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Kenyas Bold Newspaper
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
No. 29640
KSh60/00 TSh1,500/00 USh2,700/00
The Government is courting a
clash with teachers over plans to hire
secondary school heads on five-year
contracts, if proposals by the Ministry
of Education are implemented.
The recommended changes are
in a document seen by The Standard,
which also recommends that no head
teacher should serve in a school for
more than 15 years.
"A person appointed as an agent
shall hold this position for a term of
Auditor General Edward Ouko has un-
earthed how billions allocated to county
governments are squandered in wasteful
expenditure and even outright diversion
to individual pockets through fraudulent
claims. Specifically, the audit tracks down
misuse of public funds in 33 out of the 47
Worse still, the extravagant spending
spree was carried out in these units wi-
thout the requisite approval by the Cont-
roller of Budget.
In Kiambu, the County Assembly
and the Council of Ministers are some
of the institutions cited for financial
malpractices by the Office of the Auditor
General. The auditor in a report covering
Ministry draws
plans to put
school heads
on contract
341kg of
found in
held ship
Auditor General's shocking audit report details how
members of some county governments either squander
or divert public cash, including acts of criminality
Toddlers have to cross
a slippery makeshift
bridge, which is the
only way to school
Risking death to
get education, p.17
fear over
Ruto's order
on certicates,
Auditor: How county units
are misusing your billions
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Demonstrators barricade the road outside the County Commissioners of ce
in in Meru Town yesterday. [PHOTO: PHARES MUTEMBEI/STANDARD]
Business paralysed as
locals protest insecurity
Demonstrators says
authorities have failed
to contain runaway
crime in the region
Activities came to a standstill in
Meru town and its environs yesterday
when hundreds of residents demon-
strated on the streets against insecu-
rity they said had spiraled out of con-
trol in the area.
The protests came in the wake of
the killing of a watchman in the town
on Sunday night. His body was dis-
covered on Monday morning and he
is believed to have been killed by rob-
Yesterday, almost all shops and of-
fices closed doors, with residents and
business community led by Cham-
ber of Commerce boss Gabriel Mi-
ungi, marching through the streets
to the District Commissioners office,
which also houses the County Com-
Carrying twigs and placards, the
demonstrators blamed the police
and the countys administrators for
the wave of killings, carjackings and
robberies in the area. They later barri-
caded major roads with boulders and
logs after camping outside the DCs
office, demanding that he address
them without success.
Police moved in to disperse the ri-
oters, but were outnumbered and had
to call reinforcements. Private motor-
ists and matatu drivers had to look for
alternative routes to access the cen-
tral business district and roads lead-
ing out of the town.
The police have let Meru down
because they have failed to protect
us our and our property. We are at
the mercy of killers on the loose and
we dont want know what to do, said
Kevin Muregi, who owns a fleet of tax-
is in the town.
He added: Taxi drivers are be-
ing carjacked every day and usual-
ly they are either robbed or killed.
The demonstrators were later ad-
dressedby MeruGovernor Peter Mun-
ya, County Commissioner Wilfred
Nyangwanga, County Commander
Samson Kinne and CID boss Joseph
We want police officers, who
have served in Meru for years to be
deployed to other parts because they
have failed to deal with the runaway
crime in Meru, said Mike Makarena,
a businessman.
Munya called for a mop-up of
guns, which he said were partly to
blame for the worsening security sit-
There is a lot of illegal guns in
the hands of criminals. I join resi-
dents to demand that senior police
officers who have overstayed in Meru
be transferred, said Munya.
He added: The situation would
have been worse had it not been for
Flying Squad officers based at Mikin-
duri. We demand an overhaul of po-
lice force here. We want any criminal
networks existing in Meru disman-
Imenti North MP Rahim Dawood
and the business leaders handed the
commissioner a petition demanding
We dont have faith in people in
charge of security. We are giving the
County Commissioner and Coun-
ty Commander three days to bring
the situation under control, failure
to which we will demand that they be
moved, said Dawood.
Nyagwanga, who was recently
posted to the area, called for patience
as they addressed the situation.
We are newinMeruso please give
us two weeks and I assure you will see
change. We had a shortage of person-
nel, but we have just received more
officers, he said.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Council locks out public
transport from city CBD
Residents received
the move warmly
as matatu operators
protested, but now
council says all is well
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the trafc police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the towns
centre. Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and trafc ow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease trafc ow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres, said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
said. Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the trafc department
anticipates the gure will rise.
The councils enforcement ofcer
in charge of the trafc order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
ened. It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council, he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
ened. It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
When the Council announced
the plan to re-route public
transport from the CBD, it was
received with mixed reactions
Residents welcomed it, say-
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re-grouped to
protest the directive
However, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
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where babies
choose their
own names,
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Beginning Today...
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Nairobi County has objected to the
national governments 0.5 per cent
charge levied on construction.
Instead, Governor Evans Kidero
wants the Government to revoke
the imposition of the construction
levy as contained in the National
Construction Authority Act, 2014.
The fee, he said, would adversely
afect investor enthusiasm and deny
residents the right to adequate
and afordable housing and
Dr Kidero argued that the levy if
imposed would impact heavily on
housing, and push high the cost of
providing urban technical services
and the ability to expand the county
This levy is bound to impact
heavily on housing as well as
push the cost of providing urban
technical services, which would
in turn impact negatively on the
ability of my government to expand
infrastructure services, said Kidero.
A 23-year-old woman from
Kirinyaga county has been charged
with the murder of her husband.
Appearing before Baricho
Principal Magistrate Evans Hezekiah
Keago, Sabina Njeri is accused of
killing James Kibui by stabbing him
on the neck for allegedly refusing to
buy her shoes worth Sh1,000.
Chief Inspector Rose Roheya
urged the court to remand the
accused in police custody for the
next 14 days for investigations to be
Njeri was therefore not required
to plead to the murder charge, and
the magistrate ordered that the
case be brought for mention on
July 14.
Nairobi Governor rejects
0.5 per cent housing levy
imposed on contractors
Woman in court for killing
husband over shoes
The region has witnessed in-
creased cases of carjackings,
robberies and killings in the re-
cent past
Police and county administra-
tors had failed to contain crime
in the area and of cers who
had overstayed in their stations
should be moved in the next
three weeks
They also threatened to push
for transfer of county commis-
sioner and county commander if
the situation is not arrested
Isaac Ruto
Security ofcers
guard some of the
polythene bags
containing 341.7kg of
heroin found after
draining the
M Bushehr Amin
Darya ship's diesel
chambers. The ship
was intercepted by
Kenyan Navy patrol
vessel along the
Lamu waters two
weeks ago and
escorted to the
Mombasa Port where
it is being held. [PHOTO:
Edward Ouko
Page 2 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Deputy President William Ruto has
said the Government is considering
allowing the use of Genetically Modi-
fied Organisms (GMOs) to boost food
production as well as maximise farm-
ers income.
Use of biotechnology, he said, is
one of the concepts the Government
is contemplating applying to stim-
ulate high growth in the agriculture
Ruto said once adopted, the tech-
nology would shield Kenyans against
starvation and low incomes.
We have for a long time discussed
this model but implemented very lit-
tle. It is high time we allow GMOs
more so as to ensure our country is
food-secure as well as reduce pover-
ty among other economic inequali-
ties, he said.
Addressing a conference on
agriculture at the Kenya School
of Monetary Studies, Ruto ac-
cused scientists and researchers
of misleading smallholder farm-
ers on adoption of biotechnology.
Our local researchers and agricul-
turalists have been distorting infor-
mation on biotechnology and thus
misinforming farmers. The same has
resulted in continued use of tradi-
tional farming methods, impacting
on production and escalation of ago-
nies such as poverty and underdevel-
opment, he added.
The DP said a smallholder farm-
er is currently producing between 15
and 18 bags of maize in one acre com-
pared to a commercial farmer using
new technology who is producing be-
tween 80 and 90 bags in a similar par-
cel of land.
Further, the deputy president said
use of modern technology would as-
sist in reduction of food costs, which
have been a big nightmare for most
In 2012, the Government formed a
task force to look into matters relating
to GM foods and safety. The task force
concluded the exercise three months
ago and presented the report to the
Health Cabinet secretary. The report
is due for discussion by the Cabinet
any time.
Ruto prevailed upon agricultur-
al stakeholders to deeply think and
discuss the best model of farming to
boost farmers earnings.
Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, the
minister for Agriculture in Nigeria,
said African governments spend co-
lossal amounts of money every year to
import food to feed the growing pop-
Kenya needs to embrace GMOs for food security, better incomes, says Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto (centre), Central Bank Governor Prof Njuguna
Ndungu (right) and Nigerias agriculture minister Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina
during an agricultural conference in Nairobi, yesterday. [PHOTO: DPPS]
Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion with chairman Mudzo Nzili address the
Press on the conict pitting the Education Ministry and the Teachers Service
Commission in Nairobi, yesterday. [PHOTO: WILLIS AWANDU/STANDARD]
Draft law sets 15-year term limit
per school for head teachers
will appoint anybody, even quacks,
said Sossion.
A key qualification set by the min-
istry in the document is that the per-
son must have undertaken at least a
six-week course in education admin-
istration or its equivalent in the pre-
vious three years before appointment.
A source attending the meeting
at the Ministry of Education to dis-
cuss the regulations, and who asked
not to be named due to Government
communication protocols, termed it
The proposals contained in that
document cannot be accepted by
five years, but shall be eligible for re-
appointment for a second and final
third term of five years, reads the
It also says: Cumulatively, no per-
son shall hold this position for more
than 15 years.
The Education Cabinet Secretary
will immediately appoint a replace-
ment where the head teacher is in-
terdicted or dismissed.
The recommendations are in the
draft Basic Education Regulation
2014 by the Ministry of Education.
The Standard has established that the
ministry yesterday hosted all 47 coun-
ty directors of education and various
heads of semi-autonomous Govern-
ment agencies to discuss the docu-
The Kenya National Union of
Teachers (Knut) yesterday claimed
that the proposals are part of a big-
ger scheme by senior ministry offi-
cials to weaken the Teachers Service
Commission (TSC). Knut Secretary
General Wilson Sossion said the law
mandates only TSC to recruit, man-
age, promote and discipline all teach-
ers and termed the proposals mis-
He claimed they would allow any-
one to head a secondary school and
create chaos in the education sector.
The Cabinet Secretary shall dele-
gate the management of a public in-
stitution of basic education and train-
ing to a person in writing as an agent,
says the document, which confers to
such a person the powers of an ac-
counting officer, lead educator and
team leader for implementation of the
ministrys policies and programmes
in the institution.
Sossion said the person in the
regulations is not defined and asked
the ministry to keep off teacher man-
agement issues. The ministry propos-
es that for a person to be appointed an
agent, he/she must either be a prac-
ticing teacher registered with TSC or
a serving quality assurance or educa-
tion or curriculum development as-
We cannot allow anybody to be a
school principal because this means
the Cabinet Secretary (for Education)
teachers, said the official.
Sossion said teachers will fight to
ensure TSC plays its key role of man-
aging all teachers including princi-
These recommendations can on-
ly be implemented outside this coun-
try, he said.
Sossion said the ministry is using
the National Education Board (NEB)
to frustrate TSC.
All these are happening because
someone has deliberately delayed re-
cruitment of TSC commissioners. We
have given them seven days failure to
which we shall go on strike, said the
Knut boss.
Another document seen by The
Standard set TSC and the ministry on
a vicious power struggle over the con-
trol of over 288,000 teachers. The let-
ter written by NEB chairman Erastus
Kiugu to Attorney General Githu Mui-
gai says TSC does not have the legal
mandate on quality assurance.
...TSC is mandated to carry out
the functions of teacher manage-
ment only, which includes ensuring
the quality of teachers at entry in-
to teaching service, the letter dated
June 19 reads in part.
Kiugu claimed TSC seemed to per-
form functions that were overlapping
and conflicting.
The letter was copied to Educa-
tion Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kai-
menyi and his Principal Secretary
Bellio Kipsang, the Chairman of the
Constitution for Implementation of
the Constitution Charles Nyachae
and his Transition Authority counter-
part Kiunuthia Wamwangi.
Also of concern to NEB are re-
cruitment and registration of nursery
school teachers and the sour relations
between the ministry and TSC Coun-
ty Directors.
Kiugu said matters of teachers
discipline cannot be left to TSC alone,
citing section 18 of the Basic Educa-
tion Act that spells out the functions
of the County Education boards.
National Education
Board chairman Erastus Kiu-
gu argues that TSC has totally
ignored the ministry on mat-
ters of teachers discipline in
its revised codes of regulation
and wants the clarifcations
made before the regulations
are gazetted
...when you look at the Code
of Regulations for teachers
(2014) it is really silent on the
involvement of County Educa-
tion Boards on the whole pro-
cess of management of disci-
pline, he says in a letter
Continued from P1
Senate has begun debate on a
Bill proposing to set aside 30 per
cent of public procurement for the
youth, women and persons living
with disabilities.
The move is in line with the Ju-
bilee Governments pledge to em-
power special groups by ensuring
they are awarded tenders.
Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki,
while moving the Public Procure-
ment and Disposal (Amendment)
Bill, introduced new changes to
ensure the special groups are con-
This Bill seeks to ensure all gov-
ernment entities report their prog-
ress to Independent Procurement
Oversight Authority for a quarter-
ly report to Parliament. The two
House will deliberate on the report
and ensure the set criteria is fol-
lowed, he proposed.
Prof Kindiki said in the pro-
posed changes, no State agency will
make any payment without ensur-
ing the mandatory signatory is ei-
ther a youth, woman or a person
with disability.
He further said the National
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Hen-
ry Rotich will be required to come
up with a proposal to relax the pro-
cedures required in the tendering
The CS will be required to
come up with a procurement rule
that will be brought before Parlia-
ment for debate to increase absorp-
tion of the Sh200 billion annually,
he explained.
Kindiki noted that government
tenders amount to Sh600 billion, of
which only Sh200 billion is for spe-
cial groups.
Seconding the draft law, Kisu-
mu Senator Anyang Nyongo pro-
posed that penalties be meted on
public bodies that do not meet the
requirements of the Bill.
The proposed law has already
been passed in the National As-
Senate starts
debate over
Bill on State
Page 3 NATIONAL NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
South African novelist
and 1991 Nobel Prize
winner for literature
Nadine Gordimer.
Gordimer, a strong
anti-apartheid cam-
paigner, has died at the
age of 90. [PHOTOS: AFP]
We have lost a strong
voice for equality,
says Nelson Mandela
Foundation of Nadine
South Africa mourns
anti-apartheid author
South African anti-apartheid ac-
tivist and Nobel Prize-winning author
Nadine Gordimer yesterday passed
on in Johannesburg at the age of 90.
The celebrated author, who wrote
her first book titled Come Again To-
morrow, while she was only 15 years
old, was one of the literary worlds
most powerful voices against apart-
heid. Her family said she died at her
home after a short illness.
According to the BBC, Gordimers
family said she cared most deeply
about South Africa, its culture, its peo-
ple, and its ongoing struggle to realise
its new democracy.
She wrote more than 30 titles in
her lifetime and her works comprised
both novels and short stories where
the consequences of apartheid, ex-
ile and alienation were the major
themes. The novels include My Sons
Story, Burgers Daughter and Julys
Her books were widely read across
the globe, including Kenya where lit-
erature students, especially in univer-
sities, would recall having used some
of her titles in their course work.
Gordimers death folded a fort-
night during which the world also
bade farewell to Soviet Unions last
foreign minister Eduard Shevard-
nadze and Nigerias former Transport
minister Alhaji Umaru Dikko, who
died at a London hospital aged 78.
Mr Shevardnadze, buried last Sun-
day, just like Gordimer, was known
for having contributed to a course
Celebrated author wrote her
frst book titled Come Again To-
morrow while she was only 15
years old
She wrote more than 30 tit-
les in her lifetime including My
Sons Story, Burgers Daughter
and Julys People. Her last no-
vel, No Time Like the Present,
was published in 2012
Some of her books were
banned by South African go-
vernment under the apartheid
through the inception of the liber-
alising policies of glasnost and per-
estroika, and for having helped end
the Cold War.
Promoted to the post of Soviet For-
eign Minister in 1985, Shevardnadze
soon gained the image of a modern
and liberal politician, a contrast from
the elite in Moscow at that time. He
was known as the Silver Fox for his
white hair and reputation, according
to the BBC.
Gordimers stories revolved
around the devastating effects of
apartheid on the lives of South Afri-
cansthe constant tension between
personal isolation and the commit-
ment to social justice, the numbness
caused by the unwillingness to accept
apartheid, the inability to change it,
and the refusal of exile.
She was a leading member of the
African National Congress and fought
for the release of Nelson Mandela.
They went on to become firm friends.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation
paid tribute to Gordimer saying it was
deeply saddened at the loss of South
Africas grande dame of literature.
We have lost a great writer, a pa-
triot and strong voice for equality and
democracy in the world, it added.
A number of Gordimers books
were banned by the South African
government under the apartheid
regime including 1966s The Late
Bourgeois World and 1979s Burgers
Her last novel, No Time Like the
Present, published in 2012, follows
veterans of the battle against apart-
heid as they deal with the issues fac-
ing modern South Africa.
She jointly won 1974s Book-
er Prize for The Conservationist and
was awarded the Nobel Prize for lit-
erature in 1991.
Gordimers first book was The Soft
Voice of the Serpent (1952), a collec-
tion of short stories. In 1953 a novel,
The Lying Days, was published. Both
exhibit the clear, controlled, and un-
sentimental technique that became
her hallmark.
In her later years, Gordimer be-
came a vocal campaigner in the HIV
and Aids movement, lobbying and
fund-raising on behalf of the Treat-
ment Action Campaign, a group
pushing for the South African govern-
ment to provide free, life-saving drugs
to sufferers, wrote BBC.
She was also critical of South Af-
rican President Jacob Zuma, express-
ing her opposition to a proposed law
which would limit the publication of
information deemed sensitive by the
The reintroduction of censorship
is unthinkable when you think how
people suffered to get rid of censor-
ship in all its forms, she said in an
interview last month.
Gordimers family said a pri-
vate memorial service would be an-
nounced at a later date.
She is survived by three children.
Controversy marred the recruit-
ment of regular police officers in Lais-
amis after the local OCPD announced
that he was under instruction to on-
ly pick youths from the Rendille com-
Please do not waste your time if
you are not a Rendille. This is the in-
struction I have from Nairobi, Mr
Philip Kipkirui told the hundreds of
youths who turned up at the Laisamis
Stadium on Monday before the exer-
cise started.
Scores of youths from other com-
munities who included the minority
Isahak and Harti clans left the venue
A youth from the Isahak clan and a
Kikuyu, who were both born in Lais-
amis, defied the directive and took
part in the exercise but were disqual-
ified at medical test stage.
A total of 21 youths were recruited.
I am aware of the complaint
from other communities but the in-
struction I had was to pick only those
from the Rendille tribe, the OCPD
said yesterday.
He said the order came from the
National Police Recruitment Commit-
tee based in Nairobi.
Sources indicated that the com-
mittee may have been influenced by
local politicians to conclude that Ren-
dille are only indigenous to Laisamis
and deserved to be given preferential
However, Rendille youths were
also picked in Loiyangalani and
Marsabit Central districts.
In the Administration Police re-
cruitment in Laisamis, the exercise
went on smoothly with Deputy Coun-
ty Commissioner Mutuko Mweenga
allowing youths from all the commu-
nities to participate.
Ten youths were picked in the AP
category, two of them from the Soma-
li clan of Garre.
Yesterday, hundreds of protesters
from minority tribes in Laisamis pro-
tested the decision to lock them out,
terming it unconstitutional.
Abdi Mohamud, a businessman
from Korr, termed the move to bar
Isahak and Harti youths as discrim-
inative and vowed to petition the na-
tional government and courts.
Our great grand fathers came to
Marsabit before the First World War.
Saying that the Isahak and Harti are
not from Laisamis or Loiyangalani is
a creation of some politicians and this
is unacceptable to us, said Mr Mo-
The trader said they got informa-
tion that their youths will not be re-
cruited last Thursday.
The Isahak and Harti were brought
to Kenya by the British colonial gov-
ernment and settled in areas like Nai-
vasha, Thika, Isiolo and Marsabit.
Police pick youths from one community at centre
Kennedy Njau at Ruiru Stadium during the police recruitment. His quest to
join the police service was unsuccessful since his identity card indicates he is
from Kirinyaga County. This was his fourth attempt to join the force. [PHOTO:
Page 4 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
CORD leaders Raila Odinga and Mo-
ses Wetangula have lashed out at the
Government over the runaway insecurity
and called for immediate withdrawal of
Kenyan soldiers from Somalia.
The two also renewed their calls for a
referendum. Raila alleged that many Ken-
yan soldiers had died in Somalia and had
been flown in for secret burials and chal-
lenged the Government to make public
the number of military personnel killed
since the start of Operation Linda Inchi.
Kenyan soldiers are dying in Somalia
and being flown into the country to be bur-
ied secretly. We challenge the government
to make public the number of soldiers
who have lost their lives since the opera-
tion began, said Raila during an Iftar cele-
bration in Mombasa on Monday evening.
Raila and Wetangula said the Govern-
ment had failed to arrest insecurity, cit-
ing recent the killings of Islamic clerics,
businessmen and the ongoing attacks in
Lamu and Tana River counties.
Raila termed as nonsense claims that
the attacks witnessed in Mpeketoni and
sustained attacks in Hindi and Gamba Po-
lice Station in Tana River were politically
motivated. If Im the one involved in the
attacks, arrest me and take me to court.
Or if any of the leaders in CORD is behind
the killings, the Government has the re-
CORD leader Raila Odinga (second left) with among others, Mombasa Senator Omar
Hassan (left) and Governor Hassan Ali Joho (right) during the breaking of fast at the
Serani Grounds in Mombasa on Monday. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD]
CORD leaders slam State over spiralling insecurity
sponsibility of arresting that person and
arraigning him in court, not engaging us
in endless rhetoric, he said.
The leaders said Kenyan forces pres-
ence in the war-torn Somalia had made
the country more vulnerable to attacks
and demanded immediate withdrawal of
the forces.
At the same forum, Kakamega Senator
Bonny Khalwale and his Mombasa coun-
terpart Omar Hassan demanded the dis-
mantling of the concentration camp at
Kasarani which they claimed was hold-
ing innocent Muslims.
The only best present he (the Presi-
dent) can give to the Muslim community
during this Holy month of Ramadhan is
to close the Kasarani detention camp and
apologise to the Muslim community over
the injustices his administration has com-
mitted against them, said Omar.
Anti-narcotics police officers re-
covered 341.7kg of heroin in 250 bags
on a stateless ship they have been
searching at Mombasa port since Ju-
ly 3.
Authorities estimate that the re-
cord seizure is worth Sh1.1 billion.
There are reports that a second ship
could have fled when the MV Bushehr
Amin Darya, which bore the drugs,
was seized by Kenya Navy personnell
off Lamu Coast on July 2.
Police recovered the drugs in
the ships fuel reservoir after drain-
ing more than 1,800 litres of die-
sel. Khamis Massa, officer-in-charge
of the Anti-Narcotics Police Unit in
Mombasa, said they also found trac-
es of heroin dissolved in water after
draining more than 2,860 litres of the
liquid from the ship.
Massa said that preliminary tests
showed that the brown substance
which had mixed with oil was heroin.
After a vigorous search on the
vessel that was seized two weeks ago,
we have recovered 341.7kg of hero-
in with a street value of 1.08 billion,
said Massa.
Last week anti-narcotics po-
lice recovered 974g of heroin on MV
Bushehr Amin Darya prompting them
to widen search for drugs in all com-
partments of the ship. Police said the
said sailors on the ship appeared to
have discarded the drugs in the oil
and water reservoirs to conceal evi-
dence after the vessel was spotted by
Kenya Navy offloading in the high sea.
Massa told The Standard that dis-
Police discover Sh1b heroin in seized ship
Ofcers recover
341.7kg bags of drugs
in vessels fuel tank
after draining more
than 1,800 litres of
Iranian, are already facing charges of
possession and trafficking in narcot-
ics before a Mombasa court after they
were arrested with the 974g of hero-
in worth Sh2,922,000 last week.
They were denied bond and are
being held at the Kilindini Port Police
Station. A tenth suspect died mysteri-
ously on July 7. He was the only sailor
who spoke English.
The suspects are Yousuf Yaqoob,
Yaqoob, Saleem Muhamed, Baha-
ti Abdul Chafour, Baksh Moula, Pra-
bhakere Prwveen, Pak Abdolghaffar,
a Vikea and Mohamed Saleh. Police
plan to press more charges on the sus-
pects following yesterdays discovery.
The drugs are believed to have
come from Asia. Police told the court
last week that they needed more time
to investigate the origin of the hero-
in, and that they would get in touch
with United Arab Emirates officials to
carding drugs in water or oil is one
of the ways traffickers use to conceal
drugs. He said tests on water and die-
sel on the ship were positive for the
drug, adding that detectives intend to
extract it from the fluids. More sam-
ples were taken to the Government
Laboratory in Nairobi for further test-
ing and analysis, said Massa.
The heroin was taken to the re-
gional police headquarters in Mom-
basa under tight security by the Kenya
Navy and officers from the paramil-
itary General Service Unit. Securi-
ty has also been beefed up in and
around the ship, with armed military
personnel manning the vessel as po-
lice continue to comb it.
The nine sailors found aboard MV
Bushehr Amin Darya were present as
police displayed the brown substance
and took it away. The suspects, six Pa-
kistani nationals, two Indians and an
Kenya Navy ofcers guard MV Bushehr Amin Darya in which 341.7kg of heroin worth more than Sh1 billion was found.
The ship was seized by a Kenya Navy patrol ship. RIGHT: A GSU ofcer guards two of the suspects who were arrested
ascertain if the drugs were en route
to or from the country. Sources indi-
cate the ship initially had 6,248kg of
heroin, most of which were discard-
ed in the sea.
The sailors had initially claimed
the cargo was cement. On July 7,
Mombasa County Deputy Police
Commander Sevelino Kubai said that
the cargo originated from Yemen.
Although several reports have re-
ferred to the ship as MV BBushehr
Amin Darya, maritime sources indi-
cate that its real name is Amin Darya
and the vessel IMO 8630784 was built
in Iran in 1987 as the Kissho Maru.
At some point it was flagged for Si-
erra Leone and was owned and man-
aged by a Dubai-based ship operator.
Before its capture early this month,
the vessel is said to have sailed from
Pakistan and was connected to anoth-
er Iranian ship company.
Although several reports
have referred to the ship as MV
BBushehr Amin Darya, mar-
itime sources indicate that its
real name is Amin Darya and
the vessel IMO 8630784 was
built in Iran in 1987 as the Kis-
sho Maru
At some point, it was fagged
to Sierra Leone and was owned
and managed by a Dubai-based
ship operator
Before its capture early this
month the vessel is said to have
sailed from Pakistan and was
connected to another Iranian
ship company
We wish to notify the general public that
the above person ceased to be an employee
of the National Environment Management
Authority (NEMA) .He is therefore not
authorised to transact any business on behalf of
NEMA. NEMA will not be held liable for any
transactions made by him.
ID NO. 22390585
Page 5 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 6 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Audits unearth wastage in counties
Reports shows county
administrations spent
beyond their budgets
and lacked documents
to prove expenditure
Two reports released by the Au-
ditor Generals office have revealed
gross mismanagement and wastage
of public funds by county govern-
An audit on the Embu County
Government has shown a new Toy-
ota Prado was purchased for Gov-
ernor Martin Wambora at a cost of
Sh12,196,659, exceeding the Sh10 mil-
lion authorised by the budget.
The excess expenditure was irreg-
ularly charged to travelling and sub-
sistence allowance, the report stated.
Another report indicts the Vihi-
ga County administration for losing
millions due to lack of proper docu-
The report reveals the county lead-
ership made payments to county as-
sembly committee members in re-
spect of sitting allowances amounting
to Sh14,040,088.
Another Sh3,204,310 was paid for
travelling and accommodation and
no supporting evidence has been
made available to confirm attendance
and deliberations of the meetings.
The Embu County Assembly was
faulted for irregular double payment
of allowances to members totalling
Sh500,000 as sitting allowances as
well as another Sh4,053,445 in night
sitting allowance.
The executive was also put to task
over payment of Sh366,000 as sitting
allowances to county secretaries and
recommended that the county gov-
ernment recover the payments.
Two contracts costing more than
Sh15.8 million were awarded to a
contractor sourced through restrict-
ed tendering method of procurement
but which was not registered by Min-
istry of Public Works, the report said,
contrary to the Public Procurement
and Disposal Act.
By the time the report was com-
pleted on September 9, 2013, a gen-
erator acquired at a cost of over Sh5
million had not been commissioned.
According to the report on fi-
nancial operations of Vihiga Coun-
ty, temporary imprest amounting to
Sh3,075,676 was issued but not re-
Also, an imprest of Sh600,000 that
was issued to an officer vide imprest
warrant No 1712613 on June 2013 was
reflected as having been accounted
for but the reference document indi-
cated in the register was unclear and
management could not explain what
it represented, stated the audit.
It was also established that mon-
ey for insurance cover was paid to an
insurance agent and there was no ev-
idence to confirm the paid amount
was remitted by the agent to the prin-
cipal company.
Sh2,256,140 has been spent on
payment of insurance premiums in
respect of vehicles in the county and
it was observed the money was paid
to an agent for transmission to the un-
derwriting insurance company, adds
the report.
The General Auditor noted pay-
ments amounting to Sh2,872,589 for
various supplies were made without
supporting documents.
Records indicate goods worth
Sh6,861,500, not included in the origi-
nal tender, were procured without ap-
proval by the tender committee.
An audit report has revealed irreg-
ular expenditure and decline in rev-
enue in the defunct local authorities
in Taita-Taveta County.
About Sh26 million was spent by
the defunct municipal council be-
tween March and May last year with-
out approval from the Controller of
Budget, the audit report says.
The report says there was no evi-
dence of official handing over as this
was not facilitated by the office of the
Transition Authority.
Bank Accounts of the defunct
county council were closed on May
26, 2013, and a total of Sh26.5 million
transferred to the county government
bank accounts. No bank reconcilia-
tion statements had been prepared,
Ouko said in his audit report.
Audit review indicated that re-
cords of ratepayers were not main-
tained, hence it was not possible to
confirm the accuracy of more than
Sh45 million as indicated in a report.
the first quarter of 2013, various finan-
cial anomalies ranging from payment
of ghost attendants to a conference
and alleged recruitment of underage
The report indicated, the county
allegedly hired 10 workers indicated
as aged between zero and one year
and paid over Sh3 million in wages to
its casual laborers between April and
June 2013 although no documenta-
tion was provided to sanitize the re-
cruitment process.
In Busia for instance the report
cites over-the-top expenditures on
renovation of county and governors
offices. The countys alleged over-the-
top spending sparked a probe by the
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commis-
sion (EACC).
The amount used to renovate gov-
ernors office was Sh4.4million raising
queries on the county expenditures
thus EACC stepping in for investiga-
tions reads the report.
In Uasin Gishu County, the report
claims payments totaling Sh37 mil-
lion were irregularly paid in advance
for the supply of furniture, computer
and hardware materials that had not
been delivered in line with the govern-
ment financial regulation procedures.
An additional Sh3 million was
made to a construction company in
respect of fencing a public utility at
Kapsoya in advance without proof of
Bills of quantities or contract yet at the
time of audit in August 2013 the fenc-
ing had not been done.
The Sh3.5 million, which was made
to M/s Damco International Ltd on 28
June 2013 for fencing a public utility
plot at Kapsoya, also pointed out that
no contract was signed between the
contractor and the county govern-
ment. he report highlights irregular
payment of undelivered vehicles by
the county assembly amounting to
sh.40 million on 28th June 2013. The
report further claims that the county
assembly bought insurance covers for
six of its new vehicles worth Sh2 mil-
lion, without competitive bidding.
In Embu the report claims the
county government bought a new
Toyota Prado for Governor Martin
Wambora worth Sh12 million, exceed-
ing the Sh10 million authorised by the
The Embu County tender commit-
tee was faulted for irregularly award-
ing a contractor a tender to refurbish
the County Council Hall for the coun-
ty assembly for Sh33.3million through
restricted tendering.
In Taita Taveta County, it is claimed
that Sh26 million was spent by the
defunct municipal council between
March 2013 and May 2013 without
the necessary approval from the Con-
troller of Budget, Agnes Odhiambo.
However, governors through Coun-
cil of Governors Chairman Isaac Ruto
have in the past accused Odhiambo of
exceeding her mandate.
Poor bookkeeping inherited
from the defunct local authorities
made the Nandi County Govern-
ment inefficient during the tran-
sition period after it was elected, a
report by the Auditor General has
By the conclusion of the audit on
September 25 last year, the county
government had not taken over the
assets and liabilities of the defunct
The county government also
failed to consolidate its debtors,
which amounted to Sh232.6 million
as at February 28 last year.
The Municipal Council of Kapsa-
bet was owed Sh155.7 million,
County Council of Nandi Sh58.2 mil-
lion and the Town Council of Nandi
Hills Sh18.6 million. The report also
showed that the county government
had a Sh40.8 million debt.
A report released by the Auditor General has faulted over-expenditures on
renovation of Busia County and governors offices.
The expenditure have sparked investigations from the Ethics and Anti-Cor-
ruption Commission (EACC).
The amount used to renovate governors office was Sh4,466,280, raising
queries on the county expenditures thus EACC stepping in for investigations,
reads the report. The contract was awarded to Arsene Agencies Limited. How-
ever, the payment voucher was not verified.
In Migori, staff and Members
of the County Assembly (MCAs)
were allegedly paid night-out al-
lowances amounting to Sh4.8 mil-
lion while attending a seminar in
Nakuru and at the same time got
Sh3.3 million on full board at the
same hotel, leading to double pay-
ment, an Auditor Generals report
has shown.
The Auditor General claimed
records showed debtors balanc-
es worth Sh7.2 million were hand-
ed over to the county government
by the defunct County Council of
However, these balances were
not supported by listings, debtors
registers, copies of invoices and
demand notices, the Auditor Gen-
eral Edward Ouko said.
The defunct County Council
employed 22 people without the
authority of the Ministry of Local
Government and approval from
the Finance Committee. As a re-
sult, the county government un-
der Governor Okoth Obado (pic-
tured above) spent Sh2.1 million
between April and June 2013.
Last year, the county govern-
ment stopped salaries of 17 em-
ployees for being hired irregular-
ly, but Ouko says they should have
been sacked.
Sh26m spent
without approval
reveals how
counties have
County yet to take over liabilities
Funds wasted on facelift of ofces
The Embu administration
failed to take over assets and
liabilities of local authorities
An unregistered sub-con-
tractor undertook electri-
cal installation of CCTV and
plumbing works worth over
Sh2.4 million
In Vihiga, a total expen-
diture of Sh559,315 could
not be accounted for while
payment of vouchers worth
Sh946,865.80 was not sup-
ported by relevant docu-
Embu Governor Martin Wam-
bora joins dancers at Manyat-
ta market centre during the
commissioning of four grad-
ers worth Sh100 million. An
audit has revealed wastage
of funds in the county. [PHOTO:
Sh8.1m was
paid out twice
Report reveals wastage
and poor record keeping COUNTIES AUDIT
Continued from P1
Page 7 NATIONAL NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Details of debts and creditors
inherited from the defunct county
councils in Homa Bay County can-
not be verified, the Auditor Gener-
al has said.
A report on financial opera-
tions prepared by Auditor-Gen-
eral Edward Ouko indicates reve-
nue collection in
all the sub-coun-
ties was done
manually, de-
spite availabil-
ity of the Local
Authority Inte-
grated Financial
Operations Man-
agement System
The sub-counties include Ho-
ma Bay, Mbita, Oyugis, Kendu Bay,
Municipal Council of Homa Bay,
Suba and Rachuonyo.
The report shows county offi-
cials were not utilising a module
where all monies received should
to be banked and the correspond-
ing banking slips uploaded in the
The defunct County Council of
Suba had not paid a Sh35 million
debt to the Homa Bay County Gov-
ernment by March last year.
The County Government of Kiambu led by Governor William Kabogo
(pictured) reportedly hired 10 workers indicated as aged between zero and
one year and paid over Sh3 million in wages to its casual labourers between
April and June last year, although no documentation was provided to sani-
tise the recruitment process, a report by the Auditor General has revealed.
In the report covering the first quarter of 2013, the Auditor General cited
various financial anomalies ranging from payment of ghost attendants to a
conference and alleged recruitment of underage workers.
No evidence was provided to show that the recruitment process used
during their engagement was in accordance with existing regulations, the
report reads in part.
The study revealed that during a workshop for the countys staff,
Sh300,000 was paid to ghost attendees. An attendance register, indicated
that 119 people turned up but documents show 219 were paid.
The Auditor Generals report alleges irregularities in procurement in Ka-
kamega County, saying a list of pre-qualified suppliers was not kept.
The report further claims that the executive and legislature, contrary to
Section 30 (1) of the Act split its procurement to meet the threshold and
spent close to Sh85 million buying vehicles and refurbishing offices.
The report states that Kakamega County failed to close bank accounts of
defunct local authorities leading to money being deposited into personal ac-
counts of respective cashiers to finance sub-county operations.
Kakamega County Government took over six defunct local authorities in-
cluding Kakamega, Mumias, Lugari, Malava and Butere.
Nyeri County is on the spot for
single-sourcing of contracts and
alleged financial malpractices be-
tween January and June 2013.
The Office of the Auditor Gen-
eral, in a report covering the peri-
od, indicted the county for flouting
procurement procedures.
The defunct local authorities,
on the other hand, are accused of
not accounting for some of the rev-
enue collected within the period,
and failing to hand over their as-
sets to the county government in
Refurbishment of the office of
the governor at Sh1.9 million was
questioned by the auditor.
Existence of the suppliers
could not be confirmed since the
invoices supporting the payments
did not bear physical addresses
and telephone contacts, said re-
Nyeri was also accused of not
accounting for undelivered Toyo-
ta Landcruiser, for which it paid
Sh9.9 million on May 16, 2014.
The county also undertook
double procurement of the as-
semblys Hansard communica-
tion equipment, and incurred an
unnecessary cost of Sh7 million.
Report cites
banking mess
Ghost workers paid
Tendering irregularities alleged
Audit reveals
awed deals
Uasin Gishu County made ir-
regular payments of Sh37,958,378
for supplies that had not been de-
An additional Sh3,540,378 was
paid in advance to Damco Inter-
national Ltd to fence a plot at Kap-
soya without proof of bills of quan-
tities or contract yet, at the time of
audit in August 2013, the fencing
had not been
done. There
were also irreg-
ular payment
of undelivered
vehicles by the
county assem-
bly amounting
to Sh40,999,990
on June 28,
It further detail that the county
assembly procured insurance cov-
ers from Amaco Ltd for six its new
motor vehicles for Sh2,093,073
without competitive bidding and
also failed to close13 bank ac-
counts operated by the defunct
Municipal Council of Eldoret.
But Governor Jackson Mandago
blamed the Transitional authority
officials who were managong the
affairs just after elections.
Shady deals
Report reveals wastage
and poor record keeping COUNTIES AUDIT
Page 8 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Heads raise concern over
creditors after Ruto order
Secondary school heads are in a
dilemma over creditors after the Gov-
ernment directed that they release
certificates they are withholding over
fees arrears.
They say suppliers have thronged
the institutions demanding payment
for services and goods supplied to the
Speaking to The Standard yes-
terday in Yala, Siaya County, Ken-
ya Secondary School Heads Associa-
tion Chairman John Awiti said many
school heads have expressed con-
cerns over the directive due to fears
the Government might fail to help re-
cover the arrears.
Principals say if
Government fails to
settle balances, school
managements risk
being taken to court
Mr Awiti said schools risk being
taken to court by suppliers for failure
to pay them. As school management
we have no authority to deny the stu-
dents the certificates, but the Gov-
ernment ought to help us settle the
debts before the certificates can be
released, he said.
Yesterday, Deputy President Wil-
liam Ruto directed school heads to
release all certificates in their custo-
dy to owners, noting the Government
would settle balances.
Awiti, however, said the Govern-
ment has not released second terms
free education funds, hence making
school heads doubt its ability to help
them pay suppliers.
Even though he supported the
idea, he said wide consultations need-
ed to be done to ensure nobody took
advantage of the directive.
And many school heads at the
Coast region have admitted former
students owe them millions of shil-
lings in fees arrears warning that any
directive to waive them would cripple
their operations if the Government
does not pay promptly.
Yesterday, Mombasa County Di-
The Judges and Magistrates Vet-
ting Board has found three magis-
trates unsuitable to continue serving
in the Judiciary.
The board expressed concern that
lack of a mechanism to monitor and
appraise judicial officers had led to
most magistrates adopting uncon-
ventional working styles.
Sogomo Gathogo, Innocent Mais-
iba and Isaac Orege were dismissed,
bringing the number of judges and
magistrates relieved of their duties
since the commencement of the vet-
ting exercise three years ago to 32.
Thirty-eight other magistrates
were cleared whereas competen-
cy, unexplained bank deposits, poor
writing skills and lack of internal in-
dependence were cited as some of the
main issues arising from the exercise.
In reaching the decision to sack
Gathogo, who was a magistrate based
in Moyale, the board observed that he
was abusive and used derogatory lan-
guage in court.
The Sharad Rao-led board also
found that the magistrate had failed
to satisfactorily explain his financial
In terms of section 23(1) of the
Sixth Schedule in the Constitution
and sections 13, 18, and 21 of the Vet-
ting of Judges and Magistrates Act No
2 of 2011, the board unanimously de-
termines that Gathogo is not suitable
to continue serving as a magistrate,
said Rao.
And a complainant alleged that
Maisiba conducted court proceed-
ings while drunk. The Judicial Ser-
vice Commission had also notified
the board that they had received com-
plaints about the magistrates habitu-
al drunkenness and had warned him,
but Maisiba had denied the allega-
The board thus notes that de-
spite absence of direct evidence of
the magistrates drunkenness, the
two complaints received are backed
and corroborated by the Judicial Ser-
vice Commissions finding, ruled the
The board questioned Orege over
claims he continued to receive a sala-
ry from the Lands ministry for a peri-
od of three and a half months after he
resigned and drawing salary advanc-
es from the Judiciary, therefore earn-
ing double.
Rao added in its findings, it had
established that majority of the vet-
ted officers had large deposits in their
accounts, which exceeded their earn-
ings and the sources remained unex-
An umbrella body for people
living with HIV and Aids has ex-
pressed frustrations over the de-
lay in setting up a fund to finance
the fight against the virus.
Former President Mwai Ki-
bakis government approved the
fund which has not been oper-
ationalised since then, even as
donor funding for HIV and Aids
continues to shrink.
The same fund was to spear-
head the fight against major
communicable diseases such as
cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular
diseases and chronic lung ail-
The Executive Director of the
National Empowerment Net-
work of People Living with HIV
and Aids in Kenya Nelson Otuo-
ma said the Government had for-
gotten the need for the fund.
Even this year we have a se-
rious shortage of funding for HIV
programmes. The Sh2 billion al-
located is far short of the mini-
mum Sh3 billion required, he
Jackie Wambui, a campaign-
er living with HIV and Aids, said
the Government must commit
more funding on treatment to
save lives, a move that can be
achieved through the fund.
It is unacceptable that peo-
ple living with HIV and Aids
should depend on such little
funding from the Government,
she said.
Protests over
HIV and Aids
fund delay
rector of Education Abdulkadir Kike
said he was not aware of the directive,
saying if there was such a directive
then there are official channels that
could have been used to communi-
cate to us.
But The Standard learnt that some
schools in the region are withholding
certificates of students from as far
back as 1993.
For instance, Shimo la Tewa Sec-
ondary School, recently elevated to a
national school, is owed fees arrears
amounting to Sh1.7 million with al-
most half of the students who sat last
years KCSE examination not having
cleared the fees.
Principal Joseph Mwadime said if
they waive the arrears then the school
would not be able to pay its debts
amounting to Sh27 million.
Feeding these boys is not easy.
This will set a bad precedent for par-
ents and next year the number of stu-
dents with fee balances will go up,
said Mr Mwadime.
Other teachers raised fears the di-
rective would make schools insist that
Vetting board sends three magistrates packing
Kenya Secondary School Heads Associ-
ation Chairman John Awiti (pictured) said
many school heads have expressed con-
cerns over the directive due to fears the
Government might fail to help recover the
Heads at the Coast warned that any direc-
tive to waive arrears would cripple school
operations if the Government does not pay
Other teachers raised fears the directive
would make schools insist that students pay
before attending classes, a move that would
lead to drop outs
Judges and
Vetting Board
Chairman Sharad
Rao and his
deputy Roseline
Odede during a
press conference
in Nairobi,
yesterday. [PHOTO:
students pay before attending class-
es, a move that would lead to drop-
outs. Running a school is not easy. Al-
locations from the Government dont
come on time, said a principal who
did not wish to be named.
In Kakamega, school heads said
they were holding certificates of for-
mer students as the arrears contin-
ue to pile and creditors demand pay-
ments over unpaid services and goods.
Most schools have debts ranging
between Sh2 million and Sh5 million.
Musingu High School in Kakamega
County, for instance, has fees arrears
of over Sh2 million.
Schools are still grappling with
debts that go way back to 1999. Its sad
and absurd because some of the cred-
itors have taken schools to court and
interests pile while the schools debts
continue rising, said Musingu Boys
Principal Elphas Luvaso.
Embale Mixed Day and Board-
ing Secondary School in Ikolomani
constituency has accumulated fees
arrears of Sh2,648,547 from 2010.
Though we are paying debts, its dif-
ficult to operate as creditors are on our
neck demanding their cash, said Re-
becca Kuya, the schools principal.
Chavakali High School Princi-
pal Kahi Indimuli said the school has
found it hard to operate due to the ar-
At the same time, principals of sec-
ondary schools in Embu County, while
welcoming Rutos directive, said they
would only act when they receive of-
ficial communication.

-Reports by Kevine Omollo, Ken-
nedy Okwach, Jackline Inyanji, Jo-
seph Muchiri, Benard Sanga and Stan-
ley Mwahanga
The media must remain stead-
fast in its watchdog role in the so-
ciety and uphold integrity and pro-
fessionalism to meet the growing
challenges, The Standard Group
Director, Print Operations Francis
Munywoki has said.
Mr Munywoki said journalists
must continue to champion best
standards in the dissemination of
information to the public.
Addressing participants during
the official re-branding and re-
launch of the Kenya Union of Jour-
nalists (KUJ) in Nairobi yesterday,
Munywoki said journalists must
be ready to address the many chal-
lenges that will come with the digi-
tal migration of the media.
Munywoki, who was represent-
ing Media Owners Association
Chairman Sam Shollei, said me-
dia owners will continue to ensure
the safety of journalists in the line
of duty.
Media owners must ensure ev-
ery journalist is secure at work so
that they can be at the forefront in
promoting good governance and
ensure there is free press, he said.
KUJ Chairman Oscar Obonyo
said the union was reaching out
to media owners to improve their
working relationship and the so-
cial-economic standards of jour-
Central Organisation of Trade
Unions Secretary General Francis
Atwoli urged media owners to re-
munerate their staff well for them
to be motivated and offer quality
Media urged
to uphold
Page 9 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 10 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Kisumu Governor Jacktone Ranguma (left) with his Siaya counterpart Cornel Rasanga and Nyando MP Fred Outa fol-
low the proceedings at the National-County Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum in Kisumu yesterday. The leaders de-
mystied GMOs as a threat to life. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
Governors, MPs in push
for lifting of ban on GMOs
Leaders aver that
use of technology
will enhance food
security and uplift
living standards
Governors and the Nation-
al Assembly have called for the
lifting of the ban on Genetically
Modified Organisms (GMOs) un-
conditionally for the sake of food
security. The two institutions said
it was important for the country
to invest in efficient agricultural
technologies that can propel it to
the next level of economic growth.
Speaking during the first Na-
tional-County Biotechnology Fo-
rum (NCBF) for shareholders
in Kisumu, the two institutions
vowed to step up their campaign
to commercialise Bt Cotton and
push for lifting of GMO ban in the
Chairman of Health and Bio-
technology Committee in the
Council of Governors Jacktone
Ranguma said to enhance food
security and uplift the living stan-
dards of Kenyans, the county lead-
ership should use technology.
Ranguma dismissed claims that
GMOs are a threat to life, stressing
that it should be up to the public to
make the decision on whether or not
to use GMOs, and not a few individ-
Emotional thinking should
not be brought into the GMO de-
bate. It is important to lay bare
facts that will enable us to make in-
formed decisions, said Ranguma.
The institutions said their trips to
Burkina Faso, South Africa and the US
revealed comparative advantage and
clear global competitiveness.
They expressed fears that the ban
on GMOs will not only harm food se-
curity efforts but also derail industri-
alisation initiatives and competitive-
ness of counties. They urged both the
national and county governments to
work towards providing a facilitative
environment for deployment of bio-
The council confirmed that na-
tional regulatory and advisory agen-
cies are committed to safe deploy-
ment of biotechnology alongside
conventional techniques which are
appropriate for the Kenyan people.
National Assembly Committee on
Agriculture Vice Chairperson Kare-
ke Mbiuki said there is need to sup-
port allocation of more resources to
the National Biosafety Authority to
enhance GMO detection and testing
Mbiuki said existing guidelines
on GMOs need to be appraised from
time to time and strengthened as nec-
essary. He said Kenya must jealously
guard the leadership role by ensuring
an enabling environment for vibrant
research on agricultural biotechnol-
ogy. All cotton-growing county gov-
ernments including Baringo, Busia,
Siaya, Kilifi, Homa Bay, Isiolo, among
others were represented.
The High Court has declined to
stop the Attorney General from re-
leasing documents relating to the An-
glo Leasing scandal to the Swiss Gov-
The records are required by the
European nation for the prosecu-
tion of three brothers alleged to have
been involved in Anglo-Leasing trans-
Justice Isaac Lenaola said the pa-
pers sought for preservation by Cha-
manlal Kamani, Deepak Kamani and
Rashmi Kamani were not within the
courts jurisdiction.
Deputy Solicitor General Muthoni
Kimani told the court the application
does not merit on grounds that the
State office was acting on mutual le-
gal assistance as requested by the AG
of the Swiss Confederation for crim-
inal consideration against the three
Kenyan citizens.
She said the State had acted be-
fore on a similar request and the same
cannot be denied through the court
The brothers have been adversely
mentioned in the request on allega-
tions of money laundering contrary to
Article 305 of the Swiss criminal code.
The trio entered several agree-
ments with the Kenyan Government
from 1999 to 2004.
They argue the request encom-
passes baseless claims that if pur-
sued would amount to a violation of
their right to a fair trial under Article
50, their right of inherent human dig-
nity under Article 28 and their right to
fair administrative action under Arti-
cle 47 of the Constitution.
The respondent has stated pub-
licly that he intends to comply with
the request in complete disregard of
the applicants rights and fundamen-
tal freedoms.
If not restrained as sought, the
respondent will make good his pub-
lic assertion and the materials the
subject matter of the request will be
transmitted outside the jurisdiction
of this honourable court, said the
brothers lawyer.
They said the court stopped the
respondent from releasing any infor-
mation, documents and reports re-
quested for by the Swiss Federal At-
torneys Office in a request for legal
assistance in criminal matters dated
June 3, pending hearing and determi-
nation of the case.
Muthoni requested the court for 14
days to reply to the petition filed by
the Kamani brothers and the matter
be heard on August 5.
Court rejects
plea on Anglo
Leasing les
Get title deeds for forests to curb encroachment, KFS ordered
The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has
been directed to get title deeds for all
forests in the country as a way of pro-
tecting them from encroachment.
Speaking during the opening of a
two-day National Participatory For-
est Management Conference in Nai-
robi yesterday, Environment Principal
Secretary Richard Lesiyampe said for-
ests have been encroached by individ-
uals who have illegally acquired title
deeds, making it difficult to improve
forest cover.
Kenya is lagging behind, with
only seven per cent forest cover. KFS
should get titles so that no other per-
son can have a title in the forest. In
its policy to protect forests, the minis-
try will work with Nyayo Tea Zones to
plant tea around the forests to avoid
encroachment, said Dr Lesiyampe.
The PS, who spoke on behalf of
Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi
Wakhungu, also called on the coun-
ty governments to establish afforesta-
tion programmes in their counties.
He said the county governments
could utilise open spaces in their re-
gions and plant trees to get addition-
al forest cover, adding that this could
also become a revenue base.
The Forest Act has been reviewed
and the Forests Management and
Conservation Bill 2014 is now about
to be presented in Parliament, he
To ensure smooth and timely deployment of biotechnology for the
beneft of Kenyans, governors agreed to formation of National-County
Biotechnology Forum
It will coordinate county biotechnology stakeholders activities that
relate to public education and awareness and delivery of genetically
modifed crop varieties for commercial production
NCBF will revitalise development of specifc critical mass of a com-
petent human capacity for biotechnology research and product devel-
opment to address society challenges, said Kisumu Governor Jack-
tone Ranguma
A member of the Kiambu County
Assembly has given liqour licensing
board members in the region a seven-
day ultimatum to act on alcoholism or
else they would be replaced. Ngewa
wards Karungo wa Thangwa said
since the boards were created in all the
12 sub-counties last year through the
Alcoholic Act, they have done nothing
to curb alcoholism and there have
been more deaths caused by people
consuming illicit brews. Thangwa
claimed the boards appear to have
been compromised.
Kenya National Union of Teachers
(Knut) wants an audit of all national
examinations certicates schools are
withholding before they are released
to former students. Knut Secretary
General Wilson Sossion (pictured)
said it would be scandalous to release
the certicates before the audit that
will also reveal how much schools are
owed. Let us do this procedurally.
We cannot just ask students to rush
to schools and pick their certicates
before knowing how much schools
are owed, he said, adding that
the release order was well intended.
A 22-year-old man who
attempted to join the police force
through dubious means has been
arraigned before a Nyeri court.
Charles Mwaniki Ndirangu was
charged with presenting a forged
KCSE certicate during the police
recruitment exercise in Nyeri
Central District, purporting it to be
a genuine certicate issued by the
exam council. He denied the charges
before Nyeri Principal Magistrate
Phillip Mutua and was released on a
Sh300,000 bond with one surety of
a similar amount. The case will be
heard on July 29.
An organisation of persons living
with disabilities has embarked on plans
to construct a Sh15 million facility to
cater for people with special needs in
Kiambaa, Kiambu County. Inter-regions
Disability Organisation plans to build a
nursery, primary and secondary schools
as well as a vocational training centre
where physically challenged persons can
get occupational training. James Chege,
the chairman of the organisations
Kiambaa branch said the project will be
completed in two years.
MCA asks board to
address alcoholism
Knut calls for audit of
held exam certicates
Youth charged over
bogus KCSE papers
Sh15m special needs school
to be built in Kiambu
Page 11 NATIONAL NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
AMKA and Femrite anthologies, The
New Inquiry, Kwani?, Saraba Maga-
zine, and Africa Writing Online.
Another Kenyan, Billy Kahora, who
is the managing editor of the Kenyan
literary journal Kwani? also made it to
the short-list of five candidates for his
story The Gorillas Apprentice pub-
lished in Granta.
Other finalists were South Africas
Diane Awerbuck, Zambias Efemia
Chela and Zimbabwes Tendai Huchu.
The winner of the Caine Prize gets
an opportunity to take up a months
residence at Georgetown University,
as a Writer-in-Residence at the Lan-
nan Centre for Poetics and Social
To mark the 15th anniversary of
the prize, each short-listed writer will
also receive 500 (Sh74,837).
The winner received an invitation
to the Open Book Festival in Cape
Town in September, the Storymoja
Hay Festival in Nairobi and the Ake
Festival in Nigeria.
Kenyan writer beats
ve African authors
to win Caine Prize
Oduor scoops Sh1.5
million award and
ticket for book festivals
in Cape Town, Nairobi
and Nigeria
Kenyan author Okwiri Oduor is the
2014 Caine Prize for African Writing
winner, beating strong competition
from experienced writers from across
the continent to scoop the Sh1.5 mil-
lion (10,000) award.
Her short story, My Fathers Head
from an anthology titled Feast, Fam-
ine and Potluck was judged the best at
an award ceremony last night.
Oduor, who is now working on
her first novel, received the award at
a dinner in Oxford Universitys Bodle-
ian Library in the presence of authors,
publishers and diplomats.
Now in its 15th year, the annual
event celebrates short stories written
by African authors published in En-
My Fathers Head explores the
narrators difficulty in dealing with
the loss of her father and looks at the
themes of memory, loss and loneli-
The chair of the judges panel,
Jackie May, said: Okwiri Oduor is a
writer we are all really excited to have
discovered. My Fathers Head is an
uplifting story about mourning. She
exercises an extraordinary amount of
control and yet the story is subtle, ten-
der and moving. It is a story you want
to return to the minute you finish it.
Born in Nairobi, Oduor directed
the inaugural Writivism Literary Fes-
tival in Kampala, Uganda in August
Her novella, The Dream Chasers,
was highly commended in the Com-
monwealth Book Prize, 2012.
She is a 2014 MacDowell Colony
fellow and is currently working on her
debut novel. Her work has been pub-
lished in such diverse platforms as
A section of The National Alliance party law-
makers have recorded statements with the po-
lice in Nairobi over claims of hate speech.
Mary Wambui (Othaya), Francis Waititu (Ju-
ja) and Kareke Mbiuki (Maara) recorded their
statements at Central Police Station.
They denied making statements that quali-
fy as hate speech at a rally in Nairobis Muthur-
wa area recently.
The Standard established that the three, out
of eight, were grilled on Friday.
More MPs including Maina Kamanda (Stare-
he) are expected to record statements today.
Kamanda said he had been out of the coun-
try and he returned on Monday to learn some of
his colleagues had been grilled.
We are in the process of taking statements
from the MPs as per the directive of the Direc-
tor of Public Prosecutions before we return the
file to his office, Central head of CID Nehemia
Bitok said yesterday.
Kamanda, Wambui and six others have been
accused of making inflammatory statements
during a rally at Muthurwa market last month.
The others include Chege Njoroge (Kasa-
rani), Ben Mutura (Makadara), Richard Tongi
(Nyaribari Chache), Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu)
and George Theuri (Embakasi West).
It emerged officials from the National Cohe-
sion and Integration Commission were also in-
vestigating the case.
A section of
Jubilee MPs at
market in
Nairobi on June
17 where they
are alleged to
have uttered
hate speech
while criticising
CORDs plan to
organise Saba
Saba rally in the
city. [PHOTO:FILE]
MPs record statements over hate speech
to debate
to have
work on
Last year, the Caine Prize was won by Nigerian
writer Tope Folarin.
Other previous winners are Sudans Leila Aboulela
(2000), Nigerian Helon Habila (2001), Kenyan Bin-
yavanga Wainaina (2002), Kenyan Yvonne Owuor
(2003), Zimbabwean Brian Chikwava (2004), Nige-
rian Segun Afolabi (2005), South African Mary Wat-
son (2006), Ugandan Monica Arac de Nyeko (2007),
South African Henrietta Rose-Innes (2008), Nigeri-
an EC Osondu (2009), Sierra Leonean Olufemi Terry
(2010), Zimbabwean NoViolet Bulawayo (2011), and
Nigerian Tope Folarin (2013).
The Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board
(JMVB) is set to move to the Supreme Court
to challenge a decision by lower courts to give
sacked judicial officers a lifeline.
Chairman Sharad Rao faulted the Court of
Appeal for upholding the High Courts decision
that the board had no powers to handle com-
plaints against legal officers arising after the
promulgation of the Constitution.
The board averred affected judges and mag-
istrates had attended the vetting process and
had not raised any objection regarding the date
against which their suitability was evaluated.
Corruption cannot have a timeline and the
board believes it has a duty to all Kenyans to en-
sure the person being certified as suitable is in-
deed suitable as at the date that certification is
made. Any other interpretation of the finding of
suitability would be a sham and a whitewash of
the process, submitted the board.
The Kenya Magistrates and Judges Associa-
tion (KMJA) had moved to the High Court seek-
ing to have all judges and magistrates found
unsuitable by the vetting board based on ac-
cusations raised after the enactment of the su-
preme law reinstated, which was granted. The
board appealed the decision.
KMJA told High Court judge Mumbi Ngugi
the board had investigated the conduct, acts,
omissions and information about judicial offi-
cers arising after August 27, 2010 when the Con-
stitution became law, contrary to the provision
of the law.
Appellate judges Gatembu Kairu, Kathuri-
ma MInoti and Agnes Murgor upheld the court
ruling, saying the board was restricted to com-
plaints before the promulgation of the Consti-
Board opposes move to recall judges
Page 12 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
seen the due diligence you conducted
on the companies. If it emerges that
you awarded the consultancy to the
same people, it will be a big scandal,
said Kamanda.
Cecily Mbarire (Runyenjes) said it
was important that the names of the
people behind the two local compa-
nies forming the consortium be re-
vealed for the sake of transparency.
What are the names and national-
ities of the individuals behind the
firms? she asked.
According to the submissions
made before the committee, TSDI is
owned by China Railway Construc-
tion investment Company, which is
owned by China Railway Corporation.
The remaining 30 per cent is owned
by China Railway Group Limited.
Ijira MP Abbas Ibrahim claimed
that TSDI is an appendage of CRBC
and that there is risk of poor super-
vision of the project as a result of the
The moment you are owned by
the same entity, you are one and the
same. They have been following CRBC
wherever they go, he claimed.
One of the companies that lost in
the tender, Teams Engineering SPA
has filed a judicial review applica-
tion at the High Court challenging
the award on grounds of conflict of
Maina promised to reveal the iden-
tities of the shareholders of the enti-
ties next week. We are going to sup-
ply the names of the shareholders. We
will ask them to swear affidavits that
the companies are their own, and do
not belong to other people, he said.
Police hiring
faulted over
graft claims

MPs have raised questions
over the manner in which the po-
lice recruitment exercise was car-
ried out and demanded answers
from the Government.
The legislators claimed the ex-
ercise was marred by irregulari-
ties, including corruption.
Chris Wamalwa (Kimilili)
claimed the exercise had taken
the familiar pattern of unfairness
in terms of regions and gender.
These are the issues that I would
have expected Interior Cabinet
Secretary Joseph ole Lenku to
answer now that Cabinet secre-
taries are allowed to respond to
members questions. Skewed hir-
ing in terms of regions and gen-
der has been witnessed, he told
the House.
Nandi Hills MP Alfred Ket-
er claimed the exercise was not
transparent and that some qual-
ified candidates had been disen-
He claimed that among those
affected were Muslim youths who
had been denied a chance to join
the force due to their religion.
The exercise was marred by cor-
ruption, bias against Muslims,
flimsy medical grounds and was
unfairly distributed, he claimed.
He called for suspension of the
exercise until the issues raised
by various stakeholders are ad-
Speaker Justin Muturi termed
the issue as urgent and direct-
ed the Leader of Majority, Adan
Duale to provide an answer to
the questions raised by Wamalwa.
He also told him to seek the assis-
tance of the Ethics and Anti-Cor-
ruption Commission on the graft
cases that were reported during
the exercise.
Leaders face
contempt case
Embu Speaker Justus Kariuki
Mate and County Clerk Jim Kauma
will today appear before the Court
of Appeal in Nyeri to defend them-
selves against contempt of court
charges brought against them.
The appeal filed by the two
leaders in May emanates from a
Kerugoya High Court judgment
dated April 16, which reinstated
Governor Martin Wambora after
his impeachment.
The two leaders are accused
of violating a court directive bar-
ring them from debating Wam-
boras impeachment before brief-
ing him on the allegation levelled
against him.
The High Court had begun
hearing the case.
MPs demand to
know people in
railway deal
MPs have demanded to know the
identities of people behind two local
companies hired by the Government
to provide consultancy and support
services in the construction of the
Mombasa-Nairobi standard gauge
railway line.
The House committee on Trans-
Concerns raised that
both Edon Consultants
International and Apec
Consortium rms are
related to CRBC
port, Public Works and Housing wants
the identities of the shareholders of
Edon Consultants International and
Apec Consortium revealed.
Kenya Railways Managing Di-
rector Athanas Maina was asked to
provide details of the faces behind
the companies, with concerns being
raised that the firms may have been
awarded the contracts in disregard of
due diligence requirements.
The two companies are part of a
consortium that also includes The
Third Railway Survey Design In-
stitute Group Corporation (TSDI),
which is a sister company to China
Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).
Committee chairman Maina Kaman-
da warned that any such possibility
would have grave consequences. We
want to believe the consultancy firms
are not related to CRBC. We have not
Former Karachuonyo MP and
Planning minister Dr Paul Adhu Aw-
iti is dead.
Karachuonyo MP James Rege, who
is the late Awitis cousin, confirmed
that the former minister succumbed
to prostrate cancer at Avenue Hospi-
tal in Kisumu, where he had been ad-
mitted last week.
I have been with him through-
out his stay at Nairobi Hospital until
last week, when former Prime Min-
ister Raila Odinga suggested that he
be flown to Kisumu from where he
could recuperate at Avenue Hospi-
tal, he said.
Raila sent a condolence message
to the family, describing the late Aw-
iti as a staunch believer in the possi-
bility of a better, more equal, just, fair
and free Kenya, as he worked relent-
lessly for it.
Dr Awitis role in what has be-
come known as the Second Liberation
is well-documented, he said.
Raila said as Planning minister be-
tween 2001 and 2002, Dr Awiti was a
great proponent of trade as opposed
to aid, as the basis for development.
He also made a passionate case
for devolution of resources, power
and services, and therefore laid the
foundation for what we enjoy today,
he added.
Rege condoled the family, saying
Awitis passing was not only a blow to
his family but also to Homa Bay coun-
ty and the Orange Democratic Move-
Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti
was among the first leaders to arrive
at Avenue Hospital upon learning of
Awitis demise.
Awiti was born in 1939 in Kara-
chuonyo village, Homa Bay County.
A State agency has asked the
Government to fund the revival
of the railway network from pub-
lic sources, saying this was the
only way to reduce tariffs.
Rift Valley Railways (RVR)
Chief Executive Officer Darlan
De David said the current pro-
grammes to turn around the sec-
tor were being financed from ex-
pensive private capital, which
impacts heavily on the cost of
transport for the importers.
Co-funding from less expen-
sive public sources in the true
spirit of public-private partner-
ship would reduce the high cost
of private capital that gets reflect-
ed in tariffs and speed up the re-
alisation of our common goal of
building a robust railway net-
work to boost trade and prosper-
ity in the region, said Mr David.
He said infrastructure im-
provements being undertaken
were entering into the balance
sheet of the Government as it is
the owner of the railway infra-
structure that RVR manages.
The RVR boss was speaking in
Mariakani, Kilifi County, during
the launch of two high-capaci-
ty track maintenance machines
that will automate and hasten
track restoration.
David said the two ma-
chines, the Ballast tamper and
Ballast profiler, acquired at a cost
of Sh200 million, will significant-
ly improve track stability and res-
RVR asks
State to fund
rail network
Former Planning minister Awiti succumbs to cancer
Edon Consultants International and Apec
Consortium are part of a consortium that
includes The Third Railway Survey Design
Institute Group Corporation, which is a sister
company to China Road and Bridge Corpora-
tion (CRBC). Maina Kamanda (right) warned
that any such possibility would have grave
We want to believe that the consultancy
frms are not related to CRBC. We have not
seen the due diligence you conducted on the
companies. If it emerges that you awarded
the consultancy to the same people, people
will go to jail, said Kamanda
Laying foundation
Students of
the Defence
ate Scheme of
the British
Army dig the
foundation for
the construc-
tion of a
modern court
for seating vol-
ley ball at
Afraha Open
Grounds in
Nakuru town
yesterday. The
project is
funded by
DTUS at a cost
of Sh700,000
Abroad Kenya,
a non-govern-
Page 13 NATIONAL NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Commissioners at the Salaries
and Remuneration Commission
(SRC) will get improved perks and
better terms of service if an omnibus
amendment Bill is passed by Parlia-
SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem
and other commissioners could al-
so be engaged to work on a full-time
basis if proposals contained in the
Statute Law Miscellaneous (Amend-
ment) Bill 2014 are approved by the
If the amendments sail through,
the pay for the SRC boss and com-
missioners will be enhanced to be
commensurate with the demanding
assignments that require them to be
in office daily.
Delete and substitute there-
fore the following new subsection
- (3) The members of the Commis-
sion shall serve - (a) in the case of
the chairperson and the members
appointed under Article 230(2)(b),
on full-time basis, read the amend-
Currently, the chairperson earns
Sh640,000, plus a sitting allowance
of Sh50,000 per session, with a max-
Serem team to earn more in new Bill
Proposals seek to have
commissioners work
on a full-time basis and
have their pay equal to
the work they handle
imum of eight sittings per month.
The proposals further seek to
cushion the commissions chair from
political intimidation directed at the
office, notably by politicians. Serem
particularly came under attack from
legislators both at the national and
county assemblies in their fight for
improved pay.
Yesterday, Serem said last year
they had made recommendations to
the National Assembly to be allowed
to work full-time, but declined to give
more details on their proposals.
I have not looked at the amend-
ments myself but I recall we made
submissions on that line last year,
although they were not honoured
then, she said.
The Statute Law Miscellaneous
(Amendment) Bill 2014 seeks to en-
sure the chair and the seven oth-
er commissioners operate on a full-
time basis for a non-renewable term
of six years.
Interestingly, commissioners
handle their other private matters,
including attending to formal em-
ployment demands, and this often
affects service delivery at the critical
body that sets remuneration rates for
State officers and public service em-
There is one person each nomi-
nated by the Parliamentary Service
Commission; Public Service Com-
mission; Judicial Service Commis-
sion; Teachers Service Commission;
National Police Service Commission;
Defence Council; and the Senate, on
behalf of county governments who
serve as SRC commissioners.
Residents of Ronda estate in Nakuru County assess the damage after a man
and his son succumbed to injuries when a quarry collapsed and buried them
while they were excavating. Three other men escaped with minor injuries.
Death after quarry caves in
The Kenya Revenue Authority
(KRA) failed in its statutory mandate
by not collecting taxes from MPs in
the last Parliament, the High Court
has heard.
Lawyer Anthony Oluoch for Rev
Timothy Njoya told Justice Isaac
Lenaola the revenue agency should
produce documents showing mem-
bers of the 10th Parliament paid taxes.
Mr Oluoch wants the MPs who sat
in the House to be compelled to pay
their dues, saying KRA would have
more than Sh1.3 billion in the five-
year span.
He said KRA could easily produce
documents showing the amount col-
lected over the years.
The information sought is in the
hands of Kenya Revenue Authority.
If KRA recovered taxes from the 222
MPs, then it would produce them be-
fore this court. It is mandated to col-
lect taxes from legislators too, Olu-
och said.
But KRA lawyer Ado Moses argued
no evidence was produced before the
court to show it had failed to collect
the taxes.
Officers in KRA are administered
to an oath of secrecy and the only in-
cidence where tax information can be
sought and disclosed is only when it is
necessary to effect income tax Act or
in a prosecution of an offence related
to taxes, he said.
Njoya wants
former MPs to
remit taxes
Floor, Anniversary Towers,
University Way
P.O. Box 69489 - 00400, Nairobi
TEL. NOS. +254202278000, 0711052000
0722 205292, 0733 205292
Fax: 2252330
Working with you to fnance higher education now and in the future
TENDER REF: HELB/T/01/2014 2015
The Higher Education Loans Board is a state corporation whose mandate is to source for funds and provide loans,
scholarships and bursaries to Kenyans studying in recognized institutions of higher learning.
HELB invites sealed tenders from interested, eligible and registered Insurance Brokers for the Provision of the Credit
Insurance for Postgraduate Loanees. Interested Insurance Brokerage rms may obtain further information and inspect
the tender documents at the Procurement ofce on 18
oor of Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi during
normal working hours or visit our website
A complete tender document may be obtained by interested candidates upon payment of a non- refundable fee of
Kshs.1,000.00 in cash or bankers cheque payable to the Higher Education Loans Board operational account no.
1104823047 at Kenya Commercial Bank, University Way Branch. Bidders who shall download the tender document
from our website not need to pay for the tender document but are required to submit their contact
details to the procurement ofce in case of further tender addendum.
One (1) original and one (1) copy of completed tender documents are to be enclosed in a plain sealed envelope clearly
marked Tender Number HELB/T/01/2014 2015: PROVISION OF CREDIT INSURANCE should be deposited in the
Tender Box at Anniversary Towers, 19
oor along University Way or be addressed to:-
The C.E.O & Board Secretary,
Higher Education Loans Board,
P. O. Box 69489 00400, Nairobi
so as to be received on or before Wednesday 30
July 2014 at 11.00 a.m. Tenders will be opened immediately
thereafter in the presence of the candidates representatives who choose to attend at 11.15 a.m. at the main Boardroom
on 19
oor, Anniversary Towers, University Way.
All tenders must be accompanied by a tender security of 2% of the contract sum and attached to the original
tender document, clearly marked Tender Security in the form of a bank guarantee, bankers cheque or from
insurance companies authorized to transact in bid bonds and valid for a period of 120 days from the date of opening
of the tender. Please note that any tender that shall not be accompanied by a tender security shall be deemed to be
non-responsive and disqualied.
CEO & Board Secretary
Page 14 / EDITORIAL Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Who will serve justice to
victims of 2007/08 PEV?
The Standard is printed and published by the proprietors,
Newsdesk: 3222111
Fax: 2213108
Group Managing Editor (Print): Kipkoech Tanui
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper.
Streamlining civil service welcome, but calls for caution
Amnesty International yesterday released a report on the
ignominy of the 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya
that left more than 1,000 people dead and hundreds of thou-
sands displaced.
The report is a witness account from people who direct-
ly bore the brunt of the attacks.
There are those who will feel that this is not the time to
dredge up past memories.
That the victims should accept and move on. Yet there
are compelling reasons to warrant considering the recom-
mendations made in the report.
The report indicts the Government for failing to conduct
proper investigations that would lead to the conviction of
the perpetrators of the heinous crimes.
It is because of this that Amnesty International feels that
the Government has gone out of its way to defeat justice.
For, besides President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy Wil-
liam Ruto and journalist Joshua arap Sang who are facing
crimes against humanity charges at the International Crim-
inal Court at The Hague, there are more than 4,000 case files
on the post-election violence, with the Director of Public
Prosecutions claiming that those lack evidential proof to
sustain prosecution. The cases at the ICC might drag on for
a long time before they are concluded and even then, con-
viction is not a guarantee.
It is sad that six years later, nobody has been convicted
for the atrocities. It is as if no one was killed or any proper-
ty destroyed.
The Kenyan authorities, says the report, have failed to
conduct thorough investigations into the serious crimes
committed during the violence, and impunity remains per-
This feeds to the assumption that though camps for the
internally displaced persons were closed down by the Gov-
ernment, there is still a feeling that not much has been do-
ne to avoid a repeat in future. That what the Government
has done is simply to paper over the cracks.
That is unfortunate.
Much needs to be done to turn the wheels of justice and
serve justice to victims of the 2007/08 senseless killings and
destruction of property.
On Monday, Devolution Cabinet Secretary
Anne Waiguru launched the Capacity Assess-
ment and Rationalisation Programme aimed
at restructuring and making the Civil Service
more productive.
This programme aims at assessing compe-
tence with a view to re-train, redeploy or trans-
fer staff to other areas where they could excel.
It should not, however, be lost on many that
the underlying reason behind all this could be
the concern over an unsustainable public wage
President Uhuru Kenyatta has time and
again decried the fact that remuneration con-
sumes 55 per cent of the countrys revenue.
The tried and tested way all over the world is
to put a freeze on employment, retrenchment
and early retirement. In essence, therefore, the
implication is that there could be layoffs de-
spite all the assurances to the contrary. The
danger of coerced retirement before the man-
datory retirement age is real in such a scenar-
io. Some could be victimised as well.
The need for efficiency and competence in
the public service, long considered a den of
corruption, cannot be over-emphasised. The
general rot in the public service as evidenced
by the activities that used to bedevil the Lands
ministry, call for radical surgery.
The imbalances in staffing at several de-
partments and in ministries are a direct con-
sequence of nepotism and corruption. These
are some of the practices that must be guard-
ed against even as the Government seeks to
maintain a balance and induce some sense of
work ethic into the slimy, wasteful bureaucra-
cy that is Kenyas Civil Service.
First, transfers may be resisted by some em-
ployees and there is the attendant risk of some
being fired for refusal to report to their new
work stations. Redeployment may as well be
counter-productive if in the process lethargy
sets in.
The best chance for improving the civil ser-
vice is in the retraining programme. The Gov-
ernments willingness to have its workforce un-
dergo re-training to help it keep in touch with
the ever-changing trends in service provision
is what remains to be seen. All these measures
must be undertaken in a humane manner.
Some of the affected employees may have gen-
uine reasons, like medical grounds, for oppos-
ing transfers.
Considering that counties are semi-auton-
omous, the idea of redeploying public servants
to the counties may cause friction with the
county governments.
Will these workers be on secondment since
counties have their own recruitment policies
and advertise for local jobs? Modalities for ef-
fecting staff transfers between the national and
the county governments must be legally estab-
Austerity measures in a bid to trim down
the wage bill should be applied both horizon-
tally and vertically.
The tendency has been to punish the com-
mon worker while there is more wastage at the
top and the middle levels than at the bottom
where a majority of the workers earn a pit-
tance. In truth, legislators and chief executives
in the public service draw huge salaries and al-
lowances that cannot be justified.
We shall take the Government on its own
word and believe there will be no layoffs.
Layoffs in Government tend to have a spill-
over effect that might affect workers in the in-
formal and private sectors because Govern-
ment remains the biggest business partner for
For a nation still groggy from the barrage
of revelations concerning government
snooping, yesterdays announcement of a
new surveillance law will foster the suspicion
that, once again, the rights of civilians to
communicate in private have been elbowed
aside in favour of a voracious security
state. There is indeed cause for mistrust
but it concerns the manner of the laws
introduction, and less so the measures it
contains. A whos who of public enemies
from Isis to child abusers was cited by David
Cameron to justify bringing in emergency
legislation that will shore up the power of
government bodies to gather data on British
Jennifer Lopez probably didnt expect to be
overlooked when she sang at the World Cup
opening ceremony, dressed to stop traf c in
a spangled leotard with more cutouts than
fabric. But some fans may not even remember
she was there. Thats because alongside her
was American rapper Pitbull, who from the
waist down was attired in what appeared to be
a single coat of white paint. What he actually
had on were trousers that were tighter than
a tourniquet. They were conspicuous for
sitting high on his waist and ending abruptly
mid-shin, but what people really noticed was
their unusually snug t. A commentator at
The Washington Post addressed the rapper to
inquire exactly how are you breathing.
False equivalence in the media giving
equal weight to unsupported or even
discredited claims for the sake of appearing
impartial is not unusual. But a major media
organization taking meaningful steps to do
something about it is. Earlier this month,
the BBCs governing body issued a report
assessing the BBCs impartiality in covering
scientic topics. When it comes to an issue like
climate change, the report concluded, not all
viewpoints share the same amount of scientic
substance. Giving equal time and weight to a
wide range of arguments without regard to
their credibility risks creating a false balance
in the public debate.
Surveillance versus snooping The uncomfortable prospect False balance in the media
Page 15 OPINION / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Some real action at last! Better
late than never. Thats good,
smoke them out and give them
a taste of their own medicine.
Reports have it that Kenya Air
Force jets pummelled suspected
criminal hideouts in the Gorji and
Belasange forests in Lamu Coun-
ty. That must come as a relief for
residents of the county who have
been living on edge. Go for them.
We want back our peace!
There has been too much death
from imbibing too much illicit
brews. Well, Mr John Mututho
of Nacada isnt doing a good job
of stopping Kenyans from killing
themselves. Now he blames the
Kenya Revenue Authority. Embu
County appears to have taken
the initiative to face this monster
head-on. After being in the news
for all the bad reasons, this is a
good cause. A bill proposes to
ne persons found brewing liquor
Sh2 million. That will serve them
right. Who needs their poison
Gosh, this is a ne one! A typical
case of lawmakers becoming law
breakers, and leading from the
front! Incensed by the demolition
of kiosks allegedly on the order
of the governor, thereby not only
destroying peoples property
but their livelihoods as well, two
MPs, David Gikara and Samuel
Arama led residents in destroying
owers the governor had planted
where the kiosks used to be.
Is that how you empower your
people, Mr Governor? Is that how
to resolve disputes, honourable
MPs? Bully for you both.
Deputy President William Ruto
is quickly acquiring a new title:
the rejectionist. Every time he
appears in the news, which
is quite often, he is rejecting
one thing or another. He never
seems to agree with anybody
except the bossman
himself. And if it
is the Opposition
raising the issue,
even if it is good,
well, you know the
answer. The West
Africans have a say-
ing: Sometimes it might pay to
listen to a mad man rant because
you could learn something useful
Some things just cannot escape
the weird tag. A few days ago,
the police carried
out a national
exercise. Now,
what is it they look
for in the mouths
of recruits? Is it
the dental formula or to simply
conrm that they can actually
bite at some point if push comes
to shove? What is the logic
behind having half-naked guys
run around a eld? And what has
standing on one leg got to do
with the ability to arrest crimi-
nals? Beats us, really.
We live in a digital age, where
information is just the click of a
button away. Internet access al-
lows anyone unfettered access to
all kinds of information.
As a result, management of so-
cial sites and content found on
search engines is fast becoming of
great legal significance and new
causes of action and jurispru-
dence are fast developing.
Articles and other news items
published as far back as the 1980s
can be accessed from online ar-
chives through a simple search on
the internet. The question howev-
er is, what happens if the content
of these publications becomes
outdated and inaccurate.
In Europe, the right to be for-
gotten has received a lot of atten-
tion in relation to its close ties to
the right to privacy.
Just this year, the European
Court of Justice ruled against
Google in a case brought by a
Spanish man who had requested
the removal of a link to a digitised
article dating back to 1988. The ar-
ticle was about an auction for his
foreclosed house, for a debt which
he had subsequently paid.
The court held that search en-
gines were responsible for the
content they put out and as such
it was upon them to take down of-
fending data upon request by an
individual who is the subject of
the content. The European Union
is currently working on reforms
on the data protection regulations
and directives that will harmonise
and make uniform and strong da-
ta protection laws.
In the US case of Melvin vs. Re-
id, the court held that any person
living a life of rectitude had a right
to happiness and freedom from
attacks on his character and social
standing. Essentially, a person has
the right to have their past mis-
conducts forgotten especially
when they have reformed.
Argentinean models, actresses
and athletes have also brought
some two hundred lawsuits
against Google and Yahoo de-
manding the removal of internet
search results and links to photo-
graphs on grounds that the search
results improperly associate their
photographs with prostitution
and pornography.
Criminal offenders in Germa-
ny who have served their sentenc-
es and have later been released
have in the past sued media out-
lets demanding that they take
down news stories from their on-
line archives or at the very least
delete their full names mentioned
in the articles. The argument is
that upon release the news re-
ports would have adverse effects
on their lives since once land-
lords, employers and even ac-
quaintances knew their names
they would easily find out about
their convictions and these for-
mer convicts would suffer untold
stigma. Some of these cases have
been successful. The right to be
Childbirth is usually a period
of great joy to the mother and
families. However, at times, com-
plications arise in this supposed-
ly normal process. Complications
occur in about 15-20 per cent of
the deliveries hence the need to
deliver under a skilled birth atten-
The complications which can
occur include: childbirth injuries
of which some are quite severe.
Examples of childbirth inju-
ries that may occur to the birth
canal during delivery include per-
ineal tears, injuries to pelvic mus-
cles, urine and stool inconti-
nence. Unrepaired perineal tears
and injuries to the pelvic floor
muscles may cause laxity and this
may become a source of great
misery to ones love life.
Urine and stool incontinence
usually arises because of a child
birth injury called obstetric fistu-
la. Secondly, it is preventable and
thirdly it can be successfully
treated in most cases.
Obstetric fistula is a very devas-
tating childbirth injury that de-
velops because of prolonged and
neglected labour which becomes
obstructed. If ceaserean section is
not accessible, there is destruc-
tion of vaginal tissue making a
hole (fistula) to develop between
the bladder and birth canal. Con-
sequently, urine leaks continu-
Maternal health: Obstetric stula can be treated
is a very
injury that
of prolon-
ged and
ously through the hole. When the
same damage occurs between the
rectum and the birth canal, feac-
es leak continuously from the rec-
tum to the birth canal.
Labour is said to be prolonged
if it takes more than 24 hours. Ma-
jority of the patients with fistula
often report to have laboured for
three-five days at home under as-
sistance of relatives or traditional
birth attendants.
In most of the cases (95 per
cent) the babies are born dead.
While the causation of the fistula
is clear as stated above many fis-
tula victims attribute this condi-
tion to witchcraft while others
wrongly blame the caesarian sec-
tion done to save their lives.
The story which follows after this
injury is terrible. First the baby is
dead, secondly urine leaks con-
tinuously without control day
and night.
The victims are wet all the
time and stink like urinals. Since
these women are usually poor,
they use old clothes or pieces of
old mattresses as diapers. They
stop going to public places like
markets and churches because
they smell. It becomes difficult to
engage in any meaningful eco-
nomic activities because of stig-
ma associated with leakage. In a
number of cases, they get sepa-
rated, divorced, face domestic vi-
olence or some husbands marry
another wife. They become social
outcasts and as a result of stress
they end up with depression, life
becomes horrible and some com-
mit suicide.
This is one of the worst child-
birth injuries a woman can have.
There are many women in Kenya
living with obstetric fistula. In
most places where I have visited
to perform repairs the number of
fistula victims has been over-
whelming. In Kenya, we estimate
there are about 300,000 women
living with fistula.
It is also estimated that 1,000
new fistulas develop yearly in
Kenya largely because most
women in Kenya deliver at home
or go to hospital too late after
failed home delivery.
These women lack awareness
about availability of treatment
and some have lived with fistula
for a very longtime. The good
news is that fistula can be treated.
Cure can be achieved in most cas-
However, there are a number
of challenges when it comes to
treatment. Some of the challeng-
es include: lack of awareness, a
handful of surgeon swho repair
fistula and high cost of repair.
Can Fistula be prevented?
Obstetric fistula is 100 per
cent preventable. Obstetric fistu-
la is rare in the developed coun-
tries due to the wide availability
of caesarian section. Presence of
Obstetric fistula is an indicator
that maternal health services and
the general health of the popula-
tion is wanting.The current Gov-
ernment policy on free maternity
services, if well implemented, will
go a long way to prevent obstetric
fistula and generally improve ma-
ternal health. However, this alone
is not sufficient.
Industrialisation, economic
development and education of
women hold the key to eradica-
tion of obstetric fistula in Kenya
health in general. Implementa-
tion of vision 2030 will improve
maternal health in Kenya.
Kenyatta National Hospital in
collaboration with Freedom from
Fistula foundation and Flying
Doctor Society of Africa is cur-
rently holding a two-week free
national VVF camp for women
with obstetric fistula from July
4-18. I urge all women all over the
country with fistula (leakage of
urine or stool following delivery)
to come for treatment.
A Google
search of
cha would
yield re-
sults such
as the
serial kil-
ler or the
mystery of
a man who
kills as a
Digital media and right to be forgotten
forgotten is a concept that reflects
the right of an individual to have
certain data deleted or erased
from the internet. It has some-
times been referred to as the right
to silence on past events that are
no longer occurring.
Essentially this entitles indi-
viduals to delete or request the
deletion of information, videos or
photographs about themselves
from the internet to stop them
from showing up on search en-
A Google search of Onyan-
cha would yield results such as
the Kenyan serial killer or the
mystery of a man who kills as a
pastime, despite the fact that
there are several other people
who share the same name.
Issues such as these have led
to lawsuits in countries such as
Germany, citing laws on suppres-
sion of criminals names in news
accounts especially once they
have been released from custody.
Kenyan law enforcement
agencies and the media are in the
habit of psyching peoples emo-
tions in high-profile cases with
images of accused persons being
brought to court in handcuffs, all
captured on the internet. Most of
these cases dwindle into oblivion
and some of the accused are ac-
quitted but the initial reports live
on for eternity. Is all this fair?
The Constitution of Kenya
guarantees the right to privacy in
relation to an individuals infor-
mation and communications and
by extension, the right to be for-
The right to be forgotten may
be worth exploring when it comes
to dealings with institutions such
as the Credit Reference Bureau.
There are numerous cases where
individuals have been listed as
defaulters long after they have
settled their financial obligations.
Over the years, Kenya has strug-
gled to enact legislation to deal
with data protection, an area of
law that can no longer be ignored,
but to no avail.
Although the government has
tried to put in place a few systems
to ensure there is a semblance of
a regulatory framework, it is high
time legislation on data protec-
tion was passed by Parliament.
Matters of privacy captured by
the right to be forgotten must be
taken into account, in a country
that has put a lot of emphasis on
the rights and freedoms of its cit-
It is also of great interest to
speculate if a new civil wrong
(tort) has been born and if dam-
ages can be claimed by those of-
fended, even though at the mo-
ment the matter is being
primarily handled as a funda-
mental human rights issue.
Mr Bowry is an advocate of the
High Court of Kenya
The writer is a consultant
obstetrician/ gynaecologist and
fistula surgeon, Kenyatta
National Hospital
Page 16 / READERS DIALOGUE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Follow us!

State wants to deploy KDF
without MPs say: Having the
military take on police functions
shows that police have failed in their
mandate and indicates governments
lack of will to reform and build the
capacity of the police service so
that it can efectively do its job. The
military is not trained in policing
but they are trained to protect our
borders from external aggressions.
Lessons learnt from other countries
around the world is that when
the military gets involved in
internal security matters, they
tend to undermine constitutional
democracy and entrench military
democracy. Kenyans must ght
to keep the military of matters
security internally, unless we want to
militarise the country. Moses Ian
I support the move since those
terrorists are sophisticated. If police
are left to deal with them, Kenya will
become like Nigeria. Those terrorists
will gain momentum just like boko
haram. Paul Xisary
This is disrespecting the Constitution
in the same way they did to Anglo
Leasing. Musa Thiongo
Ababu calls on Uhuru to sack
security chiefs: I witnessed
what happened yesterday at the
police recruitment centres and I
can honestly say Kenya will never
be secure if the tendency of people
using corruption to get into the police
service is not dealt with. We must
ght to give chances to only those
who had that passion to serve as
security persons as a career. If not
then criminals will still be better and
smarter than our security team. Desai
Some of our leaders mean it, while
others are spending sleepless nights
just thinking how to divide people.
Margaret Kagoro
Its true what they say, some animals
are more equal than others. I have
been screaming myself hoarse about
this issue but not even a single mad
man noticed! Ababu says it once and
he has himself a headline. Moral:
nobody cares what you say. Frank Bob
Kenya Ports in trouble over
unexplained huge spending:
Till when is corruption going to stop
draining our nation? Something
needs to be done lest we lose all the
gains we have made in the past. The
President should act fast to crack
down on corrupt of cials in any
parastatal. TimWekuke
We all have a role in saving
Kenya from brink of collapse
Post-independence Kenyan
governments have been spectacu-
lar failures.
The bitter truth, which leaves
many Kenyans distraught, is that
half a century after independence,
we are still battling ignorance, pov-
erty, disease and above all, a mas-
sive wave of corruption.
It is sad that we are yet to free
our souls from negative ethnicity,
tribalism, nepotism and dozens of
other vices normally associated
with failed states. Regime after re-
gime, governance has proved to be
a persistent, consistent and insis-
tent nightmare.
Nevertheless, we can all play a
role in reviving our beloved country
from the brink of collapse. Each
one of us has a responsibility to
straighten things out once and for
all. It is time to be true to our cher-
ished tenets and ideals as a people.
It is time to restore sanity and em-
brace political tolerance, sobriety
and help lift our beloved country
back to its footing.
The most crucial ingredient of
liberating the nation is reawaken-
ing the nation into a highly charged
spirit of patriotism. A patriot will
fight to death to protect his or her
country. Once we do that, corrupt
tendencies among our law enforc-
ers will be a thing of the past. Our
borders will no longer be infiltrated
by our adversaries. Grenades and il-
legal firearms wont end up in the
wrong hands and all of us will be
free to move and interact without
any fear and everyone will respect
and abide by the law.
We have one of the most awe-in-
spiring Constitutions on the conti-
nent, yet it lacks one simple unwrit-
ten rule: Thou shall obey all the
other rules.
Such a superior legislation, with
the help of the now-refurbished
and rejuvenated Judiciary should
see to it that impunity is dealt a se-
vere body blow. The lowly and the
highly placed must be under all cir-
cumstances under the law.
To enhance our democratic
principles, our two legislative hous-
es should consider pushing for con-
stitutional amendments that will
ensure political parties are strictly
formed on the basis of ideals and
not tribal groupings.
All historical injustices need to
be addressed without fear or favour
and the sooner the better. Such a
move would heal the severely sour
inter-ethnic relationships in our
country. The never-ending distrust
and the perennial mass evictions
will be a forgotten phenomenon.
Kenyans will feel cared for and pro-
Lastly, our politicians should
keep their spokespersons busy. It is
unnecessary, for instance, for the
Head of State to be a permanent
political figure in the media hitting
back at some perceived enemies in
the Opposition.
Our leaders ought to be cre-
atively formulating meaningful and
healthy policies that can
move this country forward. Endless
politicking is not only a let-down
but also a huge recipe for the
animosity and perpetual suspicion.
Deal decisively with poaching menace
As Kenya grapples with a seri-
ous downturn in the tourism in-
dustry occasioned by travel adviso-
ries following a series of terrorist
attacks, a sudden upsurge in
poaching in our game conservan-
cies is posing another serious chal-
lenge. Tsavo National Park, the
largest game conservancy in the
country that harbours the precious
wildlife resources that attract tour-
ists from the world over, has been
assailed by poachers out to make a
killing from the game trophies.
Statistics show that more than
100 jumbos have been killed in the
recent past. Despite concerted ef-
forts by the Government to deal
with the menace, the war is far
from won.
The fact that the poachers are
armed with automatic rifles capa-
ble of slaughtering the big game is
an indicator of an all-out war sim-
mering in our parks. It is com-
mendable, as a short-term mea-
sure, that so far about six poachers
have been gunned down in Tsavo
in the last two months. But that is
only pyrrhic victory for our wildlife
security forces, coming after hun-
dreds of jumbos have been killed
and tusks spirited out of the coun-
One key area that our security
organs must invest in heavily is
surveillance and intelligence. This
could assist in apprehending some
of the culprits alive.
Investigations should also be
carried out to establish whether
some security personnel could be
colluding with the poachers. Lack
of adequate security personnel to
man the vast park should also be
addressed. Investing in more game
rangers and equipping them with
modern surveillance technology
especially those with night-vision
capabilities might go a step further
in dealing the with poaching men-
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aimed at ensuring teachers
advance their education and
competence is a step in the right
direction. During the heads
of secondary schools meeting
in Mombasa, TSC secretary,
Gabriel Lengoiboni directed that
teachers must take minimum
of three courses in ve years
under the Teachers Professional
Development Programme.
Scores of teachers who fail to
further education are never
in the know of the changing
trends in education. Some of
them went to school long time
ago and they have been in
the service for over ten years
without even a refresher course
to add on to the knowledge they
have. This situation is partly to
blame for the quality of returns
accrued from our education
Language and literature
teachers are the most afected
lots. Recently, I interacted
with a friend who teaches
literature in high school. He
was complaining about how
he nds it hard to handle the
The Caucasian Chalk Circle.
He admitted that he does not
understand the text and the
fact that it is a foreign text does
not help matters. The question
is, if these are the type of
teachers we have, which caliber
of students do they produce?
Clearly, this points to lack of
professional competence. TSC
must therefore make good its
Move to deploy KDF
in Lamu unwise
Repair road leading
to Uganda border
Was laptops pledge
another pipe-dream?

At the weekend, Kenya Air Force
fighter jets flew to hunt down killers
in Lamu County. Explosions were
heard after the jets flew over the for-
ests in search of the gunmen.
This country is heading the wrong
way. When a jet drops a bomb, it may
destroy innocent lives living in the
forests targeted.
The military personnel are not
trained in policing. They should be
protecting our borders from external
aggression. The Government said the
attackers are not Al Shabaab but lo-
Therefore, it beats logic why the
gunmen are not being pursued by the
police., who should be equipped ad-
equately to combat the marauding
Remember what happened when
KDF was deployed to handle the in-
ternal Westgate mall siege?
Sending our fighter jets to make
daring bombardments on our soil is
like burning our own houses in des-
peration and a sign of cowardice. I
would say it is just like hitting a fly
with a hammer.
Anyone travelling along the Kisu-
mu-Busia road would testify that it is
in a pathetic condition. The road
leading to the border of Kenya and
neighbouring Uganda is in a deplor-
able state.
Drivers are forced swerve and
sway their cars from left to right in or-
der to avoid crashing into the huge
potholes. Others have chosen to ride
on the murram footpath for fear of
damaging their vehicles.
It is humiliating to have a smooth
ride and after passing the airport
premises you get into a rough terrain
up to Kisian area.
The road is used by many motor-
ists especially those ferrying goods to
Uganda. The County Government of
Kisumu and the Cabinet Secretary in-
charge of Transport should look into
the matter.
Children hardly forget about any
promise made to them. And while the
Jubilee government promised to de-
liver laptops to all the Standard One
pupils in all primary schools within
100 days of their tenure, it is unfortu-
nate that it is now more than one year
since it took over power, yet nothing
has been done about the issue.
After making all the promises, it is
sad that the Standard One pupils who
were supposed to receive the laptops
are going to Class Two without the
gadgets. Was the project a way of
hoodwinking Kenyans?
{Justin Nkaranga, Msa}
{Levi Cheruo, via email}
{Vivere Nandiemo, via email}
{Ochieng Odongo, via email}
{Mercy Owino, via email}
{Lilian Ojwang, Maseno}
TSC should make good
its directive
Volunteer teacher Emily Matui assists children cross a dangerous makeshift
bridge which is the only link to St Marys Tach Asis School. [PHOTO: KEVIN TUNOI/
Where children court death
in their eagerness to learn
Toddlers have to cross
a slippery makeshift
bridge, which is the
only way to school
The rain drizzles as young children
wait in a single file to cross a make-
shift bridge, which is the only link
to their school, St Marys Tach Asis
School in Uasin Gishu County.
An elderly man walks behind them
and their teacher, Emily Matui, pre-
pares to assist the visibly scared chil-
dren make their final walk to school.
With prompting from their teach-
er, the courageous toddlers get down
on all fours and make their way across
the bridge, careful not to fall into the
river that snakes its way downstream.
Recently one of the pupils, who
had arrived late, fell into the river af-
ter he slipped on the bridges slippery
logs, luckily there was a passersby
who jumped in and rescued the ba-
by, the teacher said.
As though having to go through
this nerve-wrecking experience is
not enough, the children once safely
across have to make a mad dash and
scramble for the best sitting positions.
The lucky few get to sit on make-
shift desks while the rest have to sit
on rocks scattered across the class-
room floor.
Their single room classroom is di-
vided by an aluminium roofing sheet
that splits the Baby class from the Top
I have been teaching here on a
voluntary basis for the past six years
and its the passion I have for these
children that keeps me going. The
parents are also very supportive and
this encourage us despite the chal-
lenges, said the teacher.
Matui explains that the classrooms
were put up just one year ago courte-
sy of the Constituency Development
Fund (CDF) to replace a tent that had
become worn out due to harsh weath-
er conditions.
She said despite these issues, the
children keep coming and would con-
tinue to do so if only the makeshift
bridge is fixed.
At the beginning of this year, we
had students turn up in large num-
bers and both units were full. How-
ever, due to the dangers children en-
counter in coming to school, some
parents opted to pull out their chil-
dren from the school, she said.
Matui urged local leaders to prior-
itise development of a proper bridge
and establishment of more class-
es saying the school is in a very cen-
tral location easily accessible by more
than five villages.
Caroline Kimeli, also a volunteer
teacher, said learning is greatly af-
fected during the heavy rains season
because the rising water levels makes
it impossible for children to get to
A combination of heavy rains and
mud makes the logs extremely slip-
pery and the water current is also very
strong such that if a little child falls in-
to the water, they can be easily swept
away, she says.
Kimeli said once in class, the chil-
dren cannot concentrate fully be-
cause of the noise coming from the
others since they share a room.
If these are not issues that need
to be addressed urgently, then I do
not know what is. Of what benefit
are those foreign trips being made
by Members of the County Assem-
bly? Such resources should be used
to help children like these who are in
dire need.
Page 17
Monday, March 24, 2014
cil locks out public
sport from
city C
Residents received
the move warmly
as matatu operators
protested, but now
council says all is well
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the trafc police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the towns
Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and trafc ow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease trafc ow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres, said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the trafc department
anticipates the gure will rise.
The councils enforcement ofcer
in charge of the trafc order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council, he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Trafc Police ofcer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed trafc from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
When the Council announced
the plan to re-route public
transport from the CBD, it was
received with mixed reactions
Residents welcomed it, say-
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re-grouped to
protest the directive
However, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
ashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identied them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Ofcer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security ofcers recovered one
AK-47 rie with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
where babies
choose their
own names,
The County News is bigger, Bolder,
Fresh and closer to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
g Tod
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Fishing in Lake Victoria is set for
a major boost after the Ministry
of Agriculture announced plans to
boost commercial shing.
Speaking at Opapo in
Rongo, Migori County where he
commissioned a new sh processing
plant, Cabinet Secretary for
Agriculture Felix Koskei said the
project, aimed at promoting aquatic
farming, rolls out in six months.
Koskei said shing in Lake
Victoria was not beneting locals
because the pressure on supply
of sh from domestic market was
huge, but nancial gains were low.
The CS said through the planned
programme, people from Nyanza
would be empowered to undertake
sh farming targeted for the local
markets as the harvests from the
lake goes for export. Rongo MP
Dalmas Otieno thanked the CS.
A suspected police imposter
narrowly escaped death after
villagers in Chesunet, Uasin Gishu
County, accosted him for extorting
money from illicit brewers.
The man, clad in police uniform,
said he was stationed at Lessos
police station. According to an
eyewitness, Mr Brian Cheruiyot,
the alleged imposter arrived at the
changaa brewing den at Chesunet
and said he was there to enforce
the Nyumba Kumi Initiative. He
pretended he was calling his
colleagues with directions to the
den, but the owner pleaded with
him to take a Sh2000 bribe.
He was later identied as a
herdsman from Asururiet and a mob
started beating him. He was saved
by an elder, Mr Simeon Tuwei who
took him to the police.
L Victoria commercial
shing to roll out soon
Suspected police
imposter escapes death
Students of St Marys Tach Asis
School have to cross the make-
shift bridge every day
The visibly scared youngsters
rely on guidance from their
teacher in order to cross over
safely and when it rains, the ris-
ing waters make the possibility
of being swept away a reality
Once safely across, they have
to scramble for the best sitting
positions, where the lucky few
get to sit on makeshift desks
while the rest make do with
rocks scattered across the oor
Page 18 / COUNTY ROUND UP Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard

A displaced woman at Tarbaj IDP camp Wajir removes jiggers from her sons foot. More than 300 families staying at
the camp lack sufcient food, water and medication. According to area chief Mohammed Hassan who is hosting the
families, more than 60 people were killed in the inter-clan clashes between Garre and Degodia in Wajir and Mandera
President Uhuru
Kenyatta, Deputy
President William
Ruto and Majority
Leader Aden Duale
arrive arrive at the
Kakamega State
lodge where they
had invited
Muslims from
Western region for
Muslim Iftar
recently. [PHOTO:
Court orders EACC
to le probe report
maize impounded
Drive to protect
Man deles
Police probe death
of varsity student
Five arrested over
spate of killings
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Com-
mission (EACC) has until Friday to file
an investigative report at the Indus-
trial Court over alleged corruption
at Nakuru Day Secondary school.
Nakuru Industrial Court Judge Byram
Ongaya ordered EACC to file the re-
port within seven days after the court
established there were possible irreg-
ularities in the schools procurement
Justice Ongaya was delivering a
judgment in a petition filed by Cath-
erine Wanjiru Wathoro against TSC,
Nakuru County TSC director and the
principal over her irregular transfer
and subsequent interdiction.
Ms Wanjiru submitted that the
Principal, Wycliffe Wafula, connived
with county TSC director Agnetta
Kitheka to transfer her after she ob-
jected to the holiday tuition and ir-
regular tendering.
Public health officers in Naivasha
have obtained a court order to get
rid of over 3,000kg of contaminated
maize impounded from a school.
According to the Naivasha
sub-county public health officer Car-
olyne Vata, samples conducted in the
Government Chemist proved that the
maize has high levels of aflatoxin and
iss unfit for human consumption.
Speaking to The Standard on
phone, the senior officer said some
schoolchildren were hospitalised last
week after eating the maize.
We moved in and seized all the
maize and beans in the institute
and took samples to the Govern-
ment Chemist, where the maize was
found to contain high levels of afla-
toxin, she said.
Kisii MPs lash at
CORDs demands
Workers challenge
their dismissal
Three MPs from Kisii County
are against calls by CORD to hold a
referendum and for disbandment
of the Independent Electoral and
Boundaries Commission (IEBC).
Speaking in Kisii town yesterday, MPs
Richard Onyonka (Kitutu Chache
South), Jimmy Angwenyi (Kitu-
tu Chache North) and Richard Ton-
gi (Nyaribari Chache) said CORDs
quest was in vain and unrealistic.
We cant disband the IEBC.
The political class should give
Kenyans time to improve their
livelihoods, said Onyonka.
There is no valid reason for this
country to go for a referendum, add-
ed Angwenyi.
Tongi said the calls for a referen-
dum were baseless and asked CORD
leaders to tell Kenyans what it is they
have achieved.
The Industrial Court in Nakuru
yesterday restrained Unilever com-
pany from evicting five workers who
were dismissed from employment.
The court was told that the Ker-
icho-based company dismissed the
workers on allegations of violating
the Code of Business Principles.
In an affidavit, the Central Organi-
sation of Trade Union Secretary Gen-
eral, Francis Atwoli, noted that the
company subjected the workers to a
lot of suffering, family separation and
mental torture.
Mr Atwoli said the dispute can be
subjected to conciliation under the
law pertaining to labour relations,
to resolve both the eviction and dis-
missal. Inter partes hearing is slated
for this Friday.
Number of beehives bought at
Sh0.5 million delivered at Teltel
and Yala swamp community
The amount of
money in millions
that has been
set to address
Lake Victoria Environmental
Management Project has set aside
over Sh29 million to address envi-
ronmental threats in Western region.
The projects set to be fund-
ed through the initiative include
tree-planting, bee-keeping and green
houses among others.
Speaking in Siaya County, Nzoia
Basin Forestry and Resolution Or-
ganisation representative Stagama
Shiundu said the projects are also
expected to improve the livelihoods
of residents.
We are sure livelihoods of the res-
idents will improve once the projects
are complete. Environmental threats
will also be nipped in the bud, said
Shiundu when he toured the area.
EACC wants list of
ghting MCAs
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption
Commission (EACC) has written to
Kakamega County Assembly Speaker
Morris Buluma to submit names of MCAs
implicated in ghting inside the House.
In a letter dated July 2, 2014, copied to
Kakamega governor Wyclife Oparanya and
Senator Boni Khalwale, EACC alludes to
reports in the mass media of a scufe in the
assembly during an impeachment motion
against Deputy Speaker Cleophas Malalah.
EACC CEO Halakhe Waqo cited Article
75 (1) (c) of the Leadership and Integrity
Bill which states that a state ofcer shall
behave; whether in public and ofcial
life, in private life, or in association with
other persons, in a manner that avoids
demeaning the ofce he/she holds. Those
found guilty could be dismissed.
Police in Nakuru are investigating
a claim that a 57-year-old has been
defiling his granddaughter for the
last three years.
The man, a community health
worker, is alleged to have stopped af-
ter she informed her aunties.
In a statement recorded at Bon-
deni Police Station, where the mat-
ter is being handled, the girl said her
grandfather resumed the sexual as-
saults in February this year and has
repeatedly defiled and threatened
her with death if she told anyone
what is going on.
The girl who is a KCPE candidate
got scared and informed her class-
mate who advised her to tell their
class teacher.
I fear for my life given that my
aunties have been aware of my pre-
dicament, but chose not to act apart
from warning him to leave me alone,
said the distraught minor.
Police in Juja are probing the
death of a student at the Jomo Ken-
yatta University of Agriculture and
Technology (JKUAT) in her rented
room off the campus.
Faith Vicky Awouri, 20, who was
undertaking a Bachelors Degree
in Entrepreneurship, was allegedly
burnt to death after a fire broke out
on Friday night.
The deceased was said to be in the
house with her boyfriend who is also
a student at the institution.
The caretaker, Stephen Mungai,
said the fire broke out in the students
room at around 1.45am and that he
was notified about it by the deceased
students boyfriend.
The caretaker said he realised
there was someone in the house
who had been burnt to death after
the fire was put out. Of interest is the
fact that the deceased, who took up
the room in May, did not scream for
help or try to escape.
Police in Garissa have arrest-
ed five suspects linked to the recent
spate of killings witnessed in the
town in the last two months.
Speaking to The Standard at his
office in Garissa town, North-East-
ern criminal investigation officer
Musa Yego said most of those arrest-
ed are of Ethiopian origin.
He said the arrests followed infor-
mation from a suspected assailant
arrested last week by enraged resi-
dents shortly after a prominent busi-
nessman was gunned down outside
Gulled Hotel.
Yego asked residents to be extra
vigilant and not to trust or give them
accommodation without first estab-
lishing their reason for being in the
MPs Richard Tongi (left) Samuel
Arama and Elijah Moindi in June.
Governor Wyclife Oparanya.
Page 19 COUNTY ROUND UP / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
This is a typical case of monkey business. Monkeys are seen invading an antelopes feeding pelletes during food time
at the Bamburis Haller Park in Mombasa County. Animals are normally fed twice a day at the park. [PHOTO: Gideon
Bongomek get
police slots
Majority Leaders
ouster on hold
Police recruits
turn on ofcials
Members of the Bongomek com-
munity in Bungoma County have
hailed the National Police Service
Commission for giving them special
consideration in the recent recruit-
ment drive. The Bongomek who,
according to the last census, num-
ber 3,800, used to reside in the hills
around Bungoma town before be-
ing displaced to Mt Elgon and parts
of Trans-Nzoia County by the 1992
tribal clashes.
Mzee Arnold Chepkwesi, the
communitys chairman, thanked the
commission for recruiting two young
people from the community to join
the police force in Bungoma South
Out of 27 recruited into the police
force on Monday at Masinde Muliro
Stadium in Kanduyi, two, a young
man and a woman were from the

The High Court in Kisii has given
ousted Migori County Majority Lead-
er, Johnson Owio, a temporary stay
order until Thursday when the mat-
ter will come up for mention and de-
termination at the court.
Owiro was issued with an injunc-
tion stopping his replacement, Rich-
ard Solo, from assuming office until
the petition he has filed against the
Assembly and its officials over un-
procedural and illegal removal from
office is heard.
The courts decision was criticised
by MCAs who participated in Owios
We are the ones who elected
him and are now not in need of his
services. If he thinks he can use the
court to remain in office, we will use
the same procedure to remove him if
he is reinstated, vowed Abed Maroa.
Police recruitment in Bondo
sub-county turned dramatic when
four youths who turned up for the
exercise turned violent after a six-ki-
lometre run.
The applicants who were panting
heavily, arrived at separate intervals
looking overwhelmed and got phys-
ical, prompting intervention by the
recruiting officers.
One of the youths who emerged
fourth in the race engaged Bon-
do Medical Officer of Health Dr Ju-
lius Oliech, and area OCPD Paul Kia-
rie in a physical fight before he was
The three were rushed to Bondo
sub-county hospital for check-up,
where medics confirmed that they
were in temporary shock, after ex-
periencing severe dehydration and
Students escape
death narrowly
claims probed
Rioting students
block cars
Ex-MP: Pass a law
on contracts
Over 20 students escaped death
narrowly on Tuesday night in an accident
on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway that killed a
motorcycle operator.
A Nissan matatu driver tried not to hit
the motorcycle operator in Kinungi centre
in Naivasha, but crashed near the students
from various schools who were waiting to
cross the road, killing the motorcyclist on
the spot.
Meanwhile several people are nursing
injuries after a matatu collided with a lorry
at Kayole area on the same highway.
Witnesses said the lorrys driver was
trying to overtake another vehicle when it
hit the matatu head-on injuring ve people.
The accident paralysed transport on the
busy road. The injured were rushed to
Naivasha Hospital.
Police in Machakos county are
investigating claims that politicians
were behind the destruction of the
newly tarmacked Makutano-Kithimani
road. The County Executive Committee
member in charge of transport and
public works, Kioko wa Luka, said he
got a report from the county roads
engineer that politicians were seen
destroying parts of the road between
Kabaa and Athi River, and taking
Luka called it divisive politics since
the said leaders were opposed to
development projects initiated by the
governor. Yatta OCPD Kipkemboi Sang
said taking photos of the road is not an
What we need to establish is
whether they were involved in
destruction of the same, he said.
Transport between Machakos
town and Wote in Makueni county
was paralysed yesterday morning by
Machakos University College students
ghting ant-riot police.
Problems started on Monday night
when the students stormed out of their
lecture halls after electricity went of
while they were studying. The standby
generator failed prompting the unruly
students to storm out of the compound
and onto the Machakos-Wote road,
where they blocked motorists on the
busy highway.
Police came after an hour and drove
them back after ring several times in
the air.
We dont expect such a big
institution to go without a standby
generator at times of blackout, said
some of the students.
Former Alego-Usonga legislator Sammy
Weya has urged Siaya County government
to formulate a legislation that would
compel prospective investors to fulll their
Weya cited a case where a European rm
in the area was yet to fulll his contractual
obligations 11 years later, and attributed it
to lack of a follow-up mechanism.
I am not amused that an investor we
brought in during my time has gone back on
all the agreements we entered with him,
said Weya.
He said improvement of schools,
hospitals, water, roads and initiation of
agro-programmes was among the projects
the investor had signed to undertake, but
had not.
Weya, who was speaking in Siaya, said
investors should be given timelines within
which to fulll their promises.
To get a copy, call:
Geraldine - 0738 144 091
Mary - 0727 718 286
Page 20 / NAIROBI/ CENTRAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
New rules proposed by a State
agency would impose huge fines on
individuals and companies for pol-
luting the environment.
The rules which are in the final
stage of drafting by the National
Environment Management Agency
(Nema) seek to lower the high lev-
els of air pollution. The Air Quali-
ty Regulations will set air pollution
limits for motor vehicles and indus-
tries as as outlined in the Environ-
mental Management and Coordina-
tion Act, 1999.
It states that all public service and
commercial vehicles must undergo
yearly inspections to determine if
their exhaust emissions are within
acceptable international standards.
Private vehicles will not be spared
Top air polluters to
face nes, jail terms
either, with those over five years old
having to undergo similar emission
tests once every two years.
Manufacturers will also be re-
quired to submit yearly emission
reports for review. There have been
growing concern that air pollution
in Kenya is the main cause of dead-
ly cardiovascular and respiratory dis-
eases, lung cancer and stroke.
A recent study by the Universi-
ty of Nairobi indicated that annual
economic loss to Kenya from vehi-
cle emissions is Sh115 billion ($1.3
Those breaching the limits will
pay fines or serve jail terms not ex-
ceeding six months. The exact fines
will be determined once the final
document is ready. The rules give
Nema powers to order random in-
spections of vehicles or factories.
Within six months after the reg-
ulations are gazetted, Nema and
Government agencies will develop
national emission standards for air
pollutants to protect air quality.
The regulations define areas
where air pollution is restricted.
They include estates, hospitals, na-
tional parks and central business
districts in towns.
Nema Director General Geoffrey
Coffee cooperatives in Em-
bu have inched closer to mill-
ing and marketing their own
coffee after the county govern-
ment prepared to issue a Sh73
million tender for purchase of
milling machinery.
The county has set aside
Sh10 million to invest in the
mill and become a partner and
is arranging for a Sh63 million
loan from the Coffee Devel-
opment Fund to purchase the
milling equipment.
Some 24 cooperatives came
together to start their own
coffee mill last year and ap-
proached the county govern-
ment for partnership and fi-
The county government
spearheaded formulation of
policies to regulate ownership
and running of the mill.
Governor Martin Wambora
said the county has tendered
for the machinery from Bra-
zil and they are waiting for the
loan to be processed to award
the tender.
He said construction of
buildings, offices, sampling
units, stores and other facil-
ities that was initiated by the
parent cooperative society,
Murue, is complete at Kavuti-
ri, Embu North sub-county.
County Agriculture Exec-
utive member Patrisio Njiru
said the process of acquiring
the loan was at advanced stage
after a series of meetings with
the financier, who is now eval-
uating the bid.
Once we order the milling
machinery we expect delivery
within four months. After in-
stallation and testing, we may
start milling our own coffee
by December or on the subse-
quent harvest, said Dr Njiru.
He says after the grace peri-
od offered by the financier, the
loan would be offset gradually
by cooperatives societies.
Two men died after falling
into an eighty-foot-deep (24
metres) borehole in Kiruari
village, Karurumo location,
Embu County yesterday.
Embu North Administra-
tion Police Commandant
Charles Machinji said David
Ndwiga was drawing water
when he slipped and fell in-
side the borehole, while Peter
Nyaga stumbled and fell as he
tried to him.
The two were cousins,
both aged 25 years, said the
Machinji said locals tried
to rescue them by tying ropes
around a sturdy man and low-
ering him to the bottom of the
well, but their efforts were
Police officers joined lo-
cals in rescue efforts in vain.
The Embu County fire brigade
joined us but when they tried
emptying the borehole, wa-
ter would quickly refill, said
Rescue operations were
called off on Monday evening
after more than six hours to
avert the risk of rescuers fall-
ing into the well.
They resumed yesterday
morning, but by 2pm they
had not retrieved the bodies.
If by the end of today
(yesterday) we will not have
found the men, the National
Disaster Committee will send
experts tomorrow (today), he
Farmers closer to milling own cofee as
county sources funds for machinery
Two drown after falling into borehole
Wahungu said air quality has dete-
riorated rapidly, leading to a rise in
respiratory diseases. Out of the 39
million reported illnesses in Kenya,
about 12 million are respiratory ac-
cording to the National Economic
Survey of Kenya 2012.
Jane Akumu, an official with Un-
eps division of technology, industry
and economics said outdoor pollu-
tion in Kenya is mostly caused by
transport, industrial and agricultur-
al emissions, and residential heating
and cooking.
Manufacturers of cement, glass,
sugar, iron, fertiliser, aluminum re-
cycling and smelting, industrial and
medical incinerators and petroleum
refineries have been identified as
heavy air polluters.
Among the deadly air pollutants
targeted are particulate matter (dust,
black smoke, smog, aerosols), sul-
phur oxides, nitrogen oxides, car-
bon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hy-
drocarbons and so-called volatile
organic compounds.
Others are hydrogen sulphide,
hydrogen chloride, lead and its com-
pounds, mercury vapour, ozone, and
Wood burning stoves and fire-
places are, however, exempt-
ed in the regulations, as is
back-burning to control wildfires.
Draft regulations
by Nema will set air
pollution limits for
vehicles, industries
Thank you...
Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau (left) receives desktop explosive
trace detector machines from Charge dAfaires Isiah Panel of the US Embas-
sy. The aviation security equipment worth over Sh60 million was donated by
the US Government as Kenya steps up the war against terror and security
threats at airports across the country. [PHOTO: FIDELIS KABUNYI/STANDARD]
The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers,
East Africa Branch,
P. O. Box 2095 80100, Mombasa
New Canon Towers, 6
Floor, Bandari Wing,
Tel.: +254 727 226 499, +254 041 222 9784/6
Promoting professionalism in Commercial Shipping Worldwide
ICS EA Annual General Meeting will be held at Missions to Seamen on Saturday the
of August 2014 starting 14:00 hrs. All Members and Fellows of ICS are invited.
The agenda will be as follows:
1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
2. Chairmans report
3. Treasurers Report consideration of the accounts
4. Adoption of the new constitution
5. Appointment and fixing of the auditors honorarium
6. Election of Office bearers/Executive Committee members, Trustees and
Committee Chairpersons.
7. A.O.B (Members who would wish to add an item to the agenda should do so by
1800hrs on Friday the 1st of August 2014).
For effective planning members are requested to confirm their attendance via the
secretariat by Wednesday, 6
August 2014 on:
Tel: +254 727 226499
+254 721 957404
Ernest Kinyua, FICS
July 2014
Page 21 NAIROBI/ CENTRAL NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Consumers body hits
out at CORD over threat
to boycott products
Consumers Federation of Ken-
ya (Cofek) has accused the Oppo-
sition of employing anti-business
strategies to settle political scores.
Cofek said threats by the Coalition
for Reforms and Democracy (CORD)
to mobilise Kenyans to boycott some
products were misadvised.
Cofek Secretary General Stephen
Mutoro said boycotting products from
certain companies would be ill-ad-
vised and might end up crippling the
economy, which is on a healing path.
To use consumer boycott to settle
political scores is the most ridiculous
thing the Opposition can do, said Mr
Mutoro. He added that the move could
end up triggering an increase in prices.
Politics is not part of the market forc-
es that determine pricing. We want
the political class to follow the legis-
lative avenue to address the issues of
high taxation to bring down the cost
of living, Mr Mutoro said.
During its Saba Saba meet-
ing, CORD threatened to rally con-
sumers to boycott some brands as-
sociated with certain leaders in
government, a decision that has
been greeted with scepticism.
The CORD leaders led by former Prime
Minister Raila Odinga said the move
would help pressurise the Govern-
ment to address the high cost of living.
Yesterday, Cofek told politicians
to keep off matters of consum-
er protection, warning that some
of them were taking advantage of
the plight of innocent Kenyans
who are hard hit by spiralling infla-
tion rates to settle political scores.
Mutoro said CORDs plan was mis-
leading, impractical and a politi-
cal approach right from its concep-
tion and urged consumers to treat
it with the contempt it deserves.
Some of the products they target
to boycott could be the only quality
ones in the market. Those that they
may urge consumers to buy could
turn out to be of low quality. Eco-
nomic sabotage cannot be allowed
in a growing economy, he said.
Samwel Nyandemo, a senior lec-
turer at the University of Nairobis
School of Economics, said CORDs
plan amounted to economic sabo-
tage. He said what is needed are bet-
ter policies to address taxation issues.
CORDs call to consumers to boy-
cott some products amounts to
an economic crime. A growing
economy should encourage ro-
bust consumption of goods and
services, Dr Nyandemo said.
He warned CORD against pushing
for consumer boycott without offer-
ing quality alternatives in the market.
Kiambu women representative Annah
Nyokabi also alleged that the Opposi-
tion was planning to cripple the econ-
omy and termed this as insensitive.
The Opposition should help the Gov-
ernment to secure jobs, while at the
same time expanding employment
opportunities. What CORD is doing
amounts to creating massive unem-
ployment in the country still reeling
from adverse effects of joblessness.
Starehe MP Maina Kamanda ac-
cused the Opposition of personal-
ising their issues, saying their calls
for boycott on some commodi-
ties cannot solve the problems
they said were facing the country.
The problems the country is facing
cannot be solved overnight by tell-
ing ones supporters not to buy some
goods or not to seek certain services.
What is important is what all leaders
can offer on the table to mitigate the
spillage of such effect to cushion the
common man, Kamanda said.
Cofek Secretary
General Stephen
Muturo. [PHOT:
It is worried that boy-
cotting products from
certain companies might
end up crippling the
economy that is current-
ly on a healing path
The body argues that
the products CORD may
target for boycott may be
the only quality ones in
the market

Youths accuse
civil servants
of interfering
with probe
National Youth Council (NYC) of-
ficials want action taken against cer-
tain senior civil servants who they
accuse of interfering with the investi-
gation process involving their chair-
man, Clement Ayungo, over alleged
misconduct in the execution of the
council business.
NYC Communications Chairman
Paul Mugambi accused some civil ser-
vants in the Planning docket of trying
to derail the inquiry process.
They are trying to arm-twist
some of the civil servants who sit in
the board to change their mind about
resolutions made on the matter. Fur-
ther, the authorities are on record in-
structing one of the civil servants to
do a report in writing disowning the
NYC boards resolutions, he alleged.
According to Mugambi, the board
resolved to suspend Ayungo for 30
days pending investigations. He said
after consultations with the par-
ent ministry, it was decided that a
five-member committee be set up to
look into the allegations, but nothing
had been done so far.
Tharaka Nithi Governor Samuel
Ragwa has reshuffled four of his coun-
ty secretaries in a move aimed at im-
proving service delivery by his gov-
He made the changes, which take
effect immediately, after the minis-
tries failed to deliver during the first
year of his government.
According to the governor, the
move has ensured that the secretar-
ies are placed in ministries that relate
to their education fields.
Last year we were taking time to
learn about governance but this year
we need to perform efficiently, Mr
Ragwa said.
Ms Jane Cirindi, who was formerly
in charge of Education, Culture Youth
and Social Services, has changed plac-
es with Kinyua Njoka at Physical Plan-
ning, Land, Energy and ICT.
Tharaka Nithi
Ragwa. He has
moved four
after their
failed to
deliver. [PHOTO:
Governor shufes his Cabinet
to improve service delivery
Aaron Mutegi, who was in charge
of Agriculture, Livestock and Water
Services, swaps places with Kenneth
Njagi Mburia who was secretary for
Trade, Industry, and Co-operative De-
Ragwa said more changes would
be done to ensure people perform
their duties as required.
He called on employees of the
county government to take their work
We are not going to condone poor
performance and laziness from peo-
ple entrusted with the duty of deliver-
ing to the mwananchi. Those who do
not perform will face the axe.
He also gave a stern warning to
workers who absent themselves from
We agreed people must report
and work from their offices at the
headquarters in Kathwana since that
is where residents expect to find ser-
vices, Mr Ragwa said.
A man in his early 30s has been
jailed for nine years by a Nyeri court
for attempting to defile a 15-year-old
Charles Nderitu was convicted
for attempting to sexually assault the
Form Two student on June 17, 2013, at
Mathakwa-ini Village, Nyeri County.
Nderitu faced three counts of at-
tempted defilement, having an inde-
cent act with a child and physical as-
The court heard that the girl was
heading to school around 6am when
she encountered Nderitu. The man
hit her on the head and blocked her
mouth as he attempted to tear her
school uniform.
She, however, screamed, prompt-
ing the suspect to run away after he
discovered the girl had recognised
Neighbours took her to Giakanja
Police Station, leading to the arrest of
the suspect.
Nyeri Resident Magistrate
Christine Wekesa said the physi-
cal assault case had not been suf-
ficiently proved and sentenced
him for attempted defilement.
Man to spend
9 years in jail
for attempting
to dele girl
A bishop and a church elder in Ki-
rinyaga County have been arrested
for allegedly eloping with two school
The girls, aged 16 and 17 years, are
Class Eight pupils at a school in Trans
Nzoia County.
The 60-year-old bishop and his
church elder were arrested in their re-
spective homes in Mushagala village
where they have been living with the
under-age girls as their wives since
March this year.
Kariru locational Chief Isaac
Kabengi who arrested them said he
was tipped off by worshipers from
End Time Message Ministries.
Kabengi said he swung into ac-
tion and arrested the two after some
worshippers complained about the
teachings of their church which ad-
vocates marriage of under-age girls.
The church faithful told me they
were concerned about the conduct of
their bishop and his elder who have
been living with the minors since
March this year and I had no option
but to arrest them, Kabengi said.
He said the two met the girls while
on a preaching mission in Trans Nzoia
and allegedly convinced them to drop
out of school after misleading them
that education was meaningless.
Kirinyaga County Police Com-
mander Christine Mutua said her offi-
cers were trying to trace the parents of
the minors before any action is taken.
We want to verify if the parents
might have married off the girls and
if so why they did it since these chil-
dren are supposed to be in school. I
hope my Trans Nzoia counterpart will
be able to help in tracing the parents,
she said.
The girls and their husbands
were being held at Kianyaga Police
Station until investigations are com-
Interestingly, wives of the suspects
were seen taking food to their hus-
bands and their co-wives at the po-
lice station.
The wife of the church elder was
seen carrying their three-month old
baby on her back as she walked into
the police station on Monday evening
and at mid-day yesterday.
Bishop, elder held for eloping with pupils
Page 22 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 23 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Friday, August 8, 2014.
Page 24 / NAIROBI/ CENTRAL NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Muranga University Col-
lege will be elevated to a full-
fledged university before end
of this year.
Deputy President William
Ruto said the college will be
given a charter upon comple-
tion of inspection by Jomo Ken-
yatta University of Agriculture
and Technology and the Com-
mission for University Educa-
Addressing the public
during golden jubilee cele-
brations for Muranga High
School, Mr Ruto said prelimi-
nary reports indicate the col-
lege would be given a charter.
Ruto was accompanied by
Muranga Governor Mwangi
Wa Iria and local MPs.
Since the assessments
have been done as required by
law, all the stakeholders should
play their roles in preparing for
the elevation, said Ruto.
Last week, Muranga Uni-
versity College administration
in partnership with the coun-
ty government had a strategic
meeting with investors to chart
the way forward.

A deal was struck where in-
vestors will construct more
than 3,500 housing units in
the next five years to accom-
modate students.
We have been doing a lot
to ensure the college is elevat-
ed to a full-fledged institution.
Since the Deputy President
is here, he can assist the Mu-
ranga population to achieve
the dream we have been long-
ing for, said Muranga Gover-
On rehabilitation of roads,
Ruto disclosed that Sh15.5 bil-
lion had been released to en-
sure all road projects that had
stalled are completed.
The Government, he said,
was this financial year planning
to tarmac 1,000km of roads, of
which Muranga County will
benefit with two major roads.
The dilapidated Kenol-Mu-
ranga road, he said, had been
allocated Sh550 million to facil-
itate its rehabilitation.
The Deputy President was
accompanied by 12 MPs.
The lawmakers, led by Kigu-
mo MP Jamleck Kamau, called
on President and his Depu-
ty not to be sidetracked by the
Over 400 Nyeri County Govern-
ment workers have issued a final sev-
en-day strike notice over unpaid al-
A previous ten-day notice issued
by the secretary general of the union,
Roba Duba, who is also the MP for
Moyale has expired.
Take notice that we shall institute
industrial action against the (county)
government should it fail to pay our
members within the next 10 days,
Mr Duba had said in a letter dated
June 25.
The overdue pay includes leave al-
lowances, overtime and cash for staff
Duba said that the Ministry of
Devolution and Planning had ad-
vised county governments to pay
their workers the arrears.
However, County Secretary for
Public Administration Information
and Communication Priscilla Wany-
iri said the county government is still
examining its accounts to determine
how much it owes the workers.
We do not work under threats. Let
them go ahead with the strike if they
are not going to wait for an audit re-
port, she said, adding that an audit
is a long process that takes time.
She said that the county govern-
ment is waiting to sign a contract with
the Jomo Kenyatta University College
of Agriculture and Technology Enter-
prise Limited to carry out the audit.
We cannot pay on the basis of in-
County staf
issue nal
strike notice
dividual claims and that is why we
decided to contract a company to as-
certain how much leave days and al-
lowances each of the workers is claim-
ing, she said.
The chairman of the unions Nyeri
branch, Mr Joseph Kinyua, had earlier
said that their frequent reminders to
the county government were ignored.
He wondered why workers were
yet to be paid despite Sh50 million
being factored for it in the budget for
the last financial year.
We want to know where the mon-
ey went. Another Sh60 million has
been factored in this years budget
and we are afraid the money may not
get to workers, Kinyua added.
Nyeri County Assembly Majori-
ty Leader Anthony Kibuu had earli-
er acknowledged receiving the com-
plaint from KCWU.
The union, according to Kibuu,
had asked county government to
provide the workers with favourable
working environment and equipment
by giving uniforms, soap and protec-
tive gear.
However, the county said that it
has a bloated wage bill due to the
high number of workers it inherited
from the defunct Local Government.
More than 60 per cent of the
countys budget is spent on salaries
and wages at the expense of develop-
ment, Mr Francis Kirira, the director
of economic planning told the coun-
ty assembly.
Nyeri was allocated Sh3.7 billion
by the Commission of Revenue Allo-
cation for its 2014/15 budget, while
the wage bill was Sh2.9 billion, leav-
ing only Sh800,000 for development.
College to get varsity status, says Ruto
target to
Page 25 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 26 / COAST/ EASTERN NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Members of the County Assembly
(MCAs) in Kitui have rejected a Bill to
create 200 village administrative units.
The MCAs from both sides of the
assembly unanimously quashed the
Bill, saying that the County Executive,
led by Governor Julius Malombe, was
using them as rubber stamps to val-
idate its policies.
During a heated debate for the Vil-
lages Bill 2014, members asked why
the executive wanted their approv-
al yet it was already recruiting village
In rejecting the Bill, MCAs Ndem-
wa Mbiti (Nguutani), Peter Kilonzo
(Athi), Jamhuri Mwango (Ikanga), Al-
ex Mwendwa (Mulango) and Angeline
Mbula (Kyuso), all from Wiper party,
said their approval was being sought
through the back door.
We stand in solidarity to resist any
attempts by the executive to bulldoze
their decisions on us. Tabling the Bill
months after the jobs were advertised
is a mockery of the assemblys legis-
lative and oversight authority, said
He said the Bill, which seeks to cre-
ate five villages in each of 40 wards of
the county, should be amended to
conform with variations in size and
population of the electoral units.
The MCAs demanded an expla-
nation from the assemblys Majority
Leader on why the executive had ad-
vertised for Village Administrator jobs
when the proposed law was not yet in
This forced acting chairman of the
Administration and Co-ordination of
County Affairs Committee, Mr Ber-
nard Sila, to withdraw the Bill, saying
he will consult with the Governors of-
fice because the mood of the House
is against its current format.
The executive, through the Coun-
ty Public Service Board, advertised for
294 positions of village administrators
last year.
The boards secretary, Mr James
Nduna confirmed that they had re-
ceived thousands of applications, but
were wanted the assembly to deter-
mine the number and names of the
villages, before short listing them.
The board will invite fresh appli-
cations after the Bill is debated and
passed by assembly, Nduna said.
Kitui Governor Julius Malombe
accused of disregarding the law.
An Administration Police
ofcer examines one of the
hopefuls, who turned up for
the National Police Service
recruitment at the Mvita
Numerous young men and women
turned up for the National Police Ser-
vice recruitment exercise in Momba-
sa, but there was conspicuous disin-
terest from ethnic Arab, Swahili and
Asian youngsters.
Recruiters at the four centres: Mvi-
ta Primary School, Dongo Kundu,
Kenya Petroleum Refinery and the
ASK Show Ground were surprised by
this turn of events because these eth-
nic groups make a significant portion
of the local population.
The most busy recruitment cen-
tre was Mvita Primary School where
Hundreds turn up
for Mombasa police
recruitment exercise
the target was to recruit 63 men and
women to join the Kenya Police and
about 22 for the Administration Po-
Mombasa County Police Com-
mander Robert Kitur said the recruit-
ment exercise was well attended, add-
ing that the call was for applicants
with grade B plus in Kenya Certificate
of Secondary Education (KCSE), but
many came brandishing straight As.
Majority of those who turned up
are better qualified than what we had
advertised and this took us by sur-
prise, he said.
The National Police Service Com-
mission representative, Murshid Mo-
hamed - who was there to oversee
the recruitment exercise, said Kenya
is eager to bridge the gap that exists in
We are building 20,000 housing
units this financial year for the po-
lice and hope this will go a long way
in tackling the huge problem of police
housing, he said.
Murshid said they have also part-
nered with county governments for
the same reason.
Machakos County, for example,
has made available adequate funds
to provide police housing. They have
said any police officer posted to serve
in the county will have a nice house to
stay in during his or her tour of duty
in the county, he said.
Meanwhile, there was confusion
during the recruitment exercise on
whether or not to accept academic
papers from other institutions apart
from the Kenya National Examination
Council (Knec).
The question was raised when a
prospective candidate, Rabin Gikaru
Gichoi who sat for his final secondary
school education at Lukenya Acade-
my in Machakos County, presented
his International General Certificate
of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for
enlistment into the service.
Mombasa County District Educa-
tion Officer, Eunice Mwalaa, insisted
that Gichois IGCSE papers had to be
equated by Knec for him to be allowed
to proceed with the exercise.
It is regrettable that I am being
locked out despite being a Kenyan
by birth just like the young men and
women around here. The only differ-
ence is that I attended a different ed-
ucation system right here in Kenya,
Gichoi protested.
His elder brother, Stephen Wachi-
ra, was cleared because his certifi-
cates, also from the same institution,
had been duly equated by Knec who
gave him an A plain grade.
number of police deployed in active
service through yearly recruitment of
10,000 new recruits.
Murshid, who was speaking at
Mvita Primary School, said the Ken-
yan ratio currently stands at one of-
ficer to 800 civilians yet the global-
ly acceptable levels, according to the
United Nations, is one officer to 450
The commission is determined to
ensure that there are enough police to
serve Kenyans and we will be recruit-
ing 10,000 police constables annually
so as to bridge the gap.
The commissioner said plans are
underway to ensure police country-
wide have access to decent accom-
County Assembly rejects Bill on village administrative units
Hundreds of jobless youth yes-
terday morning thronged various
recruitment centres in Taita-Tave-
ta County seeking entry into the Na-
tional Police Service.
But allegations of corruption
dogged the exercise.
In Voi town, there were claims that
some candidates came with introduc-
tory letters from senior national gov-
ernment officials, which they gave the
recruitment panel, but the latter re-
futed the claims and insisted that the
exercise was free and fair to all.
Scores of youth were locked out
of the recruitment when the names
in their identity cards failed to match
those on their KCSE certificates.
We discovered the anomalies
when we scrutinised academic certifi-
cates of the affected candidates, said
Christopher Siele, the chairman of the
recruitment panel in Taita.
University graduates were also
turned away.
We are not recruiting university
graduates now. Time for degree hold-
ers will come later, said Siele.
Kenya Power will spend Sh50 mil-
lion to upgrade electricity infrastruc-
ture in Kitui County.
Kenya Powers Mt Kenya Regional
Manager David Mwaniki said yester-
day the project dubbed Boresha Vi-
wanda will take four weeks to com-
plete and will involve construction of
new substations and replacement of
old power poles in the vast county.
Mr Mwaniki said the frequent
power outages in the county are ex-
pected to become a thing of the past
once the project is completed.
Kitui County has had frequent
power outages hence the need for the
face-lift, Mwaniki said when he com-
missioned the project.
Kitui Senator David Musila, local
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
branch officials led by interim Chair-
man Duncan Singi and representa-
tives of the business community were
Mwaniki said power outages had
been exacerbated by the rapid growth
of Kitui town and other urban centres
in the county and expressed hope that
the initiative would solve the prob-
claims mar
police hiring
in Voi town
KP allocates
Sh50m to
boost power
supply in Kitui
Despite the large numbers, there was
a conspicuous disinterest from ethnic
Arab, Swahili and Asian youngsters
Majority of those who turned up had a
higher grade than the advertised B plus
Page 27 COAST/ EASTERN NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Governor Salim Mvurya.
The forthcoming Interna-
tional Investment Forum and
Cultural Fair in Kwale will fea-
ture investors from 40 coun-
The investors are drawn
from the local and regional
chapters of the Global Busi-
ness Roundtable (GBR).
Speaking yesterday during
the launch of the forum
dubbed, Destination Kwale
County at the Kenya School
of Government in Matuga,
Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya
said already 17 investors from
South Africa and Nigeria have
confirmed attendance.
Around 40 per cent of the
investors will be from over-
seas, said Mvurya.
The week-long fair will kick
off on August 24.
The governor said they
hope to use the fair to market
the county as a premier invest-
ment destination.
He said the expo will also
provide a forum to showcase
the regions rich cultural her-
The conference will bring
together trade and investment
players from across East Afri-
ca and the world and will have
participatory sessions where
participants will engage ex-
perts on various development
matters, added Mvurya.
According to the gover-
nor, key sectors to be promot-
ed during the conference in-
clude tourism, agriculture and
energy mining, infrastructure
development, water purifica-
tion and entertainment among
He noted that the county
has a lot of idle land which his
administration intends to give
out free of charge to those will-
ing to invest more than Sh1 bil-
lion in the county.
New twist in Mutua, Kiala drama
Kwale County to host
investment trade fair
The cost of doing business
in Kwale County remains low
compared to other parts of the
country. Our Public Finance
Act 2014 is investor-friendly
and supports business estab-
lishment and expansion, he
further stated.
He said Kwale is among the
few counties in the county that
do not levy additional taxes for
new investments.
Meanwhile, the Auditor
General has questioned pay-
ment of Sh33 million to private
lawyers in Mombasa County in
February and March last year
during the transition period.
According to the auditors
report, the county govern-
ment inherited legal fees debt
amounting to Sh372 million.
The Auditor General ac-
cuses the Transition Authori-
ty of not verifying claims that
the county government inher-
ited a Sh12.6 billion debt from
the former local authority, and
alleges that the new adminis-
tration was paying fictitious
debts. Other expenditures
questioned by the Auditor
General include hiring of a
chopper at a cost of Sh738,715
by governor Hassan Ali Joho
for a trip to Nandi County.

The tussle between Machakos
Governor Alfred Mutua and his dep-
uty Bernard Kiala took a new twist
with fresh claims against the Depu-
ty Governor.
In a letter signed by the countys
head of public service, Mr Francis
Mwaka, Kiala is accused of, among
others, engaging in a smear campaign
targeting residents of the county con-
sidered non-indigenous.
The letter, a copy of which The
Standard obtained, questions Kialas
integrity by asking him to respond to
a fraud case allegedly facing him in
The alleged case, however, was
filed in 2005, eight years before Dr
Mutua teamed up with Kiala to seek
the Machakos gubernatorial seat as a
joint ticket in 2013.
Dr Mutua, through Mwaka whose
official designation is County Cabinet
Secretary and Head of Public Service,
wrote to Kiala last week asking him to
respond to the allegations of miscon-
duct and the pending criminal case.
The deputy coun-
ty chief is accused of
profiling members of
other communities
working in the coun-
ty government and
referring to them by a
derogatory term.
You have, despite
being against the law,
repeated publicly in
rallies, TV and ra-
dio interviews, churches and even on
your Facebook page that those who
dont hail from Machakos should not
be employed and must leave, Mwa-
kas letter adds.
In the said criminal case, Kiala is
alleged to have been charged in Nairo-
bi as Bernard Tom Muia Kiala in 2005
criminal case number 820/05 along-
side Edwin Benjamin, Meshack Omu-
la and Johanes Okelo.
The Deputy Governor has since
appeared before the county cabinet
as requested and asked for one week
to prepare his response.
Yesterday, our attempts to get Kiala
to respond to the claims were fruitless
as his mobile phone was off.
He is, however, on record for ac-
cusing his boss of being dictatorial
in the running of the countys affairs.
He at one point accused Dr Mutua of
evicting him from a cabinet meeting
and withdrawing his official cars and
But the latest letter points a finger
at Kiala for allegedly stage-managing
his eviction from cabinet and subse-
quent withdrawal of his security de-
tail and official car.
Mwaka said the alleged eviction
was actually a request to Kiala to step
out so his conduct could be discussed.
Page 28 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard Page 29 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 30 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
The Nandi County Assembly has
suspended the County Executive
Committee Member (CEC) for Educa-
tion, Paul Rop for alleged misappro-
priation of education funds and poor
Rop was summoned by the assem-
bly late last month and asked to ex-
plain the whereabouts of Sh48 mil-
lion, which is part of the Sh60 million
bursary scheme for needy children in
the county.
The motion to suspend Rop was
moved by the assemblys education
committee vice chairman Daniel
Moiywo, and seconded by a Member
of the County Assembly, Philip Sang.
Investigations by the county as-
sembly concluded that Rop violated
the County Government Act by allo-
cating Sh48 million to a ghost file,
Number 31, which the assembly said
was later diverted to his personal ac-
The CEC spent Sh12 million as
bursary for 30 wards in the county, but
Sh48 million was diverted to a ghost
file which made it easy for him to use
the money for his personal gain, Moi-
ywo told the House.
Mr Rop is the second CEC to be
suspended by the county assembly
after his trade counterpart, Josiah Ko-
rir, was sent home last year for alleged
abuse of office.
County Speaker, Edwin Cheluget,
had a difficult time calming the House
after Rop declined to provide a list of
students that he claimed were award-
ed bursaries.
Each of the 30 wards in Nan-
di County was supposed to receive
Sh2 million from the bursary scheme
fund. They each, however, ended up
getting approximately Sh400,000 ward
due to corrupt in the county educa-
tion docket, Sang told the assembly.
Other accusations levelled against
him include overspending on the
County Education day and using
county government vehicles as his
The ofcial is accused of misappro-
priating bursary funds.
Residents of Kiplombe, Uasin Gishu County demonstrate against the area chief
and his assistant for failing to take action against illicit brewers. Moi Universi-
ty Students Organisation has joined the war against illicit liqour trade near
the institution. [PHOTO: KEVIN TUNOI/Standard]

Moi University Students Organisation
(Muso) has engaged the Uasin Gishu
County government over the regula-
tion of alcohol sales in the vicinity of
the institution, just a day after it was
found that some dens were selling
non-certified liquor.
This comes just three days after
one student from the institution suf-
fered the effects of toxic alcohol circu-
lating in Uasin Gishu County and was
admitted at the Moi Teaching and Re-
ferral Hospital (MTRH). On Tuesday,
13 people who were taken to MTRH
after consuming adulterated liquor
succumbed to the deadly effects of
the drink.
Paul Ongesa a third year media
student told the press from his hos-
pital bed that he had purchased the
drink at a bar around Moi Universi-
Students join war against killer brew
ty main bus stage. Kipsaro Boit, Muso
chairperson said they had ransacked
a number of alcohol outlets around
the university and found several un-
certified brews, but denied bringing
down the premises housing the busi-
We got some brands that did not
have the Kenya Bureau of Standards
(Kebs) labels during our random
search and we have since asked the
county administration and relevant
agencies to help us moderate such
businesses, he said.
The student leaders said the sus-
pected killer brew was not sold in-
side the institution, but stated that
they are working with the university
administration to seal the holes that
has exposed their colleagues to intox-
icated sub-standard products.
The jurisdiction to regulate busi-
nesses outside the institutions prem-
ises does not lie with us, but with the
county government, said Boit.
Kimutai arap Sum, Musos director
of Finance and Investment said they
will push for formulation of policies
to regulate businesses that serve the
student community.
We have realised the incident
happened because there is no facili-
ty in the school offering such services
forcing our colleagues to venture out-
side. We are optimistic we can pass a
policy to have a standard facility to
sell certified and approved brands
within the premises, he explained.
The students squarely blamed
the National Authority for Campaign
against Drug Abuse, Kebs and other
authorities for sleeping on their job
and allowing adulteration of certi-
fied brands. They urged for more vig-
illance to avert further deaths.
So far 28 people have died from
toxic brews in Nandi and Uasin Gishu
counties and over 80 others admitted at
Kapsabet District Hospital and MTRH.
Education CEC axed over corruption claims
Mau Narok Farmers Rural Sacco will
start exporting their produce to East
Africa countries after the Horticultural
Crops Development Authority (HCDA)
issued them with an exportation licence.
Over 600 farmers had decried delayed
renewal of their fresh export produce
licence by HCDA, causing them to lose
millions of shillings as their produce
continued to perish in the farms.
They claimed they had applied for the
licences in January, and blamed alleged
corruption among board ofcials for the
The standof was resolved after a
meeting between HCDA acting General
Manager Wilfred Galana, Sacco ofcials
and Nakuru county government ofcials.
Galana said HCDA resorted to nding
a quick solution to the issue because
of losses already incurred by farmers.
He, however, refuted claims that HCDA
is lacking transparency in issuing
licences allowing brokers to venture into
exportation business at the expense of
Nakuru county reps want Governor
Kinuthia Mbugua and two area MPs to
resolve their diferences over a clean-
up of the town.
The governor and MPs David Gikaria
(Nakuru Town East ) and Samuel
Arama (Nakuru West) exchanged
words following demolition of illegal
structures in the county.
The move saw county askaris
violently confront kiosk operators and
armed youth on several occasions.
Gikaria moved to court to challenge
the demolitions, claiming it would deny
hundreds of residents their only source
of livelihood.
County Assembly Majority Leader
Samuel Waithuki said the row is
portraying the county in a negative
light, and is a sign of poor leadership.
It is important that the governor
engages local leaders to resolve this
issue. The inghting is not good for
development, Waithuki said.
Narok farmers get licence to
sell fruits in East Africa
Governor told to resolve
diferences with MPs
The 48 MCAs unanimously vot-
ed to suspend Rop for three months
while the House commences investi-
gations into the whereabouts of the
allegedly missing funds, and decide
their next course of action.
To get a copy, call:
Geraldine - 0738 144 091
Mary - 0727 718 286
Page 31 NYANZA/ WESTERN NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Vihiga County Govern-
ment has set aside Sh100
million to expand the Ken-
ya Medical Training col-
lege (KMTC) in Mbale town.
Governor Moses Akaran-
ga said the funds were fac-
tored into the current bud-
get for infrastructure.
The funds will be used to
set up facilities such as hos-
tels, laboratories, lecture
halls and a library to uplift
the status of the institution
to be at par with other es-
tablished medical colleges in
the country, said Akaranga.
He said that the expan-
sion would increase stu-
dent enrollment and lift
the quality of training.
He was speaking after lay-
ing the foundation stone for
a proposed lecture hall at the
county hospital yesterday.
County Executive Committee
member in charge of health,
Zilpa Andiva, Chief Officer
Andrew Ondego and County
Medical Officer of Health Quin-
to Ahindukha were present.
Akaranga said the number
of students wishing to join
the MTC, the first ever in the
county, was high but the lack
of facilities restricted enroll-
The governor said that al-
though such colleges are a
function of the national gov-
ernment, his county is will-
ing to assist them because the
institutions ensure there are
enough medical personnel .
President Uhuru Kenyatta has au-
thorised the conversion of Kaimosi
Teachers Training College in Vihiga
County to a university.
The new campus will be renamed
Friends University of Science and
Technology and will be affiliated to
Masinde Muliro University of Science
and Technology in Kakamega County.
Vihiga Governor Moses Akaran-
ga had asked Uhuru to back the pro-
posed change.
I met the President and he gave
me a go-ahead to convert Kaimosi
TTC into a university, said Akaranga.
He said that leaders trying to block
the project will lose the battle as the
decision is irreversible.
You should worry about leaders
who have relentlessly fought the set-
ting up of the university as we are not
turning back, said Akaranga.
Uasin Gishu county has 21 Uni-
versities and our Kisumu neighbours
have more than 10. Why are we fight-
ing over only one that has not even
been established? he asked.
Uhuru nod for change
of Kaimosi to university
The governor spoke at Kaimosi
Friends Church grounds while on a
tour of Hamisi sub-county yesterday.
Deputy Governor Caleb Amaswa-
che, acting County Executive Com-
mittee Member for Education Nixon
Amendi, Hamisi sub-county adminis-
trator Wilberforce Agesa and Univer-
sity Academic Staff Union Secretary
General Musalia Edebe were among
leaders present.
Earlier, angry villagers led by area
Member of the County Assembly, Mr
Nixon Butiya stormed the college and
accused the principal of working with
some leaders in the region to block
the proposed changes.
The standoff almost turned cha-
otic after students threatened to evict
Butiya before anti-riot police inter-
Akaranga said that he was travel-
ling to Nairobi this week to have the
university gazetted ahead of its first
intake in September this year.
He said that the move would spur
economic growth in the county and
its environs.
Kaimosi complex and its environs
will never be the same again once
the university opens its doors to stu-
dents, said Akaranga.
He said that he was not opposed
to setting up other universities in the
county, but wanted Kaimosi to be the
Akaranga said the TTC would
be relocated to Kaimosi Boys High
School, and asked local leaders to
support the project.
There are 22 public universities,
14 chartered private universities and
several others with letters of Interim
Authority in Kenya.
Sh100m set aside for KMTC expansion
Kisii County Government and Scandinavian
Care East Africa Ltd (SCEA) will put up a cancer
treatment centre at the Kisii Teaching and Re-
ferral Hospital.
A delegation led by SCEA managing direc-
tor, Dr Goran Hellers, held discussions yester-
day with Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi,
county executive member in charge of health,
Sarah Omache, and the hospitals director
Enoch Ondari.
Dr Ondari said the county has 7,000 cancer
patients who have to seek medical attention at
Kenyatta National Hospital.
Having this cancer centre established here
will bring services closer to the people and min-
imise travelling expenses incurred by the most-
ly poor patients, the doctor said.
Dr Hellers said SCEA is committed to build-
ing a comprehensive cancer care unit that will
offer quality treatment, provide continuity of
care with shorter waiting times.
County seals deal to build cancer unit
Universities are established
under the Universities Act, 2012
which provides for the develop-
ment of university education,
the establishment, accreditation
and governance of universities
According to a 2004 report on
reforming higher education in
Kenya, the rapid expansion of
university education in the coun-
try was a spontaneous response
to the increasing demand for
higher education necessitated
by the increasing fow of stu-
dents from schools
Traders at Central Market in
Bondo Town have threatened to stop
paying taxes due to poor sanitation.
The traders, led by their
chairman Jacob Otieno, said their
pleas to the county government to
rid the facility of heaps of garbage
had fallen on deaf ears.
They said the garbage had
remained uncollected for over two
This is seriously afecting our
business operations since it also
drives away our customers, said
Anna Ochieng, a trader at the
market. Eforts to seek a comment
from the market masters ofce
were unsuccessful.
Meanwhile, a man has
been sentenced to ten years
imprisonment in a Siaya court for
causing grievous harm to his son.
Michael Sewe, 60, who hails from
Bar Agulu sub-location in Siaya
County, was found guilty of causing
harm by cutting his son on his right
knees and wrist ve years ago.
In his ruling, Siaya acting senior
magistrate Jared Sani said the
accused was guilty of unlawfully
causing harm to his son Albert
Onyango with a machete on March
31, 2009.
The magistrate said the gravity of
the injuries to the victim warranted
a greater penalty.
Information and Communication
Technology Cabinet Secretary Fred
Matiangi wants county governments
to embrace ICT to remain globally
Dr Matiangi, who was speaking
yesterday at St Pauls Nyabururu
Teachers Training Colleges 23rd
graduation ceremony in Kisii, said
technology is continuously changing
and without proper training on the
emerging trends, its adoption would
remain a challenge.
County governments should use
ve per cent of their total budget in
improving ICT in their counties. The
ICT Authority in my ministry can also
partner in development of your ICT
and infrastructure, said Matiangi.
Over 307 graduands were awarded
certicates at the event.
Traders threaten to stop
paying taxes over dirt
Ministry ready to boost ICT
capacity in counties
Vihiga Governor Moses Akaran-
Page 32 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
1 CGG /1/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Ofce Stationery Youth/Women/
2 CGG/2/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Computer
3 CGG/3/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and
4 CGG/4/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Fuels, Oils and
5 CGG/5/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniform,
Protective Clothing and Gear
6 CGG/6/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Printed Accountable
Tamper Proof and Security Documents
7 CGG7/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Newspapers and
8 CGG/8/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Building and Road
Construction Materials
9 CGG/9/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials,
Detergents and Disinfectants
10 CGG/10/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Electrical Appliances
and Fittings
11 CGG/11/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Plumping Materials
PVC storage tanks
12 CGG/12/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Non pharmaceuticals
and Surgical dressings
13 CGG/13/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of X-Ray and Dental
14 CGG/14/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of Laboratory reagents
and Mogue chemicals
15 CGG/15/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Perishable and non-
perishable foodstuff
16 CGG/16/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of Bottled Water Water
17 CGG/17/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Cooking Gases and
Other Fuels
18 CGG/18/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of GI and PVC Casings Open
19 CGG/19/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Medical and Industrial
20 CGG/20/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Street Lighting and
Electrical Materials
21 CGG/21/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Sanitary Towels
22 CGG/22/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of specialized equipment
(skip loaders, water boozers, exhausters, re
vehicles trucks and other related equipment
24 CGG/24/2014-2015
Supply, delivery and commissioning of farm
25 CGG/25/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of fertilizers Open
26 CGG/26/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of certied seeds Open
27 CGG/27/2014-2015
Supply, delivery, installation and
commissioning of green houses
28 CGG/28/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of text books ,geometrical
sets Calculators
29 CGG/29/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of lap desk Open
30 CGG/30/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of gravel for boreholes Open
31 CGG/31/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of computers, computer
hardware/software, printers , photocopiers,
servers and other ICT related equipment
32 CGG/32/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of patient uniform,
bedding and linen
33 CGG/33/2014-2015 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Generators Open
The County Government of Garissa invites interested eligible suppliers to apply for the Prequalication for Supply and Provision of the listed Goods
and services for the nancial years 2014-2015 on a as and when required basis.
36 CGG/36/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of medical equipment and
surgical instruments.
37 CGG/37/2014-2015 Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles Open
38 CGG/38/2014-2015 Repair and maintenance of generators. Open
39 CGG/39/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of IT equipment
including computers, servers, CCTVs,
photocopier machines and associated
40 CGG/40/2014-2015 Provision of landscaping services Open
41 CGG/41/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of government
42 CGG/42/2014-2015
Provision of Transport, taxi and car hire
43 CGG/43/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of vehicle spare parts Open
45 CGG/45/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of reghting
46 CGG/46/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of sports equipment Open
47 CGG/47/2014-2015
Provision of consultancy services on EIA and
environmental management
48 CGG/48/2014-2015
Provision of consultancy services for baseline
surveys and feasibility studies
49 CGG/49/2014-2015 Provision of consultancy and advisory services Open
50 CGG/50/2014-2015
Provision of all inclusive ICT consultancy
51 CGG/51/2014-2015 Provision of engineering consultancy Open
52 CGG/52/2014-2015 Provision of HR consultancy services Open
53 CGG/53/2014-2015 Provision of legal services Open
54 CGG/54/2014-2015 Provision for general insurance services Open
55 CGG/55/2014-2015 Provision for medical insurance services Open
56 CGG/56/2014-2015 Provision of security services Open
57 CGG/57/2014-2015 Provision of courier services Open
58 CGG/58/2014-2015 Provision for valuation services Open
59 CGG/59/2014-2015
Provision of training services (including
industrialization and entrepreneurship
60 CGG/60/2014-2015 Provision of ofce cleaning services Open
61 CGG/61/2014-2015 Provision of towing and recovery services Open
62 CGG/62/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of trucks, bulldozers,
shovels, excavators, exhausters and other
heavy equipment (specialized equipment)
63 CGG/63/2014-2015 Provision for hire of specialized equipment Open
64 CGG/64/2014-2015
Provision of hotel accommodation, seminar
facilities and catering services
Provision of Construction and rehabilitation
of boreholes, dams, water pans and water
purication plants
66 CGG/66/2014-2015
Construction for Building, Repair
67 GG/67/2014-2015
Construction for Roads, Bridges and other
roads related construction
68 GG/68/2014-2015 Construction of Electrical works installations Open
68 CGG/69/2014-2015
Provision of design work and production of
logos and associates, printing of promotional,
branded materials and binding, printing
services e.g. diaries, calendars, cards, les
69 CGG/70/2014-2015
Provision of architectural and interior design
70 CGG/71/2014-2015
Provision of seeds, indoor plants and tree
seedlings both indigenous exotic, polythene
bags/sheets and nursery tools
71 CGG/72/2014-2015
Supply, delivery and installation of CCTV
system, video conferencing equipment, digital
billboards and digital recording system
72 CGG/73/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of households and
institutional appliances
Page 33 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
73 CGG/74/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of animals and breeding
74 CGG/75/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of gardening equipment
and farm tools
76 CGG/76/2014-2015 Provision of Air travel agency services Open
77 CGG/77/2014-2015
Provision of Consultancy services on all
inclusive market/tourism promotion activities
78 CGG/78/2014-2015 Provision of veterinary services Open
79 CGG/79/2014-2015
Internet service provision, websites creation,
hosting support and total mail service
80 CGG/80/2014-2015
Provision of photography, videography,
audiovisual production editing services
(including Design and DTP)and integrated
digital communication services
81 CGG/81/2014-2015
Provision of consultancy on Hydrogeological,
geophysical and topographical surveys
82 CGG/82/2014-2015
Provision of advertising and creative agency
83 CGG/83/2014-2015
Provision of public relations, media
management, media monitoring and analysis
84 CGG/84/2014-2015 Provision of laundry services Open
85 CGG/85/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of medical
equipment and plants
86 CGG/86/2014-2015
provision of consultancy on mapping of
natural resources
87 CGG/87/2014-2015
Provision of contractors for rural
electrication projects
88 CGG/89/2014-2015
Provision of contractors for solar energy and
solar street lighting
89 CGG/90/2014-2015
Provision of contractors for physical planning
and survey works
90 CGG/91/2014-2015
Provision of modern survey equipment,
survey drawing equipment, RIM cabinets,
survey stationery and physical planning
drawing equipment
91 CGG/92/2014-2015
Supply of sound level meters (CR:832c) and
sound level printers
92 CGG/93/2014-2015 Supply of motorbikes Open
93 CGG/94/2014-2015 Provision of emergency response services Open
94 CGG/95/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of ofce furniture,
furnishings and ttings
95 CGG/96/2014-2015 Provision for painting and labeling services
96 CGG/97/2014-2015 Provision for real estates agency services Open
97 CGG/98/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of medals, honors,
artifacts, trophies, certicates and related
98 CGG/99/2014-2015
Repair and maintenance of recreational parks
and Stadia
100 CGG/101/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of veterinary sera and
101 CGG/102/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of irrigation systems and
102 CGG/103/2014-2015 Provision of waste management services Open
103 CGG/104/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of forensic equipment Open
104 CGG/105/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of motorcycle spare parts Open
106 CGG/106/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of library equipment and
110 CGG/107/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of motor boat engine
111 CGG/108/2014-2015 Construction of cold rooms Open
112 CGG/109/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of specialized equipment
spare parts
113 CGG/110/2014-2015 Provision of Road design Open
114 CGG/111/2014-2015 Provision of Consultancy on Land policy Open
115 CGG/112/2014-2015
Provision of solar powered borehole pumping
116 CGG/113/2014-2015
Provision of waste water management
systems and services
117 CGG/114/2014-2015
Provision of strategic plan preparation
consultancy services
118 CGG/115/2014-2015 Provision of Asset tracking systems Open
119 CGG/116/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Submersible Pumps
and Other Borehole Equipping Accessories
120 CGG/117/2014-2015 Provision of eet management system Open
121 CGG/118/2014-2015
Provision of Event Management Services,
Tents, Chairs, Stage Assembly Sound (P.A)
122 CGG/119/2014-2015
Provision of repair and maintenance of
Telecommunication and PABX equipment
123 CGG/120/2014-2015 Provision for air lifting services Open
124 CGG/121/2014-2015 Repair and maintenance of green houses Open
127 CGG/122/2014-2015 Repair and maintenance of street lights Open
128 CGG/123/2014-2015
Supply and Delivery of Drugs, Vaccines and
129 CGG/124/2014-2015 Provision of sanitary services
130 CGG/125/2014-2015
Provision of pest/termites control services,
treatment of pre-site and existing building
131 CGG/126/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of airtime Open
132 CGG/127/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of Telecommunication
and PABX equipment
133 CGG/128/2014-2015
Supply and delivery of farm inputs, animal
feeds, ngerlings, production inputs and Agro-
134 CGG/129/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of farm implements Open
Pre- Qualication of contractors
The County Government of Garissa invites eligible contractors who must be registered
with the relevant authorities/ministries to submit their C.Vs and relevant testimonials for
consideration in pre-qualication and subsequent invitation to tender as appropriate.
Please note that the minimum registration categories shall be as follows:-
i. Roads and civil works Category C and above 3
ii. Roads and civil works Category G to C
iii. Roads and civil works for contractors - Labour based methods
iv. Roads and civil works for contractors Small works (roads, buildings electrical
v. Building works Category H and above.
vi. Electrical installation works Category H and above.
The pre qualication documents must be accompanied by the following:-
i. Copy of certicate of incorporation/Registration
ii. Copies of certicate of registration with the said Ministries of Roads and Public
iii. Contacts of at least 2 major clients who may be contacted for further information
on these contracts
iv. Major items of construction equipment owned (of which documents should be
available) and any that can readily be hired at short notice
v. Qualication and experience of key personnel
vi. Authority to seek reference from bankers and clients
vii. Certicate copies of PIN and VAT registration certicate
viii. Physical address
ix. For electrical installation works, contractors must be registered with the Ministry
of Energy
NB: People with disabilities, Youth Women enterprises are encouraged to apply and to attach
copy of:-
a) Appropriate access to government procurement certicate.
b) National council for the disabled certicate.
c) Previous experience is NOT a requirement.
Holders of single business permit from the county will have an added advantage. 30% of all
the contracts awarded will be reserved for youth, women and people with disabilities from
the county
The below listed documents are mandatory for the two categories stated above:-
i. Copy of certicate of incorporation/registration
ii. Copy of valid Business permit
iii. Letters of recommendation from two of your major clients
iv. Company prole
v. Tax compliance, VAT/PIN
vi. For supply of drugs, applicants must attach certicate of compliance from the Drugs
and Poisons Board
Pre-qualication documents may be obtained from the County Government of Garissa
Procurement ofces, located at Urban Development Ofces (former Garissa Municipal Ofces)
From Monday 1
July 2014 between 8.00am and 4.00pm on working days, upon payment of
a non-refundable fee of Kshs.1, 000.00 per category.

Dully completed Pre-qualication document in plain sealed envelopes marked Pre-qualication
of suppliers with details Pre Qualication No.. and Category should be addressed to:-
The County Secretary
County Government of Garissa,
P.O Box 563-70100
or be deposited in the tender box situated at the Urban Development Ofces (former Garissa
Municipal Ofces) by 4
August 2014 at 11.00 am. Pre-Qualication documents will be
opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the applicants or their representatives who
choose to attend. Late bids shall not be accepted.
Page 34 / NYANZA/ WESTERN NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Winners hold trophies they were awarded during Kenya Secondary Schools
heads teachers association 39th annual conference in Mombasa, yesterday.
The Kisumu branch of the Ken-
ya Union of Post Primary Education
Teachers (Kuppet) Kisumu branch
has raised alarm over its members
Speaking at Ahero Multipurpose
Hall at the weekend during their an-
nual general meeting, the teach-
ers said that they didnt know if they
would get their pension because their
payslips no longer indicate they they
are pensionable.
We are anxious that our money,
which runs into billions, might get
lost. Before January, all our payslips
indicated that we are permanent and
pensionable, but since February, this
has not been the case. Our efforts to
get a clarification have been fruitless,
said Zablon Awange, Kuppet Kisumu
branch chairman.
He added, We need an urgent
clarification from the Teachers Ser-
Alarm over
vice Commission (TSC) and the Gov-
ernment because we dont know if
our money is safe.
The teachers also vowed never to
remit money to the National Social
Security Fund (NSSF) as envisaged
by the Government.
The decision by the Government
to force civil servants and teachers
to join NSSF is ill-advised. We were
never consulted on this issue. NSSF
is steeped in controversy, corruption
and scandals, so we fear putting our
money there. It is too risky, Awange
The teachers also rejected a pro-
posal by the Dr Kilemi Mwiria led
task-force for the Kenya National
Union of Teachers (Knut) to intro-
duce an education levy, saying the
Government taxes airtime and fuel to
fund free education.
We rejected Mwirias proposal to
tax airtime and fuel, and now Knut
wants to introduce an education levy.
This is going to burden the already
We reject the proposed merger
with Knut and call on the Government
to address the shortage of teachers,
which nationally stands at 89,000,
Awange said.
But Knut Secretary General Wilson
Sossion said Knut had more mem-
bers than Kuppet and did not need to
poach from its rival.
Knut is the giant teachers union
in the country. Why must we poach
from others? posed Sossion.
overtaxed Kenyans, said Awange.
Noting that the cost of living is al-
ready unbearable, Awange said it was
wrong to tax Kenyan parents and pur-
port to give them free education.
Kuppet also accused TSC of col-
luding with Knut to poach Kuppet
members, and demanded TSC stop
pushing for the merger of Kuppet
and Knut.
Thirty-two workers of the defunct
Local Government in Kisumu County
seeking cancellation of their dismiss-
al will have to wait until the end of the
month to know their fate.
The former workers led by their
leader, Mr Samuel Ogonji had sued
the county government for wrongful
Through their lawyer James
Mwamu, they sought a temporary or-
der restraining the Kisumu Public Ser-
vice Board (KPSB) from sending them
home until the case is determined by
the court.
I appeal to this court to issue or-
ders to the KPBS to stop any hiring or
firing until such a time as when all the
parties will receive the verdict con-
cerning this matter, said Mwamu.
He added: It is not appropriate for
the KPSB to hire new persons with-
out carrying out an audit to establish
the vacant positions they need to fill.
In their suit, the ex-workers accuse
the county government of irregularly
firing 3,721 employees of defunct lo-
cal authorities. The respondents law-
yer, Rodi Orege, dismissed the claims,
saying those sent home were mainly
students on casual contracts.
No good news
yet for sacked
county staf
The United States Agency for International Developments Kenya Mission (USAID/Kenya) seeks to fill the position of the
Program Management Specialist (Resilience). The position is based in Nairobi and open to qualified Kenyan citizens. The
Specialist performs a variety of duties related to program design and management, M&E, and reporting on a portfolio of
activities that work to reduce chronic vulnerability and facilitate inclusive growth in the Arid and Semi-Arid areas of Kenya
through building the ability of people, households, and communities living in those areas to mitigate, adapt to, and recover
from recurrent shocks and stresses, such as drought and others. The incumbent conducts in-depth research and analyses
to assess the performance of programs and inform formulation of policy and approach to USAID development assistance
in Kenya. S/he maintains close working relationship and represents USAID in meetings with USAID partners in the GOK,
the donor and NGO communities, and the private sector.
REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements stated below will not be
evaluated. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. If you will not be contacted within one month from the closing
date of this advertisement, please consider your application unsuccessful.
Education: A Masters degree in an agricultural or business management discipline or a closely related field is required.
Experience (40%): Five to eight years of progressively professional responsibility in the field of agricultural research,
extension, nutrition education, agribusiness, environment, or economic development, including experience in the
management, analysis and interpretation of data, and presentation of findings in written and oral form is required. Must
have demonstrated experience working collaboratively with public institutions and private sector partners that support
resilience activities and interface with implementing and governmental partners. Experience with the private sector is
preferred. Substantive experience with program/project development, management, and performance monitoring,
preferably for an international organization is preferred. Experience with pastoralist systems and/or dry land development,
or closely-related issues, is essential.
Knowledge (30%): An in-depth knowledge and demonstrated experience with the theory, practice, policies, procedures
and regulations governing the performance, monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects is required.
In addition, the specialist must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of issues, stakeholders, policies, strategies,
and best practices in the areas of resilience, livelihoods, agriculture, and food security in Kenya. Understanding of USAID
policies, strategic planning, operational systems and regulations would be an added advantage.
Skills and Abilities (30%): This position requires strong oral presentation and writing skills with demonstrated capacity
to turn out high quality written work and effectively communicate complicated policy, strategy, and program issues
orally and in writing. Program design, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation skills are essential. Strong
organizational and management skills, disciplined work habits, and capacity to get tasks done on time with a minimum of
oversight in high-pressure environment are a must. Ability to summarize complex quantitative information from multiple
sources in graphs and tables and combine it with text to explain the underlying reality clearly and unambiguously is
required. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships across cultures, on teams, and with
a broad range of institutional partners is required. Proven track record of working effectively in teams is required Ability to
handle sensitive issues diplomatically and use good judgment in speaking on behalf of USAID in high-level meetings and
in conferences, seminars, and workshops is required. Proficiency in computer applications, including MS Word, Excel, and
Power Point is a must.
For a complete position description and application procedures visit:
Note: Incomplete application packages will not be considered.
The Hospital Management invites applications from qualied candidates for the following positions:-
No Position Job Group No. of positions
1 Medical Specialist II K4 4
2 Deputy Chief Quality Assurance Manager K5 1
3 Chief Supply Chain Management Ofcer K5 1
4 Chief Accountant I K5 3
5 Medical Ofcer 1 (Oncology) K6 2
6 Risk and Audit Ofcer I K8 4
7 Superintendent (Electrical) K8 1
8 Information Communication Ofcer II K9 1
9 Senior Inspector (Mechanical) K9 1
10 Senior Inspector (Motor Vehicle) K9 1
11 Cateress III K9 1
12 Corporate Afairs and Communication Assistant K10 2
13 Nutrition Ofcer III K10 2
14 Medical Laboratory Technologist III K10 2
15 Nursing Ofcer III/II K10/9 49
16 Physiotherapist III/II K10/9 1
17 Registered Clinical Ofcer III/II K10/9 5
18 Occupational Therapist III K10 2
19 Inspector (Mechanical) K10 1
All those interested in these position and meet the minimum requirements are requested to submit their letter of
application together with a detailed C.V indicating qualications, experience, current responsibilities, copies of
testimonials and certicates on or before 1
August, 2014 to the address below:
The Chief Executive Ofcer,
Kenyatta National Hospital,
P.O Box 20723 - 00202,
Kenyatta National Hospital is an equal opportunity employer and qualied candidates with disabilities are encouraged
to apply.
Please visit our website for the full prole of all the advertised positions.
Please note only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.
Page 35 NYANZA/ WESTERN NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Cane farmers in Kisumu protest over importation of cheap sugar, claiming
it is threatening their livelihoods. [PHOTO: NANCY ODERA/STANDARD]
Sugarcane farmers in Kisumu
County have accused the National In-
telligence Service (NIS) boss Michael
Gichangi of failing to tackle illegal
sugar importation in the country.
Last week, Gichangi told the Par-
liamentary Committee on Agriculture
that the agency has no idea who is
dumping sugar in the country.
He, however, said that the agency
regularly provides intelligence infor-
mation about suspicious sugar im-
portation to relevant authorities but
no action is taken.
Sugar sector players say the senti-
ments cast doubt on the countrys
ability to arrest rising illegal sugar im-
portation, putting the future of the lo-
cal industry at stake.
The farmers, through their repre-
sentatives, termed the events unfold-
ing in the industry as economic crime,
adding Gichangi had failed in his du-
The spy agency cannot justify the
Cane farmers
furious over
amount of money allocated to them if
they cannot provide information. It
ought to be reduced, said Richard
Ogendo, the Secretary General, Kenya
Sugarcane Growers Association (Kes-

He added: The people who im-
port the commodity have become
very smart and they are well known.
We can see the Government is not in-
terested in protecting the sugar in-
The farmers also accused the
county government of failing to come
up with legislation to protect the sec-
tor, adding that the counties have giv-
en cane farmers a raw deal.
Over 80 per cent of the revenue
ought to go for road repairs and con-
struction hence lowering the cost of
production, but what has it done?
posed Ogendo.
Sugar sector generates an estimat-
ed Sh12 billion annually, while pro-
viding about 500,000 jobs and sup-
ports livelihood of about six million
quently, resulted into smuggling, or il-
legal importation of sugar in the do-
mestic market by unscrupulous
In recent years, the country has
witnessed unstable sugar prices, with
rising stock levels and decreasing fac-
tory prices from a high of Sh5,400 per
50kg bag in May last year, to as low as
Sh3,800 this month.
Currently, total production of sug-
ar stands at approximately 450,000
metric tonnes. The total demand for
sugar in the country is 610,000 tonnes.
The deficit is, however, filled by im-
portation from the Common Market
for Eastern and Southern Africa
(Comesa) countries.
The window of importation to
meet countrys demand has conse-
Former Nyamira County Clerk Ne-
hemiah Nyabuto has moved to an in-
dustrial court in Kisumu seeking nul-
lification of his sacking.
The County Government of Nyamira
terminated Nyabutos employment
over alleged irregular award of a ten-
Through SM Sagwe, Nyabuto
claimed the termination of his em-
ployment was an act that targeted
him because he was from a different
My client is originally from Kisii
County and this is a scheme plotted
to target and incriminate him as a
corrupt individual, said Sagwe.
It is alleged that the applicant re-
ceived an interdiction letter from the
county government when the report
from the Ethics and Anti Corruption
Commission (EACC) had not been ta-
Lawyer Nyachira Mogaka, for the
county, however dismissed the claims
saying the county government does
not spell out the work of the EACC.
EACC does not take direction
from the county government, he
The court is set to make a ruling on
July 24.
Former county
clerk says he was
red illegally
Tenders are invited from Insurance Brokers for Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services for
the period 01 September 2014 31 August 2016.
Tender documents with detailed information may be obtained from the offce of the Procurement
Manager at the Corporations Head Offce, Eldoret along Kitale - Eldoret road during normal
working hours. A non - refundable fee of Kshs 5,000.00 shall be paid per set of documents.
This shall be payable in cash or bankers cheque to Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation.
Completed Tenders Documents in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked TENDER FOR
INSURANCE BROKERAGE SERVICES KOFC/TR/GEN/07/2014-15 should be deposited
in the Tender Box situated at KOFC Main Gate or posted to:
The Managing Director
Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation
P O Box 6634 30100
Tel 020 2047815
So as to reach on or before Tuesday 05 August 2014 at 11.00a.m.

Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at the offces of KOFC in the presence of
bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.
Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid and
reserves the right to accept whole or part of any tender without giving reasons.
Kenyas 2010 National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS) recognized the importance of climate
change impacts for Kenyas development. Kenyas economy is dependent on climate sensitive sectors
including the energy sector. In 2012, the Government initiated the process of elaborating a National Climate
Change Action Plan (2012) as a means to enable Kenya to reduce vulnerability to climate change and to guide
the transformation towards a low carbon, climate resilient development pathway in line with Kenyas Vision
2030. The National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) takes forward the implementation of the NCCRS.
The NCCAP identifed mitigation options to be implemented in the energy sector including development of
National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in biomass related technologies
It is in this context that UNDP is looking for a qualifed frm to develop a National Appropriate Mitigation Actions
(NAMA) for the charcoal sector in Kenya. The charcoal NAMA development will be funded through the Joint
UN-DFID support to low carbon climate resilient development for poverty reduction in Kenya. Developing
countries have agreed to prepare and implement NAMAs as part of their contribution to global mitigation
efforts. This contribution is under pinned by fnancial, technology and capacity building support from developed
Application process
For the full Terms of Reference (ToR) and requirements please visit UNDP Kenyas Website: http://www. ; and the UN Global Market Place: www.
Sealed proposal documents comprising the technical proposal and the fnancial proposal in separate
sealed envelopes clearly marked RFP /UNDPKEN/009/2014 TO DEVELOP A NATIONAL APPROPRIATE
UNDP TENDER BOX placed at the main entrance reception of UN Complex in Gigiri and addressed to:
The Deputy Country Director (Operations)
United Nations Development Programme Kenya,
Block N, Ground Floor, UN Complex, Gigiri, PO Box 30218, 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
A pre-bidding conference will be held on TUESDAY, 22 July, 2014 at 10.00 United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP) Conference Room, Block N, UN Complex, Gigiri
Those who wish to attend the pre-bidding conference should contact Procurement Unit through e-mail:; no later than 3.00 p.m. on Monday 21 July 2014.
UNDP Kenya reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions.
Page 36 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Uasin Gishu
The Uasin Gishu County Execu-
tive Committee and other stakehold-
ers have blamed the county assembly
for reduced budgetary allocations to
the vital agriculture sector, which is
the countys economic backbone.
The leaders faulted the 2014/2015
allocations, arguing they could not in-
vest in projects to lower food insecu-
rity in the region.
In the budget, the sector, which al-
so comprises livestock and fisheries,
was allocated Sh119 million for its de-
velopment programmes, and Sh350
million for recurrent expenditure.
County Executive Committee
(CEC) member in charge of Agricul-
ture Cyril Cheruiyot pointed out that
the allocation cannot sustain proj-
ects that include revival of the horti-
cultural sector that has been perform-
ing poorly in the recent past.
It is disheartening that the assem-
bly failed to empower the agriculture
docket by not adopting the budget-
ary estimates we had given to them.
The current allocation is not sufficient
considering the projects that the min-
istry wants to revive and consistently
develop, he explained.
Dr Cheruiyot said that the alloca-
tions denied local farmers the oppor-
tunity to adopt key skills in horticul-
ture and dairy farming.
It will be difficult for our farmers
to adopt and benefit from the modern
farming technologies and mechanisa-
tion that boosts efficiency hence in-
creased production, he added.
Fury over Uasin Gishu budget
He expressed dissatisfaction over
the manner in which the crucial dock-
et was allocated meager funds, yet
farming is the backbone of the region.
He said they had proposed Sh300
million for recurrent and Sh223 mil-
lion for development, but after delib-
erations and recommendations, the
county assembly slashed the alloca-
tion by a huge sum.
Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson
Mandago, who has been prioritising
agricultural development, sought to
be absolved from the allocation since,
he says, he has been encountering im-
pediments from the legislators con-
cerning the sector.
The governor said he was discour-
aged from following up most of the
ambitious plans for agricultural de-
velopment due to opposition from
some MCAs who have different pri-
He was referring to the proposed
grain milling plant for Moiben Con-
stituency that was shelved after the
legislators said it was not urgent, with
some opposing its location in Manda-
gos backyard.
The governor said the maize and
wheat mill, whose cost would have
been Sh50 million, would have boost-
ed the regions production and creat-
ed job opportunities due to its value
addition activities.
Recommendations made to the
assembly, however, show a consen-
sus was reached by members of the
Sectoral Committee on Trade and the
Public that the proposed milling plant
was misplaced.
The facility will literally make the
county government stagnate as far as
milling activities are concerned and
will limit the venture to the private
sector, read a part of the statement
presented by the budgetary commit-
tee to the assembly.
According to Cheruiyot, the as-
sembly declined to approve key devel-
opment agendas in agriculture, which
would have been the genesis of eco-
West Pokot Governor Si-
mon Kachapin has threatened
to sue the Kenya National
Highways Authority (KenHA)
over delayed repairs to the Ki-
tale-Lodwar highway.
Kachapin said it was wrong
for KenHa to repair the section
between Eldoret and Kitale ev-
ery three years, while neglect-
ing the stretch between Kitale
and Lodwar through Kapen-
He said the road, which
cuts across the semi arid coun-
ty, is in a deplorable state and
has caused the region great
economic losses since inves-
tors shy away.
Kachapin said that inves-
tors in the matatu sector with-
drew from the route because
their vehicles kept breaking
If the road is repaired, we
will have more people invest-
ing in matatus and taxis and
this will boost our countys
economy. We wonder why the
authority responsible for road
maintenance is not taking this
seriously, he said.
The county chief told The
Standard that the process of
drafting the suit papers against
KenHA is ongoing and the case
would be filed soon.
Road maintenance is a
function of the national gov-
ernment and yet KenHA ap-
pears unwilling to meet its
mandate. Times have changed
and we are not willing to sit
back and be denied access
to services that are rightfully
ours. We will no longer be mar-
ginalised, he said.
Kachapin said the national
government must fully meet its
obligations since it got the li-
ons share of the the national
budget in comparison to coun-
ty governments.
He threatened to mar-
shall residents to demonstrate
against KenHA.
Environmentalists have
raised a red flag over the wan-
ton destruction of forests in
Narok and Kajiado counties
for charcoal production.
They say private and com-
munal forests in the two
counties were on the verge
of depletion because of com-
mercial charcoal burning.
If the trend continues, there
will be erratic rainfall patterns
that would have dire econom-
ic consequences to the peo-
ple of the area who depend
on agriculture and livestock
keeping, said Nick Murero,
the Mara-Serengeti Ecosys-
tem coordinator for Lake Vic-
toria Basin.
Speaking during an en-
vironment forum at a Narok
hotel, the participants noted
that Narok and Kajiado pro-
duces about 70 million bags of
charcoal annually. They said
the destruction had crept in-
to wildlife habitats in Masai
Mara Game Reserve and Am-
boseli National Park.
The forum noted that for-
ests in Ntulele, Maparasha,
Mashuru, Amboseli and Selen-
kei areas were on the verge of
depletion because of the activ-
ity and called on the Kenya For-
est Service (KFS) to crack the
whip and arrest the situation.
KFS should move with haste
and arrest the situation, said
Governor threatens KenHA with suit
over dilapidated highway section
Red ag raised over charcoal burning
nomic transformation in the region
through mechanisation.
Kenya Farmers Association (KFA)
Director Kipkorir Menjo criticised the
budget saying productivity levels in
the region would decline.
It is surprising that the MCAs
have set aside so much for construc-
tion of another assembly building
and chosen to sideline the key dock-
et that feeds the county and country,
said Menjo.
Executive and other
stakeholders fault
assembly for getting
priorities wrong
The Kenya Wildlife Service invites interested and eligible bidders to submit sealed bids for the

Tender reference No. Tender Name Closing Date Eligibility
JULY 2014 Open to All
Interested and eligible candidates may download the tender documents and obtain further information from
the KWS website
Communication in regard to any tender must be in writing through email address: All
clarications and/or amendments will be published in KWS website and tenderers are
required to check for any addendums or amendments in the course of the bidding period prior to the closing
The completed bids in plain sealed envelope clearly marked with tender reference number and tender
description, shall be addressed to the Director General, KWS and deposited into the Tender Box located
at the entrance of KWS Headquarters Main Reception not later than 12:00 Noon on 30
July 2014.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of tenderers who choose to attend.
Canvassing or any attempt to inuence the outcome of any tender will lead to
Page 37 RIFT VALLEY NEWS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem addressing the press in her ofce yesterday.
MCAs to sue over plan to cut allowances
The County Assemblies Forum
may go to court over moves by three
constitutional bodies to regulate
their expenditure after a recent audit
pointed out what they called waste-
ful spending.
The forum of County Assembly
Speakers stated that Salaries and
Remuneration Commission (SRC),
Commission on Revenue Allocation
(CRA) and Controller of Budget were
overstepping their mandate by check-
ing on their expenditure.
Uasin Gishu County Assembly
Speaker Isaac Terer cited the move by
the three bodies tasked with remu-
neration, allocation and spending as
constitutionally beyond their juris-
We have severally been accused
of frustrating devolution by playing
our oversight role over the executive.
Now the three bodies have actually
shown that they are the ones against
smooth transfer of functions, said
He wondered why more focus was
directed at the county assemblies and
the Senate and the National Assem-
blies were left out, yet they are the
greatest spenders on foreign trips.
We are going to resist attempts
aimed at derailing us from efficiently
discharging our mandate, he added.
Terer reiterated that there was no
misappropriation of public funds by
the assemblies, since there are stan-
dard legal procedures followed in ap-
proving allocations and expenditures.
At the same time, a section of
Members of the County Assemblies
(MCAs) from the North Rift hit out at
SRC for planning to cut their allow-
ances, saying it was demeaning to
their status.
The county reps accused SRC chair
Sarah Serem of portraying them nega-
tively to the electorate that they were
squandering public funds on irrele-
vant foreign trips.
Cabinet Secretary for National
Treasury Henry Rotich, who was in
the region over the weekend, con-
firmed that they had engaged SRC,
COB and CRA to put in place tough
measures to curb wasteful spending
of public funds in counties.
He disclosed that the Cabinet
would forward an array of financial
management policies to the Nation-
al Assembly for debate so that county
assemblies show prudence in spend-
ing public money.
Meanwhile, the embattled chair-
man of Bomet County Public Service
Board, Mr Joshua Terer, told a spe-
cial committee of the county assem-
bly that 15 administrators were irreg-
ularly employed.
Terer, while appearing before a
special county assembly commit-
tee investigating the conduct of the
board members, admitted that due
process was not followed in hiring
some county employees.
The board employed an extra
ward administrator who was to su-
pervise ward administrators, without
advertising it for competitive bid-
ding, nor seeking approval from the
assembly, but we have put in place
measures to rectify the mistake, said
While defending the boards move,
Terer said their action was informed
by an advice from the executive. He
said the governor was not consulted.
Potato farmers have a rea-
son to smile after three coun-
ties entered into an agreement
that will see farmers sell pota-
toes in 50kg bags.
Nakuru, Bomet and Nyan-
darua county governments
have agreed to shift from the
current 90kg bags as part of ef-
forts to curb exploitation by
Nakuru Governor Kinuthia
Mbugua said the counties also
agreed to enact uniform laws
to regulate packaging of the
Farmers have for many
years complained of exploita-
tion and the new rule is meant
to protect them, he said.
Mbugua said the county
would supply 55,000 farmers
with seed maize and fertiliser
to the tune of Sh60 million.
We are targeting 1,000
farmers in every constituency
and this is a five-year plan
meant to address food security
in the county, said the gover-
At the same time, Nakuru
Senator James Mungai chal-
lenged the Government to in-
vest in irrigation to mitigate
the recurrent food shortages in
the country.
We are facing a severe
drought in the county and the
only solution is investing in ir-
rigation, he said and encour-
aged farmers to grow maize.
Police recruitment delay raises doubt
Counties to sell potatoes in 50kg bags
Human rights groups in Baringo County have
raised questions on the unusual duration taken
during the concluded National Police Service
(NPS) recruitment exercise.
Suspicion was rife in the six recruitment sta-
tions across the county that ended at 2am, in-
stead of 4pm as in other other counties. Accord-
ing to Nakuru OCPD Bernard Kioko, the exercise
ended at 7pm in Nakuru, Molo and Rongai dis-
We are still wondering what the recruiting
committee was doing until past midnight, yet
the exercise ended before 6pm in most counties
, he questioned.
Unsuccessful candidates from Baringo North
District also expressed displeasure on delay to
release results at the Kabartonjo station.
In Pokot East, the youth who turned up in
their thousands said they were denied entry in-
to the recruitment centre after some leaders pro-
tested that they did not belong to the district.
The youths argued that their parents had re-
located to other parts of the country, but had no
documents showing they belonged in the dis-
They said this has been the trend in Chemo-
lingot, the headquarters of East Pokot District
every time such an exercise took place.
I was removed from the line yet my identity
card belongs bears the name of this district. It is
not the first time this is happening to me? won-
dered an unsuccessful candidate, who sought
Baringo Human Rights Consortium boss
Kipruto Kimosop defended NPS over the dura-
tion saying that the exercise was rigorous.
The three
have proven
that they
are the ones
against smooth
transfer of
functions to
the counties
For more information contact:
National Construction Authority, 1
Floor, Hill Plaza, Community Area, Nairobi
E-mail: Tel: +254-202712096/8/9 Direct line: +254-0700 021 222
1. This invitation for bids (IFB) follows the general procurement notice (GPN) for this project that
appeared in development business No. 615(vol.) of 30
September 2003 and updated on 16

February 2006 and 11
July 2007.
2. The government of Kenya has received credit from the International Development Association(IDA)
towards the cost of the National Urban Transport Improvement Project and it intends to apply
part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under the contract for Supply of Vehicles
3. The National construction authority now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders
for supply of vehicles as below:
Item Description of Goods Unit Quantity
1. Double-cab Pickups, 4x4, LWB, 2200-2700cc Diesel No 10
4. Bidding will be conducted using the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures specified
in the World Banks Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA credits, Edition May
2004 Revised October 1, 2006 & May 1, 2010, and is open to all bidders from eligible source
countries as defined in the guidelines.
5. Eligible candidates may obtain further information from and inspect the tender documents at
the Supply Chain office, situated at the National Construction Authority Headquarters on 1
Hill Plaza Building, Community, Nairobi during normal working hours.
6. A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment
of a non-refundable fee of Kenya Shillings 1,000/= (One Thousand Shillings Only) in form of
a bankers cheque payable to the National Construction Authority or deposited in NCAs KCB
account No. 1136368019 Milimani Branch.
7. Tenderers shall be required to furnish Bid Security of KShs. 100,000 (Kenya Shillings One
Hundred Thousand Only) payable in bankers cheque to National construction Authority or a
bid bond from a Commercial Bank / Eligible Insurance Company in the format provided in the
Tender Documents to remain in force for a period of One Hundred and Fifty (150) days from the
tender closing date.
8. Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked with the
tender number and name and be deposited in the Tender Box at 1st Floor, Hill Plaza Building or
be addressed to:
The Executive Director,
National Construction Authority,
Hill Plaza, 1
Floor, Ngong Road,
P.O. Box 21046 00100,
so as to be received on or before Wednesday 23
July, 2014 AT 11.00AM.
Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the
presence of the tenderers representatives who choose to attend at NCA Boardroom on 1
Hill Plaza.
Vincensia Apopa
REF NO: NCA/T/03/2014-2015
PROJ ECT I D: P082615, CREDI T I DA 45710
Page 38 / APPOINTMENTS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 39 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner-General John Njiraini says the tax-
man was able to raise Sh100m more due to reforms in taxation. [PHOTO: JENIPHER
raini said technology would be intro-
duced to track down all landlords and
ensure they pay taxes. We have had
some legal challenges but we are con-
fident the problem will be resolved.
We should be able to bring in tech-
nology to track the landlords, Nji-
raini told a media briefing in Nairo-
bi yesterday.
better results
Mr Njiraini also attributed the im-
proved revenue performance to re-
forms in the Value Added Tax (VAT)
department whose contribution to
total collection increased to 24.2 per
cent from 22.9 per cent in the previ-
ous (2012/2013) fiscal year. VAT has
The Kenya Revenue Authori-
ty (KRA) has managed to surpass its
revenue collection target by a mod-
est Sh100 million, despite a difficult
2013/2014 fiscal year. The taxman ex-
ceeded the target, even after revis-
ing downwards the initial targets for
the period, owing to low economic
growth forecast and depressed im-
port trends last year.
Data released by the authority
yesterday shows the taxman collect-
ed Sh963.8 billion against a newly set
target of Sh963.7 billion. This is due
to lower than expected performance
of the economy, which wiped out over
Sh12 billion worth of projected reve-
nue collections. The original annual
revenue collection target for the fiscal
year 2013/2014 was fixed at Sh973.5
The revised target represents a
growth of 20.4 per cent over the pre-
vious years (2012/2013) actual reve-
nue collection of Sh800.5 billion. The
bulk of the taxmans revenue during
the period under review originated
from domestic taxes, whose contribu-
tion to the overall revenues collected
stood at Sh628.3 billion, accounting
for 65.2 per cent.
small taxpayers
Large taxpayers put in Sh431 bil-
lion against a revised target of Sh439.7
billion, representing 44.7 per cent.
This was followed by the customs
services department at Sh331.8 bil-
lion (34.4 per cent), and the medium
and small taxpayers at Sh197.3 billion
KRA attributes
improved performance
to reforms in the
VAT department and
taxation of landlords
(20.5 per cent). The road transport
department performed poorly, gen-
erating a paltry Sh3.7 billion against
an adjusted target of Sh4.4 billion.
This accounted for 0.4 per cent of the
overall revenue collections during the
2013/2014 fiscal year.
KRA also pursued landlords and
managed to collect Sh2.1 billion from
400 landlords against a target of Sh4.4
billion, after some of them objected
the move and sought legal redress.
Though KRA had hoped to raise Sh10
billion from the 1,800 landlords, the
authority was weighed down by ca-
pacity constraints to audit all the
property owners.
Commissioner General John Nji-
Wednesday, July 16,2014 / The Standard
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
The Ministry of Agriculture has started an ag-
ricultural insurance scheme to cushion farmers
against risks and increase the resilience of pas-
toralists and rural communities.
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei
said the scheme is one of its elaborate seven key
priority areas in the realisation of the Vision 2030
- a national development blue print.
Koskei underscored the sectors role as key
economic driver in achieving an annual growth
rate of 10 per cent and sustaining such growth.
He revealed that the ministry is also working to
ease access to agricultural inputs and credit,
aimed at ensuring availability of quality inputs
and affordable credit to farmers.
Koskei said the intervention is expected to
reduce cost of production and increase farm-
ers income.
We are also establishing an Irrigated Agri-
culture Programme by investing in water har-
vesting and irrigation technologies to increase
food production, especially horticultural pro-
duction, he said during the launch of a tea Fac-
tory in Nandi County yesterday.
This will be closely backed by investing in
water harvesting and irrigation technologies
to increase food production and diversify agri-
cultural production. Not to mention the estab-
lishment of Livestock Disease-free Zone to facil-
itate access of Kenyan meat, leather sector and
its products to local, regional and international
markets. Another area is fisheries development
which will be done by increasing the productiv-
ity of natural fish stocks in the lakes and dams,
Koskei stated.
This, he observed, will be done through
stocking, restocking and restoring the stocks.
Other methods will include instituting conser-
vation and adopting aquaculture as an alterna-
tive to reducing fishing pressure from marine
and inland water systems. These will be realised
through institutional reforms via facilitation and
creation of institutions that enable the State de-
liver on its mandate. The institutions are at the
same time expected to support the county gov-
ernment in contributing towards attainment of
national food security, he stressed.
The ministry has already initiated a number
of projects and programmes such as the Hold-
er Marketing Project, the Kenya Agricultural
and Agribusiness Productivity Programme and
the East Africa Agricultural Productivity Project
to improve food security and ensure equitable
income and employment. These will support
health and nutrition interventions, enhance re-
search, training and information dissemination.
This is in addition to enhancing drought re-
silience, improving sustainable livelihoods of
the communities in the arid and semi-arid lands
and facilitating increased sharing of agricultural
knowledge and technology among the farmers.
Agriculture ministry establishes insurance scheme to cushion farmers
Taxman exceeds revenue
target to collect Sh964 billion
and Corporation
taxes performed
well with
former buoyed
by initiatives
targeting county
-KRA boss General John Njiraini.
Barclays Africa has been feted
by global news publication,
Euromoney. The awards
ceremony, held in London last
week, puts Barclays Africa as a
leading advisor on debt access
and business acquisition on the
continent. Barclays Africa was
named Best Investment Bank
in Africa and Best Mergers
and Acquisition (M&A) House
in Africa. The Euromoney
awards for Excellence are given
annually to honour institutions
that have shown high levels
of service, innovation and
expertise to their customers
and industries in the nancial
services industry. Barclays
Africa Group Chief Executive
Maria Ramos said the awards
symbolise a key milestone
in the journey to achieve
ambitions,less than a year
after establishing Barclays
Africa. -Jackson Okoth
A conference on efective use
of digital media will be held
next week in Nairobi. The
meeting focusing on online
technology has been organised
by Globetrack International and
the United States International
University (USIU-Africa).The
event at USIU-Africa will bring
together business managers,
government representatives,
marketing and communications
professionals, ICT professionals
and e-learning specialists
among others. Globetrack
International Managing
Director Esther Kagiri said the
boot camp will give direction
on how best to use online
media to gain exposure,
increase trafc, cultivate
loyalty and grow businesses.
The key address will be by Erik
Qualman, a renowned author
and social media expert. Ms
Kagiri said participants will
assess return on investment
from digital media while
exploring opportunities of
improving targeted online
-Jackson Okoth
Barclays Africa receives
Euromoney awards
Nairobi to host digital
media conference
grown quite strong this year partly be-
cause of the reforms we have under-
taken, he said.
He said future interventions in the
VAT department would be focused
on customs under-valuation for pre-
viously zero-rated and exempt items
and more taxpayer recruitment tar-
geting key business outlets such as
shopping malls. He said the slowdown
in the disbursement of government
funds adversely affected withhold-
ing taxes, especially for contractors.
Both PAYE and Corporation taxes per-
formed well with the former buoyed
by initiatives targeting county pay-
rolls, said Njiraini.
Njiraini was upbeat about deliv-
ering revenue collection targets in
the current (2014/2015) fiscal year
through innovative practices, lever-
aging on technology and implemen-
tation of staff performance improve-
ment measures. The government
expects to collect Sh1.12 trillion in
the 2014/2015 fiscal year compris-
ing Sh1.05 trillion in exchequer rev-
enue and Agency revenue amounting
to Sh65.5 billion.
Page 41 TODAY IN BUSINESS / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Transport and Infrastructure CS Michael Kamau (left) tests the use of a desk-
top explosive trace detector machines on US Embassy Charge d Afaires Isiah
Parnel during the handing over of security equipment worth 60m donated by
the US government to up security at airports. [PHOTO.FIDELIS KABUNYI/STANDARD]
the go-ahead. At the time, TSA said
there were credible threats to civil avi-
ation in East Africa that were too sig-
nificant to permit direct flights.
Kamau spoke yesterday when Ken-
ya Airports Authority received secu-
rity equipment from the US Govern-
ment. The US gave as a grant to KAA
20 Desktop Explosive Trace Detectors
(ETDs) valued at Sh61.4 million that
are expected to significantly increase
the level of security at JKIA and oth-
er airports in the country, especially
Kenyas direct
ights to US
pegged on audit
Kenya is looking to launch direct
flights to the US, a goal that has been
elusive in the past. The Transport
ministry said this time round, Kenya
Aviation Authority (KAA) has upped
the quality of security screening, pas-
senger handling as well as general se-
curity at the Jomo Kenyatta Interna-
tional Airport. And the Government
is optimistic this will help the coun-
try get the American aviation author-
itys nod to clear the airport as secure.
In the past, there have been con-
cerns about mixing of departing and
arriving passengers, as well as the gen-
eral state of security checks at the air-
port. The ministry said the concerns
have been addressed, with a clear de-
marcation between departures and
Online and classifieds firm OLX Kenya has
moved to tame fraudsters on its site by educat-
ing the public on genuine buyers and sellers and
also advising them what to look out for. This fol-
lows complaints from clients that some online
sellers turn out to be fraudsters. Country Man-
ager Peter Ndiangui (pictured) explained that
they have put in place measures to help curb
the vice.
Our product works best because we do not
get involved in the transaction process. Ours is
just a platform. We however control the content
by moderating the advertisements that are post-
ed, he said. This means we check its credibili-
ty and if we receive any complaint about a user,
we then block him from the site. These are how-
ever not unique challenges.
He said OLX is involved in the business like
any other market, adding that there are rules
of engagement. We try to remind people that
the same rules of engagement that apply in the
physical market are the same that apply when
transactions are taken online, he expound-
ed. Some of the things consumers are warned
against include sellers who ask buyers for mon-
ey before they see the product and those who
insist on meeting in areas that may be deemed
as suspicious or private.
Ndiangui pointed out that some of the rules
of engagement are on the OLX site to guide pro-
spective buyers as they reply to advertisements.
But he acknowledges that though strides have
been made, the company needs to do more. We
measure our success by the number of users us-
ing our site against the overall number of Inter-
net users. So we are fairly young in the online
classifieds market and though we have ma-
tured and currently hold dominance in Kenya,
we need to do more, he explained.
He said Kenyans have been receptive to the
concept OLX is trying to sell. Kenya offers a
great market because more people have access
Ministry has complied
with security
screening, passenger
handling at JKIA
arrivals as well as increased securi-
ty. Transport Cabinet Secretary Mi-
chael Kamau said the US Transporta-
tion Security Administration (TSA) is
currently doing audits at JKIA, adding
that he would next week be meeting
senior US transport officials, during
which he said he would pursue the
matter further.
TSA has been on the ground at
JKIA doing audits. These are key to
getting direct flights to the US. We
will implement the recommenda-
tions they will give to ensure our flight
paths are safe, he said.
I will also meet with the Federal
Aviation Administration and TSA offi-
cials next week in the US and pursue
the issue, he said. Our passengers
used to mix but we have now separat-
ed the arrival and departure and we
are now dealing with minor issues. We
expect to get a Category One status.
Kenya has in the past unsuccess-
fully pursued transatlantic flights. A
2009 plan by Americas Delta Airlines
to fly directly to Nairobi from Atlanta,
Georgia aborted in the last moments
after TSA refused to give the airline
Our passengers
used to mix but we
have now separated
the arrival and
departure and we
are now dealing
with minor issues.
We expect to get a
category one status.
- CS Michael Kamau
OLX out to fight online fraud
those handling international visitors.
The ETDs can test for at least 13
traces of conventional explosives that
may be hidden on passengers and in
luggage and carry-on bags, while the
consumables consist of disposable
pads that are swabbed over items to
collect samples from passengers and
their luggage.
While officially handing over the
machines to the Government, Isiah
Parnell, Charge dAffaires at the US
Embassy in Nairobi, called for con-
tinued co-operation between Ken-
ya and the US in a bid to fight glob-
al crime. Kamau said the departure
section of Terminal 1A (previously
Unit 4) will come into partial oper-
ation later this month after running
a series of tests. The arrivals section
is expected to be operational by Feb-
ruary next year.
The commissioning of the ter-
minal, with a passenger capacity of
2.5 million per year, has been de-
layed as it was expected to come in-
to partial operation towards end of
last year, and fully operational in the
course of this year. The construction
of the terminal was supposed to be
fast-tracked to help in the handling
of passengers after the Internation-
al Arrivals Terminal was gutted by a
fire last August.
to the Internet, thanks to cheaper devices and
data. The online classifieds site, which is pres-
ent in 105 countries under Naspers Ltd, is also
looking at expanding its business.
OLX is present in Nigeria and South Afri-
ca. He observed that despite the huge Nigeri-
an population, Kenya performs better than the
West African country. Nigeria is a big market
and South Africa is more experienced when it
comes to classifieds but the difference between
market performance in Kenya and Nigeria is
small, he explained.
The OLX Kenya country manager said that
they recently launched a new phone applica-
tion that allows people in low Internet connec-
tion areas use the OLX platform. The application
enables pending advertisements to be uploaded
on the site automatically, as soon as the user is
in an area with good Internet connection. The
application also ensures that less data is used
to upload and download material on the site.
OLX Ndiangui said among its future plans
will be to introduce a small fee to sellers who
want their advertisements to sell faster given
that the only way the site is earning at the mo-
ment is through sponsored advertisements on
the website from other companies.
He said the company will continue to lever-
age on what a report released earlier this year
dubbed, Goldmine of Unused Goods in Peoples
Homes by Nielsen Kenya, which said Kenyans
are sitting on unused goods worth Sh158 billion.
UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United
Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the
empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as
partners and benefciaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace
and security.
UN Women would like to invite applications for the following position:
Position Information
Post Title:
Contract Type:
Date of Issue:
Closing Date:
Service Contract (SC)
One year
16 J uly 2014
30 J uly 2014
The full terms of reference for the position can be accessed in the Womens Empowerment
section of the UNDP job site -
Application Procedure
Interested and qualifed persons can access and should apply on the UNDP Job site located
on - on or before 30 J uly 2014; select Womens Empowerment
under Group Section . Applicants are required to fll and sign a Personal History Form
(P11) Form and submit it together with their online application. Applications received via
other means or after the deadline will not be accepted. UN Women will only be able to
respond to those applications in which there is further interest.
UN Women, as a matter of practice, does not charge any application, processing or
training fee at any stage of the recruitment process.
UN Women is an equal opportunity employer which strives to achieve overall
balance in its staffng patterns.
Page 42 / STOCKS Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
AB C 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.27 119.44 0.17
EQUITY 87.65 87.75 0.10 119.41 119.56 0.15
I & M 87.55 87.75 0.20 119.15 119.45 0.30
DIAMONDTRUST 87.65 87.75 0.10 119.27 119.44 0.17
NI C 87.60 87.90 0.30 119.21 119.64 0.43
ECOBANK 87.50 87.70 0.20 119.47 119.77 0.30
1ST COMMUNITY 87.55 87.65 0.10 119.02 119.16 0.14
PRIME 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.20 119.52 0.32
MIDDLEEAST 87.70 87.80 0.10 119.20 119.52 0.32
CFC STANBIC 87.65 87.85 0.20 119.28 119.59 0.31
CITIBANK 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.29 119.59 0.30
C B A 87.65 87.85 0.20 119.24 119.63 0.39
NB K 87.85 88.05 0.20 119.49 119.79 0.30
BARCLAYS 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.21 119.52 0.31
STANDARD 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.02 119.31 0.29
KC B 87.65 87.75 0.10 119.24 119.63 0.39
BOA 87.60 87.80 0.20 119.21 119.52 0.31
CO-OP 87.55 87.75 0.20 119.15 119.45 0.30
USDOLLAR 87.7083
STGPOUND 149.7524
EURO 119.3893
SARAND 8.1874
KES/ USHS 30.0999
KES/ TSHS 19.0176
KES/ RWF 7.7302
KES/ BIF 17.6725
AEDIRHAM 23.8799
CAN$ 82.1525
SFRANC 98.2708
JPY(100) 86.3252
SW KRONER 12.9193
NOR KRONER 14.2058
IND RUPEE 1.4581
Source: Central Bank
NSE All Share Index.UP 0.07 points to close at 151.19
NSE 20-share Index.Up 0.12 points to close at 4902.30.
Alpha Forex BureauLtd 87.50 88.50 1.00 118.50 121.00 2.50
Amana Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.50 1.50 118.00 120.60 2.60
Aristocrats Forex Burea 87.00 89.00 2.00 118.00 120.00 2.00
Bay Forex Bureau(NBI) Ltd 87.50 88.40 0.90 118.50 120.00 1.50
Bogani Forex BureauLtd 85.60 89.70 4.10 116.40 121.60 5.20
Cashline Forex BureauLtd 86.50 89.00 2.50 117.00 123.00 6.00
Central Forex BureauLtd 87.50 88.80 1.30 118.20 119.50 1.30
Commercial Forex Bureau 87.40 88.10 0.70 118.00 121.00 3.00
Continental Forex Bureau 87.60 87.90 0.30 118.50 120.00 1.50
Cosmos Forex BureauLtd 87.70 88.10 0.40 118.60 120.00 1.40
Crater Forex BureauLtd 86.60 88.60 2.00 118.30 121.30 3.00
Crossroads Forex Bureau 86.50 89.30 2.80 117.00 121.00 4.00
Crown BureauDe Change 86.50 88.30 1.80 118.00 120.50 2.50
Dalmar Exchange Bureau 87.50 88.00 0.50 117.00 121.00 4.00
Forex BureauAfroLtd 87.50 88.30 0.80 118.00 120.50 2.50
Gateway Forex BureauLtd 87.60 88.00 0.40 118.50 120.50 2.00
Giant Forex Bureau 86.00 88.50 2.50 114.00 121.00 7.00
Give andTake Forex Bureau 87.20 87.75 0.55 118.00 121.00 3.00
Global Forex BureauLtd 87.60 88.00 0.40 118.00 120.00 2.00
GNK Forex BureauLtd 86.64 87.66 1.02 119.65 120.50 0.85
Hodan Global Forex Bureau 87.60 88.20 0.60 118.90 120.50 1.60
HurlinghamForex Bureau 86.00 88.00 2.00 115.00 120.50 5.50
Industrial Area Forex Ltd 86.00 89.00 3.00 113.00 121.00 8.00
IslandForex BureauLtd 87.50 87.90 0.40 119.00 119.70 0.70
Junction Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.20 1.20 117.00 120.50 3.50
Kenza Exchange BureauLtd 86.50 89.00 2.50 118.00 120.00 2.00
Lache Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.70 1.70 117.50 121.00 3.50
LeoForex BureauLtd 87.10 88.30 1.20 118.20 120.00 1.80
Link Forex BureauLtd 87.40 88.50 1.10 118.50 120.50 2.00
Maritime Forex BureauLtd 87.40 88.30 0.90 118.50 120.30 1.80
Metropolitan Bureau 86.00 88.00 2.00 117.00 120.00 3.00
Middletown Forex Bureau 87.50 88.20 0.70 118.50 120.00 1.50
Moneypoint Forex Bureau 86.40 88.50 2.10 115.00 120.00 5.00
Morgan Forex Bureau 87.60 88.00 0.40 119.00 120.00 1.00
Nairobi BureauDe Change 87.00 88.00 1.00 118.00 121.00 3.00
Nairobi Forex BureauLtd 87.50 87.80 0.30 119.00 120.10 1.10
Nawal Forex BureauLtd 87.00 89.00 2.00 118.50 122.00 3.50
Net Forex BureauLtd 87.50 88.10 0.60 118.60 119.60 1.00
Ofshore Forex BureauLtd 87.60 88.20 0.60 118.50 120.50 2.00
Pacic Forex BureauLtd 87.60 87.90 0.30 118.50 120.00 1.50
PeakTop Exchange Bureau 87.60 88.00 0.40 118.50 119.50 1.00
Pearl Forex BureauLtd 87.50 87.80 0.30 118.80 119.20 0.40
Pel Forex BureauLtd 87.00 89.00 2.00 119.00 121.00 2.00
Penguin Forex Bureau Ltd 87.30 88.00 0.70 118.00 121.00 3.00
Princess Forex BureauLtd 87.50 88.30 0.80 118.00 120.50 2.50
Pwani Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.50 1.50 118.00 121.00 3.00
Qadisia Forex BureauLtd 87.40 88.35 0.95 118.50 119.85 1.35
Regional Forex BureauLtd 87.60 88.50 0.90 118.50 121.50 3.00
Rift Valley Forex BureauLtd 87.00 88.00 1.00 118.50 119.50 1.00
34.00 21.00 Eaagads Ltd Ord 1.25 AIMS 33.50 33.50 2,800
165.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ltd Ord.5.00 164.00 160.00 16,600
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ltd Ord Ord 5.00 AIMS 145.00 -
670.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ltd Ord 20.00 AIMS 670.00 -
30.00 16.20 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ltd Ord 5.00 27.50 -
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 16.10 15.95 101,600
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 287.00 290.00 3,000
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ltd Ord 5.00 41.50 40.50 8,200
- - CMC Holdings Ltd Ord 0.50 13.50 -
13.50 8.50 Marshalls (E.A.) Ltd Ord 5.00 9.00 -
9.40 4.50 Sameer Africa Ltd Ord 5.00 7.75 7.90 5,100
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 0.50 17.00 17.00 178,700
155.00 62.50 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ltd ord.5.00 129.00 129.00 18,700
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd Ord 4.00 226.00 227.00 1,600
66.50 30.25 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd - Rights 55.00 56.50 15,700
50.00 29.50 Equity Bank Ltd Ord 0.50 44.50 43.50 755,100
51.00 22.00 Housing Finance Co.Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 44.00 44.50 37,000
147.00 85.00 I&M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 138.00 140.00 4,800
53.00 35.50 Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd Ord 1.00 51.50 51.00 625,600
39.25 18.50 National Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 30.25 30.75 9,400
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ltd Ord 5.00 59.50 59.50 15,800
340.00 271.00 Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ord 5.00 312.00 313.00 3,100
25.00 14.50 The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 19.15 19.15 343,500
8.00 3.40 Express Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 7.40 7.30 5,600
- - Hutchings Biemer Ltd Ord 5.00 20.25 -
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ltd Ord 5.00 10.25 10.20 90,800
18.00 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 AIMS 15.55 15.00 14,700
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ltd Ord. 2.50 306.00 307.00 16,700
247.00 42.50 Scangroup Ltd Ord 1.00 47.75 49.00 5,100
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ltd Ord 5.00 36.00 35.50 400
56.50 32.00 TPS Eastern Africa Ltd Ord 1.00 37.25 38.00 3,600
24.00 11.65 Uchumi Supermarket Ltd Ord 5.00 12.40 12.50 29,300
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ltd Ord 1.00 82.00 82.50 8,700
225.00 170.00 Bamburi Cement Ltd Ord 5.00 174.00 174.00 900
100.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 97.50 98.00 1,700
18.00 13.50 E.A.Cables Ltd Ord 0.50 16.20 16.40 4,900
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Co. Ltd Ord 5.00 78.50 75.00 1,500
17.90 8.70 KenGen Co. Ltd Ord. 2.50 9.95 9.95 213,600
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 8.75 8.65 38,600
20.75 12.85 Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd Ord 2.50 13.00 13.00 145,800
- - Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 4% Pref 20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 7% Pref 20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 24.50 25.00 13,100
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
24.00 7.30 British-American Investments Co Ord 0.10 20.75 21.00 231,300
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ltd Ord.1.00 11.05 10.45 661,200
424.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 380.00 374.00 300
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Insurance Corporation Ltd Ord 2.50 18.80 18.95 98,800
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ltd Ord.1.00 18.05 18.20 305,500
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 129.00 128.00 2,300
42.00 17.05 Centum Investment Co Ltd Ord 0.50 41.00 41.00 111,600
6.40 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 4.95 5.05 1,700
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century Ltd Ord 0.50 AIMS 25.25 25.75 6,400
- - A.Baumann & Co Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 11.10 -
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 140.00 145.00 1,200
680.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Keny Ord 10.00 680.00 -
67.50 27.50 Carbacid Investments Ltd Ord 1.00 27.50 27.75 75,900
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ltd Ord 2.00 300.00 301.00 65,500
4.00 1.90 Eveready East Africa Ltd Ord.1.00 3.55 3.55 2,600
9.45 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 9.45 -
5.05 2.70 Mumias Sugar Co. Ltd Ord 2.00 2.70 2.75 768,600
38.50 14.00 Unga Group Ltd Ord 5.00 36.50 36.75 2,900
13.40 6.15 Safaricom Ltd Ord 0.05 12.35 12.40 11,875,900
25.00 4.20 Home Afrika Ltd Ord 1.00 4.25 4.35 271,700
MONEY FUNDS Daily Yield E. A. Rate
AmanaShillingFund 10.10% 10.59 %
British-AmericanMoney Market Fund 10.50% 11.07%
CICMoney Market Fund 10.15% 10.64%
MadisonAsset Money Market Fund 9.66% 10.10%
Old Mutual Money Market Fund 6.88% 7.10%
CBAMoney Market Fund 6.08% 6.27%
Stanbic Money Market Fund 7.09% 7.33%
AmanaGrowth 112.35 112.35
AmanaBalanced 113.57 113.57
British-AmericanEquity Fund 201.55 207.95
British-AmericanBalanced Fund 189.93 195.48
British-AmericanBond Plus Fund 144.52 147.47
British-AmericanManaged Retirement Fund 131.11 132.22
CICFixed Income Fund 9.01 9.24
CICBalanced Fund 13.06 13.68
ICEABOND FUND 94.09 95.04
ICEAEQUITYFUND 140.96 148.38
ICEAGROWTHFUND 139.66 147.01
MadisonAsset Balanced Fund 66.68 70.35
MadisonAsset Equity Fund 53.56 57.87
Old Mutual Equity Fund 379.92 407.07
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa 155.16 165.22
Old Mutual East AfricaFund 150.48 159.25
Old Mutual Bond Fund 100.97 103.37
Commercial Bank of AfricaEquity Fund 157.04 166.71
CFCSimbaFund 127.18 127.18
Stanbic Equity Fund 171.08 171.08
Stanbic Fixed Income Fund B1 100.52 100.52
Stanbic Fixed Income Fund A 100.27 100.27
New body to manage
Maasai Mara Game
Reserve on the way
Narok County has published
a Bill to set up an authority
to run afairs in the world-
renowned national reserve
A long running row pitting a county govern-
ment against surrounding communities and a
local bank over control of revenue from the
Maasai Mara national game reserve may end
The Narok County Assembly is to publish a
Bill that will establish a county authority to run
the game reserve.
The Maasai Mara Community Support Fund
Bill 2012 appears in a special issue of the Narok
County Gazette Supplement No. 6 (Bill No. 1 of
2014). It is sponsored by the Chairman of the as-
semblys Budget and Appropriation Committee,
Mr Letulal Ole Masikonde.
The principal object of the Bill is to provide
for the establishment, management and ad-
ministration of the Maasai Mara Community
Support Fund.
This fund will allocate resources from the
game reserve to the communities around it.
This comes barely a year after the court termi-
nated a deal between Equity Bank and the for-
mer Narok County Council in a collapsed ten-
year deal signed in 2010, through which the
Wildbeests migration in Maasai Mara.
bank was collecting entry fees to the reserve on
behalf of the old local authority.
The council was to pay Equity Bank a com-
mission of seven per cent on a fixed annual rev-
enue base of Sh1.5 billion.
The agreement was terminated on June 25,
2013 after Narok County Government issued a
14-day notice to end the deal on grounds that
the system was defective, and that the county
was losing money and would collect the gate
fees on its own.
The Mara Community Support Fund will get
up to 19 per cent of revenue collected by the
County Government from entry fees.
The amount will be calculated on the basis
of the entry fees in the audited financial state-
ment of the preceding year.
Also to be established is a board to run fi-
nance and investment of funds not immediate-
ly required for any purpose.
The Maasai Mara Community Support Fund
Management Board will have a chairperson ap-
pointed by the Governor and six other nominat-
ed members, not being public officers.
It shall constitute committees, including the
ward committee to ensure community partic-
ipation in development projects at that level.
All land transactions affecting conservation
of the game reserve under the wards, and lying
within a radius of 5km will require the consent
of the ward committee.
Situated on Kenyas south-western border
with Tanzania, the Masai Mara, an extension of
the famous Serengeti plains, is one of the worlds
most famous wildlife areas.
Samsung enters healthcare

Samsung has joined the GSM Association
(GSMA) in an mHealth initiative aimed at har-
nessing mobile technology to reach 15.5 mil-
lion pregnant women and mothers of young
infants across Africa.
The GSMA Mobile for Development
Health programme in partnership with
World Health Organisation (WHO) seeks
to reach 15.5 million pregnant women and
mothers with young infants across the con-
tinent who require access to healthcare ser-
vices, with the aim of easing access to vital
health services using innovations in mobile
The programme will be rolled out in two
phases with the first phase to be launched in
seven countries (Cte dIvoire, Ghana, Ni-
geria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and
Zambia) from September 2014. It will then
be scaled up to include Kenya, Malawi, Mo-
zambique and Tanzania in the second phase,
which begins in 2015.
Samsung vice president for East and Cen-
tral Africa,Robert Ngeru said Samsung was
proud to be one of the founding partners in
the GSMA Mobile for Development Health
Kenya Airways looks to transit business to
ofset drop in tourist trafc
Kenya Airways is to focus on carrying transit passengers
through its Nairobi hub as tourists have been put of vis-
iting the country by series of attacks blamed on Islamists,
its new chief executive has said.The airline has picked chief
operations ofcer Mbuvi Ngunze to replace Titus Naikuni
as chief executive when he leaves in December. Ngunze
said he expected the airline, which ies to 65 destinations
around the world, to weather the challenge.The carrier,
which is 26.73 percent owned by Air France-KLM and 29.8
percent by the government, reported a 55 per cent drop in
pretax losses to Sh4.86 billion in the year ended March 31.
We were unable to get July 14, 2014 NSE pricelist as we went to press
A screengrab taken on July 13, 2014 from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram shows
the leader of the group Abubakar Shekau (centre). He has recently voiced support for the extremist Sunni Islamic State
militant group, which has taken over large swathes of Iraq and Syria. [PHOTO: AFP]
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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forums and more:
At least 26 people were killed
when suspected Islamist Boko Ha-
ram militants stormed a village in
northeast Nigeria and a government
warplane opened fire to repel the at-
tackers, local residents and a securi-
ty source said on Tuesday.
The warplane strafed Boko Ha-
ram fighters fleeing in pick-up trucks
after raiding Dille, near Lassa in the
south of Borno State, for several
hours on Monday. The attackers fired
on inhabitants and burned homes
and churches.
I counted 26 corpses yesterday
evening, one of the residents, Dau-
da Illiya, told Reuters.
Most of the deaths occurred
during the raid but cannon fire from
the government jet also killed at least
six civilians - four women and two
children, residents said.
The pilot was just spraying bul-
lets anywhere ... People were run-
ning here and there. Many people
were injured from the bullets, said
a local man, Suleiman Haruna.
Nigerias military did not respond
to a request for comment on the in-
cident, but a security source in Bor-
no State confirmed the deployment
of the military plane.
The residents and the security
On Monday, Jonathan
said the missing girls
from Chibok would
soon return home
26 killed as Boko Haram
attacks Nigeria village
source said 20 militants were killed
by local vigilantes who fought back,
but this could not be confirmed as
witnesses said the raiders carried off
their dead in their trucks.
Nigerias armed forces are facing
a fierce offensive in the northeast by
the Islamist group Boko Haram,
whose marauding bands of fighters
have stepped up attacks against
towns and villages after kidnapping
more than 200 schoolgirls in April.
That abduction triggered an in-
ternational outcry and increased
support from the West for President
Goodluck Jonathans fight against
Boko Haram, which has killed thou-
sands and abducted hundreds since
launching an uprising in 2009.
Boko Haram, whose name means
Western education is sinful, says it
wants to set up an Islamic state in Ni-
geria, whose population is split be-
tween Christians and Muslims.
With the abducted schoolgirls
still missing three months after their
kidnap, Jonathan faces criticism at
home and abroad over the deterio-
rating security situation.
The militants who attacked Dille,
which is not far from the Cameroon
border, were believed to have come
from Boko Harams Sambisa forest
stronghold where at least some of
the kidnapped girls are thought to be
On Monday, Jonathan promised
that the missing 219 girls, snatched
on April 14 from Chibok, also in Bor-
no State, would soon return home,
teenage Pakistani activist Malala
Yousafzai said after meeting him.
The death toll from an Ebola out-
break in West Africa has risen to 603
since February, with at least 68
deaths reported from three countries
in the region in the last week alone,
the World Health Organisation said
on Tuesday.
WHO said there were 85 new cas-
es between July 8-12, highlighting
continued high levels of transmis-
sion. International and local medics
were struggling to get access to com-
munities as many residents feared
outsiders were spreading rather than
fighting Ebola.
Its very difficult for us to get into
communities where there is hostility
to outsiders, WHO spokesman Dan
Epstein told a news briefing in Gene-
va. We still face rumours, and sus-
picion and hostility. ... People are iso-
lated, theyre afraid, theyre scared.
Sierra Leone recorded the highest
number of deaths, which include
confirmed, probable and suspect
cases of Ebola, with 52. Liberia re-
ported 13 and Guinea 3, according to
the WHO figures.
Epstein said the main focus in the
three countries is tracing people who
have been exposed to people with
Ebola and monitoring them for the
21 day incubation period to see if
they were infected.
Its probably going to be several
months before we are able to get a
grip on this epidemic, Epstein add-
The outbreak started in Guineas
remote southeast but has spread
across the regions porous borders
despite aid workers scrambling to
help some of the worlds weakest
health systems tackle a deadly, infec-
tious disease.
In Sierra Leone and Guinea, ex-
perts believe scores of patients are
being hidden as relatives and friends
believe hospitalisation is a death
sentence. In Liberia, health workers
have been chased away by armed
In Guineas southeastern Forest
Region some terrified villagers are
shutting off their communities to
medical workers, even blocking
roads and downing bridges.
Over the border in Liberias Lofa
County, health workers trying to
screen two communities for the
deadly disease were chased off by lo-
cals armed with cutlasses, knives,
and stones, according to an internal
UN report.
More than 200 suspects were ar-
rested in a security sweep aimed at
stemming a wave of militant attacks
in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.
Soldiers manned checkpoints in
Mogadishus northern outskirts,
where most of the streets were emp-
ty amid the ongoing operation.
Security forces raided the homes
and shops of suspects and arrested
many people, mostly young men, ac-
cording to Col. Ahmed Ali, a senior
police official in Mogadishu who
said the sweep was a joint operation
by government forces and AU troops.
The operation will continue un-
til we stop terrorist attacks, he said.
Although the Islamic extremist
group al-Shabab was ousted from its
bases in Mogadishu in 2011, mili-
tants continue to stage lethal attacks
across the seaside city.
Last week, militants assaulted
and entered Villa Somalia, the heav-
ily guarded compound that houses
the presidential palace. Following a
gunfight in which at least three mil-
itants were killed, government
troops and presidential guards were
able to regain full control of the com-
pound that is considered to be one
of the safest places in Mogadishu be-
cause of the tight security presence.
Death toll from West Africa Ebola outbreak hits 600 Hundreds arrested in
Somalia security swoop
A French soldier was killed in a
suicide bombing in Mali in an area
where troops have struggled to restore
order after an Islamist insurgency last
year. The Foreign Legion soldier, the
ninth to die since France intervened
in its former colony in January 2013,
died from wounds after an attack
in north of the city of Gao. Frances
intervention in the African country
halted the advance of al Qaeda-linked
Islamists who had taken advantage of
a Tuareg separatist uprising to occupy
swathes of land in the north. France
afeared the Islamists could destabilise
the region and use the country as a
launchpad for foreign attacks.
President Barack Obama hailed
Egypts proposal for a ceasere
between Israel and the Palestinians
and sided with Israel against what he
called inexcusable attacks. Obamas
comments came as he presided over
an annual Iftar dinner at the White
House in celebration of the holy month
of Ramadan. In remarks to dinner
guests, who included diplomats from
the Arab and Muslim world, Obama
said the U.S. goal continued to be
peace and security for Israelis as well
as Palestinians.Now I will say very
clearly, no country can accept rockets
red indiscriminately at citizens.
A US teen became the youngest
person to y solo around the world.
Nineteen-year-old Matt Guthmiller
of South Dakota completed the more
than 46,670km journey in a single-
engine airplane Monday night when
he touched down at Gillespie Field
in El Cajon, California. Guthmillers
ight began May 31. His nal, 16-hour
leg took him from Honolulu, Hawaii,
over the Pacic Ocean to El Cajon. The
Aberdeen, South Dakota, native was
greeted by reporters and his mother
in El Cajon. He says its great to be
back. The previous record was set
by Australian Ryan Campbell who
was 19 years, seven months and 25
days old when he completed the
circumnavigation last year. Guthmiller
will be that age on July 24.
French soldier killed in
Mali suicide bombing
Obama hails Egypt push
for Mid East ceasere
US teen nishes ight
around the world
Page 44 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
A Chinese ship (right) blows water cannon at a Vietnamese vessel alongside in the South China Sea, of Vietnams coast
in May. Chinese ships are ramming and spraying water cannons at Vietnamese vessels trying to stop Beijing from set-
ting up an oil rig in the disputed South China Sea. [PHOTO: AP]
China told the US to stay out of
disputes over the South China Sea
and leave countries in the region to
resolve problems themselves, after
Washington said it wanted a freeze
on stoking tension.
Michael Fuchs, US deputy assis-
tant secretary of state for Strategy
and Multilateral Affairs, said no
country was solely responsible for
escalating tension in the region.
But he reiterated the US view that
provocative and unilateral be-
haviour by China had raised ques-
tions about its willingness to abide
by international law.
China claims 90 per cent of the
South China Sea, which is believed
to contain oil and gas deposits and
has rich fishery resources. Brunei,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam
and Taiwan also lay claim to parts of
the sea, where about $5 trillion of
ship-borne trade passes every year.
Chinas Foreign Ministry repeated
it had irrefutable sovereignty over
the Spratly Islands, where most of
the competing claims overlap, and
that China continued to demand the
withdrawal of personnel and equip-
ment of countries which were ille-
gally occupying Chinas islands.
What is regretful is that certain
countries have in recent years have
strengthened their illegal presence
through construction and increased
arms build up, the ministry said.
China would resolutely protect its
sovereignty and maritime rights and
had always upheld resolving the is-
sue based on direct talks with the
countries involved on the basis of
respecting historical facts and inter-
national law, it added.
The disputed sea is
believed to contain oil
and gas as well as rich
shery resources
China tells US to stay out
of disputed South Seas
China hopes that countries out-
side the region strictly maintain their
neutrality, clearly distinguish right
from wrong and earnestly respect
the joint efforts of countries in the
region to maintain regional peace
and stability, it added, in reference
to the United States.
Recent months have seen flare-
ups in disputes over rival offshore
claims. Anti-Chinese riots erupted in
Vietnam in May after Chinas state oil
company CNOOC deployed an oil rig
in waters also claimed by Vietnam,
which has also accused China of ha-
rassing its fishermen
Chinas official Xinhua news
agency said authorities had on Tues-
day deported 13 Vietnamese fisher-
men and released one of two trawl-
ers seized recently for illegally fishing
close Sanya on the southern tip of
Chinas Hainan island.
Relations between China and the
Philippines have also been tested in
recent months by their dispute over
a different area.
A Foreign Ministry spokesman in
Manila said the Philippines strongly
supported the US call for all sides to
stop aggravating the tension.
The US wants the 10-nation Asso-
ciation of South East Asian Nations
(ASEAN) and China to have a real
and substantive discussion to flesh
out a call for self-restraint contained
in a Declaration of Conduct they
agreed to in 2002, with a view to sign-
ing a formal maritime Code of Con-
duct, Fuchs said.
A US official said the issue was
raised again last week with China at
an annual Strategic and Economic
Dialogue, a bilateral forum that
seeks to manage a complex and at
times testy relationship.
Chinas Foreign Ministry said it
and ASEAN were carrying out the
Declaration of Conduct and steadi-
ly pushing forward talks on the
Code of Conduct.
Despite the tensions, the top US
Navy officer, Chief of Naval Opera-
tions Admiral Jonathan Greenert,
was welcomed in Beijing by his Chi-
nese counterpart, Peoples Libera-
tion Army Navy Admiral Wu Shengli.
A US Navy official accompanying
Greenert would not say whether ter-
ritorial disputes would be raised
during talks.
We both acknowledge these
things exist, but the intent of these
meetings is to look at ways we can
work better together, he said.
During his five-day trip, Greenert
will visit the northeastern port city of
Dalian where he will tour Chinas
first aircraft carrier, a symbol of its
growing naval might. US Defence
Secretary Chuck Hagel toured the
ship in April.
A rush-hour subway train de-
railed in Moscow, killing 12 people
and sending at least 150 others to
hospital, many with serious injuries,
Russian emergency officials said.
Several cars went off the track in
the tunnel after a power surge trig-
gered an alarm, which caused the
train to stop abruptly.
At least 50 of the injured are in
grave condition, the Itar-TASS news
agency said, quoting Moscow health
department chief Georgy Golukhov.
Golukhov told Russian television
that only one person is still trapped
in a wrecked train car but said he is
still alive. Emergency services at the
scene, however, speculated there
could be more trapped commuters.
It was not possible to immediately
reconcile the reports.
The Russian capitals airports and
transit systems have been hit by sev-
eral terrorist attacks over the past
two decades but officials said Tues-
day this appeared to be an accident.
Puchkov said terrorism is not being
considered as a possible cause.
An Associated Press journalist
saw injured people being taken out
of the Park Pobedy station in west
Moscow on stretchers and four med-
ical helicopters taking off from the
lawn nearby.
Yuri Akimov, a Moscow spokes-
man for the emergency services, said
outside the station that about 200
people were evacuated from the
train, which was stuck between two
Park Pobedy is the deepest metro
station in Moscows subway system
84m deep, which made the rescue
particularly hard.
The station serves the vast Park
Pobedy, where the World War II mu-
seum is located and which is close to
Moscows triumphal arch.
The Moscow Metro is one of the
most famous subway systems in the
world, known for its palatial interiors
with mosaics, chandeliers and mar-
ble benches.
Photos on social media showed
passengers walking along the tracks
inside the dimly lit tunnel.
A man with a bloody cut on his
brow told Rossiya 24 television out-
side the Park Pobedy station that he
felt a jolt and the train abruptly came
to a halt.
A car packed with explosives ex-
ploded as it sped through a crowded
market in Afghanistan, killing at least
89 people. This is one of the most vi-
olent attacks in the country.
The explosion took place not far
from the porous border with Paki-
stans North Waziristan region, where
the military has been attacking hide-
outs of the Pakistani Taliban in the
past few weeks, prompting militants
to retreat towards Afghanistan.
The number of victims may in-
crease, said General Zahir Azimi, a
defence ministry spokesman.
The attack comes at an uneasy
time in Afghanistan as the country
recounts votes from a disputed pres-
idential election which the Taliban
have vowed to disrupt.
But the Taliban distanced them-
selves from Tuesdays attack. The
movements leader have ordered
militants not to target civilians.
The truth behind this attack will
become clear after an investigation,
but we clearly announce that it was
not done by the Mujahedeen of the
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,
Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban
spokesman, said in a statement.
The Mujahedeen do not conduct
such attacks and such attacks do not
bring any benefit to them.
Subway derailment in Moscow kills 12, injures 150 Car bomb attack leaves 89
dead in Afghanistan
Military investigators say a South
Korean soldier involved in a deadly
shooting spree has testied that
he opened re on colleagues after
seeing their drawings depicting him as
SpongeBob SquarePants. The soldier,
surnamed Yim, was arrested last
month after killing ve soldiers and
wounding seven others at their army
base. Yim testied that he went on the
rampage after nding the drawings,
which he believed mocked him, on the
back of his units border patrol log.
Seon says Yim told investigators he
had sufered lots of stress because of
the drawings.
US Secretary of State John Kerry
said Tehran must reduce its capacity
to make nuclear fuel if it wants to
secure a long-term deal with six
world powers that would bring an
end to sanctions that have crippled
the Iranian economy. We are clear
that the 19,000 (centrifuges) that are
currently part of their programme is
too many, Kerry said after three days
of talks with Iran. Supreme Leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently
signalled Tehrans unwillingness to
co-operate and oated the idea of
keeping its enrichment programme at
current levels for a few years before
expanding it.
Russia yesterday demanded that
US releases a Russian citizen detained
last week on hacking charges. Moscow
accused US of kidnapping Roman
Seleznev who was detained at an
airport in the Maldives and accused
of hacking into US retailers computer
systems to steal credit card data.
The arrest of the 30-year-old son of
a deputy in Russias lower house of
parliament has increased tensions
between the two countries, already at
their worst since the end of the Cold
War over the Ukraine crisis. We stress
the unacceptability of such actions.
Our citizen was in fact kidnapped from
the territory of a third country, Russia
said in a statement.
Koreas killer soldier
ticked of by drawings
Iran plays hard ball with
nuclear as talks falter
Russia demands US
releases accused hacker
Page 45 NEWS OF THE WORLD / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Israeli soldiers ride an armoured personnel carrier outside the Gaza Strip. Pal-
estinian militants red rockets at Israel on Tuesday after it agreed to an Egyp-
tian proposal to end the week-old Gaza conict. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Gaza militants on Tuesday met
Egypts call for a quick truce with re-
peated rocket fire on Israel and se-
nior Hamas officials rejected the
proposal, saying they werent con-
sulted. Israel accepted Cairos plan,
but warned it would strike Gaza even
harder than it has to date if Hamas
didnt abide by it as well.
The Islamic militant group didnt
close the door to truce talks, howev-
er. It appeared instead to be holding
out for better conditions, with offi-
cials saying the Egyptian plan offers
no tangible achievements on easing
a border blockade of the coastal
strip, enforced by Israel and Egypt
for the past seven years.
The situation remained highly
volatile, suggesting Egypts efforts to
end a week of fighting could quickly
run aground. Since the outbreak of
Egypt sufers deep
distrust for having
ousted a Hamas-
friendly government
Hamas meets Egypt
truce call with rocket re
Human Rights Watch researcher
Sunai Phasuk is raising concerns about
the welfare of 130,000 people whom
Thailands military government plans
to send back to Myanmar. Phasuk
says the Thai junta should ensure the
repatriation is not forced. Junta leader
Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha said Thailand
and Myanmar will facilitate their
safe return. The afected are mainly
ethnic minorities whove been living
in displacement camps in Thailand
since eeing government ofensives
in eastern Myanmar. But they are not
formally acknowledged as refugees.
Sunai said both nations should
consult with the afected people
and international organisations with
expertise in the issue before nalising
any repatriation plans.
A Pakistan court sentenced a man
to death for blasphemy. A Lahore city
court on Tuesday rejected arguments
that Mohammad Zulqar, 50, was
mentally ill and should not have been
tried on the charges. He was charged
with blasphemy after writing what
were considered to be blasphemous
comments on the walls of a Lahore
neighbourhood in 2008. Insulting the
Quran or the Prophet Muhammad can
be punished with life imprisonment or
death under Pakistani law.

Thailands plan to deport
130,000 raises concerns
Pakistan court rules man
to hang for blasphemy
However, Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu warned that if
Hamas rejects the Egyptian proposal
and the rocket fire from Gaza does
not cease, and that appears to be the
case, we are prepared to continue
and intensify our operation.
Gaza militants fired at least 35
rockets at Israel after mid-morning
Tuesday, hours past the Egypt-pro-
posed time for de-escalation.
The Israeli military said several
rockets reached deep into Israel, in-
cluding near the northern port city of
Haifa. Sirens also went off in the
towns of Hadera and Zichron Yaakov,
more than 100km north of Gaza.
The military wing of Hamas,
which has been responsible for most
of the hundreds of rockets launched
at Israel in the past week, said the
Egyptian plan wasnt worth the ink
it was written with.
cross-border fire on July 8, more
than 190 Palestinians have been
killed and millions of Israelis have
been exposed to rocket fire.
It is the third major round of
hostilities between Israel and
Hamas in just over five years but
also one in which the impact on
Israel has been much mitigated by
the success of its Iron Dome air
defense system in shooting down
Hamas rockets and preventing Is-
raeli fatalities to date.
The previous bout, in 2012,
eventually ended with the help of
Egypt, at the time seen as a trusted
broker by Hamas.
But Hamas deeply distrusts
Egypts current rulers, who ousted
a Hamas-friendly government in
Egypt a year ago, and have tight-
ened the border blockade on Gaza.
Under the Egyptian plan, pro-
posed late Monday, a 12-hour pe-
riod of de-escalation was to begin
at mid-morning Tuesday. Once
both sides agree to halt hostilities,
they would negotiate the terms of
a longer-term truce.
Israel accepted the proposal at
a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.
I&M Building, Banda Street, Ground oor
Call: 0719-012555
Page 46 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
The Kajiado County Assembly wishes to invite applications from interested and eligible bidders for the pre-
qualication/registration as supplier (s) for the Financial Year 2014-2015 ending 30
June 2015 as per the under
listed categories and descriptions of goods and services.
1. KCA/PRE/01/2014- 2015 Supply and delivery of general ofce stationery Special Group
2. KCA/PRE/02/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of computers, laptops, printers,
scanners, photocopiers and related computer accessories
3. KCA/PRE/03/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of computer consumables and its
related accessories
4. KCA/PRE/04/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of ofce furniture Open
5. KCA/PRE/05/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of newspapers and periodicals Special Group
6. KCA/PRE/06/2014-2015 Supply, delivery and installation of computer and hardware Open
7. KCA/PRE/07/2014-2015 Supply , delivery and installation of hansard equipment Open
8. KCA/PRE/08/2014-2015 Supply, delivery and installation of CCTV Open
9. KCA/PRE/09/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of food stuf eg sugar, bread, tealeaves
Special Group
10. KCA/PRE/10/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of bottled water (mineral water 20
litres and 500ml)
Special Group
11. KCA/PRE/11/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of beverages and fresh milk Special Group
12. KCA/PRE/12/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of motor vehicles Open
13. KCA/PRE/13/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of staf branded uniform Open
14. KCA/PRE/14/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of electrical materials Open
15. KCA/PRE/15/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of electronics Open
16. KCA/PRE/16/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of airtime scratch cards Special Group
17. KCA/PRE/17/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of petrol, oil, lubricants and other
18. KCA/PRE/18/2014-2015 Supply of motor vehicles spare parts, tyres, tubes/airbidge
19. KCA/PRE/19/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of sanitary materials e.g. sanitary bins,
tissue, serviettes etc
Special Group
20. KCA/PRE/20/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of toners & cartridges Special Group
21. KCA/PRE/21/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Branded materials Open
22. KCA/PRE/22/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Communications equipment Special Group
23. KCA/PRE/23/2014-2015 Provision of Medical cover Open
24. KCA/PRE/24/2014-2015 Service and Maintenance of Photocopiers, Telephones Open
25. KCA/PRE/25/2014-2015 Provision of Air Travel Agency Services (IATA registered) Open
26. KCA/PRE/26/2014-2015 Provision of hotels and conference services, preferably in
Nairobi, Kajiado and Mombasa
27. KCA/PRE/27/2014-2015 Provision of Ofce refurbishment and furnishings /ofce
28. KCA/PRE/28/2014-2015 Provision of cleaning services (dry cleaning) Open
29. KCA/PRE/29/2014-2015 Provision of cleaning services (buildings) Special Groups
30. KCA/PRE/30/2014-2015 Provision of Car Hire and Taxi Service (Please state your
geographical locations preferably Nairobi, Mombasa,
Kajiado areas etc)
31. KCA/PRE/31/2014-2015 Provision of hire of tents and chairs Special Groups
32. KCA/PRE/32/2014-2015 Provision of courier and freight services Open
33. KCA/PRE/33/2014-2015 Provision of Insurance services - general Open
34. KCA/PRE/34/2014-2015 Provision advertising Services Open
35. KCA/PRE/35/2014-2015 Provision of printing services Open
36. KCA/PRE/36/2014-2015 Provision of service repair and maintenance of motor
37. KCA/PRE/37/2014-2015 Provision of repair and maintenance of ofce furniture
and ttings
38. KCA/PRE/38/2014-2015 Provision of re ghting and re protection equipment
39. KCA/PRE/39/2014-2015 Provision of marking/tagging of asset services Special Group
40. KCA/PRE/40/2014-2015 Provision of Water Boozers services Open
41. KCA/PRE/41/2014-2015 Provision of building, constructions and electrical works Open
KCA/PRE/42/2014-2015 Provision of ICT software and support services Open
42. KCA/PRE/43/2014-2015 Provision legislative drafting services Open
43. KCA/PRE/44/2014-2015 Provision of management consultancy services (recruit-
ment, training, & general capacity building)
44. KCA/PRE/45/2014-2015 Provision of Environmental Impact Assessment (EAI) and
Environmental Audit (EA)
45. KCA/PRE/46/2014-2015 Provision of services of formulation and development of
policy documents
Special Groups include Youth, Women and Persons Living with Disability who have been duly registered
with the National Treasury. Must show proof of registration by providing the certicate of registration.
The pre-qualication tender documents, containing submission information, detailed terms and conditions
of qualication may be obtained from the Procurement ofce, located in Kajiado County Assembly between
9.00am to 5.00pm at no fee.
Pre-qualication documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly Pre-Qualication Documents
for Suppliers for Financial Year 2014-2015 with category reference number be deposited in the tender box
located at the reception on or before 31
July 2014 (12.00pm) and addressed to:
The Clerk
Kajiado County Assembly
P.O. Box 94-01100
Applications will be opened immediately thereafter, in the presence of bidders or representatives who may wish
to attend at 12.00pm in the Assembly Board Room.
Procurement Ofcer
FOR -2014/2015-2015/2016
The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is in the process of pre-qualifying suppliers for
provision of assistive devices for the period 2014/2015-2015/2016 nancial years.
1. NCPWD/01/2014-2016 Supply and delivery of assistive devices for persons with physical
2. NCPWD/02/2014-2016 Supply and delivery of assistive devices for persons with hearing
impairment and communication disabilities
3. NCPWD/03/2014-2016 Supply and delivery of assistive devices for persons with visual
4. NCPWD/04/2014-2016 Supply and delivery of assistive devices for persons with
intellectual and developmental disabilities, deaf blindness and
multiple disabilities.
Detailed pre-qualication documents may be obtained from the National Council for Persons
with Disabilities procurement Department Ofce on Waiyaki Way opposite ABC Place
during normal working hours (8.00 am to 4.30pm). Completed Pre-qualication documents
accompanied by all requisite supporting documents should be submitted in plain sealed
envelopes clearly indicating the category no. for and addressed to:
The Ag Director
National Council for Persons with Disabilities,
P.O. BOX 66577-00800,
And be placed in the tender box provided at the reception of the National Council for Persons with
Disabilities on or before 11.00 am, Wednesday 30
July, 2014.
Pre-qualication documents will be opened immediately thereafter at NCPWDs Ofce Waiyaki
way, opposite ABC place in the presence of the bidder or their representatives who choose to
The Businesses owned by the Persons with Disabilities, Youth and Women are encouraged to
ATC is the corporate commercial arm of the Co-operative University College of Kenya charged with the
mandate to create the outreach of the Colleges academic knowledge through the provision of business
solutions to the agricultural, co-operative sectors and the associate economy. In so doing, ATC fulls the
needs of diverse groupings within the co-operative movement, agricultural sector, rural development and
the associative economy.
In our quest to uphold leadership and excellence, ATC seeks to recruit an innovative, experienced and
result oriented Business Development Ofcer on a three (3) years renewable contract ( with 3 months
probation period).
Advert Ref: P/2/2014 Business Development Ofcer (Co-operative/Agribusiness)
Based in Karen and in counties when need arises. Reporting to the Business Development Manager, the
Business Development Ofcer will be required to Source for business, coordinate and manage programmes
implementation to the required standards.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Acquire new business that meets ATC Quality Standards and sign of contracts having driven them
from thought to nish, Developing and implementing a value adding marketing strategy and materials,
Coordinating, organizing and implementing, research, training and consultancy activities.
Preferred Competencies:
Ability to work with minimum supervision.
Report Writing Skills
Multi tasking skills
Strong interpersonal skills
Computer literate
Competency in programme / project management, report writing, training and consultancy
Qualications and Experience
Degree in any eld of Social Sciences
Minimum of 3 years working experience in training, proposal development / conducting consultancies
Experience in Agribusiness and Co-operative / Sacco/Market Research will be an added advantage
Applications are invited fromsuitably qualied candidates to ll the above positions. The application letter
must be submitted with a detailed CV containing email address, day time telephone contacts, copies of
certicates and testimonials, and three referees to reach the undersigned not later than 25
July, 2014:
Only short listed candidates will be contacted. For more information visit
The Chief Executive Ofcer
Agri and Co-operative Training & Consultancy Services Ltd (ATC)
P. O. Box 465-00502 Karen, NAIROBI
The objective of this seminar is to enhamce the skillsof participants in designing, implementing and
monitoring value chain upgrading projects. Target Group: Consultants, Planners and Practitioners
working in development agencies, consulting rms, business associations, nancial institutions
(agribusiness) or government agencies active in economic development. Date: 11
to 15
August, 2014.
Venue: Co-operative Resource and Conference Centre, Karen. Charges: Residential: Kshs. 90,000.
Non Residential Ksh. 70,000.00 (VAT inclusive)
For registration: send email to or call Florence Obath on +254 20 2325498, 0720564169,
0735 847866 go tour website
Date: 12
to 14
November, 2014
Venue: Co-operative Bank Management Centre, Karen.
Theme: Bridging the Sustainable Gaps in Value Chains and Co-operatives
1.Identication of the gaps
2.Recommend mitigation measures
Please bookspace for exhibition at Ksh15,000 and also sponor participants at Ksh 8,000 per participant.
For registration: send email to
OR call Florence Obath on +254 20 2325498, 0720564169, 0735 847866
Buying or
selling a car?
Call: 3222111
Advertise in
and get real value!
Page 47 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
It has come to our attention that a document titled Final Schedule of Medical
Equipment Direct Procurement with purported prices was included in the tender
documents in reference to the above tender that appeared in our daily Newspapers
on Friday, July 11 2014.
All prospective bidders are advised that the document was inadvertently included
and has no relevance whatsoever to the bona de tender documents and should
therefore be ignored.
In this regard the said document has been expunged from the tender documents.
We have also made amendments to the document titled Distribution List of
Equipment and all bidders who had downloaded this document are requested to
download the new version from the website. All bidders who collected the tender
documents from Afya House, can collect the new Distribution List of Equipment
at no additional cost, from the Supply Chain Management ofce, Afya House Room
Clarications and request for additional information to be addressed to:
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Health
Floor, Afya House
Cathedral Road
PO Box 30016-00100
Tel: 2717077
The Competition Authority vide Kenya Gazette Notice No. 4567, dated 11
June, 2014, and also
hereby, noties the public that it has introduced the following Merger Filing Fees with efect from
August, 2014:-
Thresholds (Kshs.) Fees per proposed merger (Kshs.)
Five Hundred Million- One billion Five hundred thousand
One billion- Fifty billion One Million
Fifty billion and above Two million
Therefore, commencing 1
August, 2014, the following documents will constitute a complete
Merger Notication to the Authority:-
1. Duly lled Merger Notication Forms, by all parties, including all the documents specied
therein. The Merger Notication Form can be downloaded from our website:-
; and
2. Evidence/proof of remittance of the fees.
The Fees will be paid, in Kenya shillings, to the following Bank Account.
Account Name: Competition Authority of Kenya
Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
Branch: KICC Branch
Account No: 1136286179
Bank/Branch Code: 01104
Wangombe Kariuki
Director- General
Page 48 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
(CAP 286)
The owner of plot No. South
Sakwa/Barkowino/6153 wishes to
change its use fromAgricultural to
Educational. Any individual, group,
Institution that have any objection to
the write to the undersigned before
the elapse of 14 days fromthe date
of this notice :-
The Manager,
Bondo Sub - County,
P.O Box 294
Page 49 NOTICES / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
white, sunroof, leather interior,
8 seater, seat warmers, air
suspension, Ex-Japan. Call
TOYOTA V8, new shape,
2008, pearl whi te, ful ly
loaded, with low mileage,
leather interior. Call 0733-
KBS RANGE Rover Vogue.
2005 .3.0 diesel. low millage.
price 3m. 0722-518590.
BMW KBN. 2004 model. low
millage.2500 cc.525i,. price
2.4m. 0722-518590.
BMW 320i, 2007, Bl ack
2000cc, fully loaded, ex Japan,
just imported. View at Silver
Star Motors, Hurlingham 0721
414 675. Price Kes 1.73m ono.
CONCRETE Pole Making
Machine. Contact Person: Mark
Yuan Phone No.:0719845977
Address: Godown No. 5
No.12470,Enterprise Road
( Near Hi l l ocks hot el ) .
Email:nileblock2009@ gmail.
CONCRETE Pole Making
Machine. Contact Person: Mark
Yuan Phone No.:0719845977
Address: Godown No. 5
number 12470 Enterprise Road
Nairobi Email:nileblock2009@
QTJ4-40 Concrete Block
Maki ng machi ne Contact
P e r s o n : Ma r k Yu a n
Phone No. : 0719845977.
Address: Godown No. 5
No.12470,Enterprise Road
( Near Hi l l ocks hot el ) .
KBY/KBZ, 2008/7/6, choice
of 4units, Auto/Manual. Also
avai l abl e Ni ssan Navara,
choice of 4. Trade in available.
Call: 0722 598277
2007/8, new shape, leather,
choi ce of 3 Uni ts. Cal l :
KBZ,2007/8,new shape,leather
choice of 3 units. Call 0722-
TOYOTA Land cruiser Prado,
KBY/KBZ, choice of 8 units,
model 07/06, diesel/petrol,
colour black / grey/blue/
beige/silver/red/maroon, gold
& white. Trade-in acceptable.
Call 0722-598277.
2007/2006, face lifted to 4,
sunroof, leather, choice of 3
units.Also Available Range Rover
Sports KBY/KBZ, 2007/2006.
Trade-i n-acceptabl e. Cal l
diesel Jyde new 22 hp trailer
and all accessories Contact
bhatt electro machinery & tools
limited dunga close off dunga
road industrial area, next to
roy parcel services. tel: 0733-
785137, 0706-014470.
Brand New 0 mileage, Diesel,
Auto, choice of 3, 3.85m ONO,
diesel, new imports choice
of black, silver & white, from
3.7m, 0722808687
DEALERS: Mercedes Benz
E240 KBS Year 2005 Metallic
Black Petrol 2.5cc Fully loaded
with extras 12 plugs engine
Aski ng 1. 95mi l l i on Cal l
(CAP 286)
The owner of Plot Title no. Samuru/
Mwitingiri/BLOCK I/359 proposes to
Extend and change the Use fromsingle
dwelling to residential fats and shops of
the plot subject to approval by Technical
Planning Committee Muranga county.
Individuals, institutions, organizations
etc. with objections/comments to the
approval are requested to forward them
in writing within 14 days of this notice
Technical Planning Committee
Muranga County
P.O Box 145-01020 Kenol
IN THE MATTER OF:ARTICLES 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,
40, 47, 65(3), 262 AND SECTION 7 OF PART I OF
412 and 758
ARNOLD MBAABUH the duly appointed Attorney
......... PETITIONER

TAKE NOTICE that a Petition has been fled by the
Petitioner against the Respondents in the above
mentioned reference together with a Chamber
Summons application both amended on 26.6.2014
and the application has been fxed for mention
on 27.7.2014. Service of the Amended Petition,
Amended Chamber Summons Application, the
Preservative Order and Mention Notice has been
ordered by means of this advertisement upon
yourselves. Copies of the Amended Petition,
the Amended Chamber Summons Application,
Supporting Affdavit, Verifying Affdavit and Order
may be obtained from the Court or the Petitioners
Advocates offces at the address below.
TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that unless you enter
appearance and fle a Replying Affdavit or Grounds
of Opposition and appear in Court on the said date,
this reference will be heard and orders made your
absence notwithstanding.
DATED at Mombasa this 9
day of July
Kinyua Muyaa & Co. Advocates, Rex House,
Floor, Moi Avenue, P. O. Box 87545-80100,
Tel: 254/2220909/2222829/0722 709974/ 0737
PETI TI ON NO. 20 OF 2014
Page 50 / OBITUARIES Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
flats secure 19,000ksh pm incl wa
ter 0725714646/0723508182
SETLAK galvanised exhaust, 2 yrs
written guarantee fitted as-u-have
drinks. 552265, 0722-527924.
GODOWNS 510000 sq ft 0722204686
KAREN 4 bedroom executive hse on 1/
2ac many extras 0720961717 owner
TELVIV Estate k ltd single 4500 1
br8300 0715000944 0732000944
TITLE Deed LR 3734/519. Tel. 0725
409912, NBI
KAHAWA Sukari 5br bungalow 1/4acre
q/sale 0724846509 Joevilla
RUAI Kingoris 40x80 0722957251
KILI 3br new apt 75k. 0703575208
0722715492 Kileleshwa 3brms top
class apart with high quality fit-
EQUITY ESTATE 4445074/5 0722715492
Old Muthaiga prime residential
property on 1.7 ac price on re-
0722715492 Riverside & Loresho ex-
ecutive 5 B/rooms hses on 1ac each
mature garden & highly recomended
SOUTH C 3br mais 45k 0721699161
WESTLANDS 3br apt 85k 0722816073
MOMBASA RD4br mai 45k 0722816073
MOMBASA RD 1 acre 50m 0721699161
LANGATA 1/2ac dev 75m 0722816073
LAVINGTON 23br apt showhse ready
2 parking Sh 12.514m 0708800411.
KAREN behind Ndege Road 2 acres
freehold offers invited
10004000 sq ft Kilimani new of-
fice suites borohole CCTV Sh 90 +
20 s/charge per sq ft 0708800411.
LOSS of title deed No. Ngong Ngong
FEDHA 4b/r+sq on1/8ac 0722707160
NGO reg driver clerks mess clean-
ers Tboys secretary 0700018416
2B/R highrise tel 0720791008
HIGHRISE 2b/r 0720791008
KILE 4br house 300k 0725714438
LAVI 6br hs 1 Acre 0725714438
SUNRISE Park 2B Flat 0721173551
PARKLANDS 2.5 acre 0729475785

TRACK ua partner 0788404275
SHIFT job available 0705904748
KILELESHWA 3br fuy funished aprt
swingpool vacant 70k 0722297773
NGO urg req. 30 Form 4s n above.
65k p.m. Sms0729140349
KAREN 2br gusthse 20k 0770281469
MWIMUTO 4br hse louge ensite sq
ideal res/busines 40k 0756908194
PARKLANDS, 2b/room executive apart-
ments with garden, internet & 24hr
security for Kshs 55,000. Tel 0722
515000, 0736214141
URGENT,NGO volunteersgoodpay.SMS
ur phone no. to 0714202151

AT SENIORS from Kshs 6,500/= All
branches. 0707299880, 0729461713
KAREN (near Mamba Village) 1/2acre
serviced plot 30m 0726527303
A great soul serves everyone all the time.
A great soul never dies. It brings us together
again and again.
- Maya Angelou
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
6 Pages of

wallop River Nzoia
GOLF: Ouma wins at AIG
tournament in Karen
soccer fan-President
Old Skool stunned River Nzoia 3-0
in the Wazee Pamoja League played
at Jericho Lower Grounds over the
weekend. Dan Otieno scored a brace
as Pius Muhanji netted Old Skools
third goal. In another encounter
played at Mesora grounds, home
team Greenyard forced a one-
all draw against Tipples. Harun
Okongo scored for Greenyard with
Washington Nyakundi on target
for Tipples. Jambo edged Seniors
3-2, thanks to a brace from Francis
Githinji and Moses Sylisias goals.
Seniors goals were scored by
Kevin Siyanga and Nelson Mandela.
Ujuanga beat Paris 2-1 as Paradiso
got a walkover against Gmk.
-Rebecca Gichana
Paul Ouma emerged the overall
winner of the AIG corporate golf
tournament held at Karen on
Saturday. Ouma collected 41 points.
Simon Njunge and Rachel Lofty
were the men and lady winners
respectively with 40 points each. In
the longest drive contest, Harriet
Mbiro emerged winner for the ladies
as Emmanuel Agengo took the lead
for best man golfer. James Wanjohi
red a total of 33 points to come
out as the best staf player. There
will be other golf play-ofs slated
for the year in Nairobi and also
Mombasa at the Nyali Golf Club.
Besides promoting the game, the
corporate golf tournaments also
provide an avenue for networking
and developing new business
relationships. -Gilbert Wandera
Argentinas President Cristina
Fernandez admitted on Monday
she had not watched any of the
countrys matches in the World
Cup soccer tournament, including
the nal, a blunder observers
said exposed her as out of touch
with the national mood. A day
after soccer-mad Argentina lost
the World Cup nal to Germany,
Fernandez received the national
team and gave each player, a
consolatory hug. Fernandez had
earlier declined an invitation
from Brazils President Dilma
Roussef to attend the nal,
saying she had a sore throat.-AP
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
Players of the German nation-
al football team get of their
airplane at Berlin airport Te-
gel yesterday as they arrive
from Brazil after they won the
FIFA World Cup 2014. [PHOTO/

Tens of thousands of jubilant fans massed
at Berlins Brandenburg Gate yesterday to wel-
come the World Cup winners and new nation-
al heroes, bringing home footballs top prize
for the first time to a reunified Germany.
The flag-waving crowd erupted in ap-
plause after news spread that the flight bring-
ing the triumphant players to the German
capital from Rio de Janeiro touched down at
the airport shortly after 0800 GMT.
Crowds began massing in central Berlin
before dawn, and thousands more supporters
gathered on a viewing platform under warm
summer sunshine at Tegel airport to meet the
plane, a Lufthansa jet rebranded Fanhansa
for the team.
This is a historic event, said 34-year-old
bus driver Bernd Hesse, who followed all the
matches in Brazil on the radio when he was
behind the wheel.
He noted that Germany fans had waited
24 years to bask in the glory of a World Cup
victory, the first since the reunification of the
country following three wins by the former
West Germany.
Its not every day that you get to see some-
thing like this, he said.
Lydia Lampa, a 28-year-old advertising ex-
ecutive, stopped by the airport with a friend
on her way to work.
Wearing a Germany jersey adorned with
the coveted fourth star for the latest World
Cup win and a Hawaiian-style garland of
plastic flowers in the national colours black,
red and gold, she said she had watched every
World Cup match featuring the Mannschaft.
This is my way of saying thank you, she
All the games were exciting and I want-
ed to see the players at least once live. I had
a good feeling from the start of the tourna-
ment and I thought, Okay, this time were go-
ing to win.
A bus will ferry the Mannschaft to cen-
tral Berlin.
After meeting Mayor Klaus Wowereit, they
will stand on a giant stage at the Brandenburg
Gate, the symbol of German unity since the
country ended its Cold War division in 1990.
That was the last year a German team won
the tournament and Sundays nail-biter ex-
tra-time 1-0 win over Argentina marked the
first time that a side representing both the
west and the former communist east brought
home the trophy.
More than 250,000 fans had rallied behind
the German side on the so-called Fan Mile be-
hind the Gate late Sunday and a similar turn-
out was expected Tuesday to watch the play-
ers and trainer Joachim Loew hoist the trophy.
Supporters waved German flags, which
rarely make an appearance outside major
sporting events in a country due to its mili-
taristic past.
Thousands wore jerseys marked Mueller,
Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Goetze and Lahm
after the star players.
Ulrich Felgentreff said he was born in
1954, the first year West Germany won the
World Cup -- just nine years after the horrors
of World War II, as the country was gradually
rejoining the community of nations.
Everyone has an immense feeling of
pride, he said, decked out with his family in
the national colours. And that pride grows ti-
tle by title. By contrast, 18-year-old fan Sven
Engel was not even born the last time Ger-
many won.
Germany deserves this title, they were
must stronger than the other teams, En-
gel said. But the Brazil match was still the
best, he said, referring to the jaw-dropping
7-1 thrashing of the hosts during the semi-fi-
nal. The German media ran banner headlines
and normally staid business daily Handels-
blatt even joined in the national celebration.
Jubilant crowds
welcome German
World Cup kings
Page 52 / FEVER PITCH Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Mombasa region contest kicks of in Kwale County
Tense battle is expect-
ed when former champions
Tononoka and Waa clash in
the opening match of the
Mombasa region secondary
schools Term Two B games,
which kicks off this morning
in Kwale County.
The two teams will leave
no chance as they go into full
blast action as the winner will
automatically qualify for the
This is because boys foot-
ball pool B has only three
teams after Lamu County
failed to select their represen-
tatives due to the recent at-
tacks. The other contender in
the pool, Mwangea from Taita
Taveta will be fighting for the
three points at stake.
The games will be at
Kwale High and Kwale Semi-
nary Secondary. In pool A,
Mombasa County champi-
ons Green Palm Academy
who upset Tononoka 2-1 at
the final, take on Kasidi of
Kilifi while Tana River repre-
sentatives Gadeni clash with
Samburu Secondary of Kwale
In girls football Pool A,
defending champions St
Johns Kaloleni also start their
title quest with a tough match
against their perennial rivals
Kwale Girls High.
Taita Taveta representa-
tives Kajire Secondary take
on Mombasas Mwakirunge
in another pool A match.
In pool B, former champi-
ons Kilifi Mixed tackle Mado-
go from Tana River in a pool
which also has Waa Girls
In volleyball boys, Pool A
Kilifi Countys St Georges Ka-
loleni clash with Kwales Tu-
maini Secondary while Mare-
pano from Tana River face off
with Moi Forces Academy
from Mombasa. In Pool B
matches, Mariakani Second-
ary of Kilifi will face Kenyatta
Mwatate of Taita Taveta in a
pool that comprises defend-
ing champions Mivumoni
Secondary of Kwale.
Girls volleyball champi-
ons St Johns Kaloleni of Kil-
ifi clash with Msambweni of
Kwale while Moi Forces Acad-
emy of Mombasa square it
out with Murray Girls in pool
A matches while in Pool
B Kilifis Shujaa Mekatilili
open their campaign against
Kwales Tumaini Secondary.
Ngao Secondary from Ta-
na River County are also in
the same pool.
The teams will be bat-
tling for slots to represent the
region in the national ball
games to be held at Kakame-
ga High from August 5 to 9.
Sande Makupe (left) of Waa Boys High vies with Samson
Punga of Ndavaya Secondary during Kwale County games
early this month. [PHOTO: GIDEON MAUNDU/ STANDARD]
After spending restless hours
following the World Cup, lo-
cal sports enthusiasts shift focus
to the Airtel Stars Regional Finals
that start today at various venues.
The seven regions involved in the
show that will see winners advance
to the Nationals are Metropolitan
(who have their games in Loitokitok),
Mombasa (Kwale), Aberdare (Nanyu-
ki), Lake (Migori), Garissa (Wajir),
Nzoia (Kakamega).
Nakuru region held their games
last weekend and Moi Girls Kep-
cherop and Chemase qualified for
nationals in football while AIC Kosi-
rai and Cheptil went through in vol-
leyball girls and boys.
More attention will be on Met-
ropolitan region where all Na-
tional champions will be fight-
ing to defend their titles.
National football boys champions
Upper Hill and Olympic for girls are
the teams to watch in Loitokitok.
Metropolitan also scooped a dou-
ble in volleyball with Hospital Hill of
Nairobi and Kwanthanze of Machakos
lifting the boys and girls top honours
Metropolitan Secretary General
Gerald Mutuku said: Whoever wins
the ticket to represent Metropolitan
in Kakamega, we want to warn oppo-
nents that well retain all the four tro-
phies we clinched last season.
All the four National champi-
ons are tipped to retain their ti-
tles due to their experience.
Upper Hill are drawn in Pool B along-
side Matuu High (Machakos), Mer-
rushi (Kajiado) and Makindu (Mak-
The football boys Pool A has
Brother Beusang of Kajiado, Kati-
neni (Makueni), Kathiani (Mach-
akos) and Jamhuri (Nairobi).
Looking at the boys football draws,
only Upper Hill and Jamhuri have pre-
viously played at the National level.
In girls football, the Nation-
al champions Olympic play group
matches in Pool B alongside Ki-
kima (Makueni), Mwala (Mach-
akos) and Ooliosos (Kajiado).
Pool A comprises Matuu Memorial
(Machakos), Ilbissin (Kajiado), Baraz-
ani (Makueni) and Annointed (Nairo-
Nzoia region, considered to be
cradle of Kenyan football and vol-
leyball, will be another hot spot.
The region is parading some of
the best volleyball and football
teams at secondary school level.
And for coaches and scouts who are
out to tap talent, Kakamega High is
the place to be.
Hosts Green Commandos who
are seeking to regain lost glo-
ry are out to utilise home ad-
vantage and return to Nation-
al stage after missing out last year.
Commandos are drawn in a very com-
petitive Pool A alongside St Antho-
nys (Trans Nzoia), St Lukes (Turkana)
and Chesamis of Bungoma. Pool B
features Chavakali of Vihiga, Mumias
Muslim (Kakamega), Amukura (Busia)
and Kapenguria (Turkana).
Commandos coach Bren-
den Mwinamo predicted that the
games will be very competitive.
Although were the hosts, we
will not underrate any team be-
cause all of them are champi-
ons in their regions, he said.
East African champion Tartar of West
Pokot and former National champi-
ons Arch Bishop Njenga are among
the girls teams present in Kakamega.
Kwanthanze girls Beldine
Akinyi (left) and Joyce Njeri
both block a shot from
Winfred Nabwire (centre) of
Soweto Senior Academy
during the Metropolitan
region nals at Makindu High
last weekend. [PHOTO: JONAH
Nzoia, Metro
host big names
as regional
nals begin
ABERDARE: Tetu, Bassenga
chase a double at Nanyuki
GARISSA: Region hopes to
match the rest of Kenya
LAKE: Volleyball greats
contend at Taranganya
Tetu and Bassenga will each chase
double ticket when they participate
in the Aberdare region games at
Nanyuki High on Saturday. Tetu will be
represented in volleyball and football
for both boys and girls categories
while Bassenga are going for honours
in football for both genders. Some 16
teams will participate in the football
and volleyball contest that starts at
semis stage. Qualied teams include
Kikuyu Day, Bassenga, Ruthacati,
Maragua (football boys); Bassenga,
Mary hill, Ngindo, Kerugoya (football
girls); Tetu, Mweru, Githiga, Ziwani
(volleyball boys); Tetu, Gathungururu,
Graceland and Alliance (volleyball
-Oscar Pilipili
Garissa region have their Finals
at Wajir High starting today. The
region that is dogged by extreme
climate conditions is yet to make an
impact in the games. Schools from
the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands are
regular participants in the National
Championships but not even a single
of them has managed to go beyond
the group stage. But former Garissa
secretary general Abdkadir Bashir
believes the region will one time
compete at par with rest. Our teams
are not yet developed like the rest
but participating in the games is an
achievement on its own, he said.
-Oscar Pilipili
Perennial rivals Pe Hill of Awendo
and Chianda of Siaya will face of in
a volleyball match in the Lake region
games that start at Taranganya High
in Migori today. Pe Hill hope to utilise
home-ground advantage to reclaim
the title they lost to Chianda last year.
Migori County Secondary Schools
Sports Chairperson Maurice Kasina
who is also Pe Hill coach exuded
condence his boys will prevail and
qualify for the Nationals. We look
forward to going all the way to the
Nationals, said Mr Kasina. In the girls
category, St Alberts Ulanda of Awendo
and St Marys Mabera are the teams
to watch. Organisers have conrmed
that preparations are complete. The
championships will also feature racket
games. -Stanley Ongwae
Nakuru Kapsabet Held
Nzoia Kakamega High July 17-19
Mombasa Kwale High July 16-20
Metro Loitoktok July 15-20
Aberdare Nanyuki High July 17-19
Lake Taranganya July 15-19
Garissa Wajir High July 15-19
Northern Kitui High July 15-20
Nationals Kakamega High August 5-9
Page 53 FEVER PITCH / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wesonga shines at FUSA Games
Kenyas Valentine Wesonga
won the 400m mens race in
47.6 as the Federation of Afri-
can University Sports (FUSA)
Games entered the third day
on Monday.
Another Kenyan Evans
Omulo came in second, clock-
ing 47.8 with Ghanas Robert
Annak coming in third with
48.2 at the Nyayo National Sta-
In the 1,500m womens
race, Princess Rauhandalala
of South Africa clocked 4:36.6
with her fellow countrywoman
Baloyi Thembi clocking 4:47.0
for the second place. Kenyas
Beatrice Kosgei came third in
Ghana mens team won the
4 x 100m race in 40.5 ahead of
host Kenya who recorded 41.6.
Senegal was third with 42.6
In the womens category
that attracted two countries,
South Africa won in 53.3 sec-
onds as Kenya came in second
in 55.2.
In the mens 100m, Em-
manuel Appiah of Ghana won
in 10.3 seconds, while Man-
laye Sonko of Senegal clocked
10.7 sec to finish seconds. Des-
mond Aryee was third in 10.8
In the womens 100m race,
Bevin Smith of South Africa
won after clocking 12.0, Abes-
solo Bivina of Cameroon reg-
istered 12.2 seconds to finish
second followed by Mary Un-
yuthfera of Uganda in 12.5 sec-
In womens football, Ma-
sinde Muliro University lost
1-0 to Ugandas representatives
Makerere University.
The lone goal was scored by
Barbara Nakiyenzi at the half
hour mark to make her goal
tally to two.
Egypt dominated womens
table tennis, taking the first
three top positions to give their
nation the first medals.
Nadeen Elsawalatly
emerged at the top position
with 12 points and was fol-
lowed by Aida Ibrahim who
came in second with nine
Another Egyptian Fareh Ad-
delizize was third, while Ken-
yan Everline Noah was ranked
fourth with only four points.
Her counterpart Lorne Ketere
scored no point in the compe-
In mens basketball, Egypt
laboured to win 57-55 against
Mozambique with United
States International University
winning 63-55 win over Ugan-
da National University in the
womens category.
Kenya Methodist Universitys Cedrick Wekesa (right) chal-
lenges Edmund Atadana of Ghana during their All African
University Games football match at Kenya Science
Nairobi Water womens and Ken-
ya Prisons mens volleyball teams
won the 2014 Hon Dan Wanyama Cup
tournament at Bungoma High.
The titles did not come easi-
ly for the champions who faced real
challenge from their opponents be-
fore winning deciding matches that
proved very competitive.
Nairobi Water beat KCB 3-0 (25-22,
25-22, 26-24) in a closely-contested fi-
nal encounter to win the tournament
last Sunday.
Nairobi Water Coach John Mwani-
ki described their victory as great mo-
rale booster ahead of the Water Com-
panies Sports Association Games that
will be held in Eldoret next month.
Nairobi Water had beaten Kenya
Defence Forces (KDF) 3-1(19-25, 25-
22, 25-17, 25-20) in a closely fought
encounter to advance to the final.
On their part, KCB outclassed Na-
tional Youth Talent Academy (NYTA)
3-1 (25-19, 25-14, 25-27, 25-22) in an
entertaining semi-final encounter to
join Nairobi Water in the final.
In the mens category, Kenya Pris-
ons beat General Service Unit (GSU)
3-0 (25-23, 25-22, 25-22) in a thrill-
ing final to end their trophy drought.
The match that was eagerly awaited
lived up to its billing, with both teams
exhibiting exemplary blocking and at-
tacking skills.
Superintendent of Prisons Geofrey
Amadi felt his team deserved to win
as he said: The match was very tight
and I want to congratulate the two
teams for displaying a very entertain-
ing and quality game. Prisons showed
determination from the first set and
I congratulate them for winning.
In the semis, Prisons beat KDF 3-0(29-
27, 25-23, 25-21) while GSU overcame
a much-improved Kenya Airways 3-0
(25-15, 25-19, 25-21) to set up the
mouth-watering final.
Malava High boys and girls teams
dominated in the schools/colleges
category after they claimed both titles.
Gracing the tournament were sponsor
and Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama,
Bungoma County Minister for Sports
Stephen Kokonya and Kenya Volley-
ball Federation first chairman Martin
Makokha, among others.
Kokonya said the region-
al government has great
plans for sports in the county.
He said: The county government has
laid down a strategy for sports be-
cause we want to demonstrate that
one can earn a living out of it.
Im saying this with determina-
tion because I know what strategies
the county has in place for sports,
he emphasised.
Wanyama said: Im supporting
volleyball as a way of giving back to
the society. Volleyball is what made
me what I am.
Makokha welcomed the idea by
the government to work towards de-
velopment of sport in the county.
Malava girls team coach Bara-
sa Mate said his team was using the
tournament as a build-up to the
Nzoia regions secondary school
championships that will be held
at Kakamega High starting July 16.
It was important to bring my team
here to test the players at such a com-
petitive level before moving to Ka-
kamega, said Mate.
My team has played quality
matches against clubs like KCB and
Ulinzi and although we lost, the girls
put up a good account of themselves,
he said. Malava are among the teams
that will battle it out in Kakamega and
at stake is ticket to the Nationals to be
held at same venue on August 5-11.
Nairobi Water players (left) in action against KDF during Wanyama Cup in Bungoma at the weekend.[PHOTO:OSCAR PILIPILI/
Water and
Prisons claim
Wanyama Cup
tourney titles
Amy Wanday, 15, and her brother
Ted, 17 will contesting the competi-
tion motorcycle class of the CBA Af-
rica Concours dElegance on Sep-
tember 28 at the Nairobi Racecourse.
They bring a teenage element to
the growing list of competitors in the
classiest event on the Kenya Motor
Sport calendar.
The Concours has been organised
annually by the Alfa Romeo Owners
Club to showcase the best kept cars
and motorcycles in Kenya together
with entries from other countries.
The event gives the Concours
competitors the opportunity to dis-
cuss their magnificent machines
with the motoring enthusiasts who
will throng the Nairobi Racecourse
on Concours day.
In addition the entrants will have
their classic and vintage cars and
motorcycles assessed by highly expe-
rienced judges.
There will be 12 classes for all
makes and types of cars, station wag-
ons, pick-ups, SUVs and 4 X 4s and
eight for motorcycles.
On Concours day there will also
be a Classic Car and Motorcycle Sale
which is open to machines made in
1989, or earlier regardless of their
The NPCA Super League match
between Swamibapa and Nairobi
Gymkhana was abandoned on Sun-
Umpires Asgarali Kassam and
Subash Modi and captains Nicholas
Oluoch and Karan Kaul decided to
call off the match after Swamibapa
had scored 42 runs for the loss of two
wickets in 7.3 overs.
The pitch became unplayable
and dangerous for play due to rains.
Swamibapa C C: 42 for the loss of 2
wickets (Alex Obanda 24 not out, Lu-
cas Oluoch 1/16 and Harrison Am-
bani 1/2).
Scorers were Margaret Banja and
Francis Otieno. Both teams were
awarded six points each as there was
no result.
Teenage cyclists
to compete in
Concours event
Rain stops NPCA
Super League
match on Sunday
Page 54 / FEVER PITCH Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
to nally give
Club Games
team cash
The Government has bowed
to pressure from athletes on in-
ternational allowances for the
20th Commonwealth Games
that run in Glasgow, Scotland,
from July 23 to August 3.
Yesterday, the Ministry of
Sports disbursed the monies to
the Sports Stadia Management
Board to be released to the 195
athletes heading to the Club
Games. National Olympic
Committee (NOC-K) cannot
handle money on behalf of the
Boxers and athletes, who
left last night for Glasgow via
Amsterdam, threatened to
boycott the competition if they
would not be paid their dues,
amounting to $250 (Sh22,000)
per day for 24 days, which to-
tals Sh528,000 per athlete.
Pius Ochieng, the Team
Kenya General Manager, con-
firmed that the ministry had
sent the money to the camp.
At last, it has reduced the
pressure on us. We can now
concentrate and maintain our
focus on a good show in
Glasgow. We hope all will be
well with the athletes, who
were worried, said Ochieng.
They will receive the mon-
ey today (yesterday) or tomor-
row. Only formalities remain,
he added.
NOC-K met the local allow-
ances for the team which
amounted to Sh21,000 per ath-
lete while the Government was
to meet the international al-
Olympian javelin thrower
Julius Yego, who is the athletics
Kenyas rst batch arrive in Glasgow
The first group of more than 40
team Kenya athletes and officials
for this years Commonwealth
Games arrived here yesterday.
They were given a warm recep-
tion by the people of Glasgow city
who have stationed thousands of
volunteers in the Games village.
The games village will accommo-
date 6,500.
Team Kenya was received in the
village by the advance party of the
Kenyan officials who were led by
the Chef de mission Stephen arap
Soi, who confirmed that every-
thing was on course and that Team
Kenya was ready to tackle the
world when the games start on Ju-
ly 23.
Among those who arrived were
the Kenya Sevens team of of 12
players and six officials, shooting
and Judo teams.
The Games village is located on
the west bank of the river Clyde. It
was built for the 2014 Common-
wealth Games. The village is like a
town of its own as it cover an
equivalent of 54 football pitches.
Chefs de mission (heads of del-
egation) meetings are the princi-
pal forum for the Commonwealth
Games Federations exchange in-
formation and Kenya was not left
Soi said more members of
Team Kenya will be arriving to-
morrow while the last group will
be land here July 17.
As popularly referred to as
friendly Games, Commonwealth
Games village has already devel-
oped a friendly mood with more
than 2000 volunteers working and
helping the visitors.
Village Voice newspaper is
available to entertain and inform
the sportsmen and women on dai-
ly basis. The chief of medical for
Team Kenya Dr Julius Ogeto said
he was impressed with standards
of the Games village.
Commonwealth Games Team Kenya captain Ezekiel Kemboi receives the ag from Sports Cabinet
Secretary Hassan Wario (left) at Kasarani Stadium on July 8. [PHOTO: DENNIS OKEYO]
team captain, said they were
compiling the list for pay-
All is well for now since we
have been assured that the
payment is being processed at
the SSMB, said Yego.
We have already submit-
ted the list of names since ath-
letes wanted the allowances
remitted in cash, he added.
The athletes boycott threat
drew mixed reactions from far
and wide, with the Profession-
al Athletes Association of Ken-
ya (Paak) asking the Govern-
ment to uphold the dignity of
Jacob Yator, the Paak Nairo-
bi branch chairman, said the
welfare of the athletes had
been overlooked.
We are surprised that the
national team kit has not ar-
rived. We dont want a repeat
of what happened during the
London Olympics, said Yator.
The first batch of the team
arrived in Glasgow on Sunday.
Peter Angwenyi, the team
Kenya media liaison, told Fe-
verPitch from Glasgow that
Kenya is the talk of the Games.
More than 40 Kenyan ath-
letes and officials have ar-
rived. They were given a warm
reception by the people of
Glasgow city, who have co-
loured the Games village with
thousands of volunteers.
The games village will ac-
commodate 6,500. The team
was received in the village by
the advance party of the Ken-
yan officials who were led by
the Chef de Mission Stephen
arap Soi. The Games will start
on July 23.
Kenyas rugby Sevens team train at the Commonwealth
Games Village in Glasgow, yesterday. The Games will
start on July 23. [PICTURE: PETER ANGWENYI]
Page 55 FEVER PITCH / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Oburu of Bandari.
With less than eight minutes to the
break, Geoffrey Kataka unleashed a
powerful shot but Jacob Keli was
ruled offside from the rebound.
On resumption, the over-
seas-based players led by Wanyama,
Mcdonald Mariga, Allan Wanga,
Peter Opiyo and Francis Kahata
replaced Stephen Ocholla, Paul
Kiongera, Brian Osumba, Keli and
Geoffrey Kataka respectively in a
match guided by Adel Amrouches
deputies James Nandwa and
Kennedy Odhiambo. Amrouche was
serving a two-match ban after he
was shown the red card against
Just 27 minutes after Wanyamas
red-card, Stars could have broken
the deadlock in the 72nd minute,
but Jockins Atudos header from
Kahatas corner-kick was saved by
Burundi keeper Innocent Mboni
before Mariga missed a precious
scoring opportunity in the area.
The friendly was part of Kenyas
preparations for this Sundays 2015
Africa Cup away qualifier tie against
the Crocodiles of Lesotho.
Meanwhile, Harambee Stars will
have to do without the services of
first choice goalkeeper Arnold Origi
after Norwegian top-tier side
Lillestrm SK declined to release
him for the Maseru clash.
To vent his emotions, the
30-year-old custodian took to
Facebook to expresses his disap-
pointment, accusing the continental
football body for arranging fixtures
outside the Fifa calendar.
Caf should seriously think on
how they plan and set up their
fixtures. Its difficult to be released
for games outside the dates set by
Fifa for international matches. Really
disappointed to be missing this
weekends ACN qualifier, read a
post on Origis Facebook account.
In his absence, the burden of
manning the goal will either fall on
Bandari shot-stopper Wilson Oburu
or Gor Mahia captain Jerim Onyan-
Elsewhere, Lesotho succumbed
to a 2-0 defeat to Botswana in
another pre-2015 Africa Cup
qualifier warm-up match in
Gaborone on Monday.
Both goals were scored in the
second half by debutantes Thato
Ogopotse and Onkabetse Makgantai.
Ogopotse broke the deadlock in the
66th minute before Makgantais
last-gasp strike secured a fourth win
for Zebras new coach Peter Butler.
Harambee Stars held by Burundi

Kenyan Premier League (KPL)
champions Gor Mahia have an oppor-
tunity to build a six-point gap at the
top when they take on Nakuru Top Fry
at City Stadium today.
This is the only match out of the six
that had been planned for today that
will go on as scheduled. KPL an-
nounced yesterday it has put off five
other matches that were to be played
today owing to Tuesdays internation-
al friendly tie between Kenya and Bu-
After dismissing Western Stima
2-0 at the weekend, the KPL
champions sit comfortably at
the top of the log on 34 points
and another three points will
push them to an impressive 37 as
they seek to become the first
team to hit the 40 point mark.
Gor Mahia will draw inspiration
from their latest win and the fact that
they have not lost at City Stadium
since the season started.
The team seems to have recovered
very fast from the loss of top striker
Dan Sserunkuma, who is on trials in
Denmark. In the absence of the Ugan-
dan striker youngster Timothy Otieno
has come up well to fit in the big shoes
of Sserunkuma and he will once again
play a key role in todays match.
Collins Gatusso Okoth, who has
established himself in Gor Mahias
midfield, is another key player who
should make a difference for his club.
Okoth signed for Gor Mahia three
weeks ago but has since won his way
into the hearts of the clubs faithful
with two outstanding performances.
However, it will not be an easy
match for the KPL champions. They
come up against a team that is highly
motivated who picked their second
win of the season against high-riding
Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on
Furthermore, Top Fry have already
beaten Gor Mahia this season after
they stopped the KPL champions 2-0
in the first leg and will draw inspira-
tion from this win. Evans Mwaniki,
who inspired Top Fry to their second
win of the season against KRA, will be
the key man when his side plays at City
The goal against KRA was a big mo-
tivation for such a young player and is
the kind of inspiration he will
need to face Gor Mahia
defenders. He will
also be seeking to
add onto his
a l r e a dy
t hree
goal tally.
er player
who is likely
to give Gor Ma-
hia backline
trouble is Teddy Si-
wa. The youngster is
aggressive and fo-
cused and always has
an eye on goal.
Elsewhere, AFC
Leopards top officials
held a crisis meeting
with the teams tech-
nical bench on Mon-
day night in a bid to
address poor results.
The meeting was
attended by club
chairman Allan
Kasavuli, Organising
Secretary Timothy Li-
lumbi, head coach Pi-
eter De Jongh, his as-
sistant Abdalla
Juma and team
captain James Situ-
During the
meeting, De Jongh
was asked to unite t h e
team as it became
clear, divisions in the
playing unit was to
blame for the poor re-
We gave De Jongh
one mandate: To create sense
of unity in the team and ensure that if
a player is on form, he should be al-
lowed to play. There should be no dis-
crimination. We believe this is the
solution to our problems, Lilumbi
In a separate interview, Kasavuli
urged fans not to put pressure on the
players to perform.
Continued From P56
Kenyas friendly against Burundi
forces KPL to cancel other matches
Gors Patrick Oboya controls the ball as Morris Odhiambo of Top Fry Nakuru
closes in during their KPL match at the Afraha Stadium. Gor host Top Fry
Nakuru today at City Stadium. [PHOTO:BONIFACE THUKU/STANDARD]
Harambee stars midelder Brian
Osumba in action during their game
with Burundi. [PHOTO/DENNIS OKEYO/

GOALS: Agwanda, Oduor
lead hunt for Golden Boot
OUT: Goalkeeper Origi will
not play against Lesotho
NAKURU: Lack of focus cost
us against Sofapaka, Matano
Sofapaka striker Enock Agwanda and
Sony Sugars Edwin Oduor are still
the top scorers in the Kenyan Premier
League (KPL) as it entered the second
leg two weeks ago. The two players
have each scored seven goals. Gor
Mahia striker Dan Sserunkuma, John
Barasa from Sofapaka, Thika Uniteds
Dennis Odhiambo, Cliford Alwanga
(Tusker) and Stephen Waruru of Ulinzi
Stars have each netted six times. Last
years top scorer Jacob Keli has scored
twice and is far of from retaining
the top scorer title when the season
concludes in November.
Harambee Stars top goalkeeper
Arnold Origi will not be available for
the weekend Africa Cup of Nations
qualier against Lesotho. Origi
conrmed on his ofcial Facebook
account that he will not be able to
travel for the crucial xture scheduled
for Maseru owing to club duties.
He said: Confederation of African
Football (Caf) should seriously think
on how they plan and set up their
xtures. Its difcult to be released for
games outside the dates set by Fifa
for international matches. Origi also
missed Kenyas rst-leg xture against
Comoros Islands in Nairobi owing to
similar concerns but was available for
the return match. Kenya last qualied
for the Africa Nations Cup in 2004 in
Ulinzi Stars coach Robert Matano has
blamed his defenders for a lapse in
concentration after the team drew 1-1
against Sofapaka at home. The soldiers
were winning this xtures until Fiston
Razaks equalizer in injury time denied
them all three points at home. It was
really disappointing to drop vital points
in that way. I think the chances we lost
came back to haunt us. We played well,
but then a slight lapse in concentration
in the defence line cost us the win, he
said. Matano will focus his eforts on
doing well in the GOtv Shield, which
kicks of this weekend. We want to
do well in the cup competition where
we have the real chance of winning
silverware, he said.
Compiled by Gilbert Wandera

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
6 Pages of Sizzling Sports Coverage!
Jubilant crowds welcome Germany back home in Berlin after winning World Cup, P.51
KPL champs Gor Mahia face Top Fry Nakuru at City Stadium, P55
Ten-man Harambee Stars were held to a
barren draw by the Swallows of Burundi in
an international friendly at the Nyayo
National Stadium, yesterday.
Stars captain Victor Wanyama got his
marching orders just 13 minutes after his
introduction in the second half, for pretest-
ing against the centre referee Ssali Mashoods
decision to award the visitors a free-kick.
Both teams started the game cautiously, with
Burundi defender Stephane Rugonumagabo
clearing James Situmas 17th minute
dangerous cross in the area.
Burundi could have taken the lead in the
27th minute, but Amisi Tambwe lashed the
ball into the side netting, although there was
a marginal touch from goalkeeper Wilson
Harambee Stars captain shown red card
as Burundi Swallows hold rm in friendly

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Harambee Stars striker Jocob
Keli (9) vies for the ball with
Issa Hazimana of Burundi
during their international
friendly match at the Nyayo
National Stadium yesterday.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014
A l l A b o u t Y o u r W o r l d
Lost without
a trace
Two-year-old Florence
Adhiambo Rizikis parents are
desperate as they cannot raise
ransom or get an albino in
place of their daughter, P3
The 35mm lm
fades into history
see pages 8-9
Page 2 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Crime of ourtime
With Standard Correspondent
A motorbike road
trip to deliver a stern
warning to the Mungiki
adherents lead to an
attack that left 25 dead
When a convoy of more than 500
motorbikes vroomed out of Keru-
goya Stadium in Kirinyaga County
on April 21, 2009, there was palpable
fear of bloodshed.
The bikes were ferrying nearly 1,000
fiercely-armed vigilantes, also
known as Kenda Kenda, enroute to
Karatina town, in the neighbouring
Nyeri County, to deliver a message to
members of the outlawed Mungiki
sect that they should not do any-
thing stupid on Kirinyaga soil. Little
did they know that this would later
result in the cold-blood murder of 25
people at a remote village beside the
Mount Kenya Forest.
The gruesome 2am massacre at
Gathaithi village in Nyeri orches-
trated by Mungiki adherents was in
retaliation to the motorbike road
trip and the sporadic attacks of
Mungiki followers by the Kirinya-
ga-based Kenda Kenda vigilante
It had been agreed among the vigi-
lantes as they set off from Kirinya-
ga that the motorbikes convoy
would only serve as a peaceful
demonstration and that they would
not kill that day, even after getting to
Karatina town where the enemy was
believed to be hiding.
Earlier, in just a week, the vigilante
group had gruesomely executed 14
Mungiki followers in Kirinyaga and
forcibly evicted the outlawed sect
from the county.
Tension had been simmering be-
What you say
Moses Ngari: I have even hosted
non-relatives! You should thank God
that you have something to give and
you are not the one who is being given.
Betty Too: I am currently hosting ve
relatives and I am not complaining.
They are a blessing to me.
Anto Joseph: They come with the
village mentality and will want to eat
food enough for three people at once.
Irene Adhiambo: Apart from food,
some turn to be intelligence of cers,
news reporters, marriage counsellors
and your childrens disciplinarians.
Tony Ogada: Sharing is caring.
Grace Kamu: Those relatives can be a
disaster. A few years ago, we hosted a
distant relative who had been
transferred to Nairobi. Too bad we
didnt ask him how long he would stay
with us. We eventually had to chase
him out of the house.
Last Born Mdogo: But you cant chase
Alli Kaks: The greatest pain in this
world is to stay with a relative in the
city. You cant even wash your boxers
and air them. I learned a lesson and
started life in a lodging.
Farouk Bin Jihad: Insecurity every-
where. Next you will hear State House is
facing insecurity.
Winnieliz Mandella: If that is the case
then let me end my studies in Form Four
and then I hustle.
Said Mangore: That is precisely why I
refused to join university.
Abraham Kirui: Comrades power! Even
police stations in Kenya are unsafe.
Joy Nelpher Nelpher: Those snifer dogs
that patrolled Uhuru Park during Saba
Saba should be deployed in various
John Pop: To be safe, campus students
should go straight to their hostels after
Roopey Rupee: Campus students
nowadays are cowards. We used to
provide security for ourselves back then.
Grayc Gee: Until a woman heals
completely, it doesnt matter when.
Osiemo Dominic: It depends on the
mode of delivery. If it is normal without
a tear then six weeks after delivery is
Moha Boru: According to Islam, it is
halal after 40 days.
Job Kuria: Just give your wife ample
time to heal if you truly love her.
Rosebella Wa Harry: Three months is
the best time for someone who cares.
Peter Gatimu: When the baby starts
Makieh Bakitah Jimmie: After two
Jumah F Felix: The healing process
dictates; no xed period.
Ruth Gitau: Biblically, one ought to wait
until after 66 days.
Damaris Wahu: l also sold boiled maize
in 2010 and 2011 and today I am doing
well. You will make it by Gods grace.
Geogal Tinah: Whatever your hands nd
to do, do it with passion, as God
watches every efort you make and will
bless it.
Mukunzu Ula: You should also try
selling eggs because it is a lucrative
Blessed Edwin Munge: May God provide
more customers so that she can get
more money to better a family.
Loise Antonio: Thats really inspiring. I
would advise my fellow Kenyans not to
be choosy.
Serem Isaiah: People dont know that
self employment is the best. You avoid
unnecessary stress from bosses.
Shila Ochieng: Even the richest in the
world started small.
Hosting relatives in the city is a costly generosity
Students worried about
insecurity on campus
When is it safe for new
mothers to resume sex?
Selling boiled maize feeds
her family, builds future
Mungiki unleashes terror on village
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tween the two groups and the vigi-
lantes wanted to forestall any Mungi-
ki retaliatory attack on Kirinyaga soil.
Unfortunately, on this day when Ken-
da Kenda wanted to issue the stern
warning, Mungiki members got an
Intel that the vigilantes were taking
the war to their doorstep at Karatina
And so as soon as the motorbikes
rolled into the town just past the
junction to Kiangai Mungiki sect
members started pelting them with
stones. In the ensuing confusion,
some of the vigilantes, for fear of los-
ing their motorbikes, started fleeing
the scene.
The Mungiki adherents managed to
confiscate one of the motorbikes and
damaged it by pounding its fuel tank
with huge stones. Kenda Kenda, too,
were angry that things had not gone
as planned and so when they en-
countered a Mungiki affiliated tout
heading to Karatina, they hacked
him to death.
This angered the Mungiki sect mem-
bers who vented their anger on an
ill-prepared remote village located
on the Kirinyaga-Nyeri border.
Somehow, news reached Mathaithi
and Kiaruhiu located near the
Mount Kenya Forest that Mungiki
sect members were planning an at-
tack there.
Hurriedly, men in the area mobilised
a Kenda Kenda- affiliated vigilante
group and code-named it Bantu
the word that they would use to
identify each other in case disaster
struck. These youths were patrolling
the villages when they heard screams
of fire, fire from an ostensibly dis-
tressed family whose house was up
in flames.
The thought that they were guarding
the village against a deadly, murder-
ous gang did not cross the vigilantes
minds as they rushed to the scene to
put out the fire. As they got there,
they were surrounded by Mungiki
sect members who called out the
same Bantu code name to identify
members of the vigilante group and
grisly killed them. At the end of the
horror, the Mungiki adherents had
slaughtered 18 men before proceed-
ing to Kiaruhiu village where they
gruesomely killed another seven.
Wednesday Life
Page 3 WEDNESDAY LIFE / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life
Crime Hot spots
Lost Without a Trace
With Kassim Adinasi
hen the sun sets, it
dims Nicholas Otie-
nos hope of ever see-
ing his daughter Rose
Florence Adhiambo who disap-
peared seven months ago.
Nicholas and his wife Hellen
say their two-year-old daughter,
Riziki, went missing on Decem-
ber 12 last year. They remember
that day as if it were yesterday.
They had left their home in Nyal-
enda Nyaori estate in Kisumu
County for work - Otieno at the
hotel where he is an attendant
and Hellen to her salon.
When they came back home
in the afternoon, they found their
child missing.
My heart almost stopped
beating but I managed to be cou-
rageous and ask around for my
daughter. Children in the neigh-
bourhood said a strange woman
gave them money to buy man-
goes at the nearby kiosk, pre-
tending to be playing with young
Riziki while waiting for them. It
was the last time Riziki was
seen, Otieno says.
They spent the whole night
looking for their beloved daugh-
ter but when the search yielded
no fruits, Otieno reported his
daughter as missing at the Kisu-
mu Police station the following
day. It was a traumatising state-
Nicholas Otieno talks about the
familys agony in searching for baby
Riziki (inset). [PHOTOS: TITUS MUNALA
Our sister newspaper, The Nairobian, recently
highlighted a shocking incident about a man who
lost more than Sh400,000 after stepping out of a
bank. Men in black suit approached him, claiming
to be criminal investigations ofcers, bundled him
into a waiting car and dumped him hours later
along Kiambu Road after robbing him of all his
This could mean robbers and dangerous thugs
pose around banks and ATM machines waiting to
pounce on unsuspecting public.
It could also mean some tellers are in cahoots
with these thugs and inform them when a client
withdraws a large sum of money.
Whatever the case, however, being alert while
transacting and leaving the bank and an ATM
machine will limit your chances of being a victim.
. If possible, avoid using ATM machines located
downtown after dark.
. Once you are done withdrawing, dont count
the money inside the ATM lobby, as some of the
people lining up could be robbers observing those
withdrawing a lot of money.
. When you are going to withdraw large
amounts, go with a friend to check whether
someone is tracing you.
. Sometimes, mostly during end months, the
ATM machines are so busy that the person behind
you can see your details as you key in.
. Stand directly in front of the machine to block
any prying eyes.
. Use ATM machines that are located in busy
places rather than those in deserted areas where
robbers can easily escape without being arrested.
. After withdrawing a substantial amount, pose
a few metres from the ATM to observe the
movements. This will help identify suspicious
characters who could have been tracing you.
. Check in when you already have your ATM
card at hand or where you can reach it with ease.
This will give little room for exposure
. Immediately report lost or stolen ATM cards to
your bank to ensure they are blocked before
someone else tries to use them.
The desperate parents cannot raise the Sh0.5
million ransom not to mention the nearly
impossible demand for an albino
When the deal is too good
there were costs like the excava-
tion permit issued by the local
chief, at the cost of Sh50,000. The
company also deducted Sh50,000
as relling charges after excavation,
so the overnight millionaires
pocketed anything from Sh200,000
and below.
To prove to all and sundry they
had crossed the nancial bridge,
these wannabe millionaires adopted
a new swagger.
They connected to the main grid
and bought high end electrical
gadgetry. The main features in their
humble abodes were wall to wall
at TVs with external aerials
tapering high to sky like mini
telecommunication masts.
For Joshua Waithaka, it was a
diferent case. The elderly farmer
had invested in eucalyptus trees on
part of his shamba, hoping to reap
handsomely from the sale of poles to Kenya
Power. He had resisted attempts to sell to saw
millers at throw away prices after the former
president declared the trees a nuisance for
drying up water catchment areas and
asked farmers to uproot them.
While earth movers, excavators and
lorries laden with soil billowed dust from
his neighbours shamba, old Joshua sat
pensively gazing into the horizon. He was
startled when a car drove up his winding
path. Two occupants emerged and
approached him with beaming smiles. They
introduced themselves and said they were
from a local telecom company and were
prospecting for grounds for a communica-
tion mast.
Joshua saw a good business prospect in
this. He salivated, especially at the
astronomical sum on ofer for a minuscule
part of his land, which would see him a
real millionaire overnight. T
he experts identied a likely place in
the thick of his man-made forest as ideal
for a repeater. He jumped into the deal.
Before any work was done or money
paid out, the company would
undertake to clear his trees, which
it would pay for later, for land
mapping and for the ease of
transportation of materials and
assemblage of the mast.
Thus, it was no surprise to the
old man when a 4X6 lorry came the
next morning with a dozen work
crew bearing power saws. His
mature trees were cleared and
surveyors mapped his land. He
was given legal papers with
embossed insignias, which he
signed and all shook hands for a
business deal sealed. His part was
to present the papers to the mobile
phone company for payments.
That is where Joshuas problems
began. The telecom company told
him to his face it had never sent out
any prospectors.
More, the numbers the conmen
gave him wouldnt go through. That
is when the truth hit him hard. He
had been conned!
Kidnappers demand albino as
ransom for stolen 2-year-old girl
Not long ago, the fortunes of
some peasants in Bahati, Nakuru
County, turned around. A civil
engineering company was
tarmacking the Lanet-Dondori road,
a 19km stretch from the Lanet
turn-of on the Nakuru-Nairobi
The company had to search
locally for good grade soil for the
project, which of course got
farmers smiling at the expected
cash windfall, even though the
excavations would permanently
damage their farms because they
holes would be relled with quarry
An acre-worth of soil sold to the
road rm reportedly fetched the
farmers some Sh300,000. But
Farmers deal with smooth talker ages him thrice
Limit chances
of ATM thef
ment to make, he says.
Later on, he was approached
by a taxi driver who told him that
he had ferried two women and a
child to Oyugis and that he was
willing to take him there if he
paid him some money.
I reported the matter to the
police but the man has since
switched off his phone. But we
have been receiving calls de-
manding for Sh500,000 as ran-
som before our child is giv-
en back to us, says
He adds, The first
call came from a per-
son in Oyugis town in
Homa Bay County, de-
manding Sh500,000.
Another caller from Ki-
tale town, Trans Nzoia
County, demanded an al-
bino in exchange for our
Otieno says he cannot raise
the money because his monthly
wage barely meets his familys
requirements. And getting an al-
bino as demanded by the kid-
nappers in exchange for their
daughter is a taller order, he says.
I work as a hotel attendant
and my wife is a salonist. We
cant manage to raise the money.
It is equally impossible to get an
albino. An albino has parents
j u s t
like us
and we
dont want
another per-
son to go through
what we are going through,
Otieno says.
Life has been hard for the
family since Riziki disappeared.
The void in the family is too
big for us to bear. We pray daily
to have her back, says Otieno.
Although in the conversa-
tions with the kidnappers Otieno
has pleaded with them to allow
him talk to the little one, they
have refused.
I have pleaded with them
several times to allow me talk to
her, just to hear her voice, but all
in vain, laments Otieno.
The family has been making
announcements on radio, ap-
pealing to anyone who knows the
whereabouts of their daughter to
contact them without success.
But they are not giving up.
The couples plea is to anyone
who has seen their daughter to
sincerely help in reuniting them.
They also appeal to security
agencies to intervene and help
them get their daughter.
Page 4 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
The Nakuru National Park is one of the top rated
tourist attractions in the country. One of its most
attractive features is the presence of large ocks of
amingoes and other water birds.
The entire ecosystem also supports more than 50
diferent species of mammals and about 450 species of
terrestrial birds, which have for a long time attracted
large numbers of domestic and international tourists.
However, despite its global adoration and its
importance to the countrys tourism industry, the park is
today facing a number of challenges mainly brought
about by the growing pressures around it.
The increasing number of population and industries
around the park has contributed to several problems,
chief among them raw sewage spillages over the park.
For a while now, the raw sewage discharged from
Nakuru and Njoro towns, according to park of cials, has
been spilling over at the park before it reaches its
destination a treatment plant situated inside the
national park. Speaking at a Technical Environmental
Committee meeting co-ordinated by National Environ-
mental Management Authority (Nema) in Nakuru town
recently, Alice Bett, an of cer at the Nakuru National
Park, said the ow of raw sewage from the neighbouring
towns to the park is an environmental disaster to the
entire park and the diverse species residing within it.
The of cer revealed that the raw sewage leaks from
the sewer pipes placed along the parks fence.
As a result, the natural vegetation within the park is
being destroyed and animals are at risk of developing
diseases. The park is also gradually becoming an ugly
sight to the visiting tourists.
According to Bett, for more than a decade now,
countless letters have been written and sent to the
Nakuru Water Service Company (Nawasco), the company
in charge of the sewerage lines in both Njoro and
Nakuru towns, and the inoperative Nakuru Municipal
Council as well but the eforts have borne no fruits.
It was agreed during the meeting that Nawasco will
be given time to repair the sewage spillage, failure to
which it will be taken to court. Bett also called upon the
county government to build a fence around the
treatment plant to protect the parks ecosystem.
Your Environment
with Gilbert Kimutai
For the rst time in
decades, the rock
bed of Kipkol stream
is visible prompting
fears of its extinction
A section of Kipkoi
stream which is facing
the threat of drying out
due to huge eucalyptus
cover along its banks.
In a Minute
WATER: Acute
shortage in Kitui
FARMING: Climate
knowledge for yields
Kitui town has been
experiencing an acute water
shortage and many residents in
the town are now forced to turn
to untreated water, which is
unt for human consumption.
This in turn increases the risk
of waterborne diseases. The
water shortage has afected
schools, hotels and business
premises, which now depend
on expensive water vendors.
According to the Kitui Water
and Sanitation Company
of cials, the company has
embarked on a rationing
programme where residents
receive water only on
Wednesdays and Saturdays in
the morning hours. Some
residents, however, say they
have gone without water for a
while now.
The Nyandarua Meteoro-
logical Department Deputy
Director, John Muigai, has
asked farmers to learn more
about weather and climate
change so as to benet more
from farming. Muigai also
asked farmers to make use of
traditional methods of
predicting weather events.
Traditional weather
forecasting has not been fully
ruled out; it is still viable and
can aid in forecasting climatic
changes in areas where the
department is incapable of
accurately forecasting, said
Nyandarua Agricultural
Sector Development Support
Programme director Dr Jacinta
Mwirigi, also encouraged
farmers to learn about climate
to help improve the countys
dairy, sh and potato farming.
Compiled by Jerry
Environment Disasters
zee Samuel Mwei slowly
walks along the banks
of a stream in Singorwet
Ward of Bomet Central
as he wades through a thick plan-
tation of eucalyptus trees. With
distress clearly written on his
face, he stares at the Kipkol
stream slowly drying up. For the
60 years Mwei has lived there, he
has never seen the rocks on the
streams bed, even during
Mwei blames the huge cover
of eucalyptus trees around the
stream as it flows down from
Nyongores Forest at the edge of
the Mau Complex.
In the next few years, this
stream will be history because of
the eucalyptus cover which is in-
creasing by day, says Mzee
Mwei, adding that the Govern-
ment should sensitise locals on
the dangers of planting the trees
along the stream.
Because of their short matu-
rity period and the demand in
the market, many residents are
dedicating huge tracks of land for
the trees. The increasing number
of tea factories in Bomet County
is also driving the demand for
eucalyptus, as it provides wood
We have to supplement our
farming activities with trees to
make ends meet. Tea prices are
falling every year and can no lon-
ger meet our needs, says
Cheruiyot who has over two
acres of eucalyptus trees.
The demand for the
trees has also affected tea
production in the area.
The number of kilo-
grammes we produce
now is less than 50 per
cent what we used to re-
cord ten years ago, says
It is this danger that
prompted Nyongores Water Re-
sources Users Association to
launch campaign against euca-
lyptus. Over the last four years,
the association has been pro-
moting water friendly tree spe-
cies while sensitising locals on
the dangers of eucalyptus.
Paul Rono, the associations
chairman, attributes the growing
cover of eucalyptus to the ease of
acquiring its seedlings, adding
that 60 per cent of tree cover in
the region comprises of exotic
eucalyptus trees.
Eucalyptus steadily swallows rivers
Sewage spillage threatens Nakuru National Park
The campaign involves pro-
moting agro-forestry and energy
saving liners popular known lo-
cally as Kuni Mbili Jikos. The as-
sociation also advocates for in-
digenous trees to replace
eucalyptus and has more than
one million seedlings of indige-
nous trees, which are ready for
Rono says over the last six
Wednesday Life
with Jerry Odumbe Otieno
months the association has re-
habilitated more than 10km of
Nyongores River, one of the trib-
utaries of the Mara River, which
is facing a huge threat from the
The County Government of
Bomet has recognised the asso-
ciations efforts and has pledged
to support it in ridding the re-
gion of the eucalyptus trees.
Page 5 WEDNESDAY LIFE / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life
The Intergrowth-21

demysties long
held suspicions
that a babys weight
depends on ethnicity
Health Briefs
with Jerry Odumbe
What you dont know about your doctor
Your Health
with Gardy Chacha
We are in debt. I mean, real
debt. It actually cost most of us
almost Sh20 million to become
doctors. It has taken us a long
time to get here.
Lets do some math. Five
years of medical school plus
one year internship, add four
years of masters training and
two years of fellowship. These
equal saying goodbye to my
20s. While my friends were
going to clubs, getting married
and taking vacations, I was
busy trying to learn about
microbiology, genetics and
anatomy. So, although we
appreciate Jenny McCarthys
medical degree from Google
University, please listen to your
real doctor.
We hate when you ask us
when you can go smoke. Um,
duh, the answer is never. Being
a doctor is oftentimes like
being a parent.
We joke about some pretty
gross things because with what
we see daily, we have to nd
humour somewhere.
We make really good
secretaries. We do a tonne of
paperwork. Out of a 12-hour
workday, up to four hours will
be devoted to writing and
returning phone calls, which is
not supposed to be the case.
Our families sacrice so we
can take care of yours. I was on
call the night my son tore his
biceps tendon in half. I had to
tell him to take ibuprofen, put
ice on it, and try not to pick up
his 18-month-old brother until I
could get home.
You may not remember the
faceless doctor who told you
that we could not save your
loved one. But the pain we
see in your eyes
makes an imprint on
our hearts. In
spite of all these,
we love what we
do and care
about you.
just concluded study that
involved close to 60,000
subjects from eight dif-
ferent countries has de-
termined that the size of a baby
at birth is universally deter-
mined primarily by the health of
the mother during pregnancy.
Dubbed Intergrowth-21st,
the study also includes the level
of education of the mother and
her nutrition as additional fac-
tors that influence the babys
weight and related characteris-
tics at the time of delivery. The
research was done in prime
towns in Kenya, Brazil, China,
India, Italy, Oman, the UK and
the US.
The conclusions, as docu-
mented by the team of research-
ers led by their peers Oxford Uni-
versity, seem to demystify long
held suspicions that the weight
of a baby is dependent on race or
ethnicity. Further, the study re-
vealed that babies born to
healthy mothers worldwide grow
with a great deal of similarity in
the womb and after birth.
The normal birth weight of a
new born should be between 2.5
and 4kg, states Dr John Ongech,
an obstetrician at Kenyatta Na-
tional Hospital. Anything above
4kg is termed foetal macroso-
mia. Even so, weights of between
4-5kg are fairly acceptable. Any-
thing below 2.5kg is very low. The
main determinant of birth weight
is genetics, as dictated by paren-
tal genes.
Ongech agrees that a moth-
ers nutrition as well as her health
during pregnancy contribute a
great deal to the babys general
The study brought together a
team of researchers from around
the world, including Kenyas Dr
Maria Carvalho from Aga Khan
Universitys Faculty of Health
Sciences in Nairobi and Zulfiqar
Bhutta from the Centre for Excel-
lence in Women and Child Health
in Karachi and the Hospital for
Sick Children in Toronto.
Prof Bhutta also served as the
chair of the steering committee
of the research team. Funded by
the Melinda and Bill Gates Foun-
dation and published in The Lan-
cet, the study demonstrates that
tributed to the Ken-
yan phase of the
study, which was
carried out by the
Aga Khan University
Hospital, with addi-
tional data from the MP
Shah and Avenue hospi-
tals in Nairobi.
The heaviest baby to have
been born alive in Kenya is
Mervin Mangos son, Robin van
Persie Mango, born early in the
year and weighed 7kg.
This was a miracle. I have
practiced medicine for many
years but I have never seen any-
thing like this. The new-born is,
however, in good health, said Dr
Ben Oriko, the chief executive of
Nangina Mission Hospital in
Bungoma where Robin was born
through C-section.
it is im-
por t a nt
to im-
p r o v e
health and
nut r i t i onal
status as this has
a significant bearing
on the healthy growth of the ba-
by in the womb and on future
good health.
An educated woman would
understand how she is supposed
to carry herself for the health of
the baby and her own. Her life-
style choices are likely to be well
informed and thus the results of
the pregnancy, says Ongech
who further argues that meta-
bolic conditions such as diabetes
lead to birth of big babies.
Several Kenyan mothers con-
HYGIENE: School distributes
free sanitary towels
HEALTH: GSK revamps county
hospital for better health
DISEASES: Unhealthy living
to blame for high hypertension
Kiatine Primary School in Makueni County
has initiated a programme that will see school
girls from the area receive free sanitary
towels. With proceeds generated from a
detergent making project, which was initiated
two years ago by the school, the school will
purchase sanitary towels to be given to girls
who cannot aford to buy them.
During the programmes launch, the head
teacher, Salome Mbithi revealed that the
performance of many school girls, especially
those from poor backgrounds, is negatively
afected as they are forced to remain home
during their menses. She added that ever since
the start of the programme, over 50 girls have
beneted and their performances have
improved signicantly.
Three girls who were beneciaries of the
project joined national schools last year and
we are proud that the project is bearing
fruits, said Mbithi.
GlaxoSmithKline Kenya (GSK) recently
teamed up with Kisumu County Government to
revamp the Kombewa sub-county hospital.
Each contributed Sh17 million, which will be
used to modernise the maternity wing at the
facility. During the commissioning of the
renovation works at the hospital, Jacktone
Ranguma, the Kisumu County Governor and
John Musunga, the Director of GSK said that
the amount raised is, however, not enough to
equip and redevelop the entire hospital.
Each of the sponsors also agreed to raise
an additional Sh78 million to equip the health
facility. This will help reduce the rate of
maternal health deaths. The governor also
added that they were in the process of building
medical staf houses in all health facilities.
The number of Kenyans developing high
blood pressure is increasing at an alarming
rate, making the disease a serious health
concern in the country. This is according to the
Nakuru County Director of Health, Dr James
Wainaina. Speaking at a health seminar at
Nakuru hotel, Dr Wainaina said it may not be
easy for one to determine if they have the
disease because it does not come with any
serious symptoms in some cases. He urged
Kenyans to check their blood pressure as
frequently as possible.
According to the doctor, Kenyans need to
embrace healthy lifestyles that involve eating
fruits, lean meat and low fat milk as well as
regular exercise. Wainaina also advised people
to avoid salt, as it contributed to the problem.
Mothers nutrition, education
determine childs well being
Doctors desk
With Dr Kizito Lubano
Page 6 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life
Personal Finance
with Peter Kamuri
Turn your hobby into a protable venture
Making a business out of a hobby is not only
fun but it also has a high chance of success
because it is driven by passion
How I make it with Benjamin Obegi
For the last three years, Willimer
Wafubwa, 31, has known only one kind
of job: Washing clothes at an estate in
Nairobis South C. She wakes up early
and walks from Mukuru Kwa Reuben
slums in Embakasi and by 8am, she
docks at the gates in the estate, ready
for work. This has been her daily
routine since she joined her husband in
the city.
Although a humble job, Willimer beams
with hope each day she wakes up,
grateful that she can contribute to the
familys income.
For the past three years, I have
used the little money I get to
supplement my husbands
meagre salary.
Immediately I
came to
Nairobi, I
joined a
friend who
has been
washing clothes for
the last ve years. I
realised that my
husbands monthly salary
was not enough to feed us
and spare some for the fu-
ture and family projects. We are
aware that as our children
grow, their needs
change, especially
with regard to
Perhaps, it is what
she takes home at
the end of the day
that gives her more
hope. Depending on the
size of the job, she can
take take home about
Sh400 on a good day.
She says, Though I am
not lucky everyday, I appreciate
whatever I get. Weekends are our
busiest days, as that is when many
families prefer to wash after a busy
week. At this time, our earnings may
double or triple.
It is not an easy job but the fact that it
enables her family enjoy a meal is
enough to keep her going.
It is a hard and unpredictable job,
however, I have no choice but to take
what comes my way. Sometimes I face a
lot of mistreatment from clients, but I
dont get discouraged, because I believe
my lucky day is coming, says Willimer.
Washing clothes provides food for her family
Quick Wins
Tips to make money
from your hobby
. Choose a hobby you are
passionate about.
. Research about your area of
. Get the required training to
improve your skills.
. Let others know about what
you are selling.
. Be creative and take advantage
of opportunities.
. Examples of protable hobbies
are gardening, photography,
sewing, knitting, painting,
drawing, writing and sports.
ynette is a Second Year
student at a local public
university. Since child-
hood, she has had a
passion for cooking, a pastime
activity she has carried on to
date. At college, she has trans-
formed this leisure activity to a
money making venture. She sells
foodstuffs to her college mates,
which has enabled her save mon-
ey on her food-related expenses
and make an extra shilling.
The story is similar to that of
Kelvin Langat, a high school
teacher. Since his early days, he
has had an interest in anything
technology. Today, he fixes and
services electrical devices for his
colleagues and friends at a fee.
He also knows the best places to
buy hardware for his clients and
makes a little money in the pro-
Just like Lynette and Kelvin,
you can turn your pastime into a
money minting venture. Many of
us have hobbies that we passion-
ately engage in. However, few of
us are aware that most of these
activities can earn us money.
World over, there are people who
have made it big by turning hob-
bies into money-making busi-
Hilda Odiyo, a financial
adviser, says apart from
earning some extra cash
from a hobby, one also
saves the money they
would have spent getting
the item or service else-
Launching your hob-
by into a money making
enterprise can enable
you get extra cash to pay
your bills and meet other
expenses. In the long
run, you may also get
money to save and con-
sequently create wealth.
Since you like what you
do, chances of success
are high, as you are
driven by passion,
says Hilda.
It is also im-
portant to find
make money or none anyway.
The most difficult part for
most people starting a new busi-
ness is establishing the best ven-
ture to go for. Being aware of
what your hobby is means you
should not look any further; you
already have a business line cut
for you, he says.
There are, however, a few
things you must do before you
take the plunge and make mon-
ey from your hobby. The first
thing is to sharpen your skills.
Do not assume that simply
because you like doing it then
you are perfect. By constantly
practising, you are bound to be
better and consequently earn
more. If your hobby is writing,
rehearse by writing relentlessly
and improve your skills by
reading widely, says Wam-
He adds: Take advan-
tage of every opportunity
that comes your way. I
know a friend who likes
to travel. A few years
back, he inadver-
tently discovered
that he could make
money and subsidise his jour-
neys by writing about the places
he visited. He would take photos
in his itineraries after which he
learned how to frame them and
within no time, he had started a
fully-fledged photo decorating
business. He sells enlarged pho-
tos of scenic places through a
website, he says.
Experts advise that before
your hobby can be transformed
into a big money earner, you
should first go for what you are
most passionate about.
Let people know what you
are doing so that they buy your
services and products. Let your
friends, co-workers, family
members and even neighbours
know that you can bake a cake,
fix a radio, take photos or create
websites, says Odiyo.

Do not assume that
simply because you
like doing it then you
are perfect.
Collins Wambua
out what it takes to suc-
ceed in a given area.
Do some research
on the market by read-
ing and contacting
people in that field to
get ideas and informa-
tion about the field you
are interested in, she
Turning your hobbies in-
to serious business is a great
way to build your skills and
spend free time profitably. It opens
your mind to new experiences and
takes up time that would otherwise
have been wasted in non-pro-
ductive activities like drinking
away your hard-earned
Collins Wambua, a fi-
nancial expert working in
Nairobi adds, Indeed, us-
ing your hobbies to make
money is a good way to
earn for doing something
you would do anyway. If
you like photography,
carving, knitting, writing
or growing a vegetable
garden, you can
make money by
doing what you
would have
done to
Page 7 WEDNESDAY LIFE / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
take their money elsewhere, says
Indeed, a banking insider, who
does not wish to be named, says that
due to the agony of charging guaran-
tors and in effect losing customers,
some banks are exploring the possi-
bility of changing tact to request bor-
rowers to furnish them with guaran-
tors who are not account holders
with them.
Bob Musyoka, another banker,
says that under the present arrange-
ments in most financial institutions,
a guarantor assumes a real liability
in case the principal debtor defaults
or fails to meet some terms of the
loan agreement.
This is because the loan contract
does not assess the guarantors cred-
it worthiness other than their assur-
ance that the lenders money will be
The assumption is that the guar-
antors read the fine print of the
agreement and know what they are
getting into, says Musyoka.
He adds that in his bank bad
loans are only written off if the guar-
antors security is not enforceable or
if the matter is set aside by the
Both Njoka and Musyoka ac-
knowledge that the the famous
Donde Bill is rarely applied to bad
personal loans and many institu-
tions simply let the interests and
fines compound. The Donde law
bars financial institutions from
charging further interests on
non-performing loans when the in-
terest equals the principal borrowed.
Musyoka says under limited cir-
cumstances, some banks can nego-
tiate partial payments of a bad loan
with a borrower or a guarantor sub-
ject to recovery of the principal and
administration charges at an agreed
date. And all this points to the fact
that it is indeed trick
changed stations and went to an un-
known town. They tracked him again
and begged the defaulters in-laws to
intervene on their behalf.
And when confronted by his furi-
ous father-in-law in a coastal town,
the defaulter got ashamed and has
since renegotiated with his bank and
resumed his loan repayment.
The Mbuguas have learnt that be-
fore you guarantee anybody a loan,
be sure that you can afford to pay the
debt in full if the borrower defaults.
Andrew Njoka, a banker with a fi-
nancial institution, agrees that loan
defaulters are bad for business and
their actions cut both ways on the
guarantors and the banks.
Njoka says financial institutions
often try all methods, including re-
scheduling payments and legal ac-
tion and only load bad loans on guar-
antors as a last resort.
We have been losing many guar-
antors who are often our good clients
when we load bad loans on them. For
they close their accounts quickly and
Passion will keep you going
CEOS take
with Gardy Chacha
Having won Service Industry
Entrepreneurship of the Year award in
2010 in Top Fortune 100 companies,
there is no denying that Joanne
Mwangi is a cut from the rest. At the
same awards, her company, Profes-
sional Marketing Service (PMS) Group,
emerged as the overall winner.
To stand out among your col-
leagues, it means you do things
diferently. Here is what drove Joanne
to the apex:
Passion: When you have passion for
something, you are good to go. Joanne
attributes her success to this virtue,
saying, I was convinced that I needed
to create PMS. Beginning was not
easy. I lacked capital, did everything
(including mopping the oor and
cleaning ofce furniture) by myself;
teething problems were prominent but
I kept on.
Learn and build: When PMS began
making prots, new challenges came
up. Joanne says clients demands kept
them inventing and spreading their
wings into other services. Though PMS
began as a marketing entity, Joanne
and her team began to ofer events
management too.
Keep up with the trends: Young
people today dene business trends
through their own lifestyles. For any
person who heads a business, it will be
worth it to strongly consider how they
can incorporate the youth in their
businesses as they have ideas that will
dene the needs of todays market.
Assist others establish: The problem
with many of us Kenyans, says Joanne,
is that the successful are afraid of the
upcoming. There is a tendency to lock
out potential success stories by those
who are already in positions of
success. If all of us can support
upcoming brains in achieving greater
levels of success then we set a
precedence where business and great
establishments dont have to collapse
when something happens to the
Create personal time: While work
produces results, it is prudent to
create time for oneself. Always
remember that you are a human being
and you need to enjoy the life as it
happens around you, she says.
PMS CEO Joanne Mwangi. [PHOTO:
Wednesday Life
When a bank calls upon
the guarantors liability,
the terms are ofen not
negotiable and the entire
balance and installments
and any nes accruing
are loaded on him or her
Bob Musyoka, a banker
Think twice before you append your signature to
a colleagues or acquaintances loan application
form because when they abscond, the lending
institution will come for you
en Kimani and three of his
colleagues acted as guaran-
tors to a fellow teacher when
he took a loan of Sh1.2 mil-
lion from their savings and credit so-
ciety. The four hardly knew the bor-
rower and had first met him in the
banking hall.
The borrower repaid the loan for a
few months before secretly leaving
the country.
A few months later, Kimani and
his colleagues were served with
warning letters that they were liable
to repay the outstanding balance
and the interest that had accrued.
Even after the defaulters savings
were seized by the co-operative to
offset the loan, Kimani and his
friends are still repaying the out-
standing balance, three years on.
As it is, the four teachers are now
ineligible for any credit from their
Sacco until the outstanding balance
of the defaulter is paid in full.
Mr and Mrs Mbugua are civil ser-
vants. A year ago, they guaranteed a
close family friend and a colleague
Sh1 million bank loan to buy a mata-
tu. The borrower serviced the loan
for six months and stopped.
He simply absconded duty and
went into private business, says
The couple knew something was
wrong when they began receiving
telephone calls from their bank.
Every time, the caller inquired if
we knew the whereabouts of the bor-
rower and sounded less friendly than
the previous call, says Mbugua.
The Mbuguas calls to the default-
er went unanswered. The borrower
then changed his phone lines.When
we finally went to his home, his wife
didnt have a clue where he was for
the last several weeks.
Meanwhile, the bank loaded the
loan installments and fines on the
Mbuguas who had other commit-
ments and life turned into a night-
mare. After their own deductions
were made, the bank took all the re-
mainder of their salaries and would
not hear their pleas whatsoever.
From a family that could afford
some decent living and an occasion-
al holiday, we were reduced to selling
off some of our property and work-
ing second jobs to meet our basic
needs, says Mbugua.
They employed a private detec-
tive who traced the borrower to west-
ern Kenya where he was operating
his matatu.
We went there and made the de-
faulter commit himself to be banking
a specified amount of money in our
account to mitigate the hardships he
had put us in.
Things went on smoothly for
some time before the defaulter
Painful price of being a loan guarantor
When to guarantee someone
Despite the risks, there are times when it makes
sense to guarantee someone when taking a loan.
For example, many people do it for their spouses
and children.
Ask the lender to notify you if the borrower is late
with an installment. This could give you valuable
time to intervene in the situation before it gets out
of hand.
If you are a guarantor, ensure that you get copies
of all the paperwork for the loan either from the
lender or the borrower.
Before you guarantee anybody you should know
the purpose of the loan and its terms.
Personal Finance
With John Kariuki
Page 8 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard Page 9 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life Wednesday Life
Special Feature
Movie halls
which were
usually lled
to capacity are
nowused for
other purposes.
LEFT: A poster
advertising one
of the many
3D movies that
have taken over
from the 35mm
lm. [PHOTOS:
Special Feature
For 120 years, producing mov-
ies on 35mm films was the norm.
However, the digital revolution
has changed the status quo with
the film on its way to oblivion.
Three years ago, 20th Century Fox
announcedit wouldnolonger dis-
tribute 35mm prints of its films.
Other studios around the world
followed suit.
Theatres that were unable to
install digital projections closed
shop. But the advantages of going
digital far outweigh any emotion-
al attachment to film.
Financially, it costs studios be-
tweenSh130,000 andSh170,000 to
create 35mm prints. The distribu-
tors also paid extra money to ship
each print that would be made up
of multiple reels of film to the the-
atres. On the other hand, digital
films are stored on portable hard
drives. All that is required is for a
digital projector to have a bay that
can house the hard drive. Thus a
theatre will receive the hard drive
containing the movie together
with a special code from the dis-
tributor that unlocks the film for
the entire length of its screening.
When its time to show the
movie, the projectionist just plugs
the hard drive into the projector,
enters the code to unlock the film,
and screens the movie.
Already, a number of theatres
inKenya have made the big switch
to 3D Digital cinema projection
systems ahead of the global cut-
off date by end of this year.
Speaking at the launch of the
new Planet Media Cinemas
branch at Prestige Plaza, Naku-
matt Holdings, Managing Director
Atul Shah, said major upgrade
works have been finalised at the
two new theatres at Sh45 million.
The new experience means a
person will see life-like pictures as
the eye sees twice the number of
images per second.
Quick Facts
Themovietheatre, as manyknew
it, is gonebut memories linger
amongtheolder generation.
It was class totakealover on
adateat themovies andmany
relationships werecementedat
thematic shows left alasting
Anumber of thepopular cinema
halls arenowchurches or
business premises.
The old fashioned
lmwasa fad then
Park. Mweu says a lot has since
changed in the local movie industry
that is now frequented by young-
sters. The movies too have changed
into story lines he can hardly under-
stand or follow.
Miriam Njeri recalls the first time
her father took her to the theatre.
Those were the days the movie Ten
Commandments was a must watch
for the children. She remembers lit-
tle about the movie but more on the
I spent much of the time looking
around the theatre despite the little
lighting filtering through. I was just
mesmerisedby the whole experience
of being in there that I could hardly
remember what the motion picture
was all about, states Njeri.
For Evans Onyango, it is unfortu-
nate that the younger generationwill
not enjoy the experiences of watch-
ing a movie in the theatre, popcorns
at hand. He remembers taking his
then girlfriend, now his wife, to
watchLove BrewedinanAfricanPot.
It spoke directly to us; the sound
effects, the story line and the ambi-
ence invited us to be more commit-
ted to our love and we were!
Pancy Maina, the sales and mar-
keting manager at IMAXs Afra Afra
Limited at 20th Century Plaza, says
the phasing out of the old celluloid
film can only herald new experienc-
es for moviegoers in Kenya.
She says it would not have been
possible to screen movies in 3D us-
ENTERTAINMENT POWER HOUSES: Cameo, Kenya Cinema and 20
tury Plaza were movie theatres that commanded the day but are now
home to diferent businesses. [PHOTOS: WILBERFORCE OKWIRI/STANDARD]
I was mesmerised by the whole experience
of being in there (movie theatre) that I
could hardly remember what the motion
picture was all about Miriam Njeri
35mm lm fades into history
as crisper 3D takes stage
ABOVE: Moviego-
ers enjoy the
premiere of a
popular motion
picture. RIGHT:
Joshua Mweu
and Pancy
Maina of IMAX.
he recently refurbished Kenya
National Archives, complete
with a new lighting system
may just be getting ready to
receive another historic collection
the 35mm film that graced movie
theatres inthe country. The 120-year-
old celluloid moment is slowly fad-
ing away and being replaced by the
crisper digital image.
Leading cinema distributors such
as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony Pic-
tures Entertainment, Universal and
Warner Bros studios are currently
operating under the Digital Cinema
Initiatives (DCI) organisation.
As with any dying technology, the
end of the 35mm film is likely to trig-
ger some nostalgic moments in Ke-
nya where much of the older gener-
ation was weaned on such movies
unspooling in our cinema halls.
Many were the love stories written
outside Kenya Cinema andcomplet-
ed inside the theatres before blos-
soming into lifelong unions. The lo-
cation is still a preferred meeting
point for many Nairobi residents;
some of them have no idea how the
areas gainedfame as meeting points.
In the same vein, many of the
younger generationmay only think
of Bellevue as a bus stop along the
busy Mombasa Road.
However, in yesteryear,
this used to be a movie
theatre that entertained
thousands who could
hardly affordthe black and
white television sets.
These were the times
when such shows would
start with the national an-
them and a screening of a
short government programme.
Many of the theatres have
since closed shop and are now
either functioning as places of
worship or business exhibition
centres. These include Cameo,
Nairobi Cinema, Kenya Cinema,
Fox Drive In and Odeon Cinema.
ing the old system, adding that noth-
ing beats the old school dating scene
inside a movie theatre.
You would be surprised at the
number of lovebirds that have ce-
mented their lifelong romance inthe
theatres. Though I work in the movie
industry, I have personally been sur-
prised by my friend who took me to
a movie theatre. The experience is
what matters, says Pancy.
Pancy says the new digital prod-
uct is a double-edged sword espe-
cially in the era where cheap DVDs
are threatening to run established
theatres out of town.
Today, some vendors have a mail-
ing list for regular customers who
buy any new movie, even before it
hits the local scene.
For example, Lupita Nyongos 12
Years a Slave was in local DVDs even
before its worldwide premiere.
It is true that one can access
blockbuster movies with Sh50 but
there will be no experience of the big
screen, popcorns and the overall
good feel factor, she states.
This is the experience movie crit-
ic Roger Ebert referred to when he
said he wants to see the audience
burning when a movie is on fire. To
be carried along in the dark on a
wave of laughter or tears is exhilarat-
Sadly, the cheap downloads have
seen fewer and fewer people in the
theatres over the last few years with
some attributing this to high rates
Even before the death of the 35mm
celluloid, some of these premises
had already been turned into places
of worship.
In rural areas, the popu-
lar Watoto kaeni chini
films were such hits that
all activities would be sus-
pended on the day of the
screening. Children would
leave school in a hurry, dash
home and arm themselves
with nighttime missiles such
as raw eggs since one never
knew who the enemy would be.
The movies would be
screened at 7pm using a white
cloth hung on poles.
A small generator would power
the show that normally starred
cowboy characters such as Clint
Eastwood. Chuck Norris with his
deadly kicks was also a favourite in
the movies that had a Kiswahili nar-
being charged by some theatres.
The rates are as high as Sh1,200.
However, Pancy says anyone with
Sh200 can still watch a movie at 7am
at Imax.
Well, we had the floppy disc on
which to archive early computer
rator or a vernacular one.
Joshua Mweu, 64, a curio dealer
at City Market recalls the fun that
such movies would create. As a teen-
ager growing up in Wote, Makueni
County, Mweu would join other boys
of his age and trek the nine kilome-
tres to the screening site.
The walk itself was fun, he tells
us. Watching the movies brought us
together and made us aware of what
was happening in other parts of the
His entertainment menuchanged
when he moved to Nairobi in 1980.
I could now afford Sh15 for a movie
at CameoCinema along Kenyatta Av-
enue. I watched the movie Rise and
Fall of Idi Amin here, states Mweu.
However, he was not ina financial
position to treat his future wife to
such luxuries saying he only took
her for romantic walks at Uhuru
files. It died a natural death. To-
day, we have the memory sticks or
flash discs that have bigger stor-
age space. The same stick can
store tens of movies that one can
watch in the comforts of ones sit-
ting room. How times change.
Page 10 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
with Kamuzu Banda
Download the app,
take photo of cow you
are selling and store
it on the application
rowing up in Kibwezi
in Kitui County, Mbuvi
Nyamai knew no other
business other than
cattle rearing . It was the busi-
ness that his father carried out
over the years and one that pro-
vided for the family.
However, as he grew older, he
made some observations.
My father was quite good at
buying young cows, goats and
even rabbit. He reared and sold
them at a very decent profit.
However, it was a tiring job that
involved a lot of travelling, re-
calls the 27-year-old.
His father would walk to and
from with the cows from Kibwezi
to Kitui market, about 30 min-
utes away. In some instances, the
cattle trader would find that the
person whom they eventually
buy from is probably a nearby
neighbour but because they did
not know what they had to sell,
they had to travel all the way to
the market to transact and even
end up getting less thanks to
This disturbed me so much
and my desire was always to
come up with some sort of tech-
the trader to zero in on what they
Mbuvi also reveals that this
goes beyond just the animal mar-
ket place.
We also have sections on the
application where veterinary of-
ficers can engage with the animal
farmers. For instance, they can
upload videos on the latest ani-
mal care products or technique
or even issues alert that would af-
fect the cattle farmers like that of
breaking diseases, adds Mbuvi.
The SokoBeef app has been
tried and tested and is already re-
ceiving increasing downloads
from the Nokia X store thanks to
the marketing that Nokia has
embarked on to popularise it.
I am just very happy that I
SokoBeef innovator Mbuvi Nyamai and his
innovation (right). [PHOTOS: KAMUZU BANDA/
Tech World
Novel smartwatch with a
rotating camera
With the fast growing market of
smartwatches, consumers are very
likely to see some unique ideas on
these wearables such as those on
the recently announced Arrow
smartwatch. Developed by the Arrow
Company, the gear boasts a range of
hi-tech features on board, one of them
being a 360-degree rotating 8
megapixel camera positioned on the
watchs swivel bezel.
The rotating camera allows wearers
to take photos and record HD quality
videos from different angles. Besides
the unique camera, the device also
includes a heart rate monitor which
allows one to measure his or her heart
rate in real time while training, and a
wireless charging functionality.
The Arrow smartwatch itself is still
in its early stages of development and
it is still unknown whether the device
will use the new operating system
Android Wear or the companys own
operating system.
The gadget also features a
microphone and a speaker which
allows users to make and receive
phone calls.
nology that would help solve this
issues and it was a motivating
factor for me all through my
study of Information Technology
and Apps development, says
After completing high school,
Mbuvi joined Inorero University
where he graduated with a Diplo-
ma in Information Technology.
His interest and enthusiasm in
mobile application landed him
at the Emobilis School where he
further gained skills in mobile
application. Predictably, his first
mobile app innovation was one
close to his heart. He dubbed it
SokoBeef app.
The mobile app is available in
any Android application includ-
ing Google Playstore and Nokia X
store. You can download it for
free on your mobile phone.
As a trader, all you have to do
after downloading the app is to
enter details of the cow you are
selling and take a photo of it and
it will be stored on the applica-
tion. The buyer will also down-
load the application and a simple
search will bring him to the ani-
mal he is looking to buy, ex-
plains Mbuvi.
The app has categories for
cows, goats, rabbits, birds and
even sheep. Better still, the app is
able to classify the products in
the market by location and re-
It also classifies as per cost
and as per weight among other
categories that makes it easier for
Sokobeef app makes
selling cows easier
with Jerry Odumbe Otieno
Wednesday Life
The backtracker protects
cyclists on the road

Cyclists have to glance over their
shoulders in about every ten seconds
to have a proper awareness of the
road users that are behind them.
This, however, can be risky at times
since it means one has to put their
eyes off the road ahead for a few
seconds which could potentially lead
to an accident. iKubu, a company
based in South Africa, has created a
device that addresses this problem.
The device, dubbed backtracker,
increases cyclist awareness by
detecting vehicles approaching from
behind using a micro-radar and
providing visual feedback to the
cyclist. The entire system consists of
two elements, the front unit , which
serves as indicator for the rider by
providing information such as the
speed and distance of approaching
vehicles from up to 140 centimetres
away, and a back system that
communicates with vehicles ap-
proaching from behind. The back-
tracker is also capable of seeing and
functioning well in harsh weather
conditions that hinder visibility.
ODIN: The android powered
tiny projector
ODIN is an android based
projector that could soon replace
television sets and computers. The
gadget, which weighs less than one
kilogramme, is small enough to fit
inside your pocket. ODIN can directly
project content from connected
devices such as smartphones, tablets
and playstations. The micro-projector
has Wi-Fi network access and
Bluetooth which can be used for
streaming audio/video from phones
or tablets to the projectors in-built
speakers thus serving as a Bluetooth
speaker. The device can be used to
surf the web as well as access stored
files from Dropbox or Skydrive. The
projector is equipped with a quad-
core Cortex A9 processor clocked at
1.6 GHz, 2GB of RAM, and storage of
have come up with an inno-
vation that can have an im-
pact in solving a real issue in
the community. I recently
bought my father a phone
with the Nokia X store and
he can use the app. He is the one
who truly inspired this, con-
cludes Mbuvi.
Page 11 WEDNESDAY LIFE / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life
Using all the letters of the alphabet,
ll in the grid. To help you, there are
three cryptic crossword-style clues:
Top line: Is net inches from journalist
who walks like a duck? (2, 3-6)
Middle line: Ordinary legal spouse
yet unmarried. (6-3, 4)
Bottom line: Attractive place could
mark the end of the race. (7, 4)
To start you of, here is one of the
By Rosy Russell
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
G 0 E
1 These people are a bad
bet, sir (6)
7 Lengthy sojourn in the
field (8)
8 Where eruptions may
start to burst? (4)
10 Public relations, to me,
may be just for now
11 Nullifies horrendous ul-
timate chaos! (6)
14 Polo ground record? (3)
16 Such charges may be
dropped (5)
17 After that, the National
Front (4)
19 Started to live with a
killer (5)
21 Material I mend, may-
be (5)
22 Do well to become ad-
vanced (3,2)
23 Friendly with a wool-
ly-headed member (4)
26 Half and half hous-
ing? (5)
28 A childish story? (3)
29 Its sad when a sol-
diers in the cart, per-
haps (6)
30 Just the bird to at-
tract an alien? (6)
31 But commonly reduced
32 Thankful for fat mixed
with gruel (8)
33 Fox, maybe, or a ted-
dy (6)
1 A vessel to keep cosy? (6)
2 Being foreign, hes not
exactly a Briton (6)
3 Wherein the poor total
is about a pound? (4)
4 Program item where
Maud madly embraces
an officer (7)
5 A bit of catastrophe in-
creases keenness! (5)
6 A ship wrecked in beast-
ly style (5)
8 He and 30 Down are
aptly said to be apart
9 Registered name (3)
12 The end room? (3)
13 Three could put you
out (5)
15 Singer in white, nor-
mally (5)
18 Hang around the hotel
too much (5)
19 Elizabeths gam-
ACROSS: 1, A-mass 6, Sears 9, CO-MP-act 10, Dr-ur-y 11, Rough 12, Ro-D-in 13, Campion 15, Hip 17, Omit 18, Serena 19,
Gents 20, Moored 22, Dent 24, Ayr 25, Trainee 26, Hear-t 27, St-air 28, Films 29, Lamp-O-on 30, Droll 31, Penny.
DOWN: 2, Mar-ram 3, Script 4, So(pp)y 5, Spoon 6, S-crib-es 7, Eton 8, R-e.g.-ain 12, Rowed 13, Comma 14, Minor 15, He-
me-n 16, Paste 18, Start 19, General 21, Oyster 22, Di-Vi-ne 23, New-man 25, Traps 26, H-ill 28, F(L)op.
Cryptic Puzzle
ble (3)
20 A marginal intoxicant? (3)
21 Girl wanted (7)
22 A short engagement (3)
23 Tree full of bats, potential-
ly? (6)
24 Cleverly leading a seaman to a
silly conclusion (4)
25 With this system, the police
have a burden to shoulder (6)
26 The boards used in making
gates (5)
27 She accepts backup just the
same (5)
28 Theres a fair place for it (3)
30 Foreigner held in a vault (4)
Codeword Puzzle
1 Clans (6)
7 Increase in degree (8)
8 Long formal dress (4)
10 Very happy (6)
11 Just about (6)
14 Permit (3)
16 Foundation (5)
17 Roof slab (4)
19 Powerful business-
man (5)
21 Rot (5)
22 Bathroom tting (5)
23 Quarry (4)
26 Sham (5)
28 Drawn match (3)
29 Makes amends (6)
30 Serving dish (6)
31 Gemstone (4)
32 Diligence (8)
33 Brochette (6)
ACROSS: 1, Marsh 6, Hoist 9, Tan-
trum 10, Hairy 11, Mimic 12,
Beret 13, Blender 15, Les 17,
Read 18, Punish 19, Scars 20,
Wrench 22, Cite 24, Nor 25,
Boarder 26, Power 27, Gavel
28, Dairy 29, Rarebit 30, Le-
mur 31, Pearl.
Easy Puzzle
1 Above average ability (6)
2 Babys soft shoe (6)
3 Dispatch (4)
4 Chest-on-chest (7)
5 Nigerian city (5)
6 Defeats (5)
8 Impudence, informally (4)
9 Opposite of dry (3)
12 Bloke (3)
13 Edge along (5)
15 Shoe fasteners (5)
18 Bar of gold (5)
19 Sleeping place (3)
20 Long-tailed rodent (3)
21 Malady (7)
22 Bread roll (3)
23 Corsair (6)
24 Spool (4)
25 Over there (6)
26 Herb (5)
27 Dutch cheese (5)
28 Ram (3)
30 Playthings (4)
Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar
Your free-spirit expression
may come from having a life
that is generally unplanned.
Mistakes just create oppor-
tunities for your creative in-
Taurus (April 21 - May
It should be easy for you to
push forward with projects
and in all aspects of your life.
Things may seem almost ma-
gical the way they work out
in your favour.
Aries (Mar 21 - May 20)
Being on the go and keeping
a finger to the winds of ch-
ange make you feel in touch.
Learning and communicating
are just what you like to do.
Appreciating beauty play a
big role in your life now.
Gemini (May 21 - June
Outer circumstances and the
flow of events make it easy
for you to make clear de-
cisions and move forward.
Things seem to fall into place
and progress is easy.
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
You are full of wit and sharp in-
sights today and may nd your-
self guiding others. Breakthrough
ashes of insight with tremen-
dous originality and independen-
ce are typical.
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 23)
I am the determiner of ever-
ything that happens to me is the
attitude today. Work and home
life are fullling and you are in-
clined to pass that feeling on to
Libra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)
Your positivism lets you get right
to the point. You have little pati-
ence, however, with those who do
not take you seriously. You have
plenty of enthusiasm to accom-
plish what is before you this day.
Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
An emotional directness and im-
pulsiveness now are marked by
forceful and powerful feelings.
You could be a terric busines-
sperson, as you have the ability
to get past the surface of things
and separate that which has real
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
A strong urge for the social life
may nd you out of your ofce
visiting with friends, family or
customers. You can demonstrate
great understanding and sensitivi-
ty to the needs of others just now
and are in a good position to help
othem as well.
(June 22 - July 22) Your
more conservative tenden-
cies puts a damper on your
dreams. You may escape
your responsibilities via
friends and excursions into
the realms of imagination,
lms, poetry and the like.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan
This is a good time to get to work
a little early and make to-do
lists. You may enjoy conversing
about world affairs with co-wor-
kers during your breaks.
Aquarius(Jan 21 - Feb
When you concentrate, you al-
ways come up with what is es-
sential to the matter at hand.
Your more serious approach to
ideas may not always be appreci-
ated by others.
DOWN: 2, Arable 3, Strand 4, Hay 5, Steer 6, Humer-
us 7, Omit 8, Shines 12, Bench 13, Brown 14, Ea-
ger 15, Livid 16, Sheer 18, Prior 19, Scholar 21,
Rotate 22, Create 23, Terror 25, Bevel 26, Peru
28, Dip.
Page 12 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Wednesday Life


No. 1882

1 3 8 6 4 7 2 9 5

4 2 5 8 9 1 7 3 6

6 7 9 3 2 5 1 4 8

3 8 2 1 7 4 6 5 9

9 5 4 2 6 8 3 1 7

7 6 1 5 3 9 4 8 2

5 9 6 7 1 3 8 2 4

2 4 3 9 8 6 5 7 1

8 1 7 4 5 2 9 6 3



Imejin 1883 COFFEE BREAK

8 1 5

9 4

6 5 9 2

6 7 5 9 2 8

2 4 7 3

3 8 4

9 1 8

7 6 8 9

4 1 7 2 6 3

All rows, columns and 3 by 3 grids (dened
by bold lines ) have the numbers 1 to 9 ap-
pearing only once.
Some of the numbers have been entered.
Complete the whole table by inserting the
correct numbers.

A B G C 20
E D H F 24
C H B G 25
18 25 26 14
J F E J 14
The letters have a distinct val-
ue between 1 to 9. The totals
vertically and horizontally
have been given. Solve all the
NO 5271
NO 5270
6 9 2 7 3 8 4 5 1
2 IN 3D (PG) At 11.00am, 1.45pm, 4pm,
HUMSHAKALS (TBA) At 6.15pm, 9.00pm
11.00am, 4.25pm, 9.10pm, X-MEN: DAYS
OF FUTURE PAST IN 3D(U16) At 1.45pm,
SCREEN I RIO 2 (GE) At 1.20pm &
5.30pm, GODZILLA (16) At 3.20pm &
2 (GE) At 11.40am & 1.40pm, BLENDED
FAULT IN OUR STARS (16) At 3.40pm
9.15, HOLIDAY At 9.15pm

Todays Schedule
Cinema Guide
5: 00 Pambazuka
6: 00 Power
Breakf ast
11: 30 Naswa
12: 00 Gabri el a
13: 00 Li ve at 1
14: 00 Cheche Rpt
15. 00 Af rosi nema
16: 00 Ci ti zen Al asi ri
16: 10 Mseto East
Af ri ca
17: 00 Pavi t ra Ri sht a
18: 00 Forever Yours
19: 00 Ci ti zen Ni pashe
19: 35 Don t Mess
wi t h Kansi i me
20: 05 Wi l d at Hear t
21: 00 Ci ti zen
Busi ness
22: 00 The Tempest
23: 00 Af rosi nema
0: 00 Ci ti zen Late
Ni ght News
1. 00 Af ro- si nema
4:30 BBC
4:55 Morning Prayer
5:00 Aerobics
5:30 Damka
8:00 Good Morning Kenya
9:00 Parliament Live
11:00 Daytime Movie
11:00 KBCc Lunch Time
1:30 Moving The Masses
1:30 Grapevine
2:30 Parliament Live
4:30 Spider Riders
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7:00 Darubini Live
7:30 Road To Success
8:05 The Platform Live
9:00 Channel 1 News
9:45 National Cohesion
10:30 Bold & Beautiful
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12:00 Club 1
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6:00 AM Live
9:00 Irrational Heart
10.00 Maid In
11:15 The Young & The
12:00 Rhythm City
12:30 Scandal
1:00 NTV at 1
1:30 Backstage
2:00 Golden Heart
3.00 Password
4:00 NTV at 4
4:15 Password
5:00 The Beat
6:00 Dyesebel
7:00 NTV Jioni
7:30 La Patrona
8:30 Baileys Wedding
9:00 NTV Tonight
10:00 Movie
5.00 Command Your
6:00 Morning Express
9.00 Tendereza
10:00 My Eternal
11.00 National
12.00 Tomorrow Today
12.30 Ideal Space
1.00 Newsdesk
1.30 Samba Buzz
2:00 Afri-screen
4.00 Mbiu Ya KTN
4.10 Batman of the
4.30 Avengers
5.00 Baseline
6.00 Los Rey
7:00 KTN LEO
7:30 Real Househelps
of Kawangware
8.00 My Dream
10.05 Jef Koinange Live
11.00 The Diary
12.00 CNN
Pick Of The Day 8.00PM
5.00 Praiz
6.00 K24Alfajiri
9.00 ItSeemssoBeautifulRpt
10.00 Naijasinema-TuesdayRpt
12.30 AlmasiRpt
13.00 K24Newscut
13.30 MkeniNyumbaRpt
14.00 TheCouplesShowRpt
15.00 BrokenVow
16.00 MchipukowaAlasiri
16.10 TeamRaha
17.30 BeatBox
18.30 K24Mashinani
19.00 K24SaaMoja
19.35 Almasi
20.05 TheCouplesShow
21.00 K24EveningEdition
22.00 KikwetuSuperChef Rpt
23.00 Naijasinema:
1.00 AlJazeera
In this weeks episode: In this exciting new reality TV series, newlywed couples chronicle their
big day in their own words; their love story, the dream dress, the dreamy moments and catastro-
phes in their dream wedding experience!
Nairobi 102.7 I Nyeri 105.7
Meru 105.1 I Kericho 90.5
Kisumu 105.3 I Mombasa 105.1
Nakuru 104.5 I Eldoret 91.1 Kitui:
93.8 I Kisii: 91.3
4:00AM Safari na Antony Ndiema
6:00AM Maisha Asubuhi na Alex and Jalas
10:00AM Staarabika na Ann Njogu
1:00PM Konnect na Mwende and Clemo
4:00PM Maisha Jioni na Tina and Zuleka
7:00PM Rhumba Attencion na Mwashumbe
10:00PM Maji Makuu na Ali Hassan and Babu
12:00AM Hakuna Kulala
A 28-year-old billionaire senses his
empire collapsing around him as he
takes a limo ride across Manhattan
to get a haircut from his fathers old
a Wimpy Kid 3 Dog Days
TV Quiz
Page 13 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Page 14 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
For many village schools where students walk
kilometres to school, good results are seen as a
preserve of national schools. However, some few
day schools in Kenya are challenging the age-old
mantra and setting new standards. Years of
resource prioritisation, strategy, syllabus
completion and stakeholder participation paid of
last year for St Peters Emenwa Secondary School
in Kisii County, as it oored former academic
giants in the area.
In the KCSE results released early this year, the
school was ranked number 20 in the top 100
district schools nationally. The school had a mean
grade of B- with two A-minus, eight B-plus, ve Bs,
six B-minus, ve C-plus and 13 C-minus. This was
no mean feat given the schools locality, teacher
numbers and dwindling resources. Most of the stu-
dents are admitted from the nearby primary
school and in most cases perform poorly.
However, the national limelight has given the
schools administration and students more
impetus to record better results and lay claim to
more headlines and School principal Ibrahim
Gekonde says sacrice, discipline and a sense of
direction among the teachers, students and other
staf contributed to the good results posted last
We decided to stop being an ordinary day
school. We laid the foundation on self-discipline,
direction and commitment. We also decided to
own the entire process of success. The good thing
is that we are getting the best dividends. However,
we are not satised with what we have achieved.
We are willing to use the limited resources to give
good results in the county and nationally. The
journey has just started, says the principal.
Getting to the top has, however, not been easy.
The school has this year received a high number
of students, which has stretched physical facilities.
To begin with, the school sits on a two-acre piece
of land, which means there isnt enough space for
a playground. They are, therefore, forced to use
the sister primary school eld. The school has 13
government-employed teachers while six are paid
by the school board. This number serves 400
A building meant to house the school library,
reading room and computer centre stalled after
the Sh200,000 contributed by parents ran out.
The school got the Constituency Development
Fund allocation last in 2004 with a Sh300,000
boost. This has tied down the schools quest to
have modern infrastructure such as a modern
science laboratory.
High numbers hold us back from doing better.
Our students deserve the best, especially in
science subjects but even with limited funding, we
can achieve our best, says Amos Onchangwa, the
head of examinations department.
Their success is also a result of bench-marking
with the best and teacher exposure. To continue
performing well, the principal has crafted a new
student admission policy.
He said, Starting next year, we intend to
admit students with more than 200 marks. We will
also ensure that students have at least three
science practicals per month. It is clear that with
better facilities, this school will go places.
Schools may have
intensied checks but
students and drug
suppliers are getting
t a recent meeting of
heads of secondary
schools in Kajiado, the
principals and depu-
ties pored through different is-
sues affecting their students and
among the top concerns was a le-
thal thorn in their midst; drug
use among the students.
While various teachers talked
about this problem, Maasai Boys
Secondarys deputy principal
Charles Mbatia dissociated his
boys from the drug problem.
I havent had any case of
drug use among my students. We
have strict rules here and have
very limited interaction between
the students and the outside
world during school days. We
thoroughly inspect them after
outings and we also do im-
promptu checks in the dorms,
he said.
The United Methodist Church
in Kenya, when rolling out an
awareness campaign on sub-
stance abuse and related vio-
lence in schools found out and
used as the basis for their cam-
paign facts that can turn any par-
ent numb with fear. Their studies
found out that six per cent of the
A young man selling at one of
those shops tells us that the
number of young people who
come asking for weed cake is
high. Most of those people are in
their late teens of early 20s and
are both male and female.
Hidden at a movie store along
Tom Mboya Street in the city, a
young man, preferring to offer
only one name, Kevo, says he is
22 years old but that he smoked
his first joint of weed at 17 when
in high school. He tried it out
during the holidays and has been
a user since. He also drinks.
He has become more of an ex-
pert on weed.
Weed is easy to access than
weed cake or those other hard
stuff-heroin and cocaine. With
Sh20, you have a stick of weed.
Weed cake on the other hand is
between Sh800 and 1,500 a kilo-
gramme, he says.
To find weed cake, he advises,
Try the estates; it is easier to get
them from there, especially at
house parties.
He says he eats a little weed
cake, smokes a little weed and
drinks a little alcohol for fun. His
friends, some of them in high
school still, do it too. He says co-
caine or heroin are too expensive
for him.
Try those youngsters in Kar-
en or Hurlingham or Westie
(Westlands). Rich kids use them
over there. But I have smoked
shisha, most birthday parties
have weed cake and shisha.
At Karen Police Station, the
youth had their first exposure to
drugs and other abused sub-
stances while in high school.
Further, they noted that at
least 30 per cent of the youth that
are into drugs had exposure
while in primary school. The
programme targeted young peo-
ple aged ten to 18 within the
United Methodist Church in
Where do these young people
get the drugs? Bakeries, it turns
out, dispense weed (bang) in
cake or cookies, The Standard
found out.
Upon inquiry on where to
buy drugs, a shop attendant
smiles after our questions con-
vince her that we genuinely want
to buy the drugs.
She called a man from a back
room who took our order and
came back with the stuff. Mo-
ments later, we had paid and
walked away with our purchase.
It is that simple. They make
weed cake or weed
cookies hush-hush
and usually on order.
High school students readily
access weed cookies, drugs
Wednesday Life
Top Issue
With Peter Oduor
With Benjamin Obegi
Top School
With Sh20, you have
a stick of weed. Weed
cake on the other
hand is Sh800 -1,500
a kilogramme .
Kevo, drug user
Benchmarking, exposure will keep St Peters among stars
OCPD, Monica, does not want to
talk about her drug use arrests,
preferring to use bureaucracy to
evade questions.
The reality of the matter is
that these youngsters, some of
whom partake of shisha, have
taken heroin and cocaine too.
Just early this week, NACADA
banned 19 shisha flavours for
containing cocaine, heroin and
Pupils walk
through Mombasa
streets to mark the
International Day
against Drug Abuse
and Trafcking
last month.
RIGHT: Tools
used for drug
abuse and weed
biscuits. [PHOTOS:
Page 15 WEDNESDAY LIFE / Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Many girls continue to
get pregnant and drop
out of school even with
the introduction of sex
education in curriculum
Incorporating sex education con-
tinues to be a challenge in many
schools in Kenya. The effects of inad-
equate education on sexuality, espe-
cially in the northern Kenya and
slums, are often borne by girls who
often fall pregnant and drop out of
To address this issue, a new
policy proposal for various
education levels by the United
Nations Fund for Population
(UNFPA) that aims at exploring new
waysof including the thorny
content of sexuality in schools
curriculum has been launched.
Packaged as a comprehensive
sexuality education, if well imple-
mented, will address some of the
issues affecting students wish to
remain in class and complete the
education cycle. Among the
measures the package advocates for
are geared towards checking
unintended pregnancies among
school girls.
UNFPAs Batula Abdi says there
is need for a new understanding
and teaching of sexuality educa-
tion. This topic needs a new
understanding. We need to change
how the teacher discusses the
subject with students. The students,
especially those undergoing body
changes, must be equipped with
the right information. Parents also
need to open new discussion lines
with their children. Teachers, too,
must be armed with the right
Top Mark
With Grace Kirigha
The exam period is around the corner and
many candidates are under pressure to cover as
much ground as possible and be adequately
prepared. Many of them are stressed at the
realisation that time is up yet there is so much
to do.
If you are a candidate, the following tips will
help you make the most of the period and
condently approach the exams.
When to begin: Have at least a whole nights
sleep between you and the exam. The brain
needs time to subconsciously digest all you have
absorbed. This means you cannot take in
everything within an hour or two before the
exam. Start this process between the morning
and early afternoon of the day before the exam.
Review: Make a calendar that outlines a daily
schedule of topics for review. Cover a little
material for each subject per day. Whenever you
complete a topic, give yourself a mini review.
Read through your notes and ll gaps: Whether
you have ve or 30 pages of geography notes,
you must read through all of them, but do it
several days before the exam. This gives you a
rough understanding of the various topics and
enables you to categorise them into relevant
sections. You could group them based on a
specic theme, chronology or by concept. As
you reread, summarise each topic while
highlighting the areas that were most trouble-
Fill in the gaps of information that you either
missed or were not clearly explained. Use the
theme you discovered to help you determine
what information is relevant to the test.
When you have all the information written out
by theme on separate pieces of papers or
booklets, you can begin to create a narrative
from the information in a way that you will
easily remember during the exam.
Information tree: Index your information as
though you are creating an information tree.
Write the main themes you came up with onto
separate pieces of paper. Those should be the
rst branches of the tree. Under these themes
have sub-themes, more rened information
within each theme. Then have topics under the
As you read and start memorising, focus on one
theme at a time until you understand it well
then move to the next. Master phrases for
each process that will help you recall the
Do you feel condent now? Take a break from
the subject and give your brain time to
subconsciously internalise the information. Stop
reading 15 minutes before the exam. Relax and
take a few deep breaths and all will be ne.
Post-exam: Do not be overwhelmed by panic.
Even if you think the exam was too tough,
worrying will not change your score. Odds are,
you didnt do as badly as you think.
with Benjamin Obegi
Smart preps
for exams
Wednesday Life
Parents need to open new discussion
lines with their children. Teachers must be
armed with the right information Times
have changed and this demands that
society changes perceptions on handling
sexuality education. -
Batula Abdi
education. Times have changed
and this demands that society
changes perceptions on
handling sexuality educa-
tion, says Batula.
One of the measures
contained in the proposal
suggests fostering and
increasing knowledge for
learners, teachers and
She said, The policy
aims at bringing on board all
the stakeholders so that at
the end of the day, we keep
our girls from early pregnan-
cies, abortions and marriages. It
has been noted that girls who are
kept in the school cycle are able to
delay marriage and fertility.
However, this can only happen if
our education system has a whole
content on sexuality education.
A report published last year,
Motherhood in Childhood: Facing
the Challenge of Adolescent
Pregnancy, revealed that millions of
girls in the globe are teenage
mothers. The report also noted
that a large number of these are
school-going children. This means
that most of these girls have their
education dreams shattered and
thus consigning them to the vicious
poverty cycle. Even those who
decide to be in school are faced
with stigma, which stems from
the way society perceives
sexuality among school-going
The proposal, which has
been sent to the ministry of
Education, builds on this
years World Population Day
theme: Investing in the Young
People. The theme calls for
investing in issues affecting
the youth, including sexuality
Getting the thorny sexuality
education into the classroom
Page 16 / WEDNESDAY LIFE Wednesday, July 16, 2014 / The Standard
Social Media
with Kenny Kaburu @Kennytoonz
The World Cup is nally over. Celebration,
reactions and memories, however, continue
on social media
Information that Kenya issued travel
advisory against Britain sparked some
re on social media
Kanyakanga David: Can we stop this pretence! We
are only hurting ourselves because theres no Kenyan
who goes to tour Britain except those who are
married or studying there. Supposing the British
government decides to cancel the military assistance
they are giving Kenya? We are missing the point in this
Solomon Ondieki: Kenya wants her citizens in the
Diaspora to be secure because the locals are enjoying
a unique peace.
Henry Foreser Mutulili: Seriously? Kenya you have
outdone yourself this time because whether you go or
not, Britain will feel nothing.
Bii Eric Bee: I wonder why many here have
inherited our grandparents thinking. Kenya is no l
onger a UK colony but a sovereign State. UK is not
heaven. It is a fact that tens of thousands of Kenyans
Light Side

STRANGE MISHAPS: Loaded beyond capacity to move, this vehicle literally broke
into two in protest.

@Sickolia: Germany built a resort in Brazil for their
squad in preparation for the World Cup. Thats how
much dedication they put into winning it.
@ForbesTech: One day, we may be watching robot
soccer players defeat humans in the World Cup.
@MartinGicheru: There are two types of people,
those who are so glad the World Cup ended, and we the
normal ones.
@GeniusFootball: World Cup awards:
Golden Ball: Messi
Golden Shoe: James Rodriguez
Golden Glove: Neuer
Golden Teeth: Suarez
Best Haircut: Ronaldo
@Brazil2014Agent: Did it get Messi? It wasnt even
@PhilipEtale: Spectacular achievement is always
preceded by spectacular preparation. Thank you
@JustFootball: Lionel Messi: All I wanted is to lift
the World Cup trophy. I dont care about winning individ-
ual trophies.
@CCamundih: Women are now sighing in relief.
#WorldCup had nearly robbed them of their men.
@FunnyQuotees: Brazil have Neymar. Argentina
have Messi. Holland have Robben. Germany have a

Social media in Kenya has
recently been the stage of
continued polarisation and
ethnic-based hate. Amidst the
ethnic-based hubris, propaganda
and in the face of myriads of
challenges facing Kenya, it is
refreshing that some Kenyans
have taken to social media to
ignite positive conversations.
#MaskaniConversations is
about Kenya, dialogue and
conversations on what is
important, why it is important and
what we could be doing about it
as Kenyans.
It is an online platform of
Kenyans committed to upholding
the Constitution by catalysing
debate on topical issues facing the
country today.
The #MaskaniConversations
platform seals the gap between
online and of ine by providing a
platform that coalesces Kenyans
from across all sectors.
#OnetribeOneKenya is another
very noble attempt at making
Kenyans online shun tribal
discourse and embrace one
The project aims at eradicating
tribalism and promoting the
idealism that Kenya is a tribe and
family. The Constitution bestows
rights on every Kenyan and at the
same time calls them to responsi-
bility in nation building.
#MaskaniConversations and
#OnetribeOneNation are about
bringing down all perceived
obstacles and educating ourselves
on our roles in the realisation of a
new Kenya.
Additionally, the two platforms
want to ensure key values of the
Constitution are upheld including
leadership integrity, accountabili-
ty and transparency.
It is only in Kenya
where people travel in
whichever way they want
and on whatever
contracption. Reaching
the destination, it seems,
is the most important
preoccupation as it is
more urgent than their
When they alight after
this journey, the
passengers must nd out
their bearing after
moments of stabilising
The sele comes with limitations such
as inexibility to present some poses.
Here, the groundie takes the crown.
Kenya is a nation where ugali is the
most prized food on the menu.
Sometimes it takes two to make the
best of it. At other times it takes more.
[Sourced from Twitter and Facebook]
Igniting positive
conversations in
social media
Kenyans popular
hell-bound rides
Out with the sele, in
with groundie
Innovative cooks
Wednesday Life
travel or reside there. Theres absolutely nothing
wrong in advising them against going to potentially
dangerous places... except your thinking. Our
dependence on them has dropped to almost the level
they need us, bad news for those with colonial
Amuhaya WInzuga: The world is a global village
controlled by a few powerful countries regardless of
personal opinion. That is the fact one should learn to
live with humbly for the sake of his peace. Avoid
petty squabbles and trivial arrogance, locally
characteristic, on international afairs.
Julie Jackson Nekoye: You want to excite
Kenyans? Or what? Travel advisory to Kenyans to
avoid Heathrow?
Stano Kemboi: Tit for tat is a fair game!
Festus Kim Nzavi: Hahaha! Talk of the pot calling
the kettle black. Guys who knew nothing about the
Westgate, Gikomba, Kamukunji and now Lamu
attacks have time and enough intelligence to aid
Britains secur ity agencies... ridiculous!