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TQM Important questions

Module 1
1. What is TQM? Explain basic principles of TQM.
2. Explain the difference between quality control and quality assurance.
3. Explain quality dimensions of products and services.
4. Explain the significance of quality in competitive advantage.
5. Explain in detail cost of quality.
6. Write a note on evolution of quality and importance of quality.
7. How TQM is different from traditional management.
Module 2
1. Compare and contrast contribution of various gurus of TQM.
2. Write a brief note on Demings chain reaction.
3. Explain in detail Demings 14 principles.
4. Write a note on Demings deadly sins and diseases.
5. Explain in detail PDCA cycle and QUALITY TRIOLOGY.
6. Briefly explain universal breakthrough sequence and Crosbys Quality is free.
7. Explain quality loss function with neat diagram.
8. What are quality circles explain its importance.
9. What is Quality vaccine? Explain.
Module 3
1. Define benchmarking and explain need and reasons for benchmarking.
2. Explain in detail types of benchmarking.
3. Explain benchmarking process in detail.
4. Explain XEROX model of benchmarking.
5. Explain concept of KAIZEN and its uses.
6. What are the merits and demerits of benchmarking?
Module 4
1. What is BPR? Enumerate need for BPR.
2. Explain in detail steps in implementing BPR.
3. Compare BPR and TQM, BPR and KAIZEN.
4. Explain the relationship of BPR with change management and IT.
5. Write a note on advantage and pitfalls of BPR.
6. Discuss different areas where BPR can be used.
7. Discuss the symptoms of organization which indicates the need for reengineering its
Module 5
1. What do you mean by quality management system? Why it is needed?
2. What is ISO 9000? What are its benefits?
3. Explain ISO 9000:2000 series and what are its requirements.
4. Discuss how ISO 9000:2000 can be implemented.
5. What is EMS? Explain benefits and requirements of ISO 14000.
6. Explain why integration of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are needed.
7. What are the sector specific standards? Explain.
8. Explain in detail SEI- CMM level 5.
Module 6
1. Why quality awards are are needed? Explain.
2. Explain the development of MBNQA with its features.
3. What is Deming award? Explain the criteria used for Deming award with its features.
4. Explain Golden Peacock National quality award and European quality award in detail.
5. Compare MBNQA and Deming prize.
6. Explain the objectives of different quality awards.
Module 7 & 8
1. Explain in detail 7 new and old quality control tools with neat diagrams.
2. Explain the concepts of poka- yoke and QFD with its merits and demerits.
3. Briefly explain the concepts of DPU and DPMO with examples.
4. Explain statistical framework for Six Sigma.
5. What is Six Sigma? Explain its benefits.
6. Compare and contrast Six Sigma and TQM.
7. Explain Kano model in detail ?