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No. 3 - October 2011
Not for sale to masks
The publisher is not responsible for the opinions expressed by
the authors of the articles, nor the veracity,
nor by the words used in them.
Ideas and Realization:
Matas Rosembach
Adrian Poblete
Re-issue 2012:
Matas Rosembach
Veins Steel South Fm
Veins of Steel
matasmetal.rosembach @
A.D.N. Productions (Burning Inside Our)
The voices of disco have no place in this
All about how it was growing
Heavy Metal on the outside,
of how it was initiated in
our country and the great
classics that were published in the
A segment where we talk about trash television today in our
country. In this edition: "This is the Show"
The fighting spirit is still alive.
Section dedicated to the best singers of the National Heavy.
All about the discs that came out in 2010 and the breakthrough of the year.
DELIVER U.S. FROM EVIL ... and more
Faith, everything is a matter of faith
overcome and endure the blows and ride
Dodging bullets without fear
It was, and what happened was!
Put the chest and endure what is to come
Beginning around zero
A sign, a reason to decide to follow ...
Mind, soul, body and mind
Getting ready to face new challenges
Mind, that makes me stronger
I play to win and lose, and here I am fighting again
Fe, there is nothing if there is no faith
survive to bury the anguish and be
ready to start again
It was, and what happened was
Everything done teaches us not to commit
the same mistakes again
Search ... this is not enough for me. Search and find ...
Fulfill dreams never end. Never! There is always more!
Plan 4 (2005), the album "Change Skin"
I know you're sick of feeling alone in a crowd
and walk a thousand ways that confuse your mind.
I know nobody cares and know how you feel
because the world is lost in his own darkness,
but you can trust me, wherever you go I'll be waiting for you.
Come to eternity if you can believe that I am the life
Never die cause I conquered death on the cross.
I know hunger and thirst, injustice and pain.
Be who you are how you ... Here I am.
Logos (1993), the album "The Power Industry"
I'll tell you a true story, just tell the truth.
Witches are on your side, are the evildoers.
I saw them when they attacked my home.
Spell was that I wanted to be crushed.
I had no doubts, no fear, that's what saved me.
I used all my strength against that would be my destruction.
And today I can see them dragging their evil.
And today I am finally free from the spell and now I can scream.
Free ... free! I will be forever free,
cursed beings are not going to turn off my inner light.
Free ... free! Free with you forever,
vile demons can not die in the name of God.
Know that you have power over the forces of evil.
You must fight, you can win them, fight for your freedom.
Today we will take the power of light
and that never dies no being crucified.
Rata Blanca (1988), from the album "White Rat"
It is true, therefore repress this fierce condition
this anger, this ambition, should you ever dream of;
and so we will, because we are in a unique world
that living is a dream and the experience taught me
man living dreams making it to wake up.
The king dreams he is king and sending live with this deception,
arranging and governing, and that it receives applause
provided and write in the wind turns it to ashes.
Death misery stronger if some people try to reign
seeing you woke up on the sleep of death.
Dreams the rich their wealth more care offers.
Dream the poor suffering misery and poverty.
The dreams that live begins, which strives and aims
who grieves and offends; and the world, in conclusion:
Everybody dreams of what they are, but no one understands.
I dream I'm here these prisons loaded
and I dreamed that I saw in another state more flattering.
What is life? A frenzy What is life? An illusion,
a shadow, a fiction, and the greatest good is small ...
For all life is a dream ... and dreams are dreams.
Versioning by Apocrypha (1999)
in the demo "Life is a Dream"
The History of Heavy
Metal Part 3
In this issue we continue with 1982, the year in which you edit large
classic and a legend which appears Thrash: Metallica.
Motrhead again to record a new album that
would call "Iron Fist" where seguran
maintaining a line on "Ace of
Spades "
Kilmeister Lemmy (bass and vocals), Eddie Clark
(Guitar), Phil Taylor (drums)
Highlights: "Loser", "America", "Do not need
religion "," Iron Fist "
One band that was beginning to take its first steps would Manowar that
released his first album "Battle Hymns". Side which was characterized both
for his music as for the way were dressed as they used to use a
Similar to Viking costumes; plus their songs were about
vikings, dragons, men and gods.
This album would also have as a guest
actor and director Orson Welles (director of the film
"Citizen Kane"), which participates in the song
"Dark Avenger"
Joey DeMaio (bass), Ross the Boss (guitar), Erik
Adams (voice), Dommy Hanzik (drums).
Highlights: "Death zone", "Fast Taker"
The German band Accept one this year end
stage, since after the release of "Restless and
wild " guitarist Jrg Fischer would leave and instead
Jan Koemett would enter. With this album have a
evolution and as the sound and character devices incorporating a new genus, which would
called Speed Metal.
Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Wolf Hoffman (guitar), Jrg Fischer (guitar), Peter
Baltes (bass and vocals), Stefan Kaufmann (drums)
Ozzy Osbourne would publish his first live album,
"Speak of the Devil" after the tragic death of
guitarist Randy Roads. This concert was recorded
between 26 and 27 September '82 at the stadium
Ritz in New York City, where he would
songs from his former band Black Sabbath, and
presenting his new guitarist Brad Gillis.
Did you know? This album was to be called "Talk of the
Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Brad Gillis (guitar), Rudy Sarzo (bass) Tommy Aldridge
The Canadian Anvil, would publish what would be one of his best works "Metal on
Metal " where as Accept, showed a Speed Metal. The same
contain 10 tracks, one of which was an instrumental.
Steve "Lips" Kudlow (guitar and vocals)
Dave Allison (guitar)
Ian Dickson (bass)
Robb Reiner (drums)
Highlights: "Metal on Metal", "Mothra"
"March of the Crabs", "sink", "666"
One of the best albums that would be edited Judas Priest "Screaming for
Vengeance. " Published in July '82, where the cover shows an eagle
steel called "The Hellion", the first fictional character that used the band.
This work would position # 11 on the list of UK sales and managed to sell
over 4,000,000 copies worldwide, being one of the most sold discs
Highlights: "Electric Eye", "Bloodstone"
"Screaming for Vengeance", "You've got another thing
coming "
Robert Halford (vocals), K. K. Downing (guitar), Glenn Tipton (guitar), Ian Hill (bass),
Dave Holland (drums)
The Thrash began to appear and one of the
It was a forerunner of this style Metallica.
Band formed by Lars Ulrich
a call he made to get
musicians and so make a band. And I would
by James Hetfield and then they would add
Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney, the latter
would be replaced by Cliff Burton.
In 1982 he would publish his first demo called "No life
'Till leather " containing seven songs, six of
they form part of their first album, the only
exception was "The Mechanix" which later
would be called "The Four Horsemen".
In that same year he would get his first album,
called "Metal up your Ass" (Metal for your ass)
it would be censored because of the name.
Highlights: "Hit the Lights", "The
Mechanix, "" Motorbreath "" Seek and Destroy "
"Metal Militia", "Jump in the Fire", "Phantom
Lord "
James Hetfield (guitar, vocals), Dave Mustaine
(Guitar and vocals), Cliff Burton (bass), Lars Ulrich
Iron Maiden began a new phase with their new singer Bruce
Dickinson (ex Samson) did "forget"
Paul Di'Anno, the former singer.
"The Number of the Beast" become
one of the leaders of the '80s, where
songs like "Run to the Hills" and "The
Number of the Beast "would become the
hymns of the band, in addition to being the subjects of his first music videos. But
great theme would be "Hallowed be thy Name", which became one of the most
Guitarist Adrian Smith would begin to have large stakes in the
composition and the band would have international tours. This album would reach # 1
in the charts. Dickinson would settle in training and did the right thing
to settle their bases long. But this would not last training
much due to the departure of Cliff Bur, for alleged health problems.
Highlights: "Children of the
Damned "," The Prisoner "," 22 Acacia
Avenue "," The Number of the Beast "," Run
to the Hills "," Hallowed by the Name ".
Steve Harris (bass), Dave Murray (guitar),
Adrian Smith (guitar), Bruce Dickinson
(Voice), Clive Burr (drums)
Red Baron would record their second album in England, "Volumen Brutal" that
have collaboration of musicians from Deep Purple and King Crimson. This work
would be a success, so he came to enter the charts in Britain and led to sale
act and the Reading Festival that year.
Highlights: "Incommunicado", "They're like ants", "Resistir"
"They Concerto", "The Rockers go to Hell"
Armando De Castro (guitar and vocals)
Carlos de Castro (guitar and vocals)
Sherpa (bass and vocals)
Hermes Calabria (drums)
Highlights: "Go Loose Satan", "The defectors Rock," "Long Life
to Rock'n'Roll "
In our country began to appear
a band today is a whole
Legend: V8, band formed by Ricardo
Iorio with Ricardo Moreno and Alejandro
Colantonio. This year they recorded one
Live demo at the headquarters of Chacarita
Juniors where issues would play no
they came out on the album, to
exception of "I'll wow 'and' I'm So Tired", which at that time
were "This Burning" and "Filthy Fatigue".
* In the same year would play in the BA festival remembered Rock ... "and hippies
die "
Ricardo Iorio (bass and vocals)
Ricardo "Chofa" Moreno (guitar)
Alejandro "Nightmare" Colantonio (drums)
Riff released his third album, called
"Contents". The band was
growing, but his performances always
ended with incidents. After
this would work on his first album
I live.
Highlights: "Susy Cadillac", "Mal
Romance "," Display of the New World "
"Heroes of Asphalt", "Hard Winter"
Pappo (guitar and vocals), Vitico (bass and vocals), Michel
(Drums and vocals), Boff (guitar)
The section "The History of Metal"
is extracted from the information
poured on the radio program
"Veins of Steel" during the year
Hangar 18
Welcome to our fortress tall, take some time show you around.
Impossible to break these walls, for you see the steel is much too strong.
Computer banks to rule the world, instruments to sight the stars.
Possibly I've seen too much Hangar 18 I know too much.
Foreign life forms inventory, suspended state of cryogenics.
Selective amnesia's the story, Believed foretold, but who'd suspect.
The military intelligence, two combined That Can not make sense.
Possibly I've seen too much. Hangar 18 I know too much.
Hangar 18
Welcome to our fantastic Fortaleza, take some time to show you around.
It is impossible to break down these walls, as you see, the steel is too strong.
Parks computers to rule the world,
Instruments for stargazing.
Possibly I've seen too much. Hangar 18 I know too much.
Inventory forms of outdoor life, state suspended cryogenics.
Selective Amnesia is the question. He seemed to be expected, but who would suspect.
Military intelligence combined two words that make no sense.
Possibly I've seen too much. Hangar 18 I know too much.
Megadeth (1990)
From the album "Rust in peace"
Veins of Steel
Saturdays 19 pm
South FM 90.7
Ace of Spades
If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man.
You win some, lost some, all the same to me.
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say.
I do not share your greed, the only car I need is the Ace of Spades.
Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil.
Going with the flow, it's all the same to me.
Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you.
Double up or quit, double stake or spirit. The Ace of Spades.
You know I'm born to lose and gambling's for tools,
but that's the way I like it, baby.
I do not wanna live forever and do not forget the joker!
Pushing up the ante, I know you wanna see me.
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again.
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die.
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be the Ace of Spades.
Ace of Spades
If you like to play, I tell you I'm your man.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, whatever.
The pleasure is to play, no matter what you say.
I do not share your greed, the only card I need is Ace of Spades.
Play the highest card, tempt the devil. Go with the flow, whatever.
Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you.
Fold or withdraw, double stake or split. The Ace of Spades.
You know I born to lose and is playing dumb.
But that's how I like it, babe.
I do not want to live forever and do not forget the joker!
I go up the ante, I know you want me.
Em and weep, the dead man's hand again.
I see it in your eyes, check out and dies.
I know all you see is going to be the Ace of Spades.
Motrhead (1980)
From the album "Ace of Spades"
by Adrian Poblete
And the TV is showing his lack of culture, something that comes from years ago. In
October passed a report of 60 years of TV Argentina. Of all that
passed were pure bullshit, which highlighted some things just, as
a discourse of Eva Peron; but after the rest, Zulma Lobato singing "and
nailed me to the wall, "the Suller fighting with James and so endless
This year came Judas Priest to appear for the last time in our country and in no
channel is passed, passed that Justin Bieber was supposed to sing River.
I spent like national chain, where boludas knew pendejas
a single issue of it, maybe you should be because it's the only issue you have and what
want to know, if it's fucking Flavio Mendoza and Pablo Ruiz together.
He also appeared a new move that listen underserved identity
itself, which is the "wachiturros" Giles that are more than I, and that do not occur
that the programs invite them to laugh over in the news
Canal 9 passed that "singing" is copying them, it belongs to a
reggaeton from Puerto Rico, is the same shit just because they do not transmit any
message, can not write songs, they have a fart in the head. Thankfully
MTL again, a program that is worth to see it; this program and the death of
Gaddafi, who is well done to kill a repressor bastard, was the best
I have seen.
In the thirteenth is a repeater Tinelli program called "This is the Show"
say what happens you do not see behind the camera, if you do the same when
they are in any other program that is whoring arm, to see who is the whore
time and who slept with who.
How can you have these programs, which always faint. In "Hard
Domar "passed every two days there is a faint and said that is capable for
loss of gas, and Pardini said yes, which is why fart cloud of them all, and
that may be true as they are all zero left.
Alfano also passed and had grabbed Pachano hairs, while
logo was "This is the Show" taken across the entire screen, as if
also part of the show is for the stupid shit laughing they do, these other
they reached the summit of Olympus of stupidity, where afterwards the Alfano
the run by these incident and his relationship with Massera. The thirteen no
want them to know that Magnetto, owner of the monopoly is Clarin
for Lanata is the weakest, was also linked, although everyone knows it.
There tano say this program, for example when you did the
fainted and said cut everything but the program still while the other
was shot and he put a background music of suspense, if not why not me
believed her.
Next year is already starting "Dreaming a dick" which will giles
Looking untalented anyway have five minutes to get to camera.
I can only say that Tinelli and took over the TV, where each
nomas have to appear on camera. For the next issue I will discuss the
Fantino program, "Football Show" where they do not speak of the goals of the date
or less of the playoffs, but arming brothel and that the Pasman
continue taking inside.
CAYM-Demo (2011)
by Adrian Poblete
A good demo by the thrash band originally from
Grand Bourg four powerful enough topics
influenced by '80s bands like Megadth, Slayer,
Kreator, among others.
Their current lineup is: Nicholas SALVUCCI (GUITAR AND VOICE)
Emanuel Benitez (bass), Cristian Bussu (drums)
JERIKO-In Departure (2010)
Now I could hear and really good CD, it
I recommend. Conmuy good riffs, a bit closer
more traditional Heavy, which also has the
reversal of the theme "In Penumbra" that came on your disk
PLAN 4 - Thousand Pieces (EP) (2011)
A special edition with 4 songs from their latest album, this
once sung in English. The topics are: "A Thousand Pieces", "The
Verdugo "," Hate (Pulp) "and" Euphoria ".
O'CONNOR-There is a place that never dies (2011)
Tocka Music
Double CD remaking the songs from their first two albums
"There's a Place" and "Yerba Mala Never Dies", only this
Once you have a better sound and not O'Connor sings with his voice
Classic, but does so with the voice singing the themes
slow, as "River Bizarre" or "to be free", but
were still quite well and is quite
CINNAMUN BELOVED-Nothing There (2011)
The new band's former drummer Jorge Perini JERIKO with a
theme preview of what will be his first album. It is a
band with a similar style of Nightwish with musicians
Marcelo Bracalente popularity as low (JERIKO), Juan
Paul Kilberg on guitar (ex Renacer) and Sabrina Filipcic in
keyboard and voice.
Asspera-E-Pija (2011)
Do not pay Music
The bizarre band presents this four-track EP, including
them "Posh" theme that emerged on September 21 to celebrate
the primaverga. There is also a cover of Flavia Palmiero
"I'm going to pee." The truth is that Asspera
showing that humor that makes many see as
oijas about, for those who think I tell you that I follow
Mental VORAX-War (2011)
The Martinez brothers band returns with this good
CD, showing the same theme of the first two.
With a great start with "Mental Warfare", with
wreckers "Who's Who" and "Blood in the Streets" with
an issue if you can say slow "Wait a little longer"
followed by songs like "When you kill your fears" or "... and
forgive us our revenge "and closing with" If you're coming "
THE BIG FOUR-Live from Sofia (2010)
Warner Music
One of the best DVD late 2010, where they meet
Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica celebrating 30 years of
Thrash. With two DVDs, one showing the behind the scenes and other
recital, performing the best songs from each band. But
best time is when the four members come together
bands to do "I am Evil?" but I still think it would
that have also been Exodus and Testament.
The fighting spirit of Metal
A report on one of the most important bands of Heavy
National again after nearly 10 years. How were the
Maln early years, his records, how they continued without O'Connor,
which projects each after separation were and how
the meeting is given.
Maln emerged in 1995 after the separation of Hermetic, holding that
the reason for the separation was the conflicts with Ricardo Iorio
bandmates. Actually know the real reasons for the
separation, and there are several versions of what happened.
Claudio O'Connor, Antonio Romano Claudio Strunz and low band continued as
Maln name and bassist took Karlos Square, who had
state beside the Tano Cerberus.
After a couple months of having played in various pubs in July of '95 touch
Works in opening for Machine Head.
The group maintained a strong rivalry
with Almafuerte, Ricardo Iorio group,
even both sides drew their albums
the same years.
The first disc was Maln "Spirit
Combative " recorded at Panda studies
and published at the end of '95 that included a
video for "Symptom of Infection" and
another "Punisher by Heritage." This will
given widespread international projection to be
Balls in Headbagers MTV.
"Music has the same vein as
Hermetically-Romano explains, but the issues are more elaborate. Furthermore, Kar
Square has considerable impact, especially on the bases, making it sound more
compact. Basically, the difference is that we work differently:
are now four types that we believe, we throw ideas and try to salvage what
better "(The Nation, 07/07/95).
They also got to participate in the second round of the Monster of Rock
Argentina in 1995 by Ozzy Osbourne, Faith no More, Paradise Lost and Rat
Blanca (Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Clawfinger, Therapy? And Logos were on
The second disc, "Justice and Resistance" noted a change in style. While
remained broadly and letters, was now much closer to
Groove Metal Pantera and Fear Factory. It was followed "Resistance Live" a disc
15 tracks recorded live during their shows in microstage Ferro 10
July '97, plus the theme "30,000 prayers" study.
The group split in early 1998. Claudio O'Connor began a project
solo (although in principle the idea would be to keep a parallel project Malon)
Claudio Strunz and formed the group Symbiosis, while Antonio Romano and Karlos
Square met Cerberus by Willy Caballero, although under the name of
Visceral. They would meet in 1999, but it would be a benefit recital.
In 2001 he attempted a
group meeting, but not O'Connor
accepted. Instead of abandoning the
project, they chose another singer,
Eduardo Ezcurra, with a record
O'Connor similar to but
perhaps had a negative impact,
refer it as a "copy".
They recorded an EP in early
2002 with the songs "Pale
Nights "," dehumanized "
"Reasons Aware", "Trend" and
a new version of "Nest of Souls". Year-end Pro Duck Strunz leaves the
group, taking the naming rights with him. The remaining members are
Reasons Aware, Ezcurra but can not follow, for work, and
also going.
In 2011, Claudio O'Connor, singer
band and Antonio Romano, guitarist
of this, herald the return of the band with
the original lineup, with his first show
December 18 of the same year at the stadium
Malvinas Argentinas, which will be recorded and
released on DVD in 2012.
In addition, the recording is announced
new studio album which will be released
middle of next year.
Combative Spirit
Justice or Resistance
Living Resistance
Maln EP
Deliver Us from
by Matthias Rosembach
One more day in the grave of civilization. I turn on the radio: reggaeton. I turn off the
radio, I turn on the TV and again the same; means show me the same
news daily: "They kill 5 people for $ 10", "kidnap a relative of
some famous "," In a pileup killed 13 people and there are 25 injured, "the
traffic is up balls and forecast says there is a wind chill of
40 C, decreasing to 5 below zero in the afternoon with probability
thunderstorms, "fell bags worldwide and inflation is
46% "thing people leave the street shit scared and covering his ass by
fear of being raped.
Tired of journalistic puppets operated by strings of corporate
owners of the means forming the reality according to your convenience, change
channel and all I see is the highest expression of human stupidity: Butt
unattainable dancing to the cumbianga or Hooker when talking
in a program that acts as a repeater whoring Tinelli for 24 hours
pelotudeces only look. Programmes under discussion who slept with whom,
and sinking in rough seas in the most abhorrent stupidity.
Change channel again if only to see some football and I find
Gil Toty Fantino and Pasman (which, by the way, has it deeper than
ever), people who never in his life played stupid a football such
Once that explains that instead of talking about football, talk giladas worthy of a
Rial program.
With my mind so alienated boludez board, turn off the TV and go out into the street nly
to realize that the reality is much worse and the assholes who do not live
only on screens. Realize that even giles salts below the
stones manifested as a kind of raperitos La Salada with
trucho phone in the hand of the noise emanating called cumbia, produced
Limited people in their thinking; people who can not see beyond what
show them the santillanes totas who flaunt their ignorance every Saturday
TV; people that is not common to see them alone in the street and think that bad
walk in gang or, Iorio says, "They go to 12 because they are embarrassed" and
is understandable ...
But there are four hands and assholes of all kinds: Pelotudos conchetos, rollingas
assholes, assholes hippies, etc.. Until (if not realized) that I am a
asshole by echoing the alien bullshit.
After this useless reflection resya only say: WHAT FUCKING WORLD!
POEM METALERO by Matthias Rosembach
Blood, sweat and tears
Heavy Metal, I never will miss, I never will fail ...
At each hop of each pogo, every cry;
in each fist raised in your name;
in each chord distorted; every beat of my heart,
you're always there ...
Even when everyone around me is gone,
you will follow your playing.
When silence stun my thoughts,
your brutal sound so shut up.
In the lonely nights or a round of drinks, you'll be there ...
Here's to you, Metal,
brother and friend in good times and especially in bad times.
Always present ...
Stamina eternal sacred fire that warms my cold heart.
Feeling difficult to explain: Insanity, passion ... love.
Roommate life, never leave
and that you know me either.
Without giving accommodate giles
they do not understand in your blind
ignorance ...
Blood, sweat and tears shed by you ...
So many things you taught me, I did see many, many
understand ...
Blood, sweat and tears
uncovering lies, truths screaming ...
You taught me friendship, faith,
life, love, pain.
You saved me from lying,
the caretaje, fake "rock"
the rollingueada, the hipponada,
and the reggaeton cumbiancha ...
Rap ... and fooled
so tell newspapers, radio and TV
and what fills stadiums
Win prizes and millions of false love talking ...
Winds blowing revolution and victory in your
Light in my darkness, peace in my storm ...
My Sorcerer! Stone!
Here's to you, eternally grateful ...
Long and good life to Heavy
Veins of Steel
Saturdays 19 pm
South FM 90.7
VOICES OF METALMatas Rosembach ......
Mario Ian
This is a section dedicated to the best Heavy Metal singers
National, so I know enjoy the talents we have in the
For this first edition, we have chosen Ian Mario started in the '80s in a
band called Hellion, with which in 1984 he recorded his first album.
By the year 1985 gun Alakran Walter Curry with guitarist, bassist Julie
Ruth, drummer Marcelo Pea and
keyboardist David Rotemberg to record
in '89 album "Loitering"
which included songs like "Do not stop
shine "," Whenever I think of you, "and
"Between sky, land and sea." And in '91
would publish "Back in the Streets" with
better sound than the first and
Songs such as "Traitor," "Lights
the big city "," I'm free like "and
a cover of the legendary band
Creedence "Proud Mary".
Mario Ian's career continued to rise
as for 1994, following the departure of
Adrian Barilari, becomes the new
singer Rata Blanca to put their
voice (in my opinion) one of the
best albums of the National Metal: "Between
Heaven and Hell " which showed
a heavier side of the band and the
singer with classics like "Under
"," Shadow Love Inert "Control
"Obsession", "Heirs of faith" and again
a cover of Creedence to close the
album: "Traveling Band". This disc was
recorded in Madrid and he toured throughout Europe and America.
But after Ian would Rata Alakran to reform and launch in 1997
a compilation called simply "Alakran".
For 2000 segura playing
with Naydon but this time in a
new band: Becoming. That year
would record a demo with 4 songs and the
2003 disk "Red Hypnotic" also
to participate in the tribute to Rat "The
Legend Continues " (2001), the disk
beside that also participate
Selidor on "Chico Callejero".
In 2006 the singer would arm his
current band "Ian" with his ex
fellow Rat, the guitar player and drummer Sergio Gustavo Berdichevski Rowek,
Hernan Cotelo addition of bassist, guitarist and keyboardist Jos Pablo Velocet
Brugnone to record "In times of Redncin" where again the singer
Dazzle your voice with a strong and powerful band. It is difficult to choose the topics
Featured because it is an excellent album from start to finish.
I had the opportunity to see Ian live and it sounds as good or better than in the disk, so
they recommend.
Currently, the band is recording its second album "New Order"
with another former Rat in their training, keyboardist Javier Retamozo. Hope
enjoy one of the best voices in metal: Ian Mario.
The most bizarre Metal Band
One of the bands most impact today, the first and most
Metal Bizarro important, here we tell you how it started and how
began to grow in recent years.
Asspera born in 2000, the product of a binge on a monoblock
Greater Buenos Aires. After several black parties where predominate
buccal $ 10 and various psychedelic looseness, a group of social misfits
decide to form a band which reflect later his sad mental state
members: Richard Asspero, Rockardo Asspero, Roberta "Beta" Carla and Kiko Proxen
decide, NO agreement, calling himself "Asspera"
Asspera is the first and most important band of the genus Argentina baptized
as "Metal Bizarro". Composed by renowned musicians Scene
National Metal, but prefer to keep their identity secret, achieve a
denoting the crushing sound quality and musical maturity of their
This hilarious lyrics that, through the absurd, make us add
descostillar laughing while painting pictures in which is the urban reality of
Argentine means suffering the ravages of everyday life, making us feel
firsthand the abuses of a society that squeezes most of its
members. Among the scatological, the bizarre, the more incoherent and reality
crude leave us thinking and soul full of the best Metal, provoking
a unique artistic experience.
In 2006, Roberta "Beta" Carla leaves a strong product band
discussion due to sex differences, instead enter Jota 3.14 (ex
Melatrago). Then of anorgasmia problems, Kiko Proxen left the band in
looking for treatments that do finally enjoy. Mario enters his replacement
Lauro Santillan and ex Willy Tanner In Ano hurts).
Influenced by varying
styles, which predominates
heavy music, in 2003
edited, under the label "FOR
production of "ZERO PESOS
PRODUCTIONS ($ 0P), "his
first demo entitled "Oral
Without Globito ". Already established
Bizarro Metal pioneers in
2005 start
record his first album in 2006 and born "Bizarre Pose Continue Life"
considered a bizarre cult disco scene Metal Argentino.
In 2008 Asspera is presented for the first time live on August 8 (8-8-8)
calling 500 people who mostly did not understand why they were there,
providing the first show and the story of the band that is expressed in a
Fucking live DVD and causing insult and outrage from the press
specialized. In 2010 released "Motherfucker," a work more elaborate than the
first world where still talking shit in which we live.
After sharing years of struggle, shemales, cheap beers and wines of the worst kind,
3.14 Jack decided to leave the band on good terms (unheard of until the day
Today in Asspera) to devote himself to directly compete with Rocco
Sifreddi in the porn industry. Q.A.Q.A. mate preschool Richar
and Rockardo (all were enrolled in an old schoolhouse Villa unknown and the
Verga), gives his endurance and the best wave to the "A" in the south, playing in
Bariloche with them. Unfortunately, the curse of Eric Clapton surrounding
the band made the return trip in a fanatical Fat Mono Burgos
sitting next to him means bondi immolated by a monumental flatulence,
causing the instantaneous loss whereabouts thus leaving
immortalized in the history of the band.
Time after a night of street frustrated lift between various alcohols
and mocking the global economic crisis, are in a still life of
second strand of Buenos Aires to Atheism Ronaldo (ex Laverrap Metal
Villa thrash band Missing the Verga). He consulates after the eleventh beer,
if I wanted to be part of the band and immediately transformed, without making
sound or response, the new bassist.
Asspera occurs 12-12
again at the Super Rock
eguidores faithful to his giving a
exciting show, with
the expected presence of the idol
Don Benigno bizarre popular
Escalante, being
immortalized in todoslos
bizarre playing hearts
his great classic "Th Shanda Faina".
For this 2011 edited an EP called "E-Pija" which contains the song "Posh" that
It had been a breakthrough in September this year and it will be presented in
Neuqun for the first time 26de November at the Teatro del Viento.
So bizarre to remain my hands and not stop screaming.
The similarities of Heavy Metal
Walter Scasso
Mariano Mazzei
The similarities of Heavy Metal (CD)
A.N.I.M.A.L. - End of a World
Sick (1994)
Zona Negra-By your same country
I just want ... Pogo and Stamina!
by Matthias Rosembach
Veins of Steel It is a program that grew out of the need to have something in the
people dedicated to heavy metal and started September 18, 2010 in FM
South led by Matthias Rosembach 90.7 and the second program is added
Adrian Poblete. Neither of us know some speakers or radio, but
as Logos says: "The rebellion show idiot, doing nothing, never served."
We could have stayed as one of the cumbia complaining or making
something ourselves. Likewise, seeing that something more was needed, it
came to my mind the idea of making a Metal magazine and again by the
mate Adrian Poblete, we started putting together this is Pogo and Stamina with
very little budget but with all the enthusiasm.
As you may have noticed, both Veins of Steel as Pogo and Stamina no
advertising any trade because it does not seem to profit from our
feelings and this is just a way of giving back a little to Metal
all you gave us, but let's not jump to any gains this. In question
money is more than what we lose what we gain by this humble
little magazine, but we got neck thinking about it to do it. If we want the
program is the most played, or would spend romantic reggaeton music
the langas us and if we get money we would make this magazine
someone advertising.
Veins of Steel Pogo and Stamina only publish on bands and events metalheads
or rock in general (albums, concerts, events, et.)
This magazine is done with the endurance and conviction that has nothing to
lose, for that we thank those who buy this magazine and stamina to make
this program ... and if you want to join, just communicate with us and
post whatever you want (text, information, reviews, ideas or whatever)
Needless to say, I greet you.
If you want to join this Pogo Stamina eternal
You can contact us personally or
Phone 299-5527172 or find us on Facebook as
Veins Steel South Fm; to submit your opinion, give some
idea to offer recitals and band information, publish
in our magazine or anything you can think of
write so that all our voices join in one

This edition of "Pogo and Stamina" included a CD dedicated to
Mario Ian, with the following topics:
01 - Wandering
02 - Do not stop shining
03 - As I Am Free
04 - Big City Lights
05 - Patria
06 - Traveling Band
07 - Breaking Away
08 - Wish you were here
09 - In one I trust
10 - Heirs of the Faith
11 - Chico Street
12 - At the time of redemption
13 - Covenant with your freedom
14 - Memory of Centuries