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. . . Barbara-^ourtney who returned to her work in Japan last fall
has announced a new address: 809 Sanjin Cho, Sakai Machi, Sashima Gun,
Ibaraki Ken, Japan 306-94 saying, "a house was provided at the right time through a
series of events too involved to explain including furnishes with the help of many
wonderful friends. " Changing money values leave her in need of some additional regular
support which may^ be sent to Forwarding Agent Mrs. Edith Courtney, 17104 S. LaSalle,
Gardena, CA 90247. . .
December, 1972
Barbara Courtney
809 Sanjin Cho
Sakal Machi, Ibaraki Ken
Japan 306-04
Edith Courtney
17104' S. LaSalle
Gardena, California 90247
These wonderful words from Isaiah are on everyone's lips again as we approach the celebration
of the birth of Christ. They remind us again that the very first Christmas gift to mankind was the Savior
Himself. This is the message that brought me to Japan. This is the gift that I hope to be able to show
to many during this season of gift giving. The Lord has given me so much this year and I would like
to share some of His blessings with you now.
The Lord has given me so many to work with this year. I have had the privilege and honor of
working with approximately 200 children each week. Each of these children studied English with me
but also learned a little of Christ in the process. I teach all the Sunday School songs that the children
learn in the States. But then I'm getting ahead of my story a bit. In order- td explain, let me give you
a brief resume of the events, of this year,
January found me getting better established in the house that the Lord saw fit to provide for
me when I returned to Japan. Thanks to the thoughtfuiness of so* many, I was able to purchase several
needed items for my house and get settled before the kindergarten reopened after the New Year.
February was spent in my usual routine of classes at the kindergarten and in my home. My
ladies in the Monday English class were enjoying their Bible study very much. We were sorry to lose
Mrs. NIshikawa. Her husband was transferred to another town and they had to move. She and her
husband are both Christians so even though we are separated we are still one in Christ.
The dollar shock also came in February. With finances as they were, the devaluation was a
cause for some concern. Praise the Lord, many of you came to my aid and effects on me personally were
minimal. Thank you again for your prayers and concern.
March saw many of the problems of the winter worked out. Our elder, Noguchi-san, had been
very ill but began to get well at about that time. Thank you for your prayers. Noguchi-san's wife still
needs our prayers. Please remember her.
Yamada-san, the young widow 1 mentioned in my last letter, is doing very well. Her baby
was born in April and is a fine healthy boy. We are truly thankful for the way the Lord has been with
her through this difficult year.
May and June saw many changes in my schedule and a much wider opportunity for service.
Julia Shozen (nee Fleenor) asked me to take over the English classes at the Shimoochiai church. She had
been teaching them but wanted to go with her husband back to the States. By rearranging schedules
I have been working both in Sakal and in Tokyo for the last six months. I spend two days out of each
week teaching at the church in Tokyo and house-sitting for a missionary that is on furlough this year.
The rest of the week is spent in Sakai. Each Saturday I have been teaching in the new kindergarten at
Sowa. I certainly have had enough to keep me busy.
I continued classes at all three locations until the middle of July when the Japanese summer
vacation begins. August was spent in Kuruizawa helping in summer camps. Praise the Lord, 26 souls
came to Christ either at camp or as a result of the camp work.
Because of the added classes in Tokyo, I have had more funds to use for evangelism. Because
of those classes, funds were available to use in the Omatsurl Dendo (Festival Evangelism) and particu
larly for the children's meetings that were held at the same time.
September and October were very busy, i felt like I would meet myself coming trying to keep
schedules going at all three places but we managed with the Lord's help. Fortunately, the times I have
been ill or under the weather have happened to on weekends or holidays so I was able to keep up
with all the classes.
In November I received word that Julia was returning to Japan. I must admit that I received
the news with mixed feelings. The experience of working with so many children has been wonderful.
I'll miss seeing the children in Tokyo too, but the let up in my schedule will be welcome at least for a
The next year promises to be just as interesting and fruitful but perhaps a little more restricted
in geography at least. As yet, definite plans have not been made, i am trying to seek the Lord's help
as these plans are made.
There is a threat of another dollar devaluation after the first of the year. I'm praying that it
is just talk. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.
At this time we are in the midst of pre-Christmas rehearsals both in Tokyo and here in Sakai.
We are putting on an English version of the Christmas Story at the Christmas parties. Please remember
us in your prayers. J perhaps sound a bit flippant but I mean it very seriously. These children do need
your prayers. The teaching they get at the kindergartens is often the only Christian training they get.
Pray for them and pray for us, the teachers, as we try to present the Gospel to them.
God bless you all. Continue to pray for Japan. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
Sincerely In Christ,