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Red Ball on the Floor

The ball is on the floor. It is a red ball. It is a rubber ball. The baby looks at the ball. The
cat looks at the ball. The cat is black. The cat walks over to the ball. The cat hits the ball with
its paw. The ball rolls on the floor. The baby smiles.
2. Warm Air and a Sandwich
The window is open. Air comes through the window. It is warm air. It is a warm day. The
air smells like bread. It smells like fresh bread. It smells good. It makes the boy hungry. The
boy goes to the kitchen. He makes a sandwich. He sits down. He eats the sandwich.
. He !ets "ressed# Sees His $riend
The boy puts on his socks. He puts on his shoes. He ties his shoelaces. He walks to the
front door. He turns the doorknob. He pulls the door open. He steps outside. He closes the
door behind him. He walks to the corner. He sees his friend. He waves to his friend.
%. &oisy Animals# 'uiet Animals
The dog barks. It likes to bark. The bird sings. It likes to sing. The dog and bird are noisy.
The cat meows. It meows when it is hungry. It meows when it is angry. The fish says nothing.
The turtle says nothing. The mouse says nothing. The li(ard says nothing. They are )uiet.
*. They +lay ,atch
-ob picks up the ball. He throws the ball. -ill catches the ball. -ill throws the ball back.
-ob catches the ball. -ob throws the ball to -ill. -ill drops the ball. -ill picks it up. He throws it
over -ob.s head. -ob runs back. He /umps up. He catches the ball.
0. ,ookie on the $loor
She takes a cookie out of the package. She drops the cookie. It falls on the floor. The
cookie breaks. It breaks into four pieces. $our pieces are on the floor. She picks up the
pieces. She takes them to the kitchen. She throws them into the trashcan. She takes another
cookie out of the package.
7. A Cat and a Dog
The cat licks its paws. The cat licks its belly. The dog licks its paws. The dog licks its
belly. The cat lies in the grass. The dog lies in the grass. The cat rolls onto its back. The dog
rolls onto its back. The cat and dog do things together.
8. Hungry for Hot Dogs
He opens the refrigerator. He looks inside the refrigerator. He is hungry. He wants
something to eat. He sees a package. It is a package of hot dogs. Si1 hot dogs are in the
package. He takes two hot dogs out of the package. He closes the refrigerator. He puts the
hot dogs on a plate.
9. Her Book and Her Cats
She picks up the book. It is her favorite book. It has a red cover. It has *2 pages. It has
many pictures. It has pictures of many animals. She likes animals. She has two cats. She likes
her cats. Their names are $luffy and 2uffy. She shows them the pictures in the book.
10. Kids and Their Teacher
He has a /ob. He is a teacher. He teaches kids. He teaches them how to read. He
teaches them how to spell. The kids are fast learners. They learn how to read )uickly. They
learn how to spell )uickly. He likes his /ob. He likes kids. He likes to teach kids new things.
11. arents !a"e Ba#ies fro$ %ire
The house is on fire. $lames come out of the windows. Smoke comes out of the
windows. A man runs out of the house. He carries a baby in his arms. A woman runs out of the
house. She carries a baby in her arms. A fire truck arrives at the house.
1&. A 'oung (ir) Knows How
She is si1 years old. She knows how to walk. She knows how to run. She knows how to
swim. She knows how to play soccer. She knows how to ride a horse. She knows how to walk
her dog. She knows how to read. She knows how to write.
1*. A Ba#y (oes to !)ee+
The baby crawls on the floor. It stops. Then it crawls some more. Then it stops again.
2ama looks at the baby. She picks up the baby. She carries the baby to the crib. She puts the
baby in the crib. She puts a blanket on the baby. The baby falls asleep.
1,. He -ats a Candy Bar
He picks up the candy bar. He reads the label. The label says -aby 3uth. He unwraps
the candy bar. He throws the wrapper into the trashcan. He bites into the candy bar. He chews
it. He swallows it. He bites into the candy bar again. It is delicious. He loves candy bars.
1.. A Back+ack and a Bus
It is time to go to school. He puts his books into his backpack. He puts his arms through
the straps. He puts his backpack on his back. He walks outside. He goes to the bus stop. He
stands at the bus stop. He waits for the bus. He sees the bus.
1/. An Air+)ane in the !ky
The boy hears a sound. He looks up. He sees an airplane. The airplane is in the sky. It is
a silver airplane. It has two wings. It has a tail. It has two /et engines. There is a pilot on the
airplane. He flies the airplane. He lands the airplane.
17. 0et1s (o to Disney)and
She loves "isneyland. She wants to live at "isneyland. She wants to visit "isneyland
every day. Her parents take her to "isneyland every year. She has fun at "isneyland. She
sees 2ickey 2ouse. She goes on many rides. She has fun on the rides. She wants to ride
them again and again.
18. His %irst 2o))er Coaster 2ide
He gets on the roller coaster. His mom sits ne1t to him. This is his first roller coaster ride.
The roller coaster starts up. It is fast. It goes up and down. It goes around and around. He
looks at his mom. His mom looks at him. They both laugh. The roller coaster is fun4
56. -irthday ,ake and ,andles
It is her birthday. She is si1 years old. She looks at the birthday cake. It has white icing.
There are si1 candles on top. Her mom and dad sing Happy -irthday. Her dad lights the
candles. She makes a wish. She blows out the candles. She claps her hands. Her mom and
dad clap their hands.
27. A -oat in the Tub
He fills the tub. He fills it with warm water. He gets in the tub. He plays with his rubber
boat. The rubber boat floats on the water. He pushes the boat down. He pushes it to the
bottom. He lets it go. It pops up to the top. It floats on top of the water.
25. Her "oll Is 8ike Her
Sharon is four years old. She is pretty. She has a doll. It is pretty. Sharon has blonde hair.
The doll has blonde hair. Sharon has short hair. The doll has long hair. Sharon gets a pair of
scissors. She cuts the doll.s long hair. She finishes. &ow the doll has short hair too.
&&. A %ork3 !+oon3 )ate3 and Carrot
He picks up his fork. He picks up his spoon. He hits the plate with his fork. He hits the
plate with his spoon. His mom says Stop. He stops. His mom puts a carrot on the plate. He
looks at the carrot. He picks up the spoon. He hits the carrot with the spoon.
&*. !he !ees a 4or$
The worm crawls on the ground. It crawls slowly. She watches it. She picks it up. It
wiggles in her hand. She puts it in her mouth. It wiggles in her mouth. She takes it out of her
mouth. She puts it back on the ground. It crawls into a hole.
&,. He Ta)ks to 5o$
The phone rings. He hears the ringing. He picks up the phone. He says hello. The other
person says hello. The other person is his mom. She talks to him. He talks to her. She finishes
talking. She says goodbye. He says goodbye. They hang up. He waits. The phone rings
&.. Car in a Car 4ash
She sits in the car. Her dad drives the car. He drives to a car wash. The car goes through
the car wash. Water sprays onto the car. Soap sprays onto the car. Soft brushes scrub the car.
2ore water sprays onto the car. The car is clean. 2en dry the car with clean rags. The car is
&/. 5onkeys at the 6oo
She goes to the (oo. There are many animals at the (oo. She likes the monkeys. They
have funny faces. They have long tails. They /ump around a lot. She goes to the monkey
cage. There are si1 monkeys in the cage. She looks at them. She waves to them. She says
hello to them.
&7. He 7s a Choco)ate 0o"er
He loves chocolate. He loves milk chocolate. He loves dark chocolate. He eats chocolate
candy bars. He eats chocolate fudge. He eats chocolate chip cookies. He eats chocolate
cake. He eats chocolate cupcakes. He eats chocolate ice cream. He eats chocolate pudding.
He drinks chocolate milk. He eats chocolate every day. ,hocolate is the best4
&8. The Circus 7s in Town
She loves the circus. The circus has elephants. 9lephants are so big. The circus has
tigers. Tigers are so pretty. The circus has clowns. ,lowns are funny. They drive funny cars.
They wear funny costumes. They have funny faces. They make her laugh. The circus is in
town this week. She tells her dad and her mom.
&9. 7s There 0ife on the 5oon8
The moon is in the sky. He looks at the moon. It is round and white. It is bright. It has
mountains. It has valleys. It has rocks. It has dirt. He thinks about the moon. He wonders
about it. 2aybe there is water on the moon. 2aybe tiny animals live on the moon.
*0. A enny Co))ector
She collects pennies. She likes pennies. She likes their color. They are brown. They are
shiny brown. They are dull brown. +ennies are everywhere. She finds them on the sidewalk.
She picks them up. She takes them home. She puts them in a /ar. She has a big /ar. It is full of
*1. 2ed Trees and 2ed Cats
He likes to color. He colors with his crayons. His crayon bo1 has many crayons. 9ach
crayon is a different color. He opens his coloring book. His favorite color is red. He colors the
trees dark red. He colors the cats light red. He colors the sidewalks medium red. His mom
buys e1tra red crayons for him.
*&. Co$ics in the 9ews+a+er
She opens the newspaper. She turns the page. She turns another page. She finds the
comics. She likes the comics. They are fun to read. They are easy to read. They are pictures
with words. The pictures are pretty. Sometimes they are in color. She looks at the pictures.
She reads the words.
**. Bright !tars in the 9ight !ky
It is nighttime. The sky is black. There are tiny lights in the sky. They are stars. There are
many stars. She looks all over the sky. She sees stars everywhere. A few stars are big. 2ost
stars are small. She counts the stars. She counts :0 stars. She tells her mom.
*,. A 4ater %ountain in the ark
It is summertime. The park has many trees. It has a baseball field. It has a water fountain.
The water is cool. ;ids play in the water fountain. Their feet get wet. Their clothes get wet.
They sit down in the fountain. They run around in the fountain. They splash in the fountain.
They have fun.
*.. !he %eeds Her Cats
She has two cats. <ne cat is black. The other cat is white. The black cat.s name is
-lacky. The white cat.s name is Whitey. She feeds her cats. She puts their food in dishes. She
puts each dish on the floor. She calls her cats. They come into the kitchen. They eat the food.
*/. He Bui)ds a !now$an
It is a winter day. It is cold outside. The snow falls. It covers the ground. Snow falls for si1
hours. $inally it stops. He puts on his heavy /acket. He goes outside. He builds a snowman. It
is a fat snowman. It is a tall snowman. He goes back inside.
*7. !he !wi$s -"ery Day
She is a good swimmer. Her school has a swim team. She is on the swim team. She
practices every day. She swims in the pool every day. She swims two hours every day. She is
a strong swimmer. She wins races. She wants to swim in the <lympics. She wants to swim for
her country.
*8. !he 2ides Her !kate#oard
She looks at her skateboard. It is almost feet long. It has four plastic wheels. It is about
0 inches wide. She loves her skateboard. It takes her everywhere. It takes her to school. It
takes her to dance class. It takes her to her friend.s house. It takes her home.
*9. He (ets a 4eek)y A))owance
He gets an allowance. He gets =* a week. His dad gives it to him. His dad gives =* to
him every $riday. He spends his allowance every weekend. He usually spends it on $riday
night. He spends it at the mall. He spends it on ice cream. He buys three scoops of vanilla ice
,0. !he )ays Basket#a))
!he +)ays #asket#a)). !he +)ays #asket#a)) a)$ost e"ery day. There is a #asket#a)) court in the
+ark. The +ark is near her house. !he goes to the +ark after schoo). !he +)ays with the #oys. !he is a
good +)ayer. !he $akes a )ot of shots. !he scores a )ot of +oints.
,1. -"eryone 0o"es Ba#ies
Ba#ies cry. Ba#ies s$i)e. Ba#ies droo). They )ook at e"erything. They )ook at e"eryone. They kick
their feet in the air. They $ake fists with their hands. Ba#ies are curious. They +ut e"erything into their
$ouths. They ride around in #a#y stro))ers. They get a )ot of attention. They ha"e an easy )ife.
,&. He 2ides an :)d Bicyc)e
He )ooks at his #icyc)e. 7t is an o)d #ike. 7t is three years o)d. The +aint is scratched. The fenders
are dented. The seat is torn. The chain is rusty. But it is a good #ike. He has a good ti$e on his #ike. 7t
is fun to ride. He rides it a)$ost e"ery day.
,*. Ants in the Kitchen
!he watches the ants. They are "ery s$a)). There are "ery $any of the$. They are in the kitchen
sink. They are thirsty. They drink the dro+s of water. The dro+s are on the #otto$ of the sink. !he turns
on the faucet. 4ater f)ows into the sink. The ants go down the drain.
,,. A o+sic)e House
He #ui)ds a house. He uses +o+sic)e sticks. He uses g)ue. He g)ues one stick to another. He #ui)ds
a kitchen. He #ui)ds a )i"ing roo$. He #ui)ds a #edroo$. He #ui)ds a #athroo$. He #ui)ds a garage. He
adds a roof. He +aints the house white. He shows the house to his dad.
,.. A Bo;er Dog 9a$ed Duke
!he has a dog. Her dog is a #o;er. 7t is a $a)e. His na$e is Duke. He is fi"e years o)d. He is #rown
a)) o"er. He has a short tai). He weighs a#out .0 +ounds. He snores when he s)ee+s. !he feeds hi$ twice
a day. !he feeds hi$ #reakfast. !he feeds hi$ dinner.
,/. Two Boys and a Base#a))
Bi))y +)ays catch with a #ase#a)) and a #ase#a)) g)o"e. He +)ays catch with his friend. His friend
has a g)o"e too. Bi))y throws the #a)) to his friend. His friend catches the #a)) in his g)o"e. His friend
throws the #a)) #ack to Bi))y. Bi))y catches the #a)) in his g)o"e. The #a)) goes #ack and forth.
,7. The !now 5e)ts on the (round
7t is ear)y afternoon. !he )ooks out the window. !he sees the snow. The snow fa))s fro$ the sky.
There are $any snowf)akes. They fa)) fast. They hit the ground. They $e)t on the ground. !he is
unha++y. !he wants to $ake a snow$an. But there is no snow on the ground.
,8. An :range and B)ack Butterf)y
He sees a #utterf)y. 7t is near a f)ower. 7t )ea"es the f)ower. 7t goes to another f)ower. He watches
the #utterf)y. 7t is +retty. 7t has orange and #)ack wings. 7t has )itt)e white s+ots on the wings. 7ts wings
are thin. He tries to gra# the #utterf)y. But it f)ies away.
,9. Ca$+ing in the 4oods
!he goes ca$+ing. !he ca$+s in the woods. !he ca$+s with her fa$i)y. They set u+ a tent. 7t is a
#ig tent. 7t s)ee+s three +eo+)e. !he s)ee+s with her $o$ and dad in the tent. They sit around a ca$+fire
at night. The ca$+fire kee+s the$ war$. They cook food in the ca$+fire.
.0. 2ide a Carouse) Horse
A carouse) has #ig3 +)astic horses. -ach horse is a different co)or. !he )ikes the white horse. !he
gets on the white horse. 7t has a #)ack tai). !he sits in the sadd)e. !he ho)ds onto the +o)e. The $usic
starts. The carouse) starts. 7t goes round and round. Her horse goes u+ and down.
.1. A :ne<5i)e 2ace
There is a race today. He +uts on his shorts. He +uts on his sneakers. He goes to the track. 7t is a
one<$i)e race. :ther #oys show u+ at the starting )ine. The race starts. A)) the #oys run fast. They run
around the track four ti$es. The race ends. He co$es in third +)ace.
.&. (ood !o)diers3 Bad !o)diers
He +)ays war with his +)astic so)diers. The good so)diers attack the #ad so)diers. The good so)diers
ha"e #ig tanks. They ha"e fast =ee+s. They ha"e #ig guns. They shoot at the #ad so)diers. The good
so)diers $arch forward. The #ad so)diers $arch #ackward. The good so)diers win the war. The #ad
so)diers )ose the war.
.*. A 5irror at Dance !choo)
!he goes to dance schoo). !he wears s+ecia) shoes. !he stands in front of a $irror. 7t is a #ig
$irror. 7t goes fro$ one wa)) to the other. !he ho)ds onto a #ar. !he stretches her )eg. !he stretches the
other )eg. !he +oints her toes. !he #ends o"er. !he touches her toes.
.,. A >o# on the %ar$
Andy1s unc)e is a far$er. Andy goes to the far$. He $i)ks the cow. He feeds the +ig. 7t is a)ways
hungry. He co))ects the eggs. The chickens )ay $any eggs. He finishes his three =o#s. He says good#ye
to his unc)e. His unc)e thanks hi$. He gi"es Andy two do?en eggs.
... Dress @+ 0ike Her 5o$
!he dresses u+. !he dresses )ike her $o$. !he +uts )i+stick on her )i+s. !he +uts a neck)ace around
her neck. !he +uts a +retty hat on her head. !he +uts high hee)s on her feet. !he s+rays +erfu$e on her
neck. !he )ooks in the $irror. !he sees a )itt)e wo$an.
./. %ire Truck !a"es House
He has a )itt)e fire truck. 7t is a red3 +)astic fire truck. He sees a fire. He ca))s 911. A house is on
fire. )ease hurryA He +ushes the fire truck. The fire truck goes to the house. The fire truck s+rays water
on the house. The fire is out. -"eryone is safe.
.7. o)ar Bears 9eed He)+
!he worries a )ot. !he worries a#out +o)ar #ears. They are #ig3 white #ears. They )i"e in the north.
They need snow. They need ice. They need co)d weather. There is too $uch +o))ution. o))ution heats
u+ the -arth. Heat $e)ts the ice. The ice is the +o)ar #ears1 ho$e. 9o ice $eans no ho$e.
.8. He %ishes with His Dad
He has a fishing rod. He fishes with his dad. They dri"e to a )ake. There are fish in the )ake. His
dad gi"es hi$ a wor$. He +uts the wor$ on a hook. The wor$ wigg)es. He dro+s the wor$ into the
)ake. A fish sees the wor$. The fish #ites the wor$.
.9. A !occer (oa)ie
!he +)ays soccer. !he has a unifor$. !he wears her unifor$ e"ery !aturday. Her tea$ +)ays e"ery
!aturday. Her tea$ wins so$eti$es. Her tea$ )oses so$eti$es. !he is the goa)ie. !he stands in front of
the goa). !he #)ocks shots. !o$eti$es she $isses. Then the other tea$ scores. That $akes her unha++y.
/0. A !oft3 4et %rog
%rogs are outside his house. They are Buiet in the dayti$e. They are noisy at night. 7t is nightti$e.
The frogs are singing. He gra#s a f)ash)ight. He goes outside. He shines the )ight on a frog. 7t ho+s. He
+icks it u+. 7t is soft and wet. 7t kicks its )egs. He +uts it down.
/1. A Turt)e Has 7ts :wn Ho$e
A turt)e is a funny ani$a). 7t carries its ho$e on its #ack. 7t ne"er sto+s at a hote). 7t ne"er rents an
a+art$ent. 7t ne"er #uys a house. A turt)e is a ho$eowner. 7t is a)ways ne;t to its ho$e. 7t is ne"er far
fro$ its ho$e. Ho$e is a)ways on its #ack.
/&. A Do)) for Her Birthday
7t is her #irthday. !he gets a do)) for her #irthday. The do)) is in a #o;. !he takes the +ink ri##on
off the #o;. !he takes the white wra++er off the #o;. !he takes the do)) out of the #o;. The do)) is +retty.
7t has white hair. 7t has a +ink dress. 7t has red shoes.
/*. The Tree and the C)ouds
He )ooks at the tree. The wind #)ows the )ea"es. A sBuirre) runs u+ the tree. He )ooks at the street.
A wo$an +arks her car. !he gets out of her car. He )ooks at the sky. He )ooks at the c)ouds in the sky.
They are #ig c)ouds. They are dark c)ouds. 7t )ooks )ike rain.
/,. (rand$a and (rand+a Are 9ice
Her grand$a is short and fat. Her grand+a is ta)) and thin. They are #oth o)d. They ha"e white hair.
They s$e)) funny. They a)ways hug her. They a)ways kiss her. They a)ways #ring her gifts. They a)ways
#ring her choco)ates. They a)ways "isit for a few days. They are nice to her. !he )o"es the$.
/.. They )ay 5ono+o)y for %un
5ono+o)y is a +o+u)ar #oard ga$e. He +)ays 5ono+o)y with his friends. There are two dice. They
throw the dice. They $o"e their tokens around the #oard. He a)ways uses the car token. His #est friend
a)ways uses the horse token. They a)) ha"e fun. They +)ay after schoo). They +)ay on the weekend.
//. !he Does 5any Things After !choo)
!he is #usy after schoo). !he co$es ho$e after schoo). !he does her ho$ework. !he takes the dog
for a wa)k. !he feeds the dog. !he eats dinner. !he c)ears the ta#)e. !he #rushes her teeth. !he watches
TC. !he watches for two hours on)y. Her +arents a))ow her on)y two hours. !he goes to #ed.
/7. He Has 9' Ca+s
He has two #ase#a)) ca+s. :ne says 9' 'ankees. The other says 9' 5ets. He has a go)f ca+. 7t
says !i)"er 0ake (C. He has a foot#a)) ca+. 7t says 9' (iants. He has a ski ca+. 7t says !ong 5ountain.
He wears his ca+s to #ase#a)) and foot#a)) ga$es. He wears the$ after schoo).
/8. !he ractices %)i+s for the :)y$+ics
!he does handstands. !he does cartwhee)s. !he does f)i+s. !he does #ack f)i+s and front f)i+s. !he
does so$ersau)ts. !he trains e"ery day. !he is a gy$nast. !he +ractices for the :)y$+ics. The :)y$+ics
take +)ace e"ery four years. !he +ractices her handstands and cartwhee)s. !he +ractices her f)i+s and
so$ersau)ts. ractice $akes +erfect.
/9. Hide and !eek
!he +)ays hide and seek. !he +)ays with her #rothers and sisters. !he +)ays with her friends. They
+)ay after schoo). They +)ay outdoors. :ne +erson is Dit.1 He or she c)oses his or her eyes. He or she
counts to 100. The other +)ayers hide so$ewhere near#y. Then the Dit1 +erson tries to find the others.
70. 4atch the 5agician C)ose)y
A $agician is coo). He $akes things disa++ear. He $akes the$ rea++ear. He changes things into
other things. He changes a #unny into a scarf. He changes a scarf into a #ird. He gi"es you a deck of
cards. 'ou secret)y +ick a card. He knows which cardA He knows so $any coo) tricks.
71. A ony 2ide in a Corra)
!he )ikes +ony rides. !he goes to the corra). !he +icks out a +ony. !he gi"es a carrot to the +ony.
!he gets u+ on the +ony. !he sits in the sadd)e. !he +ats the +ony1s head. !he +ats the +ony1s neck. The
+ony wa)ks around the corra). !he ho)ds on to the reins. !he en=oys the ride.
7&. udd)es Are %un
He )ikes the rain. 2ain $akes +udd)es. He )ikes +udd)es. He =u$+s into +udd)es. He =u$+s across
+udd)es. He s)ides on his #ack in +udd)es. He sits in +udd)es. He gets wet in +udd)es. His shoes get wet.
His c)othes get wet. He gets dirty. His c)othes get dirty. He goes ho$e. His $o$ ye))s at hi$.
7*. 2ide on the !choo) Bus
He waits for the schoo) #us. He sees the ye))ow #us. 7t sto+s in front of hi$. The door o+ens. He
c)i$#s u+ the ste+s. He says he))o to the dri"er. The dri"er says good $orning. He wa)ks to the #ack of
the #us. He sits ne;t to the window. The #us starts. He )ooks out the window.
7,. !he Does Her Ho$ework
The teacher asks a Buestion. !he raises her hand. :ther students raise their hands. The teacher ca))s
on her. !he answers the Buestion. The teacher says she is correct. !he fee)s good. !he s$i)es. !he
knows $ost of the answers. !he does her ho$ework at night. !he knows the answers for the ne;t day.
7.. A 5ath ro#)e$
!he reads the $ath +ro#)e$. E>ohn has three a++)es. He gi"es one a++)e to 5ary. He gi"es another
a++)e to Bi))y. How $any a++)es does >ohn ha"e8F !he thinks. Three a++)es $inus two a++)es is one
a++)e. >ohn has one a++)e. The answer is one. !he shows her answer to the teacher. Her teacher s$i)es.
7/. A 9oise in the 9ight
!he says her +rayers. !he gets into #ed. !he turns out the )ight. !he hears a noise. !he turns on the
)ight. !he )ooks around her roo$. -"erything )ooks okay. !he turns out the )ight. !he hears the noise
again. !he turns on the )ight. !he )ooks around. !he is scared. !he ca))s her dad.
77. A !tick and a Dog
He takes the dog for a wa)k. He +icks u+ a stick. He throws the stick. The dog chases the stick. 7t
#rings #ack the stick. 7t gi"es hi$ the stick. He throws it again. The dog #rings the stick #ack. The dog
wa)ks o"er to a tree. 7t +ees on the tree. He takes the dog ho$e.
78. The i??a 7s Hot
The $an de)i"ers the +i??a. Her dad +ays the $an. He gi"es the $an a ti+. The $an )ea"es. Dad
takes the +i??a to the )i"ing roo$. He +uts it on the coffee ta#)e. He o+ens the #o;. -"ery#ody gra#s a
s)ice of +i??a. Her dad #ites into his +i??a. He #urns the roof of his $outh. :uchA
79. A %ar$ u??)e
The +u??)e has &00 +ieces. 7t is a +u??)e of a far$. There are ani$a)s on the far$. There are
#ui)dings on the far$. There are white c)ouds in a #)ue sky. There is a #right sun. He sees a ye))ow
+iece. 7t is +art of the sun. He sees a #)ue +iece. 7t is +art of the sky.
80. The )ayground in the ark
They go to the +ark. They )ike the +ark. The +ark has a +)ayground. The +)ayground has a s)ide.
They s)ide down the s)ide. The +)ayground has a sand#o;. They +)ay in the sand. The +)ayground has a
seesaw. They go u+ and down on the seesaw. The +)ayground has swings. They swing on the swings.
81. The Tree C)i$#er
He c)i$#s a tree. He c)i$#s fro$ )i$# to )i$#. He c)i$#s higher and higher. The ground gets
farther away. The to+ of the tree gets c)oser. He sees a sBuirre). 7t E#arksF at hi$. He )ooks down at the
+eo+)e on the ground. His $other )ooks u+ in the tree. E(et down here right nowAF
8&. 2ead a Book in Bed
The #ook is on the nightstand. !he gets into #ed. !he +icks u+ the #ook. !he o+ens the #ook. !he
reads ten +ages. !he )ikes the story. !he turns to +age e)e"en. Her dad co$es in. He says good night.
!he kisses her dad. !he c)oses the #ook. !he turns off the )a$+. !he goes to s)ee+.
8*. 5any %ish in the :cean
The ocean is #)ue. The ocean is #ig. There are $any fish in the ocean. There are #ig fish. There are
s$a)) fish. There are fast fish and s)ow fish. The #ig fish eat the s$a)) fish. The fast fish eat the s)ow
fish. The fisher$en catch a)) the fish. The +eo+)e eat a)) the fish.
8,. Her Ba#y Brother
!he has a #a#y #rother. !he )o"es hi$. !he ta)ks to hi$ e"ery day. !he +ushes hi$ in the stro))er.
!he changes his dia+ers. !he feeds hi$ his #ott)e. !he #ur+s hi$. !he +uts hi$ in the highchair. !he
feeds hi$ dinner. !he wi+es the food off his $outh. !he is a good sister.
8.. A *D 5o"ie
7t is $o"ie ti$eA He +uts on his *D g)asses. The $o"ie #egins. The car co$es right at hi$. He
ye))s. The car gets so c)ose to hi$A 7t )ooks so rea) with *D g)asses. He en=oys the who)e $o"ie. *D is
=ust )ike rea) )ife. 7t is e"en #etter than rea) )ife. 7t is $ore e;citing.
8/. ee) and -at an :range
!he gra#s a shar+ knife. !he ho)ds the orange. !he cuts the skin of the orange. !he cuts the skin in
four eBua) sections. !he +ee)s the skin off the orange with her fingers. !he throws the skin in the trash.
!he se+arates the orange into sections. !he eats the sections one #y one. They are sweet and =uicy.
87. !he Has Drea$s at 9ight
!he drea$s at night. !he drea$s whi)e she s)ee+s. !he drea$s a#out $any things. !he drea$s
a#out her +arents. !he drea$s a#out schoo). !he drea$s a#out her friends. !he drea$s a#out her dog
and cat. !he drea$s a#out the future. !he drea$s a#out the +ast. !he drea$s a#out $onsters. Those
drea$s wake her u+.
88. The Teacher 'e))s at Hi$
He asks a Buestion. The teacher ro))s his eyes. The teacher ye))s )oud)y at hi$. The teacher hurts
his fee)ings. The teacher is $ean. The teacher has #ad $anners. He hates the teacher. He asks no $ore
Buestions. He dro+s out of the c)ass. He ne"er forgets that teacher. That teacher is his worst teacher
89. 5o$ 7s !ick in Bed
!he ca))s her $o$. Her $o$ is sick. !he has the f)u. !he is in #ed. !he is o)d. !he is a)one. Her
hus#and is dead. 9o#ody takes care of her. !he does her own sho++ing. !he dri"es her own car. !he
says that she is okay. !he says she fee)s #etter. !he thanks her daughter for ca))ing.
90. The !choo) Bu))y
He is a #u))y. He +icks on other kids. He +icks on s$a))er kids. He +ushes the$. He tri+s the$. He
+unches the$. He ca))s the$ na$es. He takes their $oney. He takes their )unches. He is $ean.
-"eryone is afraid of hi$. %i"e students te)) the +rinci+a) a#out the #u))y. The +rinci+a) kicks the #u))y
out of schoo).
91. !choo) 7s :ut for !u$$er
!u$$er "acation starts this afternoon. 7t starts at * oGc)ock. !he is so ha++y. !he )ooks at the
c)ock. 7t is a)$ost * o1c)ock. !he is ready for a su$$er of fun. !he is ready for fun at the #each. !he
)ooks at the c)ock again. 7n on)y fi"e $inutes3 she goes ho$e unti) !e+te$#er.
9&. Te)) Kids a (ood !tory
Kids )o"e a good story. A good story has a +ro#)e$. A good story has a hero. The hero is a gir) or a
#oy. !o$eti$es the hero is an ani$a). The hero is #ra"e. The hero )ooks danger in the eye. The hero
sa"es others fro$ danger. The hero so)"es the +ro#)e$. The story has a ha++y ending.
9*. He 2ides His Bike
His )eft foot is on the +eda). His right foot is on the ground. He +ushes down on the +eda). He
takes his right foot off the ground. He +uts it on the +eda). The +eda)s start to go around. They go
around in a circ)e. His knees go u+ and down. The #icyc)e ro))s forward.
9,. They Ca)) Hi$ %our -yes
He wears g)asses. !o$e kids at schoo) ca)) hi$ %our -yes. He fee)s #ad. He takes his g)asses off.
But it is hard to read. He +uts the g)asses #ack on. 9ow he sees the words in his #ooks. 9ow he sees the
words on the #)ack#oard. He kee+s his g)asses on. He ignores those kids.
9.. Hot Day3 Coo) oo)
!he +uts on her swi$suit. !he wa)ks to the swi$$ing +oo). 7t is a hot day. The sky is #)ue. There
are a few white c)ouds in the sky. !he gets to the +oo). !he )ooks at the water. 7t is #)ue. 7t is coo). !he
=u$+s into the water. 7t fee)s so good.
9/. A Book and a hone
He +uts on his g)asses. He needs his g)asses to read. He o+ens a #ook. He reads the first +age. The
+hone rings. He +icks u+ the +hone. 7t is his wife. He ta)ks with his wife. Then she says good#ye. He
says good#ye. He +uts down the +hone. He +icks u+ the #ook.
97. 4here1s the 7tch8
He fee)s an itch. The itch is on his ar$. He scratches his ar$. The itch goes away. He fee)s another
itch. The itch is on his )eg. He scratches his )eg. The itch goes away. He fee)s another itch. The itch is
on his foot. He scratches his foot. The itch goes away.
98. Her 9ew B)ue Dress
!he wa)ks into the store. !he )ooks at the dresses. There are $any dresses. !he wants a #)ue dress.
!he sees a #)ue dress. !he takes it to the dressing roo$. !he tries the #)ue dress on. 7t fits. !he )ikes it.
!he takes it off. !he takes it to the cashier. !he #uys it.
99. He Takes Care of His Co)d
He has a co)d. He coughs. He snee?es. He gra#s a tissue. He #)ows his nose. He gra#s another
tissue. He #)ows his nose again. He +uts nose dro+s into his nose. He +uts a cough dro+ in his $outh.
He drinks cough syru+. He takes cough $edicine. He fee)s #etter.
100. The A)ar$ 4akes Hi$ @+
7t is ear)y $orning. He is as)ee+. The a)ar$ goes off. He hears the a)ar$. He wakes u+. He turns
off the a)ar$. He goes #ack to s)ee+. He s)ee+s for 1. $inutes. Then he wakes u+. He sits u+. He
stretches. He yawns. He gets out of #ed. He wa)ks to the #athroo$.