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Teacher: Andy Class: EP3 Toadstool Week: 10 Dates: 21/07/14-25/07/14

Anuan Weekl! "utl#ne

Sitapatr School
Th#s $eek $e are learn#n%:
Locations The Rainforest
C#rcle T#&e 'e(#e$
This week we will take some time to ensure
that the students have a strong memory of
all the animals they have just learned from
The Sea and The Rainforest. I will use
games like the Memory Game and Sin the
!ottle to ensure that all students are
retaining the vo"a#ulary. I will also take
some time to do e$tra ra"ti"e with the %nit
1 and & Sight 'ords from ($ford )honi"s
'orld as I want to #uild reading "onfiden"e.
The selling test for Rainforest animals has
#een offset to this week* so we will take
e$tra time to ra"ti"e selling the key
vo"a#ulary words.
Act#(#t! T#&e
The students can continue with craft activities like making finger puppets of
rainforest animals.
We will practice identifying when to use a/an as the indicating particle for nouns
by reviewing the vowels and practising speaking and writing full sentences about
whether a rainforest creature is an insect, an animal, or a bird.
Rainforest hunt outdoor activity. Students have to respond to commands in
groups in order to find their way around and out of the rainforest!.
Watching videos of the rainforest and naming what we see.
"#ploring the animals of the rainforest and how they interlink with each other.
$oth Teacher %ike and & are a week ahead of the syllabus so far since the
students only re'uired a single week of introductions at the start of the semester
conse'uently, rather than (umping into %other)s *ay too early we have decided
to spend a week reviewing the previous two units, especially the Rainforest since
both of the previous weeks were cut short by holiday. We hope that the students
will gain a strong understanding of all vocabulary and grammar by the end of this
week so we can move on with confidence.
)e$ *letters/sounds/(ocaular!+

&n the rainforest, & can see+
Rainforest, ant, bat, butterfly, caterpillar, crocodile, dragonfly, frog, li,ard,
monkey, mos'uito, mouse, owl, parrot, scorpion, snake, spider, tiger, tree,
tropical, wet.
*T, -#ke+
This week in honi"s we will "ontinue to
review the sounds and words from unit +
in ($ford )honi"s 'orld #ook & ,o* fo$*
log* o$* rod* ot* "ot* hot* dot* ot* o* ho*
mo* to* o-. 'e will lay games using
the flash"ards where they will identify and
sell ea"h word #y seeing either the word
or the i"ture. Another game we will use
mini flash"ards whi"h they will "hose at
random and have to sell out and say. I
will then get the "lass to remem#er the
vo"a# from this unit and "all it out. I will
write it down on the white #oard and we
will ra"ti"e ronoun"ing* reading and
selling as a grou and individually. 'hen
they are "omforta#le and we have
addressed any issues we will move onto
doing e$er"ises in the #ook. 'e will work
through ages ./0.1 together as a grou.
'e will send a lot of time ointing and
reeating and then reading the words #y
themselves. 'e will do ea"h e$er"ise
Wr#t#n% Pract#ce
This week the students will take a #reak
from writing ra"ti"e* sin"e they finished
their writing #ook two weeks ago. If their
writing starts to deteriorate again* I have
another writing #ooklet that we "an do. In
the meantime* they will ra"ti"e and I "an
assess with various a"tivities in "lass
using worksheets and their note#ook.
Parent .ollo$ /0 / /se1ul
Wes#tes / 2o&e$ork:
-ou can watch the In the Jungle
video at this link.
This week in phonics we will be
working on unit 6 in 8#ford
9honics World. The students can
practice using the *:* and will
also be bringing home their
Workbook at times for homework.