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Merlin's DNA activation in Montreal Quebec Canada by Merlin

cost: $210
duration: one and a half hour
Pre-requisite: none

It is a unique DNA activation based on the fact that cellular healing/intelligence comes from
within and not from anyone else. Thus, it is a self healing process and I as a practitioner work
with you to facilitate the activation in being done from finer level of pure consciousness.
There is a lot of confusion information out there on the Internet about DNA activation, what it
is, how it functions, and how it can be activated. Merlin's DNA activation is the most accurate
and reliable source on this topic.

In brief Merlin's DNA activation combines

- Dr. Gerard's DNA activation
- Theta healing DNA activation
- SHapeshifter DNA activation

What do you get after DNA activation:

(1) A technique to activate your DNA regularly
(2) DNA Monitoring chart
(3) Free digital subscription to access 4CD's DNA activation by sound (ShapeshifterDNA Inc.)
level 1,2,3,4 value $110 read about its benefits and its wide applications
(4) Free ebook of DNA Activation by sound (ShapeshifterDNA Inc.) values $25
Is DNA activation for real?
As a concept it is for real but you have to be careful on which technique to apply. So ask
How can you rid yourself of unwanted beliefs, social conditioning, malfunctioning scripts,
emotions, and even dis-eases? How can you change cellular behavior within your self? Does
the healing come from outside or inside?etc.

The answer is simple------Change your mechanisms of perception and thought, Indulge in the
realms of self-empowerment and self-healing, Allow yourself to use ALL YOUR DNA.
You must learn that just as your cells absorb environment, change, and adapt you, the
process can be reversed. The difficulty here is not based on the process, but the hard core
social belief that this process cannot be done.
Astounding facts about DNA:
All cells of the human body have DNA except red blood cells For this reason a red blood cell
dies in 90 days because its DNA is absent and thus it can't reproduce itself as a cell. DNA is
the blue print of a cell where all information are coded in and is the source of light photons
which is emitted from living being cells. All cells within a human body have a unique DNA
sequence yet no two DNA is the same among distinct human beings.So your DNA is sacred,
personal and unique.

DNA Scientific details:

DNA-molecule (arranged in a double helix spiral composed of 23 pairs of chromosomes, total
46 ) is packed within a nucleus in .02 mm. If you uncoil the DNA from a cell, it stretches out
for two meters long (long as the height of a tall man) and ten atoms width. Taking all cells of
the human body which is estimated 100 thousand billion cells (100 trillion or 14zeros), then
you get about 125 billion miles of DNA in the body. This length would wrap around the earth 5
million times(a trip from earth to sun and back 30 times or your little finger stretched from
Paris to Los Angeles)

Why DNA is significant?

DNA contains coding that determines your body type, behavior patterns, potential diseases,
information about your spiritual family, where you came from and why you are here on Earth.
So it determines your physical form, emotional behavior patterns, hereditary maladies, mental
tendencies, spiritual gifts
DNA is who you are!.
It is DNA that determines the form and function of a cell by regulating cycles of growth,
repair, replication and dissolution. It is DNA units, called genes, that pass on hereditary
information and ancestral coding.
Junk or dormant DNA:
"Junk/dormant DNA" discovered in 1972. They are dormant in the sense that no function has
been identified to them and have no codes. Their function remain a mystery and science till
now have not coded their silence. They represent 97% of DNA because only 3% of our DNA
makes genes and shape us as who we are.

How to activate DNA?

1st activation:
Since we have two functions within DNA (active/dormant) then it is necessary to activate the
basic 2 Strands DNA in each cell . This is essentially the 1st DNA activation which brings
youth, vitality and rejuvenation. In brief, the technique transcends deep within our own
biology to the biochemical--and beyond, to the electromagnetic--level and positively stimulate
our molecular structure, or our very physical makeup. The technique is kept confidential,
sacred and secret till the time of the session.

2nd activation: (available under request)

Its aim is to Increase the number of DNA strands.
Why? because a DNA strand represents a level of consciousness and a tremendous step in our
personal evolution. Activating higher strands is a significant leap in the evolution of our

The first leap is to add 10 more strands and end up with 12 activated strands. Right now
there is no one on Earth who has more than 2DNA strands. Assembling multiple strands is
ultimately a matter of gradually building one's own multi-dimensional awareness and abilities
through one's own efforts. It is a journey towards wholeness and higher frequency attunement
that becomes a reality only when individuals have become autonomous and self-empowered.

Benefits of DNA activation:

- ability to eliminate all kinds of diseases
- ability to re-program your cellular/molecular intelligence
- You get more intuition and inspiration
- Receiving a great amount of light, and your body can hold it
- Stronger immunity means more health
- Comes up the psychic abilities.
- Having more energy
- More abundance
- Increasing more utilization of your brain
- Having more clarity and you can make better choice
- Releasing of unconscious patterns stored within
- Clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
- Accelerate learning process
- Get strength to solve problems, in return it gets easier
- Creating a greater opening for future connection with your Higher Self
- Empowerment for all aspect of life

Preparations/ conditions:
- reserve your place before a week
- don't eat meat/ no alcohol during that week
- listen to soft music while going to sleep
- prepare your emotions for change
- write down any special trait/behavior/molecular function/... to improve.

Insurance receipts are available upon request.

All our sessions reserve Privacy of attendees and there is no need to RSVP.

To reserve your place just give a note, at least a week before the session, at:
(Be sure to get back a confirmation email)

A mathematical analysis of the human genome suggests that so-called "junk DNA" might not
be so useless after all.