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The consolidated Episodes of Agasthya Jeeva Naadi

episode.... 20 !
> in this episode.. the jeeva naadi astrologer narrates a situation
in > which he was informed to go to bathrachalam by agathiar .and
> mentioned in that was the astrologer could get a divine dharshan of
> lord sri rama . bathrachalam is a place in Andhra Pradhesh. the
> naadi asrtologer hanumath dasan felt that he was blessed to get
this > oppurtunity. this happened to him when he was reading the jeeva
naadi > for a person who approched him to seek the remedial measures for
his > own problem.... now it shud be clear for the readers that the naadi
> astrologer himself was instructed to go to bathrachalam to have the
> dharshan of lord rama ...
> the naadi astrologer goes to bathrachalam ! >
> now he was astonished to see the atmosphere there . beacuse the
> river named godhavari which flows adjacent to the temple has raised
> its level and the river water intruded into the temple premises.
> feeling bad about the situation hanumath dasan was very upset and
> wanted to seek the advice of the agathiar and began to read the
> jeeva naadi . in which agathiar told him that the river water that
> has intruded into the temple premises would drain soon and you can
> visualise the divine dharshan of lord rama performing pooja !
> showing aaarthi " on the water of godavari river that has intruded
> near to the temple ! thats the reason why water has come inside to
> the temple ". just meditate and chant the mantra of rama .. all
> these things could be seen in your mind while meditating .. this
was > the instruction given by agathiar .> now he wanted to meditate and was seeking a
place to do so !
> while doing this . he was seen by an officer who was working inside
> the temple ! he was a person who maintains the details and list of
> ornaments that are stored in the storhouse in the temple "> then the officer approched
hanumath dasan and interrogated about the > jeeva naadi .he was unaware about this
jeeva naadi.. as curiuosity > raised him .. he wanted to know about what has written about
him in > that jeeva nadi .
> > episode .......2# !
> the naadi reading of the officer was depicted as given below .> hanumath dasan
narrated his whole history .. beginnig from birth
> name ..and the special thing is that ... agathiar began to tell
> about his present life..that ...!> the officer has committed sin by ac$uiring certain
ornaments of > the temple and money which belongs to the temple... he kept these
> thing concealed ! hidden " under the rice store room in his house.
> and having an illegal relationship with a lady apart from his
> married life. and also had been informed by agathiar that he will
> get attacked by the disease namen % paralysis % . after all these
> disclosures the officer was in partial mind to beleive this.. and
> asked for the remedial measures to get out of the attack of
> paralysis.> hanumath dasan then read the jeeva naadi for the officer&s remedy
to > know whether there is any way to get out of this paralysis attack.
> agathiar told him .
> #. accept the illegal realtionship in public. and do consider her
> as a second wife.
> 2. replace the ornaments and money that you have taken from the
> temple.> the officer was not able to digest the remedial measures mentioned
> and his reactions gave a sense of disbelief over the jeeva nadi.the
> reason was that he would loose his job if he accept his faults and
> he told that he is not okay to do the remedy and justified that his
> sin was less in measure comparitively to the others . who had a
> large number of crimes and sin committed .after 2 hours of meantime . he invited
hanumath dasan to have a look > on the ornaments that are used here for decorating the
idols of > lord rama and parvathi devi.. all the ornaments were stored in
> closed packed rooms where there would be less circulation of
air . > both hanumath dasan and the officer along with security personnals
> were having a look on those invaluable ornaments..
> > the officer felt unconcious ..
> > when they were about to finish seeing the ornamnets or jewels .
> officer who accompanied hanumath dasan.. felt unconcious and began
> to loose control over his legs ...though the officer was hefty and
> highly built.. he was not able to stand > he was about to say something. but was not
able to ... hanumath > dasan came to know that the words of agathiar became true . and
felt > that these are the symptoms of the disease % paralysis %.
> end of the episode and article 2# .. !
> further will be sent ne't week..
> faith can move mountains .. !
> regards and wishes
> viswanath
> bangalore
the previous episode 22 .

hanumath dasan the nadi astrologer after completing his dharshan at
bathrachalam was invited by a millionaire who wanted to drop him at the railway station both the
astrologer and millionar's family boarded into their car and the car was going towards the rly
station.suddenly it was stopped by group of naxals.....
episode 2 ..
the naxal group stopped the car and a person from the naxal group using his torch came towars
the car crew inorder to notice the !ewels and money that the crew has. suddenly the man told the
care crew to step out of the car. first the driver got out and as"ed them that what do they want.
the naxal group demanded to give out the money and !ewels whatever they have .seeing the
tense situation the millionare gave some amount of money. but the naxal group wanted the
!ewels of the millionare's wife. the naxals were tough to argue and running towards the bac" seat
of the car . they tried to open the door behind . since that was loc"ed and the side glass were
raised . they were unable to open .
hanumath dasan was aware of the tensed situation going around. he was very much worried
about the millionare's family seated at the bac" seat # that the group should not do anything harsh
to them and to their dignity as you "now that there were two daughters along with the millionare's
and there was an another worry which stri"ed hanumath dasan's mind that # what will happen if
the group demand the !eeva naadi $ . the astrologer carried the divine !eeva naadi along with him
which was wrapped up with a sil" cloth. inorder to guard the !eeva naadi hanumath dasan
stepped inside the car and when he was about to lift the !eeva naadi # a man from the naxal group
noticed him and shouted that he was ta"ing a rifle gun.... since the !eeva naadi was wrapped with
the cloth . it was giving an appearance of a rifle gun.. this was mista"en by the naxal group. and
as soon as they saw this the group ran towards their car for an escape. the group flew from the
seeing the millionare's car stopped at the road # a apsrtc bus and a police lorry which was coming
towars bathrachalam stopped and was as"ing them whether they need any help.
the car driver narrated the whole incident to a police personnal who himslef was later curious to
"now about !eeva naadi and re%uested hanumath dasan to read !eeva nadi for him. the car crew
was finally told to give an written compliant to the police station...
end of the episode. 2 ...
faith can move mountains
episode 2& '

the astrologer hanumath dasan and the police personnal sat inside their police lorry. later as per
the re%uest made by the policeman . (anumath dasan read the !eeva naadi about him.the police
man 's history was been told by the astrologer. there was a clear story mentioned about the
policeman's brother who believed to be lost in his childhood ) but he is still alive and due to some
bad relations he was pushed into terrorism activities.he has been indulged in group murder and
group dacoity. and also told that his brother has changed his name as * nagi reddy *.after getting
to "now about his younger brother the policeman was highly astonished and was even more
curious to "now about his brother's whereabouts . very soon he re%uested hanumath dasan to tell
about his identity and address from !eeva naadi . hanumath dasan also paid attention to his need
and read the !eeva naadi. where it was told that * i have shown you the target + you will achieve
everything as soon you ta"e the first step to find your brother# *.#
as this naadi reading was over. hanumath dasan . himself wanted to "now from !eeva naadi that
why he has been caught under the tough situation to meet the naxalites ) was there any
mista"es committed by us $ the !eeva naadi readings said in this way .
* one among the lady from the millionare's family had come across a situation of periods i.e
menstrual cycle #which she hided from the other ladies# at this situation ) she touched the !eeva
naadi that was carried by you in the car. she also had ta"en a pair of naadi leaves and "ept it
hidden in her saree. she had not done anything in the mind to steal the naadi leaf but had done in
the curiousity . she has to get shoc"ed due to this i have made you to come under the threat of
naxals while travelling. *
hanumath dasan was very much upset on this regard . and hence he further as"ed the !eeva
naadi that ) what can be done now $ ) whether to get bac" the !eeva naadi leaves from the lady
or is there anything to do now$# for this the !eeva naadi told the astrologer li"e this ) * you need
not get the naadi leaf from the lady . i'm not in the naadi . the leaf is of no use since it has been
roughly folded . * these were the words from the sage agathiar .
loss of the naadi leaves left hanumath dasan in stress and he himslef as"ed a %uestion that ) if
these things were happening often .how would he naadi be secured $ for this the !eeva naadi
gave him certain instructions to follow# those are )))) * since the naadi leaves were corrupted you
need to perform poo!a in "omu" with the river water of ganga . and during this a army officer will
help you for your poo!a# at that particular time he will meet some seriuos family problems . i will
clear all his problems at that time . after this you should ta"e the naadi to haridwar # rishi"esh #
badrinath # "edarnath and then to "omu" to perform poo!a with ganga river water . after all these
things done ... you have to divide the naadi leaves into e%ual halves .. in that you "eep the first
half that will be used to read for normal problem solving to people. and the rest of it would be
given to persons whom i prefer . i will give the predictions and remedies as on from a full moon
day to a new moon day. and also from * ashwini * to * revathi * star days.
hanumath dasan wanted to calrify two doubts from agathiar.
first one was that * the lady has ta"en naadi leaves ) is that act a mista"e to be punished else
forgiven $ *
second one was that * what is the necessity to divide the naadi leaves in to e%ual halves .. why
can't i have the whole bundle * $
for these %uestions the !eeva naadi answered li"e this * wait for a while # and watch what is going
to happen . *
as soon as he read these words there came a screaming sound from a lady from the car coming
behind ,,,,,
end of the episode 2&
episode 2- .' &,./,2..0
one of the lady in the millionare's family screamed due to severe pain in her
stomach.reacting to the situation the police lorry which was moving front to the car stopped and
hanumath dasan and the policeman approached the family inside the car.later they came to
"now that the women was suffering from severe stomach pain. on this regard hanumath dasan
disclosed the entire reason for her stomach pain to her parents . which was shown in the !eeva
naadi to hanumath dasan.
hanumath dasan told the lady to give bac" the nadi leaves which she "ept hidden in her saree.the
lady obeyed the astrologer words and pleaded for pardon and told the astrologer that she didn't
ta"e anything to steal it but wanted to have those leaves with her . and the pain got severe after
she too" those leaves. as soon as she threw the leaves away # the pain in her drasctically
reduced. hanumath than"ed sage agathiar for the miracle happened .
hanumath dasan after this incident # send the milionare's family and boarded the police van which
flew towards the railway station . they reached the railway station after a 2. mile travel.hanumath
dasan got the tic"et to chennai and entered the platform along with the policeman . the train was
expected to arrive at /+.. am # due to this they have to wait for one hour in the platform ..
after few minutes there came a crew with weapons in their hand .as soon as they came inside #
the counter shutter was put down. all the lights were switched off .there was a dim moon light
sorrounded the station. the members of the crew when they saw the police man sitting along with
me # began to run. the policeman watching the situation chased the gang. after few minutes the
policeman came with a person whose hand was tied at the bac". when hanumath as"ed about
him . the police told him that * he is a guy who belong to the same naxal gang # he got caught
and the others got escaped *.
the train came in . hanumath dasan boarded the train in the general compartment .and later
offered a confirmed seat by the TT1 . and he came to "now from the TT1 that the man who was
arrested by the police few minutes before was a guy form the naxal gang . his name is * Nagi
1eddy *.
as soon as hanumath dasan heard the name *Nagi reddy* . he was excited to "now that he was
the younger brother of the police man who see"ed help from !eeva naadi .... ' later he confirmed
his identity from the word of sage agathair by reading the !eeva naadi '
end of episode 2- '
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episode 26 .. //,./,2..0

the !eeva naadi astrologer hanumath dasan after reaching his residence in chennai .
came to meet a person who was a middle aged father of a marine engineer # who came to
hanumath dasan house for a need . he re%uested the astrologer to refer the !eeva naadi for his
son and told that his son has got in trouble . few days before his son from netherland called him
and said that he is in trouble and would be even "illed # as he gets threats from his high officials .
all these things were carefully listened by hanumath dasan and he began to read the !eeva
naadi . the !eeva naadi described the clear conditions of the marine engineer's past and present.
and hanumath dasan said that their son is out of danger and but he has come across those tough
situations that were even dangerous to his life .this situation for him was existing for the last two
years . and even though he is out of danger he has to resign the existing !ob and tell him not to
wor" in the same ship.... these were the word that was described in the !eeva naadi .
after hearing the words of sage agathiar from !eeva naadi the father was very much confused
regarding the resignation of the !ob . and told hanumath dasan that how could he able to throw
the existing !ob as he is ver much interested in this !ob and after few months he will get promoted
to a chief engineer in the same how coould he able to %uit the !ob $ . for this the sage
agathiar said that " let them decide what they want and later tell them to ask what they want
to do " . hanumath dasan told the same to the father.. the father left the place and told hanumath
that he has to thin" about this for a while and comebac" with a conclusion .
few hours later the father came running to hanumath dasan and apologised telling that * sir# we
have committed a mista"e by !ust paying attention to the !ob and we are very much concrned
about his safety and life # "indly as" agathiar words for my son's safety and good life...* for this
!eeva naadi was refered. where it told the reason that why the marine engineer was caught into
trouble and how he got death threats from his high officials. '
about the marine engineer # sage agathiar told that " the son for whom they came for a
need ,was good at times when he joined the jo , later due to some ad relations and their
com!ulsion he indulged in smuggling activities.. and with the money earned he has
ought a lot of !ro!erties for home and his dear ones. he has told home that these money
were his wages earned for his committed work . all his activities were noticed y his
higher official . who later demanded a large sum of money from the marine engineer. if not
the higher oficial told him that he would kill him and throw him out of the shi! in the sea."
hanumatth dasan to told the above words to the father # who later as"ed for the remedial
measures .. for which !eeva naadi was again referred . the remedy was in this way " the
engineer has to return ack the whole !ro!erties to the chief and almighty won"t acce!t
any kind of !ooja or aishekam with the lack money .. all he has to do is to !erform
!ooja from the money which was earned with good effort .one !ooja for his kuldev with
lighing a lam! and airami amman in thirukadaiyoor and with his wages he has to uy a
garland made of rose a day and !erform !ooja to lord karthikeyan "
as the marine engineer was in sailing .. he won't be able to perform poo!a for this case their
parents can ta"e in charge for these. and within this night they have perform all "inds of poo!a
that are prescribed for lord "arthi"eyan' s worship else i can't guarentee for his life.. these were
those words from agathiar . as soon hanuamath dasan narrated the words to the needy father
.they left immediately for performing poo!a ...
few days later the same father came along with his son and told his son to narrate those tough
situations what he has met to the astrologer and how he got out of that situation .
where he said that * my high official has changed his mind regarding a large share # which i
offered him .he didn't accept it all. later i have given my money and large share to orphanages .
now i have been promoted as a cheif engineer *
hanumath dasan # after hearing these words # than"ed sage agathiar for his blessings to the
marine engineer.
end of the episode 26 ....'

1ega episode 27 /0,./,2..0
A middle aged couple came to meet hanumath dasan#regarding a problem saying that they don't
have childrens and due to this they performed various "inds of poo!a and offerings to temples.but
all were in vein. the age of the husband was -2 and the age of hid wife was & per clinical
report the lady was having a least possibilty to get conceived.both were highly desperate and
wanted to "now whether they can have a child or not.

before coming to !eeva naadi . the couple have got certain poo!as performed according to the
other naadi 8puthra "aandam9# where the appropriate remedial poo!as where mention.which even
after perfroming didn't give a good result .
hanumath dasan # after listening to this began to refer the !eeva which sage agathiar
words were li"e this. * In previous birth , the lady has aborted her child and they have
commited a sin by separating a child and its mother .also have cleared a temple land and
have utilised for their shelter . these sins are now are attacking the third generation . that
is why the couple have faced these desperate situations *

listening to this words .. the couple were not satisfied .and told that if the third generation has to
suffer .what is it that only i have to suffer.$.when my brothers are having childrens and leading a
normal life . but they were very much anxious to "now whether there is any remedy for this
problem. for this !eeva naadi was referred .....sage agathiar told that *the couple have to got to
rameshwaram ( tamil nadu ) and perform a pooja to mitigate " brahma hathi dhosam "as
soon these words were told the man interrupted telling that *those poo!as were been done
previously # but we haven't got any "ind of benefits.* to this !eeva naadi referred # where it said
that " eventhough the couple have performed the poojas previously , they were not done
correctly, in which .. they had a least belief on
these things , and were very lethargic - during the pooja, the mantras were not been
chanted properly ."
the man interrogated with another %uestion as"ing that are there any other parihara poo!a $ for
whcih hanumath dasan said that " you have to perorm pooja to the twisted snake picture
depicted on a silver plate for forty five days and then place it in the temple belonging to
your kuldev " to this the husband told that * we have done the same pooja and have donated
the pictre to the kalahasti temple ( andhara pradhesh ) before ! years .after performing all
these poojas we didn"t get any kind of benefit. "
the above words from the man really made haumath dasan ipatient wanted to as" sage agathair
that ) will they be blessed to have a child or not $ thin"ing that the couple would get satisfied
atleast to "now the possibilty

for this in the !eeva naadi sage agthiar told that " wait for a while , i will e#palin " as anxity
began to raise.. in a couple of minutes ) sage agthair told that * yes - the couple will be really
blessed with a baby girl and come here to know the of the matters , i will say after $% days

after &- days .......
as per the words of sage agthiar .... the husband alone came after the &- th day since his wife
pregnant.and !eeva naadi was referred once again . where sage agathiyar told " eventhough
the couple have performed poojas as per their fate it is clear that they are not blessed to
have a child. but the poojas performed by them this time was very pleaseful to almighty
and you did with high involvement .. the reasons for the past failure is because

.poojas perfromed previously were not done in a prescribed procedure
!.you were very calculative in spending money to poojas
&.the person who assisted you to perfom pooja has not chanted the mantras properly
$. the cleanliness and divinty for prayers were not maintained properly .

those were the reasons that you didn"t get any benefit at the previous attempt .and your
mother who died one and half years ago , had been fasting for days and days. chanting
mantras for your well wishing and praying for you and your wife to have a child ... your
wife is conceived due to her sincere effort and now it is your mother who is growing
inside the lady"s womb. your mother has done many things for you and your wife"s
betterment .but you both haven"t paid attention to her well and wish .you have wounded
her lot in words , from this u have to understand that your mother"s prayers have beared
the fruit and hereafter you have to observe her day of demise as a big function and name
the girl child born to you with your mother"s name . if you are doing all these , then the girl
child would retain in the lady"s womb and grow healthier ...* the !eeva naadi told .

later ...

The word of sage agathiar came true where the lady got conceived and gave birth to a girl
child.. who was born on the same star as his mother's # now the girl child is growing healthier in a
very well "own place in chennai . doctors attented her still believe that it is a miracle that the lady
has given birth to a baby girl .
end of the episode 27 .

episode 20 ...2- ,./,2..0
sage agathiar's predictions were been tested by a man . later who himself confronted his
mista"es and as"ed for pardon .
A middle aged man approached hanumath dasan with an intention to test whether the
predictions of agthiar were true and the remedies given by him is potentially successful $
man had a conversation with hanumath dasan telling that " i don't beleive the existence of god
and no belief over this astrology.but came here to know whether sage agathiar could give some
solutions to my problem or not "
hanumath dasan in response told the man that " why do u have to waste your time here? since
you don't trust in all these predictions and word of sage agathiar *.
man ' * i have trust in him . that the reason that i have come here. all the way see"ing a solution
the man told hanumath dasan that * i'm suffering from cancer desease it was diagonised one and
half month ago i'm under constant medication after that . please see the !eeva naadi and let me
"now whether i can get cured or not $ *
hanumath in response told the man that
* if u want to have a solution then u should trust him and follow the remedial procedures what
agathiar will mention."
man + yes .indeed i trust him.
hanumath dasan' don't please say blindly for my sa"e or to satisfy me . i'm !ust a messenger of
him # whatever he says i will tell you .if u have belief in all his words it will be fine.*
man ' sir # i have an another re%uest # i don't beleiveve in all these remedies and poo!a.even it is
prescribed to me . i won't be able to do that .but # the disease has to get cured ...
8 listening to his re%uest . hanumath dasan got annoyed and was thin"ing that )if agathiar tells
about any "ind of remedial poo!as .how wud i able to disclose it to the man 9
hanumath dasan+ i will pray for that . and read the words of sage agathiar .let us see what he
8 !eeva naadi was referred 9
* a man who has disguised as lord rama wants to rule a land.and with an intention of
building a temple in ayodhya ceratin gangs are enjoying with li(uors that are bought with
the money coming from people. things against the truth is ruling the nation .person whose
blood is clean and healthy is cheating the family and bood relations by telling that they
have such dangerous disease for the sake of enjoying the whole property of his family *
8since the above reading were indirect and hanumath dasan guessed that the above words were
not matching to the person sitting before him . he wanted to tell the man that the readings were
not direct.9
hanumath dasan 'sir# today the readings were not proper.i hope that you will get the readings
later .. let us wait for another day .
man ' that is what i told you that i don't believe this naadi and other predictions. let me see
whether agathiar can give solutions tomrrow #

the ne#t day ....

hanumath dasan .. referred the !eeva naadi for yestrday's %uery.
the !eeva naadi told " yesterday . i told that a person who has disguised as lord rama wants
to rule a land --it was about ).* +ama +ao -who acted in telugu movies as lord rama and
has founded a party named *,-./. 0,123 42+*5 to fight in elections you can find this
news in the front page of tomorrow"s news paper . ne#t thing i told about a gang who in
the name of building a temple spend the government money for their enjoyment this plan
was been later destructed by good people. third i told you about the person who was
sitting before you . inspite of being my messenger you were not able to guess about my
words. the person who is sitting before you does not suffer from cancer .he is cheating his
whole family by saying this just to enjoy the whole property due to symapathy .and also
trying to register the property on his lover"s name . in what way is he going to get satisfied
by cheating me 6. "
when the above word were told to the man by hanumath dasan #the man was unanswerable
..hanumath dasan began to read the !eeva naadi once again ...* the person sitting before you
is the one who doesnot believe the e#istence of god .he has come here to test me and my
predictions . and believe that he will come once again to you within certain days. wonder
why 6 - he will suffer from the same type of disease which he has lied to everyone ."
hanumath dasan after reading these words expected that the man who tested sage agathiar
would apologi:e for his actions.but he hasn't. he challeged hanumath dasan that he will ma"e all
the predictions to be fa"e and left the place .
after three months ......
after three months ### on one fine day morning# the same man came to hanumath dasan's
residence whose shoulder's were holded by two men on either sides.when hanumath interrogated
the person what has happened . one among the man told that the man is suffering from paralysis
attac" . he was unable to spea" .the man himself wanted to meet you. thats the reason we have
come over here . the man was carrying a note . where he has written that all the predictions given
by sage agathiar came true .
hanumath dasan+ what do you want me to do $
man accompanied + please pray for him sir# and please refer the !eeva naadi for his welfare .
hanumath dasan referred the !eeva naadi
where the !eeva naadi told that " the man who has tested me by telling that he is suffering
from cancer disease is now really suffering from that of tumour in his stomach ..but this
stage is earlier and could get cured . since he has come to me for seeking a medicine for
cure . i will tell the herb name and the formula to prepare a medicine with a method of
dosage "
listening to this a person who accompanied the man has re%uested for the medicine and the
available place .
!eeva naadi was further referred ...
which said " the man was highly interested to get the properties which belonged to his
brother and blood relations .if he would have tried to get blessings and wishes by doing
good deeds .then he would not have to suffer from this trouble . the paticular herb is
available in sathuragiri mountain . do follow the procedures for preparing the medicine "
after telling these words . sage agathiar also told the dosage of the medicine.... .
in effect to the herbal medicine ... the man got cured from the paralysis attac" and from the initial
stages of tumour .
he is still alive and living a healthy life .....
end of the episode 20 ...

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