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Tender Management Academy

2 Day Managing Public Sector Tenders

Tender Management Academy
Challenged by the complexities of competing for public sector contracts?
Would it help if you knew how to plan strategically for improving tendering success rates?
Would it help if you knew more about a systematic successful approach to tendering?
Would it help if knew more about proven techniques for writing high scoring tenders?

ILM Public Sector Tendering Management Programme
We have distilled our market leading expertise in public sector procurement into
our Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM, endorsed Public Sector Tendering
development programme. A comprehensive skills based programme guiding you
through the entire tendering process from sourcing opportunities to submitting
winning proposals.
ILM Public Sector Tendering Programme

2 Day Workshop Based Programme

Institute of Leadership and Management
ILM are the UK market leader in leadership and management qualifications. With a
training offer quality assured by ILM you can be sure our training directly meets real
workplace needs and equips you to put your new skills into practice immediately.
Module 1
Managing Tenders
Module 2
Designing Tenders
Module 3
Tender Compliance
Tender Management Academy
Staying ahead of the game
Public spending is under increasing pressure and public sector organisations are
working hard to drive ever more value from contracts. In this ever more
competitive public sector contracting environment where winning tender score
margins are often less than 2%; the importance of improving your organisations
tendering performance cannot be overstated.

Taking your skills to the next level
Whether you are new to public sector tendering or you are keen to build on your
current skills our Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM, endorsed
Foundation and Masterclass programmes are the most effective way of ensuring
your future success.

Working with a winning team
We have a wealth of expertise and experience spanning a highly diverse range of
public sector contracting arenas. With an industry leading 100% PQQ pass and over
85% final stage win rate we have assisted clients in securing over 200m in public
sector contracts.
Module 1
Managing Public Sector Tenders: Demystifying Tendering
Managing tender production is a complex and challenging process. This course is
designed for people tasked with managing their organisations tendering processes.
Whether you are new to this role or have some experience this course will
improve your approach to managing the tender production process in your

Managing bid teams and tender assembly.
Understanding EU and UK procurement rules.
Sourcing public sector tender opportunities.
Evaluating PQQs and analysing ITTs.
Conducting the Bid No Bid Analysis.
Leading Mid-Term and Red Team Reviews.
Meeting submission deadlines.
Undertaking Win Lose Analysis / In House Assessment.
Embedding tendering performance reviews

This Module Will:
Equip you to embed a systematic process for managing the effective sourcing,
structuring and submission of tenders; enabling a more effective and efficient
approach to producing high quality tenders.
Module 2
Designing Public Sector Tenders: Writing the Winning Tender
Writing winning tenders is a team exercise in persuasive and technical authorship.
There is an art and a science to writing winning tenders which requires a specific
systematic approach and skill set. This workshop demonstrates proven techniques
for writing high scoring tenders; providing invaluable insight into the dos and donts
of writing and design

Managing the tender design process.
Co-ordinating the tender design team.
Maximising the impact of the tender.
Applying Proposal Mapping techniques.
Structuring a client centred message.
Differentiating the companys offer.
Presenting a Value for Money solution.
Identifying positive outcomes.
Evidencing relevant performance.

This Module Will:
Equip you to embed a systematic process for managing the efficient design of
consistently high scoring tenders; enabling the more efficient and effective
production of concise, compelling and most importantly high scoring tenders.
Module 3
Public Sector Tender Compliance: Building Tender Toolkits and Passing PQQs
Technical compliance is the foundation of all winning tenders but it is an area that
many organisations overlook. This course demonstrates how effective
documentation management increases efficiency allowing you to focus your
energies on passing that vital PQQ and producing that winning proposal.

Managing and reviewing key documentation.
Compiling a Tender Toolkit.
Evidencing compliance.
Maximising compliance Beyond Thresholds.
Demonstrating performance and capability.
Developing exemplar policies.
Presenting financial information.
Creating Tender Folders.
Maintaining version control.

This Module Will:
Equip you to embed a more systematic process for the efficient management of
essential tender documentation enabling a more effective approach to evidencing
capacity, competence, quality, performance and customer satisfaction.
What People Are Saying About Our Training
I found tendering for work to the public sector a big challenge and we were losing out to our
competitors. Tender Managements training really opened my eyes to what winning tenders is all
about. It certainly worked for my company and I am sure it will work for yours.
Business Development Manager Environmental Services

We could not work out why we werent winning our local authority tenders. We had a great
track record and our pricing was competitive but we just could not win the contracts. TMs
training made all the difference, weve put things right and now we are winning on a regular
Contracts Manager Facilities Management

What I liked about the training was that it showed me exactly how to go about improving our
tender scores. It was delivered by real experts whose job day in day out is to write tenders and
so they had lots of practical advice to offer. If you want to win more tenders then these are the
go to guys.
Sales Director Recruitment Sector

Tender Managements course was full of practical advice and it was delivered in a
straightforward way by trainers who really know their stuff. I found out where I was going
wrong and how to put things right. I took lots of great ideas back into the office and we have
doubled our win rate.
Bid Manager Construction Industry

If only I had found these people before I tried to put tenders together I could have saved
myself a lot of hard work and disappointment. I got so many top tips from the sessions and
when I put them into practice I started getting results straight away.
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