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Love Forbidden

Mia walked into the dining room quietly and pretending she is invisible for she can hear
her mother who has woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Mia knew if she
made one suspicious move or noise her mother would start on her next for her mothers
rage was on her poor quiet Father. Mia stopped, at the entrance as she took in the
scene before she caught her fathers eye and received his special grin with Mom
unaware. As Mother went on yelling on how Dad was not man enough to finish any of
the chores, she had asked of him yesterday, Mia almost tripped when hiding her
reaction. That movement caught her mothers eye and Mia felt the feeling of dread as
her mother took what she was wearing.
Mia, why are you not ready for school?
UhMom I dont feel good I have my monthly flow and you know how it is on the first
day Mia responds as she looked at the ground as she blushed in presence of her
We really need to get to doctor to get checked out are still taking your birth control
asked Mom as she got her suitcase and Mias brother lunch done.
Okayyou can stay home today and Robert make sure to call the school that is if you
can handle a small chore such as using the phone, come on John off we go
Mia received awkward pat on the head from her 13 year old brother John as he
walked out of the house behind his mother.
Good job telling your mother that lie, which I hope is lie? asked Dad as he came at
Mia with lust in his eyes.
Good come here I need you, if you just knew how hard it is to sleep next to an ice
block when all I think about is sleep with you and in you? stated Mias Dad as pulled
her in his arms as he grabbed her by her butt and started to take off her top.
Dadgaspwaitgasp..lets get to a bed gasped Mia as her fathers mouth started
to suck her breast as a baby sucking a mother for milk.
Love Forbidden
No I want to have you against the wall then on the carpet than on the stairs on the
way to bed now shut up kiss me stated Mias Dad as he shoved his tongue down Mias
mouth and sticking his fingers in her little pussy and hearing groan of pleasure.
Daddyt..theschool groaned Mia as Robert pushed her against the wall and
started to push down his pants.
Hold on replied Mias Dad as he shoved himself into Mias pussy and in wrapping her
legs around his waist as walked to the phone. In finding leverage on the living room wall
he dialed the school and slowly started to move within Mia and put the phone to his
No Dadplease I will be noisy, begged a passion glazed Mia as she tightened her
legs around her Dads waist wanting him to take her harder.
Then you best be quiet for if you make a noise when Im talking I wont let you come
and I will go extra slow. Yes Im Mia Hendersons Father Im just calling in to let you know
that Mia is not feeling good and she wont be in school today
Mia shoved her fist in her mouth to stop groaning as her Father fingered her pussy and
rocked really slow in her as she tighten her legs around his waist and butt. Mia was
happy to see that her father was almost done with the call and meaning when he was
done he would award her for being quiet.
Yes you have a good day tooyesgoodbye replied Robert as he hung up and
threw the phone on the couch and wrapped his arms around Mia.
Good Girl now hold on to Daddy as he took her down to ground, pulled all the way
out and slammed all the way back in to the hilt, started to take his Baby girl hard, and
Yess Daddy thereharder chanted Mia as she raked her nails down his back and
thump her kneel on his back as he hit her g-stop. Mia was so happy that she is on birth
control she loves it when her Daddy comes in her without a condom. For she knew
hiding pregnancy would be hard to hide in front of her mother and brother.
Love Forbidden
Im going to stay in this pussy until your brother mother comes home, replied Robert as
he pumped himself in Mias pussy.
Mia has been hiding this incest relationships with her father for the last two years and
wouldnt have it any another way. Two years ago she had skipped school with her
boyfriend she was excited in losing her v card to him. Therefore, those two years ago
she sneak back home with him and into her room and where her Dad had caught her
that day. Mia thought she was in trouble for he ripped the boy off his daughter and
threw him out. Mia was so embarrass that her Father was quiet all day for when her
mother and brother got home she felt shameful and not wanting to get in trouble with
her mom. Yes, it hit Mia hard for she is a daddys girl who hates when Daddy is
disappointed with her. Later that night when Mia was lying in bed she was feeling bad
about her actions. When her Father had walked into her room and for she has been
waiting for punishment for she was happy, Dad didnt tell Mom what she did.
So my baby girl wants to learn about sex, well I have been thinking about your
punishment all day today, and I came to a decision that if your curious. I will teach you
about sex and you will not be getting sexual transmitted diseases from other boys.
Mia was brought out of her memory when her father pulled his dick out of her semen-
filled pussy and picked her up and carried her out of the living room and into her
bedroom. Baby I have been thinking how would you feel if I leave your mother and
you can come and live with me and we dont have to hide and we can be free to
sleep together. Asked Robert as he lie down on Mias bed and pulling her pussy down
on his dick in which was ready for another round.
Mia gasped as she started to move slow up and down as she sat up and to shake her
head yes.
How about John Daddy?
John can live with his mother and he can be her problem for all, I care about is you
sweetie we can leave the state and move somewhere no one knows us. Then we can
be like husband and wife and then later we can have our own kids, how do you like
that idea? asked Robert as he reached over and to still her hips and swat her butt.
Love Forbidden
Ouch really Daddy your willing to leave mom and John to be together? asked Mia
who was shocked at her Dads idea.
Yes, so I can start the divorce proceedings and the closer we are to our goal of living
together, stated Robert as he reached up and start to sickly her nipple in his mouth.
Then yes Daddy I would love to live with you and become your Wife I was already
getting tired of sneaking around I hate even more not sleeping with you stated Mia
excitedly as she threw her arms around his neck.
Tomorrow Ill call the lawyer and start to drafting of the divorce papers. Robert stated
excitedly that he flipped Mia on her back and lifted her right leg over his shoulder and
roughly started to take her pussy that her headboard started to bang the wall.
Five hours later Mia sat on her Dads lap with just one of his shirts and nothing else as his
hand fondly her breast as they watched TV before her Mom and John come home. A
reluctant, Mia got up to start walk her room to change and start dinner before her
Mother and John came home. The phone started to ring as she walked into her room
and knew it was her mother as she came out of her room to hear.
So you will be running late tonightuh so how about John do I need to pick him up?
stated Mias Dad as he grabbed Mia and reached in his shirt and start to fondly her
breast. Mia was excited that her Father would have tonight when John went to sleep.
Okay will do, alright later Mias Dad threw the phone and flipped Mia down on the
back of the couch as he ripped her shirt off.
Guess whatyour Mom is working late and your brother will be spending the night at a
friends house tonight so we have more time together as he fingered her pussy and
started to unbutton his pants.
Meanwhile Mias mom shut off the phone in the hotel room and groaned, yes right
there John but faster you naughty boy yelled Joan as her son started to pound in her
as she racked his back with her nails.
Love Forbidden
Sorry Mom I know you wanted to talk to Dad but I couldnt help it I need to be in your
pussy so badyes mom I love your pussy, groaned John as he pounded as hard as he
could in her pussy that the headboard started to bang on the hotel wall.
Thats okay honey Mommys pussy all yours and I know how you love to be inside my
pussy, Joan replied in a breathy answer as she wrapped her legs around his hips as he
pistoled in her pussy with a young man vigor.
Im coming mom! yelled John as he spin arch with the power of his orgasm.
Yes honey give me all your cum and filled my womb up with your warm semen! yelled
Joan as she also came as her spin arched and her eyes rolled up. John fell down on his
mom in catching his breath he gets up to move off his mom.
No stay in my pussy dont leave mumbled Joan as she tighten her legs around Johns
hips and setting off another ripple as his dick hit her g-spot.
John grunted as he moved with the ripple and received another orgasm that build
slowly and lasted for a very long time. Finally when it ended John moved on his back
and rolling his mom on top of him and once again slipped inside her in pussy as he
craved to her warm embrace as he sickled her breast.
Honey I have been thinking about leaving your Father and moving away and I was
wondering if you want to come and live with me, asked Joan as she arched her back
into his mouth as he suckled her breast she pulled his hair closer. John stop sucking her
breast as the words snuck in at his mother idea of a new life.
How about Mia? asked John as he mouth dropped his mother nipple speechless.
She can stay with her Father for all I care Im getting really tired of sneaking around
with you and this way we can live like husband and wife with no fear of getting
caught. Stated Joan as she was getting nervous with the idea that John would say no
for he wont leave without Mia.
Forever we can stay together and I can sleep with you whenever I want without fear
of getting caught? ponder John as he was buying into the idea of being together with
his mom. Yes lets do it leave Dad so we can be together answered John excited
Love Forbidden
sharing a bed with mom and having sex with her everywhere in the house without the
fear of Dad and Mia walking in on them.
Years later in Canada
Robert came home from a long day at work to the sound of groans coming from the
living room to see his wife and son going at like rabbits.
I see you started without me Mia and Josh, replied Robert dryly as he lend against
the wall to see his son take his wife.
Sorry Dad, Mom couldnt wait she attacked me when I walked in the door you know I
cant fight her since she gotten pregnant she is horny, replied Josh breathless as he
looked at his father who was just watching. Robert just stood there to watch his son
drive into his mother with his fifteen-year-old vigor. Over the years since he left his wife,
to make a life with Mia. Mias sexual appetite has grown, and he knew without his son
helping him feed her appetite his dick would have fell off. Since Josh was fifteen and
started to become curious about sex Mia thought it was wise to teach their son safe
sex. In doing, so she wanted Josh to feel if he ever need relieve that he can find it in her
where in her pussy was safe and nowhere else. Robert was getting harder with every
noise they were making as his son race to his orgasm as Mias eyes rolled up as her
orgasm hit. Okay Baby come over and welcome your husband home, replied Robert
as he pulled his wife out from underneath his sated son would flopped to the floor
boneless. Since Mia announced that she wanted to get pregnant, again Robert and
Josh were seeing who get Mia pregnant first and Robert knew his son was getting off
getting his mother pregnant.
Yes Im glad you made it home Daddy, replied a breathless Mia as she reached in
and kiss her father.
So Dad do you think Mom is going to have a girl or a boy, I would love to have
another pussy around to fool around with but it wouldnt hurt to have another dick. To
help keep Mom satisfied, I really thought she was going to kill me today she was hot I
couldnt make her stop coming dont get me wrong her pussys hot but at times it too
much, stated Josh as he reached over and started to suckle his mothers breast
Love Forbidden
wishing milk would come out already. Robert threw back his head in laugh as he stared
at his family with so much love and never wasted a thought on his ex-wife and John.
The same moment an older John who was greeted by groans in his home in England he
walked in to his see his sixteen year old son and fifteen year old daughter having sex.
He looked up at his wife who was fingering herself at the same pace his son was riding
his daughter to completion and John was getting turned on that he rushed to his wife.
In ripping, off his clothes and ripping her finger from her pussy, he rammed in to the hilt.
He found his orgasm quickly and soon his kids found relieve soon after and he looked at
his kids as they laid on the floor to catch their breath. John was happy when the kids
came along he thought mom and him were going to sneak around again. One day
John found his son Sam about to have sex with a random woman and he was able to
stop them. When he voiced his concern, his wife told him not to worry that she would
deal with it in the end she had popped her other sons cherry and instead of being
mad John was turned on. Giving him the idea of when his daughter became curious,
he wanted to be the one to pop his daughters cherry and since then they all have sex
in the open. Welcome home honey how was your day sorry we couldnt wait for you
Sam and Dawn couldnt wait stated Joan Johns mother as she laid on her side and
started to play with his hair.
Thats okay Im just glad we are all together answered John as he started to get hard
Honey, Dawn and I have something to ask you that is why we all got hot and bother
and went at like rabbits, answered Joan with a satisfied laugh.
John sat up to hear what his daughter and wife wanted to ask when Dawn crawled
over to him who was embarrassed and looking at the ground.
Yes princess what is it you wanted to ask me?
I was wondering if you can get me pregnant for I want to have your baby Daddy?
asked Dawn who was looking at the ground and not at her father.
John was speechless for when he looked at his daughter he started to see she was
turning into a beautiful young woman and started to get hard in seeing her pregnant
Love Forbidden
with his child. He started to think that the next few weeks no one but him would be in
her pussy he pictured Dawn not leaving his bed soon.
Are you okay with this? asked John as he looked at his wife.
Yes honey its okay I have a son who can keep my pussy happy until Dawn gets
pregnant and I was thinking of having Sams baby if that is okay with you asked Joan
as she lean into John with pleading eyes.
Yes, yes to both and this means no one but me would be in your pussy Dawn and Sam
you will have mom in your bed for this whole weeks until both women are pregnant and
Dawn will be in mine bed answered John as he grabbed Dawn by the waist over his
shoulder to his room.
Cool I get to be a father and older brother to my next sibling! yelled Sam excited as
he picked up his mother on his shoulder and ran to his room with excitement.
Four months later in Canada Mia gave birth to twins a little boy and little girl and in
making Josh a happy older brother with having more pussy to play with and another
dick to help satisfied Mom.
Eight months later Dawn gave birth to another son for John who was a proud father
and son and Joan gave birth a few days later with a daughter for Sam, Sam who was
happy in being a father and a brother.