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Simon Fittock EDUC3501- Sue Matena MONDAY 1500 Lesson Plan

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Music Lesson Plan



Time Introduction (Set): Teaching


Students will watch a dramatic piece of footage from a film they have
started to analyse and will be asked to list effects, used in production to
add mood and/or dramatise the scene.
The same piece of footage will be played over with no sound and
students will be asked to give their opinion of how the scene appeared

Get students involved in
discussion to bounce ideas off
each other and gain a more
thorough understanding.
Mention that music
encompasses the study of

Time Main Content: Teaching


Introduce the program Audacity and give a run through of how to use it
and import audio. Show students how to access audio samples and
import them to the program.

In groups of three or four, students are going to create a sound/music
track to enhance the provided piece of footage, which has no audio.

Students will be required to make the audio track run through the entirety
of the video, 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after.

Audio samples are

Give students an example of
your own project as a

Encourage more proficient
students on the computers to
assist lesser skilled students.

Encourage all students to have
input and discuss multiple
ideas for the project.
Students will gain knowledge of how music is used in common media and how it can be used to effect.
Through analysis of film, students will gain knowledge of how film producers dramatise and create mood
through the use of music.

Students will improve their IT skills by putting to practice what they have learnt by creating a background
sound/music track on the computer to enhance a given piece of footage. Students will improve their skills and
knowledge of editing, adding effect and merging two different types of media text.

Unit/Topic: English (Film Analysis) Lesson # 3 of 5

Strand(s): 3 (Texts and contexts & Strategies) Level: Year 5/6
3.11Selects and uses a variety of strategies for locating and recording information and for reading, viewing and
critically interpreting a range of written and visual texts.
Listens to a range of texts to develop ideas, identify diversity of opinion and to consider the appropriateness of
context, purpose and audience.
Simon Fittock EDUC3501- Sue Matena MONDAY 1500 Lesson Plan
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Time Conclusion: Teaching


Gather all students together to present their projects

Discuss how the use of sound/music changed the effect of the footage
and why particular audio is used rather that something else.

(Include equipment required for class and/or for teacher preparation)



TV and DVD player

~6 computers with Audacity installed

Audio sample CD for each group

Projected for groups to present their project
Students need to be supervised when moving from classroom to classroom
Students will be assessed on how they used the audio; the higher grades will be awarded to groups
who edited samples, added effect and used sound and music.

Anecdotal assessment will be conducted during the group discussions, it will be based upon film
analysis and critical interpretation skills, how music and sound is used to effect and critical thinking
regarding appropriateness of context, audience and purpose.