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• Advantages of proposition?
• Capabilities?
• Competitive advantages?
• USP's (unique selling points)?
• Resources, Assets, People?
• Experience, knowledge, data?
• Financial reserves, likely returns?
• Marketing - reach, distribution, awareness?
• Innovative aspects?
• Location and geographical?
• Price, value, quality?
• Accreditations, qualifications, certifications?
• Processes, systems, IT, communications?
• Cultural, attitudinal, behavioral?
• Management cover, succession?

Consistent Performer right from my schooling

Good Team Player, I believe in More We and less me.
Good Leadership Skills.
a) I led the team of SAMIKSHA QUIZ FORUM, entries all across India from all the B-
Schools in and around 150 entries is a huge success event.
b) I managed and organized many quizzes like Ad-Quiz

Good Analytical Skills – Root Cause Analysis

Decision matrix making
5W-1H Philosophy
There should be logic in every word you spell and everything you speak.
Good Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
Ability to move till the last edge with a will power of not to leave it.
Innovative Thinker
Wherever I go, I have a mark.
E.g. Gold Medalist and Best all rounder (Roll-of- Honors in the College Board)
Positive Attitude
Cool, Calm and work oriented person
Like 4Ps of Marketing I would define me in regard to my 4P philosophy as –
Perseverance, Patient, Passionate and Perfection are my strengths.

• Disadvantages of proposition?
• Gaps in capabilities?
• Lack of competitive strength?
• Reputation, presence and reach?
• Financials?
• Own known vulnerabilities?
• Timescales, deadlines and pressures?
• Cashflow, start-up cash-drain?
• Continuity, supply chain robustness?
• Effects on core activities, distraction?
• Reliability of data, plan predictability?
• Morale, commitment, leadership?
• Accreditations, etc?
• Processes and systems, etc?
• Management cover, succession?
Nothing is perfect in this world.
I am so committed that even I miss my dinner or lunch due to work involvement which affects
my health etc as per my mother’s instruction.

• Market developments?
• Competitors' vulnerabilities?
• Industry or lifestyle trends?
• Technology development and innovation?
• Global influences?
• New markets, vertical, horizontal?
• Niche target markets?
• Geographical, export, import?
• New USP’s (Unique selling proposition)?
• Tactics - surprise, major contracts, etc?
• Business and product development?
• Information and research?
• Partnerships, agencies, distribution?
• Volumes, production, economies?
• Seasonal, weather, fashion influences?
• Political effects?
• Legislative effects?
• Environmental effects?
• IT developments?
• Competitor intentions - various?
• Market demand?
• New technologies, services, ideas?
• Vital contracts and partners?
• Sustaining internal capabilities?
• Obstacles faced?
• Insurmountable weaknesses?
• Loss of key staff?
• Sustainable financial backing?
• Economy - home, abroad?
• Seasonality, weather effects?