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The mass media foundation that was estab-

lished in 1986 in Sri lanka had a vast vision

to serve the people in launching the firm to
bring the human life to an appropriate point
assisting them to unveil the curtain behind
them .really mass media foundation respect to
the right of the human beings to get to the
reality of the news in its truly mood forever
.Also we believe todays media should work to
develop the knowledge of living environment.
The Media has proved transferring its methodi-
cal ways from Analog system to digital technol-
ogy including computer and sat alight instru-
ments towards the developments in culture
and spirituals values in the society .We were
glad and was highly appreciated among the
communities in the decode of 1980 .
In this period we understood that the media
market tried to overcome presenting meaning
less simple production to audience also they
spent billions of money to achieve it .This
hazards full mass communicational system
syndicate organizations were awaken by the
mass media foundation that our motto was
media is for an ethical development in the
society towards a better tomorrow.


Nowadays we are living in the end of the 21
century with a vast heavy lord of good and bad
memories vital yet. In this manner The mass
media has been performed a critical task to
bring out all those censorious output to the
world .As a result of that The media has
reached to the highest level, especially in its
considerable development in technologies
and methods . so, civil wars , hanky- pinky
political involvements ,ethnics clashes also
violence against humanities have revealed to
the public all over the world .Mostly the
People those who are engaging in this field
have to bear up the hazardous situations
during their works .
The media agencies are
rendering their services
living in a big risk through-
out the world considering
this situation The mass
media foundation has
focused and has been work-
ing steadily 7 in its vision to
build a giant chain among
all those media agencies
and the media persons to be
secured better.
International MASS
media awards 2014
Gold Medle
The mass media foundation was established
to create a non-political environment in the
field. we were heroes among the superb
media evaluators in 1986 I n sri lanka initiating
the sri lanka communicational foundation in its
independent diagram
We forwarded towards a successful path in
2006 achieving its goals to established a the
firm evaluating the media personals in a most
ethical way . the second Media award ceremo-
ny was grandly organized in 2007 to spread
the voice of mass media persons in the Asia
2008 was remarked a red letter event in
performing mass media international award
ceremony in Sri lanka in expanding mass
media foundation to the international level .In
this award ceremony the best awrd was given
to the chief editor of the The Hindu paper Mr
Evaluating the all previous experience we as a
team in a globally vision in mass media 2009
year was magnificent to did our experiments .It
created a good platform to our organization in
handling the Award ceremony in 2010. This
was An Asian Award ceremony that were
awarded all the Asian region journalists mainly
Ms munny shaha for the best Asian journalist
.also there were some nominations for the best
web designer and the best catonist.
The mass media foundation from 2006 to 2010
has been achieved an international level
currant hot news supplier through our media
network and also we have highlighted interna-
tional media supper heroes throughout our
media award cero moneys .We are in the effort
to evaluate the media highlights and the day to
day current events that happening in the
world . The main target is in this year 2014 to
held the fully recognized mass media interna-
tional Award event, for 2013 nominating inter-
natiol media news agencies and the journalists
and also other categories are being evaluated
The Mass media foundation scope is based to
call journalism lovers all over the world to
enable their skills and complete media knowl-
edge in our day to life .The media agencies
are rendering their services living in a big risk
throughout the world considering this situa-
tion The mass media foundation has focused
and has been working steadily 7 in its vision to
build a giant chain among all those media
agencies and the media persons to be secured
Silver Medle
Brons Medle