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The City Sentinel 07/20/2014

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July 24, 2014 July 30, 2014 BUSINESS/REAL ESTATE
Jack L. Werner, Ph.D. - Lic. #255
We are known for being the
most thorough
commercial &
inspectors. 405.412.7861
Your house A to Z
Lenny Fly In Memoriam
By Jack L. Werner
A to Z Inspections
A to Z Inspections lost
an inspector last week. A
family lost a husband and
father, and the community
lost a great guy.
You could not be around
Lenny Fly without know-
ing, beyond question, that
this was a man crazy about
his family. Clearly, they
cherished him likewise.
He was just 40 years old,
with four children and a
wife that formed a mutual
admiration society. Lenny
was taken/killed last week,
as was his sons best friend
in a senseless, head-on col-
lision. Lenny was a catas-
trophe adjuster for Worley
Catastrophe, a home and
building inspector with A
to Z Inspections, and a pro-
fessional umpire for NCAA
womens softball. Lenny
was deeply involved with
his family and loved life.
His smile and positive atti-
tude were contagious.
I believe we can all agree
that reckless driving, spe-
cifically drunk and drug-
related driving - demand
tougher, immediate and,
automatic punishment.
I believe appropriate
measures should include
six months, full-time, com-
munity service for the first
offense -- no exceptions
-- with rapidly escalating
Those convicted of a
first offense need to be on
10 years probation with no
need for a trial on the sec-
ond offense.
These menaces must be
taken off the road sure-
ly and quickly. How many
more husbands, wives,
fathers, mothers, sons,
daughters, and friends must
we lose before we get seri-
Jack Werner owns A to
Z Inspections. He can be
reached at 405/412-7861.
Ways to speed up taking an iPhone
By Neal Hettinger
The iPhone is even smart-
er than we give it credit when
we may need to something
fast, such as take a photo.
Ever had an image you
wanted to take a quick photo
of but by the time you woke
up your iPhone, plugged in
your code, pressed the cam-
era icon at least 2 times and
opened up the camera, the
moment was gone?
Well, now when you wake
up the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5,
you should see a small camera
icon in the lower right corner.
Just take your finger gently
slide up a multi-option page.-
- just in time to get that per-
fect shot. Hopefully, you have
HDR on so it will print out
very nicely.
Ever take a photo and catch
the person blinking or you
keep waiting for that perfect
moment and then push the
button too fast or too late and
miss it? Just hold the button.
The 4s will keep taking pho-
tos as long as you hold down
the button. The iPhone5 will
take them so fast you cant
count the shots.
When taking the photo, by
putting your thumb and fore-
finger together on the screen
and then spreading them
apart, you can enlarge or re-
duce the photo. By tapping on
the screen, you can also de-
cide the area you want to fo-
cus the camera on.
Remember to delete the
photos you do not want to
save on memory and iCloud
You still can go to your
Photos app by pressing the
icon on your screen or if you
just took the photo, in the low-
er left of the camera screen,
you will see a small thumb-
nail of your photo. Press on
that and it will take you to
the Photos and save you a few
steps. You will see the photo
you just took which you can
keep, share, edit, or trash. In
the upper right it says Done
which, when selected, will
take you back to the camera.
If you would like to de-
lete more than one photo at a
time, go to your camera roll,
and press the word select in
the upper left. Now just tap
on each photo you would like
to delete and select the trash
can. Then select the delete
from the pop--up.
This area is also where you
can share multiple photos.
Just press the small box in the
lower left that has an arrow
in it. You can message, email,
put images on iCloud, upload
multiple images to Facebook
and other social accounts.
When you press Done it
will take you back to the cam-
era. I like to quickly check
and see if the photo I took is
good quality and delete photo
if it is not.
If you want to take a selfie,
the reverse camera is now a
higher quality. So start snap-
chatting. Just remember, any-
one can take a screen pic by
holding the on/off button on
the top at the same time they
push the home button on the
lower front.
Neal Hettinger is the owner
for the Hettinger Design Group
and design websites, logos,
ads, brochures, and contrac-
tors software programs. Call
405/475-0537 or visit hetting-
Lenny Fly
AT&T to hire 300 Oklahoma workers
Job fair set Thursday,
July 24 in OKC
Staff Report
AT&T officials announced
it will hire more than 300
workers in Oklahoma. The po-
sitions will be primarily fo-
cused on call center special-
ists, technicians and retail
support, and are a result of
AT&Ts continued investment
in Oklahoma, said Emily Lang,
Corporate Communications.
On Thursday, July 24,
AT&Ts retail organization
will host a job fair from noon
- 6 p.m. at the companys office
located at 14201 Wireless Way
in Oklahoma City.
Steve Hahn, President of
AT&T Oklahoma and Arkan-
sas said, AT&T continues to
expand its customer base in
Oklahoma and invest in our
network to ensure we are pro-
viding the high level of ser-
vice customers have come to
expect. As part our commit-
ment to this level of custom-
er service and to support our
growth, we are pleased to have
the opportunity to welcome
more than 300 Oklahomans to
the AT&T family.
More information on all
AT&T jobs openings can be
found at online at connect.att.
AT&T has invested near-
ly $800 million in its wireless
and wired networks in Okla-
homa from 2011 through 2013,
driving a wide range of up-
grades to enhance speed, re-
liability, coverage and perfor-
mance for residents and busi-
ness customers.
Advancing its Project Ve-
locity IP (VIP), a three-year
investment plan to expand
and enhance its wireless and
wired IP broadband networks,
the firm in 2013 made 756 net-
work upgrades in Oklahoma.
This included new cell sites,
addition of wireless and wired
network capacity, and new
broadband network connec-
Additionally, it expanded
the reach of its network, pro-
viding access to U-verse

ternet and video services to
nearly 34,000 new customer
locations and delivering pow-
erful fiber-optic connections
to 2,339 business locations at
81 multi-tenant business build-
ings and business parks.
AT&T jobs are said to be
highly regarded; full- and part-
time positions include compet-
itive wages and benefits which
provide security and value to
AT&T employees, retirees and
their dependents.
AT&T currently employs
more than 4,000 employees
throughout Oklahoma and is
constantly looking for new tal-
The company also offers
numerous opportunities for
professional development and
education. AT&T is commit-
ted to diversity and veteran re-
Consumers can learn more
about the AT&Ts Oklahoma,
domestic and international
coverage online at,