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Questions about Meraj and Milad Sharif

Question: What is the ruling of the Ulama-e-Deen and the Learned Muftis in the following issues:
(a) s it !orre!t that on the night of Meraj" when the #ol$ %ro&het (Sall 'llaho 'laihi Wa Sallam) was getting onto the (uraa)" he re)uested 'llah to
send a (uraa) for e*er$ one of his Ummah when the$ rise from their gra*es on the last da$" and 'llah &romised this+ ,his in!ident is being narrated
b$ &eo&le from the boo- Muarijun .abuiwat/
(b) What -ind of a boo- is Muarijun .abuiwat+ s the author of this boo- an 'alim of 'hle Sunnat and was he a re&utable resear!h s!holar or not+
(!) s it allowed to &arta-e in Meelad Shareef at the home of a &rostitute and is it allowed to ma-e 0ateha on sweetmeats et!/ &ur!hased with the
same haraam earnings+
(d) s it allowed in a Meelad Shareef gathering to re!ite in!idents of the (attle of 1arbala and in!idents &ertaining to mam #ussain (radi 'llahu anhu)
after dis!ussing Meelad Shareef+
(e) ,here are some &eo&le who &resent the following narration" where the$ sa$ that on the Da$ of 2e!-oning 1hatoon-e-3annat" (atool 4ahra ((ibi
0aatima) (radi 'llahu anha) will !ome without an$ !o*ering on her head and she will be !o*ered in the blood of mam #assan and #ussain and she
will ha*e on her shoulders" the !lothes !o*ered in blood and &oison used on mam #assan and #ussain and she will ha*e in her hand that tooth of the
%ro&het (Sall 'llaho 'laihi Wa Sallam) that was made Shaheed in the battle of Uhud/ t is further mentioned that she will hold the legs of the ,hrone
('rsh)" sha-ing it and as-ing the sinful Ummah to be forgi*en in !om&ensation for this blood+ s this true or not+
(f) s it &ermissible to sa$ in ad*an!e" that will onl$ read the Meelad Shareef if $ou gi*e me one ru&ee and will not read for less than this+ s it also
&ermitted to ta-e this mone$ in ad*an!e as &a$ment or as earnest mone$+
(g) s it !orre!t that the #ol$ %ro&het (Sall 'llaho 'laihi Wa Sallam) went into the 5ourt of 'llah with his .alaain Shareef (blessed Sandals)+
(h) s it &ermissible to read the 4i-r-e-Shahaadat and ha*e Marsi$ah 1hwaani at the house of raafdhis (shias)+
(i) t is mentioned (b$ some &eo&le) that on the night of Meraj" the #ol$ %ro&het (Sall 'llaho 'laihi Wa Sallam) was shown his &arents in &unishment
and was as-ed whether he wanted his &arents to be freed from this torment or his Ummats sal*ation" and he !hose his Ummat and &referred to lea*e
his &arents in this torment/ s this !orre!t or not+
(j) .ow" after loo-ing at the answers &resented to the )uestions" if 4aid does not retra!t and through his a!tions and &ra!ti!es" he does not !hange
and ma-e tauba and he !laims ,he answers to be in!orre!t" and !ontinues to gi*e these stories" is it &ermissible to allow him to read the Meelad
,he 'nswer:
(a) ,here is no sour!e of this/ 6777777777777777777777777789: ;<=7777777777777777777777777>? 7777777777777777777777777@:A
(b) #e was a Sunni le!turer/ ,he boo- has lots of things in it/ (,ranslators .ote: meaning !orre!t and doubtful things as well)
(!) ,o ma-e 0ateha on sweetmeats &ur!hased with su!h mone$ is haraam" unless she used other mone$ to do this gathering/ ,hese &eo&le usuall$
do this/ n other words" if the$ want to do something good" then the$ do this/ ,here is no need for testimon$ to this/ f she sa$s that she borrowed the
mone$ and made the gathering" and that she has &aid of that debt with her haraam mone$" then her statement will be a!!e&ted" just as it has been
mentioned in #indi$a et!/ '!tuall$ if she bought the sweetmeats with her haraam mone$" but at the time of bu$ing she did not gi*e the mone$ or do a
transa!tion with this mone$" in other words she did not show the haraam mone$ and then in eB!hange for it ta-e the sweetmeats and then gi*e the
#araam mone$/ n other words" if she did not do what has been just mentioned" then a!!ording to the maChab of the Muftis" the sweetmeats will not
be regarded as haraam/ ,hose sweetmeats that were gi*en to her as &a$ment for adulter$ or one of her !lients sent it to her as a gift or in bu$ing it
she did a dire!t eB!hange of su!h mone$ for the sweetmeats" then these sweetmeats are haraam to eat and to ma-e 0ateha on it is #araam/ .ow"
this was the ruling about the sweetmeats and the 0ateha" but to go to her house e*en if it is for reading in the Majlis Shareef" will not be free from sin
or the a!!usation of sin or from being a!!used or the !han!e of being a!!used and we ha*e thus been !ommanded to sta$ awa$ from all of these/
t has been mentioned in the #adith Shareef as follows: DEne who has maan in 'llah and in the Last Da$" should ne*er stand in a &la!e of sus&i!ion/F
0irstl$" one should note that e*er$thing about her &la!e" her surroundings et!/ are doubtful/ ,hose who are not 'hle ,a)wa (,rul$ %ious %eo&le)" for
them to go near su!h a &la!e is absolutel$ dangerous and is li-e going !lose to fire or near eB&losi*es and as for those who are 'hle ,a)wa" then for
them to go to su!h &la!es" is li-e going near the furna!e of a bla!-smith/ G*en if one does not burn his !lothes" there is still the !han!e of them being
stained with the sooth from the furna!e/ ,o ha*e faith in ones nafs and to thin- that shaitaan is far awa$ from $ou is being im&ra!ti!al/ DEne" who
roams near a &asture" !ould sometimes enter the &asture as well/F (n other words to remain !lose to su!h &la!es will lead one into tem&tation)/ @:A
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(d)/ ,he Ulama-e-1iraam ha*e mentioned that it is not ad*isable to dis!uss the Shahaadat in gatherings of Meelad as it (Meelad) is a ha&&$
(e)/ ,his is untrue and false a!!usation/ t is disres&e!tful and blas&hemous/ She is that &ersonalit$" that e*en the sun did not see her without a
!o*ering on head/ .ow where is she going to !ome in this wa$ on the Da$ of 2e!-oning+ '!tuall$" on that da$" a !all will be heard from under the 'rsh
(Di*ine ,hrone) !ommanding the &eo&le to lower their heads and !lose their e$es as Sa$$ida 0aatima 4ahra (radi 'llahu anha) will be !rossing on %ul
Siraat/ .ow" where is she going to !ome in su!h a state before all the &eo&le from beginning of time until the last da$+ '!tuall$" she will &ass li-e a
swift strea- of light in the middle of se*ent$ thousand #urs (maidens of 3annat)/ 67777777789: ;<=77777777>? 77777777@:A
(f)/ 'lmight$ 'llah sa$s in the #ol$ Quran" D'nd do not a!!e&t a small &ri!e for m$ signs/F t is not allowed to do so and is to de&ri*e oneself of great
reward/ 6777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777789: ;<=7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777>? 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777@:A
(g)/ this is !om&letel$ false and baseless/
(h)/ t is haraam to do this/ t has been mentioned in the #adith" DDo not sit with them/F n another #adith it has been mentioned" DEne who hel&s to
in!rease the gathering of an$ nation is from amongst them/F 67777777777777789: ;<=77777777777777>? 77777777777777@:A
(i)/ ,his is a totall$ false a!!usation and a baseless blame/ ,hose who falsel$ ma-e !laims against 'llah and #is 2asool (Sall 'llaho 'laihi wa Sallam)
will ne*er attain sal*ation/ 677777777777777777777777777777777777789: ;<=777777777777777777777777777777777777>? 777777777777777777777777777777777777@:A
(j)/ Ene who after being informed of the ruling of the Shariah still &ersists and does not listen but falsifies the de!ree" then su!h a &erson is misled/ ,o
listen to the Majlis from su!h a &erson" to as- him to ma-e this re!itation and to eB&e!t an$ reward from this and to show res&e!t to him are all
im&ermissible" until su!h time that he re&ents/ 689: ;<=>? @:A