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The Spectre

There once lived a man in a house by himself, it was a night unlike any other, he was a rich
man, but never spent, he had never left, after the death of his wife and his child in his other
home that had burnt down.
The man would stare out the window at night and fddle with the necklace of his wife.
Barring nothing I wish I could see you this night.
The man looked again and fell asleep on his chair. A cold draft seemed to feel this mans
skin. He awoke to see a spectre. The man stood aback from the creature.
"Be gone!" The man yelled at the spectre. "Fly from me you beast!"
"I am not a beast. You are the beast. Your hands made their mark upon my body. I am a
byproduct of your desires and your hate. But you will fret at the sight of me, as I have shown
to thee." The spectre responded. "I often sought out for vengeance upon thee. I have
pondered and waited with knife on hand for this very moment."
"You waited for me here? But why, what I have done to thee?" Asked the man.
"You have done many things that you did not know. But you ignored me and you gave me
spite when you ought to act in kind. You treat me like a slave to your will and your origin."
"I do not know you."
"You do know me, it is recessed itself deep into your mind, a memory that seems but it has
gone. But it is there for you know my name upon your lips."
The spectre motioned to the mans head.
"You are but a ghost, a memory of myself! It is gone! It has fied away it is-
-NO! I refuse to believe that, you know me, and it has not! Admit who I am! The Spectre
moved with brilliance as the eyes began to bleed.
"You are my wife! Now begone spectre do not haunt me further!" He began to shudder and
recoiled from the spectre. Whose eyes of black began to bleed into the man.
"No I will haunt you till my vengeance is complete! You damned man! You caused my death
and my sons! For this is the end!" It screamed a horrifying sound.
The man recoiled and dropped to his knees before the spectre.
"No please God no Do not take my soul tonight!"
"Your Soul is worthless to me!" The spectre laughed. "But your death will satisfy me."
The man recoiled and screamed out. As the door to his home was hit down and two ofcers
came and took him away.
While the spectre laughed on and on. But the Ofcers could not see it in the darkness. As
the man shrieked in terror as he was dragged away by the ofcers.
-This Work was Originally Down by Cameron G
This work is meant to be a part of portfolio example and to show others how to write certain
tones or writing styles. This is merely an example. If this replicated in anyway other than
educational means then I will be angry. Use this with discretion and know this is merely an
example of work.