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What are the 6 steps to sales cloud
1. Plan
2. analyze
3. design
4. build
5. validate
6. deploy
organization wide defaults this will determine the default level of
access users have to records they do not
role hierarchy uses roles to control the level of data
sharing rules grants additional record access based on
record owner or criteria to groups of
manual sharing allows you to grant access to a single
account record
account teams assign people to a team, and them give
them read/write or read-only access to
certain accounts and their related records.
opportunity teams assign people to a team, and them give
them read/write or read-only access to
certain opportunities and their related
opportunity splits allows users to split credit for an
opportunity across multiple opportunity
team members.
2 kinds of opportunity splits revenue and overlay
revenue split can split credit for the revenue generated.
If A generates 80% of the revenue and B
generates 20% of the revenue, they can be
assigned appropriate credit. Must total
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overlay split this is to give credit to people that worked
on an opportunity but weren't directly
responsible for revenue generated. Does
NOTneed to total 100%
A profile is a collection of settings that
- which apps and tabs users can view
- which record types and page layouts are
- permissions that allow users to manage
the system, apps, and objects
- which fields the users can view and edit
Quotes a functionality that allows you to associate
several different pricing scenarios with a
single opportunity
what needs to be defined to use a quote? products and pricebooks
products can keep track of products you sell (for
example the model of laptop)
pricebook keeps track of the price associated with
each product. For example, you can have
a pricebook for normal customers with a
price or 600 for a laptop, and a pricebook
for VIP customers that has a price of 500
for the same laptop.
similar opportunities searchces for opportunities that share
common fields with the current
big deal alerts sends an automated email with a snapshot
of the opportunity when it has reached a
specified threshold. you set the trigger
amount and probability
update remiders automated email with information about
opportunities like total amount closed, and
forecast amount. You can schedule the
what ate the 2 types of available revenue and quantity
Revenue forecast roll up based on the opportunities amount
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Quantity forecast rolls up based on an opportunity's quantity
campaign influence allows marketers to measure and report
on multiple campaigns that have influenced
a single opportunity
what is the order that data should be
1. users
2. accounts
3. contacts
4. opportunities
5. leads
6. campaigns
7. campaign members
forecast hierarchy just like role hierarchy, but it only applies
to forecasts. Determines what forecasts
you can view
security management all the differnt ways you can ensure that
users only see and edit the data they are
supposed to.
Folder management a security measure for reports,
dashboards, documents-objects. Their
visibility and editability is not managed like
other objects.
what are the 5 topics to consider when
setting up an application to enusre it will
be a secure environment?
password policies and security settings
access to records, fields, and related lists.
roles and the role hierarchy
balancing administrative burden with
security and usability
folder and list view management
usability how easy is the interface to pick up and
adoption getting users to use the application
because they believe it will help them do
their job
how would you handle a weak pipeline optimize lead management with lead
scoring and lead workflows and alerts
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how would you handle low sales
lessen the data entry burden
automate as many sales processes as
provide as much information about their
customers as possible )360 view
how would you handle poor predictability let people see quota attainment in real time
give management real time forecasts
how would you handle ineffective selling standardize the sales methodology
simplify activity tracking
how would you handle user adoption make it easy to use
make the process fast
keep the data clean and therefore
how would you handle insufficient lead
make the handoff process as smooth as
how would you handle limited reportability make some reports for them. they can see
things in real time.
what are the 4 elements of a strong
trusted, clean data
faster lead routing and qualification
the sales team and marketing team are
well aligned
better visibility of the lead lifecycle
how do you get trusted data for your sales
have lead qualification criteria or maybe a
scoring system that needs to be met
before a lead is qualified and assigned to a
sales rep.
how do we get faster lead routing and
response time?
automated routing babay!
how do you get sales and marketing
make the details of campaigns, products,
and offerings available to sales reps so
they know what deals are going on, or at
least have access to that information if a
contact is talking about it.
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how do you help sales and marketing
people have better visibility of leads so
you can track the lead progress?
marketing and sales are working in the
same system, they can see if the leads
have been followed up on, if the leads are
bad, how far each lead progresses, what
campaigns influenced customers, etc.
you can user reports, dashboards, chatter,
and forecasts
what can formula fields used for? scoring leads. It basically calculates a field
value. For example, based on certain
criteria, you can make a lead hot, warm,
or cold.
what are the 4 key challenges that slow
down sales reps?
data entry
finding information
keeping their client data current
creating reports
4 chatter best practices 1. update your profile (photo, contact info,
skills, current and past positions
2. follow records that are important to you
(if you are in sales, follow you big clients)
3. Follow people (Is there someone that is
really good at a topic you are interested
4. check/modify your chatter email settings
What can Salesforce1 do? receive updates
post updates and photos
follow other users and groups
get other's contact info to email, call, or
how many users can you follow in chatter? 500 users and/or records
can I set up a chatter account for a few
select people?
no. it is an org setting. ON or off for
Where are local files that are uploaded to
Chatter actually stored?
They are stored in content.
In what does the check mark
next to a record mean?
that the record has been purchased. After
it is purchased, it can either be exported,
or imported to your salesforce account.
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delegated forecast manager anyone who has forecast data being
shared with them
stage tells you where you are in the process of a
forecast category a way to group opportunities in a forecast
4 forecast categories pipeline
best case
schedules determine the payment and delivery cycles
for a product
quantity schedule customer pays all at once, but you deliver
over a period of time (magazine
revenue schedule receives the product all at once, but they
are making payments (car loan)
what information does the opportunities
with products and schedules report give
allows you to track shipments and
how does salesforce define asssets? specific products that your customers have
purchased from you or another company.
how are assets useful? sales: identify past purchases and up-sell
Customer support: associate the case the
the asset in question
what objects can assets be related to? accounts, contacts, and products and