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By Frederick Mann
Copyright 1994 Terra Libra Holdings ALL !"HT# $#$%$&
This report is dedicated to &r' (in (enger) to *y kno+ledge the +orld,s -ore*ost increaser o-
intelligence' (in (enger) .h'&' is the -o/nder o- The !nstit/te o- %is/al Thinking) .ro0ect enaissance)
and .sychegenics .ress' To a considerable e1tent) Terra Libra as a sol/tion to indi2id/al and +orld
proble*s) is a res/lt o- the application o- so*e o- the pheno*enally po+er-/l creati2ity- and
intelligence-increasing techni3/es de2eloped by &r' (enger'
4Terra Libra ia a +orld+ide -ree co/ntry that e1tends across national borders' !ts inhabitants are Free
#o2ereign Citi5ens' !t has a Code o- beha2ior) based on sel--go2ern*ent) sel--o+nership) indi2id/al
so2ereignty) property rights) */t/al respect -or person and property) 2ol/ntary association) 2ol/ntary
e1change) -reedo* o- speech and contract) and the re0ection o- coercion' The -/nda*entals o- Terra
Libra are described in the Terra Libra !ntrod/ctory .ackage consisting o- eports 6TL71) TL71A) TL78)
TL78A) TL78B) TL78C) and TL78&'9
! :rst *ade contact +ith &r' (enger abo/t se2en years ago' ! i**ediately started practicing his
techni3/es' ! 3/ickly started generating creati2e sol/tions to all kinds o- proble*s' For se2eral *onths)
&r' (enger and ! engaged in a so*eti*es heated dialog on the s/b0ect o- ;go2ern*ent'; <2er the
ens/ing years ! contin/ed to generate e2er *ore sophisticated sol/tions) incl/ding so*e sol/tions to
the proble*s o- *arketing and i*ple*enting ;sol/tions';
At a certain point ! reali5ed that a ;sol/tion; is no sol/tion) /nless yo/ can pro:tably and 2iably
prod/ce) *arket) distrib/te) and i*ple*ent it' Terra Libra see*s to be a sol/tion that *eets these
criteria' First concei2ed in May 199=) the +ide acceptance o- Terra Libra and its tenets in *any parts o-
the +orld) indicate that it is a breakthro/gh +hose ti*e has co*e'
This report sho/ld be read in con0/nction +ith eport 6TL1>? Ho+ to Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess' 6TL11
and 6TL1> really co2er -acets o- the sa*e territory' At so*e le2el) *ost Terra Libra p/blications are
atte*pts to increase intelligence'''
Also) this report is inco*plete' !t,s a report that can ne2er be co*pleted' ! +ill probably -ore2er :nd
*ore aspects o- intelligence-increase that need to be added'
;Freedo* Technology; is one o- the key concepts o- Terra Libra' Freedo* Technology consists o- the
practical kno+ledge) *ethods) skills) and techni3/es to li2e -ree' !t incl/des the *eans /sed to de-end
yo/rsel- and yo/r property against cri*inal intr/sion by agents o- coercion 4o-ten *as3/erading as
;go2ern*ent;9) as +ell as the *eans to co/nter-attack) i- necessary and e1pedient' @lti*ately)
Freedo* Technology also incl/des the *ethods to blo+ a+ay the bog/s po+er o- agents o- coercion' A
2ery i*portant part o- Freedo* Technology is the de2elop*ent o- yo/r o+n creati2ity and intelligence)
co/pled +ith the transcendence o- any sel--i*posed *ental) psychological) or e*otional li*itations
yo/ *ay be s/b0ect to'
&r' (enger,s +ork constit/tes an i*portant *eans to achie2e the p/rpose e1pressed in the pre2io/s
sentence' ! highly reco**end his techni3/es' By all *eans call or +rite hi* -or in-or*ation? (in
(enger) .h'&') .< Bo1 ==8) "aithersb/rg) M& 87AA4B 4=719 94A-1188'
$ssentially) &r' (enger teaches thinking skills' By practicing the thinking skills he ad2ocates) yo/ not
only increase yo/r intelligence) yo/ also generate creati2e sol/tions to all kinds o- personal and other
Defning Intelligence
My (ebster,s de:nes ;intelligence; as? ;the ability to learn or /nderstand or to deal +ith ne+ or trying
sit/ationsB the skilled /se o- reasonB the ability to apply kno+ledge to *anip/late one,s en2iron*ent or
to think abstractly'; !t de:nes ;intelligence test; as ;a test designed to deter*ine the relati2e *ental
capacity o- a person'; !ntelligence co/ld also be si*ply de:ned as the ability to sol2e proble*s'
As ! indicated in eport 6TL7>A? The Cat/re o- Freedo*) de:nitions res/lt in conse3/ences' ! think +e
need a */ch *ore po+er-/l de:nition o- intelligence' For e1a*ple) intelligence is the ability to
prod/ce desirable res/lts' ;&esirable res/lts; by +hose standardsD &esirable res/lts in the eye o- the
beholder' My intelligence is *y ability to prod/ce desirable res/lts according to *y standards' And -
beca/se ! li2e in an interdependent +orld - i- nobody else thinks *y res/lts are desirable) then ! ha2e a
<ne +ay o- describing *y occ/pation is that !,* in the b/siness o- prod/cing and selling in-or*ation' A
desirable res/lt -or *e is that eno/gh people b/y *y in-or*ation so ! can li2e -ro* the proceeds'
Another desirable res/lt is that people call or +rite to praise *y in-or*ation' Eet another is that people
- 8 -
take it /pon the*sel2es to help *e sell *y in-or*ation' ! a* thrilled +hen people tell *e ho+ they
i*ple*ent *y in-or*ation to i*pro2e their li2es and aFairs' A long-ter* desirable res/lt is that *y
in-or*ation helps to bring abo/t a 3/ant/* 0/*p in h/*an *at/rity - see eport 6TL1>? Ho+ to
Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess'
Take another look at *y bold ne+ de:nition) ;intelligence is the ability to prod/ce desirable res/lts';
(hat,s +rong +ith this de:nitionD !,ll tell yo/' (hat /se is an ability i- it,s not being acti2ely applied to
prod/ce desirable res/ltsD Let *e propose a *ore po+er-/l de:nition? intelligence is the co*bination
o- actions that prod/ce desirable res/lts' Thinking is one o- these actions' !ntelligence) as ! de:ne it)
incl/des the co*bination o- all the other actions that act/ally prod/ce desirable res/lts'
And +hat is an ;intelligence testD; Li-e is an intelligence test' Eo/ are intelligent to the e1tent that yo/r
li-e consists o- desirable res/lts yo/ prod/ce' The rele2ance o- traditional ;!G; tests is 2ery li*ited'
#o*e psychologists say that !G tests pri*arily test the ability to per-or* in !G testsH
The Most Powerful Intelligence Increaser
!n order to prod/ce *ore desirable res/lts) +e need to learn' !n general) +e li2e in a +orld in +hich
things either get better or +orse' Things seldo* re*ain the sa*e' !- +e stop learning +e can e1pect
that o/r ability to sol2e proble*s and prod/ce desirable res/lts grad/ally di*inishes - o/r intelligence
declines' By contin/ing to learn) +e increase o/r ability to sol2e proble*s and prod/ce desirable
res/lts - o/r intelligence increases'
B/t there is a */ch *ore po+er-/l intelligence increaser' !*agine that e2ery +eek - or e2en e2ery day
- yo/ co/ld :nd at least one little thing that accelerates yo/r rate o- learning' Think abo/t it' !*agine
that today yo/ can :nd so*ething that enables yo/ to learn ne+ things -aster than yo/ did yesterday'
To*orro+ yo/ can :nd so*ething that enables yo/ to learn ne+ things -aster than today' Try and
i*agine +hat kinds o- things *ight be able to accelerate yo/r rate o- learning day by day' As yo/ read
this report) try to identi-y things yo/ can apply to accelerate yo/r rate o- learning'
The Twenty-Two Elements of Intelligence
<ne +ay o- de:ning so*ething is to list its co*ponents' Fec/ndity or -r/it-/lness is a *eas/re o- the
/se-/lness o- a de:nition' ! propose the -ollo+ing t+enty-t+o ele*ents o- intelligence as a *ost -r/it-/l
Ino+ledge J +isdo*
Co**/nication J -eedback J -eed-or+ard
Freedo* J change J Ke1ibility J adaptability
#el--discipline J sel--control
B/siness dyna*ics
Li-e - biological or physical i**ortality
1. Belief
;</r belie-s are a 2ery po+er-/l -orce on o/r beha2ior' !t is co**on +isdo* that i- so*eone really
belie2es he can do so*ething he +ill do it) and i- he belie2es so*ething is i*possible no a*o/nt o-
eFort +ill con2ince hi* that it can be acco*plished'
''' </r belie-s abo/t o/rsel2es and +hat is possible in the +orld aro/nd /s greatly i*pact o/r day-to-
day eFecti2eness' All o- /s ha2e belie-s that ser2e as reso/rces as +ell as belie-s that li*it /s'''
</r belie-s can shape) eFect or e2en deter*ine o/r degree o- intelligence) health) relationships)
creati2ity) e2en o/r degree o- happiness and personal s/cces'; - obert &ilts) Changing Belie- #yste*s
+ith CL.'
Ce/ro-ling/istic .rogra**ing 4CL.9 co/ld be described as the science o- personal representational
syste*s' The h/*an brain can be described as a si*/lator' #o*ething goes on in the brain that
atte*pts to *i*ic) copy) si*/late) or represent +hat,s going on ;o/t there'; !n o/r brain +e,2e got
;so*eting; that represents 4or atte*pts toH9 o/rsel2es and +hat,s o/t there' This ;so*ething; is a
representational syste* or a str/ct/re o- belie-s' obert &ilts,s book deals +ith the nat/re o- belie-
syste*s and proced/res -or changing the*'
;!s there a so*ething) a -orce) a -actor) a po+er) a science - call it +hat yo/ +ill - +hich a -e+ people
/nderstand and /se to o2erco*e their diLc/lties and achie2e o/tstanding s/ccessD'''
- = -
(hen ! started o/t years ago to teach this science thro/gh the *edi/* o- lect/res and *y broch/re) !
+asn,t certain that it co/ld be or +o/ld be grasped by the ordinary indi2id/alB b/t no+ that ! ha2e seen
those +ho ha2e /sed it do/ble and triple their inco*es) b/ild their o+n s/ccess-/l b/sinesses) ac3/ire
ho*es in the co/ntry) and create si5able -ort/nes) ! a* con2inced that any intelligent person +ho is
sincere +ith hi*sel- can reach any heights he desires'; - Cla/de M' Bristol) The Magic o- Belie2ing'
The :rst area to tackle) i- yo/ +o/ld increase yo/r intelligence) is the do*ain o- yo/r belie-s abo/t
yo/rsel-' !- yo/ belie2e) like so*e psychologists *ight tell yo/) that yo/r intelligence is a :1ed 3/antity
yo/ cannot change''' Mr' Bristol also +rote?
;! a* cogni5ant o- the -act that there are po+er-/l -orces at +ork in this co/ntry that +o/ld do*inate
/s) s/bstit/ting a kind o- regi*entation -or the co*petiti2e syste* +hich has *ade A*erica great
a*ong nations' They +o/ld atte*pt to destroy indi2id/al thinking and iniati2e) cherished e2er since
o/r .ilgri* Fathers established this co/ntry in de:ance o- <ld (orld tyranny' ! belie2e that +e */st
contin/e to retain the +ealth o- spirit o- o/r -ore-athers) -or i- +e don,t +e shall :nd o/rsel2es
do*inated in e2erything +e do by a *ighty -e+ and shall beco*e ser-s in -act i- not in na*e' Th/s this
+ork is +ritten also to help de2elop indi2id/al thinking and doing';
!n his book Changing Belie- #yste*s +ith CL.) obert &ilts identi:es si1 le2els o- belie-?
#pirit/al - ;Trans-Mission;
!dentity - (hoD - Mission
Belie-sJ%al/es - (hyD - Moti2ation
Capabilities - Ho+D - &irection
Beha2iors - (hatD - Action
$n2iron*ent - (hereD (henD - eaction) Bo/ndaries) Constraints'
<n each o- these le2els +e ha2e belie-s' ! ha2e a -riend +ho in se2eral letters has +ritten to *e ;!,*
0/st a d/*b dentist'; $2en i- so*ething like this is said 0okingly) it probably reKects a deep-seated
belie-' ! belie2e *ost o- /s can beco*e considerably *ore intelligent by changing o/r belie-s) by
:nding o/t +ho +e really are) by adopting the *ost +orkable 2al/es) by de2eloping those capabilities
*ost congr/ent +ith o/r identity) by constantly seeking to do *ore than +e think +e can) and by
creating o/r en2iron*ent to satis-y o/r needs'
A 3/ote -ro* eport 6TL74? Ho+ to Find </t (ho Eo/ Are?
;The leg o- a baby elephant is tied +ith a rope to a +ooden post planted in the gro/nd' The rope
con:nes the baby elephant to an area deter*ined by the length o- the rope' !nitially the baby elephant
tries to break the rope) b/t the rope is too strong' The baby elephant ;learns; that it can,t break the
(hen the elephant gro+s /p into a ten-ton coloss/s) it co/ld easily break the sa*e rope' B/t beca/se
it ;learned; that it co/ldn,t break the rope +hen it +as a baby) it belie2es that it still can,t break the
rope) so it doesn,t e2en try' #o the largest elephant can be con:ned by the p/niest little rope'
!n a sense) the elephant,s *ind +as broken by the rope +hen it +as a baby'
<bedience is the greatest obstacle to disco2ering +ho yo/ are - obedience to others) obedience to
yo/r o+n belie-s abo/t yo/r li*itations';
2. Health
#ee eport 6TL79? Ho+ to Achie2e #/perhealth'
3. Consciousness
.ersonally) ! e1perienced a 3/ant/* leap in intelligence +hen *y -oc/s shi-ted -ro* ;pro2ing that !,*
right; to prod/cing res/lts' Consider the -ollo+ing Bica*eral Model o- the Mind'
The Bicameral Model of the Mind
1. Pre-conscious;
Bica*eral stage 1?
A/to*atic 2isions and 2oices tell yo/ +hat to do'
Eo/ a/to*atically obey the ;2oices o- a/thority';
Eo/ think and speak like a sla2e'
<bedience is para*o/nt'
2. Proto-conscious;
Bica*eral stage 8?
A/to*atic -eelings and tho/ghts tell yo/ +hat to do'
Eo/ beha2e like?
- 4 -
4a9 A tr/e belie2er 4so*eti*es a -anatic :ghter -or a ;great ca/se;9B or
4b9 A helpless +i*p 4lang/ishing in apathy) so*eti*es co*plaining9B or
4c9 A sel--righteo/s preacher 4*aking sel- ;right; and others ;+rong;9B or
4d9 A *acho rebel 4co*p/lsi2ely :ghting ;the syste*); ;the !#); ;the go2ern*ent;9'
Being ;right; is para*o/nt'
3. Conscious;
Conscio/s stage?
Eo/ ha2e largely *astered yo/r -eelings and e*otions'
Eo/ ha2e the ability to critically e1a*ine e2ery concept) e2ery tho/ght) e2ery action'
Eo/ stri2e to increase yo/r co*petence in e2ery aspect o- yo/r li-e'
Eo/ care-/lly obser2e the res/lts yo/ prod/ce) /sing that as -eedback to i*pro2e yo/r concepts)
tho/ghts) co**/nications) and actions'
Eo/ li2e -ree and creati2ely - yo/ are a Freeperson'
.rod/cing res/lts is para*o/nt'
According to &r' M/lian Maynes 4The <rigin o- Conscio/sness in the Breakdo+n o- the Bica*eral Mind9)
/p to abo/t =)777 years ago h/*ans +ere not conscio/s as +e kno+ conscio/sness today' Their *inds
+orked like this? #it/ations triggered *ental 2oices andJor 2isions that +ere a/to*atically generated
in the right brain) -ro* +here they +ere co**/nicated 2ia the anterior co**iss/re to the le-t brain)
+here the 2isions +ere ;seen; and the 2oices ;heard'; The *ental 2oices and 2isions ;told; people
+hat to do' Today) so*e people still *ani-est this -or* o- *entation - so*eti*es called schi5ophrenia'
! call this stage in the e2ol/tion o- conscio/sness) bica*eral stage 1 - the pre-conscio/s h/*an' !n this
stage obedience is para*o/nt'
Many people are a+are o- an a/to*atic) apparently /ncontrollable ;strea* o- tho/ghts; going on in
their heads' #o*eti*es a sit/ation +ill trigger an a/to*atic tho/ght like ;she doesn,t lo2e *e);
-ollo+ed by a/to*atic -eelings and e*otions - apparently not /nder control' (hen ! +atch and listen
to a T% talk sho+ like ;"ood Morning A*erica; or ;Morton &o+ney) Mr'); it see*s to *e that *ost o- the
participants) incl/ding the host and the specially in2ited speakers) *erely reg/rgitate their a/to*atic
tho/ghts - their e*phasis being on trying to pro2e sel- ;right; and others ;+rong'; ! call this bica*eral
stage 8 - the proto-conscio/s h/*an' !n this stage being ;right; is para*o/nt'
A rapidly gro+ing n/*ber o- people ha2e started 3/estioning and critically e1a*ining concepts)
belie-s) and beha2iors) held sacred by their elders and *ost o- their conte*poraries' These people
+ant to prod/ce better res/lts in their li2es? their health) their relationships) their careers' !n any area
+here they think their res/lts are belo+ e1pectations they seek to i*pro2e their kno+ledge) their
skills) their co*petence' They also reali5e that so*e o- their diLc/lties ste* -ro* destr/cti2e
tho/ghts and beha2ior patterns ac3/ired or de2eloped d/ring childhood' Their e*phasis is on
prod/cing res/lts' ! call this the conscio/s stage'
By conscio/s ! *ean critically a+are) partic/larly critically sel--a+are' The proto-conscio/s person in
bica*eral stage 8 operates ;on a/to*atic; *ost o- the ti*e - like dri2ing a car +itho/t thinking) or
reg/rgitating a/to*atic tho/ghts) or reacting e*otionally like a p/ppet) or co*p/lsi2ely *aking sel-
;right; and others ;+rong; +itho/t critical a+areness o- the res/lts being prod/ced'
The critically conscio/s are conscio/s o- their conscio/sness' They critically *onitor +hat they think)
say) and do in order to prod/ce the res/lts they +ant' They de2elop the thinking skill o- sel--
obser2ation' !n addition to perception) there are -o/r i*portant +ords?
;Apperception; is the perception o- +hat goes on in yo/r *ind) obser2ing yo/r o+n tho/ghts
;.roprioception; is the perception o- +hat goes on in yo/r body) obser2ing yo/r -eelings) sensations)
and e*otions'
;#/bception; is a ter* /sed by Michael .olany to describe the perception at the le2el o- +hat he calls
;tacit kno+ledge'; M/ch o- the kno+ledge +e apply to ride a bycicle is tacit or /ne1pressed' (e :nd it
diLc/lt to artic/late this kno+ledge' #/bception is perception at this le2el'
;.ro0ectoception; is a ter* ! in2ented to describe the ;perception; o- +hat,s really not there' Consider
the so-called ;crab neb/la'; Fro* a certain 2antage point) a ;gro/p o- stars; see* to ha2e the shape
o- a crab' #o +e collecti2ely call the* ;the crab'; #o*e o- these stars are */ch closer to earth than
others' !- +e +ere looking at these stars -ro* a 2ery diFerent place in the /ni2erse) +e +o/ldn,t see
the* as being ;gro/ped together'; The s/pposed ;perception; o- ;the crab; really constit/tes the
addition or pro0ection o- so*ething to the in-or*ation act/ally being recei2ed' A great leap in
intelligence occ/rs +hen +e de2elop the ability to recogni5e o/r o+n pro0ectoception' M/ch o- h/*an
st/pidity is d/e to the /nrecogni5ed and /n+arranted addition or pro0ection o- ;collecti2ities; and
ascribing *agical po+ers to these ;collecti2ties'; An e1a*ple o- s/ch a ;collecti2ity; is ;go2ern*ent';
A si*pler e1a*ple o- s/ch addition or pro0ection occ/rs in the case o- a ;police*an'; An ordinary *an)
+hen clothed in a ;/ni-or*); is pro0ected as ha2ing special 3/alities' #o*ething added to the
perception changes ;ordinary *an; into ;police*an';
- > -
Addition or pro0ection is also in2ol2ed +hen the noises and scribbles o- agents o- coercion are regarded
as ;the la+; 4so-called9' .ro0ectoception occ/rs +hen +e percei2e *ore than there really is to be
percei2ed' 4M/ch o- c/lt/re consists o- agreed /pon pro0ectoception' <pti*/* s/r2i2al o-ten re3/ires
that +e pretend to share the co**on pro0ectoceptions o- o/r -ello+s'9
Many people are in transition -ro* bica*eral stage 8 to the conscio/s stage' #o*e are still in
transition -ro* bica*eral stage 1 to bica*eral stage 8' #o*e sho+ signs o- all three stages'
!- yo/,re a bica*eral stage 8 proto-conscio/s h/*an) yo/r,e probably a tr/e belie2er) a so*e+hat
helpless apathetic) or a co*p/lsi2e rebel' These three types co*pare to three o- the li-e-orientations
identi:ed by &r' $ric Byrne in Transactional Analysis? ;!,* not <I - yo/,re <I; 4tr/e belie2er9B ;!,* not
<I - yo/,re not <I; 4helpless apathetic9B and ;!,* <I - yo/,re not <I; 4co*p/lsi2e rebel9' As yo/
e2ol2e into the conscio/s stage yo/ *o2e to+ards ;!,* <I - yo/,re <I';
! see conscio/sness as a contin//*) rather than as a ;blackJ+hite so*ething; that is either co*pletely
absent or co*pletely present' ! say there are *any degrees o- conscio/sness' ! also regard ;contin//*
thinking; as a thinking skill' Mr' .a/l #to/t has sent *e the -ollo+ing criti3/e?
;! a* -a2orably i*pressed +ith yo/r Terra Libra +riting and the +ay yo/ integrate a +ide range o-
in-or*ation) especially in the A!&# report N6TL79A? A!&# - Bad #cience or Hoa1DO) b/t ! +o/ld like to
point o/t a -e+ things +ith +hich ! disagree' This is in the spirit o- prod/cing a better prod/ct 4*ore
acc/rate in-or*ation9'
! think there is little to be gained by incl/ding the Maynes *aterial''' &r' M/lian Maynes,s book) The <rigin
o- Conscio/sness in the Breakdo+n o- the Bica*eral Mind) is +orthless as science beca/se it presents
no e2idence o- the hypothesis e1pressed in the titleB rather it is a del/sionary -antasy'
Altho/gh the s/b0ect o- the book is conscio/sness) Maynes doesn,t state +hat he *eans by the ter*'
(e *ay there-ore concl/de that he is /sing it in its ordinary dictionary *eaning'
conscio/s? a9 ha2ing an a+areness o- one,s o+n e1istence and en2iron*entB b9 not asleepB a+ake' -
A*erican Heritage &ictionary
conscio/s? 1' a+are o- one,s o+n e1istence) -eelings) and tho/ghts) or o- e1ternal ob0ects and
conditionsB *entally a+ake' - F/nk P (agnalls #tandard College &ictionary
conscio/sness? 1' the state o- being conscio/sB a+areness o- onesel- and one,s s/rro/ndings' - !bid'
conscio/sness? 1' the kno+ledge o- sensations and *ental operations) or o- +hat passes in one,s o+n
*ind' - Ce+ T+entieth Cent/ry &ictionary
conscio/sness? the state o- being *entally a+ake to one,s s/rro/ndings N-ro* the Latin conscire) to be
a+akeO' - Allee,s (ebster,s &ictionary
Conscio/sness is the -ac/lty o- a+areness - the -ac/lty o- percei2ing that +hich e1ists' - Ayn and)
!ntrod/ction to <b0ecti2ist $piste*ology) page =Q'
Maynes,s hypothesis is that ancient *an 4e'g' the Ho*eric "reeks9 +as ;not conscio/s; b/t dealt +ith
his en2iron*ent by -ollo+ing the ad2ice o- ;2oices and 2isions; ;a/to*atically generated; in the ;right
brain; +hich he interpreted as ;a/thorities'; 4Maynes oFers no proo- o- this hypothesis'9
#ince this s/pposed stage occ/rred be-ore conscio/sness originated) and +as not conscio/sness
4according to Maynes9) he +o/ld ha2e /s belie2e that ancient *an +ent abo/t the b/siness o- li2ing in
an /nconscio/s state) that is) asleepH Co/ld the Tro0an +ar ha2e been -o/ght by soldiers +ho +ere
asleepD Co/ld Ho*er ha2e co*posed his epics +hile sleepingD The tho/ght is abs/rd'
By Maynes,s o+n hypothesis the ancients +ere not /nconscio/s) since they +ere a+are o- their
en2iron*ent 4the de:ning characteristic o- conscio/sness9 and o- their ;2oices and 2isions'; The -act
4D9 that they *isinterpreted their nat/re or -ollo+ed their dictates ;sla2ishly; has nothing to do +ith
+hether they +ere conscio/s or not' By Maynes,s o+n telling) ancient *an +as conscio/s according to
the accepted ordinary *eaning o- the ter*' <n this basis) Maynes,s hypothesis is sel--contradictory
.erhaps Maynes,s intention +as to rede:ne the ter* ;conscio/sness); and perhaps s/ch a rede:nition
is i*plicit in his book' (hate2er Maynes *eant by ;conscio/sness); it is not the sa*e thing as the
dictionary de:nition' Th/s) he pres/*es to /se this cr/cial +ord +ith a pri2ate *eaning) +itho/t
disclosing that *eaning to the reader' This is o/trageo/s beha2ior in a +ork intended to be taken as a
serio/s scienti:c treatise' !t is re*iniscent o- H/*pty &/*pty in Alice Thro/gh the Looking "lass) +ho
proclai*ed ha/ghtily) ;(hen ! /se a +ord) it *eans 0/st +hat ! choose it to *ean'; 4Le+id Carroll)
Chapter >9' Alice rightly asked) ;The G/estion is) +hether yo/ can *ake +ords *ean so *any diFerent
Aside -ro* the proble* o- the de:nition o- conscio/sness) +hat abo/t the pla/sibility o- the ;2oices
-ro* the right brain; hypothesisD .art o- this hypothesis is the contention that by listening to these
;2oices; the ancient *an +as able to cope +ith the proble*s o- e1istence' This i*plies that the
;2oices; contained 4tr/e9 in-or*ation abo/t e1istence' Maynes,s -or*/lation there-/re red/ces to a
2ersion o- ;innate ideas'; B/t ;innate ideas; do not e1istB the h/*an *ind 4or right brain) i- yo/ pre-er9
is born tab/la rasa) a blank tablet 4Ayn and) The Ce+ Le-t) p' 197B %irt/e o- #el:shness) p' 8=B Ayn
and Le1icon) p' 498'9
- R -
The concept o- ;innate ideas; is discredited) b/t Maynes is st/ck +ith it' He gi2es no e1planation o- ho+
the prescient ;2oices; got into the ;right brain); no e1planation o- +hy they ceased to be prescient 4at
so*e stage o- history) the ;2oices; are clai*ed to ha2e lost their rele2ance) their ability to help
ancient *an to deal +ith e1istence9' Cor does Maynes e1plain ho+ or +hy the ;2oices; ceased entirely
in *odern *an' This is scienceD This is nonsense'
(ell) the ;2oices; didn,t cease entirely' !t is pointed o/t''' that today,s schi5ophrenics ;still *ani-est
this -or* o- *entation); that is) ;hearing the 2oices'; This i*plies that ancient *an +as s/pposedly
insane and still able to cope +ith realityH (here is the e2idenceD
As -or the description o- the ;pre-conscio/s; 4sleeping9 stage in the Table Bica*eral Model o- the Mind)
it is -anci-/l and /ns/pported by any e2idence' The descriptions o- the ;proto-conscio/s; 4hal--asleepD9
and ;conscio/s; stages are con-/sed and arbitrary'
Bica*eral #tage 8 4hal- asleep9 is analy5ed into -o/r types o- beha2ior +hich are said to arise -ro*
;a/to*atic -eelings'; These types are *atched) *ore or less) +ith the ;!,* <I; sche*a o- Byrne,s
book on ;transactional analysis; 4one o- the +orst books o- pse/do-psychology ! kno+ o-9'
<ne o- the ;proto-conscio/s; beha2ior types is the ;sel--righteo/s preacher 4*aking sel- ,right, and
others ,+rong',9; (ell) +hat is +rong +ith disting/ishing bet+een right and +rongD 4<b0ecting to
disting/ishing bet+een right and +rong is itsel- an act o- disting/ishing bet+een right and +rong'9 ;!
a* right and yo/ are +rong; 4or ;!,* <I and yo/,re not <I;9 is the e3/i2alent to the state*ent) ;This
4state*ent abo/t e1istence9 is tr/e and that 4state*ent abo/t e1istence9 is -alse'; !- the :rst
state*ent abo/t e1istence is indeed tr/e 4according to the e2idence9) then the state*ent) ;! a*
right''' ; is also tr/e) -ro* the *eaning o- the +ord) right'
right? 89 con-or*able to tr/th or -actB correctB tr/eB acc/rate' - F/nk P (agnalls
!t all hinges on the tr/th o- the e1istential state*ent abo/t +hich one clai*s to be ;right'; !- it is
indeed tr/e) there is nothing +rong +ith saying ;! a* right); beca/se that is tr/e too' #ee ho+ this
+orks in the sentence) ;&/esberg is right and "allo is +rong'; N#ee eport 6TL79A? A!&# - Bad #cience
or Hoa1DO
;#el--righteo/sD; 42irt/o/s in one,s o+n esti*ation9 !t is indeed 2irt/o/s to :nd the tr/th o- a -act o-
e1istence) and it is appropriate to be pro/d o- that acco*plish*ent' 4<n pride) see Ayn and) For the
Ce+ !ntellect/al) p' 1R7'9
The Bica*eral Model describes the conscio/s *ind as ha2ing 2ario/s characteristics +hich) ad*irable
as they *ay be) are not the de:ning characteristics o- conscio/sness' For instance) a person *ay be
conscio/s +itho/t ha2ing ;*astered -eelings and e*otions; and +itho/t ha2ing the ability to ;critically
e1a*ine e2ery concept); etc'
<ne can be conscio/s 4according to the dictionary9 +itho/t ha2ing the orientation that ;prod/cing
res/lts is para*o/nt'; <r */st +e again concl/de that Maynes has i*plicitly rede:ned ;conscio/sness;
to be this *i1ed bag o- characteristicsD !t see*s +e */st place hi* s3/arely +ith H/*pty &/*pty on
this iss/e'
B/t rede:ning settled ter*s to s/it one,s o+n pre-erence is to p/t a road block in the +ay o-
co**/nication' &esirable as this la/ndry list o- characteristics *ay be) they do not ser2e to
disting/ish ;conscio/s; -ro* ;proto-conscio/s; or -ro* ;pre-conscio/s'; 4For a lesson in ho+ to
constr/ct a de:nition) see Ayn and) !ntrod/ction to <b0ecti2ist $piste*ology) Chapter >'9
Maynes,s <rigin o- Conscio/sness -ails to con2ince beca/se o- the errors noted' !t i*presses *e as
being poor science and speci:cally poor psychology' !t adds nothing to the presentation o- Nyo/ +ork)
+hichO +o/ld be i*pro2ed by re*o2ing it''' ;
4! sho/ld indicate that the Bica*eral Model o- the Mind ! ha2e presented is *ine and not that o-
Maynes' Maynes, *odel essentially has t+o states? bica*eral and conscio/s' !,2e inserted the proto-
conscio/s state) based on *y obser2ation that *ost people go thro/gh *ost o- li-e hal--asleep) acting
largely on a/to*atic tho/ghts) -eelings) and e*otions'9
At :rst ! e1perienced so*e dis*ay at so*e o- *y +riting being so se2erely critici5ed' Then !
e1perienced a thrill that so*eone +o/ld go to s/ch length to criti3/e *y +ork' !n *y opinion) *y
greatest leap in intelligence +as sti*/lated by Maynes,s book - +hich ! regard as the single *ost
i*portant book on psychology +hich ! kno+' My leap in intelligence occ/rred as ! shi-ted *y -oc/s -ro*
;pro2ing that !,* right; to ;prod/cing res/lts'; Be-ore this shi-t) ! probably +o/ld either ha2e :led a+ay
Mr' #to/t,s criti3/e) or ! +o/ld ha2e atte*pted to syste*atically re-/te all his arg/*ents'
Ha2ing *ade the shi-t) ! asked *ysel-) ;(hat +o/ld be the ideal res/lt ! co/ld achie2eD; The res/lt !
+anted *ost +as -or Mr' #to/t to also criti3/e so*e o- *y other +ritings) and to p/blish these
criti3/es) beca/se ! belie2e that readers +ill be able to bene:t greatly -ro* the*' #o ! +rote to Mr'
#to/t as -ollo+s 4in part9?
;Thank yo/ -or yo/r letter''' !,* thrilled that yo/ spent all that ti*e and eFort to analy5e and state the
areas o- disagree*ent' !,* 2ery interested in getting <b0ecti2ists NAyn and called her philosophy
<b0ecti2is*O or people +ith an ob0ecti2ist backgro/nd in2ol2ed in Terra Libra' ! also +elco*e criticis*
o- o/r *aterials so 4as yo/ indicate9 +e can i*pro2e o/r prod/cts thro/gh p/blishing *ore acc/rate
in-or*ation' ! +o/ld like the interaction bet+een /s to contin/e +ith the -ollo+ing ob0ecti2es?
- Q -
To i*pro2e Terra Libra prod/cts 4*ore acc/rate in-or*ation9B
To de2elop a basis -or *arketing Terra Libra eFecti2ely to <b0ecti2ists and people +ith an ob0ecti2ist
To get <b0ecti2ists and people +ith an ob0ecti2ist backgro/nd acti2ely in2ol2ed in Terra Libra'
To identi-y and describe speci:c thinking skills that +e and others need to de2elop in order to *o2e
! +o/ld also like to establish a kind o- ;*od/s operandi; -or o/r interaction?
! think +e need to start +ith eport 6TL>7A N#e*antic igidity) Fle1ibility) and Freedo*O +hich co2ers
certain se*antic -/nda*entals' ! +o/ld appreciate yo/r 3/estions) co**ents) and s/ggestions'
!n general) ! +o/ld like to /se yo/r criti3/es in o/r eports - credited to ;a correspondent); or ;Mr' .a/l
#to/t); or so*e other appellation o- yo/r choice'
<n iss/es +here !,* clearly in error) s/ch as *y /se o- the !'' N!nternal e2en/eO Code to s/pport *y
-ederal 0/risdiction thesis) ! +ill incl/de yo/r corrections'
<n so*e iss/es ! +ill state yo/r criti3/e 4possibly edited9 and ask readers to decide -or the*sel2es' !
*ay also respond to yo/r criti3/e'
Altho/gh) -ro* a debating standpoint) this ;*od/s operandi; p/ts yo/ at a disad2antage - beca/se !
selecti2ely /se and edit yo/r criti3/es) and ! al+ays ha2e the last +ordH - ! think +e,ll both bene:t' (e
both get the opport/nity to i*pro2e the acc/racy o- o/r personal in-or*ation - e2en i- +e contin/e to
disagree on certain iss/es'
egarding the speci:c iss/es yo/ raised?
! +ill atte*pt to restate the Maynes thesis *ore acc/rately' Then !,ll state *y i*pro2e*ent o- the
bica*eral thesis' !,ll also address yo/r criti3/e'
! *ay +rite a ;.sychology #eries; o- reports' The :rst report co/ld co2er +hat ! think sho/ld be the
ob0ecti2es and scope o- psychology' !t +o/ld also address the ;tab/la rasa; thesis' The second report
co/ld co2er the bica*eral thesis'''
! +ill strenthen the !# N!nternal e2en/e #er2iceO hoa1 thesis by correcting the errors yo/ indicated
and by pro2iding *ore s/pporting arg/*ents'
! +ant to e*phasi5e the i*portance o- o/r interaction' (hat +e,re creating in the -or* o- Terra Libra is
a 2ehicle that has the potential to trans-or* ci2ili5ation' Eo/r acti2e participation - contin/ing the
process yo/ started +ith yo/r :rst criti3/e - co/ld accelerate o/r eFort considerably' ! look -or+ard to a
long and -r/it-/l relationship';
#oon a-ter recei2ing Mr' #to/t,s criti3/e) ! +rote eport 6TL>7A? #e*antic igidity) Fle1ibility) and
Freedo*) addressing so*e o- the -/nda*ental se*antic iss/es that acco/nt -or so*e o- the *a0or
diFerences bet+een the +ays Mr' #to/t and ! think and reason' #ince then) Mr' #to/t has also +ritten
criti3/es o- 6TL>7A and other reports' These +ill be p/blished in the co*ing *onths' Another
correspondent has sent *e the -ollo+ing article?
;<C C$<-T$CH?
The Effect of the Identification
<2er t+o decades ago a senior research che*ist at &/pont by the na*e o- Frank ' (allace le-t his 0ob
at that co*pany a-ter e1periencing increased stagnation and the gro+ing sense that so*ething +as
+rong +ith the e1ternal str/ct/res that g/ide and o-ten control o/r li2es' Thro/gh obser2ations o- the
ga*e o- pro-essional poker and the integration o- ne+ in-or*ation abo/t the e2ol/tion and str/ct/re o-
h/*an conscio/sness) (allace disco2ered or rather pro2ides a C$( !&$CT!F!CAT!<C -or ;+hat is going
on here;? TH$ B!" .!CT@$ o- sentient relations' !n short) he identi:es the str/ct/re and the process o-
reality itsel- in the operations o- the h/*an *ind /pon +hat is ob0ecti2ely obser2able' (allace
integrates the research o- M/lian Maynes +hich posits that h/*an beings had to in2ent conscio/sness
4sel--reKe1i2e tho/ght or applied a+areness9 d/e to *o/nting social and trade press/res a-ter the
de2elop*ent o- lang/age? as late as =777 B'C') ancient *an +alked aro/nd and talked and b/ilt
/nconscio/sly) in an hall/cinatory state o- e1istence' His *ind echoed ;2oices; back to hi* soon a-ter
the ad2ent o- lang/age as he con-ronted and created *ore co*ple1 circ/*stances in li2ingB ne+
e2idence sho+s the e1istence o- a bica*eral 4;t+o-cha*bered;9 brain in h/*ankind) a non-reKecti2e
reporter o- ob0ecti2e reality designed *erely to respond to the nat/ral conditions o/t o- +hich it +as
originally -or*ed' And a-ter o/r -orced creation o- conscio/sness d/e to increasing social and s/r2i2al
press/res abo/t =777 years ago - +ithin the range o- recorded history - 2estiges o- the bica*eral
-/nctioning still e1ist in h/*ans) and M<#T people today still de-a/lt to this A@T<MAT!CALLE $ACT!C"
portion o- their *entality that yearns -or the s/pport and g/idance o- ;e1ternal a/thorities); the 2oices
o- the gods +hich /ncontrollably shaped h/*an destiny /ntil no+' Co 2alid necessity e1ists -or the
e*ergence o- 2ast e1ternal control str/ct/res +hich g/ide o/r li2es thro/gh the tacit control o- o/r
beha2ior today and thro/gho/t recent history' eligion) go2ern*ents) and */ch o- h/*an c/lt/re - is a
lie based on the cheating *anip/lations o- a gro/p o- parasitical elites - %AL@$ &$#T<E$# rather
than %AL@$ .<&@C$# - +ho ind/ce others to de-a/lt to their bica*eral *inds 4;! hall/cinateB ! hear
the %<!C$# o- the "odsB ! <B$E A@TH<!TE''' 9 thro/gh the perpet/ating s/pport o- H<AS$# 4e*pty
- A -
tricks9 based /pon ME#T!C!#M and LAT!C$##) li*iting diseases o- the h/*an psyche' .eople don,t /se
their brains acti2ely beca/se it,s easier to let others do that -or the*' (allace,s disco2ery o- C$<-
T$CH) this ne+ techni3/e -or li2ing +hich integrates 2ast hori5ons o- tho/ght) is based in the *etaphor
o- !CT$"AT!<C? it is F@LLE !CT$"AT$& H<C$#TE' !ts goal is to collapse *ysticis* on this planet and
ret/rn happiness to the 2al/e prod/cers thro/gh open-ended b/siness 2ia the disse*ination o- this
trans-or*ational) transcendentally synthesi5ed in-or*ation to others) thereby ass/ring the -/rther
e2ol/tion o- h/*an conscio/sness' The Ceo-TechJCeo-Think #yste* is a ne+ step in conscio/sness -or
This process/al edi:ce o- in-or*ation +hich has been spreading aro/nd the +orld -or ten years or so
no+) is going to radically alter li-e -or the betterB nothing can stop it at this point' By +aking /p and
thinking -or yo/rsel-) C$<-T$CH pro2ides yo/ +ith po+er-/l ad2antages o2er the a2erage stagnated
person' The in-or*ation is in se2eral h/ndred page 2ol/*es and carries pro-o/nd i*port -or +hat is
co*ing - a brighter -/t/re - and anyone can /nderstand it' This doc/*ent is b/t a co*pressed
synthesis o- its *a0or tenets) +hich are /ni2ersally co*prehendable' !t is the capti2ating tr/th abo/t
the diFerence bet+een +hat is and +hat right-/lly o/ght to be' .rogress o- pro-o/nd nat/re is again
co*ing to the +orld thro/gh the ine2itable alteration o- conscio/sness as *ysticis* is collapsed and
honesty beco*es *ore -/lly integrated +ith h/*an endea2or' (e ha2e *et another s/r2i2al press/re
and appear to be adaptable eno/gh again to ad2ance beyond it' (ith the +orld -ree o- lies and
*ysticis*) +e +ill act /pon the iss/e o- biological i**ortality) +hich is apparently achie2able +ithin
o/r c/rrent li-eti*es' Mysticis* is o/r basic diseaseB honesty eradicates it'
The l/cidity incorporant +ith this perspecti2e is o-ten 3/ite o2er+hel*ing at :rst) -or it is the hard core
o- reality'
"reat days are co*ing';
! lea2e it to readers to *ake /p their o+n *inds 4H9 abo/t the nat/re) str/ct/re) and e2ol/tion o-
conscio/sness' ! highly reco**end The <rigin o- Conscio/sness in the Breakdo+n o- the Bica*eral
Mind by M/lian Maynes' Anyone interested in :nding o/t *ore abo/t Ceo-Tech sho/ld +rite -or
in-or*ation to Ceo-Tech) A>7 #' Bo/lder High+ay) Henderson) C% A971>B phone? 4Q789 A91-7=77B -a1?
4Q789 Q9>-A=9=' 4! started st/dying Ceo-Tech abo/t ten years ago' !t has had a pro-o/nd eFect on *y
ability to prod/ce res/lts' ! corresponded +ith Frank ' (allace - +ho +as greatly inK/enced by Ayn
and and her philosophy o- <b0ecti2is* - and he +as kind eno/gh to send *e *y :rst copy o- <rigin
o- Conscio/sness'9
Neport 6TL87A? The Anato*y o- &eep Techni3/es e1a*ines the /se o- phrases like ;-/lly integrated
honesty; and ;the collapse o- *ysticis*; as ;re-erentless no*inali5ations';O
Consider the possibility that the +orld,s coerci2e control str/ct/res 4so-called ;go2ern*ents;9 are a
*irror o- the *ost pre2alent pri*iti2e str/ct/res o- indi2id/al conscio/sness' The so-called ;la+s; o- a
co/ntry are the pri*iti2e bica*eral ;2oices o- the gods; that */st be obeyed' &o people belie2e in
;go2ern*ent; to the e1tent their *entality is st/ck in the archaic) bica*eral) hall/cinatory pastD <ne
o- Maynes,s chapters is titled ;The G/est -or A/thori5ation'; He +rites?
;(e) at the end o- the second *illenni/* A'&') are still in a sense deep in this transition to a ne+
*entality' And all abo/t /s lie the re*nants o- o/r recent bica*eral past' (e ha2e o/r ho/ses o- gods
+hich record o/r births) de:ne /s) *arry /s) and b/ry /s) recei2e o/r con-essions and intercede +ith
the gods to -orgi2e /s o/r trespasses' </r la+s are based /pon 2al/es +hich +itho/t their di2ine
pendancy +o/ld be e*pty and /nen-orceable' </r national *ottoes and hy*ns o- state are /s/ally
di2ine in2ocations' </r kings) presidents) 0/dges) and oLcers begin their ten/res +ith oaths to the
no+ silent deities taken /pon the +ritings o- those +ho ha2e last heard the*';
!- yo/,2e been ;/pset); yo/,2e probably e1perienced a strea* o- a/to*atic tho/ghts going aro/nd and
aro/nd in yo/r head -or 3/ite a +hile''' For anyone interested in :nding o/t *ore abo/t these
a/to*atic tho/ghts) ho+ they aFect yo/) and ho+ yo/ can rise abo2e the* ! reco**end Cogniti2e
Therapy and the $*otional &isorders by Aaron T' Beck) M'&'
#o*e o- the strongest independent e2idence in s/pport o- Maynes,s thesis can be -o/nd in the brilliant
classic by (illia* Ma*es) The %arieties o- eligio/s $1perience 4+ritten aro/nd 19779' Ma*es reco/nts
n/*ero/s religio/s e1periences as reported by *any s/b0ects' Many reports are o- the nat/re) ;!t +as
as i- "od +as in *y head) talking to *e''' ; $1a*ple?
;"od is 3/ite real to *e' ! talk to hi* and o-ten get ans+ers' Tho/ghts s/dden and distinct -ro* any !
ha2e been entertaining co*e to *y *ind a-ter asking "od -or his direction' #o*ething o2er a year ago
! +as -or so*e +eeks in the direst perple1ity' (hen the tro/ble :rst appeared be-ore *e ! +as da5ed)
b/t be-ore long 4t+o or three ho/rs9 ! co/ld hear distinctly a passage o- #cript/re? ,My grace is
s/Lcient -or thee', $2ery ti*e *y tho/ghts t/rned to the tro/ble ! co/ld hear this 3/otation' ! don,t
think ! e2er do/bted the e1istence o- "od) or had hi* drop o/t o- *y conscio/sness' "od has
-re3/ently stepped into *y aFairs 2ery perceptibly) and ! -eel that he directs *any little details all the
ti*e' B/t on t+o or three occasions he has ordered +ays -or *e 2ery contrary to *y a*bitions and
- 9 -
Based on *y reading) the e2idence -or Maynes,s thesis is o2er+hel*ing - probably */ch stronger than
he hi*sel- reali5es - he *ay not ha2e read Ma*es' !n *y opinion) Maynes,s *a0or error is that he
regards *odern *an as conscio/s) +hen *ost o- /s are hal--asleep *ost o- the ti*e - see also eport
6TL1>? Ho+ to Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess'
!t *ay be i*portant to e1a*ine the thinking skills ! applied in *y interaction +ith Mr' #to/t' Altho/gh
*y initial reaction +as one o- dis*ay - co/pled +ith a strea* o- a/to*atic negati2e tho/ghts - !
3/ickly recogni5ed that he had in2ested *any ho/rs o- his ti*e to help *e' ! co/ld ha2e interpreted
his letter as an /n+arranted attack) and responded in kind) +riting back to hi* ho+ +rong he +as'
That *ay ha2e ended o/r relationship'
!nstead ! tho/ght in ter*s o-) ;(hat,s the best res/lt ! can achie2eD;) ;Ho+ can ! get Mr' #to/t to +rite
*ore criti3/esD;) and ;Ho+ can +e all bene:t -ro* these criti3/esD; Mr' #to/t,s criti3/e also indicated
that his thinking is based on so*e -/nda*ental ass/*ptions 2ery diFerent -ro* *ine' For e1a*ple)
Mr' #to/t thinks in ter*s o- +ords ha2ing *eanings) +hile ! think in ter*s o- people ha2ing *eanings
-or +ords' Mr' #to/t thinks in ter*s o- ;ordinary dictionary *eaning; and ;pri2ate *eaning'; To *e) all
*eanings are pri2ateB dictionaries contain no *eanings) only +ords' This is addressed in eport
6TL>7A? #e*antic igidity) Fle1ibility) and Freedo*) to +hich Mr' #to/t has +ritten a criti3/e +hich +ill
be p/blished in eport 6TL>7B? !ndi2id/alist %s' Collecti2ist #e*antics'
There are *any -actions in the -reedo* *o2e*ent - .atriots) Conser2ati2es) Libertarians 4political9)
Libertarians 4non-political9) <b0ecti2ists) Ceo-Tech readers) Anarchists 4right9) Anarchists 4le-t9)
"eorgists 4-ollo+ers o- Henry "eorge9) (ar Ta1 esisters) #yndicalists) #/r2i2alists) %ol/ntaryists) Harry
Bro+ne J ose (ilder Lane -ollo+ers 4people +ho belie2e they are -ree by nat/re9) etc' There are h/ge
diFerences bet+een -actions concerning +hat is and isn,t -reedo*) and the *eans to achie2e -reedo*'
#o*e o- the -actions regard other -actions as ;ene*ies'; .eople in s/ch -actions tend to belie2e that
their -action is the ;only -action); -or e1a*ple) &r' (allace has +ritten an article) ;(hy Ceo-Tech +ill
s/cceed +hile all other syste*s */st -ail';
(ith Terra Libra +e need to b/ild bridges bet+een the -actions' (e recogni5e that -reedo* +ill e1pand
as a res/lt o- a co*bination o- *any strategies and tactics) battles -o/ght on *any -ronts' <ne o- the
:rst steps is to identi-y o/r */st -/nda*ental philosophic and se*antic belie-s and ass/*ptions' (e
can recogni5e that +e adhere to these diFerent basic ;to-/s-a1io*s'; Then +e can ask) ;<n +hat basis
can +e cooperate) despite o/r diFerent basic to-/s-a1io*sD; This is essentially the thinking skill ! /sed
to bring abo/t 2ery +orth+hile cooperation +ith Mr' #to/t) despite the -act that he regards Maynes,s
thesis as ;a del/sionary -antasy; +hile ! regard it as ;the greatest breakthro/gh in /nderstanding
h/*an conscio/sness'; And +e can contin/e to cooperate to great */t/al bene:t) e2en i- +e contin/e
to disagree abo/t any n/*ber o- to-/s-a1io*s 4sel--e2ident tr/ths9'
;''' N<O/r nor*al +aking conscio/sness) rational conscio/sness as +e call it) is b/t one special type o-
conscio/sness) +hilst all abo/t it) parted -ro* it by the :l*iest o- screens) there lie potential -or*s o-
conscio/sness entirely diFerent' (e *ay go thro/gh li-e +itho/t s/specting their e1istenceB b/t apply
the re3/isite sti*/l/s) and at a to/ch they are there in all their co*pleteness) de:nite types o-
*entality +hich probably so*e+here ha2e their :eld o- application and adaptation' Co acco/nt o- the
/ni2erse in its totality can be :nal +hich lea2es these other -or*s o- conscio/sness 3/ite disregarded';
- (illia* Ma*es) The %arieties o- eligio/s $1perience'
A ;Ta*e; Bica*eral-8 $1a*ple
A client +rote *e the -ollo+ing letter?
;&ear Frederick)
Thanks -or yo/r M/ly 14 letter and enclos/res +hich ! -o/nd delight-/l) i- a little ta*e'
The kind o- -reedo* yo/ e2oke is really essential to radical inno2ators' All others can /s/ally *anage
+ith the le2els o- ab/se the 2ario/s ;de*ocracies; pro2ide) altho/gh ! can /nderstand the* +anting
to 2ent their pet pee2es thro/gh an organi5ation s/ch as yo/rs' Eet they are largely inconse3/ential to
trans-or*ing things since) -or e2ery gro/p that arises to e1tend -reedo*) another co/nter2ailing one
4and /s/ally *ore than one9 -or*s bent on i*posing *ore restrictions'
Eo/r Terra Libra +ill re*ain disen-ranchised) regardless o- +hate2er s/ccesses yo/ *ay score) /ntil
yo/ act/ally ac3/ire so2ereign territory to i*ple*ent yo/r ideals' @ntil then) associating aro/nd
principles) like ano*is* *ay be -/n) b/t doesn,t get yo/ -ar' Also) to *aintain a gro+ing *e*bership)
yo/,ll likely ha2e to re*ain -airly 2ag/e'
!- all yo/ +ant is acti2is* and to beco*e a political -orce or lobby to i*pro2e a -e+ things) ! don,t see
+here yo/,ll be oFering anything */ch diFerent than e1isting gro/ps' And i- Terra Libra is 0/st a no2el
*arketing strategy) ! don,t think yo/,ll be able to *obili5e people like *e +ho ha2e */ch *ore
e1citing strategies to concentrate on'
"oing so2ereign) +hich ;Terra Libra; really i*plies) +o/ld re3/ire b/ying or occ/pying an island and
i*ple*enting yo/r ideals +hile a2oiding the ab/ses +hich al+ays gro+ -ro* personal and ideological
diFerences) ho+e2er close people see* to be at the o/tset' 4$2en a co/ple in lo2e can consider
the*sel2es l/cky these days i- their relationship *anages to s/r2i2e as a cease-:re arrange*ent and
not */ch *ore'9 B/t /nless yo/ ha2e a /topian -or*/la that is *ore cle2er than h/*an nat/re) s/ch
- 17 -
an organi5ational plan is doo*ed -ro* the start) 0/st as o/r de*ocratic -reedo*s are doo*ed by the
increasing co*ple1ity o- li-e +hich inspires endless legislati2e restrictions by those +ho seek -alse
so/rces o- sec/rity or +ish to throttle intelligence and progress +hich ins/lt their o+n *ediocrity'
B/t there is another +ay) i- yo/,re +illing to *ake the intellect/al and e*otional eFort to gi2e it a -air
hearing' .ro0ect Mind shares yo/r ideals and pro*ises to acco*plish e2erything to +hich yo/ aspire
and */ch *ore' !t -/lly ans+ers the challenge o- h/*an nat/re) yet is totally /ncoerci2e and
/nrestricting' !ts heart is a radical ne+ /nderstanding o- the creati2e process and its ai* is the
ter*ination o- *aterialis* in all -or*s 4yes no *ore *oney9 by *astering *atter to the e1tent that
*aterial things +ill be totally a2ailable and -ree as air' This +ill lea2e *en technologically in2iolate and
+ill lea2e nothing *aterial to reg/late' This is not a pipe drea* b/t a real and i**inent prospect) at
least in theory'
This proposition boggles *ost *inds +ho in their 4p/ritan9 heart o- hearts are attached to *ost o- the
restrictions that nat/re i*poses) e2en tho/gh they,d like to thro+ oF *ost socially inspired
restrictions' Terra Libra) to *e) e2okes total liberty -ro* restriction i*posed by *an or nat/re' !t is
-ro* there +e can begin to contend +ith higher and *ore interesting -or*s o- restriction' The essence
and ai* o- all intelligence is to /nderstand and eli*inate restriction'
Let *e hear -ro* yo/ once yo/,2e gi2en .ro0ect Mind an honest read' ! *aintain that its theory is
totally rational and coherent and +ill be pleased to dialog/e +ith yo/ on the points concerning +hich
yo/ belie2e yo/ ha2e -o/nd inconsistencies'
!- yo/ ha2e read this letter in the right spirit) yo/ sho/ld be sho/ting Bingo */ch lo/der and 0/*ping
-or 0oy */ch higher than be-ore' (hile .ro0ect Mind +ill call -or an eFort o- intellect/al integrity greater
than any that ha2e been re3/ired o- yo/ /ntil no+) the payoF +ill also be correspondingly great' Eo/r
6TL7>A is :ne as -ar as it goes) b/t its 2ision o- -reedo* is strictly kindergarten le2el' !- it,s ad2anced
-reedo* thinking yo/ really +ant) yo/ +ill ne2er enco/nter anything *ore po+er-/l or as
co*prehensi2e as .ro0ect Mind' Eo/ are being tested' "ood l/ck'
#incerely) Client';
Cote the ;*y pro0ect is <IB yo/r pro0ect is not <I'; !- this client had deliberately set o/t to repel *e he
co/ld hardly ha2e done a better 0ob' Ce2ertheless) ! +as interested in the book .ro0ect Mind and
decided on the res/lt o- getting a -ree copy' #o ! replied as -ollo+s 4in part9?
;&ear Client)
Thank yo/ -or yo/r -a1ed letter o- M/ly 89' !t pro2ides so*e interesting -ood -or tho/ght'''
.lease send *e a copy o- .ro0ect Mind) or arrange -or yo/r p/blisher -riend to do so' Fro* yo/r letter it
so/nds like it *ight contain so*e 2ery /se-/l in-or*ation'
! a* al+ays interested in ne+ di*ensions o- -reedo*' Eo/ +rite abo/t yo/r ;*/ch *ore e1citing
strategies'; .lease let *e kno+ +hat these strategies are' Any ad2ice yo/ can pro2ide *e on ho+ to
pro:tably disse*inate in-or*ation +ill be appreciated'
! a* also 2ery interested in yo/r ideas on ho+ Terra Libra sho/ld be i*pro2ed) redesigned) or
restr/ct/red to be *ore eFecti2e' ! in2ite yo/ to ,sign on, as a .atron andJor .ro-essional Liberator' !
incl/de an Application For*' By being listed in 6TL78A yo/ *ay be able to /se Terra Libra to pro*ote
yo/r ideas andJor b/siness' &o yo/ also +ant to be listed in 6TL78D !- so) please pro2ide the te1t to be
Frederick Mann';
#hortly a-ter+ards ! recei2ed the book .ro0ect Mind 4by T' I/n9 - see the listing in eport 6TL78 /nder
;.ro0ect Mind'; ! +as tre*endo/sly i*pressed by the book' ! +rote to the a/thor' He responded and
2isited *e in .hoeni1' ! +ish hi* e2ery s/ccess +ith his pro0ect'
A ;#/perb; Bica*eral-8 $1a*ple
#o*eone +ho had recei2ed a Terra Libra Kyer +rote *e as -ollo+s?
;Mr Mann?
! recei2ed yo/r T$A L!BA Kyer yesterday and ! */st say) this is the +orst piece o- trash ! ha2e e2er
recei2ed' Eo/r pro0ect took :rst place -ro* an old pro0ect that held the n/*ber one slot -or si1 years
and eight *onths' The old n/*ber one +as selling /sed gra2e stones' The dates on the stones *ight
not be e1actly right b/t yo/ co/ld :ll the* in +ith p/tty and paint o2er the*' !- the spelling o- the
na*e +as oF 0/st a little) like /by +hen it sho/ld be /bye) yo/ 0/st passed it oF as a *istake by the
stone c/tter' The botto* line +as) yo/ had a stone -or the gra2e'
Eo/r progra* has p/shed the /sed gra2e stone do+n to n/*ber t+o and .<M$CT T$A L!BA is
n/*ber one'
! ha2e C<T paid U=R to read yo/r *aterial) b/t on the other hand) ! a* not pre0/dging it' (hat ! a*
saying is -ro* yo/r Kyer +hich is enclosed' Also) the reason yo/ sent the Kyer is -or *e to 0/dge yo/r
progra* and send yo/ U=R'
Eo/r progra* is +ritten to target the illiterate' That) right a+ay pisses *e oF beca/se yo/ ha2e
l/*ped /s all into that category o- the st/pid *asses' Eo/ ha2e tried to place yo/rsel- abo2e the
st/pid *asses +hen in reality yo/ ha2e the n/*ber one spot'
- 11 -
(ith all yo/r ranting abo/t F$$&<M) one +o/ld think yo/ *eant to relate to that in the title o- yo/r
progra*' .<M$CT T$A L!BA is a *istake the st/pid p/blic is not s/pposed to notice' This +ins yo/
the n/*ber one spot at the head o- the st/pid *asses'
!t is apparent yo/ kno+ nothing abo/t the $TEM<L<"E o- +ords' Let *e tell yo/ +hat that is' !t,s a
+ord,s history' T$A is Latin *eaning earth' The base or root +ord -or T$A is T$# *eaning dry)
parched) and torrid' !t is also the base +ord -or thirst' !n early /se) the linkage o- the base +ord +as
*ore prono/nced and /sed as the dry earth) parched earth) and torrid earth' Thirst +as linked to it
+ith death) as the earth thirst -or all o- /s) 4+e +ill all die9' (ord /sage is another science and only a
s*all part o- +ord origin'
L!BA is Latin -or balance *eaning the balance scales to ens/re correct +eight' !t +as an ancient
o*an /nit o- +eight corresponding to one po/nd and +as e3/i2alent to t+el2e o/nces' !t is still /sed
today as a /nit o- +eight in Latin A*erica and #pain' The British sy*bol -or their *onetary /nit po/nd)
is na*ed libra as +e speak' !t has al+ays *eant and still does) a certain *eas/re o- balanced +eight'
LlB$AL!# is Latin *eaning liberal' Liberal and L!B$AL!# are -ro* the Latin root +ord L!B$ *eaning
-ree' L!B$ *eans -ree especially in the sense o- ;Freeborn); not a sla2e' L!B$AL!# especially *eant
;Coble and "entle*anly';
The title o- yo/r progra* +ith correct spelling o- the +ords co/ld ha2e said .<M$CT $ATH F$$&<M
+hen in reality it says .<M$CT &!T BALACC$ or $ATH #CAL$#' Eo/ ha2e indisp/tably +on the
n/*ber one spot at the head o- the st/pid *asses'
The indi2id/al 0/ror) as described in yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer) does not ha2e the po+er to n/lli-y the
la+' A 0/ror has the po+er to decide i- an indi2id/al has or has not breached the la+ as it is c/rrently
+ritten' !t cannot change the la+' (e) as indi2id/als) are not senior to go2ern*ent as yo/r &!T
BALACC$ Kyer states' !n tr/th) +e as a gro/p o- indi2id/als are senior to go2ern*ent) beca/se +e
indi2id/als as a gro/p) *ake the go2ern*ent'
Eo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer is also *isleading abo/t the MA"CA CATA' The MA"CA CATA) a doc/*ent
-or*ing part o- the $nglish constit/tion) +as +ritten in the year 181>' !t +as presented to Iing Mohn in
M/ne o- that year and he +as F<C$& to sign it' The MA"CA CATA did not take so2ereignty a+ay -ro*
the Iing and gi2e it to the people' The signi:cance o- the MA"CA CATA lies in its recognition o- the
s/pre*acy o- the LA( o2er the po+er o- the Iing' !t did li*it the po+er o- the Iing and placed so*e
o- that po+er in the hands o- the people' The key +ord is .$<.L$) *eaning a gro/p) not an indi2id/al
as yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer does i*ply'
There is */ch ignorance in yo/r #/pre*e Co/rt 1AAR ill/stration' The ignorance lies in yo/r atte*pt to
e1plain +hat the co/rt said' Eo/r state*ent) ;the indi2id/al is so2ereign; is st/pidity and not at all
+hat the co/rt said' The co/rt said) ;TH$ .$<.L$); +hich is a gro/p'
!n the *iddle o- all this incorrect !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE) yo/ thro+ in) ;! ha2e de2eloped chain
reaction *arketing *ethods +hich are /nstoppable'; The *essage doesn,t Ko+' Eo/ go -ro* telling /s
+e ha2e !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE to selling !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE' #o/nds a little d/*b to *e'
Eo/r de:nition o- F$$&<M T$CHC<L<"E so/nds like it ca*e -ro* a co*ic book' ! ha2e also heard
the* called ;-/nny books'; The state*ent o- .!%AT$ C@$CCE is really a kicker' (hy don,t yo/ print
yo/rsel- se2eral one h/ndred dollar bills and see ho+ *any places +ill allo+ yo/ to /se the*' M/st tell
the* it is .!%AT$ C@$CCE and it,s <I' Another good state*ent is) ;Anyone +ho +ishes to start any
T$A L!BAC 4diFerent spelling9 is +elco*e and F$$ to do so'; ! ha2e see F$$ *ean a lot o- things)
and no+ it *eans U=R'
(e do ha2e !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE in this co/ntry and it is also in other co/ntries' Eo/ ha2e so
*/ch !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE) yo/ ha2e lost sight o- it' !t is thro/gh this !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE
that yo/ are allo+ed to try to p/sh yo/r trash on the rest o- /s' !n yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer yo/r rant
and ra2e abo/t political shysters) ta1es) and property sei5/res to the point +here one *ay think yo/
got ca/ght in the sa*e thing'
!- yo/ don,t like the political syste* +e ha2e) +hy don,t yo/ %<T$ to change it' Tell yo/r -riends to
%<T$' Eo/ can e2en lo+er ta1es +ith the %<T$' !t doesn,t cost U=R to tell people to %<T$' !- yo/ don,t
like the people in &C) %<T$ the bastards o/t) it,s 0/st that si*ple'
!t,s so si*ple) it,s easy to think that yo/ ha2e ne2er %<T$&' Another si*ple option is) i- yo/ don,t like
this co/ntry) 0/st get the hell o/t' The la+s o- this co/ntry) +ritten by people thro/gh !C&!%!&@AL
#<%$$!"CTE and presented as a gro/p) +ill allo+ yo/ to do 0/st that'
Eo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer is all a *oney play' !n yo/r +ords) ;it,s a ga*e; -or yo/ to *ake *oney' Eo/
talk abo/t the econo*y and say) ;shi-t yo/r econo*ic acti2ities into the &!T BALACC$ -ree econo*y
to o/tco*pete the &$C!T$C# o- the +orld,s sla2e econo*ies'; !t is tr/e oF-shore banks do pay a little
*ore interest than those at ho*e' !t is also their !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE that has allo+ed their
r/les to be diFerent) *ore L!B$AL in so*e cases) than o/rs' Eo/r /se o- the +ord &$C!T$C to
describe these econo*ies is 2ery tr/e beca/se they are AL!$C econo*ies' Any -oreign indi2id/al
+o/ld be an AL!$C and only granted CAT@AL!T$& rights in that econo*y as long as they pay' (hen
yo/ tell /s to 0oin the -ree econo*y described in yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer) yo/ *ake s/re not to tell /s
that the r/les o- that econo*y ha2e been established by so*eone,s !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE and
- 18 -
that yo/ +o/ld be kicked o/t /pon yo/r !C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE i- yo/ tried to e1ercise yo/r
!C&!%!&@AL #<%$$!"CTE in any -ashion' B/t) +hat the hellH Eo/ ha2e to ha2e at least a si1th grade
ed/cation to kno+ +hat &$C!T$C *eans'
(e don,t ;#$LL F$$&<M; in this co/ntry) Mr' Mann' $2en the state*ent goes against e2erything the
@nited #tates stands -or' (e ha2e -o/ght -or -reedo* and it,s o/rs' (e are a large nation +ith *any
indi2id/als and *any gro/ps' A large n/*ber are ;o/t to get; 0/st +hat they can) like yo/ are' The
diFerence bet+een yo/ and the* is) they ha2e a better oFer' (ith their better oFer) it takes ti*e -or
/s as a nation or indi2id/als to +eed the* o/t' Eo/r oFer -ro* yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer is g/tter
botto* at the start' Co +eed o/t ti*e is re3/ired'
(hy don,t yo/ re-+rite yo/r &!T BALACC$ Kyer and say? .lease send *e U=R' ! +ill send yo/ a co/ple
o- pages abo/t ta1es and o/r political syste*' These pages +ill be *y opinion only and *ay or *ay
not be tr/e' #ince it is *y opinion) ! a* entitled to it' Fro* yo/r U=R) ! +ill send U84 to other people
+ho help *e *ail this Kyer'
MAM$# &' B'''''';
! responded to Mr' B'''''' as -ollo+s?
;&ear Mr' B'''''')
Thank yo/ -or yo/r letter o- &ece*ber 84th' Eo/,2e pro2ided *e +ith so*e 2ery /se-/l -eedback'
! +o/ld also appreciate yo/r -eedback to the enclosed A!&# Kyer' Better still) yo/ co/ld p/rchase the
prod/ct and send *e -eedback on that'
! +ish yo/ s/ccess and ! look -or+ard to a long and -r/it-/l relationship'
Iind regards) Frederick Mann;
A -e+ +eeks later ! recei2ed another letter) this ti*e +ith his card attached - ;&r' Ma*es &' B''''')
&irectorate o- ''' Ngo2ern*ent agencyO) Chie- Co*p/ter #yste*s;?
;Mr' Mann?
Thank yo/ -or yo/r letter o- > Man/ary' Eo/ are *ost kind'
Eo/r Kyer on A!&# is *ost interesting' !t contained se2eral i*pressi2e na*es' ! ha2e *ade a -e+
phone calls) b/t that is abo/t all ! can say -or the *o*ent'
! +ish yo/ the greatest s/ccess in all that yo/ do'
All the bestB MAM$# &' B'''''';
The Breakdo+n o- Bica*eral-8 #ociety
By ;bica*eral-8 society; ! *ean a society that is organi5ed on the basis o- bica*eral stage 8 proto-
conscio/sness' Most indi2id/als in s/ch a society are hal--asleep *ost o- the ti*e' They largely beha2e
like a/to*atic sti*/l/s-response *achines - like ;&r' B'''''''; .olitical and religio/s instit/tions are
str/ct/red on the ass/*ption that people can,t think -or the*sel2es and */st be told +hat to do and
+hat not to do in the -or* o- ;la+s; and other directi2es' .eople are s/pposed to obey ;e1ternal
a/thorities; rather than think -or the*sel2es'
As a child ! lost respect -or *y parents as a/thorities o- kno+ledge and +isdo* at a 2ery early age' !
didn,t tr/st any o- *y teachers as a/thorities either' ! +ent to the library to learn -or *ysel-' By the
ti*e ! reached *y early t+enties ! had a pro-o/nd disrepect -or all -ake a/thority :g/res? religio/s)
political) pro-essional) police) *ilitary) philosophical) psychological) etc'
;Modern; society is act/ally part bica*eral stage 1) +ith its e1pected obedience to ;la+s; or ;2oices o-
a/thority'; !n The Ari5ona ep/blic o- Man/ary 1>) 1994 there appeared an article by Andy ooney
/nder the heading ;Moral a/thorities are lacking e2ery+here;?
;''' ! do kno+ that +e don,t see* to ha2e the kind o- *oral a/thorities that anyone listens to any*ore'
There /sed to be parents) teachers) politicians and clergy*en +ho acted as sort o- *oral dictators'
They decided +hat +as right -or /s to do and +hat +as +rong' (e listened' They had the sa*e
a/thority o2er o/r beha2ior that $*ily .ost had o2er o/r table *anners'
Most o- the* ha2e lost their credibility' Ha2e yo/ seen the +ay so*e parents are beha2ing recentlyD
Any idiot can ha2e a baby' (hat it takes doesn,t *ake the* +hat +e think o- +hen +e /se the +ord
.oliticians in general ha2e -allen into disrep/te' There are a -e+ good apples in the barrel' $2en the
president doesn,t see* holier-than-/s' He goes to ch/rch and says things that see* right) b/t +e don,t
accept hi* as a *oral a/thority beca/se) e2en i- +e like hi* or 2oted -or hi*) +e,re less certain that
he,s al+ays done +hat,s right'
(e don,t ha2e any one leader +ho sets a style o- beha2ior -or /s' Catholics ha2e a pope) b/t he says a
lot o- things Catholics don,t belie2e or abide by'
!t,s beco*e apparent in recent years that the clergy o- all -aiths are 0/st people +ith shortco*ings'
#o*e o- the clergy in the ne+s the past -e+ years aren,t e2en that good) any+ay' There doesn,t see*
to be */ch e2idence that the right +ay to beha2e has any /ni2ersal theological base'
Beca/se no one is setting standards) there,s a 2ac//*) and the +orst leaders in o/r society - and they
are leaders - are taking o2er' !,* thinking o- rock-gro/p heroes) rappers and entertain*ent +ell-
kno+ns o- 3/estionable 2irt/e''' ;
- 1= -
As people beco*e *ore conscio/s - e*erge -ro* bica*eral stages 1 and 8 - bica*eral-8 society
breaks do+n beca/se people stop respecting and obeying ;a/thorities'; $scalating cri*e and other
negati2e societal statistics are a *eas/re o- this societal breakdo+n' <bedience needs to be replaced
by thinking -or yo/rsel-' B/t *ost people are se2erely de:cint in thinking skills' <rderly society +ill re-
e*erge as +e learn and teach thinking skills'
4. Knowledge !isdom
#ee eport 6TL7=? Ho+ to !*pro2e Eo/r !n-or*ation and 6TL1>? Ho+ to Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess'
Ino+ledge is +hat yo/ kno+B +isdo* is +hat yo/ do +ith +hat yo/ kno+ to prod/ce desirable res/lts'
Ino+ledge is a *inor ele*ent o- intelligence' (isdo* is intelligence as ! de:ne it'
!ndi2id/alist .hilosophy is *y synthesis and integration o- so*e o- the +ritings o- a n/*ber o- thinkers
listed belo+) together +ith *y o+n insights' ;.hilosophy; is /sed here in a +ide sense to incl/de the
topics belo+' As the -o/ndation o- tho/ght and action) philosophy is cr/cial to intelligence' Here is a
s/**ary o- !ndi2id/alist .hilosophy?
(a) Human Nature? !ndi2id/als are nat/rally -ree and so2ereign) +hether they reali5e it or not'
$2ery indi2id/al is -ree and so2ereign beca/se heJshe and only heJshe controls the li-e-energy that
ani*ates hisJher brain and body' This indi2id/al control o- li-e-energy constit/tes choice or -ree +ill'
The *ost i*portant -actor that disting/ishes h/*ans -ro* other li-e -or*s is o/r ability to reason or
think' #o/rces? ose (ilder Lane 4The &isco2ery o- Freedo*9B Harry Bro+ne 4Ho+ ! Fo/nd Freedo* in
an @n-ree (orld9B onald $' Merril 4The !deas o- Ayn and9'
(b) Eth!"? The 2al/es o- ethics deri2e ob2io/sly -ro* h/*an nat/re' espect indi2id/als and their
property - e1panded as the Terra Libra Code 4eport 6TL719' &o +hat +orks) s/b0ect to respecting
indi2id/als and their property? ;3/ali:ed prag*atis*'; .ractice ;co*passionate sel:shness'; Mani-est
yo/r -reedo*B :nd the practical +ays to li2e *orally and -ree' &e2elop yo/r thinking skills 4reason9'
Beco*e as prod/cti2e as possible' &e2elop yo/r -/llest potentialB beco*e the best yo/ can possibly be
4sel--act/ali5ation9' #o/rces? M/rray othbard 4For a Ce+ Liberty? The Libertarian Mani-esto9B (illia*
Ma*es 4.rag*atis* and -o/r essays -ro* The Meaning o- Tr/th9B obert Frit5 4The .ath o- Least
esistance9) Ayn and 4The %irt/e o- #el:shness9B &a2id #eab/ry 4The Art o- #el:shness9B Abraha*
Maslo+ 4The F/rther eaches o- H/*an Cat/re9'
4!) #o$t!"? All coerci2e political syste*s contrary to indi2id/al -reedo* are -ra/d/lent hoa1es'
Altho/gh there is *ore to it) the -ollo+ing t+o sentences basically re-/te all the ;go2ern*ent-is-
necessary-to-do-S; arg/*ents' "o2ern*ent consists o- people' (hen anyone says ;go2ern*ent is
necessary to do S); they are really saying ;people are necessary to do S'; #o/rces? Vttiene de la BoWtie
4&isco/rse on %ol/ntary #er2it/de9B Lysander #pooner 4Co Treason? The Constit/tion o- Co A/thority9B
Friedrich Ciet5sche 4Th/s #poke Tarath/stra9'
(%) Onto$o&'? For opti*/* s/r2i2al +e operate as i- there is an ob0ecti2e reality independent o- the
indi2id/al' (hen +e see a b/s co*ing at /s) +e get o/t o- the +ay or get Kattened' Ce2ertheless)
each indi2id/al has a /ni3/e e1perience and interpretation o- ob0ecti2e reality' #o/rce? Hans %aihinger
4The .hilosphy o- As-!-9'
Consider the ancient con/ndr/*) ;&oes the tree that -alls o2er in the -orest *ake a so/nd i- there,s
nobody to hear itD; Co**on sense tells /s that a -alling tree prod/ces so/nd+a2es) +hether or not
anyone +ith an ear is a2ailable to recei2e the so/nd+a2es' The ans+er to the con/ndr/* depends on
ho+ +e de:ne ;so/nd'; ! regard a so/nd+a2e as ;potential so/nd'; For so/nd to occ/r there has to be
an ear co/pled +ith a brain to con2ert the so/nd+a2e into so/nd' An i*portant principle) central to
!ndi2id/alist .hilosophy is reKected here' ! call it the principle o- ;tacit personal creation'; "enerally)
+e are not a+are o- ho+ +e /se o/r ears and brains to con2ert so/nd+a2es into so/nd' The principle
o- tacit personal creation applies to all perception' .erception is an acti2e act o- creation'
(e) Semant!"? Meaning is indi2id/alB sy*bols in the*sel2es ha2e no *eaningB +ords don,t ha2e
*eaningsB people ha2e *eanings -or +ords' !n -act) diFerent people o-ten ha2e diFerent *eanings -or
the sa*e +ords' 4The notion that there is ;ob0ecti2e *eaning; independent o- the indi2id/al) denies
the centrality o- the indi2id/al - collecti2ist se*anticsD9 #o/rces? C'I' <gden 4Bentha*,s Theory o-
Fictions9B Al-red Ior5ybski 4#cience and #anity9B also eports 6TL>7A) TL>7B) and TL>7C'
Meaning is created by each indi2id/al in accordance +ith the principle o- tacit personal creation' The
sa*e applies to o/r e*otions' (e each) indi2id/ally) create o/r e*otions in response to o/r
perceptions and o/r interpretations 4*eanings9 o- o/r perceptions' "enerally) +e are co*pletely
/na+are o- the proced/res +e /se to create o/r e*otions'
(() E)"temo$o&'? Ino+ledge is indi2id/al' Ino+ledge de2elops -ro* the interaction o- the
indi2id/al +ith other indi2id/als and +ith ob0ecti2e reality' The ac3/isition o- kno+ledge -ollo+s the
principle o- tacit personal creation' Ino+ledge is partially s/b0ecti2e 4indi2id/ally created9 and partially
ob0ecti2e 4reKecting ob0ecti2e reality9' .otential kno+ledge can be trans*itted in the -or* o- ob0ecti2e
sy*bols' This potential kno+ledge only beco*es kno+ledge +hen an indi2id/al +ho has *eanings -or
the sy*bols interprets the*' 4The notion that there is ;ob0ecti2e kno+ledge; independent o- the
- 14 -
indi2id/al) denies the centrality o- the indi2id/al - collecti2ist episte*ologyD9 All kno+ledge has a
degree o- probablity o- being correct - the likelihood that its application +ill prod/ce predictable
res/lts' !n general) */lti-2al/ed ;probability thinking; is *ore po+er-/l than t+o-2al/ed ;right-+rong;
thinking' #o/rces? ichard "el+ick 4The (ay o- &isco2ery? An !ntrod/ction to the Tho/ght o- Michael
.olanyi9B Michael .olanyi 4.ersonal Ino+ledge? To+ards a .ost-Critical .hilosophy9'
4&) #"'!ho$o&'? Conscio/sness is a contin//*' !ndi2id/als need to raise their conscio/sness)
increase their intelligence) disco2er their /ni3/e indi2id/ality) increase their co*petence to beco*e
the best they can be) achie2e e*otional control) and in general -oc/s on contin/al i*pro2e*ent and
*at/ring' There is a *a0or do*ain o- kno+ledge belo+ o/r a+areness) called ;tacit kno+ledge; by
Michael .olanyi - -or e1a*ple) the kno+ledge /sed to ride a bicycle and ho+ +e create e*otions'
"enerally +e don,t ha2e the *eans to artic/late this kno+ledge' Thro/gh the application o- CL.
4Ce/ro-Ling/istic .rogra**ing9) */ch o- the ;tacit do*ain; can be artic/lated and *ade conscio/s)
res/lting in greatly increased co*petence' #o/rces? M/lian Maynes 4The <rigin o- Conscio/sness in the
Breakdo+n o- the Bica*eral Mind9B &ilts) "rinder) Bandler) Bandler) &eLo5ier 4Ce/ro-Ling/istic
.rogra**ing? %ol/*e 1 - The #t/dy o- the #tr/ct/re o- #/b0ecti2e $1perience9B Aaron T' Beck
4Cogniti2e Therapy and the $*otional &isorders9B Martin $'.' #elig*an 4Learned <pti*is*9B (in
(enger 4n/*ero/s p/blications on intelligence-increase9'
4h9 Freedo* Technology? Cathaniel Branden 4-or*er associate o- Ayn and9 dre+ attention to the need
-or a ,ho+-to, *ethodology 4;para-ethics;9 -or people +ho +ant to be *oral in an i**oral +orld'
Freedo* Technology 4see eports 6TL71) 6TL78) 6TL78A) 6TL78B) and 6TL78C9) .ersonal .o+er and
B/siness &yna*ics constit/te the ,ho+-to, *ethodology to *a1i*i5e the degree to +hich +e li2e
*orally in an i**oral +orld'
4) #er"ona$ #o*er? eports 6TL17? Ho+ to Achie2e and !ncrease .ersonal .o+er and 6TL1>? Ho+
to Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess pro2ide so*e g/idelines -or increasing personal po+er' The recognition o-
the principle o- tacit personal creation can -/rther increase personal po+er and responsibility' (hen
yo/ reali5e that yo/ personally create all yo/r tho/ghts) *eanings) kno+ledge) -eelings) and e*otions)
yo/ beco*e *ore po+er-/l' !- yo/ think in ter*s o- ;he /pset *e); yo/ relin3/ish personal po+er'
(+) ,u"ne"" -'nam!"? By ;B/siness &yna*ics; ! *ean the principles and practices o- real or tr/e
-ree enterprise) b/siness in accordance +ith the *a1i*? respect indi2id/als and their property'
B/siness dyna*ics incl/des the pro:table prod/ction) *arketing) and distrib/tion o- 2al/able prod/cts
and ser2ices' 4<perating on the basis o- a charitable organi5ation that solicits -/nds -or a ;great ca/se;
is contrary to B/siness &yna*ics'9 The application o- B/siness &yna*ics to e1pand -reedo* is the
*ost intelligent +ay to de-eat the -orces o- tyranny' !ndi2id/als and organi5ations applying B/siness
&yna*ics s/b0ect the*sel2es to the discipline o- the *arket - a r/thless ;intelligence-increaser; - learn
to s+i*) or sink and dro+n
#o*e o- the books listed abo2e apply also to other ;di2isions; o- philosophy' #o*e o- the a/thors)
partic/larly and and Ciet5sche) +rote se2eral books in addition to those listed that greatly inK/enced
the de2elop*ent o- *y thinking' Many libertarian a/thors not listed also helped de2elop *y thinking'
Most o- *y learning abo/t se*antics ca*e -ro* reading the +orks o- Ior5ybski,s -ollo+ers' The se2en
thinkers +ho ha2e contrib/ted *ost to the de2elop*ent o- !ndi2id/alist .hilosophy are Ayn and)
(illia* Ma*es) Friedrich Ciet5sche) M/lian Maynes) Al-red Ior5ybski) Michael .olanyi) and Abraha*
Maslo+' Cat/rally) ! regard the* as the greatest philosophers and psychologistsH;
". #earning
The ability to learn is ob2io/sly central to intelligence' (e can learn -ro* all +e do and don,t do' !t is
intelligent to constantly obser2e +hat +orks and +hat doesn,t +ork' This is a thinking skill - a pretty
ad2anced thinking skillH Can +e ass/*e that people +ho see* /nable to obser2e the diFerence
bet+een +hat +orks and +hat doesn,t ha2e a learning disabilityD (hat abo/t people +ho contin/e to
do +hat ob2io/sly doesn,t +orkD (hat abo/t politicsD
$2ery ti*e yo/ learn anything /se-/l) yo/ increase yo/r intelligence' $2ery ne+ +ord yo/ learn
increases yo/r intelligence' (hen yo/ stop learning yo/r intelligence stagnates' Eo/ can 2ie+ yo/r li-e
as a learning e1peri*ent' .art o- the reason -or doing anything co/ld be to learn -ro* it - e2ery action
beco*es a learning e1peri*ent' !n addition to thinking in ter*s o- s/ccess and -ail/re) yo/ can think in
ter*s o- learning -ro* the o/tco*es o- each action'
This is partic/larly i*portant in *arketing' (e can think o- *arketing in a +ide sense here' $2ery ti*e
+e interact +ith another) +e are in a sense in2ol2ed in *arketing' #o*e o- o/r *arketing eForts +ork
in that they prod/ce intended res/lts' <thers don,t +ork so +ell' B/t *ost i*portant is that +e learn
all +e can -ro* o/r *arketing eForts'
Bla*ing others is a *a0or obstacle to learning' There is a :ne line bet+een e2al/ating others to
deter*ine their le2els o- kno+ledge and thinking) and deno/ncing the* as st/pid) ha2ing closed
*inds) etc' The bla*er says) ;Those people are too st/pidB yo/ can,t get thro/gh to the*'; The learner
says) ;! */st learn ho+ to get thro/gh to those people at their le2el';
- 1> -
<- co/rse) -or the sake o- eLciency) +e direct o/r *arketing eForts at the *ost likely b/yers or
hottest prospects' (e learn ho+ to do this' Ho+D (e obser2e +ho responds -a2orable to o/r *arketing
eForts) and +ho doesn,t' (e obser2e the diFerences bet+een the*' (e co*pose pro:les o- o/r
b/yers) and non-b/yers' (e learn that people +ith certain characteristics are *ore likely to b/y'
The *ost intelligent learning is ne2er-ending' Learning needs to be sel--directed' ! s/spect that *any
ed/cational instit/tions brain+ash their 2icti*s into belie2ing that ed/cation is so*ething yo/ get
-ro* so*eone else) as opposed to so*ething yo/ do to yo/rsel-' !- ed/cational instit/tions are
necessary at all) their :rst p/rpose sho/ld be to assist people to learn ho+ to learn'
Their second p/rpose sho/ld be to assist people to accelerate their rate o- learning' !- yo/ ha2en,t
been reading this report) +hile looking -or and :nding +ays to accelerate yo/r rate o- learning) !
strongly reco**end that yo/ start doing so' Eo/ *ay +ant to re2ie+ +hat yo/,2e already read in order
to identi-y things yo/ *ight be able to apply to accelerate yo/r rate o- learning'
<ne thing that has probably accelerated *y rate o- learning *ore than anything else is the application
o- Maynes,s bica*eral-*ind theory'
$. Communication %eed&ac' %eedforward
#o*e o- the *ost po+er-/l intelligence-increasing techni3/es in2ol2e e1pressing yo/r *ost s/btle
perceptions to recipients in a -eedback en2iron*ent' <ne s/ch proced/re) de2eloped by &r' (in
(enger) is called ;!*age-#trea*ing'; Eo/ close yo/r eyes and describe +hate2er *ental i*ages or
perceptions yo/ spontaneo/sly generate to a li2e listener' This e1pressi2e acti2ity acti2ates diFerent
parts o- the brain at the sa*e ti*e and sti*/lates cooperation bet+een the*'
According to &r' (enger) #antiago a*on y Ca0al is +idely regarded as the -ather o- brain anato*y' He
is the a/thor o- %ertebrate Ce/rogenesis and The Histology o- the Brain' His e1tensi2e research
indicates that the physical gro+th and de2elop*ent o- the brain depend on -eedback to the brain,s
To gro+ and de2elop yo/r brain - increase yo/r intelligence - yo/ +ant to engage in acti2ities +hich
in2ol2e sel--e1pression and recei2ing -eedback' (riting Terra Libra reports is th/s -or *e a personal
intelligence-increase e1ercise' .eople like Mr' #to/t pro2ide the 2ital -eedback that helps gro+ and
de2elop *y brain and increases *y intelligence'
Making it a habit to +rite do+n or record other+ise the ideas yo/ generate is a 2ery i*portant
techni3/e to increase yo/r creati2ity and intelligence' (hat yo/ re+ard gets done *ore' By recording
yo/r ideas) yo/ ;re+ard; 4or re-in-orce9 the idea-generating acti2ity - so yo/ generate *ore ideas'
! don,t kno+ i- any research has been done to deter*ine the role o- -eed-or+ard in increasing
intelligence' By ;-eed-or+ard; ! *ean -eeding in-or*ation into the -/t/re' !t,s a a -or* o- prediction)
b/t *ore than prediction' !t,s a kind o- sel---/l:lling prediction' The prediction has a 3/ality to it that
*akes its co*ing tr/e *ore likely' !t,s creating a positi2e -/t/re and then ha2ing that positi2e -/t/re
p/ll the present into it' 4!t can also be done negati2ely'9 Ho+ to practice -eed-or+ard is a thinking skill'
Eo/ *ay +ant to care-/lly re-read *y letter to Mr' #to/t on page R to spot the /se o- -eed-or+ard' A
s/perb e1a*ple o- -eed-or+ard +as described in The Ari5ona ep/blic o- Feber/ary 14) 1994?
;ocky Tho*pson had 17 birdies in a record-tying R1 #/nday to post the biggest co*eback in #enior
."A To/r history) a 1-stroke 2ictory o2er ay*ond Floyd''' He had :2e birdies on each side to e3/al
the lo+est ro/nd e2er shot on the #enior ."A To/r'
;!t,s kind o- -/nny +hat yo/ can do i- yo/ 0/st think abo/t it); Tho*pson said' ;!- ! +as going to +in the
to/rna*ent) #at/rday night ! calc/lated that ! needed to shoot 17-/nder par' ! sat in the roo* -or o2er
an ho/r trying to :g/re o/t ho+ to do it and get in the *ental -ra*e o- *ind that ! co/ld do it';;
The creation and e1pansion o- Terra Libra has to a large e1tent /tili5ed -eed-or+ard) -or e1a*ple)
calling it a ;+orld+ide -ree co/ntry; and ;the real -ree-enterprise sector o- the +orld'; Another
e1a*ple is describing the gap bet+een +hat is and +hat co/ld or sho/ld be as an ;opport/nity gap';
#o is the assertion? ;Terra Libra is /nstoppable';
Belie- in yo/rsel- and +hat yo/,ll be able to achie2e in the -/t/re is an e1a*ple o- -eed-or+ard' #o is
setting goals - and a b/siness plan' Feed-or+ard is 2ery i*portant in *arketing' !- yo/ e1a*ine Terra
Libra sales letters yo/,ll :nd *any e1a*ples o- -eed-or+ard' Telling people +hat bene:ts they can
deri2e -ro* being in2ol2ed +ith Terra Libra is a -or* o- -eed-or+ard'
There is a se3/ence in2ol2ed? -eed-or+ard) sel--e1pressi2e co**/nication) -eedback' &r' (enger has
-or*/lated a ;general *odel o- h/*an de2elop*ent; along these lines' Contact hi* -or *ore
in-or*ation - (in (enger) .h'&') .< Bo1 ==8) "aithersb/rg) M& 87AA4B 4=719 94A-1188'
(. )'ills
Terra Libra is the +orld,s :rst ci2ili5ation +here indi2id/als and their property are respected' To e1pand
o/r ci2ili5ation +e need to de2elop intellect/al and co**/nication skills to pers/ade *ore people to
abandon their 2iolent) coerci2e) cri*inal +ays' (e need to de2elop the b/siness skills to create
2ol/ntary instit/tions as ci2ili5ed alternati2es to o/r c/rrent instit/tional tra2esties' As indi2id/als and
- 1R -
organi5ations +e need to de2elop the skills to pre2ent those +ho *as3/erade as ;go2ern*ent; -ro*
destroying o/r rising ci2ili5ation'
Central to all this are the thinking skills +e need to de2elop to raise o/r le2els o- conscio/sness and
intelligence' A -e+ days ago a colleag/e ga2e *e a ;special pro*otional col/*n; -ro* @#A Today o-
Febr/ary 1) 1994) +ritten by &r' #tephen ' Co2ey) a/thor o- The Q Habits o- Highly $Fecti2e .eople?
;!,* :2e years into a pro-essional career - /nsatis:ed and /n-/l:lled' !t,s 0/st not *e' (here do ! begin
to learn +here *y real interests and abilities lie) and :nd a career at this stage o- *y li-e that taps into
!,2e spoken +ith *any) *any people +ho -eel the sa*e +ay' They are p/tting in their ti*e at +ork -
b/sy) b/t r/nning on no *ore than t+o or three o- eight cylinders o- capacity) and :nding their real
en0oy*ent oF the 0ob' They literally -eel trapped) li2ing o/t scripts and e1pectations that ha2e been
handed to the* their +hole li2es by parents) -riends) teachers and +ork associates'
Eears ago) as ! +as +andering bet+een the stacks o- books at a /ni2ersity library) ! ca*e across a
book in +hich ! read one o- the *ost po+er-/l) signi:cant ideas !,2e e2er enco/ntered' The essence o-
it +as this? ;Bet+een sti*/l/s and response) there is a space' !n that space is o/r po+er to choose o/r
response' !n o/r response lies o/r gro+th and -reedo*'; That idea hit *e +ith /nbelie2able -orce' !
reKected on it again and again' !t had a po+er-/l eFect on *y ideas abo/t li-e' ! began to disco2er in
that space *y o+n ability to *ake a conscio/sly chosen response'
The place yo/ begin learning o- yo/r abilities and interests is in the -/ll reali5ation that yo/ are neither
a prod/ct o- yo/r past nor o- the e1pectations o- others' There are talents and capacities that are
entirely /ni3/e to yo/' Tho/gh yo/ *ay not yet -/lly detect the*) *ost likely yo/ ha2e a sense o-
+hat they are' This sel--a+areness is one o- o/r /ni3/e endo+*ents and capacities +e possess as
h/*an beings' Thro/gh it) +e can detect o/r abilities and ;stand apart -ro* o/rsel2es; to e1a*ine o/r
thinking) o/r *oti2es) o/r history) o/r scripts) o/r actions) and o/r habits and tendencies' (hat a
po+er-/l gi-tH
$1ercise yo/r sel--a+areness by asking yo/rsel- s/ch 3/estions as? (hat do ! really en0oy doingD (hat
a* ! good atD (hat kind o- acti2ities ha2e ! been dra+n to - e2en as a childD There *ay e2en be areas
in +hich yo/ ha2e innate talents b/t ha2e ne2er de2eloped the* into a real skill'''
''' NTOr/st yo/rsel-' Ha2e the co/rage to detect) de2elop and /se those talents that +ill enable yo/ to
*ake real contrib/tions and that +ill bring yo/ deep satis-action''' ; Ne*phasis added
The ;pro*otional col/*n; pro2ides the -ollo+ing contact in-or*ation?
Fa1 a 3/estion abo/t yo/r career to &r' Co2ey to Q7=-8QR-R>>4B or +rite to @#A T<&AE) CA$$#) Rth
K' .M) 1777 (ilson Bl2d') Arlington) %A 88889'
ecei2e -ree career leadership *aterials by calling the Co2ey Leadership Center at 1-A77-8>>-7QQQB
Aa*->p* M#T'
H/*ans in bica*eral stage 8 4proto-conscio/s9 are hal--asleep sti*/l/s-response *achines' Most o- /s
operate this +ay *ost o- the ti*e' The branch o- psychology called Beha2ioris* is based on the
ass/*ption that h/*ans are a/to*atic sti*/l/s-response *achines'
To beco*e *ore conscio/s and intelligent) yo/ need to delay yo/r response - e1cept in e*ergencies
+hile dri2ing) +hen an i**ediate response *ay be re3/ired' &r' Co2ey talks abo/t the ;space
bet+een sti*/l/s and response'; By delaying yo/r response yo/ create that space'
A'$' 2an %ogt has +ritten a brilliant science :ction trilogy) as an introd/ction to "eneral #e*antics -
The (orld o- C/ll-A) The .a+ns o- C/ll-A) and C/ll-A Three - in +hich his protagonist "ilbert "osseyn
4;"o-sane;9 disco2ers hi*sel- and increases his intelligence and conscio/sness by shedding -alse
belie-s abo/t hi*sel- and practicing the ;C/ll-A cortical-thala*ic pa/se); +hich creates the space
bet+een sti*/l/s and response' The C/ll-A trilogy +ill introd/ce yo/ to a range o- thinking skills 2ital
to raising yo/r conscio/sness and increasing yo/r intelligence'
*. Integration
$arlier ! +rote abo/t -actions in the -reedo* *o2e*ent' There are also *any -actions in philosophy
and psychology' More o-ten than not) the -o/nder and -ollo+ers o- a -action belie2e that their -action
constit/tes the total ans+er to e2erything and that e2erybody else is +rong - typical o- bica*eral
stage 8 proto-conscio/sness' !ntegration re3/ires that +e accept that no single -action +ill e2er ha2e
all the ans+ers beca/se h/*an perception o- reality is al+ays partial and kno+ledge contin/es to
gro+ as +e disco2er *ore' Terra Libra is based on identi-ying) integrating) and applying the *ost
/se-/l kno+ledge -ro* as *any -actions as appropriate' 4#ee eport 6TL1>? Ho+ to Achie2e @lti*ate
#/ccess on the ;+e-don,t ha2e-all-the-ans+ers; approach'9
My (ebster,s de:nes ;integrate; as ;to -or* or blend into a +hole''' to /nite +ith so*ething else''' to
incorporate into a larger /nit''' ; !ntegration is a thinking skill' !t in2ol2es taking in-or*ation -ro*
diFerent so/rces and perspecti2es and p/tting it together in a coherent +hole'
.eople +ho go thro/gh li-e on the basis that ;*y g/r/ has all the ans+ers; are like horses +ith blinkers
- the tr/e belie2ers o- bica*eral stage 8' The sa*e applies to any -action o- the -reedo* *o2e*ent
that clai*s their approach is the only approach' #/ch *ind-sets tend to block integration'
- 1Q -
Cote that integration is i*plicit in *y de:nition o- intelligence? the co*bination o- actions that
prod/ce desirable res/lts' The *ore yo/ integrate) the greater yo/r geni/sH
+. Creati,it-
Here is a po+er-/l creati2e principle? .osition yo/rsel- on the -/t/re path o- h/*an e2ol/tion' This is
+hat $instein did' (ith the -or*/lation o- his theory o- relati2ity he placed hi*sel- on the -/t/re path
o- the e2ol/tion o- the kno+ledge o- physics' Henry Ford did the sa*e by i*ple*enting asse*bly-line
*ass prod/ction' The concepts o- the #o2ereign !ndi2id/al and Terra Libra as a +orld+ide in-or*ation-
based co/ntry -ollo+ this principle'
Ha2ing ;placed yo/rsel- in the -/t/re); the challenge beco*es? Ho+ to ;reach back into the present in
order to p/ll others into yo/r -/t/re'; Thinking in these ter*s is a thinking skill' !n the case o- Terra
Libra) only a relati2ely s*all percentage o- people are ready to be ;p/lled into the -/t/re'; Ho+ do +e
:nd the people +ho are readyD
1.. Imagination
An i*age in the *ind can be *ateriali5ed in the physical +orld' At night +e can i*agine a res/lt +e
+ant as already achie2ed' The -ollo+ing *orning +e can +ake /p +ith so*e o- the ans+ers as to +hat
+e ha2e to do to achie2e the res/lt'
The +orld,s greatest achie2ers *ay be the +orld,s greatest practical drea*ersH A /se-/l de:nition o-
an entrprene/r is a drea*er +ho does'
11. %reedom Change %le/i&ilit- 0da1ta&ilit-
Freedo* can be regarded as the n/*ber o- positi2e options a2ailable to yo/' The -reer yo/ are) the
*ore choice yo/ ha2e) the *ore options or possible actions' Th/s -reedo* is related to intelligence'
Many things can inhibit o/r intelligence' For e1a*ple) the certainty that a partic/lar 2ie+ is correct and
all others are +rong' !ncreasing yo/r intelligence depends on yo/r +illingness to change that +hich
*ay inhibit yo/r intelligence'
Fle1ibility enables yo/ to adapt yo/r actions to s/it speci:c people) sit/ations) and e2ents'
12. Conation
<ne o- the single *ost i*portant books on increasing yo/r intelligence - the co*bination o- actions
that prod/ce desirable res/lts - is The Conati2e Connection? @nco2ering the Link bet+een (ho Eo/ Are
and Ho+ Eo/ .er-or* by Iathy Iolbe'
;Conation 4koh CAE sh/n9 n' Conation is the area o- one,s acti2e *entality that has to do +ith desire)
2olition) and stri2ing' The related conat/s 4koh CAE t/s9 is the res/lting eFort or stri2ing itsel-) or the
nat/ral tendency or -orce in one,s *ental *ake/p that prod/ces an eFort' Conati2e 4I<HC /h ti29 is
the ter* in psychology that describes anything relating to conation' All these +ords co*e -ro* the
Latin conat/s) past participle o- the 2erb conari 4to try9' The #cottish philosopher (illia* Ha*ilton
41QAA-1A>R9 considered conation to be one o- the three di2isions o- the *ind) the one that incl/ded
desire and 2olition) the other t+o being cognition 4perception) a+areness9 and -eeling''' Conation
diFers -ro* 2elleity 4the +ish +itho/t the eFort9'; - 3/oted by Ms' Iolbe -ro* 1777 Most Challenging
#o*e basic principles o- Ms' Iolbe,s theory o- conation?
G/oting Abraha* Maslo+? Man seeks ;to be tr/e to his o+n nat/re) to tr/st hi*sel-) to be a/thentic)
spontaneo/s) honestly e1pressi2e) to look -or the so/rces o- his action in his o+n deep inner nat/re';
And ;capabilities cla*or to be /sed and cease their cla*or only +hen they are /sed s/Lciently';
$ach indi2id/al has /ni3/e +ays that +ork o- doing certain things'
;''' NAOll o- /s are born +ith /ni3/e +ays o- approaching e2erything +e to/ch''' ;
There are certain things +e +ill do by nat/re and +e +ill do the* in certain +ays'
There are other things +e +on,t do by nat/re' (e resist doing the* beca/se +e hate the*'
;! +ill; is *ore i*portant than !G' ;! +ill; is *ore a dri2ing -orce than ;! +ish'; ;! +ill; is a distinct
aspect o- the *ind - the po+er o- creati2e instinct or +ill - separate -ro* thinking and -eeling'
The conati2e part o- the *ind +as accepted as a gi2en by thinkers s/ch as .lato) Aristotle) A/g/stine)
#pino5a) Hobbes) &escartes) Iant) H/*e) Fre/d) and .iaget' !t,s part o- the center brain or ;e1ec/ti2e;
brain' B/t) abo/t A7 years ago) *ention o- the conati2e *ind disappeared -ro* acade*ic literat/re'
According to Ms' Iolbe?
;The conati2e -or these philosophers +as the so/rce o- all stri2ing) longing) a*bition) and sel--
e1pression' !t +as the root o- a person,s persistence against obstacles) the 2ery essence o- the person)
-or it is thro/gh conation that +e stri2e to+ard goals or sel--act/ali5e' And it is thro/gh the conati2e
that one is prod/cti2e) -or as H/*e and others point o/t) intellect/al a+areness alone cannot *o2e /s
to do anything'''
- 1A -
By -oc/sing on ho+ people act/ally s/cceeded) as opposed to ho+ +ell they -ollo+ed instr/ctions) !
-o/nd that there +ere diFerent knacks) or capabilities) that propelled people to+ard their goals' !
disco2ered that achie2e*ent */ltiplied +hen indi2id/als o- any age or stat/s +ere able to /se their
knacks -or getting things done' These knacks) ! reali5ed +ere so basic that they +ere) in -act)
instincti2e - the h/*an ;+ills and +on,ts; that deter*ine not +hat +e think or -eel or +hat +e +ish or
hope) b/t ho+ +e *ost nat/rally deal +ith detail) +ith str/ct/re) +ith risk) and +ith the three-
do*ensional +orld' These creati2e instincts deter*ine o/r *ost nat/ral +ay o- approaching proble*
sol2ing) o- arranging ideas or ob0ects) and o- /sing ti*e and energy'
! obser2ed that people,s actions cl/stered into -o/r sets o- beha2iors) or Action ModesX) as ! ca*e to
call the*' The beha2iors +ithin each set did not o2erlap +ith the others and +ere disting/ishable -ro*
The -o/r Action ModesX are Fact Finder) Follo+ Thr/) G/ick #tart) and !*ple*entor' $ach o- /s has a
nat/ral *od/s operandi 4M<9 +hich can be described in ter*s o- ho+ resistant) acco**odating) or
insistent +e are in each o- the Action ModesX' Thro/gh disco2ering o/r M<) +e greatly increase o/r
ability to achie2e o/r goals - that is) o/r intelligence'
@nderstanding conation is the key to /nderstanding ho+ tho/ght and e*otion are translated into
For *a1i*/* prod/cti2ity in organi5ations certain *i1es o- M<s are opti*/*'1
Ms' Iolbe has re2ealed to /s a *ost i*portant ele*ent o- intelligence - the co*bination o- actions that
prod/ce desirable res/lts - that *ost o- /s) incl/ding o/r *odern philosophers and psychologists) kno+
nothing abo/t' To increase yo/r intelligence her book is an absol/te */st' "et it -ro* yo/r local
bookstore or contact IolbeConcepts) !nc') =481 C' 44th #treet) .hoeni1) AT A>71AB 4R789 A47-9QQ7'
Here,s an ill/stration -ro* The Ari5ona ep/blic o- Febr/ary 1Q) 1994 o- +hy it,s i*portant to do things
yo/r o+n +ay?
;Hal #/tton) again playing gol- his +ay) shot a 9-/nder R= (ednesday''' #/tton) the 19A= ."A national
cha*pion and once one o- gol-,s brightest yo/ng stars) has been in the throes o- a career-threatening
sl/*p the past t+o seasons''' #/tton) in desperation) so/ght help +here2er he co/ld :nd it'
;! +ent to a n/*ber o- g/ys +ho had *e doing a n/*ber o- things ! +as co*pletely /nable to do); he
said' ;! +o/ld thro+ all *y kno+ledge in the +aste basket''' ! +o/ld p/t *ysel- in their hands) in eFect
say) ,Here ! a*B do +ith *e +hat yo/ +ill', Finally) ! +ent to the *oney 4+inning9 list' ! sa+ !,d +on
U='= *illion playing gol- *y +ay) and U177)777 playing gol- their +ay' (hich +as bestD;
(ith the help o- teaching pro Mi**y Ballard) #/tton has gone back to his o+n +ay o- doing things''' ;
Ms' Iolbe,s second book ./re !nstinct? B/siness, @ntapped eso/rce has 0/st been p/blished' ! highly
reco**end it' #he +rites?
;.hilosophers ha2e generally agreed that instincts pro2ide the -orce that dri2es nat/ral /rges' #tri2ing
!nstincts are po+er so/rces) and they */st :nd o/tlets' They co*pel /s to be prod/cti2e' (hen +e
-/nction according to the*) +e -/l:ll o/r destinies and *ake o/r best decisions' (hen +e act contrary
to the*) their po+er +orks against /s' The h/*an spirit is act/ali5ed thro/gh these instincts' Any
atte*pt to th+art o/r #tri2ing !nstincts is an eFort to cr/sh o/r spirit' The 2ery energy +ithin o/r
stri2ing capacities +ill battle anything blocking -ree e1pression'
Thro/gho/t history) despots ha2e tried to li*it instinct-dri2en action' &ictators ha2e atte*pted to
control -reedo* o- speech) -reedo* to barter) -reedo* to +ork according to nat/ral *ethods' #ooner
or later e2ery society o2erthro+s s/ch -or*s o- oppression' The Chinese entreprene/r risks
i*prison*ent to negotiate deals despite go2ern*ent restrictions on barteringB the +riter in a
totalitarian society kno+ingly -aces p/nish*ent in order to e1press inner dri2es by p/tting pen to
paper' All o- /s ha2e a po+er +ithin /s that -orces /s to acco*plish o/r p/rposes thro/gh p/re
13. Brain1ower
There are *any +ays to increase yo/r ra+ brainpo+er' For an in-or*ation package) send U> to (in
(enger) .h'&') .< Bo1 ==8) "aithersb/rg) M& 87AA4B 4=719 94A-1188' Eo/ *ay also +ant to read the
book Megabrain? Ce+ Tools and Technologies -or Brain "ro+th and Mind $1pansion by Michael
14. )elf23isci1line )elf2Control
Li2ing yo/r li-e /nder the control o- so*eone else or so*e e1ternal a/thority) red/ces yo/r choices
and yo/r Ke1ibility' By de2eloping and increasing sel--discipline and sel--control) yo/ increase yo/r
- 19 -
1". )elf23e1endence
!- yo/ depend on so*eone else) yo/ also depend on that person,s intelligence' This red/ces the
press/re on yo/ to de2elop yo/r o+n intelligence' ;!- yo/ gi2e a *an a :sh) he eats -or one day' !- yo/
teach hi* to :sh) he eats -or the rest o- his li-e';
1$. Business 3-namics
The end-res/lt o- the application o- intelligence is the creation o- 2al/e' The *ore intelligence) the
*ore 2al/e' By ;2al/e; ! *ean that +hich aids h/*an s/r2i2al or i*pro2es the length and 3/ality o-
h/*an li-e' B/siness &yna*ics tends to *a1i*i5e the creation o- 2al/e beca/se indi2id/als atte*pt to
*ake choices that are */t/ally bene:cial'
Consider -o/r *odes o- operation?
4a9 Co*p/lsion) 2iolence) or coercion *odeB
4b9 Charity *odeB
4c9 .se/do-b/siness *odeB
4d9 B/siness *ode'
The people called ;go2ern*ent; generally tend to /se co*p/lsion) 2iolence) coercion) brain+ashing to
achie2e their ends' These are called ;politics'; "enerally) the recipients o- these treat*ents take
actions they +o/ld not take -reely o- their o+n 2olition' ;"o2ern*ent; tends to be a destroyer o- 2al/e'
"enerally people in charity *ode *ake a pro*ise o- -/t/re 2al/e in order to obtain s/pport in the
present -or their ca/se' #/pporters are asked to *ake sacri:ces -or potential -/t/re 2al/e'
There are people +ho practice a *i1t/re o- b/siness and politics' "enerally) they constit/te the
;pri2ate sector'; They tend to obey and :nance the people +ho call the*sel2es ;go2ern*ent'; They
o-ten seek special pri2ileges to be coerci2ely en-orced'
.eople in p/re b/siness *ode practice real or tr/e -ree enterprise' They respect indi2id/als and their
property' They practice 2ol/ntary e1change' They seek to *a1i*i5e 2al/e'
1(. #eadershi1
$Fecti2e leadership depends on the integration o- a +ide range o- attit/des and skills' The -ollo+ing is
adapted -ro* a ;Leadership Mani-est; sent to *e by Mr' C' Berry?
4a9 A Leader is eso/rce-/l'
He is a person +ith i*agination) initiati2e) and -resh ideas' Beca/se o- his *any plans) pro0ects and
creati2e ideas) he -eels a kinship +ith %ictor H/go) +ho said) ;! need a tho/sand years to do +hat !
ha2e in *ind'; A leader is e2er conscio/s o- the Biblical +arning? ;(here there is no 2ision) the people
perish'; Like+ise) he is -/lly con:dent that +here there is 2ision) originality and reso/rce-/lness on the
part o- the leader) his eForts +ill /lti*ately bear -r/it'
4b9 A Leader is .ersistent'
He takes heart in the +ords o- the great social re-or*er Tho*as F' B/1ton? ;(ith ordinary talent and
e1traordinary perse2erance) all things are attainable'; He kno+s that persistence is the -orer/nner o-
s/ccess) the -ather o- 2ictory) and the ancestor o- acco*plish*ent' A leader is constantly a+are o- the
tr/th that -ail/re co*es -ro* -ollo+ing the line o- least persistence' (hen he is te*pted to gi2e /p) a
good leader gets his second +ind' He keeps on keeping on'
4c9 A Leader is &ependable'
His +ord is his bond) his d/ty is a sacred tr/st) and his acceptance o- a position is al+ays a -orer/nner
o- a 0ob +ell done' (hen he accepts a position o- leadership) he is *ore concerned +ith sho/ldering
responsibility than +ith recei2ing honors' More interested in ser2ing than in seeking) he can al+ays be
co/nted on) ne2er co/nted o/t' He is consistently a *an o- his +ord'
4d9 A Leader is .atient'
He reKects the sage ad2ice o- (illia* Ma*es? ;The art o- being +ise is the art o- kno+ing +hat to
o2erlook'; He reali5es that patience is not only a 2irt/e b/t a daily necessity) not an electi2e b/t a
re3/ired co/rse in the school o- ser2ice'
He is patient +ith others beca/se he is at :rst patient +ith hi*sel-' He re*e*bers this tr/th? the
*/shroo* appears o2ernightB the giant red+ood reKects the patience o- cent/ries'
4e9 A Leader is Co/rageo/s'
He stands -or +hat he belie2es to be right) e2en in the *idst o- conKict and criticis*' His physical)
*ental and *oral co/rage is contagio/s to those aro/nd hi*' He dares to be an indi2id/al +hose
honor and integrity are respected and ad*ired by all +ho kno+ hi*' He represents strength to the
+eak) -aith to the -aint o- heart) and con:dence to the -ear-/l' He belie2es in and personi:es the +ords
o- Andre+ Mackson? ;<ne *an +ith co/rage *akes a *a0ority';
4-9 A Leader is Mat/re'
He takes his responsibilities serio/sly) b/t he is able to la/gh at hi*sel-) his *istakes) and his
shortco*ings' A leader kno+s that a sense o- h/*or is the pole that adds balance to his steps as he
+alks the tight +ire o- li-e' He has learned to react *at/rely to the i**at/re actions o- others'
- 87 -
He *eas/res /p -a2orably to &r' (illia* C' Menninger,s si1 criteria -or the e*otionally *at/re person?
He :nds greater satis-action in gi2ing than in recei2ing'
He creates satis-ying and per*anent loyalties in gi2e-and-take relationships'
He /ses his leis/re creati2ely'
He contrib/tes to the i*pro2e*ent o- his o+n ho*e li-e'
He learns to pro:t -ro* his *istakes and his s/ccesses'
He is relati2ely -ree -ro* -ears) tensions) and an1ieties'
4g9 A Leader is $nco/raging'
He is genero/s +ith +ell-deser2ed praise) pro*pt +ith +ell-earned co**endation) and e2er alert to
recogni5e and e*phasi5e the best eForts o- e2eryone' He kno+s that an o/nce o- sincere praise is
+orth a po/nd o- -a/lt :nding'
He re*e*bers the ad2ice o- the great poet "oethe? ;Correction does */ch) b/t enco/rage*ent does
*ore' $nco/rage*ent a-ter cens/re is as the s/n a-ter the sho+er';
He inspires others to rise to ne+ heights o- achie2e*ent) to o/tdo the*sel2es) to stretch) to stand on
tiptoes) and to set ne+ records o- ser2ice and ad2ance*ent'
4h9 A Leader is Adaptable'
He has a plan and +orks his plan) b/t he is al+ays +ise eno/gh to change his co/rse or to ad0/st his
sights +hen necessary' He is /na-raid o- dangers) diLc/lties) and deto/rs' They *ay delay hi*) b/t
they do not disco/rage hi*' He -re3/ently /ses bl/eprints and action plans as g/ideposts) b/t he
ne2er lets the* /se hi*' He is g/ided by the lessons o- e1perience) b/t he is not a sla2e o- con-or*ity'
A good leader can change his *ind +itho/t sacri:cing his integrity' He can adapt to ne+ and changing
circ/*stances +itho/t co*pro*ising his principles'
4i9 A Leader is <pti*istic'
He has a reason -or e2ery s/ccess) not an e1c/se -or e2ery -ail/re' He goes o/t and rings bells) ne2er
gi2es /p and +rings his hands' He t/rns the i*possible into the possible'
He pleasantly ponders ho+ high his kite +ill Ky) and ne2er +oe-/lly +onders ho+ soon his kite +ill -all'
He sees a green near e2ery sand trap) ne2er a sand trap near e2ery green' He is con:dent that
opport/nity is no+ here) not a-raid that opport/nity is no+here'
409 A Leader is "rate-/l'
He ne2er takes -or granted the responsibilities and opport/nities that ha2e been gi2en to hi*B rather)
he is grate-/l -or the pri2ilege o- leadership' Like Cicero) a leader recogni5es the tr/th that ;a thank-/l
heart is not only the greatest 2irt/e) b/t the parent o- all other 2irt/es';
He is grate-/l -or the gi-t o- li-e) -or the blessings o- -riendship) and the challenges and 0oys o-
4k9 A Leader is &edicated'
He thro+s hi*sel- +holeheartedly and /nreser2edly into his responsibilities) and can say +ith Cicholas
M/rray B/tler? ;The -orty-ho/r +eek has no char* -or *e' !,* looking -or a -orty-ho/r dayH;
He *akes a habit o- p/nct/ality) attendance and -ollo+-thro/gh' His *otto is ;Let *e help); not ;Let
"eorge do it'; He is conscientio/s b/t not contentio/s) deter*ined b/t not dictatorial) dedicated b/t
not de*anding'
4l9 A Leader is $nth/siastic'
He e*ploys the *agic o- enth/sias* to inspire others to belie2e in hi*) to +ork +ith hi*) and to
-ollo+ hi*' He +alks +ith a spring in his step) he +orks +ith a sparkle in his eyes) and he speaks +ith
con:dence and ass/rance' He accepts the challenge o- Br/ce Barton) +ho said? ;!- yo/ can gi2e yo/r
son only one gi-t) let it be the gi-t o- enth/sias*';
As a leader) he kno+s that his co-+orkers are in the sa*e boat +ith alph (aldo $*erson +ho +rote?
;(hat ! need *ost is so*ething to *ake *e do +hat ! can'; The ;so*ething; that can inspire others to
do +hat they can and o/ght to do is a leader +ho possesses and practices the *ost contagio/s 3/ality
in the +orld? $nth/sias*
1*. Mastermind
T+o *inds are better than one' The ;*aster*ind principle; is described in the classic Think and "ro+
ich by Capoleon Hill' !t,s possible -or a gro/p o- t+o or *ore people to cooperate in s/ch a +ay that
the intelligence o- each enhances the intelligence o- the other' Th/s a gro/p can be capable o- *ore
intelligence than any indi2id/al +ithin the gro/p'
1+. )uccess.
#ee eport 6TL1>? Ho+ to Achie2e @lti*ate #/ccess'
2.. #o,e
Lo2e is *ore intelligent than hate'
- 81 -
21. #ife 2 Biological or 4h-sical Immortalit-
;#peaking once to a Mensa gro/p 4high !G organi5ation9) ! +as re*inded o- the *any -acets and
de:nitions o- intelligence'
#o*e say intelligence is the ability to organi5e tho/ghts to+ard attain*ent o- goals) and that o/r goal
is happiness or content*entB i- +e also accept the adage that ignorance is bliss) it see*s the ob0ect o-
intelligence sho/ld be to kno+ as little as possible'
Then there is the ;contented co+'; !- indeed the dairy co+ is the *ost contented o- creat/res) it see*s
the goal o- an intelligent being sho/ld be to eat grass) che+ yo/r c/d) and ha2e so*eone s3/ee5e
yo/r tits t+ice a day' (hoe2er is keeping score +o/ld ha2e to say)
Mensa *e*ber) high o- bro+)
an second to contented co+'
Another +ell established school o- tho/ght holds the *ain 3/estion to be) ;!- yo/,re so s*art) +hy ain,
t yo/ richD; B/t those +ho notice all those *oldering *illionaires ask) ;!- yo/,re so rich) ho+ co*e
yo/,re d/*bD;
Be that as it *ay) *ost o- /s share the goal o- personal s/r2i2al - at least) +e /s/ally dodge the
ta1icabs and take o/r penicillinB s/rely intelligence gi2es priority to i*portant goals' !*agine) then) the
chagrin o- a Mensa *e*ber as he approaches an igno*inio/s end 4the only kind there is9 and :nally
My epitaph) !t co/ld be read?
;!- he +as so s*art) Ho+ co*e he,s deadD;;
obert $ttinger - The !**ortalist *aga5ine) April 1994
Li-e is *ore intelligent than death'
22. )emantics
(e li2e in a sea o- +ords' </r perception o- the en2iron*ent) other people) and o/rsel2es is /s/ally
con2erted into +ords' M/ch o- o/r thinking is done in the -or* o- +ords' M/ch o- o/r co**/nication
bet+een each other occ/rs in the -or* o- +ords' Many o- /s take these +ords -or granted) treat the*
as gi2ens'
To a large e1tent) *ost o- /s) */ch o- the ti*e) react to o/r +ord-based interpretations o- e2ents)
rather than respond to the e2ents the*sel2es in an /nbiased *anner' </r +ords color +hat +e see
and hear'
Let *e s/ggest that the /n3/estioning acceptance and /se o- certain +ords ha2e a st/pe-ying eFect'
This pheno*enon is co2ered in detail in o/r reports on #e*antic Freedo*) starting +ith eport
!n addition to the abo2e ele*ents) there are also so*e general principles concerning the increase o-
4a9 .lay ga*es like Chess) Bridge) and .oker
4b9 G/estion $2erything
4c9 Consider the <pposite
4d9 M/*ping o/t o- #yste*s
4e9 The Breakthro/gh #pirit
4-9 ead the books o- obert Anton (ilson'
4a9 .lay ga*es like Chess) Bridge) and .oker
These and other ga*es can be played as e1ercises to increase intelligence' !n The Ari5ona ep/blic o-
April R) 1994) Herb (hitney 3/otes Frank Honsik) a Q4-year-old retired physician?
;!- yo/ to/ch a piece) yo/,2e got to *o2e it' Eo/ take yo/r hand oF and that,s it' And that,s ho+ li-e
operates' %ery strict'
The ga*e teaches yo/ logic and the discipline o- the *ind' !t also teaches yo/ -or e2ery act there,s a
4b9 G/estion $2erything
A -e+ days ago ! +as looking thro/gh so*e old :les and ca*e across a *etaphor ! +rote abo/t 17
years ago?
;#o*eti*es ! think *y brain is a bird-cageB and ! think o- *y ideas as birds) brain-birds' @ntil ! +as
abo/t 8>-years old) ! didn,t allo+ *any o- *y brain-birds to escape' #o ! had 3/ite a collection - a
2eritable a2iary - o- brain-birds o- all kinds o- colors) shapes) and si5es' #o*e birds +ere parrots' #o*e
brain-birds +ere s*all and ti*id) like little +hite do2es' #o*e +ere birds o- prey) 2icio/s killer 0a+ks'
#o*e brain-birds b/ried their heads in the sand) like ostriches' #o*e +ere o+ls) acti2e only at night'
There +ere e2en a -e+ t/rkeys) +ho -ell o2er their o+n -eet' #o*e birds sang bea/ti-/l songs) like
nightingales' #o*e +ere 2/lt/res that ate only carrion' <thers +ere e1otic brain-birds that e*barked
on -ab/lo/s Kights o- -ancy'''
My brain-birds -o/ght each other incessantly' Most li2ed in -ear and hate' Many +ere 2icio/s and
2oracio/s and de2o/red s*aller) +eaker birds' ! ne2er had the co/rage to open *y bird-cage to look
- 88 -
inside *y bird-brain' ! ne2er cleaned *y bird-cage' The acc/*/lated bird-shit) decaying carcasses)
and other :lth +as /ncon-rontable' !n any case) ! had ne2er learned ho+ to clean a bird-cage' And !
had no inkling o- the art and science o- keeping brain-birds' Eo/ *ight think that the birds +ere
prisoners in *y brain) b/t one day an old +itch told *e) ;Eo/r birds) do*inate) control) and r/le yo/
totallyB yo/ are the prisoner o- yo/r birdsB yo/ are a bird-brainH By i*prisoning yo/ brain-birds) yo/
i*prison only yo/rsel-';
! begged the old +itch to teach *e the art and science o- keeping brain-birds' #he re-/sed' #he said it
+as too dangero/s' !- ! opened *y bird-cage and looked inside) ! +o/ld be so shocked) disg/sted) and
sickened that ! +o/ld go stark) ra2ing) ranting *ad' ! beca*e disappointed) depressed) desperate''' !
started hating *y brain-birds' ! +anted to kill the* all' ! considered blo+ing the* to s*ithereens +ith
a shotg/n) b/t that +o/ld kill *e too' Co+ ! kne+ ! had a proble*? ho+ to kill *y brain-birds +itho/t
killing *ysel-' ! +ent to the old +itch) told her *y proble*) and begged her to help *e'
;My dear boy); she said) ;! think yo/,re no+ ready to start +orking'; #he oFered to teach *e one
lesson e2ery +eek in the art and science o- keeping brain-birds' &/ring the :rst lesson she ta/ght *e
ho+ to open the s*allest door o- *y bird-cage and to let one s*all brain-bird escape' &/ring
s/ccessi2e lessons she ta/ght *e ho+ to open bigger doors and to let so*e o- the larger birds escape'
&/ring the tenth lesson she sho+ed *e ho+ to get the bird-shit o/t o- the botto* o- *y bird-cage' By
the t+entieth lesson ! had learned to keep *y bird-cage *ore or less clean and tidy' By the thirtieth
lesson ! kne+ ho+ to call the brain-birds ! needed) and ho+ to let the* go +hen ! had done +ith the*'
By the -ortieth lesson ! had learned ho+ to let brain-birds o- all kinds co*e and go -reely as they
+ished - and ! co/ld also control the* i- ! +anted to) +hile they +ere in *y brain' By the :-tieth lesson
! had learned ho+ to K/sh *y brain clean +hene2er ! +anted to'
Co+ there is only one big brain-bird le-t' ! like hi* *ore than all the others' ! allo+ hi* to be a
per*anent resident' He is an enor*o/s) 2oracio/s) o*ni2ero/s parrot) +ho can de2o/r any other bird'
He is the *ightiest bird o- all creation' And he speaks only t+o +ords? ;G@$#T!<C $%$ETH!C"H;;
4c9 Consider the <pposite
#o*eti*es the e1act opposite o- +hat,s generally accepted) t/rns o/t to be *ore intelligent' Most
people think that cooking -ood is a good thing' (hat i- eating all -ood ra+ is *ore intelligentD - see
eport 6TL79? Ho+ to Achi2e #/perhealth'
Most people belie2e that ;nothing is as certain as death and ta1es'; Consider the possibility that +e
can largely eli*inate both death and ta1es -ro* o/r li2es - i- +e beco*e cle2er eno/ghH
The opposite o- *any belie-s o- the ;a2erage person; needs to be considered' For e1a*ple)
;go2ern*ent is good; 2s' ;go2ern*ent is e2il;B ;sel:shness is bad and altr/is* is good; 2s'
;sel:shness is a 2irt/e and altr/is* an e2il';
4d9 M/*ping o/t o- #yste*s
Thinking or operating +ithin a syste* li*its yo/r choices' M/*ping o/t o- syste*s *ay pro2ide yo/
+ith /ne1pected positi2e options' The entire Terra Libra conception is based on 0/*ping o/t o- e1isting
syste*s' A po+er-/l intelligence-increasing 3/estion is? (hat syste* *ight ! be st/ck in
4e9 The Breakthro/gh #pirit
!s it possible to li2e e2ery day o- yo/r li-e) e1pecting to *ake at least one signi:cant breakthro/ghD
Co/ld this be a great learning accelerator
4-9 ead the books o- obert Anton (ilson'
;The genetic portion o- st/pidity is progra**ed into all o- /s and consists o- ,typical *a**alian
beha2ior', That is) a great deal o- the h/*an ner2o/s syste* is on a/topilot) like the closely related
chi*pan5ee ner2o/s syste* and the *ore distantly related co+ ner2o/s syste*' The progra*s o-
territoriality) pack hierarchy) etc') are e2ol/tionary stable strategies and hence +ork *echanically)
+itho/t conscio/s tho/ght' These e2ol/tionary relati2e s/ccesses beca*e genetic progra*s beca/se
they +ork +ell eno/gh -or the ordinary *a**al in ordinary *a**alian aFairs' They only beco*e
st/pidities in h/*an beings) +here the higher cortical centers ha2e been de2eloped as a *onitoring
syste* to -eed back *ore sophisticated s/r2i2al techni3/es and correct these stereotyped progra*s
+ith *ore Ke1ible ones'
!n short) to the e1tent that a h/*an -ollo+s the genetic pri*ate-pack patterns) +itho/t -eedback -ro*
the corte1) that h/*an is still acting like an ape) and hasn,t ac3/ired -acility in /sing the Ce+ Brain';
- obert Anton (ilson) The !ll/*inati .apers
Mr' (ilson has +ritten *any other books' .ri*arily) he pers/ades /s to think abo/t things in diFerent
+ays' He also introd/ces /s to ne+ things to think abo/t' Mr' (ilson has been inspired by) a*ong
others) "eorgei "/rd0ieF and &r' Ti*othy Leary - t+o o- the greatest intelligence increasers - +hose
+orks are also +orth reading'
There,s */ch *ore to be said and +ritten abo/t increasing intelligence' ! hope this is a good start' !-
yo/ ha2e any 3/estions) co**ents) and s/ggestions) please let *e kno+' And re*e*ber) to increase
yo/r intelligence yo/ ha2e to keep learningB and) to really boost yo/r intelligence) yo/ ha2e to
accelerate yo/r rate o- learning'
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