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Week One: The Digital File Understanding Levels Understanding Curves The

Eyedroppers of Levels Color Correction Technique How Big Is A Pixel? Understanding

Resolution Sizing Images File Formats
Week Two: Selections Selection Overview Selection Techniques Quick Masks Paint A
Selection with Quick Mask Put A Gradient in a Selection Subtract From Your Selection
Put a Fancy Edge on Your Image
Week Three: File Prepping Techniques Photoshop Brushes Fun With The History Brush
Dust & Scratches Filter Understanding The Un-Sharp Mask De-Fogging The Image Smart
Sharpen Eyedroppers of Hue & Saturation Color to Black & White Image Adjustment
Week Four: Layers Understanding layers Adjustment Layers Image Adjustment
Sequence-Layers Layer Masks Great Soft Focus Technique Importing Clouds Make
Your Own Self Promotional Piece
Week Five Retouching Using The Clone Stamp Tool Retouching Faces Clone Tool Add
A Selection Precise Cloning Technique Retouch Faces With Liquify Make Someone Look
10 Pounds Lighter Great Sharpening Technique Combining Images Layer Mask Tips

30 Days to Learn Photoshop
by Skellie21 Feb 20127 Comments
Do the tutorials on Psdtuts+ go a little bit over your head sometimes? Not to worry. We've
released a 30 day course that will help you feel comfortable and confidentusing all of
Photoshop's most important functions, like layers, the brush tool, blend modes, smart objects,
and lots more! In one month, you'll have well and truly learned how to use Photoshop. The
course includes over 5 hours of video lessons instructed by Ben Gribbin.
Course Overview
Introduction (33m 26s)
Introduction (6m) - Free Preview
Interface Walkthrough (9m 39s)
Creating New Documents (10m 2s)
Sidebars (7m 45s)
Layers and Navigation (1h 19m 51s)
Navigation: Pan & Zoom (7m 44s)
Toolbar Walkthrough (14m 44s)
Introduction to Layers, Part One (7m 54s) - Free Preview
Layers, Part Two (13m 10s)
The Move Tool (8m 37s)
The Brush Tool (17m 44s)
History and the History Tool (9m 58s)
The Eyedropper Tool and Color Sampler (13m 22s)
Meet the Tools (1h 28m 53s)
Bucket & Gradient Tools (12m 4s)
Selecting with the Lasso & Marquee Tool (12m 6s)
Clone Stamp & Pattern Stamp Tool (11m 44s)
Selecting with the Magic Wand Tool (4m 52s)
Using Custom Shapes (11m 58s)
Text with the Type Tool (15m 46s) - Free Preview
Vectors with the Pen Tool (11m 38s)
Opening & Importing Files (8m 45s)
Manipulating Effects (1h 49m 15s)
Save and Export Images (9m 30s)
Using Blend Modes & Blending Options (18m 43s)
Using Smart Objects (7m 52s)
Using Transform Tools (12m 38s)
Customizing Photoshop's Appearance (9m 50s)
Repairing with the Eraser and Spot Healing Tool (7m 44s) - Free Preview
Course Project: Photo Manipulation (22m 39s)
Using Filters (9m 20s)
Dodge and Burn (10m 59s)
Conclusion (17m 35s)
Solving Problems in Photoshop (6m 1s)
Shortcuts and Performance (5m 28s)
Conclusion (6m 6s)
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