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Under Companies Act, 2013


APPOINTMENT A$ A%%ITIONAL %IRECTOR &"s 1'1 o( t)e Companies Act,
I am pleased to confrm that the board of directors of the Company has appointed
you as an Additional Director on the Board of Directors of the Company to hold
ofce upto the date of the next Annual General Meetin of the Company !nder
"ection #$# and other applicable pro%isions &includin any modifcation or re-
enactment thereof'( if any( of the Companies Act( )*#+,
Ro*e o( t)e +oard
-he board.s role is to e/ecti%ely represent( and promote the interests of
shareholders 0ith a %ie0 to addin lon-term %alue to the Company.s shares,
1a%in reard to its role( the board directs( and super%ises the manaement of
the business and a/airs of the Company includin( in particular:
ensurin that the Company.s oals are clearly established( and that
strateies are in place for achie%in them2
establishin policies for strenthenin the performance of the Company
includin ensurin that manaement is proacti%ely see3in to build the
business throuh inno%ation( initiati%e( technoloy( ne0 products and the
de%elopment of its business capital2
monitorin the performance of manaement2
decidin on 0hate%er steps are necessary to protect the Company.s fnancial
position and the ability to meet its debts and other obliations 0hen they fall
due( and ensurin that such steps are ta3en2
ensurin that the Company.s fnancial statements are true and fair and
other0ise conform 0ith la02
ensurin that the Company adheres to hih standards of ethics and
corporate beha%iour2 and
ensurin that the Company has appropriate ris3 manaement4reulatory
compliance policies in place,
All directors are expected to ta3e decisions ob5ecti%ely in the interests of the
Company, -he board as a 0hole is collecti%ely responsible for the success of the
Company, All directors( 0hether non-executi%e or executi%e( ha%e the same
eneral leal responsibilities,
Timin, and Location o( +oard Meetin,s, and Time Commitment
-he board normally holds meetins as the occasion re6uires, Meetins usually
ta3e place at the Company.s reistered ofce in Amritsar, -he duration of each
meetin typically runs to half a day,
In addition to routine board meetins you should allo0 time for preparatory 0or3
and tra%el( and ensure that you are in a position to ma3e the necessary o%erall
time commitment,
-he board determines the le%el of remuneration paid to its non-executi%e
members 0ithin any limitations imposed by shareholders,
-he Company 0ill reimburse you for all direct and indirect expenses such as
7hone calls( accommodation and tra%ellin expenses( reasonably and properly
incurred and documented,
+oard and Indi-id&a* %irector E-a*&ation Processes
-he performances of the board as a 0hole and indi%idual directors are e%aluated
annually, If( in the meantime( there are any matters 0hich cause you concern
about your role you should discuss them 0ith the Chairman of the board as soon
as appropriate,
O&tside Interests Inc*&din, %irectors)ips
It is accepted and ac3no0leded that you may ha%e business interests other than
those of the Company, 8ou 0ill disclose your concern or interest u4s #9: in any
company or companies or bodies corporate &includin shareholdin interest'(
frms or other association of indi%iduals( by i%in a notice in 0ritin in ;orm MB7-
#, -he interests reister is tabled at each directors. meetin, 7lease ensure that
the Company is 3ept informed of any chanes to your interests so that the
interests reister can be maintained up to date,
Any director is( 0hile holdin ofce( at liberty to accept other board appointments
so lon as the appointment is not in con<ict 0ith the Company.s business and
does not materially interfere 0ith their performance as a director of the Company,
All other appointments must frst be discussed 0ith the Chairman before bein
$)are)o*din,s ./ %irectors in t)e Compan/
Directors are encouraed to hold shares in the Company, =hen buyin or sellin
shares directors are expected to strictly obser%e the pro%isions of the Company.s
Articles of Association and all rele%ant leislati%e and reulatory procedures,
All information ac6uired durin your appointment is confdential to the Company
and should not be disclosed either durin your appointment or follo0in
termination &by 0hate%er means' to third parties except as permitted by la0 and
0ith prior clearance from the Chairman,
=e loo3 for0ard to your association 0ith us,
8ours sincerely
;or ABC 7ri%ate >imited
Name o( %irector"C)airman"Mana,in, %irector
%IN No!