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Documentary Website: www.topdoc.mentar/
Date Viewed: 02/09/13
Site Synopsis:
Nothin4 is more terri5/in4 than the weather 4one wi1d. Since the ver/ 6e4innin4 we7ve search
5or wa/s to manip.1ate mother Now than8s to techno1o4ica1 1eaps in the 1ast three
decades9 the ho1/ 4rai1 o5 c1imate science ma/ act.a11/ 6e in o.r reach as we strive to own the
weather. )haos theor/ h.rricane contro19 advanced c1o.d seedin49 massive ionospheric
heaters9 storm a6sor6in4 s.per 4e1s9 nano sca1e weather machines9 some 6are1/ visi61e to the e/e. $11 o5 these techno1o4ies e:ist in some 5orm toda/ man/ o5 them are 6ein4
tested at this ver/ moment. !n man/ parts o5 the wor1d9 1ar4e;sca1e modi0cation is a1read/
common p1ace9 and with 4ood reason. <E:cerpt 5rom the 01m=
Transcripted Specifc Topic // Information on the GEMS ro!ram
ro!ram: G"oba" En#ironmenta" Mechanica" Sensors $GEMS% & '"tra Tiny to the
(ear"y In#isib"e ) Micro&machines ca""ed Micro E"ectric Mechanica" Sensors $MEMS%
(arrator Says: >So sma11 that /o. mi4ht not even see one even i5 it was ?oatin4 in /o.r e/e.
These are the wor8horses o5 an/ wor1d weather contro1 s/stem. The/7re @E@S9 @icro E1ectric
@echanica1 Sensors.A
>2000 weather 6a11oons are re1eased ever/ da/ 41o6a11/. The/ potentia11/ predict and contro1
o.r weather. B.t what i5 we co.1d 1a.nch 109000 6a11oons9 or 109000 mi11ion- That is e:act1/
the theor/ 6ehind "E@S-
*wner: +ohn Manobianco of Ensco, Inc-
.esponse: /GEMS are !"oba" en#ironmenta" MEMS sensors- 0 concept that we
ha#e come up with that dea"s with a massi#e airborne networ1 of wire"ess probes-2
>The idea is to re1ease 109000 or more o5 these siCe sensors ever/ da/ 5rom aerop1anes9
stratospheric p1at5orms9 or sate11ites. Di8e weather 6a11oons9 the pro6es wo.1d monitor
weather in5ormation over ever/ 8i1ometer o5 the earth7s s.r5ace at a reso1.tion that is toda/
.nheard o5.A
*wner: +ohn Manobianco of Ensco, Inc-
.esponse: /We en#ision that the GEMS probe itse"f wou"d ha#e a bio&inspired
desi!n, somethin! "i1e a map"e seed or a dande"ion seed that actua""y incorporates
the constructs of nature to achie#e aerodynamics and buoyancy-2
(Shot of drone in fight)
Eith an on;4oin4 stream o5 mi11ions o5 meas.rements the acc.rac/ o5 o.r o5 the
atmosphere co.1d improve over a tho.sand times over.
3erry Emanue", MIT ) ro#ides academic 4ustifcation for GEMS:
>There is ever/ reason to 6e1ieve that simp1/ havin4 more meas.rements o5 the atmosphere
wi11 1ead to improved 5orecasts.A
(Another shot of drone in fight)
N/var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_3/238933031.docOTES ON!N" T#E E$T#E%
&%O'()E%* '!S)OE%+ S)!EN)E
)O(NT%+* (,
+E$%* --
>!t is a1so possi61e9 that the "E@S themse1ves co.1d 6e made to p1a/ an active ro1e in c1o.d
d/namics in 5act thro.4h c1o.d seedin4 with a mi11ion microscopic comp.ters. B.t i5 "E@S are
heavier than air9 what wo.1d happen when these mi11ions o5 pro6es 0na11/ 5a11 to earth-A
(Shots of clean natural settings in the sunset and bright daylight)
0 #oice comes on without identifcation of who is spea1in! but it turns out to be
+ohn Manobianco of Ensco, Inc-:
>hen the "E@S pro6es 1and on the s.r5ace9 either in the water or on the 1and9 the/ wo.1d
contin.e9 potentia11/9 to provide s.r5ace o6servations.A
(Switch to shot of coastal resort city w/palm trees)
>B.t wo.1d the/ 6e harm5.1 i5 accidenta11/ inha1ed-A
+ohn Manobianco of Ensco, Inc-:
>$t the siCes we7re ta18in4 a6o.t9 i5 /o. act.a11/ inha1ed one or 4ot one in /o.r or one
/o.r e/e it wo.1d pro6a61/ 6e no diFerent than sa/ a spec8 o5 or a partic.1ar partic1e in
the atmosphere that /o. wo.1d 4et in9 that /o. wo.1d pro6a61/ sneeCe it o.t or co.4h it .p.A
(Switch to fghter jet taking of from airport)
>Nanotechno1o4/ wi11 6ecome indispensa61e to weather o6servation and prediction 6.t where
c.ttin4 ed4e 6.t where c.ttin4 ed4e science 4oes9 the mi1itar/ is never 5ar 6ehind. There is a
stron4 historica1 1in8 6etween weather and war.A