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What is the network address of the host /23 in binary?

Select one:
a. 10101100. 00011001.01000011.11111111
b. 10101100. 00011001.01000011.00000000
c. 10101100. 00011001.01000010.00000000
d. 10101100. 00011001.00000000.00000000
e. 10101100. 00010001.01000011. 01100010
f. 10101100. 00011001.01000010.01100011
When is a straight-through cabe used in a network?
Select one:
a. When connecting a host to a switch.
b. When connecting a router through the console port.
c. When connecting a router to another router.
d. When connecting one switch to another switch.
!n a "isco de#ice$ where is the !%& fie stored 'rior to syste( startu'?
Select one:
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. lash
Which ayer of the %&! (ode su''ies ser#ices that aow user to interface with the
Select one:
a. Session.
b. Networ!.
c. "ransport.
d. #h$sical.
e. #resentation.
f. Application.
A co%pan$ i%ple%ents &ideo conferencing o&er '# on their (thernet )AN. "he users notice that
the networ! slows down* and the &ideo either stutters or fails co%pletel$. What is the %ost li!el$
reason for this+
Select one:
a. %odulation
b. ,ualit$ of ser&ice -.oS/
c. pac!et switching e0change -#S(/
d. %ini%u% cell rate -M1R/
e. reliable transport protocol -R"#/
Which !) 'acket fied wi 're#ent endess oo's?
Select one:
a. lags.
b. 'dentification.
c. "$pe 2 of 2 Ser&ice.
d. "i%e 2 to 2 li&e.
e. 3eader chec!su%.
What subnet (ask woud a network ad(inistrator assign to a network address of
172.3*.1.* if it were 'ossibe to ha#e u' to 25+ hosts?
Select one:
a. 455.455.456.0
b. 455.455.467.0
c. 455.455.455.0
d. 455.455.0.0
An administrator attempts a traceroute but receives a "Destination Unreadable" message.
Which protocol is responsible for that message?
Select one:
a. IC!
b. "A"!
c. "UD!
d. S#!
Which ayer enca'suates the seg(ent into 'ackets?
Select one:
a. 8ata )in!.
b. #h$sical.
c. Networ!.
d. "ransport.
A net$or% admin $ants to %no$ ever& hop the pac%ets ta%e $hen he accesses
Which command is the most appropriate to use?
Select one:
a. traceroute
b. trace
c. path
d. debug
What information is added during encapsulation at OSI Layer 3?
Select one:
a. Source and destination port number.
b. Source and destination I! address.
c. Source and destination AC.
d. Source and destination application protocol.
What do routers use to seect the best 'ath for outgoing data 'ackets?
Select one:
a. Switching tables
b. Routing tables.
c. AR# tables.
d. 9ridging tables.
When network ser#ices fai$ which 'ort is (ost often used to access a router for
(anage(ent 'ur'oses?
Select one:
a. A:;.
b. SS3
c. (thernet.
d. 1onsole.
e. "elnet
,fter a web browser (akes a re-uest to a web ser#er that is istening to the standard 'ort$
what wi be the source 'ort nu(ber in the .") header of the res'onse fro( the ser#er?
Select one:
a. 1<.
b. 5<.
c. 1=47.
d. 70.
e. 1046.
/thernet o'erates at which ayers of the %&! (ode? 0"hoose two1.
Select one or %ore:
a. 8ata>lin! la$er.
b. Session la$er.
c. "ransport la$er.
d. #h$sical la$er.
e. Networ! la$er.
f. Application la$er
2ow (any host addresses (ay be assigned on each subnetwork when using the
13*.63.*.* network address with a subnet (ask of 255.255.2+3.*?
Select one:
a. <0
b. 45?
c. 406?
d. 60@?
e. 60@6
A s$ste% ad%inistrator t$pes the co%%and to change the hostna%e of a router. Where on the
1isco 'S is that change stored+
Select one:
b. ROM
c. RAM
d. )AS3
e. #1M1'A
2ow (any bits (ake u' an !)#+ address?

Select one:
a. 147
b. ?6
c. <4
d. 67
"on#ert the binary nu(ber 1*111*1* into its he4adeci(a e-ui#aent. &eect the correct
answer fro( the ist beow.
Select one:
a. 9<
b. 9A
c. @0
d. 11
e. A1
f. 75
In an IPv4 environment, what information is used y the router to forward data
pac!ets from one interface of a router to another?
Select one:
a. Source net$or% address.
b. Destination net$or% address.
c. Well %no$n port destination address.
d. Source AC address.