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login/no_automatic_user_sapstar Controls the emergency user SAP* (SAP Notes

2383 and 68!8"
Speci#ies i# the $% Container is acti&ated' Possi(le &alues)
*N) Acti&ates the $%C'
*++) ,eacti&ates the $%C'
-NA./-) 0nitiali1es the $%C2 (ut does not acti&ate it' 3ou can then acti&ate the $%C
dynamically in the $% *&er&ie4 (transaction S%52"'
,e#ault &alue) *++'
-ach $% is mapped into a memory area that has a #i6ed si1e and is created during startup' 7his
parameter speci#ies ho4 much memory a $% can allocate #or local 8a&a o(9ects' 3ou can speci#y
the si1e in :. or %.'
Possi(le &alues) ;si1e ;: < %==
,e#ault &alue) 6!%
.e#ore doing a client copy2 you need to prepare the #ollo4ing )>
?' +ind the source client space 4ith the client si1e custom program 4hich can (e implemented
using the rel' note)
+ind the space o# the client > @0118823@' 7his 4ill gi&e you the si1e o# the source client'
2' 0# your are on Ani6 *S2 ad9ust all the #ile systems according to PB, #ile system to #it the PB,
client in ,-$
client (ased on space reCuirements also'
3' 3ou can do the client copy (y remote or -6port/0mport Client'
Bemote method is not pre#erred i# you are doing a large client copy'
,o a client e6port/import'
!' 7o speed up the e6port/import2 use B3trans e6port/import #or the clustered ta(les'
Please #ind the rel' notes related to per#ormance impro&ements #or cluster ta(les in *SS'
5' ,o import and post processing'
Note) -6port may taDe ? to 2 hr' #or 5g( o# data
import may taDe ! days and post import 4ill taDe 8 to ?5 hr' #or 5g( o# data' And it all
depends on
your system per#ormance'
Please re#er *SS rel' notes #or the #e4 RZ10 parameters 4hich needs to (e set #or cluster ta(les
to speed up the process'
Note )>
0# it is a #resh installation2 do this >>
?' SCC4 >>E Create client no' and #ill other details'
2' /ogon to the ne4ly created client 4ith SAP* and PASS as pass4ord'
3' SCCL >>E choose any pro#ile (pre#era(ly SAP_A//"2 source client and target client Fas
created 9ust no4E'
!' Pre#era(ly do a test run initially to checD i# it can go 4ell'
5' As a care checD space in data(ases'

What ae !tep an" poce"#e to ceate a client $ to ta%e a client cop& 'om
!o#ce to ta(et)
.y) :a&itha'G
0# you are copying #rom same system then #lo4 the (elo4 steps)
?' Create the client in 7code scc!'
2' .e#ore that create a logical System in .,5!'
3' /ogin in the ne4ly created client 4ith
user Name ) sap* and pass4ord ) pass
!' Ase the 7code sccl to copy the client' 0# you are not #amiliar 4ith the client copy' 7ry a test
run and then schedule it in (acDground'
5' 3ou can select the needed pro#ile'
6' 7o &ie4 the log #iles use the tcode scc3'
0# you are using di##erent system then create a r#c connection in sm5H' 7est the connection and
then continue #rom the ?st step'
3ou can also import and e6port a client' Ase sccI #or importing #rom the client and scc8 #ro
e6porting #rom the source client

What i! !&!tem e'e!h *hen an" *h& it i! "one+
System re#resh and client copy can (e the same thing' Normally 4hen you 4ant to re#resh a
system this normally means re#reshing the clients using a client copy liDe SCC/ or SCC8'
, !&!tem -cop&- i! ve& "i''eent a! thi! i! 'a moe involve" than a !imple -client e'e!h-
0magine you ha&e a ,-$ and a PB, system and a#ter 6 months the data in ,-$ is &ery old so
you 4ould per#orm a client copy SCC8 #rom PB, to ,-$ using a pro#ile that copies the
application data #rom PB, to ,-$ > it actually deletes the data and replaces it 4ith data #rom
PB,' 0# ho4e&er your ,-$ system died and needed to (e completely re(uilt2 you 4ould use
JKomogeneous System CopyJ > you install the *S2 ,ata(ase and SAP and then process the
system copy > 4hich maDes a complete copy o# PB, (all clients"
Client copy > a single client re#resh #rom PB, to ,-$ > can (e 9ust application data2 or user data2
or con#iguration or any com(ination you choose system copy > all clients ?L copied PB, to
7he system re#ersh is nothing (ut the deletion o# the client and replacing the data #rom other
client' +or e6ample ) you ha&e clients ?2 2 and 3' Suppose 4hen you 4ant to re#resh the
client ? you remo&e the client ? and replace it 4ith 2 r 3 as per your reCiurement'
%ostly the re#resh o# clients 4ill (e happen at the time o# de&elopment stage'
System Be#resh is a simpli#ied term to Client Copy' Client Copy means copying the production
client on to the Cuality to test the real data' As recommend (y SAP this need to carried out e&ery
3 months'
7he process to carry out the same is as #ollo4s)
?' Create a client on Cuality system using t6n scc!
2' Create a B+C (et4een Production system and Muality System (need to create on Cuality
3' /ogin to the ne4ly created client using sap* and pass as a pass4ord
!' 76n sccl to start the client copy' 3ou can test the client copy (y selecting the test run option'
(test run 4ill estimate the time taDen #or the acti&ity"'