woman would have to do to get back into my reality and enjoy
living in my world.

As I explored the possibilities of how she would beg me to get back into my life, I
had an immediate realization of what master seducers feel. The more I thought

Breaking the Seduction Code - 119
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about all the things that she would need to do for me to accept her back, the
more empowered I became.

I am telling you, YOU must go back to the women, in your minds
eye, that have rejected you, or broken it off with you, and try this.
Try it with the women that you broke up with but still have some
lingering doubt about your decision.

This is a way to explore a part of yourself that will give you rewards beyond your
wildest imagination. When you actually apply this in your mind and in your
motions, you will know exactly what Im talking about.

An Empowering Example

As an example, let me give you a few things that I was thinking about. You will
have to make your own decisions about what will work for you.

> I began to think about how she would have to talk to me and in what tone
of voice.
> I imagined her begging me to forgive her and telling me how she would
change the behaviors that bothered me so much.

But then I asked myself what it would be like if I was telling her what I wanted
from her. I put myself in the shoes of Master Seducer. I put myself in the shoes of
a King. I put myself in the shoes of a Rock Star. I put myself in the shoes of a
Movie Star.

I allowed myself to feel this way. I allowed myself to feel that it was my right to
dictate whether a woman would be allowed back into my world. I realized that

Breaking the Seduction Code - 120
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she would have to compete with many, many women in order to be with me to
be in MY WORLD!

This exercise was not about whether she did those things or not. It was about me
taking back my power, my world, and my reality. I had just learned that I didnt
need anybody to complete my world. Sure, it would be nice to have a beautiful
woman to accompany me in this life. What I no longer was willing to accept was
the fact that I would have to put up with any crap.

Hey, look; if you are going to be alone at any time in your life, would
you rather walk around feeling empowered and strong and the master of your
own destiny? Or would you rather go around sulking, and feeling sorry for
yourself? Would you rather be walking around in life wondering when that perfect
woman might come into your life?

Think about it, it puts you at their mercy. When you think like that you are not in
charge of your world. Everything outside of you controls your reality.

But when you are in the mindset of a master seducer, whether you are with a
woman or not, you decide and you choose what to believe about your reality.

But there is even more to it than your own feelings of power. Imagine that there
are two men standing side by side. One believes that the control is in the outer
things. The other has confidence and believes that he controls his own reality.
Which one do you think a woman would pick? Which one would you want to have
as a friend?

Breaking the Seduction Code - 121
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Millionaires and Master Seducers Arent Afraid to Burn Bridges

Another element for me was the fact that I was afraid to feel any loss. Part of why
I came up with all these excuses about going back for this girl that I had just
broken up with was because I felt like I was losing something. That concept of
loss kept me from making a clean break. It kept me from making a solid decision.

Essentially what I was doing was not burning my bridges. I had always been
taught to never burn my bridges because I may have to use them again at some
time in the future.

Well to be honest with you, I have changed that belief system. I now believe that
success determines that we must burn some bridges, and never go back the way
we came.

I have studied and modeled many successful people, businessmen,
professionals, etc. etc. I also studied and modeled many millionaires. And one of
the things that I learned from them was that they were able to burn certain
bridges without any hesitation if they did not meet with their values or standards.
It was a huge lesson for me to learn.

I realized that I have not burned many bridges in my life. I had kept the door open
for many people who had qualities and values that I abhorred. I was keeping the
door open to all those negative traits, qualities, and values. I realized that I had
done this because I didnt want to hurt anybody feelings and I thought that I might
need something that they had.

This mentality, I found out from my millionaire and successful friends, is what
keeps people from moving forward. They told me that came from a mentality of

Breaking the Seduction Code - 122
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lack. One friend asked me this simple but profound questions: Is it possible that
you can find someone better able to give you what you need than the person you
shouldve burned your bridges with?

It was an awesome question. I had never considered that there were others,
many others, out there that had the positive traits I needed and without all the
negative qualities.

Additionally, my friends told me that by keeping the bridges intact, I was putting
the other person in a higher place in my mind then I put myself. It puts them in
control of certain things. It means that Im willing to put up with their crap at a
future date to get something from them. I am saying, on an unconscious level,
that I have to deal with negative things to get positive things.

Successful people and master seducers know differently. They are not afraid to
burn a bridge. Theyre not afraid of the loss because they know that they will
create something better. They cut off all those negative qualities from their reality
by cutting out the people that have them. They have an abundance mentality
and believe that the universe will provide them with something better.

Getting What You Want From the Get Go

We have just been concentrating on people in our past and how to let go.

Lets now shift gears and look at the people we are going to meet.
Wouldnt it be nice if we were able to determine from the beginning if that person
had the values and qualities that we want in our lives? Wouldnt it be nice if we

Breaking the Seduction Code - 123
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could stop the people who have the negative values and qualities from entering
into our life right at the beginning?

How much easier would your life be if you had stopped the negative influence
from coming into your life in the first place? Thats what successful people do.
They dont weigh themselves down with something they dont want in their lives.
Successful people figure that they can use the energy they wouldve consumed
dealing with negative people in much more beneficial ways.

In the same sense, you must determine what qualities you want in a woman and
what qualities you simply will not put up with. This lets you deal with that internal
loss feeling immediately. You can give up those women that dont fit the criteria
with the confident knowledge that you will get something better.

Successful people from all walks of life have told me that if you
expect more from the universe you will get it. If you expect
mediocrity you will get it. If you expect trouble you will get it.

In the process of changing what you want from the universe,
the universe will test you. Once you determine what you do
want and what you dont want, you can bet your bottom dollar
that you will be tested. What do I mean? If you say to yourself, no matter how
beautiful a woman is, if she has this quality or that quality, Im not letting her in, it
probably wont be a few days before she is knocking at your door - testing you!

You must stay firm in your commitment. If you do, you can be assured that what
you want will also come knocking at your door.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 124
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The one common denominator between ALL - let me say that again ALL -
successful people is persistence. They persist past their doubts, fears, and old
beliefs. They persist into their new reality.

After you have done it so many times, you begin to realize that it is just a matter
of time. You no longer wonder if you WILL get what you want because you
believe that you will. You know that it is just a matter of tests and time.

So, my advice to you is to stick with it. Stick with this new reality
that you want. Stay firm about what you do want and what you dont
want. But, be willing to refine the boundaries as you learn more
about yourself and the world around you. Sometimes, when we think we are
clear about what we want, we find out more information and realize our reality
needs to be improved! Dont be afraid to make changes!!

Persistence and flexibility are the keys.

The Game of Seduction Are You All In?

Recently there has been a phenomenal growth in the interest of Texas Hold em
Poker. People everywhere are playing it. It is on television many channels and
many times of the day!

I find it to be extremely interesting and fun to watch. You get to see what
separates the winners from the losers. It is psychology at its best. These people
are under tremendous pressure and I find watching people under pressure to be
quite interesting. It shows the true essence of who they really are. People can
say I am this way or I am that way, but the proof is in the pudding.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 125
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Do you know what makes poker players successful? Their ability to throw in all
their chips based on their belief that they have a winning hand. The excitement
peaks in these games when a player says, I am all in. When everybody hears,
I am all in, all the attention flows to the player who said it. These players are
willing to put everything on the line without knowing the outcome.

Let me say that again. The player that says, I AM ALL IN doesnt know exactly
how the hand is going to turn out. However, he is willing to risk everything to find
out. He is willing to risk everything because theres a possibility that he can
double what he has or maybe even more.

His focus is not on what he can LOSE it is on what he can WIN! The master
poker player knows that there will always be another time to play and bet again.

The cautious player just delays the inevitable the ultimate loss. A cautious
player never wins enough hands to ultimately win the tournament. Even when the
cautious player has a winning hand, he loses because he did not bet enough to
get anywhere. So the cautious player only gets to experience the field of play
within a certain range and never gets to be in the exciting parts of the game.

In the same sense, the cautious seducer never really gets the excitement of
putting all his chips on the line.

The master seducer is always putting himself all in. Women can tell that about a
man. They want a man who is willing to put himself all in to a relationship with
them. They dont want caution to be a major part of your interaction with them.
They want to see what you have. And the master seducer is not afraid to show
them. He is so confident with himself that he puts all of himself out there for

Breaking the Seduction Code - 126
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Teri Tells:
It is very refreshing to find a man that doesnt NEED me to make him happy.
In fact, if I dont feel he NEEDS me to make him happy, I am more likely to do
things for him that do make him happy. Needy is not a turn-on!
everyone to see. The master seducer knows that there is much more to gain than
there is to lose by putting all in.

As a master seducer, the thing that will be first and foremost in your mind is your
enjoyment of life. You will ask yourself, Am I enjoying life to the fullest? You will
not be too concerned about what others think. You will know that the people that
are attracted to who you are will be those that are best suited to be in your
reality. You dont consider what you might lose because you are already winning
just by being all in.

Women love a man that is independent. Women love the fact that a man has his
own independence and loves life even when they arent around. They love it
because they know that the man is confident being who he is. The woman knows
she is not responsible for getting him to be happy and independent. She knows it
is not her energy that will be required to keep him there. She can see he has that
quality within himself. That quality is extremely attractive to women.

The successful person that goes all in knows that if this doesnt work out he will
get into another game as soon as possible. He plans to use what he learned from
this game and take it into the next game.

He also knows that if he wins he can use the win as a platform to build to the
next level. The all in person is willing to go to any lengths and not be afraid.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 127
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The cautious person usually has some kind of fear of success. He also has the
same kind of fear of loss. Both of those fears keep him in the middle. The
successful person and master seducer break through both the fear of success
and the fear of failure and live an adventurous life.

They say, The biggest risk in life is not to take any RISK!

I once heard someone talking about the Beatles. He was talking about the fact
that each album that the Beatles put out was the best they had at the time.
Someone once asked John Lennon if he ever saved anything or held back
something for the next album. John Lennon said something to this effect:

We dont know if we will be around for the next album so we give it
everything that we have right now. We give it everything right now as if
this is our last album and we are going to burn out after this album.

Basically John Lennon was saying that while producing every one of their
albums, they were all in.

Think about that and think about how successful the Beatles were and are. It was
because they didnt hold back anything. They put everything they had into it as if
it was going to be their last album. They wanted each album to be the best of
who they were at the time. What a great concept.

What if you did that with your life? What if you did that with the process of
becoming a master seducer? What if you did that with being the best human
being you could be?

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Become a Laser Beam Instead of a Light Bulb

With all this in mind, this may be the perfect time to talk about manifesting the
woman or women that you want in your life.

We all understand the concept of electrical outlets. If we need energy, we simply
plug into an electrical outlet and energy is available for our use. We determine
how were going to use that energy. We can plug-in a toaster or a television set.
We can plug-in a computer or hairdryer. The same energy that flows in a light
bulb can also flow in my stereo.

In the same way, we have a certain amount of energy that is produced by our
mind, body, and spirit everyday. We also must determine where that energy is
going to be used.

If we have scattered thoughts about something, it is wasting our energy. The
thoughts are bouncing all over the place without any real purpose. If you are
wanting to be a master seducer, you cant afford to have your thoughts about
women bouncing all over the place with no purpose! What a waste of energy!!

I have found that most men do not have any idea about what they want in a
woman besides beauty. A lot of men dont even know how they define beauty;
they just know it when they see it. This is not a very efficient way to use the

Think of scattered energy like the light of a high watt bulb. The light scatters all
over the room and makes everything brighter but nothing is really in focus.
Focused energy is more like a laser beam. No light is wasted on anything in the

Breaking the Seduction Code - 129
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room. The light is simply focused on the target and nothing more. You need to
become like a laser instead of a light bulb!

When youre going to buy a computer, a camera, a car, a
house etc. etc., you know what you want. You determine
the use and function of the item, and then decide on the
accessories and quality and specifications of what you
want. And if you dont know, you either research it or find
somebody that knows what theyre talking about. Right?

The same is true when determining what you want in a woman. Here are the
steps I take:

1. Decide what kind of relationship I want. Do I want a find a marriage
partner? Do I want to be in a relationship with one-woman, or many
women? Do I want long-term or short-term etc. etc. You have to define
what kind of relationship you want with a woman first.
2. After you determine what kind of relationship you want, then you can
determine the perfect woman for you in THAT relationship. Please notice
something VERY important the kind of relationship determines the right
woman/women for that relationship! If you are wanting a marriage partner,
she may be entirely different from someone you choose for a short-term
relationship while seeing other women!!

Once you define the perfect woman for you in that relationship, your unconscious
mind will begin to go to work seeking to bring her into your reality. How?

The first thing it does is to take all your scattered thought energy and focus it on
a purpose. Imagine we have an extension cord sticking out of a wall socket. The

Breaking the Seduction Code - 130
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energy is not being used. It is there and available, but rather useless in the cord.
Once you plug in a computer, for instance, the energy becomes focused and
runs the computer for you. The energy is no longer useless in fact, it becomes
very useful.

This is what you are doing when you focus your energy on the kind of woman
you want. Instead of energy being scattered, it now is funneled into getting you
the kind of woman that you want. When you bring that energy into alignment it
creates a magnetic effect. It repels that which you dont want and attracts that
which you do want.

The second thing that determining what you want in a woman does is really
phenomenal. It gives you something to do other than figure out the kind of
woman that would be interested in you! You turn the equation around and you
get to choose! Sweet!

One of the worst things in the world to go through is a sense of not knowing. How
many times have you seen parents on the television wanting to know if their
missing children were dead or alive? These suffering parents always say they
just need to know one way or the other.

Our brains work the same way. Uncertainty is the most available commodity in
the universe. It is easy to get lost in the uncertainty there is plenty of it in plenty
of places! So, we can either be at the mercy of uncertainty, or take control by
making the determination ourselves.

If you have a beautiful woman reject you severely, you have a choice. You can
either look at it as something that you had no choice in and it happened to you.
Or you can make a determination to take control of the meaning and put your

Breaking the Seduction Code - 131
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own spin on it that is the most useful to you - a meaning that will serve you now
and in the future!

If I were in the situation of having a beautiful woman reject me, I would say these

> I chose to have that happen to me to further my learning.
> I chose to have these feelings to learn to deal with them, so the next time I
will handle it better.

When choosing what kind of woman you want in your life, it works the same way.
You can live with the uncertainty of not knowing what kind of woman you will
have in your life and always be wondering. Or you can determine the qualities
and values and looks of the woman you want.

I like the idea of having the frame of mind that I am in control and drawing her
closer to me everyday. I am developing the qualities in me daily that are bringing
the best possible match to me.

Once you know what you want, you begin to send out a certain frequency that
will attract the woman that most closely fits your description. Women that fit that
description the best will begin to find you. PLUS, you begin to become more of
the man that will draw that type and quality of woman. Read that again! Its true!

Defining the Perfect Woman

Here are a few basic questions that can help you define the kind of
woman/women you want to bring into your life.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 132
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Do not limit yourself to how you answer these questions. Go deep
inside to your heart of hearts and put down what you really want.
Go all in with your answers. Leave nothing to chance. If you find
out at a later time that youve left something out, feel free to go back and adjust
WARNING: These are very powerful concepts and questions, so use
them wisely. If you wont conceptualize and apply in your real life, you wont get

1. What is there for me to improve to be more attractive? To being more
attractive? To become more attractive? Answering each part of this question will
give you different answers about different parts of your being.

2. What are the qualities that my perfect woman expects me to have?

Now this is a big one because most probably you have never considered how
you appear from your perfect womans, or any womans, viewpoint. You want to
consider the best qualities that you will be, are being, or are becoming from her
standpoint - from her wants and needs.

3. What are the qualities and values and looks etc. etc. that the perfect woman in
my reality has?

Get specific on this one; take as much space as you need. Think about qualities
and values that you like in other people.

4. What qualities inside of me do I want my perfect woman to have in common
with me?

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Think about the things that you like in life. Think about the things inside you that
you would like her to respect and acknowledge and pay attention to. What are
your favorite qualities about yourself that you want her to pay attention to?

5. What kinds of passions does she have about life and about you that keep her

Here you want to find out what drives her. It kind of relates to her values, but this
is more about her passions and her wants and her needs. This maybe a little
more difficult and time-consuming to figure out, but it is well worth it.

6. What kinds of purposes do you have about life and yourself that keep you
motivated that she will be attracted to? What are your passions, your wants, your
needs, and desires that will be attractive to her?

The sixth question is similar to the fifth, but this time you put yourself instead of
her in the question

These are some of the basic questions that, once you define, will ease your mind
and emotions as to what you want. Knowing these answers will also send out the
signals, like a magnet, that will attract your perfect woman to you.

You may even want to include things like her education, career choices,
entrepreneur skills, hobbies, places she likes to travel, introvert or extrovert etc.
etc. While youre at it, you might want to define those parameters for yourself.

By doing these exercises and answering these questions, you begin to create a
self-directed life. You are no longer like a flag waving in any direction the wind
happens to be blowing at the time. When you define what you want, you stand

Breaking the Seduction Code - 134
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fast, no matter which way the wind may be blowing. You determine the direction
that youre going in life, not your circumstances.

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The Reality of Don Juan

Recently, I rented and watched a movie that I watched about eight years ago. I
watched it again for the purpose of this book. The movie is called Don Juan
DeMarco, starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando.

If you havent seen it already, the movie is about seduction. Johnny Depps
character thinks he is the original Don Juan. Marlon Brando, a psychiatrist, is
assigned to him to help him out of his delusion. It deals with this characters
fantasies about life, about love, and about women. His fantasy is so powerful,
and he believes who he is so much, that it begins to affect all those around him.
It even begins to change the world of the psychiatrist.

I bring up his movie because it exemplifies the idea that if your beliefs and
actions are powerful enough, you will change the realities of those around you.
You will also attract the proper players in the theater of your reality to make it

In the movie, Johnny Depps character, Don Juan, is so congruent about his
belief that he is the worlds greatest lover, that the women around him begin to
believe it. They not only believe it but they act on it.

Not only is Don Juan different inside, he sees people as he believes they really
are. He says he looks deep within women. He looks beneath all their masks and
disguises, into what they really are. He looks at everyone, no matter what her
faults, and sees her true beauty.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 136
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Don Juan says that he is seeing beyond what is beautiful to the eyes. He says he
sees the glorious and wonderful in women.

And then Don Juan says this most profound thing to his psychiatrist while
explaining the seduction process. Don Juan says, They sense that I search out
the beauty that dwells within them until it overwhelms everything else and then
they cannot avoid their desire to release that beauty and envelope me in it.

That about sums it all up! If we maintain our character, lose our fear of women,
and see inside the woman like Don Juan does, you become a master seducer.

While considering what I just said I want you to think about what it would be like
if, number one, you thought about and looked at yourself like that. And, number
two, if youre perfect woman looked at you and saw you like that. Just
considering those ideas will shift your reality!

Your Character in Her Fantasy

In the movie, Depp was playing a particular character that of a master seducer.
His role affected all those around him.

So lets talk a little bit about the character part. What does the character
part do for you, and most importantly what does it trigger in the woman?

Women have been brought up with television, movies, and romance novels.
These things have taught them what kinds of characters men play and what they

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are supposed to be attracted to. Most of these characters line up with the
biology of attraction from a womans standpoint.

What does this mean for you? A way into a womans heart and bed is through
the structure of her fantasy man. If we start to develop the characteristics and
behaviors of this fantasy man, she will both consciously and unconsciously be
drawn to try to act out her fantasies with regard to this character.

Women love to role-play; they love to experience different emotional
perspectives. If you give a woman an opportunity to act out her fantasy
perspective with you, youre in for a big treat.

Once you have determined what you dont want in a
woman, and once you have determined that you are not
going to go for the feminists viewpoint, you can begin to
decide what fantasy character best suits you for the kind of
woman you want or attract. Or better yet, the kind of
behavior you wish for your perfect woman to exhibit
towards you!

Most of the thoughts and ideas espoused in the beginning of the book were to
clear away all the B. S. and old models and frameworks that society, women, and
you have created. These old models make it hard to get the results that you
want. Once you accept that you can be wherever you wannabe, and that you no
longer fear women, we can begin to determine which model or framework will get
you what you want the fastest and most effective way.

This is about making your life interesting and fun. This is about bringing the most
life to yourself and others.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 138
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So now that we have cleared away all the cobwebs of societys values and
beliefs about dating, we can create a reality that works for us without the fear that
we might have experienced under the old rules of the game.

Why is it that women are so attracted to the adventurous and
dangerous type of man? Why is it that women seem to be attracted towards
some men that we might call jerks?

After many years of studying the psychology of women and seduction and the
theory of romance novels, I have come up with some ideas. These ideas may not
be completely true or false because theories about people are simply not in black
and white or totality. I only use them to help you gain understanding of what is
going on inside the female fantasy mind. If you will begin to look at this fantasy
mind as I do, I think you will get some benefit from it.

We, as men, have a tendency to stay in one character. We like to experience
who we are and dont vary too much from it. We may have a tendency to identify
with the sport star, or a movie star, but thats about it. Our range of emotions is
very small compared to a womans.

Women have an extremely wide range of emotions available to them. Not only do
they have a wide range of emotions available to them, they like to use them in
real life. Women like to exercise and feel as many emotions as possible.
Emotions equal life to women.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 139
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So if women have all these experiences and emotions that they can feel, and
want to feel, then how do they do it?

They are able to take the mental position and role of the person experiencing that
emotion. So when they are reading a romance novel, they are experiencing the
emotions from every character in the book.

So lets say one of the characters is a man, and he is the romantic hero of the
novel or movie. If I were to read that same book I would identify with one
character and stick to it. If it were a Western, I would find the strongest character
and stick with it. I would have no empathy or feelings from the perspective of any
other character.

But women look at this differently. They not only identify with the heroine of the
novel, they identify with the romantic hero. They actually pretend in their fantasy
that they are also the hero. The women identify with both the male and female
characters in the fantasy. They do this simultaneously.

This means that when women read about the love scenes, they can go back and
forth between being the one being made love to, and the one making love.
Women arent just satisfied being made love to. They want the experience of
making love, too.

So in the context of a master seducer, you can bet your bottom dollar that the
woman is going back and forth between her role and the role you are playing just
as she does when she is reading a novel or watching a movie. The more
powerful and meaningful you make your role, the more exciting it is for her, and
the more she wants to play it with you.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 140
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She wants to seduce and be seduced at the same time. It doesnt mean that her
behavior will change, but in her mind she is acting out your role as well as hers.
You will be seducing her in a way that she wants to be seduced.

When we watch a movie that has a lot of adventure in it, we can identify with the
character that is doing stunts that we would never do in our own lives. We can
experience the emotion from our imagination and still be safe. We can pretend
that we are the killer. We can pretend that we are the lover. We can pretend that
we are the president. And still be safe in our seats.

Well women look forward to that every chance they get. If you are somebody
who has a sense of danger or risk, and she can experience that through you,
without it affecting her directly, she will most likely take the opportunity to step
into your character to experience it. She will get a sense of the power and the
emotions that you feel from playing that character. So she gets some of the
energy that you spill and project yourself, and she gets the experience and
emotions from putting herself into your shoes. The juicier you make your role the
better time she has!

Now we can understand why women sometimes like to
be around jerks. They get to experience what it would be
like to be a jerk, without having to be one. And at the
same time, they can be a victim in the eyes of the world
because of how you treat them.

Let Them Try On Your Role!

While men are famous for trying to fix things on the external, light trucks, cars,
computers, stereos etc. etc., women like to fix and resolve the feelings on the

Breaking the Seduction Code - 141
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inside. They like to do it for themselves and for others. They can take on the
feelings of another person and then figure out what that person needs to feel
better. The woman can borrow from other characters in her mind to produce the
feelings that she needs to help integrate the dilemma inside herself or others.
She likes the challenge of integrating the male and female parts of herself.

A lot of romance novels are about a woman being stuck in a situation with a wild
man, or jerk, or dangerous man. The main challenge to a woman is too be able
to use her skills to tame the wild man or jerk or dangerous man into a one that
can be a happy ending for both of them.
The elements of this role-playing are:

> Being stuck with someone
> Her ability to transform him into someone that will make both him and her

The woman is essentially trying to merge the dichotomies of male and female
into one. For that to happen there must be conflict. There must be challenge.

Now you can begin to see why women are not attracted to the nice guy. They
want to believe that they are the one responsible for you becoming a nice guy.
Otherwise, there is not a requirement for them to use the skills that they have
practiced all their lives. The nice guy gives them everything on a silver platter.

Thats like saying you practice all your life to win the World Series, and you never
get to play, but they give you a ring anyway. Just imagine winning the World
Series and sitting on the bench the whole time never getting to play once. How
much would that ring mean to you? As opposed to wearing that ring if you
pitched a no-hitter. I think you get my point.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 142
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As a man you must know what the woman is up to. You must give her enough
resistance to feel the challenge, and not too much resistance that she feels its

Remember this is your game - this is your reality. You are letting her think that
she is doing all the work. And you can give her a crumb now and then that lets
her know its working. Dont give her too much or you take her challenge away.
Just keep her enough into the game to be an active participant. She gets a lot of
value in believing that she has the ability to do this.

If you dont make the game exciting enough, she will make it exciting by
causing problems elsewhere. If you dont take control of the game and the roles
that are being played, she will. And it may not be games that you will like.

You must give her credit in direct and indirect ways, for playing both the male
and female roles. The qualities that she has that come from the masculine side
are her honor, her courage, her tenacity, her persistence. If she is taking on the
role of a male in her mind, then we must acknowledge the qualities that she is
developed from taking on that role. At the same time we must always
acknowledge her feminine qualities of being kind and gentle and compassionate
and forgiving.

Use The Energy of Contrast

A woman constantly uses the process of contrast. She takes two opposing things
in life and fuses them into one. Why not use this process. Why not identify the
conflicts with her and then acknowledge a fusion of the two that satisfies both of

Breaking the Seduction Code - 143
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So let me give you an example of how this works.

I was recently seeing a woman that had some control issues. She liked to control
everything around her. She also wanted to control how our relationship started
and would continue. I used my master seducer skills to turn this around on her to
create a contrast for her to resolve.

She wanted me to be the nice little boy that did all the socially acceptable things
to get her to fall for me. So, I began to write her letters from the perspective of
her chasing me.

I said I hoped she wasnt one of those psycho stalking women. I also told her that
I wasnt going to give her my phone number for at least one month until I was
sure she was worth it. I told her that I had many women that wanted me and that
she would have to really be up on her game to even get into my mind. I told her
that she would not be getting any gifts or dinners from me, either. As a matter of
fact, I told her that she would have to do that for me if she wanted a chance with
me. I also told her that no matter how much she begged I would not give her sex
right away. I told her that if she treated me well I might consider it somewhere in
the future.

There were many other things that I wrote in this e-mail to her, but I think you can
get an idea of what I am saying and the perspective that I was coming from. I
turned the cards around on her to create a contrast. I became that controlling
beautiful woman that gets everything she wants and is not afraid to say so.

It was extremely compelling to her because she recognized the pattern - it was
hers. But now it gets real exciting to her because she could learn to play the

Breaking the Seduction Code - 144
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opposite role and experience what it felt like from the other end of the spectrum.
It was something that she only considered from her fantasies, and now I was
putting the bait on the hook to see if she would bite.

I created a context for her to come out and play in her deepest fantasies. I made
it very safe for her to do this through the e-mail. My intent was to build up as
much of her emotional fantasies as possible so they would continue in real life.

I found out from one of her co-workers that she was offended and upset at first.
Then she found out from that same someone that this was a part of my sense of
humor. She found out I was playing with her. So she took the bait.

She wrote me back an amazing e-mail from the perspective of a woman that
wanted to do all those things for me. She actually took the stalker type role.

We e-mailed back and forth many times building up these emotions between us.
At one point, some of things she was saying were pretty intense and I asked her
if she was serious. She said yes. It had gotten past the point of fantasy and was
now something that felt so good in her body that she wanted to, and felt safe to,
bring it into reality.

We carried the conversation to the phone, which got even hotter. She told me
that she had been waiting all her life to feel these feelings. She said she forgot
about the possibility of feeling these things until I woke them up inside of her.
She said she had never felt so sexual or so womanly in her life.

Now guys, imagine what this is going to feel like when a 10 talks to you in this
way. You cannot tell me at this point of the book that any work that you may have
to do to get to this level of confidence is not worth this result!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 145
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When we finally did get together, it was awesome. I kept playing my role, and
she kept playing hers. We spent an awesome weekend together. I will let you
imagine the rest. Just imagine.

Changing Your Character and Why Youd Want To

Now there was a point in the relationship that I realized I did not want to continue
with the relationship. There were too many things that were not lined up in our
lives to go on. At one point, I told her that I wanted to break it off, and she
freaked out on me. I thought she might do something stupid, she was so freaked

So I am about to reveal to you a secret way that will get you out of just about any
relationship that you want out ofexcept for a few psychos, that I hope to God
you dont get involved with.

I realized as a master seducer that the emotions I helped create would have to
be turned off by her. So I began the journey of changing what she thought of me
by changing my role.

I figured if the master seducer role got me in this deep, then surely a nice guy,
wimp, would get me out.

Sure enough it did. I started to become a wimp extraordinaire. I became needy
and clingy. I couldnt make a decision. And I started to let her know how much I
was in love with her, and wanted to marry her, and wanted her to have my
children. Even though her tubes were tied, I started discussing ways we can get
around it.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 146
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Well thats all it took. It wasnt but a few days before she was thinking about
going back with her husband who she had separated from six months earlier.
She was so willing to let me go at that point, I think I couldve gotten some money
from her just to leave her alone. It was hilarious to me, how quickly she turned.

I was once at a Barbara DeAngelus seminar. She is an expert
on relationships. (Of course she has been married about six
times. And one of those times to John Gray, the other famous
relationship expert. Oh well!) I did get one profound piece of
information from her.

She said something to the effect that when women are in control of the
relationship too much, and begin to act hostile towards the man, two things
happen. The first is that the man starts to consider the woman in the mother role,
and when a man considers a woman to be like his mother, he loses sexual
attraction to her. What Barbara DeAngelus actually did was too put her finger
straight up in the air, and then let it wilt or bend over, signifying a penis that has
gone from hard to soft. There were over 1000 people in the room, mostly women,
who started to laugh very loudly because they understood.

The second thing that happens is that the woman being in the role of mother also
loses sexual attraction towards the man.

So if you consider the aspect of becoming a weak man and treating the woman
like your mother, she will get turned off in a hurry and look for a way out - unless
she never liked sex in the first place.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 147
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Words of Love Get You Laid!

One of the other things that turn a woman off to a man is his inability to express
his love to her verbally. Man basically likes to express it physically, and thinks
that by the physical action she will get it. Wrong! I must say, absolutely wrong.

Now the key is not to express this too much or too early in the relationship. Make
her work for it. Give her little bits and pieces along the way, but make them small.

One of the reasons women love to watch romantic movies and read romance
novels is because they experience the romantic words from both sides. They not
only get to hear the romantic hero tell them what they mean to him, from playing
the heroines role, she also gets to experience what the man feels like telling her
those things from his perspective.

Words in the right way mean so much to women that it cant be understated.
Words are so much more powerful from a confident master seducer than a weak

It is a need in most women that goes unfilled. I find that women will go to
extraordinary lengths to hear words of praise or understanding or comfort or
acknowledgment. Too much of a good thing will turn them off. Not enough words
and they may leave. But just the right amount of words.ah!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 148
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Action can express a caring and a certain meaning, but words, words can
express the depth of meaning and emotion. Women want the words to be
specific and persuasive; they want to know that your words carry weight also.
They want to know that you specifically understand them and what they feel.

Teri Tells:
The reason you should start small is because if you express your love in words too
much in the beginning, she is going to think you are too nice or a needy wimp! Mark
has already told you why this is not a good thing!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 149
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Soap Operas

When I was a kid and living with my father, his new wife used to make me sit and
watch soap operas with her. Even if they were out of town, her friends who were
babysitting me used to make me watch them, too. I got into them for a while, but
they also kept me in emotional turmoil. As a man I really didnt like it. But the
women seem to thrive on them.

I could not stand the Friday cliffhangers. It used to drive me crazy. But the
women would thrive on the emotional tension from Friday to Monday. It seemed
to give them some kind of energy. They loved it. They lived for it. They had to
have it like an addiction.

Once I stopped watching soap operas, I found that I was much more calm. And I
noticed that if I began to be around a television that was showing a soap opera, I
would get all tense and nervous. I wanted to get away from the television as
quickly as possible. But the women were drawn to the TV, like a moth to a flame.

I believe that being off-balance, and wondering, and tense from soap operas give
women a very similar feeling, if not the same feeling, they get from being around
a master seducer.

If you think about it, the master seducer is doing the same thing with the woman
as a soap opera does.

> He keeps her off-balance, but not too far off-balance.
> He keeps her wondering, but not wondering too much.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 150
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> And he keeps the tension, especially the sexual tension, at just the right
heat. He knows the perfect temperature and timing for each woman.

Even though most men do not like the drama that most women like, we must be
able to create a sense of drama for them. We dont necessarily have to feel it in
our bodies, but we must be proficient at creating enough drama so that she sees
us as a challenge and exciting. Enough of a challenge and exciting enough to
tune in on Monday to see the cliffhanger resolved. On Monday she gets to see if
her analysis is correct. And it doesnt matter if it is her analysis of a soap opera or
of YOU.

The romance novel and the soap operas have an already made path in her mind
and her emotions. You might as well use something that is a ready in existence
instead of trying to form new pathways.

I once asked a geologist about where to go to find gold. He told me that I should
go where gold has already been found. He said, You dont go trying to find gold
in new places. Use the maps that others have already plotted out - the maps
where gold has been found.

Teri Tells:
Im going to have to beg to differ. I love romance novels but I HATE soap operas.
Soap operas move TOO slowly. I can begin watching one I havent seen in years
and know what is going on in less than one show. Keep that in mind some
women dont want things to move as slowly as a soap some of us are more in
tune with an adventurous romance movie!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 151
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In the same sense, you want to use the methods of master seducers and how
they get into the minds and hearts of women. They have discovered the routes
already - the naturally occurring routes. Not only the naturally occurring routes in
women, but they have discovered their own routes that are naturally occurring in
themselves as men and master seducers. It is in all of us. We just have to find it.
And it is much easier to use the maps of those who have found it before us. Why
reinvent the wheel?

Dont have any master seducers around to ask? Another thing you
can do is ask women what they find so appealing about romance
novels and soap operas. Or you might want to get specific with
them about certain shows or books that they really liked. When you find out that
kind of information, you get pretty specific information about them. What that
information does is identify major points of interest on her map.

It is like looking at a map for a vacation where you have picked specific points
interest that would be fun and exciting to visit. When you have plotted them out
and planned your route, you dont think about the points in between those places
you want to visit. Your main energy and focus becomes where youre going. And
you begin to think about and fantasize what its going to be like.

When you ask a woman questions about romance novels or soap
operas or any drama for that matter, you begin to plot out her
internal points of interest. Remember these points. They will
become very useful to you if you decide to pursue any kind of
relationship with her. Each of us has a different map and points of

Breaking the Seduction Code - 152
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If you were excited about going to Yellowstone National Park, and someone
started talking to you about Glacier National Park, they would be more of a
distraction. But if they decided to start talking about Yellowstone Park and they
had been there, you would begin to listen more closely. You would listen more
closely because they were now talking about something that was of interest you.

In the same sense, when women talk about emotional or dramatic points of
interest to them, they are giving you clues about how to get into their minds,
hearts, and emotions. These keys will bypass most of the social structures she
may have put up against you, or any man. It gets you in the door, and if youre
good enough, it keeps you there.

Here is a very important point. The closer you can get to emotions that are
similar to those experienced in romance and love or sex, without talking about
them directly, the more chance you have of hooking up her internal feelings to
you. Just like when Pavlovs dogs were trained to respond to a bell, you are
training her heightened emotions to respond around you.

If you can get a woman to keep responding in highly pleasurable ways, with high
tension, her unconscious mind will begin to associate you as the cause of these
emotions. Her unconscious mind and her conscious mind will begin to find
reasons to be around you and to experience even deeper emotions and tension,
and your presence.

Once you have some rapport with her, you can begin to talk about
some of her deeper emotions by talking about those scenes in a
soap opera or romance novel - scenes like lovemaking and the
tension that builds before. When you talk about it from the standpoint of a book
or movie, you are not directly asking her to experience those emotions. But when

Breaking the Seduction Code - 153
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she begins to think about what those scenes mean to her, she cant help but
access the emotions. They will begin to rise in her.

Once again, the more intense emotions you can have her access around you,
the more chances are that her unconscious mind will figure out that you are the
reason for those emotions. Then the unconscious mind finds ways of wanting
you around to create more for her.

Men Say and Women Imply

This is a good time to talk about implication. The implied message. This is
important, so pay attention!

Women do not like to be as direct in their communication as men. If a man wants
a window to be closed, he is most likely going to say something like, Hey, will
somebody please shut the window? A woman on the other hand may say
something like, Do you feel that breeze coming in from the window? Or she
may say, It sure is getting cold in here. If you are sitting next to that window, the
message is for you. She is asking you in an implied and non-direct or indirect
way if you would shut the window.

A man might say, Lets go eat.
A woman might ask, Are you hungry?

They both want to go eat; they just have different ways of saying it.

We as master seducers need to use the implied language to access and use the
already made pathways and maps in her mind and heart. I will tell you a few

Breaking the Seduction Code - 154
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I have a friend who we will call John. John is a master at the
implied message. He uses it very well to his advantage with
women. You must realize that most women are not prepared
for a man to be proficient with the implied message. Her
defenses for seduction from a man are mainly prepared for the
direct message. She doesnt have defenses prepared for the
implied seduction. Most of the people in her life that talk to her,
or she talks to, in the implied way, are women or gay men.

So John recently told me about an experience he had at work that demonstrates
this process beautifully.

He said that there was a hot receptionist that started to work where he does. He
said he had gained some rapport from small talk and working with her. And he
decided to begin a little bit of implied seduction. He said he had purchased some
new cologne that day that he knew, from other women, was very sensual.

So he brought the new bottle of cologne and a little tester strip to the new
receptionist. He said he sprayed a little bit on the tester strip and then asked her
if she would give him her opinion on when she thought he should wear it. He
asked her, Do you think this cologne is too strong to wear in an intimate setting
with a woman or do you think it would be more appropriate to wear when I am
taking her to a romantic dinner at such and such restaurant? She tells him how
wonderful it smells and that he should feel comfortable wearing it in any situation.

During this interaction, he implies many things to the woman about who he is. He
tells her through that question that:

Breaking the Seduction Code - 155
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> He cares about what she thinks
> He will consider her opinions
> he has an ability to choose quality things
> He plans his intimacy
> He likes to take women to romantic places
> He is confident enough in his manhood to ask a woman her opinion about
something personal
> He is willing to adjust to please her, but not too much

She implies back to him that she is interested in him in any situation.

He then tells her that he feels some kind of connection with her and asks her if it
is just him. She tells him is not just you. She tells him she feels it also. John said
that she fanned her self as if she was hot and walked away.

When a man talks around a subject instead of directly to a subject, it creates a
tension between him and a woman that suggests intimacy. Plus, it shows that
you are willing to dance with her in implied communication.

Here is something you can try. If you are in an intimate setting with
a woman, begin to talk about eating a piece of chocolate.

First you want to tell her about what the chocolate looks like, then the smell of the
chocolate, and how much you enjoy that smell. Then you want to tell her about
the anticipation of the first bite. Then tell her about the feeling of the chocolate
against your lips before you bite into it. Then you might want to tell her how the
chocolate melts in your mouth and the texture of it when you swallow. Then the
taste that is left in your mouth, and your anticipation of the next bite.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 156
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What do you think you would be implying to her about how you like to enjoy

A man might say, well thats how I eat chocolate.

But a master seducer knows that he is implying many things to
her about his enjoyment of pleasure. The woman begins to put
herself in the role of the chocolate. She imagines herself being
enjoyed with that kind of passion. And the master seducer,
while explaining how to eat chocolate, is really telling her how
he is going to make love to her.

I have used the chocolate metaphor along with others and have gotten amazing
results. Many times the woman will ask the questions like; Tell me how you will
lick the icing off that cake again. Or, What will you be doing with your tongue
while eating the chocolate? She knows what she is asking me. And I know what
she is asking me. But I continue to play the implied game because she is playing
without any defenses. She does not have to take any social responsibility for
talking about something like sex. But she can talk about sex all day long when
she talks about things like chocolate or food. Or any process that parallels or
mirrors pleasure.

Another thing that John does intentionally is to always be the last one to finish his
meals. He starts off eating at a regular pace, then he really gets into it, then he
begins to slow down and take his time. Sometimes he will let the plate sit in front
of him with a few morsels of food left on them. It is funny to watch the women
around this.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 157
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At first they get curious about why he is taking so long. Then after the waitress
has tried to take his plate several times and he tells the waitress, No no, I am
still enjoying this meal and savoring these last few bites, the woman begins to
feel the tension, and begins to wonder when he will finish it. Ive heard women
many times say to him, Why you dont just hurry up and finish it? And John just
looks at them directly and smiles with a smirk, and says, Let me enjoy my meal,
and I will finish what I am ready.

John has created a game that not only builds tension in women, but also it shows
women the kind of lover he is in an implied way. That is his intent. And he keeps
doing it until sure that the woman understands at an unconscious level.

The whole time John never lets on directly what he is doing. As a matter of fact, I
have seen women call him on that. And then I watch John deny it vehemently
with a straight face. And then when the pressure and attention are at a peak, he
gives them a boyish smile and looks straight at them.

It is hard to translate the power of this kind of implication on paper. And it is
amazing to watch in person.

Another thing my friend John does to create tension in a woman is too tell her
that he will be right back. He walks away from her and begins to talk to someone
else in plain view of her. Woman or man or both. He stays a little bit longer than
is comfortable, but not too long to upset her. Again another way to create sexual

If you think about the whole seduction process, it is really all implied.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 158
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Your confidence implies things about you. Your language implies things about
you. The way you dress, the way you stand and hold yourself, the way you look
at a woman, the way you smile, etc. etc., they all imply something about you to
the woman.

When you maintain your status as a strong man and at the same time learn to
communicate in her language of implication, you become irresistible.

I was brought up by a mother and grandmother that came from England. The
English are well skilled and masters at implication. Watch any good English
drama, and you will see and learn much about implication. Watch any James
Bond movie and you will see the master of masters at implication.

In fact, I highly recommend you watch any James Bond movie with
Roger Moore. He exemplifies a master of implied seduction.

Men and WomenTwo different Creatures

Men have a tendency to think big when it comes to love or seduction. They think
that when they can buy the woman a new house or new furniture or a new car
etc. etc., that then they can show the woman how much they care or love her.

Sometimes a woman can get more meaning, and youll get more recognition,
from a complement or a card, than you could get from a new set of furniture. The
timeline for women is way too long when it comes to the big things. If you have a
lot cash and can buy the big things all the time, thats a different story. But
women are very insecure and need some kind of smaller reassurance on a

Breaking the Seduction Code - 159
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constant basis. You must develop small things and medium-size things to fill in
the gaps between the big things.

Sometimes its a box of chocolates; sometimes its a card:
sometimes its flowers. But sometimes its just sitting there
paying attention to her. As a matter of fact most of the time its
paying attention to her.

But as we discussed before, you dont want to give her too
much and you dont want to give her too little. This is not like
fixing something that is broken on your car, and it is done. A woman fluctuates
dramatically in her emotions throughout a month. You must be able to maintain a
steady behavior that not only satisfies yourself as a man and a master seducer,
but keeps her interested also.

As an example, I have a lady that I deal with in business. She puts on trade
shows, which I attend as an exhibitor. When the shows are not booked, she is
very nice and accommodating. She will do just about anything to get me into the
show. As the shows get more booked with exhibitors, her attitude changes. She
becomes very arrogant and even obnoxious. Even though I cant stand having to
deal with that major of the shift of behavior, if I want to make some money, I must

In a different context I might tell her where to go. But I dont have that option if I
want what she is selling.

In the world of seduction you want to take a woman through as many different
contexts as possible. You dont want to find out at a later date, when youre more
committed, that she becomes different people in different contexts.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 160
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We all have some kind of variance between in our behavior in different situations.
It is the women who have a big variance, or a big shift, that we want to watch out
for and have nothing to do with - unless you like to suffer. Always be on the look
out for that hidden psycho. Try to smoke out that part of her before you have too
much at stake.

Importance of Poetry

My friend Collin, who wrote the poem in the beginning of this book, is one of
those seduction masters. His forte is poetry. Collin is British. He is a good-looking
guy that stays in pretty good shape. He is in his late forties. And he constantly
attracts women in their twenties and thirties. Age becomes less and less of a
factor when feelings are at work in a woman.

Collin is extremely comfortable in his body. He loves to get up before groups of
people and sing karaoke. He is not a great singer - he is a good singer. But it is
the way he sings that makes women melt. He puts everything into it. He also is a
fantastic dancer. He puts all his attention on the women and envelopes them in
his dance.

I was at a seminar one time with him. After the seminar was over, we all went out
to have a few drinks, and a few laughs. Before you know it, he was up on stage
singing karaoke. Then he was taking all the women he could to the dance floor
and strutting his stuff. At one point he coerced a woman who was quite heavy
into dancing with him.

She had been sitting by herself. There was no one else on the dance floor at the
time he took her out. Collin treated her like she was Cinderella. The way he

Breaking the Seduction Code - 161
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moved her round made her look like she was floating on air. What I noticed was
how all the other women were looking at him. Some of the women had tears in
their eyes. That girl probably hadnt been treated like that in a long time.

Think about the implied message to all the other women in the
room. He was sending a message that he was not blocked by
their appearances. Many women know that when they get older
they may not look as good as they do now. They may even gain
some weight. And Collin showed them that they had nothing to
fear if they were with him. When he got back to the table, the
women were all over him. The heavy girl looked like a new
person. She was changed after that. We all noticed her change in the seminar in
the following days. But the other women had fallen for Collin much more.

The best part of Colins seduction process is his poetry.

Poetry is a beautiful way to get an implied message through directly to a
womans heart. Poetry has no defenses in a woman. She will be wide open when
you were reciting a poem.

I have never seen a deeper trance, as a hypnosis therapist, than what some of
the women experience when Collin was reading them poetry. Most of the poetry
was his. He had memorized all of it.

And because he had memorized it, he was able to look at them in the eye, and
access his emotions while reciting it. He didnt have to read it from paper and not
Teri Tells:
I think that what is REALLY going on has as much to do with Collins eye contact as
anything else. In the same way that he dances with a woman, or sings to her, he
engages her with his eyes and his body when he recites poetry. She probably feels
like she is the only person in the room when he looks at her that way. Ive never
met Collin, but just knowing he makes such intense eye contact while reading
poetry makes me want to!

Breaking the Seduction Code - 162
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pay attention to them. He could fully put his attention on them because it was

I am telling you the effects that this man had on women with his poetry is
incredible. It reminded me of some of those dreamy eyed teenagers in the
movies when they see a rock star or Brad Pitt. They really look like that. I
watched their eyes glaze over and get glassy. Signs of a deep trance!

They made different sounds like oohs and ahhs, and pleasurable moans. I
couldnt believe what I was seeing. And I saw it happened many times in many
different contexts with many different women. It worked every time.

I remember being out at a restaurant with all the members from the seminar. It
was funny watching different groups of women trying to get Collins attention at
different tables. He was going from table to table telling poetry. They surrounded
him like little girls would surround their father waiting to tell them a story. And the
funny thing is, Collin would treat them like they were little girls, or little children,
he was telling a story to.

I would highly recommend learning and memorizing your own
poetry. Or at least some learn some Rumi or other great romantic
poets work. And memorize it. Make sure that the poetry affects you
at a deep level. Because when you access that deep level yourself and then
recite the poetry to her, you transfer the depths of who you are in the poetic
words. It is the quickest way in that I know.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from
themselvesJ.M. BARRIE

Breaking the Seduction Code - 163
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Time Factor

I was it at another seminar one time and one of the exercises was to look at the
woman across from you, and they were to look at you with the thinking that this
person was the love of your life. The instructor pointed out a friend of mine and
the girl he was looking at. They kind of had a thing going outside of the
classroom also. They were flirting.

The instructor looked at my friend and said that he could see in his eyes that he
could only look at this woman and see a temporary relationship. He said to my
friend that he was the kind of guy that only looks to a woman for the temporary
rewards. He said that the girl that he was looking at would never go for a
relationship with him because she could see that he wasnt looking deep enough
inside her.

The instructor then said something profound that really affected my friend. The
instructor wanted my friend to look at this woman as if there was going to be no
other woman for 25 years. My friend said he knew that he had been found out at
that point. He knew that he had never made a decision to look at a woman that
deeply - not ever. He always left a door open - a sort of escape hatch.

I learned a lot with that statement also. I think all the men in the room learned
something with that statement. There was silence in the room for a long time. I
could sense that the women were all relieved that a man understood this

This technique involves you going back and forth between being
with this woman for a few minutes and for 25 years. Just practicing

Breaking the Seduction Code - 164
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looking at a woman like this will dramatically affect her. The women will notice
right away what you are doing. They may not consciously get it, but trust me
something deep inside of them will get it. Something deep inside of them will feel

You dont wanna hold onto the 25-year view for too long at first. You want to give
her a taste of it, and then taken away. When youre touching her with the 25-year
view, imagine that you are touching her like a silk nightgown or lingerie might
gently touch her body. Youll need to determine how quickly and how often you
hold that in your mind and body while looking at her. Each woman will be
affected at a different level. This technique is very powerful.

WARNING: Do not do this too long to woman that you dont consider as
a long-term possibility.

Interaction of Seduction

One of the main things we accomplish with the play and interaction of seduction
is the process of bringing out the most meaningful aspects of ourselves in the
other person. Seduction creates a wonderful context for us to learn about our
deepest identity as lovers. It is a way for us to keep being fulfilled. It is a context
that works on the fulfillment of those deeper emotions simultaneously. It is the
idea of sharing that depth with someone else in your presence.

How many times can you think of peak experiences in your life? Times
when you had an extraordinary emotional peak.?

Breaking the Seduction Code - 165
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And then think about how different and better the world looked afterwards. I think
of how parents of a newborn see the world differently.

When you go through those peak emotions simultaneously with a woman, it is
like a contract between the two of you. You now both can view the world from the
deep place you have both created. You both agree to explore your deepest
identities together. You agree to make a safe fun and exciting place for the other
one to explore that side of themselves, and they agree to do that for you.

Now just imagine if we are able to do that with many emotions in many different

We are giving a woman a chance to experience her world through her best
possible emotional and physical eyes. We are adding
immense value to her life. That is what we have to offer as
master seducers. Thats what women ultimately buy. Its not
about the looks; its not about the money. Its all about the
quality of the emotional life we can offer her. She gets to
experience it as she really is. We help her fulfill that longing
she has.

What we are doing in actuality is creating the emotions in her that we want to
experience ourselves. We are not trying to create the emotions directly. But
through indirect finesse, we trigger all the elements within her that create an end
result we want to be around. It is the emotion that we want aimed at us. So, we
not only benefit her, we create an emotional context that she is freely willing to
give to us.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 166
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The way you make her feel inside trumps everything else. And every man can
learn how to make a woman feel. Remember, she already has these programs in
her nature. We dont have to build the emotions. We only have to access them.
We only have the access the process that creates those emotions in her.

Essence of the Movie Swept Away

Finally I want to talk about a movie that puts all this together. It is a movie that
was originally made in 1974. It was written and directed by a woman - remember
that when Im explaining the movie. Remember that when you watch the movie. I
highly recommend that you get this movie. It is well worth the money you will pay.
The movie is called, Swept Away. I am talking about the original 1974 Italian
subtitle movie. Not the new Madonna version. It was OK to watch, but it lost the
essence and the depth of the original.

The movie requires a lot of attention because of the subtitles. You gotta read and
watch at the same time. Trust me, though; it is well worth the effort.

The movie is about a rich Italian couple that takes their yacht out into the
Mediterranean for a weekend. They have a crew of Italian men on board. The
wife of the yacht owner and rich businessman is the main character of the movie.

She is bitching and complaining about everything. She is never satisfied and she
never shuts up. The husband tries, without success, to argue back with her. She
wins every argument and everything else she lets slide right off. She is a very
high maintenance woman.

There is one Italian crewmember who really despises her. The woman senses
his hate and decides to make his life even more miserable. Her spaghetti is not

Breaking the Seduction Code - 167
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cooked right. Her coffee is cold. He smells and she wants him to change his
shirts all the time. He is to the point of yelling at her. He so mad he cant think

She decides that she wants to go swimming at a late time of the day. She wants
to go to one of the island beaches close to the boat. Everyone warns her not to
go but she insists, and she insists on the Italian crewmember to bring her. He
warns her, too. But she is too stubborn and decides to go. Along the way the
motor of the boat breaks and they get stuck at sea. After a few days of floating
they end up on a deserted island.

She tries to assert her dominance over him on the island. He realizes how far
away from everything they are, and chances are they will never be found.

So he makes a determination right then and there not to put up with any more of
her B.S. he tells her that he is going to do his own thing and she can do hers. At
first she agrees to it, but then she realizes that she is incapable of surviving on
the island by herself. He, on the other hand, is very comfortable with the concept.

She keeps trying to get him to do her bidding by threatening him. After a while
she tries to bribe him. Then she tries to make him feel guilty. Then she starts to
beg him. All the time he is staying in his Alpha male state of mind. He never
gives in to her manipulations.

Finally, after much begging, he makes her kiss his hand and call him master. He
makes her wash his underwear. He slaps her around and pushes her.
(Remember this is a woman who made the movie). He basically makes her into
his slave if she wants to survive. He takes the position that this is his island and
he is the King. He is getting her back for his mistreatment aboard her yacht.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 168
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Once all her tests are over and she realizes that its futile to try to manipulate
him, she submits to being his servant. At first she wasnt too happy about it, but
once she got into the role she found her natural place.

There is a magical point where she begins to like serving him. She actually talks
about the fact that she feels this incredible primal
attraction to him from playing this role. She says that she
was meant to play this role. She was created to do this
and to serve this man. She was intoxicated with the
feelings that came with her behavior.

He begins to realize that he likes the role also. He begins to feel like the man he
always believed he was. He is past the point of revenge. He is now playing the
role for the benefits he is receiving from her response to him.

At one point he begins to rape her. She fights him off. He overpowers her and
then tells her to admit to the feelings she is having and how much she really
wants him. She still fights him off and denies it. He persists and she finally
succumbs and admits that she wants him. He then makes her beg him to make
love to her.

She is confused at first and then begins to beg him. He gets up and walks away
and says no. He says no sex without love first. He tells her that until he is
convinced that she loves him, he is not going to make love to her. She finally
proves to him that she loves him.

At one point she is gathering driftwood for the fire along the beach and she sees
a passing ship. She starts to flag down the ship and then stops. She runs back to

Breaking the Seduction Code - 169
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the man and tells him that she did not wave the ship down because she didnt
want to leave the situation that they had. He slaps her and tells her that he
makes all decisions and that she better let him know and make the decision next
time. She smiles at him, kisses his hand, and apologizes and says she will never
do it again.

At a later time, another boat begins to go by. She sees it and does nothing, but
as she looks up on the top of the hill she sees him noticing the boat also.

He immediately begins to start a fire to let the boat know where they are. She
runs to where he is and begs him, while crying, not too do this. She vehemently
defends them staying right where they are. She says she has never been happier
in her life, and knows she will never be as happy again back in society. She says
she knows the reason she was created to be a woman was to serve him and that
she didnt want to give that up.

Now if you want to find out what happens at the end of this movie
youll have to get it!!!

This movie shows the dramatic change in the woman when the man decides he
is going to be who he really is. His strength in that position caused her to have to
adjust. Because she did not know what was in store for her, she fought it. But
once she discovered what was waiting for her, she immersed herself in the role.

Now here is the key. She received a biological reward for that behavior that was
totally intoxicating to her - or any woman for that matter.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 170
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Remember a woman wrote this movie and directed it. Why would a
woman choose to write and direct a movie like this? All the reviews of the movie
at the time were very positive. What was she trying to say?

I can tell you one thing - the feminists of today would have a fit over this movie.

And another thing - why did Madonna not only make this movie, but wanted to
lead role in the movie? My opinion is that she totally identified with the powerful
woman in this movie and wanted to live her fantasy of feeling the change that the
woman in the movie felt. Madonna doesnt have any men in her life that can
dominate her. But that doesnt stop her biology from desiring it.

When I watch this movie years ago, I could feel the transition in myself. I could
feel and imagine myself being that man. The reward of having a woman treat me
that way is my fantasy as a man. Im sure that most men feel the same deep
down but may be afraid to admit it.

This movie is a perfect way, and a safe way for any man to experience the
transition. Im telling you, this movie will do something to you at a deep level.
Every man that I have gotten to watch the movie had some kind of shift in
positive way.

This movie in no way is about the kind of seduction that we are talking about in
this book. What the movie demonstrates at a deep level is the process that
happens at an animal level in human beings. So even though we have social
systems in place for interaction between men and women, there is an underlying
theme and archetype that exists below the surface.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 171
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If you keep your attention on the underlying theme and adjust your behavior for
the social culture you are in, you will find yourself triggering in yourself and in
women the feelings nature has built into us to be drawn into procreation. In our
terms it is about lust and love. It is about how we get to the ends.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 172
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I know, I could go on and on discussing about much more seduction secrets, but
I feel whatever I have explained in this e-book is more than enough to ignite the
spark. Remember, a small spark in the spark plug of your car can make your car
run for miles. You just have to understand the importance of an initial spark and
then keep the process going on and on, until you get whatever you wished in
your life.

Let me make very clear that getting dates with women has nothing whatsoever to
do with luck. If it did, then we'd all get the same number of dates and the law of
averages would always ensure that we didn't have to wait too long before landing
our next one. But, of course, it doesn't work like that.

The guys who get the majority of female attention simply know the secrets of
what women want. They use this information to their advantage by manipulating
and seducing any woman they lay their eyes on. They also understand how to
create a powerful attraction in every woman they meet. Once you can do this, the
sky is the limit. You'll be able to meet, attract, and date as many women as you
want - whenever you want.

In the end, let me take the opportunity to summarize all the points (not tricks and
techniques!) mentioned in this e-book and have a quick glance over the entire
material discussed throughout the process.

For sake of repetition, remember there are two different types of attraction:

(1) Conscious attraction
(2) Subconscious attraction

Breaking the Seduction Code - 173
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Most guys only use conscious attraction, and this is a big mistake because in
order to be truly successful with women - you have to use BOTH types of
attraction simultaneously. Otherwise, you're playing the game with only half a
deck of cards, leaving you at a serious disadvantage.

Once you discover how to use conscious and subconscious attraction, you'll be
amazed at how women start to treat you differently, and how they seem to be
magically drawn to you.

The more you move your confidence from your thoughts to your voice and your
body, the more youll find yourself surrounded by women. And youll find that this
magnetic quality works with men also. Men also will recognize youre moving up
the ladder of manhood.

Every seducer that I know brought his whole being into the seduction process. I
remember and noticed from myself, and many men I have worked with, that we
used to only bring our head. We were too afraid to be confident enough to bring
our bodies, and strength of totality.

When we talked about being, all in, earlier, I also meant your body, your voice,
your essence, your spirit. That means that when you are in the company of a
whole woman; start to pay attention to what your belly thinks of this woman. Start
to pay attention to your arms, your thighs, your feet etc. etc. If you want to think
about it as a technique, it will probably be one of your most powerful exercises.

In hypnosis we progressively asked the client to tense their muscles and then
released them. In a technique that is called the body scan, we start with the toes
and work up to the top of the head.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 174
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What this does for you in the seduction process is twofold. The first thing it does
is take your attention away from your fear. It has an amazing ability to do that,
even though it sounds simple. The next thing that happens is that when you do a
body scan, you begin to relax. That is why we use it in hypnosis. It creates a
focus of attention on your body. And when you are in your body, and out of your
head, you begin to relax.

With some practice, the process will become automatic. And with this loss of
fear, and gaining of relaxation, you can begin to decide to feel the feelings of a
master seducer. Remember to take one step at a time. Too big of a bite or chunk
will cause you to shut down. But if you practice these techniques one at a time,
you will find that before you know what it will happen automatically, and you can
think about other things.

It is just like learning your ABCs, or tying your shoe, or driving a stick shift car. At
first, it consumed all your senses and thoughts. But progressively, as you stuck
with it and were persistent, it became unconscious. And now like some people on
the highway, they can listen to the radio, they can talk on the cell phone, they can
put on makeup, they can eat, and still drive.

Just think about all the things youll be able to do while carrying
on a conversation with the woman that you could never do in the
past. Trust me it is worth a little bit of effort. The benefits of
practicing these techniques and learning this process, far
outweighs the cost. You will understand it better once you have
succeeded a few times.

Breaking the Seduction Code - 175
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Seduction to me is about using socially approved methods to move a woman at a
deep emotional level, to desire me as a mate to procreate with and raise
children. I think it is awesome that we have the ability to create a game that can
not only incorporate the biological process, but can also add a social and spiritual
factor into the process.

The man that can make the process into the most exciting and fun adventure for
a woman is the master seducer. And I personally wish nothing less than a master
seducer in you.

Finally, once you are well equipped with all the points, attributes and qualities
discussed in the e-book, you will have to take well calculated risk to approach
them wisely and confidently. Although, we admit they are complex, very hard to
understand, and have been the biggest mysteries for centuries, but just bear in
mind that they are human being like us and not monsters. So move on!

I say it over and over: you can either take no risk with a woman and insure that
you will fail with her, or take risks, one step at a time, creating the possibility of
chemistry and a real connection and for sure you will get her in bed. There is no
way out of taking risks with women.

If you are still having trouble grasping the importance and magnitude of taking
risks, here's what poet and playwright T.S. Eliot said about the subject:

"But let me tell you, that to approach the stranger
Is to invite the unexpected, release a new force,
Or let the genie out of the bottle.
It is to start a train of events
Beyond your control."

Breaking the Seduction Code - 176
2005, Mark J. Ryan, All Rights Reserved
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Take the risk of interacting with women, today. You can't get rid of the risk. So
take it. Let the genie out of the bottle, and something unexpected and truly cool
can happen in your life.

Best of luck guys, keep going!!