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1. Attend the Pre-Membership Education Seminar or read the AMPC Brochure w/ FAQs.
2. Commit to continuous share capital build-up.
3. Pay a one time P100.00 membership fee which can also be deducted from salary.

Coop members are entitled to earn dividends on their paid-up capital, receive patronage refund on
their interest payments and avail of the loan products and services.

1. Commit to contribute to sustained capital build-up through semi-monthly
salary deduction.
2. Patronize the Cooperative's business.
3. Participate in parliamentary affairs.
4. Obey rules and regulations and policies of the Cooperative.
5. Inspect and examine financial records, and other records of the Cooperative.


This policy provides guidelines governing membership in the Ayala Multi-Purpose
Cooperative drawn from CDA Regulations, pertinent provisions of AMPC By-laws and
policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors for the orderly
implementation of Coop programs and services.

Membership in the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a privilege extended
to employees of the Ayala Group of Companies:
A. Regular employees are qualified to become regular members of the Cooperative.
B. Members who have resigned or retired from the Ayala Group may
apply as Associate members.

A. Regular members
1. Participation in the capitalization of the Cooperative through their commitment to
sustained capital build-up.
2. Enjoy fully all the loan products of the Cooperative.
3. Share in the surplus earned by the Cooperative.
4. To be paid patronage refunds in the proportion that they patronize the business of the
5. To attend meetings and participate in the parliamentary affairs of the Cooperative.
B. Associate members

1. Participate in the capitalization of the Cooperative.
2. Avail of the loan facilities up to 50% of their investment in the Cooperative.
3. Share in the surplus earned by the Cooperative.
4. To be paid patronage refunds in the proportion that they have patronized the business
of the Cooperative

Employees of the Ayala Group of Companies can apply for membership through the following

1. Attend a Pre-Membership Education Seminar given by an accredited Trainer of the
2. Fill out a Membership Application Form including a commitment to a semi-monthly
salary deduction for Share Capital and submit the same to the HRD.
3. The HRD certifies that the applicant is a regular employee and sends the application
form to the Coop.
4. The Coop activates the membership by including his/her semi-monthly pledge for
Share Capital Contribution in the semi-monthly billing sent to the Company payroll.
5. The one-time membership fee of ONE HUNDRED PESOS (P100.00) can be paid out
of the first salary deduction.
6. He or she becomes a regular member upon full payment of at least 4 shares (at P500
per share).
The main source of funds of the Coop comes from members' share capital contributions.
One share has a par value of P500.00.

1. Every member is required to subscribe to at least four (4) shares with a total value of
P2,000.00 in order to become a bona-fide member entitled to avail of the Coop's loan
2. However, the By-laws of the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative require all members to
commit to sustained capital build-up. Therefore semi-monthly salary deductions for
share capital contribution will be sustained even after the minimum P2,000.00
subscription is completed.
3. Aside from the regular semi-monthly share capital contributions, members may also
increase their investment through direct deposit to the Coop's bank account (BPI CA#
0381-0116-66). Deposits may also be coursed through BPI Expressonline. Members
should indicate their Member Reference Number in the deposit slip for the Coop to
issue an Official Receipt.
4. It is standard practice among Cooperatives to use paid-up share capital to determine
the loan entitlement of regular members. In this connection share capital cannot be
paid through loan borrowed from the Coop.
5. At the end of the year, numbered stock certificates are issued to members for every
P50k additional share capital they have contributed during the year.
6. At any time, members have the right to request for a print out of their paid-up share
capital ledger or request for a certification of share capital balance.

1. Upon completion of the external audit in compliance with the CDA policy, the Coop
deducts the mandatory reserve requirements (10% General Reserves, 5%
Cooperative Education Training Fund, 5% Optional Reserves, 3% Community
Development Fund) from the Annual Surplus to determine the Surplus Available for
2. A proposal dividing the Surplus Available for Distribution into Dividend and Patronage
Refund is presented for approval of the Annual General Assembly of the members.
This ratio determines the amount that will be paid out as Dividend and the amount to
be paid out as Patronage Refund.
3. Dividend Rate: The Surplus Available for Distribution as Dividend is then divided by
the Total Average Share Capital to get the dividend rate.
4. Total Average Share Capital:
4.1. Total Share Months: This is computed by adding the monthly balances of each
member's share capital for 12 months using the 7th of the month as the
cut-off date; share capital received from the 1st to the 7th of the month are
counted for that month while amounts paid after the 7th
are counted for the next month.
4.2. Average Share Capital: This is computed by dividing the
Total Share Months by 12.
4.3. Total Average Share Capital: The Average Share Capitals of all
members are added to get the Total Average Share Capital.

5. The Patronage Refund Rate is computed by dividing the Surplus Available
for Distribution as Patronage Refund by the Interest Income from loans. Only loans
under the Regular Lending Windows are entitled to Patronage Refund.

6. Patronage Refund paid to each member is computed by multiplying the patronage
refund rate by the total amount of interest paid under the Regular Lending Windows.

7. Actual payment of dividends and patronage refund is effected after the
General Assembly approves the Board's proposal.

8. Members who terminate their membership from January 01 to June 30 will not be
be entitled to dividends/patronage refund of the current year.
Any member who withdraws, terminates or resigns his membership from the Coop
implies that he ceases to be interested in the business of the Coop. Termination of
membership can be effected through the following procedure:
1. Fill out the Membership Termination Form and submit to Ayala Coop, together with a
photocopy of valid ID and the original stock certificate issued to the member.
2. In behalf of the Board of Director, the General Manager approves the resignation after
the member has settled all outstanding obligations to the Cooperative.

3. As a standard procedure, the Coop processes the termination request upon full
payment of loan/s and receipt of in transit remittances from the Companies for loan
payments and share capital. Hence, turn-around-time may extend from 1 to 4 weeks.
4. Resigned members who continue to be employees of the Ayala Group may re-apply
six months after his/her resignation. No re-application is allowed for any member who
resigned for a second time.

1. Members who strictly comply with the requirement for sustained capital build-up are
considered Active Members. They are entitled to avail of the loan products of the
Coop subject to its credit policy.
2. Regular members whose share capital has not moved for at least six months are
considered Inactive Members. They will not be entitled to the loan products of the
Coop. To be reinstated as Active Members they have to renew their pledge to share
capital build-up.
3. Inactive Members who fail to reactivate their status within six months will be
considered resigned. Outstanding loan balances will be due and demandable. Their
paid-up share capital will be lodged as a liability suspense account which will not
entitle the members to any dividend.
4. Resigned employees from the Ayala Group are ipso facto considered resigned from
the Coop unless they apply as Associate Members. Their paid-up share capital will be
lodged to a liability suspense account and will cease to earn dividends. They may
request for payment of their paid up capital by submitting a Membership Termination