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UV Lights to Sanitize a St Petersburg Air Conditioner

Ultraviolet (UV) light i a frm f short wavelength radiation. Althugh exposure t UV radiation frm
th sun nd tanning beds n b dangerous! ultraviolet light h a variet" f uses. #n f th mr
benefi$ial u i t install UV lights in Air $onditioning s"stems a w% t purif" th air.
&ndoor air 'ualit" n b worse thn outdoor air bu th ultraviolet $omponent f sunlight destro"s
Unli( filters! whih $olle$t pollutants th% pass thrugh th s"stem! UV lights tull% (ill organi$
matter! uh ba$teria! mold! nd viruses. UV light i highl" effe$tive t penetrating thin)walled
germs li( viruses nd ba$teria. *h light alters th geneti$ stru$ture f th germ nd th% die.
+hil UV light sanitation m% m li( rltivl% nw te$hnolog"! th u f UV light t (ill germs
n surfa$es! in th air nd in th water dates ba$( t ,-,.. UV light h bn proven t (ill u/ t --.-0
f germs.
*h warmth nd moisture found in th 1eating! Ventilation nd Air 2onditioning s"stems f
households nd offi$e buildings ma(e th perfe$t breeding ground fr airborne molds! mi$roorganisms
nd ba$teria. *h 1VA2 s"stems l /rvid n ideal w% t $ir$ulate viruses nd germs rund n
ntir offi$e building r home in a rltivl% short time.
3n% air $onditioning $ompanies offer UV saniti4ation but nt ll r e'ual nd UV lights will b mr
r l uful depending n th environment th% r /ld in. *h effe$tiveness f UV lights depends
n th UV irradiation dose! th s"stem design! age f th lights nd thr fa$tors.
*hr r mn% diffrnt t"pes f UV saniti4ation s"stems. #n f th s"stems w re$ommend i mt
effe$tive whn th ultraviolet ra"s frm th probes shine n th $old air id f th air $onditioner
evaporator $oil. *hi (/ th evaporator $oil in a health" $ondition b% eliminating th nrml mold!
algae! slime! nd gel formations tht n t breeding areas fr ba$teria. *hi l prevents buildup
tht n plug th $oil! inhibit air flow! nd in$rease $ooling $osts. A vr% thin film 5ut .66788 thi$( n
%ur indoor $oil i ll it ta(es t redu$e airflow b% muh -09. UV :ights n $lean th $oil nd
virtuall" eliminate additional build up.
+hn th UV :ights r properl" mounted inside %ur s"stem nr th indoor $oil! th% will dire$t UV
light t th sour$e f potential fungal nd mi$robial growth. +hn $ombined with a ;r"ant high
effi$ien$" air $leaner! %u n en5o" substantial improvements t th 'ualit" f %ur indoor air.
UV :ights retain thir effe$tiveness fr , < t 7 "ears. Aftr th initial installation! additional
repla$ement bulbs r rltivl% inexpensive. =epending n th age nd $ondition f th existing
1VA2 s"stem and>or ventilators! it i suggested t assess th unit t determine wht nd t b dn
prior t installation f UV lights.
2he$( with a reliable ?t @etersburg air $onditioning $ompan" about using this te$hnolog".