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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is in reference to the conversation we had on 30-Apr-2014 re!ardin!

"eference #hec$ of %i&a'$(mar )*a$a*,+ ,id*' share feed-ac$+

.ersona* "eference/ 0mp*o'ment #hec$
%eri1er 2ame Dr 3a!rati Deshman'a 4 5445433067
Desi!nation Asst+.rof+ Dept+ of 0conomics
8r!ani9ation #o**e!e of A!ric(*t(re "aich(r
D(ties and "esponsi-i*ities -- ;ood and sincere re!ardin! a** activities

S(-&ect ,now*ed!e/ Technica*
<0=ce**ent/ ;ood/ Avera!e>
-- ;ood ?e !ive &(stice to his wor$
@as the s(-&ect eAective in
meetin! his or!ani9ationa* !oa*
and o-&ectives
-- Bes
.erformance ratin! on a sca*e of
1 to 10
-- 5 Bes
#omm(nications % ;ood
Towards @or$
-- % ;ood
Adapta-i*it' -- ;ood
Team S$i**s -- % ;ood
#o- 8peration -- % ;ood
Soft s$i**s <0=ce**ent/ ;ood/
% ;ood
.*ease rate the candidate on a
sca*e of 1 to 10 for his ?onest' C
5 Bes
@o(*d 'o( re-emp*o' the
<Settin! aside an' interna*
compan' po*icies>
Additiona* comments The a-ove mentioned detai*s have -een
o-tained ver-a**' on 30-Apr-2014+ App*icant
was st(dent of responder+

Eest "e!ards,
Saumya Shukla

0=ec(tive- 8perations
0mp*o'ee Eac$!ro(nd Assesment Services
Onicra Credit Information Company Limited
E-10, Sector -75 FF2oida, G+.+ 201301
Te* / H51 120 300 5I05
Mo-/ H5155I1535417

@e at 8nicra tr(*' va*(e and act on c(stomer feed-ac$+ )f 'o( have an'
s(!!estions or feed-ac$ then fee* free to contact m' immediate s(pervisor
Manisha at

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