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1.How to understand and learn chemistry from home?

Chemistry is one of the very basic subjects. It is applied in every advanced science
like Engineering medicine !harmacy and any other important life science.
"herefore it is important to understand chemistry and its basics in depth. "here are
many concepts and hypothesis used in chemistry re#uire help from the e$perts.
"hough we have several resource centre in the form of te$t book internet and many
other maga%ines. &ut the help of the human being will be very much appreciated by
children. ' tutor or a human being can understand the students capacity and will
help them at their pace in understanding the subject. "his could not be e$pected
from any other virtual labs or smart web search or even any other media. ' teacher
is irreplaceable in the world of education. Educating the children with the right
basics and analy%e the day to day life with science will help the children in every
step they take. "he best understanding of the subject will help to have con(dence in
their subject. "he con(dent will make them work independently for their future.
Importance of a tutor
In every school a syllabus is followed for every subject and it will be heavy and
need more time teaching to the poor students. "he teachers at the class are
helpless in spending time with the weak students. Hence they try to give more
home works for helping the children by understanding thorough the hands on
e$perience. &ut many of the students are not able to learn it properly at home. )ue
to the pressure from all subjects they could not spend more time on chemistry to
learn the basics. "o help those weak students there are chemistry help websites
are available online. "hese websites are helping the students with the images
e$perimental details and also with the tutors. "here are many tutors are available in
the chemistry websites. "hese tutors can help the students through webinar and
other advanced technology can give ideas to complete your home work and
assignments etc. "he students can interact with the tutor through webinar through
the chemistry websites and get help instantly. Chemistry on web is very good and is
easy to approach at any time of the day. "he tutors are from di*erent countries and
are very much e$perienced with teaching methods and in their subjects. Hence the
students should be aware of the tutors to get help.
+. ,earning -cience "hrough advanced techni#ues
.e are living in the +1
century. It is a very fast moving world. It is di/cult to spend
time for others. .e work fast and spend very less time with the family members. .e
do not spend time to teach our kids. ,ots of complaints from the children regarding
their studies are received everyday at the school campus. "he children are (nding it
very di/cult to follow the science subjects. "hey are not able to understand the
concept behind each and every problem given in their home work. 0or e$ample in
chemistry they have to understand physical chemistry in organic and organic
chemistry. !hysical chemistry will have more of hypothesis through we need to
understand the concept of the chemical reaction behind it. "here are many di*erent
things including pH and acidic and basic concepts of chemistry. "here will be lots of
formulas and #uestions e$pected from this division. .e need to understand the
essential things of the above mentioned topic to complete the homework given by
our class teacher. -imilarly the organic chemistry and the in organic chemistry
re#uires the basic understanding of the subject to learn more and complete the
home work given by the teacher.
Chemistry online
Chemistry is available online through various methods. "here many websites are
providing the information to learn the subject very well. "here are tutors available to
the students to teach the subject. "he chemistry tutoring site reviewed by
many students and their parents are available. "hey are satis(ed with the result of
the students on their subject with the help of those tutors. .e can make use of the
website and the links provided for the resources for understanding the subject. .e
can ask the tutor to help only in the home work or only in the class work or just for
teaching the subject again. "here are teachers who are also happy for their children
get the help from the tutors. It is really an easy approach to the teachers. "he
student who needs help can enroll in the website and can select the help from the
options given. 1nce he pays the money he will be instantly connected with the
tutor. He can download re#uire for the session available in the website. "he
students can be very happy with the help of the instant help. If the student wants a
particular tutor he can mention it and get their help.
2. Helping for Chemistry through online
It is very important to study the basic subjects such as chemistry botany !hysics
and 3oology very well. "hese are the basic subjects for any advanced courses for
the engineering and also for medicine. 'ny other advanced life sciences or
paramedic courses are also re#uiring a strong basic in these subjects. 'ny
international or national scholarship competition will have #uestions from these
subjects. 4nderstanding and in5depth knowledge in these subjects are very
important for all the students to pursue their carrier in their future. 4nderstanding
chemistry through various methods are very much appreciated in these days. It
takes o* the burden from all the people who are involved with the child6s study. It is
a good thing to have the knowledgeable person for the help of the students. "here
are websites available for the students as resource pools. "hese pools are having
enormous amount of information regarding the subject and