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Contract 5.

1545 v2

Amendmenr Armx, Ine.
We Make GREAT Guns

37 Loop Rd
Arden, NC 28704
828-676-0225 (Tom Wise, General Manager)


This is a legally-binding contract. Please do not sign unless you understand and
agree to all of the terms herein.


Customer and you refers to, and is, someone who purchases a firearm from
Amendment Arms Inc.

Layaway Program refers to, and is, a method by which Customer purchases a Joshua
MK5 by placing an amount of money for down payment, then paying the remainder of
the purchase price by a specific time.

Rebate Program refers to, and is, a method by which Customer is provided a discount
(Rebate) by refunding a certain amount of the purchase price every year for a certain
number of years.

Full Payment refers to, and is, the entire purchase price, plus all applicable taxes and
delivery charges.

Caliber Interchange Kit refers to, and is, altogether, a barrel assembly, bolt assembly,
and feed ramp which converts the Joshua MK5 from one caliber to a different caliber.

A-Series refers to, and is, a limited-line Joshua MK5, which uses special serial
numbers from A1 through A300. This means there shall ever only be 300 total A-
Series Joshua MK5.
Contract 5.1545 v2


Amendment Arms Inc. is providing the Layaway Program to help you reach your goal
while you help us reach ours.

Customer must provide at least $100.00 down payment to qualify for Layaway Program.


Customer who signs this contract participates in Rebate Program as follows:

(1) You must provide at least $400.00 down payment to qualify for Rebate Program.

(2) Customer who provides down payment of $800.00 or more will receive a Rebate of
$300.00, payable $100 per year for three years after the date of Full Payment. This
works out to a 19.5% discount off the base price!

Customer who provides down payment between $400.00-799.99 will receive a Rebate of
$200.00, payable $100 per year for two years after the date of Full Payment. This works
out to a 13% discount off the base price!

(3) Amendment Arms Inc. reserves the right to at any time discontinue Rebate Program.
Get yours now!

(4) Customer is permitted to purchase more than one Joshua MK5, and to participate in
one Rebate Program per Joshua purchased, if such Rebate Program is available.


(1) Any Customer who provides at least $400.00 down payment towards this contract
shall qualify for the following:

(a) $100 Discount off retail price for Joshua MK5 Caliber Interchange Kit, either AK
(7.62 x 39) or .300 Blackout (BLK) round, your choice,

(b) $50 Discount off retail price for Joshua MK5 Aluminum Briefcase,

(c) Limited Serial Number. A-Series special serial number, one of only 300 A-
Series Joshua MK5 rifles,

(d) Accelerated Delivery. A-Series will be produced concurrently with regular
series, which means near-term delivery,
Contract 5.1545 v2

(2) After 300 customers, Amendment Arms Inc. will permanently discontinue the
limited-line A-Series and all associated Rebates and Incentives.

(3) Amendment Arms Inc. reserves the right to at any time discontinue making available
either of the aforementioned Discounts. Get yours now!


(1) The base price for the Joshua MK5 is $1545.00, before taxes and shipping.

(2) There is 11% manufacturers federal excise tax (required by law), equaling $169.95.

YOU WILL NOT PAY excise tax if you pay the full purchase price of $1545 as your
down payment, and enroll in that program.

(3) There is 7% North Carolina sales tax, amounting to $108.15.

YOU WILL PAY SALES TAX ONLY IF you are a North Carolina resident, or if
you make the transfer at our location.

Delivery charges are anticipated to be $20.00 for USPS. Delivery rates may change if
rates increase or if new carrier becomes necessary.

You can pick up your Joshua MK5 for free in Arden, NC, but sales tax will apply.


You can take as much time as you like. Of course, you wont receive your Joshua MK5,
or any Rebate, until you pay the Full Payment.


Customer must make Full Payment before Rebate Program shall begin.

Amendment Arms Inc. will mail your first Rebate installment on the first July 4 after Full
Payment is made, beginning July 4, 2015.

Contract 5.1545 v2

(1) Full Payment must be received before any firearm shall be delivered.

(2) Amendment Arms Inc. hopes to deliver your A-Series Joshua MK5 within six (6)
months from the date of Full Payment. If not so delivered, you will receive a $50 refund
for every two (2) months further wait time. Such refund shall be made within 30 days
after the date of delivery.

(3) Customer must complete ATF paperwork, if any, and NICS background check.


(1) There shall be no refunds made for any reason, except if Amendment Arms Inc.
should become permanently unable to deliver any Joshua MK5 due to circumstances
beyond our control (such as government legislation).

(2) In such a dire case, refunds associated with (1) above shall be made in an order and
manner which is both possible and reasonable.

(3) If Customer receives a refund associated with (1) above, Customer forfeits any claim,
right, or privilege to any Rebate.


We do not offer a money-back guarantee. We do promise that we are keenly invested in
your satisfaction with the Joshua MK5. Amendment Arms Inc. will therefore provide for
the initial retail purchaser, that is, the Customer, a limited lifetime warranty similar to
that provided by other fine manufacturers. This is an overview, not a legal description, of
our warranty. An actual detailed warranty shall be transmitted to Customer.


Your Joshua MK5 will come with a printed and/or DVD owners manual.

For an extra reasonable charge, we will provide off-site training sessions.

Contract 5.1545 v2

1 birdcage compensator.

1 magazine in 5.56/.223 caliber.


(1) Ability. Customer must be eligible at time of delivery to legally own a semi-
automatic weapon. This includes a NICS background check.

We respect states rights even if we disagree. Your state may restrict certain features of
or even forbid possession of, the Joshua MK5. If you are unsure, please visit your
favorite FFL holder (pawn shop, gun store) for the most up-to-date and accurate rules of
the game. Alternatively, you might visit your states official website. Amendment Arms
shall not be held responsible, or liable, for any inability of Customer to own the Joshua
MK5. We do not offer refunds for any such inability. Please make sure before you place
your order!

Pistol grip, underfolding stock, flash suppressor, threaded barrel, action, magazine.

(2) Fraudulent or Incorrect Application. Any fraudulent or incorrect application for
any firearm or program shall disqualify applicant.

Disqualified applicants will receive a full refund of any monies, minus (a) any
commission paid to any Amendment Arms affiliate, including sales personnel,
wholesalers, retailers, or independent contractors, and (b) $200 nuisance fee.

(3) Necessary Paperwork. Guns will not be delivered or otherwise handed over to any
customer without proper receipts and/or other necessary information. Keep your
paperwork safe!

Refunds will not be given or otherwise handed over to any customer without proper
receipts and/or other necessary information. Keep your paperwork safe!

Customer signature will be required for any gun or refund.

(4) Rebates. Rebates will be delivered by mail, on a company check.

Customer cashing Rebate check constitutes legal consummation of that transaction.

Claims for undelivered Rebate checks must go through Amendment Arms Inc. Customer
agrees to arbitrate such claims with Amendment Arms Inc., and waives rights to any
court action.
Contract 5.1545 v2

Ownership of Rebate may not be transferred, neither by sale, inheritance, trade, barter, or
by any other means. Amendment Arms Inc. will not honor such transferences. Rebate
will be delivered only to original Customer.

(5) Standing. No Customer shall be considered nor construed to be an investor,
bondholder, shareholder, officer, or director in Amendment Arms Inc., and shall receive
no participatory, voting, or any other rights, privileges, or claims other than those
explicitly stated above.

(6) Change of Address. Customer is responsible for any change of Customer address.
Amendment Arms Inc. will not be held liable for any damages, civil or otherwise, for any
delivery or mailing which arrives to an incorrect address, except if Customer has
provided a correct delivery or mailing address within 30 days of such delivery or mailing.

The undersigned understands and agrees to all of the terms, provisions, and
conditions of this Contract.

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Please make check or money order to Amendment Arms Inc. and mail to:
Amendment Arms Inc, POB 1462, Arden, NC 28704.

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