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Tsearch tutorial, for complete begginers by [TKC]Solid Snake

Lets start with what tsearch is.

think of tsearch as a cheat scanner, it scans the games memory (or whats going on in the game), gives you a
code, and gives you a veriaty of things to do with that code.
you dont need to know anything about hacking to make your trainer.

download these 3 programs.
trainer maker kit-
vietcong demo or retail-

lets start by finding a cheat (or the bit of memory) that controls your ammo. tsearch vietcong.exe (the game), preferably in windowed mode.

3.create a server (doesnt have to be on internet)

4.go back to tsearch the button "open prosses"

6.find vietcong in the list, double click it.
(nothing is supposed to pop up or anything)

7.go back to vietcong game

8.choose us, soldier, m16.

9.look at your m16 ammo, it should be 18 (i cant remember)
whatever it is, memorize it in your head

10.go back to tsearch, and click the little magnifying glass (under "open prosses")

11.the window that pops up is called "search".
INFO-in box one you see "search", and it will say "exact value"
the second box says "value", this is were your going to be putting in your search data.
the third box says "type", this does not matter right now, keep it at "4 bytes"

12. put in "18" in the "value" box. this is how much ammo the m16 carries per round, (or the number you
memorized in your head" (step 9)
some weird numbers will come in the box under the magnifying glass (dont pay attention to that right now)

13.go back into the vietcong game

14. put on single shot (if nessasary) and fire ONE shot.
(trust me, this may seem like its going nowere, but it is.)

15.go back into tsearch and click the magnifying glass with the three dots, the one next to the
magniying glass we clicked.

16.type in the "value" box "17"
(this means whatever the value (or cheat) is, it changed to 17 when you shot in vietcong)

17.inside the box under the magnifying glasses should be 3 or 2 codes (or something like a code) the plus sign with a box around it.
now the 3 or 2 things should have moved or copied to the box next to it. (this is right) those 3 things, on of them control your ammo. the check box on the first one

21.go back to your game

22. fire a few shots, if it worked, your ammo should have a glitchy effect, that down and back up effect.

23.if you did or did not get the effect with your ammo, go back to tsearch.

24.if the first thing didnt work, uncheck the first one and delete it. (if it did delete the other 2 codes then
skip 25 and 26.) check the second box, go inside the game, and see if you have the effect, if not go back to tsearch
and uncheck, then delete it. (red x button) (if you did delete the last code, skip 26.)

26.if you are unlucky and the first 2 did not give you the effect, try the last one.

27.ultimantly you are down to one code, whenever you check it, it pritty much freazes your ammo.

28.go to tseach, then uncheck your working code.

29.on the very top of tseach there is this thing called autohack, click it, and click "enable debbuger". on autohack again and click "autohack window".

31.a window should pop up called autohack.

32.right click the working code (from the box in tsearch window) and click "auto hack"

33.go back into vietcong and fire a few shots.

34.go to tsearch, then the autohack window.

35.a code should have poped up that doesnt make sense. the check box next to the code in autohack window.

37.go back to vietcong and shoot some shots, you will see that your ammo is not going down!!

38.go to autohack window and uncheck the box next to the weird code.

39.on top of the autohack window you will see something called "TMK" on it and click "button script"
a window will come up. (dont pay attention to it right now, but dont close it.) up "trainer maker kit" your trainer "test" or something

43.put 2 buttons in your dialog

44.right click the 1st button and click "write memory actions"

45.go to the auto hack window and you will see the window "button script"

46.copy the first poke code that you get from the button script window, it looks like this "Poke 8BB1F8 90
90 90 90 " and copy it inside the "test script from button 1" window. apply

48.right click your second button and click "write memory actions" and put in the second poke, or
"Poke 8BB1F8 29 5C 7E 3C ", then click apply. the very bottom of trainer maker kit window, find "build settings"

50.inside the prosses window find "vietcong.exe" and double click it.

51.inside the exe name type "test" or something. save, and build your trainer. then debug it "exclamation mark"

53. now click "button 1" on your trainer, you will see that your ammo in vietcong (all guns) will not go
down. click "button 2" and you will see that your ammo is back to normal.

55.your trainer will be located in c/program files/trainer maker kit. it will be at the bottom of the folder.

56.your welcome.

start experamenting, try searching your rounds, how many times you shoot the wall, your kills, your
deaths,(it doesnt have to be in numbers), try experamenting.