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Electrical Equipment

Jim Becker

This two day course is designed

using the NPFA70B 2006 Edition
“Recommended Practices For
Electrical Equipment Maintenance”
A. The intended audience should comprise anyone
involved in the Operation, Maintenance, Supervision,
Management, and Designing of a High Voltage Substation

B. It covers the Design and Implementation of a effective

maintenance program

C. It covers Operation, Repair, Testing, and Maintenance of

Generic Substation Equipment, from the Meter Pan to the
Office Outlets. It gives you the information you need to
decide on in-house maintenance or to Contract work out .

The course comes with copy of the 2006 edition of the NFPA 70b manual
Jim Becker

II. Topics Covered

1 - Why Establish a Electrical Preventive Maintenance
Program ? (EPM)
2 - What is a EPM and what are its benefits
Check it now or Fix it when it breaks

3 - Planning and developing a program

Survey of equipment, prioritize

4 - Personal Safety
Qualification, Tools, Equipment, Training, Arc-Flash, PPE

5 - Fundamentals of Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Scheduling, cleaning, Environmental concerns, Equipment additions and retrofits

6 - Substations and Switchgear Assemblies

Maintenance on all types of high Voltage Breakers and switchgear
Batteries, Metering,
7 - Power and Distribution Transformers
Dry type, Liquid filled, auxiliary equipment

8 – Power Cables
Inspection and Testing

9 – Motor Control Equipment

Components, Connections, contactors, overload protection

10- Electronic Equipment

Care and special precautions

11 – Molded-case Circuit Breakers

Inspection, overload protection

12 – Ground Fault Protection

Personal and Equipment Protection

13 – Fuses
14 – Rotating Equipment
Maintenance, cleaning, Testing

15 – Lighting

16 – Wiring Devices and Portable Tools

17 – Testing and Test methods
Meggaring, Continuity, Hi-Potential testing of all equipment
18 – Uninterrupted Power Supplies
19 - Power Quality
20 – Grounding
21 – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
22 - Acceptance Testing
23 – Single line Diagrams and Symbols

24 – Forms to Document all Tests and Inspections

Battery inspections
Breaker Inspections
Test Results
Transformer tests, inspections,
Ground System Tests