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a Film have you seen:

I have a number of my favourite films but the one Im going to tell you about now is called
FRIENDS, and I would like to do it because I liked watching this film a lot and more than
anything else. FRIENDS is a quite popular and famous TV show all over the world with many
fascinating, amazing and, of course, humorous jokes. Unfortunately, I dont remember exactly
when I saw it at the first time but if I am not mistaken it was about 10 years ago. There are
six friends in this comedy; all of them are young, and have different jobs and occupations.
They fall in love, they make friends, they break up their relationships and things like that.

A trip you have made:
It is difficult to choose one tripBut If I have to do, I would like to talk about my trip to
Turkey. I visited the country with my friends 2 or 3 years ago. We stayed there for 10 days.
The reason why we had decided to take this trip was that Turkey was the country we had
wanted to go visit for a long time.

The building was really memorable. It had fantastic decoration inside, especially on wall,
which all were covered by special tiles colored by blue and white. I adore that geometric
pattern so I took many pictures at there. What is more, we were impressed by Turkish people.
They were so talkative and friendly that we could enjoy our journey better...I would like to
travel that country again in the future.

My favorite season
My favorite season is summer. I love hot. My friends and I always go to the beach. We go on
trips, picnics on the local forest. We always go to the beach. We travelled a lot. Every
summer I go on a holiday with my boyfriend or our friends. I was in Dresden last summer
with my boyfriend. On this summer we would like to go to Rome because my dream is visit
Rome. I love sunbathing I always lay in the garden or on the beach. In the evening I love
sitting on the open air and watching the stars.

Your favorite food
A traditional dish of your country
My favorite food is pancake. My grandmother bakes for me every weekend. I really like it.
The pancake is a really delicious cake. Every generation likes it.
The pancake is a traditional dish of my country. Ingredients you need: 20 dkg flour, 2 eggs,
1dl mineral water, 3 cup of milk, 2 tablespoons oil, a pinch of salt, 1 or 2 packages of vanilla
sugar. Preparation:You scramble up the eggs. You mix the flour and milk then you put into it
a pinch of salt. You leave to rest then you have to add pour oil and a vanilla sugar.
Finally, you have to bake it. You can flavor it with: jam, chocolate and cottage cheese.
A holiday you have had
I was in ..with my boyfriend last summer. We spent 5 days there. We travelled by . It
was a..hours long trip. It was very, very long! We had visited all over the city. We looked
the local sights/attractions. We tasted the traditional dishes. We tasted the local beer which
was very delicious. We went to .. and also visited the local sights.and . are small
towns where it was a lot of interesting local attractions. For example Grlitz is separated by a
bridge from Poland. Of course, if we were there we walked to Poland. I really enjoyed the
holiday. I loved Dresden. I hope we visit it again.

A tourist attraction in your country
I would like to talk about the Feszty-krkp which located in pusztaszer.
The Feszty-krkps painter is rpd Feszty. Feszty in 1891 decided to paint a panorama
image. First he would like to painted the history of the Biblical flood then his father-in law
Mr Jkai is convinced him to paint about the coming of the Hungarians. The painting was
finished in three years. The painting was a big success. Then the painting is injured in the
Second World War. A polish restaurateur group re-created it in the 1990 years. Nowadays
many people are visiting it. I visited it with my family when I was 5 years old.
A traditional public holiday in your country
Christmas is a traditional public holiday in my country.
At Christmas Eve we eat traditional dishes for example: fish soup, meat soup, stuffed cabbage
and puppy seed and nuts rolls. Usually my family comes together for the Christmas dinner.
At Christmas we decorate the tree. I love it. My mom cooks the dinner, and my father helps
her. Before the dinner we put the gifts under the tree. We always give presents each other
after the dinner. On Christmas day and Boxing Day we visit my relatives and always we have
a lunch together.