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study area :planning development along the river arkavathi in

kanakpura town
project exicuted :2011
arkavati is a large mountain river in karnataka,india,orginating from nandi
hills of chikkaballapura district .it is a tributary of is a perrinial river.
the river is used by bangalore water supply to provide 1! million litres of
drinking water per day to the bangalore city ie,20" of city#s water.
topographical characteristic analysis:
baed on the topographical most of the *one is falling under pedi plai n
strata,pedi plain is the level grond slightly inclined towards the river +ow.
(,)& -'./:
in study area the majority is 0ne sand deposit .
/1)(-)%2 &$%34(/ $%$&'()(:
5or this study purpose,the area has been divided into six sections:
the classi0ed of sections as shown below,

(/6-),% 1:
)n this section the maximum area is used for agriculture purpose.
agriculture people highly dependent on the river for agri growth for
irrigation purpose.
from the above land use map it is seen that most of the lands near the
river are kept as idle as barren land,for which actions should be taken for
reclamation of these land and convert this to useful agriculture land and
green belt area.
the following are the takeo7 we consider for river front development based
on existing situation on sec 1:
1.both sides of the river are agricultural land.fully
green areas. residence and public places exists.
.solid waste disposal and dumping activities takes
placeat the banks of river.
8.river +ow is distributed because of sedimentation
process which leads to the formation of small sand island.
!. width of the river varies from !0 mtrs to 110 mtrs
in this section.
(/6-),% 2:
it is located near to the township of kanakpura town.mostly the land uses
here are for agriculture.
majorly cocunut trees are grown near the river areas.the agriculture
irrigation wells ase made with the help of various irrigation schemes.
the folloiwing are the takeo7 we consider for riverfront development
based on existing situation on the section 2:
1.agriculture lands are located on either side same as section
2.river pollution,solid waste disposal and dumping happen at
the banks.
. even here no public places and residences
8.width of the river varies from 90 to 110 mtr.
!.island formation in the river due to the soil sedimentatipn
during rainy season.
(/6-),% :
-his section is the con+uence portion of arkavthi river with
suvarnamukhi river .
in this section,a bridge of two lanes with a length of 180 m is crossing
the arkavathi river.
the folloiwing are the takeo7 we consider for riverfront development based
on existing situation on the section :
1.both sides of the river is the agricultural land as in past two
2.180m length 2 lanes bridge are also be has to be considered
when designing
.con+uence of arkavathi:suvarnamukhi river.
8.boodhugupee village located near the con+uence.
!.sewage problem.