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The Hygiene4Health campaign has been produced by Sanof Pasteur MSDin association with teaching and healthcare professionals.
50 miles
50 miles
Oliver Odd-sock and his
dog Down-boy lived in a
tall turrety castle on a
knobbly high hill.
One morning,
Oliver Odd-sock received a very
important letter from
Dear Oliver Odd-sock
I am trapped in a tall tall tower and Id
really like to be rescued please,
Only, Im getting very bored and no one
ever comes to play.
Do you think you might be able to help?
Please see the map and good luck.
Love from
Princess Annabelle
50 miles
What an awfully bigadventure, thought Oliver,
but frst things frst, I need to have a wee!
His mumwas always telling himtowash his hands
after using the toilet and before eating.
So, after using the toilet,
Oliver Odd-sock put some soap on themand held themunder the water.
That shoulddothe trick he thought.
Then he heard a little voice talking... the sound was coming from
his newly washed hands!
Were still here thanks ever-so
Do touch a handle and off well go
To other people, near and far
Touch to touch, so much faster by car!
Yuck, said Oliver. There are germs on my hands!
I wonder howI can get rid of them I dont want themmaking me poorly
and ruining my big adventure before it even starts?
Suddenly, there was a flash of light, a big BANGand a
cloud of smoke and in front of himstood a boy with spiky hair and a fowing cape.
ImCaptainHandwash he said.
Imhere to help you banishthose bugs fromyour hands.
How, said Oliver Odd-sock, Ive already washed them?
By giving you my special cleaning powers its easy-peasy,
you just need to remember to count to nine
Its the hero way!
Wet your hands,
Its lots of fun,
Nowaddsome soap,
Thats number ONE.
Foamthe soap,
Its great todo,
Thats number TWO.
Nowrubyour palms,
Were ontoTHREE,
Use lots of suds,
Tomake soap-eee!!
Link your fngers,
Rubsome more,
Nowreally scrub,
Thats number FOUR.
Rubback of hand,
Youre nowat FIVE,
Eachfnger soap,
Sonogerms thrive.
Thumbs are next,
Souse some tricks,
Twist andcircle,
Thats stepSIX.
Cleanyour wrists,
Togive a twist!
Rinse soapof,
Nowhands feel great!
Make sure soaps gone,
Youve fnishedEIGHT!
Dry bothhands,
Were nowat NINE,
(Andevery fnger),
Nowwere fne!
Thanks CaptainHandwash, said Oliver Odd-sock.
NowIve got super-cleanhands,
I canstart my awfully bigadventureandrescue
With knapsack packed, Oliver Odd-sock patted his
faithful dog Down-boy and they set of, squelchingacross
rivers and runningthrough felds.
At last they came to a clearing
in which, stood a tree covered in glisteningyummy food.
YUMMY, shouted Oliver Odd-sock.
As he went to grab a strawberry-creambuncake, he heard
a gaggle of giggling voices singing.
And it was coming fromhis outstretched fngers.
You patted Down-boy, the germs
giggled, and we love to hitch a ride
on animals yippee!
Well... I want to eat this buncake,
but I dont want to get ill.
If I was near a bathroomI could use
my newspecial hand washing powers,
but Imin the middle of a feld!
What amI going to do?
We are germs - a bunch of rotters,
who love to live amongst your trotters.
On your palms and around your
fingers, is the place we like to linger!
Not YOUagain, saidOliver,
howdidYOUget onmy hands this time?
By usingmy special portable soap.
It helps tokeepyour hands squeaky-cleanandgerm-free
whenyoure out on awfully bigadventures...
Fantastic, said Oliver Odd-sock, as he squirted the portable
soap all over his hands and between his fngers.
Suddenly there was a SNAP... a CRACKLE
and then, a PUFF!!!
Standing in front of Oliver Odd-sock stood a boy
with a two squirty bottles full of bubbles.
ImMr CleanUpandI canhelpbanishthe germs;
soyoucaneat your strawberry-creambuncake,
ANDcontinue onyour adventure torescue the princess!!!
But how, saidOliver, Immiles awayfromabathroom?
Thanks Mr CleanUp saidOliver, But now, Down-boy andI needtopushon,
weve got APRINCESStorescue!
After much walking, they entered a deep dark forest,
where trees creaked, owls shrieked
and wrigglyanimals slithered across the undergrowth.
Deeper and deeper into the forest they went,
until at last, they came to a clearing and in the clearing,
gleaming in the sunlight, stood a tall, tall tower!
BUT... at the bottomof the tower sat a
miserable looking dragon!
Now, most dragons breathe out great balls of fre,
but this dragon wasnt.
He was sneezing and coughing out big droplets
of wet gooey stuf over everything!
Ohbuzz of, he saidI feel awful, I cant stopsneezing.
Andnone of the other dragons will play withme because
they dont want tocatchmy cold.
Oliver Odd-sock could see why.
The dragon was sneezing everywhere.
Fromdroplets on things all around the dragon,
came a familiar sound.
Us grubby germs
cause coughs and sneezes
A perfect way
to spread diseases
Out we shoot, into the air
Who we land on, we dont care
Use your hands??
Sounds good to us
From hand to toy
whats all the fuss?
Well get around,
no matter what
And infect you all
with slimey snot!
Oliver Odd-sock didnt much fancy being infected with the dragons germs,
but what could he do to protect himself and get past the dragon?
All of a sudden there was a PUFF, and a LOUDBANGand there
stood a beautiful girl and a funny bin thing with a rumbling tummy!!
Hello, ImTrishaTissue, saidthe girl, andthis is Mr Bin
excuse his tummy, hes always hungry!
Anyhow, we thought youmight needsome help?
I needtoget past the dragontosave
THE PRINCESS, saidOliver;
but I dont want tocatchhis germs or get eaten!
Youll needatissue, thats what youneed!
The girl reached up to her hair and to Olivers amazement,
she pulled of a pile of tissues and gave themto Oliver.
Give this tothe dragon, she said,
andthen, whenhe next feels asneeze or coughcoming,
he cancover his mouthandcatchthe germs.
Just like us Hygiene Heroes!
Once the germs are caught inatissue, throwit tome, saidMr Bin
I love eatingtissues yumyum, Imalways hungry!
Hey Dragon, Oliver Odd-sock shouted,
as he threwthe tissues to the dragon froma safe distance.
Use these tissues andtheyll helpstopyoufromgivingyour germs toanyone else
but put themintothe binafterwards Mr Binseems abit hungry!
Thank yousomuch saidthe dragon.
Will my friends come andplay withme if I use them?
Course they will!
Ohgoody gum-drops. Now, is there anything
I candotothank you, saidthe dragon?
Yes please. Couldyoulet us past andintothe tower
tosee if Princess Annabelle lives here?
Well since youaskedsonicely andhelpedme
tostopspreadingmy germs, of course Ill let youin.
Andwiththat the Dragonsteppedaside,
revealinga BIGOAKDOOR
The door creeeeaakedopen.
Up the rickety racketysteps climbed Oliver Odd-sock
At the top of the stairs was a curtain.
And behind the curtain was a room.
And in that roomwas...
HURRAH, Oliver Odd-sock shouted victory at last
and he did a little dance to celebrate.
But the princess didnt hear or see him....
she was asleep and snoring!!
In the princesss hand was a note, it read:
Dear brave rescuer(s)
I have lived in this castle for many years
because the germs outside this castle could make
me really really poorly
For me to leave the castle safely,
You must first answer these questions
1. When should you clean your hands?
2. What should you do when you need to sneeze
or cough?
3. How do you wake a sleeping princess?
(Ive always wanted to do that bit)
Love from Princess Annabelle
P.S. Please wash your hands
So, having washed his hands
thoroughly and answered all the
questions correctly,
Oliver Odd-sock kissedthe princess.
Who woke up and gave Oliver Odd-sock a
HUGE HUGfor rescuing her and said
Youre my hygiene hero

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