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Summation of Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity

An excerpt from: Occult Ether Physics

by William ! "yne

#rom: Don Allen

Accor$in& to Tesla's lecture prepare$ for the 'nstitute of 'mmi&rant Welfare ()ay! *+, *-./0, his 1Dynamic
Theory of Gravity1 2as one of t2o far reachin& $iscoveries, 2hich he 1!!!2or3e$ out in all $etails1, in the
years */-. an$ */-4! The *-./ lecture 2as less than five years before his $eath!
)ore complete statements concernin& these $iscoveries can only be &leane$ from scattere$ an$ sparse
sources, because the papers of Tesla are conceale$ in &overnment vaults for 1national security1 reasons!
When ' specifically as3e$ for these papers at the 15ational Security esearch 6enter1 7 no2 the 1obert 8!
Oppenheimer esearch 6enter1 7 in *-9-, ' 2as $enie$ access because they 2ere classifie$, even thou&h on
that same $ay ' $iscovere$ the plans for the hy$ro&en bomb on an open shelf, an$ tol$ a :arvar$ &ra$uate
stu$ent about it later in the $ay at a Santa #e restaurant! The &uy 2ent to "os Alamos, copie$ the plans, an$
2rote an expose at :arvar$!
'n his *-./ lecture, Tesla sai$ he 2as pro&ressin& 2ith the 2or3, an$ hope$ to &ive the theory to the 2orl$
1very soon1, so it 2as clearly his intent to 1&ive it to the 2orl$1, as soon as he ha$ complete$ his secret
The 1t2o &reat $iscoveries1 to 2hich Tesla referre$, 2ere:
*! The Dynamic Theory of Gravity 7 2hich assume$ a fiel$ of force 2hich accounts for the motions of bo$ies
in space; assumption of this fiel$ of force $ispenses 2ith the concept of space curvature (ala Einstein0; the
ether has an in$ispensable function in the phenomena (of universal &ravity, inertia, momentum, an$
movement of heavenly bo$ies, as 2ell as all atomic an$ molecular matter0; an$,
+! Environmental Ener&y 7 the Discovery of a ne2 physical Truth: there is no ener&y in matter other than that
receive$ from the environment!
The usual Tesla birth$ay announcement 7 on his 9-th birth$ay (*-.<0 7 Tesla ma$e a brief reference to the
theory sayin& it applies to molecules an$ atoms as 2ell as to the lar&est heavenly bo$ies, an$ to 1!!!all matter
in the universe in any phase of its existence from its very formation to its ultimate $isinte&ration1!
Those imbue$ 2ith relativist theory often refer to 1pure ener&y1 in some 1form1, but there is no such thin&,
since 1ener&y1 is an abstract 1ability1 2hich is al2ays in the future! Who's to say 2hat 1form1 is 1pure1, an$
2hat form is not=
)y favorite philosopher, Ayn an$, sai$! 1'n reality, there are no contra$ictions! Thin&s are 2hat they are
irrespective as to 2hether 2e 3no2 it or not! 6hec3 your premises!1 'f the term 1ener&y1 is only a convenient
abstraction, then it $oes not exist in physical form, an$ really $escribes the potential to perform 2or3 as a by7
pro$uct of matter an$ electroma&netic ra$iation in perpetual motion, some of the force of 2hich has been
$iverte$ throu&h a path 2here it performs the $esire$ 2or3, as it &oes on its merry 2ay throu&h the universe!
Every chan&e of form of either matter or ra$iation involves the 12or31 2hich in$uces the chan&e, or the
12or31 2hich is in$uce$ by the chan&e! Without 2or3 there is no chan&e, but all 2or3 is ultimately the
pro$uct of the universe in perpetual, self7sustainin& motion, as a rule an$ not an exception!
As for Tesla's theory, 2e have hints, such as, that the earth is the 1star of human birth1! 'n poetic expressions,
he hi$ scientific meanin&s in statements such as, that usin& the 1thun$erbolt of 8ove1 (the 'n$o7European s3y
&o$0, man 1annihilates time an$ space1, an allusion to the use of electro7propulsion (1thun$erbolts10, to travel
so fast, that time an$ space are 1annihilate$1! Where the &overnment has stolen his papers, 2e must search
for meanin& else2here! 'n an article, 1)an's Greatest Achievement1, Tesla outline$ his Dynamic Theory of
Gravity in poetic form (as paraphrase$ by me0:
> That the luminiferous ether fills all space
> That the ether is acte$ upon by the life7&ivin& creative force
> That the ether is thro2n into 1infinitesimal 2hirls1 (1micro helices10 at near the spee$ of li&ht, becomin&
pon$erable matter
> That 2hen the force subsi$es an$ motion ceases, matter reverts to the ether (a form of 1atomic $ecay10
That man can harness these processes, to:
7Precipitate matter from the ether
76reate 2hatever he 2ants 2ith the matter an$ ener&y $erive$
7Alter the earth's si?e
76ontrol earth's seasons (2eather control0
7Gui$e earth's path throu&h the @niverse, li3e a space ship
76ause the collisions of planets to pro$uce ne2 suns an$ stars, heat, an$ li&ht
7Ori&inate an$ $evelop life in infinite forms
Tesla 2as referrin& to unlimite$ ener&y, $erive$ from the environment! Several of his maAor free ener&y
$iscoveries have been the exclusive stolen property of our Secret Government! The conversion of ener&y to a
stron&er force 7 electropulsion 7 use$ to control the much 2ea3er &ravity force, 2oul$ accomplish more 2or3
in the same amount of time, an$ pro$uce 1over unity1 results!
Some of Telsa's unusual conceptuali?ation of the ether ha$ been nonetheless expoun$e$ piecemeal, in his
prece$in& */-B's lectures! :e later raile$ a&ainst the limite$ an$ erroneous theories of )ax2ell, :ert?,
"orent?, an$ Einstein!
Tesla's ether 2as neither the 1soli$1 ether 2ith the 1tenuity of steel1 of )ax2ell an$ :ert?, nor the half7
hearte$, entraine$, &aseous ether of "orent?! Tesla's ether consiste$ of 1carriers immerse$ in an insulatin&
flui$1, 2hich fille$ all space! 'ts properties varie$ accor$in& to relative movement, the presence of mass, an$
the electric an$ ma&netic environment!
Tesla's ether 2as ri&i$ifie$ by rapi$ly varyin& electrostatic forces, an$ 2as thereby involve$ in &ravitational
effects, inertia, an$ momentum, especially in the space near earth, since, as explaine$ by Tesla, the earth is
1!!!li3e a char&e$ metal ball movin& throu&h space1, 2hich creates the enormous, rapi$ly varyin& electrostatic
forces 2hich $iminish in intensity 2ith the sCuare of the $istance from earth, Aust li3e &ravity! Since the
$irection of propa&ation ra$iates from the earth, the so7calle$ force of &ravity is to2ar$ earth!
Tesla commence$ to complete his Dynamic Theory of Gravity at the same approximate perio$ of time that
his experimental results an$ theories ha$ been reveale$ in the three lectures, often illustrate$ 2ith
$emonstrations usin& Tesla7invente$ eCuipment, as reveale$ in the follo2in& ei&ht excerpts, in pertinent part
(emphasis mine0:
*! 1The most probable me$ium fillin& the space is one consistin& of in$epen$ent carriers immerse$ in an
insulatin& flui$1!
+! 1'n his experiments he $2ells first on some phenomena pro$uce$ by electrostatic force, 2hich he
consi$ers in the li&ht of mo$ern theories to be the most important force in nature for us to investi&ate!1
.! 1:e illustrates ho2 mechanical motions are pro$uce$ by a varyin& electrostatic force actin& throu&h a
&aseous me$ium!1
4! 1One of the most interestin& results arrive$ at in pursuin& these experiments, is the $emonstration of the
fact that a &aseous me$ium upon 2hich vibration is impresse$ by rapi$ chan&es of electrostatic potential, is
<! 1'f throu&h this me$ium enormous electrostatic stresses are assume$ to act, 2hich vary rapi$ly in intensity,
it 2oul$ allo2 the motion of a bo$y throu&h it, yet it 2oul$ be ri&i$ an$ elastic, althou&h the flui$ itself
mi&ht be $evoi$ of these properties1!
D! 1!!!on the assumption that the in$epen$ent carriers are of any confi&uration such that the flui$ resistance to
motion in one $irection is &reater than in another, a stress of that nature 2oul$ cause the carriers to arran&e
themselves in &roups, since they 2oul$ turn to each other their si$es of the &reatest electrical $ensity, in
2hich position the flui$ resistance to approach 2oul$ be smaller than to rece$in&!1
9! 1'f in a me$ium of the above characteristics a brush 2oul$ be forme$ by a stea$y potential, an exchan&e of
the carriers 2oul$ &o on continuously, an$ there 2oul$ be less carriers per unit volume in the brush than in
the space at some $istance from the electro$e, this correspon$in& to rarefaction1!
/! 1'f the potentials 2ere rapi$ly chan&in&, the result 2oul$ be very $ifferent; the hi&her the freCuency of the
pulses, the slo2er 2oul$ be the exchan&e of carriers; finally, the motion of translation throu&h measurable
space 2oul$ cease an$, 2ith a sufficiently hi&h freCuency an$ intensity of the stress, the carriers 2oul$ be
$ra2n to2ar$s the electro$e, an$ compression 2oul$ result!1
The ei&ht above excerpts are further re$ucible to the follo2in& four statements pertinent to electro7propulsion
*! )echanical motions can be pro$uce$ by varyin& electrostatic force actin& throu&h a &aseous (ether0
me$ium, 2hich thereby becomes ri&i$ifle$, yet allo2s soli$ bo$ies to pass throu&h!
+! @n$er influence of stress in one $irection (un$er the polari?in& influence of li&ht or heat0, the carriers may
&roup to&ether, formin& tubes of force, creatin& &reater ease of movement in that $irection!
.! When a (D!6!0 brush is create$ by a stea$y potential, a continuous exchan&e of carriers is create$
correspon$in& to ether rarefaction, as the tubes of force are $ra2n into the con$uctor!
4! With a sufficiently hi&h freCuency an$ stress intensity in the opposite $irection, carrier exchan&e is
bloc3e$ by ether compression, forcin& the tubes of force to $issolve in the con$uctors of the ship, impartin&
electroma&netic momentum! The system, usin& the t2o 3in$s of potentials (D!6! an$ A!6!0, is 3no2n as
The stea$y potential of the brush creates the reCuire$ exchan&e of carriers, 'rarifyin&' (stretchin&0 the elastic,
ri&i$ifie$ me$ium (compose$ of the carriers immerse$ in the insulatin& flui$0 in a$vance of the ship, as the
hi&h freCuency A!6! to the rear compresses them, bloc3in& exchan&e from the rear, $issolvin& the tubes of
force (my 1microhelices10, creatin& instant momentum, normal to the surface (2hich is at ri&ht an&les to the
electric an$ ma&netic fiel$s0!
'n *//4, 8ohn :enry Poyntin&'s theorem ha$ been that the flux of ener&y at any place is represente$ by the
vector pro$uct of the electric an$ ma&netic forces, multiplie$ by 6E4(pi symbol0 .r$ po2er! This implie$ that
forces in a con$uctor coul$ be transforme$ there into other forms! 'n */-., 8! 8! Thomson state$ practically
the same thin&, sayin& 1!!!the aether is itself the vehicle of mechanical momentum, of amount (lE4 (pi
symbol06 (D>F0 per unit volume!
(@sin& e!7s! @nits for D an$ E an$ e!7m! @nits for F an$ :!0
E G electrical force
D G electrical $isplacement
: G ma&netic force
F G ma&netic in$uction
:einrich :ert?'s theory 2as that t2o systems of varyin& current shoul$ exert a pon$eromotive force on each
other $ue to the variations! Tesla's $isa&reement 2as apparently base$ on the fact that he prove$ that the
1pon$eromotive force1 is $ue not to mere 1varyin& currents1; but to rarefaction an$ compression of the ether
carriers, respectively, pro$uce$ by $ifferent 3in$s of currents (D!6!, A!6!, rapi$ly varyin& electrostatic0!
8!8! Thomson ha$ extensively $evelope$ the theory of the movin& tubes of force, both ma&netic an$ electric,
sayin& that the ma&netic effect 2as a secon$ary one create$ by the movement of electric tubes, an$ assume$:
> that tubes exist every2here in space, either in close$ circuits or terminatin& on atoms;
> that electric force becomes perceivable only 2hen electric tubes have &reater ten$ency to lie in one
> that in a stea$y ma&netic fiel$, positive an$ ne&ative tubes may move in opposite $irections 2ith eCual
> that a beam of li&ht is a &roup of electric tubes movin& at 6 at ri&ht an&les to their len&th (provi$in& a &oo$
explanation for polari?ation of the plane of rotation0!
Tesla sai$ his 1$iri&ible torpe$o1 2oul$ fly at a maximum .BB miles per secon$, perhaps since its for2ar$
velocity 2oul$ be some maximum fraction of 6! Thomson's later publishin&s on this subAect follo2e$ Tesla's
*/-* lectures before the oyal Society in "on$on, an$ appear to she$ li&ht on Tesla's 2or3, statin&:
> that a pon$eromotive force is exerte$ on a con$uctor carryin& electric current, consistin& of a transfer of
mechanical momentum from the a&ent 2hich exerts the force to the bo$y 2hich experiences it;
> that, if movin& tubes enterin& a con$uctor are $issolve$ in it, mechanical momentum is &iven to the
> that such momentum must be at ri&ht an&les to the tube an$ to the ma&netic in$uction;
> that momentum store$ in a unit volume of the fiel$ is proportional to the vector pro$uct of electric an$
ma&netic vectors!
1Thomson's1 1Electroma&netic )omentum1 hypothesis 2as later $evelope$ by :! Poincare' an$ by )!
Fy *-*B, it 2as sai$ that the conseCuence of these pronouncements left three alternatives:
*! )o$ify the theory to re$uce to ?ero the resultant force on an element of free aether (as 2ith )ax2ell,
:ert?, an$ Einstein0;
+! Assume the force sets aether in motion (as 2ith :elmholt?0;
.! Accept the principle that aether is the vehicle of mechanical momentum of amount HD>FI per unit volume
(as 2ith Poyntin& an$ 8! 8! Thomson0!
Whitta3er's &reatest error 2as in omittin& Tesla's theory entirely! After Tesla's experiments verifie$ it, ri&ht
in front of the esteeme$ members of the 1oyal Aca$emy1, the 1three (later0 alternatives1 2ere moot, an$ a
ne2 la2 existe$, that of Tesla!
Tesla's Secrecy
Due to his pacifist sympathies, Tesla ori&inally contemplate$ &ivin& his electric flyin& machine to the
Geneva 6onvention or "ea&ue of 5ations, for use in 'policin& the 2orl$' to prevent 2ar! "ater $isillusione$
after WW' 2ith the collapse of the "ea&ue, he sai$ he'$ 1!!!un$erestimate$ man's combative capacity1!
'n *-*-, his reason for increase$ secrecy emer&e$ in an intervie2 2ith #re$eric3 )! Jerby, for 1esolution1
ma&a?ine, 2hile $iscussin& a 1three7hour1 airplane bet2een 5e2 Kor3 an$ "on$on: 1!!!2e have here the
appallin& prospect of a 2ar bet2een nations at a $istance of thousan$s of miles, 2ith 2eapons so $estructive
an$ $emorali?in& that the 2orl$ coul$ not en$ure them! That is 2hy there must be no more 2ar!1 With the
&overnment's spurnin& of his $efense su&&estions, Tesla's only recourse 2as to 2ithhol$ his secrets from the
2orl$, an$ to $issua$e $iscovery in their $irection!
'n *-+-, Tesla ri$icule$ :einrich :ert?'s *//97/- experiments purporte$ly provin& the )ax2ellian
1structureless1 ether fillin& all space, 1of inconceivable tenuity yet soli$ an$ possesse$ of ri&i$ity
incomparably &reater than the har$est steel1! Tesla's ar&uments 2ere to the contrary, sayin& he ha$ al2ays
believe$ in a 1&aseous1 ether in 2hich he ha$ observe$ 2aves more a3in to soun$ 2aves! :e recounte$ ho2
he ha$ $evelope$ a 1ne2 form of vacuum tube1 in */-D (2hich ' call the 1Tesla bulb10, 1!!!capable of bein&
char&e$ to any $esire$ potential, an$ operate$ it 2ith effective pressures of about 4,BBB,BBB volts!1 :e
$escribe$ ho2 purplish coronal $ischar&es about the bulb 2hen in use, verifie$ the existence of 1particles
smaller than air1, an$ a &as so li&ht that an earth7si?e$ volume 2oul$ 2ei&h only *E+B poun$! :e further sai$
soun$ 2aves move$ at the velocity of li&ht throu&h this me$ium!
Tesla mentione$ usin& his special tube to investi&ate cosmic rays, sayin& that 2hen its emanations 2ere
impin&e$ upon a tar&et material, ra$ioactive emissions resulte$, an$ that ra$ioactive bo$ies 2ere simply
1tar&ets1 continuously bombar$e$ by 1infinitesimal bullets proAecte$ from all parts of the universe1, 2ithout
2hich 1all ra$ioactivity 2oul$ cease!1 :is $escription of these 1bullets1 2as similar to the LP!
On Apr! *<, *-.+, Tesla sai$ Einstein's theory re&ar$in& chan&in& matter into force, an$ force into matter,
2as 1absur$1! :e compare$ this to the $ifference bet2een bo$y an$ min$, sayin& force is a 1!!!function of
matter1, an$ that, Aust as a min$ coul$ not exist 2ithout a bo$y, 1!!!2ithout matter, there can be no force!1
On Sept! **, *-.+ (5e2 Kor3 :eral$ Tribune0, Tesla $eri$e$ the )ax2ellianE:ert?ian ether, 2hile sayin&
that hi&her freCuency 2aves 1!!!follo2 the curvature of the earth an$ ben$ aroun$ obstacles1, yet in an Apr! /,
*-.4 5e2 Kor3 Times letter, sai$ that short 2aves for 1po2er purposes1 of the '2ireless art', 2ere
inappropriate, an$ that po2er 2ill travel in 1lon& 2aves1! :is *-+- attac3 on the )ax2ellianE:ert?ian ether
theory 7 .- years after2ar$, $urin& the a$vent of elativism 7 seeme$ relevant only to his conceale$ theory,
not to $isclose it or promote it, but to conceal it!
T:E 5AT@E O# E"E6T'6'TK
What 2ere the ol$ ether physicists referrin& to 2hen they attempte$ to $escribe 1an incompressible, perfect
flui$1= What 2oul$ a 1perfect flui$1 $o= 't 2oul$ be able to 12et1 everythin& it came into contact 2ith, such
as protons, an$ coul$ flo2 every2here 2ithout resistance! One 1flui$1 7 the ether 7 coul$ flo2 every2here,
an$ because of its $ensity an$ ultra7fineness, nothin& coul$ stop it, an$ it felt no resistance, but only matter
felt resistance, $epen$in& on the circumstances! Another flui$ 7 electricity 7 coul$ flo2 in certain places, an$
2et only certain thin&s, but often met resistance!
'n or$er to un$erstan$ the ether, 2e must &et to 3no2 electricity more intimately! 8ust li3e 2ater, a proton
2ill hol$ only so much electricity on its surface, but the 'surface' of the proton is probably similar to the outer
area of a ball7shape$ s2arm of hoverin& mechanical bees, po2ere$ by the LP, 2ith a $enser a&&lomeration
of 1bees1 to2ar$ the 'ball's' center! 'f this s2arm of bees is subAecte$ to a 2ave of rainy mist (the etheric
'2in$'0, the bees must all turn to face into the etheric 2in$ to maintain their formation! The '2ater' $roplets 7
electric sub7char&es carrie$ by the etheric 2in$ 7 ten$ to a&&lomerate aroun$ the front si$e! Each bee, as he
flaps his 2in&s, 2ill &et 2et only so much, so that excess '2ater' is thro2n off an$ carrie$ to the next bee, or
the next s2arm of bees, by the etheric 2in$, an$ so forth, so that a 'current' of $roplets continues to flo2
throu&h the ball of bees $ue to its motion throu&h the etheric 2in$, an$ transfers momentum bet2een masses!
The '2ater' ten$s to come off in lar&er $rops, 2hich have forme$ from smaller $roplets accumulate$ on each
bee! As in flui$ mechanics, the '$rop' si?e is the result of cohesiveness of the electric 'flui$', the surface area
of each 'bee', an$ the space bet2een each bee, all of 2hich influences the final si?e of each lar&er '$rop' (the
1electron10 2hich accumulates enou&h to form it! 'f one 2ere to mathematically analy?e the flo2 of 1$rops1
(i!e!, 1Cuanta10 per mass unit, they 2oul$ have an avera&e rate of the flo2 of char&esEcm. of etheric 2in$, for
the momentum, as $etermine$ by the 1current1 flo2 rate!
)uch li3e the bees, as a bo$y (its many electrons, atoms, an$ molecules, 2ith plenty of 'space' 2ithin an$
bet2een0 sits at rest on the earth, it moves at fantastic spee$ throu&h the universal ether fiel$, $ue to the
earth's revolution, orbit, an$ other motions!
'n his */-* A!'!E!E! lecture at 6olumbia 6olle&e, Tesla sai$ in pertinent part (emphasis mine0: 1What is
electricity, an$ 2hat is ma&netism= 1!!!We are no2 confi$ent that electric an$ ma&netic phenomena are
attributable to the ether, an$ 2e are perhaps Austifie$ in sayin& that the effects of static electricity are effects
of ether in motion1! 1!!!2e may spea3 of electricity or of an electric con$ition, state or effect1! 1!!!2e must
$istin&uish t2o such effects, opposite in character neutrali?in& each other1! 1!!!for in a me$ium of the
properties of the ether, 2e cannot possibly exert a strain, or pro$uce a $isplacement or motion of any 3in$,
2ithout causin& in the surroun$in& me$ium an eCuivalent an$ opposite effect!1 1!!!its con$ition $etermines
the positive an$ ne&ative character!1 1We 3no2 that it acts li3e an incompressible flui$;1 1!!!the electro7
ma&netic theory of li&ht an$ all facts observe$ teach us that electric an$ ether phenomena are i$entical!1 1The
pu??lin& behavior of the ether as a soli$ to 2aves of li&ht an$ heat, an$ as a flui$ to the motion of bo$ies
throu&h it, is certainly explaine$ in the most natural an$ satisfactory manner by assumin& it to be in motion,
as Sir William Thomson has su&&este$!1 15or can anyone prove that there are transverse ether 2aves emitte$
from an alternate current machine; to such slo2 $isturbances, the ether, if at rest, may behave as a true flui$!1
'n his statements, Tesla 2as balancin& the various ar&uments in preparation for his $ecision: 1!!!Electricity,
therefore, cannot be calle$ ether in the broa$ sense of the term; but nothin& 2oul$ seem to stan$ in the 2ay
of callin& electricity ether associate$ 2ith matter, or boun$ ether; or, in other 2or$s, that the so7calle$ static
char&e of the molecule is ether associate$ in some 2ay 2ith the molecule!1
1!!!'t cannot $iffer in $ensity, ether bein& incompressible: it must, therefore, be un$er some strain or in
motion, an$ the latter is the most probable!1 Tesla therefore believe$ in an ether 2hich 2as in motion relative
to earth, because the earth is in motion!
The thin& 2hich Tesla ha$ reali?e$, 2as that ether possesses electric char&es 2hich are $eposite$ on atoms!
'n supportin& the 1$ynamic1 ether concept, he 2as supportin& the 1stationary ether1 concept, since the
1motion1 he referre$ to 2as 1apparent1 motion of the ether perceive$ by an observer on earth, relative to a
stationary ether!
The importance of cosmic motion to the electroma&netic effects of static char&es 2as brou&ht up by Tesla in
his lecture: 1About fifteen years a&o, Prof! o2lan$ $emonstrate$ a most interestin& an$ important fact,
namely, that a static char&e carrie$ aroun$ pro$uces the effects of an electric current!1 1!!!an$ conceivin& the
electrostatically char&e$ molecules in motion, this experimental fact &ives us a fair i$ea of ma&netism! We
can conceive lines or tubes of force 2hich physically exist, bein& forme$ of ro2s of $irecte$ movin&
molecules; 2e can see that these lines must be close$, that they must ten$ to shorten an$ expan$, etc! 't
li3e2ise explains in a reasonable 2ay, the most pu??lin& phenomenon of all, permanent ma&netism, an$, in
&eneral, has all the beauties of the Ampere theory 2ithout possessin& the vital $efect of the same, namely, the
assumption of molecular currents! Without enlar&in& further upon the subAect, ' 2oul$ say, that ' loo3 upon
all electrostatic, current an$ ma&netic phenomena as bein& $ue to electrostatic molecular forces!1
'n these statements, Tesla sho2e$ he 2as a2are that any 1stationary1 locale on earth is actually in fantastic
motion (19B,BBB mph10! The electrostatic char&es 1carrie$ aroun$1 are currents bet2een atoms an$ the ether,
2hich pro$uce ma&netism! The phenomena of 'permanent ma&netism' or 'cosmically in$uce$' ma&netism are
apparently $ue to electrostatic char&es 'carrie$ aroun$' by cosmic motion, in the universal ether fiel$!
Since no one can hol$ an atom or molecule perfectly still777because it is in fantastic motion777all atoms an$
molecules carry currents pro$ucin& ma&netic fiel$s! Since a ma&netic fiel$ is the pro$uct of a current, no one
can pro$uce a ma&netic fiel$ 2ithout electricity, movin& throu&h or alon& a con$uctor, or as electrostatic
char&es in local or cosmic motion!
Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity an$ ):D metho$ of Spacial Electropulsion brou&ht a cosmic cro2nin&
achievement to the 2or3s of #ara$ay, Wm! Thomson, 8! 8! Thomson, an$ E$mun$ :all!
The ether is a universal me$ium, 2hich fills all space! 't appears to be 1$ynamic1 relative to an earth movin&
thousan$s of miles per hour throu&h space! The ether is normally electrically neutral, ultra7fine, an$
penetrates all soli$ matter! There is also an ultra hi&h freCuency, ubiCuitous ra$iation, normally in
eCuilibrium, calle$ Lero Point a$iation (1LP10, 2hich interpenetrates the ether, an$ represents
electroma&netic ra$iation in its finest, $ensest form, 2hich, in conAunction 2ith the ether, conserves universal
perpetual motion!
The ether in conAunction 2ith the LP, is the source of all matter an$ force! 1Ener&y1 $oes not exist in
physical form, but is 1the ability to $o 2or31, 2hich is eCual to 1force over time1! The 2or$ 1ener&y1 is a
convenient fiction, li3e 1time1, 2hich is an arbitrary measurement of the rate of motion of matter throu&h
ether7fille$ space! All events occur in the present, an$ the 1past1 an$ 1future1 are merely metaphors!
Electroma&netic $isturbances in the ether extract 1ener&y1 from the LP, 2hich is explainable only by an
ether theory! This 1free ener&y1, 2hich is virtually unlimite$, is universally at 2or3, create$ by the perpetual
motion of matter, an$ the perpetual exchan&e of stron&er an$ 2ea3er forces, throu&h 2hich the eCuilibrium
of the universe is maintaine$, the sum total of all processes eCualin& ?ero!
Since all soli$ matter is continually hurlin& throu&h space, al2ays in motion, it is al2ays subAecte$ to the
1etheric 2in$1 an$ LP interactions! These effects are not perceive$ except $urin& chan&es in the orientation
of mass or its velocity! All mass an$ space have $ielectric properties! Differences in $ielectric properties
cause chan&es in the electroma&netic $isplacement 2ithin mass an$ the etheric 2in$! Earth's electric fiel$
creates $ielectric $isplacement effects 2ithin ether an$ mass 2ithin earth's electric fiel$! The $ifference
bet2een the $ielectric $isplacement 2ithin a mass an$ the $ielectric $isplacement outsi$e the mass in the
etheric 2in$, creates a $o2n7force in the $irection of the ne&ative polarity, as the etheric 2in$ 'blo2s'
throu&h a mass! This is calle$ 1&ravity1!
Since all mass is in motion, all mass has momentum, even 2hen apparently 1at rest1 relative to earth!
)omentum is a bo$y's resistance to chan&e in its state of motion! Since inertia is also the resistance of a bo$y
to chan&es in its momentum, inertia an$ momentum are $ue to the same thin&, the resistance of
electroma&netic micro helical tubules to chan&es in velocity (an$ relative 1pitch10, $irection, an$ lateral
motions or orientation! Since all space an$ mass is compose$ only of 1electric content1, momentumEinertia is
electroma&netic in nature, an$ can be electroma&netically synthesi?e$!
All mass contains electrostatic char&es, 2hich 2hen 1carrie$ aroun$1 in the etherELP7fille$ space by
celestial or 'local' movement, constitute currents! These currents actually flo2 bet2een mass an$ the ether,
an$ are inte&ral to the mechanism by 2hich momentum is imparte$ to mass in motion! The currents create
ma&netic fiel$s as their eCual7an$7opposite counterparts, an$ &ive a rotatory motion to combine$, bi7
$irectional electric an$ ma&netic fiel$s an$ currents, aroun$ irrotational vacuous ether cores! This rotatory
electroma&netic action creates momentum, as the force7free 1scre27type1 reaction 2ithin mass, creatin& its
motion relative to the ether cores, from 2hich the mechanical force is transferre$ to the atomic mass 2ith
2hich the electroma&netism is associate$!
Since these phenomena are electroma&netic in nature, they are synthesi?e$ by recreation of the
electroma&netic con$itions 2hich a bo$y 2oul$ exhibit $ue to a particular 3inetic state! 8ust as
electroma&netic 2aves of lo2 freCuency can penetrate a bo$y, 2aves of hi&her freCuencies 7 above '!! an$
belo2 @!M!7 can cause the ether to 1assert its inertia resistance1!
The technolo&y involves hi&h volta&e D!6! 'brush' currents, hi&h freCuency currents, rapi$ly varyin&
electrostatic forces, an$ li&htEheat beams! The rapi$ly varyin& electrostatic forces 1rarify1 (stretch0 the ether
carriers, as the li&htEheat beams polari?e the me$ium in the $esire$ $irection, as the D!6! brush currents
in$uce the exchan&e of carriers, creatin& a vacuum in that $irection, in$ucin& motion! At the opposite en$ of
the ship, hi&h freCuency currents $ra2 the carriers throu&h the ship, an$ creates a compression of the ether,
as it penetrates the soli$ mass an$ synthesi?es the rotatory micro helical tubules, 2hich 2hirl aroun$ the
ether cores alon& the polar axis, at a pitch correspon$in& to a particular rate of momentum! Since the stren&th
of the electroma&netic interaction is *BE4B time &reater than the &ravitational interaction, that much more
2or3 can theoretically be $one in the same time, usin& the same 1ener&y1!
Since 1seein& is believin&1, an$ ' have seen, ' believe! The behavior of man7ma$e flyin& saucers proves the
existence of these 1free ener&y1 inventions of 5i3ola Tesla, 2hich sho2 that he 2as ri&ht in his opposition to
elativism, an$ that the prevalent theories tau&ht in the scientific institutions of the 2orl$ are patently
6onsistent 2ith the i$ea that 1$ynamite comes in small pac3a&es1, this small boo3, alon& 2ith my prior
boo3, 1Space Aliens #rom the Penta&on,1 initiates the re$iscovery, reconstruction an$ publication of 5i3ola
Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity an$ relate$ electropulsion technolo&y, the &reatest invention of man3in$!
The Secret Government 7 a frau$ulently conceale$, unconstitutional, corporate7state entity 7 has heretofore
controlle$ electropulsion technolo&y by concealin& it an$ other a$vance$ free ener&y technolo&y, on behalf
of international, coercive, corporate7state monopolists! Electropulsive ships are conceale$ throu&h 1special
effects1, an$ 1stealth technolo&y1 (also base$ on 5i3ola Tesla's inventions07 as they fly an$ hover in the s3y,
an$ by 1psycho7political1 means 7 the $issemination of false 1alien1 an$ 1extraterrestrial ori&in1 propa&an$a 7
throu&h 1@#Olo&y1 &roups le$ by covert &overnment a&ents! While official &overnment spo3esmen $eny the
existence of flyin& saucers, covert &overnment a&ents, posin& as 1s3eptics1, 1@#Olo&ists1, an$
1paranormalists1, en&a&e the public's attention in a phony $ebate! The 1s3eptics1 ri$icule the @#Olo&ists an$
paranormalists, lumpin& them to&ether 2ith rational 2itnesses, as if 1!!!to see a flyin& saucer1 is as ri$iculous
as 1!!!to see a &host or alien1! This phony $ebate base$ on false lo&ic fits nicely into the overall cover7up
system, $esi&ne$ to conceal 1a$vance$ human technolo&y1, not 1alien1 technolo&y!
The &rip of this secret socio7economic $ictatorship, $epen$s on coercively extorte$ income, by forcin& us to
buy archaic fuel an$ po2er 7 2hich fun$s their control of our communications, political an$ monetary
$ecisions, enforcement of unAust la2s, re&ulations, an$ proce$ures expan$in& its po2ers, 2hile limitin& or
exclu$in& our in$ivi$ual human ri&hts, an$ $enyin& our access to information, materials, an$ technolo&y
2hich is ours because 2e pai$ for it 2ith our taxes! Our access to the truth is necessary for our in$epen$ence
an$ survival as a free people!
Despite the confusion, concealment, F'G "'ES, an$ Au$icial an$ socio7economic abuse by the corporate
state, 2e can resurrect the T@T:, $etermine the correct technolo&y, circumvent obstructions, an$ use our
creative in&enuity to buil$ these ships for ourselves, to free our society from the Secret #ascist 6orpocracy!
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